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Point, Counterpoint

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The Shocker
on December 29th, 2011 at 3:18 pm
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So much good stuff in this post and comments.

I think this is why it’s not helpful to describe game/attraction dynamics to girls beyond an initial bold claim- “women can’t fall in love.” They really perk up when you go there, but if your explanation veers too far towards instructional rather than flirty their eyes glaze over.

Recently a girl was complaining about her boyfriend, talking about how the relationship was failing because of this, that and whatever. I dropped my usual ‘girls become less attracted to their man because the longer they own him,’ which always gets their wheels turning. I’m going to add ‘what have you done for him lately’ in the future- she’s so focused on his capacity to satisfy her female imperstive she cant even see she’s making herself miserable.

When A Girl Catches You Off-Guard

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on December 27, 2011 at 6:33 pm
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Some of you might consider trying this if you see a hot chick playing pool.

I was recently with a group of friends. One of them was a 9 (she turned out to be a weak 8… Anyway), we spent the evening bouncing from home to a pub to a lounge … and I spent the evening trying to get into her panties.

I ran mild game, established alpha cred during group convo, teased her a little bit, but because of the group’s dynamics, I lacked the balls to isolate her and get it over with. I had to wait for an opportunity, which presented itself when she was playing at the billiard table.

She was holding a cue. I came close to her and started to talk (give or take one word):

Me: “I’ve seen a movie the other day, where a guy tries to seduce an attractive girl by making hum… unappropriate contact at the pool table…”

Her (smiling): “What was the movie?”

Me: “(Shit, I made it up, and it sounds like fucking porn…) It was a rather old movie on TV. I might look up the title. The point is that I found that unworthy of a gentleman. A gentleman has to ask permission first.”

Her (smiling again): “Pemission for what?”

Me: “Do you consent to take pool lessons from me?”

Her: “mmm Ok…”

Me: “Good. (Holding her hands from behind, gently grinding, almost whispering to her ears) You understand now that this was a trap. I was only looking for an excuse to hold you closely. But before you cry for help, you have to ask me why I’m doing this”

Her (giggling): “Why are you doing this?”

Me (I’ve been alternating between holding her arms, her waist, her hips, NOT HER TITS betas): “I want to be able to touch you, smell you, ravish you. And I want to know that you like it. You see, many guys can hold a girl like this while she is playing pool. But they will do it in an awkward way, and the girl might be creeped out, but she could also be attracted to the guy. She could be wanting him to take her, to own her. But he wouldn’t talk. She would be desperate for him to say something. But he doesn’t know what to say. I, on the other hand, know exactly, what I’m going to say…”

Her: (heavily breathing, I must have hit the right chords): “What are you going to say?”

Me (letting her go, stepping back, eye movement to the pool); “Aim right”.


I liked the effect, she was smiling and literally shaking. One minute later, I caught her biting her under lip and staring at me, which basically means “I want to eat your cock”. She had the opportunity to do just that a little bit later.

The beauty of Game is that it could save your life. If I tried a move like this a few years ago, with beta mumbling, a creepy vibe and a raging boner, I would be sitting in jail right now for sexual assault.

Mr. Perfect

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The Shocker
on December 19th, 2011 at 5:11 pm
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Men don’t play perfect because they want sex. They play perfect because they want to be idealized by their woman.

Men objectify women at first, and then gradually idealize them in a LTR.

Women prefer to start relationships with men they initially idealize, then subconsciously gradually objectify them as the gloss wears off.

Sex is present at every stage.

The benefits of being idealized by women are immensely gratifying. This is when girls start saying things like, ‘dancing with you doesn’t feel like dancing with anyone else.’ The problem is guys really have no clue how to achieve this, so they AFC date dance.

As a side note, here’s a half-baked theory of mine: the recipe for idealization is a combination of alpha hook (sometimes attitude and social skills, usually an identity thing like ‘he’s a dj, we’re the same race, he plays baseball,’ etc.) and ambient, contextual ‘x.’ x is not betaness, which is a PUA meme right now, because betaness is supplication. x is real-time emotional connection/communication and its expression in dialog and body language that compels a positive feeling of ‘we’re special.’

