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Open This Set

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on December 28, 2011 at 8:55 pm
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How to open?

Approach from the side, make eye contact with the one in the white.

When she smiles back, which she will in a second…approach, eye the other two, then ignore and open the mumsy one with:

“Charlie’s Angels….you’re wearing white…you look kind of innocent anyway..especially with these two…”

When she starts laughing and makes some qualifying remark about her embarrassing friends….turn to the one on the right, the one you call the 4.5 with her tits out and say…

“Charlie’s Angels?…which one are you?”

When she starts blabbing the slutty one will invariably insist on getting your attention, then you turn around and say…

“I’m disappointed, I took you for a Victoria’s Secret girl….”

Take it from there…

  • Ripp
    on December 29, 2011 at 6:51 pm
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    Approach from side. +1.

    Cold reads are excellent openers. +1.

    After initial response from opening target, move to next one, cold read and open. +1

    walawala, you’re one of the very few on this blog who actually go out. Nice work.

Caring Vs Uncaring Assholery

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on December 22, 2011 at 6:52 pm
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This is precisely what I am struggling with at the moment. I am furiously bitter at womankind (and society in general) for having exploited my deepest instincts and fed me bullshit in order to leech off my continued emotional investment in them for the entire 16 years of my life. I recognize that this bitterness is my weakness. I try to suppress it, but oftentimes, I will slip up and drop a line loaded with spite instead where I wanted nonchalance.

I would appreciate a step-by-step mental guide of how to get in the right state of mind to completely abolish this anger from my mind.

  • Ripp
    on December 23, 2011 at 5:53 am
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    What’s up man. I just helped a close friend of mine go from statements like the one you’re making above, to complaining that his 4th date of last week was 15m late. In 8 weeks.

    I can support- I’m not commercial either.

    Hit me up:

on December 23, 2011 at 5:42 am
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True gospel shit, CH. 100% bulls eye.

Street Smarts, Game And The White Underclass

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on December 20, 2011 at 3:02 am
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Street smarts, social savvy, game, etc. is more attractive to women than money, looks, education, etc.

Girls categorize you into one of 4 categories when they first observe/meet you:

1) Provider beta (rich/smart guy who flashes his Rolex and talks about his last trip to Paris or his medical degree)

2) Fuckworthy alpha (guy who demonstrates alpha characteristics and makes their gina tingle)

Those are the relevant two for this article. Examples of them:

Low class idiot wigger Bennett types who have no money or job etc. and treat her like she’s nothing special = doesn’t act like a beta (no butterflies and dolphins), makes her gina tingle, and CLEARLY has no means to be a provider = Fuckworthy alpha.

High class rich BMW guy with a mansion trying to impress and get her approval = acts like a beta (“let me wine and dine you my dear”, “so I was in Paris last week and…”) and CLEARLY would be an excellent provider = Provider beta.

Which guy does the girl fuck the first night because she knows not to expect more than a good fuck?

And which guy does she wait a bunch of dates and expensive dinners before putting out for, in hopes of not coming off as a slut and being providing-worthy?

Really simple shit here. If you haven’t seen this in action, you don’t hang out with a big enough variety of social circles and should interact with more people in both high and low classes.

  • Ripp
    on December 21, 2011 at 4:37 am
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on December 20, 2011 at 1:06 pm
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Mark C said: As a 34 year old guy with a beer belly and a porno stache that only fucks women 25 or younger (and only keeps around those 8 or above)

A question for you: I have a friend who is convinced that women dig skinny guys. He is about ten pounds overweight on an otherwise ectomorph frame. But he has spent the last decade, literally, knocking himself out at the gym trying to “lose the pounds” as he puts it. Because he is convinced that if he does knock off ten pounds, women will start flocking to him for no-strings-attached sex. (Let me note he is late middle ages.)

He seems to go on the assumption that “the babes,” as he refers to attractive young women, are just as horny and sexually frustrated as he is, and for some reason home in on slender guys. He rarely dates, and his main source of contact with females is by going to strip clubs.

Question: what is your take on this?


  • YaReally
    on December 20, 2011 at 3:24 pm
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    It’s easier for him to blame something he subconsciously has no intention of fixing (if he really wanted to lose the weight 10lbs is nothing) than to admit he’s unattractice to women as a man overall. “I’d be tearing it up with women if I was thinner, if I lost this weight they’d be all OVER me.”

    No, they wouldn’t. He’d be the same insecure approval seeking beta he is now, but thinner. Even if he got more looks from girls being thinner the fact that he doesn’t have enough game to make a girl overlook 10lbs means he wouldn’t be able to get the hot ones since his confidence is so weak and externally dependent and they’ll sniff that out instantly.

    The really hot girls don’t care about weight or money because they’re SURROUNDED by hot rich guys hitting on them. They’re the ones that respond to peacocking and alpha frame control shit because that’s saying “I don’t seek other people’s approval, I do what I want” and is attractive in a sea of guys insecurely seeking her validation asking “do you like my biceps now?” and “baby let me fly you to Paris!”

    That’s why game was built for the hottest girls. That’s why average girl’s think Mystery looks like a retard, they’re looking for the rich 6-pack guy since those guys dont pay them any attention. But smokin hot strippers and club girls are drawn to him when they see him, cause they’re surrounded by 6-pack rich guys and they know his confidence walking thru that crowd in a fuzzy hat is something rare.

    Go to any pool party in Vegas and look at the dudes. EVERY guy there is buff and ripped cause most of them are in the entertainment industry (bartenders bouncers strippers etc). The girls there are surrounded by those guys but most of them are like your friend “gotta get another inch on my biceps. THEN the bitches’ll love me!!!”

    Other guys do this same thing with money, cars, jobs, etc. “soon as I get that promotion”. The worst are the guys who pick an attribute to blame that they actually CAN’T fix, like short guys blaming their height. Your friend can work out and lose the 10lbs but a short guy can’t grow a foot taller.

