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Overheard On The Street

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The Shocker
on May 29, 2012 at 1:57 pm
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Hooked up with an Alpha Phi I met at a bar on Sunday. Here are some of the repeatable routine things I used to open the set:

Walked in and saw the three girls standing by the bar- broke the ice by asking them if they were ordering a drink as I wedged passed them.

While I was waiting for my drink, opened the set by teasing them for not wearing patriotic colors on memorial day (I was pea cocked in loud R, W & B).

Looked at the hot one and said, ‘Ro Sham Bo for shots.’ (Only one round, 2 out of 3 is for faggots)

We ro sham bo’d the same sign, I immediately said “wow, soul mates.” I then used a Tyler Durden/RSD line and looked her dead in the eye and said, “you, girlfriend, wife. Me, husband. Soulmate.” That’s when she got the twinkle in her eye and I knew she was attracted.

Ordered the shots anyway, who cares who wins ro sham bo faggots. SoCo and limes, SoCo and limes, when you’re buying shots for girls, SoCo and limes.

Re-opened the set by asking them which sorority they were in. I use this all the time on girly girls, it’s a great neg. The hot one was in alpha phi, so I went into my routine for graduated sorority girls. Take her hand and try out different secret handshakes. Pinky in the wrong spot, no wait, three hand squeezes, oops I forget. It doesn’t matter if you’re right, she’s impressed you think you know her sorority’s secret handshake and you’re kino’ing.

From there I was in. There was one other bar game routine I used a half hour later, her friend was taking pictures of us talking so I said, hey, kissy face. We both leaned in like we were about to kiss for the camera, when I pulled her in and gave her a two second kiss. “OMG! I should have seen that coming!” She says. She liked it.

There were a few other lifestyle game things that helped me seal the deal. I was meeting a large group to watch the playoff game. I got a call from an exclusive resort saying I had been bumped up from the wait list which I put on speakerphone (massive dhv, got lucky with that one). Most importantly the group went to a friend’s huge house nearby afterwards, ultimate dhv and we wound up hooking up hardcore alone.

Justin Wayne: Direct And Indirect Street Game

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The Shocker
on May 24, 2012 at 3:46 pm
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that was shit why would you post this

who care if some guy can stumble his way through mystery method 101.. DHV, time constraints.. nothing new here and the execution is shit. High pitched voiced, talks too fast, says weird things.. Get it straight~~ A-guys don’t ask girls whereareyoufromwhatdoyoudo bullshit. HELLO> Guys Only ask girls that bullshit because they are AFRAID of getting rejected…. AFRAID that she won’t want to talk to you unless you driiiive rapport with this who-gives-a-fuck beta game nonsense. Total opposite of abundance.

Nothing here is PUA- getting a girl to go ooooh ahhhh, who’s this guy.

Nothing here is about the right way of being sexy jerk– this is supplicant needy reactive bullshit. There’s no game here– it’s just talking AT girls.

Justin gives the girl EVERYTHING in the first 2 minutes of conversation. He tells her who he is, he tries to extract her worldview and shows he fits in it, he fucking advertises his social skills (limited)– it’s like a train wreck of a first date. IF you’re going to do that, you have to use that information to build your own status, then your shared status- use it to create intrigue and mystery and to project yourself on your immediate situation. Dude just powers through it like he’s on adderral. Seriously, on second thought he’s exactly like someone who is methed out- talks way too fast, desperate to connect and share what’s going on in his head even though No One gives a fuck. There’s a reason meth heads stay at home- and you think this is exemplary of how to pick up smoking hot women?????? LOLOLOLOL

[heartiste: please point to the part of the post where i said this was exemplary of how to pick up smoking hot women. did you not read all the qualifiers i averred about how i thought his closes were weak and flaking was likely?]

You’ve correctly diagnosed why most men aren’t hooking up- they aren’t man enough. But this DIRECT BETA day game is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of the fix.

on May 24, 2012 at 7:51 pm
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Indirect VS Direct and why it doesn’t matter as long as you’re congruent and have a strong frame:

Daygame VS Nightgame and how it’s the same shit (lol at 12:48):

Not touching today’s actual article with a 10 foot pole (aka my wang lolololz), too many racist tards in CH’s comment section lol

  • Firepower
    on May 24, 2012 at 10:00 pm
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    Not touching today’s actual article with a 10 foot pole (aka my wang lolololz), too many racist tards in CH’s comment section lol

    So, your best response is: Dredge up old TD shit he laid down 10 years ago – when he had hair – and then expect the “astonished” audience to act like we haven’t heard it all 100x before. What are you 19 – or just a dancing monkey? Clown.

