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Why Do Girls Flake?

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on June 26, 2013 at 12:21 pm
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Judge the situation based on whether or not the girl offers a time to reschedule.

All flakes are pretty lame to begin with but still keep the girl in cold rotation. Don’t just delete her because that’s the Red Pill thing to do. Even if you never meet up with her, see how far along you can take it via texting. It’s practice goddamnit.

Here’s a good structure I recommend for those starting out.

Me: Sup girl, reminder: date with cute dude…meet at xyz around 9pm. See ya
Her: Hiiii, I’m so sorry but I forgot that I made dinner plans with my best friend for tomorrow night. Can we try again next week?
Me: No biggie, I’ll wait to see how you make it up to me before I pass judgment. :p

Note: Be careful because this could come off as too harsh.

So you reopen in a few days and try again. Come across as playful or unaffected. This is is the girl does it a day beforehand. Same day flake and I may not respond at all and hit her up with something fun and flirty later.

I’m writing this so the newbs can understand. I went through a phase where I thought I would be “NEXTING” the girl if she flaked and I deleted her number. Pretty “alpha” huh? Too bad I missed out on some girls I could have kept practicing on. Hell I coulda banged a couple.

Don’t let your pride consume you. Have some backbone and yeah, if she leaves you waiting at the restaurant, then to hell with her. I’m just saying try this structure if she shows some kind of decency; albeit don’t think her flake was done for any noble reason. Girls are inherently flakey by nature.


  • pimpinbluestar
    on June 26, 2013 at 6:52 pm
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    Wise words. Persistence for no reason other than wanting to see if something that seemed completely “cold” has gotten me several bangs.

Cad and Bounder
on June 26, 2013 at 1:40 pm
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Anyone who has worked in sales will understand the analogy here. Women flake and sales fall through. Just as with sales, you can analyse the reasons to death but you will never get to a definitive answer. Management’s can only guess at what’s going on but, the bottom line is the sales fell through. Same thing with chicks.

So a blanket argument like ‘you didn’t establish enough value’ etc is never really satisfactory to anyone but an inexperienced player who obviously isn’t adding enough value. None of the suggestions I’ve seen are satisfactory other than ignoring and that only works if the flake was for a genuine reason. You will know this because she will get in touch pretty quick and then suggest another date. The idea of you flaking first is a good one but FFS we are talking about nascent relations and you know how fickle women are given time. La donna e mobile and all that.

I’m going to make an unpopular suggestion here. Try to blow them out but not in a needy/bitter way. My rationale is this. Flaking lowers your value and it kick-starts a time decay in it. Even if it was a genuine reason, the fact that it happened establishes an favourable power dynamic in her mind. Blowing her out when you are at the start of the time decay might have an affect on a certain amount and its probably a higher number than are going to turn around by anything else because the time decay will massively lower your value.

Something like

-sorry I cant make it tonight
-too bad I’m not free for a month now

Now unless there really is no value whatsoever in her eyes, she will start to consider making the date or throw forward suggestions. If she doesn’t then who cares anyway? You might as well try it at your strongest point because the lead is going to be busted anyway.

  • pimpinbluestar
    on June 26, 2013 at 2:59 pm
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    Yes. 80/20 rule in full effect. You could play every poker hand by the book with well honed people reading skills, but you still won’t win every hand.

    80% of results will come from 20% of your leads. Some view the 4/5 leads that went nowhere as “wasting time” but in my mind, the work you did on those 4 was both necessary and led you to that 1. While I get the whole 80/20 is anecdotal and not exact, it’s damn close and a good explanation of the breakdown of who is getting what results.

    • Scray
      on June 26, 2013 at 3:40 pm
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      I think anyone getting into game should learn how to play poker (NLHE specifically). It makes a lot of the concepts easier to swallow. Outcome independence is the same in poker — just make sure you make the most optimal play, given the situ, to stack your odds as best you can. That’s all you need to do.

      Even aces get cracked 1 out of 5 times from All-in preflop.

      I’d actually just analogize most naturals to a TAG player. Tight, aggressive —- waits for good cards to come along, then he just plays them relentlessly = wait for the AI, then just escalate like no one’s business.

      A PUA is a LAG player. Loose and aggressive — doesn’t wait for good cards, tries to play many hands in the most profitable way possible; comfortable taking huge risks, has to develop extreme hand reading skills because he’s getting into so many different situs = doesn’t wait for AI, develops extreme calibration, takes huge risks in the field bc knows he must DHV traits like guts, social dominance, etc.

