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Beta Male Move Of The Day

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on July 29, 2013 at 7:34 pm
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The chicken heads that are nodding are giving away their inner state — overeagerness. You’re operating from bottom looking up instead of top down in the social hierarchy, only because you yourself need subtle approval from the group.

The Myth Of Effortful Game

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on July 28, 2013 at 2:33 am
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Girls love drama. The rush of emotions keeps them going. Last night, i went to party. My “ex” gf was there. I ignored her, gamed other girls.

I went to washroom, she conveniently walked out at the same time to “talk”.

We ended up leaving and you can fill in the blanks.

But what was interesting and relevant to this post was that even though she was the one initiated the break up.

She kept asking in wonderment “Why didn’t you chase me?”

Me: I don’t chase…you should know that by now.

I think girls 7+ have a sense of entitlement that make it a challenge to find the right balance of asshole and vulnerability game.

There are some great blogs on this concept. Being a dick all them time is as bad as being beta. Women want a strong guy who knows how to game them.

The other interesting laugh I had was when I told her “you think you’re such a mystery….you just a girl.” She looked surprised at first, then laughed the way someone who’s caught out at something laughs.

  • PimpinBlueStar
    on July 28, 2013 at 7:18 pm
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    Agreed. If I’m being really technical IME it’s in that 6.5-7.5 range where I get the worst attitudes and tests towards me. Even over a longer period when I handle myself well.

    The only hard 10 I’ve ever been with/talked to more than 2 weeks liked the fact that I knew when to hit her with some dick attitude and back off when it wasn’t necessary. It always felt like I was mirroring her in some way. When she tested me like she was serious, I would back off, evade it or A&A.

    I kept her because the attitude that permeated was “Whatever I don’t care I don’t need you either way.” I lost her because I began to “like” her, now all of a sudden I wasn’t so fun lol.

    But ahh, the memories and the great times going forward.

Dan Fletcher
on July 28, 2013 at 2:56 pm
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Blows my mind how many guys do the “beer shield” thing, even guys who are fairly alpha. Been to places where I was literally the only guy who was not doing it. I would have thought more guys would have heard about avoiding that by now.

  • PimpinBlueStar
    on July 28, 2013 at 6:43 pm
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    Good observation. To me, nothing says “I’m timid and/or reserved and wonder what people think of me in this room” than the beer-to-chest maneuver.

Marriage Down, Ho’s Up

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on July 19, 2013 at 11:36 am
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Post Title of the year

on July 20, 2013 at 5:58 pm
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The last few nights back have been just turrible. Pick-up in HD — where the resolution is near infinite and the picture is crisp, better watch out for those little blemishes, because they’re HUGE now. Is there even room for error at these stakes? Going after these 8′s in groups is just ricockulous. Aware yourself of the AMOGS I have received in 48 hrs —>

Hand shaken without being acknowledged. Dude walked around me — through me really — like I was tape at the finish line, to put his arm around target.

Roll into group, after two words just as i’m getting group’s attention high value dude ‘this short motherfucker hahahahahaha…..’

Cut off mid-sentence ‘ya she doesn’t like you bro, I didn’t want to be the one to say it, but…..’

After delivering ‘o I saw someone that might be perfect for you’ DQ line to chick (pretty successful in past)…..cut-off, interrupt ‘I saw someone that might be perfect for you.’

Giant dude, 6’5 —> ‘I just wanna pick you up and hold you in my arms’ and then kinda starts a bit, as if he’s gonna do it.

Now that I have friends or people I know in these venues, I’m less anonymous when these failures happen. Mo’ game, mo’ problems.

  • immoralgables
    on July 20, 2013 at 6:07 pm
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    Keep your head up Scray.

    3 weeks/months/years from now you’ll look back and laugh

    • Scray
      on July 20, 2013 at 6:49 pm
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      I’m laughing right now. I’m serious about everyone awaring themselves of those AMOG’s….I thought they were all pretty good lol.

      • immoralgables
        on July 20, 2013 at 8:11 pm
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        Scray remember this:

        I see you as an overweight kid that is out jogging in 90 degree weather.

        While you’re out sweating, dehydrated, bones/joints aching, going at a snails pace…you are always running laps around people still on the couch.

        This shit the past 48 hours will make you into a diamond son. All the others are brittle little sand-dollars.

        • Scray
          on July 21, 2013 at 2:42 am
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          Thanks for the encouragement. I mean, it’s way easier when you actually have a few cute girls to turn to. At this point I’m in it to just….idk, self-actualize or something. I’m sure you’re there or way past there too, man.

          But from your earlier posts I glean that we’re kind of in a similar plateau lol.
          So, if you got any tips on displaying hard value (beyond the basics obv) I’m all ears. Obv, I’ll just put whatever I learn or observe up here too.

