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The Evolution of Game

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The Shocker
on April 19th, 2013 at 3:01 pm
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Dudes, respectfully, you guys are so far off from game and move farther away with every post.

Completely lost sight of what made game Game, the fun aspect, studying how to run a social group and make it fun and be a boss. The navel gazing, defeatism and conspiracy thinking from interacting with irrelevant fem SRS groups makes sense as part of your worlds, I guess, mainstream america old guys standing outside the club of attractive plugged-in people actually getting it on. Rollo/Heartiste died for a lot of reasons, a big one being his reliance on douchebag/asshole game as his end-all-be-all tactic in his (now rare) game posts. Now for him the evidence fits the narrative. Increasingly with you too, Rollo, this whole stupid feminine imperative thing has gone way too fucking far. Now the evidence must fit the narrative- there’s no longer discussion about human, self-interest imperative as men and women exhibit a lot of the same drives and motivations. The adversarial frame makes the whole thing sound so stupid, small, drudge report commenter looking to apply some tired combative narrative to any story they can. The fact you guys are trying to take this stuff mainstream is monumentally stupid, first of all when is there ever meaningful discussion in the mainstream media, second your political/social philosophy is totally unvetted, and is really quite aimless. Disconnect from the FI? The only reason you guys get traction peddling this stuff to babes is because you come across as the “smart type,” “philosophical type,” not because you’ve found some paleo truth to how men must be to be attractive.

You were red hot for a while, as there definitely was a lack of content and thought leadership regarding why women react to things the way they do. You’re not going to be able to bring dudes outside your daily/weekly content into the fold. “Unplugging” for real newbie guys is really jut the realization that there’s a whole repeatable mating dance, something that can be practiced and improved. Most guys don’t even know ‘pickup’ exists and is happening all the time. Sure there are a number of epiphanies along the way, but Feminist Imperative is just wayy overshooting your mark. At most it’s just another female psychological tic, not more powerful than others, and certainly not an end in and of itself. And who cares if you see it in the mainstream media- MM isn’t part of the world where game is part of the local culture- fringe places with young people, city burroughs, beach towns, colleges, club towns, party towns, vacation spots. Not recognizing party/hookup/man culture is certainly not MM’s biggest problem. Yes, ‘dating’ (investment required hookup) sucks, which is what you’re relegated to in most boring places or ages, especially sucks if you have weak SMV and have to work for it. Navel gazing about this shit is not a good coping mechanism.

There are three hot girls in my office, last Thursday got trashed with one of em after work and we made out. Her boyfriend also works in the office, so after back at my place I called another one the girls, 28 yr. old blonde, to come witness nothing bad was happening (she knew we hooked up, it’s a great story.) Girl #1 passes out on the couch, went out with girl #2, closed out another bar, went back to my place hit the bong from bed and spent the night. (When girl #1 came to and saw us in bed together she bolted so fast she left her shoes haha.) Girl #3′s birthday was the next day, we partied at her place with her little russian friends where I danced like an idiot to All the Single Ladies and had everyone laughing, got kicked out by her landlord, closed out another dance club, all went back to my place where she pulled the, “my feet are cold, do you have any socks in your room?” Do you think I ever thought about FI, game tactics, blah blah blah? Fuck no. Be d-baggy, unafraid of bold masculine displays, be the group alpha, don’t be needy, self-amuse, and don’t take shit from anyone. Game 101.

Game has not evolved. The rules have been the same for millennia, across languages, species, time and space. But you aren’t students of that recently. You all need to learn how to have fun again, build some momentum and emotional energy in your lives so you’re not going into bars and clubs with a cold start night after night which is fucking draining. Y’all are so deep into yourselves “manorollosphere community” that the intellectual masturbation has become a full on prostrate fingerbang. Sorry but not the future of game bro, deal and consider this current ride you are on