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White Women Are Getting Fatter Too

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on January 31, 2015 at 1:21 pm
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Haven’t been to NYC much but I assume people there would be in decent shape because of all the walking you have to do. From what I remember catching the subway involved walking up/down multiple flights of stairs and down long runways and standing on the subway and walking up/down more flights of stairs to change trains and then walking down long city blocks to get to wherever you’re going.

VS sitting in your apartment, taking an elevator downstairs to then sit in your car, to then park close to your office door and take an elevator up to your desk to sit all day.

I remember a lot of readily available freshly made wraps and subs and sandwiches (the healthy type shit) like you can just pop in and grab a healthy wrap for your walk. I was really impressed by the whole setup and wish more cities forced people to exercise like that and had available food etc.

Like I’d way rather get a healthy wrap or something after the bar but all that’s open/convenient is greasy unhealthy shit. Would also prefer girls had that option to get something healthy after the bar instead of the abundance of greasy pizza and hot dogs etc. so they don’t build such bad “drinking = greasy food after” wiring in their brains all thru their 20s.

I wonder how a wrap stand would do outside a bar at last call, like the hot dog stands but they make chicken & lettuce wraps and only have fat free dressing and just squirt minimal amounts of it instead of slobbering ranch all over neutralizing rhe healthy aspects of it lol this probably exists I don’t know I don’t pay a lot of attention I eat at a relatively healthy place or cook my own food now that I’m trying to get my health handled.

  • l82dagame
    on January 31, 2015 at 3:58 pm
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    Dude, low fat “diet” stuff is a scam. Fretting over calories and fat raises cortisol which packs on subcutaneous fat. Look at France, or Russia. Fat and protein galore, and skinny chicks abound.

    • YaReally
      on January 31, 2015 at 6:47 pm
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      All documentaries should be based around hot models with accents testing shit out even if I have no idea what she’s saying:

      would destroy/10

      I watch my calories, make sure I get my protein (lolol #homo), and eat mostly raw foods I cook myself along with a one-a-day vitamin and drinking primarily plain water. Can’t be bothered to separate egg yolks and weigh shit or care about organic grown “oh no the chicken ate grass instead of hay” concern or learn about macros lol I grew up with INSANELY shitty eating habits and no cooking skills so passing up instantly-ready greasy pizza for cooking a chicken breast some veggies and scoop of rice is a victory lol I was taking in like 4000+/cals daily thru my teens and early adulthood.

      I’m also poor right now so eggs, chicken/fish in bulk, rice, frozen veggies etc. and not having to buy bigger clothes are all good on my budget lol

      Not looking to get a 6-pack or measure my biceps or anything, just generally build healthy habits as I go through my 30s. Same attitude with exercise, don’t care how my body looks and definitely not making maximum progress by any means, just trying to keep it generally healthy so it all becomes routine into my 40s 50s etc. Got to stay physically active enough to bone hot young chicks proper lol Solid #-close last night of an innocent good-girl 22yo that should be a done deal day2 lay and an overly-sarcastic-shit-testy 24yo that I doubt I’ll convert to a lay and am just txting for practice holding my frame and self-amusing.

    • YaReally
      on February 1, 2015 at 2:24 pm
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      “But “just eat less” sounds down-to-earth and simple, and that’s why people like it. People are always looking for the One Wise Truth that seems to clear the table with a firm sweep of the arm, so they don’t have to learn anything complicated.”

      At 1:19:45:

      Same thing with pickup too. People want bite size knowledge, no one wants to invest a lot of time into shit. In the old PUA days we knew this stuff was a years/lifetime long journey to get better, not an overnight fix.

      But does “take our bootcamp and if you leave the bootcamp and then apply everything you learned multiple nights a week putting yourself through the rollercoaster of ups and downs of learning pickup as you slowly become less and less awkward in-between embarrassing yourself and going home kicking yourself, 2 years from now you’ll get laid!” sell bootcamps or products? Fuck no lol But if you can get them on the bootcamp and then explain to them that it’s a lot of work, and explain that in your free videos etc., eventually the dude is going to figure out “hey this might actually take some work”.

on January 31, 2015 at 1:58 pm
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The problem is parenting. I see Michelle Obama has a school lunch program to restrict eating. You know parenting has failed when a grossly incompetent program decides to try to do the job parents couldn’t. Obesity runs in families, it starts young. Of course, you won’t get any result from the government when you have people in charge who think both that there are too many fat people and that all women are beautiful as they are whether obese or not. Parents have been stripped of the ability to discipline children for fear of causing damage, an anti authoritarian idea from the 60s. Maybe newer parents will be different, but this generation is ruined. Ironically, the fear of damaging a child by being an authority to it has led to the psychological trauma that comes from children growing up fat. If you really want to fix it, you should shame parents too.

  • Stinky Pinky
    on February 1, 2015 at 8:36 am
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    It takes a village to raise a child – and nowadays it takes two incomes to live in a village – so until American couples revert to traditional roles – and someone foregoes working to mind home and hearth – the trade of health for wealth will continue.

    • YaReally
      on February 1, 2015 at 4:25 pm
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      “I suppose being fat is more of a lower income person’s problem.”

      I call BS on this. I’ve been poor as fuck for a few years now and I’m eating healthier than I ever have and am always as full as I want to be. Buying eggs, chicken breast, fish, rice, etc. in bulk is cheap as fuck. I did the math when I started shopping this way and I’m really only paying a couple bucks per meal, for filling healthy low-calorie meals. For the same price as a couple bags of potato chips I can get enough chicken for a week of meals or like a dozen eggs and a loaf of bread.

      I always bought into the whole “it’s expensive to eat healthy” thing but then I got into it and it’s really a lot cheaper. I’m not even using coupons or shopping at super discounted places, just a standard grocery store (tho I pay attention for when shit is on sale).

      “My point: Neither parent is home to make food like this – and too tired to bother. Parents each pass a dozen drive thru’s on the commute home – so convenience becomes the default – and with that comes the calories.”

      This is what it comes down to in my opinion. That’s the part that “costs” now that I shop/cook this way, is I’m spending shitloads of time cooking and cleaning frying pans and shit when before I would just pop into a fast food place, grab something made instantly or pre-made and toss the wrapper in the garbage after nice and quick. Also the meals are routine/repetitive lol but I use different spices and sauces to change the taste up. Even adding a bit more variety to what I’m doing now to keep kids from getting bored wouldn’t cost that much though. Nowhere near what getting oversized greasy fast food daily costs.

      But there’s a combination of nobody at home to invest the time in cooking like the old days where a grandma or mother would basically spend the day preparing meals and planning them out for the week so everyone is eating healthy, and girls these days not knowing how to cook because they’re eating garbage fast food and no one teaches them to cook. If I got married back in the day I got someone to make sure my kids were eating proper while I busted my ass at work…but now?

      My buddy is looking to settle down with his GF and start a family and she doesn’t cook and doesn’t want to be a housewife and is pursuing her career hardcore, and so is he. I’m like dude, sit down and think about this: who’s going to feed your kids? Are you going to work 80 hours a week to succeed at your career and then come home and cook a day’s worth of meals for them all? Are you going to make enough money to hire a personal chef to cook for them? Those kids are gonna need 3 healthy meals and a few healthy snacks per day or they’re going to just become obese fatties. Your girl has no cooking skills and yours are minimal at best. What’s going to happen is you’re going to give your kids money to buy their own food at school from junk food vending machines and greasy cafeteria garbage, you’re going to stock your pantry with instant garbage food like potato chips, and then you or your chick are going to grab some takeout on the way home and poison your kids through the entire first half of their life, and then be shocked when, as adults, they have no concept of healthy eating and are 100lbs overweight.

      A woman who enthusiastically enjoys cooking for others (they exist, I swear, I’ve met a few lol) is literally the top of my list (under “sexy as fuck”) for what I’d require to even REMOTELY consider settling down. ’cause if I do have kids someday, they’re not going to be scarfing down potato chips while they sit in front of an XBox 24/7.

      But like I say, women will figure this out within a couple generations when girls are babysat by their crazy cat lady auntie feminists who will die alone and bitter, and a few smart young hotties will realize learning to cook instead of learning to be an HR manager will land them a high-value man and from there it’ll spread like wildfire and we’ll end up back in traditional gender roles but under the guise of “this is my feminist choice to stay at home!” Like they’ll start promoting it as more feminist to want to nurture your family and shit lol it’ll be hilarious for those of us who remember the current situation.

    • YaReally
      on February 2, 2015 at 4:43 pm
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      @Stinky Pinky
      “Eating well costs less money – but you have to put in the time to work those pots and pans – and that’s where I see most people falling down. They’re money rich – and time poor. ”

      The sad part is they often AREN’T even time poor. They’re just wasting that time on YouTube and internet forums (like I am right now lol) and watching reality TV and movies on their 70″ TVs and shit. Can’t cook a healthy meal or I’ll miss watching a reality show where people are cooking!!! It’s retarded lol

      Same thing with exercise. I still make excuses to not do it but I KNOW I have a half hour every day to do SOME kind of exercise, I’m bullshitting myself when I tell myself I don’t have time for it.

