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Being The Right Kind Of Asshole

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on November 28, 2012 at 12:36 am
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“But most Dark Triad Dudes are irrationally overconfident, if by irrational we mean that there is very little objective evidence that would buttress a case for their degree of self-regard. The reason they do well with women is because women don’t subconsciously care as much for objective measures verifying a man’s overconfidence as they care for the overconfident attitude itself”

Agreed. And props to a more experienced eye’s critique. CH you’re an asshole. Heh.

“Irrational” wasn’t the best adjective. However CH still underscored the point- and a very critical and important point for students now introduced to the concept.

1) Some men will have a genetic predisposition for this attractive trait and it will confuse you. Like men that work wage jobs, drive a motorcycle, have 2 kids from 2 different girlfriends and not a pot to piss in…yet they pull. For example. Try and observe them without being a creepy weirdo. Learn.

2) If women perceive ‘forced’ asshole behavior, reactive responses and negative frames from men this is NOT attraction spiking overconfidence, but just another variation of AFC/BETA type behavior.

shit test from smv9:

Her: “the best first date I went on this guy I met after I broke up with my ex invited me to his place and it was amazing. We did ecstasy all night and had sex everywhere and in his spa. then he made me breakfast in the morning.”

Ripp: [fleeted eyes half way through her sentence]. [pause]. (condescending tone) “why are you wearing polka dots?”

Stealing Bait From Women Fishing For Compliments

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on November 26, 2012 at 10:25 pm
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“eh.” with a slightly positive sounding tone is what I typically use. Aloof, peculiar, confusing… however not deliberatley insulting.

Can be coupled with a subject change or gesture of disinterest (scroll through phone, fleet attention to something else. etc.)

Depending on the level of the relationship and situation with the subject, this can be a great opportunity to escalate physically.

Recalling a time in my car while i was driving. In the passenger seat with a 20yr old smv8 in mini skirt. we were on our way to venue:

Her: “I have the hottest legs. Guys love my legs and always say my legs are the best part of my body.”

Ripp: [pregnant pause] “eh”

Her: “omg! you’re such a dick…I wanna almost cry.”

Ripp: “shuut up. nerd.” (sarcastic, playful tone). [quick glance over coupled with a healthy grab of the inner thigh and slow trace up her leg]

This example was a 2nd or 3rd meet with a subject. Same routine can be used with cold approach/initial meets also. After the “eh” ruffles her feathers, resolve with quick hug, cheek kiss, arm brush or any situationally appropriate kino escalation.

For LTRs or STRs where sexual line has been crossed I always respond with a cocky/funny reframe and sexual kino:

Her: “I told you I looked hot in this dress.”

Ripp: [silence, slow approach and observe her outfit with an obvious critical eye] “It really helps when you’re standing next to me.” [hard ass cheek grab and spread, light back of neck brush or hair pull, roll off].

Comment Of The Week: The Dark Triad In Practice

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on November 17, 2012 at 7:34 am
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“The Dark Triad are the component parts of the one overarching attitude that most defines and forges the successful womanizer: overconfidence.”

Agreed, academically. To qualify overconfidence:

The art of exhibiting these qualities is commonly misrepresented by being a deliberate asshole; a ‘caring asshole’. Irrational overconfidence, or ‘cockyness’, doesn’t hit the mark.

Calculated arrogance, effectively demonstrated pre-selection, a refined non-reactive attitude to shit testing and a mysterious self-serving aloofness comprises the “attitude” described above.

Uncalibrated “overconfidence” is try hard. Yielding true overconfidence at the correct moments hits the mark:

“Listen. I don’t know you…and you need to understand. I’m one charming mother fucker.”

What Is The Point Of Telling Ugly Truths?

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on November 9, 2012 at 5:12 pm
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Can we maybe have more Game-related posts again, please?

Sure, you make some good points but maybe make another blog for it…

  • King A (Matthew King)
    on November 10, 2012 at 4:02 pm
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    In the long run, urban metrosexual red-pill PUAs will have to make the choice between their politics and their habits. Just like the twentysomething whores who think they can spend their prime slut-hopping the cockousel, then make the big switcheroo to family, dedicated playas-4-life will face an abrupt choice the moment they understand that the total investment in pussy creates no assets and no yields. This explains part of the shifting theme on this site, a shift asef has no ability to recognize or understand.

