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Beta Of The Month: Epic Showdown

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on August 31, 2013 at 10:33 am
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Alpha of the month:

He’s doing this in Toronto, the city where Roosh couldn’t get laid and the city his forum of “looks matter!” guys are convinced is one of the hardest cities in North America to get girls.

He’s five feet tall, but dat body language, dat voice-tonality, dat lack of leaning in, dat self-amusement, dat alpha vibe…looks matter, what?

It’s Saturday, go the fuck out tonight.

  • ho
    on August 31, 2013 at 5:47 pm
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    What kind of chimp denies that looks matter?

    • Scray
      on August 31, 2013 at 6:01 pm
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      The one getting laid.

on September 1, 2013 at 9:21 am
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Fuxing bullshit, mang. Another thinly veiled ultimatum. Wtf. The 7 may move away soon for her job. And I was like ‘o nooooooo.’ Then she brought up the possibility of a long-distance relationship and I was like ‘ehhhhhhhhhh….’ (hella shocked that I had this reaction btw!) Then she was like ‘well if I stayed, you wouldn’t be ready for a relationship anyway.’ To which I just kind of dodged ‘has anyone ever complimented you on your subtlety? What’s next, pinning a pussy-eviction notice on my dick?’

So she attempts to start a fight, but I calm it down fast…admittedly I just put a band-aid on the wound (Ya, I’m just caught offguard….I’ll think about it. I really care about you) — then we make up.

So, as more (albeit anecdotal) proof that game — and game alone — is worth a lot, I can submit this convo:

7: I’m really annoyed that I care so much. I haven’t really had feelings for anyone since my first boyfriend….so, 2008. Normally, the guys I date…I can just take or leave. If they step out of line at all, I’m just done with them.

(I believe this as truff— bish gets hit up on her phone constantly; and she constantly ignores EVERYONE. So that kind of choice and power is believable — I’m intrigued)

Me: What do you mean, give an example….

7: I don’t know, friends X and Y don’t like me to talk at all when we’re out because they say I’ll ruin it with the guys they like. (of her group, X and Y are a 5 and a 6….)

Me: Why…

7: Because I’m usually just like ‘whatever…okay, you’re good-looking or funny or whatever, cool.’ And they’ll be like ‘how could you turn THAT down?’

Me: Hm….

7: I mean, I get hit on a lot…and the guys I’ve gone out with, admittedly have been very attractive. But that’s it…it’s like ‘ya you’re handsome.’ Like this one guy I was dating for a few months… I hadn’t been intimate with him, or even kissed him (ya you heard that right folks. This chick has only been with 3 dudes total….), so finally he broke down and was like ‘listen it’s been two months, when is this going to happen?’ So I just said ‘never,’ and left some money, then walked out.

Me: (wtfmindblown….2 months of weekly and bi-weekly — confirmed — dates without ANYTHING? lulz) That sucks…he paved the way for me, I guess…y’know, like how someone sits on a slot machine for a long time and gives up, then the first sucker to take it on one date hits the jackpot.

7: Sometimes I want to smack you….

Me: That is so tight. Nah, I’m just messing with you.

7: I really liked you.

Me: Why…

7: I don’t know, I just….I just liked you very fast. (Conflicting stories now….before, she said at first she didn’t like me at first and wanted me to leave her alone lol srs). You were really funny…

Me: Didn’t you just say that a lot of the time guys were funny or good looking and that didn’t matter?

7: Yeah….but……like, you know how most guys when they meet girls just try to put all of who they are out there, and try to talk about how good they are or how cool they are. They’re just so aggressive… (translation: beta tryhards — ya so what she said aggressive, she just meant tryhard)…and they don’t listen. (I have no idea wtf that means, because I sure as fuck didn’t really listen at all….so I’m just assuming it’s some sort of shorthand for ‘I wish they knew how to engage me’).

Me: Ya sure….

7: Yeah….I liked how you just were talking to my friends, and just being cool. You were really charming. You were perfect.

What else could she be talking about but whatever game I managed to display that night? She’s failing to describe exactly ‘what’ it is/was that is different, but we kind of eliminated lots of the variables.

That’s kind of cool………but the situ is kind of shitty. I may end up just having to let her go :(

  • YaReally
    on September 1, 2013 at 11:46 am
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    “Then she brought up the possibility of a long-distance relationship and I was like ‘ehhhhhhhhhh….’ (hella shocked that I had this reaction btw!)”

    lol no. Just, no. Thing is you can HAVE an open-LDR, where she flies up to visit now and then and you hang out and hook up…but sure as shit don’t promise long-distance monogamy. That would be insane and you would regret it and ultimately resent her for strong-arming you into it.

    “So, as more (albeit anecdotal) proof that game — and game alone — is worth a lot”

    All we have is anecdotal proof…but we have a LOT of it lol. You’re not even done yet, you’re still not even a year into it I don’t think (like from your first FR), and now you’re breaking 7s hearts who have a bunch of good-looking dudes chasing them.

    “7: Because I’m usually just like ‘whatever…okay, you’re good-looking or funny or whatever, cool.’ And they’ll be like ‘how could you turn THAT down?’”

    Hotter social girls have more experience with good-looking rich social etc dudes. Like I say, a smokin hot 9 has guys with 6-pack abs literally offering to fly them on vacations on private jets and shit. That’s not an exaggeration. Their entire social circle when they’re out is often all good-looking dudes because those are the guys who feel entitled to hang out with her (the ugly nerds are scared to talk to her)

    But there comes an equilibrium point where when everyone around you is good-looking, rich, etc, it becomes the norm and boring, so what stands out to a girl is something different/unique, a personality and strong frame often in a body/face that you wouldn’t expect it from.

    Is every hot celebrity chick dating a Brad Pitt clone? No, a lot of them date weird artist dudes or old weird looking dudes (who’s faces have “character” to them) and shit who aren’t conventionally attractive…this is usually because the chick is SO used to generic good-looking rich dudes who don’t know how to push her thru emotions and game her, that she’s numb to that and this weird guy who’s rock solid confident and sure of his shit and teases her etc, stands out to her.

    “and they don’t listen.”

    She means they don’t listen to her sub-communications. But she doesn’t know she means that and she wouldn’t be able to articulate it. You communicate with her emotions, those guys are trying to communicate with her brain. Guess which one is more important to a girl. :)

    “That’s kind of cool………”

    It IS cool lol props on your improvements in your game and it’s stuff like this that will keep expanding your mind and blowing limiting beliefs out of the water for you.

    “but the situ is kind of shitty. I may end up just having to let her go”

    You do. Sorry. :( that’s the shitty part about PUA. A normal guy like 2 month McNoSex she mentioned, would build attraction over months or years, but you’re learning a skillset that builds that same level of attraction over a few hours or dates.

    This is why we try to put off triggering the Ultimatum as long as possible…because once that switch flips, there’s no going back. When you start noticing the signs of it starting to trigger, that’s the start of the end. It’s a bitter-sweet thing…on the one hand you might care about the girl and really love the time you’ve had together, but on the other hand you know it’s going to end soon and you’ll probably be the one to have to snuff it out. It’s like watching your life-long pet dog get sicker and sicker as he grows old and knowing you’re going to have to take him out back one day. It’s rough and still hurts, even to a guy as jaded as myself. I take it as a sign that I’m still human lol

    You’ll meet girls as awesome or more awesome than this one down the road. You’re young and you’ll be going out and socializing a lot in the years to come, and you haven’t even hit your prime as a man yet. She wants you now because she doesn’t want to lose you, but she would lose you if you gave everything up for her because you would lose yourself and end up back where you started.

    I usually tell my girls (the ones I plan to see for a while VS the flings) that someday they’ll have to break it off with me, because I don’t have any reason to break it off some them. Even if they move away, or meet another guy, I’ll still care about them like I do now and I’ll always be here for them if they come back or come to visit me. They know I’ll still be off doing my thing with other girls, but they know that there’s always a place for them in my heart (/homo lol).

    Hope some of that helps, swipe some of it if you get stuck in these conversations with this one over the next while here (which you probably will).

    At the end of the day it’s not really a sad thing…like, it is to normal people who live normal lives, like the guys on here who are all “fly across the country and chase her and marry her now every other girl is a cock-sucking whore!!!!” But it IS a different way of viewing the world. As you get further along you start to feel almost like an observer of the human race, kind of a fly on the wall like you understand what they’re going thru (whether it’s watching your buddy suffer from approach anxiety or noticing your buddy’s GF flirt with you and knowing she’d bang you or watching a girl you’re banging start to fall in love with you), but you’re kind of outside of it and looking at a bigger wider picture than they can see. It’s like they’re zoomed in and you’re zoomed out.

    From that point you decide whether you’re going to use that “power” for “good”, to help other people find their way and guide them when you can (whether that’s helping a girl not fall in love with you too fast, or helping another dude learn game, or helping a store clerk feel better about their shitty day, etc), or use it for “evil”, manipulating people for your own means to get ahead and not care what mess you leave them in.

    Knowing that point will come one day, if you stick at this, is why we try to teach new guys “leave them better than you found them” and “spread good vibes, be a value-giver instead of a value-taker” etc. it’s not super relevant when you first start out…but we hope you remember those ideas when you start running into situations like this where you have to let a girl go.

    If it’s any consolation, they’re rarely ever truly gone. I could call almost any of the girls who’ve Ultimatumed me and tell them I want to settle down and be with them and most of them would drop whatever’s going on in their lives to take me up on it. 5 minutes of alpha and all that…she won’t forget how you made her feel and you’ll always have chemistry.

    But often, letting her go and cutting it off is for her own good…so she doesn’t waste her prime waiting for you and become another wall victim. Right before I moved to a new city, I brutally crushed a couple girls I cared about who were falling deeply in love with me, because I knew that if I left them ANY hope that one day I’d come back for them, or that they could uproot their lives to follow me, they would wait or chase, and they would put off meeting another guy who was ready/willing to provide them the relationship stuff I wasn’t ready/willing to provide, and that’s not cool to me.

    But it definitely sucks. Welcome to the game. :)

    • Scray
      on September 1, 2013 at 12:23 pm
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      Ya, but it’s just annoying. It just seems like you lose ‘em either way. For different reasons, sure….but it still hurts. Like, some srs inward beta feelz rite now. I’m fighting really hard to a) not abandon my mission and pursue her, and b) not take advantage of her by dangling the possibility of a relationship in front of her. It’s upsetting — I feel like ‘fuck, man I just got here…and it’s over already?’

      Just comparing this 7 and the 5.5 to the 6 also pisses me off. The 6 is just kind of a shitty person, so I’m probably just going to see less of her too (my own choice) — which leaves me back at square effing 1 soon. lol. What’s annoying is that, ya, game will work on all women in general….but it does seem like finding legit cool girls is somewhat of a numbers game. (Maybe the odds are stacked better in your favor during daygame).

      I guess the good thing is that you learn a lot about yourself and what ‘does it for you’ in a quasi-relationship setting. Idc what science or whatever says, the ‘besides looks’ stuff a woman does matters — a lot.

      Thanks for the write-up, it helped.

Are Antidepressants Ruining American Women?

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on August 27, 2013 at 8:34 pm
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I thank god every day for females taking antidepressants. Is there anything worse than an alternately weepy then bitchy date? Sure, on SSIR’s maybe she’s not as happy when she’s in the sweet spot of her cycle. But SSRI’s save us from the lows of the cycle. It is totally worth the trade-off.

  • obsessivecakedisorder
    on August 27, 2013 at 10:14 pm
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    If women were not prescribed antidepressants for every little boo-hoo, they’d learn how to process their emotions and wouldn’t have the highs and lows. It’s not just the antidepressants; it’s the cocktail of drugs we’re all told we need on a daily basis just to be human.

    Just for the record, so you know where I come from, I am not on any medication. I get mad, I get sad, I get over it.

    • YaReally
      on August 27, 2013 at 10:34 pm
      Original Link


      I have female friends who individually take more pills than all of the guys I know who take pills, COMBINED. I can think of maybe 2 guys off-hand taking anti-depressants and they’re taking them for legit reasons like life shitting all over them in a combination of ways, VS because they’re a little unhappy or their stomach hurts when they eat food they know will make their stomach hurt.

      It’s part of the whole victim status thing, you’re not sad you’re bipolar even tho you haven’t been diagnosed look don’t ask questions just gimme my meds so people will feel sorry for me and excuse my shitty behavior.

      Do I just know the mentally and physically healthiest guys in the world? No. We just learn that life isn’t always fair and that sometimes you’ll feel bad and you have to get thru it.

      The whole over-diagnosing ADD in young boys is scary as fuck to me as well. If I had kids I would do my damnedest to try to feed them proper and help them develop the mental tools to deal with adversity.

      • YaReally
        on August 27, 2013 at 10:55 pm
        Original Link

        In a related issue, I think it’s funny that so many women are “unhappy” now that they’re in the corporate world, because they thought going off to be someone’s bitch for 8-12 hours a day doing a job you hate for way too little pay was going to be a magical fun experience that they knew men were keeping them from getting to have.

        Now it’s like, hey, welcome to the corporate world. Prepare to be miserable most of your life and miss out on a bunch of shit because you’re too busy keeping up with the Jones’es. Did you not know men were miserable?

        How come all those men weren’t carrying a pharmacy in their briefcase? Because even after a shitty day at the office they knew they could come home to a warm healthy meal, a clean house, a family who appreciates them putting food on the table and clothes on their back, know their kids were looked after properly by their biological mother, bang their wife before falling asleep, and rally up to face the next day.

        Feminism has killed that arrangement and now we have both genders going out and taking it up at the ass at work all day, then coming home to loneliness, or shared work, extra work, drama, broken families, and general chaos. Women have turned to drugs to deal with it, men have turned to X-Box and porn.

        How is this all going to end up? No fucking idea lol. Like the Joker says “there’s no going back, you’ve CHANGED things.” But it’s all fascinating to watch from poolside.

        (for the record I work for myself, which is part of why I have the flexible work hours and general abundance of free time to post on here all day and also chase poon and get laid lol I’m planning to focus more on work than women this year though, so I’m shooting for just having a solid 2 or 3 girl casual harem for the next while that I can just txt to come over when I need some release and then will leave right after so I can get back to work)

        • Scray
          on August 28, 2013 at 1:24 pm
          Original Link

          ‘Now it’s like, hey, welcome to the corporate world.’

          So money, and so applicable to almost every kind of prejudice — it’s the other edge of the blade. What’s wrong is denying someone an optional seat at the table, but other than that — what you face is what everyone else faces. People will make it tough for you to get ahead. Ya, you will be judged for being a woman. A black man will be judged for being black. A white man will be judged for any of a million silly things as well; once you get the seat, you’re still in the rat race. And you still have to put up with a lot of bullshit. The only people who get the top are the ones strong enough to overcome it, and the only people who can thrive are the ones who can deal with it.

          I’m hopeful about how it will end up, tho.

A Man’s Perceived Physical Attractiveness Is Fluid

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on August 22, 2013 at 2:41 pm
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After struggling with very minor body issues I have recently came to the conclusion regarding looks. I have a face gets decent amounts of attraction and I’m 5’11, 178 with about 18 – 20 percent body fat, so it’s not like I’m hideous or anything.

My conclusion is that the reason that vast majority of men are failing in this world is because they have turned their focus to ‘idols’. They fall for sexy siren songs of external attributes that they believe are the magic key to will unlock the doors of pussy heaven.