      Same thing with sarging. ;)

      “I too want to believe that it’s coming full circle – with what’s tried and true and traditional returning in a shiney “new and improved” wrapper.”

      I’m just going by what I see in-field. I was worried about hitting 30 and doing pickup because in the 80s and 90s it was uncool to be an older guy at the bar. Old guys were all Danny Tanner, you’re supposed to dye your hair to cover up the grey etc. But then something happened in the mid/late 2000s and suddenly being an old dude is cool. I think it’s just that older guys started taking care of themselves more, dressing better, and becoming more like Clooney than Danny Tanner. Plus the culture became more beta chodey and older men are thought to be more alpha, etc. etc.

      I don’t really know what all caused it (though I bet I could break it down if I spent some time writing), all I know is that at 30+ I am getting retardedly good reception from the 20-25yo crowd that I completely didn’t expect back when I was 25 running game and worrying about turning 30. Like it’s almost easier to get those girls at 30+ than it was at 25.

      But I’m not going to marry a girl, and neither are a lot of guys who’ve seen their buddies’ wives get fat or not cook or divorce rape them etc. So naturally down the road women will start bringing more to the table again and being a housewife who loves exercise is going to be promoted by Jezebel as a proud feminist goal and the best way to land a man lol Maybe when all the Lindy Wests keel over from their fat-induced health problems.

      “Food in France is very rich, yet they have a low obesity rate, particularly for western Europe.”

      Guessing that’s a portion size thing. Portions over here are fucking retarded and we tend to want to clean off our plate.

      Like NO ONE needs to consume this lol:

      Plus quality/health of the food in general. Classic example being pizza in Italy VS the American mutated version of pizza. Or traditional Chinese food and portion sizes VS what you get at the mall food court.

on January 31, 2015 at 6:50 pm
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OK, I never thought I’d ask YaReally a Game question, different worlds and all. But I’m curious of your perspective here: how do you avoid scarcity mentality, given that even if you are ahead of the male pack, you are still dealing with obesity-scoured sexually market?

  • Sentient
    on February 1, 2015 at 5:26 am
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    I find hot girls are competitive with each other and fat girls cannot handle being around too many hot girls unless it’s forced socialization like a school or sorority. After this they may have a few hot friends but not many, the 23 and older hot girls often have few friends at all because the uglier girls are so judgemental and give them so much passive aggressive shit . So if they have friends its often just a couple of other hot girls. Now as a group they aren’t competition as much with each other and realize the benefit of mutually hanging out going out etc. They have a little clique going. These cliques will hit the highest value places in General so upscale lounges hot restaurants and nice clubs at different Times of the night, in expensive parts of the city. So it’s not unicorn hunting on average these venues will have a higher number of hot girls.

    • YaReally
      on February 1, 2015 at 1:35 pm
      Original Link

      “These cliques will hit the highest value places in General so upscale lounges hot restaurants and nice clubs at different Times of the night, in expensive parts of the city.”

      yup. Like I’ve said before, starting at 5 min into this video:

      Shortened version, Tyler’s actual video is much better: “First of all I have to deal with even getting IN the club when I’m living in a major city. This is Los Angeles. I never see most of YOU in the clubs I go to…because most of YOU can’t get in. Most of YOU guys go to “General Audience” clubs, don’t you. And you wonder why, in a city like LA, there’s not a lot of hot women. That’s ’cause all the hot women are where *I* am. You guys don’t GO to the good clubs. And you want to know WHY you guys don’t go to the GOOD clubs? ’cause you can’t deal with the bullshit. It’s too hard for you. Because to get into the good clubs in LA, here are your choices: You either pay $700-$2000 for a bottle. Anyone here looking to do that? I’m not I go out 7 nights a week. Or you’re VERY good looking. And you have a group of highly attractive women that will roll into the venue WITH you that will get you in, and even THEN the bouncer will make you sit out there waiting like a dog, like you’re a piece of dirt for wanting to come to their venue.” – Tyler in the video above

      Plenty of hot girls, if you know where to look. They’re not at your local shit-hole meat-market dive-bar lol These are the girls that hot girls don’t tell they’re going out when they go to the good clubs because the bouncers won’t let them in because they brought ugly friends.

      If you don’t WANT to deal with all that (and by “deal” with that I mean “basically be a social cool guy to everyone and give people value and network”) because you have this bitter angsty “fuck all these shallow people wahh wahh”, then enjoy your fatties at your local dive bar lol

      “wahh wahh I live in Podunk Nowhere and there’s just fatties at the local bar I like going to cause it doesn’t charge cover and there’s no dress code.”

      Move…or STFU lol

  • YaReally
    on February 1, 2015 at 12:23 pm
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    Long one lol:

    “how do you avoid scarcity mentality, given that even if you are ahead of the male pack, you are still dealing with obesity-scoured sexually market?”

    Because when the average guy walks into a room of 50 girls and 45 of them are fat and 5 of them are hot, they’re going to end up with one of those 50 girls. When I walk into the same room, I’m going to end up with one of the 5 hot ones. The other 45 fat ones are either irrelevant to me or are pawns I’ll use to get one of the 5 hot ones (unless I get super fucking wasted lol).

    This is where oldschool PUA game comes into play. A lot of the Manosphere and Red Pill is focused on “build your value and then the hot girls will just magically notice you or if you approach them they’ll be more receptive to you”…but that’s basically looking at game as a 1-on-1 tool and playing a numbers game.

    Oldschool PUA (specifically Mystery Method’s group theory, but check out Gambler’s Stealth Attraction stuff as well for some newer tactics) was about using everything around you to build your value (or the illusion of it) to the girl.

    So Joe Red Pill Manosphere finishes his workout at the gym and is feeling the pump in his muscles and he just worked an 80 hour work week to make money for his new suit with matching pocket square he’s wearing out to the club tonight and he rolls in and finds the hottest girl and strides up to her, confident as balls and says “hey, you’re adorable I had to come say hi” and he crosses his fingers that he’s built his value enough outside of the club that she’s going to notice it radiating from him and be into him. And if she isn’t then he hits the gym a few extra hours a week and saves up for an even nicer suit, maybe a new car, then he approaches another girl the same way and hopes his value is radiating enough. Or he sits back and hopes those girls will approach HIM.

    And that can work, it’s just inconsistent and a HUGE overall time investment for wildly unpredictable results. And a lot of other guys are trying that method too, so you send that guy into a room of 45 uggos and 5 hotties and who knows what he’s walking out of there with, pay attention at 2am and you’ll notice a lot of those guys end up taking home the average/ugly chicks because those chicks were aggressive and the guy is bummed the hot girls didn’t notice him and needs his ego boosted with some easy validation and hopefully no one will find out or he’ll play it off like “I just did it for laughs lolololz”c

    Joe PUA goes to the club and he’s the first one there (to avoid paying cover lol), chatting up the bartenders and bouncers, just shooting the shit and building some rapport with them as people start to arrive. He chats with some friendly uggos as the place fills up and by the time the club has a decent crowd he’s met a few groups of people who all think he’s cool and uggo chicks who want to bone him. When the night is still starting out and all the guys are too chickenshit to approach as they down their liquid courage, Joe PUA pulls out an old PUA move (credit to BradP I believe) and goes up to one of the 5 hottest girls in the bar, that everyone has on their radar, and disqualifies himself to her with some indirect shit like “hey I’m buying my GF a gift and bla bla” etc.

    Because he’s going indirect and disqualifying himself immediately she can’t really reject him and because he’s funny and his situation is interesting they get into a nice little convo where the rest of the bar, including the other 4 hot girls, are all watching him, everyone wondering when she’s going to shoot him down or how he’s going to do (no one would care if he’s approaching a 7 at 1am, but walking up to one of the hottest girls/tables in the room at 10pm is a note-worthy event to people). As he’s talking to her he pulls out his phone and txts his “girlfriend” something related to their conversation then shows the girl the screen to see “what do you think of this txt before I send it?” He thanks her and puts his phone away and walks away.

    What actually happened? Nothing. Friend zone shit at best, that girl will probably be friendly to him if he talks to her again but he’s not fucking her. But what did everyone else see? From their perspective this guy just walked up to one of the hottest girls in the bar and got her phone number because he went through the same motions you do when you open, chat, pull out your phone, have her confirm the name/number, and put it away. Now the other 4 hot girls have this guy on their radar and he has some automatic respect from guys in the room who all wish they were able to do that. As he walks past another of the hot girls he opens one of the sets of uggos beside her that he befriended earlier in the night and they love him and giggle away and he catches the hot girl’s eye and then walks away instead of hitting on her.

    He goes outside and on his way out tells the bouncers he’s going to buy smokes or whatever and will be back in like 10 min and makes sure they recognize his face and shake their hand. He goes around the corner to another bar and does some cold approaching, maybe grabs a quick #, then heads back to the club 15 min later when there’s a nice big line-up outside. He walks past the lineup making eyes with the girls in it, specifically the one hot girl, maybe he does something as he passes her like drops his keys and picks them up so that she has to notice him, and then he just walks up to the bouncers, shakes their hand, and walks in.