    • The Shocker
      on May 25, 2012 at 6:54 pm
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      i ran into him in a bar in SF… i’m a believer 100%. Watched him pick up the hottest little ptot in the bar AND her friend in like 5 minutes. Nuts. His material is self helpy but at least it’s not bs. Hope he doesn’t go for the $$$$ and stick to r e m e d i a l material for the n o o b s– NO PRESSURE Tyler.

      By the way, I asked if he knew and he said no… HAh. In one of his recent vids he said he doesn’t know about anyone else in the Biz, too focus on his own self-discovery as it should be.


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The Shocker
on May 23, 2012 at 12:16 pm
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On saturday I had a girl on her back talking rough and dirty when she Full on slapped me across the face. She told me after I remind her of her abusive ex boyfriend. Needless to say i didnt bust.. though I think it has more to do with her poisoning me with absynthe on the walk back from the club. I puked two minutes after she left…. Bitch

The New Sensitivity

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The Shocker
on May 18, 2012 at 3:16 pm
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Whammer’s post is intereting. I dont walk around with ID but when i need to for a night out, i bring my passport. I started when my license got suspended, but i keep doing it since it’s a great conversation starter.

One little thing in the ‘dont feel like u need to prove yourself’ category i picked up from some random blog. A guy did this whole thing where he signed other people’s names when he used his debit card. Noone ever said anything, so he kept going to where he was drawing pictures of whales and random stuff. So now i just swipe out a quick zig zag instead of sign my name.


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The Shocker
on May 11, 2012 at 2:04 pm
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~~:+:+:+~~ How to beat coquetry ~~:+:+~~

First, use the stagger system for your dates. Most men will tell you to pop off a round into a folded roll of toilet paper before your first date so you don’t come across as over eager. This is wrong. Increased energy, sexual hunger and attitude due to a juicy cock will help you send the right vibe to your date via subcommunications and the phenomena of mental state transference. Where it hurts you is when you start to exhibit neediness, pushiness and manipulation in order to close the deal. Using the stagger system, plan to have another girl you’re already fucking come over afterwards. Use this if you’re feeling uninspired:
You: Come fuck my brains out this Saturday night
Her: I’ll be out drinking (shit test/gripe/female/female)
You: Shh
Her: Lol
The knowledge that you’re already on your way to pound town no matter how the date goes will loosen your game and give you that pussy-tingling smirk as your date gets to know you.

Now, when you do hit the sheets go as far as she’ll let you in that first round. Most girls will hit the breaks at some point to come up for air, especially if it’s your first time together. This is a good thing. It means she’s not a slut- if she doesn’t, it’s because she’s insecure that you won’t like her if she doesn’t put out right away. Anyway. Don’t be needy. Don’t be pushy. At some point in this cuddle talk use this line:
“I never push girls. If you’re not tearing off my clothes, then it’s not even worth it.”
That’s the winner right there. Of course, this is usually a twenty minute conversation. I tend to be very playful, talk about myself while staring at the ceiling as she gazes at you, talk about the music I’m playing, and drop the occasional ego stroking line like, “Mm you’re irresistible.”

Have faith that round two will start again, because it will. How far she’ll let you go here depends on how comfortable you made her during the pillow talk phase. If you were pushy or overly supplicant, good fucking luck. Your long term goal here is getting your hand on that bare pussy. I find some positions are better for a first time pussy touch. Spooning tends to be great for this. You can do the neck bite, finger in the mouth thing which ups the sluttiness. You can do the over the pants thigh-to-pussy or around-the-back rub without it seeming like your trying to get your hands down there. So play with the clit a bit (usually quite a bit more pressure than you think) and when you get one then two fingers inside make sure to get that quick motion going on her g-spot otherwise your efforts so far have been wasted. Now the trick is to get her hands on your dick. I find the most important thing here is what you’re wearing. My pick is basketball shorts. They aren’t as obvious as a pair of boxer briefs, they have a loose elastic band and they’re thin enough so she can get a good feel when she gets a rub the outside. Also, her tits are your friend here. Don’t neglect them. In fact, be fucking crazy for her tits. Because once you get her bra off, there’s only one last piece of fabric left to go.

On the topic of firsts, here’s how I jump the fence into dirty talk land. Works every time:
-“You like when I fuck you?”
-“Say it.”
I like when you fuck me
-“Say it again”
I like when you fuck me!
-“Say fuck me hard, [your name]”
Fuck me hard, [your name]
Fuck me hard, [your name]!”

It’s all about compliance. You can use that framework every time.
-“You like when I ______?”
-“Say it.”