          • pimpinbluestar
            on July 21, 2013 at 7:47 pm
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            “oll into group, after two words just as i’m getting group’s attention high value dude ‘this short motherfucker hahahahahaha…..’

            Cut off mid-sentence ‘ya she doesn’t like you bro, I didn’t want to be the one to say it, but…..’

            ATTABOY SCRAY! Happy that you’re getting in there and getting your hands dirty with approaching mixed groups. You’re getting under people’s skin because you’re going in and doing your thing. These bros are trying to tool you and tell you to “back off” but the important thing to note here is: they are at least somewhat threatened by you. They probably came out as a group, and for them it’s much easier to be an asshole and do this stuff when you know you’ve got the backing of a group. They’re thinking at least subconsciouly “I can be a dick to this kid and there’s nothing he can do back.”

            I’m a short guy too, and for mixed sets this is my general game plan rolling in:

            1) I identify my new “friend” of the group. Usually the ugliest girl or at least the one who looks the most friendly. This is my entry point. I ask in the most honest looking way “I think I know you, are you in so-and-so’s improv class? Is your name not “amanda”? Oh lol sorry I thought you were somebody I knew. I hate when that happens when you see somebody you think you know then you feel like a dick if you don’t come at least say hey lol. You guys just out bar hopping or what?” And now I’m in.

            2) Move to the next person and start working the crowd. EXCLUDING the girl I’m targeting. I’m specifically being chill and not needing anything before I hit on her. This to me is somewhat key as a short guy. I can put everyone on guard if I don’t just act like the cool guy. When they see that I tried to make friends with them and appearing not to try to take any of the girls, they’ll often have their guard down and now it feels like I’m sort of the new guy that meandered in.

            3) Target time. I am not as friendly with the girl, yet I’m not mean. I usually start qualifying with the subtext like she’s not really a big deal. If she bites, we’re off to the races. If not, I can talk to people around me (her group or people nearby) and get her seeing me cracking jokes and having a good time. She usually loosens up over the night (if she’s single and not with a guy). Which leads me to…

            4) Dealing with jealous orbiters, a “boyfriend” aka they’ve been dating for a few weeks but he’s becoming too predictable and now she’s open to a new adventure, or the girls/guys in the group who know what’s going on and want to be dicks even though I tried to show them respect. Some people are just nasty and want to drag other people down because they’re miserable, so when this happens, don’t get caught up in their shit and instead do your best to isolate the girl and gtfu.

            Now, what I typed is usually my gameplan for around whenever I get out to around 12ish or when the general vibe seems to be looser. After that, I’ve found that RSD style holding out your hand and telling her to come here is money.

            I have more to say on all of this but I’m a little short on time tonight. I’ve had enough success now that I’m in the process of writing a small 8-10 page pdf called “The Little Man’s Guide to Reality” that covers mainly just stuff at the margins that guys who are considered short have to deal with and how to easily get around it. The odd thing is, and I say this from experience, that once you get over the “hump” per say with learning some game and getting better, you actually do significantly better than the average good looking guy without much concept of game.

            Keep hustling friend! The more you do mixed sets, the more guys will intuitively recognize that “this short dude ain’t playin” and the less guys can blow you out without themselves looking like a complete fag. It just takes a little bit to learn the lay of the land but be rest assured it happens.

on July 21, 2013 at 1:51 pm
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At least somebody gets it:

  • pimpinbluestar
    on July 22, 2013 at 11:12 am
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    lol that was actually a good commentary.

    Miley Cyrus is no different from any other girl. Only at the margins — being that she’s famous as fuck (by the way, she used to be so fucking hot after Hannah Montana when she had the whole natural girl thing going on).

    and lol I love how the term “rachet” has come so into play in the past year or so. Miley is twerking to advertise her goods — “Hello!! Any man want these goods?!? PLEASE GOD! I’m surrounded by yes people and boys who kiss my ass for a shot with me all day, why won’t anyone man up and put me in my place??? I’m bored I want something new, how about I shave my head and dress like a lunatic?? Why the fuck not? People can call me a lezzie all the want and I can still demand whatever price I want. OOOOOOO badboy Juicy J let me twerk on you on front of thousands…finally some excitement FOR ME for once! I’m sure someone will catch it with their iphone! Doesn’t matter I have it all anyway. Maybe an actual MAN will finally see this and finally recognize that I’m horny and need to be fucked properly! I have a raspy deep voice…does no one recognize that I am High-t and liek to fuck like a man?!?”

    What the little chode orbiters, nice guys and don’t get is that ALL women are ultimately looking for a boss in their life. Feminist can fight, claw, misdirect and evade this point 24 hrs a day, but it doesn’t make the truth any less true.

