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A Test Of Your Game Update: T-Ball Pickup

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Captain Obvious
on March 31, 2015 at 12:42 pm
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I hate to be a jerk, but do you guys even enjoy talking to chicks? YR’s algorithmic spreadsheet is like “Introduction to Human Conversation 101″ for completely spergtarded anti-social recluses and hermits [God bless their little hearts].

[CH: let’s not be hyperbolic. it’s quite a bit beyond most men’s concept of “human conversation 101″. granted, naturals tend to know this stuff intuitively, even if they aren’t consciously aware they’re dropping game, but naturals are few and far between. CH and others like us give the average man the same gifts that the natural possesses.]

  • having a bad day
    on March 31, 2015 at 1:50 pm
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    I luuuvvvv talking to girls…now…lol…

    before i found out about game (and tested it in real life applications/situs to know it was accurate) i was mostly just angry/bitter about girls (including my wife)…bc they never followed through with what they SAID they wanted…in fact, they actively ‘dinged’ me for believing them and acting on that belief…in other words, i was clueless…lol…now, not so much…

    that algorithmic spreadsheet is like a bunch of cheat codes on your favorite video game…just bc it lets you understand/be comfortable with where you are in the process, doesn’t mean you just have to wave the sheet around in the air to get girls to like you…you still have to play the game…

    and bc i’m a spergtard (with a BIG heart…lol), let’s be pedantic…YR’s (really Mystery’s model) algorithmic spreadsheet is better labeled “Introduction to Conversation with Girls You Want to Bang 101″…lol…

    you’ve been hanging around here long enough to have at least tried some of this stuff in RL…or seen this stuff in play in meat world…doesn’t it work for you?…if it does, then your upbraiding us about game is less than honest…and if not, share the details and we can troubleshoot your approach…you’ve been around here long enough to know that i just want men to have a better chance at better, more fulfilling lives…

    good luck!

    • YaReally
      on March 31, 2015 at 3:12 pm
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      “Just be yourself” is great as long as yourself is awesome lol The catch is that everyone leaves a word out in that…It should be “Just be your BEST self”.

      If your “self” is socially retarded, no goals in life, no ambition, unhealthy, ungroomed, no confidence, etc., then fix that shit. Fix as much of it as you can so that when you “just be yourself”, you’re being the best version of yourself that you can be.

      Like if you’re a sperg who doesn’t have “witty conversation flow”, work on that. Take improv classes, swipe stories from other people till you learn how to tell your own stories, go to Toastmasters, practice practice practice till you DO have witty conversation flow. You can LEARN comedic timing and how to tell interesting stories, there are books on this shit out there lol

      “there is no need to disparage us, just bc it’s easy for you…”

      Yup. I respect anyone who’s putting in the effort to improve their shit, even if they aren’t good yet. Not a lot of respect for guys who sit around kicking sand in those guys’ faces…like why would you even post here? Just to discourage other guys from improving themselves? Way to go, you’re the bully stuffing nerds in lockers but as an adult. Either help out or go set and achieve your own goals while these guys work on achieving theirs.

    • YaReally
      on March 31, 2015 at 7:41 pm
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      Captain Obvious

      What terrifies me is “3 DASHES OF OREGANO NOT GARLIC”. Are you guys still in 3rd grade? Is eating you vegetables still icky? Do you even know how to use a knife and fork? I’m very worried that some of these guys who read and write recipes would rather wolf down shitty McDonald’s than sit in a 5 star restaurant sipping a nice glass of wine and ENJOYING their 5-star meal.


      Like, I get why you’re saying it and why you might think it’s important enough to type and press Send, but it’s stupid lol

    • YaReally
      on March 31, 2015 at 8:02 pm
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      Captain Obvious

      This is basically the visual equivalent of what you’re writing lol:

      Fuck it! Turn off your brain! Don’t think! Thinking is for pussies!! Pro athletes? They’re just charging down the field head down no fucks given, they aren’t using strategy or anything. They aren’t reading BOOKS or studying anything to improve their technique, fuck that shit…reading? Learning? What are you some fuckin NERD?? Bro you can’t enjoy a sport if you read books about it! You think Jordan’s practicing his jumping to get that much air? You think he’s doing drills dribbling?? fuck that bro, he was just born with it, if he was in the gym at 3am doing leg workouts and drills that’s some NERD SHIT YO, dude wouldn’t be able to enjoy playing basketball and raping everyone at it as he’s dunking left and right if he’s fuckin TRYING!! Dude if he was PRACTICING to get better I would worry that guy doesn’t even fuckin LIKE basketball wtf he should just jack off in his mom’s basement instead you can’t like something AND want to be good at it!! I play pickup basketball in my buddy’s driveway, trust me man, don’t be like that Jordan chump dude doesn’t even know how to enjoy a good game of b-ball with his buddies!

      Like ok, you do your thing, long as you’re happy. But I’ll be in the gym at 3am working on my jump shot ’cause I love what I do lol

  • YaReally
    on March 31, 2015 at 2:59 pm
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    “YR’s algorithmic spreadsheet is like “Introduction to Human Conversation 101″”

    Yup. That’s why it just demonstrates how little someone has actually looked into PUA when they brush it off as “I don’t need that game stuff” or “I just go up and say hi, bro”.

    Because at it’s core level all Mystery did was observe consistent patterns in human interaction and lay them out in an understandable step by step list of stages between meeting a girl and fucking her, and then gave guys routines/tools for each stage to flip the switch and smoothly transition into the next stage.

    Like that’s it, that’s game right there. Everyone who’s ever had sex has gone through this set of stages.

    Sometimes they blink through the stages quickly (a rockstar’s entire fanbase/audience is in A2 before he even notices them), sometimes they go through the stages slowly (some nerd first learning pickup is going to take a while before he learns to demonstrate enough value to get to A2 where the girl is showing him interest).

    Sometimes they go through the stages consciously, like a studied PUA. Sometimes they go through them on auto-pilot, like a Natural. Sometimes they go through them by sheer fluke, like some chode at a party who just happened to do something that accidentally raised his value and the girl helped him fumble his way through all the stages.

    But every single interaction that results in sex goes through these stages (minus hookers lol).

    So yes, this is basically just common sense. But the idea that human interaction and seduction, something that society has conditioned people to think is all random and “you either have it or you don’t” and it’s all destiny and all this shit…the idea that not only can that actually be predicted and broken down into a consistent repeatable series of steps, but that you could practice moving from step to step by knowing what to say/do to trigger the next step, and that you could get BETTER at that, with practice?

    That revelation was fucking MINDBLOWING. It’s like saying you can explain exactly how to predict the exact number a roulette wheel will land on consistently, and that you can teach other guys how to do that themselves. Mystery took what people thought was random chance and codified it into something that can be predicted and the odds tilted in a guy’s favor.

    “MIKE: Why does this still seem like gambling to you? I mean, why do you think the same five guys make it to the final table of the World Series of Poker EVERY SINGLE YEAR? What, are they the luckiest guys in Las Vegas? It’s a skill game, Jo.”

    The only real difference between a PUA and a guy who’s stumbling his way through this series of steps by fluke/luck, or a Natural who’s really good at certain steps but kind of shaky in other steps (like being really good at Attraction but terrible at Comfort, or getting the lay but fucking up the aftercare, etc.) is that a PUA is basically training to transition through these steps as fast and efficiently as possible. While one guy is swinging his bat in the general direction of the pinata, the PUA is peeking under the blindfold to hit it with as much efficiency as possible.

    The PUA/Manosphere/TRP/etc. communities lost a lot of prime knowledge when they tossed Mystery Method aside because of his fuzzy hat shit. I would bet that like 90% of guys on reddit’s TRP or in this comment section haven’t actually read Mystery Method or watched Mystery’s massive DVD set explaining it.

    As far as enjoying it goes…I don’t know, did Jordan enjoy playing basketball? Did Kasparov enjoy playing chess? Does Beckham enjoy playing soccer? Why would you enjoy talking to girls any less once you understand the dynamics and become skilled at leading it to sex? Doesn’t make any fuckin’ sense. If anything you enjoy it more because you’ve gained a sense of omnipotence being able to see and tweak all the dynamics of an interaction.

    • YaReally
      on March 31, 2015 at 3:04 pm
      Original Link

      (also yes, stuff like MM can help someone who’s on the spergy side learn to understand social interactions. Tyler himself admits he’s probably got some sperg/autism in him and couldn’t read/understand social cues when he was younger. I had to learn a lot about social interactions myself, I was a pretty hard case newbie, but that was just from lack of social interaction in my teenage years and early adulthood, not from any kind of mental disorder lol)

    • YaReally
      on March 31, 2015 at 4:21 pm
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      Captain Obvious

      1) If you don’t know how to cook and you learn recipes and make delicious food in your kitchen, would you NOT enjoy it because you had to work to make it? Would you enjoy a video of food better? Makes no fuckin sense lol

      2) That’s why we try to also teach rules like “leave them better than you found them” and talk about spreading good vibes and value to people, same way a martial arts instructor teaches his students to use their skills for self defense and to protect loved ones, not to bully people. Some people will use those skills for bad, just like some people will use a gun to kill an innocent person, but what’s the alternative, ban everything that could ever be used in a bad way? Again, makes no sense

      3) Cynicism is a choice. I love the girls I’m with, even if it’s for a short while. There’s no empty “oh god, why am I so lonely :'( my soul is empty!” tears streaming down my cheek as the girl leaves lol That’s just feminist shaming bullshit to get guys scared of not trying to get married. Play the field, have fun, find out what you like, find out what you don’t like, find the types of girls you click with and enjoy being around, then when you’re old enough that you want more stability pick the best one and settle down with her, ideally in a relationship where she’s only banging you and you’re allowed to have fuckbuddies on the side possibly with her involved for regular FMF 3somes if you screen properly and set the right frame lol

      None of this is a big deal. The sky isn’t falling lol All this stuff does is give guys who were going to end up miserable or weeded out of evolution the chance to change that.

    • YaReally
      on March 31, 2015 at 7:29 pm
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      “If anything in my experience it is counter productive and raises a girl’s ASD / LMR as she now feels a connection and thinks you are boyfriend material (‘make him wait’ dynamic).”

      Some shit to keep in mind:

      1) This is gonna get confusing so the people lol’ing about over-analysis are gonna love this lol but try to stick with me cause this is all explainable, it’s just primarily a definition problem and partly a societal shift. That chart doesn’t show it (didn’t read it thoroughly before I posted it but the person who put it together summarized a little too brief lol) but Mystery has written/talked about how the actual main difference between the stages of Comfort is location. So it goes:

      C1 – building comfort where you met her (so at the bar or on the street or whatever)
      C2 – building comfort in a location separate from the meeting location (aka isolate her away from her friends or to a different venue when you meet her, or to some other location on a Day2)
      C3 – building comfort within the sex location (so getting her comfortable back at your place)

      When you understand it as he intended it, even the really fast bangs are still following what I just described as C1-C3. Even banging a girl in the bathroom at a club involves opening so that’s C1 (meet location), then moving her to the bathroom for C2 (isolation), then handling any “omg I can’t believe we’re doing this” shit as you walk into a stall is C3 (comfort within the sex location). Or for the slow version first opening her at a bar is C1 (meet location), setting up a Day2 to walk around the beach is C2 (isolation), and chilling on the couch with her watching a movie and cuddling as you escalate is C3 (comfort within the sex location).

      So when you and I are talking about “Comfort” in the context of your post, we’re actually talking about stuff like those 26 questions or whatever I linked a while back…which actually build deep RAPPORT (feeling like you have a special connection), not COMFORT (feeling like she can trust you)…building Rapport CREATES Comfort. That’s why a lot of old pickup material uses the combo term “Comfort/Rapport” because the two are so closely linked that it often saves time to just link them together…ie – if you’re getting Rapport then you’re likely also getting Comfort, but the two things themselves are separate. In terms of science, think of it like Comfort is a constant (you ALWAYS need C1-C3 as Mystery defines them above) and Rapport is a variable (the amount of Rapport needed to get Comfort varies from girl to girl and has lowered in our modern casual sex climate).

      So what you’re experiencing isn’t that too much COMFORT is causing them to see you as boyfriend material, it’s too much RAPPORT. Your game has evolved to basically use Attraction spikes to build the minimal amount of Rapport needed for her to feel Comfortable enough to bang you. I do a similar thing: I have amazing COMFORT with girls, they fully trust me to come home with me and fuck me, but I have the absolute bare minimum RAPPORT necessary to GET that Comfort. We know practically nothing about eachother lol

      Why is it C1-C3 instead of R1-R3? Because even though you’re LIKELY getting Comfort if you have Rapport, you CAN have Rapport WITHOUT Comfort. You and I can chat in a bar about baseball and build great Rapport with eachother, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to loan you the keys to my Ferrari. If you want to borrow my Ferrari, you’re gonna need me to trust you which is Comfort. So Comfort is ultimately the gateway to the next stage of seduction. On the flip side say you and I don’t know eachother and are thrown on a Survivor type reality show but the only catch is that we’re not allowed to talk at all so we CAN’T build Rapport. We go through a bunch of stress and harsh weather and help eachother survive and get food for eachother and I take care of you when you get sick and you catch me as I’m about to fall off a cliff on a hike etc. and we go through an emotional rollercoaster and absolute hell together but we survive and win the show and go back to normal daily life…even though we have minimal Rapport, we would have a ton of Comfort trusting eachother and I would probably let you borrow my Ferrari.

      Make sense? lol this is a complicated one to explain, it’s always bugged me how the words get used so interchangably (a byproduct of simplifying shit to make it easier to digest for newbies and articles etc. as PUA went mainstream), but realistically 90% of the time this just isn’t that important to focus on. Like it’s rare that a situation where Rapport/Comfort needing to be defined separately would come up but now that you point out that dynamic that’s actually one of those rare times where the separate definition is relevant lol I doubt even Mystery expected society to shift this way back in the day.

      Feel free to ask more questions and I’ll try to clarify.

      Now with that all said, going BACK to using “Comfort” the way that you meant it and that we all normally use it where it also encompasses Rapport and basically means “getting to know eachother”:

      2) Mystery WANTED girls to fall in love with him. To get some stripper in Vegas or Hollywood minor celeb chick or some huge bitch-shield cocky Toronto chick (where he originally cut his teeth learning game) to call you begging to hang out she had to be a bit “in love” and feel like you knew eachother’s soul. He also enjoyed the Day2s in general, there used to be vids of him on Day2s walking around the beach and just having fun with girls. This is cause Mystery actually LIKES women lol Like Tyler hated women when he started out (he’s changed now tho) and game was all about getting revenge on them to him back then, but Mystery has always loved them. So spending a couple hours walking around a mall with a girl hand in hand and telling stories and getting to know eachother was fun for him. His goal was more mLTR (multiple LTRs where it’s like having more than one girlfriend, Heffner style) than just racking up lay counts. So MM is geared toward developing deep connections and relationships with women, not just getting laid as fast as possible. I have a buddy who’s like this too, he loves all that shit and likes having girls fall in love with him because he wants to date them for a while, whereas I find it boring and I don’t want the girl to fall in love with me lol Neither way is “better” it just comes down to your own goals/preferences. But a LOT more guys are looking to find girlfriends/LTRs when they take up pickup than they are just looking to eternally casually bang girls, so it’s important that Mystery broke down how to build that really deep LTR style connection building because more guys are seeking that after they rack up some notches.

      3) Comfort (again in the sense of “getting to know eachother” where it encompasses Rapport too) in general was more important back when he wrote MM. Back in those days ya there was casual sex, but it wasn’t as socially approved as it is now. Not many people had cell phones and texting literally didn’t exist yet, so there was no Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, OKCupid, POF, etc. feeding girls unlimited sexual options and validation 24/7 with all their friends hooking up left and right and Jezebel articles encouraging girls to ride the cock carousel etc. The romantic notion of dating/LTRs hadn’t died off yet, so back THEN Comfort was actually to get AROUND ASD because if you DIDN’T do Comfort you’d be more likely to get “omg he just wants casual sex??” ASD/LMR. Whereas now it’s kind of 180’ed in that they don’t need more than minimal Comfort to have sex and too much Comfort can fuck it up. The threshold for how much Comfort a girl needs before she bangs has dropped dramatically.

      Good observation in general, glad you brought it up. A lot of these nuances are explained in the original Mystery Method content, but the “dumbed down” version of MM that most people know and reference is basically “that crazy flowchart thing, fuzzy hats, and negs” where all these little nuances are lost and then questions like this naturally come up and it’s like ya I can see how that would be confusing. I just happen to have spent a LOT of time reading the original content back when I first got into PUA (I would read from the minute I got home from work till I passed out for sleep or went out sarging and trying out what I read lol, basically every free minute I was absorbing all this shit).

      This nuanced shit doesn’t really get taught these days because a lot of it isn’t necessary to fully understand to get laid enough to be happy. If I tell you “just tell her “put your number in my phone”” and you do it, it’s gonna work even if you don’t understand that that’s a compliance test and that it’s demonstrating authority and that your tonality was commanding breaking rapport and that the reason I told you to do it was because I saw her playing with her hair which is an ioi etc. etc. So like, why bog you down with all that information that’ll probably just give you “paralysis by analysis” when you can just keep a simple “if we have a cool vibe, ask for her number!” rule in mind and you’ll get laid more than you were before.