Case Study – The Great Catch

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The Shocker
on May 10, 2012 at 2:57 pm
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Man you guys have no style

“You’re my one and only but you ain’t the only one”

Framing Flirting

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The Shocker
on May 3, 2012 at 4:24 pm
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Don’t be such a little bitch. Stop training yourself not to show intent.

Text sent to a girl I met at a club:

Me: How did it feel waking up this morning knowing you still wanted me
Her: Are you sure I still wanted you?
Me: Yes
Her: Ya, you’re right. My body was mad at me for not going home with you.

It’s better to default to showing bold intent than to try and “game,” because game that hides intent due to fear of rejection will cause you to lose. Game that shows you’re in demand (i.e. canceling on dates purely to game) wins, as your intent doesn’t stem from scarcity.

7 times out of 10, don’t mask intent.

When you understand this, you understand how to be persistent without coming off as desperate. When you’re persistent, like a man should be, your lay count will shoot up.

(Different girl)
Me: Sunday, dinner, you + me
Her: Oh goodness this again
Me (4 days later): Are you free this Friday? I know a pushy guy who wants to see you
Her: Wanna grab lunch?

[heartiste: judging by your irrelevant harangue, it sounds like you didn’t grasp the context of this post at all. get back to us after you’ve reread it for comprehension.]

  • Aleph
    on May 3, 2012 at 7:07 pm
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    I regularly do “direct approaches” as you’ve prescribed as the end-all-be-all of pickup. Really, there’s no one optimal strategy for picking up girls. Your text exchanges aren’t really proof of a direct approach being the optimal strategy for every 21st century aspiring womanizer. If you’ve actually fucked those girls, and I’m pretty sure you haven’t (otherwise you’d have said so), then maybe you’d have some hard evidence.

    But what Heartiste has said confirms what I’ve seen on nights out. Girls go out with friends, usually, unless you’ve managed to isolate her or she got ditched. She’s not going to allow her friends to perceive her as easy or slutty and, a lot of the time, her friends won’t let her get swept up off her feet if they’re aware she has a penchant for loose chastity.

    As somebody else alluded to above, if you give them an escape, it not only shows that you have options but makes them feel comfortable with you.

    A big problem with a lot of Game “field reports” is that a lot of these SNL’s are framed within the context where the girl was an almost unnatural level of slut. Dudes will never admit that online, let alone themselves, because it detracts from the glory of their accomplishment.

    So, yeah, “manning up” and telling a girl her cleavage is giving you boner is a limited approach, in my opinion. You can do whatever you want to do, though. I probably won’t convince you.

    • The Shocker
      on May 3, 2012 at 7:52 pm
      Original Link

      And for #2, it’s not friday yet is it? :)

      You all have your panties in a bunch cause I called someone a BITCH

      [heartiste: no one gives a shit that you used the word bitch. what are you, 9 years old? proud of cursing for your first time?]

      but really “showing intent” is one of those commonly accepted PUA things alongside congruence, cocky funny, etc. It is really a language/lingo thing if it’s not resonating. I’m giving Heartiste a hard time because he likes this awkward James Bond wannabe character he made up who tries to be sooo slyy about being too cool for you but you can get with me maybe possibly hmm hmm hmmmmm????

      [wonderful hyperbole. now go to the fast seduction forums and read about disqualification. educate yourself before mouthing off. you sound like a numbskull.]

      Really though, it’s the mental state guys fall into where they say STUPID SHIT to girls because their brains are lighting up trying to come up with shit to make girls like them.

      -SNLs are for sluts only
      -Girls only like alphas
      -Girls are dumb and hypergamous so women fucking suck

      THESE ARE ALL EXCUSES the manosphere came up with to explain away why they can’t say to a single girl “Take my fucking hand.”

      [as i said, you totally missed the context of the post, and are now firmly in self-jacking rant territory. direct game where you make your sexual intentions CLEARLY and UNEQUIVOCALLY known is fine on girls you either have fucked already or have built solid rapport with and have gotten more than a few IOIs. otherwise, it’s just a variation of the apocalypse opener. which has its uses, but be honest, it’s not a high percentage game tactic. this post is about flirting with girls you are JUST MEETING for the first time, not about girls you have a history of texting/dating/fucking already who are open to caveman sex come-ons. also, do note at the bottom of the post my recommendation to skip this type of flirting as there are better options. i hardly ever give girls flattering compliments as openers, but if you are going to do that, it’s best to frame it in the ways outlined in this post, by disqualifying yourself at the outset so her bitch shields are lowered, and then reversing course once you have ensnared her into a convo. another alternative is movie moment direct game, but most puas are pretty much negative on that type of lance mason game, and with good reason: low odds.

      the rest of your comment is deleted because it reeks of troll and hater strangeness, a toxic combo.]