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Save This Man!

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on April 30, 2013 at 12:51 pm
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Adventures in Day2′s:

Show up an hour late? Check.
Pick venue she said she never has liked? Check.


Social circle shit is still rough.
Most of the time it’s just like…

Chris Farley’s what comes out…David Spade is what my mind says…and that due they’re talking to is just about any girl lol

  • YaReallyMIA
    on May 1, 2013 at 2:35 am
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    This guy is fucked. Convince him to sign a pre-nup (follow the rules on how long before the wedding to do it so she can’t say she was under pressure, ensure there isn’t anything invalid on the contract that would null the whole thing, etc., google this shit the info is out there, even if it gets thrown out at least he had it VS not had it and maybe she’ll freak out about him even asking for it which might help him see her scam), then sit back and cross your fingers and be there for him when it blows up in his face. He likely won’t listen to you right now because he’s in luuuuuurve and you guys just don’t understaaaaand, this one’s speciaaaaaal, etc. etc. rationalization hamster.

    Field Report breakdown:

    • Scray
      on May 1, 2013 at 4:21 pm
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      Thanks! I really appreciate it.


      lol ya, I’ll try that soon. thanks for the encouragement

Comment Of The Week

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on April 29, 2013 at 3:55 am
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FR —>

Friday was a mind-bending experience. Hung out with Religious6.5, GoodlookingMcCoolGuy and a few of his friends. She holds a pretty ‘official’ position and travels a lot and visits our school sometimes. I’m starting to understand my ‘style.’ It literally is just ‘bull in a china shop, I do whatever the fuck I want.’ Anyway, what was cool is that over the course of the night I just kind of let loose with whatever was in my mind: ‘ya, we’re just waiting for the right time to orgy with you.’ ‘ya, good thing you drank that drink, cause in about 30 minutes we’re all going to be having a pretty good time.’ And this Mormon girl is playful right back with it. We all took pictures together and we’re talking and she’s like ‘ya, you’re really photogenic…I’m sure you already knew that.’ So….probably DTF.

I think I learned a new lesson — seems like, if you can make a chick feel completely non-judged, they’ll show you a lot of themselves. Like, we went out partied, she was grinding on me…blah blah. But the image of her is that she’s just this super straight-laced hard-working evangelical. In fact, she’s just as much of a fucking degenerate slacker as I am lol.


I decide that I’m still on this ‘only open hot sets’ kick. So what I’m going to do is ‘small chunk’ everything. First, I will just work on maintaining my body language and my frame —- no matter what happens. The perfect opener for this is ‘Hey guys, sorry I’m late’ and just plow the fuck through.

I do a warm-up set and just walk away in the middle of conversation (no it wasn’t going particularly well, and I wasn’t going to say in a 4, 4, 5 set).

Next set, mixed set 7, 7.5, and suave-looking chode in a tie. I pump myself up by talking with all the chodes standing around and Nightly for a few seconds, then I approach, hands on hips, feet shoulder width apart, smirking

Me: (forget the opener, say something else) Hey me and my friend were just having an argument —- would you sleep with Jesus? (I read this somewhere…just popped out)

7.5 (looks at me, annoyed) He doesn’t exist. (backturn)

Me: (NOPE. NOT TODAY. I reach out and grab her arm) Hey…don’t be fucking rude

7.5: (taken aback, blinks) Well…I answered your question, I said he doesn’t exist

Me: Stop being a bitch and just relax and be cool (turns to her friend) A-yi-yi, is she always like this?

7: Like what? (blah blah blah blah…) My drink blah blah blah (the music’s loud)

So, I crash and burn in this set…but, two things — I can see it, now. The little glimmers of ‘something,’ that are CAUSED by me first escalating/doing something else. Like, when I told her not to be rude, her vibe toward me changed.

Two set — 7 and an 8. Just roll up, hands on hips, feet spaced shoulder width apart

Me: Hey guys sorry I’m late
(both look at me, I’m silent with a smirk. They look away and start laughing)
8: Oh, yeah you didn’t miss much.
Me: Ya, how is this place?
8: It’s whatever, you know how it is.

I run routines, do my thing…the kino is only very light, but I mean…I witness things happen before my very eyes that are kind of mind-blowing. Like, I touch them and do stuff, and it’s fine. They don’t mind. After about 10 minutes. I stop escalating…I’m outside my reality, I can’t believe that it’s possible that I -could- one day be THIS guy. So after another 10 minutes though, they leave.

Whatever ‘normal’ sets I open because of logistics or because of my 3 second rule, I’m sure to ABC and get the number ASAP. Don’t want to waste much time with them.

BTW, even the ACT of opening a hot girl seems like a DHV. I saw a 9 standing there with her arms folded — alone, on the sidewalk. Roll right up

Me: Hey, sorry I’m late….(smirk, hands on hips, etc.)
9: (takes one look….BACKTURNS…walks away)

This is in front of a lot of people. Including a bunch of guys who just standing around admiring her. I look to the side, notice 5, 5.5, 5, and 4, and I laugh and shrug

Me: Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t…it’s all good baby.
5.5: (they all laugh) Ya, you should have offered to buy her a drink
Me: Relax kid, this ain’t my first rodeo. (Does Mitt Romney look…she does it back…I’m socially hooked already)
5.5: Oh, well all right then…blah blah blah blah blah.

I stay for a few seconds, Nightly is all up on that set soon enough, but I roll the fuck out post haste.

Next venue, I see three hot girls sitting down — 7.5, 8, 7. There’s another, similarly attractive 3 set standing up just to the right of them. I tell Nightly ‘go after the blondes, I’ll go after these brunettes, maybe we’ll be able to link them up.’ That’s the plan….

Me: Hey guys, sorry I’m late….
(I hold my frame and stare between them with a smirk — they have the same exact reaction, laughing)
Me:….ya, like, you’re Amber, you’re Kristina, you’re Marietta…Amber (indicating the 8) you don’t remember those keg stands we did? You told me that joke about donkeys and monkeys……which was fuc-king hil-ar-i-oooouuuuuuuus
(they’re still laughing and rolling their eyes)
Me — blah blah blah she’s the crazy one, she’s the good one, she’s the mother hen, girl code, blah blah blah blah
7.5 and 7 are more into it than 8 — 8. although sometimes I’m able to catch her, is still a little aloof. S’all good. 7 pulls out her phone while I’m talking. I take the time to just lean over her
Me: What’s that? Is that your fucking phone? That’s dope….let’s take a look!
(Dips to stare straight down at her phone, and she giggles like crazy and hits me on the shoulder)
7: Don’t make fun of my phone!
Me: Listen, let’s all relax…here, we’re just gonna…(I squeeze behind her and actually move her chair around — she’s giggling, her friends are both just staring wide-eyed….and then I sit down — however, I notice that the 8 sort of scoots a little away (we’re both on a bench)….I look over at her, noticing this shift, and then I bite the air. She blinks and looks straight ahead)
Me: So how do you guys know one another…?
8: School…
Me: Oh yeah? College is fucking rad
7.5: No, the one before that
Me: (grin) Juvenile detention. Gotcha.
(No one is amused…in my mind I’m just like ‘it’s funny because I SAID it’ and I just sit there, not gonna laugh at my own joke, not gonna say anything else about it either. 7.5 shakes her head)
7.5: No…..High School
Me: Oooooooooooooooooooooooh.
Me: (blah blah blah blah blah cold read, blah blah blah blah…FINALLY….8 turns to look at me…I’ve been busting her balls about her watch v her friend’s watch blah blah blah)
8: So are those guys over there your friends?
(I glance and sure enough, there are two chodes who are just looking at the entire interaction)
Me: ya, but they’re wasted. Listen, they give you any trouble…you just let me know…..
8: (disbelieving look)…okay…
Me: And I’ll hand ‘em your purse straight away.
8 (she smiles)
8: So….what do you do?
Me: I’m a manager at Mcdonald’s, and if you guys play your cards right (I think about a finger snap, but then I’m like fuck that. Just say it straight)’ll get some free hamburgers.
8: Bullshit, you’re a fucking liar.
Me: (blinks)
8: It’s obvious that you’re quick, so….
Me: (Does a black woman index finger circular gesture, faux indignation) YOU just got downgraded to fries.
(All of them laugh, and she can’t control it either)
8: (starting to warm up, she puts her head on her chin and is looking at me….yaaaaaa cooooooooool) So why us? Why’d you come over here and talk to us, out of all these people? (The way she says it, right after I’ve pumped the group’s state lets me know it’s a shit test….)
Me: First chicks I saw, so….proximity?
(this lights her up again, she even repeats it to 7.5, and they both giggle about it, yaaaaaa Mystery, yaaaaaaaaaaaa…I launch into digit ratio routine, and in the middle of it the 8 —they’re pretty impressed by it and the accompanying info — now she’s warm…I can feel it….)
8: So you go to college? Are you a sociology major…like, what do you do for real?
(Ya, here’s my chance to just totally jump into qualifying/comfort…here it is, a great opportunity, a great…….)
Me: I already told you I worked at McDonald’s
(8 rolls her eyes……..and ya well……………the set starts to go downhill from there; I’ve been neglecting the 7 for awhile, and she’s the mother hen, and I kind of lose them all bit by bit. But I force myself to stick it out to learn this goddamned stupid lesson.)

Other interactions took place, but whatever. I mean, it seems like the issue is recognizing when to start moving into A3/C1 territory and getting more ‘real’ or ‘deep.’ It feels like the margin for error with hotter girls is just narrower. Maybe that’s just in my head. Anyone have any guesses or suggestions on how to best tell when to start ‘getting real’ in an interaction?


I had completely forgotten about this 5′s number I got from a set a few weeks ago and texted. She texted me, and we were texting back and forth. She clearly is into me…meh, whatever. Can take or leave it. However, we were talking on the phone and she kind of got annoyed and was like ‘ya, well I mean, you’re witty and funny but you just come across like you have a young mindset….like a boy.’

Me ‘o ya?’ (is this a shit test or what…or is she being real….idfk…)

Her: Yeah, as a woman looking for a man….I’m just thinking ‘okay, is it just jokes and that’s it? Is there anything you take seriously?’

Me: Not much. I think too many people take themselves too fucking seriously, and they’re stupid for it. No one cares about your fucking car or your house or your goddamned suit — you’re just gonna die anyway, fag. I care about adventure, I want to see all there is to see and explore as much as I can. So yeah, when it’s time to work I’ll fucking work, but when it’s time to play…eat shit if you want to stand around and jack off about your rolex or your job.

She likes this extemp rant, I can tell. Now, if I knew nothing about game I would just be like ‘well shit, she doesn’t like me at all.’ Now, I think…’ya she likes me SO MUCH that she’s actually TELLING ME WHAT SHE NEEDS right now.’ Correct assumption — she had to go do something but she was like ‘ya, actually can I call you later.’ In my mind I’m like’ idfc,’ but I’m like ‘ya cool sure.’