      The problem with the simplified version of pickup is that you get less consistent results…like you’ll do better than before but as you move up in your skillset you’ll run into little problems where it’s like “when I do this is sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t…I just don’t get why it doesn’t always work…I mean, I’m happy enough, but it’s kind of bugging me that I wasn’t able to get that girl I wanted even though what I was doing with her worked on that other girl…” and it either eats away at you or you brush it off as “whatever, it’s just a numbers game” and never fix it. That’s the point where something like Mystery Method is going to connect the little dots and make you go “ohhhhhh, it worked with that other girl because ABC and it didn’t work with this one because XYZ!! I get it now” and you can gain conscious competence to increase your consistency. Like tightening the screws on your race car to win 1st place in 90% of your races instead of 70%.

      The whole Manosphere/TRP method of “just throw your dick at her and if she doesn’t jump on board, NEXT THAT BITCH!!!” is like the most retarded extreme version of not understanding the nuances of pickup lol It’s going full-tilt into “SOMETIMES THIS WORKS SOMETIMES IT DOESN’T I DON’T UNDERSTAND AND I DON’T CARE JUST MOVE ONTO THE NEXT BITCH!!!!!” numbers-game pickup. Mystery’s goal back in the way was “5 for 5″ (literally quoting Mystery here: “if you can approach 5 sets and all 5 sets one by one as you approach them ultimately turn into relationships, that’s mastery” also note how he uses the word relationships not just lays like I mentioned earlier)…which is basically just 100% consistency. And that goal isn’t unrealistic when you fully understand all the nuances and shit in pickup. But the guys shouting “whatever bro pickup is just a numbers game” will never understand the nuances deep enough to be able to achieve that kind of consistency…and quite frankly, most guys don’t even care about that and that’s totally fine as long as they’re happy with their results. A lot of guys are perfectly happy spam approaching until something hooks and don’t care if they can walk into a room and pick out a specific girl and turn her into an LTR consistently just like most people playing World of Warcraft or some shit don’t care if they followed the optimal build to have the highest damage per second character possible, most people are perfectly content just having some badass swords and killing orcs.

      That came out longer than I expected lol

    • YaReally
      on March 31, 2015 at 7:30 pm
      Original Link

      huuuuuge reply in mod lol CH, approve dat shit!

    • YaReally
      on April 1, 2015 at 12:35 pm
      Original Link


      I’ve tried explaining it to him but he just doesn’t get it. I think Captain Obvious might have aspergers :(

    • YaReally
      on April 1, 2015 at 9:10 pm
      Original Link


      Since this article is like a week I dropped a response/recommendation list of study material in:

      But it’s of course in mod lol But reload there for whenever it comes out of mod.

      “it seems like while Rapport is good, and kino is usually good as well btw, Comfort is still lacking. Do you concur?”

      Ya. This is the situation I described where you can have amazing Rapport, but they need Comfort/trust to bang you.

      Think about it like this: Why do they want you to have their number? What’s a number going to lead to? A date, possibly multiple dates. What do they get on dates? They get more experience with you, trusting you, in different environments, which results in more Comfort. Why do online girls want to meet up instead of just come over to bang you if you have good rapport? They need some Comfort and that’s hard to build over OKCupid. Why do girls who break up tend to bang guys in their social circle instead of randoms when they’re on the rebound or cheat? They have Comfort/trust with those guys from being around them. Why do girls bang guys based off social proof? The other girls being comfortable with the guy gives them Comfort because they think “those girls must know something I don’t, if they have Comfort/trust with him then it’s probably okay for me to feel that way too” even though they may not have even talked to the guy themselves and have no Rapport at all with him yet.

      So you can get Comfort without Rapport, and get laid just off Comfort…but having Rapport without Comfort means no lay. She may still be into you, but she’ll want to do “other stuff” (like go on a date) to try to give herself time to get that Comfort she needs. And Rapport is just a really easy way to get Comfort compared to trying to organize social proof and shit.

      “If so, what are some effective techniques to increase Comfort in a SNL paradigm?”

      The idea is that she has to trust that opening up to you won’t harm her, basically. So how can we do that?

      1) Venue changing her is big. Every time you venue change a girl, ya there’s the time distortion effect but also you’re entering a new environment/area with her and not murdering her and no one kills her AND in fact, she has a GOOD TIME. So she gains a reference experience that “if I go somewhere with this guy, I can trust that it will be a fun experience for me”. If you’re chatting with the hot bartender and she’s stuck behind that bar all night, ya you might be cool and you have great rapport, but her brain has no reference experience that if she follows you down a dark street when her shift is over at 3am you aren’t going to rape and kill her. But if you were talking to a girl in like a nightclub, you could tell her “come with me let’s go dance” and when she leaves her friends to follow you to the dance floor and has fun, she gains a ref exp of that…then you say “whew I’m hot let’s get a drink” and she follows you through the crowd to the bar area and has fun as you chat, so she gains another ref exp of that. Then you say “hey I need some air it’s so hot in here” and take her to the patio, so she gains ANOTHER ref exp of that. Then when you leave the club together arm in arm, she gains another ref exp there. So when you say “hey let’s get some pizza I’m starving there’s a place right over there” she has all these ref experiences that following you doesn’t result in bad outcomes so her brain says “ya! go with this guy, every time we follow him we have good feels!!” So now you have Comfort/trust.

      If you’re going on a Day2 you should be dropping into convenience stores to grab gum and shit, like anything where you can change areas. Even inside the bar, take her over to the pool table, take her to a booth, take her up to the bar to do a shot, etc. Get her brain full of reference experiences that when she follows you she can trust you to give her good feels. Comfort.

      2) Social proof, like I mentioned earlier. If other girls are comfortable with you then her brain says “ok we can trust him”, or at the worst will MINIMALLY test you on it just to be totally reassured. But like, if you have a good rep or girls up on you, you can end up with Comfort before you even talk to eachother. This is why if you walk around opening sets with a pivot on your arm, sets blow open, because for that hot girl to be on your arm everyone assumes they can trust you because she does. This is also why a lot of Naturals get laid like crazy in their social circles or at their favorite bar etc…they’re riding Social Proof. So as we discussed earlier they already have A2 when they approach, PLUS because of their reputation they have Comfort, so literally before they even say Hello they have two huge aspects of seduction nailed…so how much work do they really have to do from there? Make some idle chit chat, isolate, and escalate. This is also why a lot of them choke when you try to make them do an actual cold approach in a bar they’ve never been in and don’t know anyone in…’cause now they don’t have A2 or Comfort and they’re not used to having to build those things from scratch and panic.

      3) Calibrated Kino. I’ll explain down below where I reply to walawala.

      4) Since I’m lazy about venue changing and these days I try to avoid using social proof (already did a lot of that the previous few years, and I’ll have to do it when I’m in my 40s so right now I’m trying to avoid getting too known ’cause I like the challenge) and don’t really do kino, I do most of my Comfort building through my Rapport. As we’ve established, those questions about her hopes and dreams and scariest fears and shit aren’t Comfort those are Rapport…so I don’t bother with them because I’m not real interested in what she wanted to be when she grows up and that doesn’t get me any closer to Comfort lol If I’m going to use Rapport, I like to be talking about deep sexual topics ’cause that’s more interesting to me and the sexual topics I talk about build Comfort.

      So like my Rapport might be something like “ya, I’m not good at the boyfriend shit at all lol I tried a couple serious relationships but I’m way too selfish. I like my free time and I don’t want to get into fights because I was too busy to reply to her txt about what her mom said to her, or have to explain that yes I slept on my buddy’s couch because I was drunk off my ass after the strippers and no I didn’t cheat etc. Too much hassle, you know? After that shit I hooked up with a girl who had a boyfriend who was a shitty lay and it was great, we just txted eachother when we were horny then we’d meet up and have our fun then go our separate ways. No drama, no relationship talks. I think I’m just destined to be the creepy old single guy in the bar lol”

      Now that’s a casual Rapport conversation I can have with some hot bartender chick where I have no social proof and can’t venue change her or kino her…but what exactly have I done with that blurb in terms of building Comfort for her to bang me that night? Well, I’ve shown that I CAN do LTRs, I’ve had a couple serious LTRs so clearly a couple girls trusted me enough to date me. The girls liked me so much that they demanded all my attention. I’m letting her know that I go get drunk at the rippers and crash on buddies’ couches irresponsibly which means that my buddies trust me, I’m a bit of a fun unpredictable bad boy, and the “no I didn’t cheat” means even under the scumbag I’m probably a pretty good guy a girl can trust. Then I show that a girl with a boyfriend trusted me SO MUCH that she hooked up with me regularly clearly having enough Comfort with me to trust me not to fuck her LTR up. Also I’m implying I’m a good lay with the bit about her boyfriend being a shitty lay lol And I’m laying the framework for what OUR relationship will be, just txting eachother when we’re horny etc. Sure I’m kind of a bum, but I’m a predictable bum and everything I do (the strippers, drunk on a buddy’s couch, banging a taken girl, etc.) is congruent to being the dude who’s plopped on a bar stool by himself flirting with the hot bartender on a slow Tuesday night…and because it’s all congruent “better the devil you know than the one you don’t”. She knows what to expect from me. I’m not sitting there promising her the world where she’ll be suspicious it’s some kind of trap or there’s another shoe to drop, I’m saying look I’m not perfect but I’m cool with that and you can trust me to NOT be perfect lol

      Look at all that shit I did with just a quick little minute long Rapport snippet, she knows banging me is something that’ll probably be a good experience with no negative consequences. She’ll need more than just this of course, but I have a bunch of this kind of stuff that I stack in there (I share sex stories with them a lot, like I’ll just go into “there was this ONE girl who…” and tell some fun DHV sexual story that again shows that sex with me is fun and consequence free and builds Comfort).

      Even a line like “I think people are too judgemental about sex…it’s a natural thing, it’s fun, most people who are monogamous are all cheating on eachother anyway. I say if it feels good, do it.” is saying “if you fuck me, you can trust me not to judge you, you won’t be branded a slut, I won’t ruin your reputation, I’ll keep things on the down-low, etc.” So she feels Comfort/trust. Toss in some laser eye-contact and general charm and why WOULDN’T she fuck me? There’s no downside in it for her as far as her brain can tell.

      Meanwhile what are other guys doing in Rapport? “So what did you want to be when you grow up? Oh a ballerina…that’s cool, have you seen Les Mis? Ya that’s a great ballet. Who’s your favorite ballet dancer?” zzzzzz…..or maybe “So when did you move here? Oh that’s cool, ya this is a great city. There’s this art gallery, have you been to it? You have to see this painting it’s beautiful bla bla” zzzzzzz….

      Like ya, that’s all good RAPPORT…but none of that is building Comfort/trust that she should come fuck you tonight lol If anything the art gallery one would just make her expect to go on a date with you (where you would end up getting Comfort naturally as you meet up and grab coffee and go to the gallery and go for a drink etc., this is why normal dudes still get laid through the traditional dating process, they just happen to be stumbling into Comfort a little slower than a seasoned PUA).

      Am I doing any super magic fuckin wizardry? No. I’m just running very efficient game…I know what switches I need to flip and I’m making sure the things I say and do are flipping those switches in as short a window as possible.

      There are probably other ways to get Comfort but I’ll leave that as an exercise for the reader lol

      @having a bad day

      “so, just to check…”

      I wouldn’t summarize it in terms of alpha/beta. Too limiting to view it through those terms.

      “So is building comfort the reason I’ve been able to bang girls who in effect no very little about me?”

      Ya. In your social circle stuff you’re getting Comfort that way, and in your normal dates you are building Comfort through whatever it is you do on those dates.

      “Can you use kino to build comfort?”

      Actually ya, but to get nuanced: calibrated Kino would build Comfort. Because what is Comfort? It’s the trust that nothing bad will happen to her if she goes home with you to fuck. How would Kino demonstrate that? Well if you touch her, and she stiffens up because she’s a bit nervous, and you BACK OFF as you’re supposed to, to warm her up before you try it again, you’re showing solid calibration to her comfort level. That’s telling her “look, I’m into you, but I can sense when you’re not comfortable and you don’t even have to tell me when I’ve crossed a line because not only will I sense that I’ve crossed a line but I have the self-restraint and abundance mentality with sex to back off and not make a big scene about it and just joke around with you and make sure you’re comfortable before I try again.” So her brain extrapolates “ok if I go home with this guy and I change my mind or I’m not into it or for we’re going at it but he’s trying to stick it in my bum and I don’t want to do that, he’s demonstrated that he’ll sense that and back off and make sure I’m comfortable” and you build Comfort.

      And if your Kino is super slick and never makes her uncomfortable because it’s perfectly calibrated that tells her that you know what you’re doing and won’t make her feel discomfort.

      Compare that to the guy who’s Kino’ing aggressively or awkardly and doesn’t register her discomfort and leaves his hand in places she isn’t comfortable with for longer than she’d like and causes a scene about “why are you such a prude, whatever, don’t be so frigid jeeze” etc. and she has to squirm away and feels icky etc. She’s going to not just not have Comfort but have FEAR about hooking up with that guy because he clearly can’t be trusted to have any kind of self control or restraint or sense of what she’s feeling or is comfortable with.

      @Junior @kant
      “Awesome breakdown, thanks for putting that up.”

      Quit frankly I’m amazed anyone understood that mess lol I was expecting a bunch of “wtf are you talkin about YaReally??” replies. Glad it makes sense…it’s really a nuanced concept that like, isn’t going to make much of a difference for most guys just running spam approach high energy game, but for the guys looking to tighten every screw on their race car, this is the nuanced shit that does it.

    • YaReally
      on April 1, 2015 at 9:13 pm
      Original Link

      Another fucking HUGE response in mod lol Explaining different ways to get Comfort and an example of my style of getting it.

      Approve dat shit CH! Or do I have to build more Comfort with you? <3 <3 lol

    • YaReally
      on April 2, 2015 at 10:07 am
      Original Link

      Captain Obvious

      Congratulations! You now officially sound exactly like a Jezebel article lol I’m sure you’d be very at home in their comment section maybe you’d be more comfortable hanging out there instead of on a game blog?

    • YaReally
      on April 3, 2015 at 11:39 am
      Original Link

      “PS – Some comments from last week are still filtering through on various threads”

      Maybe there’s a chance for my post on building Comfort in this thread then. CH CH CH CH CH APPPROOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEEEEEE lol Tune in next week or something, ’cause it’s a good post that answers a bunch of questions people had about my first info dump on Comfort/Rapport.

      “– saw a comment from you on an old thread about grey hairs/silver fox look. I have a lot of grey hair – way more than most 35 year olds – but it has made zero difference. Sometimes it gets commented on (more by friends than dates), but my face is still pretty unlined and I live pretty clean and women don’t seem to care.”

      Shit I’m lookin forward to having grey hair, it would be badass. Girls love it these days. I tell my hairdresser to let me know if I’m balding or greying. If I start balding I’ll shave it off, if I start greying I’ll be like fuck ya distinguished older man.

      it’s funny ’cause in the 80s it was all about “Just For Men” hair dye shit, like cover those grey hairs men. Now that Clooney, Liam Neeson, Craig Ferguson, those “most interesting man in the world” commercials etc. are all hot older dudes to women, grey hair is sexy as fuck to girls and you don’t see many ads for men’s hair dye anymore.

A Test Of Your Game: Coffee Shop Close

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via Heartiste

on March 30, 2015 at 9:39 pm
Original Link

“What (yoga) studio do you go to?”

One of literally dozens of angles you can go without appearing like a desperate little boy or a subtle approval seeker. From there, ask how long she’s been doing it, express your interest in it, talk about how things like this are hidden in the city (subject transition), etc. Seamless conversation.

For the reader: your goal shouldn’t be to get someone attracted to you by using a clever or entertaining line. Make it your communication goal to speak to anyone, anywhere and everywhere. Thus, when you get into situations like these, conversations come as second nature rather than as a forced reaction to one’s apparent beauty.

  • Pyjama Wearing Ninja
    on March 31, 2015 at 3:41 am
    Original Link

    And yet, all PUAs recommend building attraction before building rapport and you’d do the opposite. And considering she’s sending flirty signals to you, I doubt she wants to discuss her yoga class. She wants to have fun and giggle.

    • YaReally
      on March 31, 2015 at 9:19 am
      Original Link

      “And yet, all PUAs recommend building attraction before building rapport and you’d do the opposite”

      He’s already in A2. A3 would be him opening her (however he does it), so he can just go right into C1 (normal conversation shit like PermanentGuest described).

      A1 = showing value. If she’s checkin’ him out and sending him obvious Approach Invites like that then he’s shown enough value for her to move things into A2.

      A2 = female to male interest. She’s showing interest in him with all her flirty shit and eye-contact etc. she’s doing. So before he says anything he’s already achieved this. This makes it a Warm Approach with an AI, not a real Cold Approach. A2 is where a lot of Naturals start, it’s why a lot of Naturals 1) won’t cold approach for real, they often wait till they get a hard AI like this scenario before they’ll approach so they have a green light VS legit cold approach where the girl hasn’t shown any interest in advance, and 2) have pretty “boring” game where they just “make conversation…bro just ask her questions and listen to what she says and stuff”…they can do that because they’re starting from A2.

      A3 = male to female interest (note that you wait till you’ve hooked her and she’s shown interest before you reward her with showing interest first…female to male interest comes FIRST). This is where the OP is starting out. Literally ANYTHING he does that pro-actively opens her is achieving A3, whether it’s a clever witty line, a “hi, my name is YaReally”, throwing a pen at her, doesn’t matter.

      C1 = basic conversation about yoga or whatever. This CAN be more fun and witty and exciting conversation, but it doesn’t HAVE to be. Long as it pushes things in a sexual direction and towards the lay.