    What did that 1 hot girl in that lineup of uggos see? This guy is some VIP dude who just skips the line and walks into this club she’s been waiting in line to get into, she’s going to remember that when she sees him inside later. Credit to Gambler for this one.

    Back inside the club he notices one of the other hot girls is at the bar lined up to get a drink from the bartender he chatted up and charmed at the start of the night so he goes up beside her and the bartender passes her up for him, or at least passes some other guys up for him. Maybe he even remembers his drink. Now that one is wondering who he is. (my buddies and I used to get let in dressed in plain clothes in front of groups of dolled up hotties trying to flirt their way in, the looks on their faces were fucking hilarious, you better bet they remembered us when we saw them inside later and said “hey, you finally made it” lol)

    None of this has really cost the PUA any money. It’s just social strategy and understanding people’s perceptions, but using stuff like this he’s going to end up on the radar of the hot girls in the room because they’re looking for the highest-value guys in the room. That pocket-square guy looks good but he’s been sitting in a corner for a while or leaning against the bar not talking to anyone but his one buddy for a while, etc.

    So those girls are going to start doing pAImAI putting themselves in the PUAs path trying to get his attention hoping he’ll open them, and when he does finally bring them into his conversation with some uggos or just straight-up approach her, the approach is warm as fuck because as far as those hot girls are concerned this is some guy who knows the staff, has lots of friends, skips the lineup, got a number from one of the other hottest girls, etc. I’ve been asked if I’m the owner of the club a few times.

    Meanwhile the dude is actually some guy who’s just read some PUA shit and applied it lol He didn’t spend 80 hours of his week in an office or 2 hours a day in the gym, he might not even be all that great looking and, in fact, that could even help create more mystery about who he is if he DOESN’T look the part of a high-status guy but he seems to be treated like one. Everyone subconsciously knows the highest value guy in a high-end club with a strict dress code is usually the dude in sneakers and a t-shirt because the fact that he’s even IN there looking like that shows that he’s above the rules normal people are subjected to.

    And he can duplicate this stuff anywhere at any time because he understands the social dynamics behind what’s going on. So he’s sitting in an airport and ya, he could just sit right beside the hot girl and chat her up directly and roll the dice. Or he could be aware of her and DHV in front of her a bit, ask the ticket clerk chick a question and get her giggling, then sit near the hot girl and make the old lady beside him lol, maybe chat up a friendly old dude, and then bring the hot girl into his conversation and smoothly transition to her. Now she’s seen him DHV a ton before he even acknowledges her. She also feels more like she’s selected/chosen him than him choosing her so it feels more natural like she earned him or won his attention rather than he’s on the hunt and just picked her because she’s hot.

    That’s not even getting into stuff like using the uggos as pivots to get the hot girls’ attention and create jealousy plotlines, or longer gambits like chatting girls in the line till it gets close to the door then instead of going in go to the back of the line and line up again behind some more girls and chat them up, and do that for an hour so that when he finally enters the club he’s got like 6 groups of girls who all know him from the lineup that he can say hi to, making other girls wonder “who is this guy who knows all these girls??”

    I mean, if you line up for the bar, do you just go line up as soon as you get near the bar? Or do you wait nearby for a few minutes until a set of cute girls lines up and then line up right behind them so you can chat them up? If you’re doing the former instead of the latter then you’re stupid and missing opportunities that could improve your results lol Or your goal is to get in the bar not get laid. If you just want to get drunk and listen to music, do that at home for free. If you go out, go out with intent and play it smart.

    And those are just a handful of things off the top of my head that you can do any given night out, even a solo night in a new city where you’ve never been to that club before and don’t know anyone.

    There are longer-term strategies like actually befriending the staff of a place so you can always skip the line for real and then going out to the line and picking some hot girls and bringing them in with you under the guise of being your friends/girlfriend/girlfriend’s friends/etc. Or chatting up important people in value-giving ways where like the guy with bottle service invites you to join his group because you threw some girls at him and now you’re drinking for free with the “important” people. I used to go to the club early when it was empty and chat with the bartender and get her to let me sit in the comfortable VIP booths since there’s no one here yet and don’t worry I’ll move soon as people start coming in and I would just sit there with my drink as people arrived and for the first half hour to any girls who walk in it looks like I had a VIP booth and just got there before my friends lol Befriending the high energy flirty shooter girls so they regularly run up to you and hug you to say hi, but purposely making sure that they see you at the EXACT moment you “HAPPEN” to be beside a couple of the 5 hot girls in the room so that they see her run over and shove her tits at you hanging off you asking how you’ve been.

    And then there’s all of Mystery’s mixed set group theory stuff, where maybe those 5 hot girls are already with guys, but by understanding group theory you know how to work your way into the set and demonstrate just slightly higher value than the guys in her group to get the girls curious or engaged enough to chase you so it doesn’t really matter that they’re with guys and, often, those guys just make you look cooler when you befriend them because you’re the shiny new toy in the group to the girls.

    There’s so much more than just the one on one pickup stuff that most people focus on. But everyone laughs at Mystery and his fuzzy hat and is all gung-ho on talking shit about how PUAs are too pussy-obsessed and you should just hit the gym more bro etc.

    Even RSD etc. don’t really focus on this stuff as much now because I think they figured out that people just don’t want to learn it. It’s too much. No one wants to read/watch Mystery Method or go practice it, they want bite-size 10 minute feel-good instant cures. And those are the things that are popular in the Red Pill and Manosphere because they’re easy to digest and fast to implement. They don’t require a lot of study or hours and hours in-field to grasp the nuances and learn to make this stuff second-hand nature.

    And that’s a shame because PUA really was an art form in the old days. Sure it was a lot to digest, but if half the shit I just described made anyone reading go “woah, I never thought of that”, it’s because no one is studying the oldschool stuff anymore. Everything I just wrote about is documented here and there or easy to come up with when you understand the overall concepts/mechanics of DHV’ing.

    So to answer your question:

    As a PUA I have a ton of little tricks like the above that, when done properly, stack the odds in my favor dramatically and mean the 5 hot girls in that obesity-scoured club are going to be curious about me and warm to my approach. A normal guy has to worry about the 45 other fatties because he’s rolling the dice playing the numbers game…but those fatties are irrelevant to a good PUA.

    So why would a bunch of fatties bother me? I’M not the one who has to fuck them lol

    • YaReally
      on February 1, 2015 at 2:34 pm
      Original Link

      “Meh, I just brute force my way past all that tactical BS.”

      Lemme fix that for you: “Meh, I just brute force my way past all that tactical BS by investing a good chunk of my time earlier in life learning to develop a high-value skillset (dancing) that I can now DHV just like YaReally explained by using that skill I invested time in to demonstrate my value and get the attention of the hot girls just like YaReally explained so that when I approach them they’re already warm to me like YaReally just explained.”

      Your post is basically saying “I don’t bother with that “driving” BS…I just get in a box with wheels on it and press a pedal down with my foot and turn a circle to aim the box until I’m at my location.”

      Like ya, good on you, you’re doing it right. I fully support your method. This is just another way of doing what you’re doing without having to dance lol If a guy has a way of DHV’ing huge like teaching girls how to dance or playing in a band in the venue etc., great, use that shit. But if your way of DVH’ing huge is “looking handsome and having a suit”, well, there are a dozen other guys standing beside you on death row leaning against the bar using that exact same tactic so you’re not really standing out to the top girls in the room is all. And when that room is 45 uggos and 5 hotties, it’s time to step up your DHV’ing so you’re not having to go home with an uggo.

    • YaReally
      on February 2, 2015 at 4:07 pm
      Original Link

      “What does suck though is the current community trend of ‘screening’, putting in large numbers and nexting any girls who aren’t ‘green’ and don’t play along immediately. This is misguided because even though you can’t win them all, a lot of the time it really is your fault that you fucked up and didn’t get the girl. We should be working on our skills so that when we do meet an exceptional girl that we have a very high chance at getting her. Not just next!, but how did I fuck up and how can I do better in the future?”

      Agree with all of this. There’s a reason Mystery’s goal in the old days was “5 for 5″. Because using Mystery Method and the old tech, 5 for 5 was actually an attainable goal. We weren’t just going for whichever random girl will take us, we were picking the girls we wanted and when we got in set going “ok this girl gives NO fucks about me…now how can I change that and get her to chase me?”

      I can’t even count the number of times girls were surprised we hooked up because I’m not normally their type (they’ll flat out tell me that lol). Like they don’t even really understand what happened because objectively looking at me they’ve never been attracted to guys like me. So a lot of guys gaming now would get a cold initial reception from her and just “Next” her (can’t Next a girl you haven’t fucked, if she isn’t into you that’s her Next’ing YOU).

      But with oldschool game I’m flipping all the right switches with my game that “her type” normally flips and they end up sleeping with me and then being like “I don’t get it, I shouldn’t be into this guy”.

