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A Man in Demand Radio – Talk 3

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on June 30th, 2016 at 6:04 am
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1:06:14 – Dibs.

Good talk so far, nice to hear a variety of subjects instead of just a rehash of the basic TRM 101 general male self-improvement stuff. Personally I like long formats like this since these kinds of interviews normally waste the first half hour just catching the listeners up on who the speaker is and their history and general topics they cover etc etc I like actual discussion.

‘Cause there’s still lots of Red Pill shit to solve to help men, like a roadmap for how to pull off having kids with a positive feminine influence in their lives in 2016’s society, how long a man’s SMV prime REALLY is if he’s got a good head start on red pill knowledge, the shifts into open hypergamy and how technology is influencing things out there and what to do about it, how to reach more men sooner in their lives when EVERYTHING in society from day one is FI-conditioning them and removing male influence for as long as possible (single/divorcing moms, women caretakers/teachers/etc, a boy can make it to fucking COLLEGE without any male influence and it could get even worse), how to even safely MAKE it through school/college without getting labelled a rapist/abuser/creepy/etc when girls jump to those names so fast now, how to avoid addiction to escaping reality through media, videogames, the upcoming VR porn revolution that’s going to suck young men into a world where no one will judge/shame them and girls will give them artificial attention and how that’ll stunt their social growth, how do we RAISE good quality daughters (see SJF? I know you old guys have valuable experiences we can learn from lol) when every influence in their lives is pushing them to self-destruct or disrespect their male influences and ignore their primes to ride the carousel and chase careers that don’t matter to high-value men they’re trying to settle with in their 30s.

How to recover from or avoid social media slander (in the Mystery Method era you would tell girls your name and real job and make it sound cool and show her all your personal stuff so she feels comfort with you…now? That shit is DANGEROUS…one lying tweet from a jilted lover can destroy your career and ruin your future career prospects…girls can keep tabs on their orbiters and dig for information on new prospects online to see which ones are successful or have become successful etc), the whole “bring down successful men’s legacy when they hit old age” trend that’s been going on the last few years, dealing with office politics as workplace environments get more and more hostile to masculinity, how to help our Blue Pill buddies recover from divorces or convince them to not get married or get pre-nups and try to protect themselves and equip them the best we can so that if shit explodes they’re not completely destroyed…there’s SO much to discuss still. Swipe any of this shit to do articles on, it’s all massive discussion-fodder.

Also funny to hear Christian confirming some of the infield observations I’ve been going on about recently, like the 90/10 gap widening thing is just blatantly obvious to him like it is to anyone macking the <25yo crowd lol

on June 30th, 2016 at 6:25 am
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(and by discussion about those topics, I mean coming up with actionable codified solutions that hold up under pressure testing VS just acknowledging that they’re problems that exist lol Red Pill will need to slowly shift into solutions, just like Mystery codified PUA into a teachable system to solve a set of problems…personally I won’t consider the Red Pill anywhere near done until we have that kind of stuff available for men, and some of it is going to take 20+ years for guys to field test and compare the outcomes etc, which is part of why I try to not let the art of the Field Report die off…the more normalized it is to share notes, the more we can narrow down what’s consistently working and what are outliers or keyboard theory or inconsistent and need to be drilled deeper, etc)

The Princess Experience

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on June 22nd, 2016 at 5:33 pm
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How much would looks/money matter if boys were given that experience every day from birth so they viewed themselves as having as much value as a hot girl has, instead of being told they don’t deserve a princess and teaching them to compare themselves to other men and put women on a pedestal and view other men as having higher value than themselves? 😉

The Princess Experience

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on June 23rd, 2016 at 10:54 pm
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No interest in LTRs. Pretty much all of the things that LTRs come with outside of what you get from FBs, are things that I don’t enjoy.

I don’t like going to a girl’s family dinners, I don’t like hanging with her friends (since most of the time they’re not people I would hang out with, they’re people she grew up with or went to school with etc and are of massively varying quality), I don’t like seeing her dressed like shit with no makeup gassy after eating greasy takeout dinner, I don’t like worrying about whether her skipping the gym this week is going to be a thing that I have to run a whole dread game production to make sure she gets back to the gym, I don’t like having to babysit her and listen to her first world problems that are ultimately pretty insignificant, I don’t like the drama of fights and passive-aggressive shit and having to run around doing dread game because she’s trying to use sex as a weapon, I don’t like having to remember her birthday or care that she’s hanging out with some co-worker who keeps posting on her Facebook wall, I don’t like having to plan road trips or vacations around her wants and needs, I don’t like having to factor someone else into my major life decisions like moving or career changes, I don’t like having to answer questions like “where are you going?” or “where were you?” or “why are you going to do that?”, I don’t like vegetating on a couch watching Netflix like a lazy sloth all night (I have career shit to work on right now, and I’d rather post here or do my own thing), I don’t like needlessly spending money on silly shit to go do things that I don’t really want to do so she doesn’t get sad or bored, I don’t like, I don’t like having to time anything in my schedule around someone else (like when I’m going to eat, when I work, when I play, etc), I don’t like having to pretend I’m not sick/tired/depressed when I am, I don’t like hanging out with other couples playing board games and eating cheese, I don’t like hanging out with other girl’s lame depressing given-up-on-life passionless purposeless Blue Pill boyfriends while our girlfriends gab about whatever and think we’ll get along because we’re both guys when the guy comes off as just a zombie waiting to die to me, and on and on and on.

Most of that same stuff applies to kids lol There’s nothing appealing about having kids to me at this stage in my life.

Like I get that some guys are cool with that stuff, or want it, or enjoy it, or don’t mind it, or hate it but don’t mind compromising on it, and I know some of it can be dealt with from a red pill frame like laying down the law and not caring about her crying or giving drama or social pressure bla bla but I just don’t WANT to deal with any of that. All the parts of relationships that I LIKE are the same parts I can get from having a harem of FBs lol

And there might be a point in my late-40s where I decide I want to pass on my genes enough that I want a kid and am willing to put up with some of that stuff to be able to do it and just pick the best girl out of the group I’m seeing at the time with the expectation that it’ll probably fall apart in 10-ish years (and I’ll have protected my assets/custody/etc from day one).

But right now I’m VERY happy being a single bachelor, ESPECIALLY as I’m getting my career/finances/health/etc handled. All I see in my future is a long life of endless beautiful girls, good close buddies who are all on their own purposes and striving to reach their potential (mastermind group type shit), and infinite adventure. In my mid-40s I’ll probably gravitate toward more of a social circle focused game instead of hitting up the bars for ease of access to new girls, but I can’t see myself settling down anytime soon. 10 years bare minimum.

This is just my own personal wiring and what I’ve learned about myself from being in LTRs and pLTRs and having FBs etc, and not a recommendation for anyone but myself. Maybe Julien likes the stability of having a girlfriend, especially when he’s travelling the world from city to city every few days and dealing with crazy chaos infield, maybe he just likes some of that LTR shit I listed, who knows, doesn’t matter to me lol I’m just doing what makes me happiest day to day and I’m always open to my desires/wants/needs evolving over time.

on June 24th, 2016 at 1:20 am
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“Thanks for the advice. I was wondering what you thought of Krauser’s Daygame Mastery – he wanted a fair review so there’s no problem you being critical if you wish.”

He sent me Daygame Overkill (the video product), not the Daygame Mastery book. I’d like to do an in-depth breakdown of his actual infield footage at some point to show where I think he could tighten stuff up (more for his benefit than anything else, ’cause I like to see guys improve and I don’t think he’s anywhere near his ACTUAL potential skill level yet) but the general review would be:

The content is solid, I have no problems with what he’s teaching. My only real issue is that it’s limited…most of it would get decimated in a nightclub (to which the reply from Krauser would probably be that nightclub girls are all trash anyway lol), and doesn’t train you to REALLY deal with real obstacles (AMOGs, turning around rejections/difficult sets, dealing with groups, dealing with clever/sharp/feisty girls, dealing with cockblocks, etc). Honestly the ESL conversations ruin it the most for me…on a friendly tourist girl, slowly trying to communicate “YOU…..LOOK LIKE…….A CUTE…..LITTLE……BUNNY. (do hand motions of bunny ears) You know, like, a BUNNY? A small, fluffy (hand motions of a small animal) bunny…that hops….along the ground?” while the girl gives a puzzled look and only starts to understand you’re talking about whatever a bunny is in her native language 3/4 of the way through that conversation, like, that’s a LOT easier than engaging girls who speak English that would shit-test or walk away or tool a guy doing that. Not that he would speak that slow to them if they understand him, obviously…but Krauser will tell a girl she looks like a cute bunny hopping along and the ESL girls will half-understand what he’s saying and get the jist that it’s a compliment and say thankyou and then politely seek rapport or stand there receptively waiting for him to say something else, whereas most of the English speaking chicks I know would be like “uhh ok? That’s weird lol” or “oh thanks, well I’m heading to wherever bye!” and shit-test him or just not actively seek rapport or help the conversation along or ask questions or anything because what he’s saying doesn’t really make any kind of an impact or demonstrate any real value…like there’s nowhere near enough value demonstrated for them to give a shit and try to find out who he is or want to guess where he’s from or care if he guesses where they’re from etc, VS a girl who’s run into a mysterious stranger who speaks another language on a day where she’s just walking around bored with nothing to do in a tourist area.

Think of it as the difference between trying to engage a New Yorker who’s running late to work VS engaging some laid back country person with nothing to do that day who’s just out for a lazy stroll. If you can engage that New Yorker, you can engage the stroller. But being able to engage that stroller isn’t going to help you engage that New Yorker…to engage them you need to make some IMPACT so THEY want to stay.

These girls having shitty English helps make them act extra friendly because they feel insecure that they don’t understand what he’s saying (here’s this friendly stranger who’s clearly trying to be friendly and I have no idea what he’s saying, I hope he doesn’t think I’m a bitch)…which is great, if you’re in an area with a bunch of ESL chicks. But if you’re gaming in a general English-speaking city in North America and gaming around other guys or mixed sets etc (basically anything that isn’t lone 1 or 2 girl set approaches), this stuff will get steamrolled HARD. I can’t imagine any of the girls I know even entertaining these interactions…he tends not to really get shit-tested in his sets because the girls are friendly so I have no idea if he can really overcome any kind of resistance or if he’d just classify them as “No” girls if they aren’t friendly right away. Like in terms of how friendly/receptive the girls are, his “Maybe” girls are my “green lights all the way, she LOVES you” girls, like they’re giving ZERO real resistance from my perspective, they’re just not actively HELPING things move along which I’d never expect in the first place. To me any girl that isn’t actively walking away ending the conversation is a “Yes” girl or can be turned into a “Yes” girl with proper game lol A “Maybe” girl would be a girl actively putting up big resistance and trying to end the conversation. A “No” girl would be a girl telling me to fuck off and literally walking away. But in traditional PUA we learned to deal with resistance and turn difficult sets around, not just deal with receptive sets…like we learn to FORCE them to pay attention and see our value to turn the set around lol

It’s kind of like having a manual for how to drive on a straight stretch of road. It’s good, if you’re just driving on straight stretches of road. But it doesn’t really prepare you for how to drive on swerving roads with hills and people crossing the street in front of you. He sticks to areas of the world where he can drive on straight stretches of road, so it works out great for him, and he encourages others to find those same places…but personally I prefer a guy learn how to handle all sorts of driving conditions ’cause it’s rare, especially in North America, and especially in our nightlife etc, to find endless straight stretches of road like that.

Some of the concepts themselves are just PUA stuff repackaged but I legitimately don’t think Krauser realizes it, like he seems like he’s genuinely come up with the stuff himself, which he very well might have (like I’m not saying there’s necessarily malicious intent) since the way we all figured this stuff out was hitting the field a ton and when you hit the field enough you all come to the same general conclusions about what works…but there’s a lot of little labels he gives things where I can go “this is just this concept from Mystery Method renamed, or combined with this early RSD concept”. And they’re not bad concepts or anything, so I have no real problem with that. Like I don’t care if you call it “being in state” like RSD, or call it “god mode” like Simple Pickup, or “flow state” or whatever else someone comes up with…as long as you understand the concept itself and can use it infield to succeed.

As for Krauser’s game itself, the infield in the product is a million times better than what I’ve seen posted on YouTube. I have no idea why he doesn’t post this stuff on YouTube instead of the shitty old sets he has up there. To his credit he even makes fun of his old footage at the start of this product, like he understands now how asexual and squirrelly his old vibe was, VS the masculine sexual grounded energy he’s working on developing now. His breakdown of his sets is solid and worth the watch, he points out a lot of subtle calibration stuff he’s doing that most people wouldn’t notice. If I was him, I would take one of these infield vids where he breaks it down, and post THAT online (the breakdown included), to represent himself and his brand. His actual sets are a lot better than the footage he has on YouTube.

That said:

1) the ESL thing…it’s REALLY hard to give proper credit to a sarge when 80% of the conversation is going over the girl’s head and confusion and just flustered attempts to describe things the way you’d engage a 4 year old. This stuff would get eaten alive in a North American nightclub. I know, I know, subcomms are more important than words…but I think a guy doing this on chicks who speak English natively will find himself running into a lot more shit-tests and feisty comebacks (not necessarily malicious, but just the girls WANTING a good engaging interaction) and girls trying to qualify him etc, whereas these girls tend to just go right into seeking rapport or being receptive to rapport and part of that is because they feel insecure about not understanding what this friendly stranger is trying to say to them about how they look like a clever little minx or whatever.

Personally I’d like to see some infield of him running on game with girls who’s first language is English and regularly speak it…that’s not me talking shit, like “oh YA? I’d like to see this shit stand up to a REAL challenge pffft!!” That’s me, legitimately as a guy who enjoys pickup and seeing people push their boundaries and field test stuff, just curious how it does. Me taking his stuff infield wouldn’t really give a good read of how it holds up because inevitably my personality and all my training is going to come through as I go way off-script and just do what I’m used to. I’d love to see him take a trip to any major city here and give his game a go just to see how it holds up.

2) he’s got more sexuality in his sets now, which is a big improvement. And he’s got good calibration. And the girls are cute. No qualms with any of that. Like, what he’s doing works well for the specific scenario he games in.

3) but there are things he could tighten up, he misses windows that he could jump through and sparks of attraction that he could fan into way hotter flames…it’s alright when things are running in slow-motion (because of the ESL that slows the conversation down massively) with a friendly receptive girl. But missing those windows with North American girls would end in rejection/flaking. It’s not about speed (because the comeback would probably be “this is the art of seduction like a bear playing with a bunny I’m not in a rush like those dumb PUAs that just hump a girl’s leg immediately, I take my time and bat the bunny around because I know I have her” bla bla), I’m talking more about IMPACT. Like the number closes might work out there, and that’s cool, it sounds like the phone culture is different from here…but the numbers would pretty much all be flakes in North America lol Because he’s just not making enough impact…it’s still just a nice pleasant interaction but now with some sexuality in it. That would be alright for an instadate in North America, but for a number-close here I don’t think it’s enough especially in 2016.

Like here’s Krauser infield where he pulls and you can watch him boning at the end lol:

And it’s awesome that he pulled the chick. Massive props. Especially from daygame. But a lot of the stuff he says has more impact to the girls there because of the ESL situation, with the nervousness/awkwardness of not understanding what he’s saying as he slowly describes something “it’s like have you ever been to the circus right? And you know you get the clowns…like the comedy. The comedy, with the red nose, right? The white face with the red nose, and they have these big stilts (motion describing stilts)?” To an English speaking girl that would be like a 2-second “you look like you work at a circus” ok now what? Like the ESL lets him draw the conversation out muuuuuch longer (which is more opportunity to use laser eye-contact and demonstrate subcomms and build tension and let her get insecure that she isn’t understanding/explaining things properly etc) and this girl is pretty much instantly receptive, zero resistance and filling in the conversation immediately).

But stuff like “before I came here people said to me, they said Ukranian girls, you really like high heels. Heels. Heels. These! (point) They said they really like it. I thought okay, maybe this is a stereotype you see………and also. Long hair. People told me Ukranian girls: very long hair. And heels.” Like holy shit, I’m crawling at the wall with boredom just typing this out. This is just NOT a conversation you’d have with a chick who speaks solid English. But this girl will giggle along with it as she tries to understand what he’s saying (which is a mini rollercoaster of emotions in itself) and feels minor insecurity not understanding him (and feeling insecure that she isn’t expressing herself properly in English, like not knowing if she’s sounding dumb etc) and compensates by being friendly etc.

It works, because this stuff has enough emotional impact when you factor in all the ESL stuff and he’s got decent subcomms in set. But over here, these are conversations you’d have with a retarded 4 year old. A girl who speaks English nice and fluid and fast and can verbally joust with him, it’s never going to sound like this lol To relate it to Mystery Method, his default conversation with these girls tends to hit A1-A3 because of all the little dynamics going on, so he can just go right into C1. But a girl who isn’t instantly receptive isn’t going to want C1 and I don’t think he has a lot of A1-A3 skill because he just writes those girls off as “No” girls instead of learning to turn it around (because they aren’t worth his time, why not go find friendly girls etc etc which is valid but if you’re teaching other guys they should be aware that they aren’t getting a full skillset).

It’s not that he CAN’T have more interesting conversations, who knows, maybe he CAN handle shit-tests and bring more interesting conversation to the table and handle girls who aren’t as receptive, but I don’t think he HAS to out there and I haven’t really seen it in his infield footage. Like how about some infield gaming local London girls even, since he’s from London. Where they grasp the language solid and how that changes the dynamics (less flustered nervousness on their part).

My reason for stressing “in North America” over and over is just that if a guy in North America is buying his product with the intention of learning how to game HERE, I really think it’s going to underprepare him for a lot of situations and dynamics we have to deal with here…it might be good for literally PURELY daygame (as per its title, so I can’t fault it for that, but even then I think it needs tighter number closes to not get flaked on here), but guys tend to study pickup stuff hoping to apply it to a wide variety of situations and I just don’t see this preparing guys for more than lone wolf one on one daygame which is great if you live in a city where you have access to a huge flow of hot girls wandering around solo and bored where they can go on instadates because they’re not headed anywhere, but that isn’t as common over here…some guy wanting to learn game in I don’t know, Denver, there’s no influx of hot girls travelling to some tourist area of Denver to just mill about all day lol And the bigger tourist cities like New York, Vegas, etc tend to be faster-paced than all these euro clips I see where people just lazily stroll around. I’d rather guys learn a more versatile system where they can apply it to nightlife, daygame, mixed sets, deal with obstacles, etc

Like if you can do nightgame, daygame is no problem, but the opposite isn’t true…being good at daygame doesn’t really make you good at nightgame where the chaos, obstacles, difficulty, shit-tests, bitch-shields, etc is ramped up.

I mean here’s another infield clip:

In this one the girl isn’t immediately receptive like the other girls which I’d imagine gets her classified as a “No” girl by his system, but I don’t think she was a “No” girl at all. She just didn’t blow open like a lot of the super friendly girls he goes for, and when she wasn’t immediately receptive he didn’t really know what to do and you can hear him go into “selling himself” mode. Subconsciously it’s like when the girl is receptive, he can talk about himself and where he’s from and what he does etc and he comes from a place of building a connection with the girl, but when she’s NOT receptive he self-doubts and then tries the same thing but it falls flat because he doesn’t have enough value to her for her to care where he’s from or what he thinks about her or what he does etc and he starts to fall into her frame where he’s saying stuff trying to get her to open up and seek a positive reaction from her (outcome dependence, seeking validation) and she won’t budge because it’s a spiral and I don’t think he knows how to get around it. Notice he goes into way more self-depreciation than he does in his other sets (because he’s doubting himself, because she’s not reacting super positive).

But it’s not that that girl’s really a “No” girl or bitchy…he’s just not really equipped to break through her shield and MAKE her interested in him. Most of his game is building rapport/comfort-based which really only works on the receptive girls (classic generic guy game is to seek rapport “Hey there, so uhhh do you come here often? Cool do you like it here? Cool where are you from? Cool what do you do?” etc where A1-A3 are skipped over, but without hitting A2 she doesn’t CARE about having comfort/rapport with you). To open this chick up he needs to make some impact, disqualify her, hit her emotionally and shake her out of her frame so that she WANTS rapport/comfort.

Like scray or myself or Julien would plow through this chick’s frame and get her emotionally reacting but he keeps defaulting to his trying to build rapport game which works great on the friendly girls. The thing is, he DOES get little teeny tiny spikes here and there when he says something semi-offensive, she finally giggles…but then he lets the foot off the gas pedal and goes back to his rapport comfort zone. These are those windows I’m talking about, where he should floor that pedal the second her temp goes up and blast that shit through the roof. If he spent a year pounding nightclubs he would probably be able to plow through this minor resistance (not even resistance, just not playing along immediately cooperative). A lot of these “No” girls would be “Yes” girls.

I think the biggest thing for Krauser’s personal skillset is that he still comes off like he views himself as a scrappy underdog under the surface bravado, which doesn’t make sense to me because I know guys hate on him not actually looking like Jason Statham and it’s easy to pick on a guy’s looks, but to me based on my field experience and guys I’ve seen tear it up with girls and shit, Krauser looks just fine and I would fully expect him to do well and be getting attraction in set…I don’t see him as having anything to compensate for or have any self-doubt about regardless of the girl’s reactions, compared to guys I’ve sarged with in the past who have actual looks/height/etc disadvantages. But part of not taking those windows and not making more of an emotional impact and falling into the frame of trying to sell yourself or self-depreciating too hard usually comes from a guy not thinking he can get away with it and playing it safe or not feeling like they can turn it around.

Basically I think he can go more sexual and make way stronger impact (not dancing monkey high-energy crazy stuff, but just solid emotional impact on the girl) than he’s doing now and I think he’s going to discover that over time when he fully internally views himself as “sexy” to his core (which he’s closer to now compared to his old infield) VS right now where it seems like he’s just saying he believes it but still gives off self-doubt scrappy underdog vibes in his subcomms. I’d like to see him do pickup without the peacocking gear (get him out of his comfort zone and away from crutches because I don’t think he actually needs any of that stuff, and to help internalize that he has worth/attractiveness to women by default) and see him run game in North America to pressure-test it on girls that can verbally test and qualify him which would toughen his skillset up.

I’d say as long as you understand the limitations of what he’s teaching, then it’s a good product. But I can’t tell if he understands it has limitations, or if he just rules everything his system doesn’t prepare guys for as “not worth the hassle”, “”No” girls”, “bitchy/low-value girls”, “venues/situations/locations that are beneath him”, etc Like his system doesn’t teach guys how to deal with AMOGs or jealous orbiters or cockblocks, but I don’t know if he KNOWS that and just doesn’t care because he doesn’t put himself in situations where he HAS to deal with those things and would recommend guys don’t put themselves in that situation either…but the reality is, in North America, you’re probably going to be hitting on girls in situations where you’re going to have to deal with AMOGs and jealous orbiters and cockblocks so I don’t think this product will equip a guy with a wide array of skills and they should be aware of that in advance, and other products teach most of what Krauser is teaching in his product so for North American guys I’d say check it out if you want (the infield breakdowns are worth a watch) but expect to have to supplement your learning/skillset with other products (especially stuff that focuses on A1-A3).

This mini-review is all jumbled and jumping around (moreso than usual, with a 13yo schoolgirl’s equivalent abuse of the word “like”) because I have some legitimate criticisms of the product but don’t want to come off like I’m talking shit ’cause I don’t have any hate for the guy. All I care about is the game and guys reaching their potential skill level lol

If anyone wants to they can shoot this mini-review Krauser’s way lol

on June 24th, 2016 at 2:36 am
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“Here’s what men I hang out do.”

I’m sure your bros are super cool. But like I said in my post, this is just how I’m wired and in my experience most guys in relationships in their mid-30s are lifeless zombies or Blue Pill chodes with negative depressing attitudes.

I’m sure you guys enjoy your super-manly hobbies but I just find most of the stuff you wrote to be boring or just not something I’m interested in. No interest in attending soccer practices or hunting or playing in a band or building things or cutting down trees etc lol And I can hit up weddings, parties, BBQs, etc single. And bring a hot young fuckbuddy.

“They do what they do, and the pussy goes to them and stays attached to them”

lol well shit, what is anyone doing wasting their time learning PUA? We should be climbing mountains and hunting deer waiting for the pussy to roll in instead!

“Besides teaching, what men stuff do you do?”

Whatever we want, whenever we want lol Most of the guys I choose to hang out with regularly want to go chase poon together. Sarging is a bonding experience…in the time you aren’t engaged with girls and helping eachother break through personal barriers and mental hurdles and celebrating eachother’s success and helping eachother through failure and having crazy adventures like waking up on the other side of the city somewhere with who knows what people what who knows what walk of life, or sending your buddy off into the night with that girl you helped cockblock 7 guys to get him into that cab with her etc, there’s tons of time to talk about life, love, career, health, the future, the past, personal problems, family stuff, self-improvement, goals, dreams, etc etc

I mean, I have buddies who DO love to do all that other shit like hanging out in a backyard crushing beers BBQing or going on a camping/hunting trip or whatever, but I opt out of joining them because that stuff isn’t fun to me and they know that and don’t care because we bond through chasing girls.

But the key is that these are all red pill guys that I hang with, and they’re guys I personally select when I run across them and choose to hang out with them. They’re not just, Bob my co-worker who sat beside me for 3 years and he doesn’t really approve of how much I hit the bars and his wife won’t let him go to the rippers with us, or Jim, my girlfriend’s brother that I have to hang out with and be nice to and guilt trips me for not going camping with him and I have to make more of an effort or my girl will give me drama and why won’t you take him out with you to meet your friends he needs a girlfriend bla bla

Like, infield I’ll socialize with anyone and everyone so in my personal time I’m VERY selective about the people I choose to hang out with. I choose guys who are on the same path as me and who are heavily dosed in red pill and have good postive upbeat value-giving attitudes and we encourage eachother to work on ourselves. I’m making an effort to start getting in shape this year and my buddies will txt me asking if I did my lifting or what my time was for some exercise shit and send me vids/info on diet/exercise, and I’ll ask them how their work stuff is going or shoot them motivational quotes etc because we all want eachother to slay it at life.

I just can’t relate to the Blue Pill guy who’s girlfriend nags him all day while he sits on the couch chugging beers watching sports and wants to argue about politics while our girls yap away in the kitchen over a bottle of wine. My skin crawls just thinking about that shit lol

If I was dating a girl and she DID just by sheer magic fluke somehow HAPPEN to have a brother and friends who were all super red pill badasses striving to achieve their full potential in life with positive upbeat mindsets, ya sure, I’d love to befriend them.

But the VAST majority of girls pick their friends through “they were around for a long period of time so now we’re just friends even though they’re kind of fucked up” and are people that I would never choose to spend large amounts of time with. But in an LTR, you pretty much have to.

“Dark take on LTR’s but I have to agree.”

I’m not trying to be cynical. I’m just calling it as I see it. My experience with LTRs and seeing my buddies in LTRs is that LTRs tend to pretty much neuter a guy and all the GOOD parts of the LTR are things I get from my fuckbuddies lol

“The older I get, the less comfortable I get flinging an entire afternoon off into the dumpster at a picnic outing (with someone I already know inside and out), community BBQs or a long dinner with half-acquaintances etc. Time gets tight and a weekend given over to drinks, broccoli and carrot snacks followed by barbecued chicken and a bunch of facebook-come-to-life self-marketing style chatter is just HOURS that I could have spent reading, working on my projects and really learning.”

This. Like, man, there is SO MUCH ELSE I could be doing with those hours that I’m forced to talk to a girl’s dad about politics and play xbox with her little brother while we wait for her mom to cook us dinner and ask me boring questions about myself and expect me to ask questions to them that I don’t care about at all and then hear all about thier trip to visit their cousins zzzzz lol

Some guys are down for that stuff, but that shit is torture to me. Life is short and I have a lot of goals I want to accomplish, especially as I make up for the time I spent hyperfocused on pickup (which I don’t regret at all, it’s a lot easier to work an 18 hour day when you can call a smokin hottie over for a fuck-break halfway through to de-stress lol). When people ask me if I watched the latest Game of Thrones or what I thought about Breaking Bad it’s like sorry I have no idea, I’m busy doing other shit, I don’t sit around watching Netflix.

I’m not even really judging them, even though it probably sounds like I am, it’s just that’s not the life for me and I can’t really relate to that lifestyle and the people I develop close friendships with are the people who are like me and get what I’m saying and don’t get butthurt and cry all needy that I don’t want to go on a fishing trip with them. They know when they’re doing something I’m interested in I’ll 100% in be in for THAT trip with them and we’ll have a blast.

“If a guy can really find a girl who respects that and doesn’t expect the guy to be her social side-piece, then that’s great.”

I can’t even count the amount of wasted time I lost in the few LTRs I’ve tried. Just that blur of day to day unproductive nothingness. And just having to babysit and maintain their feels and keep in touch and hang out so they feel like they’re not being neglected and shit. I come from a hyperfocus mindset of “if I’m doing this, I might be just doing this for a week and exclude everything else in my life to get this shit done”. Which other guys with goals and passions understand and respect, because they’re doing the same thing.

My one buddy had a super depressed clingy needy guy from school who he took out for beers once (to cheer him up ’cause he got dumped so my buddy was just being nice to him taking him out) literally txting him a few months later “I feel like you don’t even care about our friendship man” because my buddy was ignoring his weepy emo txts about bullshit non-problems while he was focusing on studying for some important exams. Like what the fuck? What GUY texts that to another GUY?? lol The funniest part is I WARNED him “don’t take this guy out for drinks trust me man” ’cause I can smell the “value-taking” type guys a mile away but he didn’t listen to me lol

But girls, man, they want you to be a success but they don’t wanna see the work that goes into achieving that success especially if that work gets in the way of spending time with them…then it’s drama city. “Why can’t you work a week of 18 hour days and then also txt me for 2 hours because I’m sitting at home on my day off and then also come hang out and listen to me yap about trivial problems, aren’t I important to you??” I don’t want to have to explain WHY I’m working late tonight or WHY I’m crashing at the office or WHY I need to go for a beer with my buddy (who can relate to burden of performance discussion and shit) after a stressful week instead of a beer with her (listening to her yap about how Becky at work was SUCH a bitch and life is sooooo hard because their dad paid for their sister’s flight to Cuba but not theirs etc).

With fuckbuddies I can come and go as I please and do what I need to do to achieve my goals. The whole “a woman will support you and prop you up and help you up when you’re down” thing is Hollywood fluff. The reality is they’ll do that as long as it’s convenient for them, but if you struggle for TOO long and can’t micromanage their feels while you’re putting in the level of work necessary to achieve big goals, it’s drama city that I don’t wanna deal with lol

“Chattering about deck-building at a church BBQ for six hours while mildly buzzed or watching pee-wee soccer all weekend would just kill me at this age.”

God yes lol Like, there’s nothing I’d rather do less than that. I would hang with my close buddies for 6 hours, sure, but that would be a fun productive 6 hours to me because we’d be discussing or doing shit that’s relevant to my life. VS 6 hours of pretending I give a shit about whatever this church BBQ guy who wants to be my new best friend because he’s so fucking lonely in his LTR, wants to talk about.

Now when I’m sarging, THAT’S my “hey, I have time to kill, tell me all about yourself random stranger!” time where I take an interest in whatever random people are around me. But in my general day to day I have shit I want to do lol Even my friends know if they wanna catch up with me, come over for a beer on a Saturday night because I’m probably not going to come on your camping trip or come over on a Tuesday evening to play xbox.

This posting I do here is, as I’ve said before, beneficial to me in that it helps me sort out my thoughts and solidify my mindsets and makes me better able to teach my friends when I’m out and helps balance out my non-pickup related career stuff. That’s why I do these huge fucking posts, so I can just brain dump a bunch of pickup shit out and then get back to work where I don’t think about pickup at all (aside from girls txting me but I try to just leave my phone turned off when I work because girls wanna YAP all fuckin day lol) until my next break where I load TRM and brain dump some more pickup stuff.

“Someone could call me out and say, “Sounds like you were slow to grow up and get your shit in gear,” and I would say, “Yup. You nailed it,” but I’d still rather spend my weekend on my own projects than tooling around in facebook-come-to-life land, killing hours by the truckload.”

This. I hyperfocused on pickup and achieved a shitload of goals in it, and have MORE pickup goals to achieve still. And now I’m playing catch-up on my career and health. Sorry if that means I can’t watch Netflix tonight and if I’m GOING to watch Netflix I’d rather watch it with a brand new hottie who’s vag I haven’t seen before who shows up dolled up to impress me and fucks me halfway through the movie, instead of the girl I’ve fucked a hundred times who’s not wearing makeup and changed into her “comfies” after work and wants to binge-watch the newest Lena Dunham show while she complains about trivial shit lol

But hey, maybe I just need a unicorn like all the guys that will chime in replying to this saying their girl is special and doesn’t do any of these things and has amazing social circles and is so supportive bla bla and then tell me to quit criticizing their life (I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT YOU IN THIS POST SJF lol) and feel sorry for me and condescend about how one day I’ll understand the fulfilling zen of watching little league soccer.

But I don’t care, ’cause 1) like I say I’m just talking about me and my experiences and my preferences for my own personal life, and 2) I have work to do now lol

…okay, maybe I’m a LITTLE cynical. lol

on June 24th, 2016 at 7:23 am
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“(My daughter is 24 and has been dating a guy that my wife and I think highly of. And and that is like riding a rollercoaster. But not one that has extreme highs or extreme lows and she has a stable framework from UMC (upper middle class) to work with.)

On the show so far, about 17 men have been eliminated out of say 26. The Bachelorette herself seems to have nothing to offer any of the guys except her beauty (which is marginal at best) and her emotions. Plus show provided venues to frolick in. I see no with, intelligence, added value for the men, no self insight, no real ability to read the men and a history of poor choices.”

lol it’s funny because we’re all sitting here talking about FI conditioning, but like, stop and visualize the scene: you’re with your wife and 24yo daughter who has a guy and it seems like hey, ya, it’d be good if they work out…and yet you’re all sitting around the boob tube where she’s consuming a show that’s LITERALLY implanting in her brain the celebrity status and social attention and value and rewards and fame that come with being a girl around her age (not sure how old the Bachelorette is) DISCARDING 17 high-value men (I assume they’re all good-looking, rich, etc) for completely trivial/shallow/retarded reasons, while she flits around with no self insight, no real value, a history of poor choices etc and in the end, despite all her poor choices and TOSSING AWAY 17 HIGH-VALUE DUDES, she’s STILL going to end up with some rich good-looking neurosurgeon Prince Charming, the Hypergamous best option of the group.

And then down the road if your daughter ditches her guy to go Eat Pray Love, fully expecting to have no problems getting another quality guy, it’ll come as a huge surprise like “but why wouldn’t she stick with him??” Women are being fed this kind of shitty programming from childhood these days and yet people are SHOCKED that they’ll bail on decent dudes to go ride the cock carousel. Why WOULDN’T they when they’re being fed all this shitty programming that normalizes and rewards that behavior and tells them “don’t worry, you can throw away 17 high-quality options and you’ll still have another 5 high-quality options left and they’re all better than those first 17 anyway!”

Like you’re looking “to see if they could actually get any guidance from it on how women should relate to men in a 2016 Disney Princess world and all”…well THERE’S the guidance they’re subconsciously taking away from it lol

Meanwhile a dude watches the show and takes the message “even if you’re a super good-looking tall jacked rich lawyer/doctor/whatever, you still have to compete for this woman who has nothing going for her, and you’re probably going to get rejected like the other 17 guys who society will now make fun of and call losers…and you aren’t even HALF as accomplished as THOSE guys are.” and then we wonder why that guy doesn’t feel like he deserves to approach some silly HB9 in a bar and feel entitled to her and tell him looks/money matter and keep him in the rat race instead of teaching him to look at why she’s picking one jacked dude over another (hint: subcomms/game) and teaching him how to exploit THAT and ditch his shitty internals and insecurities.

“It makes me feel less guilty about how bored I get with those situations, lol.”

I felt that way for years, like what’s wrong with me everyone else seems to be into this shit and I made an effort to try to enjoy it, but it’s just not me. It goes against all sorts of gut instincts I have. And at some point while doing pickup which is already going against social norms, you learn that most of the people who are critiquing your life aren’t even happy themselves and aren’t successful by your own personal value system anyway, so you go “fuck it, okay then I guess I’ll just be the outsider and do my thing.” and just accept and embrace yourself. I fully embrace who I am and don’t apologize for it. No one’s gonna be standing around my death bed high-fiving me for wasting a weekend watching Netflix or talking to some dude I’m obligated to hang out with because my girlfriend is friends with his girlfriend. It’s just going to be me looking back at memories of my life.

I can VIVIDLY remember my first two approaches, that were successful number closes, and turned into lays on the Day2s. I can remember everything about them from what I said, to what the girls looked like, to every key moment of the interaction and escalation, and little memories of our interaction that made me laugh or feel good because they were the first time I had done those things with girls in my life. I can remember SO many little adventures and key moments where my mind was blown infield or I overcame some success barrier or limiting belief or hurdle or went on some wild adventure or met some girl or had some interaction that clicked more puzzle pieces together in my head or took over nightclubs on solo nights out and remembering that feeling of feeling like a god on those killer nights etc

But my first ex of 2 years? I can barely remember her face anymore (which surprised me) and most of that 2 years is just a hazy blur of hours and hours of watching movies and eating out and just doing mundane things. She was a sweet girl, but the whole LTR thing was just a dialtone in terms of excitement for me.

I remember waiting for her to get ready, we were going to go out to some special event thing, and it was objectively a pretty big deal. But I was sitting there thinking “I’m HAPPY…but I’m not ECSTATIC, like when I’m getting ready for a night out sarging” Like my happiest moments in LTRs have paled in comparison to my happiest moments sarging.

Same with another ex, just a blur of time spent together. Even though we did some little adventure things like vacations/trips and roadtrips and shit, none of it ever really compared to the high of a good night out sarging.

Kind of like how an adrenaline junkie who skydives on the weekend would find it stifling to have to work a desk job and give up skydiving. A lot of people would find that desk job fun and exciting, but that skydiving guy would be clawing at the walls looking out the window at that big beautiful sky wishing he was up in a plane again.

And again this isn’t a judgement, you don’t have to explain to me how watching soccer practice gives you a skydiving high, I’m not saying sarging is the end all be all for everyone. But for me, I love it and have never found a hobby that comes close to the emotional rollercoaster sarging puts me on. The highest highs and the lowest lows and I love it for that. Makes me feel alive the way skydiving or hitting the gym or cheering a kid on at soccer practice does for other guys. That’s just me.

“So I’m not exactly a hyper-stressed ER doctor who really just needs to chill on someone’s deck on Sunday afternoons. I totally get that kind of lifestyle too.”

I’m not even a Type A go-getter personality. I’m a HUGE slacker. But that’s WHY I have to push myself to stay focused. I can’t have a girl telling me to come “lay down” with her. “Just come lay down for a bit with me, I miss you :(” Because I’ll DO it, and then I won’t get back UP lol Whereas my close buddies push me to stay on track and help hold me accountable, they don’t interrupt my work day and expect me to have a 2 hour text conversation about insignificant shit just because they’re bored and then get butthurt that I can’t come for dinner with them later.

When my financial situation is fully handled and my career is where I want it to be, I’ll slack off a bunch and spend days lazing in a sunbeam giving zero fucks. But right now I have goals to achieve and anything that distracts from them is cut. If a girl can understand that, cool, and my fuckbuddies do because we aren’t “serious” so they know they aren’t my top priority. But actual girlfriends give me hassle and can’t relate to the burden of performance thing because they can coast along at their cushy office job where no one will fire them for using Facebook all day and if they get fired some orbiter chode will come along to save them…plenty of guys who look just like me around the homeless shelters, but you’ll never see an HB8 there lol

Like I say, all of the parts of LTRs that I ACTUALLY enjoy, are things I can get from fuckbuddies. But that’s just me, and not a judgement call on anyone else. I know guys who are perfectly happy just sitting around a fire with a 6-pack and some friends/family and that’s totally cool with me as long as that’s what they enjoy doing.

on June 24th, 2016 at 4:59 pm
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“Hence the need for balance to avoid addiction in the long run.”

I don’t know, I mean I’d LOVE to be addicted to “eating healthy” lol Or “being a positive person”. Not all addictions are bad, just the ones that come with potential downsides, like losing all your money gambling, or splatting on the ground skydiving, etc

“Not seeking the ultimate high over and over because that ultimate high ultimately fails to give you the high. That is just how the brain works. It is normal.”

I dunno, all other hobbies seem boring compared to sarging. There’s so much that goes on in cold approach pickup on so many levels that it’s way more rewarding to me than other hobbies. It’s not just the P in V part of it, but all the other internal and external rewards that come with pushing yourself infield. And there’s no real downside to it. If I wanted a monoLTR or kids right now, there’d be downside, but otherwise there really isn’t one. Potentially running into crazy bitches maybe lol

“Exactly. Focusing on your mission and mastering it. That is the thing to do.”

It’s not getting me pussy though. Like, it’s cool that I have a mission right now, and I’ll succeed in that area, but no new girls are dropping into the office going “wow you work hard, can I suck your dick??” So if a guy’s goal is to learn to get women then he should hyperfocus on that, fuck all the balance stuff, till he’s got that at a level he’s happy with and then he can balance it out if he wants.

No one would say “hey man, quit eating healthy, have some junk food this week, you gotta have a balance!” lol “Hey dude, quit saving your money responsibly for the future, just buy a brand new TV or something frivolous and irresponsible, you gotta have a balance!”

But when it comes to chasing girls everyone’s all “you can’t do that all the time!! That’s unhealthy, you need to balance it out by climbing a mountain!!” and it’s like, well, WHY exactly? lol If you have the women thing handled and you’re not having FUN sarging, then sure, go balance it out. But if you’re enjoying it and you’re doing it sober without blowing a bunch of money etc, I dunno, I say go have fun. And if your goals change to where you want career success, then focus on that instead of pussy. And then if you want pussy again, focus on that. Once my career goals are achieved I plan to throw myself back into hardcore sarging.

“I know guys that aren’t just chilling at the fire, they are actually accomplishing something tribal, with a goal in mind. They are doing this:”

Thing is like, maybe you and your buddies are doing that. Maybe you guys have just never met shitty guys who have nothing going for them and don’t care and just numb themselves with xbox and Netflix all day, working shitty jobs they hate and complain about 24/7, married/settled with fat chicks who’ve let themselves go and just nag them, etc etc But those guys aren’t accomplishing tribal functions. They’re just “my girlfriend wanted to come yap with your girlfriend and now we have to hang out in front of the TV while I tell you why I love this sports team so much and how it’s bullshit they traded player X for player Y last year and this is their worst season ever” lol

I can’t be the only one that’s met passionless guys going through life in a walking daze like zombies.

“She wanted Chad bad. But Chad fucked up because he was incongruent”

Impossible. I have it on good authority from guys who subscribe to looks matter that if you have a six-pack and threaten to kick everyone’s ass a girl will ignore all ASD, LMR, social pressure, everything and just suck your dick in the middle of the room no matter what you say or do. lol

“But, in real life he could’ve and probably would’ve had Abundance Mentality and Outcome Independence.”

WOULD he? That’s my point in these discussions. The stereotype assumes that he would. But hang out with enough Chads and you’ll find that a lot of them have a lot of hangups and blind spots and lack of calibration and lack of self-control and madonna/whore complexes etc in real life. Not all of them, but like, guys really have to give these dudes less instant credit. “oh he’s good-looking, he must get laid like crazy and have amazing game!!” Like go compete for girls with those guys and find out lol

“that’s fucking horrible.”

Agreed. I was surprised by it myself, I thought I would remember the girl that meant more to me than the randoms, but nope, we tend to remember peak high/low emotional experiences and the reality of my day to day LTR was that most of it was a dialtone of emotions. Little highs and lows here and there, and if I didn’t have sarging maybe those would be enough relative to watching Netflix or playing xbox…but compared to the highs and lows of SARGING? It’s not even close.

“my first ex? I remember it all. because the time was limited.”

Ya that’s probably part of it. We were mid-20s so we had all the time in the world to just vegetate together. She’d come over after we both got off work and we’d just hang out and she’d sleep over, almost every night of the week (I stopped sarging etc too, lost some bar buddies ’cause I turned down invites to hang with her etc). Like there was just endless time together, and we weren’t doing anything real significant and I didn’t know enough about LTRs to lay down any kind of boundaries on my time/energy, I was just following the Blue Pill LTR script.

Whereas fuckbuddies fall into that “time is limited” scenario which is part of why I enjoy my time with them. If I only see a girl for a few hours every couple weeks, we make those few hours COUNT lol If for some reason I were to try an LTR again, I would make sure that we can’t spend TOO much time together, like I would keep living separate and keep busy with work (or say I am) to avoid being able to see her and text her every single day. Give her the gift of missing me (and me the gift of missing her) and all that.

But no idea how to make that work when you live together and raise kids. Have a REALLY big house where you don’t see eachother much? A man-cave with a lock on it? lol

“what’s a kid’s curfew when his parents are driving him around? like 10 if he’s lucky. there was always a countdown clock. there were serious consequences for getting “caught”.”

I never had a curfew because I was so chode that my parents knew I would never get in any kind of trouble lol

“looking back, those are keys to good tension and therefore good release.”

Yup, the gift of missing eachother and making every moment count. I have a buddy who was living with his GF and they were miserable, then he got a job where he had to travel and could only visit her every couple of weeks (just enough to keep her sexually satisfied) and their relationship improved DRAMATICALLY because they weren’t taking eachother for granted anymore since they only had a day or two to hang out every couple weeks instead of that “this person will always be around so whatever” pattern a lot of LTRs that spend all their time together can fall into.

“and there was no time for mundane things. every moment we had together meant our hands in each others pants. blowjobs. fucking. running “errands”? lol. I went clothes shopping with her once. I remember because some cunt made a big deal that I was in the ladies’ dressing room with her and I got thrown out of the store.”

Ya I do all that stuff with my fuckbuddies. Like, THAT’S the part of LTRs I enjoy…but if I can fuck my FB in a changeroom then why put up with all the other LTR stuff I DON’T like to fuck an LTR in the changeroom (before we go have dinner with her folks)? Just my logic lol

“but I’ve never been in an ltr with a girl who was over 20 and didn’t live with her family.”

In 2016 it’s pretty common to see late-20s girls still living with their family. Yet they’ll judge guys for living with their families lol The double-standard is hilarious to me.

“that’s probably why I’m pro ltr”

What you described sounds like a fuckbuddy to me. I mean, a really good primary fuckbuddy, but still just a fuckbuddy relationship. That’s not a judgement call on it, just saying all those patterns (not seeing eachother too often or for too long at a time, fucking eachother’s brains out constantly when you DO see eachother, not eating and living together, doing the occasional fun event with her that probably leads to sex, etc).

“but seeing them years later, with their stupid roommates and take out containers and empty refrigerators and piles of laundry is just sad.”

lolol this. And that stupid roommate is her “totes BFF” that I have to hang out with if I date her. Like no thanks, just come meet me at my place so we can fuck.

“I really can’t believe that guys would text with them during the day, or listen to their bullshit, or pay to take them out.”

It’s a lot worse in 2016 because of how normalized texting is. I got into pickup right before texting took off so I remember NOT being able to text girls and it was so much better.

It goes back to how I describe relationships in the “old days”, like the 40s. The hubby goes off to work and he’s just GONE. Is he fucking his secretary? Is he owning high-powered Mad Men business meetings? Did he get into a car accident like she just heard a report about on the radio omg what if it was him?? Oh, he’s not home in time for dinner, where IS he, is he working overtime, is he fucking his secretary, is he hurt? Then he finally comes in the door a couple hours late and it’s like OH WHEW!!!! Big ol’ sigh of relief. Thank god he’s okay. Wait, why does he smell like perfume, oh this new secretary huh bla bla drama desire dread

Compare that to 2016 where like, she’s off busy with her own work stuff barely thinking about him, until he txts her halfway through the day “soooo bored at work fuck, just bombed this meeting and my boss hates me now😦 miss you baby xoxoxoxo” and then at the end of the day “hey I have to stay late tonight, don’t worry I’m not at a bar or anything look here’s a Snapchat of my empty office I’m sooo bored I miss you baby xoxoxoxo” Meanwhile while he’s staying late at the office she’s answering her Facebook orbiter messages and swiping on Tinder.

Like the dynamics that have changed in LTRs just from technology are pretty huge and make an LTR much more difficult. I would bet Rollo, SJF, Blaximus, yourself, etc, the guys with happy marriages, don’t sit around txting their girls all day long like the next generation has learned to do and fully normalized. Like you guys would have to go out of your way to text and would be annoyed by it, whereas that 18yo kid just entering adulthood has been txting all day every day since he was 12, and so has the girl he has a crush on, so when they get into an LTR they’re not going to even REALIZE how that can sabotage things for them. Who’s gonna tell them “hey, just DON’T text her today, trust me it’ll make her appreciate you more” when every time they txt or Snapchat or whatever they get some Likes and validation for it.

“None of you would even reach hook point with a girl like this.”

lol we do all the time dude. The fact that you think that chick was some insurmountable “No” girl and not just a normal girl who’s not immediately playing along…well, it makes perfect sense that you list a bunch of guys who all do pretty similar rapport-based game and don’t really teach how to deal with girls who don’t play along and get them to open up. That chick barely gave any real resistance but just the fact that she didn’t immediately blow open like other girls was enough to send Krauser down a spiral of self-doubt and testing for compliance with a girl who doesn’t see value in him yet or any reason to comply with him, that’s why she doesn’t play along.

He just didn’t DHV himself well because he’s used to DHVing in rapport, whereas oldschool PUA we just assumed the girl was going to need us to demonstrate our value before she wanted rapport (A2 before C1) so this girl’s response is nothing lol It’s interesting that you think she’s some impossible girl though. Like I say, the london daygame systems don’t seem to really prepare a guy for this stuff. I’ve had girls literally sincerely tell me to fuck off or flip me the middle finger and still turned it around and fucked them.

I mean shit, here’s Cajun running super oldschool game on a girl who tries to get him to fuck off (7:10, they bleep it out but he says “You guys look like a bunch of retards” lol:

The chick on the left is “CLEARLY” a “No” girl response by the Krauser standards. Serious face, yells at him that’s not nice you can LEAVE now (NOT flirty) AND backturns him. Does Cajun care? Nope, no fucks given. Because PUA teaches you to turn this shit around. He just holds his frame and plows and when he asks if they think retards are funny, that hits a note with her and the SECOND she gives any kind of smile, he pounces and escalates it by hugging her and rewarding her (VS Krauser getting the occasional giggle from that “No” girl but then letting it fizzle out instead of flooring the gas pedal on it to build it up into Attraction). Then he runs standard Mystery Method group theory ignoring her (now that he has A2), and she chases his attention/validation. By the end she’s a purring kitten for him. This SUPER HOSITLE “NO” GIRL OH NOOOOESSS!!!

And then he even compliments her ON being hostile, to her friends, to have group approval. He’s not even running amazing game, he’s just fucking around purposely demonstrating oldschool lines and routines to show off PUA.

Gaming in night environments where bitch-shields are up and you have more stuff like AMOGs and cockblocks and shit to deal with toughens your game up and teaches you to how rare “No” girls REALLY are. That “No” girl from the Krauser audio wasn’t anywhere NEAR as hostile as this girl…she just wasn’t immediately blowing open and playing along and it threw his game off but that’s okay because he can just rule her out as a “No” girl that NO ONE CAN GET, just like you did. Whereas any of us PUA guys would just blow through that the way Cajun did. Zero fucks given, because we learned a skillset that helps us turn a lot of those “No” girls into “Yes” girls.

That’s WHY Cajun doesn’t let the girl’s negative reaction throw his frame off or make him doubt himself, because he’s run into that a thousand times and gives no fucks because he knows he can turn it around whereas Krauser gets a just “not immediately playing along” reaction and stumbles and comes off like “oh shit, she isn’t asking where I’m from or what I do for a living…I’ll just TELL her to ask! Oh shit, she doesn’t even want to guess, what do I do?? Make another observation about something?? Oh man, stupid “NO” GIRLS!!!” lol

It’s funny because I know Krauser is big on his jumping around the stages thing instead of going in A1-A2-A3-C1 order, like that’s the big hook for how his system is different from classic MM…but the irony is the reason he doesn’t turn that “No” girl around in that audio is because he doesn’t have A2 with her yet and he’s “jumping around” to C1 trying to get rapport/comfort with her, but he isn’t doing proper A1 so he doesn’t ever get A2 and he just keeps beating his head against the wall trying for C1. If he followed proper MM, which is if she isn’t giving you A2 yet, go back to A1 and keep DHV’ing and spiking her Attraction until you DO get A2, THEN go for C1 again because she’ll WANT it at that point, he would get that “No” girl.

Like look how Cajun handled the bitchy girl. He goes back to A1 and spikes her into laughter and once he’s won her over (aka got A2), THEN he goes into his story (they cut it for time, but he tells a story of a funny retard situation where he isn’t sure if he should laugh etc). That bitchy girl doesn’t WANT to engage with him when she’s unreceptive at the start…so she spikes her buying temp and THEN she wants to engage with him.