    Those guys who hide behind shit as an excuse are in for the saddest, most depressing reality bitchslap when they overcome the excuse and realize it did nothing because it was all in their head. Witness the rich CEO in his Ferrari with his Rolex wondering why girls won’t fuck him unless he pays them. Imagine suddenly realizing all the shit you dedicated your life to was irrellevant when it came to your actual goal you thought it’d help you achieve. Mind-fuck.

    • Ripp
      on December 21, 2011 at 4:49 am
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      100% Agreed.

  • Mark C
    on December 20, 2011 at 11:14 pm
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    Bottom line, its all about attitude. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ve probably read better explanations than I can give, but the what it boils down to is that I refuse to accept that I need to compromise so I don’t. I also refuse to accept that i need to worry about my “looks” beyond combing my hair, showering, and other basic maintenance. I don’t wear perfume, I never “dress up” (unless Im in a work situation and 99% of the women I work with don’t meet my standards) and I laugh at the “pretty boys” who try (Actually a great way of DHVing in the right circumstances). My attitude is “its the woman’s job to look pretty, its the man’s job to be a Man” and it works for me. But then, that;s because that’s who I am. My advice to your friend? Don’t worry about your gut, or getting thin, that’s a woman’s job. You think Genghis Khan ever worried about his beer belly? You ever seen a portrait of Ben Franklin? Guy had a beak like a vulture, eyes like a pig, was bowlegged and had a pot belly, yet he was a stone cold pimp. Same goes for virtually every great man in history. (not saying to be a slob, but can you imagine Bill Clinton being afraid to hit on a chick cause he was in a tracksuit munching down on a big mac?)

    And one last weird but (in my experience effective) piece of advice. Tell your buddy to watch “dog whisperer” and treat women the way Ceasear treats problem. dogs. (not joking, even the tssst and the little pinch works wonders if used right) Dominant, not aggressive, confidant not defensive. Watch your posture, tone, and body language and more than anything else, make sure you believe, that you are what they want, because if you believe it, so will they.

    Also might want to send him the link to this blog.

    • Ripp
      on December 21, 2011 at 4:58 am
      Original Link

      Last paragraph is solid.

      No bullshit, treat them like a dog, playfully. Like a bratty younger school girl. “Behave young lady, or you’re on time out.” [Grope ass].

      Non-verbal communication is the silver bullet. Believe your own bullshit, and they will too. With solid non-verbal you can “say” anything.


while ron paul gonna win da iowa caucus, all da iowa chickx gonna win da GBFM cockas zlzozllzzozozozozolzzozzozozozlzozoz

HEARTISTE & GB4M 2012 lolzozlz YOU CAN B

  • Zunder
    on December 20, 2011 at 1:55 pm
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    Mate I reckon you are a nerd with the muscle mass of 98 year old ethopian that sits on his pewter wanking himself to tranny porn.
    Your the kind of geek id smack the fuck out of if you got in my way at the pub.
    Come down to Kiwi land play some rugby, have a beer, be a man instead of lzollzzzz your shit on this blog.

    • Ripp
      on December 21, 2011 at 5:05 am
      Original Link


      I like GBFM for some odd reason. But that reply was fucking funny.

      Zunder you remind me of this scrawny brit I used to work with. He was pale and had big bug eyes but was a cocky/witty motherfucker. Always tooling peeps, farting and eating apples.

      “Be a man instead of lolzzlolzlzlzllz your shit on this blog.”

      Haha awesome.

Should Game Be Taught In School?

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on December 19, 2011 at 5:07 am
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Interesting idea.

Even if it was possible to cut through all of the socio-political bullshit and a public high school was allowed to teach “Evo Psych” or “Modern Social Dynamics” or whatever, the subjects described above, 99% of the women would get angry at it and the majority of men wouldn’t believe it, or apply it. Just like now.

It amazes me that this knowledge, much of which is captured in this very blog, and also is and has been commercialized and published at book stores and all over the fucking internet for 7 years, and………very, very few men apply it. That’s the key, the continuous application. Most men don’t do it.

Most men are beta, and will stay beta. Some will choose to swallow the red pill, but of the ones who do, only very few have the intelligence, tenacity, discipline and courage to allow the red pill to digest into their blood; and flush the culturally programmed beta-tardness out of them. Bottom line, it takes work.

Even at the “community” meetings I attend, I see it. Every meeting there is a very small few who: take notes, ask intelligent questions, share stories and examples. After every meeting we go out. And again, those very few APPLY the material. Ya know, actually approach women they are attracted to and talk to them.

The rest are just there. Just there taking up space with the look of retarded beta awe.

It’s ok with me. I’m the guy your girlfriend is thinking about. Ya know, her “new friend” she met when she was out with the girls. I just sent her a txt. Funny, she didn’t mention she had a boyfriend.

Hmmm…if Game was taught, it’d cause a time paradox. The universe would impload.

  • John Norman Howard
    on December 19, 2011 at 4:17 pm
    Original Link

    It’s ok with me. I’m the guy your girlfriend is thinking about. Ya know, her “new friend” she met when she was out with the girls. I just sent her a txt.

    Actually, you’re the guy who needs the name of a good orthopedic surgeon… for the rotator cuff repair you’ll require eventually, the way you pat yourself on the back around here.

    • Ripp
      on December 20, 2011 at 6:29 am
      Original Link

      Dear John Beta Norman Howard,

      I hope your sex life is more stimulating than your humor.
      *pats self on back, again*


on December 19, 2011 at 9:43 am
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Furthermore, trying to overload society with game is doomed to failure. Only a small percentage of men are capable of independent thought. That means only a small minority of men can even accept that Game works, let alone have the persistence and nerve to actually get good at it.