Chicks Dig Jerks: The Truth Is Breaching Containment Zone

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The Scolds' Bridle
on July 17, 2013 at 4:43 pm
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Borrowing from the mathematical concept of limits in calculus, I have only one question to ask the “guys love bitchy women” crowd:

In qualitative terms, exactly how bitchy would Rosie O’Donnell or Margaret Cho have to be before a man would rather bang them than Zooey Deschanel or Emma Watson?

  • Scray
    on July 17, 2013 at 5:00 pm
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    Emma Watson…god. Dammit.

    Guys don’t love bitches, per se. Guys love the feminine Emma Watson, to me, is around a 7. But just look at that gif. Look at it. If I saw her in a club and she did that to me……………I don’t even……..

    The point is that women who use their sexuality to get what they want from men and are obvious about it do become way more attractive. Just look at that goddamn gif, man. Look at it. So it’s a type of bitchiness — it’s feminine bitchiness.

    [CH: No I wouldn't call that bitchiness. That's just garden variety sexiness. Women tempt and flaunt their bodies, that's what they do when they have the goods.]

    Rosie O’Donnell/Margaret Cho are bitches…but it’s in that masculine way. They are loud, domineering, and aggressive in the way men are — not attractive at all.

    [Some hot chicks are bitches in that way too.]

    The Sirens from Greek Myth are more the type of ‘bitches’ men can’t resist.

    [It's not bitchiness of any kind that men can't resist; it's sexiness and the signal that the sexy babe is willing to put out.]

    • Scray
      on July 17, 2013 at 5:20 pm
      Original Link

      Ya, and those ‘hot’ chicks are less attractive for it.

      Well, if a girl uses her sexuality to extract things out of you (heh)….you don’t think she’s being a bitch, on some level?

      [CH: Not at all. Why would I disapprove of sexy ladies? Anyhow, your framing of her actions is misleading. She's not "extracting" anything from me that I don't want to be extracted. She's displaying her body and signaling carnal thoughts because she subconsciously knows it's a turn-on to men.]

      Webster seems to know what’s up:

      2 a : a lewd or immoral woman
      b : a malicious, spiteful, or overbearing woman —sometimes used as a generalized term of abuse

      I think Emma is getting at 2(a), and Rosie/hot “bitches” are more getting at 2(b). 2(a) is hawt. 2(b) is nawt.

      [Lewd is a stretch as a definition of bitch as the word is commonly understood. A woman can be lewd and exceedingly friendly. Anyhow, I wouldn't call hip shaking and lip licking lewd, especially not in particular contexts where that is less frowned upon.]

      Is a tease a type of bitch? I dunno. Questions, questions.

      [I reserve the title bitch for women who are obnoxious, scathing, nasty, feminist, excessively sarcastic, rude, emotionally manipulative, gossipy, subversive or some combo of all of these.]

      Sexiness, to me is when the woman walks a certain way, walks a certain way, but there’s no intent behind it. Maybe the counter to that is ‘there’s always an intent.’

      [Intent is 9/10s of the lure.]

      • Scray
        on July 17, 2013 at 5:38 pm
        Original Link

        All I know is that there’s something hella wicked about Emma in that damned gif. Idc what anyone says.

        [CH: Emma's hella wicked posturing would cross the line to bitchiness if she
        a. led you on all night long but never put out, and
        b. insulted you when you made a move on her, thinking you had the green light.

        Otherwise, it's just a hot chick doing what hot chicks do.]

        • Scray
          on July 17, 2013 at 5:51 pm
          Original Link

          So………then a tease is a type of bitch?
          Because a and b both seem like teases.

          And if either a or b happened to me……….I’d still be so goddamned into it. lol. So ya…in that situ, it’d make me more attracted. I can admit it.

          • pimpinbluestar
            on July 17, 2013 at 9:38 pm
            Original Link

            Agreed Immoral. neecy constantly tried to spin reality.

Chicks Digging Jerks Goes Mainstream(ish)

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on July 15, 2013 at 3:59 pm
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But this is an extreme example. Most guys aren’t serial killers or at this level, they’re workaday dudes trying to get through the week.

It is far too easy to cave in to that beta white knight nature because it sees “instant results” in the form of positive affirmation from the wider society as a whole.

I went out with a girl before who in front of her friends asked me to carry her bags or shopping.

I said no. Some guy who was with us said “Be a gentleman”. This resulted in me and the girl getting into a more prolonged arguement.

We would eventually break up.

Fast forward 18 months, she still wants to be with me and a part of my life.

So, while it was painful, excruciating ridiculous argument at the time. She thought I was a jerk and wanted to rip my balls off in front of her friends and white-knight beta stepped in to “embarrass” me–i guess.

Not caving in was the right thing. Was it “jerk”ish? yah.

  • pimpinbluestar
    on July 15, 2013 at 11:35 pm
    Original Link

    “It is far too easy to cave in to that beta white knight nature because it sees “instant results” in the form of positive affirmation from the wider society as a whole.”

