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Nothing Compares 2 The Wall

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on August 31, 2011 at 4:02 pm
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  • askjoe
    on August 31, 2011 at 4:26 pm
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    I wonder if this is some sort of divine punishment meted out to harpy feminists and other commucunts to end up looking like a lesbian blacksmith.

    • AlphaAnon
      on August 31, 2011 at 7:30 pm
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      “Lesbian blacksmith”

      haha…fuckin awesome.

on August 31, 2011 at 5:02 pm
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What she meant by sexual prime is her increasing libido. Michelle Langley talked about that in Women’s infidelity, women are more horny after 30 yo. They’re also more likely to chase young studs, even for casual sex (especially when she already has a beta husband dutifully waiting at home). I don’t know if it’s only a race against the ticking clock, or an evolutionary adaptation to avoid that the old eggs meet the old sperm.

Sexual prime or not, sure as hell that her dating prime is over.

[Heartiste: I believe it is a myth that women's libidos peak after 30, or that they become more orgasmic with age. Like men, women pretty much are at their most sexual when young.]

  • Jack Amok
    on August 31, 2011 at 5:50 pm
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    I’m with Hearty on this. Women’s libidos don’t get stronger – what happens is their desperation goes up and their inhibitions go down. They’re not hornier, but they are more interested in kink and quicker to say yes to a guy they’re attracted to.

    The hampster sprints hard, but the woman knows deep down she’s not as pretty as she once was and tries to make up for decreasing looks with increasing availability and sexual compliance.

    • AlphaAnon
      on August 31, 2011 at 7:51 pm
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      Not sure where the societal inclanation that ‘a women’s sex drive ramps up after 30′ comes from, but I find the above a logical explanation that is easily misrepresented as the former.

      Now if I could only remember how many cougars have given me a rimjob on the first date…

on August 31, 2011 at 5:08 pm
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Wait a minute. In an article you posted earlier this summer, you yourself placed value on a man’s age in attractiveness towards women. The poll assigned negative points to men over a certain age bracket.

[Heartiste: The ravages of time affect women much more harshly than men. Men's window of attractiveness is larger.]

Ten years ago, when I first took an interest in this stuff, I realized that the traditional method of dating and marriage is not what actually happens in real life. Then, for many years, I used to think that the seduction community had it right – that any man can raise his attractiveness towards women by changing his behavior. But my experience simply doesn’t support that the seduction community has the right answer either. I think that the truth is that some people simply cannot become attractive to women no matter how hard they try because of one of a few unchangeable attributes.

Three months ago, I made a post on reddit asking someone to come forward if he has “changed his life” by going from never having had sex to being a master pickup artist who approaches women successfully every night – and who is not involved with any corporation attempting to sell “pickup” services. Nobody has replied.

See, all the greatest “pickup artists” have non-changable attributes that women find attractive. They are all either young, tall, have the ability to grow a beard, have the right facial shape, have a lot of money, and so on. They were successful in being with women because they possess these attributes, and therefore decided to start a business on it. The “pickup” philosophy only works for a very small number of people who already have these attributes and who never socialized; everyone else will see no improvement by following “routines” and making more approaches.

[Game will help every man, to a greater or lesser extent. There is no man for whom game will make zero improvement in his love life. Naturally, a young handsome man will see more benefit from game, but an old ugly man will see improvements as well. The difference will be in the degree of improvement. The former may go from dating 7s to dating 9s, while the latter may go from dreary one night stands with 3s to steady dating with 5s.]

99% of people who visit read the posts and don’t follow them, or post lies. I challenge you to profile someone who actually performed this miraculous transformation from “beta” male to someone who has women fawning over him every single night and who does not have a commercial interest in sharing his story.

  • AlphaAnon
    on August 31, 2011 at 8:11 pm
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    You are presenting the ‘seduction community’ as if it is one unilateral message that can take a retard licking the windows on the small bus all the way to blowing his load on megan fox’s face. No. It’s a pool of information and knowledge, and when applied actively and reflected upon in a positive continual learning loop, favorable results will occur.

    Roisy is correct: Game will help any man improve, relative to where they are currently.

    You can’t just read some posts, beat off in your brain then expect to bang 10s.

    There is a substantial ‘work’ component to game that I believe many don’t realize. Game works. Stop crying and stop reading reddit.

    Game has improved my life.

  • garvan
    on September 1, 2011 at 1:08 pm
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    I’ve done it.

    I went from 22 year old virgin to a 27 year old playa. I’ve made products that due to various reasons were never released (working with other PUAs/companies usually results in nothing ever getting done), and since then given up on any idea of “coaching” since I don’t feel the lifestyle I lead actually works for anyone other than myself.

    Too many dudes want romance, a nice girl they can be with forever, and settle down with. Romance is long dead to me. I’ve realized there is no settling down, there is no forever. There is only a moment in which to live, and my happiness in that moment is entirely dependent on my ability and my mind’s ability to find happiness even in the harshest of realities.

    I’ve realized that becoming a master player really only works for some guys. Not because of looks, not because of money, but because of desire. Unless a man is fully willing accept a lifestyle of flings and sexual debauchery on Emperor Nero levels so bad they’d risk life and death for it, they will never succeed to the point of mastery.

