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Persistence: The Underrated Alpha Male Quality

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on December 18, 2012 at 4:42 am
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“Slow and steady and persistent and unshakeable. His body language and unperturbed social grace was the foundation upon which she was able to lean for evidence of alpha maleness.

CH: Ripp calls this patient persistence.

The challenge for students that are beginning and still digesting the reality of game is that this aura of “patient persistence” is mostly attributed to non-verbal communication and emotional control.

Emotional control:
So you can maintain composure, frame and deliver a calculated neg quickly, and effortlessly. (As in this situation or any.)

“Well at least you’re still in your heels. Most girls like you are trading in for flats at this hour.”

The above type of remark comes from many hours of field experience. Being able to break down the environment and situation rapidly, then contriving content that slightly wounds (but not offends) the ego of the subject; yet spikes maximum attraction.

Non-Verbal Communication:
All this while not exhibiting any indicators of attraction/interest to the subject (although she is fucking hot and your balls are tingling like pop rocks). And coupled with this peculiarly “neutral” non-verbal communication of a steady voice and composed body language. This is the core of energy that pings her hind brain and encapsulates “alpha male attractant triggers”. She can’t peg you. And she is enthralled.

When you can finally grasp that seeming contradiction and apply it in real social interactions, your game will have matured immeasurably.

The Fallacious “War On Women”

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on December 7, 2012 at 1:06 pm
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Frame. It’s all about frame control. The power hungry politicians have allowed the feminists to get frame control of the cultural belief system in the western world, in exchange for their voting support.

You, if you want freedom, must break that frame control without butt hurt, but instead with implacable confidence and alpha smirking. Most former betas struggle with this, and show too much anger and bitterness when discussing these issues.

Remember, women pick up on the non-verbal cues that you are still angry and bitter about the after-taste of the red pill. You can never win an argument when your own body is betraying what your mouth is sayin’….

  • Anonymous
    on December 7, 2012 at 1:20 pm
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    I disagree with the trend CH is leading with the “smirking is all you can do” nonsense that uses the “butthurt” concept to corral men’s behavior.

    From first hand experience, I can say that women want men to verbally call them on their BS. No need to smirk, except in a bar when there are other girls around.

    But we’re not talking about a bar environment in most cases.

    It’s not looking “butthurt” that you have to be concerned about but what other girls nearby hear.

    You can teach women blue pill reality and not appear butt hurt. .

    • Ripp
      on December 7, 2012 at 7:36 pm
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      “What’s the matter with your face?” Or, “You shouldn’t sneer, it makes you look uglier than you are.” Or, “Smile, sourpuss. Life’s not that bad.”
      mental masturbation

      “Unless you become as a child, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”
      bible scripture, really? this to support your make believe come back scenarios. Oh…that’s right. you must have found another lost jesus book like joseph smith.

      “I have found it incredibly easy flipping their defenses on their head, just by offering a warm hello.”
      more mental masturbation

      “The only pain is the pain of truth”
      That you claim you have seduction experience, yet you believe in a bullshit jesus story and use it to lecture people on the internet about marriage and relationships.

      For queen B, the pain of truth that your entire purpose here only demonstrates hypocritical make believe conjecture.

      Once upon a time, queen B and jesus came riding along on their dinosaurs. Their talking pet snake gave them some PUA routines to study while jesus removed his rib and shit on it so they could make a woman. The woman rejected queen B.

      The End

    • Ripp
      on January 4, 2013 at 6:45 am
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      “If you have hand in the relations with girls, or at least they respect you, you can get her change her mood with these lines perfectly.”
      Non verbal communication and it’s execution is the competence. This statement is what beginners and the inexperienced believe.

      “These lines, nor notion that girls (subconsciously) want to return to their childhood, is a B.S. Concept is true, and tactic is usable.”
      And your claim that the tactic is simply a ‘line’ or content. Right. Would you like fries with your imagination?

      “King A may not be best at describing how to pull things, but he surely understands the principles with which woman’s nature is being guided, and you just can’t understand these principles without extensive field experience.”
      Thank you for confirming the truth. He understands the principles as concepts through comprehension of historical reading material. But has no field experience.

      “but i’m kinda certain that he has some dog confidence(overconfidence?) in himself, and knows how to shine in his social setting, and that is enough.”
      Great assumption. ‘Kinda certain’.