They have no foundation. They are basing their whole lives worshipping different idols that they believe that if they pay enough tribute will reward them. However, the reverse is true. Their idol demands blood and extracts it, destroying their soul in the process.

For example for the idol of Looks or ‘Narcissus’, a great number of guys are getting into bodybuilding these days due to the increasing hypergamy of western women. The reason being they want to look like fawned after movie stars and have the dominant presence of a physically stronger man. This is at first enticing. Just start lifting, count your macros and then bang hot model quality ass. However it’s a total scam.

First, most guys simply don’t the natural genetics and extreme willpower to achieve to break into the top 10 percent that is required for people to actually give a fuck about your body in that it’s seen as something special.

Second, facial aesthetics is far more important in the looks game than a powerful body since it’s more rare and can’t be manipulated as muscles can. No amount of lifting will make your face resemble a male model’s.

Third and probably the most damaging is that you give power to other men over you. If looks are supremely important to you then you will naturally defer to the better looking man because you see this man as being inherently superior to you. What happens is your game will suffer greatly. You will be shook at the subconscious level.

If you don’t value the better looking man, you take away his power. I’m not going to submit to him. Who the fuck is he? You’re huge and good looking. So? How about your security or your social dominance. Let’s see how that holds up.

And that’s the real key. It’s your essence. What can you do as man to dominant your environment. How silver is your tongue? Can you read the ebbs and flows of the social putting green? Can you push and pull in equal amounts at the right time? How shaken are you when events don’t go just right?

In a certain environment, yes big muscles mean something. But really where does that apply to CH’s demographic. Most of the yuppies I know aren’t going to prison over stupid shit. They just beat their chest and hope you buy into it. What good is being an athletic stud if you can’t use it. A weakness isn’t a weakness unless it can be exploited.

A forth thing that Narcissus steals from you is your own self image. Narcissism and vanity are one of the main cause of these fatties. Their vanity leads them down the hole of ice cream, Cheetos and despair. The reasoning is if they can’t be in the top 20 percent of looks then they just say ‘fuck it’. Good is the enemy of perfect. Why bother? They then proceed to become absolute monstrosities due to their own narcissism. These are the women that complain about being ugly and for rally for fat acceptance. Being merely pretty in an average way isn’t good enough so they don’t want to play anymore.

In terms of looks for a man, just do your best within reason. Look as sharp as possible in that you groom yourself and you adorn yourself with hair and clothes that grab attention. It’s not enough to have ‘nice’ clothes, they should be saying something. Keep your weight and shape under control but don’t worry about sub 13 percent body fat, it’s not going to do shit. Posture and strong alpha mannerisms round out the package.That’s it.

Your worth is your courage and your drive. Your social dominance. Your inner man. Everything else is icing.

  • YaReally
    on August 22, 2013 at 8:18 pm
    Original Link


    • Matthew King
      on August 22, 2013 at 8:44 pm
      Original Link


      Jonah 2:8
      1 Cor 10:14
      Leviticus 19:4

      • FuriousFerret
        on August 22, 2013 at 9:09 pm
        Original Link

        True, Matt.

        Even if you’re not religious, the bible is wisdom of the very smart from ancient times and it gives universal truths.

        Idols destroy you. Whether it be looks, money, power, job. They are all worthless because they aren’t you. They demand much and deliver nothing in return expect chasing after them. They don’t even give you what you want.

        What us guys want is to be true cool men.

        I’m a cool guy. I don’t need to be super jacked and loaded with money to achieve this. I’m a cool guy because I determine my actions. My values are not based on others weak opinions. I act on what I think is right and I don’t submit to unworthy people. I’m not going to bow down because some guy says I should, or some guy is some kind of athletic animal. My question is Why? Why should I? What kind of power do they really have? It’s just a façade. If you have power then do something about it. It always comes up snake eyes. The first second you don’t buy into muscles = dominance and money = superior man, the battle is already over, they are done because they rely on it and stupider men act accordingly to it.

        “In battle, if you you make your opponent flinch, you have already won.”
        ― Miyamoto Musashi

        “there is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker, or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself.”
        ― Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings

        • Scray
          on August 22, 2013 at 10:47 pm
          Original Link

          Idols destroy you because no man can compete with a myth. You just have to get out there and do the thing that you believe only the idols can do — demystification is empowering.

on August 22, 2013 at 5:18 pm
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In-field footage:

la la la la la I’ll just leave these here until people who don’t go out much start listening to Tyler, the ugly fuck who’s spent 10 years gaming and literally built a business out of teaching men of all sorts of looks/status to get women, and who has an hour of in-field footage up (see above) where he shows a 5’7″ skinny pale balding ginger with a nasaly voice having women make out and go home with him:

And my archive where I’ve addressed this a bunch of times:

2 + 2 = 4. It doesn’t matter how strongly you feel like it should equal 3, or want it to equal 3 or convince yourself it equals 3 so you can justify your actions/results or lack thereof…2 + 2, if you spend enough time in the field (reading/debating theory and “observing” is not “in the field”), will continue to equal 4.

in b4 they’re all paid actresses, drunk, sluts, cherry-picked footage (I don’t disagree on this one, but a guy who looks/sounds like that getting ANY kind of consistent success at ALL is proof alone that Game works), etc lol

  • FuriousFerret
    on August 22, 2013 at 7:15 pm
    Original Link

    “(I don’t disagree on this one, but a guy who looks/sounds like that getting ANY kind of consistent success at ALL is proof alone that Game works)”

    That’s the problem that a lot of guys have with Tyler. This is man whose supposed genetic destiny was to play D&D and marry a fat hog. He’s supposed to be the subservient nerd at work that is ‘nice’ to the other men. They won’t take advice from someone that they view as beneath him.

    What sticks the knife into the side is because he use Game/Personality to have sex with women. If it was money or fame they simply won’t care. Due to the fucked state of men and our feminized social programming we have become shims. We over worry about looks by a mile. Also you have to consider what Tyler represents. He is a middle finger to all their blood, sweat and tears at the gym. They spent all that time of what they thought would make them pussy magnets. To have someone to tell you it’s this hidden mystery in attracting women is being an old school man and taking care of your shit simply because that’s what a man does (which we basically have lived by for thousands of years), it threatens their belief system and basically takes away their advantage.

    When being a stud isn’t the answer, what now? A hilarious thing is when the bodybuilding guys find out that facial aesthetics is the critical component in pulling based on looks. A trait that can’t be gamed and because of that it’s much more valuable. That’s when they really start to weep.

    Ironically, the ultimate spokesman for Game would be male movie star type that is already ultra charismatic and top 1 percent good looking. Despite people protesting it’s because of his ultra elite passive value that he processes, he would still make it more popular because it taps into their value system of looks and fame.

    • Turk
      on August 23, 2013 at 4:35 am
      Original Link

      There’s a limit to what you’re saying.

      I’m 5’8 better than average looking but the shorter you are, the better care you have to take of yourself. I gym alot and and watch my nutrition quite closely. If you’re short don’t be fat – you still need to get your foot in the door with chicks upon interacting with them (i.e look good).

      You are correct though there is a point where the effort being put in gives diminishing returns.

      Oh and grow a beard – it’s got me sooooo much attention in the past year I’m kicking myself as to why I hadn’t grown it in my earlier..

      • immoralgables
        on August 23, 2013 at 7:05 am
        Original Link

        There are limits and then again, there aren’t. This is this theory that YaReally has touched upon and I endorse it. If you’re not conventionally “attractive”, then just by being direct in your approach then you can get on the girls radar.

        You don’t have to be 6’2″. It def helps, no doubt. But time and time again, the hotties will be attracted to the boldness of shorter men like us Turk.

        How do I know this? Because I like to go direct and use cocky/funny flirty routines. Sure, I think some of it overcompensates for insecurities I feel I have. At times where I feel like I may not “Be enough” then I tend to lean on disqualifying the girl, accusing her of picking me up, etc etc. Some times it’s overkill. But when it works, it works.

        An example from yesterday. This I sent to a couple of my wingmen.

        Okay, so quick situ from today. I blew up account with Belorussian,
        I got the HB8 Cuban chick from Miami on 08/21 to respond but nothing from my last text. That’s not blown up.

        Either way, I knew I had to make at least one approach today. Just one
        Walking near NY *********** in Downtown FiDi. See this tall blonde (5’10″), red shirt, tight legs and fitting jeans
        Let’s rank her a soft HB8
        “Fuck”. But fuck that, know what “My game is 10/10 and fuck what anyone thinks about me”

        I walk up from behind. I get on her peripheral, like my buddy showed me, I try to stop her with body language a bit.

        “Excuse me, I know I’m probably too tall for you, but I saw you back there and HAD to come say Hi”

        She is in the DayGame Daze™

        “I don’t know if it’s your red shirt or whatever but yeah”
        She’s still in the daze
        This is fucking on

        Immediately I take control. Introduce myself and shake hands. Her name is Yulia
        She has an accent with the way she pronounces her name but the next sentence is without the accent

        Mini cold read. “I know you’re not a New Yorker. Where are you from because you’re trying to cover up your accent. And most New York girls would have pepper sprayed me by now”

        She laughs. She is Russian
        “Oh my God” I throw my head back. “Not ANOTHER Russian girl. You girls are soo crazy. Mean too”
        “No we’re not. Not all women.”
        “Yeah not all Russian women are like that, said every Russian girl”
        She is still in a daze and laughing.

        I ask where she’s going, we talk about living in downtown, I ask if her big boyfriend is going to beat me up for talking to her
        “No, he doesn’t live down here” The way she said this……hmmmmmm
        We keep talking a bit. I cold-read again and guess that she came here when she was 15-16
        “14…how did you know?”
        I DHV and say that my cousins from Colombia (Lol) act like her. With the accent and still holding on to old culture.

        I also cold-read about what her profession she’s in. I get it wrong (PR, then fashion, then I give up). She works for a big media company.

        Eventually, it gets weird in this daze.
        She goes like “Sooooo, so what next”

        I say, “Well now you give me your number, and then we go out for a drink on Mondau around here”

        Her eyes light up. Similar to the way when I first approached. Intent+Assuming the sale = Magic
        “Haha, hmmmm I don’t know…”
        “Well look, just a quick drink after work. If I find out you’re a serial killer or whatever then I can leave early” (Love the serial killer disqualifier)

        “Haha, what about my boyfriend”
        “Look Yulia, I told you that I’m not the jealous type.”
        (Giggle, giggle)

        Boom, keep plowing.

        She somewhat reluctantly gives her number. But the reluctance is due to “I have a ‘bf’ ” and not due to lack of attraction. I can tell better now.

        I also use the WTWAC. Stands for Willing.To.Walk.Away.Card.

        “Look, if this is going to be some flakey number just say so and I’ll throw away my phone in this gutter right now. Don’t want us to waste each others time.”

        ~~I gesture like I’m about to spike my phone into the sewer grate. She laughs and I think this BT spike pushed her to give the digits.

        I call her phone. She jokes about me waiting for her to pick it up but field experience has taught me not to leave trivial matters in the air.

        I joke and tell her she has to spell my name right in her phone (love doing this.)

        She shows me how it’s spelled
        “So is it spelled like this” Points at phone “Amadeus”
        “Close but take out the ‘U’. Wow, you’re already thinking about “us” ‘

        Boom HEADSHOT
        She laughs. I confirm the meet on Monday with after work. Right then and then I text her.

        **Me: Hi Yullia this is Amadeus. Monday around 7**

        She is legit not getting hit on by dudes like me during the day like that.

        I accuse her of hitting on me and she’s like “Well you’re the one that stopped me!”
        “Yulia, I can’t help it! Okay”.
        I like that routine of owning up to my desire. No shame at all.

        I bounce and there is this strange aura when we say bye.

        **Her (30min later): Hi Amades, ok sounds good….btw it’s Yulia with one “L” lol**


        NOTE: My name isn’t Amadeus. I used that as an example for illustrative purposes.

        Also, I will prob shoot her text the day before to confirm that ish.

        Anyways Turk. Look at that interaction. How many 5’8″ like me are hitting on her and carrying themselves that way. I def agree with you to get your body and image in line to where you want. But in the end, it’s the kind of stuff I did in that FR above that will set you apart.

        I agree with what you’re saying, just trying to give an example. I’m 5’8″ and get “cute” when I’m in shape. BTW, I’m about 20lbs overweight.


        • Scray
          on August 23, 2013 at 12:25 pm
          Original Link

          Even if you get tired of hearing it, I’m gonna keep saying it — this is so money.

How To Defeat Realtalk

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on August 21, 2013 at 9:36 pm
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We had a pretty in-depth discussion about this over at Rollo’s when George from the Manosphere went on an opinion show anonymously:

Game/Red Pill/Manosphere concepts are based on reality and stand on their own. It’s irrelevant who’s behind the keyboard. The only benefit to ditching your anonymity is for your opponent, who can distract people from listening to your message by attempting to shame/discredit/bully/threaten/harm you.

We’re making a difference, because when guys disillusioned by the Blue Pill find Red Pill, the stuff we talk about explains their previously-confusing life experiences… It’s just a slow process, is all. 10-20 years ago, comment sections at places like Huffpro wouldn’t have hundreds of comments on an article about marriage explaining how marriage is a bad deal for men. That’s progress. Their reaction is to shame/bully everyone by taking away anonymity. But that’s fine, that’s what independent blogs like this are for. Take them all away and new ones will spring up.

  • MisterXenos
    on August 21, 2013 at 10:32 pm
    Original Link

    I don’t think you have a full understanding of the situation. Refusing to unveil oneself is a brilliant way to undermine one’s position by making oneself appear cowardly. There are 14 year old girls with more balls than guys like you, who face the fucking Taliban and the lion’s share of their society’s ire (read, death).

    It’s one thing to protest stripping away our right to privacy (which is legitimately bad), it’s another thing to hide behind that privacy like a bitch.

    • YaReally
      on August 22, 2013 at 12:14 am
      Original Link

      There’s no position to undermine.

      That’s like saying “if you don’t reveal who you are, then 2 + 2 doesn’t equal 4″.

      It’s irrelevant.

      The only loss is that the mainstream audience who does not WANT to accept your position and will NOT accept it, will continue to not accept your position.

      The goal shouldn’t be to convince the mainstream media of anything. It should be to let men who already suspect the Blue Pill is bullshit know that there’s a Red Pill out there. That’s it.

      The people who embrace the Blue Pill will never ever ever ever ever ever ever accept the Red Pill. All they will do is attempt to keep the Red Pill’ers from getting the message that the Red Pill exists out to the men seeking answers. Putting your name and face out there simply allows them to fabricate ways to discredit you. “Lol this guy looks like a virgin, everyone disregard!”, “lol this guy doesn’t have a PHD, everyone disregard!”, etc. in the hopes that the dissatisfied Blue Pill’ers looking for answers will turn away before hearing the content of the message.

      Even if you do nothing, and actually AGREE with them, they will make shit up to attack you with and attribute falsehoods to you:

      Winning over feminists/white knights/anti-gamers and the general MSM is not a war that CAN be won. And it’s not the war that should be focused on.

      The MSM is simply a reflection of popular opinion. When enough men have discovered the Red Pill, the MSM will start to reflect the Red Pill because they’ll realize that writing an article about how marriage is a bad deal for men will make them money because 90% of their comments on every marriage article are about that subject.