Annnnyways….I think that could be another use for lower value/attractiveness girls…they like you enough to just kind of…… you. Helpful to apply that knowledge to hotter girls? Seems like it.

  • YaReallyMIA
    on May 1, 2013 at 2:32 am
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    Breakdown for this one, I’m still gone right now but I always do a quick search for your FRs:

    “I’m starting to understand my ‘style.’ It literally is just ‘bull in a china shop”

    Keep exploring that, it’s my style too. My friends with blatant theoretical high-value/alpha characteristics (looks, height, $, etc.) can play the Nice Guy gentleman. Guys like us competing with them have to DHV more in-her-face because we need to demonstrate internal high-value/alpha characteristics.

    “she’s like ‘ya, you’re really photogenic…I’m sure you already knew that.’ So….probably DTF.”


    “if you can make a chick feel completely non-judged, they’ll show you a lot of themselves.”


    “But the image of her is that she’s just this super straight-laced hard-working evangelical. In fact, she’s just as much of a fucking degenerate slacker as I am lol.”

    Thus the Madonna/whore fallacy. All it takes is the right set of circumstances to bring a girl’s real side out. I’ve done fucked up things with girls who’s friends/family/etc. would have no idea she was capable of that. Things she would never do with any other guy. The Madonna/whore guys think 1) certain girls are incapable of certain acts, and 2) a girl who would do an act with one guy would do it with any guy. It’s all bullshit social conditioning and a refusal to fully swallow the Red Pill.

    “I decide that I’m still on this ‘only open hot sets’ kick.”

    Good. I’m not blowing smoke up your ass when I say that’s your market. Your “deficit” actually gains you extra points approaching these girls. You’re going to get blown out more at the start than a tall guy with average girls would, but it’s going to be worth building these reference experiences down the road.

    “So what I’m going to do is ‘small chunk’ everything.”

    Yep. This is the way to do it. It makes things less daunting too. “Who cares if I get blown out, all I cared about was that my body language was solid and it was! Go me!”

    “The perfect opener for this is ‘Hey guys, sorry I’m late’ and just plow the fuck through.”

    I’m stealing this lol

    “Me: (NOPE. NOT TODAY. I reach out and grab her arm) Hey…don’t be fucking rude”

    Good, as long as you have a smile on your face like “this girl is being silly, no one turns their back on me”

    “7.5: (taken aback, blinks) Well…I answered your question, I said he doesn’t exist”

    Change gears here. You’ve basically interrupted her “routine” (“ignore guy, he goes awa–oh wait, what? we’re still in a conversation?? he seems sure of himself but what do I do now?”) so you have to give her something new to jump to. In the old days we called this Routine Stacking, you just plow until something hits. So here you could cold-read or something.

    Prob is you didn’t give them a new branch to jump to, so it like, flounders:

    “Me: Stop being a bitch and just relax and be cool (turns to her friend) A-yi-yi, is she always like this?”

    Not sure how to explain this. It’s kind of like the 90/10 rule. You’ve gone into 50/50 mode, but she isn’t attracted enough to contribute yet so it’s like saying “You’re beautiful” and her going “…ummm thanks!” “…you’re really beautiful!” “…okayyyy…?” Like, she’s not going to fill in the conversation for you yet, esp since she doesn’t think she’s being a bitch.

    So there was a slight window here, I don’t know if you could’ve turned things around but it’s possible because of:

    “The little glimmers of ‘something,’ that are CAUSED by me first escalating/doing something else.”

    This. Who’s setting the pace/frame at first with the Jesus Q? You. Then she takes it by turning her back. Then you took it back by demanding she stops being rude. Then you let it flounder and let them have the frame, but they didn’t want it, and it dies. Know what I mean?

    It’s like sending a txt without feeding her something to respond to. “You’re from New York? That’s cool.” will probably get you “thanks.” whereas “You’re from New York? You must’ve moved way out here to escape the law.” will force her to give you something more you can work with. 90/10 rule.

    “After about 10 minutes. I stop escalating…I’m outside my reality, I can’t believe that it’s possible that I -could- one day be THIS guy.”

    lol. The shit you’ll be doing in a year will make you laugh at this comment. ;)

    “even the ACT of opening a hot girl seems like a DHV.”

    Yep. If you succeed, you get a hottie. If you get shot down, guys give you props for having the balls to try (VS an ugly girl shooting you down where they’ll laugh at you) and girls will think “wow a guy who had the balls to approach THAT girl?? I want him!!” (VS an ugly girl shooting you down where they’ll go “wow he can’t even get that ugly girl what a loser”).

    “Me: Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t…it’s all good baby.”

    Perfect frame. It’s all a joke to you.

    “7.5 and 7 are more into it than 8 — 8. although sometimes I’m able to catch her, is still a little aloof.”

    Bill Gates finding $10,000 on the ground analogy. You would shit a brick and dance down the street, Bill Gates would go “oh, cool!” and be happy but not as outwardly excited about it. Plus on top of that, hotter girls have to shit-test more because they need guys who can handle all the shit that comes with dating a hot girl…so they’ll test you a lot more.

    “8: So are those guys over there your friends?”

    Shit-test. If you just say “Yep.” she’ll either burn you with “Maybe you should go hang out with them instead. :) ” or she’ll burn you with “Your buddy is cuuuute!” and try to indicate she’s not interested in you and piss you off and make you go away. Depending on the girl’s personality some of them will literally TRY to make guys get pissed off and cry and be butt-hurt, to weed out lame guys, and they’ll take pride in it…but guess how attracted they’ll be to a guy who passes all their tests lol

    “(I glance and sure enough, there are two chodes who are just looking at the entire interaction)”

    Of course they are, because they don’t have the balls to do what you’re doing.

    “Me: ya, but they’re wasted. Listen, they give you any trouble…you just let me know…”

    Good. You avert her burning you because you went “Ya…” but then followed up with some good/funny shit. So you’re not giving her a chance to take the frame like you would be if you just said “Ya.”.

    “8: (disbelieving look)…okay…”

    She doesn’t really know what to do/say because you didn’t fall into the shit-test she set.

    “Me: And I’ll hand ‘em your purse straight away.”

    Perfect. If you had just stopped talking there, it would’ve been like the floundering 90/10 thing up above where things died because you didn’t lead. But here you’re interrupting her “routine” and then leading her into somewhere off it, confidently and unapologetically. Another guy might’ve seen her disbelieving look and qualified themselves with “You don’t believe me?? No seriously I swear!!” gay shit.

    So basically you passed her shit-test. The result, as always?:

    “8 (she smiles)
    8: So….what do you do?”

    IOI. But she’s hot, so you don’t need to take the bait right away. Keep demonstrating value and your personality, which you do.

    “8: Bullshit, you’re a fucking liar.”

    She loves it. And an AFC/noob would apologize or qualify themselves here, probably thinking she’s actually mad and that she’s too pretty to be an asshole to.

    “Me: (blinks)”

    Holding your frame.

    “8: It’s obvious that you’re quick, so…”

    Huge IOI from a hot girl. You’ll find average/ugly girls don’t compliment your wit/intelligence/etc. Because those girls are socially retarded themselves or drunk or don’t have to weed out as many guys to find a quality guy because they’ll accept shittier guys…so they don’t develop an appreciation for wit.

    Whereas in the world of a hot girl, every guy sounds like “uhhh soo ummm you like stuff? cool I like stuff too! stuff is cool!! so uhhh…can I have your number?” And they just get used to running circles around guys and being disappointed that guys are playing “catch-up” to them all the time.

    So when they meet a guy who has THEM playing catch-up to their wit, they genuinely express IOIs about that feature, because it’s something rare and attractive in their world. This is why rich Hollywood 10s aren’t always banging 6-pack rich guys…often they’re with weird artsy dudes or scumbags or even ugly guys, because they’re looking at a different set of characteristics than the average girls. They’re surrounded by rich good-looking guys, but most of those guys are blue pill guys, so they’re looking through the riff-raff to find the guy who can dominate their world.

    “Me: (Does a black woman index finger circular gesture, faux indignation) YOU just got downgraded to fries.”

    Beautiful lol. From here she’ll be attracted. You’re basically steam-rolling over her frame and forcing her to play catch-up. Most guys would wait to hear what she said after “so…” and hope it was approval.

    “(All of them laugh, and she can’t control it either)”

    She’s legit attracted here.

    “(The way she says it, right after I’ve pumped the group’s state lets me know it’s a shit test….)”

    Yep. She’s trying to get you into the chasing-her frame still. Again, she’s a hot girl and that’s just what they do. They have to keep testing testing testing to see if you’re legit.

    “Me: First chicks I saw, so….proximity?”

    Old-school but solid. She hasn’t earned you showering her with compliments yet and this is congruent to your indirect approach. Guys will say “Dude, this is the chance to go direct!!” and you CAN do that, but you’d be taking congruency risks that aren’t necessary by switching modes. However, for the sake of learning, if you wanted to switch to direct (from your indirect that you’ve been running here), two ways you could do it are:

    1) “You’re gorgeous, and this was all a ruse to come over and hit on you.” (unapologetic SOI, but you’d have to follow this up with some GOOD shit, 90/10 style, not just let her fill in the silence after that)

    2) “You’re gorgeous, and I wanted to come see if you were fun…but it turns out I can barely stand you so now I’m just resting my feet. ;) ” (neg/tease, which should get you an “asshole!! :D ” punch on the arm)

    But like I say, that’s fucking around with incongruency when you don’t need to in this situ. Her goal is to get you to be incongruent so she can write you off…so she keeps trying to get you to admit you’re seeking her validation (calling you a liar about McDs to see if you’ll backtrack, dangling a validation string about your quickness to see if you’ll bite, asking why you approached them to see if you’ll admit to hitting on her, etc.).

    “in the middle of it the 8 —they’re pretty impressed by it and the accompanying info — now she’s warm…I can feel it….”

    Yep. Legit attraction.

    “8: So you go to college? Are you a sociology major…like, what do you do for real?”

    Real IOIs here.

    “Me: I already told you I worked at McDonald’s”

    *facepalm* lol.

    It’s alright, we all did this. :)

    “8 rolls her eyes”

    Yep. You rejected her when she “threw herself at you” by letting down her guard to show legit IOIs basically.

    “I mean, it seems like the issue is recognizing when to start moving into A3/C1 territory and getting more ‘real’ or ‘deep.’ It feels like the margin for error with hotter girls is just narrower.”