    Mastery of PUA requires that you stake your very existence in it. But such is the price of mastering anything. It’s do or die, anything less and really all this community has to offer an average guy is some insight into women and some little tips. For most men, getting prostitutes and going your own way is sufficient enough for happiness and sexual fulfillment. Game is only for people who can enjoy the process of game, and can actually enjoy the drama and are willing to take the risks that go with it. (and the risks of game, even when played well are SUPER HIGH).

    But every night having a new girl? Nah. I party with the most hardcore of hardcore alt-girls. That sort of partying takes a toll on anyone’s body. If I did it every night I’d be dead. I actually enjoy spending time with friends, shooting the shit, and believe it or not actually just being able to geek out with people I enjoy. Anymore than 3 new girls in a week, (plus maintaining the harem) and I’m kinda ready to sit down and play video games for the next week. Though this too may change.

    Though in all honesty, I found the best ‘game’ book really didn’t have anything to do with game. The first book of Conversations with God was basically what took me from routines and BS to not even having enough time to put my dick into the girls I randomly fingerbang at raves.

    What’s that? Close that shit? But there’s already a hotter girl that wants to suck my dick, That’s just how it goes.

    • quintin3265
      on September 1, 2011 at 2:59 pm
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      But here’s the problem with this: does it really make someone happy to engage in what you called “debauchery?”

      No matter what way you look at it, seduction is a zero-sum game. If you seduce a girl by using seduction community tactics, then someone else is not spending time with her. And while the editor will likely disagree, all seduction involves a significant amount of dishonesty and lying. Does anyone really think that Mystery wears such goofy hats and outlandish clothes for any reason other than seduction? Engaging in game means that she is spending time with someone who has calibrated his personality to the situation, rather than someone who is presenting an honest personality to the world.

      You may say that the girl wouldn’t choose to be with the other guy for whatever reason – he isn’t dominating enough, he isn’t attractive enough, or whatever. But to me, that doesn’t matter. I say that the other guy, provided that he isn’t a serial killer or a rapist, deserves the same amount of love and attention as do other, more “practiced” people. These guys who the editor continually puts down as “beta males” are mostly good people.

      “Pickup” is what sociologists call “a tragedy of the commons,” in my view. Antibiotic use is a good example of such a tragedy – people are cured from sinus infections by taking Z-packs, but resistance increases amongst the general population. What is best for the individual is not what is best for the society as a whole.

      Seriously, the ethics of pickup are lost in all the discussion about game. As with playing office politics, there are two choices to be made: to accept the system as it is and milk it to all it’s worth, or to live by example and make a change, however small, on the world. Most people reading this blog are probably so desperate for sex that they are willing to do anything to get it, but I disagree that showing up late, following routines, and bringing stupid props is ethical.

      • AlphaAnon
        on September 2, 2011 at 8:09 am
        Original Link

        I’ve got to back anonymoose and mrnotnot here…

        quintin3265: straight up, you’re a dickless ass clown.

        “No matter what way you look at it, seduction is a zero-sum game. If you seduce a girl by using seduction community tactics, then someone else is not spending time with her.”

        What does this even mean? You could say this about anything: Eating a turkey sandwich I made is a zero-sum game; when I’m eating it, someone else isn’t. Shithead.

        “And while the editor will likely disagree, all seduction involves a significant amount of dishonesty and lying.”

        Bzzzzt. Wrong answer fuck brain. This claim demonstrates your ignorance on this subject at an impressively retarded logarithmic scale.

        “Most people reading this blog are probably so desperate for sex that they are willing to do anything to get it, but I disagree that showing up late, following routines, and bringing stupid props is ethical.”

        Wow man. I smell some serious envy, self loathing and passive aggressive exposure of a sexless, pathetic quivering pile of jelly.

        • quintin3265
          on September 2, 2011 at 12:22 pm
          Original Link

          This sort of trash is why I don’t often visit seduction community forums.

          The seduction community preaches the virtues of acting like an “alpha male” – but some people seem to think that means trying to dominate every person he comes into contact with. In this case, it means turning a discussion where I was expressing general disagreement into vitriolic personal attacks. I certainly never called you any names. People like you say that the community is supposed to be about self-improvement, but many people improve themselves only in the ways necessary to get women, neglecting or worsening other parts of their personalities.

          Does it make you feel better to put down people?

          By the way, to the guy who was talking about aspberger’s syndrome: it’s not cool to make fun of people who have serious mental illnesses. They are people, just like you and me, and you and I can never understand what they are going through. There are people in this world who will never be able to lead normal lives because of diseases like aspberger’s syndrome. They spend their time in therapy and at doctor’s offices – and they certainly don’t need to be made fun of by people like you.

          My part in this discussion is done. I can’t believe how arrogant and disrespectful some of the people who supposedly practice “self-improvement” seduction techniques are.