    IMO a beta male is nothing more than a male who has sold out his truest desires for the security and acceptance of a group. Whether or not it ultimately benefits him.

    ” She thought I was a jerk and wanted to rip my balls off in front of her friends and white-knight beta stepped in to “embarrass” me–i guess.”

    Posturing and broadcasting self image.

    “I am NOT the type of guy that I think the type of girls that are present would consider low value. But he is.”

    You were just a proxy. Took me a while to finally realize that almost everything everyone says (from the President to the janitor) is about signaling status, hypocrisy, and often times both. His commenting on your behavior was just him explaining to everyone who he was, you being an afterthought.

on July 16, 2013 at 12:10 am
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“AMERICA rubs it out to sociopaths! CHICKS dig Dzokhar!”

“Fuck, Marry, Kill” — the order of events one will go through if they settle down with a psycho like this. But not “kill” like, literally, but like Vodka and Valium.

Comment Of The Week: When It “Does Count”

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on July 15, 2013 at 8:32 am
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So how is it that guys here actually believe that prettier (naturally or media) women are less promiscuous as a group? This has not been my observation at all. In my observation, the saying is true that there is no such thing as a single girl…

Every pretty girl I know who isn’t a virgin or extremely church/temple/ile under a protected head, is shagging someone. If it’s not you this week, it’s someone else.

Maybe it’s just that pretty girls get away with lower levels and therefore have more “doesn’t count” experiences than less pretty girls who have to put out at higher levels and/or appreciate their experiences more.

  • YaReally
    on July 15, 2013 at 11:45 pm
    Original Link

    “So how is it that guys here actually believe that prettier (naturally or media) women are less promiscuous as a group?”

    They’re fucking guys, but they tend to fuck the same guys over and over. ie – she’s banging her ex or a casual FB she’s had for a while.

    The hottest girls tend to be the most disappointed by guys, so they don’t WANT to suck random possible-losers’ dicks every weekend. Their Hypergamy makes them crave the top guys, so the 50 dudes a night that approach them and come off lame as shit get no poon while she txts her ex to hook up after the bar, because for him to BE her ex means that at some point he was high enough value to get her…so while she wants better/new, she can’t trade down only up, and will fuck him until she meets someone higher value.

    Of course the wannabe-alpha at the bar stumbling over his words isn’t going to treat her as insignificant as her ex who dumped her is, so naturally she ends up going back to her ex or whoever more than she’d like.

    The funny/sad part is that every time she fucks that ex, she regrets it…but she needs sex and she doesn’t have a better option because you (the metaphorical guy reading this) didn’t approach her at the bar with some solid game and attract her. :)

    • pimpinbluestar
      on July 16, 2013 at 11:25 am
      Original Link

      Wise words.

      In my experience, so much of gaming hot girls is simply just staying calm. If one has an easeness to them as they talk then most often she will recognize this as high value because the guy seems “used to talking to girls who look like me.” Although at this point there is a game to be played, a lot of the work has been done because an “impression” has been made coupled with an intrigue which now means she is much more willing to listen to what I have to say.

      I’m certainly not batting .1000 but I land girls like this often enough, and to people who buy into society’s value system look at me and the girl and it’s like their circuits are completely fried — the only thing they can rationalize is that I must be rich.

      All of this done in jeans, t shirt, chucks, knock off designer shades that i bought for $15 on the street as she’s sitting there wearing probably the most expensive shit money can buy and sitting anywhere from my height to 4-5 inches taller. If society ever found out about this, it would wag it’s finger at me and say “NO NO NO! She is NOT for somebody like YOU! SHE is for the man who can take care of her! That is obviously not YOU lol why would you even think you could get a girl like her?!?”

      Easier said than done. Which is why, for a long time and even now, I force myself into breaking the ice even when I feel I’d rather yank my teeth out than go over to the girl. Over time and many reps (especially during the day), my brain has learned not to freak out in the face of a hot face because I’ve literally forced myself into this situation over 1,000 times. I have far enough experience to know that a) my desires and action reign supreme and b) almost everything society says about women and dating comes from a lack for firsthand knowledge.

Alpha Assessment: Terseness And Tingles Edition

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on July 10, 2013 at 7:53 pm
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‘Text game’? Really?
Maybe this works in High School, but beyond that, if you go texting, you’re playing HER game by HER rules on HER home field – with a ref who hates your guts and a crowd that wants you dead.
Men don’t text.

  • PimpinBlueStar
    on July 10, 2013 at 9:52 pm
    Original Link

    “I would like to broadcast to you all to let you know how I would like you to see me that I am NOT the type of male who has to resort to the silly tricks that you guys do to get the highest quality trim. I am an alpha! HA! You have all given it away that you are BETA and you don’t realize that you just need to be yourself to get girls. If that doesn’t work, then it was not meant to be that you are to reproduce and therefore know your role and be quiet!”