    Yep. Hotter girls, or girls who see themselves as high-value, will 180 on you for the smallest mistake. That’s why the RooshV crowd can’t hack North America. The girls see themselves as high-value, and the guys have weak/boring game that isn’t built to handle shit-tests, so the guys can’t get through the narrow window. In EE the girls give them a bigger window for error, so they can make it through. (insert irrellvant whining from those guys about “well NA girls aren’t WORTH handling those shit-tests and blah blah blah” here lol)

    “Anyone have any guesses or suggestions on how to best tell when to start ‘getting real’ in an interaction?”

    Look for her qualifying herself and/or chasing you. This’ll be subtle in hot girls, and it’s a little more than an IOI. It’s more about her “exposing herself” or “throwing herself out there” or “making herself vulnerable”.

    The key that goes hand-in-hand with that is “did I EARN this interest?”. That’s where experience and understanding the game comes in. A hooker will go up to the ugliest guy in the room and ask his name, it’s all fake because he didn’t earn it. But a girl who you’ve pushed through some emotions and ran solid game on asking your name, that’s legit.

    Some examples:

    Her: “What do you do?” (setting a hoop for you to qualify yourself with)
    AFC: “I’m an investment banker.” (qualifying yourself by actually answering)
    Her: “oh…” (bored)
    AFC: “…” (no game)
    Her: “So ummm what’s your name?” (no attraction, he didn’t earn this, she’s just filling silence)

    Her: “What do you do?” (hoop)
    AFC: “I work at McDonald’s.” (shitting on hoop)
    Her: “You’re a liar!!” (shit-test)
    AFC: “No, I wouldn’t lie to a girl like you!” or “You got me, I’m really an investment banker” (backtracking, failing shit-test, seeking approval)
    Her: “Wow, that’s SO interesting. You’re so fascinating. What’s your name?” (no attraction, she’s just shit-testing)

    Her: “What do you do?” (hoop)
    PUA: “I work at McDonald’s.” (pass)
    Her: “You’re a liar!!” (shit-test)
    PUA: “No fries for you!” (congruent and passing shit-test)
    Her: “:O OMG…I can’t believe you said that.” (shit-test)
    PUA: “Get used to it, so many things about me are unbelievable.” (congruent/unapologetic and passing shit-test)
    Her: “Oh reall–” (shit-test attempt)
    PUA: “Like how small my penis is. :( ” (shitting on her shit-test attempt)
    Her: “:O” (fried circuits)
    PUA: “It’s like a wet baby carrot.” (congruent/unapologetic and ahead of her, she has to catch-up, like the “No fries for you!!” bit)
    Her: “lololol omg what’s your name??” (legit IOI, exposing herself, time for comfort, because I earned this reaction)

    That’s working off her actions, but you can take the lead yourself if you feel you’re in A3 and you can start to qualify her…So say we take it from here in that last interaction and I want to know where I’m at:

    Her: “:O OMG…I can’t believe you said that.”
    PUA: “Could you ever love a fry chef? You’re hot, but hot girls are usually shallow. You’re not shallow are you?”

    This can branch into two responses:

    1) Her: “oh ya I’m totally shallow.” (not qualifying herself, spike her temperature more then try to get her to qualify again)

    or 2) Her: “noooo I’m not shallow!! I’m so nice!!” (her qualifying herself, now I know I can transition into Comfort…if I get the 1st response, I keep gaming and returning to qualifying until she finally qualifies herself, then I go into Comfort)

    This is why we had those old-school “I love a girl who can cook, can you cook?” routines. Their purpose was to see if the girl would say she can cook (if she’s attracted but can’t cook she’ll lie that she can cook or she’ll apologize that she can’t cook and hope you forgive it) and we’d know we can start transitioning, or if she would say she can’t cook (if she’s not attracted but can cook she’ll play it down or lie that she can’t cook).

    This is all a really subtle chess game and you’ll fuck it up a TON until you get it right. And when you get it right, you’ll run into an some smokin’ hot 10 who loves you way faster than you’re used to and you’ll fuck THAT up. etc. etc. lol

    So pay attention for “did I earn this, have I logically done attractive things in front of or to her?” and “is what she’s doing/saying showing some vulnerability in her iron bitch-shield?” and try throwing out a few “can I get her to qualify herself to me?” bits.

    “she kind of got annoyed and was like ‘ya, well I mean, you’re witty and funny but you just come across like you have a young mindset….like a boy.’”

    Shit-test, when you first meet her you would laugh and shit on this, but because you have more attraction built up (she txted you weeks later with no real interest on your end), you want to dig a bit and let her express herself…to go to the extreme, imagine “I hate when you do that” on the first meet VS two years into a relationship. One’s a shit-test, the other is a concern…if you aren’t sure which it is, just be silent and let her keep talking till you can tell:

    “Her: Yeah, as a woman looking for a man….I’m just thinking ‘okay, is it just jokes and that’s it? Is there anything you take seriously?’”

    Now you know it’s her venting and giving you her Blueprint of what she needs you to be/do/say to get in her pants. She’s attracted and frustrated and basically needs some Comfort.

    “Me: Not much. I think too many people take themselves too fucking seriously, and they’re stupid for it.”

    Really good rant. I use a similar one when girls test me on sex, about how embarrassed everyone is about sex and how life is short and I just do what feels right etc. etc.

    “’ya she likes me SO MUCH that she’s actually TELLING ME WHAT SHE NEEDS right now.’”

    Yep. 100% dead on. This is basically LMR but before the bedroom and before you escalate lol…she’s basically thinking “I WANT to have sex with him, but I NEED him to flip this switch in my mind before I can do it.”

    Ironically, did you notice that this is actually the exact same thing you ran into with the HB8 above when you went back to the McDonald’s thing? The HB8 was telling you “I need you to be real and tell me about yourself” but a lot more subtly, and you did the equivalent of responding to this HB5 with a cocky/funny joke, so the HB8 rolled her eyes and shut down, just like the HB5 would have if you had responded with a joke.

    “Helpful to apply that knowledge to hotter girls? Seems like it.”

    Yep. Like I say, if you ignore their hotness and their actual words and look purely at their intent, they’re both doing the exact same thing: showing vulnerability/interest, asking you to return that, and with the HB8 you snubbed it (got stuck in A3, killed the seduction) but with the HB5 you returned it (entered Comfort, progressed the seduction).

    Like, this is all very very logical when you understand the dynamics. Crazy hey? :)

    “Can you move the interaction to comfort by yourself? What I mean is; rather than waiting on the other side to give you cues on when the convo should start getting real, you can initiate that youself.”

    Right, exactly. This is what I’m describing up above with qualifying them. You can do it with other methods too, like story-telling to see how intently she listens, leaving un-finished conversation tangents in the air to see if they pick them up again, “forgetting” to explain a cold-read until she reminds you, back-turning to see if she tries to get your attention again, role-playing to see if she plays along, etc.

    I like qualifying them because for my style of “I’m jaded and hard to impress because I’ve been with so many women and am so much more sexually experienced than everyone around me” game, qualifying them is efficient and congruent because my value is *IN* my sexual vibe. Like my asking “Where are you from?” isn’t as congruent to my sexual vibe as “Your friend is hot, you two make out when you drink, don’t you.”.

    But for someone who runs more indirect or gentlemanly game or who’s value is more based on their social status, power, captivating a group, etc., stuff like leaving un-finished conversation tangents might be better for them.

    “I’m starting to realize that — even with Nightly — so few guys honestly know what it’s like to be starting from a perceived value deficit, rather than just ‘equal value.’ Anything you get, you honestly earn.”

    lol ya. I only understand it because while physically I’m average looking, I started out from such a massively socially crippled mentality that I was starting from a huge deficit, ESPECIALLY in the bar scene where most people are social and have been social since they were old enough to drink…I was years behind them all and had to claw my way up for a couple years just to become “normal” lol

    I also party with a huuuuge variety of people from all types of backgrounds, looks, careers, status, locations, etc. so I’ve met a few guys who have massive deficits where other people would be like “That guy’s 5’2″ AND ugly?? No way he can get girls!” or “That guy is brown and he’s in a hick town? No WAY he can get white girls!” etc. and I’ve seen the reverse of “that guy has SO many advantages and he STILL can’t get pussy?! WTF that’s ridiculous, I WISH I had his advantages I would destroy this shit!!”

    Don’t worry though, waaaaaayyyyyyy down the road you’ll end up in “unconscious competance” and you’ll find that even YOU don’t see yourself as having deficits. And girls, Naturals, etc. won’t see you as having them either. That sounds like smoke up your ass and it’s not going to happen anytime soon, but it’s there in your future years from now if you keep at this. :)

    “I think you should try to be more of real asshole to these women. Try to lean towards dominating them socially, less dancing monkey. ”

    This part I agree with, but it’ll come with time so don’t stress it too much yet. You’re already learning little bits and pieces of it like grabbing her arm to turn her around etc. The key is that you can’t force this, it has to be legit. If you just tried “the arm grab turn around maneuver” it would bomb, but it worked because you had 100% intent behind it. As you gain more experience talking with girls you’ll legit start to care less about offending them, and you’ll develop stricter standards of what behavior you accept from them, and you’ll be less afraid to express yourself, and you’ll become more “assertive” (VS asshole lol) which will result in you Naturally doing stuff like “Hey, don’t be rude, woman.” with full intent because it legitimately crosses lines of acceptable behavior in your mind.

    “Just try to play it more aloof and cool”

    Aloof/cool only works when the girl sees you as high-value already. As a short guy who’s still new to this stuff, Scray doesn’t spark enough attraction on first sight/approach to play aloof/cool yet.

    “When in doubt, just view these club rats for what they are disposable cum rags. :D

    ehhh…there’s a lot of cool chicks out there.

    • Scray
      on May 1, 2013 at 2:09 pm
      Original Link

      ‘Aloof/cool only works when the girl sees you as high-value already’

      This! I mean, I have a vision of how I want to be on approach now — just like, a DHV blitzkrieg. That’s going to involve being high-energy, extremely self-amusing, etc. I can’t get away with the whole Don Draper style.

      Like, the best moments in this are where it’s like ‘why do I have to do X, him or him don’t have to do X….it’s not fair’ and I just remember the Tyler ‘BECAUSE YOU SUCK SHIT, THAT’S WHY. YOU SUCK SHIT AND YOU HAVE TO.’ So…then I’ll go try whatever. It really does help to appreciate whatever little things you get. Like, there’s a girl (like a 7) that runs in high-value social circles that I run into sometimes.

      Me: Ya, fell in love with this girl in Jamaica. I hate when I do that
      Her: Oh yeah, why?
      Me: Because I just lie a lot. I promised that I’d buy her America. You know, shit like that.
      Her: (she snickers) That could be a problem.
      Me: Oh hey, that’s a nice ring you got on your finger. There’s a 24k diamond ring at Mary Kay on display right now. If you go there and drop my name, it’s yours. (I say this in a ‘hey guuuuurl’ tone)
      Her: (she giggles loudly — it’s the right kind of giggle. I say a lot of shit to a lot of diff people now, and I can recognize the ‘hahaha that’s funny LITTLE BROTHER’ laugh vs. the ‘hahahaha….stooooop it’ laugh)

      So I just constantly wonder, why do things like the above…work? How can I turn things like the above into a deeper connection?