      It was a lot more like puzzle solving VS the shotgun numbers game guys are running now. That’s a big part of why I don’t flinch when girls are initially unreceptive to me…in my mind it doesn’t matter, because I’ll win them over. In practice I might NOT, but I’ll stand a pretty damn good chance of it.

      Now does that mean these girls are going to be good for long term investment? Not necessarily, because probably the ones that will be good LTRs are the ones that you instantly have chemistry with, not the ones you have to puzzle solve to get. But 1) who cares lol I want fuckbuddies not an LTR, 2) if I decide I DO want an LTR then I just pick from the girls I have instant chemistry with, and 3) my game is sharpened by trying to solve all these puzzles to figure out how to turn things around instead of just writing the girl of as a “stupid cunt…NEXT!!!” to preserve my ego.

      There’s also the Pleasure of Sex VS Thrill of the Hunt thing. A PoS guy will find all of this a waste of time…he’s happy going home with a convenient 6. A TotH guy would rather work the 9 and fuck up at the last step and go home solo than take home a convenient 6. I’m a TotH guy, so the puzzle solving aspect of this appeals to me more than it would to a PoS guy.

      Whatever makes a guy happy is cool, but personally I think it’s a shame that the art-form as a whole isn’t really being practiced. It’s like watching painters only use one color out of the box of paints…they can still make nice art, but there’s a lot of potential that they’re never going to tap into.

      There is a VERY different feeling between picking up a girl who’s immediately into you and does half the work for you and you spam-approached 10 girls to find one that chose you and she looks good enough to bang, and picking a very specific girl that specifically appeals to you and blowing through any resistance she gives to land that specific target you chose.

      Some guys don’t care, esp the PoS guys, but that’s cool. Long as they’re getting the results they want I’m happy for them lol

      “Mastering DHVing and group dynamics at a nightclub is such a specialized skill set it’s sort of like wanting to get in shape and taking up hardcore bodybuilding to do it–it’s totally overkill, really fucking hard and outside the realm of possibility for the 99% of guys who lack the time capability or inclination to be up at 3am at crowded nightclubs every weekend competing with other men at Olympics level socializing.”

      Ya, it’s why I just dump a ton of information for free. I know nobody who read the post I just wrote is actually going to go re-line up in a bar line-up over and over again for an hour to fill the club with girls who recognize them when they walk in just to see what happens the way I used to. I’m not worried that next time I hit the bar every guy who walks in is going to know half the girls in the bar from running that lineup trick and there’ll be no girls left for me lol

      People think I’m some pussy/game-obsessed freak but it’s just a hobby I’m into the same way a bodybuilder watches his macros and knows obscure shit about bodybuilding that the average person doesn’t care about, or a music buff knows all the obscure indie bands and the names of drummers and shit. My hobby just comes with the bonus of directly leading to getting pussy lol

      This shit isn’t hard…it just takes carving out a chunk of time to practice it and getting out in-field. Most of this is all auto-pilot for me at this stage. It sounds intricate when I write it out but it’s just an instant thought to me in-field because I go out regularly (well, not this winter lol).

    • YaReally
      on February 2, 2015 at 4:17 pm
      Original Link

      @Hook or crook
      “The “get in line/circle back and get in line again” thing blew my mind, and everything here is gold. I read it all twice. Major thanks.”

      lol glad it helped. Here’s some more:

      Think outside the box. A lot of rules and rituals in society actually prevent you from meeting women and force you to isolate yourself. You’re supposed to get a car, right? That’s what society says. But who’s going to meet more women day to day? The guy isolated in his BMW or the guy riding the subway/bus surrounded by women? Sure it’s good to have a car for emergencies but the societal ritual of driving everywhere limits the number of women you’ll meet.

      You can use that same line-up tactic when you line up to get a beer. Again societal ritual says you line up and when you get to the bar you order your drink and go back to your table/friends. But why not line up beside a girl and chat her up and let her get her drink first, and when she walks away just back out of the line and re-line up elsewhere beside some other girl and do the same thing until you get enough rapport with one of them to order your drink together and escalate from there lol Total cost = 1 drink. You’re there to get laid not get wasted.

      Same thing with the coat check line. Do you really want your jacket? Are you in that much of a hurry to go home alone to porn? Why not line up at the end of the night at coat check behind some cute girls and chat them up and try to get enough rapport to extract them to your place, and if it’s not hooking step out of line an go line up at the back behind the next cute girls you see line up and try again…when you find a set that you can get to stick, THEN get your jacket with them and extract them with you.

      Anyone here doing any of this? Nope, didn’t think so lol

      When you go to the bar with your normal friends who aren’t poon hunting and you all sit at a table and you have a waitress bringing you beers…think about how many opportunities you’re missing out on to chat up girls by having one girl bring you your drinks instead of getting up and being mobile and walking through the bar crowd of girls to stand at the bar beside some girls and order your drink from the bartender and then pass back through the crowd of girls to return to your table.

      Opportunities are everywhere, you just gotta’ look for them. ;)

  • YaReally
    on February 1, 2015 at 12:24 pm
    Original Link

    Incoming. Guys wanting to learn some PUA strategy shit keep an eye on this spot for my post when it’s out of mod.

Asshole Game Week: The Relationship Reset

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on January 30, 2015 at 3:38 pm
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On another note, a girl is coming over this Saturday to spend the night, first time we’ll do the deed. She lives far away and I know she’s poor, so I bought her a train ticket online and sent her the code to use as a ticket when she steps aboard. You shouldn’t do a girl favors before you have slept with her, except when it is something you can obviously do for her. She’s coming to my place, so it’s something that I benefit from too, and I bought her the ticket so she can come over more times despite her empty wallet.

Anyway. She then sent me a message back saying, “”That is so nice of you to buy me a ticket, thanks! Can I have your address so I can have it in case it is needed.”

Wow. What a way to thank me. I assume she wants my address so she can find me online and check up on me, maybe find my income level. She asked for my last name before but we were in a loud room with other people by the table and we were interrupted. I have never had a girl ask for my personal info like that before, though. Wonder how I should reply to that. It annoys me that she would throw in her selfish concerns right after an act of unselfishness from my side. Yeah, yeah, women are selfish and all that, but this was a bit too abrupt for my taste.

So now I’m thinking of a response that is just enough to let her know what I think of that, but not enough to make her call off the weekend.

  • YaReally
    on January 31, 2015 at 12:38 pm
    Original Link

    You’re paranoid. She just wants your address incase her phone dies or you can’t find eachother or the train breaks down and she has to cab it or you end up being a serial killer and she needs her friends to know where to look for the corpse.

    Don’t give her your last name (why would you give them your real last name in the first place? If you give her one give her a fake one…she will definitely google your full name lol) and if you’re in an apartment building just give her the address of the building not your unit/buzzer number (don’t even tell her it’s an apartment building so she doesn’t expect those).

    It’s fine lol you could probably get her to come regardless but like, you’re reading way too much into this and refusing to give an address might make her flake because, well, that’s weird behavior.

    It’s why I say I don’t use Facebook, instead of saying I have Facebook but you can’t friend me on it. Because I know it’s weird behavior to NOT allow a girl to add me on her Facebook and looks like I’m hiding a wife and kids etc. so instead of dodging around it which is unusual behavior and suspicious, I just rule it out completely as an option and avoid that situ.

Asshole Game Week: In Pickup Games, Offense Wins Every Time

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Ayy Bola
on January 29, 2015 at 3:41 pm
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Why do women try to shake mens hands?

  • YaReally
    on January 30, 2015 at 8:30 am
    Original Link

    Props to the OP. Solid sarge.

    “Why do women try to shake mens hands?”

    To try to let them know they’re already down to fuck. This guy doesn’t need to waste $ and time on mini-golf followed by impressing her with wine lectures and taking her on a breathtaking walk. She’ll put out after one drink and an hour of chatting about sexual topics in a shithole pub beside his place.

    If he enjoys that stuff has has the $ for it, that’s cool, but he and guys reading should be aware (for the sake of streamlining your game efficiently and understanding where you can shave off corners) that he doesn’t actually NEED any of that based on the solid sarge he ran. She doesn’t need any convincing, just a little comfort and she’s ready to fuck.

    That stuff can also trigger The Ultimatum faster (“I care about you too much if we can’t be in a real relationship together then I can’t do this anymore”) because he’s already won her but now he’s giving her EXTRA lovey datey providery romantic feels on top of that.

    If he hadn’t said the penis surgery stuff and highly sexualized the situation (which was perfect, well done to him), so he had a normal non-sexually charged #-close AND did the mini-golf and wine and romantic walk thing, that would be running dangerously close to her running the “I want sex and would have put out the first night, but now this guy seems like he would be a good long-term catch so I’m going to hold off on sex so he doesn’t think I’m a slut” play.

    None of this discounts his sarge, it was rock solid and CH did a good analysis of the concepts the guy applied (if he had left out, say, disqualifying her, or not sexualing it, it wouldn’t have been as solid but he laced a bunch of principles over eachother like classic Mystery Method does).