      AG/AFC’s are just the people who have no clue wtf is going on.

      While most of the ‘winning’ players at lower stakes are TAGs….the people who dominate the game have mastered LAG.

      Plus, poker is a way cooler hobby than WoW :)

      • pimpinbluestar
        on June 26, 2013 at 6:38 pm
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        indeed broski. that’s actually an important point I forgot to make: the difference between approaching hot chicks and poker is that you aren’t “risking” anything. I guess this assumes you aren’t mouth breathing and trying to finger her butthole on approach…but if you’re just doing standard run of the mill shit like what’s been discussed on how to open, the absolute worst you’ll get is a backturn.

        In poker, you lose money. No big deal unless you’re using your sick childs medication money. Approaching chicks, there’s oNLY upside. It’s a free game to play. If I get a number and she doesn’t answer or text back well waawaaweewah on to the next 5. I will soon get one that’s down because I’m constantly hustling.

        Hustling chicks is essentially playing no-risk poker lol.

on June 26, 2013 at 2:52 pm
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You reacted the exact way she thought, and now you do not stand out and aren’t “fun.” If “gay” is your thing to pop her with a little asshole remark to get her a little off balance then give it a shot (However, I’ve heard more than 3 girls in two months basically laughing at the guy behind his back for using “gay” in text message to get a response out of her so but they had heard it before so this tactic seems to be getting around. My dick remark instead of “gay” is “that’s really amazing congrats”.)

To the the reader who asks what the point is in flaking, IMO the big picture it’s this: they want to see who ultimately can stand out and, like a camel in the desert, they can wait it out until it “feels right” with the right cock.

I’ve used a variation of TD’s response of telling her that she’s such a bratty little sister now after a flake, essentially qualifying her on the spot by saying that we love her but don’t really see her in the sexual way we once did and in a way she’s been a bit demoted but hey the world keeps spinning! I’m sure you’ll find a boy someday soon!

And by doing this (maybe because of my personality) I’ve had more than a few who I can tell have not had this response to their “clever” little testy test because they were expecting me to have ego-butthurt-pride bruising instead. In this way I stand out because I held back from the obvious “try to make her feel stupid because I feel stupid now” comment. Your local weekend warrior in his throwback nike tank top and beats headphones who got her number at the gym by playing the “do you go to clubs much? one of my boys is the manager I can get you and your friends in if you want lemme get your number” then either a) she takes up his offer, gets in the club and doesn’t do anything with him because he didn’t have the verbal rap to keep her having fun…instead was trying to look cool by having “hot bitches” around or b) he invites her out in a boyfriend “date” type setting even though he was trying to front as a player, now she sees he isn’t living up to his image and his “gay” comment when she doesn’t respond or says she has plans to watch The Bachelor come off as projection lol.

Ultimately, I just view flaking as a lame attempt to cheaply feel in control, so while I’m teasing her (slowly changing her mood first before I set up new plans, making sure she’s not thinking about the date but enjoying my teasing first) in the back of my mind I’m thinking “Really? This game is entertaining? You’re like a toddler seriously lol” I don’t get mad, I get the upper hand and stand out from the rest. THAT’S what hoes are looking for…the in control player that from her finely honed “wommens intuition” she “feels” is different and the guy that is saying and playing the things that most guys in her bubble aren’t.

on June 26, 2013 at 2:52 pm
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P.S. To all the up and comers…I can’t think of a better way to practice text game (which to me seems crucial to get to the prime cuts these days) than to get on Tinder. Seriously. Lots of girls who are on facebook are on it whereas they might not be on match or some of the others. Check it out fo sho.

Freddie Nietzsche
on June 26, 2013 at 3:27 pm
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Tyler Durden..his approach can be boiled down to this: Behave like a tipsy outgoing somewhat masculine slutty Party Girl.

And that’s about it.

The entire RSD camp is filled with pussies. Any of you ever see the video Tyler posted that included some guy getting in his face when he caught him with his sister? IMMEDIATELY “Sorry im sorry sorry bro ok im sorry” like a faggot. He’s a faggot, Julien’s a faggot, they’re all pussy faggots who pick up drunk 6′s and 7′s and fold the moment they have an actual man in their faces.