For fun attractive guys, running with an alpha attitude is easy. Done, case closed, here’s your diploma, enjoy your diminishing returns from the game community. It’s achieving a high degree of x with very attractive women in the short period of time you have their attention when you’re out at night that’s challenging. Being a genuinely awesome alpha is good game, but it doesn’t make you a PUA. If the PUA community can progress and figure out how to create x as well, then we’d all be getting laid more. However, with the rise of inner game as the right way to achieve alpha demeanor, we’ve abandoned the social hacks of Mystery’s day which were really just rudimentary repeatable experiments in surfacing x.

Truth to Power

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The Shocker
on December 16th, 2011 at 5:10 pm
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Came here from Roissy’s site a few days ago.

I’m here for good.

Anti-Flake Tactic

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The Shocker
on December 15, 2011 at 4:59 pm
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Hah. Got one of these right now. Hooked up with this little JAP a few months ago, she didn’t fuck or blow (lately in bed I go about half as far as I think she’ll let me, then say I’m not going to do any more because I like it better when the girl is ripping *my* clothes off. I don’t know if it ‘works,’ but it’s fun!) and I never called her.

Stumbled on her number on monday, went for the booty call:

Me: Hi Kendall, hows the love life

Her: haha about the same how about you

Me: I know why you’re having boy problems

Her: problems?

Me: I put a curse on you for one night standing me

Her: hahahaha and how do i get rid of this curse?

Me: sacrifice a goat. Someone’s rusty on their old testament…

Her: haha well I’m not going to injure animals or people. Can’t we do something else?

Me: Well if you’re downtown right now you could buy me a drink and tell me you’re sorry

Her: i’m not downtown right now. why don’t you meet me on friday night? I’m sure i’ll be downtown with my friend again.

Me: nope I’m too impatient curse stands

(From here, the undertone is she wants to be a friday night girl and I want a bootycall. She did not respond, so one hour later..)

Me: also I look great right now and i want to show off

Her: hahaha cant replicate that friday night?

Me: no. all the girls i meet now wear panties. boring. (Slut compliance test. She wasn’t wearing panties the night we met..)

Her: thats terrible. (No response after that)

Me: i’ll hang out on friday but i need your id by thursday and your friend’s not invited

(I relent. For three days she doesn’t respond, I don’t call text or anything. I wrote her off, when this morning..)

Her: Haha ok but I’m not sure how I would get you my ID today. Do you want to meet up after it?

Me: Too late slowpoke! Hah. You’re bad at phones. I do want to see you though..

Her: Damn! I think you cursed me with being bad at phones. Let’s get drinks Saturday then

So there it is. From celibacy to guaranteed backup pussy to close out my weekend in just a few texts. Thanks steve jobs.

Feminist Self-Owned On Male Porn Star Theory

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The Shocker
on December 7, 2011 at 4:31 pm
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While the slate journalist may be wrong in this case, I still think there is something to her narrative.

Go to, the chick version of every guy smut site ever. It’s a place where women talk about the tingles images of guys give them.

It turns out, yes, physical attractiveness of men is not the primary factor in getting women to swoon. Don’t be ugly, of course.

Almost all of the men are famous. The few remainder are models.

This is rarely true for men’s eye candy sites, where the subjects of the photos are rarely known.

I asked why the women seem to feel the most physical attraction for famous men. One of the hamsters said she thought it was because ‘women like feeling an emotional connection to men, and they knew if famous men were funny, smart, mysterious, etc., so it made them more attractive.’

I don’t know if the explanation was accurate, I suspect not, but I thought it was interesting. Either way, it’s a datapoint that the ‘women are attracted to jerks’ is simplistic.

[Heartiste: Fame does not necessarily equal emotional connection. Fame = power, which is predominantly attractive to women. However, the commonplace observation that chicks dig jerks (as most notoriously exemplified by their love of rough sex) does not automatically require that women be indifferent to establishing an emotional connection with a man. Some of the biggest jerks are also highly adept at building connections with women that make those women feel like they've known those men forever.]