      Here’s another dynamic I’ve noticed — all my social circles are filled with high value people. I don’t hang out with any ‘losers.’ What I read on a lot of PUA sites is shit like ‘ya your friends all probably suck’ or whatever. But that isn’t the case with me. Most of my guys friends slay poon. Like….how can I be so low-value to girls but run in high value circles?

      Last, hanging out with high value guys does put you on the radar of high value girls.
      Ex: Talking with Natural friend blah blah blah. Then Natural friend talks to 8.5 girl for a bit. I don’t say anything, I just talk to someone else. (Social circle shit…I don’t want to fuck up with an 8.5, I’ll wait) Then she’s like
      ‘ya, that’s right Scriy’ (purposefully mispronouncing my name)
      ‘that’s right, I’m taking it to the next level…’
      (short circuits, why is this hot girl talking to me all of a sudden…just remain silent)

      btw, Nightly pussed out of opening those hot blondes and opened some uggos instead.

      Ya, see, I’m just noticing so many things and trying to figure out what they all mean lol. Can’t wait for school to be over so that I can just start hammering this shit out 4-7 nights a week.

      • YaReallyMIA
        on May 1, 2013 at 5:30 pm
        Original Link

        “So I just constantly wonder, why do things like the above…work?”

        Self amusement. What you feel, she feels. If you think you’re funny and you’re coming from a place where you fully believe that what you’re saying/doing has value, she’ll feel that too. She’s looking at your sub-communications to determine how to feel about what you’re saying/doing. This is why if you approach half-assed, you’ll bomb, or if you approach with “gimmicky” routines, she’ll sniff out the incongruence and fail you. But when you’re just fucking around 100% outcome independent, it says you’re not trying to impress her which implies you don’t need to fuck her which implies that you have other girls you can fuck which implies that other girls like you which makes her like you because other girls like you. Big self-feeding DHV loop, instigated by your amusing yourself instead of trying to impress her.

        “How can I turn things like the above into a deeper connection?”

        You have to push it and lead, she won’t do it for you, and part of what builds the attraction is your willingness to risk rejection…even if you get shot down, as long as you play it off in a cool/casual non-butthurt way, you gain some attraction. This is why we can get rejected for the kiss a few times but she still sticks around and on the next time she’s into the makeout…each rejection you handle unphased builds toward the future success. But like I say, you have to be the one leading the interaction toward that.


        “Me: Because I just lie a lot. I promised that I’d buy her America. You know, shit like that.”
        “Her: (she snickers) That could be a problem.”
        “Me: Oh hey, that’s a nice ring you got on your finger. There’s a 24k diamond ring at Mary Kay on display right now. If you go there and drop my name, it’s yours.”
        “Her: (she giggles loudly)”

        I would do something like:

        Me: That’s not a wedding ring is it? Are you MARRIED?? Why do you flirt with me so much when you already have a man at home taking care of your eight children, you whore!
        Her: OMG no it’s my grandmother’s ring she–
        Me: I don’t think your grandmother would approve of your whoring ways either, young lady. Now would you quit staring at me with those man-eating eyes? I’m not a piece of meat. I have thoughts and feelings, you know. Why can’t you love me for who I am on the inside instead of all my outside beauty?”
        Her: (should pretty much have her circuits fried and just be giggling and going “OMG” here)
        Me: (grab her around the hips and pull her in, laser eyes up close) It’s okay, I forgive you. We can’t help all this chemistry between us.

        At that point I’d be doing some triangular gazing (eyes down to lips, back up to eyes, google for details) and scanning for how attracted she is and whether I can go for the makeout or not.

        All I’m doing up there is doing some push/pull, roleplaying, pushing her through an emotional rollercoaster (“you whore!” “quit staring at me!” “it’s okay, I forgive you” etc.), implying we have chemistry and assuming attraction, etc. You have a spark of attraction at her giggling about the 24k ring, you can tell by how she giggles…so that’s the point where a PUA goes “alright there’s a spark here, now I’ll start fanning it into a flame, and then a bush-fire”, while a normal guy goes “it seems like she might like me but wtf do I do with that knowledge?” and the spark dies out.

        Keep in mind she might giggle and go “OMG you’re crazy!!” and squirm away when I’m talking about our chemistry, especially depending on the environment and isolation and all that shit…but that’s fine, I just laugh it off with a wink and walk away and I know she’ll be thinking about me in a positive/attracted light from then on because I made my “Man to Woman” intent known and handled the rejection (which in my mind is more handling her silly girl shyness and not anything to do with me or my attractiveness) smoothly and without seeming butt-hurt. So the next time she allows herself to be isolated with me, she knows exactly what my intent is and that’s basically her giving me permission to try again and she’ll probably be into it if I’ve handled logistics, isolation, ASD, LMR, etc. properly.

        Think of it like if you knew a guy was going to stab you the second you were alone together, would you EVER be alone with that guy? Fuck no. Even if you were in the same social circle, you’d make sure you were never alone with them. Now say you knew he was going to give you a million dollars when you’re alone but everyone would judge you for taking the million? You would sub-consciously foster a situation where you two “end up” alone together.

        “all my social circles are filled with high value people. I don’t hang out with any ‘losers.’”

        Good, you’re lucky, you’re starting at an advantage. There are drawbacks to it (having to compete with them more, Naturals etc can be a handful to be friends with, esp when you’re advancing up in the ranks of the group), but the benefits outweigh them. A lot of PUAs spend the first couple years just making higher-value social circles so they can start where you’re starting from.

        “how can I be so low-value to girls but run in high value circles?”

        ’cause girls don’t give a shit whether you’re 6’4″, have 6-pack abs, have a million dollars, have a nice condo, have a good career, have the coolest friends in the world, etc. All that gets their vaginas flipping out is whether you know how to handle women.

        Your high-value circles also love having you because you make them look better. Imagine how boss a PUA instructor looks when he’s running a bootcamp where he’s spent the day with guys hanging on his every word and then he’s in the club ordering them around and they’re looking at him like he’s the coolest guy in the world to them…that’s been you, sub-consciously in your body-language etc., till you started getting into this. It’s not a malicious thing, they’re not consciously calculating “having Scray follow me around all night and be impressed when I hit on girls will make me look more attractive to girls”, it’s just social dynamics. Every group has some lower status guys in it…as long as you’re not a threat, you’re welcome to stay in the group.

        That’s why I say you might get push-back from them when you try to rise up in the ranks. A lot of Naturals are selfish and want to stay top-dog, and won’t like you leaving your low-status role…same time, some of them will support and encourage you. Those guys are your real friends.

        “hanging out with high value guys does put you on the radar of high value girls.”

        Yep. But they won’t fuck you unless you have game. Witness Neil Strauss hanging around rock/porn-stars but not being able to get laid. VS Brandon Novak who hangs with Bam Margera and basically fucks anything that comes near Bam:

        It’s the same with money, looks, career, etc. They’ll get a girl to notice you exist, and a lot of guys think that’s all it takes and then sex magically happens, but the reality is there are a million places for the guy to fuck up along the way to sex and most of these guys DO fuck it up. Or don’t push it as fast/efficient as they could.

        “btw, Nightly pussed out of opening those hot blondes and opened some uggos instead.”

        lol hey at least he’s opening SOMETHING…try heading out with a guy who won’t open ANYTHING, it’s brutal.

        “Ya, see, I’m just noticing so many things and trying to figure out what they all mean lol.”

        It’ll all click together in time. You’ve got a box of puzzle pieces you’ve dumped onto the table and keep finding new ones…down the road it’ll all click in your head when the concepts sink into your sub-conscious and you gain enough reference experience to really understand them. The thing to keep in mind is that this all DOES click together in the end, every concept in game interconnects with a bunch of other concepts, and in the end you get a logical consistent roadmap for how social dynamics work and how to consistently build attraction and seduce women and lead your social circles etc.

        It’s like the dude in Rounders says: “Why does this still seem like gambling to you? Why do you think the same five guys make it to the final table at the World Series of Poker every single year? What are they, the luckiest guys in Las Vegas? It’s a skill game.”

        Keep it up! :)

        • Scray
          on May 1, 2013 at 5:44 pm
          Original Link

          ‘That’s why I say you might get push-back from them when you try to rise up in the ranks’

          Ya, everything you said is correct. But, the good news is that I -am- starting to build an identity. In the original circle I’ve kind of become the ‘space cadet’ guy who does his own thing, in the newest circle I’ve become the ‘clown’ guy who doesn’t take anything seriously, to another circle i’m just the guy who ‘flirts a lot.’

          But, while it’s challenging, I kind of enjoy working to force an identity change down people’s throats. The victories are all small, but they’re there.

          What do you think the biggest keys are to slowly changing your identity over time? Just doing what the fuck you feel like and holding your frame when a) no one responds to it or b) everyone applies social pressure?

          • YaReallyMIA
            on May 2, 2013 at 3:18 am
            Original Link

            “the good news is that I -am- starting to build an identity.”
            :) Good to hear, and good to hear that you can tell this is happening. I know the concept of “what is my identity?” is kind of weird at first because we’re brought up to not believe we HAVE an identity…we’re conditioned by society to fit ourselves into the same “be polite to women, accept what society allows you to have, and settle into a mediocre life until you die” identity. So the notion that you can be someone else is like, wait, what? I’m ALLOWED to state my opinion? And to call people out when they do something I don’t approve of? Even if it hurts their feelings?? The world won’t end if someone doesn’t like me?! That’s OKAY?? lol

            But identity isn’t something you can just snap into overnight, it’s something you forge out of reference experience. That’s why guys who go through, say, prison or war, have a strong identity…they forged that through life experience. Whereas some generic silicon valley office beta has no identity, he hasn’t been challenged in life or challenged himself to figure that stuff out. That’s why you HAVE to go out and get field experience…you can’t arm-chair jockey your way into an identity, you know? At least not an identity beyond “arm-chair jockey” (and you can build a VERY strong identity around that as some posters here demonstrate regularly lol it just doesn’t translate into being attractive/charismatic in real life)

            “What do you think the biggest keys are to slowly changing your identity over time? Just doing what the fuck you feel like and holding your frame when a) no one responds to it or b) everyone applies social pressure?”

            This is basically it. It’s giving yourself permission to fully express yourself and your feelings in the moment, and then not apologizing for that when people try to pressure you into betraying those feelings. It’s also trying new things that you haven’t done before, stepping outside of your comfort zone, to discover what things “click” with you.