  • pimpinbluestar
    on June 26, 2013 at 6:25 pm
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    I support feminism because i’m a pussy fagget

Game Advice For Alphas

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on June 21, 2013 at 4:25 pm
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Advice for Alphas is necessary too. Sometimes our game slips and lakcs and need a pick-me-upper. But at least it’s not as dire as for the wussy-man.

  • Scray
    on June 21, 2013 at 5:00 pm
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    I’d wager that a lot of the so-called ‘alphas’ in the manosphere needing ‘game’ advice are actually greater betas who rely on some external factor (mostly/probably looks), and in reality they’re entangled with girls below their looks level.

    I roll with a lot of guys who get laid regularly/naturals, and I’ve just started noticing that most — if not all of them — are full of shit. They all go in after they get heavy AI….and if you’re getting some heavy AI’s you ALREADY have attraction. You’re just running FAG game. It’s a type of game, but meh. And these girls are always beneath them in looks. Plus,these naturals can’t handle rejection — at all. Either they’ll run FAG game in such a way that they won’t escalate until they’re getting Disney-level IOIs, or they’ll just get butthurt in one way or another about a set that goes bad. I don’t mind any of that…it just makes me laugh under my breath when they hold themselves out as masters of the game.

    • pimpinbluestar
      on June 23, 2013 at 11:58 am
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      “FAGgame” lol that’s hilarious

      I agree brah. I know lots of these types and they basically front the appearance of getting all of this high quality ass, quick to tell stories of “ya we fucked now she won’t stop blowing me up and i know I can bang her roommate” yada fucking yada…

      Their secrets tho, as you mentioned, that these are coming either a) through social circle, b) thru easy warm approaches and c) the girls are usually in the 7-8 range. Not that any of that is bad in itself, it’s just that a lot of these guys are quick to feel threatened by someone taking bigger risk than themselves at the thought of being “out alpha’d”

      A lot of these champs end up marrying a 6 and miserable by 35. They’ll cheat, they’ll hate on other people who actually took risks in life to go get what they want instead of being in the habit of always settling and taking the easy path, because it woulda been too hard to let go of their ego and self image to do that. Then as they punch in the time clock, pay the mortgage and spend another routine day with the wife and child that they dont’ actually care about (how could they? they don’t even know/like themselves) they’ll amp up the alcohol, stay emotionally distant and either wind up divorced or remain in a miserable marriage.

      lol as I just wrote that I thought “man I really took that to the extreme” but sadly this is far too common. But for these guys running “fag game”…I honestly feel bad for them. Because they can’t even see it.

Unemployed, Alcoholic Badboy Game

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on June 17, 2013 at 1:31 pm
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“1) Women are incapable of knowing what they want – if they knew what they wanted, then they’d be men.”

Game, set, motherfuckin match! Bwahahahaha

on June 17, 2013 at 1:39 pm
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Right, but you are leaving out the “art” of pick up in analyzing this guy’s pull. If he really didn’t care if she comes, stays, lays or prays, then he would not have captured her attention to begin with. He would have been a non-entity in her life. You have to have something that hooks the girl. My guess is that this unemployed alcoholic herpes carrier is a good looking man, probably star high school athlete that didn’t amount to crap in life. If you don’t have the looks or social notoriety to grab their attention, then you better have something more than casual cool aloof indifference. You have to bust a move. The art of game is the oxymoron of purposefully conveying disinterest in outcome.

[CH: Aloofness doesn't mean invisibility, or timidity. Check your false premises.]

  • Matthew King
    on June 18, 2013 at 6:52 am
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    My guess is that this unemployed alcoholic herpes carrier is a good looking man, probably star high school athlete that didn’t amount to crap in life.

    Confessions of the Formerly Omega. It’s hard to shake those old high-school resentments, isn’t it?

    Apparently it is also difficult to get out of one’s head and see the world through chick-colored glasses. Men don’t place themselves out there as an object of attraction the way women do. We are not designed to make ourselves attractive by distinguishing ourselves by appearance. (Part of point of the original post.)

    Rather we are the injector. The infiltrator, the penetrator, the asserter. We present ourselves; we don’t hang around, waiting for attention, dressed to the nines with make-up that took an hour to apply, looking (sexily) bored with life. We are the observers, the gazers. We see what we we want and go get it. Hence “The Approach.”

    Now, once you realize this fundamental dynamic of the transaction, that of the permanent offeror and offeree, you can get subtle with it. Flirtation is subtlety. If you bound in there and “bust a move” you are presenting yourself typically and often awkwardly, i.e., you are not distinguishing yourself from the rest of the V-neck T-shirt brigade. On the other hand if you master the Art of the Pick-Up you accomplish this aggression with — key word now — aloofness. Plausible deniability. Double entendre. The teasing that picks a girl up while making her wonder if she is being picked up.