“But find me any RSD daygame video where they show verbal dexterity on the level of Krauser”

lol I haven’t seen any real verbal dexterity in Krauser’s sets. These ESL conversations are like talking to children. I’m sure he’s capable of it, but I haven’t seen much infield where a girl gives him shit or tries to shake his frame with him getting past it with his amazing verbal dexterity.

Here’s some RSD Daygame though, Max does lots of it (in EE too):

I dunno what you think is so special about daygame that because the sun is out girls suddenly don’t respond to teasing, leading, spiking Attraction, escalating, having fun, self-amusement, etc I mean, if you think Max isn’t doing well in these videos where the girls are giggling away and loving him, I dunno what to tell you lol

Here’s some Tyler daygame:

Again, I dunno what you think is so special about daygame that girls don’t respond to the same stuff they respond to at night. It’s no big deal lol I think you guys have bought into your own hype or something. It’s just brighter out than in a bar and there’s way less distractions etc

Tyler and Max get way more Attraction in those videos that most of the Daygame interactions I see where the girls giggle here and there but never really spike hard. The London Daygame interactions tend to just look like nice pleasant interactions, which is probably cool out there, but nice pleasant interactions will get you flakey numbers in North America. You could escalate a nice pleasant interaction into an insta-date and get the lay though…but like, a number close off a nice pleasant interaction is pretty much wood these days.

“You wouldn’t know the first thing about doing a street stop of a moving target in a large cosmopolitan city.”

lol I’ve done daygame dude. I stick to nightgame now though ’cause I enjoy the nightlife scene and I like that girls are all dolled up and, believe it or not, I LIKE the challenges. I LIKE getting to battle with AMOGs, I LIKE having to step up and hold a girl’s attention through all the environmental stimulus, I LIKE winning over her group and taking her away on an adventure etc lol I even like the harsh rejections because all that shit toughens your internals up.

“In fact I would say that Nick’s skill is too good for North American women because they have been dumbed down so much because of the Left’s domination of the culture and educational system”

Spin, hamster, spin! Like I say, “those girls aren’t good enough for me” is one of the excuses I figured would come back after my post about it. A perfectly common way of avoiding ever really admitting that your game isn’t versatile enough. Same as the guy who won’t approach a 9 in a bar because “oh she’s just some bar slut any guy could get HER, I could get her if I WANTED to” lol Just rationalizations.

“Torero was just in NYC a month ago and he had great success in NYC with the same type of game.”

Cool, looking forward to it. Though his being caught hiring a chick taints his shit for me. That’s why I’d rather see Krauser doing it, I trust Krauser to be legit/honest. He seems like a dude with solid principles.

“There is little difference among the girls.”

…unless the sun is out. THEN IT’S TOTALLY DIFFERENT. They all become immune to having fun and feeling Attraction and PUA game falls apart even though it works just fine at night. lol Can you even see how silly and inconsistent you sound?

“IMO, Justin and Deepak Wayne are offering the best overall daygame system out there.”

Don’t know enough about ’em to judge.

“And for the love of Jesus or whatever god you want please stop arguing that Nick’s daygame system would be useless in a nightclub. HE KNOWS THAT! Its not designed for night game.”

I know that. You know that. Krauser knows that. I just want to make sure guys buying his product know it. And again, my reason for pointing it out is that I think a guy is better served learning to handle a variety of situations whether they use Krauser’s system and supplement it to make up for deficiencies (not learning how to deal with AMOGs, cockblocks, group theory, distractions, turning “No” girls around, etc) or just pick a system that teaches everything from day one (like Mystery Method).

“RSD’s view that daygame is nightgame during the day is WRONG.”

Well you’ve said it so it MUST be true. Let’s ignore all the daygame footage of them doing exactly what they do at night then, the great gb_hill has declared it WRONG with CAPITAL LETTERS!!

I mean, how do guys keep trying to do this “ignore what you see in front of you and just listen to what I tell you” shit in 2016 when we have the internet and all this video guys can watch? It’s like Feminists harping on about how the wage gap exists when we can all just go look up the studies and see they’re full of shit. “DAYGAME IS DIFFERENT!!!” “Here’s video of guys running daygame just like nightgame.” “SHUT UP IT’S DIFFERENT NO ONE LOOK AT THAT JUST LISTEN TO ME WHILE I USE MORE CAPITAL LETTERS AND GET ANGRY!!!!” lol

I mean shit, DON’T believe me. DON’T believe any of the footage. I hope NO ONE believes me and they’re SO skeptical that they go out and TRY it themselves just to prove me wrong so they can see for themselves lol

“There are no AMOGs in daygame (baring exception).”

Then you admit that they aren’t teaching guys a full skillet because they aren’t teaching them how to deal with stuff like AMOGs. That’s my point. Like I said, it’s great for what it is…like an instruction manual to teach you how to drive on a straight road really well. But I’d like to see guys learn to deal with curves and obstacles in the road so they have a full skillset.

“Its a solo sport with an entirely different psychological frame of reference.”

ehh, that’s debatable. There are different hurdles to overcome (like keeping your mood/energy/state up as you hunt for targets if you aren’t in a prime daygame location, worrying about other people overhearing and/or judging you, some calibration toning things down a bit from nightgame depending on the environment (like is she at work with her boss right behind her), etc) so I don’t disagree. But I don’t think it’s as big a deal as the london Daygame marketing makes it out to be, especially if you’re regularly doing night game.

“Applying Mystery’s micro-system for daygame is retarded.”

lol that’s actually one of the reasons I want to do a more in-depth breakdown of Krauser’s product. Because a lot of it is just him following Mystery Method, but I don’t think he realizes he’s following Mystery Method. I think he legitimately thinks he’s doing groundbreaking new stuff because he’s figured a lot of it out himself from field experience, but like, Mystery Method isn’t theory, it’s just reverse engineering of how seduction WORKS. So any guy who goes out and practices seduction enough will end up coming to the same conclusions and system/structure that Mystery did. Mystery Method is basically a Field Report of how things work.

So saying Mystery Method doesn’t apply to daygame is like saying “bro, trying to eat food to not be hungry might work at night, but trying to apply that “eating food making you less hungry” thing during the day?? that’s fucking RETARDED”

Like it just shows that you fundamentally don’t really understand what Mystery Method is or what it teaches.

“Whatever PUA cred you may have once had is shot.”

lol o noes.

“You’ve shown stupidity on an epic scale with your looks-don’t-matter”

I stand by that.

“and 90-10 and betas-get-no-sex crap.”

As I said repeatedly, I’ve never said betas don’t get any sex. I’m saying the 80/20 gap is widening to 90/10 and will likely continue that trend over the next 20-40 years.

“You and Scray are PUA retards.”

lol okay.

“Really (YaReally), I don’t even read through you posts anymore because they’re pure shit.”

lol I think it’s better for your mental health that you DON’T read my posts anymore. You seem pretty worked up.

“I just read this because you were talking about Nick.”

No hate for the guy. I’m just pointing out limitations in the product so that men who don’t live in tourist areas packed with hot friendly receptive girls know what they’re getting and can make an informed decision. That’s the point of reviewing a product and I don’t think I’ve said anything that I haven’t backed up with examples or explanations. I’m open to counter-discussion, but you’ll have to do better than “you’re a poopy head I hate you!!!”

on June 24th, 2016 at 5:43 pm
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@West Indian Archie
“Finally finished your archive. Now I will leave the basement and talk to my first girl ever…lol.”

lol it’s Friday night, every guy who wants to get this shit handled should go out for an hour at least, even just run some street game on girls heading to the bar or standing outside it smoking or whatever. I’m showering up for the night after I post this. Plenty of beautiful girls out there dying to meet guys and plenty of challenges out there to toughen your skillset on.

“Naw, been in the game a minute. I really do not understand how guys can swallow all of this theory about hypergamy and feminine imperative – yet you get all this resistance on solid pick up advice. It boggles my mind. Going through your archives the # of non-believers, heathens, pagans, and infidels is astonishing. The muscle debate was probably the worst one.”

lol no idea. The things I say are just things you figure out from being infield a shitload pushing your comfort zones etc. A lot of guys will go out but will never enter a set with another guy, especially a better looking guy, or will back off and let the guy have the girl the second he gets a whole ioi from the girl, and then tell me about how looks matter and I’m full of shit and bla bla

Like I say, I hope NO ONE believes me. I hope EVERYONE goes out and challenges what I’m saying. I hope every dude in here is staring down some young hottie spiking her Attraction tonight even if it’s just in some attempt to prove me wrong. That would be sick.

“There’s no real point in reading Krauser’s DayGame Mastery. He explains his model, and goes into detail on how he selects his chicks. It’s basically a sniper game. Tourists and ESL chicks in London.”

That’s the impression I get from what I’ve seen of his game, but I haven’t read the book so I can’t judge it and someone here (walawala I think?) said it was good. I’m sure it’s a fine read, I don’t like to turn guys AWAY from resources that might help them. But like I say, I think the system teaches a limited skillset and personally I’d like to see more guys able to turn around sets like Cajun in that Keys clip and the rest of us PUAs do all the time.

“According to them London Boys, British women are so fat and disagreeable that any self respecting man would stick with banging Polish immigrants.”

Like I say, it’s a great excuse to never really push your skillset. There are beautiful pleasant fun girls all over the place. Especially in major cities and university areas etc You’re telling me you can’t find a hot thin girl in Vegas? lol

I mean those guys aren’t sarging shitholes in their daygame, they’re hitting huge tourist spots with tons of hot girls. Basically the equivalent of Vegas there. And yet they would probably make fun of me for telling a guy to go move to Vegas or near a university campus. Like wut? You just go where hot girls are.

“You’d think with the proper level of game, they’d be able to start going to the posh parties and meeting the chicks that the “Alphas” are keeping to themselves. I can’t call it.”

It’s like Tyler says: “you guys complain there are no hot girls in LA. There ARE, they just aren’t in the venues YOU go to. They aren’t at your general admission local pub up the street from your house.” Sure there are lots of fatties here, but there are also gorgeous girls…if you’re hanging out in venues full of fatties it’s time to select better venues. But most guys won’t because they’re intimidated or judge those venues or feel judged or are scared or rationalize it as “not worth my time” etc etc Like, okay, but that’s YOUR choice lol

“So in addition to sniper game, scoping out the perfect chick, there’s a bit of Green Card sub-game going on as well.”

There’s technically that, I didn’t want to really go down that route in my critique because whatever, he’s not in Thailand gaming poor broke thai hookers so I doubt it’s as dramatic. The girls he’s macking all seem pretty well off and educated and financially doing just fine etc so I don’t think the Green Card thing is as big a deal. Like I don’t get the impression any of the girls he’s talking to is viewing him as a meal ticket or is so destitute that they care. Really most of them seem like just bored locals/tourists out shopping or taking a chill walk, who are up for an interesting time.

The “being from not around here” thing is a big bonus though, he makes sure to stress that he’s not from around here in pretty much every set…again when I picture some guy here who’s a local to where he’s gaming, like, he doesn’t get that crutch to use.

“3) How have/would solid PUA guys run proper game when they don’t speak the language. The short answer is working on the sub-comm’s through action and kino. Laser eye contact works in every language.”

This is the long answer too, really lol That’s why I can’t entirely hate on Krauser’s ESL conversations, because obviously verbals only matter so much, and he’s banking extra time to demonstrate good subcomms while he’s having those slow confusing conversations. But newbies starting out have shitty subcomms and if they’re not in an ESL environment they’re going to need some kind of verbals to buy them enough time to demonstrate value.

“In that Liam McCrae video”

I fucking love Liam lol His Rapid Escalation vid is fucking gold, never seen anyone break down laser eye-contact subcomm shit so thoroughly. His voice power speech is awesome too, check for it on YouTube.

“But I’m wondering how he got her to that point that she wants to hug him inside of his jacket?”

Subcomms. Same principle as Tyler doing his Hand of God thing…catch eye-contact, have solid subcomms, genuinely be giving value through your intent (woowoo sounding shit but basically be in a good mental space), assume success, etc and girls will take Tyler’s hand without him saying a word or curl up in Liam’s jacket etc. It looks like wizardry when you don’t understand subcomms, but all this stuff happens in a split second.

“Are there any RSD/known guy videos that are running solid ESL game?”

Pretty much all of the RSD guys travel the entire WORLD teaching bootcamps lol That’s why I just lol when people say RSD game only works on American chicks. They travel EVERYWHERE to teach.

Here’s a montage RSD Alex used to make each year of him travelling and teaching bootcamps etc (no audio here, just clips of him having fun with girls from all over so guys understand that RSD doesn’t just teach in America lol they game EVERYWHERE):

There’s clips of him sarging with girls from all sorts of places, even Japan in there lol Girls is girls.

Here’s Julien on bootcamp, his student is ignoring his instructions to pull the girl who’s got enough attraction to be pulled (student is scared of fucking up) so Julien steps in to demonstrate that you just spike her temp and lead the interaction forward:

Look at how she EXPLODES when he says he’s trying to lose his virginity. Then instead of letting that fizzle out like Krauser does, he spikes it harder with the pig snort laugh bit and then uses that high Buying Temp spike to escalate the interaction leading her away and toward isolation and going home together.

Here’s Max, audio starts at 1:30 in this one (for the monogamy guys, the chick at 1:59 is married, with a kid, and a fuckboi, and he calls her a slut lol 3:14 is a full ESL girl, 9:00 is an ESL set that Julien does some funny shit to reopen a set from earlier, 13:25 is an ESL girl in Denmark that isn’t receptive at first, you’ll have to just watch the rest yourself I gotta get showered up soon)

Max is ESL himself (lol) and games all over EE and the rest of the world too, and does a lot of daygame. It doesn’t really matter lol

Here’s Julien talking about gaming girls from around the world and other cultures etc:

“Hopefully you have the “hundreds of videos” that you’re always promising the skeptics.”

I mean shit, type “RSD infield” into youtube and there’s hours of footage to watch lol With all types of girls from all over the world.

“Aside from the OG Mystery Method seminar, Love Bullets, the Tyler Digest, are there any collected and organized books on the intermediate game/technical game?”

I currently recommend Julien’s PIMP for external game and Julien’s SHIFT for internal game. Between those two, Mystery Method for overall strategy and group theory etc, the Tyler Digest for AMOG and pushing limiting beliefs, Liam’s Rapid Escalation video for subcomm stuff, and maybe some Juggler Method for rapport stuff, you’ll be a machine. As long as you go out and apply it lol

“This has to come up all the time, but I don’t have the right search terms to find where guys have figured out how to deal with this.”

Just standard Approach Anxiety. When you rely on Approach Invites and iois to open (like needing a girl to smile at you or give you eye-contact before you open), you train yourself to not take risks and only open girls you “know” will probably go well (because they’ve already given you A2 and shown themselves to be friendly). Most guys don’t play to win, they play to “not lose”, which is what not opening her because she might be bitchy is.

Like YOU see the resting bitch face and assume she’s going to be a bitch and take yourself out of the game (or fuck your subcomms up for if you DO approach, assuming failure instead of assuming success). A guy who approaches girls without caring if he has AIs/IOIs sees a girl who’s just bored and needs someone to make her smile that bitch-face away.

“an old guy steps up to her. And she’s of course not trying to hear it.”

In PUA we learn how to MAKE her listen (this vid also relates to what I’m saying about Krauser not knowing how to handle that “No” girl who just wasn’t immediately playing along in that audio…you just stick to A1 until you DO get a reaction out of her so you can get A2, you don’t keep trying for C1 when she’s not giving A2).

“Is the play here to
– Run up, amog, and use him as a pawn?
– Wait for him to fizzle out, and run clean up game?”

lol either one is a solid play. I like to use the fizzle out and approach afterward to avoid making the guy feel bad or risk a fight. In an ideal situation I can get eye-contact from her (because usually if a girl is getting hit on by someone she’s not into she’ll glance around looking for someone to girl-code to save her) and then instead of actually going in and AMOG’ing him and saving her, I’ll just lol at her and give her a thumbs-up like “way to go, you got a real keeper her!” to tease her. Then when buddy leaves I already have Attraction because I made fun of her situation and left her to struggle in it instead of rescuing her. Usually they’ll say “You were supposed to save me!!” as a shit-test and I just tell them I didn’t want to interrupt true love and could see they had a special connection etc etc and just roll into normal game from there.

And now I’m out. Friday night everyone, get out there! Try some lasers. Try to stick out an unreceptive set and turn it around. Practice some A1. Disqualify girls to see how they react. Introduce random strangers to eachother. Fuck your wife and play with your kids. Whatever, go have fun life is short! lol

on June 24th, 2016 at 5:53 pm
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“Sounds like sound advice. You might get splatted on your way home from the club tonight and all that saving will have been for naught, and your life the lessor for not having spent some time enjoying NOW.”

Agree completely. One last reply ’cause I like linking this vid for motivation for guys on the fence about going out tonight:

I have no interest in suffering till I’m 60 when I can finally retire and “enjoy life” but I’m too old to do any of the fun shit and have a heart attack at 61. If everything is a risk and I can die from a heart attack scarfing down delivery food with an LTR while we veg on the couch being sloths watching Netflix, then I’d rather die while doing the things I enjoy, regardless of what other people think about them or think I should do.

I wasted the first half of my life being a shy introverted shut-in hermit, missing out on life and adventure while everyone else was experiencing it. No way I’m going to voluntarily choose to miss out on it in the second half of my life.

Ok NOW I’m out lol

on June 25th, 2016 at 9:05 am
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“Hence it attracts groupies”

lol ya, you can play Warcraft professionally and you’ll have groupies. It’s just groupies generally aren’t very high-quality (unless you’re in a band, then you’ll get hot groupies lol) and there’s only so many to choose from for most hobbies and in 2016 a jilted groupie can ruin your hobby with drama VS her not knowing much about you. I say just go to venues with lots of girls and be pro-active. All about efficiency.

“I picked up on it because YaReally mentioned it.”

That’s why I wrote that post. It’s one of those things where this has been happening all around you in every single interaction happening around you for your ENTIRE LIFE. But most guys are oblivious to these little nuances. Once someone points it out though and tells you “no, seriously, pay attention for this” it becomes neon glowing green light obvious. Now imagine you can see a zillion other little subcomm nuances going on and you’ll understand how girls (and good PUAs) see the world around us lol

Like, part of why you don’t react to a guy who’s trying to AMOG you isn’t just that your actual reaction is going to affect things…it’s because everyone will glance at you, especially the women, AS it’s happening, to see changes in your body-language, state, eye-contact, etc When you legitimately give zero fucks under social pressure (which you learn to do by exposing yourself TO social pressure, aka go sarge), every time people glance at you they see you being unreactive and you keep your value or it raises depending on the situation.

But every time they glance at you and see the other guy “getting to you”, you’re demonstrating that you react to him which gives him more value than you, because you’re showing that you CAN’T handle social pressure, which means you probably AREN’T used to succeeding in high-pressure situations and that you CARE what other people think of you, etc etc

And all of this happens in those little split seconds here and there. But when you’re aware of those nuances, you can use them to your advantage.

“But I had the realization that as a wingman, shit, how to I play this to my buddies advantage?”

Like this, for instance. Now that you understand this nuance is there, and get what it means and how that dynamic works, you can now say “okay, how can I manipulate this dynamic to achieve a specific goal?”, which is what PUA basically is. That’s why I’m a good wing, or can lead interactions in the direction I want them to go, etc because I’m seeing all these little nuances and I know how to use them to increase my odds of getting the result I’m aiming for.

You’re on the right track with the wingman stuff in that your goal as wingman is to just make your buddy look awesome. So in those situations I’m SUPER reactive to my buddy. I laugh at all his jokes, I ask him questions that let him demonstrate his value or tell stories etc, I’ll let him lead the way when we walk somewhere like letting him enter the room first and I follow behind him, I’ll look at him when he talks like I’m super-interested in what he’s saying (so whenever she looks at me, I’m facing him listening to him talk), I’ll ask him what HE thinks we should do or where we should go or whatever even if we already decided just so the girl can see that other men view him as a leader, I’ll ask if he needs another drink and be a supplicative little bitch lol

This tanks my value to the girl, but raises his a ton. Especially if I’m still relatively cool compared to other guys, but I’m just subtly indicating through all these things that he’s the guy I look UP to.

The only guy cooler than Blaximus to a girl, is the guy Blaximus indicates is cooler than him. 😉

“Go to a game. Pay attention to how you and other men watch the game. Where do your eyes go?”

This is a good analogy. When you don’t know the sport (99.9999% of guys with regards to subcomms and social dynamics), you focus on just trying to follow the ball and what’s happening in the moment. But when you know the sport well and have watched a ton of games and played a bunch etc, you’re aware of everyone on the field and you’re anticipating plays and keeping an eye on other players and their reactions/anticipations and referencing your “the last 300 times I’ve seen this play start this way it’s had X outcome” to make guesses about what’s going to happen etc

“Or the ones you tell yourself you are not addicted to, that you can handle and don’t “have any downsides””

I can’t think of any real downsides to talking to girls in your free time…can you list some? lol

“Like when every thing else everybody does (all other hobbies) and seems to be having fun from routine life, they must just be deluding themselves.”

I specifically said to each their own and if other guys enjoy that stuff, that’s cool, but I personally don’t and was speaking personally about myself personally. Quit taking everything as some kind of critique about your lifestyle/hobbies lol If you and your buddies like fishing, cool, go have a blast. I’m sure you’re not deluding yourself at all that you enjoy it. It’s just not my thing and I don’t personally see or get any value from it, that’s all. You listed off a bunch of stuff you do with bros and then asked me what I do with them, and I answered.

“And you didn’t get my message about “Mission”. My point is that your mission, YaReally is PUA game. Not your job”

My mission is really just to reach my full potential in all areas (who knows, I may even get jacked one day lol). Most people who meet me don’t even know I’m a PUA or do pickup. I have all sorts of goals outside of poon, but I don’t share them here because I’m not trying to make friends or anything here. You won’t ever see me talk about my career or hobbies or anything because I’m just here to discuss pickup. I have buddies in real life to talk about that other stuff with.

“Maybe you should read “The Way of the Superior Man”. It not really as gay and new agey as you think.”

If you enjoy his writing, cool, more power to ya. Some people resonate with some types of writing and others don’t, no big deal. But for me it’s too gay for me to sit through lol I’m not spiritual/mystical or into energy type woowoo stuff at all…I legitimately tried to read a few pages of it because of all the hype, but was rolling my eyes and had to stop.

The PUA/red pill communities summarize a lot of these great books and repackage their ideas in more digestible ways to me. Like I haven’t read them, but I can have conversations about the content in them because it’s all stuff I’m pretty well versed in their ideas from other sources/summaries. I haven’t read Eckhart Tolle’s stuff but I’ve heard Tyler yap about it enough to get the jist of the message lol Like the Denial of Death thing you just posted is a big ol’ wall of text to me. When I scroll down and see it I just skim it quick to spot some key words to get the jist of what it’s about and then look for a tl;dr summary at the bottom and move on. My guess from skimming is that it’s basically Fight Club’s “You have to realize that one day you are going to die”

I read the “Explain like I’m 5” forum on reddit a lot lol And I’ll just click through videos like the one below or watch it at 2x speed (while ALSO clicking through it to skip the fluff) instead of reading the book for hours:

I’ve heard most of this stuff through Tyler/Julien’s vids so none of it is really eye-opening for me anymore lol Julien actually has a new channel where he summarizes the key ideas from a bunch of books nice and quick.

Either way though, I don’t really subscribe to the idea that anyone else can tell me how to be a man or what being a man is though, so I take these guideline type things with massive grains of salt and try to account for the author’s personal biases…like “I found myself through fishing, so men should fish to find themselves” or “a real man lifts, go hit the gym!” To me those are just that person’s personal biases/experiences.

For me “being a man” just boils down to doing what you WANT to do, unapologetically, and ideally spreading good value to the people around you. Whether anyone else agrees with that or considers me or my actions manly or not doesn’t really matter to me. If someone wants to tell me fishing will make me more manly, I’ll ask them to quantify exactly what it is about fishing that will make me more manly and I’ll judge whether those things are things I want to develop, and if I decide they are then I’ll look for other ways I can get those same things that are more appealing to me (if fishing teaches me to enjoy quiet moments, maybe meditation or another quiet hobby can teach me the same thing but in a way I’ll enjoy more), and if I can’t find any other way to get those things then I’ll probably give fishing a go. That’s how my brain works, no idea about anyone else lol

“That’s circular and disingenuous.”

Or I just don’t know what exactly you’re asking lol Or I’m just ranting in general. Don’t read too much into it.

“I do advise as Julian did, now that we have the manosphere and have refined Game references such as those of YaReally that a man should learn game early, master it and use it often.”

I agree. No idea what we’re talking about right now lol

“That is why Baltasar Gracian, Machiavelli and Robert Greene invented Law #10 of power. 25 years ago I learned to walk quickly away in another direction from passionless zombies. They avoid me now.”

Spend enough time infield and everyone comes to the same general conclusions lol I learned to walk away from them by NOT walking away from them and realizing that sometimes being a little selfish with my time/energy is okay.

on June 26th, 2016 at 9:31 am
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Giant Sunday afternoon post cause I finally have the day off and there’s a lot of good shit in this comment section. Props to all the dudes going out and pushing their comfort zones and writing Field Reports and pressure-testing this stuff.

@having a bad day
“BUT it actually serves the purpose of maintaining western civ…lol… bc IF all guys started sarging, all that ‘beta provider surplus production’ that keeps society running would dry up even faster than it is NOW…lol”

Oh I don’t disagree. But the men who’ve stumbled across this corner of the net are clearly unsatisfied with that system, so I say give them the truth and let them decide what they want to do with it. I know lots of Blue Pill guys that are perfectly happy with their Blue Pill lives. “I could be happy being poor if I’d never been rich” and all.

“i haven’t seen any krauser stuff (so i can’t comment on that… except that what you say about him trying to jump to comfort/rapport even without getting A2 makes sense if he worked this stuff out on his own (and props to him for being able to do that), bc you always need some comfort/rapport BEFORE you getting to escalation/bang, so it would make sense that he tries to get there (comfort/rapport) as fast as possible…and if he’s jumping around, that might be what he’s doing),”

That’s basically the thing. He prides himself in the product on the jumping around thing, and the jumping around thing is great on girls who are receptive. I jump around too (sprinkling in attraction spikes during rapport/comfort etc). But sticking to that gaming out of order thing is what’s making a girl like that audio clip stay a “No” girl…because she isn’t immediately receptive and he doesn’t just stick to the rule “if she’s not giving you A2, she doesn’t WANT C1 with you, so stick to A1 until you have A2 and THEN go into your C1 stuff” so you can hear him keep trying for rapport/comfort over and over and she just won’t bite. It’s not because she’s a bitch or a “No” girl, he’s just not following the sequence of events that lead to seduction that Mystery backwards engineered (VS theorized).

It’s like in business if I said someone wasn’t going to make a million dollar deal with you unless they trusted you, we’d all accept that. And if you didn’t build trust with them and then kept badgering them for that million dollar deal, they would just stay resistant and even get MORE so. It would be silly for you to write them off as a “No” businessman, you just didn’t do the necessary things to make them a “Yes” businessman because you didn’t calibrate back to building that and THEN try for the deal. There’s a certain order to things and you have to flip certain switches before she even WANTS you to flip other switches or to help you flip them.

This is why in the oldschool community Tyler talked about how you can’t NEXT a girl you haven’t FUCKED. That’s HER Next’ing YOU because her not wanting you means you couldn’t figure out how to solve the situation and fucked up somewhere along the way. That’s why we learn how to turn things around because if I get a really hostile reception from a girl, that indicates to me that I haven’t DHV’ed enough for her to be friendly.

She’s not waking up Christmas morning with her dad handing her a present going “FUCK OFF DAD!! Fuck you, ugh!!” and backturning her little brother. Because those people have value to her. She’s pleasant as pie to them. And she’ll be pleasant to you, IF you demonstrate value to her (calibrated to her value system which you learn to read quickly infield…ie – a hippy chick you probably want to demonstrate your creative artsy side, a rich chick you probably want to mention your career ambitiousness etc).

In that Cajun video the girl warms up because he DHVs in her value system (offensive humor, which she admits she finds funny the second she says “well it depends” about laughing at retards lol), and he picks up on that and plays off it so she does a complete 180. Whereas another girl who doesn’t find that stuff funny would be turned off by that DHV and he would have to calibrate and DHV in a different way to win her over.

The MAJOR part of Mystery’s game was A1. All the other stuff was pretty simple from having A2. Just qualify her, ask about her hopes and dreams and kill time and lead her to isolation, no biggie. The key part was that A1 to A2 section, that’s why Mystery had a shitload of magic tricks and teases and negs and push/pulls and group theory and AMOG stuff and social proof and preselection etc etc all of that shit was to help him DHV to get A2. If he doesn’t have A2, he doesn’t try for Comfort.

It’s a beautiful elegant system because it means that you basically ALWAYS get rapport/comfort when you try for it, because you DON’T try for it until you HAVE A2 (Female to Male interest) and because you put her through A3 (qualifying her on something besides her looks, then rewarding her with A3 (Male to Female interest)) and she feels like she’s EARNED you. So when you THEN go for C1, she LOVES it because she WANTS it.

But jumping around and trying for C1 as soon as possible, if you don’t have value to the girl off your open, she doesn’t care about C1. If she’s friendly she might be open to it (which is a lot of what Krauser runs into, and like hank holiday is running into that, the friendly girls are generally open to a conversation) and that CAN be turned into a lay, but that’s different than her CRAVING rapport/comfort and it’s why when she ISN’T immediately receptive, pushing for C1 over and over doesn’t work (and in fact the more you do it the LOWER your value goes, which is the default chode way of gaming “So uhhh do you come here often? Cool do you like it? Cool what do you do?” Those chodey guys don’t understand A1-A3 so they just shoot for rapport immediately and the girl makes an excuse to leave or rejects them because they have no value to her yet. If they just knew to DHV *FIRST* and how to build A2, they would probably GET C1. For the highest consistency, understanding that whole A1-A3 thing is important. You can get by without it, but you’re playing more of a numbers game and not prepared to handle girls who aren’t immediately receptive (which is fine if you base your system around calling all of those girls “No” girls to cover up your lack of A1-A3 skill, which comes back to making EMOTIONAL IMPACT on the girl as I’ve talked about before)

“i must be doing alright…lol… bc all *I* saw was a hard candy coating wrapped around a soft (dtf!) gooey center…lol…”

lol me too. But like I say, her blowing him off is WAY harsher than I’ve heard any girls blowing off Krauser, but Cajun is completely unfazed and knows how to turn it around, while again you can hear in that Krauser audio clip when there’s resistance it’s like “shit she doesn’t want rapport…how fix?? Maybe MORE rapport??” lol Which doesn’t mean his system is bad, it’s just like I say, not as good as it COULD be and it’s not preparing guys for how to turn those sets around.

The funniest part to me is the reactions of the judges “That girl flipped like a pancake!!” and I like when the Tom Cruise wannabe guy finally clues in to what Cajun is doing and is all excited that he can see/understand it even though he was a hater earlier in the episode. It LOOKS like magic to flip a girl around like that, but it’s really not, it’s just understanding how Attraction works and understanding that A1-A3 section.

“some other points in that video…he could have had any of the 3 original girls, especially the blonde with the beer at 8:20…lol…”

Ya from his field report on the show:

“Third set: This was the most difficult. I purposely asked for the hardest games they had and made sure to open the hottest girls that were in the club because I wanted to prove that what we teach works.

I figured that the more the girls hated me the more impressive it would be when I turned it around so I opened with “You guys look like a bunch of retards, are you cool though?” The reaction was exactly what I expected, they got pissed and asked me to leave. I acted unfazed and kept talking, again using my subtext, to convince them that I actually WAS cool. Chris was spot on about me interrupting and ignoring the target, she wasnt the hottest one of the group but she gave me the most guff, so I figured it would look more impressive to turn her around. I kino’d her friends just enough to build rapport and a bit of a jealousy plot (see the upcoming interview series where Tenmagnet, Braddock and I talk about jealousy plots) Her hot friends actually got upset at the end when I ignored them for her, attempting to sabotage me by saying “Thats weird” and actively trying to pull her away hahaha.

Result: I used textbook on this one as opposed to my more natural method in the second set. I figured it would look the best given that I open with a huge handicap (ie a terrible neg). She went from hating me to kissing me in less than 3 mins, so that says a lot about how effective textbook can be when used properly.

Keep in mind that my “game” isn’t really like what was shown on the show. In reality im much more natural and I use almost no routines. Now thats not to say that routines are bad, they’re not, they’re extremely helpful. But after you use routines long enough you start to realize that you don’t need them. Oh and by “textbook” I of course mean Magic Bullets hehe.”

Notice how he VERY PURPOSELY tried to piss them off because he just KNOWS he can turn it around. He knows it’s no big deal and to just stick to the strategy (Magic Bullets is basically just Mystery Method condensed). Like, when you understand this stuff you get why that Krauser audio where the girl is just “not immediately receptive and playing along” throwing him off comes off as just not being prepared or really understanding how to deal with turning girls around.

“I actually did quite a few sets at that place actually. When I first got there I wasn’t even supposed to be on the show, I just went to support my cousin (Mitch). The guy Mitch was up against was really weird on camera so they asked me if I would fill in, I did. I thought they always had the camera on me at first so I would randomly go out and open sets thinking they were filming. I did a lot of funny stuff they only got the audio for haha. I think I come across a little cold, and manipulative because they didnt show many shots of me doing funny stuff, oh well.”

Really the whole thread is a good read but it’s spread all over the place so here’s some good shit from it. First up some preselection stuff:

“Q: How was the VIP party?

A: It was fun! We drank a LOT though. More than the producers thought possible because they got a little mad at us. We also got VERY drunk. The funny thing was that I actually brought Mitch and 2 hot girls WITH me so we kind of had our own little party and the models were all coming up to us and being like “I saw your show, your lines would TOTALLY work on me” (they get to stand and watch in the background during the panel judging). That was pretty funny.”

But a wild hater appears:

“Hater: Okay fellas let’s stop the bullshit here for a second. Cajun, the chicks were checking you out beforehand. That’s what they don’t show on the show. Every guy that is successful knows that women do the choosing. The bitches were already attracted to you before you even opened your mouth. They checked you out beforehand when you entered the club. You and me, we both know that.”

“Cajun: Wow, so many stupid things said in this post. 1. Nobody saw me enter the club. I was in the production tent from before the bar even opened. I only came out once it was packed. 2. I picked the hottest sets, this was in a bar in bumfuck Ontario, there were maybe 7-8 “10s” in the entire bar. I didn’t wait around for them to “notice me” I only had 3 minutes. NONE of the girls saw me before I opened. I was hidden between sets so people wouldn’t catch on.”

“Hater: Cajun, you are good looking and were standing out.”

“Cajun: I may be decent looking, but not enough to turn the heads of any 9+ looking girls. I even tried to handicap myself with that ridiculous moustache!”

“Hater: 95% success rate? I believe you! So do I when I approach the women that are checking me out. It doesn’t matter what comes out of your mouth after that. It’s game over after that point. Done deal.”

“Cajun: Hahaha ok now I know you’re full of it! Anyone with experience knows that this just isnt the case. Attraction with women comes and goes, sometimes simply the way you walk up to a girl after she “eyes’ you can ruin it for her. I know a lot of good looking AFCs that have this problem, in fact I just commented on a thread about this very issue. Nice try.”

“Hater: That’s the big secret of game and that’s what none of the instructors likes to admit.”

“Cajun: Ummm no. If we waited around for women to notice us we would be….well we would be AFCs, or at the very best douchebags.”

“Hater: Go on a show where they pick out the women that you have to approach and we’ll see what happens then…”

“Cajun: Find me a show, I’d be more than happy to. Better yet, come to a bootcamp and you can pick sets for me all night long if you like, save me some trouble.”

lol dat inner-game.

“Hater: Chick 1 was already digging you and was tipsy with beer in her hand. The face was blurry that’s why can’t see what her eyes were doing. Her BL also showed that she was into you and you immediately got her attention. She touched you after 10 seconds.”

“Cajun: I’ve always said that body language, subtext and tonality are infinitely more important than anything you can say. Nobody is arguing with you here, you seem to be hell bent on proving that it was not my “game” that attracted these girls. She was attracted once I:

A. Expressed non-needy tonality.
B. Locked-in with relaxed BL.
C. Passed her shit test (“Do you WANT to look like a drug dealer?”)

That all happens in the first 10 seconds. Did you notice how I casually cut her out from her group after about 20 seconds? What is coming out of my mouth is always the last thing I’m worried about.”

“Hater: Chick 2 The number is either fake or she flaked later on. Let’s be real here. You didn’t bang that chick.”

“Cajun: She texted me AFTER the bar closed with (Yes I still have the text): “lol u should come join us for a drink at my place, explain what I signed my life away to haha..” (referring to the release she had to sign afterwards) I was already on my way back to Toronto at that point, unfortunately. I got her number in a very bold confident way, something women tend to remember.”

And to your point about him being able to get any of them, having a bad day:

“Hater: Chick 3 She wasn’t that hot and wanted attention and wanted to show off.”

“Cajun: Attention and show off to who? Me? Awesome! I guess my game rules! She wasnt the hottest in the group, I picked her because she was the meanest to me, the other girls would have been even easier as they werent even giving me shit tests. Listen to the tone of the girl who I say “Your friend was the only one who got mad at me.” she says “I know! she was!” in a way that I can tell (from experience) that she was attracted to me, just by her tonality.”

“Hater: …as we all know numbers don’t mean jack shit. Girls are out there to have fun and are talkative, but that doesn’t mean that they want to fuck you.”

“Cajun: Nope you’re right, and I’ve heard of a few other guys who have seen the episode and been like “Fuck that, if I was on there I would have had them in the washroom in like 3 mins! this guy sucks!” Few things to ponder:

1. I was representing The Mystery Method and LoveSystems and I wanted to do so in as classy a way as possible. I didn’t think fucking girls in a washroom or getting copious makeouts was really the best route. I also had my friends and family watching, who already look at what I do as a tad on the sleazy side.

2. They don’t want you to do that shit. Think about it, it totally changes the ethics of the show, not only that but it makes it near impossible to get their signatures on the release afterwards. My first girl didn’t want her face shown but she at least agreed to have her “likeness”. If I had fucked her in the washroom and then had someone come up to her telling her it was all for a show, she would have been destroyed.

3. Ironically, my first set of the night (before they started filming) ended up with me taking a girl to the washroom. Upon exiting the washroom with girl in hand, one of the shows producers came up to me and said “Dude we caught that on camera, you’re a fucking legend, we need you to take the place of this other dude, he’s too creepy on camera.” That’s how I got to be on the show.”

On that male stripper episode:

“Random guy: To be fair, that has actually happened before on the show. This male stripper with ZERO game (all looks) ends up taking a girl into the bathroom in round 3 (video). Unbelievable. You can see her face too, I guess she signed the release after all!.”

“Cajun: Yeah the producer told me about that, but things were a little different with me. Firstly it was already well into the night when they decided to use me instead of the other dude, I only had about an hour to get everything they needed. If I got a girl to go to the washroom and she refused to sign (which honestly is what MOST LIKELY does happen) then I would have wasted precious time. Every set that I did that they filmed, they used, and we finished just as the bar closed. Secondly, as I said before, since I was being introduced as a “PUA” and someone who uses “lines” I felt the best route would be to simply get solid numbers as smoothly and impressively as possible to give the company (and my name) a clean image.

EDIT: Also just to clarify, it was the fact that the other dude was creepy, not that they saw me get a washroom lay, that led to me getting on the show. They just happened to see me get the washroom lay as they were tooling with the cameras before the shoot, and thought it was awesome.”

And you can see my breakdown of that male stripper episode and why it’s not as impressive at is looks at first glance when you understand all the little subcomms going on, in the bigass looks debate or hit my archives to look for it.

“Looking back over it again, yeah, there is definitely some initial interest, but I wouldn’t say its BECAUSE of my looks. Women can be attracted to someone *instantly* and it’s rarely solely based on their appearance. In this case I believe she was attracted because I had the right body language, a non-needy tonality, was dressed well, and had something interesting and funny to say. It could also be because I had just gotten a BJ in the washroom, but thats besides the point.

Honestly, I usually have to fight for attraction from 10s, but even then I usually get it in the first 10-20 seconds. I used routines in the set simply because I wanted to show off, of course I didn’t need them, I never do, but they DID work, it’s because of those routines that I was overqualified, they pushed my value over her limit!

And again, I did not “steak out” my sets, I had no time. I would be hidden and then they would say “Ok you need to play this game, GO!” and then I would be released into the crowd and I just looked for the hottest group of girls to play the game on. I had like a 1 second rule going on haha.”

In that first set on the episode you can see the girl not believe that he ACTUALLY wants her number (his value shot too high for her to believe he’d actually want her, even with his ridiculous look) and he has to calibrate and convince her that he’s not just taking her number to be polite lol

“And some deep thoughts from Savoy on haters and anti-game anti-PUA types:

“It’s inevitable. It’s from the same psychological basis as the guy who approaches a girl at a club and gets blown out and then says “she’s a bitch and I didn’t want her anyway.”

It’s COMFORTING to believe that this stuff doesn’t work if you haven’t mastered it. Why? Because then you’re not missing out. That’s a first cousin to the belief that it’s immoral. In that case, you’re missing out, but what you’re missing out on is bad and it makes you feel good to avoid it.

I used to have some beliefs like that. I’d go to a bar, see some guy making out with a beautiful woman I wanted and leave with her, and I’d assume they must have known each other before. It wasn’t even so much that they were doing what I couldn’t…it was that I’d spent the last 2,3,4,5,6,7,etc years wasting time while other guys were doing EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED TO. And I couldn’t just say well he’s the son of an oil sheikh or he’s a supermodel so no wonder…we’re used to being able to accept that. No, these were guys no “better” than me, getting what I wanted. And I wasn’t.

It’s an emotional issue for guys, so logic won’t convince everyone. That’s ok..people need to come at their own pace. It’s really HARD to admit that other guys no “better” than you have a ton to teach you about meeting women. That’s one of the reasons I like teaching so much – I like that students have the opennness and self-knowledge and desire to improve themselves that they invest their time and themselves. Some guys never make it there. And their dating happiness becomes dependent on luck, reduced expectations, or the thin veneer of rationalizations that tell them that what they want isn’t really possible anyway.”

“and if she was his target, he could have just called her on her rude behavior…and agreed and amplified to generate attraction”

Yup. That’s where the classic Mystery “is she ALWAYS like this? You can dress her up but you can’t take her anywhere lol” neg comes in. Again compare this to the Krauser thing where he just tries for more rapport/comfort (guess where I’m from, let me guess what you do, etc etc) when what she really wants is for him to just blow through the minor shit-test with confidence so she can feel more Attraction.

“and then comes back to get the ‘no’ girl… with a ‘preen’ as they left (signalling to him that she was still in play if he wanted her…lol…)”

Note also that, like Cajun described, that girl is the one that says “that’s kind of creepy” because she’s jealous and trying to sabotage it. Again these are little nuances that guys don’t learn to spot in the moment unless they GO OUT and get infield regularly.

Also at 8:24 a big jacked tall dude opens the friendly blonde who’s left out by the group and is totally available to fuck, and then he…walks off?? Why didn’t she grab him and feel his bicep, why didn’t he just fuck her in the bathroom like Chad Thundercocks all do the second they see a girl?!?!

“– ‘no’ girl reacts to the ‘win’ over her hot friends… just after they all leave and he feeds her hamster a pellet (8:48)…lol… AND he leaves on that emotional HIGH note…lol…”

Yup. And again this comes from understanding Mystery Method and his group theory shit and how to play girls off eachother and use preselection/social proof and how to spike buying temps (A1 to A3) and pass shit-tests and disarm cockblocks etc etc Which again just brings me back to: I don’t think what I saw Krauser teaching really prepares guys for any of this stuff when guys are FULLY capable of handling all of this if they learn proper game and hit the field to pressure-test it in these situations. You don’t HAVE to to get laid, but you won’t develop a very versatile skillset. And learning how to do all this in these high-pressure environments makes dealing with one or two girls in daygame easy.

“and for all practical purposes they are…lol… bc of calibration… = IF you are calibrating to the girl, it looks the same because you start with wherever the girl IS in her emotional world”

Right. My point is that the differences aren’t in what builds Attraction or the structure. You don’t have to mix up A1-S3 just because it’s daytime, just like you don’t have to “not neg” in the daytime or “have to neg” at night. It’s ALL calibrated to each interaction. If a girl isn’t giving you hassle, you don’t have to neg her. If she hassles you, you neg her. Whether it’s daytime, nighttime, at her family dinner, on a girl’s night in Vegas, doesn’t matter, you calibrate to what’s going on.

Now daygame will tend to have girls that act a certain way, which means you’ll tend to use more of certain things and less of other things, just like nightgame has trends too. But making it out as if it’s some different system is silly to me. It’s all the same shit. Which is why in that Krauser audio where the girl isn’t immediately receptive, that’s where you just do whatever you would do in a nightclub (but you’d have to game in clubs with girls who aren’t receptive, to know WHAT to do) and turn it around and then go back to the rapport/comfort thing when she’s giving you A2. And Cajun doesn’t neg the girls who are friendly to him, because he’s calibrating that he doesn’t NEED to, even though it’s nightgame. He doesn’t even really neg the girl who’s a bitch to him, he just wins her over by complimenting her as if her being a bitch was endearing to him lol

Being able to game nightclub environments makes you prepared to handle good AND bad reception and handle a ton of obstacles and challenges and develop a lot of skills that, even if you don’t need 80% of them during the day, you HAVE there for that now and then in the day when you DO need to whip them out. Whereas the reverse is not true, by avoiding learning to handle all that shit, you’re limiting your skillset to basically just the friendly/receptive girls.

An argument could be made that “why deal with bitches, who wants THAT” but that ignores that:

1) those girls become sweet purring kittens once you crack them open

2) if you want to not worry about other guys banging your girl, get a feisty one and pass all her shit-tests ’cause no random chode is getting through that to fuck her if it was a challenge for YOU lol

3) most guys don’t live in an environment abundantly full of friendly/receptive/bored hot girls in all directions, like hank holiday’s current situation…if hank has to drive to another city to find girls to hit on and even if he’s just doing daygame there, but he can’t even handle a girl just not being immediately receptive to him, he’s going to waste a lot of time there VS if he learned how to turn these horrible “No” girls who just don’t immediately play along, into “Yes” girls

4) it all comes back to having a lacking skillset…if you’re COOL with that, and the people buying your product understand that they’re not being fully equipped with a full skillset, that’s FINE…but to shit on nightgame and PUAs and RSD etc to sell your daygame product as the ultimate way of gaming and turn guys away from resources that may help them, that’s disingenuous to me and says either you don’t REALIZE your skillset is lacking because you’ve created enough rationalizations to not have to address that, or that you know and don’t care about letting your students know and don’t direct them toward other products/resources that would help fill in the gaps in their skillset.

and 5) Lots of hot girls shit-test and travel in groups or are in mixed sets. That’s just how it goes. If you can’t pass a few easy lowball shit-tests, you’re gonna be stuck with average girls…now if you’re in a city full of hot friendly receptive tourist/ESL girls walking around all day, that’s probably okay, and nothing about learning nightgame will prevent you from getting those girls, but elsewhere you’re gonna have to learn to deal with some resistance to get the hotties and only learning the “seek friendly receptive lone targets” isn’t going to prepare you for all of that.

“in daygame, girls don’t have their hindbrains awake and active… at least not at the same level as during night game… bc a girl’s hindbrain is ALWAYS on at some level”

Ya that’s my point. It’s not “how to build Attraction” that’s “different”, it’s just the headspace/environment that you calibrate to, but you calibrate the exact same way at night or in any other social situation. Lots of girls out at night aren’t on the prowl, lots of girls get dragged out to venues by their friends or are just out for dinner to catch up etc, and lots of girls out in the daytime ARE on the prowl (like girls dolled up during the day walking around with nowhere to go and nothing to do that are available to go on an instadate/lay with a guy). Like, you just calibrate to whatever the situation is and Attraction works the same way regardless. Sexual innuendo, negs, teasing, DHV’ing, it all works the same in the day or night, you just calibrate what you need of those things.

“so, i can see how some guys would think daygame is ‘different’…lol… especially if they are blurring some of the steps, and not specifically ‘waking up her hindbrain/hamster’…”

Right. This goes back to my issue about not making an emotional impact and all this stupid ovulation shit and looks matter bla bla lol PUA teaches you to speak DIRECTLY to her hindbrain and wake that shit UP. It doesn’t MATTER if that girl was dragged to the bar by her friends and has a boyfriend at home and isn’t on the prowl and isn’t ovulating (or whatever) or she’s in a library in the day, the techniques you use PUT her into that mindset of her hindbrain looking for an alpha lay. I’m not looking for a hamburger right now, but if a dozen commercials play selling tantalizing burgers, I might start craving a fucking burger. That’s what we teach guys to do but in a very short time window with high impact.

“since you guys are all Bachelorette fans (who wouldn’t be), this video is about chad, and it follows red pill predictions:”

Would watch the fuck out of THAT show.

“Maybe its the tinder. They feel they are hot chicks, but deep down they know they aren’t. Whereas actual HOT chicks KNOW they are hot, and appreciate a guy that can actually confidently approach them. They ARE hit on all the time, so they know 100% what’s up, and they know when its good and when its bad.”

This. Sort of like over-compensation for impostor syndrome. Social media and feminism makes them feel like 10s at times, but deeeeep down they know Brad Pitt isn’t gonna be interested in them. But if they can blow Brad Pitt off, then they have more value, and since they know he was gonna blow them off anyway, it’s win/win to do it first.

Hot girls hang out with social cool people, because those are the only people that feel entitled enough to engage with them. But even then a lot of them don’t actually have any game or anything, they just have more confidence than the average Joe (usually because they have the externals of looks/money to base their confidence on). But like I say, that stuff loses meaning when it’s all around her and she looks for the guy with the most interesting frame.

Like Tyler says: A hot girl’s biggest fear is that you’ll turn out to be boring. An ugly girl’s biggest fear is that you’ll turn out to be COOL lol

“chatted more about lotion, then went back to origin. “Were you there when all the trouble went down.””

Okay time to start introducing some emotional spikes in your sets. You can keep rapport going, and get the girls interested enough to talk or laugh (minor A2) which is good, but now add some variation or parts of this magic line: “Oh man, you and I would never get along. You know why? We’re too similar. You wouldn’t take my shit and I wouldn’t take yours. We’d just fight all the time.”

It’s a suuuuper oldschool Tyler routine, but what it does is it capitalizes on the A2 (if you use this BEFORE you have any kind of receptiveness, she won’t CARE that you two won’t get along…but when you’ve just made her laugh or smile or qualify herself to you or whatever, then she wants to know WHY you won’t get along) and escalates things with future projection as if you two were GOING to try to “get along” or “work out (in the dating sense)” etc. It pushes things forward while also pulling it away. This kind of thing is going to spike Attraction over just social interest/hookpoint.

If I was you, I would make an effort to add this to your “you’re copying me” hair thing since it always goes over well. When she laughs just go into “You and I would never get along.” while she’s in that emotional spike from your hair bit. Watch the reaction you get when you throw something like that in VS the sort of flatline interaction that just making more rapport tends to lead to. You could tweak it to something hair related, like you and I would never get along, we look too similar with this hair, people would think we were brother & sister and our babies would look like (insert something funny/twisted).

But even if you throw that in, I would also add the classic part of the routine: “Plus we’re too similar. I can tell. You wouldn’t take my shit and I wouldn’t take yours. We’d fight all the time.” The “you wouldn’t take my shit” is a compliment to girls (makes them feel like “ya I’m an independent womyn badass who takes no shit!”) and saying you wouldn’t take there’s is a mini-DHV. The follow-up if it hits is to throw in “But the make-up sex would be amazing.” The longer follow-up was something like “Everywhere we went we’d have to carry those foam nerf bats so we could just smack eachother with them. We’d fight and break up and then get back together and have crazy hot make-up sex, then fight again, then more make-up sex, it would be this endless cycle and I don’t know if I’m emotionally ready to handle that.” But the nerf bat thing is kind of gay now lol

Anyway, reword it however suits your personality, but the point is that you’re taking a spark of A2 (her laughing, smiling, qualifying herself) and then fanning that spark into a flame with the push/pull, and then fanning THAT flame into a house fire by adding a sexual twist or sexual future projection onto it.

VS going back into rapport and making small-talk which CAN lead somewhere, but the point of this exercise is to start getting used to poking the Attraction button more. ’cause girls like you and are receptive, but you’re not taking it anywhere yet and, like Sentient says, you wanna head toward instadating. When you can build more A2, you start throwing in “What are you up to right now?” and start pushing for the instadate, which, because you’re stoking A2 up, you’re more likely to get VS pushing for it off just general social rapport.

And ya, the biggest problems with daygame are mainly on your side (more downtime looking for girls, having to keep your state up, worrying about other people’s judgement, giving yourself permission to talk/joke about sex, etc).

You can BE very sexual in daygame, but first you have to be comfortable BEING very sexual in general, which is why we send guys to nightclubs. Because the nightclub environment gives you more permission to be sexual and you can learn to develop that whole side of yourself (which most newbies have never explored and they come off asexual chodey) and then bring it into daygame beacuse you’ve internalized a lot of habits and are running on autopilot…when the daygame girl says X you respond with Y innuendo because that’s what you’d done in the bar a dozen times before with good results and, because you expect success, it goes just as well in daygame as it did in the bar (and may even have MORE impact because it’s less expected).