  • Ripp
    on December 19, 2011 at 3:47 pm
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King A
on December 19, 2011 at 12:40 pm
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This post is Heartiste’s strongest indication yet that he is on a crusade, despite all the protesting too much about the website being a hobby or making society safe for “poolsiders who need a prosperous nation in which to pursue their lifestyles.”

Unlocking the secrets of alpha mimicry helps a “poolsider” not at all. Rather, he should hang onto these hard-won secrets like a stockpile of food and ammo for the apocalypse.

“[Y]ou could call this the ‘stuff the beast’ philosophy of saving civilization by feeding it too much of its own late-stage bile.”

Remind us why are we “saving civilization” again? Sexual chaos is the alpha’s best friend. Civilization would only mean organized resistance to men who reap the unprecedented slut harvest.

Here’s the real dynamic. Heartiste writes (and most of us comment or blog) for a simple reason. It is an expression of power. It’s the same reason why men climb cliff-faces, strive to be the first to the South Pole, plant your country’s flag on the moon. Because we can. And the corollary: You can’t.

The popularity and response of the blog are the confirmation of power. Heartiste wouldn’t be writing without this confirmation. That explains the genesis of the site, but what explains its indeterminate continuance? The confirmation is forever certified by 20,000,000 hits over five years, the proof of a sui generis force, without promotion or branding, through simple word-of-mouth and an invitation to contradict the virtue on display at a certain URL address. But what is the ongoing compensation? A will to truth? When will it no longer be necessary to post? When the last beta turns?

This is why the detached pose is not a sufficient explanation. It becomes more than a hobby when one feels compelled to post long after all that needed to be said has been said a single time. Now we are in the realm of applying those comprehensively elucidated principles (Commandments, Maxims) to new phenomena. Either Heartiste needs still more confirmation that his philosophy works universally and therefore is applicable to topical events, or he is trying to reach new audiences for some reason.

If those new audiences weren’t at odds with the poolside strategy, continuance would be understandable. But there will always be people who haven’t heard the Good News, always a new generation coming up. Occam’s Razor says he wants to do more than display power. He wants to display his power to a certain end: men taking back their manhood, even if it makes his personal pick-up mission more difficult or not. These are the thoughts of a maturing mind, slowly turning toward contemplation of one’s legacy.

Why do most alphas neglect to keep a blog without pause for half-a-decade? Why are they satisfied with mere vagina, whereas others keep (and, in particular, one keeps) publishing their diaries daily? It is because — all protests to the contrary notwithstanding — they are invested in something bigger than their own selfish pursuits. But to admit this would undermine a philosophy that claims to be only selfish pursuit, despite all evidence, and tacit admission, to the contrary.

This is your Come to Jesus Moment, Heartiste. (Not literally Jesus, not yet, you can come off the fainting couch.) You have yourself put the lie to the idea you aren’t concerned with anything beyond the application of game to pick-up. The tent-sulk has gotten old. The Achaeans will need their Achilles.

You’ve done a decent job protecting your anonymity. That has preserved the option to come out under a different persona — whenever the ennui gets to you at last, whenever you are ready to take proper command of your legacy.

  • Ripp
    on December 20, 2011 at 7:12 am
    Original Link

    “This post is Heartiste’s strongest indication yet that he is on a crusade”

    “Either Heartiste needs still more confirmation that his philosophy works universally and therefore is applicable to topical events, or he is trying to reach new audiences for some reason.”

    OR maybe CH just thought it’d be amusing to reply to Harkat’s question and expand on it a little.

    Queen B, you spend way too much time alone and inside. You beat off in your brain so much that if someone shit on your doorstep, not only would you talk to the bacteria in the shit (they might listen), you’d come up with a disertation about the philosophical overtones of feces manifestation on cement.

    And in reality it was just Heartiste’s dog passing by.

    Man, get out of the house more often- go talk to some women.

Are Ugly Women Necessary As Stepping Stones?

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on December 16, 2011 at 7:38 pm
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‘I couldn’t be bothered to make excuses. She dressed and left in silence. My blue mood hardened… I took a shower to wash off the dirt that had alighted upon my soul.

jesus. where is the common decency in all this squalid behavior?

these ‘uglies’ are human beings who as such deserve a modicum of respect. how would you feel if you were treated as shabbily? women you say were good-natured enough and pleased by your attention but were ultimately ‘dirt’ due to their deficiency in the looks department? i do hope all this is only rhetorical exaggeration. otherwise i can only hope for your karmic comeuppance.

hearing this kind of talk makes me despair for my girls. with any luck they’ll stay as cautious and prudent as their mother.

    on December 17, 2011 at 3:20 pm
    Original Link


    Why is it not ok to treat ugly girls badly but women think it’s ok to treat low status guys badly? (i.e. bad job, slovenly behavior, alcoholic, nerdly, poor choice of clothing, poor eating habits, low iq) It is precisely the point of these guys that (crude as they often can be) men’s attraction triggers are overwhelmingly based on physical beauty and youth. But women’s are status and behavioral. It seems that the whole thrust of the modern world is to deligitimize men’s darwinian evolved preferences in mating while raising up feminist fantasies.

    In effect, this blog is a minor counterstrike against a world that has asymmetrically disarmed men (think of modern marriage where women are supposed to be free to do what they want and men are pressured not to insist on cooking, cleaning and subservience, but women still get favored in divorce settlements as if we were on Victorian terms).

    In such a world, being rude to ugly girls is a relatively minor sin and doesn’t even come close to compensating for the tendency to overly praise fat warpigs as deserving empowerment.

    • Ripp
      on December 19, 2011 at 4:07 am
      Original Link

      Excellent reply. Carolyn, how do you “feel” now?

on December 16, 2011 at 9:45 pm
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Ugly women are horrible for your self-esteem…it’s dumpster diving or like eating a Big Mac when you’re hungry instead of say…something equally filling but healthy…

I’ve banged a number of ugly chicks before I got into game…it was like some social experiment in how much I could bang… But ultimately it didn’t improve my game…or make me more confident.