      This is a long, slow process. The way to change things is to simply let disillusioned Blue Pill men know that there are answers out there.

      • MisterXenos
        on August 22, 2013 at 12:50 am
        Original Link

        I tend to disagree. Maybe it’s because I interact a lot with lawyers, but I’m well-versed in the power of rhetoric, and having powerful, public icons at the front has always been the way to win. You think logic wins arguments? BAHAHAHA. Yea right. What version of humanity are we talking about here?

        Lemme explain it very clearly. When I joined the debate club at my uni those years back, one of the first things they taught us was that the facts and logic served to ENHANCE your rhetoric. NOT the other way around. They taught us how to debate sides of an issue that were patently wrong.

        Think about it: How many religious people are out there? Christianity has been picked apart completely by science, dismantled at every turn, yet there are no shortage of Christians out there. Why? Because Christian leaders know the power of rhetoric. They know they don’t have any facts on their side, but you know what? You don’t need them. They HELP, sure, but they’re hardly what wins arguments.

        For that matter, you also underestimate the power of the masses, and how easy it can be to win them. Even the ancient Romans knew this. The art of politics back in the day was how to sway the masses to your side with charisma and powerful rhetoric, throwing in factual seasoning as opportunity allows. The reason guys like you are losing to feminists is quite frankly…that they are playing the game better than you are.

        Feminists are playing the game better than you. Let that sink in for a moment.

        Done? Good. Your apathy in this affair will only allow your enemies to succeed. If you don’t learn how to play the game like a pro, then you’ll always be nothing more than a bunch of “fringe misogynists” that have zero power. And don’t fool yourselves: You have no power sitting here in the shadow. You change no laws. You do not affect society. Your scope is tiny.

        Man up, learn how to play the game of the masses and rhetoric, and you may yet have a chance.

        • Scray
          on August 22, 2013 at 1:54 am
          Original Link

          ‘You think logic wins arguments? BAHAHAHA’

          Logic wins arguments when you divorce the arguments from the speakers. Probably had a lot to do with why a lot of the “founding fights” of this country took place between pseudonyms.

The Randomness Of Polar Bear Hunting

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on August 21, 2013 at 4:53 pm
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Off-topic, the Summer wrap-up:

Radio silence — Approved. The 6 (I think she’s actually a 6 now….I’ve seen her enough without her makeup and stuff) had been being weird toward me (she likes to joke about my flaws, and eventually I was like ‘hey, shut the fuck up already. Learn some manners and respect.’ She then got silent-pissed and started pretending to be ‘busy’), so I just was like ‘fuck it,’ and went incommunicado. For weeks now. Got this out of the blue:

Her: I see how it is
Me: lolwut
Her: Ignoring me for two weeks
Me: Ya…I have a family now btw. 2.5 kids
Her: lol I miss you

Limit on how long you can bang a girl without her wanting more — witnessed. So the 5.5 confessed that she loved me. I tried to follow all the rules, I never saw her more than once a week, and I never did much of anything with her. Self-discovery — even though I could have done otherwise, I was just like ‘ya….well, we should just be friends then because I don’t want more than this and I don’t want to take advantage.’ It’s just not who I am. It’s good to be good from a position of power, though.

How much men respond to beauty — felt. I still have to stop myself from staring at the 7. But at the same time, I’m doing better at fighting all impulses to make her my gf.

Nothing is magic — observed. The 7 now makes more sense. While she’s hot, she’s the kind of person who works hard, but isn’t terribly bright. She has a huge admiration for her dad — who, to her, is brilliant. My guess is that something about my disposition, outlook, or manner reminds her of her father.

Cold approach — still fun. Of course, now a new problem is that I can go in verbally indirect but get immediately killed/blown out because of my direct body language, etc. Example:

Me: Wow this song is sooooo good.
Girl: Hahahah, yeah, nice try!

(Of course, my body language is strong — even tho I’m facing 45 degree angle — and my voice is loud….)

This one’s even funnier —

Me: Yeah, they always have sports channels on at the bar. I think that is soooo sexist.
Girls look at one another, then look at me
Me: Am I being evaluated or something…
Girls: Mmmhm, it was a nice pickup attempt but you failed.
Me: S’kind of presumptuous…..TRUE….but presumptuous.

Also, I encounter the bitch snarl sometimes too. Example, hustling pool tables (oh ya, this summer I’ve gotten really good at pool lol….hogging the table is a great way to pull in mixed sets)

Me: So you guys up next to play pool? (to 3 6′s that are part of the mixed set)
Girl: No. We’re good.
Me:…….so. There’s not going to be any four way kissing? Listen you know what, if you change your mind, I’ll be right here, winning at Pool.

Now some of these situs turned around (to some degree) afterwards…others didn’t. Beside the point, really. The point is just that having fun is the ultimate goal. Have something going on that is fun at all times (like playing pool or whatever).

Success — easier than expected. You really don’t have to be THAT successful to be successful. I mean, 3 girls? To me that’s fucking awesome. I feel/felt like a God most of this summer. So…..yeah.

  • YaReally
    on August 22, 2013 at 3:02 am
    Original Link

    “had been being weird toward me (she likes to joke about my flaws, and eventually I was like ‘hey, shut the fuck up already. Learn some manners and respect.’ She then got silent-pissed and started pretending to be ‘busy’), so I just was like ‘fuck it,’ and went incommunicado. For weeks now. Got this out of the blue:”

    lol. Tyler’s 25 point list:

    Point 22:

    “22) GOING BACKWARDS IN THE PICKUP ON HER SCHEDULE = too eager to lay her.. if you’ve already GONE THROUGH the whole “let’s ballbust and shit test eachother” attraction phase of the pickup, and you’re now in RAPPORT -> if she tries to ballbust you at this point then just WITHDRAW ATTENTION. DO NOT BALLBUST BACK. It seems COUNTER INTUITIVE, but once you’ve gone through that whole little attract phase, and you’re now being nice to eachother in rapport, DO NOT let her rewind the sarge by answering her ballbusting with ballbusts of your own. Just withdraw attention, to show that you’re not interested in going BACKWARDS in a sarge.”

    You handled it instinctively, so well done, but this is basically what you did. It’s also something a lot of guys fuck up. I instigate a lot of back and forth smack-talking and provoke shit-testing, but once I cross a certain point in the pickup where we’re “past” that and we both know we want to fuck, I’ll do stuff like “shh. Play nice now.” (with a serious face and “I’m serious” tonality)

    “Me: Ya…I have a family now btw. 2.5 kids”

    Solid response to a girl you haven’t heard from in a while. I use pretty much the same one myself lol

    “Her: lol I miss you”

    = wants to bang. Obviously. You’d be surprised how many guys will waste time at this point questioning if it’s possible to bang her again lol

    “I tried to follow all the rules, I never saw her more than once a week, and I never did much of anything with her.”

    All the rules do is slow the Ultimatum (“I love you too much and if I can’t be your GF then I can’t see you anymore because it hurts too much :( “) down…some girls it’ll just slow the Ultimatum down from saying “I love you” one week in to a month in. Some girls it’ll slow the Ultimatum down from saying “I love you” 3 months in to a year in. It’s different for each chick and her headspace and your value relative to her etc.

    But you can pretty much never stop them from falling in love with you, once you have solid game on lockdown, without massively hurting them to do it. This is the shitty part about being good with girls to me, because I hate making women legitimately cry (VS silly crying over something retarded). Worst thing in the world, but unavoidable when you’re seeing a lot of girls.

    (this is all assuming you don’t run into the extremely rare woman who for whatever reason has no interest in anything beyond sex with you…sometimes these are married/taken girls (tho even those are susceptible to falling in love with you…when I sense they are, I stop seeing them so she doesn’t leave her man for me), and sometimes they’re just really weirdly independent girls or girls with a very casual view of sex…these girls are often kinky/fun in bed and the FB arrangement can last for months/years with no drama, but their lack of emotional shit, to me, makes them not good LTR material)

    “Self-discovery — even though I could have done otherwise, I was just like ‘ya….well, we should just be friends then because I don’t want more than this and I don’t want to take advantage.’ It’s just not who I am.”

    Good on you. Great power, great responsibility and all that. I know and hang out with guys who would lie to her about there being a possible chance of a relationship etc. to keep fucking her, and I don’t really judge them for it, but it’s not me and not how I like to do things. I want my relationships, even casual fuckbuddy ones, to be on my terms, which involve not lying to her or leading her on, and her not being madly in love with me. It means I lose fuckbuddies or easy lays now and then, but I’m alright with that because I can find other girls.

    “Nothing is magic — observed. The 7 now makes more sense. While she’s hot, she’s the kind of person who works hard, but isn’t terribly bright. She has a huge admiration for her dad — who, to her, is brilliant. My guess is that something about my disposition, outlook, or manner reminds her of her father.”

    Good reads. And yes, everything can be explained. Part of what draws a lot of guys into the Red Pill is they read some shit and a rush of memories of puzzling/confusing/magic situations floods their mind that whatever they just read completely explains and clears up and they shit a brick because they didn’t realize those things even COULD be explained, let alone consistently.

    As I hit my 30s, I’ve found a lot of the <25 girls look at me that same way where I remind them of a dominant authoritative but positive male influence in their life…scolding them when they're being dumb, not getting dragged into their drama, handling shit when it hits the fan, and rewarding them when they deserve it. Whereas a lot of younger guys will get dragged into drama, and a lot of beta guys will be afraid to lay down authority/punishment etc. This alllll comes from experience, I was completely the opposite when I was in my early 20s before I found PUA.

    "Me: Wow this song is sooooo good.
    Girl: Hahahah, yeah, nice try!"

    lol. Everyone goes through this phase, no worries. I used to joke "fuck, why do girls all think I'm hitting on them? I can be like "hey what time is it?" and the girl's like "YOU WISH!!" and I'm like "no I just need to know the fucking time!""

    This is usually caused by incongruency…like your direct body language with an indirect opener. A while back I wrote about how it's good to mix opposites together, like talking about mundane stuff while you get in close and go for the kiss, or talking a bunch of sexual shit without being physically aggressive…but that's generally for once you have attraction and they have a baseline of "this is what it looks like when he's congruent, so now I can tell he's fucking around" VS right off the bat where it's "I can only judge him on what I'm seeing right now and what I'm seeing right now is incongruent."

    This can also be caused by being TOO smooth, which is a retarded problem to run into but it happens, usually when a guy is intermediate. Like you're just so slick that you're too good to be true…it can help to purposely fuck up a bit. Actually, part of why I started getting into saying obnoxious controversial shit as my opener was that anything I did came off as trying to pick them up…so offending them right away was kind of like disqualifying myself from picking them up because if I was trying to pick them up, I wouldn't dare have said that. Hope that makes sense lol

    "Me: S’kind of presumptuous…..TRUE….but presumptuous."

    Solid way of handling it. You can basically either agree & amplify, or disqualify yourself. So agree & amplify would look like what you did, where you don't deny it at all…often if you hold your frame, the girl will end up getting attracted to you because she shit-tested you and you passed it without flinching, which is attractive regardless of the words involved in the shit-test. I like to use a DHV/AMOG(of the other men in the room) combo like "well I was going to come over drooling and feel you up as I creepily whisper "helloooo ladies, can I buy you a drink?" and sniff your hair, but every other guy here seems to be using that move so I thought I'd try just being normal instead."

    Disqualifying, which is the way I tend to go because my humor is self-depreciating, would be something like "wow, someone thinks mightly highly of herself tonight lol I was just shooting the shit…if I was trying to pick you up, you would KNOW." "oh really?" "Ya, I mean if I was trying, you'd obviously be madly in love with me, already jumping my bones on that pool table, and the bouncers would be throwing us out by now for causing a scene. Good thing I've Friend Zone'd you."
    "Me:…….so. There’s not going to be any four way kissing? Listen you know what, if you change your mind, I’ll be right here, winning at Pool."

    lol probably not much you can do to turn it around if they're that hostile off the bat, but laughing it off like that looks good to the rest of the crowd. If I run into that, I'll often make fun of those girls to other girls, like "ahh, you girls are so friendly. Those 3 in the corner bitched me out for asking if they were next on the pool table." and I'll visibly point at them so they see that I'm talking about them and get paranoid lol Usually you get some extra points with the new nice girls because they don't want to seem like bitches like those other ones. Often if I get shot down I'll complain to other girls about my broken heart and how brutally the girl shot me down and refused to love me, and then tell them that I've decided they can be the runner-up consolation prize and that I was obviously only talking to the first girl to hide my feelings for this runner-up girl etc. etc.

    "The point is just that having fun is the ultimate goal."

    Realistically, old tag-along runt-of-the-group Scray probably was never HAVING much fun, especially sober, at bars/clubs. It wasn't that he wasn't capable of it, it was just that he didn't know how and didn't give himself permission to.

    "Success — easier than expected. You really don’t have to be THAT successful to be successful. I mean, 3 girls? To me that’s fucking awesome. I feel/felt like a God most of this summer. So…..yeah."
    :) Congrats dude. You 100% earned that shit. You could tone things down and probably do just fine compared to the average guy now. Find yourself a decent quality 7 or 8 to settle with and achieve the life that most beta virgin guys dream about. But you can also keep going and learning and setting higher goals.

    Remember, you can ALWAYS come back down the mountain. But you won't get many chances to climb it. Have fun and play around and keep pushing and sharpening your skills for a few years…you'll always be able to settle down with a nice 7 after you've achieved some personal goals in this area.

    It's pretty much impossible for me to 1) never get laid again, or 2) settle with a girlfriend who isn't at *LEAST* a 6. I mean I'd rather have an 8+ GF, but like, even if I stopped going out and putting any effort in entirely, I've internalized enough stuff that getting laid is a thing that WILL happen to me, and the girls WILL be at least decent looking. Those aren't two things that pre-learning-game-YaReally could say.

    But I love the game, and I still have some personal goals in terms of types of women, hotness of women, sexual adventures, etc. that I want to achieve before I'm ready to settle.

    Massive props for making it to where you are. If down the road you end up having to focus on your career or something and you don't get to go out much and you end up sliding back toward where you started…you now have a reference experience that "if I put in the work/effort, I can improve at this", so you can always get your skills back. You now have the tools and knowledge of the process to handle this area of your life forever.

    And if you were able to do THIS, what the fuck else will you accomplish in your life? :)

    It's been an honor to help you on your journey. You keep posting FRs, and I'll keep commenting on em.

    • Scray
      on August 22, 2013 at 11:24 am
      Original Link

      Yeah, it’s been awesome having those FR breakdowns. They have been a great help. Awhile ago I was reading some of my first posts here and the negative mindset. I was like “wow, I was in such a different place.” But yeah for you and Immoral and others to take the time to be like “nah man, it’s not what you think,” great stuff.

The Rules Of Social Savviness: Rule #3

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on August 20, 2013 at 12:43 pm
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3. Don’t ask questions when you can make statements instead

“The Alpha ALWAYS knows, even when he doesn’t.”

Do you folks realize this is exactly what kniqqers do?

  • Scray
    on August 20, 2013 at 12:56 pm
    Original Link

    Interesting (small sample size) paper…
    Experiment was to put people into groups and see how them interacting/accomplishing a task played with ratings of physical attractiveness.