      If a guy is getting THIS warm an approach and NOT approaching the girl, I would question if he’s actually into dudes. This scenario is like swinging at a T-Ball.

on March 31, 2015 at 9:40 am
Original Link

Basically what most guys will do in this scenario lol:

Next time you’re hesitating approaching off an AI, just remember how chode this seems not just to an outside observer but also to the girl who’s slowly deciding you’re more and more of a pussy the longer you take to approach her if you two are on eachother’s radar like in the OP’s scenario. Don’t be this dude…grow some balls and pro-actively pounce on warm AIs.

Love And Ballast

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Culum Struan
on March 30, 2015 at 5:37 pm
Original Link

@YaReally, Sentient, HABD, walawala, Kant, Lumpy and others

Blitz Week over and time to go back into my work cocoon.

Report: 4 first dates (all from online). Plus a couple of wasted days cos of flakes which annoy me. ALL 4 came right back to my place after 1 drink. 1 bang (the virgin), 1 handjob (I think I’ll count it as a notch for notch purposes), and two lost to logistical reasons (one was the strict father girl who was late, the other literally got a call from her boss as we walked into my apartment saying that the girl covering for her (waitress) had called in sick so she had to come in that very minute). Also had a couple of good nights out at the nightclubs with a wing – one night with terrible state and another night having a lot of fun.

Next time I have some work downtime I am going to focus back on nightclub game and approaching which has atrophied a lot while I have been focussing on escalation skills and sexualizing. I still have to work on those too, but for now I need to go back to opening/club game. Plus those girls will be hotter and should flake less after meeting me in person (even if I get fewer numbers they should be more solid).

Have learnt a lot during Blitz Week.

The focus on (a) logistics/being near my place and (b) laser eyes+slow speech+amping the sexual talk (and reducing the makeouts and taking the younger girls to cheap pubs) all had a measurable effect. Still need work on (b) but the results are great. Not much to say about the method – standard bar, same stories, similar kino (calibrated to girl/seating) and the questions game (the handjob woman didn’t even need the questions game to get talking sexual).

Took Kant’s advice and stopped focussing on makeouts or even major kino. The waitress girl actually sat quite far from me because we could only get chairs – I couldn’t do more than hold her was all the talk and EC. And still no problems in coming back to mine. She wasn’t turned on – I could tell – but she did feel comfortable enough to tell me during the questions game that she liked to be choked in bed..and she was really into kissing me when we had a bit of privacy on the street walking to mine. Interesting doing escalation/rapport building purely verbally. Although I didn’t escalate with the neck kissing, or even verbally it wasn’t as raw and sexual as with the next woman (see below) or even the virgin.

The last woman (not girl really) – the handjob woman – was interesting. All these girls are from sugar daddy websites but I tend to screen out the gold diggers. This one kept asking about money and I kept ignoring it – I even told her no cash was forthcoming. She still agreed to meet me but still kept mentioning money and I kept ignoring it on text (she didn’t mention money even once in person). I only ended up meeting her cos I had a flake and she was willing to meet. We got along fairly well although she talked a lot..I could tell she liked me, but she was still locked into hardcore beta provider hunting mode (unlike most sugar babes who prefer to maintain a veneer of respectability she actually said she was looking for “pay for play” in her first message online). But she liked me enough to come to my place. And she was very open about talking about how she’d been to swingers clubs and was bisexual etc. And we made out a fair bit in the bar (I only went in for a light kiss but she went for a heavy makeout – I still kept pulling away first)

At my place, she asked for the lights to be turned down (so the living room wasn’t visible from the street) and I knew it was on. We got pretty hot and heavy and I got her top off and then she wouldn’t let me go any further but I could do anything I wanted up to then. I didn’t actually push it because I could tell this wasn’t LMR – she was pretty obviously trying to give me a sample of the goods in the hope that I would want to pay for it – she had already invested her time so had nothing to lose (she was literally asking me if I wanted to see her again during the handjob). Eventually I managed to get her to give me a handjob and then she went home (after asking several times if she was going to see me again).

It was an interesting experience. Although I meet a lot of girls with sugar daddy game the girls I’ve banged have been “genuine” in the sense that I’ve disqualified the gold diggers. When they banged me they were totally into it – I can tell – and I’ve never paid anyone of course. This one..I’m not so sure. I don’t trust my instincts fully here..but my guess is that she enjoyed it up to a point but was still fully in provider-beta-hunting mode and very consciously gave me a sample of the goods and was in enough control to not go all the way, even if she’d have enjoyed it. This is basically a variant of shoring and when I’ve read about sugar daddy game, the way most guys do it is to basically convince the girls to give them a free sample (right up to the bang) and then blow them off gently. This is basically what happened with me although I didn’t go for the full-bang. As someone said – pussy is a renewable resource, so once she’s invested enough in you to *meet* you, she loses nothing by giving you a sample in the hope you’ll come back for more (particularly if she’s not one of the turbohotties on the site).

I didn’t particularly enjoy it though. I mean, it was fun and beat sitting alone reading CH comments and writing posts that get trapped in mod (lol), but a big part of the rush for me is the girl enjoying it. Even though I didn’t pay her, this wasn’t as much fun.

PS – I was careful to do aftercare. Sent her some texts while she was on her way home and keen to see me again and fished for compliments about her evening (which I wouldn’t normally do), and got back some stuff that virtually makes me FRA proof (stuff like “I really enjoyed the evening” and “I like you x”). I am going to try and let her down gently still – I don’t want to go the round of an FRA because she realizes I won’t pay her (so schedule a date, flake saying work, mess around a bit and then tell her I am in a relationship – something like that).

  • YaReally
    on March 31, 2015 at 10:02 am
    Original Link

    All sounds good. Props on the progress. Normally I’d tell you to get off the sugar daddy sites but if you aren’t actually paying and the girls know they aren’t getting a payday out of it down the road etc. it’s not much different from trying to bang a stripper or hooker for free tho I would be concerned that if a girl is enjoying banging you but also expecting a payday down the road she might unleash some crazy on you when it’s been a few months and you haven’t spent a dime on her and try to extort/blackmail/false-accuse you to get your money, so keep being careful.

    Just don’t ACTUALLY pay to play. If she wants money she can get an actual sugar daddy who funds her buying sexy outfits to wear over to your place lol

    In fact I use that in my rapport with girls, I’ll tell her I’m not the boyfriend type and I’ll mention girls I’ve banged who have boyfriends or orbiters buying them things and how I think it’s funny and those guys are suckers but I’m glad they’re there because it saves me money etc. and mention that if a girl is looking for a real boyfriend she finds one and just uses me for sex on the side.

    So in the end I’ve set up a frame where I’m the Alpha Fucks guy they use for sex not for money, and that I’m cool with them finding another dude they can use for Beta Bucks. Usually they’ll give that guy as little sex as they can get away with (and sadly it can often be NO sex at all and the guy will still hand money over in hopes of winning her over someday, poor guys) because I’m a better fuck and it’s win/win for everyone…except that dude.

    Sometimes they’ll actually date a dude and vanish for a while but it’s rare that they don’t come back fully single or still in an LTR but looking for better sex secretly on the side within a couple months when the honeymoon phase wears off.

    I would slow fade from that handjob chick like you’re planning to, she sounds like she could be a hassle if she decides you’ve wronged her. I can think of ways to get the free lay out of her but it would be a long slow process of setting frames and disqualifying and shit and just isn’t worth the effort unless she’s insanely smokin hot and totally blew your mind. Better to just toss her back in the sea like you’re planning.

    Also I’ve never been with a hooker/p4p but how you described it is how I assume it feels and is a big part of why I don’t do it. I’m sure there are guys who don’t care if she’s into it or faking it or hounding you for money mid-handjob etc…like Pleasure of Sex guys who get laid but don’t care where sex comes from as long as they get laid so paid/fake is as good as seduction and ultimately less hassle to them (VS Thrill of the Hunt guys like myself who get off on the whole seduction process itself, neither category is better than the other it’s just the type of guy a dude is), or super chodes who’ve never been laid and don’t know how to read social cues and can convince themselves the girls are actually into them (witness all the beta “whales” in the stripclubs dropping cash every week convinced that Destiny loves them).

    But that ain’t my thing, I like when the girl is into it and into me in general. Ahhh delicious validation…lol

  • YaReally
    on March 31, 2015 at 10:04 am
    Original Link


    Reply in mod (because where else would useful posts go except straight to mod to never be seen by anyone lol)

    • YaReally
      on March 31, 2015 at 4:24 pm
      Original Link

      thx for approving, CH! <3 <3

“I don’t need game to pick up (*LSMV) chicks”

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on March 26, 2015 at 10:37 pm
Original Link

those kinds of comments say more about the speaker than the subject. of course people pick up without game at some point. the world is populated.

i don’t know why it’s so difficult to understand that game is about getting higher quality women. for the guys that really absolutely need game, a higher quality woman is just… a woman at all. but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t help improve any level of woman you’re getting currently.

  • YaReally
    on March 28, 2015 at 5:12 am
    Original Link

    I’ve had a bunch of non-white buddies I helped learn game and fuck white chicks. Suck it, xenophobes lol if you were seducing those girls instead of crying about race online they wouldn’t be getting railed by my buddies.

    • YaReally
      on March 28, 2015 at 3:21 pm
      Original Link

      lol next time my buddy’s out with me we’ll find two of the blondest bluest-eyed white chicks to bang just in honor of you two. Any spawn he produces couldn’t possibly turn out worse than you guys :D

    • YaReally
      on March 28, 2015 at 4:39 pm
      Original Link

      I don’t think I’ll run into your mom a SECOND time.

    • YaReally
      on March 29, 2015 at 7:06 am
      Original Link

      “There’s YaReally in a nutshell… neener-neener mudshark snarkery from the safety of his keyboard.”

      I don’t get into deep debates with 4 year olds crying on the playground either. Consider my non-replies a reflection on how irrelevant your approval/respect is and how “not worth the effort to reply to” your goading attempts are. :)

    • YaReally
      on March 29, 2015 at 11:24 am
      Original Link

      “Spelling out the subtext within your customary “lol” gives your feigned indifference away.”


on March 26, 2015 at 10:54 pm
Original Link

Quick question regarding game, specifically body language.

Is it possible to ‘bring it back’, I.e. I’ve chatted to this girl a couple of times, both of which I had terrible body language (game newbie and I also really like this chick). I might be seeing her again in a couple weeks. So is it possible to essentially give a ‘new’ first impression, given enough time between meets?

Also, how would you go about removing the almost ‘younger brother’ sorta vibe. We have essentially known each other for years but she us ~5 years older. I tried nuking the shit out of it, but I think it was too much too soon…

  • Anonymous
    on March 27, 2015 at 7:50 pm
    Original Link

    There’s a particular body language routine I’ve been working into my game – the description of which you may find helpful. Now, being a physically imposing 6 ft 250 lbs – planting myself like an oak tree and behaving aloof is simply too intense and intimidating for most – so I’ve had to calibrate.

    I open women indirectly and let the conversation run breezy and chit-chatty – I make myself physically ‘smaller’ (drop my shoulders, hold my elbow with my opposite hand, feet close together, bend down and lean in, etc) – I also grin stupidly, drop eye contact and put a hand to my mouth, etc. … and bide my time until she says something innocuous like “I love the beach.”

    Then I pounce. I square up in her personal space, stand tall, stare at her intently and speak slow and impassioned. I bloom like a thunderhead. I’ll emote away – in the most sensually detailed descriptive language I can muster – about, I don’t know – ‘the mingling smells of saltwater and wood smoke from a campfire – and the hypnotizing way the flames play against the dunes” – who cares really, it’s HOW you say it that counts – flash some occasional vulnerability – with ‘You’ve tapped on one of my passions – I hope you’re not just playing with me” etc … and by this point I’m holding both her hands. Then somewhere just after I’ve held her wrapped attention (and hands) for a few minutes or so – I accuse her of ‘turning me on’, go dead quiet and kino almost absent-mindedly.

    Then I’ll walk away and take up a quiet spot and stare into the horizon – like I’m 100 miles away. If she follows – I return slowly, give her my best ‘welcome to my parlor said the spider to the fly’ smirk – and immediately go for the kiss.

    The impression I try to convey throughout the whole routine is that she’s just tapped a well of emotion. The slowing cadence of my speech – all the physicality – is intended to amplify the emotional language. For me, the two key elements are – conversation has to start out ordinarily with a predictable sense of security – and I must escalate into the sexual zone before her forebrain returns to critical thinking and ttys to put the genie back in the bottle.

    Now, one size doesn’t fit all – this routine works for my physical presence – and doesn’t necessarily translate – so adapt your body language and verbal coms to suit. But here, the first impression – safe, predictable and beta – is the trojan horse. So, start with what you’ve got.

    • YaReally
      on March 28, 2015 at 5:06 am
      Original Link

      Solid. I do similar stuff and I’m only 5’9″. Squaring up on anyone and cutting the space causes unsettling feelings. In guys that translates to feeling threatened, in girls it translates to gina tingles.

      Add laser eye contact in there (check the Liam and Gambler vids I always link on it) along with pauses in your speech and you’re basically soaking panties.

      There’s a lot of other stuff this routine is doing, from qualifying her to letting her feel like she’s won you over (investment makes the prize more valuable) to creating mystery (why did THAT subject open him up) and the walk away shows outcome independence and is a compliance test to see if she follows to gauge how attracted she is etc etc

      All good shit. The effect is more dramatic because of your size but the principles all work for normal dudes too. I square up on girls with a foot of height on me even lol. The big key is not “giving it away for free” by giving her all that shit off the word hello…that can still work but it has much more impact if you play the no fucks given card first so she feels like “I did something to cause this reaction of him being interested in me” instead of “he’s interested in all girls and gives me this attention from the word hello”. The latter can get you laid but the former can get her DEMANDING you fuck her and chasing you around the bar and calling you for months.

Will Best
on March 27, 2015 at 12:05 am
Original Link

Well fighting below their weight class for sure.

I think a lot of people that glance at “Game” mistake it for “a game”. Rather than examine it as a lifestyle or philosophy it comes off more as a bag of tricks. And in isolation a number of posts look exactly like tricks. Somebody with raw alpha ability wouldn’t consider what they have Game.

If they are good looking, well groomed, and naturally confident, even small talk will work on a 7.

  • The Once and Future
    on March 27, 2015 at 7:07 pm
    Original Link

    We who point out the limitations and deficiencies of game aren’t “game haters.” We are balance against the hype.

    To redefine game in response to criticism is an exercise in moving the goal posts. Game is learned flirting, which is a skill and supplemental tool in the art of seduction — if you happen to need that remedial instruction — not the key to unlocking every heart (or vagina, as it were).

    Gamers betray the depth of their faith-based zealotry in their binary reaction to those who question the Creed. One is either a full-on, paid-up member of the Church of Pooah, or one is a denizen of “the usual leper colony of game haters.” Game proselytizers react disproportionately to constructive criticism, calling anathema down on those of us who can pull off charisma without reference to some “love system” or other.

    So to imply that a man simply cannot score a five or higher without paying obeisance to the Gods of the Gamebook Headings is churchified nonsense — or a huckster advertisement to “LSMV” dudes who have never on their own found any method to work. Meantime, the more studied and artificial one’s charisma is, the less likely it is to trigger the most appealing women.

    But game traffics in artifice. It promises to equal if not one-up nature. And now it traipses off to cloud cuckoo land when it claims dominion over ” the big leagues.” The knuckleball tricks that get middling chumps called up from the farm team for a cup of coffee is not the same as the natural player with the 101 mph fastball. To confuse the two is a disservice to the very game this site advocates.


    • YaReally
      on March 28, 2015 at 4:56 am
      Original Link

      “But game traffics in artifice. It promises to equal if not one-up nature. And now it traipses off to cloud cuckoo land when it claims dominion over ” the big leagues.” The knuckleball tricks that get middling chumps called up from the farm team for a cup of coffee is not the same as the natural player with the 101 mph fastball. To confuse the two is a disservice to the very game this site advocates.”

      Know how I can tell you haven’t gone out and competed against natural players regularly for girls?

      It’s not zealotry. It’s dismissing armchair theory for reality.

    • YaReally
      on March 28, 2015 at 3:18 pm
      Original Link

      @Captain Obvious
      “If two people work equally hard”

      But they don’t. People who are naturally talented generally don’t work as hard as people who have to make up for disadvantages that want the same goal because they don’t have incentive since they get enough success to be happy with their “above average but not perfect” skills. Naturals have PLENTY of loopholes to exploit when you know what to look for. I’ve talked about this before in my archives if you want to read more.

      Or since it’s Saturday, go out tonight, find the coolest guys in the bar and try to take their girls.

    • YaReally
      on March 31, 2015 at 10:11 am
      Original Link

      “Effortlessly attracting the hottest women is impossible according to your own “armchair theory” because you cannot conceive of such a “reality” on the ground.”

      Never said that. I specifically said as long as no one interferes a Natural will do just fine.

      “I haven’t “gone out and competed against natural players regularly for girls” because the “regular competition” does not present as much of a challenge to be studied, practiced, and overcome as it presents for you.”

      lol if you’re a Natural then you’re just proving what I said: you fully admit you haven’t had a real challenge before so you wouldn’t know how to handle it. It’s a blind spot, and most Naturals have it. Guys just back off and let them have their girls or don’t interrupt the guy and create obstacles or competition for him so he runs around thinking “The twinkle in my eye is apparently the equivalent of a thousand pages of After Action Report exegesis and application.” because in his mind he’s battin a thousand. No one has ever stood in his way to getting the girl.

      Shit changes when your competition knows what he’s doing. :)

on March 27, 2015 at 8:15 am
Original Link

On the more optimistic side, a lot of the deniers may be more confident/applying more game principles than they realize when they’re “just being themselves.”

Mark Boris
on March 27, 2015 at 1:27 pm
Original Link

Your story is funny. I’m also familiar with the annoyed look that says, “Really? You’re just gonna walk away?” Reminds me of the video “Almost Picking Up Chicks.”