      “If the need arises he can take some time to adapt his approach to other settings simply because he understands the principles of girl’s nature and be successful as he is in his present social circle.”
      Yet NEVER has posted about it in a thorough, experienced based discussion format. I have asked that he post some material that he uses in his supposed successes. Yet he doesn’t. But he does make things up to try and support his delusion. And it attracts others that have no experience, Alexander.

      “but if you go and start doing things you’ll find it very useful.”
      Please take your own advice.

      “So mental mastrubation? Grow to level son.”
      I challenge you: Post a comment about your most recent seduction experience on the next field related CH post. I’ll do the same with the intent of sharing knowledge.

on December 7, 2012 at 7:42 pm
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“The so-called “war on women” exists because it is the nature of woman to portray herself as the victim at the very moment when she is in fact the aggressor.”

True. And also when she may not be the aggressor. The compulsive nature of women not taking responsibility for their actions- or using their emotions to justify their actions is important to digest. When moving a subject to isolation take control of the situation so it literally isn’t their fault.

“it wasn’t my fault…it just happened”


Evidence That Peacocking Works

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via Heartiste

on December 5, 2012 at 5:44 pm
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So this is the culmination of years of game? I felt pretty bad for this guy after reading The Game, but now I really pity him. This is one of the greatest PUAs of our time (if you believe the hype, which I do). More importantly, he’s world traveled, well above 6 feet tall, semi-famous, and he still ends up another goofball beta, pushing a stroller with an average looking wife/babymom? STILL?

[Heartiste: Plz refrain from pointy elbow internet nerd syndrome. The chick is hot. Hotter than most girls. As for the kid… well, goes to show that girls want to have the babies of alpha PUAs after all.]

This is one of the most depressing photos I’ve ever seen.

[I think it’s more humorous than depressing.]

Focusing on money, fitness, and relationship game are better time investments than mastering pick-up. Fuck ending up like this.

[Clearly you are a troll who did not read the linked post and craves the soft caresses of Mount Dork.]

  • Matthew King (King A)
    on December 5, 2012 at 8:38 pm
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    You might get 1/4 to 1/3 of a woman’s essential attractiveness from one single-angle two-dimensional snapshot — basically like the first round of a tournament, where you separate the pretenders from the contenders (the fat/deformed from the average/probable). You can’t make any definitive judgment through a photo, especially one taken candidly. Photography is a lie that poses as verisimilitude.

    The predicament is only “depressing” out of context, where the hater can fill in the blanks with assumptions that, not coincidentally, support his predetermined judgment of the man.

    Mystery Markovic is an iconoclast. I doubt he is experiencing the hangdog sadness you’d attribute to any man visually frozen in the circumstance depicted. He spent his life ignoring the social markers that drive the judgment of the tabloid masses. He’s not going to care what any person thinks of his current situation, particularly if that person has not been where he has been. The domestic experience does not yield photographic evidence of its worthiness, except in idealized Norman Rockwell paintings. Few of the best experiences in life do.

    Your envy is showing, and it’s ugly. It tells us that you have no understanding of the ennui of apex-success, which implies how far up this particular mountain you have managed to climb.

    How much of his “depression” is actual? That’s beside your point: in your fantasy, it is impossible for the perfect man to be caught supplying photographic “evidence” of such obvious imperfection. Indeed such evidence invalidates him. The analysis of the paparazzo.

    At the same time, there is an incongruity to mention. If Mystery cared about the ratification of his past-life’s wisdom, he wouldn’t have allowed this image to become public. But like I said, iconoclasts don’t care.

    For the rest of you, it’s enough to realize that old PUA’s never die, they just fade into the bourgeoisie later than most. The advice to focus on “money, fitness, and relationship” is actually very smart, and not mutually exclusive with the short-term successes of the PUA.

    But your criticism makes the same zero-sum mistake the PUA’s do: you believe an emphasis on one mode of life necessarily means a detraction from the other. The middle-way wisdom is timeless. Construct in advance an exit strategy, or the vicissitudes of circumstance will construct it for you with the materials available at the least opportune time — that is, when you are exhausted and jaded and desperate to make up for decades of lost opportunity, eschewed in the name of hoarding strange vag.


