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The Short Man Shit Test

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on February 2, 2013 at 4:26 am
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“oh don’t flatter yourself babe. this isn’t the way to get a taste of my interests wahhh”

“aw you’re kind of cute. like a wednesday afternoon bus stop kind of cute”

“look I’m not interested please stop sending me messages”
[total reframe]

another great tactic is to make a neutral/slighty neg comment about something in one of her pictures not directly related to her. the hotter she is, the more direct you can go against her beauty, clothing. if shes more average, stick to a non personal subject.

“you need to clean your room it looks like a hamster cage”

“hey what is your friend’s name in the green dress”

“you always wear that same wrinkly skirt”

“cool outfits now I remember why I don’t shop for clothes at walmart”
[you may need to calibrate this with a ;) ]

And some good one word replies:





never reply right away. give it a few hours at least. or half a day, or even the next day.

on February 3, 2013 at 3:26 am
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1) height matters to women- and is a disqualifier. accept it. now here’s the positive: you’re less threatening on approach. if there is a potential target in the group, pivot the tall one. make her laugh, roll off. then re-engage later.

even at 6’1″ ive been in environments where im the short guy. its relative. if ur 5’6″, dont hang out at the basketball league venues. and dont be a bitter little napolean fuck. learn how to reframe. the best frame for physical insult shit tests is: Embrace and Expand. (c) Ripp. heh…

“aw you’re so short like a hobbit”

[talk over shoulder, pregnant pause] “aw babe i know- look I can’t crawl in your elephant vagina tonight, forgot my mining hat”

2) internet game should be used as a light suppliment while applying and refining cold approach. internet is a gamble. hot women are overwhelmed with email from men. its mostly an ego-stroking attention whoring device for them. a utility. use it accordingly, use it to work on your game. not to try and find sex or a date. its a good starting point, but if u find its your only source of new opps, time to make changes.

3) internet game can help support txt game. be outcome independet, experiment. insult her beauty and she *will* most likely respond. you compliment her beauty, she won’t. whats that tell you? cofusing, peculiar, mysterious, different, quirky, silly, kind of dick, kind of cute, etc. this spikes attraction. she never gets it. view her profile pics, fuckable? yes. hit her with a one liner: “my friend sarah has that same skirt random”

3) learn how to refine your game to optimum levels of efficiency. always write a little less than she does. only make statements. then *TELL* her to give you her #. go for #close within 2nd or 3rd email. then start txt game. then close for meet.

4) best value of internet game is you can setup a stream of “at-bats” to experiment on.

ever been on a date and spent $0.0 only later she txts thanking you for the evening?

ever have a great time then ended the date abruptly?

ever bounced if she was 15minutes or more late?

every man has been disapointed to meet a fat hog from the internet that had pics up from 5 years ago. remember how disinterested you were? capture that frame. and use it on a hot chic when it happens. experiment with the ugly one. end date after 5 minutes. “hey im sorry this isnt going to work”. if u stay and spend any money on her, you’re a pussy.

internet dating is going through insane growth. revenue projections are through the fucking roof. thing is, 8s+ dont need it. they never will.

use it to learn from. a foundation to master cold approach.