  • Kent
    on March 27, 2015 at 7:45 pm
    Original Link

    Game has never really worked for me I have tried but just can’t pull. I have read this site for the past couple of years and try to apply the game principles but still am dateless and alone. I have been to bootcamps (3 of them) and have studied and used a great deal of material

    I take good care of myself, keep trim and very fit, eat right, good humored, dress fashionably well but am a bit short in stature at around 5’5….

    Do you guys have any ideas on what to do?

    Are certain guys like myself doomed?

    • YaReally
      on March 28, 2015 at 4:47 am
      Original Link

      Search my archive for “short” “short guys” “height” etc. if you just want to get laid social circle game will probably be easier than cold approach.

on March 28, 2015 at 4:46 am
Original Link

Any guy who attracts any girl is running some aspects of “game”, whether he’s consciously doing it or not, whether he denies it or not.

Saying you can have attraction without using any game concepts is like saying you’re going to make orange juice without oranges. If you have a glass of orange juice, oranges were involved in it’s creation.

“Bro I have a glass of orange juice but it came from a CARTON not from ORANGES!! I didn’t squeeze any oranges I just tilted a cardboard carton so this orange juice doesn’t use oranges.” is a retarded argument.

“Game” is simply explaining the recipe for attraction and giving men conscious steps to apply that recipe. Anyone drinking orange juice is drinking juice that involves oranges.

Even in the example CH gave I could point out a few game concepts he inadvertantly used. Even the beta chode who gets lucky happened to fluke his way into running some game principles. Attraction does not exist without them just as orange juice does not exist without oranges.

  • Philomathean
    on March 28, 2015 at 10:43 am
    Original Link

    This. I’m mean Yep to all this.

    It’s all so algorithmic yo, ya, even when you’re not looking under the hood.

    Serious question … I’m not trolling and would ask this privately if the option was available:

    Looking back, do you believe you were “finding yourself” when you duced on that girl’s chest?

    Did she reciprocate the gesture or did you set frame early and she knew you alone were pinching the loaf?

    Scatalogy Game ftw

    Thank you in advance for your time and response, and please don’t reply with your customary “lol”.

    • YaReally
      on March 28, 2015 at 2:58 pm
      Original Link

      It cured me of any illusions I was still clinging to about women’s sexuality and the unicorn fantasies social conditioning drilled into us.

      In this thread you can watch a bunch of RVF’ers slowly go through the same shattering of their realities as they try to wrap their heads around the psychology behind why girls would do something so depraved:

      WARNING: More TMI than you ever wanted to see or know in your life. NSFW and NSFLife:

      Hint: it doesn’t actually have to do with money, a few people get close to figuring it out in the middle of that thread but you’ll have to sift through all that shit (lol) yourself.

      After that read My Secret Garden and the sequel and you’ll be ready to either off yourself, become a MGTOW, or fully accept women’s nature and reality.

  • Kent
    on March 28, 2015 at 11:47 am
    Original Link

    Yeah I have tried the shorter girl approach. I though that might work but I find shorter women are just as bad as “taller” women in their rejection of a shorter guy. It’s like they look at taller guys as a prize. Online is just impossible (been trying that for 10 years) and in the field I get “your just not my type”. I have never experienced “game” working nor have had any good teachers or mentors to help show how game works. To be honest I really don’t know what game is – can anyone really explain it? I have taken a few bootcamps but each one was a huge ripoff. It’s hard to trust those charlatans. I am really lost.

    • YaReally
      on March 28, 2015 at 3:25 pm
      Original Link

      Fuck online, don’t waste your time on that shit. Short guys, fat guys, minorities, etc. should go out and approach instead where you can demonstrate personality instead of getting screened out based on a checklist filter that says “under 5’9″, nope!”

      And read my archives on short guys and old guys since the same ideas generally apply.

Spot The Beta Male

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via Heartiste

on March 23, 2015 at 12:36 pm
Original Link

question for yareally and the game crew

do you guys ever find when you go out that even with all your pickup knowledge you just get brain freeze when its time to take action? i see a group of girls in the club that i wanna approach my mind goes blank trying to think of an opener. if i do decide to jump in and just open with a simple ‘hi my name is…’ the conversation always veers towards boring interview style game as i struggle to come up with any orginal content

any pragmagic solutions for improving my conversation? canned openers with follow up statements maybe?

  • Tilikum
    on March 23, 2015 at 12:44 pm
    Original Link

    The power in human relationships is in the “no”. I don’t open them, I give them a reason (and watch the body language) to open me.

    You gotta always be remembering that not a girl alive is better than you. Never ever. Then your pauses and awkward silences are cute and adorable.

    Own yourself.

    • YaReally
      on March 24, 2015 at 7:30 am
      Original Link

      How about you just explain what you do instead of making the dude jump through hoops and scolding him like a child.

  • YaReally
    on March 24, 2015 at 7:28 am
    Original Link

    Ya of course. The whole point of canned stuff was to give guys a default crutch to rely on in those freeze-up moments. So if you have a default opener you use then when you freeze-up like that you can tell yourself “just execute my default opener” instead of having to think up something to say.

    Expect a few warm-up sets that aren’t going to go anywhere before you hit your stride. Especially if your day-job isn’t a social one (ie – you sit at a computer all day). It’s like going to the gym, you don’t just pick up the heaviest weights and nail them the second you walk in, you do some stretches and shit to get warmed up then move on to the real work.

    It’s not normal for someone to spend all week cooped up in a cubicle with headphones on and then go home to an apartment where you live by yourself and then just burst out mad social skills the second you walk into the club.

    You’ll find a lot of naturally social guys are dudes with a lot of friends and social circles who are always off doing stuff not sitting in front of an x-box. So socializing is natural to them. And even with THEM a lot of them still won’t cold approach hot girls lol I’ve met a bunch of Naturals who are amazing once they’re in set or with social circle girls, but they freeze up chickenshit when they have to cold approach a hottie.

    And a lot of those super social frat bro guys are that way because they’re in a school environment where they’re able to socialize all day long and girls and bros are everywhere etc. Take that same dude and put him in a new city with no social circles and a quiet office cubicle for 5 years with headphones on and he’ll probably end up the same way.

    Try making the first part the night fun, just go up expecting to get blown out and fuck around. Make silly challenges for yourself (watch episodes of Keys to the VIP and swipe some of their games they play).

    Lower your criteria for a successful approach. Just celebrate anything. “held eye contact with that girl!! yessss!! I’m awesome!!” “ok that set went nowhere but at least I approached! Go me!” Don’t beat yourself up in-field esp at the start of the night.

    Try to be chatty thru your day/week, joke around with the dude bagging your groceries, chat with the chick making your lunch at the deli, ask some people for directions or the time on your way to the bar, joke around with the bouncer, etc. Open as soon as you get into the bar/club, anything, even old people or fat chicks or dudes lol, just to get social momentum and teach your brain “this is a place where we chat people up and don’t die”.

    Your brain wants “proof not promises”. At the start of the night it’s worried you’re going to be socially ostracized or killed if you approach that girl. You can TELL it that won’t happen but it doesn’t believe you. It needs you to go approach and not be killed and then it goes “hmm ok maybe it’s not such a big deal…” and then you do it again and it’s like “ok nothing bad happens even if I get blown out, and actually this is kind of fun” and then it unlocks and you feel way more socially free and the approach anxiety goes away.

    Then you spend all day or week not socializing and go back out there and have to start over proving it to your brain again lol. That’s why when you do a 30 day challenge or just go out multiple nights in a row you’ll find by the end of it you don’t have much approach anxiety compared to the start ’cause your brain is carrying over all the proof you’ve fed it that approaching isn’t a big deal.

    Approach Anxiety is a sign that you’re pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. It’s a good thing when you learn to work through it lol

Culum Struan
on March 25, 2015 at 7:24 pm
Original Link

YaReally, Sentient, HABD, Walawala, Kant

My blitz week continues with another field report.

Short version: did everyone according to plan but foiled by logistics.

21 year old HB7 college student – at least the girl quality is getting better.

Usual online dating thing. Usual double-scheduling, one flaked and this one came through (involved persuading her a bit in the last hour or two before – bit of a judgment call between chasing a girl who isn’t interested and persuading a girl who wants to meet but needs a push – it’s the subtle stuff: she said “but I don’t have makeup and I just finished class” – Me: “Wear makeup next time we meet”. “I have a bag with my textbooks”. Me: “I will carry it if you’re good”. Her: Okay I will come.)

Took Kant/YaReally advice from last time about younger/college girls – I dressed down and took her to an average pub and made a real effort to play up her achievements..” study fashion and make clothes? You must be really skilled with your, show me your hands..” and stuff like that.

She was pretty stiff and nervous to begin with but visibly warmed up and started to laugh at my stories.

Just did what is now becoming my new standard date pattern – 1-2 drinks, incidental kino, some light kissing neck to turn her on, light kissing on lips (no resistance but she didn’t go for tongues – subtle body language cues told me she was interested – she didn’t flinch or move away even a *little* when kissed her cheek, neck etc). All with my arm around her and her right up beside me – no resistance.

Worked on my laser eyes and slow speech – again, there is a measurable effect when I make an effort..still need to improve more. And played the questions game I described in my last lay report (I couldn’t get her opening up into really dirty talk but she was happy enough to play along with me and enjoyed my answers – I calibrated the “filth level” of my answers down to match her level).

Some minor shit testing about how many girls I meet from online and do I just sleep with them and leave them and stuff..but easily handled..I just told her I wasn’t looking for a relationship but I enjoyed spending time with the girls I dated (not just sex).

Question guys: When sitting beside a girl, it’s good for kino, but it’s harder to maintain eye contact and laser eyes – sometimes the girl gets a bit intimidated and starts listening to my stories while looking AWAY – to the front. Do you just let it be and keep talking? I see this quite often but on this date I tried literally telling her to look at me – with limited success.

Then I just got her out of the bar on some excuse and walked her past my place and took her in saying I needed to use the toilet – zero resistance (although when we left the bar she made some comment about needing to get home and being late). her home, started making out..all proceeding fine on track. Then *disaster* struck.

She saw the time (it wasn’t that late at all) and absolutely freaked out. “My dad will go crazy..I’m late..he’s really strict..” (strict immigrant family)

At this point I could see that she actually had a legitimate logistical issue – it wasn’t standard LMR – she can’t help her logistics and had already stayed out late after college classes ended because I had talked her into it.

Nevertheless given my logistics and the need to go back into work mode next week, I figured no harm in pushing hard even if I burnt her. So I tried fairly hard to get her to stay just twenty minutes, but eventually no-go. I’m quite proud of myself actually – my frame control is getting slowly better – there were couple of points early on when I just pulled her gently back on to the couch that I could *see* her wavering in her resolve..but eventually it wasn’t enough and when we actually started arguing on a logical level (i.e., I was trying to change her *mind* instead of her *mood*) I knew that it was a lost cause.

So I took her back to her car and came back home with blue balls.

Bit disappointing (mainly the blue balls lol) but actually I am very happy with how I handled the evening – the logistics were out of my control. There’s always scope for improvement, but I am successfully practicing the aspects I want to work on (handling flakes, sexualizing/escalating on dates, setting a sexual vibe pre-date by texting, laser eyes and slow speech etc) and the results are clearly improving. My last three dates have come right to my place after 1 drink with zero resistance.

More than anything – it’s helped to know what is *possible* by reading the stuff on here and the comments from all you guys. If I hadn’t heard what you’ve pulled off – I’d never have tried to shoot for stuff like having 1 drink in a cheap pub with a 21 year old and walking her to my place and taking her clothes off.

LOGISTICS are massive. As I get slowly better and get more confident of my skills – I’m finding that I get tripped up by logistics a lot more than any flaw in my skills (not just today’s girl – I have atleast 3 girls on my text rotation right now who are guaranteed bangs if I can just make the logistics work enough to meet them face to face). And all the last 3 who came to my place after 1-1.5 hours did it because it was a 5 min walk from the local pub. I can’t imagine how much harder it would have been if I’d taken them to my previous favourite fancy cocktail bar 30 mins away.

I may have burnt this girl – by triggering her ASD and/or if she’s annoyed at how hard I tried to make her stay (at one point she even said “We can’t actually have sex today” and I talked right over her [probably on her period]. And a couple minutes later “I can’t stay..maybe if it was a Saturday..”) but the risk was worth it. And I may yet bang her if I can find the time and she’s willing.

This is fun stuff..

  • YaReally
    on March 26, 2015 at 5:22 am
    Original Link

    Good report. More comments coming but txt her casually today so she doesn’t get buyers remorse and view that as some kind of rape attempt lol good on you knowing when to pull the chute (once it hits logical debate) but just to stay safe txt like you had fun and you’re looking forward to hanging out again and reference some joke you two had and maybe get up to stuff like “next time we’ll have to pick a night you don’t have curfew lol” etc and try to get her to respond positively.

    Something like “hope you didn’t get in trouble lol I had fun not many girls make me laugh like you did (or some bullshit you qualified her on lol), next time we’ll have to pick a day you don’t have curfew lol”

    She feels what you feel so like, not txting her leaves her having to decide how she feels which can go bad but being proactive can help tell her how to feel about the night.

  • Sentient
    on March 26, 2015 at 6:52 am
    Original Link

    Isn’t it awesome when you can put right into practice something you’ve picked up? It continues to amaze me there are so many game deniers when this shit just works so solidly.

    And this here “it’s helped to know what is *possible* by reading the stuff on here and the comments from all you guys” is actually something I’ve thought a lot about the last month or so. As guys we get caught up in the logical “probabilities” and in doing so put too much credence over what’s probable vs what’s possible. My take on this, if it is possible – it’s possible!

    So fuck the thinking of “oh she has a BF/husband”, “we just met 20 minutes ago”, “she’s too young/hot etc”. If it’s possible it’s possible… it’s up to you to find out how possible. There are few lost causes until you lose them (thanks HABD!), keep pushing.

    Now what tilts the possible to your favor probability wise? Targets, tight game and tight logistics…

    I was going to comment on your earlier post on developing a social circle, but I’ve had like 6 or more posts lost over the last week…LOL. Maybe this one will go through?

    Short version – you need to be THE MAN at your locals. Pick 3 or 4 places within 10 minutes of your place, varying the vibe, one very low key up through a nice place. Go all the time. Go on off nights especially (Monday/Tuesday), off hours. Get to know all the staff, the managers/owners, the bartenders, some regulars. Tip absurdly well. Like a $5 beer, throw an extra $10 down on a slow night. The effect will be awesome…

    You will come in there after a couple of months of this and the whole place will respond. This will result in DHV and help your game because it will be less a player vibe, more comfort. If some of the staff start to mention the varying girls, just tell them to not mention shit like that when you are chatting them on a slow night.

    • YaReally
      on March 26, 2015 at 10:28 am
      Original Link


      “but I’ve had like 6 or more posts lost over the last week”

      Same. A handful are still in mod apparently forever. wtf is the deal CH? At least tell us how to avoid it if we’re using keywords or something. It’s getting less appealing to write more than little one-off comments incase they end up being a waste of time. Going to risk mod to post a quick breakdown on this one tho:

      “Tip absurdly well. Like a $5 beer, throw an extra $10 down on a slow night. The effect will be awesome… ”

      You don’t actually have to tip anything more than the standard dollar a drink amount. Like you CAN if you want and the money doesn’t matter to you, but your value is the conversation/emotions/rapport you give them. So going in early and joking around with them or dropping in on a slow Tuesday shift etc. and having a good deep convo, that’s way more important than a few bucks here and there.

      This is a weird concept to wrap your head around because as dudes we think in terms of measurable exchange of goods and services. So like, you might go into a stripclub and think “I’m not getting any dances and not buying the girls any drinks, so they will get zero money off me…I’m value-taking and there’s no reason any of them would want to sit and chat with me especially once they know for sure that I won’t spend money on anything but beers for myself because I’ve been there a few times and they know that.”

      And logically that makes sense because the time they spend with you is time they could be making $X and since you’re providing $0 they’re “wasting their time” and you’re “taking value”.

      But when you really understand how much value flirting, teasing, rapport, good conversation, deep rapport, teaching them something, building commonalities (separating yourself from other customers by making fun of customers with them or telling stories about other girls you’ve known in similar “guys pay for my attention” situs and making keen observations about the dynamics etc.), getting them laughing spiking their buying temperature, giving them laser eye-contact that they don’t get from any of the other guys in there…

      Like, none of the other guys in there is offering any of that and under the surface of their job/persona as a stripper, they’re still GIRLS and still have emotional girl brains lol

      So the value you’re giving them isn’t monetary, the value you’re giving them, and that they find valuable, is your attention and presence and interaction. THAT’S your “money”. That’s your tip. They don’t care if you spend money or tip them at all if you give them an amazing interaction.

      To put it in perspective think about how an HB10 views the world. To her her presence is worth free drinks and attention and favors etc. And to the guys who throw all that stuff at her, her presence IS worth that. She doesn’t have to give them money or anything to feel like interacting with her was worth their time. Think of the guy who fucks off from helping other customers to focus on the hot girl and he’s actually LOSING money in the grand scheme of things but if she smiles at him and gives him a stiffy with her sexy eye contact, does that guy give a shit? Nope, he’s happy as a clam lol

      So when you fully realize how much value you give people, even just joking around with the convenience store dude or your cab driver or the grocery store chick, you start to see things differently. A girl buys you a drink and instead of going “what?? really?? Okay! wow, thanks!! uhh I’ll get the next round, don’t worry!” because you’re so shocked that a girl would do that because you haven’t done anything to “deserve” or “earn” it, instead she buys you a drink and you go “cool, thanks, so anyway–” because in your head of COURSE she would buy you something to express her appreciation for your time, because the time she’s spent with you has been amazing, she’s gotten to be in the presence of a high-value man who gives her emotional rides and deep rapport and shit. Really she should be buying ALL your drinks that night.