    Only after you establish your attractiveness can you be more effectively blunt and direct (manly). Men have to establish their attractiveness by what they do, women by how they look. But since we are attracted by how they look, we often mistake our sources of attraction for women’s, and primp and preen like metrohomos, imagining that womanly behavior will get a girl’s motor running. Men who focus on their appearance give the engine a kick-start at best, but attraction requires the constant fuel injection of action.


    • Sidewinder
      on June 18, 2013 at 10:34 am
      Original Link

      You are correct that looks are not the far and away primary factor for female attraction like they are for men. But looks are still a huge factor for women. A guy that is clearly better looking than the female has huge automatic hand in the relationship. I would bet you dollars to donuts that in this scenario we have a marginally attractive 30 year old woman with an average looking dentist. She cannot attain an alpha with status, so she is lusting for the only kind of attractive man she can still land, a loser.

      I’m just speculating and I guess this guy could be some ugly yet charismatic pua, but I think it unlikely. But my point is only that having the attitude is not in itself sufficient for picking up women. You have to have a hook. Game can be that hook, but it has to be more than aloof indifference.

      • PimpinBlueStar
        on June 20, 2013 at 5:03 pm
        Original Link

        Looks/height/muscles are not a huge factor for many women if the guy is funny, interesting, holds a manly essence and knows how to lead and take chances. It’s a large generalization to say “looks are a huge factor for women” and imply that that means ALL. Many don’t, so long as you carry yourself well.

        I’ve known PLENTY of cool, average looking dudes with knockouts (meaning, they were out and about with them, being seen by others and having fun herself) and who weren’t particularly rich or famous to know that girls aren’t always choosing their mate based on superficial attributes. From my experience, the girls I get with (who are hotter than me) we have some sort of jokey, nerdy energy about us that just seems to click. Even though she can be intimidating to most guys and I’m nothign special in the looks dept.

        Not trying to hate on you but this comment has a feel of “outside looking in”…counting yourself out of the finest things before even seeing for yourself. Go do it and see what I’m talking about.

on June 17, 2013 at 8:04 pm
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Off topic, forgive me but I wanted to post a dating site field report.

Saturday afternoon I message a chick, no response till about 1am, shes been drinking and we start chatting, I escalate. She’s in town visiting friends and staying at her friends house but wants me to come over. I tell her that I will but it will not go well if the people your staying with find out you invited a stranger over. I get the address under the agreement she would sneak me in and she would tell everyone shes passing out. I get there and run into the worst LMR Ive ever encountered, Im talking about job interview for the CIA type LMR. Instead of answering her questions I kept replying, if your not comfortable I can just go, its not a big deal to me. And about every variation of that theme I could come up with. After about 15 minutes of this small talk her friends come looking for her. At first its just her friend, then its her friends mom. Instead of panicking I turn up the charm and start hitting on the friend and the mom and they both just start eating it up, while the dating site chick is just standing off to the side with her arms crossed. After about a half hour(its now about 3am) the friend and mom leave but say they will be right back. Then dating site chick says well we should probably go inside before they come back out here. While we were all talking I could here men yuckin’ it up in the backyard so I figured I should just cut my losses and say no im gonna just take off. What I was wondering, the friend was really hot, and gave me solid ioi. It was really easy to find her on FB, should I even bother trying to message her? and if so, should I continue where I left off or just say something brief…

  • PimpinBlueStar
    on June 17, 2013 at 8:50 pm
    Original Link

    What are the odds you’ll run into her again? Do you live in a big city?

    Times like this where I reengage, I’ll make a callback statement to when we spoke the first time (if I’m cracking jokes and she’s digging it), then if she says anything back, I’ll neg or qualify. If she takes it there with “what do you mean???” or some equivalent…you’re off to the races.

    Kinda hard to tell you exactly how we all would do it because we weren’t there and you didn’t provide a lot of context. What did you say to her that night that she ate up?

on June 17, 2013 at 10:45 pm
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I game in high-end clubs because I like women that dress up, but objectively I completely don’t belong there and shouldn’t be able to compete with the guys there and the girls there shouldn’t be into me. I literally own one pair of jeans and one dress shirt and one pair of black shoes (those rubbery ones you get at the mall for $70 that are like comfortable slip-on sneaker-bottoms). I’m not unemployed right now, but I have been at points, and income-wise I’m around the poverty line.