    “Initial rating of physical attractiveness accounted for only 9.3% of the variation in final rating of physical attractiveness for females rating females, 19.2% for females rating males, and 62% for males rating females.”

    “One of the five males was a ‘‘slacker’’ who obviously was not pulling his weight, either literally or figuratively. He was the primary object of negative gossip and social control efforts, such as teasing and inspecting his bedroom window when he failed to show up for practice. He was uniformly rated as physically ugly by team members. Another of the five males was the opposite of the slacker, working so hard that he was discussed as possibly a contender for the U.S. Olympic team. He was uniformly rated as physically attractive by team
    members. This large difference in perceived physical attractiveness did not exist for raters who knew nothing about the contributions of the two men to the team.”

    • FuriousFerret
      on August 20, 2013 at 5:49 pm
      Original Link

      Yeah man. A lot of looks for men is the way they present themselves as in they present themselves as good looking and people buy in to it.

      Most of the ‘ugly’ people in the US aren’t ugly, they simply gave up.

      For men all you have to do to be ‘good looking’ is:

      - Not be obese

      - Wear clothes that pop out and make you get noticed

      - Hair style that actually suits you and your personality. Not every man should have the ‘Roman’ haircut even though it’s the most popular. This a critical mistake. Roman style is very masculine looking men.

      - Equally important is badass posture. Upright and chest held high like the fucking boss that you are. Without the pose, you will look like a try hard.

      I have wondered why since it’s so easy that most men fail and I concluded is that they don’t want to stick out. They actually want to be submissive. They know by styling themselves up the haters will come out and they can’t handle the heat.

      Same with speech. Speaking powerfully and slowly is a very simple trait that commands more respect and alpha cred yet most men want to speak nasally. They do this so they blend in and show everybody how they simply want to be left alone. They don’t want to give out signals of alphadom because that bring confrontation.

      • YaReally
        on August 20, 2013 at 10:08 pm
        Original Link

        “I have wondered why since it’s so easy that most men fail and I concluded is that they don’t want to stick out. They actually want to be submissive. They know by styling themselves up the haters will come out and they can’t handle the heat.”

        Yep. In Tyler’s old 2hr audio he gives the example of “Why do you think a guy would CHOOSE a low-value identity, probably in high-school? Not just so that he’s liked by people, but more so that he’s not DIS-liked. The tall poppy gets cut.”

on August 21, 2013 at 7:07 am
Original Link

I guess looks really don’t matter:

  • Scray
    on August 21, 2013 at 11:14 am
    Original Link

    His gf is like a 6-something. He’s like a 4-something. Good job, my dude.
    Assuming they have the type of relationship that would indicate strong female-male attraction, I’d guess that he has strong social skills.

    • Lara
      on August 21, 2013 at 11:15 am
      Original Link

      No, he’s gay.

      • Scray
        on August 21, 2013 at 1:14 pm
        Original Link
        • Scray
          on August 21, 2013 at 2:05 pm
          Original Link

          Either way, a section of the interweb combusted over these pics. So, that goes to show you how rare non-looks derived value is.

          [Ch: Certain quarters combusted. The bodybuilder quarter to be specific. Those guys are very looks-focused already, so their incredulity was no surprise. Anyhow, no one with a lick of sense says looks don't matter. The reason these pics took off is because the spread between his SMV and the girls' SMVs is so wide. Unattractive men with attractive women are a dime a dozen. But a level 99 zit-faced dork kissing 9s and 10s is a sight to behold.

          Anyhow, it's been revealed the guy is gay, or part-time gay. Maybe he's playing the hetero in homo clothing game. That strategy has a long history of minor successes.]

          • YaReally
            on August 22, 2013 at 3:19 am
            Original Link

            “The thing is that before I lifted and got into fitness I was actually cooler with my body image, then when I started to lift I developed complexes. If I have a layer a fat on my stomach I used to feel ashamed about it even though no one can tell the difference when I’m dressed. This is womanly behavior and is straight up disruptive for a man. Frankly I’m embarrassed for letting minor physical flaws affect my mentality.”

            lol this is VERY common. Part of why my looks don’t phase me is that I don’t value them. ie – in shape or at 300lbs, I’m still awesome in my mind…my weight doesn’t define my value anymore than what color of bed-sheets I have does. So I’m as confident with a bit of chub as I am in shape (I was in decent shape once, I swear lol).
            To me, my value is in my beliefs and my actions…so as long as I’m congruent in my beliefs and I take right action, I see myself as high-value.

            But when you subscribe to an entire value system based around looks, and then you eat a burger instead of a chicken breast before you go out, you feel like everyone can TELL, and girls will like you LESS, because in your value system, you aren’t high value anymore. Same thing with money, clothing style, what car you drive, where you live, your race, your height, etc. etc.

            You determine your own value system, and when your frame is strong other people will fall into your value system. This is why if you saw Donald Trump on the street objectively, you’d laugh at the comb-over’ed angry fat little man. But when you’re in his office, playing by HIS value system, you shit your pants when he bitches out your business performance. His frame is strong and you’re using his value system to determine your worth.

            Part of why we tell newbies to start grooming better and dressing better and going to hit the gym and shit is that we know they don’t have their own value system yet…their value system is society’s value system that’s been socially conditioned into them since birth. We know that it’ll take a while and a lot of mind-blowing reference experience before they start to believe that they can determine their own values, so until that happens, we encourage them to at least do better within the value system they currently subscribe to because, like the body-builder who achieves his perfect weight/musculature and is thus high-value in his value system, he will see himself as higher value and have more confidence.

            Once he gets good with girls and starts experimenting with going out dressed sloppy, going out in ridiculous outfits, forgetting to get a haircut, going out when he’s got an acne breakout, going out when he’s gained a few pounds, etc., but he’s built himself a solid set of game skills and applies them…he slowly starts gaining reference experience that he does just as well when he’s in a t-shirt as he does in a suit, or at 16% body-fat instead of 12%, and slowly over time he starts to remove those things from his value system.

            With girls, what you feel she feels. So if you fully 100% believe that a high-value man is someone who has a million dollars, that’s what she’ll believe, because you’ll sub-communicate it to her, and women ping off the world around them to determine their value system (“omg what does everyone think of my new shoes??”).

            Also I heart the misc lol The threads there are funny as fuck, but I always shake my head at how insecure a lot of the guys are under their looks…reading the Misc is a big part of why I’m not phased by better looking guys at the bar lol

on August 21, 2013 at 2:08 pm
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Great example of nonsense chick logic, along with some fat shaming::


While that thread is funny as hell — typical of the misc — I kinda think they’re giving her a hard time. It’s plain as day she was in a pissy mood and just wrote something mean. That’s probably the weirdest thing about women, to me. They’ll make a blanket statement like that, but in reality, it’s based off of some minor event that upset them and actually isn’t a rule they live by. That’d be my guess, here.

  • supersystem3
    on August 21, 2013 at 4:18 pm
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    I disagree. She didn’t get even close to what she deserved. Can you imagine the shit storm if some dude said that about fat women? Eviscerated, publicly and with no remorse.

    In this case we have a woman getting 60 likes for berating short men, calling them ‘abominations’ for literally something they have absolutely no control over and is purely a genetic trait (or poor childhood nutrition, which making fun of someone for that is even more fucked up).

    This reminds me of Trayvon, where people were just spouting off whatever dumbshit opinion they happened let float between their ears and they just HAD to put it on Facebook.

    For the record, I am taller than 5’8″ and have no personal skin in this game, but have some honorable and good friends that are short.

    • YaReally
      on August 21, 2013 at 4:46 pm
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      My short buddies (5’2″-5’6″) who get laid (mostly by girls taller than them, including LTRs) would just lol at this girl’s post. It wouldn’t even occur to them to be offended because its just a silly girl saying silly things and they know it’s all irrelevant in person.

      Like, they wouldn’t be any more offended by this than I would be by a girl saying “guys who aren’t rocket scientists are losers, I would never date a guy who wasn’t a rocket scientist”. It’s like lol sure thing, because I know in person she would fuck any guy with game who wasn’t a rocker scientist. It’s just silly girl ranting, same as the 400 point checklist of the generic OKCupid 35yo wall-victim.

      Now if the guy is beta, ya, for sure he’s fucked. If he’s short, the shortness girl won’t have anything to do with him. If he’s not a rocket scientist, the RS girl will have nothing to do with him. If he doesn’t have nice shoes, a nice watch, a recent haircut, etc etc, he’ll get ruled out because the girls are so bored by him that they have time to even think about that stuff. But that’s because as a beta those other things matter.

      The PUA community used to have a motto of “PUA is the exception to the rule” but really it’s “alpha is the exception to the rule”.

      And even if this chick adamantly hated short guys, who the fuck cares? lol there are like 3.5 billion girls out there. This isn’t going to piss off a short guy who knows he’ll be getting attraction from girls when he’s out having fun and flirting with them every weekend.

The Rules Of Social Savviness: Rule #2

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checked out
on August 19, 2013 at 2:24 pm
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“Unlike women who retreat to deeper delusions when their egos are struck by reality….”

This is the key point of this post. This is true even if the woman can achieve a 130 on an IQ test. Women don’t want to be told or face the truth, especially if they are one of the rare ones who are smart enough to sort of get the things that are taught here. They will retreat to the world of the beta enablers and attention whoring on FB that make them feel better.

This reminds me of September 22, 2001, when my HB9 girlfriend at the time went out partying 11 days after 9/11. Now, there are a lot of theories about 9/11 now, but at that time the nation was in mourning. “But it’s my birthday!!!!” is all HB8 and above girls’ response. We basically broke up because of that.

Women are *incapable* or *unwilling* (one or the other) of considering any serious “big picture topic like the state of the world, the fact that whites are engaging in slow self genocide because white women won’t get married and have kids in their 20s, etc. The thing that is made fun of today by Frankfurt school drones that was depicted in the movie “Titanic” showing 1912 really is true: women have no interest in or ability to discuss business or politics.

I again refer you to, where women aged 25 to 42 put their *extreme* ignorance and inability to write a paragraph that is not riddled with typos and grammar errors on full display, and *proudly*. (And forget punctuation; women make no attempt at all, purposely, to use punctuation.) (In that regard they are like too-cool-for-school black basketball players. It’s not cool to try. The advice given here about texting (it’s alpha to not use proper grammar) applies in the real world, outside of texting, even to “educated” women who are *teachers*. zlzozlozlzolzozlzozlzozlozlzoz

Yours truly,

Checked Out

  • Scray
    on August 19, 2013 at 3:35 pm
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    No, you can talk about whatever the fuck you want — just be exciting. Focus on how the subject or topic makes you feel, rather than the nuts and bolts of what makes it work.

    Logical thinking pays great bills, but leave it at home when you go to the bar or club. Emotions are fun, logic is work. Girls just want to have fun.

    • YaReally
      on August 19, 2013 at 5:49 pm
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      “No, you can talk about whatever the fuck you want — just be exciting.”

      This. I talk about all sorts of shit that I KNOW the girl knows nothing about or had zero interest in…but she starts to become interested in it BECAUSE I’m so interested in it and excited to share it with her and teach her about it.

      But like Scray says, I’m focused more on the emotional side of it than the technical side. Women want to experience a broad range of emotions, and they can do that through conversation and imagination.

      So this is a logical way of explaining your love of WoW, that a woman who doesn’t play won’t relate to:

      “I play World of Warcraft. I’m a lvl 23 Cleric and I have 30 different spells I can use. When we go on raids, I hang back and heal my group and make sure everyone’s character stays alive so we can beat the boss.”

      VS being told in an emotional exciting way that’s more likely to captivate a girl that you’re flirting with:

      “I LOVE World of Warcraft…I’ve been playing for a while and my character in it is this badass Cleric now…everyone thinks Clerics suck because in a fight, they have to just hang out in the background and heal everyone who’s doing the actual fighting, but I love it cause you know that the whole time, everyone’s survival is in your hands and if you slip up once, it could turn the tide entirely. It’s like an adrenalin rush to micro-manage everyone’s health and make sure I’m always paying attention to the entire battle, and on top of that, I have to be watching my own ass and make sure *I* don’t get jumped by trolls or we’re *ALL* fucked…it’s that challenge, you know? Of pushing your brain to its limit as you juggle a dozen little things at once and have to make decisions on the fly that could either help my group win or completely obliterate us. It was such a rush when we finally killed big boss dragon, half of us were on the verge of death and everyone was shouting “YaReally!! Heal me!!” and I had to decide “I can only heal one person right now…this person has lower health, but this other person has stronger attacks and could end this sooner”, so I had to essentially choose who to sacrifice for the greater good of our team as a whole…it was so intense, this is why so many nerds are addicted to that shit lol”

      Remember, she WANTS to think that the things you’re into are cool, because she doesn’t want to fuck a lame guy, she wants to fuck a guy she thinks is cool, so her brain is already hoping when you talk about shit she has no interest in, that you can make it interesting for her so she can be a part of it and brag about you to her friends.

      Also this works for groups etc. it’s just learning to tell stories in an emotionally engaging way.

      Try going out for a month and specifically only talking about boring subjects with the girls you approach. Tell them about a videogame or paying your taxes or your last grocery shopping trip etc…learn to be able to tell boring shit like that in an engaging way and you’ll be unstoppable when you’re actually telling REAL interesting stories lol

      But this article is right, if a thread is cut off, don’t go back to it unless someone asks you to. At the same time tho, if you learn to tell stories in an engaging emotional captivating way, you’ll find you don’t get cut off much, if ever, and when you do people will be quick to go “okay so what happened next??” and want to go back to your thread themselves ASAP.

      If you’ve met a lot of people then you’ve probably met that guy who when he talks, the group listens, even if he’s just telling mundane stories, everyone is attentive and feels included and wants him to keep going and doesn’t want to interrupt…that guy is usually a good story-teller and that ability gives him high value. The low value boring guy gets cut off even if he’s telling a story about his trip to a foreign country where he got mistaken for a drug lord and jailed. Lol

Poolside In America

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on August 15, 2013 at 3:18 pm
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Sounds like the Alfie Philosophy:

“To live life to the fullest, I need only enough to cover my modest expenses.”

I make my own money, but my expenses are extremely low compared to most people. And at the same time, my overall day to day happiness is consistently higher than most people. I’m slowly working toward making decent enough money down the road, but I don’t expect to get rich. If I do, that’s awesome, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it, but I enjoy my life now as it is so it would just be an enhancement rather than completing me…much like women and relationships are an enhancement to a life I already like, rather than something that will save and fix and complete me.

I’m friends with rich people who work their asses off so that once a year they can go off on some amazing vacation and enjoy a week or two of happiness before it’s back to the grind. And people who have like, a 48″ TV but aren’t happy/satisfied because they don’t have the new 52″ TV they saw at their buddy’s house. And people who beat themselves up because some aspect of their body isn’t perfect (no 6-pack abs, bad teeth, tits too small, you name it)…it’s all silly to me. I hope they find whatever they’re looking for that’ll make them happy, but personally I don’t think they’re even looking in the right place.

As far as the collapse of society goes, as I’ve said before:

“Fortunately, most guys don’t WANT to be the jobless alcoholic bum anymore than you do, even if they can get laid doing that. We take this to extremes to expand the knowledge-base of human psychology and fully understand the extents of the art-form of seduction…but we aren’t the common man. Most guys DO want to do something with their lives, for their own personal validation.”

