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You Can’t Handle Me

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The Shocker
on February 27th, 2013 at 1:51 pm
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Hooked up with this chick on Sunday, couldn’t tell if she was Persian or Indian. Smelled like an Indian, sense of entitlement of a Persian. Works at Bain so her elitism is off the charts. She facebooks me at lunch the next day (I didn’t get her # even tho she spent the night) and says she dumped her boyfriend. O snap.

Lousy hookup, got her off but she never touched my dick cause she’s a stuck up Persian. So she comes over last night so I can finish the job, here’s the text I sent to my bro’s after..

‘Bust in the persian chick before she gets off, say “we’re even (for the other night).” She goes, “should have seen that coming. The waitress at [bar where we met] said you fucked her 19 year old friend and told her she was bad in bed. I love that you’re douchy never change.”