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The Epiphany Phase

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The Shocker
on December 19, 2012 at 2:05 pm
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Understanding women as they begin to rot gives you power over them?

Imagine instead a schoolgirl, smart, tall and beautiful, physically mature and with an understanding of people.

– The little boys that talk nonsense at her, trying to build rapport. Not interesting, but better than the others who wince at her presence.

– The ‘cocky’ guys who spout lewd inanities at other girls, who squeal with excitement in turn. No interest. Don’t even talk to me.

– The teachers, cops and adults who think their authority gives them a right to a conversation. Proving to themselves they can influence her and earn her attention.

– The smart kids who think by telling her what she is thinking and what she wants they can earn what the others have failed, attention and intimacy, when really they are no different.

So she floats over all of them, from their perspective, thinking about her own goals, as we all do, fantasizing about earning $10k for a single night of sex, or becoming a princess in some other way, like men imagining themselves as kings, wondering how to use her power and who to behave well for.

Empathy is empowering- you don’t need to apply it to the vulnerable to feel better about yourself. Understanding high value individuals is a more rewarding epiphany..

Psychohistory =/= seduction

Shouting in the Wilderness

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The Shocker
on December 6, 2012 at 1:34 pm
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well it’s just a bad time to plant your flag

cheating? visceral reaction

domestic abuse? Come on.

if you get paid to be a public figure like tiger or aggressively chase it like ocho then yea you don’t get to do controversial things. i love cocaine you don’t see me writing about how lindsay lohan lives in an unjust world

game = winning, gf finds out you’re cheating = bad game, results in media shitstorm and losing your job = very bad game