Inner game is the hardest part of putting all the pieces together.

The tendancy to beta backslide is like deciding to put off a workout because you don’t think you need to go to the gym everyday.

First it’s one day…then a few days…next thing you know, you’re back to being an AFC.

After several months of this…I broke up with my gf. I had become beta and it was destroying my inner game.

I told her we were through, I couldn’t see her anymore.

Her response; “I don’t want to break up…”

It was all I could do to push back and say: “I do….”

Problem I see with ugly chicks is that they make you think you’ll never do any better and when you do…you begin to get scared of losing the hotter chicks…

Bang decent chicks/hot chicks and you can then be much more discriminating as to what you want longer-term rather than shorter-term.

  • Ripp
    on December 19, 2011 at 4:09 am
    Original Link


on December 19, 2011 at 4:39 am
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This post is really about knowing yourself, and being honest with yourself about what quality of women and at what frequency of ball draining you need to be at to sustain optimum happiness.

Like anything, if you work hard to improve your game and meet objectives you will then create new ones more challenging.

1) banging women you are not attracted to is horrible for your confidence and your overall game progress. I’ve been in the limp dick scenario and it’s not fun,she’s so ugly you just can’t get into it, and you feel like shit. I’d rather rub one out to porn, 100%.

2) dryspells can be managed.
Actually it’s an opportunity to make positive changes: excersise more, change diet, limit or obstain alcohol/drugs, study new game concepts, goto new venues you have never been, work on cold approaching. Seriosuly. You want to take your mind off of getting laid? Go to a public place and cold approach attractive women- if you’re new to it, the approach anxiety will jolt your system. Gotta start somewhere. More you do it, easier it becomes.

3) get into an LTR with an avg women you are attracted to that is possible for you AND continue working on game. “But that’s unethical”. Nope. You can get laid regularly with LTR, AND, work on cold approaching, #closing, txt game, dates, attraction and comfort routines, etc etc etc. As long as you don’t do anything physical, you haven’t “cheated”. They are just “friends”.

Actually, by consistently gaming other women while in an LTR, your LTR will be more attracted to you, as you’ll be less needy, all the while building a rotation of hot opps, with hotter women. You’re in control. Alpha.

“But that’s not right, I’m using her”. See #2. Then See #1. Your choice.


Anti-Flake Tactic

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on December 15, 2011 at 5:32 pm
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The best response to a last-minute cancel is silence. I had a 24 year old pull the “I know we have plans in an hour but I’m really tired, is it okay if we cancel?” text which I ignored. Over the next four hours, she kept texting, “Just wanted to make sure you get this, why aren’t you responding.”

The next day, after a dozen similar texts from her I finally sent one back saying “I didn’t see the need for a reponse.” and left it at that.

She’s tried a few gambits to try and make me reply – suggesting I was rude or a jerk but I’ve just let her keep thrashing and a week later, she came over to apologize in person.

Before I learned game, I would have been the one apologizing for having an issue with her bailing on a date.

  • Ripp
    on December 16, 2011 at 5:18 am
    Original Link


    [SILENCE] is a powerful Alpha response.

    Gets the hamster spinning hard: “why doesn’t he respond to me”

on December 15, 2011 at 5:38 pm
Original Link

If he didn’t get laid it’s probably because she sniffed out the incongruence.

Contrast these two statements: “Sorry I was working. We can reschedule but you’d have to put forth the effort. Self-respecting men don’t play those early twenties games…”


“Hey, got your note. I’m not too busy to swing a drink today. Can you?”

Even though she left him dangling and didn’t appear to want to set up a time to meet, he negated his claim of being a self-respecting man by doing all the work for her.

Result: A slightly more inflated ego on some broad out there and a few free drinks down her gullet, as she smirks in satisfaction on the way to her real booty call afterward.

  • Ripp
    on December 16, 2011 at 2:52 pm
    Original Link

    “If he didn’t get laid it’s probably because she sniffed out the incongruence.”

    Disagree. We don’t know the outcome, and it’s not the point of the post.

    Most of the time women don’t react logically, especially on the onset of receiving a txt from a potential suitor. And further disagree that her thought process “sniffed out the congruence” and in return she decided at that moment not to fuck him.

    Confusion is good. When in doubt, be illogical, be irrational, be emotional. This is how women communicate.

    So your analysis is that she went on the date anyways with the pure intent of getting her ego stroked and free drinks, all with the preconceived notion to not fuck him based on the incongruency of his TXT from earlier.

    Mental Masturbator.

on December 15, 2011 at 7:13 pm
Original Link

Oh…. the techniques of Flake-be-gone. My rule is to never fully invest your time/schedule/resources into a date. Have a contingency plan. If she cancels the last minute and you already went out, then you have a place to go to even though she flaked on you.

DOOn’t ever assume a girl will automatically be there just because she says so. A woman’s word doesn’t mean as much to her as it does to a man.

  • Ripp
    on December 16, 2011 at 5:17 am
    Original Link


on December 16, 2011 at 5:16 am
Original Link

Good post and great topic to discuss with men who are ‘actually’ out there gaming.

And of course there is much Mental Masturbating going on in the replies, as usual. C’mon guys if you disagree or dissent with the tactic, post your own suggestions/methods. Not doing so only underscores you’re a BETA chump.

In the context of a ‘last minute flake’ for a ‘first date’ whether it be from an internet #close or cold approach #close, my following suggestions:

Preemptive Strategy
1) Always be building comfort with TXT game with your target: Flirt. Tease.

[Ripp]: stop causing trouble at work

[Her]: It’s hard not too :)

end thread.