            One of the big things that slows guys’ progress at pickup up is “That’s not me.” They’re still attached to their old identities so you say “go approach that girl direct” and they go “it’s cool that you can do that, and that works for you, but that’s not ME…” and refuse to experiment with it. They won’t step outside their comfort zone, and if you aren’t willing to cross the line and explore both sides of the pendulum swing, you won’t be able to find that happy middle-ground that clicks for you.

            Here’s Julien on forcing yourself out of your comfort zone:

            The great part about being a newbie is that pretty much EVERYTHING you’re doing is outside of your comfort zone right now. It’s awesome, that’s why you’ll make a ton of progress fast at the start. Even approaching is out of your comfort zone so you grow just from doing that. Hell, maybe even going out every week is out of your comfort zone, you know? It all counts and it all adds up.

            Down the road when you’re where I am, it’s harder to get out of your comfort zone because I’ve done so much shit that it’s difficult to find stuff that gives me that “o shit o shit” adrenaline rush. So it’s easier for me to plateau and stagnate and get bored with the whole thing, or slack off and lose my skills (like stopping going to the gym and ending up out of shape), because it all becomes routine. The trade-off is that my identity is rock solid. This pushing is why my game has developed into such a fucked up style where I can’t really pass my “routines” on to other guys (’cause they’ll get their asses kicked trying them), because I had to keep pushing myself further and further out of my comfort zone to the point where I’m doing shit that other guys overhear and are like “I can’t believe he said that, and I can’t believe she LIKES it?! wtf?!”

            There was a point where I came off like an asexual dancing monkey like every newbie, and there was a point where I dropped my first sexual opener while scared shitless that they’d slap me or call a bouncer, and there was a point where I started trying to always be sexual because I had slowly gained enough reference experience for my brain to say “okay, we can do this, we’re getting good responses from it”, and there was a point where my vibe overall became sexual like it is now. If you met me back when I started this, or even a couple years into it, you wouldn’t even recognize me as the same guy lol

            “The victories are all small, but they’re there.”

            This is what it comes down to. Tiny little victories. That’s why I encourage you to celebrate all the little things, they ARE the change that’s happening. It’s not going to be like a light-switch flips one day and you’re a bad-ass…it’s going to be “I’ve had 50 girls giggle at what I say and now I think most of the time I can tell the difference between a “little brother” giggle and an “omg you’re such an asshole” attracted giggle”. Like THAT’s the change, happening right there in those little victories.

            This is again why we stress going out so much. You can memorize all the theory and read all the books and watch all the videos and seminars you want, but if you aren’t out there applying it, you’re not reprogramming anything, you’re just bogging your mind down with useless theory.

            This is probably my fav Tyler video, because I was around in the old-school culture he talks about in here where “field experience is king”:

            The field will shove all your sticking points in your face. If your identity isn’t strong, the field will shove that in your face until it IS strong. If you get shit on and don’t stand up for yourself and set a boundary, but you go out regularly, you will keep getting shit on, until you DO stand up for yourself and set a boundary. A guy who sits around reading theory all day but not going out will never develop that…he’ll have it in MIND, from his reading, but when push comes to shove, he will fall back on his actual real life reference experience, which is to let himself get shit on.

            Even if you didn’t end up getting laid from this, which is pretty much impossible because you have a great attitude/determination…but even if you didn’t get laid from this, after like 3 years of going out, if you don’t even SEE a vagina, you will still grow a SHITLOAD as a man and your identity will become rock solid, which helps in other parts of your life aside from women. Like, there are so many benefits to this that you won’t even realize some of them until you run into them and unconsciously steamroll through a sticky situation and realize “oh, wow, that was a reflex from my pickup shit”, that any guys focusing purely on “well how many chicks did you fuck this week Scray? See? This PUA stuff is bogus!!” will just not be able to comprehend why you keep going out.

Why Are Men With Dark Triad Personalities So Irresistible To Women?

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via Heartiste

on April 26, 2013 at 6:06 pm
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So, as I bumble through this, some other patterns have started appearing in social interactions.

…earlier in day…
Me: [opens community fridge] Hey, are these anyone’s burgers?
Cute7: (shakes her head laughs) you are such an asshole…
Me: (legit confused) What?
Cute7: You’re going to eat someone else’s food.
Me: So it belongs to someone?
Cute7: I’m sure it does.
Me: Thanks for answering my question.
(I put them back and take out a fruit tray that someone else told me I could have the rest of)
Me: You want some of this fruit, X said I could have the rest.
Cute7: Oh, well in that case, sure.
(I make my plate, then I turn to her)
Me: You want a green one?
Cute7: Yes.
(I give her one, then I stand there…smile)
Me: You want another one…?
Cute7: (laughs) Just give me the thing…
(I don’t fight or anything, I just go to sit across the room and then she’s like…)
Cute7: He probably didn’t even say we could have any.
Me: Oh so you think I lied to you
Cute7: Yes. (turns, starts talking to another girl, who laughs at the exchange) He does rude things.

—> later we’re all hanging out, and I’m just being me, which…at this point is kind of like a bull in a china shop. Lots of mistakes, lots of false starts. So my other male friend, GoodlookingMcCoolGuy is there. There are two girls on either side of her that are Plain6 and Cold7….so —

Me: So, Plain6 – -
Cute7: Hey, that’s not her name.
Me: Plain6?
Cute7: It’s Plain6.0 (said almost sternly, but in a not-give-a-fuck way — it was a minor minor quibble)
Me: Oh…how rude of me.
Cute7: Yeah, you are rude! Earlier today he was going to eat someone else’s food, and he lied to me about some other food…blah blah blah tells story to group.

Plain6: Ya, I’m like a type A personality
Me: Ya me too, I get so stressed about class sometimes. [joking]
Cute7: Ya, you were probably real stressed those two times you actually went.

That’s the pattern. It’s like….am I misreading something when there’s less people around/it’s more chill? What’s the point of the tooling? I don’t really understand it. Like, she has no problem being nice or saying nice things to my friend, GoodlookingMcCoolGuy…plus, it’s not like she delivers these lines with a ton of fire or anything. Her bf was two seats down (they were having two separate conversations — barely talked, but I guess that could be alpha or whatever). She followed the only compliance test I tried to give, which was ‘hey, do a dance move right now.’ She said ‘no…’ then I just kept looking at her, and she did it. Then, she did it again when I asked. CaptainAMOG tried the same thing,,,/denied.

Anyway, the pattern is just an earlier more chill interaction that I read as ‘oh, hey I did something right…seemed like she liked something there…’ gets turned around on me later. It’s happened more than a few times.

Any thoughts appreciated

Went to the club again last night. Only opened hot sets –7.5+. It was terrible. I’m terrible. I suck at it :D and my only go to strategy when all the words rush from my head is to just say. exactly. how. i. feel. Lol. Ya…so you can just imagine that….11 times. Ugh.

  • YaReallyAWOL
    on April 27, 2013 at 4:20 am
    Original Link

    Hey dude. I’m AWOL with some shit right now. Saw this tho, so quickie advice:

    Shit-testing chick wants to fuck you. Doesn’t matter that you work or go to school with her, doesn’t matter that her bf is there, doesn’t matter how much drama it would be, none of that is relevant. Read Rollo’s article on “Hypergamy doesn’t care…” The point is that there’s a spark you could turn into a flame if you wanted.

    You probably SHOULDN’T. But just because you shouldn’t act on it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be aware that it’s THERE.

    “But yareally, why is she being such a dickhead to me? ESP in public?”

    What did you learn from way back in field report like 3 I think? Where you were in the food place and the girl asked your opinion on love and you didn’t cave? What happened? She invited the guys at your table into the convo. And you still didn’t cave. So THEN what happened? She invited the hot waitress into the convo to try to social pressure you into caving.

    So why does this other girl give you so much shit when everyone’s around and tell other girls you’re an asshole that steals good etc? …AND YET, she complies to dancing for you.

    Like, ignore the bullshit Oprah Dr Phil MSM brainwashing of what signals from girls are…think PURELY about what you’ve learned from PUA and the Manosphere. Cut out all emotions and look at 100% logic of the situ. Hell, ignore whether her BF is alpha or not. Focus on you and her and your vibe. Zoom in.

    She is doing the exact same thing as the other girl, calling in more social pressure for backup.


    Because you won’t cave to her. And if you don’t cave to all the social pressure she brings in, what happens? You know the answer to this. :)

    People will tell you to take the whole picture into account. And to consider her bf and her social life and reputation and job/school security and social circle drama all these other consequences…and those ARE things to consider. Like you should be AWARE that “this opportunity is here, if I take it it will cause these consequences”. But you need to learn that these windows exist and are THERE for you to take.

    Down the road your buddies’ GF’s will flirt with you. Hardcore. While holding your buddies’ hand. And you will think “wtf this is fucked” but your buddy won’t have a clue it’s even going on, right in front of him.

    BUT…whether you take these opportunities or not is up to you in the moment. And it’s something you have to develop in time. Maybe you got shot down by 11 girls but is that better than causing chaos in a co-worker/classmate’s boyfriend’s life? Maybe if you play dumb they’ll have kids and live a happy life together forever. Maybe if you escslate things you’ll save her from a shitty unsatisfying life she’d eat pray love her way out of with some other cock down the road and destroy her children’s stable future. These are your decisions to make and you need to consciously make them and make them 100% based on YOU and YOUR morals ethics and boundaries.

    A lot of guys in the manosphere think I’m a shitty asshole with no morals…but I DO have them. I have a personal code I never break. But that code is based on ME and MY thoughts, beliefs and experiences, it’s not something I let someone else determine FOR me because I have so little life experience that I have to look to religion, society, AMOG douches (hi, King A), etc to determine what my values are. My values for this area are based off my excessive amount of personal experience in this area. I don’t care at all whether someone else approves or doesn’t approve of where my lines are drawn or flexible.

    Cause I have buddies on both ends of the spectrums. I know the nicest dudes in the world who would babysit a girl with a boyfriend and completely altruistically just be looking after her and make sure she got home safe n sound. Same time I know guys who get OFF on fucking married girls, the more fucked up it sounds the better to them.

    At the end of the day you have to decide whether to pursue it or not…BUT, to be in the position to make that decision, you have to be aware that that fork in the road is THERE. In front of you. And that you can pick which way to go.

    Like, this sounds like mental masturbation probably, like “oh every girl wants to fuck me” but it’s not delusional at all. It’s simply understanding the cues are there, whether you act or not. Like knowing you’re IN the Matrix even if you enjoy the steak in front of you.

    This is what gives us the edge over normal guys. Normal guys can’t see these things. They aren’t aware of the subtleties. They get the ball and instead or running with it they question whether they deserve it and pass it off to someone else. I am FULLY aware of when a girl ISN’T into me. Like, it happens. But the instant things pass a certain line of X, I know “okay, shit just got real. If I want this I can pursue it…maybe I DON’T want it and won’t pursue it, but I’m aware that it’s THERE.”

