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Feigning Disapproval

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The Shocker
on August 30, 2011 at 7:08 pm
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Two big topics in this post. The smaller is if you should make sexual history a negative thing. Personally, I don’t do this because I want to fan the flame of her inner slut- she needs to feel like the things we do reach the full potential of her sexual being. For example, a girl I dated told me she made out with 3 guys the night we met me. I laughed and told her (truthfully) I had been with two different women that week. Her eyes went huge- all in good fun. Sexual success isn’t a negative to me and shouldn’t be spun as such, and ownership of the other’s sexual person will come from dominance in other areas of her life. I’m not saying I’m right or wrong- I think personal style is a big factor here- it’s just how I play it.

Now, the second big idea in this post is taking the disapproval initiative. Pardon my caps, but.. WOMEN DO THIS SHIT ALL THE TIME. The mid-life shrew harping on her kids, her friends, her husband.. makes my skin crawl.

Men don’t think to do this in their relationships. Men see themselves as responsible for the happiness of the relationship- therefore, why would they introduce a negative emotion? Men know the best relationships are full of good vibes, pillow talk, rainbows and adventure and yada ya. It makes no logical sense to exert open dissatisfaction- it’s harmful to the relationship.

And guess what? It is.

And still, women in stable, beneficial pairings will actively sabotage the relationship over Insignificant Bullshit. They will stop trying to make things fun if you let them. They don’t even think that a life free of negativity and criticism is immeasurably superior. Life has so many possibilities- bitchiness destroys them all. And still. They do this shit. Personally, I think it’s the most damning piece of evidence that women are reckless, willfully irrational thinkers.

It’s such rare behavior in men that it is far more meaningful when we do it. Men will shrug this shit off from women- it’s a waste of time that will run its course. Women will freak the fuck out if it happens to them- and because they’re desperate for emotional stimulation they will love you for it.

You need to have these conversations. Have standards and don’t bite your tongue when she’s not meeting them. Even better, know her standards for herself, and help her meet them when she’s slipping. That’s intimacy.

It’s a status signal and women get wet for status- remember, as a man, status doesn’t do anything for you so it seems foreign and weird to you. Have faith. The girl will tell herself that you’re a stronger couple and closer afterwards. Better her than you.

Can I See Myself Saying That?

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Artful Dodger
on August 25, 2011 at 5:57 pm
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My favorite grocery store line. Wait until the girl take something off the shelf and simply say:

“That’s not healthy.”

  • The Shocker
    on August 25, 2011 at 9:00 pm
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    That’s great. Adding it to my list of Roissy one-liners.

    One thing I like to do is set up games. Example:

    (Walking up to the hostess)
    Me: We have an emergency. Total disaster.
    Her: omg what
    Me: Our reservation is for 4…. but…….. we have 5.
    Her: Haha it’s okay you will be fine!

    (Walking out)
    Me: Two questions.
    Her: mhm what
    Me: Where are the toothpicks?
    Her: OHH they’re over there on the bar
    Me: Cool. And what’s your number?
    Her: Omggggg (grabs pen)

    I set up games like this with everyone.

    On the topic of openers, I think there’s way, way too much emphasis on them. I guess since many guys don’t get past that point openers became a ‘thing.’ Probably a symptom of the bar scene where sometimes one convo is all it takes.

    There used to be some PUA meme about approaching within the first 3 second, I haven’t heard it for a while. The only situation where I know that’s the right move is if I see a >80% female group, because that nut will only crack under a good rap. But if there’s a good mix, it’s good to ignore target (and her closest friend) for a while. Maybe 3/5 of the venue length. Of course she’s checking you out, so when you finally do give her some attention, you get the ‘interested’ look.

    Lately, I won’t even interact with her unless I have something with grip. When she’s giving you ‘the look,’ you have grip. Later on, don’t downsize to smalltalk. You’re not in. Hold off. Wait for emotional grip. Chin up, slow-pace, funny. Natural. That’s grip. Don’t try and make it happen whenever you want, that’s a DLV. Get better at making grip last longer and making it more intense.