Comment Of The Week: The Subtle Art Of The AMOG

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on July 7, 2013 at 4:21 pm
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Interesting Observations from a weekend for the 4th of July:

We went out to this megabar in one of the nicer towns. It was me, my roommate and five of his fraternity brothers. This was one of the better frats at a large state school and based off my observations and the demeanor in which they carry themselves, I have no reason to think that they were losers at college or didn’t pull and hang around a lot of cute girls.

But check this out.

We were standing at this bar and the ratio was probably moreso in our favor. We were in a diff town than the one we lived in, were only there for a weekend and were all a little buzzed. Guess who did most if not all of the approaching?

At first of all us stood there and at this point I had really gotten into my head and was worried about getting rejected in front of my roommate and his buddies. Illogical fear that consumes you to the point where I had to first start-off by making small-talk in the smoking section and with an old man at the bar while I was ordering a drink. I knew the trouble that being socially rusty can cause so I spent 20 minutes warming up.

We decide to go downstairs where the action was at with me leading the crew.

1) First two-set HB6s arguing over something. I interrupt and ask them if they seem okay. I say it again and slowly, and at this point they’re intrigued because what could possibly be wrong. I tell them I’m asking because they seemed to not be getting enough male attention and I wanted to make sure they were alright. They laughed and responded and there was this brief window where I could have took the set and ran with it some more but I wasn’t mentally there yet.

2) Two-set but this time one is an hb6 and one an hb7. I come up and use the same line and they immediately smile and open and we chat for about three minutes and I’m running my usual routines. One lives a couple blocks away in NYC and the HB7 lives further downtown. “Oh what a shame, we wouldn’t workout…I don’t do long distance.” I then introduce them to my roommate but literally had to drag him to them as he was worried what his frat buddies would think. I would stop talking and the HB7 would engage me with her style of banter and there were a ton of IOIs. I’d go to get a water and when I come back they were happy to see me and I’d apologize for hurting them and leaving them (saying this sarcastically). I def missed a moment to escalate and/or get a number from both of them as I was still trying to chat everyone up.

3) This tall HB8.5 brunette walks through the room and eyes turn on her. My roommate makes a comment on how hot she is and he pivots himself accordingly to approach. He hesitates a second too long and as she almost walks by I grab her by the elbow and stop her. “Excuse me, this is totally random but you look just…like…my future ex-girlfriend.” She moves a step away then leans back in laughing with this huge smile. She asks me what i said and I repeat myself and at this point my brain was in full-retard mode.
I didn’t know what to say next as I didn’t expect this to go that far and my roomie was in shock too. She knew it as well but as she walked away she looked back and mouthed “bye” and there was the briefest window where she WANTED me to back it up with something more than the opener. It’s still a mind-fuck to me that it worked but mind you, I’m 5’8 and she was pushing 5’11. How many guys like me opened direct? Hmmm, the more “off the radar” you are with certain girls (let’s say HB8s and up), the more receptive they can be to you because it’s almost as-if value is assumed from the get-go. You have to have something going on if you approach directly like that. I’ve noticed this pattern from going out and from the ~5 positive interactions I’ve had from approaching about HB8+ directly.

Props to commenter “PimpinBlueStar” from this quote I’m stealing:

“The simple act of approaching a hot girl, not trying to show out or need anythign from her and just being totally self accepting that you are enough for her as is — this may be the highest value thing that one can do for themselves.”

The rest of the time at this venue I was opening sets, high-fiving girls when they took shots, coming back to mixed groups I had opened and just being social. Guess what the frat-stars were doing. I’m not hating on them though, all cool guys and I’m sure they were just trying to catch up and hang-out like normal social dudes.

The grand finale came at the end. There was this really cute, tan HB7 Asian standing in a 5-set of girls all HB6s and above. I could tell who the Queen Bee Alpha-chick was and as my roommate discussed how to approach the Asian, I told him to befriend the group first. I had no idea how-to but thought of some YaReally shit I’ve read in the past.

I opened the two least attractive ones closest to me indirectly and used some chick-bait about how them and there friends seemed like alpha girls and that they were probably mean if need be. The girls got what I was saying and then one of them deferred the “Alpha Chick” title to the girl who I thought was the Queen Bee. I told her to introduce and the Queen Bee was pretty incredible to try to tame. I talked to her at first using some cocky/funny but also alluding to how her friends told me that she was the Alpha Girl of the group and she totally ate it up.

