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The Best All-Purpose Alpha Male Text Response

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the latent sadist
on May 31, 2013 at 2:06 pm
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God this is the perfect post for me today. Read this text exchange i had with a very cute little 19 year old. Backstory is i met her, arranged a meet,then on the day of… she invited other people/played games. I ignored the living shit out of her and truly wrote her off. I refuse to chase any girl. But the following was pretty golden.. and i have the chateau to thank. She texts me last night.

(Note the response times)

(Her) Come hang out with me and ****

(Me) Yo

(Her) What are you doing

(Me) 12:19am: Um what

(Me) 12:28am: I wanted to know if you were down to hang out with me and ***** but never mind

(Me) 12:43am: Its complicated

(Her) 12:48 am: “Its okay”

(Me) 12:51am: 8======D ~ ~ ~

(Her) 12:54 am: Woahh I didn’t expect that

(Me) 12:59 am: I know right

(Her) 1:02 am: We should hang out sometime. Just us.

(Me) 1:18am: You think so

(Her) 1:21 am: yes

(Me) 1:42am: Convince me

(Her) 1:47am: You want me to convince you to hang out with me?

(Me) 2:15am: Just means its up to you

I felt unsure oafter her question… and i was pretty exhausted. I tried to respond as neutral as possible. Not back tracking, but not completely squashing the exchange. That was it.

So this morning she sends:

*I would like to hang out with you but if you dont want to then that’s fine*

Say what you will about the ending, but the terse, assholish texting got her to invest and try to get me out. Im pretty pleased.

[CH: Well played, right up until the end. But you already noted that, so I won't belabor the point. When she said "we should hang out sometime. just us." that was her hamster suddenly imploding on itself. she knew she overplayed her hand, and now she was in chaser mode. That was your cue to stop fucking around. a simple "ok" would have sufficed.

Your worst mistake (and in the scheme of things, it wasn't really a big mistake) was when you said "just means its up to you". That line sounds like you're backpedaling and worried that you over-reached, just like she worried the same about herself earlier. If you're gonna go alpha, don't go half-assed. Go full ass, or no ass at all.]

  • walawala
    on May 31, 2013 at 11:40 pm
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    Great exchange. The last line is passive, nothing’s ever up to her.

    But there are no real mistakes if the overall exchange is alpha.

    Girls get a feeling they don’t analyze each and every word the way we do here.

    I’ve had weak exchanges and banged the girl.

    I’ve had great exchanges and didn’t.

    Girl I’m banging and I who have had major falling out seems back in chaser mode.

    She comes to party I’m at last night after I blew her off.

    I game her, then at some point, spank her ass. She suddenly perks up with a mixture of shock, embarrassment, and intrigue.

    Me: “I hope there was a photographer around, that would be my new profile photo”.

    Later I suggested we get out of there but she had to work early the next morning.

    me: “Ok”….disappear.

    Later I sent a simple text:

    Me: Meow.

    Her; 1 second later ‘yes’

    That exchange means nothing. I send nonsense, she acknowledges it. But on an attraction level it means she’s thinking of me.

    So overall, it’s about the feelings you spark.

    I think text game only works if there’s some type of initial attraction and/or rapport created.

    It doesn’t work for me with girls I meet online who don’t immediately agree to meet up.

    Text game just drags on and on and on never leading anywhere.

    Also, girls tend to mirror your text game. If you send caveman texts:




    they tend to repeat this.

    If you explain something and chat, they tend to be more communicative.

    One girl I gamed last year after I banged her revealed, “I was always intrigued by your one word bizarre texts”.

    • YaReally
      on June 1, 2013 at 12:25 pm
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      “The last line is passive, nothing’s ever up to her.”

      Yup. This. Never let her lead the relationship or make the decisions, especially when it comes to sex. It’s “come up and we’ll watch a movie”, not “do you want to come up and watch a movie?” It’s subtle but it’s important and flows thru your whole frame/interactions.

      Don’t stress it tho, it won’t cost you the lay, it’s just something to keep in mind. Always be pushing forward.

      “Girls get a feeling they don’t analyze each and every word the way we do here.”

      This. This flows into the concept of “change her mood not her mind”.

      “That exchange means nothing. I send nonsense, she acknowledges it. But on an attraction level it means she’s thinking of me.”