    I’m just writing this for guys to think about. Always look at where you can streamline your game so that even if you choose NOT to (maybe you enjoy playing mini-golf, I like the occasional fun long day2 myself) you’re aware of your options and why those options are there and potential downsides to taking the less streamlined route.

    I was poor and cheap for a while (workin my way out of it now finally) so for a handful of years I had to look at my game and figure out “where is the EXACT moment that I don’t have to invest anymore time or money into this lay…do I really NEED to stay for 3 beers before we go back to my place or if I seed the extraction reason sooner can I pull this off in 2 beers? If I pick a shittier bar with sketchy people and just say lets get out of here I didn’t realize this place was so sketchy, can I pull it off in 1 beer or will I need to add one more move or line in there to build juuuust enough comfort for that to work?” etc lol

    Down the road when I’m back in $ I’ll probably do more Day2s, but it’ll be with a very complete understanding of the dynamics and my actual options. And I’ll probably save the mini-golf for potential mLTR/oLTRs VS FBs/ONS.

Asshole Game Week: Replacement Therapy

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on January 26, 2015 at 2:53 pm
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Might come as a surprise but I don’t even have any stories of my own for asshole week. I’ve seen a lot of guys do a lot of super fucked up shit over the years, but I generally treat my girls pretty good lol

hmm I guess some of my txts can seem assholish but like, that’s just txting, that’s no big deal compared to the stories people are gonna be sharing in this thread.

  • YaReally
    on January 26, 2015 at 2:54 pm
    Original Link

    (I’m a little bummed about it, I was all psyched to share some stories when I clicked the reply box and then I was like “…huh I can’t think of any” lol)

    • YaReally
      on January 26, 2015 at 4:47 pm
      Original Link

      Ya, it’s all relative probably. A lot of what I do now I would think was assholish when I was an AFC. And probably a lot of the stuff I think is fucked up would seem normal if I went down a particular road lol

      Like Captain Obvious wrote “Bringing them both in and trying for the threesome would move you out of mere ass-hole-ishness and well down the path towards outright sociopathy.” but when I read the part about trying for the threesome I was like “yes, of course you would do that. Wait he decided NOT to?? wtf is wrong with this guy.” lol It didn’t even cross my mind that that would be an asshole thing to do. To me that’s just all 3 of us getting to have a fun adventure.

      So who knows lol I think part of it is that I generally have good intent behind what I do. So I might do something that ends up being assholish, but that wasn’t my intention. VS some guys (especially Naturals and guys who were burned by girls and then found game and carry that little “I want revenge on these sluts” chip on the shoulder) who get off a bit on a little “haha look what I did to this bitch” excitement.

      I’d attribute it to not having any experience with women till I found game. I never had an LTR in college that cheated on me or got burned in a divorce or had girls reject me in high school (because I was too shy/awkward to even try to date them and I was too much of a recluse to go to parties etc.), so when I found game it was just like “yay, now I get to be around these beautiful creatures this is all fun fun fun”

      That history is also probably why I’m shallow and like my girls to dress up slutty for me and get done up doing their makeup and be kinky in bed and shit, ’cause all those years I wasn’t having normal healthy relationships with girls like other guys were, I was watching porn and learning to objectify women…but it turns out they LIKE being objectified so that’s worked out pretty well for me, suck it feminists. lol

  • anon
    on January 26, 2015 at 3:25 pm
    Original Link

    Yareally, Your posts are always so helpful and you are always positive even in the face of attacks. I need you as a personal mentor. I have been “this close” to banging several HB8s in the past year, but I usually eff it up by being too beta. I bet if I had an hour therapy session with you once a week for 2 months, I’d be slaying. I did okay (lucky game) in my 20s, have been with many true hotties when they were anywhere from 18 to 27, and now I have some handicaps (divorced with kids), but you would get me positive enough to overcome that.

    I was trying to find something you said a while back about how just removing anti-game is like 95% of the battle. Like just SILENCE in text game instead of saying something anti-game.

    I have tried and tried to “not play games” and show women that I can be “nice” but from a position of confidence, trying to lead them into just being cool without so many games, but I have finally concluded that you guys are right. There is no option for a man in today’s environment, if he wants a sex life, other than to learn and apply game. Hardcore too.

    Even when I’m dealing with a 32yo single mom. Hot, but she’s got a son by another man…she does NOT mark herself down for that. In her mind she’s still a 28 year old hottie. One simply MUST game her using near-asshole level game, or poof she’s gone.

    Yareally is right about everything. And your recent post explained it: you would not want a woman who does not shit test. Think about it. Any woman who is a 7 and above has been bombarded daily her entire adult life by beta chode creepers who disgust her. Any woman a man would want to have sex with (pretty enough) simply MUST shit test, for there are not enough hours in a day for her to sleep with every guy who hits on her.

    I’m going to try baby steps. For the next month, when interacting with women, I’m going to try at all times to keep just ONE of yareally’s lessons in mind: a shit test is a good thing. it shows interest. it is an OPPORTUNITY to show that I “get it” and pass the test. It’s cute.

    Just the other day I had a cool flirtation going from tinder. Had been totally cool, funny, she was flirty, then it got to:

    Her: [said something like complimenting my pics or something like that]
    Me: so are we gonna meet for coffee or what?
    Her: lol Convince me.

    (I ended up “unmatching” her, thinking “I’m the prize.” I was not all *that* into her, but she might have been cute enough.)

    I should have just say “nah” or “lol”, right? She WANTED me to pass that test. It was a softball!!!

    Instead, I got a bit of sadistic joy in thinking about her (a 7.5) on the other end getting unmatched–poof I’m gone. I’m sure that does not happen to her much. But that did me no good, if my only goal is to get laid. “I showed her” does not get me laid.

    That’s the last time I’m going to make that mistake.

    • YaReally
      on January 27, 2015 at 2:01 am
      Original Link

      I won’t be able to help you with shit. All the information you need is out there, you’ve probably even read it all, it’s just APPLYING it now and hours in-field. You said yourself that you’ve only just realized you can’t half-ass this shit and have to really apply it. All I can do is tell you to apply it, it’s up to you to actually stop when you get these tests and think “okay if I ignore my immediate butthurt emotional reaction, what’s the PROPER way to handle this, aligning with the rules of pickup I’ve read about?”

      It’s like I have a buddy who runs on his emotions. And I used to give him tons of advice, but every fucking time I’d get a txt from him the next day where he was basically like “bro I did the exact thing we agreed last night that I shouldn’t do, it just happened I was so pissed off I just did it, you know? How do I fix this situation?” So I stopped giving him advice lol because it’s up to him to learn to handle his shit and learn to not to be so reactive and stick to the plan.

      He makes excuses for it like “hey man I’m not an EMOTIONLESS ROBOT okay??” but that’s just bullshit code for “I don’t have any self-discipline” lol

      “I have tried and tried to “not play games” and show women that I can be “nice” but from a position of confidence, trying to lead them into just being cool without so many games, but I have finally concluded that you guys are right. There is no option for a man in today’s environment, if he wants a sex life, other than to learn and apply game. Hardcore too.”

      Yup. I would even say that in the past it was probably possible to just be a confident guy and land a decent chick. The world was different, the culture was different, technology (especially social media and txting and online dating) was different, etc.

      But this is 2015. I make fun of guys because I don’t see any guy as actual competition for me because I’m fully delusional that way, but the reality is objectively speaking the competition has gotten tougher. Guys are now hitting the gym and boxing/martial arts classes regularly en masse because UFC started the whole “being jacked is cool” craze. Guys are learning bits and pieces of game even through shitty articles in Maxim or reading /r/TheRedPill on reddit, if not full out studying legit pickup. Guys care more about their grooming and style than they did in like the 80s. And on top of all that, guys have WAY more access to hot girls. One dude can spam 1000 hot girls on online sites and Instagram and Facebook and shit in a night, he doesn’t even need to leave his house.

      And that’s just the guy’s side of things. On the flipside you have the women who, as discussed all over this blog, have validation pouring all over them day and night from all angles and have a warped assessment of their value because of it.

      So ya, you don’t HAVE to learn game, or use it “hardcore”, but if you don’t you are putting yourself at a serious disadvantage. And really the game is FUN, it should be FUN to go flirt with girls and flirt over txts. I have a fucking smile all over my face when I’m txting a girl and she tries to shit-test me, it’s cute and funny to me that she thinks she can scare me off. I have a buddy coming up this weekend to sarge and we’re both pumped to head out with a good wingman and tear shit up at the bars, it’s going to be awesome. Are we going to get laid? I don’t know, probably but who cares, it’s going to be fun chatting girls up regardless.

      “Yareally is right about everything.”

      shhh, you’ll make my haters weep.

      “Any woman a man would want to have sex with (pretty enough) simply MUST shit test, for there are not enough hours in a day for her to sleep with every guy who hits on her.”

      Yup. Hot girls have to shit-test, it’s their way of quickly figuring out if you’re worth investing time in. You blow off homeless ppl begging for change and ppl trying to lecture you about saving the earth or sponsoring an ethiopian child when you walk down the street, it’s the same shit, you have places to go and shit to do you can’t engage everyone who wants to engage you…you find the ppl who are worth your time.