[Ripp]: what does miss [name] want from santa

[Her]: Everything :)

[Ripp]: u have been too naughty for that

[Her]: Ahaaaaa! My letter read: Dear Santa, I want it all, [name]

[Ripp]: *rolls eyes* you can’t be monopolizing santa’s time

[Her]: Wanna bet? Hahaha

[Ripp]: All u deserve is a spankin young lady *spank*

[Her]: Perv, Ahaaaaa!

end thread.

Notice how I always make her send the last TXT. It’s a ‘pull’ strategy. Also notice how I use *gestures*. This works like a fucking charm.

2) Set the meet. Then reopen later at a random time with a NEW TOPIC before the meet to continue comfort building and mitigate flake probability:

[Ripp 6:25PM]: listen I have some time tomorrow evening meet me 8ish lets go cause trouble

[Her 9:23PM]: Haha sounds great- ur funny lol. I have had the toughest night at work tonight! Sorry I couldn’t get to my phone any sooner

[Ripp 11:11PM]: things settle down for you at work

[Her 11:15PM]: Yeah I just got home

[Ripp 11:20PM]: home in cambodia

[Her 11:22PM]: haha yeah it is for the next 10 days until my new place is ready :)

end thread.


[Ripp 9:43AM]: look at my xmas tree I decorated it myself {attached: image of outdoor mall xmas tree that is 100ft tall}

[Her 9:54AM]: lol wow!! Great job, it’s beautiful

end thread.

[Ripp 4:50PM]: hey goof

[Her 5:56PM]:heyyy! u working still? I’m rushing to get home!! Lol my mom had to go to court so i went with her :)

[Ripp 5:58PM]: would 9pm be better for u

[Her 5:58PM]: i thought that was the time we were meeting anyway???

[Ripp 5:59PM]: goof ball *rolls eyes* i guess it is now

[Ripp 6:00PM]: k see u at 9PM at [coffee shop] 1234 North St. in [location] drive safe

[Her 6:02PM]: is that inside the mall???

[Ripp 6:03PM]: Yes

[Ripp 6:04PM]: at malls they have this thing called a directory its like a map that tells you where stuff is

[Her 6:05PM]: haha ur making me go to a human zoo!

[Ripp 6:10PM]: you will feel at home since ur an animal rarrrr

[Her 6:11PM]: haha

end thread.

Notice how I am BUILDING up to the initial first date. I’m breaking up the place and time into different TXTs sent at different times and weaving in other random topics, teasing her etc. Basically its a SMOOTH transition from TXTing to first meet. Builds comfort. And you can COMPLIANCE TEST to see if she is going to flake or not. If she is going to flake, she won’t be responsive the day of the meet.

Post 1st Date Flake Strategy

Within hours, minutes or the same day of a previously confirmed meet:

[Her]: hey something came up with work and I can’t make it tonight maybe another time?

[NO RESPONSE & NO REPLIES if she re-opens]



-Open with a funny statement
-A playful tease
-Do not mention the flake AT ALL. If she mentions it, ignore it and disregard.

[Ripp]: been doing crunches at the gym….548, 549, 5…5…..0……ugh

[Her]: haha heyy!! ur silly. sorry couldnt get together the other night how are you?

[Ripp]: please don’t interrupt exercise 551,552,5..5…3

[Her]: haha ;)

end thread.

random time reopen.

[Ripp]: hey dork I have some time wednesday at lunch, meet me ~1230ish

…rebuild INTEREST & COMPLIANCE, then CLOSE for meet

If she’s high SMV she is most likely going to flake to shit test you. Also she is going to have MANY men txting her all the time. You can rise to the top by always making her laugh and being “cool”. Notice how I am ASSERTIVE and TELL her to “meet me”. The strategy here is to rebuild compliance and try for another meet. Never be reactive. Be aloof. Random.

Because 1st date flakes are so common and I have an ABUNDANCE of women in MY TXT ORBIT I don’t care. If she flakes for a second time, I either never contact her again or send a similar TXT to the author of the post.


-1 day of silence
-2nd day:

[Ripp]: listen I’m a straight up guy- at this point I can’t take you seriously. I’ll think about maybe giving you another chance…

[Her]: Sorry. You’re right. I haven’t been attentive, and that’s not right of me to do.

I always have received an apologetic response from this. It’s seems kind of beta, and it is. But it has worked. And further, I have been able to successfully meet and continue the game process. I only do this with beautiful women…why? Because I want to fuck them! If she’s AVG or below…next…….until next month. heh….

I have what I call a “FOCUS GROUP” of women I TXT to try out new material on. And also I will stick them in “COLD ROTATION” which I let them sit in silence for a month or so, then reopen.

Women are emotional beings. Depending on what is going on in their life at any moment, they may need a man to fuck their brains out. TXT GAME is easy, cheap etc.

Good luck guys.

  • DiamondEyes
    on December 16, 2011 at 12:50 pm
    Original Link

    Well I think we’ll have to agree that there are different types of PUAs here, with different preferences and tactics.

    Personally, I didn’t supply a big tactical breakdown because I wouldn’t need a tactic in the case described in this post. I would simply ignore the bitch indefinitely and turn my attention to other girls in the rotation. Ironically, this non-tactic works better than 90% of the ‘tactics’ out there.

    Since you called others out on being beta chumps, let me offer a brief critique of the tactics you outlined.

    I don’t know how old you are, but to me that just looks like a whole lot of texting, ego-stroking, game-playing, girly shit, high school shit, friend zone shit. Why on earth would you get all caught up in text games like that? And for such long periods? It paints the image of a loser in his bedroom hanging on her every utterance. You think it increases the respect and admiration she has for you?

    This doesn’t fit for everyone, but my style is the suave casanova player. When in doubt, I ask myself What Would James Bond Do? Would 007 be texting bitches shit like “goof ball *rolls eyes*”? Of course he fucking wouldn’t. He wouldn’t text women at all, unless it was 3 words or less – per week. He would ice the bitch and on to the next until she comes begging back on his doorstep.