      So ya, you CAN drop some money down, but like, you don’t HAVE to. You’ll get the same “I’m gonna serve this dude first” priority if you give them a good conversational/emotional experience, male or female.

      The only catch is the last couple days of the month when they need to make rent money lol but even then it’s nothing personal it’s just their job.

      I’ve literally never handed a bouncer money or bought one a drink or anything, but there were EXTREMELY popular venues my buddies and I were able to walk into ahead of groups of dolled up sexy chicks trying to flirt their way in, just because we gave the staff good emotions. Plus they saw us making other people have a good time too, so we were giving them value (happier customers having more fun spend more money etc.), just not in a direct physical monetary form…and we were getting free shots lined up for us and shit, and deserved it, because we gave them value.

      Just shit to think about. This concept carries over into everyday life too. We were conditioned by society to not value what we offer the world and to think we’re always “not good enough” (the marketing/advertising industry is based entirely on that concept, really) so it can be very hard for a guy to accept that his presence and interaction can be worth tons. That a bartender would serve him first and chat with him even though he’s beside the guy with a $50 in his hand, that a stripper would pass up paying customers to come over and say hi and chat, that a girl would buy him a drink just because he’s the most interesting guy she’s met in a bar in years, that a checkout clerk will give him a discount just because he gave her laser-eyes and got her gina tingling.

      An HB10 knows what value her presence is worth to men…men need to understand what value their presence is worth to women as they move up the chain of attractiveness learning game.

    • YaReally
      on March 26, 2015 at 11:09 am
      Original Link

      “but I’ve had like 6 or more posts lost over the last week”

      “Going to risk mod to post a quick breakdown on this one tho:”

      And on that note I have a bigass reply/breakdown for Culum that went to mod. There’s gotta be a WordPress plugin to allow frequent commenters automatic approval, CH.

  • YaReally
    on March 26, 2015 at 11:07 am
    Original Link


    Random notes:

    “she said “but I don’t have makeup and I just finished class” – Me: “Wear makeup next time we meet”. “I have a bag with my textbooks”. Me: “I will carry it if you’re good”. Her: Okay I will come.”

    Solid plowing. That’s why I hate the current Manosphere/TRP mentality of “just next that bitch if she won’t play along!!!” Most of the time it’s just some simple token resistance that a little smooth plowing will take care of.

    “Took Kant/YaReally advice from last time about younger/college girls – I dressed down and took her to an average pub and made a real effort to play up her achievements..”

    Good work. And good job applying the advice you got. She’s not going to flat out say “I feel so comfortable in this average pub, I’m glad you’re not dressed in a suit!” but the difference these little things make will be peppered throughout the interactions.

    Also telling a girl to dress up and then meeting her at a shithole is always entertaining for knocking them off their pedestal a bit lol

    “but she didn’t go for tongue”

    I don’t recommend tongue-wrestling in the bar, stick to romantic kisses and save that for privacy so the sexual tension is built up. Like maybe one little quick tip of the tongue flick but then pull away first so she’s left wanting closure on that makeout session. When I go for the neck I like to open my mouth around her neck as if I’m going to bite it but then I won’t actually close down I’ll just let her feel/hear my breath as I tease and then back away and she’s like “!!!! fuck!!” because I didn’t actually give her closure to that anticipation.

    The exception is when the chemistry is super solid and you’ve done some sexual rapport and know the girl is an exhibitionist who doesn’t care what anyone watching things, then you can ramp it up but even then I would save that for next time and focus more on leaving her hanging and teasing her. No one buys the cow if you give the milk away for free and all that.

    “Some minor shit testing about how many girls I meet from online and do I just sleep with them and leave them and stuff..but easily handled..I just told her I wasn’t looking for a relationship but I enjoyed spending time with the girls I dated (not just sex).”

    Solid handling here.

    “Question guys: When sitting beside a girl, it’s good for kino, but it’s harder to maintain eye contact and laser eyes”

    I used to sit beside them for the kino, but I had the same problem as you at times. I always sit across from them now. I find lasers builds more sexual tension than kino. I’ve taken girls back to my place where literally I haven’t touched them once till we get inside my door, but I’m able to escalate instantly because I’ve built up tons of sexual tension with laser eyes.

    I also make sure to arrive first and pick a table where my back is to a wall or something uninteresting like the empty DJ area or whatever, so that she sits opposite to me and can’t see the rest of the room behind her. So when I’m talking her attention is 100% on me because there’s nothing else to distract her. It also helps make her feel like we’re in isolation so it frees her up from social judgement a bit more. She kind of forgets the rest of the room is there. So the only thing she can really do is look me in the eyes and feel some lasering and get turned on. Also I can see incoming distractions and be pro-active for handling them.

    If she’s too shy to make eye contact, I’ll sometimes tease her about it in an “oh, that’s adorable” tone and it’ll make her start to try to make eye contact more.

    “At this point I could see that she actually had a legitimate logistical issue – it wasn’t standard LMR – she can’t help her logistics and had already stayed out late after college classes ended because I had talked her into it.”

    Ya, there are times where a girl will ignore her responsibilities to bang you and just make excuses for why she was late to work or missed a dinner or whatever, but it’s not the norm. Esp with a 21 year old where everything in her life is a crisis or super serious even though to an older man we know that in the long-run whatever it is she’s worried about is actually silly.

    “I figured no harm in pushing hard even if I burnt her.”

    lol only harm is a false rape accusation. If you decide to go this route, make sure you do a follow-up txt to avoid it. I like to tell them to txt me when they get home so I know they made it safe, and then get a quick little “hope you didn’t get in trouble. I might be a bad influence on you ;)” flirt going and then meet up with her again sometime and get the full lay there.

    If you go ice cold aloof on them after this situation, they tend to interpret it as “he was lying when he said he was interested in me, he just wanted to fuck me, and because I didn’t put out he’s ditching me, wow what an asshole, I didn’t even want to be there, you know what I think that was sexual assault, my feminist friend I told about this interaction said he tried to rape me!!” and you’re fucked.

    So when you decide “eh, let’s burn this to the ground”, you’re accepting the responsibility of having to flesh out your interactions afterward to let her down slow and easy. Like if you just sent her home when she first freaked out with a “it’s cool, we’ll hang out again” you wouldn’t need to worry much. But if you decide to burn it until she absolutely HAS to leave, you have a bit more “make sure she’s feeling good emotions about what just happened” maintenance to do.

    “and when we actually started arguing on a logical level (i.e., I was trying to change her *mind* instead of her *mood*) I knew that it was a lost cause.”

    Ya, change her mood not her mind, if you find yourself logically debating shit change your tactics or bail, you’re very unlikely to turn things around with that approach with girls.

    “My last three dates have come right to my place after 1 drink with zero resistance. If I hadn’t heard what you’ve pulled off – I’d never have tried to shoot for stuff like having 1 drink in a cheap pub with a 21 year old and walking her to my place and taking her clothes off.”

    Solid. People don’t believe me when I tell them that’s how it goes for me (I’ve had girls PAY for our drinks too lol so literally $0 for me) because they’ve never really tried it or believed it was possible.

    One thing I always like to point out when a guy hits this situation is: Would having a million dollars in your bank account have made that pull go down any faster? Would having a BMW or being better looking or younger or taller or a 6-pack have gotten you any faster a pull back to your apartment (where sex would’ve happened if logistics hadn’t fucked it up) than “one drink in a cheap pub”?

    Is she going to be like “for the normal older guy I’m going to just have sex with him after one drink, but for the 6-pack rich guy I’m going to suck his dick under the table in the pub!!!!”? Like, if anything a suit and expensive martinis would’ve made her self-conscious or intimidated.

    Ya, that stuff can help in areas, but like you don’t really NEED it when you understand seduction/attraction. Some guy spending 80 hours in an office in his 20s building his bank account instead of out macking girls is really doing himself a disservice in the longrun.

    “LOGISTICS are massive. As I get slowly better and get more confident of my skills – I’m finding that I get tripped up by logistics a lot more than any flaw in my skills”

    Ya this is common. Logistics are generally out of your control. You can screen for a lot of them (like you could get into rapport about family and ask if she has a curfew to find out your timeframe etc.) but like, there’s always the potential of being blindsided.

    The key is that you can’t control HER logistics (though you can try to minimize/circumvent them) but you SHOULD be controlling YOUR logistics. So you should know exactly where your Day2s will be, which table you’ll sit at, how you’ll extract, how you’ll get them up to your apartment, how you’ll go from your door to your bed, etc. Like that’s all shit you can control. I always give a “wtf did you expect” look to guys who tell me they took a girl to some restaurant far away from their apartment (so not only is it a big commitment to come back to your place but you fed them food so they feel fat and gross and still expect them to want to get naked for the first time in front of you??), or they live with roommates or far from the bar area so they went back to the girl’s place and surprise she has 5 roommates and used to date one of them.

    Control the logistics you can control. If you’re some young kid who still lives with his parents or your car blew up or whatever and you’re forced into shitty logistics, just control the ones you CAN control. Get creative. Nowhere to bang? Is it warm out? Then you have every alleyway in the city to bang, frame it as an exciting adventure lol Bang in a bathroom, do you know which bars have bathrooms with no cameras outside of them? Why not? Control what you can control.

    “at one point she even said “We can’t actually have sex today” and I talked right over her [probably on her period].”

    That’s actually a good read lol Secret girl code in her wording.

    Good shit all around. Props on the progress.

Comment Of The Week: #HateTogether

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on March 22, 2015 at 9:35 pm
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Olga Game: How To Tame The Scrappy Minx

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on March 20, 2015 at 8:39 pm
Original Link

Watch Mystery here level this girl with the exact same technique – time to get real game… It works. You just need to time it exactly right, while attraction is still high.

  • YaReally
    on March 21, 2015 at 12:08 am
    Original Link

    Beautiful work. I could deconstruct the nuances going on in this vid for fucking hours. His calibration to the shifting dynamics between them and to her reactions/tests/etc. is brilliant. There’s a LOT going on in this that people who don’t understand Mystery Method won’t pick up on.

on March 21, 2015 at 12:05 am
Original Link

smh smh smh

“soulless”, “cunt”, “bitch”, “abuse”, “rude”, “headache”, “sick of the games”, “next that bitch”

What the fuck am I even reading? This is just embarrassing. A bunch of “badass alpha dudes mastering the art of seduction” who can’t handle a minor PLAYFUL shit-test? Is it April Fool’s?? What the fuck site am I on?? Is this HUS??

This chick is lol’ing and playing around having some fun. A “rude bitch” isn’t even responding to him, or is responding telling him to fuck off, not joking around with him. This is just minor flirting. Holy fuck loosen up a little and quit taking yourselves so seriously. That dude who posts the Elliot Rogers wingman pics should be having a field day in here, plenty of angry bitter wingmen to go hate women with lol

Sentient’s Mystery vid linked up above is basically a must-watch. If you’ve read Mystery Method and understand everything he’s doing and the routines he’s using and the amount of calibration he’s using to tame that chick who’s giving him INFINITELY more direct shit than this little Olga text exchange, there’s a ton of valuable shit you can learn from that clip. He knows exactly when to play along, when to toss it back at her, when to have a “it’s time to be nice” moment, when to punish/reward her, when to stare her down, when to engage her friend and ignore her and play them off eachother, he’s stacking multiple open-ended routines and conversation threads, he’s throwing routines/stories that DON’T hit and then dropping them and switching threads because he’s calibrating to that and searching for the crack in the walls. It’s beautiful art. A lot of it would sound retarded in a logical transcription of it viewed through a male logical frame, but he’s playing her psychologically/emotionally flawlessly.

Regardless of how hot you think the chick in Mystery’s vid is, the guys crying in this comment section would never be able to turn her around like that if they get this butthurt over a little playful shit-testing. Handling this kind of chick should be laughably effortless to you if you’ve got tight game. The phrase “this bitch isn’t worth the effort” shouldn’t even come to mind because disarming a girl like the Olga chick or Mystery’s chick should be such child’s play to you that you don’t even classify it as “effort” or “work” at all. Guaranteed that chick purrs like a kitten sweet as honey for him as his fuckbuddy, all of that shit she throws is just to weed out the guys who have no game and would dry her vag up.

It’s like the Manosphere’s definition of “game” has morphed into “don’t ACTUALLY learn anything about female psychology, just go lift bro and then bitch about how cunty women are and then go stand around hoping that the sweetest nicest 10 in the world comes over and begs to suck your dick and make you a sandwich off the word “hello”, and if it doesn’t happen then she’s a stupid bitch and a rude cunt and you better Next her to really teach that bitch a lesson while you preserve your ego.”

Just brutal.

You know WHY this chick acts like this? Because she’s trying to weed out the chodes who take themselves too seriously and it WORKS, she would have screened out 90% of the dudes in this comment section and saved herself wasting her time on guys teetering on the edge of blowing a man-tantrum over their hurt feelz that a girl is goofing around.

I don’t even know how to explain how insignificant this kind of thing is. What I’m reading is basically a bunch of grown men doing the equivalent of “what?? That 5yo girl giggled and called you a doody-head?? Next that bitch man, she’s disrespecting you, you better teach her a lesson, what a rude soulless cunt!!!”

This isn’t “oh man YaReally will put up with so much abuse just to get pussy he’s a pussy-beggar don’t you have any standards letting these cunts disrespect you YaReally??” This isn’t ABUSE lol if you legitimately view this as abuse or disrespect, like, you’re so far off from the right headspace that I wouldn’t even know where to begin explaining how silly that mindset is lol

  • SuperFucker!
    on March 21, 2015 at 1:38 am
    Original Link

    It’s not necessary to work as hard as mystery is in that video. First of all, she sounds drunk. Second, he’s taking a long, long time to connect with her emotionally, which is what she clearly wants. Yeah he’s teasing her and taking her on a ride, but he’s not hitting the right buttons soon enough.

    And she’s an average-looking girl, so all the PUA tactics are overkill. If he toned down the jerk stuff she would have trusted him sooner, and the chemistry wouldn’t be so forced. It’s painful to watch.

    • YaReally
      on March 21, 2015 at 3:50 am
      Original Link

      “he’s taking a long, long time to connect with her emotionally, which is what she clearly wants.”

      Doesn’t matter what she wants, she has to EARN an emotional connection. She’s too hostile at the start to have earned a higher value guy WANTING to connect with her. The mistake a lot of beta AFC dudes make is the girl has done nothing at all to earn them except look hot and the guy is going up “so where are you from? cool that’s cool, so where do you go to school? oh cool, what are you studying? oh ya that’s a good course, I’m taking–”

      He deflects her shit and lets her spin herself out, then confronts her head on with silence and staredowns till she’s in a sweeter state and not testing as hard (notice that he only gives her shit when she gives him shit, when she’s sweet he’s sweet, he’s consciously subtly training her in the moment, look for the pattern in the video), THEN he gives her a deeper connection.

      Same shit as the dog whisperer lol, you don’t pet the dog when he’s excited and out of control, you ignore him until he calms down and THEN pet him.

      He COULD get rapport earlier, but she hasn’t EARNED it so it wouldn’t mean anything. This is heavy push/pull and qualifying her making her invest before he lets her have his interest.

      Is it overkill for an average girl? Sure, but you run this shit on a smokin hot girl and she’s going to be demanding your phone to put her number in because she had to invest in winning you over.

      Guys these days just want to Pull Pull Pull, with no Push. This is the type of game that has the chick stalking you because you made a huge impact on her and she had to invest in you.

    • YaReally
      on March 21, 2015 at 3:51 am
      Original Link

      got a response in mod. It’s about building investment on her part.

    • YaReally
      on March 23, 2015 at 11:22 pm
      Original Link

      Stilllllll in mod

  • King A
    on March 22, 2015 at 8:32 pm
    Original Link

    Sentient’s Mystery vid linked up above is basically a must-watch. … [a dozen lines of excruciating analytical clutter] … It’s beautiful art.

    Your epileptic pep talk combined with that eight-minute video advertisement for celibacy makes me want to exhume Elliot Rodger’s corpse and catapult him into your five-roommate, five-story walk-up.

    • YaReally
      on March 22, 2015 at 9:32 pm
      Original Link

      Looking forward to your helpful in-field vids! :)

    • YaReally
      on March 22, 2015 at 10:40 pm
      Original Link

      lol that was awesome. Half of that shit would work, I gotta write some of these lines down.

      Deadpanning “Excuse me, I need you to move so I can get by. I need a lot of room because my dick is so huge. That’s why I walk funny, ’cause it hurts, my thighs are just smashing into it. Very painful.” would be a great opener. Sets a sexual frame right away and clearly exaggerated enough to not be taken seriously.

      “It would be my pleasure…trust me, I’m BIG on pleasure. (fake cheesy player facial expression). Probably too big for YOU to handle, midget.” to a short girl would be great in the Attraction stage. Disqualifying her in a fun way.

      “You wouldn’t, not with your tiny brain.” would be great lol I already use a lot of “that’s because you have a tiny girl brain, shh, just be pretty and think about shiny objects” teasing that goes over great.