      Most of these girls who guys run home butthurt crying about what bitches they were, are the sweetest girls in the fucking WORLD if you pass their shit-tests. And their shit-tests are designed for cool confident guys TO pass…those shit-tests are laughable to me, I don’t even view them as tests, they’re just play-fighting to me. Because I pass them effortlessly. To the butthurt newbie who’s all bitter about women and shit he calls them bitches and runs off (or deletes their number when they give him a minor shit-test, thinking they’re “I’m the prize, bitch can’t you see it?!”) because they expose him as still in “faking it” mode and it’s like having your halloween costume yanked off and the lights flipped on.

      But you just stick at it and keep going out and eventually “fake it” becomes “make it” and you don’t really even think about this stuff. Your default response to it is to not take it seriously, which is the type of guy her shit-tests are designed to screen for, a guy who doesn’t take her or himself seriously.

      “I’m going to try baby steps.”

      It’s allllllllll baby steps. Even now I’m adding and tweaking different little things in my game and I have to be like “okay, for the next few months I’m going to focus on making seductive eye-contact with every girl I talk to until it becomes the default for me” and consciously work on it so that a year from now I just do it without thinking.

      Like Tyler Durden says in Fight Club: “I say never be complete. I say stop being perfect.” Who cares if you aren’t your best yet? You’ll get there. The journey is fun. I meet guys all the time who get better results than me, but they’re usually lacking in other areas and I’m doing great considering how hardcase a newbie shut-in hermit I was growing up. My early 20s self would never be able to comprehend the adventures I’ve had lol I don’t care if other guys have done better than me, good on them, I’m happy for them. I’ll get there, I’m just baby-stepping my way through self-improvement until I reach my goals.

      “Me: so are we gonna meet for coffee or what?
      Her: lol Convince me.

      (I ended up “unmatching” her, thinking “I’m the prize.” I was not all *that* into her, but she might have been cute enough.)”

      Jesus. I see this mindset on TRP on reddit all the fucking time and it’s so retarded. It’s just ego-protection. It’s literally saying “I’m trying to be high-value and you’re fucking up my self image by trying to trip me up and my identity is SO fragile that I can’t bear to have ANYONE question it so instead of rolling with it and learning and growing, I’m going to not only eject to silence you to keep my ego protected, but I’m also going to be PROUD of this retarded mindset and build an identity around it and say that I’m the prize and I don’t play chick’s bullshit games, I Next those bitches who don’t get on board and try to play silly MIND-GAMES. Look what an alpha boss I am! I’m better than those pussy guys who supplicate to women playing their MIND-GAMES jumping through all their hoops just to get pussy. Now I’m gonna go lift weights and jack off to porn if I’m not doing a nofap challenge…but like, trust me bro, I get LAID man. By way hotter girls than you guys. You’re all try-hard faggots like those PUAs who are empty and dead inside and only think about pussy all day and get all their validation from women.”

      It’s just stupid shit and I love that TRP exists and is spreading general PUA knowledge to normal guys, but I hate that it’s teaching and encouraging some bad mindsets that will end up holding guys back in the long-run.

      Here’s how you handle this almost INSIGNIFICANT shit-test that you THREW AWAY a done-deal lay (she complimented your pics for god’s sake). These are just off the top of my head I’m not even putting any real thought into these:

      Her: “lol Convince me.”

      You: “way too soon for me to be sending you pics of my dick sorry.”
      You: “pffft please, you were convinced the second you saw my pics. ;)”
      You: “oh sorry, you got a busy night planned playing with your cats and watching romcoms? lol”
      You: “but if I use all my charm on you NOW I won’t have any left to get you into bed later.”
      You: “well you could just come over naked under a trenchcoat, but I figured coffee would be more acceptable.”
      You: “I don’t know if you’re worth convincing yet…I haven’t seen you in a little black dress. Why are your pics all boring? Are you a nun? lol”
      You: (oldschool PUA line) “lol now now it’s too early in our relationship for you to be playing hard to get.”

      etc. etc. I could make these up all night lol, these aren’t even ones I personally use myself. Regardless, they aren’t magical words or anything, you gotta’ use whatever’s congruent to your vibe.

      But the point is that all of these are:

      1) not taking her seriously
      2) not taking myself seriously
      3) not taking her shit-test as ANYTHING to give a fuck about
      4) not supplicating and giving her a straight answer (like ACTUALLY trying to convince her or sell myself in a serious way which I GUARANTEE a lot of Nice Guy types will do)
      5) flirty and implying we’re going to hook up, or contain sexual innuendo, or assuming/implying that she’s attracted to me, etc.

      All of this is just playing the flirt game with her and treating her shit-test as a chance to flirt and tease her and have some fun and build a fun vibe together.

      But how did you react? Your ego cried all butthurt and you deleted her and then “I got a bit of sadistic joy in thinking about her (a 7.5) on the other end getting unmatched–poof I’m gone. I’m sure that does not happen to her much.”

      Like you can do whatever you want…but I hope that was worth it when you were spanking it to porn that night lol ’cause you could’ve just lol’ed her super slow underhand-lob softball pitch across the plate and knocked it out of the park and had your dick wet and a girl squirming and orgasming all over your bed that night followed by regular sex from her for a few months while you mack other girls and who knows, maybe 3some her with other girls and shit.

      But hey, you sure showed her. She probably went “lol he deleted me? what a crybaby lol oh well I have 40 other messages waiting for me”. lol

      “But that did me no good, if my only goal is to get laid. “I showed her” does not get me laid.”

      Yup. It’s not about “oh you have to supplicate to her and take all her abuse to get laid”. It’s about realizing what’s really “abuse” and what’s actually just “I’m still insecure about my progress on this self-improvement journey and I can’t handle a little teasing yet”.

      Think of it like the fat or short or foreign guy who makes jokes about his height/weight/race. There’s the bitter angry type that overcompensates and gets pissed off if anyone teases him about his insecurity, and then there’s the type who lols and gives no fucks and jokes about it himself. Is that guy supplicating to people and letting them abuse him? No, he just doesn’t view it as abuse because he doesn’t take any of that seriously because he isn’t insecure.

      My fav example is from Tyler where he says(paraphrased): “If I point at you (a guy with normal brown hair) and say “look at this guy’s blue hair, what a fucking loser with his shitty blue hair lol his blue hair looks retarded”, you’re going to give no fucks because you don’t HAVE blue hair. You’re not butthurt about it because I just seem silly to you. It wouldn’t affect your self-esteem in any way or make you sad. But now what are you INSECURE about? Did you get laid this weekend? No? What a fucking loser, you couldn’t even get laid? We’re in Vegas and you couldn’t get LAID?? Everyone gets laid in Vegas man, you’re at a pickup seminar and you couldn’t get fucking laid?? Look everyone, look at the virgin, what a loser! See THAT stings, doesn’t it? Because now I’m tapping into an insecurity you actually have. You’re not cool with being a virgin so that one fucks with your head and triggers your “fuck off Tyler” instincts”

      When a girl shit-tests a guy and he reacts butt-hurt it’s because she’s poking at his alpha shell and it makes him instinctively worry that maybe he doesn’t come off as high value as he thought he did and makes him feel bad feels so he wants to get “revenge” on her like you did.

      But it just comes from bad mindsets. The reason I’m “always so helpful and you are always positive even in the face of attacks” is because I don’t take anyone here seriously lol Do I care if trav777 is calling me a pussy? Or if Greg is dropping his moustache-twirling snide remarks? Not a single fuck is given lol I might debate or engage haters now and then if I have a point I want to make or think they’re open to learning something, but it’s like 5 year olds calling me a poopy-head. Why would that phase me at all? lol

      Part of this is that I know I give good value to people, and when I run into that girl who tells me “convince me”, I KNOW that her getting to fuck me will be an amazing life experience for her because I’m so awesome, so I don’t take her “convince me” any more seriously than I’d take someone saying “convince me to accept that 1 million dollar check”. Like how absurd would it be if you tried to give someone a million dollars and they were like “convince me”. You would lol at how silly that is. That’s me with shit-tests and insults.

      Keep in mind that all of these mindsets and beliefs were built over time, through reading/watching pickup and self-help stuff, and applying it (I had to do a bunch of Positivity Challenges to get over my formerly negative/cynical/pessimistic world view, I watch Tyler’s The Blueprint like once a year (it’s heavy, don’t watch it if you’re a super n00b it’ll fuck your head up for a few weeks/months lol) I watch lots of self-help vids from general (Tony Robbins type shit) to pickup related (any company not just RSD lol even obscure dudes with like 50 followers, I don’t care as long as the info is good/useful lol), and pretty much everything RSD puts out ’cause they go into a lot of internal stuff, I read blogs and red pill stuff, MGTOW/MRA shit, hell I even lurk on roosh’s forum now and then lol etc. etc. etc.) Like, it’s not just “oh YaReally is lucky he was born as a positive extrovert” lol That’s not the case at all. I’ve worked hard on myself and I hyperfocused for a few years on this stuff, eating breathing and sleeping it. I’m naturally an introvert, even my buddies are surprised when they find out how introverted I am in my personal free time.