          • AlphaAnon
            on September 2, 2011 at 5:27 pm
            Original Link

            ***WANT A GOOD LAUGH?***

            Interestingly enough I clicked on felicia boy ‘quintin3265′s link. It takes you to this website at:

            Clearly it’s him, the creator and programer of this retarded health scheduler thing.

            But here is the hysterical part: Click on the YouTube video and scroll to 3:55 and listen: “You can also see that I become angry for some reason on the days that I eat soy sauce or water chestnuts…”


            The heckling and ripping of you and your arguments are justified. You asked for them when you posted your presumptuous and ignorant claims. Must of had too much soy sauce.

            BEAT IT NERD!

on August 31, 2011 at 7:26 pm
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Roissy, I love you man (no homo). Indeed, you are a humanitarian.

What a great post.

A tactical nuke right at the heart of the pulsating feminist ideology.

The Specimen
on August 31, 2011 at 11:39 pm
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Just a thought, but I’m feeling that as ”game” becomes more mainstream, which it is, if anti game, or in other words throwing some beta salt into the mix, won’t become the dominant strategy. The truths behind the game won’t change, but I think methods will have to evolve. We’re not there yet, but I give it another 2 years, 5 tops, before the current stuff becomes what all the beta chumps are doing.

  • AlphaAnon
    on September 1, 2011 at 2:18 am
    Original Link

    I’ve had this same notion myself. Curious as to what the next milestone in the evolution of ‘game’ may be.

    Currently I feel a trend that is more about inner game; the ability to understand the concepts for their principle, yet apply them through improvisation and congruency with one’s own social reality. As opposed to a reactive outer game construct that over quantifies and/or linearizes pickup and seduction. While I firmly believe a good outline of process, strategy and tactics are important, I think that only focusing on memorizing lines, gambits and responses is rather novice- however it does serve a purpose.

    And I do give credit to mystery as I think his overall method (A – C – S) is a good starting point for one’s quest out of beta hood. It helps to recognize patterns and similarities in female behavior instead of a cloud of uncertainty.

    To some extent I agree there will be some change and adaptation needed as PU grows in the mainstream. I believe it will take longer however, perhaps 10 to 20 years before ‘betaness’ spice becomes needed in the mix to lay hot ass. I just don’t see enough men put forth the application and time commitment to game. I see too much empty boasting, inaction and alcohol infused idiocy among the masses of men.

    The bitch pedastal of hot young women will remain for some time…

    • mrnotnot
      on September 1, 2011 at 2:39 am
      Original Link

      You need to show beta traits if the girl is looking for a long term relationship and is wary of a cad having a short term relationship with her instead. Or if the girl is looking for provisioning.

      There are player girls out there who are expert at using men and discarding them at their whim. These girls are easy to play, and you can even have LTRs with them. Or MTRs at least.

      And of course the girls trolling for that serious boy can also be easily manipulated to have MTRs with, instead of giving them that long LTR they say they want.

      That’s when you need the beta bait and switch.

      • AlphaAnon
        on September 2, 2011 at 8:56 am
        Original Link

        Agree. After sexual dominance has been realized of course, a lil splash of betaness here and there is healthy way to establish LTR; if that is the objective.

        Walawala- I like the suggestion, I have a perfect candidate for it, I’ll execute tomorrow.

        Also in re to music I always like to anchor a song to the girl and make it become “our song.” Works very well on younger women, but most in general. For example I’ll make the girl plug her iphone/ipod into my car stereo and play a fav song of hers…over and over again. Works great on dates when bouncing to new location in the car. I always mix it with playful kino and quick touches to the tit, puss and inner thighs…get her laughing/giggling while listening etc….then later in the week u can recall the song with her via txt or whatever, chances are she’ll associate the reminder with fun and you.

Dating Market Value Test For Women

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via Heartiste

on August 30, 2011 at 10:58 pm
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I would love to see all of these whining ladies on here post a picture of themselves next to their score. My gut intuition says it’d correlate to the test results with a high degree of accuracy.

Dating Market Value Test For Women

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via Heartiste

on August 30, 2011 at 10:58 pm
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I would love to see all of these whining ladies on here post a picture of themselves next to their score. My gut intuition says it’d correlate to the test results with a high degree of accuracy.

Feigning Disapproval

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via Heartiste

Divorce Brainteaser
on August 30, 2011 at 5:17 pm
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We agree that most divorce is initiated by women. I have also seen comments from divorce attorneys who say that the few divorces initiated by men are usually, in truth, initiated by the wives of those men; by her moving in with her boyfriend or some other deliberate destruction of the marriage.

So here is my question: How can I get my wife to initiate a divorce? Openly cheating on her multiple times didn’t work. Being an asshole doesn’t work. In fact, these seemed to have made her fall in love with me for the first time ever. Of course, I could just file the paperwork and leave, and I probably will. But I would prefer that the divorce is *her* idea.

Besides, it is an interesting dilemma. Any ideas?

Preempting an obvious answer:
I could pretend to go back to being in love with her, which would surely send her back to being disinterested in me. Trouble is, this wouldn’t make her want a *divorce*. She would much prefer to do whatever she wants while keeping my paychecks.