    A LOT of natural guys are amazing up to the point where they have to actually acknowledge that the girl is into they flirt it up and you’re like “wow she loves you” but they’re like “no she’s just being friendly” and talk themselves out of it. It’s tragic. We’re better than that lol that’s why we “assume attraction”.

    The Q to ask yourself is: why does she talk smack and be mean to you, but is nice and complimenting to GoodLooking McCoolGuy?

    Like, break that down for us. What is the difference in how you two behave around her, and what is the different in the vibe between you guys and her, and if you wipe all out all emotion/logic, which of you is she responding *more emotionally* to? Good emotions, bad emotions, doesn’t matter, which of you does she feel more intense/opposing/captivating/frustrating/etc emotions toward? You or the Cap’n?

    • Scray
      on April 27, 2013 at 6:30 am
      Original Link

      Thanks for the taking the time to write that out, and I hope that life’s not getting rough on you or anything atm. It’s just hard to internalize the whole ‘ya, no she’s into you escalate’ vibe without having those ‘clear-cut’ signals that we’re all told about and shown in movies…

      The two girls that currently do shit like this though seem to be really good at attempting to hide these ‘emotional’ responses. It’s not like they’re lingering around me all the time, etc.

      I guess what we’re identifying are ‘sparks’ and learning how to flare up those sparks. Asking questions like these, which ya, I guess can boil down to ‘u think she likes me in this situ?’ just help for me to remember, like ‘yaaaaaa….proceed…do something.’

      Thinking about it….at that event, there also was an uggo there who HATES my guts. Always trying to talk shit, etc. I realize that if I could act the way I do to her to hot girls I’d be so fucking money.
      Uggo: Hey, look, I see an ass [looking at me]
      Me: (puts chin on hand, just no fucks to give, not even really looking at her) Hey….donkeys are people too.
      [Uggo stews]

      Uggo: Ugh, why are you even here?
      Me: [again no fucks are given] Relax. My dad said it was fine.

      ‘What is the difference in how you two behave around her, and what is the different in the vibe between you guys and her, and if you wipe all out all emotion/logic, which of you is she responding *more emotionally* to?’

      So I went back to think about it. Here’s the thing, I actually probably spent the most time talking to Cute7 and her friends. -But- what few interactions GLMC had with her seemed really positive. He’s real chill and nice and charming in his behavior. Like, it works for him because that’s who he is. He likes giving value to others and being a fun chill guy.

      And I know GLMC and Cute7 made out or whatever over a year ago, before Cute7 got her bf. GLMC said that Cute7 was like ‘oh you’re too hot for me, blah blah blah, you’d just make me insecure.’ So I know she’s attracted to him.

      Another big problem is that I don’t approach interactions correctly. I still approach them like a tryhard — like, I remember them in this fashion: ‘I got attention for X amount of time, OH SOMEONE ELSE GOT ATTENTION WHICH MEANS EVERYONE HATED ME, etc.’

      The more time goes on, the more and more I uncover that I need to work on. Honestly, the only thing I’ve mostly internalized by now is that I do believe that looks don’t matter much. They just don’t. I’ve already seen enough to dispel that notion. But there’s just so much else….

Fake It Till You Make It: The Scientific Evidence In Favor

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via Heartiste

on April 9, 2013 at 2:27 pm
Original Link

I need some advice from CH readers! I’ve been doing my best as the article states to become the ladies man I’ve always pictured myself being. I’m now bedding more and better quality women.

My sis has a hot-9 friend that just broke off an engagement. I’ve always had a crush on her and I know she eyes me from time to time. Especially since I rejected her approaches years ago – had a girlfriend at the time (was being beta but the rejection was so alpha). Our paths never cross, but we are both going to my sis’ wedding in the next few months. To spark things up I contacted her on FB where she likes every second post or picture I put up. I’ve never msged her or liked anything of hers… ever.

Me:Hey I didn’t know you guys have a plane? You get to fly it much?!

-Same day-

Her: Hey you! How’s it going? And yes my dad flies…blah blah …I do once a month or so. :)

-3 days later-

Me: Oh cool, so you’re in real estate right? Has your dad ever let you land?!

-One week later-

Her: Yeah, blah blah.. You back in the city too? Soooo excited for your sisters wedding in a few months!!! You bringing a hot date?!


How long should I wait to reply and what should I say? Do I avoid her last question completely or should I suggest that I’m going alone with full intentions of nailing her or any other of my sister’s ridiculously hot friends?

I’m usually pretty good at the indifferent txt/fb game but I feel like I’m over thinking shit here. In the past if I made a mistake I wouldn’t give a shit but I really want to bed this one!! What do I say and how do I form it guys? Thank for the help!!

  • YaReally
    on April 9, 2013 at 3:58 pm
    Original Link

    She wants to fuck you. Asking about your date is a big give-away. So you don’t really have to do much at this point. You could probably ignore her completely till the wedding and be fine if you just be sexual in person and isolate her and escalate as the night goes on.

    But if I were responding I’d do something like: “I haven’t decided yet. I don’t want you two cat-fighting over me all night. Although if we could find a tub of jell-o and some bikinis…” where the answer is ambiguous so she still gets some “will he have a girl or won’t he?? Should i bring a date?? I’d better do myself up incase I have to compete with a girl” hamster anxiety to keep her busy, and I’m also assuming attraction on her end, and I’m taking the flirting to a sexual place instead of talking about her family’s plane collection.

    Note that I wouldn’t go flat-out sexual on facebook, like trying to get into dirty-talk, because there’s no need to. You know she’s into you and that she’ll be at the wedding where you’ll probably have solid logistics to isolate her. If you go TOO sexual before you’re face to face you might trigger her ASD and get a lot more resistance because she doesn’t want you to think she’s easy.

    Then at the wedding when I don’t have a date I’d just say “no, I decided it was too dangerous, you’re feisty when you drink and you’d probably scratch her hair out. Besides, if you’re leaving scratch-marks on anyone’s body tonight, I’d rather it was mine. ;) ” to let her know we’ll be having sex later, and then just casually flirt thru the night to build the sexual tension (eye-fuck her during the speeches, bump into her bum with yours at the buffet table and tell her to quit bumping into you, reach for a wine glass or whatever blatantly reaching around her as your bodies rub and you give a mock “oh, I’m sorry, you’re just in my way is all ;) ”, give her a slow-dance or two with lots of eye-contact and kino, etc) till I can isolate her and escalate (usually as weddings die down there’s plenty of opportunities to isolate…walking her to her hotel room, exploring the venue, walking to find a cab together, etc etc).

    I’d swipe a bottle of wine or something leftover as the wedding shuts down (you’re the brother of the bride, you can do anything you want, but tip the bartender or whoever well so you don’t shit on their night) and tell her “come with me we’re going on an adventure” as I grab her by the hand and whisk her off to a quiet part of the venue/hotel and share the bottle as we cuddle and escalate. I’d scope out at the start of the night if the stairwell lets you get up to the roof so you can take her up there with the wine to slow-dance on the roof to some gay romantic music playing on your phone.

    Don’t stress it too much. This is a done deal, she’s already into you. Save all your “big” moves for the wedding day.

    • Scray
      on April 9, 2013 at 4:42 pm
      Original Link

      Hey Ya, I put in another FR, any general tips or advice appreciated. I know it takes awhile to break down every single interaction, but the general tips and tricks that you give are just as useful!

      • YaReally
        on April 10, 2013 at 3:21 am
        Original Link

        On it! I’ll try to get something up before the weekend for ya!

Five Minutes Of Alpha = Fifty Years Of Pining

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on April 8, 2013 at 8:23 pm
Original Link

His ineptness was a good excuse but is almost certainly untrue. Afterall, he didn’t seem inept with the girl he got with after he fucked her; she says as much herself: “he even seemed keen on her, paying her the sort of attention he’d never bestowed upon me”.

This actually jels with a pet theory of mine. I believe every man has instances where he is alpha. Let’s say a woman flirts with a man, but the woman is below the man’s standards. Unless the woman is well below those standards, he will often tolerate her hanging around him. He will give her the modicum of respect he doles out to everyone just on account of their being human, but he will not compliment her, not take much attention of what she says, and, in general, not be very friendly. In this instance, he is alpha. I think this was the case between the article author and “John”.

John then met the higher quality women and becomes smitten. Now he is more nervous, eager too impress, etc. He is more beta than he was with the author.

  • YaReally
    on April 9, 2013 at 2:37 am
    Original Link

    This is a man’s “sense of entitlement”. Basically how hot the girl is before you start acting like a retard lol

    You can increase it by collecting more reference experiences being with hot girls but a lot of guys stick to the 5-7 range of girls that don’t really rock their world, because it’s easier to get them since their sense of entitlement allows them to be alpha around them.

    Then they find a 6-7 with a good personality or their first 8 and stop going out and macking on new girls and fall into beta behavior where they convince themselves that this girl is special and amazing etc. You know how it ends from there lol

    Straight-up, Game comes down to: if you could treat the 10 like you treat the 4, you’d have 10s chasing you the way 4s will.

    • Cyrus
      on April 9, 2013 at 1:22 pm
      Original Link

      Interesting point. When you say “a lot of guys stick to the 5-7 range of girls,” what are you trying to say here?

      Are you saying its laziness?
      Inability to attract better?

      I don’t know how your personal rating system works, but for mine, the women who fall in the 5-7 range (especially 6-7) are widely accepted as “cute” “pretty”, or even classically attractive.

      And where I disagree with you is this is (1), like our classic 44-year-old-spinster who isn’t entitled to a high value man, similarly, men AREN’T entitled to women of a minimum threshold of beauty. I notice a lot of expectations from men who, Ironically, like to laugh with the Heartiste at the aging spinsters expecting a 8/10 male, while they themselves aren’t even aware of their own high expectations.

      Entitlement applies to both genders.

      (2) Bro, 6-7s ALREADY are generally “rare” in the population (you really have to be in the top 25-30th percentile in female looks to reach a 6-7 anyways given the tens of millions of low SMV rejects or fatties out there). At many US colleges you can develop an alpha playboy reputation by smashing only 7s and some 8s, because girls in the upper stratosphere of looks are that rare to begin with.

      Even if game was *not* Zero-Sum in nature (and it is), there aren’t enough 6-7 females to go around in the first place. Simply put, many men don’t even keep up the Alpha with 5-7s, because to get with them is an accomplishment already. Most men also aren’t attractive enough to meet the elevated standards of a 7 in her prime, unfortunately “standards” apply to both genders.

      “Game comes down to: if you could treat the 10 like you treat the 4, you’d have 10s chasing you the way 4s will.”