The guys in the clubs I go to are literally driving there in porsches and wearing expensive tailored suits and are jacked/ripped with 6-pack abs and $80 haircuts and work in high-paying industries, etc. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, iBankers, all that shit. This is the 25-50yo male crowd I’m talking about:

I’d break the good-looking studly rich men in these environments down like so:

40% – EXTREME Betas. Shit with girls and don’t know how to socialize. Even a lot of the super good-looking studly rich type guys fall into this category. These guys never get laid…even if a girl throws herself at him, which they do now and then based on his looks, that dies out 10 seconds in when he does something Beta and turns her off and then the girls complain to me that the guys there “are all boring”.

40% – Fun Betas. Shit with girls, but they’re social and out-going at least, and have some cool friends, buy shots for their group, maybe can dance, that kind of thing…they just don’t know how to get girls or what to do with any attention they get. These guys very rarely get laid and it takes a massive alignment of the planets and a lot of patience/aggressiveness on the girl’s part to hit him over the head with the clue-hammer and forgive a ton of fuck-ups and even THEN it’ll take him 2 months of dating to get the lay half the time just because he’s trapped in “being a gentleman” mode and that’s if the girl doesn’t lose interest or meet someone with more game/Alphaness. It’s painful to watch these guys for me because I see a ton of windows they aren’t taking and I’m like “aghghh you could have gotten her on day ONE if you weren’t so bad at this” lol

19% – Aimless Alphas. Sometimes Natural, sometimes learned, but these guys are cool, fun, out-going, social, flirty, can talk to girls, can get attraction, etc. BUT, they’re kind of “winging it” and letting what happens happen…so they sabotage themselves accidentally, or they don’t escalate when a window is there, or they miss out on a few subtle iois and don’t get a girl they could’ve gotten if their game was sharper, or they’re scared to cold approach and can only warm approach (social circle introduction or obvious/blatant Approach Invite from the girl) or they lose their girl to another Alpha because they don’t really consciously know how to compete, or they get into fights because to them Alphas aren’t afraid of fighting, etc. These guys get laid a lot but they don’t have much choice in who they bang because they rely on the girl essentially initiating things and then they rely on the universe allowing them to end up with that girl by not throwing too many difficult obstacles in the way. These guys also often end up with average girls instead of the hottest ones, because they can’t deal with the obstacles involved in getting the hottest ones (cockblocking friends, logistics, getting distracted by other guys, beta themselves to the hottest girls because they get intimidated by her hotness, etc.).

1% – Alphas with game. The guys who actually pull consistently, see and act on the open windows of opportunity, have other Alphas react to them, know how to escalate on girls, don’t have to “prove” themselves by getting into fights, etc. These guys can get laid most nights they want to and understand how to have a decent shot with the specific girls they want because they can handle obstacles. These are those magical mystical CEO badass “own the boardroom during the day, own the women at night” magic ninjas that guys who don’t go out are terrified of or are working themselves into an early grave hoping to BECOME (like they seriously think if they work enough hours and make enough $ and have a nice enough suit like bam, a light-switch is going to flip On and they’re just going to tear it down with women lol…these guys generally end up in the Fun Beta category when they do finally achieve all that success in looks/money/etc. that they wanted, because they still don’t know how to game and thought all that shit would compensate for that…then they end up having to pay for hookers or go the “models & bottles” route where promoters bring women to them to drink their alcohol and give them some attention and make them feel like champs without actually being attracted).

Now this is different from other environments, like a country bar might be more like 60% Aimless Alphas, because that crowd tends to be more “manly” and ready to scrap and all that shit because they’re sitting on the back of pickup trucks chugging beers and working construction and scrapping regularly…whereas the rich beta career crowd is often taking orders from women in a cozy coddling office environment and constantly worrying about whether he should wear the pink tie or the fuscha one for the meeting with the big-wigs halfway through his 18hr work-day so that environment creates more betas.

Anyway, stacking myself up against that breakdown, I’m not even remotely concerned about the first two categories. They pretty much don’t exist in terms of competition for girls, and I’ll befriend them just because I’m a friendly guy and they all love me instantly and, being rich, will buy me drinks/shots lol. These guys might as well not even exist, in terms of girls. So that’s 80% of the crowd of rich good-looking men who are completely irrelevant right from the start.