  • AlphaAnon
    on August 30, 2011 at 7:30 pm
    Original Link

    Hire Leonardo Dicaprio’s Inception team to plant the idea of divorce in her mind. And while they’re at it, have them also plant the idea to refuse alimony and any other equitable division of the assets.

    Honestly I can’t really help here since I’ve never been married. My uncle once asked me: “If your home value appreciates 100%, then your wife divorces you and takes half of it, are you still ahead?”

on August 30, 2011 at 9:57 pm
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I have a friend that has a really cute girlfriend. He has been with her for about 3 years now. I consider him alpha. I’ve noticed they would get in fights after nights out because he thought she was looking/flirting with other guys. I don’t know what she was doing because I wasn’t paying attention.

However, the other night we were all out eating. She looked over and made a comment about my food and I replied … then we both looked down at our plates. Then about 2-3 seconds later we looked up and made eye contact with each other without saying anything.

My alpha friend noticed this and asked her “what was that about?” in front of everyone at the table, but not loud enough so everyone could hear him…but I heard him. She said “what?” and he said, trying to be quiet so not all could hear, “that look you gave Riq”…and then they went into this small scale debate about what happened between us.

I was probably the only one paying attention to their convo because I try to pay attention to how he treats her since I consider him alpha. Was he coming from a “feigned disapproval” perspective in that case? Or a nervous guy that thinks his girl is going to leave him?

  • AlphaAnon
    on August 30, 2011 at 11:21 pm
    Original Link


    Your friend is not Alpha. Alphas do not get in fights with their GFs during a night out because of his assumed accusations of her talking/flirting with other guys. Another glarring indicator of his betaness is that he’s getting upset about eye exchanges at dinner with his buddy (you).

    What you are witnessing in your friend is pure beta.

    You got some homework to do man.

  • AlphaAnon
    on August 31, 2011 at 1:26 am
    Original Link

    Agreed that one has to mate guard, however, like always in game everything is situational.

    In reading Riq’s post I took it as the supposed alpha friend that was in a 3yr LTR and still behaving as such as clearly beta.

    But yes I do agree, there are certain times in a relationship (usually after commitment is established) it may be necessary to punish the flirt publicly or in private, or both.

    In my experiences I’ve found that demonstrating flirting with other women in front of the girl is an excellent and alpha tactic to level the playing field. Couple that with some AMOG tactics on the flirting guy, carpet bomb with some negs then nuke the entire site from orbit with a clear punishment or “mate guard” slap down.

    • King A
      on August 31, 2011 at 6:13 pm
      Original Link

      AlphaAnon wrote: there are certain times in a relationship (usually after commitment is established) it may be necessary to punish the flirt publicly or in private, or both.

      If you’ve got everything lined up as you should, her punishment is your lack of response.

      If she’s flirting with somebody else for a reason other than to provoke you, then, like you say above, a man’s got to go back to basics.

      • AlphaAnon
        on September 3, 2011 at 1:30 pm
        Original Link


        In many cases, no response is the best response. Or more specifically, no noticeable emotional reaction or acknowledgement of her actions, is the best response.

        Another thing to note: chances are favorable the dude flirting with your chic is beta, or will be demonstrating beta behavior and the exchange will be short. My favorite outcome is when the beta dude stales out the set with your chic, then she goes looking for you only to find you in set with a new target.

on August 30, 2011 at 10:27 pm
Original Link

Heartiste, I’m in a LTR for 8 months now. I’ve known the girl for 2-3 years prior to us dating.Recently, we were talking and she said: “How come you’ve turned so mysterious. You used to tell me more…” *used to refers to the time before us going out. This wasn’t really said as an accusation, I diffused the situation, and the way she treats me didn’t change…

What does it mean? Am I over gaming and have to be more beta?
The girl is 2 points below me on the SMV scale.

  • AlphaAnon
    on August 30, 2011 at 11:36 pm
    Original Link

    Rox, keep her wondering- it will help maintain control of the relationship. My guess, she is just reflecting on the friendship prior to the LTR/romance/fuck etc. now going on. Use it to your advantage. Show her she is getting to know a different you, maintain dominance.

Another Game Concept Confirmed: The Allure Of Male Choice

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via Heartiste

on August 19, 2011 at 1:34 pm
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Question: should a woman also flirt with other men in front of her man to demonstrate that she has other options? My gut feeling is no, that her SMV is determined solely based on looks, so as long as she’s objectively hot, there’s no need for her to flaunt her desirability by flirting with other men in front of her boyfriend. Would it potentially have the opposite effect of making her seem slutty/disloyal to be yukking it up with another man? Or do men like that sort of competition? I ran into this problem recently when approached by a few men at a concert I was attending with my bf–I cold-shouldered them mercilessly, but in hindsight I wonder if I should have been more “innocently” friendly.

  • AlphaAnon
    on August 19, 2011 at 4:40 pm
    Original Link

    Flirting with other men in front of your BF is a huge shit test. If you like the guy, and chances are he is alpha if you do, do not do this.

    If the guy is alpha and knows how to handle this, you’re in for some serious emotional pain and hamstering in overdrive.