Chicks Dig Jerks: More Scientific Evidence

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Troll Diem
on August 17, 2011 at 12:32 am
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Interesting. Well you got to love it when science confirms shit we already knew. But I have some caveats concerning this: it’s a huge oversimplification.

[Heartiste: You can't handle the oversimplification.]

When I think back to the losers and sex-less male “friends” I strung along for all they were worth and never gave it up to, even if they did behave like assholes, I still wouldn’t have had sex with them.

[How would you know if they never tried?]

The problem is with those guys, I’ve already assessed that I’m more desirable in the sexual market than they were,

[The problem with your pat anti-game theory is that you had already pigeonholed those loser betas. So any game that they then turned to would strike you as jarringly out of character, and would instantly raise your bitch shield to Defcon Cunt. But those same men running that asshole game on women who were not intimately familiar with their former beta selves would see success with them.
And in point of fact, if your loser male orbiters would hold their frames and stay the course, I predict that even you, tripping the bitch fantastic, would eventually start to find them more desirable as sexual men.]

so my time was compensation enough for their efforts In short, if you’re not a certain type of guy, as in a desirable one, you cannot get away with being an asshole.

[Incorrect. Any man can get away with anything re: seducing women, if he's got the sack. The desirablility doesn't make the asshole; the asshole makes the man desirable.]

You will just come off as delusional.

[Projection much?]

That kind of goes hand in hand with my issue with game, it kind of promotes the idea that all guys can be successful with women by following a set of rules when in theory that might work, but in practice it doesn’t.

[Funny, but there are millions of men who have the real life evidence that game works in practice. Not to mention the slew of scientific studies comng out examining the topic.]

All guys simply aren’t cut from the same cloth

[No shit. Just as all women aren't cut from the same cloth. But game can help men at any station in the SMV hierarchy to date up higher than they would without game. What about this scrambles your brain so thoroughly?]

and no amount of assholery or negs will put you on par with the top tier of men that most women will instantly drop their panties that night for just off of looks/height, personality/confidence, and profession/wealth alone.

[You seem confused, First you claim that game doesn't work in practice. Then you claim that game won't put men in the top tier of the competition. So which is it? Does game not work, or does it not work well enough to boost a 1 to a 10? It must be veeeery convenient to divide the world into black and white strawcunts when confronted with unpalatable truths.
And, btw, what do you think game is but personality/confidence? Do you have any idea what it is your blathering about?]

The last guy I hooked up with simply had to say “I think you’re hot and I want you.”

[He probably took one look at you and thought you'd be an easy lay.]

And I was game!

[He was right.]

(Of course i had to pretend to have my slut shield up).

[Musta been quite a thespian stretch.]

Being straight forward worked for him because he’s one of those guys who can get away with expressing overt sexual interest in women

[Or maybe you're one of those plain jane girls who will slut it up with any guy who isn't a total dweeb.]

confidently knowing that it will likely be reciprocated.

[So if he had unconfidently solicited you, it wouldn't have been reciprocated? Gee, sounds like he's... got game!]

If that’s not a fucking alpha, I don’t know what is.

[And game is alpha. Now you're learning.]

But the majority of men can’t get away with this no matter how many game seminars they attend.

[I bet with you they can.]

  • Anon
    on August 17, 2011 at 12:56 am
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    Spoken like a true whore.
    Keep up.

    • Diem
      on August 17, 2011 at 3:01 am
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      Lol. Do articulate why I’m a “whore.”

      • King A
        on August 17, 2011 at 4:21 am
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        Allow me.

        “i had to pretend to have my slut shield up”

        “sexual interest … will likely be reciprocated”

        “When I think back to the losers and sex-less male ‘friends’ I strung along for all they were worth and never gave it up to, even if they did behave like assholes, I still wouldn’t have had sex with them.”

        You are ruled by your undisciplined flesh, even to the point of putting friends in quotes for the purpose of stringing them “along for all they were worth.” You brag about this to establish your cred, but what you’re really doing is exposing your repulsively unmediated priorities. “I think you’re hot and I want you” is the absolute master over your well-worn cunt.