    • Ripp
      on December 16, 2011 at 2:27 pm
      Original Link

      Well look what we have here. A case in point top notch MENTAL MASTURBATOR.

      DiamondEyes, diamonds are for bitches. Take advantage of the good prices on heels and skirts for your drag queen party this xmas.

      “I would simply ignore the bitch indefinitely and turn my attention to other girls in the rotation. Ironically, this non-tactic works better than 90% of the
      ‘tactics’ out there.”
      Ignore the bitch. Then what? Oh that’s right she txts you back 5 days later and wants to fuck right away. Um ya, probably not cool guy.

      “I don’t know how old you are”

      “just looks like a whole lot of texting, ego-stroking, game-playing, girly shit, high school shit, friend zone shit”
      Not much txting at all, really. Ego-stroking, game-playing, girly shit: yes, you are correct. High school shit: only if she is 18yrs and still in high school. Friend zone shit: nope.

      “And for such long periods?”
      Inadvertently you have exposed your lack of knowledge in this area. You do understand that txting can be done anywhere, at anytime. With talk-to-txt apps, slide out keyboards, swipe txting, short hand, etc. it really takes no effort. Sorry grandpa it’s almost 2012.

      “It paints the image of a loser in his bedroom hanging on her every utterance.”
      Projecting your issues?

      “You think it increases the respect and admiration she has for you?”
      I don’t think that it does. It does.

      “When in doubt, I ask myself What Would James Bond Do? Would 007 be texting bitches shit like “goof ball *rolls eyes*”?”
      I hope you understand that 007 is a fictional character from the movies. At this point it isn’t difficult to expose any more of your weakness and lack of knowledge in TXT game. Han Solo seems pretty Alpha also, what would he do?

      “Of course he fucking wouldn’t. He wouldn’t text women at all, unless it was 3 words or less – per week”
      Let’s break down the 007 TXT game strategy logically: 3 words or less, once per week. Hmm. This means that every 7 days you only TXT 3 words to your target. If your objective is to never hear from her again, you’re game is exceptional.

      It’s easy to spot Mental Masturbators on here. The typical MO is they get frustrated and ‘fear’ when different/new tactics are presented. They only criticize, offer no suggestions and their way is the only way. Any solid artist is always learning and always trying new material.

      DiamondHeels, You portray as if you have an ABUNDANCE of targets in your TXT rotation. I challenge you: try some of the above tactics on targets that have flaked. See what happens…or just use your 007 x-ray vision spy glasses and jerk off to the neighbor’s daughter.

      Lastly, young women, (18-25yrs), ya know the ones that are the MOST ATTRACTIVE, are TXTing whores and are very playful and respond VERY WELL to my above suggestions. Unless logistics serves you for a same night lay, TXT game is REQUIRED in reality to setup a day2. But then again if you are actively gaming hot young women…you already knew that.

on December 16, 2011 at 2:57 pm
Original Link

A woman will flake because she doesn’t feel enough attraction towards you. Now, this could be your fault if you didn’t build enough attraction. But it could also be that the woman’s standards are too high.

  • Ripp
    on December 17, 2011 at 10:12 am
    Original Link


    More appropiately I’d say she flaked because you didn’t build enough COMFORT with her. Attraction is what will get you her #. Comfort (with continued attraction spikes) is what will lead to a high probability of her complying to a day2 meet.

    Standards too high? Maybe. There could also be a thousand other reasons she didn’t comply. All of which have nothing to do with you.

Tomboys Vs Girly-Girls

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via Heartiste

on December 14, 2011 at 6:53 pm
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I played a varsity sport and high school and was really good at it. I’m also very feminine in my appearance, voice, and mannerisms–people repeatedly describe me as “dainty,” “delicate,” and “graceful.” I often get asked if I’m a dancer. Game only works on certain women because it’s so reductive.

[Heartiste: Does repeating this lie help you sleep at night? Sorry to burst your hymen, but game works on all women, including yourself, whether you are aware of it or not.
ps all human behavior can be reduced to its component parts, with more or less difficulty.]

Of course, there are girly girls who are annoyingly princess-y, and there are tomboys sadly out of touch with their femininity and the power its realization brings.

As for the person criticizing high school sports, thank you for supplying yet another example of the many contradictions of the Chateau. Every 3rd post and comment here seems to contain some mention of how fat and ugly modern women are, and yet women who play a sport and stay in shape are ugly too! Too funny.

[Like your stupendous dumbassery. Hint: there's more than one way to stay toned, and in fact many of those ways don't involve any male-oriented competition or team sports. It's no coincidence some of the most feminine girls flock to yoga.]

It’s the type of logic that could only occur in a conclave of old, bitter, entitled men.

[Got turned down again, didja?]

  • Ripp
    on December 15, 2011 at 10:54 am
    Original Link

    “I played a varsity sport and high school and was really good at it. I’m also very feminine in my appearance, voice, and mannerisms–people repeatedly describe me as “dainty,” “delicate,” and “graceful.” I often get asked if I’m a dancer.”

    [Translation]: I’m offended by the post (because it is eerily representative of my life) and need to qualify myself so I can feel better.

    “Game only works on certain women because it’s so reductive.”

    [Translation]: I think that game doesn’t work on me because (I think) I’M SMART! And to prove it I am going to use the word ‘reductive’.

    “…and there are tomboys sadly out of touch with their femininity and the power its realization brings.”

    [Translation]: I am sadly out of touch with my femininity but I think I’m not anymore and now I think I’m powerful and stuff.

    “…some mention of how fat and ugly modern women are, and yet women who play a sport and stay in shape are ugly too! Too funny.”

    [Translation]: Because of my reductive (heh) capacity to reason I’m again upset about the post because I’m a manjawed ex-athlete but I’m feminine too. You guys are mean :( .”

    “It’s the type of logic that could only occur in a conclave of old, bitter, entitled men.”