      Only on paper is this true. In reality, >99% (serious) of men will not be able to “treat” a 10 in any way shape or form because they’ll never come across her. (See RooshV’s post on “How to Bang A 9″)

      • YaReally
        on April 9, 2013 at 2:42 pm
        Original Link

        “Are you saying its laziness? Fear? Inability to attract better?”

        Yes. All of those.

        “men AREN’T entitled to women of a minimum threshold of beauty”

        If you believe that, then you’re right, you aren’t.

        “Most men also aren’t attractive enough to meet the elevated standards of a 7 in her prime”

        You’re letting the woman dictate what high-value is. That’s like letting your child dictate what time bed-time is. You’re in the wrong headspace entirely.

        “In reality, >99% (serious) of men will not be able to “treat” a 10 in any way shape or form because they’ll never come across her.”

        Yes, 10s are rare, especially in little podunk towns. You may have to move to a bigger city. And getting them is hard. And a lot of men can be perfectly happy settling down with a “cute” average 6.

        But some men want more than that and find the challenge fun and consider the rewards worth it. Hey Scray, after banging that hottie 8.5 on vacation, can you settle down with a “cute” average 6? But getting another 8+ could be haaaaaard. You should just give up and marry a 6 because its haaaaaard to find and get hot girls.

        “See RooshV’s post on “How to Bang A 9″”

        I think it’s pretty safe to say Roosh has never banged a 9. 9s don’t make it easy enough for a guy who can’t overcome shit-tests or befriend her friends etc.

        • greatest beta
          on April 9, 2013 at 2:48 pm
          Original Link

          You’re letting the woman dictate what high-value is. That’s like letting your child dictate what time bed-time is. You’re in the wrong headspace entirely.

          I hope your not comparing women with children. Dude, in real life what I see is 7 men with 7 women. I see 8 men with 8 women. I see 6 men with 7 women and 7 women with 8 men. Once in a while you get your abberation. Of course the gold digger 25 yr old 8 with the 55 yr old fat balding rich dude. But more or less the couples are alike in looks. Game can help a dude score higher points, but even game has its limits.

          [CH: Most men are shell entities sleepwalking through life. What we talk about here is off the radar of 99.9% of the male population. Then of those men who are wise to the ways of women and game, only a small percentage of those have the ambition to take the lessons to heart and practice them.
          So yeah, most couples will more or less match up on some very trivial and obvious traits. But that is because most couples are lazy, unawares, and simply content to let the chips fall where they may.]

          • Scray
            on April 9, 2013 at 6:19 pm
            Original Link

            I used to think what you think, but I haven’t even had much success with game, and I can already tell that this is incorrect. Or at least, in -my- limited experience it is. Like, I talked to a bona fide 9 just a few days ago. I saw how she looked at me. It wasn’t a ‘oh wow, you’re not a male 9 gtfo, o wow you’re short gtfo, o wow you’re overweight gtfo..’ interaction. The vibe was different, and I know that if I would have had the balls and competence to step up, it’s quite possible I could have gotten her.

            So yeah, it’s just one anecdote, but I’m a true believer now.

on April 9, 2013 at 2:53 am
Original Link

The other thing to take away from this is that a lot of anti-game types and general blue-pill women will try to shame/threaten you to not be a player or learn Game because “it’s only for one night stands, you can’t get a long-term relationship from it, and if you keep up this player nonsense you’re going to end up old and lonely and die alone because you didn’t marry a (sub-standard) girl in your prime.”

The reality is: this John guy could’ve snapped his finger at any point the rest of his LIFE and had this chick ditch her husband in a heartbeat to be with him. Now imagine he creates that same feeling in a dozen women, or even a few dozen, or even 100+ over the course of his prime. If that guy feels “lonely” and is over chasing young hot pussy and decides to settle down, do anti-gamers think he couldn’t just snap his finger and get back with any one of these girls who remember him so fondly?

You could game hardcore and enjoy playing the field till you’re 40+ and still snap a finger and have one of your 20-25yo lovers marry and pop out kids with you. Keep yourself in shape and work on your quality of life in general and you’ll be around long enough to raise those kids and probably see grandchildren.

Contrast that life with the blue-pill beta who marries a shitty girl because he had no other options, who pops out a couple kids that may or may not biologically be his, then loses attraction for him because he’s not attractive to any woman let alone her and spends 10 years as a sexless incel till she divorces him at 40 to eat, pray, love, taking custody of his kids, half his money, and leaving him as a broken 40yo with no experience with game/women and an adamant refusal to learn Game because he’s been socially conditioned to believe it’s wrong or doesn’t work, so he flounders around aimlessly till he dies at 50 (no incentive to take care of himself, so fuck being healthy), alone and lonely.

How many women are showing up to take care of the first guy in his old age and weeping at his funeral, and how many are showing up for the second guy?

  • Greatest Beta
    on April 9, 2013 at 11:25 am
    Original Link

    Ya really,

    Problem with banging too many women is you become jaded. I know too many guys like this that are gone. Ancient Greeks used to say “everything in moderation” I live my life to that tune.

    There’s a time to juggle then time for LTR. Don’t forget John ended up a broken man in the end also. Two extremes here most fall in the middle.

    • Scray
      on April 9, 2013 at 12:05 pm
      Original Link

      ‘I know too many guys like this that are gone’

      I don’t. The best I know are some naturals who get stuck with the same 6-7′s over and over again. But I mean, every time I beat around the bush with them, they reveal a huge fear to challenge themselves and step up.

      Like, the naturals I went on the trip with have to get shitfaced drunk to even cold approach. I was just shooting the shit with another natural about the Chipotle girl in my last FR, and he reacted like that was just the worst thing in the world. Rejection of any type I mean. Then he proceeded to tell me that he worked in a restaurant for a month before asking out a girl he liked.

      Point is, it just seems like the amount of guys who are reaching this pinnacle you’re describing — where they just bang tons of the women of their choice and become jaded– is astonishingly small. But, at 26 maybe I have yet to meet enough people!

      • greatest beta
        on April 9, 2013 at 1:21 pm
        Original Link


        Let me tell you that my social group is an odd one. We are all greek americans our parents had money so we had money. All of us had nice cars we knew the best spots. We would take OC girls out to the baddest places in LA and 3 cocktails later they would take the dick. No BS my 4 closest buddies all have 100 plus women under their belt. They all cheat on their LTR’s or wives it sucks man you dont want to be associated with these types of people its unclassy. Again, why I say theres a time to juggle and a time to get serious.

        Ive seen the older generation power players age into their late 30s and man its scary. Too many of them are single and Ive seen dudes hit their 40s still single looks rapidly fading. They are the equivalent to the women who its the wall. I see this and dont want it for my life. Maybe they dont want families of their own but I doubt that most men want to fulfill their biological roles.

        • YaReally
          on April 9, 2013 at 2:22 pm
          Original Link

          Your friends are pussies who cheat because they didn’t learn how to manage open relationships.

          I’ve met couples in open relationships with kids who are doing just fine and dandy. My own GF and I have been together almost 3 years now. Honesty and communication is important in these situations, your friends have neither of those.

How To Screw With A Cheating Whore

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on April 2, 2013 at 11:47 pm
Original Link

“Use your perceived enemy (the person you hate/fear/want to punish/etc) to destroy your real enemy (your own ego). (by not doing what your ego wants you to do, showing your ego that it doesn’t have power over you)

If you can’t do it, then you’re not a free man. You are controlled.”

  • Jared
    on April 3, 2013 at 10:24 am
    Original Link

    To me all this talk about ego is a waste of time. It is more modern day faggotry. Freud was wrong, one of the few things he got right was penis envy.

    I’m old-fashion I believe in dealing with whats in front of me and not making up imaginary mental problems because I’m bored and have nothing better to do.

    • Scray
      on April 3, 2013 at 1:39 pm
      Original Link

      I always heard that the best revenge is living well.

on April 3, 2013 at 4:58 am
Original Link

FR —>


So, I just spent one day recovering from the vacation. Apparently, the week before I left — I had forgotten about this — I sent Jessica6.5 a message about getting lunch after spring break, to which she responded ‘sounds good!’

I get back —
Me: ‘what you up to this weekend’
Her: ‘(long text detailing her hanging out wit a friend coming into town, hanging with some group tomorrow, then doing lots schoolwork/jobstuff)
Me: ‘wow, look at how popular u are, im sooo jelly. we should chill this week’
Her: ‘wouldn’t think of it that way, this week is busy bc I have to prepare for workprojectX Sat, maybe next week’
Me: ‘o hard to get, sounds good.’

Obviously, this is starting to become a bumpy introduction to the mechanics of texting/calling a girl and getting her to hang 1-on-1.

The next day I got invited out with another social circle, and I went. I get there fairly early because I will always try to get there early now, because hot girls arrive and leave early. Tan7.5 is a girl I’ve seen once or twice, and she’s hanging with Nice4.5 at the bar. It’s a warm approach, so it’s easy to just wander over and say ‘hey what’s up…’

After a few moments of chit-chat, I switch gears
Me: All right kiddos, let’s do a circuit and look around for everyone
(sure to kind of nudge Tan7.5 and Nice4.5 forward)
Tan7.5: Yeah that’s a good idea.
Me: Yeah, I know, I said it didn’t I.
Tan7.5: Oh, sorry, excuse me.
Me: Idiot.
Nice4.5 laughs, Tan7.5 gives one of those ‘excuuuuse me’ playful looks

So we walk around the bar, and then we stop somewhere for some reason (I forget), and Nice4.5 and Tan7.5 start talking. I, without a word, walk away. They find me soon enough, we start talking. There’s an old Mortal Kombat arcade game in this venue — weird. Anyway,

Me: Who wants to play some MK?
Nice4.5: Oh, I’m not really into that
Tan7.5: I’m REALLY into MK?
Me: Oh ya, we’ll see… (now I’m about to just come up with some sort of C/F question/answer routine to test knowledge of MK on the fly)
Tan7.5: Ya, we will see…I’m gonna kick your ass at it.
Nice4.5 laughs
Me: (Circuits fry for a second, but I recover…) BITCH, did you just challenge me to Mortal Kombat?
Tan7.5: Mmmmhm I’m the master…

(I walk away toward the game, they follow)
Me: Ya now buy me into the game
Tan7.5: You don’t have any quarters?
Me: Winners don’t need fucking quarters.
Tan7.5: Fine….
(she buys the game…

We start playing; I suck at it. What’s funny is that she sucks way harder. So, like, 30 seconds into play we just both start laughing)
Nice4.5: You guys are just mashing buttons
Me: I’m DVing the shit outta this bitch.

