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The Shocker
on May 20th, 2013 at 3:13 pm
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So neither men or women want to date down; like Chris Rock says women don’t want to date down (if her man had a car, she won’t get with a car-less guy, house, no more house-less guys), and men don’t want to fuck down (if he had a skinny freak, no more fat fish.)

While we share that in common, my take is that on a date or courtship or whatever, when a women perceives a guy is down or not up enough, she sabotages the whole thing. However, if a guy is on a date and perceives she’s down, in his own head he stops taking her ‘seriously,’ but will still keep up the game because 1) he’s invested in the pussy and there’s a solid % he’ll get it and 2) we’re trained not to fail when it comes to getting d in v.

It’s considered beta for a man to be satisfied with a down chick, but PUA’s practice how to get 9 & 10 women to be satisfied with intrinsically down PUAs. We either:
- Press buttons to show the 10 she’ll be satisfied with you even though you’re clearly down (the who-you-are charm and chemistry value-add)
- Convince the 10 you’re up (like Louis CK says)
- Live the full PUA dream where your “value-add” makes you an up.

Girls don’t have to practice this framework because if she’s an up she gets fucked or if she’s a down she gets fucked, though not taken seriously. So they have more time to hamster about what they want, thus FI.

Had a date on thursday, she had a clear up attitude (“I only date the hottest guys; guys have to earn it.”) Back at my place she was lying face down wiggling her healthy butt, pretending she didn’t want it but signaling she wanted me to ‘just take it.’ I didn’t bite- her previous comments showed me she had the feminine imperative tick when I actually think the value-add BS is the most important thing in a relationship so I wasn’t that interested. I also know how that hard-to-get game works, you bite thinking you’re in when she relents a little but it’s actually a 3-4 hour marathon to get it in, possibly multiple days. She ended up puking all over my bathroom, probably to spite me.

Because I’m a playa I told another girl I was working on about the first date that puked all over my place, but because that’s a preselection story in disguise her buying temp spiked so I scored our first date the next night. Turns out she was actually a down, so I, like I said, knew she wasn’t a ‘serious’ interaction. But my date form was impeccable cause I knew she crappy, which is a whole different story, and back at my place she starting hitting the breaks when I got to 2nd. So I ran my usual thing, no chase from me whatsoever to teach you no reward for boring behavior. She actually panicked, because she knew from the second we met I was a way up (and she was way down), sabotaging the whole thing as an excuse for her to leave. So as a guy you’re fucked either way, if she thinks she’s up or too down.

While not participating in hard to get signals the right things, I’m actually thinking it’s just the only way a lot of girls know how to play the game. Kind of sucks, but if there’s a girl I’m really interested in I’ll play along, slowlyy progressing, since I know it’s ‘natural.’