    This summer I’ve specifically been working on this scenario with my dates. After the sexual line has crossed and the chic does this when I have taken her out…she’s in for a surprise. Because so few men know how to handle this shit test, chances are great that the chic has never experienced the alpha response. Please note that the alpha response may not come right away, but it will come…and it won’t be fun, well for the girl. ;)

    Be a lady- stand by your man.

    • AlphaAnon
      on August 19, 2011 at 10:39 pm
      Original Link

      Long post, bear with it:

      If your girl is hot (8 or higher), she will be approached by other men and she will flirt/entertain the attention almost always initially in the relationship. You will have to train it out of her, which takes time.

      Let me preface this with the fact there is no one size fits all rehearsed maneuver to battle this, it is an overall inner-game mindset and strategic application of calibrated tactics that put you in the drivers seat. You can’t react at all to this shit test on the spot, you flank it and surprise attack it.

      Assuming you are at a moderate to advanced level

      • AlphaAnon
        on August 19, 2011 at 11:30 pm
        Original Link

        Oops, hit the publish button on accident, above post (cont.)

        Tools (apply as needed calibrated to situation):
        1) open sets in front of her, quick attraction spikes, laughter, roll off
        2) befriend guy hitting on her with dominant frame, interupt, heavy kino her, roll off
        3) increase negging intensity, negging frequency, and do this in front of her friends
        4)game her friends and/or acquaintances with light playfull kino, seductive body language, hit attraction spikes, roll off
        5)use closed body language on her, back turns, roaming eyes,yawns when she talks,cut off her threads with random comments
        6)disapear in venue for short while (go open sets, duh)
        7)ask many questions about her hot friends, delicately compliment them
        8)never lose your cool
        9)when she starts feeling the pain, and she will (I’m assuming you have already had sex w her) most likely she will address the issue in some way. Don’t acknowledge it. Interupt thread, heavy kino her. If she persists look for signs of jealousy in her (frown, quick rigid movements, eyes at top of eyelid, arms crossed,slightly teary eyes,compliment fishing)…this is where you want her.

        The beauty here is nobody will really notice what you are doing except percieving you as a social fun guy. Your target will feel negative pings of emotion mixed with renewed attraction spikes. What is she used to? A beta tool sitting there watching in discontent as she let’s guys kino her and she laughs/flirts playfully and easily dismisses everything to “I’m just having fun.” Sorry babe, 2 can dance to this tune. Remember its grossly easy for good looking women to sop up attention from men. However for men to do the same takes skill, endurance and wit. This is unusual and rare for women to be gamed like this.

        Once you have her demoralized you can do what you’d like. I prefer bouncing her and giving it to her good and using the momentum to push my sexual agenda with her.

        Then when you are wiping her pussy juice off ur cock after you just ravished her, say “you know its really annoying when you flirt with other guys in front of me…” throw cum rag at her face, go make sandwhich in kitchen.

        If she objects to bouncing from the venue, grab her, give her strong hug, kiss on cheek, smirk…then leave! Yes, physically leave venue and walk to car and leave! She will go crazy.

        If she isn’t responding to your tactics and continues flirting, keep grinding the above tactics. Don’t lose your cool, and be ready to bounce solo. If she doesn’t hook and come after you. Then you have just saved yourself tons of money,time,pride and nexted a slurr that isn’t worth your energy. After all you have already fucked her. But in my experience if you have fucked her good, made her cum, she will run after you.

        I have some great field report examples of the above from the past 4 weeks.

        Good luck.

on August 19, 2011 at 11:24 pm
Original Link


A good tactic I found is to screw around with the way you save HER name in your phone and then bring it up randomly. It screws with chicks minds BIGTIME. For example if her name is Alana you can save her as “Alien” “bAnana” or “Random” etc… Then make her aware of that by calling her when you are with her, and pull out your phone or just showing something on your phone and then opening her texts by “mistake”. 99% she’ll peek over to your phone to see if its really you calling and when she sees this name you assigned to her just tell her that she has to earn a full-name status in your phone. After a couple times she asks, reluctantly change it to some other derogatory name version of her name or just first letter i.e. “A” and say its already a promotion and accuse her of being annoying like other girls, asking too much and being a drama queen. Key thing here is to remain playful and teasing.

If she is doing something you highly disapprove of you can say “you are being like that *insert disqualifier description* chick I used to date – what’s her name *insert name* Gosh, she used to do *insert undesirable action* all the time. Now that I think of it you two have something in common. I should just save you under her name with x2. There *instead of Alana its Cathy x2

No girl wants to be compared and especially, being named another girl.

Most of the time she will be bothered indefinitely by this, making her hamster spin, nagging and begging you to change it.

Similarly you can revive a rocky relationship by deleting her name and just leaving her digits out there. If she asks why her name isnt there just ignore it or say indifferently “should i?” followed by “i’ll add it later”

  • AlphaAnon
    on August 22, 2011 at 4:04 am
    Original Link

    Agree. This works. I always name the girl after something in the environment when I # close. Then later change it to the city or type of car she drives or where she works…Like “amanda honda.” Get creative with it.