So, I win — and then I get stuck playing the game 1p, everyone lingers around me. Eventually Tan7.5 jumps in and we are like a team, playing the game together, I’m the joystick and she’s the buttons. I don’t want to be lingering there playing the game, esp now that some other people have arrived and are standing there by the game. Fast forward…

Friend is taking pictures, I’m near Tan7.5.
Me: Hey, take some pictures of us…
(I just use it as an excuse to tease her…like I flex pose, she flexes back, I put my butt out, she puts her butt out against mine…stupid shit like that)
Afterwards, Friend is like ‘that’s so genius, she was so into that….’

Then, LoudMouthFat and SuperTallChick show up and are all over Tan7.5. Neither of those two are particularly fond of me…then, TallGoodLooking1 and TallGoodLooking2 show up….apparently they’re in town and they know SuperTallChick. Shit….Tan7.5 just sorta…gravitates that way. I linger for a few seconds, talking to the guys. But I just don’t have the skill yet, so I just let it go.

Cashier5.5 is another friend’s roommate.
Me: Hey what’s up?
C5.5: Nothing much, just hanging out
Me: Ya, you seem like a wild one, dragging friend out on all sorts of adventures
C5.5: No way, she’s the crazy one
Me: We’ll see about that, you seem real down to earth…which why I know you’re into some shit
C5.5: No, I just work in a garage, so you know, I’m laid-back
Me:………because of all the sex?
C5.5: (laughs) No, because just…the guys say nasty things to me all the time, so whatever
Me: Okay, so you’re cool with me shitting on your neck. Got it
C5.5: (-doesn’t- laugh) That’s not what I said
Me: Okay you’re putting out a real negative vibe right now…like, I’m just into shitting on people’s necks right now, okay, liiiike, just fucking go with it man….it’s a natural thing (I’m like ‘yeaaaaaah kinda gross but eehhhhhhhhhh i’m here now’)
C5.5: (laughs) … what?
Me: Garages are for faggots. There, I said it.
C5.5: Mmmhm. Okay.

(Switch it up, talk to her friend for awhile, talk to Nice4.5, then back to her)

Me: Listen, earlier, when I called you a cum guzzling faggot…I didn’t mean it.
C5.5: You didn’t say that to me, I don’t think
Me: Oh…..I must have said it to someone else about you then.
C5.5: (Her eyes widen)
Me: Listen, I’m sorry. Really, I am.
C5.5: Yeah, I bet.

blah blah blah normal talk; so through the normal talk I’m like ‘y’know, this chick could just be a real low energy chill type….as opposed to just -doesn’t- like me.’ So, I decide to just go for it and get her number. Give her the phone and tell her to put her number in it. My goal now is to start getting the number fast. I really do not want what happened that one time to happen ever again.

Me: (hands her phone, she takes it) K give urself a silly last name. NO WAIT LET ME DO IT (puts in Cashier5.5 ‘Queen of the Hard Penis’ she laughs…in horror) yaaaaaaaa.

Sent her a text with my number. I’m done with her for the night.

Main event of the night….girl in town that I used to have a crush on in HS. Popular7. (there’s a history there…mostly of failed chances and opportunities).

Nightly is talking to Popular7 who has just arrived, and I walk up behind Hugetits6 and sort of ‘peek a boo’ into the group by grabbing her shoulders.
Nightly: Oh shit, Scray is here….the hottest most fucking awesome motherfucker that fucking walked the face of the fucking earth
Me:…and then I fucked it.

Popular7 is laughing

Nightly indicates Popular7: I’ve got this girl that I want you to meet
Me: (starts sort of dancing to the music in the venue) Oh jaa, is she married? Because I only talk to the marrieeed ones
Popular7: No, I’m not….
Me: (stops dancing, Nightly and Hugetits strategically leave) Well…..(takes a long breath) awkward, cause then I’m sort of out of your league.
Popular7 laughs…

…downshift, normal talk, how are you, blah blah blah blah

Me:…first girl I kissed is now a porn star (that’s actually true)
Popular7: Oh man, I always love it when people I know are porn stars
Me: Yeah but I kissed mine
Popular7: Yeah I know, but…
Me: Do you just go around lesbo kissing porn stars?
Popular7: Ya, totally that’s what I do
Me: Yeah I bet you do you FUCKING SLUT
Popular7: (startled laughter) Oh my god….
Me: You know, like the John Mayer song…..Fucking Slut
Popular7: You know, fucking John Mayer…I mean, sometimes I listen to him and I’m like ‘he’s cool,’ but mostly I’m just like ‘maaaaaaybe he’s just gay.’
Me: (busts out laughing….)

downshift for a few minutes

Me: So you went to college and played softball huh?
Popular7: Yeah
Me: I went to college and played softball too, a — – (I’m about to say, only I played softball better than you)
Popular7: (touches my shoulder to get my attention) Wait, you went to college and played with soft balls? I had no idea.
Me: (I burst out laughing…it’s legit funny to me, I put my hands on my hips and we’re both laughing)
Popular7: You gotta give me credit for that one.
Me: Yeah, all right. You’re funny, and I like that.

Anyway, these types of interactions just lead me to believe that she’s, at the very least, attracted to me. So about 20 minutes into our interaction (ya, I got her number during that time, who cares, she lives in a different state and was only here for a day) …

Popular7: Is there anyone else even worth talking to here?
Me: (Scray think of how to isolate, get her out of here ASAP, there are other people here…she’s cool, she’s hot, she’s popular, everyone will be on her dick…isolateisolateisolateisolate…)

Half hesitation, half unable to think of a way to put the idea across because….oh yeah, I haven’t really done that before. So 5 minutes later, all the friends find her and LoudMouthFat literally grabs her away and pulls her into the group. Naturally, a ring forms around her and she’s showered with intense adulation and praise.

We’re talking like…nth level.

I don’t give it up yet, though. How else to learn but to just, keep at it?
I finally manage to arrange to walk her to her car cause she’s leaving (we’re parked fairly close) We get outside the venue, we’re walking, and then…motherfucker, another two guys I know see her and immediately swoop in. I’m mentally like ‘goddammit….FUCK.’ And while I could stay longer, I’m just like ‘gotta throw in the towel,’ and leave.

Then again, could have misread the situation….
Texted her about when she was leaving, she gave me a long Happy Easter text and said she was spending it with her fam and leaving that night, then I texted her some stupid shit about that being sad… response.

Been texting that 5.5….
I’m not that invested, but I know I’m not doing that well. Got her to agree to meet up this Friday for drinks, but her replies are pretty short…like ‘lol hahahaha’ type of shit. My plan is to actually just not text her any more and only meet her if she pursues it….cause, let’s be honest….if she’s gonna be difficult, she isn’t worth it. I could get a night of cold approaching new girls in instead.

Oh, and….the interactions with Cute7 at school have just, idk…..they’ve lost something. I can’t figure out what happened. Like, one day I got gum and was chewing with my mouth closed, and she acted all offended/weird about it. Then, I dunno….now she’s more abrupt about everything. I never even texted her, lol. Ah well, fuck it.

The girl I want is Tan7.5….I want to be with another hot girl lol. Of course, added and messaged her on FB (ya just a hey, what’s up)….no answer. Fuck, man. I’m starting to think attraction is a strange animal. Like, I used to think that anything short of that look YaReally talks about…the DDB look…wasn’t attraction. Now, I kinda think that, in all the situations above, I sparked some sort of attraction….but you just always have to be escalating. It’s really just like blowing on a fire.

But, to the normal world, these things are not ‘attraction.’ I mean….like, why would a girl talk to a guy one on one for twenty minutes, in a non-emotional tampon way, if she wasn’t attracted?

Anyway, my inner game is doing great, at least…ever since banging that one girl. I’m just pumped 100% of the time now. Reference experiences are very helpful lol

  • YaReally
    on April 3, 2013 at 5:59 am
    Original Link

    “Like, I used to think that anything short of that look YaReally talks about…the DDB look…wasn’t attraction. Now, I kinda think that, in all the situations above, I sparked some sort of attraction….but you just always have to be escalating. It’s really just like blowing on a fire.”

    This. DDB is when the girl is mind-blown by your awesomeness and adores you like you’re the greatest thing she’s ever seen in her life. It’s when the attraction is so high that you can do no wrong, you probably won’t get LMR, she’ll help you fuck her, etc…

    But it’s not the point where the attraction STARTS. DDB isn’t in every set and you don’t need it to escalate or have sex with her, it’s just a really solid indicator that you have a 100% green light. Like you don’t need a touchdown run to win a football game, you can win it other ways, but when you have the ball and realize there’s nothing standing between you and the end zone, you fucking BOOK it (also I don’t know anything about football lol).

    From Roger Dodger:

    “All right. Here we go. Get this straight. Sex is everywhere, okay? It is all around us. It’s not some distant destination. It’s not Everest. It is right here. You have to attune yourself to it. You have to bring yourself into alignment. You have to find the zone, Nick. Okay? Do that, and I promise you a whole world will open up. Look at me. I walk around in a state of total receptivity. I’m like a fucking lightning rod.”

    Normal people have NO idea how attraction works. They don’t understand that the girl helping you control your Mortal Kombat character means something. They don’t understand that the girl taking bum photos with you means something. They don’t understand that the girl trying to make you laugh means something. They don’t understand that a girl willingly letting herself be isolated with you means something. They don’t understand that when she stands near you, that’s not an ACCIDENT. When she orders a drink beside you at the bar when the rest of the bar is free, that’s a neon sign saying “hey, I want to fuck you!”

    We’re conditioned by our Disney society to believe that attraction is this big thing, this big gesture, this huge monumental event, this Mount Everest, so guys talk themselves out of believing a girl (especially a hot one) could be attracted to them because they’re waiting for that a huge signal to magically happen…but the reality is that attraction is all around us, in subtle little details. Be attune to that, like a lightning rod of receptivity. This is the basis of the concept of “assume attraction”. :)

    It’s why I can’t get every girl, no one can…BUT, I have methods to test for that little spark, and if I find that little spark I have the tools to fan it into a flame and then where other guys let it die down because it’s not a big enough fire (or they suck and let it die, then wonder why they have to start over when they txt the girl the next day), I have the skills to feed that fire until it becomes a raging brushfire and she’s gone DDB.

    Good FR, I’ll break it down, and the vacation one, this week when I get some free time!

    • Scray
      on April 4, 2013 at 1:18 pm
      Original Link

      Ya, I’m getting more patient with this too. It just seems like there isn’t any shortcut to making yourself into a high value, awesome person :D

      I used to get kind of down on myself because there are a lot of guys who have it much easier because of natural personality traits/looks, but now — and I wonder if this is how you feel — I’m starting to reframe the entire situation. I’m -earning- whatever I get. I feel like a guy that no one expects to get with hot girls or have the balls to approach hot girls or whatever, generates way more interest than the people who are expected to do those things.