      That was great, see it’s not that hard to post useful things when you want to. :)

    • YaReally
      on March 23, 2015 at 11:18 pm
      Original Link

      I’m sure your buddy Mugsy burned a bunch of knuckleheads with his scathing insult before you guys hopped on your scooters to head down to the malt shop to read some 10 cent comics. Have you seen the latest Archie? It’s a hoot, Big Moose is so dumb Reggie said you can’t even insult the guy! Lololz

      @King A
      Lol there’s plenty in that clip that wouldn’t work, I didn’t realize you two spergies needed those parts explained. I could also break down exactly why those things that work would work and why “a behavior is funny”. But you keep crying when I explain things and now you’re whining when I don’t. YOU’RE TEARING ME APART!!! So indecisive, just like a woman.

      Mysterys vid is a good example of consciously executing pre-planned routines to turn around a hostile set. There’s lots of good game out there but the point of the vid is how executing the basics with solid calibration works.

      I could post a bunch of RSD infield as usual to show game working, but I know that fucks with the narrative you keep trying to paint. I’m still not sure why you try to tell guys who go out and use game with success regularly that game doesn’t work are you sure you wouldn’t be happier on Jezebel? lol

      It’s almost spring, you should try leaving your house this spring and talk to some girls! They’re lovely creatures.

Turning Starcucks Into Starfucks

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on March 19, 2015 at 9:09 pm
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CH Called It: The De-Stigmatization Of Polyamory Is Underway

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on March 17, 2015 at 3:15 pm
Original Link

“FACT: Most open polyamorists are hideously ugly. Polyamory is not the free choice of physically and psychologically attractive people.”

I’d say the people who are OPENLY running around yapping about their Polyamory are similar to all the gross fatties and old hags and chodes in BDSM scenes. They’re ugly and no one gives a fuck about them so they latch onto a label to make themselves “special” because it’s the only way they feel relevant/unique. So they’re annoyingly open about it because it’s basically saying “look how ugly I am, but I have permission to take mutliple partners and totally get them! And so does he! So really we may look like an ugly couple with low SMV but we’re actually ATTRACTIVE because we can sleep around with other low SMV fatties and uggos”

The people who make that shit work don’t talk about it because talking about it makes it not work. It’s behind the scenes shit. ‘Cause it works till the woman gets enough social pressure and judgement to not be cool with it anymore. No one socially pressures or judges the fat ugly Polyamory chick because hey she should take what she can get. But the hot girl will get shamed with “he should settle down with you, he doesn’t love you, don’t you respect yourself” because they expect her high SMV to land a man’s commitment…so the utmost importance is keeping this shit on the down-low behind the scenes.

Case in point: I don’t even know what “polyamory” is lol I’m pretty sure it’s what that reality show with the dude and the 5 fatass wives was, but I don’t know and I don’t care. Because I don’t need a label, I’m not looking to make an identity out of it or to define it to society, because it’s on the down-low when I do it and it’s between the girl and I because I want to keep as much social pressure off her as possible. So even if I’m out banging around and she knows it, I let her know that she can tell her friends and family that we’re a monogamous LTR and I’m her boyfriend etc., it’s fine, that keeps them off her back and allows us to continue a lifestyle that ultimately the girl is usually happier in (because I stay attractive and stay at the top of her Hypergamy when I have other girls on the go instead of a monoLTR where I just get fat and lazy and forget how to flirt with girls etc…so she gets a high SMV guy with my arrangement).

But the people who can sit around debating the nuanced definitions of polyamouros and monogamish and polyfidelity and shit, it’s like the people who are all “I’m a gender fluid queer transmorph bi-cuddle dragon”. They’re irrelevant and looking for an identity to give their existence meaning and specialness.

They look at “what label can I choose to pursue that will allow me to do things that make me happy?” whereas someone doing it for real looks at it as “I do what makes me happy, people can label it however they want I don’t care”.

It’s very very very hard for a celebrity to have an LTR where the girl bangs the guy and the guy bangs a bunch of girls, because their lives are under such scrutiny that the media will pressure the chick.

Gene Simmons banged a million chicks on the side of his marriage and his chick was probably fine with it…until he got cocky and made a reality show about his life and his philosophies on relationships and got caught on video fucking some chick and suddenly the entire WORLD is outraged on his chick’s behalf and social pressures her until he finally has to marry her.

Meanwhile Will Smith and Jada fuck around, Pitt and Jolie too, probably a bunch of other celebs since they’re all high SMV and working in emotional situations with people on different ends of the planet etc. But they’re smarter than Gene and don’t brag about it or get caught and bring a ton of social pressure on their woman.

Guaranteed in non-celebrity life, like the day to day all around you, there are TONS of relationships between hot people where one or both partners has permission to fuck around and the couple is blissfully happy with that arrangement. You probably know or have met a handful of people like this, but they keep it on the down-low and aren’t running around the swingers clubs and bragging over beers about it for props from their buddies (who will tell their own wives who will bring it up to the original guy’s wife and every other wife on the block and all socially pressure her into feeling bad about something she didn’t feel bad about till buddy slipped up and bragged).

You can do a one-way oLTR where you get to fucks other girls and the girl only fucks you, but you’re not gonna find the guide on how to pull that off on this week’s episode of “possibly gay dude and his 5 fat wives” lol

on March 17, 2015 at 4:12 pm
Original Link

Comment stuck in mod, plz approve!

Commercializing Female Hypergamy

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Kate Minter
on March 17, 2015 at 1:50 pm
Original Link

If anyone actually bothered to read Eat, Pray, Love, they would discover that the author’s ex-husband got quite a cushy settlement from her. She even had to agree to give him future earnings from future books she hadn’t even begun yet. It is not the example the Manosphere thinks it is at all. Can’t resist an eye rollo every time someone uses it as an example of how some man got screwed over.

[CH: the quirky details backstopping these female smut books is less important than the contours of the cultural revolutions they portend or exalt. or: marketing matters.]

  • YaReally
    on March 17, 2015 at 4:26 pm
    Original Link

    James Franco nails seductive laser-eye contact and slow/pausing speaking in Eat Pray Love. There’s a shitload to learn from watching his eyes and speaking style in this clip:

    It’s everything Liam McRae and Gambler talk about in the videos I’ve linked a million times, in action by a pro. He does this in his General Hospital appearance too, check my archives. Dude does this flawlessly, masterclass level shit in action. This melts panties and makes up for weak verbal game.

    • YaReally
      on March 17, 2015 at 7:00 pm
      Original Link

      Ya, I used to sit beside the girl on a Day2 to get kino in but now I sit across from them because the eye-contact builds waaaaay more sexual attraction/tension. I pretty much don’t have to touch them at all till we’re in my apartment and I can just escalate to making out because the tension has been there all night.

      @Sugar Baby
      Are you a smokin’ hot 10/10 that turns every head in the room when you walk into a nightclub? If not, no one cares whether you’re wet or not.

on March 17, 2015 at 2:45 pm
Original Link

“Writers like Rinaldi and E.L. James have tapped into the Alpha Fucks / Beta Bucks anxiety rooted in women’s primal insecurity inherent in doubting their optimization of Hypergamy. If appealing to visceral sex sells products to men, appealing to the inherent ‘you-only-live-once’ insecurity of feminine Hypergamy sells to women”

This is basically the summary of how to fuck taken girls.

[CH: good catch.]

  • FrdMertz
    on March 17, 2015 at 3:28 pm
    Original Link

    Didn’t Liam Neeson do a movie about this? “Taken”?

    • YaReally
      on March 17, 2015 at 4:16 pm
      Original Link

      Liam Neeson has figured out how to stop Hypergamy:

Commercializing Female Hypergamy

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Mr Meaner
on March 17, 2015 at 6:50 pm
Original Link

A girl was recently telling me (post-bang) about how she went on a second date with a guy, and at the end of the date the guy made his move, and she told him, “no, I’m a good girl now.”

The guy had taken her on a dinner date and to a show. And got nothing. Not even a makeout session.

She was complaining to me that he was trying to have sex with her after just “two dinner dates.”

And there I was, laying next to her, post-bang, smiling at the fact I’ve never seen her outside the trail from her front door to her bedroom. Lol.

Another girl post-bang was telling me about a rich doctor she’d been dating, and how he seemed to be “only interested in getting in my pants.” They hadn’t yet had sex. Her and I have caught up only for sex, and once she even brought a six-pack of beer over. Heh. Poor doctor.

When you get really proficient at game, and deal with a lot of different women, you’ll get a stunningly real and shocking insight into the alpha fucks beta bux phenomenon. Girls will actively tell you about the dates they’re going on with betas without even registering the irony, like it’s a separate life they’re living. And they’ll wonder out loud to you why the betas on dates are unsuccesfully trying to get in their pants, while not even questioning the fact that you can get in there whenever you want.

Five minutes of alpha…

  • YaReally
    on March 17, 2015 at 7:01 pm
    Original Link

    Yup to all of this.

    • YaReally
      on March 17, 2015 at 7:04 pm
      Original Link

      The funny/twisted part is that the 2 dinner date dude and the doctor will both come on here and claim that these girls are unicorns who would never soberly have a bathroom fuck with some dude they’ve just met because they seem so reserved and are such good girls around them. And then tell me “wah wah YaReally, not all women are slutty!!! Your world view is biased!!”

      And they’re technically right, those women AREN’T slutty…for THEM. Because they don’t make their ginas tingle.

Mr Meaner
on March 17, 2015 at 7:34 pm
Original Link

Ya Really,

I think a lot of dudes have the problem of not disqualifying themselves as boyfriend material. This is a really underestimated part of game. If she makes up her mind that you’re a potential boyfriend, put down your glasses and get ready for some serious blue balls.

I think lot of guys are still operating on that worn-out three-date premise.

There’s no “dating” anymore. There’s hooking up, and there’s the road to boyfriend. Dating will give you the latter.

Funnily enough, hooking up gives you both options anyway. Transitioning a girl from hooking up to dating, ha……all you have to do is wake up in the morning.

  • YaReally
    on March 17, 2015 at 8:07 pm
    Original Link

    Yup to all of that.

    A lot of well-off dudes meet a girl who’s down to fuck that night and then they pull up in their BMW and take her to their expensive condo and suddenly she’s “not that kind of girl” because if she puts out she probably won’t hear from him again and she sees a sick provider meal ticket so she suddenly wants to make him wait for sex to try to hook him as a provider.

    A big part of why I’m able to pull off the multiple fuckbuddies who know about eachother etc. thing is that I disqualify myself as boyfriend/provider material from the start. They know I’m just for sex, so all that stuff is congruent to me and it’s fine to fuck me right away.

    If they decide they want something more stable I’ll lose them for a few months while they try dating some provider guy but most of the time he’s boring to her and the sex with me was better because I understand the whole seduction process to make it amazing, and she comes back to me either while stringing him along or after she breaks it off with him.

    Even if I suddenly become rich and successful and own 5 BMWs and a mansion with 3 pools, I would drive a piece of shit around girls and have some plain little bachelor pad for banging them in. If they earn being a bigger part of my life THEN they can know about my wealth.

    When you understand this perspective, all the guys spending their 20s and early 30s in an office working 100hr weeks to become a rich CEO, doctor, lawyer, etc with the intention of “when I’m rich and have a high-status job I’ll get laid like crazy” seem misguided since even if they achieve all that, 1) it can often hinder them if they flaunt it so they’ll figure out they have to keep it a secret to avoid girls who won’t put out and golddiggers anyway, and 2) all that time they spent in an office is time they didn’t spend learning to approach and open and charm and seduce women so their game is weak on top of it.

    It’s easy to convert a fuckbuddy to a girlfriend, you just see her more than once a week. It’s very very very difficult to make a girl who sees you as a boyfriend or boyfriend material, see you as a fuckbuddy.

    • YaReally
      on March 17, 2015 at 11:03 pm
      Original Link

      It’s a mind-fuck. Tyler talks about rich guys taking his bootcamp with specifically that issue all the time. But it makes sense: society teaches us to believe that “having good provider potential will net you a quality girl”. So guys think “ok if I focus on becoming a Doctor, then I’ll get a girl” and plod off to be successful.

      But society doesn’t say how the “get a girl” part will happen just like when a girl says “don’t turn him into an asshole he’s a NICE GUY” and you say “ok will YOU fuck him?” and she goes “no but SOMEONE will”, she can’t fill in how that’s actually going to happen. And the guy never questions it because everyone from all angles in society is telling him the same message that it’ll “just happen”. Then it doesn’t happen. And people tell him to keep waiting and waiting. Eventually that guy meets some 30+ single mom through his social circle or work and settles with a woman farrrrr lower quality than he should’ve been able to get…AND that girl makes him wait 3 months worth of dates to have sex lol

      Is it good to have money? Sure, it gives you easier access to environments with girls and you have less stress and all that shit. There are definitely benefits. But there are drawbacks too, that guys don’t think about until they happen to them and go “…well shit, why did I waste my 20s doing a job I don’t even like when every time I tell a girl about it she makes me date her for a month before she’ll blow me and none of these girls will settle for casual sex they all want to be monogamous girlfriends to me but I want a variety of women!!” Like that $5k watch you’re sporting is awesome for getting attention but 1) that watch is helping her put you in the “potential provider” category and 2) she’s not gonna’ notice your watch if I’m in set with you two. ;)

      I’ve partied with rich as fuck social circles and poor as fuck social circles and it all comes down to the same shit lol The rich dudes still got laid here and there but 1) not nearly as often as people (including themselves) assumed they would, 2) they have a lot more girls trying to put them in provider roles and making them take them on dates etc, and 3) at last call they hit up whorehouses a LOT more than you would expect because they can afford to and don’t think about what the consequences of building “I have to pay women for them to want to fuck me” wiring in their brain will be down the road.

      Best Natural I know was poor as shit. He was slaying poon left and right because girls knew there was no way he was going to provide for them lol Being poor and pulling girls does WONDERS for shattering your limiting beliefs about what girls find attractive lol

      “What is your net worth?”

      Like negative $50k lol About 200 bucks in my bank account with a ton of debt racked up. No assets like a car or anything. People would shit a brick if they saw the details of my financial situation and wonder how I somehow seem to be living a good quality of life (nice apartment, healthy eating, hot <25yo fuckbuddies, etc.) But I'm working on my career over the next couple years, so I'll dig myself out of the hole and be fine. That's why I'm inside working tonight instead of out all night drinking green beer for St. Patty's lol

      Monk mode for me this year, right now I'm down to one night out sarging a month and having to turn down (and lose, whoops lol) fuckbuddies to focus on work, which is ass but you do what you gotta' do. I expect to have my financials on track and be back to full 2-3 nights a week sarging mode and a full harem of hotties within 2 years.

      More info/philosophy on why I'm fine with my financial situ here:

    • YaReally
      on March 18, 2015 at 2:18 pm
      Original Link

      And don’t get me wrong I’m not saying money is bad or that all guys who have money are showering girls with free drinks and shit ’cause the guys who learn about not supplicating learn not to do that stuff.

      But it doesn’t matter whether the guy spends it or not, some girls will offer to pay for shit or split the bill to try to stand out and seem different if she thinks she’s going to get rewarded on her investment with a rich provider down the road…girls aren’t completely retarded, if she sees an expensive watch/shoes/suit on you her girl-brain is already turning thinking “hmm, this guy could potentially be a provider if he doesn’t think I’m a worthless slut” even though that guy didn’t spend a dime on her and turns down buying her a drink.

      Although even then, a girl doesn’t expect a bum like me to buy her a drink so she won’t even ask me to and if she does and I don’t then that’s completely expected behavior from me. But the guy in the suit with the fancy watch/shoes should have enough $ to buy her a drink or pick up the tab for dinner so she’s going to expect it and if he doesn’t do it because he’s read some game stuff, it can turn into bigger drama than it should have because for that guy to not buy it either he’s running some kind of technique or he’s cheap and she can end up more determined to get him to do it and now you two are focused on this drink drama instead of seduction, etc.

      Again I’m not saying dudes with money don’t get laid at all or CAN’T get same-night lays…I’m just saying there’s shit to consider when you have money/success and and understanding female psychology can help tighten your shit up more consistently.

      I have a bunch of stuff I do from over the years as I figured this out.

      My looks disqualify me from the start, I’m an average looking average height dude and I dress in just a plain t-shirt and $20 shoes unless there’s a dress code I can’t get past where I throw on a plain dress shirt and $60 black shoes. Ideally I like to dress as down as I can get away with while still getting into the club…in a room full of dudes in suits and girls dolled up to the 9s the guy in a t-shirt and sneakers is clearly not the guy who’s going to be the millionaire boyfriend they’re hoping to land lol I would rather get a “why is this scrubby guy approaching us?” look than an “oboy that guy is coming over to talk to us” look ’cause I can charm my way through resistance and win them over with the former, but the latter girls are already picturing taking me home to meet the parents. Also there’s the whole “maybe he’s so rich that he can get in here looking like a bum” mystery to it.

      Also I’ve got a bit of a beer belly so visually I’m not a guy she would bring around her friends to make them jealous about how lucky she is, esp if she’s an 8+/10 who people would expect to have some dude that’s, well, YOU lol. I’ve had girls who will fuck me in secret so their friends don’t find out which works out great for me because I don’t have to turn down gay invitations to do date-stuff with her and her friends…she’ll txt me when she’s horny and the chodes at the bar are boring her and sneak off to bang me, not expect me to come out and waste my night entertaining her friends and trying to impress them so they approve of me dating her.

      I don’t tell girls what I do for work, I just brush it off or make low-value shit up and change the subject to ask them about themselves instead. So she might ask someone else about his job and investigate all the details of it so she can narrow down what kind of money he makes but with me the conversation about what I do is over in 5 seconds and we’ve moved on so there’s nothing for her to evaluate me on. Plus again there’s some mystery to it like “is he so rich he doesn’t want to come off as bragging” but it’s usually the golddigger types who think on that level and it’s super funny when they do ’cause you can tell lol

      And then in rapport/comfort I drop a LOT of personal routines that demonstrate my views of sex and relationships and fuckbuddies and monogamy etc so that she learns very quickly that I’m not in that “I’m looking for a wife I can monogamously love and cherish” category because a guy like that wouldn’t say the things I’m saying or have the attitudes I have.