    Not highschool game, helpful tactic.

on August 19, 2011 at 11:46 pm
Original Link

Great post.

I tried an experiment this past week. The girl I’ve been seeing for 6 months is a drama queen constantly shit-testing.

I’ve been keeping frame but occassionally I just lose it. It becomes too much work.

But after our last blow out she went out of her way to book a nice restaurant for us, do some other nice things.

So I tried something new…I was the “nice guy”.

I called her and talked to her regularly for 3 days.

I asked her “miss me”… her reply: “What do you think?” ie she started gaming me.

She generally acted weird, less affection, less attention.

In other words, I gave her exactly what she wanted and she didn’t want it.

I called her out of the blue to “chat”…

She was on edge…”Why are you calling me? Are you not happy?”

I was like “What??? I’m calling to chat….”

So…I’m not sure what kind of game this is…but it completely aligns with these very concepts.

The minute a woman feels like she’s “won” even the biggest shit-testing drama queen will start to treat you like a beta shlub…

  • L
    on August 20, 2011 at 1:05 am
    Original Link

    Brilliant fail.

    • walawala
      on August 20, 2011 at 1:44 am
      Original Link

      Yup…be warned. Last week I was talking about breaking up so she was on her best behaviour.

      So I wanted to test this concept. It’s true. Even if they’re chasing you and you suddenly revert into attentive guy mode…it freaks them out.

      However in my case it’s a “why are you suddenly being so nice?” kind of game…but she’s still not as attentive.

      • AlphaAnon
        on August 20, 2011 at 6:48 am
        Original Link

        Good work for recognizing and adjusting. The point of this post is accepting that you have to game your woman even in an LTR. When referencing my past relationships; every time I went into beta nice guy mode for too long the relationship eventually went to shit.

        Agree. The overall push/pull strategy must be applied to present cycles of challenges & opportunities to the woman.

        Honestly I very much enjoy showering a woman with chivalry, sweetness, romance…etc. But have learned the hard way that these acts of kindness must be heavily counter-balanced with alpha dominance. And in some cases I’ve realized I can’t be nice guy at all if I am to achieve my goals.

Equality Ruins Sex

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via Heartiste

on August 18, 2011 at 4:35 pm
Original Link

An interesting correllary to this, and one I’ve long maintained, is that the best accessory to game is high levels of testosterone. High T lelevs naturally make males adopt the aggressive sexually demanding attitude and behaviors, and secondary physical masculine traits, that make women swoon.

In fact, a good portion of game is nothing but the attempted mimicry of high T levels.

The heavy weights, red meat, and a full 8 hours sleep; the bestbiological receipe for solid inner game…. There is of course the physchological and philosophical components as well.. But that’s another story.

  • AlphaAnon
    on August 19, 2011 at 1:53 am
    Original Link


    I’ve always been a hard partier and have laid plenty of women and had hot sex over the years. However recently in my ambitious crusade to skyrocket my game even further I quit drinking and all drugs. Been clean for 40 days now. I eat right, excercise 4 days a week and take shit loads of vitamins and sexual supliments (L-Arginine, Horney Goat Weed…tons of others).

    Point is I’m a locked and loaded and blowing my ball snot in and on every slut that crosses my path, and the chics out there can smell it. High-T for sure. Pheromones peeking, exhibiting dominance during opening, comfort and seduction more rapidly then before.

Musing Alpha
on August 18, 2011 at 6:27 pm
Original Link

They had to do a study to figure this out? They could have just asked me. Last night the ladyfriend was screaming at the top of her lungs “dominant that p****y” as I pounded her doggy style, pulling her hair, and shoving her face into a pillow. Almost every woman I have ever been with enjoys getting smacked around in bed. I have found the few who haven’t were usually just sexually inexperienced or had only had boring sex with betas. The ones who have only had relations with betas are the most fun to start smacking around in bed. They turn into absolute cock whores after one or two go arounds.

  • AlphaAnon
    on August 19, 2011 at 2:33 am
    Original Link


    Pull hair, smack ass, smack face (lightly), squeeze face, pin down arms, smack cock on face, smother face in pillow, smother pillow on top of head, call her a slut, a whore…heh…and my favorite is to make her repeat demeaning phrases like “I’m your cum drinking ass whore” while executing combos of the above maneuvers.

    I have to say I chuckle slighty when I can’t understand the muffled tones seeping out from under the pillow…

    The best part…THEY LOVE IT!

Chicks Dig Jerks: More Scientific Evidence

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via Heartiste

on August 17, 2011 at 12:56 am
Original Link

Excellent post; a necessary refresher and new layer of solid foundation.

In college when I was all natural game I did the best when in pure alpha assholery/jerk frat guy mode. Getting caught cheating on my 21yr gf with hot 18yr freshmen, making out with a girl at a party then ditching her point blank to talk to a hotter one…and on the contrary when I beta-fied and expressed ‘feelings’ and niceness I went home and jerked off and later came to realize the same chics were over me.