The Aimless Alphas are more trouble because they’re often the ones that get the most attention…they cause the most scene, and the girls flock to them because they can all tell right away “these are the Alpha guys, we want to meet them and hope that one of them has enough game to land us”. These guys tend to be pretty competitive too, so they’ll try to take eachother’s girls. One of the tactics these guys love is to jump into a set (in an abrupt abrasive way that would get his ass kicked in a sketchy bar) with a guy in it and grab the girl’s attention by telling them to come with him to do shots (or to buy her group a drink etc.). If the guy talking to the girls doesn’t have enough value yet, the girls jump on the offer because hey, free drink.

The unfortunate part is that the girls generally don’t end up fucking that guy, they just use him for the drink and go, but the original guy that was working on them didn’t have enough time to build things up, so in the end that dipshit doesn’t get any of the girls and neither does the original guy so no one gets laid…yes, I’m bitter about this move lol it happens a lot…if I’ve had enough time to work on the girl she’ll either stay with me, make her group shoot him down, or bring me with her and then he has to buy me a drink too (lol). Often you can’t even befriend these guys because they know you’re competition and have an adversarial mindset…although they sometimes try to tool you by buying you a drink (trying to flash $ to look Alpha) which is awesome to me because I just tell him that it doesn’t mean I’m going to put out for him tonight which girls love and guys tend get caught off guard by and I can work the girls off that.

This is all Field Experience. In the minds of keyboard jockeys, the club is like 80% rich guys who are all badass James Bond massive game-having rich porsche-driving badass adventure ninjas that get the hottest girls in the bar every night and can just walk past you and your girl will throw her drink in your face and jump on the guy’s dick. That’s just not how it plays out in reality.

Now specifically relating this to CH’s article topic: I’ve found a good strategy in these enviros is to be the extreme sleaze lol Like completely disqualify yourself from being any kind of Provider to the girls. I’ll tell them flat out that I’m poor and have no car and let them rub my belly and tell them I have a girlfriend and tell them I won’t take them to dinner etc. (George Costanza game lol)…but because I’m flirty and confident and my vibe is solid and I can handle obstacles/AMOGs/etc. and give the girls the gina tingles they want, they still want to fuck me.

Now for me, right now I’m not looking for a long-term married relationship or anything. I just want to bang these girls as casual fuckbuddies. So what I do is encourage them to go after these other guys and find themselves a nice Beta Provider that will buy them pretty things (that she’ll wear for me lol) and take them out to dinner and all that shit and that they should just use me for sex on the side while they find a “real boyfriend”. So often I’ll be in a situation where the girl is going on “dates” with some rich better-looking dude, but coming over to my place after her date to get laid because she doesn’t want to fuck him too soon…of course, fucking me makes him look even more beta, so often she’ll lose attraction for him instead of gain it and there’ve been times where the girl “dates” the other guy for a couple month without actually fucking him and then ditches him because the spark just isn’t there, but it might’ve been if she didn’t have me to fuck on the side lol

That said, this “go find yourself a Provider, just use me for sex” attitude does two things:

1) It keeps me from having to do anything Provider related…I literally just have them drive to my place and show up at my door ready to fuck and then leave after. They don’t expect birthday presents from me or dates or any of that shit, and it even stalls the “be my boyfriend or I can’t do this anymore” Ultimatum because I’m not their only option…I’m actively encouraging them to have other options, so they don’t have to Ultimatum me because I’m not their only chance for a Provider situation (until they fall in love of course, which I can also stall for a while by just not seeing them frequently, but the catch to not seeing them frequently is you’re more likely to lose them so there are a lot of nuances to this balance).

In fact when they come to me with like, bitching about work, I can say “Shhh. I don’t want to hear that shit, find a boyfriend to listen to your complaining lol”

2) It speaks to what women *REALLY* want, but society refuses to admit: They want a Provider beta to take care of them and pay their bills and put their kids thru college and all that shit…but they also want an Alpha to fuck and to get pregnant by and take care of their emotional/sexual needs (emotional in the sense of needing drama or to feel like a dirty slut in the bedroom etc., not emotional in the sense of “my co-worker Jenny is such a bitch!”). Ideally they want both of those in the same guy, but because it’s SO rare (like I say, even if they go doll themselves up for the high-end nightclubs, there’s only about 20% of guys in there who can satisfy this shit and 19% of those guys will fuck it up because they’re Aimless), the optimal strategy for women is having two guys, the same way you might have a really cool girlfriend who’s a good mother to your kids etc., and a mistress on the side for fucking.