        Not that this distinguishes you from most women everywhere, but your less gutter-vulgar sisters have acquired the decency to temper the needs of their tyrannical slots at least enough to regard the other demonstrably loyal human beings in its orbit as something a little more dignified than “losers.” No one is saying losers don’t deserve the shabby treatment they get for being so loserish, but the quickness with which you dismiss them says volumes about how little you regard the human furniture populating the backdrop of your affairs, wretched sylph that you are.

        That said, your honesty is refreshing, and none of the metastasized putrescence you transport around in your carrion husk of a soul invalidates your observations. You are living, talking, high-gloss proof of the justice of STDs. But truth is truth. “if you’re not a certain type of guy … you cannot get away with being an asshole. You will just come off as delusional…. no amount of assholery or negs will put you on par with the top tier of men….” Could not have been said any better.

        But then you give up the game by following it by something even more delusional than the false hope of your omega orbiters: “…that most women will instantly drop their panties that night for.” You are not representative of “most women.” Most women are not practicing whores. Maybe they share your unlimited hypergamous desires, but they have decidedly sought ways to contain them (or at least not openly boast about them).

        • King A
          on August 17, 2011 at 4:47 am
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          More truth out of the mouths of slatterns: “That kind of goes hand in hand with my issue with game, it kind of promotes the idea that all guys can be successful with women by following a set of rules when in theory that might work, but in practice it doesn’t. All guys simply aren’t cut from the same cloth….”

          Setting aside your typically selective, female understanding of game, you are onto something here. Game has to be more than the sum of its parts, or it devolves into mere trickery. It cannot be about practicing method so much as it must be about encouraging essence. A man develops and rearranges his most fundamental understanding of himself by consciously adjusting his behavior.

          Of course, many men don’t have to develop certain traits just as many women can get away with minimal make-up. They are born with the essence just as women are born with physical beauty. The mysteries of how this is achieved in men is not your concern any more than the brands of eye-shadows are of interest to us. What we can both agree on is that born-naturals do not exclusively populate “the top tier.”

          But thanks for the window into your misunderstanding. It’s a reminder how clueless women are about the nature and source of their desires. Men need to be reminded of that truth more often than you’d think, and there’s no better reminder than a demonstration.

          We both know parts of each other’s play book. Being consciously aware of the opposite sex’s manipulation of our instincts puts the game in Game. But a woman drizzling her sexual incontinence all over the place with frank talk is simply whorish and manly. While it can be attractive to us in a primal way if done right, and though it can be fun to exploit an unhinged girl, a woman gains zero respect for so proudly displaying such an attitude, and in truth, it makes us throw up a little in our mouths. Don’t just “pretend” to have a slut shield, slut.

          I realize the double-standard has been decisively rejected to the point that we all champion it without even realizing it, but tattoo this maxim on your sugartits: women cannot get away with blunt and candid sexual talk the way men can. It will lead us to treat you like the trash that you are. And no, slut, being a disposable alpha hanky isn’t as fun as you are trying to make it sound. It’s fucking gross to hear a woman celebrate it.

          • The Shocker
            on August 17, 2011 at 12:22 pm
            Original Link

            Shame on you King. This chick opens up about her sexual strategies, validating everything we’ve been saying- and you react by calling her a whore? Seriously, what is this crazed rant trying to accomplish..

            What the fuck man. I usually don’t call people names, but bitter much?

            To diem: I applaud your honesty and the way you articulate it. We need more observations from women with a high SMV. Disregard the fools who can’t handle it.

  • The Shocker
    on August 17, 2011 at 12:43 pm
    Original Link

    She never says Game doesn’t work.

    [Heartiste: That's exactly what she says. Which marks her out as a troll. All "her" talking points sound like they came straight from an anti-game blog.]

    She’s simply saying that asshole game isn’t enough. You and I both know this is true.

    [Define "enough".]

    These men trying to befriend her and take her around town, even if they dial up the asshole game every now and again, aren’t really running top tier asshole game anyway.