      Legit shit right here. Good stuff. This extrapolates to real life interactions too. A lot of my interactions are just nonsense small-talk on the surface but there’s a ton I sub-communication going on under the surface that her and I are both aware of but often people listening can’t read.

      “I think text game only works if there’s some type of initial attraction and/or rapport created.”

      Nah. It’s just tricky because its extremely easy for the girl to ignore you, flake, wait to reply till her buying temp settles, etc. but it’s totally do-able…just not with the one-word Jumbotron alpha style txting.

      The main prob is a lot of guys aren’t past the hook point when they try this one-word response stuff. But the girl isn’t attracted/invested enough to be intrigued, she just doesn’t give a shit and assumes you’re boring and nails.

      So I’d rephrase your bit to “I think minimal alpha Jumbotron txt game only works if there’s some type of initial attraction and/or rapport created.”

      “Text game just drags on and on and on never leading anywhere.”

      This is your fault because you need to be leading/pushing. Example of how I txt off the top of my head:

      “You should come to BarX so I can take advantage of you.”
      “Lol I have a BF I told you”
      “That’s alright he can keep you entertained when I’m not around.”
      “You’re terrible”
      “Terribly amazing. In bed. BarX.”
      “Lol no way I don’t trust you”
      “Then you’re smart. I don’t know how I’m going to trick a smart girl into bed. I’ll have to roofie you.”
      “Omg u did not just say that”
      “It won’t be the most offensive thing I say tonight, you’ll have slapped me before we’re on our 2nd drink.”
      “I never said I was coming to drink!!”
      “No, you’re coming to gaze into my eyes on the dance floor while I grope your bum, but I figured you’d need a drink or two before your standards were low enough. But we can skip the drinks and go right to the groping if you insist. Horny girl.”

      Basically every txt is pushing towards meeting up or implying that we WILL be having sex some day, even if she resists I’ll just deflect it or weave around it and try to change her mood and make her laugh or catch her off-guard or pass a shit-test and keep pushing forward.

      Even if she doesn’t come out that night, she knows my intentions and she knows I’m going to push toward a goal. So if she continues to txt after that, she’s demonstrating that she’s attracted enough to WANT me to keep pushing and eventually win her over.

      Most guys txts just go sideways instead of forwards because they let the girl direct the conversation. A lot of these “gay” “8=====D” txts are just going sideways in the interaction. That’s why guys get stuck txting and going nowhere like you describe.

      Russell Brand does this well, and Hank Moody on Californication hitting on Karen while she snubs him is a great example to learn from too. It’s that forward intent overpowering her weak/half-hearted defenses (because she WANTS you to win her over).

      Now there are girls who will just txt forever and never meet up, I find these are usually the hipster/emo/indie/nerd girls who think they’re brilliant witty sarcastic wordsmiths and think they’re impressing and “owning” guys, high on their own superiority delusions that the betas in their life reinforce.

      The nice part about pushing forward with intent is that it weeds these girls out quickly because you push a few times and they deflect without backing down at all and then you know “okay this is a waste of my time” and you can cut your losses or try more chaotic game like starting drama just to see if you can turn it around.

      “If you explain something and chat, they tend to be more communicative.”

      Yep. This is why I don’t cry about how bad girls txt. They’ll txt me 2 or 3 txts max like “wut u up 2?” But I txt the way I write, with full spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc and I don’t waver on that or try “2 talk liek them”. So they shape up and start following my lead and type properly and we have longass comfort/rapport building conversations with multille page-long of txts.

      Am I just happening to run into the only smart girls in the world? Or does it come down to setting the frame? The latter, of course, the same way a girl will be a whore with me but a Madonna around a Nice Guy. They fall into the frame we set for them…which brings us back full circle to the top of this comment: “Never let her lead the relationship”

      • PimpinBlueStar
        on June 3, 2013 at 8:57 pm
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        This is great shiz

The Perfect Alpha Male Online Dating Profile

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on May 26, 2013 at 5:52 pm
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Starting to reach the point where I cold approach somewhat whenever I’m out in social situations — although, the 30 day challenge will soon be here.

It is so incredibly easy to make out with a girl, holy shit. And it means jack shit lol.

Anyway, I’m just instinctively starting to do things like if a girl is about to leave and I feel like we’re clicking…I just tell her to give me a kiss before she goes, then I go 90, we make out, and she leaves. Still haven’t gotten it to work on a girl who’s a 7 or above…but I just don’t think I’m bold enough yet.