The frat buddies were all watching this go down and I felt like the stakes were high. The Queen Bee (with her back-turned to her group) rattled off the names of the girls in the group and immediately I stepped to each girl (as they were standing in a circle) and called them by their names. One-by-one, as I said their names, their eyes lit up and they went buck-wild when I got one of them wrong at the end (4/5 ain’t bad). Still, I displayed some kind of social dominance and I made sure to high-five the girl whose name I slightly messed up.
The alpha-chick and I continue to talk and she starts qualifying me hard-core. I didn’t want to go into dancing monkey mode so I gave some serious answers in regards to where I live. When she asks age, I tell her to guess and if she gets it right she gets a kiss. She guesses it right and I playfully pull her in but she rebuffs me. I’d say 50% because in front of her friends and 50% because not enough comfort(?)/attraction(?). It really didn’t matter and if anything I think it helped.

But at one point I cut her off and tell her how it’s funny that it seems like she was conducting an interview. Her eyes lit up and she told me she likes to know if certain guys are with it or not. I just stop and stare at her and she busts out laughing, as if she couldn’t believe her own bs. From there, I tell her that her friends and my friends should meet-up later and I go to push for the number close.

Weird: As I’m number closing she tells me that she should take my number and she’ll decide if she’ll call me. I just stare at her blankly and she busts out laughing again like she couldn’t believe her own bullshit. Fellas, I’ve heard the “Hm, no, but let me take your number down line” and I know it doesn’t lead to anywhere positive. It’s either that by me being non-reactive and just staring, it tore down that wall of hers or she was kidding off the get-go. Interesting enough.

I take her number down, her friends had stepped to the other side of the bar and she goes to meet but I pull her in for a hug and some kino. No it wasn’t a “I’m trying to fuck you vibe” but she def was attracted and I was able to score a number of the Alpha Girl of the group, with the option to meet her and her 5 friends later if it panned out. It was very good vibes though as I left the venue and said bye to her. It was incredible.

I did this while the guys I came with stood in the corner, beers chest-high and joked among themselves.

One thing I notice, when you go out with people who are aware of how you try to pick up girls, you tend to not pick-up girls. You get inside your head, you have this identity you want to protect, and you’ll be damned if you put yourself on the line, get rejected and see that identity crumble to pieces.

I felt like the same thing was going on with the frat buddies. They didn’t want to take the first step. The same thing happens when I go out with guys in the NYC Lair, we have these personas we built up that we don’t want to damage. Realizing that made me push and become social at that bar this weekend.

  • PimpinBlueStar
    on July 9, 2013 at 2:41 pm
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    Nice work man. Funny how just “stirring the pot” and getting out there to initiate conversations with strangers makes you stand out (I’ll get to my theory on this in a minute). I have a lot of boys like the ones you described who are basically social and well put together guys, but ultimately they’re only going to take what comes easy to them. I’m generalizing but I would guess most of their hookups are social circle based with only a few bar hookups with randoms here and there. Rarely do they do the initiating (like your friends in the story) so their experience with anything above an 8.5 is very limited if at all.

    Re the 8.5 approach: What I’m realzing now is that so much of game is just being DIFFERENT than what is a normal part of a girls daily routine. Not “better” than the next guy (better looking, richer, etc.) but different. Girls just want “different” in some form. Much like going to a fancy ass chocolate store and trying all of the exotic types. It’s the story and the experience of tasting each one that is exciting. She can settle down with her favorite flavor later on, but if she’s young and hot then she’s buying lots of different types. I guess as PUA ninja jedi masterminds that we are, we’re just letting em know where the chocolate they wanna try. We know they ALL have the sweet tooth, we got the satisfaction.

    She clearly got a kick out of your line and intrigued for more (haha I’m stealing that btw..I like the dramatic pause coupled with a joke direction I didn’t see coming) because she doesn’t see that a lot. In truth, the reality for girls 8.5 and above is that they either have to eventually make it really easy for guys like your buds who don’t approach (moreso in social circle situs) or the guys that do are a) nervous (like your buddy) or b) too much. RARELY do they get approached by guys like us who know how to ride middle and they can get swept up in it. Guys like us who are out hustling and practicing all the time so it comes across as a fun experience she chooses to be a part of instead of weird, serious or ramrodded down her throat. My experience definitely matches yours with these girls. Being direct works great when you are completely open and not caring if she stays and talks or breaks and walks.

    But overall I wanted to chime in and say nice job to you for hustling. Like you I notice that the more I crush my self image, the more consistent I am getting.

    Had a similar experience recently going out with a group of guys that invited me to watch a UFC fight, which is not really my thing however I find it quite comical after a few beers that guys would dedicate their lives to getting in a ring and trying to snap each others limbs for money, so of course I accepted the invite.

    [WARNING: You are entering a long ass field report to show the benefits of crushing self image to go farther that most in life. Read at your own peril lol cause it's long]

    Same type scenario as yours, cool guys, get chicks through social circle mainly, hanging out drinking and bullshitting. Commenting on the hotties as the walk by but probably not going to initiate a conversation as risking failure in front of 8 of your friends might be…well…risky lol.