But most guys aren’t comfortable being sexual in daygame, or when they TRY to be, they subconsciously aren’t so it comes off incongruent. Russell Brand can be sexual in ANY environment, no matter how “inappropriate” it is, like a televised daytime talk show interview, because he’s 100% comfortable with sexuality. But most guys in the daytime walk around like Michael from the Office, stuffed up and inside their heads and worrying about judgement and asexual and awkward etc, so they don’t come off congruent when they try to be sexual. Krauser is experimenting more with lasers and sexual subcomms so he’s super psyched in his Daygame Overkill product about it and goes on about being R selected or whatever but he’s really just discovering that when YOU’RE comfortable being sexual, the GIRL is comfortable with you being sexual, because as we teach in the PUA community: “whatever you feel, she feels”

That’s why I say I don’t think he’s reached his potential yet, ’cause he’s still just wading into the shallow end of the “sexual during daygame” pool. As long as he keeps going down that path, he’s going to do more and more shit that blows his own mind until he gets to where the PUA is at: the difference between daygame and nightgame is the sun is out. And along the way he’ll hopefully figure out that again just like we teach: looks don’t matter (which I hope he learns for his own sake ’cause it would be great for his internals), though directly competing with good-looking guys in nightclub environments etc would help him get there faster…it’s hard to really understand looks don’t matter when you stick to solo/cooperative gaming and don’t get those reference experiences of a hot girl picking you over better-looking guys competing for her.

“But issue there is just don’t have much money, don’t think i can affort just the trip, let alone a hotel to stay there. Then theres heath issues that make sleeping an issue, so I don’t think it is a good idea to drive down there, go to club, then drive back.”

When you get there, try befriending some dudes and in your small-talk with them casually drop in that you’re from another city and “this club is awesome I wish I lived here, I have to leave before last call ’cause I gotta drive back home at the end of the night ’cause hotels are too expensive” and then introduce that guy to girls (“hey, have you met Ted?” style). It doesn’t matter if he gets the girls or not, the point is making him see you as being able to give him value and there’s a good chance you’ll meet some dude that will be like “man, you can crash at my place if you want and just drive home in the morning” and you might develop a wingman/friendship where you can spend the weekend in that other city sarging without having to pay for anything.

Labelling a girl “crazy” is a nice short-hand form of saying “I don’t understand all the reasons behind the dynamics going on here” lol or if you’re warning someone like Softek it’s a way of saying “I can’t explain all the dynamics going on here, just get the fuck out before you get her pregnant!!”

“I can see how that was me bailing on sets that I lost frame on sometimes.”

Exactly. But as a Natural it would be impossible to admit that you aren’t perfect or didn’t know what to do or how to handle it (with that Natural Mindset/confidence) so it was easier to just chalk it up to the girls being crazy.

“My initial taming attempts were working on this chick, but the logistics were also weird for escalation.”

You entered a situation where you were handicapped. And she set that up on purpose. She had guys at HER house for a party with a bunch of her orbiters etc As I’ve said in the past, NEVER go to HER invites (unless you’re 100% rock solid with her like you’ve banged her out a bunch and she’s 100% going to dote on you all night cause she’s fallen for you). They will ALWAYS pick a situation where they have more value than the guys and can test them. If it’s a bar she invites you to, it’ll be a bar where her and the bartender and bouncers flirt and she has a bunch of orbiters and cockblock girlfriends there. If it’s a get-together at her house, there’ll be orbiters there and she’ll have free reign to act as she pleases and ignore you and test you to see how you handle being scolded by chodes that aren’t fucking her etc to see which guy comes out on top.

“I didn’t understand the social situation at all and didn’t want to blow up my friend who’d invited me, so at a certain point I was also reluctant to carry on because I didn’t feel solid about the dynamics of the people there.”
“The beta 33yo who’d invited me over told me to back down several times and to yield to her (later in the evening, after I’d withdrawn a bit) and even though I handled it intelligently, it was like he was trying to enforce betahood. I don’t think either of them ever fucked her.”

This stuff is part of why I don’t really care for social circle game lol

“The intimacy escalated quickly between us, which was actually also surprising and threw me off a little bit. It was almost like inside I felt like I’d started something maybe I wasn’t prepared to finish, and didn’t know exactly where to take it.”

But…but you’re an old man?? How is this possible?? lol It’s hard to fuck the host of a party, esp if other guys are all gunning for her, that’s basically an episode of The Bachelorette in action. Even if she wants to fuck (which it sounds like she needs a good dominant lay), the logistics are such that it’s tricky as fuck to pull it off. But for her it’s win/win: either you become an orbiter when you can’t get around the logistics to bang her and she has another guy chasing her for her parties, or you figure out how to overcome the impossible logistics like an alpha boss with sick game and she gets to fuck an alpha boss with sick game lol Win/win strategy for her hindbrain.

“It’s also fun to be socially intelligent in general. I’m using calibration a lot in everything I do now and am getting better results in general when working with people.”

I describe it as a feeling of omnipotence. You learn to understand all the dynamics going on around you better than the people invovled in them and can think 10 steps ahead (like Cajun purposely going up to those girls and calling them retards, already knowing how they’ll react and how he’ll turn it around).

“If you met me or Julien or YaReally (I presume, he is probably a good conversationalist) IRL, in quiet time, we would be boring as fuck. I assume YaReally’s down time is really down time.”

I am a complete sloth on my days off in my free time. I can just lay around and surf the net for hours and enjoy the quiet chill time to myself. Tyler says he’s the same, just a full mindless sloth when he gets a chance to chill. But I blame that more on being introverted than anything. My extrovert buddies can’t stop moving or seeking new interactions even in their downtime, they’ll meet up with people for lunch etc even if they were partying with a huge crowd all weekend. I need recharge time to myself if I socialize too much for too long.

“And when he is up, he is really fucking flying creatively with PUA”

Part of why I like PUA is hitting the field challenges me to fully engage my brain and improvise and handle random situations and navigate twists and turns. I would probably get bored of PUA if it was TOO predictable lol

“Do you guys seriously watch the bachelorette???”

lol I haven’t watched it but I’m up for watching anything that shows social dynamics in action to learn from. Season 2 of Big Brother with Will Kirby was fucking fantastic. I was glued to that shit (watching the live cam feeds and everything) and it was before I ever even heard of PUA. Will was a great example of a guy who just understands how people think and how to use that to achieve his goals. It was beautiful to watch, there were a lot of lessons to take away from his run on the show. I think he won again a few years later despite all logic saying everyone should get rid of him immediately lol

Ya there’s scripting in reality shows, but people forget about cameras when they’re distracted/emotional and Big Brother was good ’cause you could watch livestreams VS just the edited version on the episode that’s edited to fit a plotline.

That all said, I don’t have a TV and don’t have time to watch even if I did. But the clips guys post are funny shit and show some dynamics to learn from and I’ll watch all sorts of lame shit when I DO have downtime. Life is too short to care what anyone thinks is an appropriately alpha show for me to watch.

“I’ve been in this kind of situation before and I simply tell people if they want me to play they have to turn the music off”

She doesn’t REALLY care about your music at all. She just wants to see how you’ll react to her fucking with your frame and disobeying you and giving you commands etc. You could be talking about juggling or playing frisbee it doesn’t matter to her, she’s just testing the guys at her party to find the Hypergamous best one and if there isn’t one she’ll throw another party with more guys etc

“The whole scene felt socially retarded, I’m not using the term as an epithet but rather it was like the three people there were all socially inept.”

lol most of the Blue Pill world IS. This goes back to what I was saying about why I don’t like LTRs and having to hang around a bunch of people and situations like this. At a bar or on my own I can just walk away and go do whatever. But hanging with an LTR I have to actually sit there and watch hours of my life waste away as I watch some sad beta chode trying to Nice Guy his way into a girl who was up in my grill in the kitchen but is trying to play us against eachother and she’s a 6 and my girl is getting mad and drama is forming and I’m just sitting there like “FML I wish I was out with my buddies” lol

“she was like, “Oh, I’m so sorry, if I knew you’d set all that up I would have not been like that.””

lol so she’s aware of the testing etc Thing is a lot of those parties what happens is the girl will show initial attraction, then she’ll spend the ENTIRE FUCKING PARTY ignoring you and trying to make you jealous and compete and being a bitch etc etc just testing you on a million levels but she’s ACTUALLY hoping that you’ll stay till the end where suddenly she’s into you again if you handled all that shit no problem. So when she sees you packing up to leave early it’s like “oh no I pushed too far!!” It seems crazy/bipolar unless you understand what she’s doing.

That’s why when I do have to do those types of parties, I’ll just make an impact on the girl early and then spend the rest of the party engaging everyone else and ignoring HER and basically just DHV all night, engaging other girls, cutting her off when she talks or ignoring her opinions on stuff or teasing her, befriending the guys to come off 0.00001% cooler than them, etc etc and I COMPLETELY don’t expect to get with her till the very end. I don’t even think about it, I just know from the flirting we did at the start and the lameness of the other guys there and my DHV skills and unreactiveness to other guys flirting with her etc, that at the end of the night it’s probably going to be her and I.

That doesn’t mean I’ll always get that girl, especially if she’s the host, and occasionally ya some other super high-value (to that group) dude will show up and she goes and fucks that guy because he’s a part of their social circle and just has tons of value compared to me, I’m sort of just making do with what I can as an outsider newbie to the group…but if there’s no other cool guy there with higher-value, there’s a good chance her and I will bang if I just kill some time till the end. Even then though the orbiters are all hoping they’ll be the one so you end up in these stupid situations where it’s like 5am and everyone is hammered and she WANTS to fuck but the orbiters are trying to out-last you staying up and you STILL have to get her isolated to bang and depending on who you know at the party you can run into the guys getting aggressively protective (“isn’t it time for you to leave, bro?” or getting physical) or the girl STILL feeling too much ASD just because she knows the orbiters will judge her etc etc

I think the whole situation is retarded, personally. I would MUCH rather go hit a nightclub with a bunch of women lol

“Also saw interactions as an arc through the night versus rushing in.”

I like RSD Alex’s frame of “view it like you’re all stuck in detention for a few hours. No one is going to just leave the bar right away, so you’re all “trapped” there for around 4 hours. How would you amuse yourself if you were in detention for 4 hours with the group?” Takes a lot of the outcome dependence off and you start to just self-amuse and give value more.

“It didn’t feel like “pick up”, which I think was good.”

There’s a reason guys like Roosh describe pickup as this dreadful grind they have to do, and why guys like myself Julien Tyler etc describe it as an exciting fun hilarious hobby. It SHOULD just feel like you’re going out to have fun, except with an underlying frame of strategy to make sure it leads somewhere and isn’t just aimlessly partying and hoping for something to “just happen”. That said, you do need to be pro-active or you’re just having “nice interactions” and chilling at a bar without actually spiking Attraction and leading things to a pull. So it’s a balance. Tyler talks about this a lot, has a video called like “Should you go out to have fun or to practice game?”

“It’s interesting how Game has had me see where I give up on myself and what I want, even as I play at a high level. It’s like if I value myself and take myself seriously, I behave way differently in everything I do. I’m so focused on work, so it’s coming out there so clearly.”

This stuff is why I don’t really stress my financial situation. I’m more than equipped to succeed at my career, and will, it’ll just take work, just like pickup did. No biggie, I’m used to pushing myself and I know my weaknesses and strengths from hitting the field. I know to take right action instead of making excuses to take wrong action and I know to have a strategy and overall plan. I fully expect to have more than enough money and my health on track by my late 30s now that I’m focused on them.

“Life is fun again. Like SJF said. Which is nice, I’ve got that going for me…”

Just remember: it’s a rollercoaster. You’ll hit some lows too, even as good as you feel now. Just accept those lows as part of the rollercoaster ride and trust that they won’t last if you keep taking right action through them and trust that you’re developing the faculties to handle setbacks and obstacles and adapt to whatever’s thrown at you.

“But I feel like if I fuck a girl like that, she may end up on my doorstep.”

Oh she probably will lol But that doesn’t mean her behavior at the party was some crazy unexplainable biopolar stuff. It all makes perfect sense. It just doesn’t mean that she’s not ALSO crazy on top of it, just that her behavior wasn’t really an indicator OF it.

“The bizarre part about those women? They seem to have an over sexual strategy to turn men into Beta subs who they then won’t want to fuck.”

That’s ALL women lol Those dominant girls are just more blatant and fast about it.

But from their hindbrain’s perspective they need to do that ’cause they need to weed ot the pretend-alphas as fast as possible so they don’t accidentally get pregnant and have a beta baby. Shit-tests are just her way of making sure you’re still a legit alpha.

on June 26th, 2016 at 10:35 am
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“You may have far more infield experience with pickup than the old, married with children dudes, but you’ve obviously got fuck all with raising daughters.”

Even this girl will be sweet for someone she views as having high-value. She clearly doesn’t view her dad as having high value. I didn’t realize I would have to spell this out.

on June 27th, 2016 at 11:52 pm
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Oh no how did I get dragged into the crazy?

@The Man
“focusing on “game” in order to have mastery with women is the wrong ordering of priorities, wrt over all success for a man’s life (including the best possible mastery with women).”

You get better with women by interacting with women. So if a guy is at the point where the main thing he’s craving is women (ask any 20+yo incel if he’d rather have money or a girlfriend, looks or a girlfriend, etc), then he should hyperfocus on PUA. If he gets results he’s satisfied with, he can slow up on it and just turn socializing into part of his regular general routine (like lifting every week and eating healthy regularly etc, just make an effort to go out and socialize around women).

But if he wants mastery-level results then he’s got to focus on it. I just happen to personally love pickup and sarging and women. The whole thing is fun as fuck to me and more interesting a hobby than anything else I’ve found. Half my peers spend their Friday night watching Netflix, smoking weed, getting wasted in the basement over a poker game while their naggy fat wives/girlfriends hassle them because they didn’t wash the dishes, etc I’ve found a thing I love to do, and the things I get from it align with my definition of success (not just getting girls but all the external and internal benefits pickup has brought me), so I prioritize it.

Each man defines success for himself. Your version of success and mine are different. I’ve met plenty of rich/jacked guys who are miserable as fuck (even if they DO get women) because they followed society’s script of “overall success” instead of figuring out what’s really important to them. Is the guy working all weekend making bank more successful than the guy playing with his kids? Is the guy who’s jacked with body-issues and low self esteem every time he looks in the mirror because he’s not big enough more successful than the skinny guy who thinks he’s a 10? Who are you to define success for another man? What if you don’t live up to MY definition of success?

And what’s the timeline? If I become jacked and a billionaire in a few years and settle down with some amazing girl and have some alpha kids, then are you going to say the path I chose was actually the right one? Or will you just write me off as an outlier/fluke so you can cling to your view. What year is the cutoff for that? If I don’t have that by 40 then am I not successful? What if I have it at 41, now I’m successful?

Your view is silly to me because it’s based on trying to lay down rules (or the FI trying to lay down rules) on other men and to me being a man is about knowing yourself so well that you define your own rules.

Like Cool Hand Luke says at 2:41:

This is basically my face when I read red pill guys telling me how to define my success/values. Not much worth listenin to…just a lotta guys layin down a lotta rules and regulations.

“Yet I do see YaReally’s and Owen Cook’s point of view, like I said. So what gives wrt to resolving the contradiction?”

There’s no contradiction.

“perhaps “nature” has arranged it so that unconscious competence for the man/woman endeavor is not best had by way of a direct focus on the subject at hand by way of the usual stages of competency”

Maybe nature has arranged it so that Kobe Bryant got good at basketball by skipping training and focusing on knitting instead. Probably wasn’t the thousands of hours he’s poured into focusing on basketball.

“that unconscious competency can best be had by way of indirect focus.”

This is silly and based on nothing.

“So what about that?”

Mental masturbation.

“your ultimate priority in life should be your own personal mission.”


“A lot of the negative aspects associated with PUA’s sort of start falling off when you reach more of your own personal ‘artistry.’”

Yup. But most guys won’t stick with PUA to get to that point, ’cause it’s a slow process. That’s why I try to make sure guys understand this is a years-long (lifetime-long, really) journey. I can give a newbie some shit to get him laid, but that’s not going to fix him. He has to go put in the hours and grow the way we’re seeing guys like hank holiday and Culum grow in their Field Reports and the way Scray grew from when he was first asking for advice.

“@Ajax Parallax @having a bad day
Just curious. Based on your most recent scribblerg-solicited-“Need-help-from-PUAs” response-advice a few posts upthread, and your unsolicited pickup advice/commentaries analyzing every TRM FR, you are a PUA, yes?

nope… don’t even got my union card or nothin’…lol…”

Whether he considers himself one or not, dude understands this stuff and his unsolicited pickup advice/commentaries are solid.

“i DO have a new “product” coming out though…lol… i call it Validation on Demand(™)”


“whatever you think about your objective value or qualities, you need to get into her head and figure out how they intersect with her perception”

This. Girls I’m fucking think I’m WAY more of a player badass than I actually am lol They think I’m Dan Bilzerian or KirillWasHere. Meanwhile I’m just a normal dude lol But that doesn’t matter. Their perception of me is that my value is through the roof. And on the flip side I could BE a complete badass player but if I don’t know how to demonstrate that value they’ll perceive me as just another random nobody dude in the crowd.

That’s why Mystery called it DEMONSTRATING Higher Value, not just HAVING Higher Value. If you have a shitload of preselection, like a dozen models fawning over you in one room of a venue, but you walk into another room in the venue alone, the perception of anyone in there is that you’re just a normal guy. But if those dozen models come chasing you into the room and fawn over you, their perception changes to you being super high-value. You were the same guy the whole time, it’s just whether you’ve DEMONSTRATED high value and changed their perception or not.

Understanding that is what allows you to run the real chess board strategies that make PUA an artform. Like my favorite example of warping perception is BradP’s old routine of when you enter the venue go up to the hottest girls in the venue and disqualify yourself by asking them about a text message from your girlfriend so they don’t blow you out thinking you’re hitting on them…have them text “her” a response for you and walk off. You didn’t really do anything, but to the rest of the room (who are ALL watching the guy approaching the hottest group in the bar), it looks like you just #-closed one of the hottest girls with her entering her number in your phone lol

Same with lower-key strategies…do you NEED to open that HB9 directly? She’s just standing there, what’s the rush? Why not open the group of fun giggly 6s beside her and make them burst out laughing, and then use them to springboard into opening the 9, except with WAY more initial value than if you had just direct-approached her? You’re still the same guy regardless of the strategy you choose, but her perception of you is different and that’s the part that matters in pickup.

“He doesn’t have to learn game to be good at attracting woman because he has attractive qualities that he “learned” early and often at a young age.”

It’s important for the lurkers to remember that Blaximus IS running game. He’s just running it unconsciously competently. A natural will always have blind spots and not be as efficient as they COULD be with a little conscious strategy/training, but they’re good enough and successful enough to still do better than 90% of men. But like, Blaximus is doing the same thing we teach, he was just lucky enough to have learned it through his positive social conditioning from his environment/influences/role models/etc while the generic chode AFC was not.

“Near as any one here can tell Blaximus is good at Game and I would stipulate it is mostly natural.”

Oh for sure. Dude is a classic Natural, it comes off in all his writing. The fuckin guy can’t even go to a bar to try talking to a girl without singing and dancing around drawing ioi’s being the center of attention lol Getting him to NOT be expressive and have good subcomms and a good attitude infield and attract the attention of women would be like getting a kid with ADHD and a 6-pack of Redbulls in him to sit down and focus on studying in class.

I should find you some bootcamp footage so you can see the kind of mess most guys are with regards to negative social conditioning lol My generation had that shit beaten into us from early on, and it’s even WORSE now. I can’t even fault those guys ’cause no one taught them to reject it and society convinced them that embracing it would actually HELP them get what they want.

“and then developed mastery of PUA game”

I’m not even that amazing lol I just understand the fuck out of it and go do it regularly. But I have tons of personal PUA goals to achieve still.

“In other words, he went through those stages of mastery.”

Ya, I was a complete newbie chode before I found PUA. Complete Unconcious Incompetence. Guys wouldn’t even believe the stories of me from back then, knowing me now, but I was an extremely hard case. That’s part of WHY I threw myself into it, because finally socializing made some kind of sense and I was able to start to navigate my way through it instead of being a complete social retard hermiting up in isolation in my computer room. Now a lot of my stuff is Unconscious Competence but I purposely try to keep it in Conscious Competence because that helps me teach my buddies and write these posts and go for specific trickier goals infield which is fun for me as a Thrill of the Hunt guy (a Pleasure of Sex guy will probably tend to focus more on getting to Unconscious Competence where they just go out and have fun and get laid as they do it, whereas I love to go into a venue as a complete unknown and strategically work my way up in value to attract a specific girl in the venue).

“Once again, nothing wrong with giving a woman a good experience, but not for no reason.”

And then guys wonder why a 6/10 acts like she’s a 10 and rejects good-looking rich Nice Guys. Like I say, imagine how much looks/money would REALLY matter if guys were conditioned to beleive they deserve the experience of a prince/king no NO REASON. Just for being born with a dick. But society makes sure we don’t feel like that and beats that shit out of us from day one.

That’s why it’s hard for guys to wrap their head around me not caring about my beer belly or lack of money or going out in a plain shirt and old sneakers etc when I talk to women. I don’t seem to have any kind of external justification for feeling/acting like I’m a 10 so it doesn’t make logical sense. Even with pickup guys turn it into “well then he must get laid 24/7 by 10s to justify how he feels about his value” because it’s got to be based on SOMETHING. When in reality, even if every girl I talked to blew me out and I went years without getting laid and I was homeless on the streets, I would still feel like a 10 when I engage women because it’s not based on my results or anything external, it’s based on my inherent self-worth that I have as a MAN. And I’m not even a MANLY man like the Blaximus generation’s definition. I’d look like a big ol’ pussy standing next to Clint Eastwood lol But my value isn’t based on any of that external stuff or other people’s value systems and it doesn’t need any rationalization.

Like Tyler says in The Blueprint: “What if you realized you could just BE happy, all the time, and you didn’t need a reason for it? Like what if you realized that that could just be your default state.”

But we have women growing up watching a show where an average chick has 20 rich jacked high-value bachelors fighting over her attention and a society that rewards her for doing ANYTHING, and anything she does is the specialist most amazing thing the hundred guys leaving comments on her instagram have ever seen anyone do etc etc

The irony of course is that we don’t care how amazing a girl FEELS, we care about how she looks, and the reverse is true for women, they care about how a man FEELS more than how he looks. So really we SHOULD be flipping the genders in how we raise kids, girls should be raised to base their worth on their externals and understand The Wall and what value they actually have to men (it’s not their law degree) etc, and men should be the ones being raised with princely Disney experiences and brought up to have complete delusional belief that they’re 10s from day one so that a “4” male has the entitlement, subcomms, mindsets, etc of a “10” male.

@hank holiday
“socializing i am already good at, so its like moving a 5inch block. not much effort needed.”

This. It’s like you’re bowling and always hit the end pin so we’re just moving you a few inches to the left so you’ll hit strikes lol Pickup is just these little adjustments that are scary the first few times (“but what if I miss ALL the pins??”) and then as you build positive reference experiences from them, you normalize them and progress.

Like all your gay jokes and shit will work just fine, even in the daytime (I make jokes like that all the time in the day) because they’re self-amusing to you and they indirectly (ie – sex in general, not sex with HER specifically) set a sexual tone to the interaction and demonstrate you’re comfortable talking about sexual topics which means you’re probably non-judgemental and cool about sex in general which means you probably have sex etc You might fuck up a bit at the start, because you won’t feel like you have permission to say them since it’s new to you, but after you do it a bit and get good reference experiences you’ll end up doing that stuff with no hesitation and it’ll work great.

There was a Juggler daygame bootcamp vid where he was telling the guys they had to tell a girl she’s SEXY…not cute, not beautiful, not hot, but SEXY. Because that word pushes them out of their comfort zone (saying the word sexy in the daytime) just a tiny bit…but they need to get comfortable with it because you look at someone on the extreme end of that like Russell Brand and he can say anything he wants and women LOVE him. Russell Brand ALONE destroys the myths that you can/can’t say certain sexual things in daygame lol But most guys won’t be anywhere near the level of comfortable/congruent to that as Russell when they start out. Craig Ferguson is another great example of flirting, check his Flirting Masterclass montages on YouTube.

That’s why I gave you the oldschool “you and I would never get along” routine. It’s not that it’s the best routine in the world or anything, it might not even be congruent to you (reword it however, just understand the push/pull structure behind it and make sure you keep it leading toward future projection of you two hooking up or dating or having babies etc), it’s just that it’s:

1) not too over the top so it’s easier to try it out VS if I told you to tell girls you have a 12 inch dick or ask about their panties or something which takes a HUGE mental leap to do, whereas this routine is just kind of a fun playful tease that doesn’t seem daunting to throw into your conversation

and 2) it consistently gets a positive reaction (as long as you do it after an ioi or two, VS when you have no value to her) whereas something more sexual/offensive/daunting could get bad reactions, it’s very rare for this one to NOT spike a girl’s Buying Temp in a positive way which helps give you positive reference experiences of taking things a step further, which makes getting to where you’re saying Russell Brand Craig Ferguson stuff a lot easier.

It’s like giving you some training wheels where I know you’re probably going to have a good experience riding your bike with them and that’s going to help make you want to ride faster and eventually with no hands etc Baby steps. Also for real try watching vids of Russell and Craig interacting with women right before you head out, it helps convince your brain that that stuff is normal so it makes you doing it feel like less of a leap because you just watched these guys getting positive feedback and Attraction for expressing themselves that way…acts like kind of a cheat code.

lol like I said, there’s a push to normalize the Sugar Daddy thing, on both sides of it. It’s win/win for it to be normalized: the guys get female attention and the distant hope that they may get the girl to fall for them (or depend on them and stick around because of that at least), and the girls get providership while being free to not put out for them and to fuck around and find an alpha. If it’s normalized and the stigma is removed, then ultimately everyone benefits.

I think the funniest part is the irony that a lot of them are doing it because of their student loans when the alpha guys they want don’t actually care about their degrees lol Why not just try to lock a guy down at 21 without wasting your 20s chasing that career woman degree and then you don’t have any debt and don’t have to deal with the Sugar Daddy system at all. Social conditioning has everything all fucked up backwards and topsy-turvy.

“Girls want to get the hottest guys who may not have any money. Think of YaReally, who has financial problems yet hot girls pay for his dates.”

lol all girls care about is the feels you give them. Everything else is just fluff and social conditioning.

on June 28th, 2016 at 11:24 pm
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@The Man
“Do you agree then that focusing on “game” (as in pua game) in order to have mastery with women is the wrong ordering of priorities, wrt over all success for a man’s life (including the best possible mastery with women), because a man’s priority should be to develop better mastery and control over himself first and foremost, which is the endeavor that will ultimately bring better results all round (including the best possible mastery with women, if that is his desire)?”

Look dude, I already broke this shit down in my reply that you ignored. You’re either purposely trolling or just ignoring anything anyone says that doesn’t fit this round hole you’ve crammed a square peg into.

You admit yourself that you’ve had no problems getting laid. To a guy who’s having sex, sex isn’t a big deal. Julien has stuck his dick inside pussy and felt desire from a woman. So have you, so has Scray, so have I, we’ve all felt what it’s like to be desired by a woman.

Things are VERY DIFFERENT for an incel. Give this shit a read and really try to wrap your head around how much this shit haunts guys in the background:

No, they can’t go to a hooker to “get fixed”, because a hooker does not DESIRE them. It’s not about the P in V thrusting motion, it’s about having the capacity to handle a part of your life that’s eating at you (whether you try to bottle it up or neuter your sexual desires etc…if you’re masturbating to thoughts of women, you have sexual urges).

You are a guy who’s been eating steak dinner, trying to tell starving ethiopian children to not define their happiness based on having food in their bellies. You’re either incapable of empathizing with other men (which is entirely possible if you’re on the spectrum or sociopathic or some shit), or you’re purposely trolling.

When you can put yourself in that ethiopian child’s situation, where food is something they need and can’t get, then you’ll understand what life is like for an incel guy.

What Julien is talking about is the long-term, for WHEN YOU HAVE SHIT HANDLED. He’s not saying “hey, you haven’t had a woman touch you in 25 years? Go out and start a business! Go out and climb a mountain!” like you’re trying to warp his perspective into, so you can cram it into your retarded hole.

What we’ve always recommended is getting your shit handled with women and then focus on other stuff. If you just focus on other stuff, you won’t get your shit handled with women and it will eat at you. Try to work on learning to empathize with people who are different than you.

You are just taking a very roundabout flowery path to make the same incorrect “game is about pussy-begging and putting women on a pedestal!!” argument that thousands of feminists and anti-gamers have made before you which has been dealt with a thousand fucking times in red pill communities, even here and at CH, if you’d do your fucking reading instead of mentally masturbating.

@scray @The Man

many young men and men in the manosphere HAVE TROUBLE getting women.

since you have no problem banging hot women on the reg, good job, you can advance up the maslow hierarchy and define yourself in other ways AS I SAID IN THE BEGINNING.”

This. Fucking retarded reading this guy’s shit. I get now why everyone was shitting on this dude way back lol

“Not sure how to respond directly to comments on this wordy ass blog but to ya really Most men do not deserve to live, much less a Princess. Get real.”

lol that came out of nowhere.

on June 29th, 2016 at 12:34 am
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“Seems like caterwauling by epiphany stagers not getting their beta bucks from men eschewing buying homes for a more minimalist and experience based lifestyle.”

Well if you don’t buy a house, what is she supposed to move into so she can quit living in her parents house?? lol

Google the author of that article and you’re in for a world of lols. She’s exactly what you’d expect. Post-wall lonely single woman self-important hipster douchebag. She has a blog documenting her experiences being cheap as fuck too (that’s literally the theme of the blog…but MEN being cheap? NOPE! Shame time!). And she’s writing a book on Privilege too. lol

Good article though, and goes back to what I’ve been saying about how culture is shifting. I picture a future coming where guys live together (#nohomo lol) and just go tear shit up until they can afford to or decide to live solo. Focus on gym, casual pussy, career, etc and understanding/discussing life the way we do here, through their 20s, without anything sucking their finances away (girls, mortgage, kids, etc).

It makes sense on a lot of levels…if you have two guys who aren’t looking to settle in their 20s because they want to focus on that other shit, why not get a sick place you can split rent on and have a cool bro for a roomie and have poon pass through whenever as you go on random adventures separately or with your buddy, VS paying for a less awesome place yourself or shacking up with a girlfriend and locking yourself down into mortgages and having to build a man-cave in your garage and shit. Then in your 30s get your own place and settle if you want. Kind of like a business incubator arrangement lol

Note that the author picks guys who live with their parents or mooch off their girlfriends on purpose, to paint the lifestyle in as bad a light as possible. But I have buddies with legit bank who have their own pimp looking houses and sick cars and shit who are turning to valuing experiences over settling down. They probably will when they’re in their mid/late 30s, but not in their 20s or early 30s. Part of that is they can’t find a quality Madonna to settle with in 2016, but part is just that more guys are picking up red pill concepts as it spreads and are becoming more independent and feeling like they want to go DO shit and not be tied to some nagging girl who’s probably going to cheat on them lol These are red pill guys though, like the ones who’ve picked up little doses of it, not necessarily PUAs or reading TRM or anything. The Red Pill is spreading all over these days (which is amazing to see and part of why I write, to help spread the teachings).

“Apparently not owning things is sexist. YaReally, that makes you king of the sexists.”

The things you own end up owning you, and all.

Fucking funny vid. Will those girls remember the lesson and take it into the real world after the show? Fuuuck no lol They’ll put on a big show in the moment for this show so they can seem deep and emphatic, but they’ll forget it all the second they get a night of attention from men at their local pub.

I accidentally hinted to a fuckbuddy that her career success was basically because she’s a hot girl and that guys don’t care about any of that stuff and her face looked like I had just stomped on her SOUL. It was like kicking a puppy dog lol Dat feminism runs deep.

But girls are jumping on board this “experiences over possessions” thing too, in the classic “well if YOU get to do this, then WE get to do this too!” feminine way. The problem is 1) they aren’t happy when they hit the wall and realize the more “experiences” they had and the more time they spent on those, the less a high-value man will want them and 2) they still cling to possessions like crazy…they won’t just travel, they’ll travel to a 5-star hotel and eat at a 5-star restaraunt lol So they just rack up debt on top of it which, again, no high-value guy wants to deal with. You can be the hottest girl in the world but if you come at me with $100k of debt and you’ve got like an english lit degree instead of being a fucking neurosurgeon or something, I mean, you’re throwing me alllll sorts of red flags lol

on June 29th, 2016 at 10:55 am
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@The Man
“why is it ironclad? Cause it has been well tested, man, and found to be worthy”

Guess how you test your confidence in talking to girls. You talk to girls.

” ……. by what dynamic does this happen?”

Infield experience instead of mental masturbation.

“by way of forming some strong convictions that inform his behavior,”

Guess how you form those. Talking to girls and putting yourself in social situations and learning what your convictions are. You are trying to promote the idea that everyone just sit and home and “think” their way into strong convictions. You are a mental masturbator trying to rationalize your mental masturbation as the “right” way. You don’t “think” your way into strong convictions any more than you “think” your way into being confident in a ring fight against a professional boxer. You fucking BOX until you have infield reference experience that you’re good at that.

And when you’re good at boxing and know that with conviction, that STILL doesn’t translate to interacting with women confidently. That’s not theory, that’s field experience we’ve gathered from taking hundreds of thousands of AFCs into the field who fall apart in front of a girl even if they have strong convictions and confidence in other areas.

You fundamentally don’t understand how to teach men or where AFCs or coming from or how their psychology works when they’re taught or how to make them better with women or more confident overall. You are a keyboard jockey mentally masturbating over and over regardless of what anyone says, disregarding or warping anything you can to try to rationalize your retarded theory that doesn’t hold up infield.

“allowing him to more or less effortlessly act in ways that do not produce too much if any anxiety for himself”

Guess how you get over a fear of something. You expose yourself to that thing until your brain gathers enough reference experience that it’s not as bad as it imagined so you get rid of that anxiety. You don’t “think” your way out of it in your armchair.

“because his particular convictions are just so good”

You can’t test your convictions without putting them under pressure. What scray is saying is a guy who hasn’t fucked a girl hasn’t put his convictions in that area under pressure.

It doesn’t matter if it’s fucking a woman or any other thing that you want to do but are scared or don’t know how to do. If you have desires and are scared to engage them, you don’t fully know yourself.

“no longer can anybody kick the confidence-legs from beneath him,”

Not if he gets confidence from the field. If he “thinks” his way into it, it will crumble. You don’t understand this because you don’t take AFCs infield and put them in front of hot girls and show them how to fuck them.

“because the constellation of his convictions hang together in tensegrity (a Buckminster Fuller term), each conviction strengthening the rest, by way of a tension that is not so irreconcilable as to be akin to a breaking tension.”

This is woowoo nonsense bullshit fluff that doesn’t hold up infield. Guys who’ve been in wars, confident CEOs, etc run off bootcamps scared shitless because they’re still scared to talk to girls. Because confidence in other areas does NOT translate to confidence talking to hot girls despite your wishful mental masturbation. We have field tested the FUCK out of this. You are wrong and don’t understand how shit actually works.

on June 29th, 2016 at 11:29 am
Original Link

All we can do is try to warn them, cross our fingers, and then be there for them if it all falls apart to help with the recovery. It’s brutal though, like watching lambs head off to the slaughter.

@SJF @Blaximus

Tyler has a better speech in Blueprint where he talks about happiness just being your DEFAULT state instead of needing justification for it. Happiness is a choice. Those poor-ass tribes in Africa still sing and dance and laugh even though their life looks shitty compared to ours. Little kids run around smiling and laughing even if they’re playing with a cardboard box instead of the latest iGadget.

But somewhere along the way social conditioning tells us that we need reasons and justifications for feeling happy, and that we aren’t complete or good enough and we can’t be happy until we get those things society has arbitrarily decided we need. When in reality, if we could break out of social conditioning and look at “what do I REALLY want in life?” and focus directly on fixing those things, whatever they are for each man, we would be happier. You focusing on your hobbies makes you happy, me focusing on mine makes me happy.

And to pre-empt The Man’s inevitable regurgitation: if you masturbate thinking about women, you crave sex, and if you day-dream about cuddling up with a girlfriend etc, you crave women in general…if you are not taking steps to directly achieve those things, you are not being honest with your actual desires which means you either don’t know you HAVE those desires which means you don’t know yourself ’cause you’ve avoided situations that would shove that desire in your face for you to finally confront, or you know and deny yourself and lie/rationalize your lack of action.

When scray says not fucking = not knowing yourself it’s the same as having any other desire and being in denial or not working toward satisfying it. It just happens that every straight guy has those desires except the occasional asexual guy who’s literally biologically wired all fucked up or has some kind of chemical imbalance etc going on.

“An idea began to percolate in my mind: maybe there is something about getting older that teaches you how to live better”

Like Fight Club said: until you know that one day you are going to die, you are useless.

@The Man
“I want to be treated with respect and expect that from others”

Then why isn’t anyone here treating you with respect. How long does everyone have to shit on you before you realize the world doesn’t work the way you fantasize it does. And if no one HERE is treating you with respect as you keep digging your hole, what makes you think women just “should”? Reality overrules fantasy.

“if things don’t end on their terms …… they are going to end up feeling disrespected”

No. That’s not how it plays out. Fucking jockey.

“soft next …… like manipulate it towards “things ending” as being her idea.”

You have no idea what a Soft Next is or what it does. Do your homework.

“And drama does involve at least some investment by way of my cognitive/emotional resources like I said above.”

Tell us all about how not communicating with a girl requires resources.

“I like reading whole books. Not because it is necessary – you can get the content in other ways, but because reading the whole thing gives my mind more time to process it and think about it and gain insight while reading the whole thing (as opposed to the Cliff’s Notes version).”

lol I’m the opposte. I read about 4 sentences of SJF’s old people in the hospital post. That shit was LOOOONG. I just skim for where the action picks up. Tai Lopez is a tool in his YouTube ads but I thought these were some clever observations:

I get that the act of sitting down and reading a book can be a cool zen experience for people though and more power to ’em. I blame MTV and YouTube for my need to skip through text and videos as fast as possible lol

That said, if it’s something I really want to take in in-depth or am getting something new out of, ya, I’ll read closer. But most of the stuff like “what old people regret” is stuff I’ve seen/heard/read a dozen times already in the PUA community.

on June 29th, 2016 at 1:06 pm
Original Link

@The Man
“why the doubling down on the outrage?”

Because I have low tolerance for deliberately stupid people.

Nothing you’re saying is based on anything except your biased warped personal anecdotes. What we’re saying is backed by YEARS and hundreds of thousands of guys’ experiences. When enough people tell you you’re drunk, hand them your car keys.

“and you seem to be freaking out here. Why?”

Because I have low tolerance for deliberately stupid people.

“I think you probably agree with me too – right? So what gives?”

I don’t agree with you. The order goes “develop confidence in talking to girls by talking to girls”. You are trying to say “Guys can get confident in talking to girls by doing stuff that isn’t talking to girls” which is fantasy LARP nonsense.

“But ……. a man doesn’t actually get this ironclad confidence by dealing with women per se”

You keep ignoring what we keep telling you. You get that ironclad confidence with women, by dealing with women.

“but by way of forming personal convictions held in tensegrity”

No. Like we’ve told you a thousand times: you don’t develop personal convictions without being tested and seeing what actually holds up and what falls apart and what’s actually important to you when you’re put in situations that you’re masturbating in your armchair about what you “would” do or “would” think.

And like we’ve told you a thousand times: confidence/convictions in one area do not translate to confidence/convictions interacting with women.

“and like I said there are many routes that aid that endeavor”

This is flowery nonsense of a mental masturbator. We are telling you over and over that infield confidence in other areas DOES NOT TRANSLATE TO CONFIDENCE WITH WOMEN. Re-read that a thousand times, not that you’ll listen since you didn’t the first thousand times.

“your method is not superior just because it is your method. It is a method.”

It has been thoroughly field tested for 10+ years by hundreds of thousands of men. Your mental masturbation is the equivalent of a Blue Pill AFC dreaming about how he should be able to treat the girl he has a crush on extra nice and she’ll love him. It’s keyboard jockey theory that turns men away from handling shit in the most efficient direct way and sending them beating around the bush instead of fixing their problems.

“It is subject to idiosyncrasies as I am sure every such other possible methods are subject to.”

It has been thoroughly field tested for 10+ years by hundreds of thousands of men.

“I pointed out one of the major idiosyncrasies”

It’s only an idiosyncrasy when you don’t understand what you’re talking about.

“It is good to know about this idiosyncrasy – is it not?”

You can keep polishing a turd and trying to tell us it’s a diamond but that doesn’t make it so.

“come now HABD… you know that looks do “matter”…”

Fuckin whack-a-mole today.

“it really just changes the game”

Because Scray has been socially conditioned to feel better about himself when he’s dressed better, so his subcomms improve and women pick up on that and he has to tone down his active game because his subcomms are already demonstrating his value.

Did Mystery’s hat make girls pussies wet? Do did they want to fuck his hat? Did they rub his fuzzy hat all over their pussy?

No. Peacocking is LITERALLY demonstrating that you don’t care about social pressure and don’t mind standing out and are used to handling shit-tests and pressure and allow the girl to easily shit-test you so you can demonstrate higher value by passing the shit-tests. That shit is ALL subcomms. That’s why a guy peacocking in a shitty state will get laughed at and a guy peacocking in a good state will be seen as attractive.

“I did nothing.”

Did you hunch over and stutter when you speak? Did you beg her to let you buy her drinks all night? Did you ask her if it was okay to touch her? Did you speak too quietly for her to hear? Did you believe that she must be messing with you instead of actually attracted to you? Did you stare down at the floor when you talked to her, shuffling your feet? Did you prioritize her over your music and cancel your shows to hang out with her 24/7 and tell her how pretty she was? Did you have no other options and not have sex for a year before you met her so you were desperate and needy?

No? Then you did “game”. But you probably wouldn’t categorize it as such because you didn’t consciously learn that stuff the way AFC Bob at a PUA bootcamp had to learn it.

“I rarely had to apply myself”

CONSCIOUSLY apply yourself. You WERE applying yourself, you just weren’t consciously aware of all the subcomms you were demonstrating.

“If I ran into resistance I had so many standbys I rarely dealt with it.”

This is game.

on June 29th, 2016 at 1:53 pm
Original Link

“heh… Yup the act of “putting together a killer outfit” is all about those subcoms…”

Hey look at that, you’re finally learning! I agree, the act of thinking “I am confident enough to wear something that will draw attention to me and don’t fear the attention, the social pressure of people paying attention to me and judging me” and inviting that social pressure/attention/judgement from others on yourself IS an attractive subcomm.

on June 29th, 2016 at 1:58 pm
Original Link

Look at this guy peacocking, he’s SO SEXY the way he stands out, since peacocking itself is what’s sexy and not subcomms:

It doesn’t matter that he’s hunched over and clearly feels like he has no worth, subcomms are imaginary. Peacocking itself is what makes girls wet!

Peacocked homeless-style, but clearly gives no fucks in his body language etc about social pressure. Which guy gets positive attention?

Which guy was labelled China’s Sexiest Tramp?

Must be the 6-pack abs you can see through his shirt.

on June 29th, 2016 at 1:59 pm
Original Link

“And all based on how you look…”

Because we are socially conditioned to put value on looks, the exact same way the flat-head tribe is socially conditioned to put value on flat-heads.

But you didn’t understand it the first time we went ’round this merry-go-round so why would you understand it now.

on June 29th, 2016 at 2:13 pm
Original Link

Weird how The Bachelorette even HAS guys get disqualified. Let alone hordes of girls all liking/hating specific guys on the show across the board. I mean, they’re all good-looking rich dudes, so really girls should just want to fuck all of them equally and not disqualify or hate any of them. I mean, why would they all like or dislike specific guys, why would the Bachelorette bother choosing between any of them with any conviction? I mean, what would any of those women base their selection on…some kind of mythical subcomms YaReally made up?

on June 30th, 2016 at 12:03 am
Original Link

“but it got to the point that it was a passive aspect to my personality. Just not fucking it up is a form of Game.”

Right, that’s all I’m pointing out. Naturals describing their pickups and newbies watching Naturals have a tendency to go “He didn’t even DO anything!!” which is how we guys end up looking for externals that fit their socially conditioned value system to explain it “It MUST be his (looks/money/race/clothes/etc)” and end up perpetuating limiting beliefs. It’s important to understand that we have to look deeper than the surface level.

“My point was that once your get past that state of scarcity and the expectation of abundance becomes part of who you are you can’t help but be changed by it.”

Agreed. You can also fall back into scarcity if you remove yourself from that stuff, as we see when PUAs/Naturals settle down into monogamy and voluntarily remove interacting with other women from their lives and turn into complete chodes who’ve lost their “mojo” (VS your situation, where your job involved interacting with them, which is the type of thing I would recommend any guy attempting an LTR do, have a regular source of interacting with other women even if it’s just hitting the bar once a week with a friend or working or doing a hobby in an environment with women)

“Wild Man seems to believe change comes from some process of internalization, and while it might start there, real change comes through externalization.”

It’s what every keyboard jockey newbie who’s scared of the field wants to believe: “maybe I can just THINK my way into being good with women!! That way I won’t have to go out and interact with girls because it’s SCARY!!” which is the same thing that drives guys to go get jacked while still not approaching girls, or go make sick bank while still not approaching girls, they’re trying every way they can think of to get around having to put their ego on the line and actually approach girls and learn to interact with them.

We see it allllll the time in the PUA community. Newbie resistance to reality. That’s why I keep calling Wild Man a keyboard jockey who’s mentally masturbating.

“If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you.”

Agreed. Like I say, who I THOUGHT I was before I did pickup is very different from who I ACTUALLY was. I THOUGHT I would react in certain ways to certain situations, but when actually put IN those situations I found out how I REALLY felt about them, and when I was put in them over and over I started learning exactly where my boundaries/convictions/standards/expectations/etc are. You can’t just think your way into that because as a newbie you don’t even KNOW yourself yet. Social conditioning has programmed you, you’re just running on what society told you to think and believe at that point.

“one reason I’m glad to have you and Scray around”

Liar. 😉 lol

“sex should be a part of a healthy man’s life experience. I see late term virgin’s as being stunted in their maturation for a reason.”

I boil it down beyond “sex” itself, to simply: desires. If you desire something, whatever it is, and you are too scared to try to get it or lack the knowledge of how to do so or you refuse to try to get it because you’ve rationalized away reasons not to, then you’re not fully being honest with yourself and can’t really know yourself. You just know the “idea” of yourself. We just happen to be biologically hardwired to desire sex. Like look at how frustrated hank’s last post below about needing to get this handled is…that’s a guy who’s being honest with himself about what need is important to him right now, and trying to handle it.

If we were biologically hardwired to desire holding a paperclip, and a guy was making excuses and rationalizations to avoid picking up one of the paperclips sitting there on the desk in front of him, then going home and being sad that he isn’t holding any paperclips (which means it’s a desire he has), then that guy is not being honest with himself and can’t know himself because he’s never gotten that paperclip and seen what that all entails and learned how he REALLY feels about paperclips. Again all he knows is the “idea” of the paperclips.

@M Simon
“There is also the alternative of dressing very sloppy because you don’t care what others think. That works too. The essence is “you don’t care what others think” confidence.”

Right. All that matters is your subcomms.

“Is Santa on this season, someone fill me in. Otherwise i do not see Jonah Hill or Mikey Cera competing here? Funny that.”

I know, right? It’s almost like society has been socially conditioned to view certain looks as higher-value than other looks, much like the flat-head tribe has been socially conditioned to believe having a flat head is higher-value when, in reality, flat heads themselves don’t make pussies wet.

“Exactly… It really doesn’t matter why…”

No, it DOES matter why. Because knowing WHY unlocks a shitload of understanding about Attraction and social conditioning and is what allows guys like Tyler to dominate shit.

“If people’s perception of your value is changed by how you look… please let’s not see “looks don’t matter”: posted here ever again.”

Looks don’t matter for sparking sexual attraction, they just put him on her radar for her to observe his subcomms which he can do a million other ways.

“I forgot… you are an expert… please continue.”
“you’re goddamn right”


“this stupid shit again…”

lol gotta watch your wording whenever you talk about looks related stuff around here. It’s like dipping a toe in a piranha pool, some guys are so desperate to cling to their beliefs that they’ll do this shoehorn cramming thing Sentient is doing (same thing Wild Man is doing in the other discussion).

“the debate is WHY do looks matter”

This. Sentient STILL doesn’t get why the “WHY” behind it is important. Something being inherently attractive and something being socially conditioned to be attractive are two VERY DIFFERENT THINGS, because social conditioning can be MANIPULATED and CHANGED. That’s incredibly important knowledge to understand with regards to pickup. SO many concepts of pickup use that knowledge.

How a seemingly rational adult can STILL not grasp the difference between those two things after the number of times we’ve repeated this simple grade school logic blows my mind.

“go forward and think that your looks matter because of some innate nonsense. it’s just going to stunt your game anyway.”

This is the only reason I address it when it comes up. So guys lurking don’t end up chasing their tails and solidifying their limiting beliefs.

“and no, since i have to fucking REPEAT IT AGAIN FOR THE SLOW”


“the game changes because when I wear X suit, now suddenly people completely change their expectations of who I am and what I’m doing and my value”

Right. I should’ve added that part but we haven’t done the looks matter debate in a while so I forgot. It’s partly the guy doing it in that it changes his subcomms etc if he’s still bought into social conditioning (even convincing yourself “this is my lucky blue shirt” means your subcomms will be better if you’re wearing your lucky blue shirt that day, so even believing “girls like guys dressed like X” will help your subcomms), but it’s also what you’re saying here, that other people are also socially conditioned to view certain looks as high value.

The very fact that certain types of girls and scenes have different visions of what “high value” LOOKS like (a hippie girl who thinks a suit guy is some evil corporate monster and has negative conditioning around that, a goth scene chick who thinks a guy dressed normal is a square, a career chick who thinks a guy dressed down is poor, girls in the flat-head tribe thinking flat heads are high-value, etc) goes to exactly what we’re saying: it’s social conditioning and can be manipulated, those things do not INHERENTLY trigger attraction or they would across the board. There’s no tribe where “confidence” (not arrogance/cockiness, which stem from a lack of calibration) is unattractive.

“this is how i know that several of you are maybe at mid-level, at best…ugh. but i profit off of this kind of silliness so w/e”

lol if I didn’t give a shit about newbies and lurkers and having an archive of legitimate information out there, I wouldn’t even engage these discussions and would just go out and keep doing what I do and lol that no one gets it except for a handful of guys like you and I and Tyler. Like ok, more pussy for me lol

“it’s not whatever and you aren’t understanding anything if you don’t know why looks have the effect they have.”

lol this.

“looks mattering in the way i say they do is what allows someone to take a jacked dude who starts off at a 9 in a girl’s eyes and pull him down to like a 5 based off of associating his prime source of initial value with a DLV — being insecure, not being able to eat anything real, being vain like a girl.”

And this.

“that’s why it works. norm X has just been conditioned to be associated with look Y. half of Amogging is just quickly reconditioning the group to associate norm Z with look Y. and you’re going to be dogshit at those aspects of the game if you just treat the guy’s looks as this objective, unchanging quality.”

All of this.

“lol but the technical point is that looks don’t matter in and of themselves”

This. But this keeps flying over Sentient’s head and has been since day one of the discussion. I have to just assume he’s purposely ducking at this point.

fucking lol. There’s a reason that scene is so funny. Which brings us back to: our social conditioning says that that guy should talk manly and badass. But then THAT voice comes out and we all just lol at him and as he freaks out reactive to the laughing his value drops lower and lower. Same with gay dudes, tons of them are ripped jacked etc but women don’t flock to gay parades to try to fuck this guy:

Meanwhile this kid went viral for the same reason, his voice doesn’t match what our social conditioning says it should sound like:

It’s all social conditioning and it can be manipulated. It’s important to understand that because that’s what allows guys like us to take girls off better-looking jacked richer dudes. If those things were inherently consistently attractive and it wasn’t just social conditioning and girls pinging off their environment to learn what’s high-value (flat-heads, muscles, etc), it wouldn’t be possible to take girls off them.

@hank holiday

lol this is why in my Krauser review I kept stressing like, if you HAVE access to an amazing abundant daygame location like you can travel to a foreign city and hang out in their prime tourist district full of 8/10 girls, awesome. Just like if you can travel to Vegas and run nothing but nightgame 24/7, awesome. But the average guy is stuck in Buttfuck, Idaho where doing daygame just isn’t going to rack him up the experience that tearing up a club will.

You could LITERALLY talk to 50-100 girls in one Friday night (that’s not proper game of course, you want to stay in set, but I’m saying for the sake of the example if you just wanted to practice opening as a newbie and chat for a minute and walk off) to burn down a nightclub venue just to rack up experience opening, VS daygame where it would take you months to do that. And then you could do that AGAIN the next night, riding that momentum, Saturday night. And if you have a good Thursday nightlife venue, tack another 50 girls onto that. That’s 250 potential interactions with fuckable girls (the fat old mom chick from the mall isn’t gonna be at the nightclub) in a weekend VS hunting for hours to get even 5 interactions with fuckable girls under your belt.

“Gotta have something with girls to move on. Its like food — doesn’t matter how many chicks or awesome friends or cool job and money you have, if you are starving to death, you aren’t going to enjoy any of it. You won’t be able to focus on anything but food. Get a least a snakc here and there and you are decent, but you can’t just go without food.”

Hear that, The Man?

“Expending all my willpower not to slip back into being suicidal again. No I dea where I am going from here. just want to go to bed.”

lol nah, you can’t go suicidal now that you know the red pill. Blue Pill is about not understanding the world enough to see any way out of a situation…but once you’ve swallowed the red pill, you know there’s ALWAYS a way around a seemingly impossible situation if you can figure out what it is or what sacrifices it’ll take to get it.

All your post translates to me is now there’s officially a fire under your butt to figure out a solution for the shitty location you’re in and your brain is going to get creative now, to Captain Kirk your way out of the Kobayashi Maru lol

Like if I was you I would like, apply at Chinese food or sushi restaraunts (lol anywhere where asian chicks will be) and use the money from that to fund gas to drive to that better city and hit the daygame/clubs there…I’d drive up on a Friday evening with a spare change of clothes (including underwear lol) and my shaving kit and some sandwiches or some shit for the next day etc, hit the clubs and sarge it up, sleep in my car in a wal-mart parking lot after the clubs close (check where you can park/sleep legally, I hear wal-mart is cool with it tho and most major cities will have a wal-mart in them), spend Saturday wandering around doing daygame there and eat my sandwiches to not spend money, maybe nap in my car in the afternoon (bring a black shirt to cover my eyes to block out the light).

Then in the evening take my clothes bag into a public bathroom (hint: fancy hotels have nice clean spacious ones you can usually just walk in and use, just walk past the front desk as if you have a room there), freshen up best I can (dampen a washcloth and take it into a stall and do what you can in your nether region lol) and change clothes, then head out to the clubs for round 2. And either drive home at the end of the night or if I’m too tired, sleep in my car again and drive home Sunday morning when I wake up. Only money spent is the gas money and cover charges for the venues.

And even then, google the venues online to see if they have online Guest Lists, or go as early as possible (like 9pm while they’re still setting up) before the girl charging cover is set up and make small-talk with the bartenders/waitresses/etc which helps you build social proof for the night anyway, and you should be able to save the venue cover charge so literally the only cost is gas. While sarging there, I would be networking with people in that city (aka throw girls at dudes in nightclubs) dropping that I’m looking for work there but the job market is impossible right now and mention I drove up from another town and have to drive back after the bar tonight (even if that’s not technically true lol) and fish for anyone who’ll say “oh man, you can crash at my place if you want dude, I got a couch it’s cool man we can hit the clubs tomorrow too” and/or “oh man, you should come work at my place, ya I’m buddies with the manager I’ll help ya out” after I introduce him to some random 6. Probably wouldn’t take more than a couple months of weekends there max. Hell, there might even be a guy there who’s driving up FROM YOUR CITY because he hates it too and you two could be splitting gas and driving duties lol

But the reason I can rattle out a plan like that off the top of my head is because I have plenty of field experience getting around seemingly impossible obstacles. :) Red pill makes you resourceful. If there’s no valid reason you can’t do the plan I just described (with a few tweaks to account for whatever, I don’t know your life), then you should be doing it lol

Also read this for a refresher, but multiple the number of people you talk to ’cause this is written for a COMPLETE newbie who’s scared to talk to people and you’re not that lol, just understand the structure/concept of what I’m explaining here:

Late Life Hypergamy

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on June 16th, 2016 at 9:50 pm
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@hank holiday
Oldschool methods were a simple “that’s fine, you’ll have something to do when I’m not around” or “don’t tell ME your problems” quip. You can use sexual misinterpretation like “woah, we’re just getting coffee, where’s YOUR mind at? lol” and downplay it as if you’re just going on an asexual platonic meet-up for coffee. You can disqualify yourself seriously with something like “that’s fine, I’m already dating someone but I’m allowed to get coffee with a stranger that makes me laugh” or you can disqualify yourself with a silly thing like “that’s fine I’m married with 3 kids lol relax, it’s just coffee”. Or you can poke her independent side with “lol it’s just coffee, are you ALLOWED to have coffee with your male friends or are you going to get in trouble for DARING to talk to someone with a penis?” to try to flip the “independent woman” switch.

The general pattern in all these methods is downplaying the date (and of course, don’t use the word date…just say “hanging out”) as something platonic to allow her ASD to settle down, she can tell herself a pretty little lie and you get her out again, even if it’s under platonic asexual pretenses, and then just run through your usual Day2 while DHVing, lasering, being sexual, etc and attract her and escalate to sex. If she meets up with you at all, she wants to fuck.

None of that is technically Boyfriend Destroying though. BFD is more of an overall nuke and tends to take place in Comfort (though not always) and is more for when it’s a legitimate hurdle…like, you’ll probably want to brush up on BFD before you go on a Day2 with her incase she brings him up on it. Generally she’s just bringing it up so she can tell herself she was a good girl and did her duty, and you can just brush past it and treat her as if she’s single (and remember to pre-emptively steal her frame with stuff like “we shouldn’t be doing this” as you makeout etc).

But of course then you get into the situation of “wait, she met up with me and I decided that meant their relationship wasn’t any good so it’s okay to seduce her, if she brought him up for real then that would mean their relationship was a good one I don’t want to ruin…but now she’s bringing him up, so is it actually a good relationship and she just had a moment and now I’m about to BFD a good relationship, or is it a shitty relationship and this is just ASD?” and that’s where you’ll learn about yourself. :)

@Water Cannon Boy
“I guess she’s trying to make him into somebody she’d been with before”

It’s entirely possible that she’s trying to make him into the man he was when she was in the New Relationship Energy stage when they first started dating. Believe it or not Steve may have, at some point, not necessarily BEEN alpha, but by sheer fluke have happened to trigger her switches the right way (which is how most chodes manage to get laid, fumbling around in the dark but managing to flip all the light switches by fluke or over a long period of time).

Like maybe Steve was a workaholic so he was naturally aloof and hard to contact with being busy at work all the time and maybe he had a social circle with girls in it that flirted with him etc etc but 10+ years later that’s all fallen by the wayside and now he’s in full chode mode.

I’ve seen some pretty amazing Naturals turn into full out chodes in monogamous LTRs because they weren’t consciously taught red pill mindsets and game so they have a lot of leftover FI-programming like madonna/whore complexes and a desire to get married and treating the madonna like a princess not like those bar sluts (aka not like how he FIRST treated her before he decided she was a special madonna unicorn NAWALT), etc

It’s one of the saddest things in the world to see lol

Late Life Hypergamy

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on June 17th, 2016 at 4:13 pm
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Candid photo of the comment section:

on June 17th, 2016 at 4:27 pm
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“Not YaReally, fyi, his points are mostly spot on and valuable not about ego gratification and the endless pursuit of being right.”

lol❤ I'm not here to make friends or gain some street rep props or be a part of a social chit-chat club, I have friends in real life for that shit lol I'm just here to share information and point out inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and shit that don't hold up infield.

But at the end of the day you're all just names on a screen to me so I don't care about the dick-waving swordfights or what you guys have done or not done with your 50+ years of life. All I care about is the truth and what consistently holds up infield. If what you say aligns with the field, cool, if it doesn't hold up or it contradicts what we see infield, then I call it out. I'd call Tyler himself out if he was spouting stuff that didn't hold up infield. And I'd support even Wild Man if what he said aligned with the field.

This can be annoying to the guys who think seniority/experience means their points deserve to carry more weight even though what they're saying is wrong/inaccurate because they feel like they deserve some default level of respect and they really really really FEEL like they're right, but their feels are ultimately irrelevant. All that matters is getting accurate information to men trying to change their lives so we don't produce more Steve Hydes.

"Hopefully he’ll go pussy-begging"

If you want to go down the discussion path you keep poking at where pickup is "pussy-begging" and shallow meaningless shit and getting married into monogamy is the one true honorable lifestyle, I'll be happy to dig into that discussion with you. But personally I'd rather you toned down the high-horse holier than thou shaming shit a bit. We hear that stuff enough from the Jezebel crowd.

But not tonight, because it's Friday night. I have to go be a shameful pussy-beggar who's wasting my life not being honorable.

on June 18th, 2016 at 10:27 am
Original Link

“The upside is always not to get married. Then, there’s no issue whatsoever. Cake and eating it too is an option. It’s not honorable, but that is only up to the individual to decide what’s ” honorable “. In today’s society, honor doesn’t count for much, so I get that. Keeping your word is negotiable.”

By “Cake and eating it too” do you mean having a main girl with girls on the side, or do you mean agreeing to monogamy and then cheating on that agreement? I read that as “cake and eating it too IS an option, it’s not honorable–” VS “cake and eating it TOO is an option (ie – changing subjects to being married and cheating)” so it sounds like you’re saying not getting married is “not honorable”, which is what my rant was based on.

’cause if you meant mono agreement + cheating, then I apologize and blame text on a screen not having tonal interpretation lol

“I referred to pussy begging because that’s what I think it sounds like scrib is doing.”

This part I have an issue with though. Why is scrib pussy-begging? Because he’s focused on trying to get laid? This comes off as just shaming him for something that a ton of guys, including lurkers here, are already probably struggling with (the guilt of feeling like they’re pussy-begging by pro-actively trying to get girls instead of just accepting their slot in life). Like, a Steve Hyde reading this just has his Blue Pill FI-beliefs that guys who want pussy are “pussy-beggars” and pats himself on the back for being an honorable good man sticking by his wife.

@Blaximus @SJF
“I resonate with that because of my four thousand other adventures in life besides pussy.”

No one is saying you guys shouldn’t write anything or share your stories or that they don’t have any value for anyone.

The thing is none of this:

“So for H, if the marriage lasts 22+ years he gets:
– children he raised with W
– steady SMV -3 pussy
– stability
– decent quality of life (house/SUV)”

requires a legal marriage contract that inherently locks you in and makes it difficult to leave/punish the girl (basically giving her law-enforced “hand” in the relationship, meaning you’ve taken a large hill and turned it into a mountain that’s even more difficult to climb, for no real benefit).

Pre-nups are thrown out alllll the time and women almost always get custody of the kids by default.

Like the point is that none of the benefits of marriage require marriage to have them. You will still get Father’s Day cards if you live in a house and drive an SUV with a steady SMV -3 pussy and raise kids with her.

“But I know of no place in the “Western” world where your children can be yours. The state de facto claims ownership and default custody goes to the mother.”

I think the way I would approach having kids would be, as cynical as it sounds, to keep track of aaaaanything from day one that would help me win a custody battle 10 or so years later if she decides to Eat Pray Love because now we have Future Tinder and she has literally the entire world of men hitting on her on her 3d floating Tinder monitor that follows her face around all day lol Like I would be putting money away and keeping track of anything that I could use in court just incase I need to win that custody battle down the road. VS the idealism of the past where “true love” would last forever and putting a ring on her finger would mean she’ll love me and never cheat or stray and we’ll grow old together etc

@Max From Australia
“This same thing happened to me. Got married at 24 and had sex maybe 20 times in 20 years. Turned me into a sad depressed overwieght alco and kicked me out last october. It took me 9 days to find a 26 yo girlfriend with the Red Pill. 9 Fucking days!!!!”

lol props on turning things around dude.

@hank holiday
“I’m also picking up on the fact that I am fairly extroverted. I was raised to be an introvert though. I remember seeing a video tape from when I was 5 and would not shut the fuck up lol. But as I aged I got quiter. This was from my family.”

I would have pegged you as an extrovert just from your Field Reports. That’s part of why you’re doing WAY more in your FRs than most guys when they start out. Most guys will go to the venues you go to and just sit there with a pint for an hour not talking to anyone then go home feeling disappointed in themselves, but you’re jumping into random groups of people and having fun. Stick to this stuff and you’ll go far, especially when you eventually get yourself into a city with more girls you actually want lol

This goes back to what I say about introverts though:

“I find a lot of “introverts” are just guys hiding behind a socially acceptable label and use that label as an excuse to avoid leaving their comfort zone, usually because they’re either scared to let loose more or they simply don’t understand how to. People who meet me now assume I’m an extrovert, but I used to consider myself an introvert before I got into game. What’s closer to reality is that we all have extro/intro sides to us and game is just about learning to embrace and express the extro side in certain environments/situations.

I believe there are VERY few self-identifying “introverts” who CAN’T be more extroverted given the proper tools/guidance and motivation. Like I’ve said before, if you push yourself outside your comfort zone and go out for a year straight, opening 10 sets a night, getting laid here and there, making new friends, etc, and after all that you decide you still prefer to be alone with a good book or whatever, then you’re probably naturally an introvert. If you haven’t pushed those boundaries and you’ve declared yourself an introvert without having tested your extrovert side, you are just hiding behind a label and making excuses for not taking action.”

And elsewhere I’ve talked about how most of us start out extremely extroverted, it’s pretty rare to find a baby who doesn’t make a fuss when they want something. A LOT of guys who think they’re “introverts”, if they think back to when they were little kids, before social conditioning got ahold of them, would remember being pretty outgoing and chatty with other kids at school or around the neighborhood etc But society puts chains around us with social conditioning, just like your parents did and forces us into boxes and labels. We get to a certain age in school where suddenly everyone is competing for status and comparing themselves to the looks/money matter FI-based value system and suddenly Suzy isn’t just some dumb girl, she’s a goddess you have a one-itis crush on, and suddenly you aren’t just this fun outgoing kid you’re this guy who’s “not good enough” physically (height, muscles, facial aesthetics, etc), mentally, financially (Billy’s parents bought him that cool looking car, I have to still ride my bike to school), etc and you start feeling like you don’t DESERVE to be expressive or DESERVE to interact with everyone the way you used to…the same kid that would’ve been cool with you in grade 3 is a dick if you try to befriend him now because he’s ALSO wrapped up in the status rat race (and you may not even TRY to befriend him because you “know your place” as one of the uncool kids), etc

So a lot of game is just the process of unwrapping all those chains and letting yourself act like you’re 5 years old again, back when you didn’t give a shit about any of that stuff. And suddenly all these introverts, because they’re actually going out infield and pushing their comfort zones like we make them, find out they either AREN’T actually that introverted, or that they ARE but that it’s nowhere NEAR as debilitating as they let it be for so many years.

Like I’m legitimately an introvert, socializing is draining to me and if I’m around people where I’m forced to engage them for too long I need to escape and have some Me-time to relax and recharge. Whereas my legitimately extroverted buddies CRAVE social interaction and GAIN energy from it and go crazy if they have to sit around by themselves all day, they’re always seeking more interactions while I’m like “ehh I’m just gonna chill on this couch today, you go ahead without me” lol

But it’s not debilitating at all, it just means I have to give myself some recharge time now and then and that I have to make a bit of an extra effort to get outside of my head and be expressive when I go out. No big deal, nothing that would keep a guy from learning to game. That’s why I don’t let guys get away with the introversion excuse. Like I say, go out and follow the formula and actually engage a shitload of people for a year and THEN tell me whether you’re actually introverted or not, and how much that even MATTERS now that you’ve pushed yourself. But most guys will just hide behind the label because it’s so much more comfortable to stay in your comfort zone.

“Becomeing VERY aware of my mental state and how certain things affect it.”

Most guys will never be self-aware enough to even make this connection lol

“Then I go to the mall in the bad city, feel like shit, and afterwards get in this very negative mindset and think of all the bad things going on in my life.”

Like Tyler says: Memory is state-accessed. When you’re in a good state, all you remember and think about are the good things and your visions of the outcome are all optimistic and happy. When you’re in a bad state, your brain will flood you with a bunch of OTHER bad negative memories and visions of negative outcomes. So it’s hard to pull out of that negative spiral because your brain doesn’t WANT to think about positive stuff. Something like leaving the venue for a different venue can help, or having a good interaction, or a wingman buddy to pump your state, or watching a bunch of funny videos on the internet, or taking a nap, or splashing cold water on your face, and basically finding some other way to shut your brain off and reset.

“but how a redpill man outpaces his wife over the years in terms of SMV doesn’t get much play.”

I’d argue that it’s partly because the Manosphere doesn’t cover a lot of actual pickup stuff lol I mean, the married guys will take offense to this but to me ugly is ugly. I’ll hear rants about how “my wife’s wrinkled hands are sexy to me because those hands passed my newborn son to me” and that’s cool if that’s your thing, but like, to me I just see wrinkled ugly hands lol

“A 10 who marries and has kids will be a 6 to her alpha husband after a few years. She’ll be a 10 to slobbering betas but a 6 to her alpha just due to sharing a bathroom, kids and the general absence of novelty.”

lol this has been my experience. I’ve never been with a girl who’s gotten HOTTER over time, or stayed as hot as she was on our first few dates. The more I get to know her, the more I see her at her worst (looking dumpy, bad moods, seeing flaws (internally and externally) that other girls probably ALSO have, but I don’t see them on THOSE girls yet so compared to them she’s losing value) and the more routine/boring the sex gets (ya you should mix it up in bed, but most people have a few things they love that get them off and either aren’t into the rest or are actively against the rest).

Maybe it’s a generational thing, like the ability to see 5000 different porn chicks in a night on the internet since my teens makes it harder to settle for the same aging vagina VS guys raised in a previous generation…or maybe I’m just an outlier with it (I fully admit that I’m more shallow than most guys (or at least more shallow than most guys will admit to being lol))

No idea, but to me locking down to one vag means I’m just going to end up fucking an old wrinkly vag at some point. If I’m like, 45+ and settle with a 21yo, maybe my dick will stop working before I have to worry about her looks.

“If you only see what you had to give up to enter a marriage you will see the institution as being something that came from the “other side.””

And the goal of the FI is to keep men in the dark about what they’ll be giving up. All of my buddies who are in our 30s now are fucking mindblown at how many young girls are throwing pussy at them. No one told us that was going to happen lol We all just assumed that because in our early 20s girls gave no fucks about us, it would just get worse as we hit our 30s, so we better try to settle down before then or we’d be alone forever etc. Those of us who are still single (or don’t mind cheating) are slaying it now, and the ones who fully settled are either frustrated as fuck that they can’t do anything with all the attention, or keep themselves locked up away from other girls to stay forever oblivious to knowing they could trade their aging bitchy let-herself-go girl in for a new one tomorrow.

“I sure as hell didn’t know about the risk of female induced alienation from my kids until my marriage took a turn towards the dark side. Child alienation was actually lobed at me as a weapon of manipulation during a verbal sparring match. The dark emotional depths to which a woman will go is just unreal”

The thing is in the past they would probably be shamed for this kind of thing. Like society would probably judge them for it…being a divorced woman and single mom wasn’t a “cool” thing to be lol But now they’re bombarded with rewards, cash and prizes, validation, attention, support, etc etc for it. They’re literally INCENTIVIZED to divorce-rape you and turn the kids against you and everything in the law helps them DO it (one simple little “tell the nice police officer about how daddy likes to give you baths” lie and NO ONE is taking your side lol).

Like I don’t know if the guys in successful marriages really GET how bad it’s gotten out there. They’re married to women that were raised in an earlier time…a lot of this has literally been the last 10 years, since Facebook/smartphones. Like even just doing pickup in bars I’ve seen things change as technology gave women insane abundance and feminism pushed the narrative that being in LTRs was lame and they should eat pray love and the zillions of divorce-rape experiences they see their friends and family and random internet girls have, how cool being a single mom is, how cool having multiple guys on the go is, the sugar daddy/baby culture and how easy it is, how many guys they have offering them the world for nothing on their social media, how their friends/family are set for life off alimony/child support, their friends/family always get the kids, etc

It’s not just that we don’t know how to handle women, it’s that we’re handling women who are being MASSIVELY incentivized to blow things up. It’s not just trying to move a flask of nitro-glycerine with a girl, it’s trying to move it while she’s endlessly incentivized to SHAKE that flask as hard as she can.

We’re not “hating on women”. We’re just addressing the realities of the current culture and how incentivization has changed and ramped things up and the effects that’s had on women in 2016 VS 15+ years ago when you guys got married to girls born and raised in a different culture.

“In the USA, some states have 50/50 custody laws, which are a downside mitigation risk to having children, but the majority of states do not”

I’m not a lawyer, but I’d guess that one simple lie about daddy being physically/sexually abusive and that 50/50 won’t mean shit.

“The problem for many, many men who get into relationships is that they do so not on their terms, but on the woman’s. She decides “it’s time”. She basically says to him “we’re exclusive, or NO SEX FOR YOU” (see Rollo’s last post about The Talk)”

For example: Softek. lol

“The core question at hand isnt women losing desire for sex with Betabux men.”

It’s also important to note that a lot of Alpha dudes can turn INTO Beta chodes in an LTR, because a lot of them are under FI-conditioning too. Especially if they have daughters and end up in a house full of estrogen lol Like I say, it’s theoretically possible that Steve Hyde was, or gave the impression he was, an Alpha fuck at some point and she had genuine desire for him, but he’s just lost it over the years. Never think being Alpha now makes you immune to Beta’ization.

“In any relationship, the person with the most power is the one who needs the other the least”

Right, the problem is marriage is legally putting yourself into a situation where you need her to stay in the relationship (or you get divorce-raped) more than she needs to stay in the relationship (’cause she’ll get cash ‘n prizes). There’s only downsides to legal marriage in 2016.

on June 18th, 2016 at 11:33 am
Original Link

@The Awakened One
Here’s the video that article is about:

“Yareally would be pleased with the comment section”

I really am. It sounds dumb, but for the guys who haven’t followed any of this stuff until recently, you gotta understand that a comment section like that didn’t exist 10+ years ago. No one was talking about this shit out loud in public. Now almost any article about these subjects, the comment sections are swarmed with MRA/MGTOW/Red Pill/PUA/etc comments and slowly waking more and more men up. It’s glorious to see. That’s why as much as Elam seems like a tool and the MRA is kind of whiny, I still give them props for helping push that shit into the mainstream. PUAs were happy just doing our own thing and the Manosphere tends to just be a circle-jerk that keeps to itself in a corner somewhere, but the MRAs were the first group I saw actively pushing this stuff front and center to the “normies”. Even if they failed here and there, it all added up to help make a comment section like that one exist and that shit brings a tear to my eye.

“and I know when I need to be alone to recharge my batteries.”

I think a lot of men who need to recharge their batteries don’t realize that’s even a thing (or think it’s BAD and anti-social and rude etc), so they follow society’s blueprint of moving in with their girl to some little apartment or tiny house but find out they never get any downtime from having to be “on” and social (unless they happen to get a very introverted woman). Like I couldn’t live with a girl unless I had bare minimum my own private office/man-cave I could go to to just not socialize lol Ideally a separate bachelor pad apartment so I can easily perform Soft Nexts etc in comfort. But even then I prefer having my own place entirely so I can go a few days without socializing if I feel like it, no questions asked, no one knocking on the door to come to dinner, etc It sounds like you go off into the woods or whatever when you need your recharge time but I think a lot of guys don’t even realize they need that stuff.

But that’s just me and something I’ll have to personally account for if I decide to start a family someday and how to make that work with kids running around. I have a buddy who’s similar to me who WANTS to just be a weekend dad lol That’s his ideal arrangement. If I had a kid I’d want to be a 24/7 dad though so that doesn’t work for me. My super extroverted buddies LOVE having someone around them 24/7 and do just fine living with girls and could probably live in a Full House situation and be perfectly happy, whereas I would go insane.

“When there is a hot chick that might be good you might want to commit.”

Why not just keep her as a Primary LTR and have kids with her while having other girls on the side (so that as she’s losing her looks I still get to fuck girls who haven’t lol)?

“Even if you maintain many simultaneous inter-sexual relationships (MLTR = Multiple Long Term Relationships) without having to tell a single lie and in an extremely satisfactory way, both for you and for the women involved”

This sounds like an excellent situation.

“it is dependent on the woman not letting her SMV slip”

She can’t fight Mother Nature lol

The notion of “some women don’t lose their hotness” is like, fluff-talk. She can workout like crazy and live a healthy lifestyle and everything but her body is still going to age and she’s always going to look worse than she did 10 years ago.

Now whether that’s an ISSUE for the guy, is a different story. I’d accept a statement like “some men don’t view their aging wife as less hot regardless of how wrinkled etc she gets”, but saying some women don’t lose their hotness/SMV just isn’t reality.

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“Ok, I’ll cop to: I don’t view my aging wife as less hot regardless of how wrinkled, etc. she gets.”

See that’s an HONEST statement. That’s something that I’m cool with. I’m even cool with the gay flowery “she has magic energy” fluff and the whole “her wrinkled old hands are sexy to me because she handed me my newborn son with them” stuff.

As long as it’s clear that these aren’t magic NAWALT unicorns that just defy mother nature and are incredible HB10s at age 45+.

Because the programming a lot of guys get from the FI is that love conquers all and your wife will always be beautiful to you no matter what bla bla and those guys don’t date a lot of girls so they don’t get past the New Relationship Energy stage very often and they find one that seems cool and settle into marriage with her, expecting it to be like this NRE stage forever.

Then they wake up and their wife is wrinkled and old and they think “…I’m really not sexually attracted to her anymore.” but they can’t TELL anyone that or they’d be fucking MONSTERS by society’s view. They’ve got some cute young hottie at work flirting with them but they locked down into marriage with a woman their age because they thought “well not ALL women hit the wall, some of these guys are dating 60 year old HB10s!!” ’cause they really really really wanna believe that’s possible.

But like, let’s be honest for their sake. Same with the kids thing where everyone fluffs up the flowery “sure you may think you don’t want kids or want to be a dad but when you first hold your son and he squeezes your finger THEN you’ll see the magic special wonder of it all”…meanwhile you go on reddit in a “tell us the truth about what it was like” thread and see a dozen guys talking about how “ya it’s not really that special, it kind of sucks. I thought there’d be some magic moment but there wasn’t and really having a kid is pretty inconvenient and I’ve had to put aside a lot of my dreams for it, but I guess being a father is cool at times, there are good moments, it’s just not like the movies say”.

I’m sure there are guys who absolutely think their wife is an HB10 for life, and there are definitely guys who have that magic connection moment with their kid just like the movies and it’s all super wonderful.

But let’s deal with the harsh realities. ’cause some guys may be able to look past their wife’s aging skin and fucking the same vagina for 40 years, and that’s AWESOME. I’m happy for them. But for a lot of guys, they’re going to find out that “shit, it’s been a few years together and I’m kind of sick of her…and she’s hit 35 and is losing her looks…and I’ve got these younger girls hitting on me…why didn’t anyone warn me this might happen so I could plan a better arrangement (like a pLTR) where I can tap these young hotties and still keep my wife around??”

I’ve met very few 30+yo women with magic life force lol The vast (VAST) majority of them (single and married) are miserable in 2016. They don’t have “awesome beauty and radiant ease of a deep woman that stops your mind, widens your heart, and suspends your body in the mystery of feminine grace, all in an insant, with a single gaze or touch, regardless of her body’s age”. lol They don’t have “no bounds to the rapture which may resonate through your union”.

ESPECIALLY compared to the happy upbeat energy of a young hottie who hasn’t been crushed by the world.

I just hate these myths lol They perpetuate the madonna/whore complex guys already have and reinforce their Blue Pill fantasies and don’t prepare them for the harsh reality that guess what, your wife will probably get old and gross to you, how are you gonna deal with that, and is that something you WANT to deal with or do you want a different life plan, or do you have ideas on how to make that work for you. And guess what having a kid might not be a big spiritual enlightenment for you, it might just be like owning a really high-maintenance pet that rebels against you in its teens and uses the legal system to fuck with you because you took away its iphone.

Let’s prepare men for reality.

Like holy fuck look what LeeLee just dropped:

“a lot of the things I consider my personality and my values (making sex a priority, being really into sex, being really into my marriage, wanting my husband’s attention) are really mostly young woman hormones.”

Men should be FULLY AWARE OF THIS SHIT before they commit or have kids with a chick. It doesn’t do men any good to fluff that shit up and be like “sure, SOME women, but if you find the magic NAWALT she’ll fuck you 10x a day when she’s 60 and she’ll still be an HB10, long as you have my sick skillz brah!”

Like if a guy knew all that shit, maybe he’d make different life choices. But when guys hear that SOME women somehow defy nature, they think “the one *I’M* with will defy the laws of nature because MY girl is the unicorn NAWALT madonna!”

It’s important to know that a lot of that stuff is on YOUR end. YOU’VE found ways to find your aging wife still sexually attractive enough to want to fuck her all the time. The ways you’ve managed to do that are useful for guys to know…if focusing on her magic essence helps, cool, that’s awesome, but guys should be aware that it takes effort on their part to do and that it’s not going to just magically work out with their unicorn NAWALT who’s going to somehow not hit the wall in her mid-30s.

“Actually scrib was dissing Blax’s stories.”

Making fun of them is not the same as saying don’t write them lol I’m used to Naturals bigging themselves up so the stories don’t bother me. Criticism/dissing is not censorship. It’s dickish, but that’s not the same as saying get out of here don’t ever write anything lol

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“What I was expressing to Andy was that is a man is married or in a commited LTR, for lack of a better description, then Having your Cake and eating it to is an option, but it’s not honorable.”

Ya, then I apologize ’cause I read it wrong.

No comment on whether cheating is honorable or not, cause there are situations where I won’t judge a guy for it (like the stealing a loaf of bread to feel your starving family thing). But I stand by honor being a learned social construct (like when you learned not to keep hitting a guy who’s given up, that was learned since you kept going until you were taught not to with the ball grab lol other people’s definition of honor may be different depending on the different social conditioning they received)

“I don’t get why I kept getting misunderstood on this simple point.”

To be fair “having your cake and eating it too” could mean either having a Primary and banging girls on the side, or cheating on a monogamous commitment lol If you had said like, “you could marry a girl and then cheat on your vows on the side”, I wouldn’t have had a problem with what you said.

“my bad for not getting that fems use that terminology to try and shame pua’s in some fashion. That wasn’t my intent in using that term.”


No comment on scrib’s perspective of married guys ’cause I don’t entirely disagree with him, but I don’t entirely agree with him either. I think a girl can keep a guy sexxed up enough that he doesn’t care about other pussy (after I blow a load, I don’t care about sex for a while), but I also think a lot of guys view other pussy as coming with negative consequences/risks and also pump their girls’ value up to justify their decision. Not all guys, and not singling anyone here out in particular, but a lot in general. So like I say, I don’t fully disagree but I don’t fully agree.

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fucking lol…saw this under the MGTOW tag on youtube:

Chick is 30 there. Clicked her other videos and this is her a year later (this is pretty much what the average late 20s girl is like with regards to riding the cock carousel in 2016, trying to get off it but being sucked back in over and over):

Then another year after that (spin, hamster, spin! I’m sooo much happier now!):

And then a month later (holy shit wtf even, on so many levels):

I’d like to ask Deida which part of these last 2 vids are her life force shining with radiance and demonstrating her beauty of depth lol

The world has changed. Social media and technology put 10,000 men (many of them seemingly high-value because their profiles are their best versions of themselves) at their fingertips in their purse 24/7. “Me” culture where the solipsism and self-importance and potential mini-celebrity status as all the likes and validation come in for every little thought or pic posted on Facebook/Twitter has been magnified a thousand-fold.

I think it’s bad to fill guy’s heads with that flowery shit. Some guy is gonna read that Deida excerpt and how some women magically don’t hit the wall etc, and try to marry a chick like this when she’s 30, expecting her to become this radiant magic unicorn that fucks them 6x a day when they’re 45+. Just like Steve Hyde married his chick buying into that shit and has fully convinced himself that the sex doesn’t matter, his relationship is about spiritual essence and bla bla while he’s up spanking it to pornhub and she’s on Tinder swiping for a bad boy.

“For the record and being honest: I’m not in that camp.”

I’m not saying your guys’ wives aren’t awesome, I’m sure they’re super great. I’m just saying let’s keep things in reality ’cause all of society is gonna tell Steve that his wife will have a magic essence that fucks him 6x a day when she’s in her 40s, and all of society is gonna tell some guy who’s laying there with his wife he’s not attracted to anymore, thinking about some hot young secretary he works with (who’s more pleasant and feminine and happy than his bitter aged wife), that there’s something wrong with him for not finding her wrinkled old hands sexy wrapped around his cock if he can get her to even touch it lol

If a guy WANTS to enter a committed LTR and have kids etc with a girl KNOWING that she may 180 on him, he may lose physical attraction for her (quickly too, if she’s 30+), his kids might turn out to just be assholes or inconveniences, etc, that’s cool. As long as he’s aware of all the realities instead of walking around in a Deida cloud of magic essence unicorns and NAWALT wall-defyers.

Shit I’m even cool with marriage, as long as a guy fully understands all the risks it involves and is fully equipped with the Red Pill knowledge to give him the best possible odds. I’d still think he was insane, but at least he’s a well-informed crazy person.

Men being kept in the dark about reality and potential/common negative outcomes is why our Red Pill communities even EXIST in the first place lol

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“When she broke up with him he was blindsided.”

One of the major reasons you need to break it off instead of letting her do it, and you won’t understand this or beleive it until it happens, is that if YOU break it off, you’ll come out of it mentally ready to be single because it was your choice. You’ll be sad for a tiny window of time and then tear the fuck out of hitting up girls because you’ll mentally be done with her and moved on.

But if SHE breaks it off, the push/pull will instinctively trigger more desire on your end (cat string theory) and you’ll end up chasing her to get her back (which she’ll let you do, and then you’re back where you are now) or rejecting you (which will make the desire to get her back stronger) and basically send you through a solid 6 months to a year’s worth of emo depression and back into suicidal-over-a-girl chode land, and then you’ll end up with a solid year of emo loneliness before you get back to actually going out and giving it 100% sarging other girls.

Tyler jokes about this in one of his vids: “when my girl dumped me I ended up all sad and butthurt and wanting her back…and the irony is, I was ABOUT to dump her before she dumped me. But because SHE did it first, I ended up needing her back” My buddy I’m coaching after a 7 year LTR dumped him has spent a solid 7 months being an emo chode since his girl pulled the plug, when he was BRAGGING about how he was gonna dump her and had it all planned out (he was going to do it a month later than she did it) etc. Dude hasn’t seen pussy in 8 months ’cause now that he’s finally back out and not sending gay emo rants about her (and snooping her Instagram/Facebook etc 24/7 to find shit to get upset over), he’s starting over from scratch with all his mentalities and shit.

His chick was like a 7 at best and he knows it and he’s had interest from way better/hotter girls SINCE her, but because she pulled the trigger before him, push/pull = he instinctively wastes almost another year on her while she’s off sucking dick a week after they broke up lol And the first 3 months of that shit was me having to keep him from trying to get back with her and he STILL tries to e-mail her when he has emo sad lonely moments.

He THOUGHT he wanted her to break it off ’cause oh it’ll be so much easier, he won’t have to be the bad guy, then he can have a nice clean break, etc etc, but push/pull cat-string works on dudes too, ask any hot girl surrounded by orbiters.

See your relationship is still going, to YOU. To me? Your relationship was dead a while back and right now I’m just thinking about how much extra time you’re going to waste on her that prevents you from getting new and better girls. If you had broken it off the day you first wrote a post here, you would already be telling us about the two new girls you’re seeing who make you wonder why you were even with this chick lol Are you going to float along in this and waste another year till you approach 30 and stay with her just because you feel too old to get out there again? Are you going to let her break it off and end up wasting another year getting over her while she keeps dangling herself in front of you because she doesn’t REALLY want to be rid of you since you’re a good beta provider for her? Or are you going to break it off and waste as little time as possible before you get out there and do better?

“I like pulp fiction and all, but….that brings me to the real elephant in the room. I’m almost 30 and like, my pop culture references to younger chicks are starting to be more dated. ‘what’s that?’ they say…feel old.”

lol try being mid-30s. The key is to make fun of THEM for not knowing. I call it the Hank Moody frame, where kids these days missed out on the GOOD days (1:30 in the first vid when they talk about records):

And the description the chick is narrating of his attitude:

It’s like a reversal of their frame where when they don’t get something it’s not because YOU’RE old and out of touch, it’s because they’re too young to have been lucky enough to experience the thing you’re referencing…like you actually feel BAD for them for not getting your reference.

I’ll use lots of “oh, right, I forgot you’re just a child you won’t get that reference.” stuff…almost condescending/pitying, and then I won’t even explain it or I’ll say “I’ll show you someday” to future project hanging out together. It makes them feel like THEY’RE the ones that need to get in touch. It doesn’t matter if the thing you’re referencing is stupid and wasn’t even cool back in the old days, you just act like it was lol And I’ll often throw in stuff like “no, I’m not hip to you kids’ lingo these days, with your tweeter and your chatsnaps” etc and just exaggerate it full dad-joke style. They love it if you’re cool and hold your frame that that stuff is silly to you.

Highly recommend any older dude or guy starting to feel insecure about his age watches Californication, Hank (and Lew in Season 2) are both old as fuck (their actors are like late 40s, early 50s) but their characters are cool and would have no problem getting laid by young girls in real life and they interact with a lot of young chicks (the central plot to the show is that Hank accidentally fucks the underage daughter of his exes new boyfriend and Hank has a daughter so you see a lot of older guy being cool to young people stuff). The first 3 seasons are gold, lots of red pill and good flirting in them.

Do yourself a favor and start calling yourself an “old man” NOW before you hit 30, so that when you turn 30 you have enough reference experience to not care about it. The girls will think it’s even funnier right now if you’re under 30 and tell you “that’s not OLD!!!” or if they’re feisty they’ll call you “old man” and you can call them “kiddo” and play that up. I waited till I was 30 to start addressing my age and purposely did it because it was an insecurity (if you’re insecure about it, shove it into the spotlight in set to learn how to deal with it, I would ask girls how old they were right off the opener and when they asked how old I was back I’d tell them I’m too old for them (in a way that sounds like they’re too young for me to be interested in them, like a disqualifying tonality as if I’m trying to brush them off) and then laser and ask if they’re intimidated by older men etc).

My buddy is my age but lies that he’s a few years younger because he didn’t pro-actively learn to handle it so he’s more insecure about it. One of us will have no problem picking up younger girls at 40 and one of us will still be looking in the mirror worrying about wrinkles and grey hairs and hoping he can pass for early 30s and trying to avoid any mention of age out of fear that girls might not believe he’s still in his early 30s.

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“Are they actually getting harder to game? Is it really necessary to get in shape to bang them like some people think? Or is it more a frame battle?”

Frame battle. They are BOMBARDED with nothing but attention and compliments and rewards from every angle 24/7 by all of society for every little thing they think say and do. That’s why so many of them think they’re hilarious or should be famous singers or have YouTube channels where they just talk about their day etc, because imagine you posted a picture of you holding your mouse as you read this and 200 people Liked that photo and filled the comments with “wow you’re so amazing, the way you hold that mouse!!” “omg I’ve never seen anyone hold a mouse that perfectly before!!” “wow, you’re so perfect can I take you to dinner sometime??” and the next day 5 brand new state-of-the-art mice show up at your doorstep from guys not expecting anything in return except maybe a thankyou in your next photo etc etc

How could you, regardless of your actual objective looks and value, NOT think you were the specialest snowflake that every specialed? How could you NOT develop a strong frame that you’re the prize? Especially when those men aren’t all trogdolyte fedora m’lady chodes but a bunch of them are good-looking rich dudes with all the muscles and money you could want?

The chick I was fucking last night has this super good-looking bartender dude she used to bang. Dude has fucked half the nightlife. But she rejected him once ’cause she wasn’t feeling good and he sunk into full chode-mode chasing her (I think he’s getting older and is looking to settle/date instead of just fuck) and she’s avoiding his txts etc now because she’s so turned off by his now weak frame. Why WOULDN’T she think that she’s god’s gift to men when she has guys like that (and other rich good-looking dudes) debasing themselves and throwing away their dignity chasing her for the chance to get her?

10 years ago, before social media and smartphones, girls tended to act more like their objective value…a 6 knew she was a 6, a 3 knew she was a 3, a 9 knew she was a 9. But now even 3s are fucking thirsty good-looking jacked rich dudes who are desperate and have too much scarcity to have standards or even just get hit up at a weak moment (when they’re hammered/horny/lonely or they get catfished with an online girl but fuck her anyway because she showed up and is willing, etc) and worse than actually GETTING those guys, they’re REJECTING a ton of them because there’s just so many.

Combine that shit with what men are fed from day one, even in the red pill/manosphere about how looks/money matter, about how they’re inherently not good enough and should compare themselves to other men and don’t deserve to feel good about themselves and girls are up on a pedestal and magic special unicorn snowflakes and everything guys do is wrong and dumb and everything girls do is wonderful and special etc etc and you’ve got a whole generation of men with weak as fuck frames, combined with a generation of girls with insanely strong frames. It’s a recipe for disaster as the 80/20 becomes closer to 90/10 and eventually 99/1 lol

That’s why Julien’s PIMP stuff is one of the few products I point guys toward. He’s basically taken Mystery Method and ramped up the disqualification/devalidation aspect of it to counter-act all the endless unearned validation guys are throwing at girls now. So the girls end up chasing because that’s something they never run into anymore. The second you start chasing them, you get lumped in with the hundreds (literally) of other guys chasing them.

But it basically comes down to frame and subcomms, and 99.9999% of guys fall into a hot girl’s frame instantly. The guys who DON’T are guys who GET hot girls regularly. That’s why when you DON’T fall into her frame, she views you as high-value.

“The speculation by the Game community is that in the short term (r-selection) market, 80-90 percent of women are having sex with 10-20 percent of top SMV men when they want to have non-committal or non-relationship sex.”

lol wut

“Most of these girls are still entering into relationships with betas and more K-selected men.”

Entering into relationships doesn’t necessarily equal fucking (or enjoying it and not fantasizing about an alpha she used to fuck…deadbedrooms, cheating, affairs, bailing after a short period as soon as they get bored, TRYING to cheat while in their relationship, cuckolding, swinging, it’s all happening all over the place), and a lot of those girls are only entering into relationships with betas because the betas WANT relationships while the alphas won’t settle with them.

One of the girls I was seeing recently is now “dating a beta”, but it’s literally only because I won’t commit to her. She would bail on him in a second if I said I wanted to settle down with her, she’s flat-out admitted it. Dude has no idea he’s just there as a backup incase she can’t get a better guy to commit. Ya, he’s getting laid, but it’s half-assed sex (outside of the times she’s “not in the mood tonight, honey”) and she’d rather be fucking me, so I mean, I wouldn’t call his situation a win lol

“humans are not a harem building species in the way some apes are”

lol wut? Do you even history?

on June 20th, 2016 at 4:29 pm
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“aaaaannnnnnd because girls really like having relationships too. Don’t forget that part.”

Ya of course. Insert “betas WANT relationships as much as the girls do” into my original sentence, I figured that was a given lol

“don’t reply to me but all of the r and K shit-as-applied to humans is lolworthy pseudoscience bullshit. more than that, the behavioral characteristics ascribed to each type are fucking wrong and don’t make sense even within the paradigm you’re using.”

Pretty much my feeling on R/K lol I don’t really see the difference between R/K and Alpha/Beta from the skimming I’ve done of it, but I’m not trying to market a product and needing to repackage the same thing everyone else has been teaching for years to stand out.

Open to hearing exactly how R/K is different from Alpha/Beta but don’t care much either way lol

“If even 3’s are banging guys, then why aren’t the >HB7s trying to corral in the SMP? The matriarchy had control over it before, and if 3’s are competing with the upper women, then something is wrong with the system. Revenge of the nerds was only a movie, and catty ladies can not possibly be happy with this current system of SMV inflation.”

’cause those girls think they’re going to fuck Chris Hemsworth. He Liked their instagram pic, which he didn’t do to the 3, so they think they might get him. And millionaires from around the world who are hitting them up with offers to fly them to places and put them up in fancy hotels etc with no strings attached except they might have to have a drink with the guy or go on a mild date where they don’t even have to kiss him.

Like, they’re not just competing for the local guys now. Social media has opened up the WORLD as possibilities to them. So it’s not like the hot girls are having to directly compete with the 3s. That’s why you’ll see a lot of the top hottie girls at the clubs just walk in mid-way through the night and do a few laps, maybe accept a drink or two and talk to the staff/manager/upper-crowd, and then leave before getting drunk and making fools of themselves, and those same girls will hit up house parties and private events and stuff with high-value people. They’re networking their way into the path of guys that won’t go for the 3s. Meanwhile those guys are wasted at 2am outside the club and competing for a whale who’s striking the lottery. They’ll tell their friends they fucked up and got too drunk and banged a whale or they’ll describe her as “she was pretty cute, a little curvy but whatever” and play it down as a joke, but that uggo gains another reference experience of a guy waaaay out of her league banging her, and then she can reject him down the road when he hits her up on a lonely desperate night acting like a chode.

“Chicks are not lacking in willing penis, even the 3’s. I’ve witnessed this with muh own 2 eyeballs.”

It would make a lot of guys who don’t do pickup sad to see the kind of guys fucking these uggos lol Like, it would be a mind-fuck for a lot of guys who just assume good-looking dudes are slaying 10 poon left and right. It really puts into perspective how irrelevant looks/money are if you don’t have the balls to actually step up to a hot girl and have a good internal frame/subcomms.

“Girls see that, and go well in that case if Meghan Trainor is hot, I must be a super model, just like the 300 likes for my social media pix indicates.”

I think it’s funny that girls will see that and just assume “well then I must be hot too”. But guys will see a Tyler get hot girls and then go “IT’S A TRICK, IT’S A SCAM, THAT’S AN ACTRESS, HE’S AN OUTLIER!!!” because he doesn’t fit into the socially conditioned FI-belief system of looks/money mattering, and instead of just learning to view themselves as having 10-value they’ll use the FI-beliefs to wallow in how they don’t look like Chris Hemsworth and cry about not getting iois when they walk into a room.

Girls have WAY better internal frames than guys when it comes to viewing themselves as the prize because all of society is conditioning it into them from day 1 lol

on June 20th, 2016 at 5:35 pm
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“So the question then is how do I beat that?”

Don’t take them seriously, treat them like bratty little sisters, tease them, pull their pigtails like kids on a playground, etc. Like, the overall mindset is just not GIVING them high-value, and then being congruent and aligned to that in all your thoughts, words and actions.

“Not all 10’s have alpha mindsets do they? Or do I have to beat their mindset?”

Not all of them, but even insecure low self-esteem girls have endless options lined up these days. So you sort of want to develop a frame that stomps over their reality. The strongest frame always wins, so if YOUR frame is that all those other guys are lame chodes and aren’t actually competition (even Chris Hemsworth), and your frame is solid enough, she’ll fall into your frame because women ping off their environment for how to feel and what you feel she feels (“law of state-transference” as Tyler puts it).

Which goes back to what scray and I were saying during the big looks discussion: when you develop a strong frame YOU determine what’s high-value FOR the girl and steamroll her frame with it.

The problem is 99.99999% of guys have a shitty weak frame and don’t feel they deserve to dictate what’s high-value and don’t feel they’re “good enough” to feel high-value (’cause they’re competing in the looks/money rat race where the more of those they have the better they’re allowed to feel, but then conversely the less of those they have or when other guys walk in with more of those things, the worse they feel). So because the guy has no frame, the girl’s default frame, which has been programmed by her social conditioning and all her options and everything, is the frame of the interaction and that guy ends up falling into HER frame and viewing himself as having to compete with Chris Hemsworth instead of being able to legitimately lol at the notion that Chris Hemsworth is more attractive than them which sounds like an absurd delusional notion when you’re still FI-conditioned but when you understand what ACTUALLY triggers attraction (subcomms), it’s not absurd at all.

“Do I have to devaluate them and work that into my communication style?”

These days I recommend it. Pay attention to the parts where Julien talks about stacking devalidation and the different tonalities and stuff. In the past, before social media and smartphones, you really only needed to toss a neg/devalidation to the really hot girls who KNEW they were hot and acted as such, and that was enough. But now, like, on a Friday night the second you stop interacting with her, she opens her phone and has a dozen messages from guys boosting her self-esteem and by the next day she’s no longer thinking about that clever little neg you tossed because she has so much other stimulus to take up her attention (VS the past where her phone wouldn’t be blowing up all day and she might think about you and what you said all day till you call her).

That doesn’t mean it has to be negative/cruel, you’re not trying to knock her self-esteem down, you’re just stacking demonstrations that you aren’t immediately won over by her or impressed just because she looks good, to make as much of an emotional impact and stand out as much as possible to give yourself the best odds of hooking her.

“I come from nothing, basically a newbie to the art of banging women that society says I shouldn’t be able to get. I have PIMP btw. I am at the part about the tempo of the night.”

Props on getting out there and not settling for the little that society tells you you deserve lol Most men will never fully realize their potential because they’ll let social conditioning tell them they don’t deserve what they want and to just be happy settling for less.

“Seems like I can’t get them by merely relating to them after all.”

If your subcomms/internals are rock solid, you can be pretty chill with them and just shoot the shit and still come off high-value. But most guys starting out have terrible subcomms/internals and need to pro-actively push buttons and learn how to calibrate to what happens infield so that they can get TO that point where they can be chill and not get fazed by anything that happens. And even then a little devalidation to keep them on their toes trying to qualify themselves to you never hurts lol They LIKE chasing a guy…there’s a reason romcoms and soap operas and Twilight and shit aren’t just about happy couples, they’re about the whole drama of the chase and the emotional rollercoaster ride along the way.

on June 20th, 2016 at 6:08 pm
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To give some more perspective on the abundance the average girl has these days, the chick from last night sends me guys texts to her all the time (which are the most painful thing ever) and was telling me that it’s to the point where girls will just hang out and Airplay Tinder up on a screen as they drink wine and swipe together and lol at the guy’s texts and what to reply and shit.

Here’s an example of it in action…look at the quality of girls and how many No’s they’re swiping and how fast they swipe (because Tinder removes the ability to demonstrate subcomms etc and they have to rely on mainly looks and minimal occasional subcomms (like a photo of a guy with girls attracted to him in the photo, or a guy who looks nervous/unconfident etc)):

A lot of them aren’t even on there to ACTUALLY find guys, they’re just on there to entertain themselves by shit-testing guys and seeing if any of them can ACTUALLY pass and to add chode followers to their Instagram and Snapchat and orbiters to do stuff for them.

Chick last night was flown first-class to a final game of a major sports event she’s a fan of (expensive as fuck tickets/seats) by a guy who also put her up in her own room in a 5-star hotel…all she had to do was go with him to it and put up with his lame attempts to try to hold her hand. During the day he sent her off to a shopping mall to just go buy what she wants. Came back and has never talked to him since lol

Meanwhile I don’t even buy her food after we fuck…but THAT guy can’t get her to reply to his texts while SHE’S the one planning out the next time she’ll get to fuck me. Because that guy doesn’t understand how to actually trigger attraction, he’s just competing in the rat race of looks/money with the other guys and they’re missing the mark on what attracts a girl.

They care so little about each individual guy because he’s just one in a million lined up to them. You’re offering her a flight to Paris and 6-pack abs? The next guy after they swipe you is going to offer her a flight to Hawaii and has biceps 5 inches bigger than yours.

This insane level of abundance and convenient options wasn’t the case before social media connected the world like this with online dating and all that shit, and then smartphones came along and put all of that validation into their purse/pocket to carry around 24/7.

Welcome to 2016! lol Like I say, you gotta be out there to fully grasp how things have changed and how fast they’ve changed. It’s going to get even more insane as technology keeps advancing and VR fucks EVERYTHING right up (that’s a whole ‘nother post in itself)

But understand: face to face one on one it ALWAYS comes back to the basics of hardwired hindbrain shit. She won’t even CHECK her phone if you’re gaming her properly and triggering attraction. This is why I put so much focus on learning cold approach game and the importance of good subcomms over looks/money and pro-active game instead of passive game etc

on June 20th, 2016 at 7:05 pm
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“Can’t you tell us all nice stories about princes and princesses and butterflies and bunnies and shit?”

I could, but it wouldn’t help guys lol

“I might just lose the battle against the pressure being applied from outside forces eventually.”

You’re fighting the entire world. While she’s under your roof you might pull it off, but when she goes off on her own surrounded by peers who’s parents gave them their own iPhone when they were 12 years old…no idea how to prevent the influences from taking hold.

“So what about the girl with the alpha mindset? I’m the one shit-testing HER? OH! I AM. Aren’t I, sensei????”

You got it, grasshopper. Pass her shit-tests (ie – don’t take her seriously) and devalidate her (ie – set the frame that you’re screening her instead of the other way around).

“Betas are still getting laid. Probably more now than ever because of technology”

lolol how’s the view from that armchair?

In the past, before social media etc, those betas had to actually step up and approach a girl to interact with her, which forced them to demonstrate subcomms, and the act of stepping up at ALL is an attractive subcomm. So basically they were more likely to accidentally demonstrate attractive traits to the girls and the girls didn’t have a bunch of other guys hounding them to the extent they do these days.

Now those same beta guys can hide behind texting and spam-text a thousand women and bang the occasional OKCupid 4 when she’s done riding the carousel if they’re lucky.

“Also, please do some reading on r/K sexual selection theory so you can fully understand human mating beyond the PUA “lover vs provider” stuff which is the poor man’s version.”

Gimme the jist. I’m not going to go read about scientology or how the moon landing was hoaxed either. If r/K is any different than alpha/beta then it should be easy to point out a few major differences. Otherwise it’s just alpha/beta repackaged to sell London daygame products.

“Also, also, not every beta is as pathetic as the guy your girl texted. That is not just a beta, that is a lesser beta and probably a gamma.”

Armchair mental masturbation fluff. Everything that isn’t alpha is beta, that’s all that really matters in-field. And those thirsty guys are SO common now that it’s almost absurd what’s happened to society. Check out a hot girl’s phone on a Friday/Saturday night and their instagram messages etc. Sorry that reality is uncomfortable lol

“You vastly overstate how many of those type of men there are.”

lol sure thing. Leave your house and see for yourself.

“That same girl you clam to be fucking will be dating a normal beta probably less than 3 months from now that knows nothing about “sub-communications” or “stacking devalidation”.”

He doesn’t have to know anything about it, he’ll just accidentally do that stuff by fluke over time. Just like betas have done since the beginning of time. If you understood how Attraction and Hypergamy etc worked, you would understand this concept. As I’ve described before: seduction happens when the guy flips certain switches…while most guys fumble around in the dark and manage to flip enough of those switches, PUA just teaches guys to go directly to the switches and flip them efficiently, that’s all.

“He will fuck that girl more times than you will and she will get NRE with him past anything she has with you.”

lol NRE wears off. Alpha widowing lasts forever. 😉

“Yes, he will not control the frame like you do, but she will pair bond with him nevertheless.”

Till the NRE wears off. I’m sure Steve Hyde’s wife was pair bonded to him for a few years too. Do you want men to become Steve Hyde?

“AF/BB; ie “dual sexual selection strategies”. Read David Buss, etc.”

AF/BB is fine. But BB is about being a Provider, not about triggering sexual desire. Steve Hyde is a great BB…how much do you think he’s pounding that ass that pair bonded with him?

And it’ll get worse when the betas can give up and stay home to spank it to VR porn and VR webcam chicks with synchronized dick pumping machines and shit and completely take themselves out of the game. No idea what’ll happen when a girl can spend $100 to have Chris Hemsworth directly interact with her over the net via VR…guess we’ll find out how much kino REALLY matters lol

on June 20th, 2016 at 7:28 pm
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“why do some girls become AW’s and some don’t? It’s an obvious case of NAWALT”

lol wut?

“And what is an AW? Will they only have sex with one man or do they just think about him some and have sex with him when the opportunity presents? It seems like a not-very-useful concept if they aren’t truly exclusive.”

on June 20th, 2016 at 8:20 pm
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“First of all Yollo’s questions obvious stem from women being masculine/entitled/feminist and self-esteem validating. If women are self validating they feel they have licence to be more masculine”

They’re not really self-validating. It’s just that all of society is validating them no matter what they do. Like, you may or may not think you actually DESERVE a steak dinner, but if the ENTIRE WORLD is telling you you deserve steak dinners and steak dinners are coming to you saying “please eat me I’d be so happy if you even just sat in front of me!!” you would know you can have as many steak dinners as you want whether you feel like you deserve them or not.

On a side-tangent: that’s actually a thing that fucks with a lot of really hot girls who KNOW they aren’t THAT great…they feel a lot of pressure and pedestalization even though THEY know they’re just normal girls who happen to look good, and you get that whole imposter syndrome thing happening. Part of why some hot girls treat people like shit is because they’re HOPING someone will call them out on it. I had a girl who admitted that she treated her friends like shit on purpose because she was dying for them to call her out on being a bitch just so she could feel normal and like the people around her were being honest about how they felt etc instead of tip-toeing around her and it was a massive source of frustration for her.

It’s like that My Humps song from years back: “I say no but they keep giving, so I keep on taking” It almost doesn’t matter whether that 4 believes she’s a 10 or not, she knows she has the OPTIONS of a 10 and can act like one…but it’s not necessarily that she’s “masculine”. She’s just responding to the reality around her and working within it.

“do you insist that they girls you are fucking be feminine? When you are gaming them in a club before fucking them, do you vet them for femininity?”

I do both. I like feminine women and am turned off by the tomboy types. If I meet a tomboy type I’ll do what I can to influence her to embrace being more feminine but usually they’ll revert back to what they’re used to and call me shallow/picky/demanding etc lol…because why wouldn’t they, they can have a thousand other guys who will tell them they’re perfect just the way they are. And I’m alright with that because I don’t WANT a girl who’s just pretending to be feminine around me but actually isn’t under the surface.

But I always prefer feminine girls. Sometimes I’ll say it flat out, like if I want them to dress a certain way I’ll just say I prefer girls who do that, and sometimes I’ll do it with standard dog training (reward good behavior/punish bad). Like the girl last night, one of the compliments I give her is that I like that she dolls herself up for me whenever she comes over because most girls these days give no fucks and I’ve had to toss some girls out or stop calling them because they showed up dressed like slobs. I’m not just telling her she’s hot, I’m telling her the thing that she has control over (how much effort she puts in) is one of the reasons I let her come over and I refer to her when I talk to other girls as an example of why I expect girls to doll up for me when they come over (“I’m just used to girls who…like this one girl I’m seeing always–” etc etc), so she’s going to continue to doll herself up for me while other guys will let her get away with looking like a slob and will still tell her she’s a perfect beautiful angel.

“Or is OK because they are masculine and check out their digit ratio (you know the higher testosterone in utero) thing, and say the the more testosterone she has the more she is DTF?”

lol this kind of thing is just mental masturbation infield. I’ve never looked at a girl’s fingers. PUA works by doing what we can to trigger a spark of Attraction and blow it up into a raging forest fire, whether she’s “DTF” when we approach or not. Our goal is to do the things that MAKE her DTF. That’s why the ovulation stuff and finger length stuff is retarded to us.

Like Jeffy says:

Student asks: “How do you get the Maybe or No girls?”

Jeffy replies: “In my mind EVERY girl is a fucking Maybe or No girl. If you’re ONLY looking for the low-hanging fruit that when you go up they’re like “OMG you’re the shit can I suck your dick?!” then you’re gonna have a difficult row to hoe, son. Every girl you go up to is gonna be fuckin skeptical.”

“Should I keep insisting she choose wisely and treat kindly by being feminine.”

You can do whatever you want but I don’t know how much of a difference it’ll make. The rest of the world is telling her being feminine is bad and guys will reward her whether she’s feminine or not. I don’t know how you would reward/punish a daughter for being feminine or not lol And even then it depends on the girl’s personality and how inclined she is to be feminine.

“is it a high priority for you in your game to push feminine traits on your women.”

It is for ME, but I prefer to screen more than push. I don’t WANT a tomboy who’s pretending to be feminine for me. I want to know the actual girl so I can make the judgement call on whether I want her around long-term or not.

“Reward good behavior, don’t reinforce bad behavior? Withdraw time and attention for non-feminine behavior? Reward good feminine behavior with affection in presence for your sex partners?”

Ya that’s all stuff I do regularly. A lot of guys (even pickup guys) don’t care whether the girl is feminine or not, I have buddies that don’t care and I have buddies who prefer more of a tomboy type girl. Personally I just prefer the feminine ones. I like their energy and that they tend to put more effort into their looks and exude more sexuality etc to me. But I’ve been in the game long enough to know what I want and what triggers my attraction.

“How important is it to encourage femininity in 2016?”

Depends on how important it is to YOU, really.

“And list some tactics by things you have done. You lead and have Frame. You be masculine, impudent and have abundance mentality. Is that good enough?”

I think you can really only do so much to influence them, and you have to decide if you want a girl who has to be influenced and whether you want to take the chance that she’s going to rebound back once you settle down with her and can’t leave her easily…like a fat guy can MAKE himself go to the gym but if he HATES it and is just doing it to please someone or whatever, the second he’s allowed to ease up, he’ll end up getting fat again because he never really enjoyed hitting the gym in the first place.

lol @ the telemarketer mixup.

wtf is with the “????” txt? That’s a weird txt to send lol Instead of like, just whatever you would’ve left in a voicemail. Why not txt something that spikes attraction or refers to your in-jokes with her or sets up an actual date? Like what’s she supposed to respond to “????” lol

I’m not saying she WON’T txt esp if you made a good impression in person, I just mean there there are better more productive things you could’ve txted when she didn’t pick up.

“When I have a day 2 date VERY into me, like touching me all over, will swing by her shop to try and bump into her. Just act like I don’t remember her at all, and if she tries to get my attention I’ll know its on. Figure that’s a good DHV lol. And would prolly help on my current date too lol.”

Ya good backup plan but I doubt this number is dead or anything. Lots of girls don’t answer their phone. If you call, just EXPECT to have to leave a voicemail. Hell, *I* don’t even answer my phone unless it’s a close friend, I make everyone leave me voicemails or txt me lol

“he is saying the vast majority currently are, providing for their families and society as a whole”

I don’t disagree with that. Betas are necessary to keep society running. But right now we’re seeing bigger momentum in the MGTOW, Japanese Grass Eater, Red Pill etc movements where beta men are finding ways to opt out of running that society because of the lack of rewards (aka lack of pussy).

“Steve Hyde has earned far more than you have, prorated for time. He has more offspring than you have. He has been productive in his field while your enjoyable fuck fests just result in clean ups and flush downs. He has fucked Mrs. Hyde more times in total than you have fucked any single girl.”

I don’t disagree with any of that lol But so what? You can go pay a hooker and fuck her a thousand times and rawdog random 2/10s and pop babies out left and right. But is that the same as having a hot girl legtimately sexually desire you?

“The few will never have a sexual monopoly.”

How sure are the Steve Hyde’s of the world that their kids are ACTUALLY their offspring?

I don’t really understand what you guys have your panties in a twist over lol If you think betas managing to fuck and knock up the occasional Tinder uggo (and even THEN that’s debatable, I know plenty of beta guys who WON’T lower their standards to fuck the 2/10s they could be getting…hell I know plenty of decent looking good dudes who are going multiple years without sex more than once or twice a year, some with no sex at all in a year) is better than the old days where that lame guy might still BE lame but the girl only has access to a handful of guys in her community to choose from…I mean, you’re wrong. lol Don’t know what to tell ya. There’s a reason PUAs are filling their seminars with guys desperately looking for help to get laid. If all these betas were slaying poon left and right Tyler wouldn’t be able to fill a bootcamp and we wouldn’t have all this Grass Eater MGTOW stuff building momentum. These are responses to a lack of rewards (pussy).

on June 20th, 2016 at 8:34 pm
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At 7:00 in that video Jeffy mentions that he’s 39 about to turn 40 btw, for you older guys worried about being in your 30s. The whole “creepy old man picking up young girls” thing is just bullshit FI-based social conditioning and completely in your head.

This is his expensive BMW Ferrari he and his students fuck girls in:

The “rules” are all just social conditioning holding guys back. Push your comfort zones infield (like Jeffy, Julien, Tyler, etc do) and you’ll understand how Attraction actually works.

on June 20th, 2016 at 9:02 pm
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“We are saying that the representation that the betas are getting no sex ever is ridiculous.”

It’s not that they’re getting no sex. It’s that much less of them are getting any sex. Like less Steve Hyde’s are getting sex. It’s surreal to me that this is a controversial statement lol

I mean, until the guys are old and get their pick of the damaged girls getting off the cock carousel who stop having sex with them as soon as they pop out babies and spend the whole time fantasizing about the bad boy alpha fucks they used to bang. Steve Hyde married his wife when she was like 35 and he was however old. More and more betas under 40 are stuck with PornHub and orbiting without getting laid.

Girls are also more conditioned to play the field and avoid serious relationships until their 30s these days too…like I say, I don’t even have to give my shpiel about not looking for anything serious anymore, lots of girls pro-actively bring up the subject worried that I’m going to want a serious relationship because guys are so fucking thirsty and needy and clingy and desperate to date them and bring all the drama and babysitting those guys’ feels and shit along with it that they just want some no-drama fun. So even if a guy WANTS a serious relationship these days, it can be harder to find a girl who’s on that page compared to 10+ years ago…none of them think they’re going to hit the wall or even know the wall exists, so why would they be in a rush to settle down until they’re approaching 30? But in the past they didn’t have the kind of options they’ll have available…they don’t KNOW a lot of those Tinder profiles are chodes in disguise or alphas who will just pump ‘n dump them and not actually commit to them when they’re 30+

“Since the desire for a provider is now usually realized when a woman is close to or over the wall, and they prefer same age or older BB (more resources, proven track record of getting resources, less sexual energy), betas are getting their reward later in life than before. Hence the target market of PUAs is the vast rarely laid betas who have yet to be hitched up and put to plowing the fields.”

Ya, I don’t disagree with this. But even then, those guys are often getting desireless sex that ends as soon as the chick has gotten preggers and achieved her reproduction goals, unless she wants another kid, and then suddenly she’s just “not into sex anymore”. And again that’s if his kid is even his and she doesn’t just fuck some other dude that looks similar to him and has him raise her kid. I mean for all we know Steve had sex the exact number of times as the number of kids he has. There’s no guarantee that he’s banging her out 2x a day 7 days a week and in fact I would bet a fortune AGAINST that lol And for all we know his kids are some guy off Tinder who looks similar to Steve but is an alpha.

So again I don’t really know what you guys are upset about. If you think the 80/20 divide isn’t getting wider, I dunno what to tell ya. It’s right there all around you for you to observe.

“Short term relationship, it doesn’t matter and YaReally probably doesn’t care, but for LTR? Fuck yes, feminine all the way down on you?”

Oh I care lol I’m less attracted to tomboy personalities. I mean, for a literal one night stand I guess I don’t care much. But seeing a girl a second time even as a casual FB, she’s got to be feminine for me to want to make that time for her (I mean, that’s time I could be posting HERE! lol)

on June 20th, 2016 at 10:05 pm
Original Link

“Again this is incorrect, betas are getting sex just later than before.”

…so I mean, if we’re taking into account like the entire life-span of an 80 year old male, who knocks up a 40 year old 2/10 hag so she can have a kid and then he hires a bunch of hookers when she stops putting out…ya, sure, “betas” are getting laid more than in the past.

But if we’re focusing on the actual relevant SMP of men under 40, betas are dick-in-hand. Even a beta wants to feel sexual desire from a woman, otherwise they’d all just go fuck hookers instead of spending years involuntarily celibate.

Why is the situation of guys <40 of more importance to focus on? Because what do you think will happen to society when the betas that USED to be able to work hard and stick to shitty careers to keep society going in their 20s and 30s so they could marry a wife and have kids in their mid/late 20s, suddenly aren't getting pussy anymore and don't look forward to getting ugly old post-wall damaged hags and fucking hookers? What incentive do they have to do any of those jobs anymore and keep society running? How much do you think the Japanese Grass Eaters and MGTOWs are going to contribute to society? Think any of them are breaking their backs to build careers for the promise of old shitty pussy that rejected them until they're 40?

And that's if those guys even MAKE it to 40 and don't just off themselves or take themselves out of the game completely and don't even BOTHER with the post-wall hags available to them at that point.

"Again this is incorrect, betas are getting sex just later than before."

No, betas have the opportunity to have sex, but do you think a guy who's spent 40 years as a virgin is going to have any kind of ability to attract a woman and keep her around? You think THAT guy is going to be fucking whatever sloth decides to use him for his money (if he's decided to work his ass off incentiveless for 40 years) is going to make her vagina tingle enough for her to fuck him outside of the times she wants to have a baby? lol

"but he still has sex for 11 years"

Do you think Steve has had consistent sex for 11 years? Do you think many marriages have an active sex life after 11 years? Do you think a woman at 40 is as horny and sexual as she was at 20? Do you think a chode who took till 40 to find a woman who would touch his dick is going to be firing up her sexual attraction to be getting the same amount of sex from her that he would have gotten in their prime?

"We are saying that there are not lots more who are getting no sex over their lifetimes."

I think you have to ignore a LOT of real-world variables and nuances to make that statement even remotely work lol And give it another 20-40 years, when all these kids I'm watching go dick-in-hand out there grow old. Right now your "stats" still include guys like Blaximus and SJF and their women from the last generations.

I mean, you can ignore the trends if you want and we can have this discussion in 20-40 years when you guys see the 90/10 more blatantly as hordes of guys make it to their 40s with a couple notches max under their belt. I'm just pointing out the way the road ahead is starting to curve…if you need to be at the other side of the curve to tell you were on a curve, that's fine but you're behind lol

on June 20th, 2016 at 10:08 pm
Original Link

whoops, change “Do you think many marriages have an active sex life after 11 years?” to “Do you think many Blue Pill beta marriages have an active sex life after 11 years?” before the Red Pill married guys jump in about how their wives fuck them 10x a day lol I’m talking about betas like Steve

on June 20th, 2016 at 10:11 pm
Original Link

And change “Do you think a woman at 40 is as horny and sexual as she was at 20?” to “Do you think a woman at 40 is as horny and sexual for a Blue Pill beta Steve as she was in general or for an alpha male at 20?”

For dem spergy nuances lol

on June 20th, 2016 at 10:14 pm
Original Link

“Me: thought it would be fun to go. But if you can’t afford it….don’t come”

lol rock solid shit right here. Nicely done. And note that this is EXACTLY what a hot girl would say to a dude…she can take or leave him and throws a jab as if he can’t afford it like he’s lacking and forces him to qualify to her. And she responds exactly like she’s supposed to lol

on June 20th, 2016 at 10:36 pm
Original Link

“we are not suggesting betas are getting laid more”

…if a guy can get a girl sooner in his life, then he can get two of that girl in the time the guy getting a girl later in life gets a girl. Basic math = the guy getting laid later is getting less sex than he would have if he got the girl in their prime even if that marriage failed and he got into another relationship/marriage after that while the current guy is crying himself to sleep alone.

“Thirty years ago they didn’t know what ATM is. Now they use an ATM to get money to give to their wife.”

I have no idea what you’re talking about here. What does using an ATM have to do with their wife having sex with them? What, does Steve only gives his wife money when she puts out?

“As to your theory, look at the numbers, what percentage of straight males are never been married by 40?”

Like I say, ask me again in 20-40 years when the current 18 year olds are 40. The numbers right now include men and women from a previous generation and previous culture so ya, lots of them have been married. That’s changing.

“You should do some field on this. Before menopause there is an extinction burst of sorts, as if more frequency would make up for decreased fertility.”

sigh…this is why I added the follow-up:

“And change “Do you think a woman at 40 is as horny and sexual as she was at 20?” to “Do you think a woman at 40 is as horny and sexual for a Blue Pill beta Steve as she was in general or for an alpha male at 20?” For dem spergy nuances lol”

’cause when I re-read my post I realized I’d have to spell it out. That extinction burst isn’t for beta chodes and it’s short-lived before she shuts down into zero sex mode for a Steve.

“Still what we are considering is if there a lot more men now who will never have sex, besides a few times, in their lifetimes. The answer is no.”

The answer is yes. Like I say, give it 20-40 years when you see what technology and the lack of pussy rewards and the downfall of marriage etc has done lol You don’t have to believe me if you don’t want to but I’m just telling you where the trends are headed. They’re headed toward 90/10 and worse.

on June 20th, 2016 at 11:01 pm
Original Link

“Life is short and desire sex is more desirable than Steve Hyde begging sex, whether he is getting it or not.”

It’s not even whether objectively we can all agree that desire sex is better or worse…it’s what STEVE thinks. And like I say, there’s a reason guys are lined up to fill Tyler’s bootcamps instead of lined up at the brothel or letting the 2/10 touch their dick (or even the hotter horny girl who’s “too slutty”). It’s not just about getting their dick wet, it’s about getting desire sex and feeling wanted by their woman.

And that’s not even taking into account all the OTHER nuances, like guys turning sex with DTF girls down and trying to offer dates instead (because in their mind dating is supposed to follow “the formula” the FI laid out, or if they like the girl they think the way to lock her down is to woo her with a date instead of sex (again FI-conditioning), or their madonna/whore complex (again FI-conditioning) requires them to not fuck her too soon or else she’s not the Madonna they’re looking for, etc etc). Like, guys wouldn’t even believe me but I can’t count the number of times I’ve watched normal dudes that have enough externals that girls will give them a shot, TURN DOWN sex for all these retarded little reasons, while then SIMULTANEOUSLY complaining later that night about how they “should’ve gone for it” and how horny/lonely they are. Or they’ll have a girl that’s SUPER into them but because they’ve never had good attention from a girl before they don’t want to put their ego on the line and try to take it somewhere and lose that good validation they’re getting by keeping it in the safe zone as they go ANOTHER year without sex and complain about how lonely and horny they are.

It’s insane behavior, unless you’ve taken dudes infield and tried to teach them game and understand all the little hangups that betas have with regards to sex. Everyone thinks if you have a girl throw herself at a beta or pick some super slutty drunk slut whore 2/10 in front of a desperate thirsty beta etc he’ll get laid but that’s not how it plays out in real life. In real life that guy makes up rationalizations and excuses to not make a move or to PUSH HER OFF HIM when SHE tries to make a move. I’ve seen a guy fake passing out asleep to avoid sex with a girl that HE LIKED and dreamt about dating lol

I could put so many guys I’ve met in front of you all and you would all think “that guy might not slay poon but he must get laid now and then, like once a year at LEAST” and be mindblown at how little they actually get laid (if at all). Like these aren’t even all slobby loser freakshows or anything, a lot of them are guys that you would follow around and observe and see like, that’s a good-looking cool social guy with a lot of female friends and a big social circle…but he’s still not getting laid. It seems inexplicable until you hang out with 2016 betas and see all the shit they’re dealing with.

These guys aren’t going to play catch-up at 40. They’re not going to magically develop some kind of confidence and turn these mental blocks and success barrier mindsets and sexual hangups etc around spanking it to Pornhub for 20 extra years. The Japanese Grass Eaters who have zero interest in sex aren’t going to care when a post-wall woman wants them at 40, after they’ve had 20+ years of building up the MGTOW mindset and killing their desire for sex and finding alternatives to it (VR etc that’s coming out).

lol I might steal that ATM bit.

on June 20th, 2016 at 11:18 pm
Original Link

“I think we both agree (gasp) that betas are getting a lot less sex in their 20s than twenty years ago.”


“I can see how you would think that would decrease the overall lifetime sex for a beta.”

…how would it not? If a marriage/LTR lasts say 10 years before the sex dies and a guy has a 20 year head start, he can have multiple marriages/LTRs before the 20 year late guy even gets started. There’s no way that late starter guy is banging twice as much as that first guy did when him and his girl were in their 20s. Simple math.

“However to extrapolate this down a linear line to almost zero lifetime sex is far-fetched. In particular it ignores countermeasures such as PUA seminars, red pill knowledge, and reconnecting with masculinity.”

You’re the guys saying betas are getting laid as much as they used to. I’m saying they’re getting laid less. For every guy at a PUA seminar there’s a MGTOW/Grass Eater/guy who sedates himself with Pornhub and videogames (and again this is going to get worse once VR porn/webcams hit the scene in the next few years). Steve Hyde isn’t signing up for a PUA seminar or reading Rollo’s blog. The divide is getting wider. The guys who are getting laid are going to get laid more (like scray now compared to scray before he started doing pickup) and the guys who weren’t getting laid much are going to get laid less and less. The 80/10 is becoming 90/10, then it’ll become 95/5, etc Technology is accelerating this.

Up till social media and smartphones I’d agree 80/20 still held and there was no real difference between then and before. But technology fucked EVERYTHING up and I don’t think most guys understand exactly how big a monkey wrench has been thrown into the dynamics out there.

on June 21st, 2016 at 10:01 am
Original Link

@Kid Jupiter
“Great explanations and also great patience; these guys are really being pedantic, contrarian pains in the ass, arguing about the obvious, nitpicking, being stubborn. WTF is going on here?”

lol I’m used to it. The red pill is a jagged little pill to get guys to swallow.

“straw man, we are saying that betas are getting laid, and will continue in the future”

So my saying your argument is that betas are getting laid MORE is a strawman, and my saying your argument saying that betas are getting laid as much as before is ALSO a strawman, and my saying betas get laid less than before is wrong…

Do you even KNOW what your argument is? Fucking lol

“Now imagine we move to a AF BBLS world where LS is little sex, that is betas get little to no sex as you predict for the future.”

This should be entertaining.

“Princess: Gets alpha sex, might have children to raise herself, has to provide her resources”

What makes you think betas won’t still provide for her and raise her kids? Steve isn’t walking out on his wife, neither will most beta chodes. These guys will provide for women who aren’t fucking them. They’ll provide for women who are OPENLY cuckolding them and the FI is pushing to normalize cuckolding.

“Beta: Has little sex, no children, keeps most of his resources and time”

No, he still spends those resources and time, just like Steve has been doing despite not getting any pussy. You think WAY more highly of men than reality actually plays out lol

“Why would the princess take this deal?”

Why would a princess take the deal of “gets alpha sex, might have children to raise herself, has to provide her resources”? Gee, I don’t know, why don’t you ask the UNREAL number of single moms out there these days, who’ve actively chosen to live EXACTLY that lifestyle and are encouraged to by articles everywhere cheering single mom-hood on. And then ask the number of women who are currently cheating on their BB with AF and having their BB raise another man’s kid etc.

It’s ALMOST…ALLLLLMOST as if women don’t take long-term consequences and effects into account when they make emotional decisions and then just hamster rationalize their decisions after the fact. WEIRD! lol

Women are LITERALLY CROWD-SWORCING RESOURCES FROM BETAS RIGHT NOW. Like, do you even Internet? Do you even Sugar Daddy? Do you even real world?? lol A chick can throw up a Patreon fund and a pic of her looking cute and gather endless resources from chodes who will send her endless Amazon Wishlist items without ever even TALKING directly TO her, all in attempt to get a scrap of attention. Girls are replacing having one BB at home that they have to actually pay attention to, to just having sugar daddies over the internet and off Tinder and Instagram and all that shit, GROUPS of them, funding her lifestyle without her having to even be in the same ROOM as them.

How am I the only one that knows this is happening lol Does anyone interact with hot girls??

“He just needs to do this with women close to the wall, and then it’s beta sex, engagement, wedding planning, wedding, children, dead bedroom, divorce rape.”

But he WON’T. That’s my fucking POINT. People don’t behave in real life, the way that you think they rationally should. Yes, that guy SHOULD go for women close to the wall, but he WON’T, he’ll go for the hot young girl that everyone else wants. And when she doesn’t fuck him, will he go for the hit the wall 2/10 mess? No, he’ll go for ANOTHER hot young girl. And he’ll hand away his time, energy and resources for just the CHANCE to get one, instead of doing the logical rational thing and going for a shittier girl that will enter an LTR with him.

Your theory doesn’t account for how people actually behave in real life, it’s mental masturbation.

“If you think it is contrarian to say that AFBB and open hypergamy will continue”

I never said it would stop. AF/BB will continune, but the BBs will be getting less sex in exchange for their resources.

“Pretty girls WILL enter into relationships at some point in their youth and when they do it will usually be with a beta; to be specific a beta of similar socio-economic and *educational* level which is something often ignored when analyzing these things”

This is all mental masturbation lol This is complete armchair theory. “similar socio-economic and educational level” lol

“but they will get laid and most will eventually have children”

They will, will they? These young women are just dying to pop out babies, hey? They’re not putting it off as long as possible to focus on their careers and grrl power shit thanks to birth control etc, they’re just like “oh ya, I’m 21 and I want 10 babies right NAAAOW, fellow similar socio-economic and educational level 21yo beta!!”

Fuckin ridiculous lol Do you guys interact with the real world??

“Just yesterday, in one hour at the mall I saw three betas with attractive girl friends all in the range of 19-21”

Well shit, I’M convinced! I think it’s safe to assume that those girls were probably pregnant with those betas kids because they fuck those betas 6x a day every day, and those girls are ONLY fucking those betas, they DEFINITELY aren’t just chodes they keep around so they don’t have to say they’re single and toss aside (or keep as sexless BB like Steve) as soon as an alpha comes along.

I mean, you did some real in-depth research looking at them from afar like that. Solid work lol

“YaReally thinks all guys that are not alpha are pathetic chodes.”

I didn’t make the rules, girls did.

“I don’t see this.”

You can see whatever you want to see lol It doesn’t really matter. What matters is what girls see.

“Now sadly there does seem to be an increase in chodes from earlier decades and yes there are enough of them to fill up an RSD free tour event.”

Combine that number of guys with the number who DON’T get into pickup and just check out from the SMP entirely.

“Although if you actually go to an RSD event what you will see is that at least 50% of the guys are non-white.”

lolol heeeere we go. Please, go on.

“RSD is quickly becoming a company whose main aim is trying to teach black, asian and brown men how to fuck white women.”

Every time I run into one of you guys, I make an extra effort to wingman my minority buddies into fucking some white pussy. JUST to piss you off.

“What will eventually become of white women and white civilization? I guess Owen Cook can’t think that deep.”

lolol But wait!! I thought girls only fuck guys from similiar socio-economic and educational levels!! Is Owen teaching men to hypnotize women!? Ahhh!!

“What you have in play there is the impact on the SM from non-white immigration. Another reason why I hope Trump builds his great wall…”

lol are you even still talking about the same topic anymore? I have no idea.

“But the main paint stands, betas are still having sex in today’s SMP.”

Sure. I’ve never said they weren’t. But they’re having less than they were before as the 80/20 becomes 90/10. But maybe you should fill them in on your “theories” and they’ll smarten up.

“flip enough switches in a woman and she won’t even consider fucking anyone but you, regardless of the cash and prizes she could be getting from Steve. there is no reason a man can’t do this with multiple women at the same time.”

For once, Fleezer and I agree on something. Like I say, there’s a reason the girl from the other night is looking to set up our next bang isntead of txting the guy who showered her with cash & prizes. Girls don’t come back to me for my rippling 6-pack abs and Ferrari collection lol

@gb_hill @walawala
“WalaWala, you are my favorite person to pick on. Why? Because these vignettes you post that you think are illustrative of good game actually show that six years in you still suck.”

God it’s like I opened today’s newspaper and flipped right to the funnies section. Educate us, gb_hill!

“But why were you even in that position? If you had read BlackDragon’s rules for relationships, which is a distillation of relationship dynamics that took the PUA community years to assemble, you would know that taking a FB out to an event is boyfriend behavior. This is *guaranteed* to create drama because it sends her mixed signals.”

lol you know what? I actually agree with this. But only if walawala actually CARES about whether the girl sticks around or gives him drama or not. Walawala has enough abundance to give zero fucks if this girl flips out and bails on him because he gave her too much boyfriendy experience. Wala has abundance.

“I cringe that you hold yourself out as an authority.”

@Harrison Bergeron
“Arguing with a PUA about that is going to get you nowhere, as yareally has stated countless times, PUA isn’t about changing the rules to benefit men, it is about exploiting the current system for a man’s best interests.”

lol this. I’m not making up a theory, I’m reporting what’s happening out there, and pointing out the way the road is curving whether you want it to curve or not. And once VR porn/webcams hit the mass-market, shit is going to get WAY more fucked up.

on June 21st, 2016 at 10:27 am
Original Link

@redlight @gb_hill
Another story I’m sure I’ve told before: I was leaving a chick’s place who has a social media account with a ton of followers (no porn pics of her, just general day to day pics of a cute girl) and she was “ordering” food by posting “I’m sooo hungry for (specific dish) :(” to which multiple guys lined up to immediately offer to order and pay for it to be delivered to her. And she lol’ed that she does that all the time because “that’s what they’re for”.

She’s not fucking these guys, they aren’t even in the same city as her…at most they might get an “OMG thankyou!! <3" reply. And they are PERFECTLY HAPPY WITH THAT.

These guys will even donate gifts and money ANONYMOUSLY to girls over the net, thinking it somehow makes them stand out or they'll have some big romantic reveal "remember all those things you got, that was ME ;)" and win the fair maiden over etc etc It's insane fantasy-land shit but the internet gave all these betas the ability to throw their funds/time/energy at women they'll never have physical access to, to keep the fantasy going that they have a girlfriend…when the girl isn't even ACTING like a girlfriend, it's all in their heads whether the girl actively encourages it or not.

I don't think you guys understand anything about the internet or social media culture lol especially for the <25yo generation and how easy smartphones have made this stuff for ANY girl to do.

Look at that disclaimer lolol "accomplishing your dreams and living of them is possible and it is possible because of these individuals who are utterly generous!"

Read the comment section:

"Alexian Walker1 month ago I would totally donate to you if I had money maybe $500 if only I knew how and had money #loveyou"

"Deandre Austin1 month ago +Bunny Girl hey bunny girl u are sooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee, funnnyyyyyyyyyyyyy, and a great individual keeep up the goood work!!!!(p.s i reallly wish i could hug and cuddle with u it is on my bucket list)"

"SMOK Wolfe/dawgwolfe1 month ago +Bunny Girl i would give u as much money as i can if i was old enough u are the nicest person ive seen"

"wail salim1 month ago this video made me smile, you make us happy everyday so its our duty to make you happy as well….we all love you bunny 💞👍"

"Aditya Sidharth1 month ago I would have donated as much as I can but I'm not old enough 😔…..your videos keeps me happy every day!! you are the best!! keep up the good work!!!"

These guys are happy to just throw their money/resources at girls over the net/social media and fill out their Amazon wishlists and watch the girl smile as she does an unboxing video showing off the stuff they bought her to the rest of her audience. This chick doesn't even know WHO sent her shit, and these guys don't CARE. They're doing it just to see her smile AWWWEEE.

This shit has become so common now because free social media combined with smartphones means girls can just rack these guys up by posting their mundane day to day shit to their Instagram and build a following of orbiter chodes in her pocket…for doing NOTHING lol And feminism is helping convince her not to feel guilty about it and the guys are so thirsty the girls don't even have to get naked or fuck themselves on cam or anything, these guys are living the "waifu" fantasy shit where they just donate their money to cute girls for being cute and are too gentlemanly to expect anything in return for their investment.

If you think girls will have ANY trouble mining resources from sexless betas while they go out fucking alphas, you are out of touch with how the world works in 2016. And like I say, it's only going to get worse from here as technology keeps advancing.

on June 21st, 2016 at 10:48 am
Original Link

There’s a MASSIVE push to normalize the sugar daddy sugar baby thing so that it’s not just crazy low-self esteem drug-addict hookers doing it but so the average girl who just doesn’t want to work a job while she racks up student loan debt can wine and dine at fancy places and have access to some dude’s resources for minimal investment on her part:

“Of the 3.6 million members on SeekingArrangement, half of the sugar daddies are married and a whopping 1.4 million sugar babies are students in their 20s, founder Brandon Wade claims. They seek out sugar daddies for “companionship” to pay off loans and tuition. These enterprising young women are reportedly earning around $4,000 a month seeing men who are sometimes older than their fathers. Between studying and classes, they go on weekend getaways and attend parties and functions with the men. “Daddies make sure their babies get into the careers, grad schools and internships that they want,” said Angela Jacob Bermudo, a public relations manager for SeekingArrangement.

But not all sugar babies are particularly young. Some are older, in their mid-thirties and early forties. Gianna Phoenix is 43. An Arizona widow and mother-of-two, Phoenix makes $60,000 a year dating a sugar daddy. He even helped her purchase a house.”

“These women aren’t the stereotypical gold diggers with bleached blonde hair, red lipstick and stilettos. They are smart Ivy Leaguers.They are women who study hard, not party hard.

See? You’re not prostitutes, you’re like a smart Ivy Leaguer who’s studying hard! So this is TOTALLY fine and normal. These men WANT to make you happy and give you their money so you can achieve your dreams! You’d be dumb NOT to accept this kind of arrangement, when you have dozens of guys a day offering you free shit for nothing.

You think some single mom isn’t going to take all this free shit? Especially when society is hamster-rationalizing away the stigma of it so she doesn’t have to feel like she’s doing anything wrong? You think this is just some tiny corner of the internet like 10 years ago?

lol welcome to 2016.

on June 21st, 2016 at 11:15 am
Original Link

“This woman is from MY generation, pre-internet, pre-social media, and she still gets the same fawning from Beta orbiters she got in high school.”

Now imagine what the next generation of women raised with smartphones in their hand and Instagram accounts at 16, are going to be like. Are they going to have to marry a Steve to get provision/resources? lol fuck no. Why would they bother to even interact with Steve? Steve can follow their Instagram and fill out their Amazon wishlist if he wants their attention and he might get a thankyou written on a notepad using his name and EVERYTHING in her next post.

Technology is finding ways to balance out open Hypergamy so girls can go chase alpha dick but still get provision/resources from the entire WORLD of thirsty betas who have nothing else to spend their money on and have been FI-conditioned to not expect anything in return (just like Steve doesn’t expect sex).

“Between all the strawmanning and hyperbole, the meat of the conversations gets wasted”

The meat of the conversation is retarded. And anyone who goes out knows it’s retarded lol I’m just taking the piss out of it because it’s absurd to see such delusion.

“How is that GB_Hill’s field observations are so soundly dismissed, but everything you see in the field 100% accurate?”

Because gb_hill isn’t fucking <25yo girls. He sees a glimpse of a girl and a guy walking along and makes up a story in his head. Everything I'm saying is backed up by SHITLOADS of evidence and shitloads of other guys infield seeing this stuff. So much armchair theory here.

"Social circle game (i.e. HS, college, work, SES communities etc.) is how most of the world has gotten laid, and continues to do so despite (or alongside) of Tinder etc. Again this is readily observable in any group."

No relevance to the discussion. Social circles are now WORLDWIDE.

"I would bet, if I had to, that Little Miss Thing took the trip, had sex with the guy, then said she didn’t… when she was with you. That is consistent with how women operate in general."

1) It doesn't even matter if she DID, she could've taken it up the ass all night long and the principle would still be the same: girls have access to rich provider guys from around the world who throw money and resources at them for minimal effort

2) there's no reason for her to lie to me because her and I spent an hour before that talking about fucking other people because that's the kind of shit we talk about so she knows I don't judge her

and 3) if you think girls have to put out for these guys, then you don't really understand the culture that's formed and how pathetic these guys are and how willing they are to give girls shit for nothing. Like, you're just fundamentally in the dark about what's happening out there especially in the <25yo crowd.

It's like describing the sky to people who live in windowless rooms and are arguing that the sky doesn't look like I'm telling them. Funny how the guys who disagree are the married/taken/old guys who don't go out and fuck <25yo girls lol This is one of those examples of what I mean when I say old guys have lots of wisdom and that's cool, but field experience trumps old guy theories.

"And this isn't a lone ranger either. She's voicing the opinion that MILLIONS of women have about themselves."

Soceity is encouraging and fostering this stuff. Why WOULDN'T girls think like her in these days, given their social condtioning all around them?

"Funny how people in the comment thread think they're going to change her mind by calling her an idiot or something, lol. Or by trying to explain PUA to her (i.e. broadcasting that they don't "get it"). Clueless."

Maybe they've learned that technique from watching guys here try the same shit with Emily. lol

"I have to remind myself of that because I still get so disgusted looking at comments like that. It makes women look very ugly if that's really how they see the world and themselves."

lol just understand that that stuff is for betas. It doesn't apply to alphas. You just plow her frame and she's like any other girl, and is probably a sweetheart under the surface when she's attracted to you. But that stuff weeds out the chodes who she would crush anyway. Like you're getting a glimpse of the food served to slaves, but you're royalty that eats the steak dinner…what the slaves eat is irrelevant.

@hank holiday
"Was doing the Julien thing where he texts a girl ???? and calls twice in a row to get her to answer. Problem is, that works for when she’s out and about late, when the girls are out partying, but in my case I think the girl was headed to bed."

I don't remember the "????" txt part of Julien's move but ya, that's more of a "she SHOULD be answering" thing. And Julien makes a pretty big impact compared to what you did. Like Julien IS a dick, so a "????" wtf bitch answer your phone type txt is congruent to that, whereas from an ice cream date dude it can come off like "uhoh is this one of those crazy guys who overreacts if I don't reply right away?" thing. Hard to say, like I say she might still txt but I would have sent something funny/fun related to your in-jokes with her instead of an ambiguous "????"

Plus Julien emphasizes doing specific Time Bridges, so like when you make plans with a girl face to face to go for ice cream at 2pm tomorrow, and you call her at noon and she doesn't answer, a "????" makes sense. Like she's being flakey when you have plans so of course you'd be like wtf. VS your #-close where you had vague possibly-a-joke non-plans and no real expectation for her to answer, so the "????" comes off more impatient. Make sense?

The unfortunate reality is girls DO deal with a lot of guys who will 180 flip out on them…"hey, lovely to see you today! Let's make plans this week!" then an hour later "no response? Did I do something wrong? Call me" then an hour later "fine I thought you were a decent girl but I guess you're actually just a bitch" etc So there's a chance you get slotted in that category with a phone call followed by "????" Again it's not 100% but it's something I wouldn't roll the dice on.

"Forgetting the qualification and such just made it a lower % chance she’d call back, so I’d like to fix that for next time to have less chance of flakes."

Skip to around 17:30 in this vid:

And watch to the end, and pay attention to how much Julien keeps stressing the Time Bridge with solid plans to meet up, even getting her to repeat it over and over. And he does a ton of qualification and shit too. Making actual plans in the moment helps make you "real" and gets her picturing the two of you actually doing something and gives you a reason to be contacting her and gives her a reason to answer etc etc

It's the little things that add up.

on June 21st, 2016 at 11:44 am
Original Link

“This woman is from MY generation, pre-internet, pre-social media, and she still gets the same fawning from Beta orbiters she got in high school.”

Now imagine what the next generation of women raised with smartphones in their hand and Instagram accounts at 16, are going to be like. Are they going to have to marry a Steve to get provision/resources? lol fuck no. Why would they bother to even interact with Steve? Steve can follow their Instagram and fill out their Amazon wishlist if he wants their attention and he might get a thankyou written on a notepad using his name and EVERYTHING in her next post.

Technology is finding ways to balance out open Hypergamy so girls can go chase alpha dick but still get provision/resources from the entire WORLD of thirsty betas who have nothing else to spend their money on and have been FI-conditioned to not expect anything in return (just like Steve doesn’t expect sex).

“Between all the strawmanning and hyperbole, the meat of the conversations gets wasted”

The meat of the conversation is retarded. And anyone who goes out knows it’s retarded lol I’m just taking the piss out of it because it’s absurd to see such delusion.

“How is that GB_Hill’s field observations are so soundly dismissed, but everything you see in the field 100% accurate?”

Because gb_hill isn’t fucking <25yo girls. He sees a glimpse of a girl and a guy walking along and makes up a story in his head. Everything I'm saying is backed up by SHITLOADS of evidence and shitloads of other guys infield seeing this stuff. So much armchair theory here.

"Social circle game (i.e. HS, college, work, SES communities etc.) is how most of the world has gotten laid, and continues to do so despite (or alongside) of Tinder etc. Again this is readily observable in any group."

No relevance to the discussion. Social circles are now WORLDWIDE.

"I would bet, if I had to, that Little Miss Thing took the trip, had sex with the guy, then said she didn’t… when she was with you. That is consistent with how women operate in general."

1) It doesn't even matter if she DID, she could've taken it up the ass all night long and the principle would still be the same: girls have access to rich provider guys from around the world who throw money and resources at them for minimal effort

2) there's no reason for her to lie to me because her and I spent an hour before that talking about fucking other people because that's the kind of shit we talk about so she knows I don't judge her

and 3) if you think girls have to put out for these guys, then you don't really understand the culture that's formed and how pathetic these guys are and how willing they are to give girls shit for nothing. Like, you're just fundamentally in the dark about what's happening out there especially in the <25yo crowd.

It's like describing the sky to people who live in windowless rooms and are arguing that the sky doesn't look like I'm telling them. Funny how the guys who disagree are the married/taken/old guys who don't go out and fuck <25yo girls lol This is one of those examples of what I mean when I say old guys have lots of wisdom and that's cool, but field experience trumps old guy theories.

"And this isn't a lone ranger either. She's voicing the opinion that MILLIONS of women have about themselves."

Soceity is encouraging and fostering this stuff. Why WOULDN'T girls think like her in these days, given their social condtioning all around them?

"Funny how people in the comment thread think they're going to change her mind by calling her an idiot or something, lol. Or by trying to explain PUA to her (i.e. broadcasting that they don't "get it"). Clueless."

Maybe they've learned that technique from watching guys here try the same shit with Emily. lol

"I have to remind myself of that because I still get so disgusted looking at comments like that. It makes women look very ugly if that's really how they see the world and themselves."

lol just understand that that stuff is for betas. It doesn't apply to alphas. You just plow her frame and she's like any other girl, and is probably a sweetheart under the surface when she's attracted to you. But that stuff weeds out the chodes who she would crush anyway. Like you're getting a glimpse of the food served to slaves, but you're royalty that eats the steak dinner…what the slaves eat is irrelevant.

@hank holiday
"Was doing the Julien thing where he texts a girl ???? and calls twice in a row to get her to answer. Problem is, that works for when she’s out and about late, when the girls are out partying, but in my case I think the girl was headed to bed."

I don't remember the "????" txt part of Julien's move but ya, that's more of a "she SHOULD be answering" thing. And Julien makes a pretty big impact compared to what you did. Like Julien IS a dick, so a "????" wtf bitch answer your phone type txt is congruent to that, whereas from an ice cream date dude it can come off like "uhoh is this one of those crazy guys who overreacts if I don't reply right away?" thing. Hard to say, like I say she might still txt but I would have sent something funny/fun related to your in-jokes with her instead of an ambiguous "????"

Plus Julien emphasizes doing specific Time Bridges, so like when you make plans with a girl face to face to go for ice cream at 2pm tomorrow, and you call her at noon and she doesn't answer, a "????" makes sense. Like she's being flakey when you have plans so of course you'd be like wtf. VS your #-close where you had vague possibly-a-joke non-plans and no real expectation for her to answer, so the "????" comes off more impatient. Make sense?

The unfortunate reality is girls DO deal with a lot of guys who will 180 flip out on them…"hey, lovely to see you today! Let's make plans this week!" then an hour later "no response? Did I do something wrong? Call me" then an hour later "fine I thought you were a decent girl but I guess you're actually just a bitch" etc So there's a chance you get slotted in that category with a phone call followed by "????" Again it's not 100% but it's something I wouldn't roll the dice on.

"Forgetting the qualification and such just made it a lower % chance she’d call back, so I’d like to fix that for next time to have less chance of flakes."

Skip to around 17:30 in this vid:

And watch to the end, and pay attention to how much Julien keeps stressing the Time Bridge with solid plans to meet up, even getting her to repeat it over and over. And he does a ton of qualification and shit too. Making actual plans in the moment helps make you "real" and gets her picturing the two of you actually doing something and gives you a reason to be contacting her and gives her a reason to answer etc etc

It's the little things that add up.

"So it was obvious that the uglier girls where getting lots of entitlement from this… but it also struck me, having spoken with many guys who were on Tinder, that much of this entitlement is a false positive…"

TONS of it is a false positive. And the really hot girls are figuring it out. If you pay attention at the clubs, you'll notice the girls on their phones Tindering and getting that useless validation are the average girls. The smokin hot ones will usually not be on their phones, because they've learned that 99% of those online guys are just chodes and orbiters and bullshit validation…when they want an ACTUAL guy, it's going to be the guy who steps up and approaches them (or is high up in their social circle), DHV'ing that he's an actual alpha.

The average girls get off on swiping left as much as they get off on swiping right.

"Because a main strategy now ( for perhaps the majority of guys) is to just swipe ALL the girls coming up and then just deal with any that match you back"

Ya and girls know that but don't care. Tinder for a girl means LITERALLY every guy you swipe, is a match. There's no "will he match me back??" like there is for guys. They don't need to spam swipe like guys. They just pick whatever guy they want and he's a match. Some girls probably don't even realize it's possible to not get matched lol

This didn't exist 10 years ago. But now this access to guys is in every girl's purse available 24/7. Any guy who thinks this DOESN'T fuck with the dynamics out there or the 80/20 rule is insane. Stick around to the end of that clip where he scrolls through the matches. That's what the average girl has access to in 2016. They don't have to get married to a Steve to get access to resources/providership lol

"even the generation that grew up on phones still prefers, until they reach a certain age (college/past peak smv), live interaction"

'cause they're forced to socialize daily in school. Once they get out into the real world where they aren't in class with Bobby the high-value guy in their school social circles, that phone and orbiters become necessary.

"It isn’t like this NEVER happens, or is even extremely rare or uncommon."

I've never said it doesn't happen. All I've said from the start is that the 80/20 gap is widening to 90/10 and beyond, and that we'll see the most obvious ramifications of this in 20-40 years since this is like a 5-7ish year phenomenon with the advent of social media and smartphones that can run social media apps at fast speeds. And again I'm talking about this upcoming generation that's being raised in this culture, not the ones who dabbled in it toward the tail end of their single life but don't really know what Snapchat is (not saying that's what the girls you're talking about are, but I'm saying this is a very recent thing that's happened).

"A lot of times the guy doesn’t even have an account. But the girl will be on there and in-between cutesy posts about how much she loves hubby or her BF, there are a lot of cleavage shots, close-ups of lips, doctored up selfies that are clearly sexualized, etc."

They're doing it to rack up orbiters and look for alphas incase they decide to bail on hubby. Where's she going to go if she bails? Right to her little fanbase that's been primed to desire her. Whether she actually pulls that trigger or not depends on a bunch of shit including the guy and his behavior…but like, it's in her best interest in terms of survival/replication to do this whether she consciously understands why she's doing it or not.

"Then again, Alphas getting action doesn’t mean that Betas aren’t getting laid at all, or that women EXCLUSIVELY pursue Alphas."

Never said either of those things. All I said is the 80/20 gap is widening to 90/10 and will keep widening. There'll be a point down the road where women don't see any real reason to get with a beta, but betas will still by fluke manage to flip some attraction triggers or a girl will be stuck in an environment where she only has access to them etc etc but 20-40 years from now things are going to look all sorts of fucked up.

"Maybe we need some more accurate terminology?"

It's all just different degrees of Beta to me. Whether you're providing and not getting laid or not providing and not getting laid, the point is you still have fucked up mindsets and beliefs that keep you in the beta category. Omega and all that shit is just mental masturbation to me…like trying to decide between who got 10th place and who got 11th place, neither of them are holding the trophy so who cares, focus on learning to win the trophy lol

"but once there arousal increases, attraction increases and they end up having “desire” sex anyway"

Especially once they start closing their eyes and picturing an alpha fuck instead of the beta fucking them.

"However if YOU are hung up on having a woman desire you, well that is validation seeking behavior"

Most betas ARE hung up on that. And are MASSIVELY seeking validation. They LIVE for validation from women. They don't care whether it's bad or not lol

"I go to weddings, baptisms, soccer practices, school meetings etc, and see strong evidence of beta sex, mostly in the form of children who look and behave like their beta dads."

So the best you can determine is that those guys have had sex ONCE. Or twice if they have two kids. Everything else from there is guesswork. Most people looking at Steve and his wife probably assumed they were having sex too. You're just filling in gaps with what you want.

And even then we go back to me talking about the 2016 generation, not pre-social media generations. A couple with a 6 year old at soccer practice isn't a couple where the woman was raised on Instagram and Tinder in a society that normalizes sugardadddies etc.

"Our church has hundreds of children in the Sunday school program, what percentage of church dads married to post wall soccer moms do you think are beta?"

Well the fact that they're married at all to post-wall soccer moms implies a pretty significant percentage lol I mean, do you think they're fucking their wives every night? You think their wives don't cheat on them, what, because they go to church? lol You think their wives don't make excuses not to fuck them or cuckold them or put them in deadbedrooms just like Steve?

"Technology, social media, and crowd sourcing is not going to replace either AF or BB."

Well it can't really replace AF because fucking involves physcial interaction. But we see BB being replaced by government programs for single moms etc already, and the effects that's had. What's the stat again, something like over 50% of kids are born out of wedlock now? France has banned paternity testing because it causes too much upset to family cohesion (aka the guy finds out he's raising some other dude's kid and it's better to keep him in the dark)?

Like I say, you have to ignore a lot of shit to make your theory hold lol

"betas with little or no resources get no sex"

And what do you think will happen in this society where girls don't need betas provision (they have their own income, they have sugardaddies, government programs, etc etc), and betas aren't getting rewarded for being good little workhorse chodes? Hint: more and more betas are going to stop striving to achieve resources which means more betas are going to have less resources and, as you say, betas with little or no resources get no sex. Which goes back to 80/20 becoming 90/10.

Your logic isn't even consistent with ITSELF lol

on June 21st, 2016 at 11:45 am
Original Link

Got a post in mod about sugarbabies, can you pass it or let me know if it didn’t show up?

on June 21st, 2016 at 12:06 pm
Original Link

“Every other girl I messaged, no matter what I said, never replied.”

When Tinder was new, they would’ve replied. But now there’s just too many options to bother. That’s how the online stuff usually goes. First the hot girls find it (a new way to get orbiters and resources and potential alpha mates!), and cool social guys are made aware of it because they roll with girls like that, and everyone hooks up and has fun. Then the average chicks hear they can get laid on there and get on it, then the average dudes hear they can get laid so they get on it. Then the bottom of the barrel uggos follow suit and ruin it for everyone. The hot girls get scared off or turn it into an orbiter collection machine (that’s why you’ll see all the “add me: (username)” stuff as profiles, they’re just collecting orbiters), and the cool guys bail because the girls they want are gone and the low self-esteem dudes (or lazy dudes lol) stay on there banging 6s and the uggos get more demanding and entitled etc etc

The lesson is: uggos ruin everything. lol

“She showed a screenshot of her Tinder account, with over 3,000 matches.”

And she’s not some anomaly. Is it REALLY possible that in 3,000 men there isn’t ONE who would be worth dating? It IS possible, but also she’s not even really getting to know any of them because there’s just too many to bother. But those guys will message her for MONTHS without a single text back (again girls show me their convos with these guys and it’s the most pathetic thing in the world) just hoping for a chance or a scrap of attention from her.

“This seems pretty much completely accurate to me. It’s pretty depressing. Brave New World comes to mind.”

A lot of girls are cool, as long as you have realistic expectations for them instead of delusional fantasies about how they “should” be. Like the girl I had over the other night is a blast, I love hanging out with her, we shoot the shit between fucks and have a great time. But I don’t expect her to be some unicorn. She’s just a girl like all the others.

“i don’t mind because IMO it’s actually SUPER EASY (but you have to put in the time to rewire your head) to cross into the 5%. It’s so funny. Like, once you get IN to that group, you just sort of lol at women and most of the discussion are fucking academic. Like me and my nice guy friend and who is .001% better….who gives a shit honestly? We’re both slaying left and right.”

lol exactly. Like I’m bringing this stuff up for the sake of discussion but it doesn’t ACTUALLY affect me infield. When you interact with a girl one on one and have value to her and aren’t looking for anything serious, none of this stuff is really relevant. A girl will mention an orbiter and you just lol and tell her to get him to buy shit for you two to share, like you view that guy the same way she does: a source of free resources, not any kind of threat or worry.

And I can’t judge them for accepting the resources. I would only turn down girls (from ugly to hot) offering me free money and dinners and gifts and drinks and offers to pay my rent and tuition and shit for so long before I went all My Humps on it. “I say no but they keep givin, so I keep on takin and no we ain’t datin”

“You are out… do you NOT see social circle pairings? Do you not see beta guys in relationships?”

Irrelevant. Hanging out does not equal fucking. Steve and his wife are in a “social circle” paired up in a relationship and he hasn’t had his dick touched in who knows how many years. And you aren’t seeing whether those girls have guys on the side etc It’s like when guys think a guy getting an ioi from a girl means she’s going to fuck him or a guy who gets lots of iois must be getting laid lol

“I see my 18 YO in HS and her social circle…”

You think you have any idea what they’re doing these days? lol

“my 24YO and her social circle – and many of these girls are getting engaged now”

Again no relevance to frequency of sex or numbers of guys going sexless. None of this goes against what I’m saying about 80/20 becoming 90/10. No one is saying betas don’t get laid or don’t get into relationships etc.

I mean, how deliberately obtuse can you be? By your logic Steve and his wife must be having sex.

“in my community, all the kids look like their siblings and parents. of course this is not proof of paternity, but seriously, they all have the same eyes, or jawline, or gait or whatever.”

One fun wake-up to reality is when you see a pic of a girl’s husband and realize he looks very similar to you and she’s trying to get you to raw dog her.

But again, no one is saying Betas don’t have sex or don’t have kids. But having a kid doesn’t mean you’re having sex, it means you’ve had sex once, or a handful of times for a certain window of time. It’s ZERO indication of how frequently they actually have sex. Lots of wives clam up on the sex after they get preggers and just never return to it, ask the deadbedrooms guys.

“the guys married to these shrews are not getting daily blow jobs. no fucking way. and the kids who look like them may in fact represent the one act of sex they got all year I see how uptight these broads are. I’d put my money on dead bedrooms every time.”

Right, exactly. Sentient can’t look at a couple walking along and think “they’re in a relationship, so they must be having regular sex”. Steve Hyde ALONE disproves that silly conclusion. Like, this isn’t any kind of science going on in this thread lol This is just clinging to some kind of Blue Pill dream reality.

on June 21st, 2016 at 12:17 pm
Original Link

“So my logic is not consistent, but you are saying that betas are giving more resources than ever (free dinners, trips, tickets, gift cards as per your examples) in the hope of holding hands, but will simultaneously reduce resource production lol”

I’m not saying it, all the MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF EVIDENCE are saying it.

What will happen is the guys who aren’t satisfied with an internet waifu will check out of soceity completely when they aren’t getting rewarded for their efforts and switch to earning fuck all (we see this all over the MGTOW movement as guys ditch their shitty workhorse jobs to just do simple shit for minimal pay to live in single guy comfort), and the guys who are cool with internet waifu validation will keep working to send her shit (or self-sacrifice putting themselves into poverty to provide for a waifu for the ones that have that as part of the romantic white knight fantasy).

But as single dudes either way they don’t have to earn much to get by so they’re still going to be earning less and working less hard than the guy who has a wife, 2 kids, a mortgage and honeymoon and wedding to pay for.

This is common fucking sense lol

“There is no government program ever, and never will be, that can give Saira the resources that Steve has given her and will give her (alimony, child support, house, car etc.).”

Not YET. But a combo of government programs already allow a single mom access to something like $50k/year by default. Throw in some orbiters online and her not having to do ANYTHING to earn any of that, like not having to fuck a chode, and hey, that’s a decent deal.

Of course she can always just marry a guy with the intention of divorce him Amber Heard style. She can put out with some duty sex until the ring is on her finger and then turn off the spout and paint him as a bad guy and society will reward her with cash & prizes.

“Steve gives at least 2000% more than any government programs, and if I understand his business success, likely 40000% more than any government program you can dream up. All the beta dads in my church are far far better at providing resources, both now and in the future, after divorce rape, than any government program.”

Sure, but they have to sacrifice a lot (in their mind) to get access to all of that. Do women tend to take the hardest way of doing things for the most profit, or do they take the easiest way for a bit less? Especially when society convinces them that David Beckham is going to message them on Instagram once they ditch their Steve?

Like I don’t even know what you’re arguing lol Do you really think women need to marry a Steve to get resources in 2016?

on June 21st, 2016 at 12:29 pm
Original Link

“To get the resources they think they need to have and are completely entitled to, yes.”

Ok explain this trend:

I mean, why are these women actively choosing to be poor and why is it becoming normalized to be a single mom? Why aren’t they all sticking to their Steves so they can drive their high end SUVs to pick up their designer clothing? Why is this becoming so common?

Even if women marry Steves and then pop out a kid after a couple rounds of sex and then deadbedroom him and divorce-rape him for provision, like, that’s not a “win” lol That’s still not Steve having more sex than betas in the past who’s wives at least were socially shamed into sticking around and forcing her to have sex was less frowned upon.

on June 21st, 2016 at 12:30 pm
Original Link

@having a bad day
“(this idea is the FI pushing on you btw… bc the assumption is that sex IS in play for those couples… i mean how could it NOT be… those guys WAITED for her to be ready!… for THEM!… so, she MUST be putting out… right?…lol… bc NOTHING is sexier than a man who can do the dishes…lol…)”

“but, that doesn’t mean that the guy keeps getting sex after that…lol… in fact, it’s more likely that they don’t have sex… BC of the kids…lol… ”

It blows my mind that I have to explain this to guys in a Red Pill forum of all places.

on June 21st, 2016 at 12:42 pm
Original Link

“You know only Yareally can fill in the gaps… LOL Oh the irony…”

I can link a few thousand vids of girls getting free resources from guys if you want. And another few thousands Patreon pages. And another few thousand instagram accounts. etc etc etc I’ll trust that evidence over “well I saw a guy and girl holding hands at the mall”.

@hank holiday
“It had all the RSD guys talking about being brief on text to set up date”

Right, but remember what their infield interactions look like VS your ice cream girl. They demonstrate MASSIVE value with huge emotional spikes, where you had like a chill cool conversation.

“Texted her asking if old dude at bar hit on her”

Ya to me something like that is better. Spike some emotions/good feels.

“Should have pushed for lay that night — walked her to hotel.”

lol this, ideally. Like Julien says: try for Plan A, only try for Plan B if Plan A is a no-go. Find a way to get rid of her friend, go with them and hope the friend bails, etc etc

“When I have time to go into longer bit, I will do the whole Juien bit of having her talk to me over the phone while next to her and have her reherse how she will answer it when I call her later.”

Right, that kind of stuff helps. And even then the “????” doesn’t sound very congruent to your interactions so who knows how she interpreted it.

“and you don’t know they aren’t.”

We have a shitload of data to suggest that they aren’t. Take a trip to any deadbedroom discussion about how sex dies off after marriage.

I mean, I want to live in your fantasy world where Steve gets married and gets laid daily for 10 years (but still somehow only has 1 kid, wut? If kids indicate he’s having crazy wild sex every night why doesn’t he have 50 kids?). But that’s not the real world. In the real world the sex dies off fast for betas especially once their chick gets pregnant.

“But even your story proves beta’s getting sex, even if the frequency was low… or very low… there was still a frequency…”

NO ONE HAS EVER SAID THAT BETAS DON’T GET LAID AT ALL. Fuck, I’m back in the sperg-wars with you again. All I said was that the 80/20 is becoming 90/10. I’ve said repeatedly that betas still have sex, it’s just less of them having it than before.

“you know women who are “actively choosing to be poor” lol”

Well by your logic they’re choosing to be poor. Since as you said before “why would a princess choose this losing strategy”, so clearly you think it’s a conscious choice they make. So hey, explain why the princesses are choosing the fail option isntead of the win, on a mass scale?

on June 21st, 2016 at 1:02 pm
Original Link

“because being sexually active they get accidentally pregnant, before post-wall snare-a-beta, then biology/emotions kicks in and they have to keep the baby and YaReally pays child support for years and years lol”

That’s totally what happens. As long as you completely ignore all the women who get divorced or break up with the baby daddy’s to be single with their kid. Again, for your theories to hold up you have to completely ignore massive chunks of reality and endless evidence. This is such an absurd conversation to even be having.

@hank holiday
“but there wasn’t enough of a reason for her to care to text back”

Right. She thinks that about Julien/Tyler who blow her emotions through the roof in their initial interaction. But you just had a chill conversation. Bill Gates finding $10,000 on the ground analogy. It’s cool to him, but it doesn’t blow his mind to go out of his way for it. You didn’t have enough impact for her to really care who you are…not that she won’t text back, she still might, but like, you can see where you COULD have done better.

“A lot of mistakes I’ve made come from just blazing through things without thinking “Okay, where am I at now.” and “Where is SHE at now.””

Game is a balance. You need to just do shit without thinking to get outside your comfort zone, but you need to think and strategize to consistently lead things to sex, but the more of both of those you do the more the behaviors get internalized and then you DON’T think about them at all except briefly. Like it goes back and forth as you sharpen your skillset and mindsets up. When I’m in set most of it is autopilot or winging it but at key waypoints in the interaction my brain will kick in the chess game aspect of “make sure you do this, or make sure you lead it toward this” to make sure things stay on track.

This is why we push guys to get field experience. You just HAVE to fuck this stuff up to learn all these lessons and internalize it. So don’t sweat it. If you see that ice cream girl again in a few weeks by chance at the mall, act like nothing happened, act like you don’t even remember getting her number or calling her, just be cool and none of this will matter to her (what you feel, she feels). Girls don’t care about the logic of the situation or explaining how and why stuff in the past happened.

on June 21st, 2016 at 8:07 pm
Original Link

“It’s absurd for you to claim that BB is being phased on by some combination of government programs, crowd sourcing, and social media, when massive chunks of reality and endless evidence show that BB is ongoing, and predictable for post-wall women. That women get married to betas, have babies, and later divorce rape is basic red pill.”

Like I say, give it 20-40 years when this stuff is fully in swing. The road is just starting to curve, it’s not around the bend yet. I’m just tellin ya where we’re headed. 90/10.

@The Man
“You are thereby making your argument way too general by way of using an example that doesn’t fit”

I trust that the readers here are smart enough to extrapolate and I don’t need to go sift through a bunch of chode deadbedroom stories and beta internet profiles to link them because you can figure out that I’m referring to the general archetype and not specifically Steve himself. Did I misjudge? Do I have to baby step this common sense shit?

“It’s kinda disrespectful of people imo.”

lol I see you’re new to my posts.

“Dude, why are you not working for RSD already? Not a fan of publicity?”

Don’t want to make my living off pickup, I’m just here to help guys the way I was helped by the PUA community back in the day.

@Harrison Bergeron
“Because the argument is being made that she might not HAVE to spend her resources, see the video of donation-battles, IG models have amazon wish lists, shit the evidence is everywhere…”

This. I can’t comprehend how someone can think women have ANY trouble getting provision, especially in their 20s, in 2016. There are SO MANY sources of free income for them and they have access to literally the ENTIRE WORLD to crowdsource funds from, all on their little pocket-held smartphones. It requires almost no effort whatsoever for them, they don’t even have to date the guys or anything. Like I say, I think the guys who are having trouble understanding this just don’t understand current technology and social media and how normalized this stuff has become.

Like I posted but seems to have gotten lost in mod:

There’s a MASSIVE push to normalize the sugar daddy sugar baby thing so that it’s not just crazy low-self esteem drug-addict hookers doing it but so the average girl who just doesn’t want to work a job while she racks up student loan debt can wine and dine at fancy places and have access to some dude’s resources for minimal investment on her part:

“Of the 3.6 million members on SeekingArrangement, half of the sugar daddies are married and a whopping 1.4 million sugar babies are students in their 20s, founder Brandon Wade claims. They seek out sugar daddies for “companionship” to pay off loans and tuition. These enterprising young women are reportedly earning around $4,000 a month seeing men who are sometimes older than their fathers. Between studying and classes, they go on weekend getaways and attend parties and functions with the men. “Daddies make sure their babies get into the careers, grad schools and internships that they want,” said Angela Jacob Bermudo, a public relations manager for SeekingArrangement.

But not all sugar babies are particularly young. Some are older, in their mid-thirties and early forties. Gianna Phoenix is 43. An Arizona widow and mother-of-two, Phoenix makes $60,000 a year dating a sugar daddy. He even helped her purchase a house.”

“These women aren’t the stereotypical gold diggers with bleached blonde hair, red lipstick and stilettos. They are smart Ivy Leaguers.They are women who study hard, not party hard.

See? You’re not prostitutes, you’re like a smart Ivy Leaguer who’s studying hard! So this is TOTALLY fine and normal. These men WANT to make you happy and give you their money so you can achieve your dreams! You’d be dumb NOT to accept this kind of arrangement, when you have dozens of guys a day offering you free shit for nothing.

Welcome to 2016.

@hank holiday
“I think I should just do “Np. Made plans with someone else.””

Not sure I’d even put the plans with someone else part, not sure you have the value to her to not come off sounding butthurt lol

““Okay, since you work a lot, what are the days you are free?””

Even this I would reword into something more fun like teasing her for working so much and how she must be starving for ice cream or something VS “OKAY. FINE. Since you work a lot and CLEARLY don’t have time for ME. Whatever. When are you free then, ugh, this is so difficult.” ya know? Like calibrate to her view of you, what exactly does she have to go on about who you are and what kind of personality you have. She’s not going to even remember the good feels you gave her when you first met because they were pretty low-key to begin with, so imagine this is a 100% cold-call text like you just picked a random girl’s number out of the phone book to text.

““Hey let’s meet up so you can tell me about how badly you’ve treated other men” Also add her on facebook. It says she’s in a relationship (??)”

Might’ve just triggered guilt with that text if she’s got a dude, and/or ASD from her friends. A lot of times those male orbiter guys she’s with will, once she’s away from you, talk shit and sabotage you so that she CAN’T hang with you because you don’t have peer approval. Hard to say exactly what happened, once shit goes to number closes there’s a lot of random factors that can pop up.

“Exactly, and the post-wall lock down involves the beta getting beta sex,”

AGAIN, revisit this in 20-40 years. Like Rollo said, his old chick he knows is having no problem getting beta bucks. You’re gonna see more and more of it. These old chicks won’t need a Steve to get BB, they’ll just need a good Myspace angle to their pics and to spend half an hour a day flirting with online chodes.

“So the idea that the beta gets little to no sex,”

No one has said that. As I’ve said since the start, it’s not that betas are getting NO sex, or that betas in relationships are getting zero sex, it’s that less of them are getting into relationships to HAVE that sex and IN those relationships the girls have WAY more options to bail and cuckold and fuck around with AF.

“or just has sex exactly twice to conceive two babies, is false in almost all cases, and comes from the alpha processing ” she’d rather be fucking me” so why is she having the beta’s children”

No, it comes from “they have babies so they must have sex 7 days a week” being a retarded logic leap. TONS of those deadbedroom guys have kids. Them having kids or holding hands in public doesn’t mean anything.

“This is quite common. Have known several guys this has happened to, ie. wife says she wants him to go out & fuck other women after years of grit-her-teeth duty sex to keep her beta bux chump from blowing things up and taking away her provisioning.”

No fuckin clue. Apparently this doesn’t happen and I’m imagining it and any couple who holds hands in public and has a kid is fucking 7x a week. Nothing in society has affected that at all, social media and endless BB options and guys throwing free shit at women from around the world has no effect on anything. lol

“What I have always found frustrating is that there is an avalanche of guys falling all over themselves for chicks, and getting nowhere, or getting just enough sex, or a promise to keep them orbiting forever it seems. Most get zero. I lost interest. It’s overwhelming.”

I have to deal with those guys infield and befriend those guys and I help teach those guys if they’re out with me etc So I see this shit all the time. Like I say, I don’t know how this is controversial to anyone who goes out and hangs out with the <25yo crowd and sees who's getting fucked, who's getting cheated on, who's "holding hands so they MUST be fucking" when really the girl has guys on the side or is deadbedrooming the guy, etc etc

on June 21st, 2016 at 8:08 pm
Original Link

post in mod lol @Rollo save me!

on June 21st, 2016 at 8:49 pm
Original Link

“So billions of people are born… we must assume largely to betas.. but you cite a reddit forum with 30K subscribers that contravenes this…”

Over the anecdotes of a couple of guys observing people holding hands and assuming church couples with kids are boning 7 nights a week? Ya, I’m going to take the experience of 30k+ guys, including guys in this thread who’ve mentioned they’ve experienced deadbedrooms, over that.

“Athol Kay posits that a clinical definition of a “dead Bedroom” is sex 1x per month…”

Get married guys drunk and ask them how often they’re having sex after their wife has the number of kids she wants. I’d be it’s a lot less than 1x per month lol Steve is lucky if he’s getting 1x per year right now.

“these hyper extrapolations, strawmen, etc. that diminish your arguments…”

Because I’m arguing with a silly fantasy world you guys are making up lol if I was arguing the non-existance of magical flying unicorns I would probably use similar exaggerations because having to debate it at all is ridiculous.

“Show me where I ever said or even suggested that Steve or anyone would get laid daily and having “crazy” sex every night…?”

All I said from the start was that 80/20 was becoming 90/10 and that less betas are getting regular sex because girls don’t need to fuck them for their provision as much anymore and that that trend is obviously going to continue as technology keeps fucking with it.

That’s not a controversial statement and is backed up by a shitload of evidence. You guys are the ones claiming that betas are getting laid like it’s business as usual despite open hypergamy, open cuckolding, free resources for women, etc etc which is a massive denial of reality.

“side note.. actually.. the whole notion of “crazy” or “kinky’ or whatever descriptor sex is squarely in the FI and does not serve the MI at all. There is no point scale on sex from a biological perspective… seed meeting egg is 10 out of 10…”

Tell that to the hubby who can’t get a BJ from his wife and then finds a vid of her blowing a football team and taking it up the ass. Hey brah, there’s no difference between the sex you’re getting and the sex they’re getting! lol

“Tiresome all the same.”

I know right? I’d love it if I didn’t have to explain the 101 basics of how the world works to guys studying the Red Pill who apparently discount 30k men’s experience for their own “I saw them holding hands so they must be having sex” observations, but apparently I DO.

on June 21st, 2016 at 10:13 pm
Original Link

“Don’t tell guys like me our narratives and how we are “unhappy”. Because it doesn’t fly.”
“I love you, man, except when you dictate or explain my narrative. ”

Once AGAIN, as I’ve said numerous times before, just assume my posts aren’t about you unless I specifically write “@SJF” and put words after that.

on June 22nd, 2016 at 4:40 pm
Original Link

Massive post for the day enjoy lol:

@Culum Struan
“Like I get this can sound bizarre or unrealistic to guys who didn’t grow up so awkward around women (I was a virgin till 24) – even to me now it’s hard to recognize myself as I am now in these examples, but believe me, they happened.”

Happened to me too. Happens to SO MANY guys. I’m watching it happen all around me. And as this generation gets more and more reliant on TEXTING instead of FACE TO FACE INTERACTION, are the guys going to get BETTER at interacting with women or worse? Worse. Obviously. This is such common fucking sense lol At least 10 years ago or in the 1950s or whatever, those betas would have to man up and approach the girl to interact with her and they might by chance flip some attraction switches and DHV by just having the balls to approach or interact with them or call them on the phone and have an actual conversation etc.

Now these guys can all hide behind texting and Tinder and online profiles and emoticons and shit as their social skills become stunted and they get even less face to face experience with girls coming onto them and what to do in that situation. And it’s going to get worse when VR has these guys staying home to spank it or flirt with their VR webcam girlfriend they throw provision at and their social skills get even shittier to where even the post-wall women don’t want them or can’t get them to make a move and fuck them.

Like Fight Club: “I felt like putting a bullet between the eyes of every Panda that wouldn’t screw to save its species” lol These guys SHOULD be fucking girls, even if it’s these post-wall hags that just want provision, but even THEN they’re wrapped up in their fantasy world half the time where they won’t have to make a move but the girl won’t be a “slut” and make a move and things will just magically happen, as they pass up opportunity after opportunity for sex/relationships.

@Harrison Bergeron
“That’s if you are her AF, girls will go out of their way to please you. They’ll even spend their BB hubby’s money, or have hubby buy her things to share with her AF.”

Yup. Ask me how I know lol

“You ignore billions of people as evidence”

As I’ve explained numerous times but you seem unable to comprehend: I’m talking about how things are changing. Someone having 3 kids 10 years ago isn’t relevant to the discussion of what’s been happening since social media and smartphones and Tinder etc kicked into full swing in the last few years.

“but stick to your own anecdotal information”

The anecdotal information of hundreds of thousands of dudes and easily observable evidence if you just go watch girls on webcams and twitch streams and instagram etc and see for yourself what I’m talking about.

“You ignore that most every girl you will encounter will be having sex with a guy”

Even this is debatable, really. A girl with no good options around her will often choose not having sex over fucking a loser just like a lot of guys would take masturbating/porn over fucking a 2/10.

“and most guys are beta…”

Irrelevant. When those girls need to fuck someone, they’ll often call up one of their multiple fuckbois, their alpha bad boys, their exes, new guys from Tinder etc. Calling up the beta they know is beta, for sex, is usually the last option lol If they don’t need his provision, they don’t need to bother with him, and like I say, they need his provision less and less as technology progresses.

“so you ignore your own experience in a contrived effort to make a minor point…”

No, you are just incapable of understanding simple concepts, apparently. Or just really determined to disagree with everything I say lol I don’t really care which it is, it doesn’t matter, you’re wrong and simple observation of the world around us shows that.

“About 530PM… I observed hundreds of women filling their shopping carts, many with kids in tow… What a shock to learn that none of them are fucking their husbands and are out doing the football team. because, yareally read it on a forum.”

Like I say, I would LOVE to live in your fantasy world where women filling shopping carts with kids in tow are all loyally fucking their husbands, who are definitely those kids’ dads, and women never cheat or get divorced, none of those women are single moms, etc. I mean, why do we even have this silly red pill stuff when women are all faithful to their husbands and husbands never lose attraction or let themselves get unattractive or anything. Why do all these red pill guys just make up this silly notion of “beta’ization in a relationship”. lol Steve Hyde and his wife are probably just lying about their situation anyway, his wife MUST be fucking him! fuck ALL of this red pill stuff, let’s cling to our Blue Pill belief that these women are all going home to suck their hubby’s dicks.

Your theory holds up if you just, you know, ignore most of reality.

Again, if we were talking about pre-social media, I’d agree 80/20 is still holding up. But post it, 80/20 is headed toward 90/10 and worse.

@Culum Struan
“If I understand YaReally correctly he is saying that this model is breaking down *at the youngest end of the SMV* as a consequence of the smartphone generation’s ability to get validation/access to alphas/AND provisioning without having to have sex with a beta.”

This is what I’m saying. I’m telling you guys the future like Nostradamus lol

“I don’t think YaReally is saying betas get NO sex or that the old system has completely failed – betas DO still enter into relationships with women and get sex and so on, just as they did before.”

Yup. It’s just that 1) women are less inclined to get into relationships with them cause they don’t need their resources, 2) they have worse social skills because of technology to LAND those women, 3) women have less incentive to stay faithful and keep putting out for the guy since they get rewarded for bailing and applause for deadbedrooming and have a million more vagina-tingling options at their fingertips thanks to technology, and as a result of all of that 4) less betas are getting into relationships with regular sex than in the past. 80/20 becoming 90/10 and worse.

“But the TREND is that more and more girls (under 25 and getting worse as they get younger) just get their AF from alphas and validation when they want plus their (online) validation and provisioning from betas WITHOUT having to actually date the beta or sleep with him the way they would have had to do in 1986 purely for logistical reasons, because it was much harder to transcend your local social circle then.”

This. Hear that @Sentient @redlight @gb_hill etc? Is this SIMPLE LOGIC making sense yet?

“In other words, YaReally is NOT saying betas get no sex – he’s saying that the TREND is heading that way with younger girls.”

Yup. It’s gonna get worse and worse, but we need 20-40 years to see the full conseqeunces of it.

“I’ve also seen girls discussing their Tinder matches with friends and joking about their orbiters to me and stuff, so it at least seems plausible. Saying “I’ve seen betas with girlfriends” doesn’t disprove YaReally’s point – he’s not saying that kind of thing doesn’t happen – he’s saying the TREND is that there’s less of it.”

This. Hang out with <25yo girls while they Tinder and check out their text conversations with guys etc and see it for yourselves.

"How does a homeless man with no job get a woman to want to fuck him for fun? How does he make her think OTHER women wanna fuck him for fun? Even if she can tell from a mile away I’m “no good” or have no utility value, I want to know what to try on her. Am I gonna learn that in PIMP?"

It's only really a problem for her if it's a problem to you. Understand that subcomms and the emotions you make her feel are all that really matter to her. Learn Mystery Method Group Theory to learn to build fast social proof and preselection all around you…sure you could go up to that girl and open her directly, but why not open a group of girls beside her first, with something safe that's funny and spikes them laughing and, so that her radar picks up on that, and then Forward Merge to her now armed with preselection? Play Chess, not Checkers.

Having money, a home, a car, good-looks, etc, NONE of that prevents you from being able to make girls (and men) laugh. Comedians generally aren't handsome or rich, they just know how to make people laugh and work a crowd. If you can learn to make one girl laugh, you can use that to make multiple girls (and guys) laugh, and if you can do that then you can use that to build preseleciton and social proof. Preselection and social proof demonstrate that you can get other women. Demonstrate that skill in front of a girl and you're golden.

The biggest setback will be the guy's own internals that tell him he has no value because he isn't living up to the FI-conditioned value system of looks/money/home/car/etc, and crying over self-surveys where girls don't pick the homeless bum over the rich jock on OKCupid, so he won't feel ENTITLED to escalate or pull the girl (to an alley or bathroom or her place etc), but that's his own limiting beliefs fucking him over.

"Next night invited her over, banged her brains out."

Props dude. Not surprised at all, that was a rock solid text you sent. Obliterated that shit-test.

"You would like this video. The whole series of live streams is awesome actually."

I second those livestreams. Haven't seen TenGame yet, but those live streams alone have a lot of rock solid content. Julien has learned to streamline his explanations and analogies for things over the years…a lot of what he's saying is what he said in free tour videos 5 years ago but was way less articulate and more meandering around the point. Great stuff to see in terms of giving guys efficient learning resources.

"To be a well rounded masculine male there needs to be a balance in activities in your life and acquiring traits from all these sources to be build at stronger core."

Have you had sex before? Yes? Then ya, go ahead and focus on other shit. But that flowery "well-rounded" shit doesn't help a frustrated incel. Once they get sex handled, they can focus on enjoying all that other shit in life…but when you're incel and WANTING to have sex and feel the touch of a woman and have a woman actually desire you or want to even spend TIME with you or engage you in conversation, all that other shit you do feels empty. Ask me how I know😛

Focus on game so you can get women and don't have to have an empty lonely bed for years at a time, THEN go climb mountains and take up MMA and focus on your career and all that other well-rounded shit.

@having a bad day
"i’m not the playa that Ya is, but *i* started out at a LOWER level than steve…lol… bc *I* couldn’t even ‘attract’ one of those ‘desirable’ credentialized ‘experienced’ career girls…lol… (and THAT’S why i KNOW that ANY man can do this… if he puts in the effort…)"

No one who meets me now believes me but I was worse than Steve till I found PUA too. The stories I could tell about my beta chode days lol That's why I know what the 80/20 looks like from the other side and can relate to the guys going through this shit now and can tell the gap is widening. These guys think these old hags are going to just take any ol' beta provider but they won't and even when they try to those betas still live in a fantasy world where they're going to get their dream girl if they just keep donating money to some online waifu chick and be a Nice Guy for long enough, or are scared of actually having sex ('cause any girl that makes a move on them must be one of those dirty SLUTS). etc etc

You have to really not understand beta mindsets to not grasp what I'm saying.

"so, it is possible that those dead bedrooms forum guys are making shit up…lol…"

It's theoretically possible, but they'd have to provide some kind of mass motivation for that. And if we're going to throw out the Field Reports of 30,000 deadbedroom guys then fuck it, lets throw out the Field Reports of hundreds of thousands of PUAs over the last 10 years and all the FRs of the guys in this comment section since it's all clearly lies just made up for no reason.

Instead let's trust "I saw a mom with a kid shopping at the grocery store. So OBVIOUSLY she's happily married and happily fucking her beta chode Steve husband daily and is faithful and they'll be together forever fucking till the end of days!" lol

"up until i got some game, i used to hold hands with my wife every time we were out…lol…we looked like the perfect ‘in love’ couple… that DOESN”T mean i was getting any at home…"

This is my fucking point that I can't believe these guys can't grasp lol Guaranteed Steve and his wife's friends had no idea they weren't fucking and probably told them they're the perfect couple and shit, Steve probably holds hands with her and she goes shopping with their kids and shit. NONE of that has ANY relevance to how much Steve is getting his dick wet.

It's like these guys think if a couple isn't having sex then they'll just avoid eachother in public and like, spit on eachother and fight in the grocery store. No handle on reality or actual human behavior. Couples are EMBARRASSED that they aren't having sex, and GUILTY, and ASHAMED, etc etc they HIDE that shit. Your silly observations are meaningless…hell the number of accounts on Ashley Madison ALONE throw your observations out the window and that isn't even quality data.

"and they WILL get sex…lol… bc that is part of the BB deal too… sex (plain old duty ‘but still gets the job done’ sex…lol) right up until the wedding/commitment…and then it slacks off… and then even less after the kids pop out…"

Yup, I've never disagreed with this. But like I say, women need their provision less and less and have more and more options as technology increases and open hypergamy open cuckolding open relationships sugar relationships etc get normalized and guys are getting chodier and chodier because technology is stunting socialization and mgtow/redpill ideas are spreading where guys earn less to provide with or check out entirely and the FI is encouraging beta'ization, and less and less of those betas are getting into relationships and having sex. 80/20 becoming 90/10. Very simple logic behind an observable trend.

"even before kids, i felt that i was lucky if i got it a couple times a year… (anniversary/my bday (with maaaybe a bj…lol)/new years/’fathers day’ (a couple times prior to kids…lol)… but that was about it…"

But let's throw our your anecdotal evidence, because Sentient saw a woman in a grocery store buying a chocolate bar for her kid so you're lying.

@Harrison Bergeron
"No PUA I’ve seen has ever told another man what is or isn’t masculine, that’s for the manosphere to do. What they do say is “here’s how to most efficiently attract a woman and fuck her” that’s it…"

lol this. If we found out tomorrow that wearing fuzzy hats and feather boas helped attract women efficiently, we'd recommend guys do that, just like we did back in the day lol We don't care whether it's masculine or not, we don't care about living up to some cartoon stereotype that's half-based in FI-conditioning and "the old books" anyway, all we care about is what works. The student can decide for himself what else he wants to do with his life and what his priorities are.

"You want to get better at baseball? Play baseball. You want to get better at picking up women? Go out and pick up women."

This lol

@scray @N1
"about fakeness of people"
"I hate it! Being cynical can be cool I guess, but if you’re trying to DHV…passion, optimism, light, and hope are always better."

I actually like those topics (I talk about people putting on fronts and worrying about judgement etc to show that I'm not judgemental), but I approach them in a way where I'm giving the girl and I props for NOT being like that. Like I create an "us VS the world" bubble where her and I are "real" and everyone else is stuck inside their heads and trapped worrying and not expressing their actual feelings. Helps create a bond, over a negative topic (that makes me sound all deep and insightful when I'm just riffing basic PUA knowledge lol), without actually BEING negative/cynical…like it's more of a frame of "I wish we could help these other people be as free as us, what stood out to me was how free you are bla bla" instead of "doesn't the world suck?" lol So it's a positive framing of a negative topic.

You don't HAVE to do it, sticking to happy positive topics is probably better, but I'm just saying if you DO end up in those topics (a lot of girls are downers and don't realize it…a lot of PEOPLE are, really, lol they'll harp on negative topics and you have to lead the interaction somewhere better) you can turn it into a way to build a deep bond with the person (guy or girl) and come off like you're wise as fuck (which again feeds into the older man fantasy).

@hank holiday
"Basically, you need x value to get a girl to want to go out with you.

If you do over the top, 10-20min RSD game on a chick, you already have value. So, all you really have to do is just text the meetup and she’ll go.

But if you have a more chill, shorter, 2-5min convo, you generally won’t have quite enough value. So you have to escalate through text a bit, THEN go for setting up the meetup.

But still keep texts short — does 3 to 5 texts (from me) sound about right?"

You got it. You can extrapolate it: any guy fucking any girl needs to have X value. Most guys will happen to flip the right switches to achieve that X value by sheer fluke over time, like knowing a girl in a social circle for a while or going on a few dates etc. All PUA is doing is saying "okay you have to get to X value, here are the switches you need to flip and here are really efficient routines/concepts/mindsets to help you flip those switches as fast as possible.

So a guy who runs an over the top live RSD game, who's also running over the top text game, is probably going to end up over-gaming. And a guy who's running super chill game, who also runs aloof text game, is probably going to end up under-gaming.

"I’m thinking for icecream girl to text her something like “Damn, today was boring. Robbed a bank and made love to a couple of models. How was your day.”"

Hard to say at this point. Once the window is closed it's usually closed. You could try giving it a week or two before you invite again incase she has any negative feels that need to settle down. But personally I would shoot for running into her in person again and then just act like it never happened, charm her, and then Time Bridge an actual hangout. Girls don't care about logic, even if she's the one blowing you off, if you haven't txted her in a week you can always run into her and say "oh hey sorry we never hung out I've been super busy lately" after spiking her buying temp a bit and she won't care that she was the one that was flaking on you lol Girls live in the reality of the moment.

"My biggests issue is with feeling I am out of place and people will swoop in and kick me out if I do game"

Ya, worrying about other people overhearing and judging etc is a big hurdle for guys doing Daygame. That's why a lot of the Daygame guys open on big huge streets with people walking past a lot more than they'll open a girl in a lineup or sitting at a table in a restaurant etc where everyone around them is stuck there and will overhear and potentially judge them.

"Also, very hesitant to go into places that aren’t “for me”."

Just say you have a little sister or older sister or platonic female friend or neice or something to shop for. If it goes well with the girl you can reveal "Also I don't actually have a neice, I just thought you were cute and wanted to come say hi" and come off like a cheeky rascal in a good way.

"So, with vendors, main issue is just staying VERY aware of customers and making sure to interact with them and understand it’s not going to be a continual gaming episode, prolly will be lots of talk to girl, talk to customers, talk to girl, talk to customers, talk to girl, leave, talk to customers, talk to girl, set up day 2."

Ya, and remember they're still girls under it all. They get off shift around 5pm or 9pm depending on the mall and shop and their shift, both of those allow them to meet up for a drink, so if you're getting good reception just pitch it "what time are you off? Let's meet up for a drink at (somewhere that isn't the mall so she won't be judged by people she knows at the mall)." A lot of them are bored as fuck by the end of their shift and going to meet up with a fun guy is a lot more appealing than going home to do fuck all on a weeknight. I use this with waitresses, bartenders, etc a lot tho it's harder with bartenders 'cause they don't get out of their venue till an hour+ after last call usually. But like if I go for food with a buddy in the afternoon and some waitress is into our vibe, I'll just throw out "what time are you off? You joining us for a drink?" or "what time are you off? We're/I'm hitting blah later, you should come."

Then you can skip the whole texting day2 bullshit entirely and just run an instadate while her buying temp is still high lol

@redlight @scray
"there are three guys there (the guys that dragged her away) including the jealous confronting guy, what could possibly go wrong?"

That doesn't really discount what scray is saying though. It might not be wise to do it from a health point of view, but it doesn't matter whether she was sport flirting or not in terms of getting attraction.

And don't add anyone to facebook what the fuck lol Whoever that is, @N1? @hank? No facebook. The only reason a guy should have Facebook is if he's focused on social circle game and has a shitload of good DHV shit to put on it. Like a Walawala probably has Facebook and even a scray might. But for someone like myself doing cold approach and who avoids social circle game and uses a fake name/job/etc at bars, Facebook is no good. I have a 5'2" skinny little buddy who uses Facebook (and social media in general) AMAZINGLY, his entire FB is filled with DHV photos and photos of him with girls and girls leaving shit all over his wall etc and he uses that to clean up with pussy, but even he admits it's a full-time job to keep that shit going lol But hey, he's found a way to succeed when other guys who look like him wouldn't even try so props to him.

"So true, having lived it too, and so, so sad about the whole duty sex thing. I feel entirely justified blowing up a 28yo relationship and now chasing 18-20 year-olds. No guilt for me."

Props on your escape. Don't waste your newfound freedom lol Chase that shit till your dick falls off.

"Game is fun, the field is fun, you learn and practice Game, it’s like keys to the VIP few are allowed into."

This right here. With the Keys to the VIP analogy, like Tyler says: most guys piss & moan about how slutty girls are and how players are assholes etc because they aren't a part of the fun. If they were a part of the fun they wouldn't care, but because they're on the outside looking in they're all butthurt "look at those SLUTS!!!" lol

"As for “Old Man Game”, I’m 43, and I will say now it’s easier than it has ever been. You just have a built in abundance and confidence to you, given what other stuff you’ve been through in life. Yes, I can and do pick up women in their 20’s, in fact tonight i’m meeting a girl that is 22 smoke show. Did my age hold me back? Nope, she doesn’t care."

I legitimately am starting to feel like game gets easier the older you get. Maybe there's some cutoff point where it gets harder again, but like, I do way better with way better girls now than I did in my 20s because I have way better subcomms, confidence, dominance, authority, life experience, etc I've had approximately zero girls reject me based on my age…I literally can't even think of a time its happened. I assume it must have, and girls definitely shit-test me on it, but I just pass the shit-test and it becomes irrelevant. Most don't even believe how old I am, not because I look young (I'm not asian lol) but because I have the attitude of someone who loves life and enjoys adventure and shit VS a lot of my mid-30s peers who are just sad depressed losers internally and externally.

"That said, YaReally you are a gem on here, and I appreciate all your posts!"

"She hasn’t accepted my fb request which makes me think that Yareally is on to something (ofc lol)"

lol like I say, you've just triggered ASD. Her orbiter chodes may not be fucking her but they probably know the guy she's "in a relationship" on FB with and shit-talked you or she just felt like she's being judged. You didn't have a way to take it to sex that night and they wouldn't let you steal her away for long so there's not much you could do. At best maybe disqualify yourself so you can get her to meet up for something she can tell herself is totally platonic, but otherwise you've probably just triggered ASD and the Facebook stuff is just like, she doesn't want to NOT keep in contact but she doesn't know how to keep in contact and FB won't work but she's a girl and doesn't think it through or anything.

Sounds to me like you had legit attraction but just the logistics/ASD were too shitty to do much with.

"Usually with flakes I’d send a feeler maybe 5-7 days later, but I’m considering the beta bomb option here e.g “we had such a good connection, it’s a shame if we never meet again”"

Can't see this working. She already has a guy she has a good connection with…her BOYFRIEND. The more you go down that road, the more it becomes "I'm cheating on my boyfriend with another potential boyfriend" VS going down the lover road where you "don't count". This is kind of a nuanced point lol Todd Tyler and Julien talk about this, but basically the more you go that deep connection route when a girl has a boyfriend, the more you become competiton and a potential replacement for her boyfriend so the more guilt she feels…vs sticking to lover stuff where you aren't competing to replace her boyfriend, you're in a different slot entirely.

So if you're gonna shoot a feeler (which can't hurt), I would shoot for like a Fri/Sat night feeler based around let's bump into eachother if you're out tonight, VS trying to set up a more "serious" Tuesday coffee date ya know? Again this is for taken girls.

@hank holiday
"“Okay, well why don’t you just buy me an cookie.”"

lolol it's killing me that you aren't in a city full of your type of girl and good venues to sarge. You would slay shit. If I had the money I would put you in a good city just to watch what happens.

"There wasn’t like “OMG I want to bang this guy attraction"

It all starts from what you got. The trick is to then guide that from general social attraction into sexual attraction, which involves more like, focusing one on one on the girl and laser eyes etc. It's like you "blow the set open" as we used to call it, and then zero in on the one you want and THAT'S usually where things will start to turn into sexual attraction. Think of it like tossing a grenade into the group then focusing a laser on your specific target (while the rest go "OMG!!!" and get jealous or cheer you on or give you props or goad their friend to go for it etc around you (cause you have group approval from the grenade), just hold your frame and stay focused through it all).

"And I’ve noticed, esp with blakc girls, that they tend to game themselves."

Ya, feisty white chicks will do this too. They're my favorite and it's easy to blast Attraction fast, they'll do half the work themselves lol But I get the impression black chicks are usually more feisty and hang out in feisty groups whereas white chicks will tend to have one main feisty girl in the group and if there's only one other girl she's usually shy/submissive and if there's a group most of them are various levels but all dwarfed by the main feisty one or two girls.

"and I think it work especially well because I am extremely white, so they don’t expect that kind of stuff from me"

Also this, you get a "defying expectations" value boost. Same as a Tyler who's not traditionally attractive…when he acts as IF he's a 10, he gets extra points because it's like "man this guy MUST have something going for him to congruently act like that!!" Short/ugly guys pay attention lol This is a big part of how I get over my having a beer gut and plain clothes and average looks.

"But in my experience teasing “racist” stuff works VERY well on blakc girls"

lol it mainly comes down to if it's self-amusing to you and congruent to your sense of humor. ie – you're saying it because you think it's funny VS saying it to get a reaction or hoping they'll think it's funny. When I hang out with my minority crews (lol) we all crack all sorts of racist jokes to eachother, guys and girls, they'll make fun of me for being the white guy and I'll make fun of them back etc No fucks given, but it's because I'm comfortable with it. One of my minority buddies and I tell girls we're twins and he's just sunburnt lol

But calibrate it either way and err on the safe side if the environment calls for it. Like at a nightclub you can probably say whatever, you won't see them again. But at a daytime venue where you don't want any long-term drama it doesn't hurt to play it a bit safe and wait till you're spiking buying temp before you drop really offensive stuff that could go bad. Either way if you fuck up too bad, just sincerely apologize and show you understand their position and call yourself an idiot or self-depreciate and try to smooth it over…there's no shame in apologizing for shitty calibration (and ironically that demonstrates good calibration lol)

"And, damn, that’s a thing I’ve noticed. So many white girls are just BITCHY. Like they hate to be hit on for some reason."

To be fair, black chicks get hit on by Blaximus. White chicks get hit on by Steve Hyde. So like, black chicks are probably much cooler about game in general and appreciate a smooth guy whereas white chicks have their shields up because of all the lovable losers they have to deal with. If you can blow past their bitch shields a lot of them are sweet purring kittens for you.

"And asian girls are SUUUPPPEER reserved, at least the foreign ones. Kind of a little torn over whether there is any kind of interested with some of them, but I think its mostly just that they tend to hide the attraction more."

I hate them lol They're so boring to interact with. Like, sex is great, but *I* need to be having fun in the interaction and I like some back and forth etc and the quiet little asian girls are soooo boring. But that's more the fobby ones. The white-washed ones born & raised here in big cities and out in the nightlife scene are often the complete opposite and are even MORE feisty/bitchy than white chicks lol

"If one states “betas don’t get laid”"

Good thing no one's stated that then!

"then if a beta comes here and is not yet in deadbedroom, he thinks “I’m not a beta since I get laid regular” and leaves without reading all the posts and Rollo’s books."

This is quite the imaginary scenario that won't happen lol

"So “betas don’t get laid” does a disservice to beta men."

Doesn't matter. Truth above all. That's why it's important to let them know that the 80/20 is widening to 90/10 so they think "hmm maybe I should check into this to see if I'm going to get swept up in that or my son might"

"Now if one wants to claim that betas will not get laid 40 years from now, who cares, could be right, could be everybody has sex robots running Windows 69"

Like I say, it'll become 99/1.

"Don’t get hung up on frequency. I know enough men who’d gladly trade 12 lays with their otherwise deadbedroom wives for 1 intense sexual experience with a woman who displayed genuine desire and sexual adventurousness,"

Agree completely. That's why I'm focused on the upcoming generation of men who are going to have to deal with the 90/10 culture that's evolving, 'cause those guys are going to see less and less desire sex. At least in the 40s a woman was shamed for bailing on a guy and that guy could use force to make her fuck him and get some kind of duty/obligation/fear sex out of it because she couldn't leave. Not that that's a great system lol but like, that guy at least had access to pussy. In 2016? If those girls in their 20s even WANT to get into a relationship (which is becoming more and more rare since they all think they'll find Prince Charming in their 30s, thanks Feminism!) they're rewarded with cash prizes and attention for bailing the second they lose attraction and they're starting to not need the guy anyway thanks to all the other ways they can get provision/resources as technology advances.

Like I say, I can't comprehend why what I'm saying would be controversial in any way to red pill guys lol It's absurd how invested in 80/20 some guys are.

"the perfume 40s number close"

Sounds like an alpha, not a Steve Hyde. Not sure what relevance he has to the discussion.

Late Life Hypergamy

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on June 23rd, 2016 at 10:16 pm
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“so he would put a profile on OkStupid, “well-educated never-married mid-thirties businessman-executive looking for soul-mate” (take-away: showing his willingness to hyphenate his last name if married)”
“you can see why we are so frustrated with him”

The fuck are you talking about dude?

“and he would find out that the fish jump right into the boat”

How many times do I have to repeat this: I’m talking about a trend that’s starting to pick up steam, in the upcoming generation of women and the effects that’ll happen in the next 20-40 years as the 80/20 becomes 90/10. Not OLD POST-WALL WOMEN RIGHT NOW. How many times do you need me to repeat that before you understand the difference? In 20-40 years, that profile will get 0 views, because even post-wall women won’t need a Steve, they’ll have access to hundreds of orbiter chodes who will throw money at them just like the old chick Rollo mentioned.

And even in your weird YaReally fanfic, that fantasy version of me only has guaranteed sex 2.24 times minimum, anywhere from thousands to 2.24 maximum, and that dries up as soon as she’s got what she wants. There’s no reason she would keep fucking me regularly, let alone thousands of times.

It’s like trying to explain rocket science to a child with their ears plugged.

@hank holiday
You’re learning and internalizing a shitload of stuff that guys who don’t go out will never learn, not just about social dynamics but about yourself. This is why hitting the field is so important, beyond the pussy part of it. Like I say to guys just starting out: you don’t even really know YOURSELF or WHAT you want or what makes you tick yet. Till you get infield and find that stuff out.

When you get to a city full of your type of girls, you’re going to be a beast lol

RSD Luke (I hate his actual in-set game, personally, I think it looks horrible and he comes off asexual friend-zoney, but take what’s useful, discard what isn’t, the guy knows how to network and leverage social circles/social proof) covers a lot of social circle stuff, building social circles and networking and just providing value and being the “social connector” that brings people together etc. It might be something you resonate with since you seem to be a social butterfly in general. Personally I’m a one on one guy and I like my alone time, so I’m keeping a low profile these days, but in the past I rolled with big groups and we knew people everywhere in the nightlife. Too draining and too much potential for drama etc for me, but certain types of guys are into it and thrive on being the social king of their area.

The Talk

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on June 7th, 2016 at 6:25 pm
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“Just as an MRP aside, I should also add that relationships that were predicated on The Talk set a precedence for further Talks (ultimatums) within the context of a marriage.

In other words, if the Talk was effective in coercing a guy to commit or make the LTR “official” you can bet she will resort to something similar in the future when she feels entitled to other aspects of a marriage in which she controls the frame and he must qualify for her socially conditioned, self-serving definition of manhood for complying with her.”

This is an important fucking point lol Shit should be in the original article (or is a whole article in and of itself).

The way you enter that relationship she wants defines how she’s going to try to get you to do other shit down the road. If you can be badgered, guilted, shamed, etc into a relationship (hi, softek!), you teach her that when she wants more she should just amp that up because you’ll eventually cave. If you enter a relationship on your own terms, with some resistance, and coming from a frame of abundance (combined with Soft Nexts when she tries to shame/pressure you into shit you don’t want to do), she learns from the get-go that you don’t negotiate with terrorists lol

That’s why Softek is fucked. He’s already demonstrated to his girl that she can walk all over him because he hasn’t left when she’s done bad behavior, so just like walawala’s BPD kept escalating things, Softeks will too, or will just bide her time till she can get “accidentally” pregnant. There’s no recovering the relationship at this point because she knows him better than he knows himself and knows he’s going to cave if she just keeps up the pressure because his not leaving has taught her that he responds to pressure/scarcity.

“@YaReally, OT, but this article will interest you in respect to your approach to Game:”

That’s why I don’t let guys hide behind their crybaby victim complex about how hard it is to learn game or how Tyler’s some apex level of game no one else can reach or avoiding going out infield to approach because they don’t have the right bodyfat percent or height etc. Like Tyler said, the biggest thing that got him into game was knowing that if someone else could do something then, if he worked hard enough, he could do it too. Society will tell guys they’re either born with it or they aren’t, but that’s because society wants BB guys to fail the shit-test and take themselves out of the game.

“The basic gist of this paper is that how parents talk about intelligence and failure matter. There’s decades of research showing that if you praise intelligence over trying, it teaches the child that you’re either good or bad at things and there’s nothing you can do a bout it. When you praise effort, they tend to persevere more. In short, if children think intelligence is fixed, they see no reason to try.

What this study adds is saying is that these messages aren’t being sent by parents views on intelligence but by their parents views on failure. They find ” Overall, parents who see failure as debilitating focus on their children’s performance and ability rather than on their children’s learning, and their children, in turn, tend to believe that intelligence is fixed rather than malleable.””

This is why we encourage guys to view it as a GAME, and to view the world as a social lab to experiment in, and to not base their self-worth on the girl’s reactions and to view their GAME SKILL as separate from their INTERNAL WORTH…ie – if I get shot down it’s not that I’m a shitty loser as a human being, I just made some missteps in my game and wasn’t able to (or didn’t know how to) present my awesomeness in an optimal way in that one interaction. Whereas most guys will interpret rejection as THEM sucking and let it destroy their self-worth, and compare themselves to other guys who have better results and spiral into this whole negative bullshit mindset where they just stop trying because they’re focused more on “playing to NOT LOSE instead of playing to WIN”.

That’s why I’m a hardass about guys making excuses. There are no excuses. Game is the only hobby that DIRECTLY improves your ability to get pussy, costs no money to do, has no barrier to entry, can be practiced literally anywhere at any time in any interaction with anyone around you, and has no real cap to it…you get as good as you want to get, and all the resources are available for free (or pirating).

And yet thousands of guys will voluntarily stick to pornhub and lonely nights and make excuses to not go out. Because they’ve been socially conditioned to believe you either have it or you don’t, or that they don’t have the external assets to succeed. Even a lot of Naturals believe that shit and perpetuate it. But the only difference between Tyler and those guys is Tyler went out and decided that if other people can do it, he can do it.

@rugby11 @Mad Kalak
Shit, if I gotta be 80 years old and STILL keep up a front like I’m invincible when I’m hunched over a cane so my wife following me around nagging me won’t bail on me if I let down the front, I’ll take being the lonely old man and enjoy the peace and quiet as I shuffle around complaining about my back to the nurses lol

lol’ed hard at the noose.

on June 9th, 2016 at 12:26 am
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“Who told you that life is supposed to be filled with reward?”

Why shouldn’t it be? Or why shouldn’t we chase that outcome? I mean, why voluntarily suffer? If you can get the rewards you want and there’s no real negative conseqeunces to it, then why is it such a ridiculous idea? (hint: social conditioning that we should feel guilty for indulging in pleasure lol)

“Whoever told you that, they LIED to you man.”

Sure, it doesn’t always work out that you get rewards, but why not try to steer your life towards one that constantly rewards you? I mean, that’s what YOU do, right? You feel rewarded by your lifestyle with your wife and rose bushes and kids etc…so YOU are chasing a life full of rewards, but you’re saying other guys like Andy are just chasing the “wrong” rewards because they aren’t rewards you chase.

ie – if Andy was asking for advice on settling down and trimming rose bushes as his idea of what rewards are, you would be encouraging him to do it, but because his vision of rewards is something you don’t value, his ideas/urges seem ridiculous.

I’m not hating, just pointing out the cognitive dissonance in the logic I’m reading lol (and I have to deal with this “you can’t just have FUN all the time, you have to settle down and suffer bro” stuff all the time from guys (not you Blax, just other people I meet in my life) are infinitely more miserable with their life decisions than I am lol)

“Instant gratification is for suckers. That’s not a good strategy to live your life by, unless you’re 17 years old.”

See? Why the condescention? If he was chasing the rose bush life you wouldn’t say “lol trimming rose bushes is for suckers. That’s not a good strategy to live your life by, unless you’re some kind of fruitcake homo lol” which is the same shit your neighbor did to you: belittling your values and trying to convince you that what you view as a reward is stupid and for suckers. Except now YOU’RE the neighbor and are just doing the same thing to guys who value chasing poon or don’t view “intamacy” as anything better than just “familiarity” instead of some mystical woowoo magic connection that no one can explain.

Again, not picking on your lifestyle, you have your view of what’s rewarding to you and you are chasing that. That’s awesome to me, because you know what you want and are achieving it. But when it comes to other guys who want different things it’s like “ya maybe if you’re some 17yo DUMBASS chasing instant gratification lolol” which is literally the same thing your neighbor was doing to you with the rosebushes. :)

“Sometimes, reward is in the long game.”

We still don’t know what the reward is lol No one can seem to describe what the magic “intimacy” we’re missing out on is and we end up back in woowoo “you’ll understand it when you’re older” territory again, when we need to know what the reward is to guage whether it’s worth the sacrifice because we don’t just trust “just do what we say and it’ll work out, trust us” these days since following that advice is how we ended up as Blue Pill chodes getting raped by the FI in the first place.

Far as I can tell my long-term casual/pLTR/open relationships are every bit as intimate as most of the monogamous LTRs I see (moreso even, in some cases). I mean, I couldn’t rely on a casual fuckbuddy to, I don’t know, take my kids (if I had them) to their swimming lessons…but a pLTR/mLTR/oLTR would.

Again we’re not saying like, monogamy is “bad”, but more just that we don’t really see the tradeoff of giving up variety for a mystical benefit that can’t be quantified or described…especially when, as field experience is showing as mass hores of men go out and test stuff infield in various forms of relationships, it looks like there might be a way to have sexual variety while also having a main girl baby mama.

Basically we’re looking at a potentially much cheaper more efficient energy source, and asking people using gasoline what benefits there are to using gas over this new source because it seems like there’s no real competition and this new energy source is the way of the future…but we’re open to hearing why using gas is good, it’s just no one will tell us or can quantify or describe it, all they say is that there’s big rewards and “real” intimacy etc for using it and those rewards sound pretty similar to the rewards we get from using this new energy source.

And for every video of the 80yo woman shuffling around hanging off her 90yo husband in a cute youtube video, there’s an 80yo woman nagging and bitching out her 90yo husband on his death bed or leaving him alone to fend for himself because she bailed on him and turned his kids against him lol

Props on your newfound freedom. Use it wisely lol

@The Man

@Culum @hank holiday
“she may have friends who are Asian 7s and 8s you know..”

This lol it can be worth just building a social circle of your type of girls if you’re stuck in a location where you don’t have access to many of that type of girl. But you’ll have to make sure she doesn’t think you want to fuck HER lol

on June 9th, 2016 at 8:52 am
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No time to read it yet but skimming it that’s exactly the kind of reply I was looking for, so thanks. Like NOW there’s something to actually discuss and quantify and contrast in various forms of relationships etc, instead of this woowoo “we just know eachother’s SOUL and that makes everything magical” feel-good bullshit lol

Now we can say “okay well what degree do I or can I have these things in a different type of relationship? And if there’s something lacking, is there a way to increase it? And which of those things do I, as an individual man, ACTUALLY need from women to be happy? And will that change at a different point in my life (like pre-wanting kids trust isn’t that big a deal, but if I want kids then trust becomes bigger)?” etc etc and look at the most optimal options/gameplans and customizations for men for whatever situation they’re in and what their values are.

ie – Andy/scray might legitimately not care about some of that stuff, Softek might realize he’s not getting some of it from his girl, or some guys might choose to risk those things for other benefits that you get from casual relationships (freedom of time/space/financial obligations, not having to worry about cheating, variety of pussy/personalities, etc)

on June 14th, 2016 at 10:05 am
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Passing through to drop a vid on the subject of settling down into monogamy:

There’s about a dozen articles worth of content to discuss in these two clips holy shit. From the number of women admitting they do the same thing and how common deadbedrooms are, to the follow-up vid where they give this blue pill chode rounds of applause from the crowd of women for being a good man who isn’t “all about sex” etc

Just brutal. You can bet if that chick meets a guy who DOES make her tingle, she’ll fuck him in an instant and backwards rationalize why and boom, cuckold city. But hey, the relationship wasn’t JUST about SEX was it? You dirty shameful man with sexual desires?? Your wife isn’t just some slut that you expect to be your sex slave is she??

on June 14th, 2016 at 10:19 am
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“And a key aspect to TRP and “waking men up”, IMO, would 100% absolutely NEED to include the truth about circumcision.”

Social conditioning will make girls say they prefer cut (because that’s most of what they see in porn and the guys they fuck so that’s “normal” to them and there’s massive hype about how dirty and gross uncut dicks are (as if you can’t just wash it in the shower like any other fuckin body part lol if you don’t wash your vag for a month it’ll get pretty gross too, should we just cut your vag out?)) but in reality girls don’t actually care and will suck and fuck it all the same if they’re attracted to you (and guess how you get them attracted to you…hint: it’s not what your body parts look like)

But conditioning guys to compare themselves physically to other men and stressing what’s “normal” and stressing girls self-surveyed opinions is a GREAT way to make sure that any guy who has any kind of self-doubt won’t bother wasting girls time trying to fuck them so that only the guys who don’t have any self-doubt and give no fucks about any of that stuff will step up to fuck them.

The “feels better” thing is just common sense: if you slice off a few layers of skin from your arm and then grind sandpaper across that exposed sensitive shit for 16+ years, those nerves are going to die down…same shit with getting your foreskin chopped off and then having the head of your dick rubbing in your underwear for 16+ years. Logically there’s less sensitivity in the tip. That doesn’t mean sex doesn’t feel good or anything but like, people should understand that the point OF circumcision was to make it not feel as good and tempting…why would you purposely choose to do that to your son after you find that out?

I’ve met a shitload of dudes who are extremely self-conscious about their dicks tho, from size to circumicized to angles to whatever else they can be conditioned to doubt themselves by, and I’ve met people (usually women) who believe in circumcision because they don’t want girls to think their son’s dick looks weird/gross (aka outside of the socially conditioned norm).

Lions and gorillas aren’t concerned with what their dicks look like, and neither should men be lol

on June 14th, 2016 at 10:27 am
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Try this on your next online date that you don’t give a fuck about: drink it up and then disqualify her on something meaningless…screen her with like “what do you think about (insert a sexual subject and something she can CHANGE (like her attitude toward wearing lingerie for a man, VS like, her age))?”

Whatever answer she gives just be like “oh what? really? huh…” and NOTICABLY become less interested in her. And when the waitress comes by to ask if you want more drinks say “no I have to be going, just the bills.” (with an S, so she knows it’s separate bills)

Then be super polite and nice like “well it was lovely to meet you, oh I have to meet up with a friend” etc etc and excuse yourself and GTFO as fast as possible.

Like go in with the FULL INTENTION of bailing instead of trying to get laid. Like the mindset of “I need to get out of here as fast as possible” and you’re looking for flaws in her that will let you justify bailing. Your goal is that when you’re leaving the venue without her, she KNOWS exactly WHY, that she didn’t pass a specific test that turned you off, and you shut down.

Observe the reaction and the fallout afterward and you’ll understand the importance of screening these chicks HARRRRRRRRDcore to build attraction and frame yourself as the prize, to help get out of the Provider frame they want to put you in.

Like HARDCORE. Experiment with screening hard enough that you feel like a complete an asshole even down to like “oh, jeans? No, it’s fine, I’ve just never seen a girl wear jeans on a date before. I guess girls these days don’t like to dress up. (chat for a bit till the waitress comes) hmm? oh, no, just the bills thanks, I have to be going actually.”

on June 14th, 2016 at 10:30 am
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Also rub one out right before the date or line up a second date for an hour after this one starts or something, so that you legitimately don’t need sex lol That should help…because if you don’t need SEX, then, I mean, what else does she have to offer you? She’d better step up and impress you if she wants you to pay for any of her drinks even in a dive bar if you don’t need sex from her…and if she doesn’t impress you and fails your sexual screen? Well hey, nice seeing ya, separate checks plz she’s a strong independent woman who can buy her own gin & tonic lol

on June 14th, 2016 at 2:06 pm
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Sounds like the anger stage is building…but that’s not a bad thing, you could USE a little anger to start fixing your shit. After all this talk about dicks and society trying to control us, what do you think your girl is doing when she berates you for LOOKING at other women, or fucking PORN. If circumcision was meant to make you a good little slave what do you think purposely conditioning you to feel guilt and shame for looking at photos on a computer screen is for? Hows your sex life with your girl these days anyway? Are you guys still having the kind of sex you got into the relationship for? Are YOUR sexual needs being fulfilled? Or do you feel guilty even HAVING sexual needs let alone wanting to take care of them (with porn or other women)?

Most of society is trying to tell you who to be and what to do and how to feel about yourself. Some of it means well or has the best intentions, and some of it is maliciously trying to hold you back or put you into a box and limit your ability to achieve your potential (your OWN mind will contribute to this too).

But you don’t have to stay chained up like that. We’re all free to walk out the prison door any time we want…it’s just that we’ve been socially conditioned to feel guilty/ashamed/scared to walk out that door so we stay inside the prison…never really happy, but never really miserable. Just coasting along killing time till life makes decisions FOR us (like your girl getting pregnant)…trying to avoid having to take responsibility for possibly making the wrong decision or making a mistake, because we’ve been convinced that making a mistake means we’re worthless failures and we should fear it. Meanwhile we’ve got a guy who’s gone bankrupt how many times running for fucking PRESIDENT and countless other success stories to look at.

But to think that we could succeed after failure would mean we’d have to view ourself as GREAT or capable of more than society tells us we are. It’s a lot easier to just avoid failure by avoiding trying…and then if the universe fails us, well hey, at least it wasn’t OUR fault…now let’s load up another season of Game of Thrones and numb ourselves from self-awareness.

wtf did I just read. It’s like watching a child pull the legs off an insect out of morbid curiousity of “how far can I push this?” But that’s what you get as a beta who’s fully outed himself AS such and failed every shit-test etc. You become less than human. Like you almost DESERVE that kind of treatment, from their perspective.

It’s not that women are evil, any guy who marries and is monogamously tied to a girl who balloons up to 400lbs would probably subconsciously resent her and end up not treating her much better than to fuck with her to vent her frustration/loathing out. Or a guy who views his kids as dream killers who are holding him back etc They may not even REALIZE they resent/loathe them, but their actions can slowly warp into twisted games because they’re subconsciously seething with hate for that person.

In the second vid the chick says her hubby actually DID go fuck someone else, but no one asked “so did you fuck him after that?”, instead she got the crowd to applaud him for being a good little beta chode who virtue signals that he would never do that. Hope you didn’t need those legs, little insect, now scurry back for more.

on June 14th, 2016 at 4:28 pm
Original Link

“every time I see something like that, I’m like ” what the fuck does this have to do with me??””
“The constant shitting on marriage is getting old and fucking tired already.”

Maybe it DOESN’T have to do with you. Maybe we aren’t talking to you or about your marriage. Maybe we’re warning the current and future generations of men who are reading this and thinking about marrying and settling into monogamy, who weren’t lucky enough to have your super badass skillset to keep sex going 40 times a day for the next 100 years. Maybe not everything is aimed at you or posted for you, maybe some of it is posted to help other guys not end up like this chode getting deadbedroomed on this show. Maybe you should chill and quit taking it as a personal attack and put yourself in the shoes of the guys you can’t relate to who make up a fuckload of these communities typing in “why won’t my wife touch me?? I’ve done everything society told me to and haven’t felt human touch from my own wife in 5 years”.

Maybe every fucking day we are watching our friends and family get sucked into this FI-conditioned bullshit and watching them end up like this dude and watching them all think they’re the special unique snowflakes that are going to make it work because Hollywood told them women are wonderful and true love conquers all, while being completely oblivious to the dangers because no one ever told them “hey, this is a MASSIVE possibilty given the fact that you aren’t the amazing Blaximus who has it all figured out”. Maybe we’re watching our friends and family suffering and miserable as they sink into depression because no one taught them about the risks or how to prevent them, because every amazing Blaximus who had it worked out said “wtf does this have to do with me and MY marriage, my shit worked out just fine, you’re a bunch of pussies if you can’t make it work you should just know this shit DUH just stfu so we can gab with Emily”. Maybe we’re trying to help guys be fully aware of the risks of committing to monogamy and the way the sexual and relationship dynamics shift when they enter a legal binding contract to do it so that they can make a rational decision whether they should or shouldn’t enter something that’s statistically extremely likely to fail and take risks that could be catasrophic for their life (if they don’t end it early).

Maybe you should relax and take a trip to and /r/relationships and learn that men DON’T “understand the underlying mechanics and how to make things go back to where they need to be” and then try to educate them and watch the push-back you get because half of them are still stuck in Blue Pill FI-conditioned paradigms and reject “dread game”.

on June 14th, 2016 at 5:12 pm
Original Link

“I’m trying to share them with anyone who will think and listen.”

And what about the guys who won’t listen? You know how we get them to listen? By posting shit like those videos that make them go “holy fuck, my wife has said similar things to me…maybe I’m not alone” or “man, my GF promises our sex life will be fine after we get married but I’ve noticed little signs that she’s less attracted to me and it sounds like what this guy went through, maybe that’s something I should look into” or “wow my depressed buddy who says his wife doesn’t touch him anymore should see this…”

If you’re going to take that stuff as some personal attack because YOU managed to eventually figure shit out on your own, maybe you’re a little too sensitive for Red Pill discussion.

“Then here it seems that the meme is that women are horrid creatures that men are helpless against.”

No one says men are helpless. If they did, this would be a MGTOW site. Do you want men to adopt a pitbull off the street with no training after a lifetime of being told that pitbull will cuddle up to them and never bite them, or do you want men to be VERY FUCKING AWARE of the risks and dangers of owning a pitbull so that they listen up when we teach them how to own a pitbull in the safest way possible and give them the information they need to decide whether they want a pitbull or not, and to help rein in the pitbull that’s currently biting their fucking arm off?

Those videos are just showing guys what it looks like when a pitbull rips their face off so they wake up and pay attention and educate themselves on how to try to avoid or fix that.

I mean what do you want here? To keep guys in the dark about the risks of owning a pitbull? You think that guy on that show is going to listen to your post? You think he isn’t going to reject ALL OF IT because he hasn’t fully felt the burn?

Why the fuck do you think Softek is still in his shitty relationship? Because he hasn’t had his face ripped off yet so that he listens to the MOUNTAINS of advice he’s gotten to get the fuck out of it.

“So yes, I do ask men to ” toughen up ” and I will continue to do so as long as I speak to men in some capacity.”

Maybe you need to hang out with more guys who are coming to Red Pill communities to help. You don’t seem to understand how fucked up the situation is out there and I legitimately hope that you never have to, but the reality is we are trying to get men to listen to WHY they should “develop strength, mentally and physically” because they don’t give a shit that you’re telling them to. To them, y’re just a name on the internet like the rest of us. They need to see the reality of what’s happening around them and even THEN it’s an uphill battle to get them to save themselves.

“Now, how do we lead these stubborn Blue Pill mules to water?”

We show them videos like the ones I linked instead of keeping them in the dark and then wondering why they don’t see a need to start drinking the water we’re trying to feed them to save their fucking lives.

on June 14th, 2016 at 5:22 pm
Original Link

@hank holiday
“I was trying to figure out a good way to do destroyer that fits my morals”

How do I use this chainsaw to cut a tree down when hurting trees is against my morals?

With field experience you’ll come to understand that most of the hot girls have “boyfriends” that are just chodes they keep around because they don’t want to say they’re single and you’ll start to dive into the grey area of “I offer a lot of value and she isn’t even happy with that guy…maybe spending time with me is ultimately better for her than wasting more time with him…maybe HE’S better off WITHOUT her if she views him this way” and have to question your morals and views of the world.

The end result of that journey is going to determine whether BF Destroyers are for you or not lol Right now it doesn’t sound like they are.

“unfortunately, a lot of that data is pretty fucking ugly to look at.”

This. It’s surreal to me to be called out for posting that data in the Red Pill community of all places. Like, what? What’s next, do we send men off to war letting them think the other side is going to throw flowers at them? Like, oh, okay, Blax posted some links. COOL, I guess the job is done! Close down shop everyone, all these guys are going to just listen to the stuff in that post, why do we have to be SO ANNOYING with all this DISCUSSION, ughhhh!! I just wanna yell at Emily guys!!

The data is ugly. It sucks and I wish it was easier to look at. But I didn’t make the rules, I just report what’s happening out there. And what’s happening out there is guys are getting fucked left and right and not in the good way. And despite that, our friends, family, sons, nephews, etc are still walking off to the slaughter or in the process of being chopped up with a smile on their face because they have no idea what’s happening because THEY sure as shit aren’t seeking out the data themselves…

’cause why WOULD they? THEY have the unicorn. Now maybe if they do the dishes more often, she’ll start to find them sexually attractive again, that’s what this article on Buzzfeed said…

on June 14th, 2016 at 6:18 pm
Original Link

“On the other hand there is PUA guys who aren’t acknowledging what ASDgamer just said:

“And Blax said that he had to work it out. I had to work it out. Even Rollo the Magnificent had to work it out. All of us married dudes had to work it out.”

Ya, we’re trying to help them work it out. By discussing it and waking them up. Which is apparently an issue. What, you guys had to do it the hard way so you want other men to, as well?

“Is it in your interest to marry? Is it worth the risk? That’s the question men should be asking themselves.””

How are they going to make that decision when informing them of the risks in a contract that is VERY FUCKED in 2016 with women of this generation and the next, when informing them is “too negative”?

“Just sometimes, when the discussion is crazy negative I speak up in the opposite direction. A little balance.”

So speak. No one’s stopping you. But I WILL make sure guys understand that owning a pitbull without knowing what you’re doing can get their face bitten off, even if pitbulls are really cute cuddly dogs to you, a guy who figured out how to train them.

“So for me, the video appeared to be aimed at lame ass, equalist loving dudes.”

And how are you gonna help them? Or what, they don’t deserve it? Because they’ve been socially conditioned to be shit, we just shake our heads and laugh and leave them? We don’t put the information out there that a guy like that, who’s going to spend the next 20+ years of his life in that relationship (if he doesn’t off himself or cheat and get divorce-raped and lose access to his kids), might happen across it and go “hmm…maybe my situation ISN’T right and maybe I should try listening to what this Blaximus guy is saying”

Just fuck ’em, cause the discussion is uncomfortable and they didn’t just know to listen to the outline of some random name on a screen?

“Also why I tried to give an outline, but Ya seems to interpret it as my just telling guys to ” just do it ” or something.”

No, your outline is stellar. But no one who’s still under the FI gives a shit about it. Why do you think Softek hasn’t listened to any of us and is still in his relationship that we ALL know is a train headed for the side of a cliff? Why do you think that guy from that TV show isn’t going to read TRM or listen to any of this “negativity”?

Medicine is useless if you can’t get the patient to understand they’re sick. And you might have to show them the results of what their stage 1 cancer is going to look like at stage 4 for them to see the importance of taking their medicine.

“I support, encourage and demand that men start being men again”

Ya, we all do. But the vast majority of FI-conditioned men out there don’t even know what that means and think they ARE “men”. Look at that chode on that TV show basking in the applause of the chicks in the audience patting him on the head for being a good little chode. That guy THINKS he’s being a “man”. Or that guy thinks “being a man” is stupid machismo silly nonsense and he’s enlightened and knows if he just washes more dishes his girl will reward him with sex, while she starts treating him worse and worse.

“If a poster talks about his experience, it is good for the group.”

So, what, that guy on the TV show and all the guys who can relate to that video (hint: there’s a reason the videos have their comments section turned off), have to be posters here for us to share their experience? If I post it, that’s just “being negative”?

“I can’t hold their hands and walk them up to it.”

Then let us try to if you aren’t up for the task.

“A man cannot afford to have his mind occupying some kind of Disney World”

And yet, you want me to not post videos that would shake him out of that Disney World. Do you understand that guys don’t just “come out” of a Disney World? You think Softek is going to learn his BPD lesson without going through some of the hard shit you went through with yours and seeing the realities of what that’s like so he’s fully aware of the dangers of the situation he’s in? You think guys are going to just wake up without seeing and discussing this kind of uncomfortable shit?

“A man must understand what he’s doing at all times, in every situation.”

Ya, that’s why we’re trying to inform them. So they KNOW what they’re doing. That’s what those videos DO, is force a guy to understand the situation he’s entering.

“Grown ass men cannot think as children do.”

Then quit treating them like children and trying to shield them from uncomfortable things.

“Social bullshit, religious bullshit, feminist bullshit. None of it conducive to being a man. Most of it tightly held onto by men.”

The people sucked into it don’t KNOW it’s bullshit. Videos like I posted show them a glimpse into reality and help cause them to start wondering if the things they’ve been told are actually true, so that they might actually read your outline and pay attention.

on June 14th, 2016 at 6:21 pm
Original Link

Hell I’m even okay with a guy getting married, as long as he fully 100% understands the risks and how marriages end up like that guys and how they end up like yours.

But that guy has been socially conditioned to believe that doing everything the opposite of how YOU do it, will get him the marriage YOU have and the Red Pill community is the ONLY place he’s ever going to see data to the contrary…sorry if it makes you uncomfortable but men shouldn’t adopt a pitbull without understanding the potential risks of being a shitty owner.

on June 14th, 2016 at 7:07 pm
Original Link

“I agree. And I’m all for telling him to forget all of what he might think he knows, and go back to the basics.”

And do you think he’s going to listen to you? Why? Because people that know you well respect you? It doesn’t mean shit. You’re just a name on a screen to some guy who ventures here from some Blue/Purple Pill forum.

WHY should he forget what he thinks he knows? Softek hasn’t been burned yet, so WHY should he listen to all of us about getting out of his BPD relationship? Do you get what I’m saying? Do you understand that the reason Softek isn’t taking his medicine is because he doesn’t understand the reality and gravity of the situation he’s in because ALL OF SOCIETY has refused to show him videos of a pitbull biting a guy’s face off, like you’re annoyed with me at doing?

It’s like you think “well I said it, so guys should just listen”. That’s not how it works in the real world. They don’t even know WHY they should listen to you.

That’s why we ask you guys to define what the benefits of monogamy are. Because maybe there AREN’T any that can’t be gotten through other safer methods with less risks. That’s important information. The whole “do as I say ’cause I’m a wise old man who managed to make a massively high-risk scenario work out” attitude doesn’t help guys who think a pitbull is a cuddly little animal that’s going to lick their face playfully when they poke it with a sharp stick like society has been conditioning them to do since birth.

“I’m just a dude, and if I can do this shit with any kind of success, and guy that wants to can do it too. I believe the hell outta that.”

No one is saying they CAN’T make it work. What we were saying in the monogamy questions were asking why SHOULD they try to make it work? We wanted to know what the benefits to it are. And now we’re saying if they DO decide to try to make it work, then they sure as shit better know the risks and obstacles they’re going to face.

It’s like you’re saying “I learned how to fly a plane so I’m going to put this other guy in the pilot seat, who’s been told planes magically fly on their own and when they hit the ground they just bounce safely and everyone will be fine, and hand him the instruction manual on how to fly and then wonder why he doesn’t get why it’s important to read the instruction manual I gave him”.

“I learned a lesson from exploding marriage #1. I don’t consider this one a ” do over “, but I am unwavering this go around. Rock-fucking-solid and happy as hell.”

And you were lucky as FUCK to escape from that marriage unscathed enough to recover. But a lot of men WON’T be, because they went in having no idea there were risks involved…they thought legally tying half their shit and custody of their kids to monogamy would make their relationship stronger and LESS risky, because that’s what society told them about true love. Look at that chode in the second video, really WATCH him. He is 100% convinced that he’s doing the right thing and that his situation isn’t pathetic and going to lead to misery. He had no idea there were any risks and still has no idea. A pitbull is gnawing on his arm and he has no idea what’s happening or how to stop it or prevent it in the first place because he’s been conditioned to believe that a pitbull gnawing on his arm is fine and he’s “being a man” the more flesh he lets that pitbull chomp off.

“I can only hope that they start out right and MAINTAIN”

How do you expect them to DO that when they don’t know there are RISKS?

“They need to cement their frames before tying any knots”

How do you expect them to know WHY they should even HAVE strong frames when EVERY MESSAGE THEY’VE EVER GOTTEN from society has been “have a pushover frame and let your wife walk over you, happy wife happy life, women are wonderful and will treat you better the more housecleaning you do for them!” when you get uppity that we’re posting videos and experiences that show WHY cementing your frame is fucking vital.

“And they need to know what they need, not so much what they want, and vet like hell for that.”

WHY? They don’t know WHY, dude. Because the FI has taught them “women are wonderful”. Why would they vet, they have a unicorn.

“Worse case? You got laid regularly for a couple of years.”

So why isn’t Softek listening to your advice? I mean, you said “don’t bow to pressure from her” and “next the fuck out of her if your spidey senses start tingling”, both of which have been going on for months now and there he is, going back for more. Why? Because he doesn’t understand the damage that pitbull is going to do to him.

That guy on that 2nd video thinks he’s WINNING. He thinks his marriage is SUCCESSFUL. He thinks you are an ABUSIVE ASSHOLE. You just went out and flirted with young girls in a bar? You sick fucking PIG. He would NEVER do THAT. He actually loves HIS woman and everything is going just fine. At least he’s not some JERK like you.

He has no idea what’s wrong with his situation or why he should bother listening to your advice.

You can’t just assume guys know the shit you know or know why they should bother listening to you. If they did, these Red Pill communities wouldn’t even EXIST.

Men need to be informed of the data that you happened to gather through life experiences that VERY luckily didn’t burn you for life, before they’ll even BEGIN to listen to your advice.

on June 14th, 2016 at 7:31 pm
Original Link

“There are a lot of guys who read the comments that are not as fucked or clueless as Steven Hyde in the videos that YaReally posted.”

There are a lot of teachers in a classroom who can do algebra. It doesn’t do the students any good to not be taught what 2 + 2 equals even if you guys already know it and figured it out on your own. The book teaching 2 + 2 isn’t FOR you.

“It still seems that the antagonism is couched as don’t do relationship game”

We’re saying if you’re determined to adopt a pitbull, learn the risks and how to mitigate them and have the best chance at successfully not getting your face ripped off. Why is that an issue?? It’s GREAT that you guys managed not to get mauled, but the VAST MAJORITY of men are and have no idea why.

“It’s about red pill awareness”

Red Pill awareness…but don’t post videos showing an entire room of women teaching men that deadbedrooms are normal and they should be proud to be in one and don’t worry nothing is wrong we’ve always been at war with Eastasia.

“I still don’t get the antagonism in today’s comments”

I’m 100% reacting to Blaximus giving me shit for posting those videos that teach massive lessons in what improper pitbull handling leads to, something that is VERY fucking relevant to the topic of Rollo’s article. I haven’t even read scribblers posts.

on June 14th, 2016 at 8:07 pm
Original Link

“I am struggling with the concept of having to explain to men why they shouldn’t be afraid and why they must be strong.”

That’s why Naturals generally don’t make good teachers. It’s not that they aren’t good, it’s that they have a solipsistic tendency that makes it hard for them to relate to how other guys don’t just “get it” the way they do, and they get frustrated with them because it’s so obvious to THEM. Then they flip the Monopoly board over and storm off because the discussion is too frustrating to them. But those guys looking for help are still sitting there going “but wtf do we DO?? And WHY?? Someone give us some answers!!”

It’s nothing against YOU. But you have to put yourself in the shoes of these guys and understand that they’re the MAJORITY. YOU are the rarity in 2016, and you will become even MORE rare 20+ years from now if we don’t get this information out to men and get them to wake up and understand why taking their medicine is important.

“But I can offer perspective from a guy that has not had his face eaten away by pitbulls.”

You have to understand that the REASON you didn’t get your face bitten off is because by what you’ve learned in life has taught you enough to just naturally not tap-dance around in a minefield while other men, who haven’t been taught that stuff, think mines shoot up cuddles and rainbows if they step on them.

You didn’t marry a magical unicorn NAWALT. You married a chick who was a bit better than other girls and raised in a previous generation where she didn’t grow up on Tinder and Eat Pray Love conditioning, and got VERY lucky you didn’t get fucked over, and managed to, consciously or subconsciously, execute enough proper Red Pill behaviors for them to BE magical unicorns.

It’s like getting a quiet pitbull instead of a hyper energetic one…that’ll make a bit of a difference, but at the end of the day if you back that dog into a corner it’s biologically wired to rip your face off. You just happen to have picked up enough training to naturally not be backing your dogs into a corner, while other men are being socially conditioned to believe that cornering their pitbulls and jabbing them with sharp sticks is the way to get the dog to happily cuddle them on a rainbow cloud.

on June 14th, 2016 at 8:11 pm
Original Link

The reason it’s important for guys to understand that you don’t have a NAWALT that you screened for who’s just incapable of biting your face off, and that the reason you haven’t gotten your face bitten off is because you are executing Red Pill strategy (consciously or subconsciously) is because they think their girls ARE unicorns. “oh I met Jenny at the library not the bar, so she’s one of those NAWALTs like Blaximus has, so I won’t get burned”. They have to understand that the reason your pitbull isn’t biting you is because you aren’t backing it into a corner poking it with a stick.

As a natural you aren’t consciously thinking “I’d better not back this pitbull into a corner and poke it with a stick”, you just naturally aren’t doing it. But guys are being conditioned to believe that the more they back their pitbull into a corner and poke it with a stick, the more that dog will love them and they’re getting their faces bitten off and poking the pitbull MORE thinking that’s going to help fix things because they screened for a NAWALT.

They have to understand that the difference between you and that guy on that 2nd video isn’t that he just picked the “wrong girl” (that’s just full on FI bullshit right there). They have to understand that the difference between you and that guy is your behavior, attitudes, Red Pill understanding of women, etc

Otherwise they’re just sharpening their sticks and looking for the pitbull that won’t bite them when they corner it and jab at it.

on June 15th, 2016 at 10:01 pm
Original Link

“Cake and eating it too is an option. It’s not honorable

lol wut? By who’s standards, the FI? Whatever standards you were socially conditioned to have?

“but that is only up to the individual to decide what’s ” honorable “.”

The FI says getting married is “honorable”. Honor is just social conditioning (“it’s the right thing to do because it just IS okay??”) combined with shaming tactics. I mean, how is that different than what Wild Man is saying with his silly “common code of courtesy” nonsense.

“In today’s society, honor doesn’t count for much, so I get that. Keeping your word is negotiable.”

What does that have to do with what we’re talking about? If you don’t promise monogamy, you’re not breaking your word about anything. In fact you’re a shitload more “honorable” and keeping your word than the guy sneaking around cheating behind his wife’s back (a wife he entered into a monogamous agreement with).

No idea what tangent you’re going down with this one but I’m gonna chalk it up to just a mis-wording in the heat of “battle” ’cause what you wrote the way you wrote it there opens up a whole ‘nother can of debate worms lol

on June 16th, 2016 at 10:15 am
Original Link

“I read an article that said people thought open relationships were more detestable than cheating in monogamous relationships. i.e., declaring non-exclusivity from the start is more detestable to people than declaring exclusivity from the start and then going back on your word”

In actual real life the reverse ends up being true. A guy who doesn’t commit gets WAY less hassle for flirting with girls or going to stripclubs/bars/etc than a guy who’s made a monogamous agreement. The guy breaking his vows is viewed as a sleazeball (although I’d imagine people in deadbedrooms or married to betas etc themselves would be more sympathetic).

But in a self-survey there are a ton of other dynamics going on in the person’s head, from who exactly they’re picturing making that agreement in the hypothetical imaginary situation and how congruent/incongruent that imaginary hypothetical person is in their mental image, to their OWN behavior (ie – has the person being self-surveyed cheated and do they feel justified and are they projecting that? Or have they wanted someone who wouldn’t commit to them and they’re projecting that?)

“People have SO MUCH EGO INVESTED in their expensive tools, that they can’t, or don’t want, to face that something is much more effective and much simpler.”

Welcome to “looks/money matter”. :)

“That’s why I try to make a point of not getting “married” to any particular methods: tomorrow, or the day after, I might find something that works better”

I will throw out everything I’ve ever learned about pickup the day I see legitimate consistent infield evidence that looks/money matter. So would Tyler. All we care about is what consistently works and what’s most efficient.

@Softek @having a bad day
“this is your wishful thinking again… expecting her to take the lead and make a choice against her personal interests… which will accrue a major benefit to you”

This. She’s more likely to fuck some other dude on the side (like one of these guys she hangs out with or some alpha dude on a bar night or whatever, or an ex she misses that wouldn’t commit etc) and get herself preggers and then tell you the condom and/or pulling out etc must have failed (they’re only 98% effective and all that) and convince you not to get a paternity test (because her goal at that point will be to get you to provide for her and the kid). Even if you intend to get one, you can’t get one right away and will go through anywhere from a few months to the full 9+ months not knowing if you’ve actually gotten her pregnant or not and panicking about your whole life being flipped upside-down and going down the shitter.

And, as HABD points out, you’re still waiting for other people and the universe to make the hard decisions FOR you. So you can avoid accountability/responsibility if it turns out to have been a bad decision (even though there’s no scenario where that ends up being a bad decision, your brain doesn’t know that yet lol).

“I really think this is a normal case of an Epiphany Phase relationship.”

Her frustration is normal. The way she’s expressing it is NOT. It’s unnacceptable and accepting it tells her you are likely to stick around if she gets preggers because you’re taking her disrespect/abuse just like that chode in that 2nd video.

“There’s the equalism myth again: we HAVE had a lot of moments where I thought we were very close, like I ‘realized’ all the dreams I had, and more, from back in my incel hardcore Blue Pill fantasy days. I literally did everything I could’ve dreamed of back then, and what I thought would make me happy, and felt like we were really close.”

To be fair to you: pretty much every guy who first gets success with women falls into one of these relationships, where they finally get to do all the stuff they didn’t get to do but dreamt about growing up…holding a girl’s hand and cuddling up and sharing your personal shit with a girl you feel you can trust and all those little gay happy romcom moments. Like, it’s pretty common that a guy needs to get that out of his system to sort of mark off the checklist and get those itches scratched because it wasn’t something they had access to when everyone else did.

So like, I GET it lol But the next stage will be learning that she’ll do all that stuff with the next guy. She’ll take him to her special spot, she’ll share her special stories with him, she’ll hold his hand just like she held your hand, etc And once you’ve done that stuff and get used to doing it more common (like you start getting girls and can do that with any of them), you’ll be able to put its value more in perspective and weigh it against the girls’ behavior.

“I’ve never faced that reality head on and that’s why I’ve always just withdrawn from life.

ya, i’ve been there too… buuut… too late now…lol… you are past the point where you can be reinserted into the matrix…”

lol this. Like Tyler says: you’re FUCKED now. ’cause you’ve seen the Matrix, and you can’t UN-see it. There’s no going back to the Blue Pill world. So embrace it and move forward, ’cause you don’t have a choice anymore. :)

“maybe you really DO want to have a kid with her… men have hindbrain/hamster combos that ‘spin’ their reality for procreation, too… lol”

I mean, ya, of course lol His biology is driven to replicate with her. That’s the problem. But his biology doesn’t care if he’s HAPPY. All it cares about is that it replicates, if he has to live in a car and work 3 jobs to afford child support and alimony while some other dude fucks his GF in front of him every night and he gets emasculated on a chick talk-show in front of the world etc etc, his biology doesn’t care about any of that. It just wants to achieve it’s goal.

@hank holiday
Every city and every night of the week and every venue is different. That’s why you have to hit the field a lot. Go early and stay till 2am a few times and take notes of the trends you see of when people arrive (when do girls arrive, when do guys arrive, when do the girls get too drunk to talk to, when do the guys get enough liquid courage in them to take action, when do people arrive, when do they leave, where do they go afterward, where do they come from before they arrive, etc). It can even change season to season and based on what venues open and close over the years.

When I move to a new city the first thing I do is just spend a month learning the lay of the land and the trends so I know where to focus my effort so that I know “this venue is worth getting there at 10:30, but this other venue doesn’t pick up till midnight and this other venue never has girls in it and this other venue girls go back and forth between it and the venue beside it (which allows opportunities to use “are you stalking me?” openers or “cool, let’s all hit this place together” pivot/preselection strategies)” etc etc

“As I get better at PUA I probably can take girls away from really good boyfriends, but right now I’m not good enough to do that, so it isn’t really something I have to worry about. If I’m getting numbers, its because her current bf is shitty.”

This. The BFD are more for when you want to aggressively sabotage a relationship and get the girl, or at least give her the opportunity to cheat on the guy (like if she’s on vacation or stuck in a long-distance relationship where the guy isn’t able to satisfy her sexual needs). For where you’re at mentally right now, and how you view relationships etc at this stage, the BFD aren’t really necessary to get into because the situation you use them in is a situation you don’t want to get the girl in. Down the road your views may or may not change, and you may or may not revisit the BFDs. Every man has to decide for himself where he draws the line and what he’s comfortable with and be open to that changing as he gathers field experience.

I didn’t have any of the views I have now, I was a full Blue Pill guy with a full Blue Pill view on all of this stuff…my personal experiences in the field forged my views. Other PUAs have different views based on their experiences and what they’re comfortable with, and that’s cool too.

But it’s important that Tyler experimented with and wrote out the BFD stuff, in terms of expanding the knowledge-base and fully understanding social/sexual dynamics and it’s a fascinating dynamic to learn about regardless because the concept of “insult it and people will instinctively defend it, defend it and people will instinctively insult it” transfers to SO many areas and you’ll spot yourself doing it at times (like how Softek will defend his GF when we insult her).

@Blaximus @having a bad day
“you have ‘opposite’ social conditioning… lol… most naturals do… but it’s STILL social conditioning…”

This. It’s hard to have this conversation because Naturals don’t really think the things they’re doing/believing are learned behaviors because they don’t consciously think about them, just like the guy drinking Pepsi thinks he legitimately wants Pepsi and that craving wasn’t socially conditioned into him by marketing and building habits and mental assosciations etc etc

So when I say “honor is socially conditioned” it’s like this huge controversial statement to him when it’s simple logic. Same thing as The Man going on about common human decency or a religious preacher going on about good and evil and how obvious it is that some things are “just EVIL” etc (meanwhile in another culture/religion OTHER stuff is “just EVIL”). There’s no inherent built-in code of what’s “honorable”, that’s a socially conditioned set of beliefs conditioned into us through our lives and varies from culture to culture and time period to time period etc

That’s why we don’t go for the “it just IS” argument. You have to quantify why and look at it in-depth, because social conditioning is usually what causes that “don’t question it, it just IS” mentality.

“but YOU have a knowledge base that we recognize is valuable”

Right, I’m not saying Blaximus’ posts are pointless or a waste of time or anything. Like I’ve said multiple times before, Blaximus is an ideal that guys should strive to aim toward with his internals, and in a world where every dude was lucky enough to build the mindsets and frames that Blaximus has, we wouldn’t need PUA.

But his advice is going to naturally tend to be for guys LIKE him, VS being able to reach someone like that chode in that video or the guys who ARE scared of women and don’t find “just DON’T be scared, man!!” enough to forge a brand new mindset just because Blaximus said so lol

Again this is why it’s hard to get a Natural to teach newbies stuff like pickup, because it’s harder for them to put themselves in the beta chode’s shoes and slowly baby-step them through the process to get to where they’re at. It’s just a value judgement on their worth or anything, just a reality of the social dynamics involved.

@Culum Struan
“but is it really a big deal to spend $20 on drinks (or less, depending on bar)?”

It’s not the amount of money. It’s: what has she done to deserve you paying for her? Literally ALL she’s done at that point is “have a pussy”. She’s done NOTHING to win your favor. It indicates that you have no real requirement of women except “have a pussy”, which they ALL do.

It’s not that you spent X amount, it’s that unless she’s EARNED it, by legitimately impressing you, she doesn’t deserve ANY amount. I’ll buy a girl a drink as a reward for impressing me, like “alright, this one is on me because you (insert a sexual-related thing I qualified her hard on). But just one.” etc Like, she has to feel like earning provision from me requires effort on her part.

Look at the wording on that link even lol “Lad Goes On Boring First Date, Ruins Any Chance Of A Second Thanks To His Mates”. RUINS any CHANCE of a second date, thanks to his MATES, what JERKS!!! …why the fuck would he WANT a second date? A CHANCE?? But that’s the FI wording that.

If that guy paid for her drinks/food, it would be hard to respect him or think he values himself or his time/energy/money. Now that’s a girl actively disqualifying herself from deserving provision, so you’ll naturally be like “well ya if the girl was THAT bad I wouldn’t do it, but like, by DEFAULT it should be okay right?” But by DEFAULT you shouldn’t be paying at all. She should have to EARN it.

That’s why part of my “walk out on the date” thing involves separate bills, so that she feels like she didn’t EARN you picking up the tab. If you pay for both of you and walk out, it doesn’t have the same impact.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a millionaire and you’re buying her a 25 cent gumball…it’s the subcomms underneath that matter. She still has to EARN that gumball, she doesn’t get one by default even if it’s an insignificant cost to you because all she’s done is “have a pussy and some pleasant-for-the-most-part conversation”, aka the bare minimum that ANY girl will do.

“If we watch Saira’s vid first, we might feel that she acted shamefully. But after we watch Hyde’s vid, we understand how Saira feels that Hyde is a weak, pathetic, unattractive, pedestalizing fool.”

That’s why I posted both vids. It’s important to understand Hyde’s mindsets and subcomms and how that relates to Saira’s behavior. She WISHES she wanted to fuck him but he’s made himself unfuckable by following the FI’s script and succeeding at it (look at all the applause he gets! He’s a champ!)

What that dude needs to do is go fuck some other girl and come home with lipstick on his collar. But he won’t, because he’s fully FI-conditioned to view that as “not honorable”.

“But YaReally is right, that men have to realize the dynamics in those videos. I’m not sure if YaReally put the blame on Saira, but it is tremendously illustrating that the Beta Tells put my blame on Steve and Troll The Man doesn’t see the dynamic because he’s pushing his rhetoric about basic human decency, when Saira is demonstrating basic human (feminine) instinct which has been cultivated for a million years and is becoming a problem in 2016.”

This. Again that’s why I posted both videos. Just the Saira one wouldn’t have been as beautiful a demonstration of these dynamics, when I saw there was a follow-up I was like “oh god, PERFECT” and had to post them lol

A lot of guys will just see Saira’s video and write her off as some slutty whore bitch cunt damaged goods bla bla and if you just select better you won’t get such a shitty girl who’s so disrespectful etc etc

They can’t even IMAGINE that that chick will be faithful and respectful as fuck, if Steve wasn’t such a chode. That chick would NEVER do shit like that to Blaximus, she would be fucking Blaximus multiple times a day.

A dog isn’t “stupid” or malicious etc for pooping on the couch…it just hasn’t been trained/taught not to by a good owner. It’s just running on instincts that say “I need to poop and I like soft stuff under my feet” lol

“@ All newbies and lurkers, honor is not socially conditioned/ FI driven.”

lol sorry man. You’re just demonstrating what I’m talking about. The conditioning runs so deep that it causes this kind of flipout when it’s questioned. Exact same thing The Man is doing when we say there’s no common decency egalitarianism and a religious guy does when you say there’s no god and some ISIS dude does when you say non-believers aren’t infidels etc etc

If what constitutes “honor” varies from culture to culture and time period to time period, then “honor” is socially conditioned. There are things that are generally beneficial, like it doesn’t do a caveman good to slaughter a bunch of kids in another tribe really…….unless those kids are the “enemy” and then it’s totally honorable. This stuff is flexible and socially conditioned even if you REALLY REALLY REALLY believe in it and want to view everyone who wasn’t socially conditioned in the same way you were, as “infidels” or “going to hell” or “not honorable” etc Those things are socially conditioned just like vegans think eating meat is “not honorable” etc

And even then, like I say, honor has nothing to do with not getting married. If you think marrying a girl you want to have kids with is “honorable”, sorry dude, that’s social conditioning.

@Sentient @Culum Struan
“also on contrast… how MANY time shave these online girls done this exact routine… meet guy, get free stuff, flirt, feel validated… leave guy with dick in his hand?”

This. Ironically given the Blax discussion, you’re probably paying by default partly out of a sense of “honor”/chivalry lol Just like all the other provider guys. Type “tinder dates eat for free” and “online dates eat for free” into Google and start reading. Chicks openly BRAG about it these days.

You have to understand that when you perform the same actions as a thousand other men did, she’s going to classify you by default with those men. The fact that you’re even ONLINE DATING, let alone on a sugar daddy site, and even asking her on a DATE instead of just expecting her to come over and fuck you, etc means that ALREADY by the time she even SHOWS UP, *LITERALLY* all she’s done is have a pussy and you’re already executing all the behaviors that the hundred other chodes have executed…so by default she’s going to be placing you in that box, even if YOU think buying a drink is no big deal.

So when you pay, if she hasn’t legitimately impressed you with something other than her looks, you are just saying “yup, I AM one of those guys”.

“Couldn’t be better. She’ll dress up for me if I want, has never once turned me down for anything and she’ll do whatever I tell her to do. ”

’cause she wants to get preggers. Guys who’s girlfriends want them to marry them go through the same thing lol Like I say, she’s just stalling for time till she can get preggers, by you or someone else. That’s her subconscious/conscious goal.

“SAYING she can’t do this anymore, has told me to ‘be a man and do the right thing,’ etc”

You mean, “have honor”? lol

“The reason I say she’s going to leave is because I’m not giving in to her demands, and she says she’s getting sick of it.”
“Nothing has changed when we’re actually together in-person”

And do we listen to what girls SAY or what they DO?

“And maybe eventually she will get sick of it for real and just stop associating with me.”

That would certainly be convenient and let you off the hook of having to make a hard decision. But why would she stop assosciating with you when you’ve shown that you have no other options and will stick around? All she has to do is get pregnant and convince you it happened during all this wonderful dressing up P in V sex. You may SUSPECT it’s not yours, but you won’t find out for months.

“She took him back a bunch of times, and he expected her to keep taking him back”

Now reverse the genders and understand why your girl knows you won’t ditch her no matter what she does.

“I haven’t given in to her demands for monogamy.”

Leave porn open on your computer when she comes over then. I mean, you haven’t given in, right? That’s not even non-monogamy, that’s just porn on a screen.

The next thing I’ll say, because you haven’t given into her demands for monogamy, is flirt with another girl in front of her or tell her you’re texting a female friend she knows wants to fuck you.

The reason you won’t do those things is because even though you haven’t VERBALLY committed to monogamy, your ACTIONS have. And she knows it. She is running laps around you and you don’t even realize you’re in a race lol A chick her age has so much more experience at this than you’re capable of out-racing.

“I just think the social conditioning, along with the Epiphany Phase, is getting to be too much for her to bear, and I feel like a clean break and possible branch swing to a Beta provider is very possible.”

That’s exactly what you’re supposed to feel. Because if you think she’ll pull the trigger, then YOU won’t pull it. And she gets more time to get preggers and lock you down as a provider and you will end up like that Steve Hyde guy in those videos.

“I would not be very surprised to find out that she’s entertaining other options. Guys she isn’t fucking right now but would start fucking as soon as she decided our relationship was over.”

Of COURSE she is. It’s survival/replication for her to. That’s why girls have orbiters etc That’s why she has men over and hangs out alone with men, while you’re not allowed to hang out with girls or look at porn.

“In a way I almost wish it would just happen”

Because you don’t want accountability or to feel like it was your fault or to feel like a bad guy. You want her to make the decision for you. So you’ll stick around.

“Part of the reason I’ve backed off on P in V is paranoia about knocking her up.”

You SHOULD be paranoid about it. But what are you going to do if she comes to you tomorrow and says she’s preggers? Can you prove that it ISN’T your kid when she says that? Nope. If you’ve been fucking then there’s a chance it could be yours.

“If she had a kid by me my life would be completely ruined.”

And if she had a kid by you, HER life would be completely AMAZING. She would lock down a dedicated provider that will put up with abuse and let her fuck other guys down the road when he can’t leave the situation, she would have fulfilled her biological reproduction goals and had a kid before she hits the wall, she’d get validation and props from her entire social circle, etc etc

And yet, you won’t leave lol

“She’s gone back and forth saying she’s ‘not even sure’ if she wants one”

She’s full of shit. She’s saying that so you think she’ll abort if you get her preggers and you’ll start fucking her more recklessly. I can’t even count the number of chicks who’ve told my buddies and I that they would get an abortion who are completely full of shit lol

“If it was physically impossible for her to get pregnant, I probably would be fine with being exclusive with her for a while.”

I can’t even count the number of girls who’ve told my buddies and I “the doctor said I CAN’T get pregnant so it’s fine”. I laugh in my head every time I hear them say the words “tilted uterus” and go into their speech about the doctor saying it’s impossible to get pregnant lol Meanwhile, do a simple google search.

“For this stage in my life, where I need to build up my independence on a financial level, I feel I could use a steady relationship until I get my shit together.”

Ya, she’ll REALLY want to leave you and end things when you’ve increased your finances and ability to provide for her and a kid.

“THAT is enough to make me consider getting out.”

But you won’t. Because you’re waiting for her to make the decision, which she won’t make unless you stop fucking her completely (aka she can’t convince you a baby is yours).

“It’s easy for me to get stuck on the idea of “well she sees me as Alpha” and use that as an excuse to stay in the relationship, and miss the elephant in the room.”

lol she doesn’t see you as alpha dude. That’s been out the window for a loooong time. That Steve Hyde guy thinks his Saira chick sees him as alpha too.

“I just don’t want to get paranoid to the point of not fucking any other women ever.”


“That fear might be irrational considering I use a condom, and flush it afterwards, every time.”

Ever kept gum in your cheek? Think it would be hard to keep a load of jizz in her mouth to spit into her hand in the bathroom and shove up her pussy? You paying attention to what she does after she blows you? She have you blow on her lower stomach and rub it around? She try to fuck you a second time before you’ve showered and pissed a few times to fully flush your system out when you’ve still got swimmers around?

“I don’t have any plans of cumming raw inside a pussy until I want to have a kid. I don’t give a fuck if the girl is on The Pill or has a copper IUD or whatever or not, I absolutely refuse to cum raw inside a pussy unless I want to make a baby. I will not do it on a boat. I will not do it in a moat. Dr. Seuss had the right idea. End of story”

This is a good attitude. Never lose this attitude lol It’ll save your ass. But remember, she is DIRECTLY instinctively trying to fuck with that.

“That extends to shit she’s told me like “I always wanted you to cum on my pussy and then I can play with myself with the cum.””

lolol I didn’t even read this part before I wrote the other part. lololol But no, she’s TOTALLY about to leave you brah, she’s not trying to get preggers.

“For the record, over the past couple days, she’s gone without calling/texting me for the longest period of time she ever has since this all started. Could be a sign of the beginning of the end.”

Or it could be she’s fucking some other dude and going to show up and be super aggressive with getting you to blow your load inside her even with a condom on so she can pull the “98% effective” thing. There’s nothing but benefits in it for her.

“Major red flag is she’s explicitly told me before that if she gets pregnant, abortion is not an option for her, and she will have the baby. And shit like joking about having my baby and raising it with her female best friend.”


“I fucking destroyed him with the hot girls. He did better with the scattered 6-8’s. But even then, it only took a scrap of attention from me to put me back in the game.”

lol ultimately hot girls are the ones that respond the best to game and subcomms and shit. A 6 is impressed with a good-looking guy, that’s why I always say ya the girls will run up and feel your biceps but they’ll rarely be the 9s and 10s, they’ll be the aggressive average girls. A smokin hot girl has been around tons of good-looking guys and knows most of them are chodes with shit internals and shit subcomms and isn’t impressed…she looks for the subcomms of a guy who feels entitled to girls like her or hotter.

“But shit, dude…when i put that kind of effort in to my appearance my mind is like ‘why the fuck would i compliment you or be THAT nice? who ARE you?’”