Something that’s been happening now when I talk to girls….and I want to know if this is a shit test or if it’s just the politest rejection ever. Like, I roll in, start blah blah blahing, people like it…and then just out of nowhere “yeah you’re really attractive but you’re just not my type.” It’s happened five times and the girls were 5.5-7.5′s.

Oh, I’ve found another good response to shit tests — throwing up your hands and saying ‘you wanna take it outside, brah?!’ And then just steamrolling over their frame with a riff about the ensuing fight…’ya that’d be a good fight, you probably have a little reach — and (if you’re wanting a neg) you’re more solid in the body than me….blah blah blah blah’

  • PimpinBlueStar
    on May 28, 2013 at 9:41 am
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    Hey bro, i’ve been reading your FR posts for a while and good for you for keeping at it. You’re going at this the right way and I’ have no doubt you on the right track.

    Re: makeouts. I would argue that you ARE bold enough now, it’s just that you don’t appear to have the reps of going up to the chicks you really want but instead settling to practice on girls you think would have you and then you think you can move up. This is what i also used to do a few years ago when I was starting out with learning game. I had just taken a bootcamp with Cajun from lovesystems and I was emailing him afterward about how I was basically getting makeouts here and there but I wasn’t closing much of anything past that, and then he asked me “Are you actually attracted to these girls? Are they who you really want or do you feel like you aren’t going for it all?” I answered with “Well, i’m praciticing on 6′s and 7′s until I feel like I’m ready to move up.” He then told me to scrap that thinking, go after the girls you think are 10′s and watch what happens.

    Well, after many reps since then of “hotties first, everyone else second” mentality, here are a few things I have observed:

    1) The hottest are actually the sweetest, when you are genuine and straight up with them. Maybe it’s a self selecting thing that the girls I go after and get i intuitively know will probably like me back as well, but I don’t get nearly the harshness, coldness or excessive testiness I get when I cold approach somwhere between a 6 and 7.5. This is the complete opposite of what I would have guessed before I had emailed cajun about this stuff and he’s totally right.

    2) Hot girls are acutely aware of the attention that they get and the power that their pussy caries, and the 6′s and 7′s know this as well. Which is why, IMO, they can be more crass and testy towards a guy (such as yourself!) who approaches and hits on them. They don’t have the clout that their hotter sisters carry, and in the back of their minds they know it. They’re probably thinking when you approach them “Ok this guy just wants to fuck me and then go after someone hotter. I’m not going to get played, so I’m just going to tell him that he’s not my type.”

    3) The simple act of approaching a hot girl, not trying to show out or need anythign from her and just being totally self accepting that you are enough for her as is — this may be the highest value thing that one can do for themselves.

    Re: response to shit tests. Haha tha’ts good bro. One of my go-to’s is telling a chick that she must be a UFC cage fighter because she has the ruffed up knuckles of a champion striker.

    Anyway that’s all just a (long winded lol!) way of telling you to NEVER count yourself out of the finer things in life. I would even argue that the best players I’ve seen are simply men who want the best and act on it, and the girls themselves sense this and respond to it. They don’t detract or get a narcissistic injury like your local bro who hits the weights and thinks his muscles themselves will get all the pussy he deisres — no inner belief work necessary — and then when he gets the cold shoulder from a hottie he blames her like she’s the fucking bitch that is a “stuck up cunt” who’s “not even that hot”…he didn’t really like her anyway (lol).

    Keep up your approaching bro! I think you’re doing great and big things are just right around the corner for you.

Confident A-Hole Game

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on May 15, 2013 at 3:20 pm
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Great examples of “uncaring” asshole game. And where most n00bs get lost because they give each other the advice of “You gotta be an asshole to girls to get them to like you! It’s true man!” and then they go try to do this with girls and it flops. If you don’t actually think highly of yourself and you are too invested in getting a reaction out of the girl, she’ll backturn or it’s equivalent.

I’ll break down “uncaring” using the examples above, how I run my game and how I see other guys who are successful (and mostly just decent looking dudes):

1) Very selfish guys who keep it positive, not mean. In the above examples, you could say he’s being an “asshole”, but at the same time he’s not actually being “mean” is he? lol you could almost replace every line he types with “I’m the shit.” and be done with it. At no point is he trying to tear the girl down in a mean spirited way, he’s just basically saying “I’m amazing and no one tells me what to do. Oh and by the way, you should give me what I want because you’ll like it too.”