And of course, you can’t link Alfie without linking this clip. Lot of good lessons in that movie:

  • YaReally
    on August 15, 2013 at 3:30 pm
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    Also a lot of the anger directed toward this guy is the same anger PUAs get from the MSM crowd of men: anger that we found a way to bypass the bullshit rat race and Nice Guy behaviors they’ve invested most of their life/identity in and not just get what we want but do BETTER than them at it. It’s like “that’s not the way it’s supposed to work!! Get back in line and suffer like me, dammit, I deserve better than you, I’ve suffered more for this!!”

    The exact same anger/frustration the beta friend zoned guy feels when the girl he’s had a crush on for years gets hit on by some player at the bar. “Fuck this guy!! I’ve invested SO much in this and he’s just sweeping in and she LIKES him!! Fuuuuuckk!!!!!”

    The future will be interesting as more and more men wake up. I figure it’ll either result in feminists passing laws that turn men into slaves (like the automatic common law marriage, men being excluded from office jobs and forced to work manual labor and dirty jobs women don’t want to do, penalties for men who aren’t married, etc), or the complete opposite where men are offered enough incentives to shack up that it becomes worth it again.

    We could go through a couple generations where men don’t settle down and reproduce before things change. Who knows? It’s fascinating to watch from poolside though.

    • FuriousFerret
      on August 15, 2013 at 5:25 pm
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      “Also a lot of the anger directed toward this guy is the same anger PUAs get from the MSM crowd of men: anger that we found a way to bypass the bullshit rat race and Nice Guy behaviors they’ve invested most of their life/identity in and not just get what we want but do BETTER than them at it. ”

      It’s just one big meta shit test. Normal mainstream guys will always try to suss out the people that dare to join a sub group that they can naturally thrive in. Unless you are 6’4, a star quarterback with natural charisma that pulls down stacks of cash you simply aren’t going to rise to the top of the mainstream hierarchy. You will wallow in being an average chump that begs for scraps.

      That’s why I have never hated on people with different sub cultures and in fact respected them more. These people are smarter. It’s cool to hate on hipsters but I see them as being logical because they are low T men that wouldn’t have a shot if they played it on the straight and narrow because their make up wouldn’t allow them have social success in the mainstream.

      Take Jason for example. Does anybody really think that if he cut his hair and worked as office job and did mainstream activities he would have any type of success? Fuck no. He would join the countless number of losers I see everyday that are about not making any type of waves and porking domineering fat chicks. Must have standard Roman style haircut, wear boring clothes, watch other people achieve things on television and then even worse follow it obsessively, and never offend people with unsafe observations.

      Jason follows his dreams which while unlikely to ever happen is better than letting other people dictate his life for him. Every rock star you see was a longshot. They took a big risk and it paid off. But it’s not even about making it as it is trying. Men anguish over never taking the shot i.e Brando in ‘On the Waterfront’. Brando’s pain was the that he didn’t get be a contender and that he settled for the instant cash.

      Jason plays a role. When the universe sent a casting call for a beach bum slayer of hot skanky poon, he showed up to the audition while other men down to street to Disney Wish Fantasy studios for office slave number 5.

      “Did you exchange a walk in part in the war for a lead role in a cage?”

      • Scray
        on August 15, 2013 at 6:14 pm
        Original Link

        ‘Normal mainstream guys will always try to suss out the people that dare to join a sub group that they can naturally thrive in.’

        Bingo. This is — to me — the underlying message/theme behind Scarface (that seems to often get lost by both admirers and detractors). Tony Montana is a great character because he realized early that the normal “American Dream” path was bullshit as-applied to a short, scrawny immigrant. So, he said “fuck it,” and decided to get the money and power in the one way he knew how.

  • YaReally
    on August 15, 2013 at 4:11 pm
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    Also compare this beach bum to this guy:

    This guy got shit on by everyone across the Internet for being successful and having standards. They’re both hated on by half of society and neither is in a loving relationship with a perfect 10…but one guy worked his ass off to “earn” that. The other is probably getting a BJ on the beach right now.

    • Amy
      on August 15, 2013 at 8:49 pm
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      I can’t figure out why this is ticking feminists off. His criteria are reasonable. What’s the problem? Professional matchmaking is extremely common in NYC… there are hundreds of services. He’s just doing it himself through his own contacts.

      • itsme
        on August 16, 2013 at 2:25 pm
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        the jizzabelles are pissed because only they are allowed to have 427-point checklists. men are not allowed to be selective.

        • Scray
          on August 16, 2013 at 2:46 pm
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          To be fair, those lists mean nothing when women make them.

Spot The Alpha

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on August 13, 2013 at 4:14 pm
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“And isn’t that modern society in a nutless-shell? An alpha male woman smothering the life out of a man who can do better, but won’t.”

“First of all I have to deal with even getting IN the club when I’m living in a major city. This is Los Angeles. I never see most of YOU in the clubs I go to…because most of YOU can’t get in. Most of YOU guys go to “General Audience” clubs, don’t you. And you wonder why, in a city like LA, there’s not a lot of hot women. That’s ’cause all the hot women are where *I* am. You guys don’t GO to the good clubs. And you want to know WHY you guys don’t go to the GOOD clubs? ’cause you can’t deal with the bullshit. It’s too hard for you. Because to get into the good clubs in LA, here are your choices: You either pay $700-$2000 for a bottle. Or you’re VERY good looking. And you have a group of highly attractive women that will roll into the venue WITH you that will get you in, and even THEN the bouncer will make you sit out there waiting like a dog, like you’re a piece of dirt for wanting to come to their venue.” – Tyler in the video above

Plenty of hot girls, if you know where to look. They’re not at your local shit-hole meat-market dive-bar that these 4 are in lol These are the girls that hot girls don’t tell they’re going out when they go to the good clubs because the bouncers won’t let them in because they brought ugly friends.

  • immoralgables
    on August 13, 2013 at 5:01 pm
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    I found one of the legit girls that I’m attracted to and like and one-itis is getting the best of me. Wondering if you could give me insight into my situ (text related) and let me know if it’s salvageable.

    The Opener:
    HB8 walking down the street with her friend. I was running daygame on my way home from work. I walk next to them for a few seconds and hear them speaking a different language. I just wing it, walk a few steps ahead, turn around and plant my feet and ask if they’re speaking Russian.

    They are. Then I tell them that I bet that the HB8 is talking about her ex-boyfriend and how she’s mad at him based on her body language. The two girls laugh and agree and I go on a one-minute spiel about how body language says everything. “But at least he is your ex-boyfriend. That is the best news I’ve heard all day.” The friend eats it up and tells me I should go for the HB8.

    “Nah, for all I know she could be a serial killer or gold digger”
    The HB8 and friend laughs and I say to the friend how we’re getting married and she will be the bridesmaid.

    I’m so nervous that I go straight in for the kill.

    “Look, I normally like to play it cool and wait 3-4 days when I get your number, but I’m leaving the country next week so let’s meet this Sunday”

    “Ohhhhh, then what’s the point. Now you can never get married!” Says the friend.

    “Hey, calm down ladies! I’m coming back in a week.”

    The girls laugh and I go for the number close. I tell HB8 to not be one of those crazy girls and call me 30-50 times a day. She throws her head back and laughs in disbelief and I set up solid time and place to meet and get logistics. She lives in Queens and me in Manhattan. I call and wait for her to pick up my call. Tell her I’ll hit her up Sunday afternoon before she gets off work at 7pm and I bounce……I bounce with the biggest shit-eating grin.

    The Date:
    Sunday afternoon I send this text:

    Me: Hey future ex-wife. Reminder: Date with future husband at 8pm, let’s meet at 59th and Lex.
    Her: Heyyy haha. That is a little fast but okay! See u then

    We meetup and the date goes really really well. Drinks at this rooftop bar and I’m doing my solid day 2 game.

    I don’t want to clog up the blog with the details of the date but I have an FR written on that and can post. We end up going to a park near my place and make-out. It was incredible. I really digged this girl and was screening/qualifying well and I was able to realize that “I was enough” as Alex from RSD would say.

    I walk her to her friends place a few blocks away where she is crashing instead of going back to Queens. Yes I could have pushed it more and regret doing so. I hear Eastern Europeans are pretty binary when it comes to kissing. If she’s kissing you, she will very likely fuck.

    Anyways, I bounce and we agree to meetup again. I don’t make set plans as I’m leaving the country for 5 days and I was the first to pull away on the kiss (she even pulled back in to keep kissing). Goddamnit. Anyway, my first date with an HB8 and I did pretty well overall. Again, I can paste the FR that focuses on just that if anyone wants to read. My buds in the Lair found it highly informative.

    Here is the text exchange since then. Basically, I’m at a cross-roads of how to get her out since I fucked up a bit and didn’t take the lead. Yes, I am sure there is some bad texts in there too:

    The texts:

    Me (06/05 afternoon): Hey! i had a really nice time last night. But…… my sources tell me you might be a spy. I have my eye on you. Next time we have an interrogation session over ice cream
    Her: Hey, all day long trying to take blood test
    Her: Lol yea I am belorussian spy but this is a big secret hope u are not telling anybody

    Me (06/05 evening): I swear I just saw your twin. You didn’t send her to spy on me in my neighborhood did you.
    Her: No but probably u found my sister twin but this is a great news))

    Me (08/06): I’m leaving for my trip, try not to seduce too many handsome men while I’m gone, you adorable spy
    Her: I’ll try) Have a good trip

    Me (08/10): Good news! I survived Colombia and didn’t get married lol. What are you up to this weekend?
    Her: Hi, Ohhh great news I am. glaf that u survived and came back to ny
    Her: I am glad
    Her: I always work on weekend and going on birthday party)
    Me: With your work schedule I don’t think our marriage will last ;-P How does this week look? Because I do want to see your pretty face
    —No Response—
    Me (08/11): I text you: You ignore me. This is so “us”
    Her (1min later): Omg sorry
    Her: Really I forgot!!! I was extremely busy yesterday and came back home too late
    Her: Next week I am working till 9p.m.
    Me (5 hours later): Excuses excuses. Okay, let me know a good day then because you still owe ice cream Miss Nikita
    Her: Wow wow wow I owe…ok mr, ImmoralGables
    Me: +1 for spelling my name right. I admit, I’m a little surprised


    (Some of the spy, ice-cream, marriage stuff is based on callback humor from our date.)

    So yes, not the smoothest. And yes, case of oneitis here and since then I went on a date Friday and had one setup for today to try to avoid the common pitfalls. But, I feel like since this is all kind of new to me and I haven’t felt this kinda way in the past 2 years; well, hopefully you get the idea.

    • Scray
      on August 14, 2013 at 10:28 am
      Original Link

      Massive props, man.

      ‘Then I tell them that I bet that the HB8 is talking about her ex-boyfriend and how she’s mad at him based on her body language.’

      This is money. Shit like this is always a good way to get in to a convo.
      ‘Me (08/11): I text you: You ignore me. This is so “us”’

      Lol. I might steal that.

      ‘Me (5 hours later): Excuses excuses. Okay, let me know a good day then because you still owe ice cream Miss Nikita’

      Maybe you should have just set a day instead, rather than leave it up to her to choose a day.

  • Scray
    on August 13, 2013 at 7:24 pm
    Original Link

    I have my issues with RSD — mainly the lack of an overall structured approach (the ratio of woo-woo/tactics is like 9:1) — but Tyler does tell it like it is.

    You ARE on edge if you’re out there approaching. And there IS so much bullshit to deal with before you can even get on the gridiron. And the amount of bullshit you have to deal with, anyway is so great, that you will naturally just develop a brighter outlook on life while developing greater confidence (dependence?) on yourself.

    KJ’s are easy to spot because they’re still trying so hard to “save face” at all costs. I try my best when I’m out there, but ultimately, who gives a fuck? I want to have fun. I want to make jokes. I want to try to lend light wherever I can. It’s something no one can take away from you, and it’s something that most people seem unwilling to do or incapable of doing.

    • FuriousFerret
      on August 13, 2013 at 10:25 pm
      Original Link

      “mainly the lack of an overall structured approach (the ratio of woo-woo/tactics is like 9:1) ”

      I think this because he’s catering to RSD’s demographic. Most of his clients are introverted, shy and riddled with low self esteem. Probably the biggest challenge they have to overcome is to reset their mentality. If your mind is fucked all the tactics in the world won’t help.

      You get your woo-woo from CH’s humorous posts on female’s true retarded nature. It’s hard to pedestalize them when somebody is pointing out the absolute insane shit that they do and think when left to their own devices.

      • Scray
        on August 14, 2013 at 9:43 am
        Original Link

        The most you can do for a negative mentality is to consistently go out, though. I mean, I guess you can say that a lot of RSD woo-woo is really aimed at just giving people the courage to go out. But, I’m still of the mindset that competence -> confidence. You give someone a few dumb lines to say, and it helps, because a lot of their ‘what if I don’t have anything to say’ fears will go away.

        • YaReally
          on August 14, 2013 at 4:07 pm
          Original Link

          The stuff you come up with improvising is way better than anything old-school PUAs were running back in the day lol the main reason they don’t teach routines/tactics as much now is that you improvising shit that makes you laugh is 1000x more congruent than you trying to run like, the Horse Girl opener, when you didn’t actually know a Horse Girl.

          For tactics you have to go back to some older-school game. RSD had the tactics on lock-down back in the day, but they’ve been focusing on inner game the last few years because, well, outer-game is already solved lol.

          For outer-game:

          - read the Tyler Digest:
          - read everything here:
          - Watch all of the Mystery Method DVDs:
          - pirate RSD Foundations
          - and read LoveSystems “Magic Bullets”

          That’s all there is to outer-game lol. Oldschool Field Reports literally looked like:

          “So I opened with who lies more, transitioned to jealous girlfriend, followed with badass kid, powerpuff girls, you and I wouldn’t get along, stripper DHV, ran the cube, #-closed then–”

          Like it was massively by the books structured. Field Reports now are a lot more organic looking (“I owned the place and then I said something to this chick, can’t remember what it was but she loved me, and I grabbed her and–”), which are harder to learn from if you’re looking for structure.

          People make fun of Mystery’s super-elaborate method, but it really is a consistent repeatable structure to follow. The oldschool RSD guys all learned and still apply Mystery’s structure underneath all their natural vibing, even tho they do it sub-consciously now and don’t teach it that way.

          Really the key to all of this, and the reason I got good at it, was that I understood early on that it was the structure of the routine that was important, not the actual words being said…so I’d take the structure and just fill in my own words relevant to my life and my personality, while keeping the structure that ran the girl through emotions or escalated or whatever.

Alpha Assessment: The Unexpected Alpha

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on August 13, 2013 at 12:05 pm
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Excellent reply! Why did it only rate an 8? What would a 10 be?

  • Scray
    on August 13, 2013 at 12:42 pm
    Original Link

    “Ok.” “Cool.” I’m guessing; those are terse — which everyone around here loves — but they’re also funny, because they answer nothing.

    “So, would you be mad if I X?”


    It’s kind of a funny exchange.

    • YaReally
      on August 13, 2013 at 1:50 pm
      Original Link

      I see you went to the Hyde School of Ambiguous Coolness:

      • Scray
        on August 13, 2013 at 2:01 pm
        Original Link

        lol I wish.

Are White Women The Gold Standard In Beauty?