I do however submit that assholery has to be calibrated to the girl and the situation. A uni-dimensional asshole with no situational awareness or adaptation skills will be exactly that, just an asshole; and will land in the ‘he’s mean and angry” zone. The pua asshole will tactfully hit those attraction spikes while getting the laughter arm punch responses “lol you’re such a dick…” “omg I can’t believe you did/said that” “you’re such a brat” “you’re just like my brother/dad…”

Never apologize.

The Reluctant Cockblock

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on August 9, 2011 at 5:46 pm
Original Link


What can I say. Your blog makes me laugh out loud every time I come here…and then leaves me profoundly depressed.

I also alternate between extreme violence (wanting to scratch your eyes out, specifically) and wanting to fuck you.

Go figure.

Ay yi yi.

  • Gilgamesh
    on August 9, 2011 at 11:05 pm
    Original Link

    There’s nothing to figure out, you’re suffering from a normal condition called gina tingles, induced by the receptivity of your ancient attraction triggers to assholery.
    Embrace womanhood, and go for it girl. A house full of cats is not that bad after all.

    • Anonymous
      on August 10, 2011 at 10:35 am
      Original Link

      Cats are fantastic creatures…they don’t put up with shit.

      Speaking of which… we women with high-functioning brains are caught in a conundrum: we want to fuck alphas (no doubt about it) but we sure as HELL don’t want to live with them or even be around them socially. I’m currently casually dating an alpha (small business owner at 33, black belt martial arts expert, muscle-bound, fierce) and yeah…the sex is great. He’s also a chauvinistic jerk most of the time. Do I want to spend the rest of my life with someone like that? Nope. Do I even want him to hang out with the rest of my friends? No thanks.

      See, what nobody seems to mention very often here is…alpha males (by this site’s definition) just aren’t really much fun to be around. Nobody wants to spend time with a prick.

      It’s been mentioned numerous times on this site that women more commonly initiate divorce. Now, I fully agree that it definitely sometimes is because they’re stuck with weakling betas who allow the women to walk all over them. I totally buy that.

      HOWEVER…it’s equally true (and from firsthand experience I can testify that this often happens in small towns/”red” states) that attractive women get married young, often as virgins or having had one or two previous partners, to very alpha men (think young, strapping cowboys from MT). Often there is some religious language/ideology involved…”man as head of the household”, blah blah blah. And yes, these guys ARE often alpha (again, as defined by this site).

      Flash forward ten years. Wife is in her late twenties/early thirties. Has 2-4 kids. Probably still attractive, but is SICK AND TIRED of being treated like a piece of trash by her “alpha” husband, who expects her to raise the kids, do the housework, get him a beer, put out on demand, and keep her nose out of the family finances. (Do you think I’m making this up? I swear to God, this is a real, everyday scenario for women my age in rural, “red” states.) She starts to grow her own backbone…and then she leaves.

      So…if your goal really is to bang as many women as possible in your lifetime, then by all means…carry on. But for intelligent, mature men who want a future with family, intimacy, and relationship…sorry, but you’re going to have to figure out a way to command your woman’s respect on the level of *character*. Which means you can’t just be a prick and treat her like worthless shit.

      I don’t see a lot of discussion about this on this site. What place do character and integrity hold for an “alpha” male? Personally, my definition of “alpha” is incomplete without these traits. A dishonest man is a weak man. A rude, brutish man is a weak man. A disrespectful man is a weak man. An inconsiderate, selfish man is a weak man.

      Alpha for me is: unwaveringly honest, strong, brave, wise, respectful, measured, selfless, considerate, fierce, passionate, protective.

      Don’t find a whole lot of THOSE.

      • AlphaAnon
        on August 11, 2011 at 10:20 pm
        Original Link

        Dead wrong. An alpha does not necessarily mean the guy is a jerk. An intelligent alpha knows how to calibrate his negs and keep attraction strong with his targets, whether a same night lay or LTR.

        You are hamstering hard here, in search of your beta in shining armor.

Identifying Sluts: The Science

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on August 2, 2011 at 11:03 pm
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thesecond — wrong, I shoot all men who approach me down — none of them have a chance — I would laugh in the face of the so-called PUA.

  • AlphaAnon
    on August 3, 2011 at 6:07 am
    Original Link

    Dear Angry Anonymous Cunt with sharp teeth:

    Skilled PUAs are adaptable, versatile, flexible, resourceful and masterfully cunning. Should you be approached by one and engaged in conversation you’d never know it.

    Regardless the negative energy that emanates from your fishy bacteria infested snatch is plenty to drive away even the most innocent and genuine choir boy asking for the time of day. A skilled PUA lives in the mind frame of abundance, which for you means we wouldn’t waste our time. We’d focus on younger, healthier targets that non-verbally communicate a yearining for cock.

    Read Gilgamesh’s reply again when you are in a neutral state so you can grasp the purpose of this blog. This is an active relational knowledgebase; an informational exchange on the cutting edge of the science, artform and application of seduction.

    There is much you can learn here. Spend some time in the archives and educate yourself- post some intelligent questions. Or get the fuck out and go read cosmo.

on August 2, 2011 at 11:48 pm
Original Link

Very eloquent and whatnot. Since I’ve got problems in the head, I tend to date sluts (briefly but serially). Not having all those statistics sorted out, I’m nontheless the carnal expert on all things from the magic slutdom of this country.