    While we don’t suffer menopause, eventually it becomes too late to invest in long-term assets for men as much as women, and so PUAs double down on the myths of marriage-as-prison and the permanence of women as unreformable, incorrigible sluts. The ones who recognize this mistake — like the high profile marriages/mea culpas within “the community” (D’Angelo, Cook, Max) — are abominations. They settle just like female wall victims do. If you don’t believe me, show me an attractive wife of a former PUA.

    You make your bed, you lie in it. You contribute to the blue-state urban cess pool, you get fat on its unique advantages, you become inextricable from the decline and fall. This explains the disconnect between CH’s personal tolerance for victimized minorities (blacks, gays) and his private HBD theories, only only come out to play in anonymous writings, that acknowledge the reality of indulging their dysfunction. Not only does the urban PUA’s habits require him to stay on a sinking ship, he must make peace with the sources of corruption: moving to the suburbs or the country is not an option. Virgins become “unicorns,” loyal childbearing wives can must be whores who haven’t met his charming ways yet, obedient women by definition exist only a white knight’s fantasy. There are no clubs in Iowa, no lawyer femmcunts whose sexual conquering is all the sweeter for her severe cuntliness. Could you imagine! Living on a farm! Or on a cul-de-sac in a gated subdivision?

    They hate the cum-stained taxis and shrill leftist busibodies all around them, but, like sea-level equatorial negroids, they are not conditioned to live in the high climes, the Zarathustran “rarefied air.” What to do besides resign oneself to the apocalypse? They make a desert and call it “poolside.” An empty, graffiti-slashed pool in the middle of the Bachelor Arms motel.


    • Ripp
      on November 12, 2012 at 10:52 pm
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      Queen B,

      Lightly amusing to thumb through yet another iteration of pontifcated judgments. This time with a splitting generalization of what happens to PUAs in the ‘blue-state urban cess pool’.

      I’ll help explain a few things to you. Game helps men achieve sexual relations with attractive, desirable women in today’s world. And it’s a skill set that can be learned, and it’s not easy. One topic of game is LTR screening and management. Having the ability to generate an abundance of relationships allows a man to select a woman that exhibits the qualities of a woman required for committment and possibly a family; if desired. It also helps one learn how to manage the LTR, keep the attraction alive and have no risk of her cheating.

      Maybe David D and whomever don’t have hot wives or whatever…irrelevant. Truth is they’ve helped more men have better lives than you.

      Quality, beautiful, young, fertile non cock-carouselling women still exist today. And they even do in your blue urban cess-pools.They are just scarce and in high-demand. Which is why men need game to enjoy a high quality of life that doesn’t include the fear of marrying a man-jawed wife past her prime that cheats/divorces because they (the man) has no options, no game.

      On the contrary:
      Choosing to wed a jesus loving, semi-avg looking woman at a young age, start a family and move to a place where logistics makes it difficult for her to cuckold is…


      Anyone can do it. It is the epitomy of the BETA male. It is you.

      Being successful at game is not a *choice* that one can just turn on at will and yield an abundance of high-demand female options. This concept is easy to grasp yet your lack of acknowledment presents the ugly truth of the Queen B psyche:

      Your continued judgements against “PUAs” or “blue urban cess pools” and your idea of how it works demonstrates the fear of your disconnect: You threw in the towel early in life with a semi average looking wife. You’ve never had success with bedding multiple attractive women and you’ve never tried.

      Why would a person with such a negative view on PUA/game topics spend so much time on a predominantly PUA/game blog? The other ugly truth is envy. And the pathologic projection is sad. Assuage yourself by acting out oneupmanship every day with internet bloggers by citing history and using uneccessary wording; it won’t bring inner peace.

      Matt, you’re a pussy. You’re a weak, deluded, angry, history geek with a thesaurus collection and too much free time.