    [Translation]: I’m projecting my anger caused by the familiarity this post brings me.

Pre-Sex Offers That Sound Too Good To Be True

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via Heartiste

on December 6, 2011 at 1:36 am
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As always, CH is spot on, 100%.

Any time I hear of a story or one of my outer distant friends do some ridiculous traveling for an unsure piece of ass I first want to pound them in the face- then sit them down and force feed them the red pill. But I usually just chuckle to myself and have a moment of comfort that these actions confirm there will always be a pool of ~80% beta dorks of the male population.

A desperate acquaintance of mine from Nor Cal once told me a story of where he flew to Maine to meet up with a piece of ass he only made out with once while she was out visiting her friends during a summer vacation. $1,100, 3 days an no sex,( or anything close to that) later and he came home in rage and fury. They got drunk the first night, got in a fight, then he spent 2 days by himself in a shit hotel in some shit small town in Maine jerking off to hotel porn.

I told him, “bro, there are plenty of local average looking women that you can get drunk and yell at. And you don’t have to go very far and it’ll only cost ~$20.”

For our humbled commenter above, take CHs advice: DON’T GO.

Why Men Don’t Need To Worry So Much About Their Looks

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via Heartiste

on December 2, 2011 at 2:47 pm
Original Link

Cool graphs, but there are caveats. For one, good looking men don’t have OkCupid profiles.

[Heartiste: Actually, they do. There are a couple examples right at the linked okcupid post for your masturbatory perusal.]

Neither, perhaps, does god looking women, although I wouldn’t be so sure about that, since wealthy or otherwise eligible men may be cruising such sites.

[The female lookers posted at that link are pretty hot.]

Either way, women seem to spend the better part of their lives looking at magazines and TV programming featuring celebrity (generally very good looking) men.

[The relevant male variable isn't their looks, it's their fame.]

I’d be surprised if the men on OkCupid spend nearly as much time obsessing over corresponding bracket women.

[Ever heard of playboy, internet porn, or anything else that features pics of hot chicks men jerk to?]

Doesn’t make your conclusion invalid. Just pointing out some likely biases in the data.

[okcupid, like any online matchmaking repository, isn't without its biases, but neither is it wildly off the mark. The data clearly present some solid evidence that looks matter more for women's dating success than they do for men's.]

  • Ripp
    on December 3, 2011 at 4:38 pm
    Original Link


    You’re clearly ignorant about online dating. It’s ok, educate yourself. Perhaps look at the advertising revenue growth for this industry over the past ten years. Then review some of the various sites yourself. You can browse for free.

on December 2, 2011 at 2:53 pm
Original Link

1) Online dating is for the guys who lost in the real life game.

[Heartiste: Maybe at one time, but not anymore.]

2) Every women knows that OkCupid (and whatever) is a catalogue of betas.


3) If she’s looking for a man there, then she’s seeking a beta provider.


4) Looks are not the main feature in a beta provider.

[Looks are not the predominant feature in any kind of man a woman desires, and I'm including one night stands in this as well. A good looking man can kill his chances by acting or talking like a beta.]


10s and 9s don’t need to go after men online. If she’s doing so, probably her intentions are machiavellian: find a nice puppy husband to settle.

If a 10 want’s alpha cock all she has to do is go out and wait for the approach.

And alpha means also good looking and in shape, as we can see in the post “DMV test for Men” at the top of the blog’s page.

[Being handsome and fit are only two of many variables which in total contribute to a man's attractiveness to women.]

  • Ripp
    on December 3, 2011 at 4:46 pm
    Original Link

    1) Online dating is for the guys who lost in the real life game.
    Perhaps some. Rather than excluding yourself from another venue to pull #s, give it a try. You can do it taking a shit.

    2) Every women knows that OkCupid (and whatever) is a catalogue of betas.
    Baseless assumption.

    3) If she’s looking for a man there, then she’s seeking a beta provider.
    Same as 2.

    4) Looks are not the main feature in a beta provider.
    Nor are they in an alpha fuck master.

on December 2, 2011 at 3:14 pm
Original Link

How many bonafide female 9s and 10s exist within the realm of online dating sites? I’ve seen quite a few 7s and the occasional 8 but have yet to lay sight on the ladies of superior ranking.

( A “dolled up” 8 is not a 9/10)

  • evilalpha
    on December 2, 2011 at 3:24 pm
    Original Link

    How do you define personally a 9 and 10?

    • n/a
      on December 2, 2011 at 3:47 pm
      Original Link
      • A.B. Dada
        on December 2, 2011 at 5:41 pm
        Original Link

        Not even an 8 in my book. Maybe a 7.5.

        First of all, she’s wearing makeup. Dada’s Maxim #7: “Thou shalt not judge beauty until it wakes up next to you, showers, and is wearing sweatpants.” Having a half naked gal wearing make up while posing in a photograph means nothing: show me the 25 other photos they deleted because they didn’t work right.

        Secondly, her boobs are too small for those hips. That gal is going to have a helluva FUPA in 5-10 years, too.

        There are other flaws that limit her 9/10 potential, but those are the two big ones in my opinion.

        A 10, to me, doesn’t need makeup and sexy clothing to be knock out gorgeous, and she’ll have a better tits:waist:hip ratio.

        • Ripp
          on December 3, 2011 at 4:57 pm
          Original Link

          Agreed on the SMV assessment. There is always the initial public beautified one vs. the ‘real’ assessment that AB describes.

          My closest friends and I use the qualifiers “soft” and “solid”.

          For example I would give this girl a “soft 8″ which means 8 at very best, but can see it sliding down to a 7.5. I’d give her soft 8 because of her youthful beauty, which will decline over time.

          All in all, the way I see SMV is that it’s a PERSONAL assessment for you to gauge your own attraction to a woman. Fuck what others think. And it’s important to be honest with yourself in your pursuit to bang more beautiful women. We all have certain archetypes/features of women we are more attracted to.