    [Which is why she has no ground upon which to claim that asshole game doesn't work. What does she expect? "She" surrounds herself with eunuchs.]

    Women intuit if a man is ‘one-of-those-guys’ through a lot more than how he treats her- that’s all she’s saying.

    [And she is wrong. Women are no longer any mystery. Their "intuition" is simply a primal sexual lust for certain delineated and categorized male behaviors. Behaviors that can, yes indeedy, be mimicked, learned and mastered.]

    And why are you trying to come down on this chick, calling her a slut?


    She’s easy for the right man– ALL women are easy for the right man. Isn’t that the point?

    [Not necessarily. Some less than impressive sluts giveitup a lot quicker to an above-average man because they are starved for alpha attention.]

    You’ll let the gaggle of neurotic 0/10 chicks flail around on your comment board unchecked,

    [My love is random.]

    but you come down on the one female who agrees with you.

    [It's not about agreement or disagreement with the hosts. It's about wrongheadedness and trollery. Two things she has in spades, and which for some reason you have overlooked.]

    She’s pointing out that she can tell when a guy is faking it- how is this offensive to you?

    [Offensive ain't got nothing to do with it. Stupid is more accurate. Sure, an inept man with poor game will raise a woman's hackles, but a man with tight game is not only unassailable, but his "fakery" is sexually arousing to women. What our resident troll won't admit, or can't admit, (and we here have our doubts that she's new to the Chateau scene) is that game is in and of itself attractive to women, EVEN WHEN THEY KNOW THEY ARE BEING SEDUCED. Game is an end more than it is a means.]

Chase, Interrupted

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The Shocker
on August 15, 2011 at 3:25 pm
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Test of your game- how did I blow myself out on this one? Got the number of a hard 9 hostess working at a ritzy mega-winery.

Me: Hey [girl's name]. I’m letting you know when I build my own super mansion/adult playground you will be my first hire.

Her: Lol is this [city] boy?

Me: Yes- though my friends call me [Shocker].

Her: Haa your so charming. I’m just dying to work for you.

Me: Great, though when you do you’ll have to wear a bag over your head so you don’t distract my guests.

(No response to my hard neg. Hit her with direct game that night)

Me: Hey so we might like each other. What are we going to do about that.

Her: mr. cool and confident, Lol you are just too good.

Me: I know, but I don’t know anything about you.

Her: True ;]


on August 15, 2011 at 4:25 pm
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Intelligent men cheat, but it’s timid, almost dutiful and laced with regret; but intelligent women love to cheat.

There is no look of avidity, focus and rapture you will ever see that comes close to the look on the face of a smart, pretty female on her knees in front of a new cock.

Because she’s chosen it; because that’s her whole life and mind.

  • Shocker
    on August 15, 2011 at 5:12 pm
    Original Link

    I’ve seen that face too, my friend. That face will break your heart if you’re the old cock, and by god, gives you free license to do unspeakable things when you’re the new one.

    • Maya
      on August 15, 2011 at 5:19 pm
      Original Link

      I don’t get what you guys wrote … How can you possibly see a face (which breaks your heart etc.) of a girl who moved to a new cock?! You have to go with her to see that …

      You guys have no idea about women. You should read this blog more carefully or ask your female friends for advice because you sound so deluded that I just can’t stop commenting here :S

      • The Shocker
        on August 15, 2011 at 5:57 pm
        Original Link

        Fucking A, can we lid the contagion of harpies on this board?

        First time: Facebook photo of a girl dancing with the guy she left me for the night they hooked up. Avidity, focus, rapture- the emotional high was visible.

        Second time: Cute little engaged neighbor watching me crush her from behind in the mirror- and the next day when I bent her over right before she left to pick up her fiance from the airport. Unmistakable.

Identifying Sluts: The Science

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The Shocker
on August 2, 2011 at 1:59 pm
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I once dated a chick
who really loved my dick
I bought her tiny clothes
Partied with sluts and ho’s
She lost her inhibitions
Forgot her Asian traditions

Then things got rough and low
and she met someone buff and bro
She did what she did
because she was free
She did what she did
because she was like me