      So you can do this too, anyone can. You just have to apply this shit regularly, that’s all. To badly paraphrase Fight Club: Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken. You’re not going to be fixed in a seminar, this isn’t some weekend retreat, this is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time. Don’t waste it on negative bullshit and mindsets that don’t help you achieve your goals…and more importantly, figure out what your goals ARE. ;)

Comment Of The Week: Games Women Play

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on January 26, 2015 at 8:38 am
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This is an excellent post by CH. People need to understand how human behavior is shaped by necessity, or they will too easily become bitter about it. Ice doesn’t make you fall because it is evil, it makes you fall because of physics. It just is. The world was not made to cater to you. That knowledge should be with you at all times, instead of being bitter when things don’t align with your wishes.

“Men game to give women what they want” – Very true. Game deniers need to understand: game is an adaptation to women’s demands. If a guy goes on a date he already wants her and it’s all about wanting her to want him. He’d prefer to go straight home and initiate the new relationship with some sex. But he can’t say that, because he would seem needy and therefore low quality. So he has to pretend he wants the date, he needs the date to decide. This is game right there, adapted to the demands subconsciously placed by women.

“I don’t need to play games,” you hear sometimes. That attitude in itself is a kind of game, called anti-game. It means, “Look at me girls, I am so successful that I don’t need to do the things other guys have to do.”

If a man seriously thinks he doesn’t need game, then he either has enough money, status or good looks to get what he desires – and you can be sure he still uses game to some degree.

Or, he is a guy who isn’t getting any, and he has to wait and hope to be picked, instead of doing the picking. This means years of incel in a guy’s twenties between girlfriends. Yes, you survive. And eventually you can hope to run into some girl who is decent-looking enough and nice enough that you won’t sigh every time you get up in the morning. But you didn’t get what you desire. You left something out. When you watch the passionate romance in the movies and TV shows (and I bet you’ll be doing a lot of TV watching), and you see the man who gets the hot woman and the mind-blowing sex, you’ll always know that’s not you and that you missed your chance. You want to live like that? Fine, do it. But I bet that if you could get it, you would want more.

  • John
    on January 26, 2015 at 9:37 am
    Original Link

    “Men game to give women what they want” – Very true. Game deniers need to understand: game is an adaptation to women’s demands. If a guy goes on a date he already wants her and it’s all about wanting her to want him. He’d prefer to go straight home and initiate the new relationship with some sex. But he can’t say that, because he would seem needy and therefore low quality. So he has to pretend he wants the date, he needs the date to decide. This is game right there, adapted to the demands subconsciously placed by women.”

    So you’re admitting that Game is submission to women’s fickle whims?

    I don’t know about you but I haven’t had to date some shrew in the last 10 years. When the opportunity presents itself I just make small talk and solicit her for sex directly. Any “games” on her part are met with a blank stare and utter disinterest.

    Because after all, if women are just ego monsters always striving for the next best thing, why do anything more? This is what rubs me the wrong way about some of you so-called Game artists; you’re a slave to your egos and you seek validation through women’s approval. I see ridiculous posters like walawala recounting in tedious detail his boring dating life and it all seems very desperate and pathetic. Some will argue that to keep “practicing” will allow you to grow, but grow into what? There’s no apotheosis, you’re just another human puppet caught in an endless loop of ego games and momentary sexual gratification. No there there, as they would say.

    • YaReally
      on January 26, 2015 at 1:08 pm
      Original Link

      Haven’t read anything else in this thread because this was retarded enough for me to stop at.

      “So you’re admitting that Game is submission to women’s fickle whims?

      I don’t know about you but I haven’t had to date some shrew in the last 10 years. When the opportunity presents itself I just make small talk and solicit her for sex directly. Any “games” on her part are met with a blank stare and utter disinterest.”

      The part you don’t get is that you ARE running game. Guaranteed I could take any of your “make small talk and solicit her for sex directly” successes and failures and break it down in consistent explainable game terms.

      You (and all Naturals and all beta chodes who lucked out that one drunken night etc.) ARE “submitting to women’s fickle whims”, you just aren’t aware of it because you don’t understand the depths of what you’re doing. All we’re doing is doing what you do more efficiently and with more consistent success and with higher quality women and social circles, because we can explain what we’re doing and fine-tune it.

      What you’re doing is basically saying “Anyone who uses electricity is stupid! I never use electricity! When I want a light to go on I just press the light switch and it goes on.”

      I’m fairly certain you won’t be able to understand that because as someone who doesn’t understand how electricity and light switches work (metaphorically speaking), you aren’t in a position where what I’m saying can make sense. Plus you’ve built a very proud identity AROUND your ignorance of how electricity and light switches work, so it’s like you’ve reinforced your lack of knowledge and see yourself as superior for it.

      That’s not a judgement on you as a person, I’m not saying you’re an idiot, but I’m saying that you don’t really understand the thing that you’re against and that your mindset has created a situation where you’re not very interested in (and in fact actively against) learning about how electricity works and why your view is illogical.

      I’m not going to try to convince you of anything because I don’t care lol I’m writing this just for everyone else.

      “I ask in good faith, what is the end game? If it is only to snare the “best possible woman”, is it not true that the game doesn’t stop afterwards? You still have to “game” her into staying with you, right? What is it all for?”

      The end game is whatever you want it to be. The game is ALWAYS there, no matter what. The notion that a woman will stay with you just through her own magical self-motivation is silly. Give me a week as a fly on the wall observing any guy who thinks he’s “not trying to keep her” who’s successfully keeping his girl around and I’ll have a 10 page list of game concepts he doesn’t realize he’s applying.

      Like, without game you can’t HAVE attraction. That’s just how it works. The same way that without electricity you can’t light that bulb. You can deliver that electricity in a lot of different ways, and you can make parts of that delivery system convenient or elaborate, and you can throw a little button on the end so people don’t see the wires or think about electricity traveling to the bulb through those wires and it FEELS like light switches just magically turn bulbs on…

      …but underneath the surface, that bulb is turning on because of the electricity. You can NOT escape that.

      The 4 stages go:

      1) unconscious incompetence
      2) conscious incompetence
      3) conscious competence
      4) unconscious competence

      Most of the guys posting are in stages 2 or 3, that’s why they’re verbally dumping shit. Most Naturals are in stage 4. Most beta chodes are in stage 1. Often you’re straddling a couple stages, like you’re in stage 4 with eye-contact because you just do it all the time after practicing to do it lots but you haven’t done much text game and know you suck ass at it so you’re in stage 2 on your text game and working to get it up to stage 4.

      But regardless of what stage you’re in, you’re still providing electricity to that light bulb to make it light up. Like I say, guaranteed if I was a fly on the wall observing your pulls I would be able to point out a shitload of game concepts you’re running and don’t realize you’re running, to get that outcome.

      All PUA has done is gone from a broken light (stage 1), to realizing the light switch is broken (stage 2), to taking the drywall down and taking off the light switch covers to expose the wires and understand that system fully and try to make it as efficient as possible (stage 3) before they eventually put the walls back up and it just becomes a simple “light makes a bulb goes on” system again, except more efficient and with a full understanding of what’s going on (stage 4).

      Yes, when that bulb is on it will still need electricity to stay on, but that’s just how it works. There’s no scenario where that bulb is on without electricity. For the duration that you are having your chat and sex proposal meetups, you are unconsciously providing electricity to that bulb, otherwise you wouldn’t be getting it to turn on.

      “… because I myself have this same reaction to some of the posts and videos that get posted here by the self-styled players and their wannabes.

      Much of it seems just downright, well… unmanly.”

      What do you call people who AREN’T out getting laid and socializing and are instead sitting in a comment section just READING these unmanly stories?

    • YaReally
      on January 26, 2015 at 2:40 pm
      Original Link

      You don’t sound like a troll so here’s some shit to mull over lol:

      “This is what rubs me the wrong way about some of you so-called Game artists; you’re a slave to your egos and you seek validation through women’s approval.”

      This is just you projecting your lack of purpose/goals onto other guys. One rich kid is bored in life sitting in his mansion counting his money, while his equally rich buddy is off traveling the world and going deep-sea diving and partying in vegas and building a career just for the personal challenge. The bored kid thinks everyone is like him but the other kid can’t even relate to him. They both have money, but one is finding purpose/goals in life to get satisfaction from, while the other has none.

      “The problem is that none of it is very satisfying. Yeah sex is nice, but after that its back to the drawing board again, time to hit the clubs, more approaches, blah blah blah.”

      So ditch girls and pickup for a few years. Start a business, master a craft like Lars Anderson (lol), do something else with your life that gives you satisfaction. And understand that right now guys like wala and myself are getting our satisfaction from doing this whether it’s because we’re learning new things or because we’re setting higher challenges for ourselves once we’ve learned them.

      “Once you realize that people are just animals that can be manipulated into acting on their nature, I don’t see how anybody can live in anything but existential dread. Maybe I just don’t have the desire to live in that kind of reality.”