          I like to keep pictures in my phone of my conquests. Look back at them during different times, moods etc. Even your own mind can slide SMV around after the fact.

on December 2, 2011 at 5:29 pm
Original Link

Heartiste, you aren’t reading the graphs correctly.

What the graphs show is that a universal opinion of what counts for male attractiveness is very, very small.

[Heartiste: Right, I said that.]

The women who message men first do not believe the men they are messaging are ugly.

[No, the data do not support this inference. The women message men they also rate as "ugly", if we take their perspectives at face value, and this female messaging distribution is significantly shifted to the left (in closer approximation to how they rate male looks) compared to the male messaging distribution.]

They measage them because they find them interesting or cute.

[Also what I said. Women are messaging men based on characteristics aside from their looks. "Cute" is just female code for "charismatic".]

But those women are a minority, as the rest of the women find the same man ugly.

[Again, I said that it's a given men message more than women. But that's irrelevant. The comparison you want is the message distribution between men and women, not between women who message and women who don't. Naturally, fewer women at all attractiveness levels are going to message men because women are the more discriminating sex. If you want a proper breakdown of messaging women vs non messaging women, you'll also need to graph the male looks rankings of both groups against each other. If they don't differ (and I doubt they do) then the conclusions in this post are strengthened.]

This is nothing more than hypergamy in action, as hypergamy means that there will be extreme diversity of opinion; every woman has a differentt appraisal on each man, with small exceptions of the men at the top.

[Hypergamy can be in play even when women don't value looks as much in men as men value looks in women. The key distinction is that women judge based on a multitude of attractiveness traits, whereas men judge based on pretty much one trait.]

  • uh
    on December 2, 2011 at 5:47 pm
    Original Link

    Online sexual selection = hyper selectivity bias.

    • Ripp
      on December 3, 2011 at 5:04 pm
      Original Link


      ‘Over-selectivity phenomena’

on December 2, 2011 at 9:01 pm
Original Link

Online game is retarded. Go out and talk to girls instead. At least
then if you run into an over-entitled single mom with a bunch of drama
weighing her down you’ll be able to see if she’s fat or got crooked
teeth right away instead of after a bunch of emails and a meet-up lol

And ya I’ve fucked a bunch of online chicks in my time, it’s easy
shit. If they respond at all, they want to fuck. next message is
“chatting on this site blows what’s your #?” to isolate the two of you
from the lame online people, txt flirt a bit, turn things sexual, then
tell them to come over. They show up, you greet them with a hug and
lip kiss to set the tone, then just escalate to sex after the
customary tour of the place. If you can’t work things that fast with
an online girl, the easiest and most desperate of all girls, you need
to go work on your skillset and THEN come back to online dating.

The problem is guys avoid getting real game skills to try online game
because they think it’s a lower risk approach and they can be the same
loser chumps they normally are but hide behind being able to think out
and edit responses so they think they have the upper hand compared to
real life where they couldnt even say hi to the girl.

Here’s when you do online game: ***when you can already get laid
consistently in real life*** and are just extra horny or visiting a
new city or moving to a new city or it’s winter and you don’t want to
go out in the snow or you’re suddenly too busy with work to go out
much. ***The being able to pick up in real life is the important

Online game should be a supplement to going out, not a replacement.
If you have an online profile and you’re not going out at least twice
a week and approaching girls, you might as well quit reading this blog
and just marry a fat single mom.

There are no 10s online. The 10 profiles you see are either dudes,
chicks who need to drum up webcam customers, or girls who don’t give a
shit at all about online nerds but who are too hot for guys to
approach them confidently in real life so they’re shooting the
tentacles out in all directions including online hoping for a guy to
rock their world. Unfortunately even if you shoot a brilliant email
her way it’s lost amongst the other 500 a day she gets.

Go out and stop that 10 on the street or at the bar and save yourself
time while building your skillset. You’ll get more experience and
tighten your skills more out of a night approaching girls than you
will out of a month of tinkering with your gay “i love adventure and
go skydiving on the weekends” profile.

  • Ripp
    on December 3, 2011 at 5:12 pm
    Original Link

    “Online game should be a supplement to going out, not a replacement.”

    So random, I just said that in a different post above.

    However I don’t look down on online game. I have much success with it. And it’s entertaining. It also sharpens your TXT game since you are basically doing the same thing. With smart phones these days you can online game anytime you want.

    Overall, your online game is: JUST ANOTHER SOURCE FOR #CLOSES.

    Get them into TXT game rotation ASAP. Then to a Day2.

on December 3, 2011 at 4:29 pm
Original Link

Ah hem…

Heartiste, I posted a link to this very OKCupid article in the comments section of this post:

This ‘over-selectivity phenomena’ is rampant among women in online dating. To beat it I highly recommend reading some of the other OKCupid articles on creating profiles, message lengths, pictures etc.

As the post eludes to, many women just use online dating to flirt, have fun and stroke their ego with no real intention of meeting men. This is important to know if you are just starting out. You can save yourself truck loads of time.

It is of extreme importance to know that the “dateable/fuckable/etc.” pool of women (let’s be honest: SMV 6+ age 18 to 35) is very small relative to the # of men messaging them. I have women friends that are average looking and within 2 days of signing up on Plenty of Fish ( they had over 500 new messages. Ive even seen some with over a 1000 new messages in just a week. This creates this ‘over-selectivity phenomena’.

Lastly, as I’m helping some friends get their game going I force them to cold approach and learn cold approaching IN ADDITION to online game. Online game is best when it is used to supplement your #closing from cold approaching. Simply because it is so convenient.

on December 3, 2011 at 5:16 pm
Original Link

Online dating is huge, and growing.

Don’t limit yourself, might as well take advantage of some of the FREE resources that allow you to pull pussy at any given time.

Some stats to chew on: