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The Shocker
on October 13, 2011 at 2:23 pm
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Last weekend a rich-princess type was at my house for a party. As a fitness test, she asked me when I last got laid. It doesn’t matter what I said (“my pipes are good” or something)- she was looking for ‘one of those guys’ that gets fucked all the time.

Later that night in front of a club, another flooz with a vastly over-inflated sense of SMV would interrupt our conversation to state how badly she wanted to fuck the bouncer. Who she had never talked to.

Folks, good luck trying to find a woman who likes you for your vibe. It is abundantly clear hot American girls have embraced their basic states- they are going to fuck the quarterback.

The game community has vastly underestimated just how committed women are to fucking the guy at the very tippy top. Women aren’t just looking for “an alpha” guy. They are designed to disregard not just you and your friends at a bar, not just most of the football team, but literally every swinging dick except the guy holding the football, getting the attention, star of the show.

Heartiste has discovered very specific things that women look for and as time goes on he is proved right again and again. Bitches want Pantone 12-0752. Anything else, pick up lines, day game, etc., is Bush league.

For those of you who like to pontificate about the awesome alpha things you do, and I don’t care why you do it, YOU’RE NOT GETTING AS MUCH GRADE A TAIL AS YOU WANT TO BE and you fucking know it. And this is A-OK. You are forgiven. Fresh Start.

Either commit to being great and figure out how to get there, or shut the fuck up. Your mediocre, above-average wins might make you more successful than 90% of the male population, but the 90th percentile isn’t waking up next to these girls:

Game hobbyists have barely scratched the surface. So far game has described how to project normalcy with a touch of superiority. We need to be projecting supremacy. We know some of the signals chicks look for. We really have no idea how to respond.

Occupy Cupertino

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on October 8, 2011 at 2:10 pm
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“securitized mortgage repackagings were bad”

No. I’m tired of hearing this “derivatives are bad claptrap” that is accepted as received wisdom.

It was innovation. The US earns a large portion of our GDP through world fiance. But like all new waves of innovation there was a manic boom that was disconnected from reality.

Go look at the Tech bubble as an example. Does that mean the internet was bad?

Fuck no, it just shows how flawed we are as a species and how our supposed rationality is a veneer. We are poorly-evolved apes, just a short half-step from savanna.

Bubbles surrounding innovation show us the limits of our new idea. It doesn’t mean the idea was a bad one.

  • The Shocker
    on October 9, 2011 at 9:07 pm
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    Our society has a history of backlash against the most successful industries. Look: Railroads, Standard Oil, even liquor during prohibition. The criticisms popularized by Matt Taibbi et al are legitimate, as ecosystem homogenization increases risk of collapse, but don’t get caught up in pop culture mood swings.

    The story of our time is the rise of hundreds of millions of Chinese and Indians from abject poverty to modern lives. We are getting more equality for the (true) 99%, and even better, they’re earning it. The Reddit SWPL kids have no platform to ask for change, and it’s obvious, which is why the protest is evolving into a finance reform movement. I also think it’s ironic that their iPad lifestyles were made possible by decades of deficit spending in the first place- their lives, today, are as good as they’re ever going to get. They should be terrified of austerity- instead they stand on a balloon and ask to go higher.

    I don’t like that the result of the protests will be a tax raise on millionaires. There’s no point. US Gov is so screwed up financially that it’s not like we’re going to buy “stuff” with the revenues. It will all go to service financial instruments. Silly to pour that money into a black hole for political theater.