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The Shocker
on October 29, 2012 at 11:51 am
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Here are some of the repeatable, learnable tactics I can share from seeing my 1st HB10 in a city known for being a hot babe desert. Anticipating flakery is a big part of it.

First, subtlety and class. With most girls (HB6-8) I’ve been very successful going caveman. Gush on my hand little girl, I’m imagining wrecking you on my mahogany conference table, etc. That would not work on this girl. She’s too intelligent (a lawyer), she’s too high class (Rich 26 y old, spent her youth partying with benjamins in Miami) to go for crude behavior- while the rest of her friends swoon over a hot bartender, her attitude is ‘who would want a bartender.’

Okay so what am I saying. Less overt, less raunchy *is* better because it’s classy, her antennae are up for class because it’s DHV. When guys fight or physically AMOG, some girls like it. The obvious reason is because testosterone. But some girls like guys who fight because it is a D*L*V, and means the guy can’t get better girls. Same with being raunchy. Some girls will like it because it’s testosterone alpha, some will like it because it’s dLv and it makes men more attainable. But she’s an intelligent HB10 and wants the best for herself. It reflects her style too:

Her: I’m down to *do* something after if you’re *up* for it!
Me: I’ll be up.

Relevant to the topic: Intentionally spiking the ball has been very effective for me. I do not make plans with this girl unless she’s 100% committed. I invited her out, she said she *might* have plans but would try to make it, can I let you know. My response 2 hours later, ‘no worries another night.’ One of our mutual friends who she’s been talking about me with later told me that line got her wound up and right then ‘she was in the palm of my hand.’ Spiking the ball is like calling a bluff. The first time I got her to come over for a midnight booty call (only one date prior), she hit the brakes:

Her: we should go out.
Me: mature
Her: Sarcasm?
Me: No
Me: Every night you’re not in my bed is a mistake
Me: But yes respect you for wanting to slow roll it
Me: Same thought myself
Her: blabla
Me: Tonight tho
Me: let’s get silly and naughty
Her: K where

Here’s how I handle the fact that she’s insanely gorgeous. I don’t ‘do’ compliments. First time she compliments me, I wave it off. As I explain why, I’m like, “I don’t *do* props. See, I could tell you you’re the most attractive blonde I’ve ever met, but that takes the fun out of it.’ Alpha/beta. So now I never have to compliment her. One time I did, “you strike me as very adult and it’s very attractive.’ Her response, ‘can’t tell if you’re serious haha’ (adult is a neg, btw, mature = old). My response, ‘see compliments are always kind of gay haha.’ So now the fact that she’s way above my league looks-wise (only 1 inch shorter w/o heels!!) never gets brought up. Most I’ll compliment is in the bedroom and in question form, ‘why are you so beautiful.’ ‘how are you so cute’ (cute = neg, childish).

Next, brutality when she makes a mistake. When she makes a mistake and loses hand, no free passes. I don’t ‘make it better,’ but I don’t make it explicit either. Example, while she’s out drinking with her friends she didn’t get a joke I made. My reaction, ‘are you wasted.’ She responds, No I just blablabla. Another time she misinterpreted something I said, when I corrected her she sensed she made a mistake. She texted me a few more times, ‘wish you were here,’ I ignored for the rest of the night and maintained hand.

Despite the subtlety in my tactics, I still position myself as 100% sex dom. The code word I’ve come up with is dangerous. ‘Come over I’m feeling dangerous.’ On the cute side, I’ll send her things like:

‘Want to bite me tonight?’
‘I mean, want to get a bite with me tonight?’

‘Come bang’
‘I mean, come hang’

‘Come to [bar] I want to whisper dirty things in your ear’

It’s all about the bedroom with me. It’s a mix between ‘dangerous’ alpha and witty/cute domestic ‘beta.’ Example, when we first started hooking up I didn’t try seriously to get in that puss. But I would say things like, ‘what if I just overpowered you and ravaged you right now.’ Response, ‘it wouldn’t be overpowering if it was consensual.’ Still didn’t go for it- spike the ball. On the comfort/beta side, I’d nuzzle into her neck and say stupid things like, ‘I want to live right here. Build a house. Change my address.’ Things can’t be violent and 50 shades of grey all the time, especially if you want her to be in your bed all the fucking time. The best comfort/beta sex move is gentle kisses. Seriously. I’m talking like whisper light. Imagine a 13 year old lesbian gently lapping at the lips of her first kiss. Another example of alpha/beta bedroom game- I don’t let her on top. I will spin her over if she’s on top for longer than 20 seconds. It’s a dom move. But after a few times, I tell her why. “Top is for the person who wants something. You only get to go on top when you want to tear my clothes off or ride me fucking hard.” No pussy shit limp fish when she’s on top. Let her dom a little bit when she’s up there- train her to be active. On the alpha side, she’s totally fucked. I take off her shirt, rip off the pillow case and tie her hands behind her back. I leave and get the biggest kitchen knife and tell her she’s getting shanked unless she wiggles out of her jeans. Then I slide the knife under her panty’s hip strap and tell her I’m going to murder her panties unless she puts my fucking cock in her mouth. It’s fun.

And yes, it’s totally worth it once you’re in the bedroom. When you’re getting her off and the face of a perfect beautiful gorgeous 10 opens her big beautiful blue eyes into yours, it’s the greatest feeling in the world. And she’s knows exactly what she’s doing.


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The Shocker
on October 25, 2012 at 3:13 pm
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Yareally like what you said about the ABC’s. Like Brad Pitt in Moneyball, ‘it’s a process, it’s a process.’

YR, do you have any links for dating 10’s? I’m seeing my 1st now and it’s amazing but I want to be 5 steps ahead, like how to handle the endless stream of AMOG’s when we go out, anything that comes to mind.

Sex Debt

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The Shocker
on October 15, 2012 at 3:01 pm
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Well, it’s finally happened. Hallelujah.

I’m hooking up with a hard 10.

Tall, flawless blonde, just moved to my city after living in NY and Miami. Basically fell in my lap since her plain friend is hooking up with my friend. It’s funny, the line that hooked her was when her and her friend came up to dance with me as we were leaving a party, and I jokingly said, ‘i only dance with 10’s.’ They both still remember that.

I positioned myself early as a jerk, and it just so happens she broke up with her last bf because she ‘hated the thought of having sex with him.’ Hah. Thank you M-sphere, I know what that means. Nice guy.

Took her on a date and was mostly friendly & cool, but when I took her back to my place it surprised me just how freaky she wanted it. The first time we hooked up, she said, ‘give me a preview.’ This ended with my hand on her neck, her pulling it up to get me to choke her harder, then throwing her against the mirror and man-handling her tits. Not bad for foreplay. I did recognize that even though I was being very rough, it was still fulfilling her ‘request’ for me to ‘man up’ and be rough. Which is wrong, of course, it has to be rough because I want it to be rough, otherwise it’s me in her frame. Need to figure that one out.

All signs say she likes me. Also need to decide if I should take my text game to raunchy & dangerous, cool & mature, or sparse and aloof.

Anyway, thank you PUA universe. This was always something I looked forward to and now it’s here. Cheers