    Then there’s me, who’s got the faith and enthusiasm of a mexican cowboy searching for El Dorado — my poosy palace of gold is right there in front of me and I just have to take the first step.

    WARM UP TIME: I don’t think much anymore, just do. RSDJulien made a great point recently that “you need to get your actions ahead of your thoughts. That’s basically being in ‘state’”. To me it’s this that can make or break the night, outgoing vs. reclused in your head.

    TIME TO CRUSH THAT IMAGE: I’m always looking for opportunities to be free and just talk shit freely because it helps me so much when it’s gametime (for me, when i decide it’s time to be a shark and get the job done on an 8 or above, as I’m tired of messing with anything lower especially when my current city is flooded with really hot girls). Being around these ballbusting friends, I knew the best choice would be to get on a roll so that if and when girls were in my vicinity, I would be ready to roll. In front of our table of 8-10 fratlike guys and standing about 2 feet away at the bar watching an undercard bout are 2 lezzies that aren’t the late nite Cinemax types but rather what would happen if Janice Soprano had two girls, shaved their heads and got neck tats. Two girls with the bodies of a pear. God bless ‘em, they had hearts of gold and were fun to talk to. I butt in between them “Ok, right now, who do YOU have and who do YOU have” (referring to the fight). They are big fans and both loved the same fighter so of course I took the other one and told them that theirs looked like a pussy who couldn’t break a taillight with a baseball bat. This ensued a jokingly heated convo back and forth over the course of the 10 minute fight and the enitre time, the boys were joking to each other “Look at who he’s spitting game at hahahahaha” and I would flick my tounge like I wanted to go down on them, which made my buddies laugh even more. Shortly later my two new lezzy friends we’re leaving, we high fived and I told them to behave themselves.

    Those two leave and immediately it begins. “Dude those girls were disgusting are you really trying to fuck them??” “Omg I can’t believe you did that” as they sit there and give each other cringing looks of “how embarressing” Now, from my experience I know a few things: 1) these guys are ultimately saying all of this from a place of insecurity and 2) by giving their commentary on the situation they are attempting to broadcast something about themselves–that they are NOT the kind of guys who would do something like that. NEVER when this happens do I get mad, pissy or thrown off my game because I know the ultimate score and I know how to get shit done. These (or any) guys trying to get under my skin is akin to throwing a bouncy ball onto the concrete…it’s just never gonna make it through.

    And on top of that, most of these guys are my boys and if anything, I sorta feel sorry for them that they can’t do it like me. I see underneath the vineer and I know how the sausage is made lol.

    I respond with making a V with my fingers and flicking my tongue through it to just to gross them out and make them laugh. Whatever their attempt was to put me in check didn’t work, and now it’s like “Ok whatever you’re weird” and we go back to talking about other random shit. Nobody is mad (at least not me). Now I’m on fire–I’m witty, willing to say whatever to whoever, and my actions are WAY ahead of my thoughts. Totally in “state.”

    And WHAT do you know, guess who comes up and stands in the exact place that my two lezzy friends did?!? Enter: Brunette8.5 and Blonde8. Both taller than me. No hesitation and loud liek I’m “fake mad” and getting onto them with authority “Hey salt and pepper you’re blocking the TV, WTF is wrong with you?!?” Said with with a grin that I’m obviously fucking with them. They look at each other and start busting out laughing and are like “OMG nobody has ever called us that ahahahahaha.” I lightly grab them below the elbow and move each of them exactly one inch apart lol and tell them “ok better. who are you? Actually just you (facing the brunette) you’re a little more straight laced (I’m now no-look lightly swatting the blonde away like she’s not welcome here….copyright, the Neg and Swat) nice to see you how are you?” Blonde tries to chime in with her joke “Oh wow so I’m like crooked-laced or something to you, huh?” me: “Hey it’s not a bad thing the world needs all types to spin, right?” Blonde, intrigued and smiling “I”m [name].” We all introduce ourselves and i point to the two stools and say “sit” and then back to the blonde I look at her and point to the one closest and she says “Why?” and I say “Because I”m talking.” and point. She smiles and sits down.

    I made the choice as soon as I saw them to pick the blonde over the brunette because, at the moment, I have a compulsive fetish for blondes with nice hips. I happen to notice out of the corner of my eye at the spectacle I’ve just created. Bros to my left, bros to my right, waitresses even…everyone is sort of staring and looking over trying to figure out how that just happened. lol

    I continue talking to the blonde in a small isolated spot because I positioned her with her back to the rest of the group and facing me. Standard convo, I’m cracking jokes and she’s laughing and having a good time. Meanwhile, the brunette is getting hit up by at least 6 of the hard dicks sitting at my table like rabid dogs lol. Oh well, I try to provide to the needy when I can.