    • Ripp
      on December 7, 2012 at 7:19 am
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      “when you are exhausted and jaded and desperate to make up for decades of lost opportunity”

      Case in point: You, Queen B.

      A married, jesus loving, old, angry, deluded jr. college teacher that tries so hard to fight the very life that you yearned for. The envy reeks stronger with every reply.

      You make claims that you have seduction experience yet don’t exhibit any knowledge but only argue against. There is never any discussion with Queen B. Only criticism, deluded grandiosity fueled diatribes, long wordy lectures and mental masturbation rhetoric.

      You’ve been exposed for the sad, crotchety and deluded geek that you are.

      I challenge you straight up: for once reply with a beneficial experience related to a tactical game post. Discuss and share.

      We both know you won’t do it…and you’ll just cycle another ASCII temper tantrum…

    • Ripp
      on January 4, 2013 at 7:20 am
      Original Link

      I claim no “seduction” experience here.

      Aw, poor queen B.

      Try humility, Matt. And respect the fact you criticize a subject matter you have no experience in.

      Difference between you and CH:
      *CH discusses all aspects of game and it’s related subjects. This includes shared personal experiences, studies, and real-time examples critiqued for the purpose of sharing knowledge.
      *You only lecture about your beliefs and make claims that are inconsistent with reality. And never participate in ‘discussion’ by sharing experience and promoting knowledge transfer.

      Judge Mystery. Judge “PUAs”. Keep blogging on the internet all day and get upset and rant when I “pop in” and get a rise out of you- when you’re big useless vocabulary, ideals and assumptions about game are accurately assessed as complete bullshit. (To use the technical vernacular).

      Oh and go outside and meet some new people. You’re welcome in advance.

      See you in a couple of months.

on December 5, 2012 at 10:25 pm
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Would like the commentariat’s feedback on a text exchange from today. Met this girl at a party last night. I’m not really concerned with the meet up but would like to know if there was any spot I fucked up or could tighten up in the future.

I’m sticking with default scripts/lines I learned from Heartiste, other commenters and Decibel and it’s working for me until I get better so yeah.

Got her number at the venue and said I would text her something naughty:

Me: Something naughty
Me: It’s IG

Her: :)

Me: Turns out I’m 28-32% more incredible today. How’s your day.
(Sent this early afternoon next day)

Her: Who told u that
Her: So far so good…

Me: Um. Every single girl giving me the bedroom eyes when I walk past them on the street.

Her: U coulda just had cum on your face

Me: Naughty girl. No gifts from Santa this year *spank*

Her: Lol sorry lol
Her: How’s your day tho?

Me: Stop thinking about me so much and get back to work
(about 1.5hrs later)

Her: Cocky too??? Smh

Me: What is it about cocky guys that you’re so attracted too

Her: I guess u gonna have to show me

Me: Fine but want ur opinion on something

Her: What’s that

Me: What body part do u find sexiest on men

Her: Chest

Me: That says a lot abt u

Her: What does it say?

Me: That you like it rough

Her: No I don’t actually

Me: Oh.
(Props to Walawala on that one)
Me: Free tomorrow night
(Sent this a few hours later)

Her: After 11

Me: I should be out in XYZ part of the city where u going to be at

Her: ABC part of the city

Me: Ok let’s meet up around then. I’ll think of a spot on west side of town

Her: I know a spot

Me: Name

Her: On xy and ab steet. I believe the name is xyz ill check and tell u at 11

Me: Ok cool

I think I did ok overall. Could have shunned her or punished for the cum on your face comment but good exercise and taking it sexual early on. Or at least trying to.


[Heartiste: Not bad. Btw, the “U coulda just had cum on your face” line is really skanky for a girl to text after you just met her. To me, this indicates she will need some fuel injected shots of assholery. I suggest being a little gruff and aloof with her. Also, skip the wit and keep your replies short n sweet, always shorter than hers. The minute you exhibit neediness she will bolt.]

  • immoralgables
    on December 6, 2012 at 2:45 pm
    Original Link

    Saw your comment/edit and thank you Heartiste.

    • Ripp
      on December 7, 2012 at 7:37 am
      Original Link

      “Stop thinking about me so much and get back to work”
      I use that all the time. Such a good one.