Not to give away all of my far less research-quotey post on the topic, but at the risk of getting down all squintey old wise Chinese man slut-fucker, I’ll quote me:

“Since the slut is unable (or at least less likely) to bond on the same level, she will substitute her emotional contribution with games and drama. She’ll have access through emotional connection and leverage it to validate herself, keep the daemons of her childhood fed that created her emotional deficiency in the fist place. This deficit will weigh on the relationship, and the emotional debt will accrue interest with the other party. In other words, if you date a slut, it’ll make you crazy – to feed her crazy.”

More about all that over this way:

  • Anonymous
    on August 3, 2011 at 12:30 am
    Original Link

    That quote about sluts using emotional games to substitute intimacy that theyve lost to too many expectations being shattered is true. The problem for many guys is although they claim to hate drama, an emotional, needy hottie will have the interests, resources and loyalty of a man much more readily than a levelheaded, logical sweetheart. So these sluts keep getting married and these “sweethearts” stay on blogs like this asking men who will never be interested in them how to land a man. The men keep giving them terrible advice but it plays into their need to be good girls and have fairytails come true. So they keep listening as they get older and fatter and eventually they fade away into cat lady hell.

    • Nicole
      on August 3, 2011 at 2:05 am
      Original Link

      That doesn’t match with the reality of the female commenters here. Most of us, within days of our “lightbulb moment”, if one was needed, find ourselves much more attractive to the right kind of guys.

      …and some of us are in very non ideal situations. I don’t always kiss and tell, but even in a country where almost every local guy no matter how screwed up, pussified, and pathetic he is, thinks he’s too good for me because of my ethnicity, I managed to get a visiting engineer to lay a claim. Crazy story, but still, I’m the fattest, ugliest, and maybe oldest chick on this blog, and I’m getting mine.

      If I, of all women, can get a dude who travels constantly and has many options, to remember her name and then some, then I’m sure the younger, prettier sweethearts here can land a husband.

      Just don’t be a bitch. It’s that simple.

      If you’re a bit of a slut, be that and be okay with it. Some of us need sex every once in awhile, to be okay. Some of us don’t need the paperwork to feel like we’re in a relationship. Some of us can love a guy who’s broke or a bit damaged or whatever. Some of us don’t mind being the other woman.

      I think you’re mistaking the sweetheart attitude with some kind of prudish innocence. We’re mostly sweet with a little moxy here because we’re just not bitches, not because we’re nuns or something.

      • AlphaAnon
        on August 3, 2011 at 5:24 am
        Original Link

        So your fugly old ass fucked a “traveling engineer” and now you think you have everything figured out?

        “…reality of the female commenters on here” did you all exchange contact info and have a skype session or something?

        This post is pure vaginal discharge and reeks heavily of a hamster spun brain fart.

        • Nicole
          on August 3, 2011 at 12:56 pm
          Original Link

          AlphaAnon, I live in Israel, and I’d rather be a traveling engineer’s bitch than a nice Jewish boy’s dirty little secret. Arabs and arsim are just totally out of the question.

          I’m not pretty enough or blonde enough or White enough to override the sheeple here’s xenophobic instinct, and unlike before I came here, I’m no longer going to keep trying. I understand that it is futile and to continue to attempt it is volunteering for pain.

          So yeah, I have got it all figured out, thanks to the honesty of the guys here.

          I don’t see how accepting one’s limitations and utilizing one’s options based on realism is hamstering.

          I’m getting my needs met. He’s getting his met. Everybody respects everybody and can actually be seen together without having to hide anything from anybody’s mommy. Then we can have coffee and conversation in the morning.

          Look down on me if you like, but when your bitch is my age, we’ll see if anybody with options wants to shag her. I won’t even put an actual date in the challenge.

          As far as the women on this blog, many of us are bloggers ourselves. We read each other and keep in touch, and some of us have been here for more than 2 years. I imagine some people could be lying about themselves, but since offline and online life often overlap in the truth seeking sector of the blogosphere, that would be a kind of stupid thing to do.

          I’m constantly referring guys I know offline to this blog, and I don’t think I’m alone in that. So I have to keep it on the real.

          • AlphaAnon
            on August 3, 2011 at 2:33 pm
            Original Link

            Point taken.

            However you could have condensed both your posts to simply state something similar to:

            “I’ve accepted the limitations of my SMV, and I like cock that will have coffee with me in the morning, as opposed to keeping me a secret. Other women should accept reality and do the same.”

            I remember this 22yr old 8.5 that started sucking me off in the bathroom at a bar only 2 hours after I met her. We later fucked for hours in my small 325i. I jammed a water bottle nozzle up her ass and she finished me off with a rimjob and guzzling my nut down her throat. The windows were fogged up like Ripley’s sleeping incubator at the start of Aliens. After sex she divulged that she loves being a slut and she actually wasn’t in school and lives with her boyfriend- contrary to our initial chit chat. Heh.

            We went for coffee in the morning.