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on August 12, 2013 at 5:57 pm
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I like white chicks. But really, who cares? Guaranteed 99% of the guys reading this wouldn’t approach a 10 of any race if she were actually standing right there in front of them at the grocery store lol

When I’m out with “normal” non-pickup guys, especially the big-talking macho alpha-male types, my response to their “man that bitch is hot, she’s a 10!” “no way bro she’s an 8 at best look at that ass, she needs to do some squats” as we pass by a girl or see one at a table nearby is ALWAYS “so are either of you going to go talk to her?” with complete “well? Step up to the plate, already” seriousness. If I’m into the chick myself and they won’t go approach, then I’ll go approach her and see what happens.

They always always always choke and won’t go approach her. Rating girls is mental masturbation.

  • Scray
    on August 12, 2013 at 9:59 pm
    Original Link

    Ya…you have to say something to the girl as she passes by. Like we’ll be standing in the gym’s parking garage and some girls will be walking by

    Guy: Oh shit….
    Guy 2: Psh, these bitches are busted anyway
    Guy: Ya okay jackoff king (probably the best burn I’ve heard all week…really loses the impact in type)
    Me: Hey, how’s it going? (Girls say hi back, continue on….I just turn back to group) …God….Damn It. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck.
    Guy 2: Hey, how’s it going! Faggot.
    Me: Ya, I shoulda said ‘you bitches loook BUSTED as FUCK’

    I wanted to share a revelation about mixed sets; if you can find a mixed set where the guys are engaging in some sort of activity — pool, for instance — you can befriend them by getting “next.” Then, you can just talk to the women.

    Pretty effective — in general, the reactions have gone from slight hostility (I posted about it before), to light teasing….like “this dude over here’s got next but he’s hollering at like 3 chicks….”

    …to people catching up with me later to get my contact info (it’s only happened once, but it was pretty cool!). A good white knight disarm is to just call it what it is —>

    Girl: You’re fun, how old are you?
    Me: What a personal question…how old are you, 58?
    Girl: Oh my gawd, I’m 24!
    Me: You’re really bad at social security fraud. I’m just letting you know.
    Girl: Ohhh….
    Me: Ya, we could have been rolling in money, but you really fucked it up.
    White Knight: Duuude, how are you going to say that to a girl? That she looks 58. That’s kind of disrespectful.
    Me: (Throws hands up) Oh no……your friend’s here on the white horse, lance erect.
    (She giggles……)
    White Knight: Nah, I mean…..
    Me: HOW CAN THOUST, REFER TO A COMELY LASS, AS THOUGH SHE WERE AN AGED PRUNE WITHERING IN THE SUN….KNAVE! (prolly the funniest thing I’ve said in the past week)

    And ya, like -every- time I approach a group and forget to engage the guys first…without fail, the guys will AMOG. It’s only annoying because when you see the code, you can see that it’s just about value. And so, sometimes the AMOGs will just be so fucking retarded….example:

    Me: Wow, this is a big group you have here, like 9 people….
    Girl: (Looks up…….I can already tell this isn’t going to go well) Ya, it’s okay I guess.
    Guy: (I’m about to just roll out…) Wow…OCD much?
    Me: (blink — I see what he’s doing, but I just can’t believe that it works) What? Counting is OCD?
    Guy: Ya, serial killer.
    Me: (Head tilt — but the dude and the girl think it’s funny, because I have no value and they have value. But in my mind I’m like ‘sometimes this shit is so fucking stupid’)….ya good one. (exit)

    In general, I’m starting to become more confident in my social skills. However, these mixed groups with the hot girls…social hookpoint is fine, but eh…..I’m probably going to focus hardcore on my appearance and style for now. It doesn’t seem like there’s a way around ‘looking the part.’ (Ya, you can always be super witty, awesome, etc….but getting to the required compensatory level just seems like a years-long endeavor now; looking the part can be dug into significantly over about 6 months, I’d say)

    • YaReally
      on August 13, 2013 at 3:56 pm
      Original Link

      Quick notes:

      “Guy 2: Hey, how’s it going! Faggot.”

      lol this is always my favorite part. When they tool you for approaching while they didn’t have the balls to. My other favorite is when you say something to the girls or try to introduce them to the guy and the girls are unreceptive and then the guys are MAD at you. A few times I’ve literally said “ohhhhh sorry, were you about to go over there and talk to them? Did I just fuck that up? MY BAD!! I didn’t realize you had them right on the edge of sucking your dick there…I mean it LOOKED like you were just standing around terrified of them like a giant vagina, I didn’t realize you were busting moves on them. Aww shit, now we’ll all die virgins!” lol

      “pool, for instance”

      Tell random girls around the table to shoot for you now and then. “I’m too drunk, I need you to make this shot for me, there’s a thousand dollars on this game.” Works extra-good on all-girl sets because at least one of them will be out-going and step up to shoot for you. Then you just make fun of her shot lol

      Age thing was handled solid. You didn’t even answer what your age is lol

      “White Knight: Duuude, how are you going to say that to a girl? That she looks 58. That’s kind of disrespectful.”

      lol I get this a lot because I say really offensive shit. You handled it awesome. The key is in making fun of him to the girl, so that she’s laughing WITH you at his silly overly defensive behavior. He can pick a fight with you, but not if she approves of you.

      Usually with these guys, after I tool them if they seem like nice dudes who just didn’t realize they were being dicks, I’ll befriend them with “lol I’m just messin’ with ya man. It’s cool, random dude at the bar, of course he must be hittin on your girls…I’ve already got a girlfriend tho, I’m just meetin up with friends later and figured I’d shoot some pool.” and then chat with him about whatever and usually he’ll buy me a beer because his mind goes “oh this guy’s not a threat, I guess I overreacted and I’m embarrassed about that, I’ll offer him a beer” and we’re BFFs.

      If he seems like a dick, after the KNAVE stuff I’ll just ruin him further with stuff like “lol I’m just messin with ya man. If some dude was talking to my girlfriend, I’d get pissed too. How long have you guys been together?” to which the girl will usually be all “oh we’re just friends!” and it all goes downhill for him there until he slinks into the background while I flirt with the girl he had dibs on. I prefer the friend-making route though, if he seems like just a nice normal dude with a crush on her like I used to be.

      Note that this guy didn’t kick your ass. But if this were a letter to CH about how to handle a “that’s disrespectful dude” guy and you said “I’d make fun of him and call him a knave”, half the keyboard warriors would be going “dude you would get your ass kicked for that!” “my MMA buddy would punch a hole through your face if you tried that on him!” lol

      “And ya, like -every- time I approach a group and forget to engage the guys first…without fail, the guys will AMOG.”

      Ya for sure. Remember, to you she’s just some chick you met that night. To them she’s Sally, the goddess they’ve been slowly working on for 4 years and almost confessed their love for twice and maybe tonight will be the night…and then you come in being all awesome and fucking that up.

      Most guys are oblivious to sub-communications, but almost EVERY guy’s ear perks up when a girl suddenly bursts out laughing. So as soon as you spike a girl’s buying temperature, it’s like sounding an alarm to all the guys in her group or all the white knights around. Next thing you know you’re Solid Snake and every guy around you has an exclamation mark above his head lol…that’s when the REAL game begins. :)

      “Guy: (I’m about to just roll out…) Wow…OCD much?”

      Solid play on his part. If your girl had burst out giggling and smiling, it would have looked butt-hurt, but because she wasn’t into it, he’s just putting nails in the coffin.

      “Me: (blink — I see what he’s doing, but I just can’t believe that it works)”

      If his value is high enough, he could literally go “Hey buddy: BLAHHLAHGHAHGGH lol” and laugh to himself and the girls would all laugh with him and you’d be tooled. It all comes down to value. Tyler has a funny part in his 2hr audio from way back where he’s like “and the cheerleader is laughing at everything the jock says and the nerdy guy is like “wtf that’s not even FUNNY!!”" lol It’s all sub-communications of value under the surface.

      “Guy: Ya, serial killer.”

      Again, solid. Now he’s given you a second, even worse label. First was OCD so even if you stick around, anything you do he can be like “man, you even put your drink down OCD, look at that, it’s right by the edge perfectly lolol” But you didn’t go away so he upped the ante. Now you’re a serial killer and again, if you stick around he can turn anything you do into serial killer shit.

      This really was overkill on his part. He might just be a complete insecure dickhead/bully in general, or he might have considered you a threat, or, more likely because the girl wasn’t responding well to you, he was just getting rid of someone who was “bothering” his girl because he thought you’d try to stick around instead of being on your way to bail. No biggie, no reflection on you as a person, it’s just how he read the situation based on the response of the girl.

      Lots of lessons to learn from it, when you have to fend guys off from your girls in the future. :)

      “I’m probably going to focus hardcore on my appearance and style for now. It doesn’t seem like there’s a way around ‘looking the part.’ (Ya, you can always be super witty, awesome, etc….but getting to the required compensatory level just seems like a years-long endeavor now; looking the part can be dug into significantly over about 6 months, I’d say)”

      I’m not gonna’ tell you not to work on your looks because I think every guy should get himself in decent shape and dress well etc., and you’ve done awesome at getting in shape in general, and it won’t hurt you to look better, but understand that you won’t get a free pass. You’ll just be opening up a different can of worms.

      When you’re big and jacked, you get guys who want to fight you just because it would be bragging rights. So take a jacked Jersey Shore lookin’ white knight out with a girl he has a crush on, and have a scrawny little computer nerd talk to her…no big deal, who cares, let him talk to her, as if he could be any threat lolololz. Then have a big jacked dude talk to her and the radar goes off like a neon sign and it’s “o shit, who’s this motherfucker, I’mma kick his ass and look like a boss” and next thing you know he’s stepping up to you chest to chest to get you to go away instead of just verbally trying to tool you.

      Part of why I do well in the rich/6-pack crowd is because I don’t look like a threat at all. Guys don’t mind if I talk to girls in their group because they look at me and think “pfft, this guy’s harmless, my shoes cost more than his outfit lol, listen to him he just refused to buy her a DRINK, what a loser, and dude has a belly, doesn’t he know bitches love a 6-pack??” so I get time with the girls that I wouldn’t get if I was walking up looking like a threat. Then I get the girls laughing quick and suddenly the guy panics because he didn’t expect that to happen, but he won’t get up in my face threateningly because he thinks “THIS guys? pfft, I can just make fun of him and he’ll go away” and tries to verbally tool me. Which I destroy, which makes his girl love me even more because I just handled him like a boss.

      Then the guy goes into panic mode, where he realizes “o shit, I let an enemy into the compound!!” and this is where I try to befriend him because his options are either befriend me, slink into the background, or kick my ass lol. The beta guys will slink into the background, but the alpha guys will usually lean towards befriending or fighting. Befriending is usually what the rich guys in the high-end bars do, fighting is usually what the blue-collar cowboy types in the low-end bars do, so I have to calibrate to the situ but it’s not a big deal.

      My point is this:

      Say you’re out playing pool with the girl you’ve had a crush on for 4 years…you LOVE her, but you haven’t had the guts to tell her yet. You think she knows you like her, and you think she might like you too, and there’s all this chemistry between you two in your mind and you’ve envisioned your wedding and your life together and how many kids you’ll have and you’re waiting for the perfect moment to tell her and confess your feelings…maybe tonight, you’re both drunk, she’s in a good mood, you’ve been flirty at the pool table…maybe tonight is the night you’ll finally get your one true love and both live happily ever after together?

      Now two guys ask to play the next game of pool with your group. One is an average looking non-threatening normal guy. The other is a Brad Pitt in Fight Club look-alike. Who do you let play pool with you and who do you keep your girl faaaaar the fuck away from, or find the quickest (which is often the most violent) way to get rid of? :)

      Anyway, good stuff. You’re handling shit-tests like a boss. Time to start escalating more, and sooner. Instead of just talking to them, hold out your hands for them to take, and put their hands up around your shoulders and your hands around her waist and pull her in to talk. Say the same shit you do now, but up your kino. The type emotional rollercoaster stuff you do (“TRICK QUESTION. Spice Girls rule.”) combined with a little more sexual aggression will be an awesome combo.

      This one is ***SUPER***-gay lol but it’s good shit:

      • Scray
        on August 14, 2013 at 10:19 am
        Original Link

        ‘This really was overkill on his part.’

        I guess it was unexpected because I had just barely opened the girl, and the opener was — to me anyway — as indirect as it gets.

        However, this situ —- where you have yet to build value to the girl, and the guy is using his own value to tool you — is probably money when you get good at it. You’re at a disadvantage because, before you have value, you have to actually be funny, fun, etc. unlike the dude, who can just sub-communicate ‘I have value and you don’t,’ and get applause. But, coming back with a better frame and fun vibe is probably a huge DHV. I’m just not very good at it yet….

        And as for flying under the radar….

        I just figure that being short will get me that “extra” time, anyway, regardless of how I look. We’ll see….*fingers crossed*

        • Hunter
          on August 14, 2013 at 12:34 pm
          Original Link

          Wow and I thought mixed sets were scary. If this is it, I’m going to start approaching them more (compared to the barely any I’ve been approaching). As for my Day 2 with the club chick, that went nowhere. Went on my first date ever in my life (ended up being awkward cuz the sexual tension had fizzled out).

          Been doing a fair bit of online game, learning a lot. But I REALLY should get back out there. Haven’t talked to a cute girl in real life since Sunday afternoon lol.

          Still hanging in there.

          P.S. Awesome stuff Scray! Keep it up.

          • YaReally
            on August 14, 2013 at 11:20 pm
            Original Link


            Hey, I still owe ya a Field Report breakdown. Get the fuck out there this weekend and talk to some cuties and post up an FR and I’ll give it a go. Online girls don’t count ;) lol

The Shit Test Was Known To Men In 1910

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via Heartiste

on August 9, 2013 at 10:27 am
Original Link

I would bold this part too:

“she first encouraged her lovers and then having brought them to her feet rejected them with polite disdain.”

This is important because it points out that shit-tests aren’t just about being rude/cruel, she’s actually setting up tests that she encourages him to PASS that then kill her attraction and she rejects him.

So it’s not always “go away” “okay :( ” “test failed, no sex”

Often it’s “come here” “okay :) ” “test passed, no sex”

Trying to get you to supplicate is the same thing as trying to scare you off…both are a test of “will he do what HE wants, or will he sway from his goals and do what *I* want?”

If a silly little girl can distract you from achieving your goals, how the fuck is she supposed to trust you to stand up to the rest of the world?

  • Scray
    on August 9, 2013 at 2:43 pm
    Original Link

    Yeah, this dynamic is why it’s hard to differentiate between ‘tooling’ and ‘shit testing.’ At this point I just treat them both the same.

Tight Game From 1910

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on August 8, 2013 at 12:23 pm
Original Link

Feisty women are women who aren’t smart enough to know when to shut their pie holes.

  • corvinus
    on August 8, 2013 at 12:29 pm
    Original Link

    Dumb women act like men.

    • Lara
      on August 8, 2013 at 12:51 pm
      Original Link

      Any woman, who describes herself as feisty, you know is going to be an annoyance.

      • Scray
        on August 8, 2013 at 1:04 pm
        Original Link

        Most women I know of who think that they’re ‘hilarious’ ‘sarcastic’ etc. confuse raw snark with wit. That’s the main problem. A lot of gay guys do this too.