    And then it happened….THE BRO-MOG SHOWS UP. One of the guys that was with our group (and that I didn’t know all that well, pretty boy who was pretty drunk) came up and put his hand on my shoulder and in a mild slur says “You gonna introduce me to your friend?” (Yea faggot that’s exactly what I would love to do can’t think of anything better). me “Who, her? She’s a slut.” “OMG shut up” *punch in the arm* Interloper to her: “I can’t believe he would say that.” I give her a look like “OMG this dude is so weird” and she is clearly thinking the same. So for the next 30 seconds or so he’s engaging her and I let it go on a bit as she glances towards me with “save me” eyes and since I’m too big of an asshole I let it persist a little bit lol. Then he pulls out the ULTIMATE bro-mog move….SHOTS. “Hey let’s do a shot! Hey man you want one too?” I give her a look then back to him “Nah we’re fine bro but thanks!” Shoulder pat and now I’m back on a topic with her as he stands there for a second then slumps off…face not saved lol

    Night is winding up and since none of the guys I came with had much game with the brunette she’s now talking to some other guys and girls that came to meet up with them. All of my friends had trailed out before now so I pull her out and say “Hey afterparty.” She says she can’t because that’s her ride and they live like 15 miles out. I try to run a quick iso and then pull so I say “Hey let’s go outside.” We do, she wants me to take her phone, I try to pull again, she say she wants to but she really can’t, I pull her in for a makeout, black guys walk by like “damn what the fuck even short guys getting it”. I make one last attempt and she’s deadlocked but wants to meet up this week.

    So…no bang but more than the guys I came with are wiling to put themselves out there to get. The next day I meet up with them and they are like “Dude you were the fucking man last night bro that chick was fucking hot!” yada yada yada.

    Big deal to me maybe a year and half ago. Now it’s like a Tuesday to me lol..

    • immoralgables
      on July 9, 2013 at 5:07 pm
      Original Link

      Excellent FR, PBS.

      I like how when you’re running game it’s full of fun, witty shit to say. It’s a good mindset to remind myself that I need to constantly have.

      Especially important was the part where you kept trying to isolate and the icing on the top was the comments from the black guys.

      I’m relatively short myself so nothing better to me than seeing a shorter dude game a taller girl. I’m always rooting for them/us.

      • PimpinBlueStar
        on July 10, 2013 at 1:46 am
        Original Link

        thx bro. What used to fuck me up was when I would decide “Ok tonight I def need to be ‘witty’ because that’s what it was like when I was ‘on’ before so I’ve gotta get out and do this!” And then once I got out I would concern myself with how I was doing. “Am I measuring up better or worse than 2 nights ago?” Usually this would lead to lukewarm at best sets and tons of brushoffs and me further into my head tryign to sort it out. I was in a narcissistic headspace where I was comparing past results to present, trying to break it all down AS I was attempting to do it. lol total mindfuck I was doing to myself. What I realize now and has helped me tremendously is a) trying to construct a super smooth interaction is always a horrible idea and b) every one of my pickups has a messy structure to it that in no way dictates the fate of the interaction. Messy is good.

        Yea regarding the short thing…I just clearly don’t give a flying fuck to the point where I don’t even think about it much. Even when people bring it up, it takes just a second to remember “Oh yea people buy into that notion that +/- 4 or 5 inches matters I forgot lol”. When a girl completely blows me off because height is a major issue to her (i’d estimate 1 in 5 girls do this, and oddly enough it mostly comes from girls my height or slightly shorter) I’m literally unaffected because a) I already know some girls just aren’t gonna date a short dude and b) way more girls than most people would normally think do.

        As you saw with your 8.5 she quickly was suprised and intruiged “Hmmm me likey look at this guy I wouldn’t expect manning up on me, what else ya got huh?”

        I guess sometimes I do get tested probbalby more than the average taller guy who society prescribes the role as “top guy we expect to crush the most pussy” but who in actuality probably doesn’t. When AMOG attempts happen I usually a) can see them coming a mile away, b) I know why they are happening, and c) realize most are lame attempts to one up me that get no where lol. Occasionally I’ll get outplayed or maybe logistics just line up better for the other guy but I like that too because I enjoy sparring verbally. Sorta matches my edgy jerk persona just a bit lol

on July 9, 2013 at 12:11 pm
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YaReally is a phenomenon. I give him that. But he teaches how to be a greater loser. Is that really what you lurkers want? To be better at being losers? That was never the premise of this site. It’s now sinking into the lowest common denominator…. led by Ya. Unfathomable.

  • PimpinBlueStar
    on July 9, 2013 at 10:03 pm
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    I beat off with a belt around my neck to cuckold porn thanks to him