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Game In The Ego Validation Age

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Culum Struan
on June 23, 2015 at 2:26 pm
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YaReally et al – please confirm for me I did the right thing here cos I actually like this girl.

21 year old HB7.5 – genuinely cool girl. First date bang a few weeks ago and then texting which she often initiates.

One night she invites me to her place to fuck the next night (after 1030pm for logistical reasons). Next morning at 1030am I reply “Sure, what’s the address?”

She sees the message on Whatsapp but no reply till 7pm when she says “Are you still coming over?”. I say: “Will have to be midnight now”. She says “Okay” immediately. Then immediately I say “What’s the address?”. No reply till 830 when she gives me the address.

I think she’s genuine since I have the bang already but even at 7pm I wondered if I should blow her off for not responding sooner but gave her a second chance. At 830, I thought it was too much and told her I made other plans.

She then spent a lot of the evening sending me sexy pics and saying how she’d have to take care of herself. I didn’t crumble, but I feel a bit bad about playing games with a girl I like..did I overgame her?

  • PimpinBlueStar
    on June 23, 2015 at 3:09 pm
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    Maybe a little but from what you say this seems salvagable. From now on, for the second bang around, experiment with cutting the down time and playing it cool when she makes it abundantly clear she wants to fuck. When girls get to that point where they don’t care and just want to fuck, best not to keep them waiting.

on June 23, 2015 at 3:06 pm
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Watching The Bachelorette last night confirms every bit of this and more. You have one party girl surrounded by 10+ “alpha” males: some crying, some storming off because she is playing all of them.

I won’t get much into how these fantasyland/”reality” tv shows are horrible for the average American female (bad expectations that an average girl can have near unlimited choice with 6′ squared jawed men….and then become ANGRY when that doesn’t come to life) but here’s a few things that struck out at me:

-traditional “alphas” who are literally making an ass out of themselves on national TV for the shot at winning the heart of skank. They have the look, they have the Rico Suave arrogance that they are exactly what every girl wants.

-I have not seen ONE of these guys tease or make the girl chase even in the least.

-She has tattoos, laughs at fart and poop jokes…this offended some of the men, saying that she wasn’t seriously here to find love.

-She flew in ANOTHER guy not originally cast on the show to join them all in Dublin, where she picked him to have the entire days date just the two, he teased her and “made her feel like a woman”, took him back to her suite and fucked him behind the other suitors backs.

-The men who get serious with her on 1-on-1’s and proclaim that they are falling in love with her, she tells them “awww that is so sweet and sincere!”…and then they don’t get a rose to continue on.

I can understand why some of you would be completely annoyed by such a show and refuse to watch it, but it really is a showcase of how men most would assume are alpha males, when the rubber meets the road, actually reveal their betadom.

  • Junior
    on June 23, 2015 at 8:34 pm
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    nice write up fella, timely.

on June 23, 2015 at 4:04 pm
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@ PimpinBlueStar – “I have not seen ONE of these guys tease or make the girl chase even in the least”.

I agree. I caught a couple of older Bachelorette episodes on cable and watched for some Game research/fun.

It’s either one of three things;

1. The shows producers would frown upon what we at the Chateau know as ‘Game’ in a reality show because it’s simply not female friendly when it’s mostly a female audience (ratings). Can you imagine a guy with solid Game nuclear negging, using that Julian stacked qualifying stuff or disqualifying her lol.

2. The guys have little to no Game.

3. She sees them all as beta for even being on the show.

  • PimpinBlueStar
    on June 23, 2015 at 9:57 pm
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    Great points stuttie. To me, what highlights is the neediness these guys have for this girl. They NEED this shit to work, mainly because they are on national TV and their little egos can’t handle being blown off and not matching up to the image they want everyone to think they are.

    The Scott Caan lookalike went from thinking they had a solid connection better than the rest, then to a look of worry that the new guy had fucked her, to him crying to a producer that he couldn’t do this anymore.

    This is EXHIBIT-A arrogance of guys who think they have it in the bag because they have outside attributes they assume other people will go along with the whole “I AM the shit” aka James Bond syndrome. Tall? Check. Handsome? Check. A romancer? Check.

    So whhhyyyyy isn’t this girl falling for me yet???

    Because it’s all an act. It’s the same act she’s seen since she was 15. Over and over and over. And the moment he faces adversity (and not only this guy in particular, several others have) he cries, another dude insults her to her face, one sulks and says “this isn’t for me.”

    NONE of these guys I’m talking about made her chase at all. Not one. And wholeheartedly agree that Walt Disney would roll over in his grave if blatant (to us) PUA tactics were featured on one of the highest rated TV shows on the network (but boy oh boy would I have my popcorn ready), but even basic little push pulls…..absent.

    This is VERY representative of most guys elsewhere. I can smell weakness through my TV. And I can see it every time I go to the bar, or the coffee house, or anywhere.

Why Less Attractive Girls Act Bitchy

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on June 15, 2015 at 5:18 pm
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This is no different than your average Slut Walk girl or rape hysteric who are usually so ugly you wouldn’t even fuck them consensually, much less by force. By acting like they’re constantly getting “street harassed” or in danger of being sexually assaulted they think it’ll make their SMV rise.

It’s also projection – They know a man can raise his SMV by lying, so they try and do the same thing. But guys aren’t attracted to women who do the same. A girl could be a retard but if she was hot enough we wouldn’t care.

  • Captain Obvious
    on June 15, 2015 at 9:08 pm
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    • PimpinBlueStar
      on June 16, 2015 at 4:01 pm
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      fupa on FLEEEEEEK

on June 16, 2015 at 4:19 pm
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This is an excellent point that I have been proclaiming for quite some time. This reflection by the OP is very consistent with my experience of several years in the game.

I took a bootcamp with Cajun many years back, and on a 1 month later consultation call we were going over some pickups I had and I will never forget what he told me….quit thinking you have to “build up” to hotter girls over time and flirt/get with the girls you actually desire.

Not only did my self esteem arise (Ok..I can compete with the best for the best because I AM in that league) but I truly began to come into self acceptance. The hot girls who did respond to me favorably (that society would say is out of my league…LOL) just confirmed to me that I was doing the right thing. The ones who blew me off (most politely decline my advances rather than harsh shut outs) made me think “haha OH well” and I go about my day knowing that I’m always gonna have a few of those.

So…in summary, to all my guys out there who are just getting into the game or not getting the types of girls you want, you will feel MUCH BETTER about yourself going after the best no matter if you get blown out or not.