2) They don’t look for validation. Most guys (especially in LA) want to be the badass yet what they really need is affirmation from everyone around them that they are exactly that before they can go to work. They create an identity (nice cars, clothes, muscles, etc) and may proclaim “Yea mothafucka I’m the shit!!” but in the back of their heads is looming “ammmirite?” This shows when they get rejected by a girl and they respond with “Whatever stupid slut” or they see a guy like me (I’m 5’4″ and don’t have “society approved” qualities that people think are required to get the kind of girls I go after and get) and then they either a) want to fight me or b) lamely try to AMOG me. Point is: a real player doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone, he just knows he is and that’s the end of it. Women know real men when they see them by the way that they seek validation or not. That’s the true test.

[CH: Good comment. Solid, tight, unimpeachable.]

on May 15, 2013 at 8:19 pm
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1) I love this guy in the example

2) Note girl 2. This guy is not actually aloof. Saying you want to impregnate a girl implies commitment. I would go for the exchange with girl #2 because I would think he might be interested in something long term. You can call that stupid if you want, but I’m being honest here. I wouldn’t the guy was a hopeless player.

  • PimpinBlueStar
    on May 16, 2013 at 9:45 am
    Original Link

    The guy is saying this ridiculous shit “I’m going to place my cum in your womb” and “you will have my beautiful children” because it’s hilarious TO HIM. Even funnier that she’s smiling on the other end and eating this shit up. Although it’s obvious he does want to stick his peepee in the vagina, remember he is saying this to someone he is essentially just meeting. Taking these statements literally and implying he wants long term commitment from a girl he doesn’t know is a bit of a stretch.

Another Whackjob Feminist Hate Crime Hoax

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on May 5, 2013 at 4:55 pm
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I’m sure she just cried, deflected blame in another direction about how she’s “got some issues she’s working on” and “it won’t happen again” becuase now that she’s caught she “sees how she was the problem.” Nothing will change, just find a new victim to dump her emotional shit on. Rinse and repeat.

Reader Mailbag: Own Goal Edition

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on May 3, 2013 at 2:01 pm
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Player #5: This whole situation makes me think of when sometimes at the horse races the grounds crew will try to lead the horse into the starting gate and the horse will start bucking and refusing. The more force you use, the more it will resist.

The key is to drop the effort, pet it’s face, scratch it’s chin and walk it right on in.

Basic sales: Empathize with the other person first, focus on what they want and what you need will be easier to come by later.

I see a pivot phrase to do this “I don’t even know you, Brad.” “I’m independent too…for $$ I sell salmon and peel bananas.”

the desire is there with this chick but the playfulness needs to be increased. Get her mind off the fact that she’s about to commit a crime by being the more fun option.

  • some dude
    on May 3, 2013 at 3:26 pm
    Original Link

    I like your analogy. Can you expand on or clarify the ‘pivot’ statement about bananas. I’m not getting something.

    • PimpinBlueStar
      on May 3, 2013 at 5:46 pm
      Original Link

      ok sure. I define “pivot” as the point in the conversation where one of two things can happen: 1) we remain going in the same direction (in this instance it’s the persistent bagdering to get her to go out to the bar and thus leading us nowhere) or 2) move the convo in a different direction where we can be the boss of her by getting her to react to me and leading us to something mutually beneficial…instead of just CHASE CHASE CHASE and watch her run even further. Much like a railroad switch works, in conversation we want to seek opportunities to “pivot” the convo going forward in the right direction that leads us to the better destination (post coital bliss vs. hand cranking to Lisa Ann). Almost all conversations, whether it’s pimping a chick or just random chit chat with someone on the subway, work like this.

      I define “boss” as, in any interaction, the person who is not reacting to the other. You set the frame, the other falls into it. If you react to someone emotionally (a laugh, anxiety, too quick to answer, pissed off, etc.) then you are giving up power/control on some level.

      “Well I’m not sure what this has to do with my independence but I can’t meet you especially when I don’t even know you, Brad.”

      ^^This statement to me is ripe. Not only is this chick continuing to respond back to him despite the bad game being thrown at her (no disrespect) but she’s throwing out lots of bait to take it and make her tingle. There’s lots of directions to take this.