      So like, I’ll build rapport through stories about sex. “oh a 50 Shades fan? You and I will get along just fine then. Should we use your handcuffs or mine?” Already that’s implying that I’m a Lover not a Provider. Then I’ll go into stuff like “I knew this one girl who loved having sex in public. We got through out of a bar for bla bla” so I’m implying that I’ve had sexual partners and adventurous sex and I’m saying it took place in a bar which is kind of sleazy…a Provider isn’t going to fuck a girl in a bar bathroom but a Lover would. Then I’ll throw in stuff like “She was wild but I had to break it off with her…she got too clingy and was like “when are we going to go on a REAL date??” ughhhh lol” which is laying the framework of “I don’t like clingy girls, I don’t date, and I will break up with girls who fall in love with me” which again isn’t the behavior/attitude of a Provider but a Lover. Often she’ll say “ugh I know, guys are so lame now they all want me to be their girlfriend when I just want to get fucked, this guy took me on 3 dates and wouldn’t make a move and I was like come on man up already I need to get laid” (thanks feminism lol) and we’ll bond over that and I’ll make fun of how lame monoLTRs are and usually throw some stuff about how I don’t care if a girl shops around for a real boyfriend while we fuck I just hope everyone finds whatever they’re looking for and now I’ve got a casual fuckbuddy relationship frame set up with her and there’s not really any reason for her NOT to fuck me if I smoothly venue change to my place and escalate because she knows exactly who I am and what our time together is going to lead to.

      So while you’re talking about how your mom made you apple pie and your dad threw a baseball around with you in the back yard till you entered med school and the exams are tough but you really like helping people bla bla–, I’m brushing off work talk and laying out Lover frames.

      15 minutes with you and she’s like “this guy would be a great boyfriend”. 15 minutes with me and she’s like “this guy would be a great fuckbuddy.”

      If externally you look like a Provider, then actively work on disqualifying yourself as a Provider. And if that still isn’t enough then actively work on disqualifying yourself as a Provider while ALSO laying the framework that you’re a Lover.

      I could get laid without most of this because I don’t actively look like a Provider by default, but I have a specific type of casual FB arrangement that I like and works for my life, so I take a VERY pro-active role in shaping that frame when I approach girls.

      The funniest thing I learned when I started experimenting with this was that girls don’t care if you aren’t LTR/boyfriend material as long as they know what you ARE. Like the Joker says “nobody panics when things go “according to plan” even if that plan is horrifying”. She will happily fuck a guy who isn’t BF material as long as she KNOWS he isn’t BF material. It’s like I am predictably safe to have as a Lover because she can trust that I’m going to give her a fun/hot seduction experience and bang her good when she needs it and that I’m not going to get all weepy emo clingy on her and make drama for her or try to get her to break up with her BF/hubby etc. So she can just fully embrace our casual fuckbuddy relationship because I’ve laid out very clearly what her place in my life is.

      I found this out hardcore when I had an LTR and was experimenting with telling girls about her lol So I would tell them my Primary comes first and have her picture on my nightstand etc. and instead of the girls being repulsed they would not only happily be Secondary FBs to her and not demand any kind of relationship stuff from me but some of them would actively try to help my LTR by listing wines and restaraunts I should take her to. lol I was like “wtf??” But they were happy because I had a very specific “this is the slot you can fit in in my life, if that’s cool, awesome, if not then we don’t have to hang out I’m fine with it either way.”

      It’s like if you met someone that you KNEW was always late for everything and who SAYS “I’m always late for everything” you could almost trust that person’s “flaws” to be consistent and predictable…VS someone else who tells you they’re never late and then is late where you’re like “jeeze, I trusted you to be something else and then you turned out to be this”.

      Experiment with disqualifying yourself. Tell girls you work at some middle of the road job or are taking some middle of the road school course instead of med school lol And/or throw in some fuckbuddy frames and pro-actively set yourself up as a Lover…I have a buddy who tells girls he’s so busy with work that he doesn’t have time for serious relationships and that girls end up hating him because they keep wanting him to be their boyfriend and he doesn’t have the time. So even though he’s not being as sexual as I am, he’s setting the same frame of “look we can have casual sex but don’t expect more from me”. So be creative and come up with shit that works for you and your personality/lifestyle.


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on March 16, 2015 at 3:06 pm
Original Link

I stand by this vaping, hipsters or not.

There is something alluring to women about smoking and with vaping you take out the smell and taste that women don’t like on smokers.

I personally am more of a tobacco pipe kind of guy, but some of the vape pens go well with a cup of coffee and makes for a good conversation piece.

  • YaReally
    on March 16, 2015 at 7:11 pm
    Original Link

    “There is something alluring to women about smoking”

    It forces you to pause, which creates anticipation and sexual tension, esp if you combine it with sexual eye-contact (see Liam McRae’s rapid escalation vid). When a girl asks you a question and you take a long slow puff before answering her, you build a lot of tension, and if you add sexual eye-contact in there and your answer is sexual, you’re going to blast the sexual tension through the roof.

    Combine that with smoking being easy opening (bumming a smoke/light and girls can bum them off you) and easy isolation (you get a solid few minutes of one on one conversation with her away from the loud music), and a raspy deep smoker voice and you have an overall pretty powerful weapon in terms of seduction.

    Prob is the nasty yellow teeth lol fucking disgusting. Not a fan of the reeking clothes either.

    Same pausing during conversation can be done using a drink like taking a slow sip of a drink before answering, or simply standing there bemused and staring her down, but it feels strange to just stand there not answering whereas sipping a drink or lighting a smoke or smoking it give your hands and mouth something to do that makes logical sense to your brain to justify why you aren’t speaking yet. You can learn to do it with no “gotta do something with my hands” crutch but smoking has it built-in so it’s an easy transition.

    I don’t smoke or vape and I generally screen out girls who smoke or at least make them not do it around me and definitely not in my apartment/bed.

What A Butthurt Feminist Sounds Like

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on March 13, 2015 at 11:33 am
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“I backed off of negs because on 6/7’s I kept running into “nice” girls you just got hurt by them, not in a bitchy way but in a “i like him and he’s making fun of me” way. But this caused me to fail to build attraction on the 7/8 range… so still having trouble calibrating the neg. Any resources etc appreciated here.”

RSD Julien’s PIMP product. Specifically the Outer Game sections, very specifically the Vibe section of it. Very specifically the stuff on qualifying a girl and combining it into stacking devalidation (halfway thru the first vid)…complicated subject until you hear it explained, but it’s basically a turbo-charged version of negging that goes way beyond what Mystery was doing. A buddy and I have been experimenting with it and the reactions we’ve been getting are ridiculous. I know everyone thinks I’m an RSD shill lol, but I only recommend legit useful shit (and Tyler doesn’t care if people pirate Foundations, Blueprint, etc.) and PIMP is legit useful. If you aren’t rolling in $ you won’t have a problem finding it through “other” means.

Try to ignore the crazy “I’ve just snorted a line of coke” mannerisms he has going on, listen to what he’s saying and watch the infield stuff he shows to demonstrate it and look where he’s using it and how they react. He does it to an extreme level for the sake of demonstrating how far you can take it, but toning it down to a less harsh level while keeping the structure he uses is still insane powerful. He’s taken a bunch of PUA concepts that everyone knows already work and combined them then streamlined the result…first time I’ve been legitimately impressed by new information in a few years of checking out pickup products that just rehash old knowledge.

I’ll try to explain it better at some point and after I’ve played with it some more myself, but Julien’s explanation is flawless and in-depth. The easiest way to describe it is that he devalidates the girl, then changes conversation threads before giving her a chance to qualify herself, and then he stacks that multiple times like Mystery’s multiple threading conversation technique and gets her extremely invested in trying to qualify herself to you and then after a while smoothly allows her to “win him over”, creating HUGE investment on her part which triggers a chain reaction back to her hamster that says “if I’m chasing him this hard he must be high value”. It’s brilliantly devious.

Would send anyone to this resource instead of traditional “negging” resources, this is like Neg 2.0 evolved/enhanced as far as I’m concerned.

And for anyone who missed it, here’s a bunch of vids to watch with my comment finally out of mod:

on March 13, 2015 at 11:40 am
Original Link

Yo CH what triggers comments getting caught in mod?

Is it including multiple links or links to specific sites or passing a certain length or using certain keywords or something? Like half my comments are spending forever in mod the last couple weeks. Would be cool to know what the spam filter is catching so the regulars know how to avoid getting stuck behind it.

  • Tilikum
    on March 13, 2015 at 11:47 am
    Original Link

    seems like symbols and anything that resembles an email addy. multiple links posted one after the other will do it too.

    • YaReally
      on March 13, 2015 at 4:42 pm
      Original Link

      “seems like symbols and anything that resembles an email addy”

      I would lol hard if it was just the at symbol we use to direct a comment to someone that was actually causing it all this time lol

Study: Makeup Doesn’t Do Much

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on March 11, 2015 at 2:31 pm
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I dunno about this 2% business…

How The Urban Man Can Be More Masculine

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on March 10, 2015 at 2:29 pm
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Holy shit are you out of touch. You really think playing a guitar loud is enough to bang a slutty hipster chick? News flash- 90% of the guys in that scene play a guitar! What would you be doing is lamely trying way too hard. The very opposite of the manliness you so aspire to.

[CH: you sound bitter. did a guitarist steal the love of your life?]

  • The Raven
    on March 10, 2015 at 3:58 pm
    Original Link

    Take a slutty hipster chick shooting. The panties fall off. I boned a banging hot Suicide Girl-type without even trying- and she is a little more than half my age.

    Gunpowder makes their clothes fall off. True story.

    • YaReally
      on March 11, 2015 at 5:18 am
      Original Link

      Therrrrrre we go, you got it. My eyes hurt from rolling so much reading all this “bro you gotta wave fish guts in front of her and howl at the moon” shit when it all boils down to the universally attractive concept of DHVing by demonstrating mastery of a skill and passion, whether it’s gutting a fish or throwing a football or painting/guitar or pwning n00bz in WoW.

      Lot of guys missing the forest for the trees up in here. Try gutting a fish or shooting a gun while acting unconfident and unsure. It’s not the fish guts that are attractive. Try showing a girl your incredible paintings while describing them with intense passion. It’s not the painting that’s attractive.

      As I’ve said before: if an action gets inconsistent results (ie – you gutting a fish equals attraction while Richard Simmons gutting a fish equals repulsion) then you have to dig a level deeper in analyzing the dynamic until you eventually uncover the diamond of unbearable consistent universal truth that is consistent 100% of the time which in this case is “demonstrating mastery and passion of a skill is attractive”.

      Everything else is just mental masturbation, personal bias, and surface level understanding of how attraction works.

    • YaReally
      on March 11, 2015 at 5:21 am
      Original Link

      *undeniable not unbearable lol

on March 10, 2015 at 5:21 pm
Original Link

  • stained class
    on March 10, 2015 at 6:13 pm
    Original Link

    hah, i knew you would.

    frame trumps all.

    • YaReally
      on March 10, 2015 at 6:17 pm
      Original Link

      Follow-up in moderation. I am currently setting the world record for the most comments in mod these days lol WHY WON’T YOU LOVE ME WORDPRESS???

    • YaReally
      on March 10, 2015 at 7:34 pm
      Original Link

      @stained class
      Go fuck ten higher quality women.

  • YaReally
    on March 10, 2015 at 6:15 pm
    Original Link

    lol…ok let’s see what happens when you throw a roofer into the field:

    Shit that’s weird…how about a cowboy? I mean, you don’t get any closer to nature and hunting animals and shit than being a fuckin’ bull-riding cowboy, right? Dude DEFINITELY has a sick manly pickup truck. Let’s throw a legit cowboy into the field and see how he does:

    huh…well ok, let’s take some like, overall athletic successful dudes. White dude has hockey trophys in his room and a hottub and a hot blonde girl on his bed in his profile vid, and the black dude is an “all around athelete” football player tossing a football around in his backyard. Got himself a football ring, that’s manly right?

    Let’s see how they do if we throw them into the field:

    Ok here’s a deep-voiced low-energy super alpha poker playing BBQ flipping beer-crushing construction worker. Dude’s got a pool etc. too, sick pad bro. Let’s see what happens when we throw him into the field (solid fatty-close on that 2nd game there bro and a gay shopping BFF close on the last game where she’s more interested in the shirt you’re describing than your cock):

    Alright, let’s throw Cajun the skinny little scruffy PUA coach who’s probably never been hunting or built a house into the field and see what happens:

    Here’s RSD’s flamingly gayest (even *I* can’t listen to him talk lol) instructor infield:

    …turns out being a super alpha badass in other areas doesn’t translate to picking up women. All that straight spine, rock hard dick, high T, enlarged aura shit doesn’t mean shit if your game is ass. Game > Everything.

    Does this mean the super manly things in this post are BAD? No, there are episodes of Keys where the badass alpha jock gets the girls…my point is that none of that extracurricular shit matters in-field, all that matters in-field is your game. Climbing Mount Everest doesn’t mean you won’t choke hard when someone puts a smokin hottie in front of you. When I meet a new guy in my social circles I disregard EVERYTHING he says about his game/skills before we hit the bar. I’m gonna’ put a hot girl in front of him and see what he does and that’s going to tell me everything about who he is regardless of how many MMA medals and deer heads he’s got hanging on his wall. The field reveals all.

    Spend your time learning game instead of stripping down a rifle, the return on investment is infinitely higher…in the time you spend rebuilding a motorcycle engine, you could be approaching dozens of 8+/10 hotties and tightening the screws on your game instead of the engine so you’re pulling girls consistently.

    Fix your pickup truck on your driveway during prime “hour when the career girls are getting home from their HR jobs (or near a coffee shop or popular brunch spot on weekends)”? How about ditching the truck and heading downtown to approach those career girls as they leave their HR jobs and whip them off to insta-dates at happy hour, or hit a bar at happy hour and approach the girls there, or approach girls in the coffee shop or on the street heading to the popular brunch spot and join them on an insta-date.

    A lot of this stuff (and a lot of what TRP promotes on reddit) is just men trying to find ways to get girls without having to man up and approach. “How can I increase my passive value enough that a 9 will approach me so I don’t have to risk rejection??” Guess what, the 9 won’t approach you while you mow the lawn. The neighborhood “30+yo married with 2 kids and wanting to cheat on her husband” 6 and 7 will though lol

    Go out and approach.

  • YaReally
    on March 10, 2015 at 9:08 pm
    Original Link


    Lots of reasons. From her being hotter bringing out more of your natural sexual intent, to her pinging off you for how to feel (the more masculine you are the more feminine she can let herself be and know you’ll handle her), to hotter girls being surrounded by 6-pack rich dudes to the point where that has no value to her and she’s looking for personality and passion over those traditional traits a 7/10 creams herself over, to hotter girls being more socially experienced and calibrated, to hotter girls not seeking validation the way a 7 does and not needing to play as many games, etc etc.

    Oldschool PUA was designed for the hottest girls. Mystery Tyler Style etc were designing game for the peacocked strippers and models and shit in LA Vegas Toronto etc, not the 5s at your local pub. You don’t neg a 5.

    Make 2015 the year to approach the hottest girls you see. Game was designed for them.

    • YaReally
      on March 11, 2015 at 2:24 pm
      Original Link


      @sentient et al
      The flip side of this is when you hit the point in your game where you hate gaming ugly chicks and when you have to talk to a grenade you run thru the motions but deep down you loathe talking to her and wish you were talking to a hotter girl and are kind of subconsciously looking around the room for a better girl…but then the girl picks up on the subcomm’ed vibe you’re putting out and because she can tell you want to reject her, she ends up rejecting you first for ego-protection, so the net thing you know you’re being rejected by a girl that you didn’t even want to fuck lol

      It’s a frustrating stage, usually intermediate guys go thru it when they’re in that period where they wanna move up to the 8s and 9s and get forced to interact with a 5.

      Women ping off their environment for how they should feel and a functional relationship has masculine and feminine balance. When a girl is around a mangina she’s forced to be the hardass feminazi man of the relationship. When that same girl is around a masculine dominant man she’s free to let her feminine side out.

Marital Egalitarianism Is Bad For Your Sex Life

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on March 10, 2015 at 10:33 am
Original Link

‘dat comment section…

Soon the smart young girls will figure out they need to bring shit to the table to make marriage appealing…they’ll stop listening to women who look like the author of that article and the author of the study referenced in the article (google them for a laugh) and start adapting.

Feminism will adapt to the trends as the old feminist writers get pushed out of the feminist blogosphere and into irrelevancy because no one cares what bitter ugly old harpies think, and we’ll start seeing articles about how the new empowerment is being marriage-worthy and landing a man early.

And the YaReally Reversion Theory will have begun…<25yo girls will start looking for husbands before their career, and will eat healthy, exercise, know their value is in their looks, cook, clean, and there will be a voluntary return to traditional gender roles.

If you're in your 20s or 30s, don't settle down till your 40s. Better options are on the way, and they'll be looking for established badass older men who can fulfill that masculine role in an LTR the way their feminized wishy washy terrified of their sexuality scared to touch a girl college peers can't.

That comment section is unreal. Proud of all aspects of our movements…MRAs, Manosphere, Red Pillers, MGTOWs, PUAs…that comment section exists because of our combined efforts. Keep it up, gentlemen.

on March 10, 2015 at 10:36 am
Original Link

Approve my comment CH plz, linking a glorious link everyone should check out lol

on March 10, 2015 at 12:37 pm
Original Link

Julien’s never going to get laid again!! He had a twitter hate campaign against him!! He’ll have to change his name and hide, no girl would go NEAR someone accused of being a misogynistic rape-coach banned from multiple countries around the world for his rape tactics!!!