      Even without seeing the time stamps I’d put this subject in what I call ‘high compliance’. Which is a good indicator to go for a meet close sooner rather than later- props.

      Re the cum txt- which was unusual this early, but was a sexual frame and not a bad thing (def not LTR material). A great response is [SILENCE]. For half day or so. Give her the jolt of the unknown. Then re-open with a ‘CF random’ (or cocky funny random) like:

      Ripp: “456, 457, 4….5…….8……ugh…”

      Her: what r u doin

      Ripp: “one armed pushups…don’t interrupt fuck…”

      Or you can purposely fall into the frame and do what I call an ‘embrace and expand’. This is a great tactic when a chic makes fun of you about anything…

      Her: “U coulda just had cum on your face”

      Ripp: “shit…you saw that?”

      …see how she responds. If a chic starts a sexual frame it can be opp to probe her sexually. It doesnt have to be logical at all.

      Her: “U coulda just had cum on your face”

      Ripp: “woh so that happens to you lots”

      My gut says she’d respond positively to that…

Economic Game Theory Support For Male Relationship Coyness

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on December 4, 2012 at 2:29 pm
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Ok, so here’s a recovering beta question, I’ve been thrown off seduction tracks in the past when, in the bedroom, pre sexy time, the girl’s various ASD rises. “I don’t do this without commitment” or “I only do this with special people.”

[Heartiste: “Do what?”

Call her bluff. She’ll stammer.

Then say “Where is your mind?”]

Stops (stopped) me in my tracks many times. I suppose it’s ok to sled on and not worry about it or is there a way to get the kill without losing good guy points?

[The usual advice, and which I agree with, is to verbally agree with her while nonverbally pushing toward a coital conclusion. If that doesn’t work, ignore her ASD and go do something else while she stews on the bed. The trick is to do it without seeming like you’re pissed at her.]

  • YaReally
    on December 4, 2012 at 5:55 pm
    Original Link

    If you handle LMR ahead of time properly (set a non-judgemental sexual frame, steal her LMR frame in advance, Riker’s 3 Rules, etc.) you won’t get it when you go for the sexxin.

    Good luck! Don’t worry, everyone runs into this when they start out lol

    • Ripp
      on December 5, 2012 at 4:21 am
      Original Link


      IMO there is too little focus on the COMFORT ‘forging’ (heh) stage of seduction. There’s an earlier post here at CH that discusses it somewhere…search it.

      A solid comfort forging/emotional bonding with the subject dissipates one of the core social FEARS of women which is FEELING like they’re being used…not wanted.

      Moving too quick without some type of emotional CONNECTION (god damn it I get so annoyed when bitches say we had a ‘connection’ …heh) and sure enough LMR will fucking zap her vagina dry and freak her the fuck out when you rub the outer edge of the pussy lip or whatever.

      There’s also theories that LMR in women = AA in men. Like women get that fight/flight response when they’re excited about getting dick…than freak out. Like when us men approach an attractive woman…

      Funny thing is that when you’re able to gain a high level of competency in the COMFORT process to mitigate LMR you’re manipulatively/persuasively triggering emotions in the subject to pave the way to blowing your load in or on her and enjoying a great session.

      …don’t let the culturally programmed useless pangs of guilt obscure your desire to be a man. It’s guaranteed that each woman you successfully enjoy a seduction with has emotionally devastated multiple beta men who only thought their generous white knight bullshit would secure faithfulness and commitment.

      is to verbally agree with her while nonverbally pushing toward a coital conclusion

      “don’t even try and have sex with me I don’t even know you” [grab, hard make out, push her away] “knock it off.”

      Rinse. repeat. rinse. repeat…


    • Ripp
      on December 7, 2012 at 6:41 am
      Original Link

      Excellent. Keep at it. Keep trying new things and keep pushing yourself.

      If you have the balls to APPLY in field…then CH is a gold mine. It’s free. And so is spending a couple hours each day with a specific task to work on.

      Here is a good concept to leave you with: “information readiness” (credit: BradP)

      There is no need to study material beyond your need. If you’re having challenges approaching, study that and apply. If you’re having challenges keeping conversation, study that, apply. And so forth…

      No need to read about advanced non-verbal or seduction tactics if you don’t have any #s to call. You get the idea…

      Lastly…”you never get blown out, she’s just not ready for you.” (Vince K)