      In mine I threw out the banana line because a) it’s low commitment bullshit that she can either laugh at or call me weird, either way reacting to me and b) now it’s on my course, the way I want it. I’ve now pivoted the conversation away from something too heavy where she’s thinking “woah this guy just wants something from me” to “lol you’re lying! what do you really do?”.

on May 3, 2013 at 3:19 pm
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Me: Hey Katie, we should go out this week. -Brad from X last Thursday

Her: Alright, so you definitely caught me off guard, and I’m not going to lie I was pretty flattered. I’m sorry, I just didn’t get a chance to tell you that I have a boyfriend.

Me : Then you leave me no choice … I’ll have to GBFM you …

Her : What ?

Me : lolzlolzlolzlolz

Her : I don’t understand ?

Me : …. coz you have been benaknified bernakniefied

Her : What do you mean ?

Me : watches da espn highlights and reads homer’s odyssey.

Her : Huh ?

Me : PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do nottry this on your own as da GBFM needz you out there buying them drinkz all night and getting them dinnerz as i don’t want no hos eating my puizzaaa and heinekinz beerz!!!!

Her : lol

Me : lozlzlzlolzlzl

Sorry GBFM, I couldn’t help myself …

  • PimpinBlueStar
    on May 5, 2013 at 10:56 am
    Original Link

    When in doubt, bernankifiy the ho.


on May 4, 2013 at 4:41 am
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#4 I’ve come a looooooong way since first discovering game 3 years ago. But one area I still constantly struggle with is #4′s question of “That’ll show ‘em”.

It bothers me that people in my social circle gossip about me to girls I’m gaming or banging.

I lost it recently telling the girl she should be walking away from conversations like this or defending me.

All i got was push back from her saying she “needed to hear all sides”..,,or some nonsense.

It was a major set-back.

So do whatever you have to do to distract yourself from those thoughts of “getting even” or whatever emotion you think you’re feeling.

Game…as I need to remind myself isn’t as much about banging chicks as it is the mindset needed to bang tons of chicks.

Think of it as showing off and you’re “try hard” not DHV.

I also expressed anger at the girl I’m banging for “not respecting me”.

Big mistake.

All she did was rationalize it and in the end it made me seem beta.

I chalk it up to a “test” of whether game and game techniques really work.

Try to reason, or apply “anger” and you get push-back.

Agree and Amplify, freeze-out, walk-away, or what-ever and you’re more in control…and that really is what it’s about isn’t it? Being in control

When some guy who’s banging your wife is still in your head—SHE is still in control and despite all the alpha-growth you’ve got, you’re still not there.

Walk away…and you win. Game is often counter-intuitive…

  • BDubs
    on May 6, 2013 at 12:31 am
    Original Link

    To be honest, if your social circle is doing this gossip shit to you, you should tell them (or at least the offenders) to fuck off. If they got your back, they won’t talk shit about you.

    • PimpinBlueStar
      on May 6, 2013 at 12:13 pm
      Original Link

      Their hate (gossip) comes exclusively, at a very deep level, from jealousy — the guys are threatened because they can’t create their own opportunities like you, and the girls are jealous of the male attention that their girlfriend is getting (so they say things to sabatoge it like OMG he’s a player do you want me to tell you what he did to cynthia after they hooked up?). The guys will say it in their own way “That dude is such a creepy faggot he does this with every girl that comes around. You don’t really like him do you?”

      This is nothing more than groupthink at work and, should you choose to react emotionally to them, they have won the game.

      I’ve had my own run ins with social circle bullshit like this and here’s the thing I know now at 28 years old: I’m better than they are and because of that I have to operate at a higher level than them. And I don’t mean that with malice at all. It’s just that I study social dynamics, learn from mistakes, and just generally look for ways to change myself into the best, most giving guy possible. Do you think most people are like this? Fuck. No. Most people don’t really bring much to the table, period. And they will wait until they can “snipe” and opportunity to take someone down to elevate themselves. This truth used to infuriate me, but now I not only have come into indifference with it, I know how to stay ahead.

      Not saying that lashing out at them wouldn’t work, but why waste the energy? You know what’s going on, so be cool. Your indifference to them, the way you smile at them and talk to them like you own them despite their poor efforts to sabatoge you, the fact that you have a lot of options because you’re out being popular with everyone, how charming you are to new people you meet….these are all things that elevate you above them. Put the monkey on their back by making them continue to react emotionally to you, all the while smirk as if things couldn’t be better.

      Oh and BTW, these people aren’t really your friends. You really think you could count on them in the future to have your back? Don’t be mad, just live well.