…O RLY?:

#GoogleMyName #YehItsKewl

A photo posted by @rsdjulien on

lol…still waiting for RSD to shut down, RVF. Between Julien’s upcoming world-tour event and Tyler’s latest news of “I’m planning to release 5 videos a week by mid 2015 and ideally get to 25 videos a week by 2016 / 2017.” and “Ideally I’d get to 1 video a day from Monday to Friday (so 1 vid / week on each channel), and then in 2016 / 2017 I’d love to get to 3 or 5 videos a week on each channel (around 15 – 25 vids). So each channel would have a new video posted every week day by that time.” it sounds like they’re basically on the brink of shutting down for sure.

Guess this all seems kind of silly now: “RSD is paying a huge financial price for their mistakes. What hotel or conference center will host them now? What club will let them use a venue to teach? What type of customer wants to be associated with a company whose reputation is connected to assault? What skilled pickup instructor wants to work with them instead of their competitor? And what sex-starved young man wants to follow a company that teaches one brand of masculinity while responding to a gang of feminists in a decidedly unmasculine manner?”

I remember someone mentioning that the haters were running around like chickens with their head cut off ignoring critical rational thinking in favor of emotional feelz like Feminists/SJWs do…who was that wise sage again? hmm…

Let that whole shitshow be a lesson: if you don’t engage, people move on and forget about their outrage when the next thing to be outraged by comes along a week later. Engage and you’ll drag it out for months/years and waste time you could have spent working on something more productive.

The Seductive Value Of Emotional Range

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on March 6, 2015 at 2:06 pm
Original Link

While I find it all interesting I just don’t know if I can believe this. I am going to try to word this very carefully. Different cultures express things differently and I wouldn’t doubt that this advice works in one culture but maybe not another. For example, Italians tend to be very open about emotions or so goes the stereotype. I think someone who was expressing so much emotion and creating stories with highs and lows would be a very intrusive person to be around and it would be somewhat repelling. I would like to hear thoughts on that. It shouldn’t just be a distinction between nerds and otherwise. Regardless, I do wonder how though it is possible for women to have stunted emotions and yet yearn to have more. It would be hard to yearn for something you can’t comprehend.

  • King A
    on March 6, 2015 at 6:15 pm
    Original Link

    CH is trying to thread a needle here, but in general you’re right. Only a couple posts back he featured a stoic and laconic correspondent’s weekend of wild success and called it Alpha.

    Singing and making emotional expressions frankly is gay. CH admits as much when he puns, “minimum gaily allowance.” He is a metrosexual who is comfortable rubbing shoulders with that culture. The Rot Goes Deep. I don’t see the purpose of telling an already catastrophically effete generation to be effeter.

    I was going to say this was one of his better posts in a long while — at least with regard to his extreme/steady Theory of Emotional Sexual Difference. Plenty to chew on there. But then he inexplicably ends his piece by encouraging men (who need no encouragement today!) to act like her gay roommate.

    If the new world order is advising you to do things your grandfather wouldn’t be caught dead doing, be wary.


    • YaReally
      on March 8, 2015 at 5:39 am
      Original Link

      lol…men telling other men they aren’t manly enough to be men, as if a man should give a fuck about anyone else’s definition of being a man besides his own. Can’t force yourself into a position of authority sorry, you gotta’ EARN being the King to have men seek your approval. This isn’t some female high-school clique where you can shame the other girls into seeking your approval.


      Here’s Julien using his “tell your BF I’m your gay friend” routine to grab her number in front of him:

      Here’s general in-field of him:

      Here’s their most FLAMINGLY SUPER GAY instructor in-field, half the girls he makes out with sober in the daytime most guys would be too scared to even approach lol (taller than him, skinny, done up, sexy and leggy…he’s in EE too, where those girls are all mythical unicorns according to some forums…but then those forums also predicted RSD was going to be out of business 2 months after the Julien scandal and shit all over me pointing out their hatred was blinding them to common sense, still waiting for an apology guise, but not holding my breath I don’t expect SJWs/Feminists to admit when they’re wrong either lol):

      So am I posting these vids because the optimal way to game is to be flamingly metrosexual? No.

      Here’s the opposite style of game, this guy is naturally laconic and extremely low-energy (also in EE like the flamingly gay RSD guy):

      All women want is a man who’s not stifled and isn’t afraid to express himself because he’s listening to some idiot on the net who told him “bro, would your GRANDPA smile??? No he wouldn’t even be TALKING to a girl, he’d be chopping down a tree and facing down a tank in a WAR!!!!!” All that’s doing is taking the guys who are trying to learn game and aren’t naturally James Bond and trying to force them into the James Bond mold.

      Girls just want you to express yourself fully and congruently, and to experience a wide range of emotions around you. If you’re a Russell Brand type, embrace it and express it. If you’re a James bond, embrace it and express it. Don’t listen to some internet jockey telling you what a “real man” should look like lol Define that for yourself…how “manly” is it to try to supplicate to some guy on the net about how you should act and be all “is this being a real man?? Am I doing it right? Please approve of me!!” Fuck that, YOU get to decide what being a man is and work on living up to that definition.

      Now for some actual useful game shit: in terms of the environment, being all James Bond is fine in social circle game (which is how most guys get laid, esp the James Bond types) because the girl is forced to be around you and eventually over time will see you congruently express yourself in those laconic James Bond ways. It doesn’t give you an amazing advantage, but if you pair it up with solid verbal game understanding how to qualify them and push them through emotions etc., some solid laser eye contact etc., it won’t disadvantage you.

      But if you want to pull hotties out of a high energy venues instead of your 6/10 co-worker at the office xmas party, or your 7/10 ex-gf of your buddy who’s in your social circle, etc. like situations where you have to proactively get and hold their attention competing against distractions with smokin hot girls etc., being a laconic James Bond is going to handicap you because the environment is overwhelmingly more interesting than you are. Once you get INTO a set, and if you don’t have interruptions, then you’re fine because you’re getting the opportunity to congruently express your James Bond self to her…it’s just a lot harder to overcome the environment esp if you haven’t studied group theory and don’t know how to isolate a girl to get that opportunity.

      So if you’re naturally a James Bond, social circle game and very low key venues and daygame are probably the easiest lays for you. If you’re naturally more of a Russell Brand, you’ll probably do fine in high-energy environments, nightclubs, and ALSO in social circle and daygame like James Bond. So it’s a bit more versatile in terms of actual pickup because Russel expresses who he is just by walking into the room whereas James Bond needs to carve out a camera close-up for his killer one-liner.

      The test for whether you’re actually a laconic stoic James Bond is: when you’re around your very close buddies or family, like playing x-box or camping etc., are you still captain one-word laconic replies with a non-smiling non-expressive face or do you talk and laugh and joke around? Were you a quiet one-word reply kid when you were in pre-school? If it’s the former, then ya you’re naturally a James Bond. If it’s the latter, which is MOST guys who hide behind labelling themselves laconic introverts, then you’re not ACTUALLY laconic, you’ve just demonstrated that you simply need to be comfortable in your environment to fully express yourself…when you’re around new people, strangers, in a club, etc. and you clam up that’s not you proving you’re laconic, that’s you being uncomfortable expressing yourself (usually from a lifetime of social conditioning telling you to NOT to express yourself) and letting the environment and potential social judgement/pressure stifle you.

      Around girls you should be exactly like you are around your close buddies and family, whether that looks like James Bond or Russell Brand or somewhere in-between.

      Here’s laconic low-energy game handling a crazy high-energy party girl set in Vegas:

      …wait wut?? YaReally, didn’t you just say the low-energy guy can’t get these high-energy clubbing girls?? No, I said it’s harder for the low-energy James Bond guys to get the opportunity to express themselves to the girl. In this video he’s able to carve himself out enough time for her to see him congruently express himself because he understands group dynamics and knows how to handle her friends interrupting and isn’t competing against loud music and other guys etc. So she gets to see his James Bond energy. In a high-energy nightclub he would mostly be invisible to girls because he’d be leaning against a bar sipping a drink brooding lol But if he pro-actively opened girls and could carve out a chance to keep their attention long enough, his game would work fine.

      If you want your choice of the hottest women, just be congruent, fully express yourself, and be pro-active, HOWEVER that looks….cause only women care about whether other people approve of them. :P

      Also here’s a good vid by James about openly and honestly juggling multiple relationships. Dude is full of solid wisdom, highly recommend all his vids in general to see the opposite side of the RSD high-energy stuff and to learn a lot about being comfortable being sexual and expressing sexual intent which is a prob a lot of guys have (cause of social conditioning shaming them for it):

BPD Women

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on March 6, 2015 at 12:10 am
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PUA is great for seducing, bedding and handling low-quality crazy BPD girls.

It’s also great for seducing, bedding and handling high-quality sane girls who AREN’T BPD.

But that second sentence is too uncomfortable for Blue Pill people to accept so they put their fingers in their ear after that first sentence and cling desperately to their delusion where PUAs are all going after the “can’t stand up or form sentences” wasted bar star slut with low self-esteem and daddy issues…they could never get a girl like my friend Janice or the girl Samantha that I have a crush on. Those girls would never fall for their manipulative tricks.

If I can knock out a revved up batshit crazy angry raging Mike Tyson, how deliberately obtuse would someone’s view of the world have to be to believe that I couldn’t also knock out a calm rational untrained teenager on the street, even EASIER?

The Female Ovulatory Sexual Preference Cycle Holds: A Study In Flawed Meta-Analyses

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Culum Struan
on March 4, 2015 at 6:40 am
Original Link

YaReally/Kant/Sentient/HABD/walawala and the gang – texting/next steps advice please. I’d really like to nail this girl – not so much one-itis as her being very hot and smart enough to not be bored talking to her.


HB8 24 year old blonde (I’m 35). Rich girl. Only child. Met online, met for drinks back in September. She’s smart, but reserved, but not shy if you get what I mean – introverted, but can be wild. Strong frame. One of those that reads deep literature and thinks existentialist thoughts and writes what she thinks is profound literature and smokes a lot while being cynical but doesn’t work.

My read on this girl is that she is hot and intelligent and a snob but jaded and a bit bored with life and with things coming too easily to her (both in terms of family background and downtown apartment funded by Mom and Dad who also give her living money and men sucking up to her etc) and it takes quite a bit to jolt her out of that.

If you guys remember Kristen Stewart’s quote when she cheated on James Pattinson a couple of years ago – something about how things just come so easily to her and she wanted to “feel” something which is why she cheated – that’s the kind of vibe I get from this girl.


She’s smart and witty though so the date was fun. Everything went smoothly though I never really felt I cracked her shell and got through to her completely (there were a few moments when I did and she got better over the course of the date esp when I passed shit tests).

At one point (part of my usual escalation ladder) I got in closer (after she was sitting comfortably with my arm round her) and said I liked her perfume and kissed her neck and cheek. She laughed and enjoyed it but wasn’t particularly turned on. I did it a few times more over the next 15 mins and she was like “Don’t get too touchy feely” and I was like “Why not? I want to” and she laughed and loved it.

Then she noticed that the bartender recognised me and was like “How many girls have you brought here?” I was like “I’ve lost count” with a smirk and she dropped it.

Then on a high point in a story I drew her face towards me with two fingers (gently) (which is my usual kiss close) to kiss her and she firmly said “No. Cheek only” and I smiled and kissed her cheek and held frame. Her body language didn’t change at all, she was still curled up into me with my arm round her etc and the vibe was fine so I figured I’d try again.

Shortly after that we went out for a smoking break and I had my arm round her (and no one could see us), so just as she finished the cigarette, I pulled her in by the arm saying “I want to kiss you now” and she came in willingly for a kiss (no tongues and I pulled away first).

I made fun of her quite a bit in the course of the date. Teased her a lot..she laughed a lot esp as the date developed. Solid EC throughout and saw her pupils dilate. We ended up making out a fair bit and at one point she told me about experimenting with being bisexual but didn’t enjoy it that much (plus trying drugs in college which she enjoyed but did not make a habit).

Oh and LOL – she asked me if I had heard of “Pick Up Artists” – she said because I was such a good storyteller, she thought I might be a PUA! I told her I’d read The Game and found it interesting but I didn’t believe in wearing funny hats or neon necklaces…

However, I never crossed the threshold into actually turning her on – I could tell. She was happy enough to make out (zero resistance after the first rejection – felt like a test for my persistence) but I didn’t do anything to spike sexual tension or talk much about sexual topics (I’ve come some way since then). It’s like YaReally says about hotter girls being like Bill Gates – he’d certainly be happy to find $100 on the street but he has so much money it’s not a big deal. That’s what it felt like.

The making out was a lot of fun – she is one of the hottest girls I’ve ever kissed and had come impeccably dressed up and made up – just holding that perfect body and kissing that face was a rush.


Anyway, I was travelling after that and did not see her for a few weeks (occasional texts). Then we made plans in October but she flaked the day before citing sickness (a relatively “good” flake with sufficient notice in advance and plausible reason). This was a date to “see a museum” (which is round the corner from my place where I was planning to isolate – in retrospect I should have probably just been more direct and got her to come round).

Then in late Nov, I wound up playing the questions game with her on text and sexualised rapidly (she’s very good at text banter) and she finally perked up and sounded engaged for like the first time (as if she was so jaded but this finally caught her interest) on text when I started talking about spanking and bondage. I didn’t get too explicitly filthy in terms of storytelling (again, I’ve come a ways since then) but it got pretty explicit and the last thing she asked me was whether I enjoyed extreme, extreme dirty talk and abuse during sex which I said I did (no details). Before that she was telling me how she loved being choked in bed etc.

Fast forward a couple weeks (to mid Dec) and me sending her a text saying something like “you in town?” but she ignored.

I gave it a month (to mid Jan) and pinged her as if nothing happened – something about how I’d been to a hipster literary festival and she’d have been in heaven. She ignored again.

I gave it another month (so mid-Feb) and tried a hail mary pass random text in mid-Feb (“Bored. Entertain me.”). Ignored third time.

On Monday early evening (2 March) she texts two weeks after my last text: “Hello, I’m back in [her hometown] for a bit. That’s why I have not replied to the last message (to the one before I didn’t because I didn’t feel like..ha). So how is my favourite [my job] womanizer?”

I only read it the next day and have ignored since then. I am not even back in town for a couple weeks myself so planning to ignore it (she knows I’ve read it on WhatsApp) for a few days at least before replying.

Thoughts? How long should I wait and what should I text?

My goal is to get her directly round to my place when I’m back in town in a couple weeks (assuming she is also back in town which is uncertain).

  • YaReally
    on March 4, 2015 at 6:11 pm
    Original Link

    Too much Pull, not enough Push. She knows she’s higher value to you than you are to her.

    i would send “Married now. You’re too slow.” and disqualify her (Push). She’ll either:

    1) say ya right in which case I’ll exaggerate my story and self-amuse until she’s in a good state and then I’ll say my wife is boring in bed and doesn’t like being choked or called my filthy little slut and tell her I’m thinking of cheating on my wife because she’s gotten fat.

    2) or she’ll go lol oh too bad or just lol or congrats pretending to believe it and stop txting knowing I’m lying but waiting to see if I follow it up and break my frame and chase her because she knows she’s high value and you’ve taught her you’ll chase her. I’ll stop txting her until she texts me because our schedules probably aren’t going to align for being in the same town at the same time anyway (she’s there for a short time and you’re gone for a few weeks) or at least it won’t be possible to meet up till I’m back in town in a few weeks so I can play txt chicken with her for a couple weeks to see if she cracks first.

    I wouldn’t mention I’m out of town too. Just game her and build attraction etc until she’s the one asking “so when are we hanging out?” and THEN tell her I’m not in town. Otherwise she has no reason to engage me and get herself hooked on wanting to meet me.

  • Sentient
    on March 4, 2015 at 10:00 pm
    Original Link

    @culum strain

    I have no text game so nothing to add there. On your overall description it reads you are well into her frame and pursuing and not qualifying her enough and establishing your value and frame. The signs point to establishing strong dominance, are you able to ramp things up to do it?

    You might benefit from “you’re just a silly little girl” game and amping up your dominant frame…

    “Are you a pick up artist?” you deflect she is projecting… You should be strong here and give her what she wants, the fantasy. Same with the kiss pull back a tease her about being a tease and scared of you. I think this screams more not less. But from your frame, your world.

    • YaReally
      on March 5, 2015 at 12:38 am
      Original Link

      Got a reply in mod

      Jist is I would playfully send “Married now. You’re too slow.” and disqualify her and make her work for it.

The Wickedest Links

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Mean Mr. Mustard
on March 2, 2015 at 11:16 pm
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“13. Women don’t care about your job. What women care about is an emotional connection. (Score another one for game.)”

All things being equal, women DO care about your job, particularly how much your job enables you to earn and provide for them.

What they don’t care about is you talking about your job when you should be talking about them or creating an “emotional connection”.

It sound like another bullshit survey with bullshit responses.

  • YaReally
    on March 3, 2015 at 4:50 am
    Original Link

    “All things being equal, women DO care about your job, particularly how much your job enables you to earn and provide for them.”

    This can be circumvented by disqualifying yourself as a potential Provider so they classify you as only a Lover and disregard your ability to earn and provide for them.

    I have fuckbuddies from years back that I’m still in touch with who still have no idea what I do for work lol If I get cornered into job talk, I just make up a fake vague boring sounding job and change conversation threads ASAP.