        • chi-town
          on August 8, 2013 at 1:40 pm
          Original Link

          Sarcasm is another one of those tether balls swung round back into their face making her look worldly and experienced implying opportunities for sexual dalliances and social corruption which is certainly attractive on a man, but like a torn and dirty shammy on her.

          • YaReally
            on August 8, 2013 at 9:22 pm
            Original Link

            There are about 3.5 billion women in the world. You’ll be alright lol

How Women Tool Men

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via Heartiste

on August 7, 2013 at 4:08 pm
Original Link

I love how those who disagreed with letting a little dbag in some trendy club tit grab your date without any response are now white knights. It strikes me that maybe CH knows his position is not as strong as he thought since this is now his second rebuttal post.

I do not speak for all on the other side, but the gist of it for me is that this by definition is not white knighting. If a woman is out with her man and he yells at her or even physically pushes her, slaps, etc. I am going to mind my business. If its in a restaurant some women will call the police anyway. If it’s a husband and wife, who am I to ever intrude on them?

In this case, it is YOUR DATE, and since he’s been seeing her for a month, to some people it would be his woman. As such any man grabs her sexually I am going to find out what’s what in no uncertain terms.

For the lugheads, weenies, and too cool for school cowards this does not mean I rip off my shirt and go Hulk. It simply means you confront the situation as a man. 99% of the time no blows will ever be thrown. But correction is must for any man worth a dang.

As I said before if you cannot follow this line of thought, then please wear a shirt indentifying yourself so that I can hit on your girl/date with impunity AND cop free feels. After you leave like a baby without even asking what’s up, I’ll look like a champ to the girl because of your no-show. Heck, give me your email so I can send pictures if you like. You can browse them in between all the cuckold porn you love so much….

[CH: If you were to hit on my girl and she welcomed your advances... well then she was never my girl. So you wouldn't be cuckolding anyone.]

  • Scray
    on August 7, 2013 at 4:36 pm
    Original Link

    Yes. She was supposed to be YOUR date, and you find yourself POWERLESS against the obvious truth — she just isn’t that into you. So, you search for any excuse to vent the frustration. O hai, violence-being-the-last-refuge-of-the-poonless.

    If the girl I showed up there with is into the other man’s advances, what’s the use fighting for her or confronting him about it?

    • castricv
      on August 7, 2013 at 4:41 pm
      Original Link

      Again for the 30th time dullard, I never mentioned violence. Quit living in movie land.

      • YaReally
        on August 7, 2013 at 4:50 pm
        Original Link

        The only thing you can do, when she’s chosen someone else, is back off and let him have her. Because anything you do would be futile and just lowers your value further and further in her mind…you essentially become the beta trying to logically convince her to pick you over a guy she’s more attracted to. It doesn’t work.

        Sure you can talk to him and tell him what’s what, and he might back off. That night. But she’ll be thinking about him when she’s fucking you later. And she’ll slip her number to him under the table when you’re not looking, because she’s chosen him. It’s a short-term solution.

        It’s an entirely different situation if she’s offended by his tit-grab and wants you to defend her from harassment, but that’s not what went on in that example. I’m not sure you grasp the nuances of the situation described.

The Self-Deprecation Nuclear Shit Test

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on August 6, 2013 at 1:12 pm
Original Link

“She was implying that because I was hitting on her, I must not be able to get with the hotter girls, so I’m a loser.”

I may be wrong but I don’t think she was implying this. I think she was just looking to be told she is so beautiful. She wanted reassurance.

  • Harry Morgan
    on August 6, 2013 at 3:00 pm
    Original Link

    But if she gets the assurance she doesn’t need the dude, she already got what she finds psychologically validating from him, and will find herself less attracted to him after.

    • xxxxx
      on August 7, 2013 at 2:57 am
      Original Link

      Actually having an attractive dude wanting to bang her and actually banging her IS the validation. For a bloke who is not attractive or whom she thinks she is “better” than, then yes she only needs the compliment not the banging part. Don’t MRA/PUA sites keep going on about how ALL women (even the unattractive ones) want sex from the alphas for validation and qualification to other men ?

      • YaReally
        on August 7, 2013 at 9:20 am
        Original Link

        “Don’t MRA/PUA sites keep going on about how ALL women (even the unattractive ones) want sex from the alphas for validation and qualification to other men ?”

        A man who’s fucking uglier girls than he should be fucking isn’t alpha. So unless he qualifies her on something so she thinks he legit wants to fuck her for reasons beyond “I have a pussy and he thinks I’m an easy lay”, she will think “and he can’t do better than me so he isn’t confident which means he isn’t an alpha which means his validation is worthless which means I’m not attracted which means no sex.”

        It’s like winning the lottery, but the lottery prize is 25 cents. You still might collect it, but you won’t feel like you “won the lottery”.

        “Sorry, but do you know women better than women do?”


        • FuriousFerret
          on August 7, 2013 at 9:44 am
          Original Link

          “A man who’s fucking uglier girls than he should be fucking isn’t alpha.”

          I notice that in life. When a person should be a guy with confidence and has the outside credentials of someone that should behave in an alpha demeanor and doesn’t, then that guy is going to be in for some trouble.

          It’s taken as a sign of weakness and the little weasels will move in for the kill to receive their tidbits of social success. Hardcore nerds seem to be the worst offenders of striking while someone’s belly is exposed. The worst move in the world is try to relate to geeks/nerds and bring yourself down to their level when you don’t belong there. Have them relate to you instead.

          People want their Kings to be above them simply because most people don’t respect themselves. It’s the old Grouch Marx saying ‘I wouldn’t want to join a club that has me as a member’. Most guys are followers looking to latch onto a leader to bask in the overflow of the king’s spoils. The strong shouldn’t feign being one of the weak to try to relate since the weak will use it as an opportunity/punishment to grab for their little scraps.

          People should rise to the upmost level that they can and if you’re seen as obviously not living up to your potential, people see this as a major character flaw and act accordingly. That’s why you can see an average looking guy with average intelligent that owns himself and uses his natural potential as being far more socially successful than a tall decent looking smart guy that is has just enough looks to be down about not looking better.

          TL:DR : Self deprecation is one of man’s worst enemies.

          • Scray
            on August 7, 2013 at 3:25 pm
            Original Link

            Be careful what you wish for, though. On the one hand, the 6.5 I see every now and again seems to be fairly realistic in her appraisal of me (lol maybe she has more experience getting PD’d by dudes, who knows). So it sucks because it demonstrates how much work I still need to do — I’d never get into an LTR with this chick.

            On the other hand, the 7 is starting to put obnoxious amounts of faith into me. At first it’s kinda cool when someone thinks you’re the shit. It’s very addictive. However, because she has such a high opinion of me, she just believes things about me that, at this point at least, are untrue. I just feel pressure to deliver on these expectations —- that I have friends everywhere I go, that tons of girls like me, that I’m good at everything, etc. etc. etc. It’s kind of stressful lol srs.

When It’s Alright To White Knight

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hamster of the gods
on August 5, 2013 at 5:01 pm
Original Link

As one of the accused “white knights” of the post in question, let me clarify: I am not saying you should fight the dude over the bitch. The bitch is a place-holder, absolutely irrelevant qua bitch. My perspective is that fighting is fun, and this prick gave you an excuse. The excuse could have been taking your seat, drinking your beer, cutting in line, whatever. It’s not about the bitch, its about the disrespect. A clear sign of disrespect is an excuse to throw punches, plain and simple. Why anyone would pass that up (regardless of the specific instantiation of the disrespect) is beyond me. But I accept that it takes all kinds to move the world. Must be a Midwest thing. Moving on.

  • Scray
    on August 6, 2013 at 1:44 pm
    Original Link

    Have fun getting your ass kicked by opponents with more brawn, friends, or weapons.

    Complete guess: you do your fighting in a small town where everyone vaguely knows one another, so there’s an implicit level of trust even in the brotherly scraps that sometimes occur.

    What you’re talking about — this attitude of ‘fighting is fun’ — will earn you a cuban necktie in any large urban area.

    • YaReally
      on August 6, 2013 at 3:37 pm
      Original Link

      “Complete guess: you do your fighting in a small town where everyone vaguely knows one another, so there’s an implicit level of trust even in the brotherly scraps that sometimes occur.”

      Also this. One of my social circles is a group of cowboys (bull-riding, rootin tootin, “got kicked in the head by a bull during branding on the farm this weekend and laughed it off”, stereotypes in full form) and I’ll head to country bars with them. THERE, you can scrap. Aside from the full-bar-brawls, when it’s a situ like this it can be a gentlemanly exchange like the movies of “lets you and me take this outside” and you go to the parking lot and it’s one on one, fists only, no weapons or friends jumping in etc. and when one guy has clearly lost everyone breaks it up. The bouncers even let it all happen and cheer and jump in if it goes haywire.

      Go ahead and be a badass there, it’s pretty safe.

      But try that at another club I go to with a different social circle, and you will be getting stabbed in the back by buddy’s friends and curb stomped by the group before anyone can jump in to help you. The cops/medics will get there eventually, but the swarm of guys who beat the shit out of you that you didn’t even realize knew the guy you “won” against, will be long gone and they’re basically there to cart you off to jail, the hospital, or the morgue. You will also be watching your back for the next few months when you’re out in the nightlife, and will have no idea when one of these guys who remembers you but you don’t remember him (you were unconscious by the time he joined in to stomp your head against the cement) will make a call an get his buddies there to surprise you when you go to take a piss.

      I’ve been out in the nightlife a lot. I’ve been out more just in my 20s than most people will be in their entire lives combined. I’ve seen guys get stabbed, curb-stomped, sucker-punched, mobbed, I was even in a crowd a dude was shooting a gun into, etc. I’ve seen situs where there’s no WAY the guy lived. All over some silly over-emotional bar drama like this tit grab.

      • Scray
        on August 6, 2013 at 3:58 pm
        Original Link

        I kind of think that most people here would do the right thing in real life any way, though. When you’re actually out in the shit, you instantly realize what’s at stake if you act recklessly.

        • YaReally
          on August 6, 2013 at 4:11 pm
          Original Link

          I sure as shit hope so. I go out to socialize, drink, have fun with friends, flirt with cute girls, and try to make everyone around me have a more fun night.

          I usually tip off the bouncers for guys to keep an eye on when I notice guys who are overly aggressive or getting into that drunk angry zone because their girlfriend is flirting with guys or whatever. I just tap them on the shoulder and say “hey, watch out for that guy in the blue shirt there. He was in the bathroom talking to his buddies about wanting to kick someone’s ass tonight. I don’t know if he’ll do anything, but keep an eye on him.” They can radio it to the other bouncers and then if the guy starts getting out of control, they escort him out before it turns into a fight, or are quicker to break it up if it does turn into one.

          In my mind, if you’re going to be getting into fights then get the fuck out of my bar, you’re ruining everyone else’s night. lol

AMOG Tit Grab

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on August 3, 2013 at 12:05 pm
Original Link

I don’t want to be cocky, but this is probably one of the best and most important comments I’ve ever written lol. Covering some external shit but mainly a lot of internal shit in this. This one is an important read for the newbie/intermediate guys hitting the field regularly and getting into relationships (Scray, Hunter, Immoralgables, etc.):

To the OP:

She’s fucked him, thought about fucking him, wants to fuck him, or IS fucking him.

Ultimately the entire thing is your fault, which I’ll explain. But the next in line for fault is her, for not introducing you. That told him exactly where you stand with her, which is “he’s okay for now but I’m looking for better and don’t want you to be deterred by him, keep seducing me plz”. This is one of the signals my buddies and I specifically look for when we hit on girls who are taken: ie – what’s the dynamic of her relationship with her guy…does she introduce him immediately? Does he lurk around in the background or take over the conversation? Does she touch him or does he touch her? Does she basically forget he exists for a few minutes? Does she talk about him? Does she introduce him as a friend? Does she not mention him until she HAS to? Does she say “that’s my boyfriend…” with a sad tone in her voice that says “:( I wish he wasn’t here because I really want to fuck you…” When the girl leaves, with her lame borefriend chasing after her looking like a sad puppy dog, we turn to eachother and say “poor guy, she wants to fuck the shit out of you lol” and laugh. The dynamics are blatantly obvious when you know what to look for.

It’s NOT the other guys’ fault at all, because SHE gave him permission to do that, by not preventing it and not bitching him out for it. Ergo, fighting him is stupid, because he’s not the one in the wrong…he’s just reacting to her signals. Focusing on “well he should stay away because she’s my girlfriend” and working yourself up into a fist-swinging rage is stupid, because if you date a smokin hot 8+ girl, you will be throwing punches EVERY NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE until you end up in jail or dead lol

I don’t have to worry about AMOGs with my GFs when I’m out with them because my girls will handle themselves and not let this happen or won’t excuse it if it does happen. The only time I would resort to fighting would be if a guy was constantly harrassing my girl and she had already made it very clear to him that he was bothering her, and even THEN I would go through other channels first like taking her to the dance floor and ignoring him, AMOGing him verbally, or calmly walking over to a bouncer and having him tossed out (that’s what they’re there for lol). Guys who have to resort to fighting are either 1) young enough to still get away with that nonsense and not care about the consequences, or 2) not socially savvy/powerful/commanding enough to handle the situation in the thousands of other ways available that don’t involve fighting.

If she wants to get off on me being physical/aggressive/manly, I’ll toss her around in the bedroom. If she specifically wants to get off on seeing me fighting other men, she can go date an 18yo from the kiddie-bars who drunkenly scrap outside at last call every night. This is not negotiable.

So the one in the wrong and who should be punished is ultimately HER, not him. Now there’s two things to look at here:

1) WHY did she let that happen? Why is she not clinging to you when you’re out? Why does she feel this was acceptable? Why didn’t she chew him out?

And 2) How do you punish her and stop/change this behavior for the future? And how do you prevent it in future girlfriends?

So why did this situation occur? Here are a bunch of reasons:

- maybe she’s just not that into you (your value isn’t high enough)
- or maybe she likes you but he’s got higher value to her than you do right now and her Hypergamy kicked in
- they clearly have a history (flirting or actual fucking)
- you didn’t claim your territory (ie – hand around her waist, physically dominating her, basically making it very clear/obvious that she belongs to you)
- she didn’t cling to you (ie – she wasn’t introducing you, she wasn’t touching you, she basically treated you like an Orbiter)
- she has no fear of losing you (ie – she’s not at all worried that not making it clear she’s your GF would cause her to lose you)
- she possibly doesn’t care if she DID lose you (again this is a value not high enough to care thing)
- she may have no idea it bothers you
- she may expect you to be able to handle yourself
- she may love the attention and the jealousy drama of playing multiple guys off eachother
- you took her to a place where her value is higher than yours because she worked there…never ever ever go to a place the girl invites you to, because she will always invite you to a place where she has Orbiters and high-value to see how you react and if you’re ultimately better than all her other options. You CAN still pull off owning the huge shit-test but it’s a massive uphill battle that’s silly to voluntarily take on. I flake on girls all the time when they try to arrange where we should hang out, and tell them to meet me on my turf instead…once you’re in a legit SERIOUS LTR, you can go into these things and not be tested as hardcore, but in the initial first 3 months? You’re taking a fucking gamble that you didn’t need to take.