So the end result is that I get what I want (casually banging hot chicks), the girls get what they want (a Provider guy to date and marry, and an Alpha guy on the side to fuck them proper), and the Provider guy kind of gets what he wants (a hot girl to take care of and shower with affection and spend all his hard-earned money on and raise a family with)…but he IS getting fucked over, he just doesn’t know it.

The only hitch is if the guy finds out lol Moreso if the chick is successful in getting the Alpha to get her preggers…which is why they then cue the “omg you don’t trust me!! :( :( ” waterworks if the Provider guy dares to ask for a paternity test before his name is on that birth certificate. And make no mistake, these chicks are TRYING to get their Alpha fuckbuddy to knock them up, especially once they have a Provider on the hook (married)…they try to just stick your dick in raw, hold you inside them when you cum if you were going to do the pull-out, complain about condoms, say their on birth control or that they have a tilted uterus so they’re not able to get pregnant so “don’t worry about it”, etc.

So where’m I going with all this? Well, as bad as it sounds, an optimal strategy for a guy like myself to live comfortably (but seeming like a bum to society) into my old age by making just enough of a living to take care of myself while I bang hot chicks (basically MGTOW but with game skills), and also ensure I successfully reproduce and that my kids are taken care of, is to go along with one of these chicks and let her get knocked up and pass the kid off as her Providers’ and let that rich dude and her raise him.

The only crapshoot is the paternity test, if the guy pushes for it hardcore, I could end up having to take care of the kid…but that’s why women have the waterworks and “don’t you trust me??” and doctors rush the guy to sign the birth certificate right away and society will badger a guy who daring to break up with a pregnant woman instead of “manning up” and taking care of someone else’s spawn, and divorce courts will rape him hard if he tries to leave, etc…this stuff is all designed to allow the girl to get herself preggers by an Alpha and force a Provider to raise the kid.

I’m not saying this is my plan, I’m still too young to really give a shit or take any chances (early 30s)…but if I met a hot chick who seemed like she’d be a decent enough mom and I really wanted to make sure I reproduce and she had a solid Provider on lock-down and I knew he was too Beta to refuse the kid if he found out and he was the same race as me, and I knew she would use every trick in the book to keep him from finding out the kid wasn’t his, and I knew they weren’t in a sexless marriage so it was believable that it could be his, and I knew her hamster would eventually convince even HER that somehow the kid is actually his because good girls don’t cheat and that guy she no longer sees (me) “didn’t count”…well, it wouldn’t be a terrible solution.

The reality of the red pill really is fucked up lol But like the Joker says, “I’m not a monster…I’m just ahead of the curve.” I wish things were different but they’re not, so I’m just adapting to reality.

  • DatBro
    on June 18, 2013 at 5:27 pm
    Original Link

    I am the 19%, but it is not as bad as YaReally sells it.

    You make far too many assumptions in one (not so) little comment.

    I still have some semblence of ‘game’ – I don’t think I have any game at all but I have a reputation for being a player somehow – and my skill with women continues to increases with age.

    Am I as good as I COULD be? Hell no. I’m game-aware but I don’t spend the meticulousness that you all do on improving your game.

    Do I care? Sorta, but not as much as any of you do.

    I was blessed with good looks at a young age which allowed me to develop an “education” on women despite being largely introverted and at times antisocial.

    You are wrong on a few points on guys like me, but you are EXACTLY right in that we can’t really choose who we end up with.

    90% of my bangs have been from girls approaching me. I also can’t remember a 9 that I’ve banged who I actually approached.

    At the same time, I don’t buy girls drinks. I tell them to buy me one. Or I steal theirs as they talk to me (a lovely tactic).

    But man, I’ve sometimes pulled some of the hottest women on the planet. But, this becomes few and far between.

    So you aren’t completely correct on that note, yes I do end up with what people on the Internet consider “average” (in real life it’s understood they’re cute 6s).

    But I’ve also BEEN APPROACHED by 8s and 9s. Yeah, I fuck up a lot. I fumble often. But when it works, or I’ve “warmed up” on a few cute girls I have no problem getting them to fall in love with me. Many times before the “warm up” I’ll get caught off guard by a dime approaching me and I completely stumble over myself.

    Anyways, I’m not here to pick apart your argument, as I will generalize and say you are fairly accurate in your analysis. The sleazeballs DO get laid. They DO get laid more than most rich guys.