Right, this is social conditioning. Like, the fact that you look in the mirror when you have a haircut and nice outfit on, and feel any shift in your value, is socially conditioned.

You don’t view yourself as having higher/lower value based on how many breaths you take in one minute as you’re typing, or on how many of your toes are touching the ground as you sit in your chair, or on what type of lightbulb you bought for your lamp beside you, because you haven’t been socially conditioned to attach your value to those things.

Which again comes back to that it isn’t BAD to put a newbie in a nice new outfit and have him hit the gym, in that he WILL feel a confidence boost…BUT, he’ll be building an assosciation of his value to his externals that, in the long run, will do him a disservice and keep him from fully understanding how Attraction works.

The tl;dr is basically: you should feel like “why the fuck would i compliment you or be THAT nice? who ARE you?” when you look ugly and haven’t hit the gym in months and have some pudge and haven’t had a haircut and look like a complete slob. But social conditioning will make that incredibly difficult because social conditioning tells you you need to have looks/money to feel like that.

“YA said this, so he’s right again”

lol like I say: I don’t spout theory, I hit the field.

“him: ha, like one of us is muscular and handsome, and the other’s a short nerd (I was surprised that he pulled this but I had been really just killing them all night…)”

lol view it as a sign of respect. He’s acknowledging that you’re actually a threat and he has to try to bring out the big guns. In a way, that should just FEED your ego in-set lol, like the guy insulting me is a sign that he recognizes I have high-value and just fuels me to feel even HIGHER value lol

“hb8: (both him and her laugh) no…i don’t know, you (friend) seem so nice and well-mannered, but you (me) seem….kind of dark….a bit of a jerk

me: oh you don’t know the half of it”

Solid agree & amplify instead of trying to convince her you’re a good guy too so you can get the pat on the head like he did.

“in this interaction my friend is pretty much FORGOTTEN and me and her are just talking there right in front of him. this dude LOOKS LIKE A MOVIE STAR…”

No one ever believes me because they don’t go infield and directly compete with these guys so they rely on armchair theory and what Hollywood tells them and FI-based logical deduction, or they go infield and back off in set with these guys just LETTING the guy have them or they let the guy shake their frame (thus displaying weak subcomms) and the girl chooses the other guy etc and come up with all this bullshit looks/money matter propaganda they perpetuate that keep guys in the rat race.

The field reveals all. Always has, always will. The field is king.

“so he reacts again) friend: those napoleon complexes are tough on you short guys”

lol it’s important to understand that he’s REACTING. Like, he’s REACTING to YOU. Whoever reacts to the other person is lower value. Girls pick up on those subcomms. Most of the time she won’t even hear/acknowledge his follow-up reaction and, as a PUA, you can just ignore it and keep lasering and engaging and making an emotional impact on the girl, like treat the other guy as if he doesn’t even exist and she will too.

“(I’m like ‘really a short joke? you think I can’t completely fucking own those?’ lol this was something that was ACTUALLY said; it’s just so funny to watch someone like this get rattled)”

lol like I say: ask me how I know. 😛 Most of my wings have been better looking and/or richer than me and I’ve been around those scenes a bunch.

This is also an example of like, this guy isn’t going to go out and LEARN game because he looks good so he doesn’t really think he HAS to. He’s not going to learn about being unreactive or AMOG’ing or Boyfriend Destroyers or cutting space or blocking someone out with his body-language or how to recover from any of that, etc ’cause MOST guys will just back off and LET him have the girls, ESPECIALLY if they open by giving HIM an ioi as their opener. 99% of dudes will go “well, that’s over, oh well!” and fade into the background instead of trying to take her.

Everyone is so worried about this mythical hollywood good-looking rich jacked guy with 10/10 Tyler game and it’s like, that just doesn’t happen in real life for the reasons I’ve gone over a million times that no one listens to lol

“me: napoleon? that’s the guy who conquered europe, alone right? Yeah….we probably have things in common.”

See that’s a decent way to handle it, but make sure you understand that you didn’t even need to do THAT. Just don’t even acknolwedge he said anything, stay focused on the girl and move her away from him and he’s done. Once you’re the guy triggering her Hypergamy, he’s nothing to her anymore and even acknowledging him at ALL is raising his value. With your good friend, I mean, ya you don’t need to be a dick and just take all his girls and cut him out and make him feel bad lol But if that guy were just some other good-looking dude, understand that you can just blow him out and walk off with the girl.

on June 16th, 2016 at 1:03 pm
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@redlight @scray @all
“Ya always amazes me. He writes a wall of text comment, and there is absolutely nothing wrong in it. Sure I could pretend to contest a point or two, but he is 100% accurate.”

I was going to just reply with this:

But then I Watched the whole scene and noticed something worth pointing out that’s relevant to what Scray and I are talking about about other guys and what I’ve been talking about with subcomms and 0.00001% more “on” and who’s reacting more/less etc Here’s the full scene (and some of this is going to go over some guys’ heads but whatever, this post is mainly for the knowledge base lol):

1) Affleck’s opener is awesome lol

2) The girls know he’s goofing and are playing along and everyone’s having fun and then the guy who doesn’t “get it” comes in and ruins everyone’s fun.

3) But the reason I’m posting it is, watch the girls’ eyes starting at about 58 seconds in. Watch very specifically for how their eyes don’t just stay on the guy who’s talking, they constantly flick, even for a split second, to the “other” guy (Affleck when the douche is talking, the douche when Affleck is talking). Watch at 1:11, the blonde girl flicks to Affleck, then the douche, then back to Affleck, even tho it’s just the douche talking. Then again at 1:17 she flicks to Affleck. Again as the douche is giving his speech the blonde keeps flicking to Affleck.

Watch the brunette’s eyes as Damon enters the set, they flick to all 3 men, Affleck included. As Damon mentions Gordon Wood, brunette flicks to douchebag and back even though douchebag isn’t talking or moving. As Damon completes the guy’s sentence at 2:25, blondie starts to grin and flicks her eyes to the douche and watches him for a couple seconds before going back to Damon.

Then after he says he won’t be unoriginal, again, blondie looks at the douche for a second even though Damon is the one talking. And again when Damon steps up to the guy chest to chest, watch blondie’s eyes, they scope out the entire situation, head to toe, on both guys, repeatedly (VS before where she could ignore them for a few seconds or stare at one for a bit, now she’ll flick back and forth quickly because the situation is escalating).

Now this is a movie. So a lot of this is acting (although there’s probably no direction saying “now look at the douche for a split second while Damon is talking then look back”).

But watch for this in real life and you’ll see it. If I had some good infield with girls’ eyes shown up close nice and clear around a group of men interacting I could point it out in that but I just happened to stumble across this clip that illustrates it nice and clear.

What’s happening is what I’ve been saying and PUA says: girls aren’t just looking at you and your subcomms, they’re looking at how other people react to you, to determine your value. They’re looking for who’s the 0.00001% higher value, cooler, less reactive, etc.

That’s why they won’t just focus on you, they’ll glance back and forth and look for little subcomms to see whether the other guy is affected or reacting etc. It happens in tiny little split-seconds and they don’t even really think about it, but it’s there and their hindbrains are taking it all in. They could never consciously verbalize why they pick the one guy over the other, and 99.999% of guys are blind to this stuff and don’t even realize it’s there. Like how many of you, however many times you’ve seen that clip, noticed what I just pointed out?

But it’s there, and it can be tapped into on purpose. When scray and his hollywood good looks buddy are interacting, scray probably isn’t paying attention to it but that girl is flicking her eyes at both of them to see how they react to eachother to determine which one is the top dog aka the Hypergamous best.

That’s why I love that Rollo was able to describe and formulize Hypergamy…because it aligns perfectly with this kind of stuff that we see infield but don’t get into much detail on. She is literally trying to decide which guy is the Hypergamous best option between the two.

This is why I say like, it doesn’t matter if you look good because you’re probably not picking her up in an empty white room…she’s looking at the entire environment and how the entire environment reacts to you, and how you react to the environment (like the Hollywood trope of cool guys not looking back at an explosion, that’s a subcomm that they’re unreactive which makes them seem cooler to us) etc

The reason it amps up in charged situations (like a sick burn or a potential fight etc) is because your value shifts moment to moment…you may have been 1% cooler a second ago but the guy made a short joke that got to you and you reacted and now you’re 0.0001% less cool than him and reacting and now he’s the Hypergamous best option, but a moment later it switches back because of what you do etc etc So their eyes flick between both guys to try to process it all because it’s optimal survival/replication for them to pick the guy that is legitimately the top dog Hypergamous option.

This is also why once you legitimately attract a girl, you’ll find that she’ll stay locked on laser eye-contact with you even with AMOGs trying to talk to her or cockblock you or drop comments like short jokes that you just ignore and stick to engaging her, because at THAT point she’s decided she’s seen enough to know you are by FAR the Hypergamous best option and that you would have to have a MASSIVE fall from grace for that AMOG to be higher-value than you, so it’s no longer worth looking at him to seeing how he reacts because you aren’t reacting to him and she KNOWS he’s the chode of the two of you.

Understanding all this should make it clear why I say don’t even bother to re-engage the guy once you’ve “got” her, just ignore him and move her away from him so that you stay her Hypergamous best option and don’t risk fucking your value up by giving him the chance to be that 0.0001% better than you.

All that matters is what she’s taking in in terms of who’s reacting more to who and what the group consensus is etc You’ll also see the blonde look up at the brunette as Damon finishes burning the guy…that could be in the script or a director thing (“glance up at her for a sec”), but you’ll see it in real life too, as the girls ping off their friends/environment to know if it’s okay to laugh or not if they aren’t sure yet…we literally had a PUA routine called the Best Friends Test that exploited this, because you’ll find when you engage a 2-set, unless one is way more dominant than the other, they’ll both look at eachother a bunch to see how the other girl is reacting to you and to come to a subcomm’ed “group consensus” of whether you’re cool.

And in a situation where one girl is more dominant than the other, the less dominant one will look at the dominant one for how to react (much like this clip, blondie is clearly the less dominant one of the two and her subcomms make us feel that, the other girl FEELS more confident/independent/sassy). But extrapolate that and flip the genders and you’ll understand why girls view a guy who’s reacting 0.0001% more to the other guy is the lower value guy to her.

These are the teeny tiny little micro-subcomms that most of the world is oblivious to, but make a world of difference infield. And this is why I stress all the time that good-looking guys will get the girl as long as no one interferes, because most guys will just back off which is basically boosting that guy’s value for him because they’ve been told looks/money matter and even that silly free gimme iois matter…whereas what Scray did was overcome a lifetime of social conditioning that was telling him short guys can’t take a girl from a guy who looks like that hollywood dude, and just trusted the game. Dude got reactive and just boosted Scray’s value to the girl’s hindbrain.

That’s why I say: if you can get a guy who’s got all the “high-value” (by society’s socially conditioned value system) externals to react to YOU and qualify himself to YOU etc, you’re basically getting a massive value boost because the only guy higher-value than the highest value guy in the room is the guy THAT guy is reacting to and qualifying himself too and seeking approval from.

And to anyone reading: you won’t learn to spot this stuff infield by sitting in your computer chair reading this post and watching stupid movie clips lol Go out infield and watch for this when you interact with women and you’ll learn to spot it in the moment. Just another glimpse into the Matrix that’s all around you.

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It’s a great story…but you understand that that was your Great Uncle Syndey socially conditioning “honor” into you, right?

And that your view of honor that he conditioned into you that you hold onto to this day comes from the social conditioning (from him and other experiences in your life) that told you “don’t keep beating a man when he’s given up”. And that other people in other cultures/times/backgrounds/walks of life, have various other versions that may say “finish a man when he’s given up so he doesn’t get up and kill you and your family at some other point”, right? And some people have versions that may say “help your buddy finish the guy off and have his back, that’s being a good honorable loyal friend”? etc etc

Like I say, honor is just social conditioning. And social conditioning isn’t always BAD, like to me that’s a pretty good rule, but objectively: finishing off the guy who’s given up is only “not honorable” by your socially conditioned standards of what “honor” is. Just like having kids without getting married or not believing in the right god or not following The Man’s common code of decency or not being chivalrous to feminists etc

Now unless you’re out there beating the shit out of guys who’ve given up, don’t tell me you don’t cave to social conditioning or social pressure lol When enough is applied from the right source, everyone caves. Except a legitimate sociopath.

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@Culum Struan
“All right, point taken. I see what you’re getting at but I still have a kind of strong emotional resistance internally that it feels cheap/awkward to look at the girl and be like “okay let’s split the check” or say “You get this round and I’ll get the next”. ”

That’s your social conditioning. Most of us felt the same way when we did a lot of behaviors because we weren’t used to the concept of girls having to actually EARN our generousity. It goes back to some of the earliest shit in Mystery Method…if a girl asks you for a smoke, it’s just a smoke, we can ALL afford to give her a stupid little cigarette. But you don’t just give her one, you tell her to bark like a dog first or tell you a joke first etc and if she doesn’t, she doesn’t get the cigarette. If she does, then she gets it. It’s putting up a compliance hoop and builds attraction because NO ONE DOES IT. EVERY guy these girls go on a date with pays for their drinks/dinner by default. When you do it, you are lumped in with those guys who don’t expect anything from her except having a pussy.

“It just feels WRONG when I’ve got a good job and we’re at a nice bar and she’s like a student (or just working a basic job and just covering living expenses) or something.”

Think of how much money she saves when she goes to the bar and doesn’t spend a cent buying drinks all night. She’ll be fine.

“It’s not that I can point to something specific that you guys are wrong FEELS wrong”

FI-based social conditioning is doing EXACTLY what it’s supposed to: make you FEEL “wrong” about not just providing for her by default.

“(and depending on the context, it’s partly because I’m starting from deep in a hole if I’ve already been pegged as provider by an online girl or sugar baby).”

And do you think you’re going to dig yourself out of being pegged as a provider by PROVIDING FOR HER WHEN SHE HASN’T HAD TO EARN IT? lol

“But that’s usually a sign of cognitive dissonance – if something feels wrong but I can’t explain why.”

Exactly. :) I would even bet that you, deep down, agree with and understand the LOGIC behind what we’re saying…it’s just a FEELS thing that you don’t want to do it. That’s what the FI does. That’s why I get so much pushback on looks/money when no one can really provide anything that holds up infield or counters what I’m saying logically. It just FEELS like I MUST be wrong, because they’ve been socially conditioned to believe something that strongly.

“It’s like…just the thought of saying to the average girl I meet from online (especially if it is a sugar daddy girl) “Okay you get this round and I’ll get the next” – creates tension in my mind.”

And do you think Julien creates tension? Tyler? Do you think it’s BAD for a girl to think you’re a bit of a jerk/asshole? Do you think it’s BAD to stand out from other guys? Do you think it’s bad to give her a tiny dose of negative emotions VS making sure everything is pleasant? Do girls watch Twilight because the main character is a pleasant flower to the girl? Or for you older guys do girls like Mr Darcy because he’s a pleasant flower to the girl? lol

Look at the quality of the women there and look how many of them say the man should pay. Do you want to categorize yourself as one of the guys that gets with girls like this? Look at how hard it is for them to wrap their heads around the notion that they should have to do ANYTHING to deserve it.

“Like she’ll be horrified”

She will definitely shit-test you on it. But 1) how do you pass a shit-test? And 2) what happens in terms of attraction when a shit-test is passed? Piece it together. :)

“and I’ll feel bad for making things awkward”

That’s the FI-conditioning in action. This is 100% under your control and your choice to feel bad about it.

“and I’ll feel bad for holding frame (without sounding butthurt) and saying if she doesn’t like it she can leave, or whatever.”

Because you wanna be a Nice Guy(TM), just like Steve Hyde in that video getting emasculated wants to be a Good Guy(TM) and not “feel bad” by saying his wife not touching him and sucking his resources for nothing in return is a problem for him.

I’ve literally said “lol no, I don’t buy things for girls I haven’t fucked. So anyway (change topic)” with a tonality like it’s the most normal logical thing in the world to me, so she knows if she wants provision the price is sex (or a lighter version would be “lol no, I haven’t decided if I even LIKE you yet”). Do they go wide-eyed? Sure. No guy has EVER said that to them. Do I care? No lol Does it spike attraction? Yup.

Watch Mystery and Tyler’s follow-up in this vid (3:15):

You’ll probably be incongruent at first and fuck it up, but when you get used to it you’ll get retarded attraction from it. Try it on the next girl you aren’t that into and build up from there to doing it to the girls you actually WANT.

Remember it’s not about the actual dollars on the table, she doesn’t care about that shit either. All she cares about is the emotional impact you make.

@Sentient @Culum Struan
“because you don’t feel entitled to pussy… you feel you have to earn it.”

This. The resistance is from the FI conditioning you to believe that the man has to earn sex from the girl, ESPECIALLY an older man. That is, by default, putting the girl on a pedestal above you and it’s why 99.999% of her dinners/drinks are free.

“What matters as the crew here keeps screaming are “behavioral subcommunication”. It shouldn’t matter if you pay for drinks or not if you are a confident, sexy man which it does not seem you are.”

This. *I* can buy a girl a drink. But it’s because *I* already KNOW I can get her WITHOUT buying her a drink because I’ve done it a bunch of times and if *I* buy her a drink I make her EARN it first, hardcore, and let her KNOW that it’s rare and specifically what she said/did that earned her the drink, and even THEN I generally avoid it because it puts me in a provider frame. Girls have SO MUCH MONEY. They’re full of shit when they cry about how poor they are as a student. Do you think any of these girls is microwaving instant noodles going to bed hungry and wearing the same pair of shoes for 8 months straight? No, they’re buying makeup, getting their hair done, nails done, eating out with their girlfriends, and when they’re low on money they just hit up their dad or some chode orbiter for help and guys line up to hand them money.

“After reading Blax’s story I had the realization that at no point in my childhood or adolescence did any man give me advice or teach me lessons about life or being a man… One grandfather told me fucked up war stories, maybe that counts.”

This is the point I’m trying to get across to Blaximus when I say most guys these days weren’t fortunate and lucky enough to have his upbringing where they were conditioned to have the kinds of mindsets Blaximus has now, and that’s why they need to be taught it in baby steps instead of just “man up, brah!!” They don’t even know what manning up IS, no one taught them that, let alone HOW to “man up”.


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@hank holiday
“See, stuff like this is why I dislike harping on alpha and beta too much. I feel like almost all guys start out fairly alpha, then get it beat out of them by society as they grow older. So most of these girly guys you see around today would have been fairly alpha had they grown up in a different setting/time period.”

Agree 100%. As I’ve described pickup before: we all start out feeling entitled to whatever we desire when we’re fresh out of the vagina as babies, but social conditioning wraps chains around us…pickup is just the process of removing those chains. All I am now is more like I was when I was a little kid who didn’t know he “should” be self-conscious and stifle himself and compare himself to others and chase the FI rat race trying to be the best rat running it.

Same as introversion, most guys who think their introversion is holding them back from being social are the same guys who if you put them in a game of Call of Duty with their friends will talk shit and be loud and expressive etc even though outside of that comfort zone they clam up and act like the introverted stereotype…those guys can BE social, clearly, they just aren’t COMFORTABLE outside of a few very specific situations like hanging out with their non-judgemental best childhood friend in his basement playing videogames etc. I’m introverted, in that I need to recharge my batteries after a lot of social interaction and it can be draining to me (VS my extroverted buddies who can’t be alone or they go crazy and they get fueled up with more energy the more they interact with other people), but it’s not any kind of an excuse to hide behind…I pro-actively went out and learned to be comfortable in a wider variety of environments so I can bring that expressive side out of me, the introversion was never ACTUALLY holding me back, it was my social conditioning that held me back. All the introversion means is that I need some YaReally Time by myself here and there to recharge my batteries.

@The Man
“I’m really uncertain how to proceed here on this topic man”

Just come in like Miley Cyrus brah

And then brave the shit-storm that ensues. 😀 Here, watch me go first lol:

In this thread (not targeting any one person in particular, just a funny cognitive dissonance to me viewing the overall “sky is falling, why won’t this generation of men DO something about this?!” vibe of the Manosphere/TRP communities as a whole): guys who push the idea that the FI-approved rat race of “looks/money attract women” that (regardless of intentions on the part of guys promoting it) ends up with guys concluding “if I look like Chad Thundercock I’ll get girls, so logically if I don’t look like Chad Thundercock then I don’t have value”, and tell guys “you’ll understand when you’re older and wiser like us” and “just do it because you SHOULD do it, why should we have to explain the reason, why don’t you go talk to a Navy SEAL recruitment center and see what THEY say lololz” instead of being able to list reliable beneficial results of following masculine behaviors and mindsets, being confused that THIS guy:

…who doesn’t have looks or money or a boss career (better be a doctor bro, chicks dig doctors and lawyers, they won’t be into you if you work at McDonald’s brah, even though TONS of pickup infield the girls don’t even KNOW what the guy does for work) or feels too young or too old (girls don’t like young guys unless they’re jacked, girls don’t like old men unless you have money), and knows he’s never going to look like Arnold or be a billionaire even if he TRIES to, and has no male role models in his life because he’s surrounded by other Blue Pill men or is raised by a single mom or in a culture full of women telling him what a “man” is, and has no idea WHY he should go fix a motorcycle because no one will give him an answer that doesn’t sound like gay zen fluff (and as described before, we don’t just accept “just do it cause it’s the right thing to do” like the previous generations average guy often did…we have the internet now so we can go SEE how military vets are treated by society and the women they leave behind when they go off to war, we can SEE how bullshit politics is when we watch videos of politicians speeches and read the latest inside gossip about a politican lying about whatever, we can read news sites from countries we’re told are full of bad guys and make friends with people over there through a game of Warcraft on the internet and SEE that no that country probably isn’t just full of psycho evil terrorists and maybe we shouldn’t be as cool with tossing bombs everywhere cause the Good Guy Bad Guy white hat black hat propaganda doesn’t match what we can observe now, we can SEE that sometimes you CAN’T trust cops or priests, we see in GamerGate and online forums that the media can’t be trusted, we SEE that guys following the monogamy plan are getting divorce raped left and right etc etc, so we don’t settle for “just DO it man, trust us”)

And half the TRP community and Manosphere will tell him to avoid those “scammer” PUAs who won’t REALLY help him and to ignore what Hank Holiday is writing about how much going infield is changing his views and internals and ignore all the guys who say they were jacked but still couldn’t get women, and that GamerGate is just some dumb angry nerd thing don’t waste your time, and MGTOW is stupid don’t watch their videos they’re a bunch of losers and Sandman sounds like a robot so just ignore everything they talk about same with those pussy MRAs too this Christina Hoff Summers said something FI-based at some point so don’t look at her videos this Paul Elam guy is a douchebag so don’t read AVFM or watch Shoe0nHead’s videos because we mistook her for someone else and don’t just go decide for yourself what fits your observations of the world around you and what parts are bullshit, and that any guy who looks like that feminist sign-holding guy who IS succeeding like half the PUAs posting infield on YouTube, are scammers, fakes, outliers, have insane level game no normal man could ever hope to achieve, are only macking wasted low self-esteem girls (meanwhile buy MY product that will teach you how to get girls by flying to eastern europe and wearing a skull shirt and skull rings having broken ESL conversations with women who put up no real resistance, but stay away from those OTHER resources, trust me bro), etc etc…

And yet the guys who on one hand help push all that stuff, look at this guy and are SURPRISED that THIS GUY doesn’t feel like he has internal self-worth by default, or that his opinions matter, or have any passion or feel like he has any power to fix anything in society etc, and decides to follow the route that incentivizes him with “you’ll TOTALLY get pussy out of this, look how many women give you approval for doing what we say to do…you’re getting the same approval from women that Chad Thundercock is getting when you just be a Nice Guy, look Sally wants to make Slut Walk rally posters with you, all you have to do is wear this dress and hold this sign saying women rule the world and you’ll get to hang out with girls ALL DAY and they’ll tell you you’re a good little white knight!!”

They’re surprised that THIS guy, when he’s offered Feminist/SJW logic which is retarded as fuck but just circular enough and coming from people with vaginas to keep him THINKING he’s “on the right side of history” and “doing the right thing” and might lead to pussy if he just doesn’t ask questions (and NO ONE ELSE is offering viable solutions from a plan he can imagine himself doing, with evidence of tangible results etc)…that THIS guy takes that path of least resistance toward (the illusion of) achieving his survival/replication. He KNOWS (because everyone has made it VERY CLEAR that he won’t get pussy since he’s not going to win the looks/money rat race and PUA game is all scam and outliers and fakes and impossible for him to do) that his only real option is to join the majority and try to do what women want him to do and be a good little chode for them.

And amongst the chodes and lost in the herd of the majority he can FEEL like a man, he can get up in people’s faces, he can yell and shout and try to intimidate other men, he can pat himself on the back and vask in the validation of the women who pat him on the back (but don’t suck his dick). Watch the first guy in this vid and Sargon’s breakdown at at 11:25 of this kid’s interaction with a dude that, in previous generations or even now but in a one on one situation, would probably just punch his lights out:

Like LOOK at these fuckin kids. Why WOULDN’T a kid like these guys join the majority side when his only other option is either follow a bunch of weird ambiguous zen koans from older dudes about “just stick to playing the guitar, trust me kiddo you’ll understand when you’re older” and guys in some obscure corner of the internet telling him what he should do and getting annoyed when he doesn’t listen or wants a list of reasons WHY he should do it. He knows he’s never going to get women through looks/money, but right there in that video, shouting like a retard at another man, he’s got the backing and support of all the girls and manginas around him who treat him like he’s doing a good thing and making him feel like he DOES have value because he’s standing up against the patriarchy etc

Why WOULDN’T this kid hassle other guys about mansplaining and manspreading and shit? It scores him validation from women which he thinks MIGHT lead to sex someday and the other paths guys are offering him are impossible for him to compete in when they don’t come with any guarantees.

The reason Hank Holiday is getting hooked on hitting the field is because every time he GOES OUT he SEES this stuff unfold in front of him, he EXPERIENCES the results and sparks of attraction and he can TELL it’s working. Same with Culum and scribblerg. These guys aren’t magically getting 6-packs or riches, we tell them flat out “do A B and C properly, and you will almost 100% of the time get result D” and they can go out and try it THIS weekend if they want, and experience it for themselves and figure out which parts of A B or C were off or need tweaking etc. Meanwhile the Manosphere/TRP is saying “do A B and “something else” but we won’t tell you WHAT exactly, you’ll understand when you’re older like us, let’s brag about how our wife is an HB10 80 year old woman who sucks our dick every day some more, and you’ll get that result too even though you can SEE all over the place that result D is actually pretty inconsistent, but like, just trust us bro, just do it because it’s the right thing to do, it’s what a MAN does bro, also don’t waste your time on that pickup shit those PUAs are just scammers trying to take advantage of you and take your money”.

It’s like you guys expect these guys to just “get it” when they don’t have ANY of the influences previous generations had AND they’ve been exposed to so much bullshit that they don’t know who to trust AND they’re being told to stay far away from us and when they come to us with questions they get vague answers and condescending attitudes and advice to go chop down a tree or hunt a deer or join the SEALs and that’ll just somehow magically make them manly and attractive to women. The feminists/SJWs have taken over the media and are out there in full-force brainwashing these guys 24/7 and telling them what to do and dangling the illusion of pussy and rewards in front of them for zero real effort except wearing a pink “I am a feminist” t-shirt and rehearsing catch-phrases and slogans while not googling stats or facts about them…while you guys are in a dark corner of the internet complaining about how society is burning down and this generation is “lost” etc

Why WOULD these guys “wake up”, why WOULD they change, why WOULD they take up masculine pursuits? No one can give them good consistent reasons TO, and any examples they see of guys LIKE them succeeding at survival/replication and having internal self-worth are brushed aside as outliers or impossible goals, and the FI side of things is tripling-down on false promises and feeding them step by step instructions on how to be a man while no one here but Rollo is posting anything that guys will even READ and even Rollo’s exposure is minimal in the mainstream compared to Roosh or the overblown Julien Blanc controversies (that half the Manosphere were celebrating “haha fuck RSD bunch of scammers look at those losers they’re going to be bankrupt any day now (still waiting on that prediction to come true RVF LARPers lol)) who just confirm what the FI/Manosphere/GayLubeOil TRP’ers (“hit the gym and buy my ALPHA MALE workout merchandise bro”) TELL them about PUAs to these guys and keeps them from finding instructions on how to develop themselves and how to take who they are now and just LEARN to be attractive to women and DEVELOP solid internals by just going out and talking to people for free and having a gameplan when they go out and escape the looks/money rat race and understand that even those loser hipster feminist chodes I posted HAVE internal worth and value just by being MEN, it’s just chained away by social conditioning.

The only violent revolution that’s going to happen is mass beta uprising when these guys figure out that the FI has lied to them about providing them pussy while they simultaneously buy into all the bullshit about trying to compete with Chad Thundercock and decide “nope, I can’t compete on that level, I’m short, I’m too skinny, my face isn’t symmetrical, I work at McDonald’s and play Warcraft and don’t know how to fix a motorcycle or have an interest in it so I’m a loser that girls won’t like” or even worse CHASE that ideal and then STILL not get success because it turns out that stuff doesn’t really matter (hi George Sodini), and feel so frustrated, lost, with no answers or guidance that can provide them any real results and being pushed away from resources that would ACTUALLY help them (“don’t check out that TENGAME product bro, it’s a SCAM!!!!” sending guys away from checking out something that’s based around teaching guys to feel like “tens” by default, aka the thing that’s actually attractive, instead of basing it on their externals (haven’t checked the product out yet so no idea what it’s like but the free content Julien’s put up is solid so far)), and with no idea what else to do and the gloomy future of a life alone and unloved ahead of them, they take all their frustration out on society…which finally gets them some attention and fangirls (because suddenly they’re displaying alpha subcomms like not caring about society’s rules or social conditioning or social pressure and causing emotional impact and gaining social proof by being mentioned all over the media etc) and starts a domino effect where they start thinking THAT’S the way to finally feel like they have value.

Ideally VR will come along fast enough to allow them to escape to pretend worlds where they can feel strong and successful and attractive and VR porn will hopefully be “close enough” for them to be chilled out enough to NOT boil over like Rodgers/Sodini.

But like, what do you EXPECT them to do? And why WOULD they do it? No one is giving them any kind of actual guidance except the Feminists/SJWs who’ve taken over the media. And anyone trying to give them guidance is brushed aside and dismissed for the sake of keeping them in the socially conditioned rat race. None of these guys is going to watch Tyler’s Blueprint about social conditoning and looks/money, they’re going to read GayLubeOil’s next rant on TRP about how lifting makes pussy fall from the sky and listen to nipple-hardening male stripper stories and brush Tyler off as some guy with “elite level game no one can achieve brah” etc

The reason the whole anti-feminist pushback is happening is because FINALLY there’s momentum building that’s giving guys another option besides “follow the socially conditioned gameplan and be a good little SJW soldier, put your head down shut up and just trust us and do what we tell you to do for your own good”. This one flamingy gay dude spouting MRA/GamerGate talking points is doing more to turn the tide with the average guy (who isn’t reading Rollo’s site) who doesn’t think he can be like Chad Thundercock and/or doesn’t want to compete with him, than 99% of the Manosphere (Rollo being the 1% OF COURSE lol) and TRP crying about the lost generation, by doing shit like this:

Whatever you think about guys like Gavin McInnes, Sargon, Trump, etc, they’re finally giving guys a plan of action and demonstrating the rewards and shitting all over the narrative, just like that guy in Rollo’s video in this article. Guys get to SEE “woah, when you stand up to them, there’s no real reprocussions AND people applaud you for it…hmmm…and these girls like Shoe and Lauren Southern aren’t rejecting guys who don’t follow the narrative and they’re better looking than the fat body-positive pink mohawk trigglypuff trolls shaming me for questioning the narrative” and they SEE that maybe there’s another way to achieve their Survival/Replication and have value VS listening to the previous generation complain in corners of the internet and lecture them to keep playing the guitar for some intangible mystical zen benefit they can’t really explain but they’ll understand when they’re older.

Maybe if that chode up there could reject social conditioning and understood that he just HAS inherent worth by default, regardless of his externals, and understood how Attraction ACTUALLY works and how women ACTUALLY think about sex etc (like Tyler/Julien are describing in this video below about not even having to HAVE value but just not having LOW value (aka shitty subcomms) and removing consequences etc before they have these girls all makeout with eachother (guest appearance by Madison during the 3-way makeout, he’s got some good infield breakdowns up lately check em out on his channel)), he could skip his photo session of holding up emasculating “I need Feminism because…” signs and go interact with women and just, with his current looks/money, BE like these outliers who are faking all their videos and have super elite level game no one can get to and who only show their successes and bla bla bla:

So what’s the solution? Fuck if I know. A bunch of shit. Push them towards actionable plans (even if the people providing those resources are imperfect or fuck up here and there) instead of pushing them away from them (again you’ll never hear Tyler telling guys NOT to check out Krauser’s products but every second post Krauser makes is crying about how RSD is a scam and guys shouldn’t waste their time on it, and hell I would even recommend checking out Krauser’s stuff in general as long as guys understand the limitations in his style and ideally check out other resources too). Push guys toward informative resources (even if CHS said something dumb or Sandman sounds like a robot or Sargon isn’t a Chad Thundercock alpha male). Share your stories, alpha older bros who are somehow making monogamy work while all these kids have or know guys who have fat girlfriends that have stopped sucking their dick after 6 months or are cuckolding/cheating on them or are keeping Softeks roped in with BPD insanity, while you also accept that maybe times have changed and maybe it’s not feasable to duplicate the results you were able to pull off in a previous generation with different social conditioning influencing women and conditioning men, and different influences growing up that men don’t have today and that the guys hitting the field have up to date information on the changes happening out there and that simple logical observation is not some kind of personal jab at you or your value or your 15 years of quality writing.

Answer questions from guys like Andy who come in here annoying everyone at first or Softek who everyone’s fed up with until you actually listen to them and work with them and realize they’re just looking for answers like the rest of these lost dudes and these are the only communities they’ll come across where they might actually FIND some answers if guys can be bothered to engage them in discussion instead of being condescending to them and dismissing them so everyone can get back to flirting with Emily. HAVE the uncomfortable conversations that The Man is scared to even bring up incase the “tribe” turns on him. Quit wasting time/energy trying to convince manosphere groupie girls of shit when they’re here for the attention instead of to learn. Question what we think we know and re-evaluate what we teach if it isn’t consistent or the field contradicts it instead of dismissing it with snark and flawed experiments. For the guys who are cool with having their identities known, go on more public channels that speak directly to these audiences who are looking for guidance instead of staying in the circle-jerk, and be prepared to defend your ideas and to have to answer questions from skeptics, and accept that you probably won’t convince 90% of whoever listens to you but winning over that 10% that DOES give what you’re saying a chance is a VICTORY.

@The Man
See? That wasn’t so hard…MILEY OUT! lol

P.S. It’s Friday, get out there and push your comfort zones tonight!

on June 2nd, 2016 at 10:11 pm
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“Curious to see the opinions on this site for this from Wall Street Playboys: Definitely not a believer in “subcomms” rule all.”

Tyler sez wut?

This guy sez wut?

“Living at home in your parents basement is simply not going to cut it.”

Tyler when he lived in a closet sleeping on a mattress and Julien who dropped out of college and moved to LA with no money and lived on the floor of a gay dude’s apartment and Todd sleeping on a tent on a lawn and Max who also moved with no money all say wut?

I mean, those Finance guys have it all wrong. What really matters is LOOKS. Some dude with a belly and man-boobs can’t get girls:

“We assume you are at the *median* in the other three categories (no competitive advantage when it comes to status, looks or game. Simply the median)”

lol I dunno ask Elon Musk, Johnny Depp, Chris Rock, Ben Affleck, etc etc etc how the looks/money thing worked out.

But hey, they have a wonderful selection of referral links they get a % of sales from now that they’ve created insecurities in all the guys who don’t fit their description of what’s attractive to women. If we can keep guys worrying about their looks/money and not feeling like they have value unless they have a $500k retirement fund by age 23, they’ll have an excuse to not go do the scary thing of putting their ego on the line and approaching a hot girl that’s out of their league (according to the FI’s socially conditioned value system) and risking rejection. Plus then they’ll have enough money to take a bootcamp in their 30s lol

@Blaximus @scray
““It is true that they CAN be rational when it suits their needs, but even then the rationality they display is peppered with emotions.””

Their emotions are real in the moment. They are acting 100% rational, to them, in that moment. They’re not acting rational from a MAN’S perspective, but cats are not dogs. When you understand what ACTUALLY drives women, and understand how their emotions literally CHANGE reality for them, their actions are VERY rational and predictable/consistent. You just have to quit viewing them through a man’s lens expecting them to act like men. That’s why we can literally alter their reality by fucking with their emotions…but if we do manage to warp their reality then WITHIN that reality they are acting 100% rational/predictable. That’s why when I get her attracted to me, and I devalue other guys, what I am BECOMES what triggers her Hypergamy and what other guys are BECOMES low value, even if that wasn’t true 5 minutes ago and won’t be true an hour from now if I fuck up and she loses attraction for me and reverts back to her lifetime of social conditioning. But when she’s in that reality where I trigger her Hypergamy, she acts completely rational and chases that Hypergamy exactly as she should, because her emotions in the moment are REAL to her. And she’s DOING that because her Survival/Replication sees it as a chance to fulfill its goals.

And when she gets dumped by her boyfriend because she made out with me, her hamster will just backwards rationalize that it was a good idea, YOLO, her boyfriend was an abusive jerk, etc etc and make sure that she can successfully move on War Brides style, toward the next moment and the next reality.

“you lose your job? you better act like it doesn’t matter otherwise DLV”

Thing is, people will use this as a point like “SEE, you’re just chasing pussy being whatever the pussy tells you to be haha you dancing puppet!!!” But the reality is losing your job SHOULDN’T matter to you. You SHOULD, ideally, be resourceful and smart (or strong in caveman days) to be able to recover and not cry like a little baby victim and need coddling. Like, if you WERE that alpha male ideal, you would just brush it off and keep moving forward and be able to lead the people around you and take care of them etc even if you go through rough times.

I don’t NOT panic about stuff in front of girls because I’m trying to get laid, I don’t NOT panic about stuff in front of girls because I don’t panic about stuff in front of ANYONE because I very rarely panic at ALL because I’ve been through enough and been infield enough and been out of my comfort zone enough to know that whatever life throws at me I’ll probably be able to handle and 99.9999% of the problems most people cry about are bullshit insignificant nonsense. VERY few problems are LEGITIMATE problems that deserve a huge panic mental breakdown falling apart for a long period of time.

It’s not supposed to be a tactic (except at first when you’re faking it till you make it and rack up INFIELD EXPERIENCE pushing your comfort zone lol), ideally you develop yourself to where you can lose your job and it really DOESN’T matter because your first thought is “it’s cool, I know some guys that’ll hook me up with work” or “that sucks but oh well, I have the skills and confidence to bounce back no problem” or “great, now I can start that business I always wanted to start”.

on June 4th, 2016 at 7:31 pm
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@kfg @Softek
Quoting all of this so it’s in my archives because this is one of the most concise/solid breakdowns of how this works that I’ve seen, props kfg:

“How do you have a guitar without verbally declaring it? It is what it is. A certain arrangement of dead tree is, de facto, a guitar. Some other arrangement of the same dead tree would be something else. A chair, or a boat, or whatever.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend is a set of behaviours. If you exhibit those behaviours, you are, de facto, a “couple.” And there is no woman on Earth who doesn’t know when this de facto state exists. Any girl who can’t do this by the time she is five is sufficiently retarded that you should start worrying about her.

This is why you have been told here that, no matter your declarations to the contrary, you are in a committed, monogamous relationship, because you act that way.

But I’ll break down the covert method of declaration overtly:

At some point she will, quite casually, to a third party refer to you as her boyfriend. She will then watch you for your response.

The first level of response is whether or not you challenge the claim If you do not challenge the claim she will, from that moment on, behave as if she is your girlfriend – and watch you for your response.

If you do not challenge that, that is your second level of response and she will start watching for the third level.

At some point, quite casually, to a third party, you will refer to her as your girlfriend, and as I said, she will be watching for that.

And now you’ve done it, covertly, but verbally and officially stated the relationship in woman talk. Without ever having had The Talk(tm).

Note that through all of this there has a been a sub-level where she is pinging off the environment. The final officially official state is when those third parties start referring to you as boyfriend and girlfriend, without challenge. That is her ultimate FI goal.

“When we’d be out and people would ask if she was my girlfriend, and I’d be like “Oh yeah, she is. This is ____” and introduce them and all that.”

Oh. Hey! Wait – you’ve already done that. You are “official.” And she knows it.

Ergo, when she is using coercion to get you to declare, she’s actually after something else. The medium is the message.

What she is after is being able to use overt coercion, force, to bend you to her will. She is after your submission.

Get. Out.”

Softek read that a dozen times till you fully get what he’s saying. You’re on the right track, the fact that she’s negotiating ANYTHING isn’t about the actual thing she’s negotiating, she already KNOWS she “has” you, she’s just trying to get you to “break” and verbalize it and fully submit, and when you do you will end up exactly like her ex did, except you’ll be paying child support while she fucks some other dude who can still catch fish.

If you were with like, a 21yo, shit might be different, but she’s got a ton of pressure to lock down a secure provider with her baby-clock ticking. Girls will always end up falling in love with you at SOME point but it doesn’t look like THIS. It’s more crying and sadness that you won’t commit and longing puppy-dog stares and shit, not bitching you out and demanding/threatening/shaming/pressuring etc. A chick who even TRIED that kind of aggressive behavior with me would get a Soft Next immediately followed by a Hard Next if she kept it up because that’s all just a sign that she doesn’t respect me and views me as a guy that she CAN berate into doing what she wants.

Your chick doesn’t respect you, and hasn’t for a while, we can all tell from her behavior and your writing. Even if she brings you a cupcake now and then, it’s just to keep you around until she can wear you down because she knows that she’s going to wear you down as long as she cuts off all your access to other female attention, porn, etc and basically does the abusive husband thing of cutting you off from your support network and other options etc so that you have to rely on her for all your validation/comfort/etc

The ONLY ace up your sleeve is that she doesn’t know about TRM and that you’ve found a community of support here. She’s cut off all your other obvious outlets like porn and engaging other women etc, but she doesn’t know you have us feeding you information to not cave to her methods (which would have worked by now on 99% of Blue Pill dudes). If she found out, she would forbid you from even visiting this site.

On a side tangent: I found that in a pLTR arrangement it can help to use the boyfriend/girlfriend labels around her friends/family because it helps take social pressure off her cause the social pressure/judgement is what kills a pLTR (see Gene Simmons). If she can call you her boyfriend her friends won’t hassle her about you wasting her time…but the difference between that and Softek’s situation is that in a pLTR I’m ACTUALLY fucking other girls and sarging and shit, whereas Softek is not, so Softek using those BF/GF labels is signing his own relationship-death certificate lol

And since you like posting songs Softek, here’s one for you that got a lot of my generation to wake up a bit:

From the youtube comments: “He’s being emotionally abused by his girlfriend and he finds it almost impossible to leave her since he doesn’t have any self-esteem, textbook case of emotional abuse. And this one is especially sad since most songs about abuse end happy, the victim being saved and with someone who really cares. This song doesn’t have that, it ends with him still believing that the more he puts up with her abuse the more he cares and that what she’s doing is okay.”

Sound familiar? 😉

…but then, this is just feeding into your victim complex and helping fuel it lol “oh man, that song is SO ME, that’s ME, I’m THAT GUY, so I guess I’ll keep doing this and not go out tonight even though it’s Saturday night”.

@Softek @LeeLee
“I’ve also read studies that say men benefit more from sleeping next to their partner than women do, and that women have more sleep disturbances vs. sleeping alone.”

lol I’m skeptical of that one. I like my space in my bed and get a way better sleep when there’s no girl around. My latest regular FB and I would end up waking up and banging multiple times throughout the night because we were just heavily sexually attracted to eachother and we’d both be exhausted the next day lol But when you’re married for a long time maybe you just fall into patterns where you don’t have that intensity and can snore away beside eachother. Even then tho, I like having a girl curled up to me but when my arm falls asleep or one of us has to get up to go to the bathroom or whatever, I dunno, I get way better sleep when I have the whole bed to myself.

“the importance of touch and sexuality as well as the fact that it’s important for that touch to be DESIRED, and it’s benefits rely on that desire.”

“There are no studies on PUA guys like YaReally gauging how happy they are compared to married couples.

When they question how happy “Single Men” are, they could be a demographic that is sexting chatbots out of desperation, whacking off to Pornhub, and thinking they’re never going to get laid for the rest of their life.

Compare that to a single man who is free, self-confident, getting more pussy than he can handle, and has the maneuverability to go wherever he wants and do whatever he pleases, and isn’t confined to the obligations of marriage and a family. ”

These are important variables and again why we ignore most studies because they’re flawed and retarded and not even testing the right shit.

I definitely don’t get as much regular touch as someone who’s living with a girlfriend/wife. I mean, that’s just logic, I have my place to myself so there’s not just always a girl here 24/7.

But the touch that I *DO* get is 100% passion/desire. And I perfer that way more than just familiar/comfort touch. The girls curling up to me in bed are curling up out of genuine passion/desire to be held and hold me. The cutest is when they squeeze me like they’re trying to climb inside me because they’re so attracted. I would rather have a dose of that once a YEAR than a year of platonic asexual pats on the back or routine cuddling up that’s become just a meaningless habit. Or even worse, living with a girl who DOESN’T touch me or resists it or doesn’t WANT to or CRINGES at it (hi /deadbedrooms/).

That’s part of why most guys learning game don’t just go to a hooker. It’s not just about the sex itself, it’s about feeling a woman legitimately have passion/desire for you.

But every married dude I’ve gotten drunk with, who sees me doing my thing, even guys I don’t even KNOW well like someone’s uncle at a wedding, pulls me aside for a little heart to heart and tells me to never get married and to keep doing what I’m doing and has that envious look in their eye.

Was I happy being single BEFORE I found pickup? Fuck no, I was miserable and SO fucking lonely. I went like 20+ years of my life without any real human touch (my family wasn’t touchy-feely and I didn’t even have platonic female friends to hang around with growing up because I was too shy/socially awkward to know how to be around them). That’s probably part of why I enjoy the cuddling after sex and PDA stuff now lol

But am I happy NOW being single? Hellllll yes. I have the ability to get poon when I need to and even the occasional dry spell doesn’t last very long (VS guys going literal YEARS without getting laid), I have all the free time in the world to do what I want (focusing on my career goals right now to get that shit handled), I don’t have to explain myself or my actions to anyone, I don’t have to justify anything I do. I could, right now, buy a flight to Vegas and just GO…if that’s what I feel like doing right now. I don’t have to run it by anyone, I don’t have to get approval, I don’t have to adjust to anyone else’s schedule or figure out how to get the wife and kids schedules free to join me and maybe they’d rather go to Disneyland instead of Vegas and now I’m sitting on the dumbo ride getting sunburnt with a crying kid and a wife who’s complaining and wants to go home early lol

I can just do whatever I want, whenever I want, and all my money is spent on myself however I want. I can move locations on a whim if I feel like it, I can just go travel for a month and not have to worry about a girlfriend cheating on me while I’m gone, I can talk to any girl I want to, I can hang out with whatever friends I want to (I don’t have to worry about any girls approving of my friends or their influence, or forbidding me to hang out with them or giving me hassle for staying out late or ending up at a stripclub or just NOT coming home because I decided I wanted to crash on my buddy’s couch ’cause we were having a good conversation not get in trouble for forgetting to text her so she knows where I am etc) and at the end of the day I can lay spread-eagle across my bed enjoying the massive space, or I can call a girl up to have her join me and give me that passionate/desiring touch.

I’m sure there are some happily married guys out there, specifically the Red Pill ones or the Blue Pill ones who are just happy in their ignorance and fluking their way through keeping their marriage on track. But I can guarantee I’m LIGHTYEARS ahead in terms of happiness compared to most divorced guys and most beta dudes (aka the single guys in those studies) who would LOVE to have my lifestyle. But they won’t interview guys like me for their studies because we’ll fuck the results up.

Even WITHIN pickup there are guys who are happy and guys who are miserable. Compare Tyler or Julien with Roosh or Krauser. Some guys develop their internals and focus on enjoying their life and letting go of silly problems and focusing on their passions and appreciating the world for how it is and dealing with that reality etc, and some are just grinding it out complaining the whole time because deep down they’re unsatisfied and disappointed and feel trapped in their circumstances and are frustrated that the world isn’t how they wished it was. So all of that stuff fucks shit up.

Like I’m sure there are depressed lonely MGTOWs but I’m sure there are also MGTOWs who love their life (especially the older guys who got divorce raped and have just fully checked out and are happy as a clam with their nice simple little lives, VS the younger guys who I think are more often just scared of women or don’t know how to handle them and play the game but deep down wish they did and feel lonely/frustrated).

MGTOWs make fun of PUAs but really a good PUA is just a MGTOW who knows how to get/manage pussy (and ideally keep it as casual as possible if we don’t want to get tied down). Outside of the pussy aspect we’re basically doing the exact same thing as MGTOWs. That’s why I think MGTOWs who date should look at some PUA and TRM stuff and learn the basics about women…if you’re against owning a dog but you’re still gonna occasionally pet some pitbulls, go skim the info pitbull trainers have put out there so you don’t get bitten. Common sense to me lol


“The consensus on why this happens seems to be that it enables men to not abandon their partners, and then to be able to bond with and care for their children.”

That would be acceptable to us if there was some guarantee that those partners we bond to won’t walk away from us to cash in on the rewards/attention society and the legal system will hand them for ditching us (see Johnny Depp), and that we’ll get to keep those children we bond with (see pretty much any divorced dude (including the ones in jail for not being able to pay child support to their ex-wife who’s using the money to buy lingerie to wear for her new man) since the kids overwhelmingly go to the mom regardless of how shitty she is, hell look at scribblerg’s story in our own comment section).

But in a society that literally incentivizes women to bail on their marriages and normalizes cheating and encourages women to chase their whims with no negative conseqeunces etc, why would we NOT opt out of dabbling with that shit? lol

I’ll probably want to have kids one day. But I sure don’t see a way to pull it off in 2016 with 2016 girls with any kind of guarantee. The best I could do at this point is enter into a relationship for the purpose of having kids and fully expect it to end around the 10 year mark to not get blindsided, but that means spending 10 years with one foot out the door waiting for the other shoe to drop. Doesn’t sound real appealing to me even if I’d like to pass on my DNA. I may even end up frustrated at the situation and get bitter like Roosh and complain about women and society etc if I can’t find a clear path to that goal lol but that’s a solid 10+ years away for me, plenty of time to figure out the optimal solution/strategy to achieve that.

But hey, feminists will tell me that this is all men’s fault somehow lol

“I do need to do some research, because that one bar is the only place I’ve heard of. The best way would probably be to actually go there and ask people there where other good places to go are, lol.”

Hop in the shower and go do that now you excuse-making pussy lol Just go collect some intel. Simple little baby-step. No one is going to hold a gun to your head and MAKE you go out, just like no one’s going to make you work on your business shit. I’m heading out in a few min myself to go spread some good value.

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“What I do know is that I’ve never fucked another guy’s girlfriend or wife. that’s where I differ with the puas. I will not disrespect another man in that way”

Of course not, you just fuck their 14yo daughters. Massive respect for your fellow man, tell me more about your morals and virtue lol I notice NOW you’ve started adding “when I was their age” and bumped their age up to “17 almost turned 18” in-between your rants about their magic underage pussies and innocence, but you said you were a teacher who other men entrust to teach these girls didn’t you? In-between your lectures about morals from up on your high horse and all.

I don’t care what you do, but maybe you aren’t in a position to be lecturing others about morals and respect for their fellow man lol

“This is a bright line and if you PUAs start lecturing me on this just realize you’ll be showing what lowlives you are, not teaching me a fucking thing.”

lol there’s no part of PUA that recommends punching your girl. Unless it’s a sexual fetish of hers (which happens, I’ve known some girls into that kind of thing) and then for your own safety you want to screen that particular girl to make sure it’s cool and that you aren’t going to get falsely accused of abuse.

“Freezer is more than capable of speaking for himself, but before everyone starts clutching their pearls, remember that Fleez has his own particular ” style ” of self expression.”

lol this. I gloss over most of what Fleezer says because most of it is just over-dramatized to try to make himself sound like an e-badass and twists whatever he’s saying to what he thinks will get him e-props.

And he’s talking about his wife of however many years, not a random. You hold down a random girl and fuck her when she’s saying no, when you DON’T have a rape-roleplay agreement ahead of time and safe-words so she can say “no” as part of the fantasy etc and you’re taking a helluva risk these days…I doubt he’s randomly punching and rape-fucking any “mature 17 year olds” he’s tutoring lol

What a guy does with his wife of however many years I just assume is calibrated to that particular girl and shouldn’t be taken by newbies out into the field to try with girls they’ve only just met, especially before they’ve learned calibration and damage control, buyer’s remorse, after-care etc

“Perhaps I need a disclaimer at the bottom of the blog stating that the comments and opinions of readers do not necessarily reflect the sentiments of the blog’s proprietor?”

lol I remember noticing that CH added one when his comment section started getting pretty over the top.