Anyway, so the common thread in all of these reasons is that there’s no fear of loss in her, so she treats you like an Orbiter, and there’s no fear of loss in her because you aren’t high enough value to her. Part of why my girls will interrupt the guy to introduce me to him when I come over, or will tell him to fuck off if he’s crossing the line is because they fear losing me. I’m high-value to them and they know I have a set of standards/expectations and that if they cross those, I will mercilessly drop them, because I have options and can get other girls. Because of their Hypergamy (ie – they want the highest-value male available to them), they legitimately aren’t into the other guys because they know they’re already with a higher-value man, so it’s easier for them to tell him to knock it off or to remember to introduce me because there’s no conflict of “I know I SHOULD do this, but I kind of want to fuck this other higher-value guy so maybe I’ll let this slide…..” like with your situation.

So how do you punish her?

IDEALLY, you should have Soft Nexted her immediately:

ie – you should’ve simply walked out and left her to get herself home and ignored her calls for a few days. Then when you got in touch again, told her in no uncertain terms that her behavior was unacceptable and that if she wants to be your girlfriend, then when you’re out she introduces you immediately and she doesn’t allow guys to get away with that shit around you. If she isn’t willing to do this, then you simply shrug and Hard Next her (ie – completely ditch her) and find a better girl. Personally, I like to let them know why I left with a little hamster fuel like when she txts “where did you go??” I’ll throw something like “you and AMOG clearly have catch up to do. Goodnight babe.” and turn my phone off. It doesn’t have to be like “because you were acting like a fucking whore ahghghaghghghhghg” lol Just a one-off calm-but-this-is-the-end-of-the-conversation txt (it’s important that you don’t have a discussion right then and there, read Blackdragon’s post on Next’ing for details on that) that points her hamster in the general direction of “me and AMOG? We’re just friends…is he mad? Why is he mad? I mean, I guess I didn’t introduce him…and AMOG grabbed my tit but he didn’t see that, did he? omg maybe he’s mad at me for that…I guess I shouldn’t have done it, but…why won’t he answer my txts?? is he dumping me?? omg I’d better phone him!!!” and then a few days of stress and hamster-fuel. Incidentally this also helps keep her from fucking the guy because she’s too wrapped up in worrying about losing you to go home with him.

Now keep in mind that this works when you have high-value to her. If you have LOW-value, she’ll go “wtf I can’t believe he’s mad about that…that’s stupid. Whatever then, maybe I WILL fuck AMOG, HE’S not judging me, he’s just giving me good emotions tonight.” lol

Doing a Hard Next like a lot of guys are recommending, before attempting to train her with Soft Nexts is dumb and usually the reaction of butt-hurt guys. You don’t take your dog back to the pound because it shits on the carpet once, that’s an insane over-reaction. You train it, and ideally it learns where to shit and you have no problems and both live happily ever after. If it keeps shitting despite your training, you take it back to the pound. This is the same concept.

Now I can give you some external steps like “Soft Next her and ignore her calls for a few days bla bla” and ya, that might help you out in this specific situation this one time. But let’s look at the much bigger overall picture, that encompasses your entire fucking life and all your future relationships:

You know the punishment, but how do you prevent it from happening in the first place, with future girlfriends, from the very start?

1) Be high-value. Always be working on this. Work on your social skills, learn to interact with other men, learn to flirt with women, have other options, and basically be the guy that she would worry about losing. I’ve said before that while most girls will cheat on their BFs/fiances/husbands with me, the only ones I absolutely CAN’T get are the ones who believe their man is the highest-value man available to them. Those girls will shut me down hard, even apologizing for it, because their Hypergamy is firing on all cylinders over their man and it’s literally not in their reality that they could cheat.

This is why guys who think “oh if I get a virgin she’ll be faithful” are dumb…it has nothing to do with that. If you get a virgin, but become a low-value guy to her, she will cheat on you just like the 22-count bar-star slutty whore. If you get a 22-count bar-star slutty whore, but you are the highest value guy to her, she will be as faithful as the virgin would. A lot of guys are hoping to find a virgin/Madonna so they can just keep being pieces of shit in general and not improve themselves or constantly work on themselves and grow as men throughout their life…they just want a “guaranteed” faithful girl who won’t cheat so they can sit on the couch drinking beer and watching mindless TV and feel like they “beat the system” by finding a guarantee…then they get cheated on because someone like me comes along with way higher value and fucks their 1-count wife.

Here’s an RSD Julien video on this:

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a virgin wife, as long as the reason you want it ISN’T that you think it’ll guarantee you she’ll be faithful no matter what your value to her is, and that you don’t look at it like “great, this is my way of avoiding having to stay on top of my game”. It all comes down to Hypergamy.

2) Have a set of personal standards of what behavior is acceptable/not-acceptable to you in various types of relationships. Like what can a casual fuckbuddy get away with that you’re cool with? Is a fuckbuddy allowed to fuck other guys? Can she only fuck certain types of guys (like her ex, or only randoms)? Or does she have to only be fucking you (girls will accept this frame if you’re adamant about it and high-value enough)? Can a fuckbuddy flirt with other guys in front of you? Can she flake on your plans at the last minute or does she need to provide a day’s notice? Does a fuckbuddy have to introduce you to her friends, or can she ignore you all night and do her thing, and just trust that you’ll hang out at last call?

Then ask yourself what can a new girlfriend get away with that you’re cool with? What about a serious long-term girlfriend? Write this stuff down on a piece of paper even, it will help solidify things in your mind.

Because you can’t enforce Soft/Hard Nexts to punish/change behavior (or reward her to encourage good behavior) if you don’t know what your personal standards and expectations are. The law is extremely complicated, there are a shitload of nuances to it…if you kill someone, was it in self-defense, did you HAVE to kill them, did you meet them with the intention of killing them, etc. The law has different charges and different punishments for all of these things, so when you cross a line, there’s a very black and white “you were caught speeding, so now you have to pay a fine.” system in place that’s enforcable because of how specific the law is. (granted you get some flex room depending on circumstances, but that’s beside the point)

The law doesn’t say “I dunno, I guess sometimes if you kill a guy, it might be okay or not, maybe, and I guess you should like, go to jail for some amount of time, I guess…well, I don’t want you to be mad at me so I’ll let it slide this time and just go vent on an Internet forum…” lol

So first and foremost you need to decide your personal standards. This is an important part of being a man and it spills into other parts of your life. What behaviors do you accept from your close friends? From casual acquaintances? From business partners or co-workers? From your children? From YOURSELF? And what degree of punishment (or rewards, if they meet/surpass your expectations) is deserved? You can’t “Soft Next” your 8yo daughter for throwing a tantrum over you not buying her a new doll from the toy store and just leave the house for a few days lol…You can’t “Soft Next” your co-worker for disrespecting you in front of your boss and just not come into work for a few days lol You have to decide on how you handle these violations of your personal expectations, but to do that you have to HAVE and KNOW your personal expectations first.

We’re socially conditioned by society to not have any standards. Everyone is a special snowflake, everyone is beautiful, don’t be mean, don’t hurt anyone’s feelings, accept everyone no matter how shitty they are, “if you can’t handle me at my worst then you don’t deserve me at my best”, etc. etc. So at first you might feel guilty for consciously saying “I expect my GF to introduce me when we’re out, and I will cut her out of my life cold without looking back if she refuses to learn to do this”. But over time you’ll understand that ultimately this is better for everyone involved. Women need you to bring Order to their Chaos. They need you to be the solid oak tree, rooted and firm, while they scramble around on your branches like a squirrel.

I recommend the Manhood 101 stuff if you want to learn more about this concept and solidify the mindset.

Specifically these two short videos:

And if you like reading, their free eBook (specifically the chapters on order/chaos, and punishment/reward) goes into this in a lot of depth:

The most important part of all of this (which the 1st Manhood video above mentions at 1:40), is that these are YOUR personal standards, that are based on how YOU feel and what you want and what your goals in life are. I can’t give you the list of what your standards should be. No one else here can. There’s no “this standard is alpha, this standard is beta”, that’s all bullshit. “I don’t do it because it’s alpha, it’s alpha because I do it.”

Part of why PUAs recommend going out a shit-ton and meeting a ton of girls and having a ton of relationships, is that when you start out you have NO standards. You don’t even know you SHOULD have standards, and you’re shamed by social conditioning if you DARE have standards (skim through Jezebel’s articles for examples of this lol). This is why guys who don’t have much experience with women often end up with shitty girls…not even WIVES necessarily, just GIRLFRIENDS, that they aren’t even legally attached or bound by having kids together…like CK Louis says “fuckin’ call her and say FUCK YOU, and hand up, and LEAVE her. You can end that shit with a PHONE CALL. I need a fuckin’ gun, and a plane ticket, and bleach and shit…” They have girlfriends who get fat, who disrespect them, who cheat on them, who eat unhealthy, who drink too much, who stop dressing up, who stop putting out, etc.

But the guys dating/marrying those women don’t know what their standards are, and feel guilty enforcing their authority, so they end up in dead ends that they could have avoided.

So by going out and meeting a lot of girls, interacting with a lot of people, having a lot of relationships, you slowly learn “okay, this girl did this to me, and it didn’t bother me, but this other girl did this OTHER thing to me and that made me feel like SHIT…I had no idea I wouldn’t care about that first thing, I always just assumed it would piss me off but it turns out it’s really not that big a deal, and I thought that 2nd thing wouldn’t bother me but holy SHIT does it ever bother me, so I will no longer accept that 2nd behavior from my serious long-term girlfriend, but I WILL allow her to do that 1st thing because I don’t care about it.”

This is unique to every individual man. My personal standards are VERY different from most guys, but I’ve had a unique journey in life compared to the average guy, and my standards are personalized to me. On top of that, I will VERY adamantly enforce my standards. If someone DOES cross my lines, which are way more tolerant than most people’s because I’m a pretty chill guy in general, I will be cut-throat in enforcing punishment (and the reverse, if someone meets/surpasses my expectations I will reward them handsomely).

Like when I say I don’t fight, it’s not that “I’m scared to fight” or “I dunno, maybe sometimes I might kind of fight” or that I’ve never thought about it. It’s that I have a personal line in my mind that says I will not get into bar fights (self-defense in dangerous situations or to protect loved ones is different) if it can be avoided in any way, even if it means apologizing or walking away like a pussy while someone calls me a chicken, like I would give a shit about that lol I don’t care if people make fun of that, or say it isn’t alpha, etc. That has no relevance to me because I am following MY personal standards, not theirs.

3) Use Soft Nexts the way Blackdragon describes to enforce these personal standards with your girls. Don’t feel guilty for using them or hurting her feelings with them, anymore than you would feel guilty for training your dog not to shit on the carpet. See the 2nd Manhood video I linked above for the kinds of shit-tests you’ll run into enforcing your authority, and understand that it’s FINE and it’s all part of the process of bringing Order to someone’s life or your relationships with them.

Combine those 3 things (be high-value, know your personal standards, and enforce them), and you won’t run into these problems again. This can be a lot of work and take a while to figure it all out (I’m STILL learning some of my personal standards, when I enter new situations), but this is a long-term fix that will affect your entire life and all of your relationships for the rest of your life. Learning, understanding, and training this could be the difference between ending up with a wife who’s fat, hasn’t touched your dick in 3 years, and talks smack about you to all her friends in front of you while you nod “yes dear :( “, or ending up with a wife who’s in shape, fucks you how you want her to, and brags about you to her friends even when you’re not around…and who introduces you to her friends when you’re out together, and who tells guys who grab her tits in front of you to back the fuck off and apologizes to you for his behavior and fucks your brains out that night.

Good luck. :)

Now cue all the eBadasses calling me a pussy for not telling you to just punch his lights out lol

  • Scray
    on August 4, 2013 at 11:11 am
    Original Link

    This is all great, man. A lot of it is a little advanced for me at this point. Like, I’m still just constantly working on value. The other stuff I’m improving a bit, but for now, it’s mostly just about the value.

on August 3, 2013 at 1:03 pm
Original Link


Classic agree and amplify at 6:36….

  • YaReally
    on August 3, 2013 at 2:43 pm
    Original Link

    We’ve all seen:

    Here’s the follow-up lol…there’s a lot of social dynamic shit going on in this apology, and why she gives it, and how she views what happened (her hamster rationalizations), how everyone else views what happened, etc:

    Chelsea is a super-bitch, but here’s a video of Craig Ferguson handling it…at first she comes out guns blazing relentlessly (note how she directs the conversation topics, sets him up for negs/burns, interrupts what he’s saying to make observations, etc.), but he starts turning things around with just his calm funny wit (using call-back humor to circle back to burn her, like the “their names are on this gay ring” bit, notice she just laughs like “ah shit, you got me and I don’t have a good comeback for that one” but is toning down the bitchy attitude). No butt-hurt comebacks/insults, just positive attitude and intelligent humor:

    Ultimately the super-bitchy girls aren’t hard to tame…you just have to not fall into their shit-test, not over-react, keep calm, congruent, and out-wit them. And once you do, they become the nicest girls in the universe because they’re so happy they’ve finally found someone able to pass all their shit-tests and handle them. The funny part with these ones is that because they shit-test everyone so much, when you ARE seeing them, you know they aren’t fucking anyone else because no other guy could make it through their shit-tests to be worth fucking lol

    Most guys would be like “ohh what a fuckin’ bitch, fuck her I’d tell her she’s a cunt and walk off” and it’s like ya, you can DO that, but if you get some solid social skills down you can eat these girls for breakfast (literally lol). Now whether you’d WANT that type of girl or not, or whether you’d want her for something short-term or long-term etc. is all up to you personally…but the point is that, thru understanding game and social dynamics and working on your verbal game, you can completely effortlessly dismantle bitch-shields/shit-testing/AMOGs/etc. that would obliterate most men.

    Craig Ferguson’s interviews with female guests are actually really good to watch for anyone who wants to work on their verbal game. He improvises really well, drops a ton of innuendo and sexual tension into them, crosses offensive lines but pulls back, references previous in-jokes in the conversation as call-back humor, self-depreciates, and directs the conversations in a smooth flowing way. A lot of his interviews have massive sexual tension.

    He’s a liiiiiittle bit supplicative, because as a talk show host he has to make it a fun interview and gush over the guests and everything, keep it all a nice positive vibe, so he has to supplicate…but for a mainstream talk-show guy, he’s got some really solid verbal game.

    And here’s a quick Russell one’s way of handling the “are you gay?” shit-test/AMOG:

    I used to use this bit when I’d run into girls shit-testing me calling me gay lol They always shit a brick at the “BANG! Pregnant!” part.

    He uses it again here at 1:25 with Britney Spears (I’ve used this version too lol):

    At 22 seconds in: “Right…can you remember my name? And can you remember my surname? It’s not Russell BROWN, Britney…” – so solid. Just calling her out on not knowing his name. I use this type of thing a lot, making fun of the girl if she doesn’t remember my name…when I remember hers, that is. lol.

    Russell and Craig are basically impossible to AMOG when they’re on their game. It’s not because they’re physically tougher or intimidating than anyone, it’s because they’re so fucking sharp that they can socially dismantle anything people throw at them, and either tool the person or make them love them.

    All a girl wants to know is that she can trust you to handle shit. Whether you do it through violence, or whether you do it through social savvy, the end result is the same: she knows that when life throws shit at you guys, you will be able to handle the fuck out of it like a boss.

    The catch is that it’s easier to lift some weights and get sucked into fighting than it is to improve your social skills, so most guys end up scrapping outside the bar at 2am blowing off their sexual frustrations lol