    I’ve tried it before. It didn’t work out for me. It ruined my reputation, and my lays only marginally increased. From an Economist’s standpoint, the marginal BENEFIT of acting sleazier was outweighed by the marginal COST of dampened social connections, a weaker network, and isolation at times.

    PS: the aimless alphas you deal with don’t seem to be as quick on their feet as they are in the South (cityfolk, not countryfolk).

    PPS: don’t think you’re that special that girls are wearing OTHER guy’s purchased stuff for you. Someone on the Chateau once said: “cuckolding is everywhere” – and it actually may have been you who said that YaReally LOL!!!!

    • PimpinBlueStar
      on June 18, 2013 at 6:13 pm
      Original Link

      “PS: the aimless alphas you deal with don’t seem to be as quick on their feet as they are in the South (cityfolk, not countryfolk)”

      I agree with this and the reason, IMO, is that people in the south tend to be WAY more cliquish then say, out here in LA. Like, night and day different from my viewpoint. A lot of “who’s who” and “this family marries into that family” is the concern of the high quality girls.

      When I was younger and first getting into game, I use to cold approach blindly in situations where people were only 2 or 3 people removed from everyone else and, like you, i took a hit to my rep. It’s so rare that a stranger would bust in and everyone would quickly be like “What is this guy doing?” People would pick up on it quick. Even a lot of girls weren’t used to it going down this way. Some would be, but not a lot. Gotta be much more in tune with social circle game in the south.

      Here, lol it’s like pressing the reset button after every approach. People are always coming and going and everyone has bigger fish to fry than to talk about a botched attempt at a pickup on so-and-so from two months ago. Not to say it can’t happen every now and then, but aggressiveness and assertiveness are the names of the game out here.

  • PimpinBlueStar
    on June 18, 2013 at 5:53 pm
    Original Link

    Excellent breakdown of the “game film” lol. This very well matches my experience in seeing guys in higher end venues here in LA.

    A lot of the Aimless alphas (and I’m loathe to include them here) are “producers” (any and many douchebags claim this title…what have you worked on recently? lol), B and C list celebs, up and coming rappers, etc that are all banking on prestige and status to land chicks. I’m not hating on these guys (I could care less about status OR prestige) but as an evaluation of their tactic…I can’t help but see this as weak. I mean, take status and their credit card away and attention from these girls dries up.

    Can I blame the girls? Hell no! If I put myself in their shoes I see how exciting the perks of being a socialite could be especially if I’m a young hot chick looking to have fun. But as for the guys, these guys couldn’t create natural attraction from the girls by using THEMSELVES (not the narcissistic image that they want people to believe they are) if their life depended on it.

    Another thing on the girls who are in this scene. I hear a lot of guys bitching out here about how the hottest girls only will fuck famous dudes, guys with money, etc and this is so bullshit and hilarious I don’t know where to begin. Yes, indeed they might be, but to take yourself out of the running (ahem…Sidewinder ;) ) because you think only “this type of girl will get with this type of guy” just lets me know your’e either a) not approaching or b) when you do you’re trying to front like the kind of guy you think the kind of girl would want to get. She will bang you too without all of that stuff if you own who you are and give her the space to do what she wants around the AA’s to get her kicks while she’s young.

    I can promise this: I do lots of daygame here and it’s fucking amazing. Why? Almost NO guys are approaching the hottest chicks as themselves. I recently got with a girl who, by the narcissistic label of society says there’s no chance in hell that I would be able to bed her, told me how brave I was because no guys can just be themselves around her. Like, it was so novel to her that someone would just treat her like a normal person because she has her ass kissed almost 24/7 from guys wanting to impress or act like what they think a girl like that would respond to. And yet, lil ole me, all 5’4″, rolls up to her, tell her she looks nice and just wanted to come say hey (OMG so beta), talk some normal shit, make her laugh at herself from some wise crack I made about her wearing black after she complained about how hot it was that day…all the while I’m smirking, having fun and not caring much about anything because I do this every damn day. Tell her that if she ever wants to take a night off from being one of the cool kids here in Beverly Hills I have a nice little spot off the beaten path that has comfortable chairs, get the number, talk as i get it and text her later.

    But i digress. Most guys would rather complain than do anything, even if freedom is staring them right in the face.

    In summary: Yareally sir, great writeup as always and if you ever want to get gay together, hit me up on Grindr bro. We’ll keep it low like Mark Foley and pages.