      There’s a reason guys like myself, walawala etc. haven’t come to the same “existential dread” conclusion as you. We’re all taking the same actions, but somewhere along the way you, mentally, ended up down a different path from us.

      It’s not because the actions must lead there, but because we aren’t seeking validation through women’s approval like you think or like you did or like we may have done when we started. We’re enjoying the challenge and the process, but I don’t think when walawala doesn’t get a girl he goes home and cries himself to sleep and thinks it in ANY way impacts his value/success as a man in general. He would probably be more upset if he choded out and ran sloppy game than if he ran perfect game and got cockblocked. Essentially we’re playing it as more of a videogame. I don’t care if I get the girl, I just care that I played things optimally and ran “flawless” game…

      If all we wanted was sex, we could just get hookers lol

      You don’t play Halo for a few hours and get sad if you get killed, or reduce it down to just “respawn, shoot, win, repeat, what’s the point woe is me”, because you’re viewing it as a “game” where the playing itself is the reward, instead of as “work” where the result is the reward. You aren’t playing Halo for the scores at the end, you’re playing for the excitement of the battle itself. If you focus on the scores too much the actual battle is going to just seem like an inconvenient hassle between you and the score you want.

      I’d say that’s the biggest shift in the community from the fastseduction days (so you might just be a victim of the old mindsets) is that the early community absolutely WAS about validation. But over the years things have shifted to appreciating the moment and the experience for what it is, VS as a means to gain/lose self-worth.

      You’re kind of like a factory worker on an assembly line doing the same thing every day…that can absolutely be boring and monotonous and seem pointless to you. But the guy beside you might love the shit out of because he takes pride in putting his piece together exactly perfect and he puts that piece together with his eyes closed to personally challenge himself now and then and he tries assembling it one-handed just to see if he can do it and he finds all the little ways to appreciate putting that piece together and get his joy out of the process rather than the end result.

      Guys like walawala are finding their excitement through their newness to the game, they’re finding reward in the epiphanies they discover and the linking of everything in their head and the stuff they’re learning make sense. I’ve been doing it longer and I still find excitement in the seduction process itself (you might be a Pleasure of Sex guy whereas I’m a Thrill of the Hunt guy like Blackdragon talks about) and have personal goals in it (types of girls, situs that would be fun to try picking up in, types of relationships I want to have, 3-somes etc.), but I’m also focused on other goals right now that use parts of my game knowledge to succeed in other areas of my life and I find those rewarding too.

      “Once you realize that people are just animals that can be manipulated into acting on their nature, I don’t see how anybody can live in anything but existential dread. Maybe I just don’t have the desire to live in that kind of reality.”

      Then I would say work on changing your reality and your view on life. Tony Robbins says if you’re unhappy, either change your circumstances or change your expectations. I recommend checking out a bunch of Tyler’s videos like these two ’cause he goes into this a lot:

      No one can tell you what to get satisfaction from, you have to find ways to challenge your brain. …or you can continue living in existential dread. Like if you can watch those videos and still go “ehh, why bother” then you’re on your own. Do whatever makes you happy, that’s what we’re doing lol

    • YaReally
      on January 26, 2015 at 2:56 pm
      Original Link

      So much lol. You are my new favorite poster.

    • YaReally
      on January 26, 2015 at 3:12 pm
      Original Link

      Ya you sound bummed lol Winter blows. Right now I’m stuck in work mode with minimal access to poon. Not only do I have to “go through the grind” of approaching and seducing etc. to get a full harem going again when I’m done my work shit in a few months, but I’ll be starting over from practically scratch ’cause my game will atrophy etc. so it’s going to be work just to get to where I left off. And I’m in my early-30s so it’s not like I’m on some college campus at frat parties surrounded by easy access to poon.

      I could view that all as a negative frustrating thing, but I just reframe it as a fun challenge. I find my joy/satisfaction/reward in the challenge of getting my skills back. I fully expect to get blown out and lose lays, but that’s okay because I’m finding fulfillment in the process itself.

      A lot of it is just reframing things and really breaking them down into elements to find enjoyment in.

      I know when I go meet up with some chick that it’s gonna’ be one beer, some flirt, and back to my place to bone. That’s no big deal, it’s pretty much a given…and I could be bored with that because it’s predictable.

      But how can I make it interesting for myself like Tyler talks about? Maybe I invite another girl there at the same time and try for a 3-some, maybe I show up dressed like shit and try putting in as little effort as possible, maybe I see if I can make her pay for our drinks, maybe I use her to make headway with the waitress I want to bang, maybe I see if I can bang her in the bathroom instead of waiting till we get to my apartment, maybe I do some new kinky thing with her when we fuck, maybe I schedule a date with another girl immediately after this one, etc.

      Or if I want to focus on less sexual challenges, maybe she has an interesting job, maybe I can learn something from her, maybe I can practice teaching something I enjoy teaching people, maybe I can throw a few personally interesting discussion topics her way and see if she has any new perspectives for me to consider, maybe I can try being as mysterious as possible about myself and see if I can still get the lay, maybe I can try getting her to dress in certain ways for me or in ways that are more sexually appealing to me than just showing up in jeans and a shirt, maybe I can get deep inside her mind and collect further evidence of how girls think about sex and relationships and confirm game concepts to myself. Maybe I can tool her and make up stories and see how long she falls for them before I tell her she’s gullible. Maybe I want to see how much of an asshole I can be and still pull her for sex. Maybe I want to see how much of a gentlemanly chode I can be and still pull her for sex. Maybe I want to just talk in a fake accent lol

      Maybe I want to invite her out with my friends and see how she mingles with them, maybe I want to invite her out with a group of girls, maybe I want to take her to a few venues and show her off if she’s hot, maybe I want to try banging social circle girls or strippers or bored wives. Maybe I want to try banging her friends lol

      Like, there’s ways to make “the grind” interesting, but what makes it interesting for me isn’t necessarily what makes it interesting for you or walawala. And it might be time to take a break and find a different goal in life to find fulfillment in. Lifting, traveling, starting a business, creating new social circles, who knows? But maybe you need to focus on something that isn’t related to girls for a while.

      Like Tyler says in one of his recent videos: your purpose should never be your woman. You should have your OWN greater purpose in life, and her purpose should be YOU.

on January 26, 2015 at 1:20 pm
Original Link

Off-topic but, The billionaire removed his shirt. He had been working out at the gym, and it showed!

Should fuel the meme cycle for a good couple of months.

  • YaReally
    on January 26, 2015 at 1:45 pm
    Original Link

    Dude has bad eye-contact. Beady-bulging-staring eyes and sexual/seductive laser-eyes are two different things. Will be interested to quiz girls on what they thought of him once the movie hits.

    Ryan Gosling, James Franco, Robert Downey Jr, the Vampire Diaries guy, Matthew McConaheighhegihegeh, etc. all have good sexual laser-eyes (watch Gosling in Drive and James Franco on General Hospital for a crash-course in subcommunication and eye-contact), it’s a big part of why girls cream themselves over them. This guy just has big beady staring eyes which are intense but not sexual.

    I read that he had a preggers wife at home during shooting and is generally kind of a stick in the mud about sex (he went to a kink club and his comments were pretty subtly judgemental about the lifestyle) and even the Jezzies don’t think they have any real chemistry:

    This is interesting to me because I know MEN won’t be able to see the subtle subcomms. Men are going to expect women to all be gushing in the aisles over this guy because he’s ripped and rich wearing a suit and shit, which is what I think the Producers of the movie thought too (“what who cares about this eye-contact thing, just put him in a suit and have him fly her in his private jet that’s what women are attracted to DUH”) when they hired him…but women are going to pick up on the subtle subcomms and I think they’re going to have a different reaction than everyone is expecting.

    Like I think there’ll be a lot of “he’s pretty to look at but doesn’t really do anything for me” and “the sex scenes were hot, it looked like that would be fun to try, but the guy wasn’t sexy” responses from women because of the eye-contact thing.

    • YaReally
      on January 27, 2015 at 11:42 am
      Original Link

      @boo <3
      "Has to do with soft/hard gazing in a popular eye contact book someone posted here (can’t remember right now). Says to soften your focus/gaze."

      Interesting, I haven't heard it described that way before but those are good words for it. This guy is doing really intense eye-contact that people who hear "make laser eye-contact with a girl to seduce her" think it would be since that's what we're used to doing when we're angry or deeply engrossed in something etc.

      But it's more of a "softened" bedroom eyes lazy eyelids gaze that's just locked on.

      Like I say, it'll be interesting to see what happens. Girls know the difference between the two gazes but the vast majority of guys don't. A lot of the time when a guy is like "man I have this Natural buddy that girls just LOVE, he doesn't even say anything CLEVER he's just making stupid small talk that isn't even funny or interested and it's like I'm invisible beside him", generally it's because his Natural buddy is doing the proper laser eye-contact thing.

      The better you get at the lasers the less you need clever verbal game (if any at ALL, really). Part of why my verbal game is over the top is because I didn't figure out this eye-contact difference till the last year or so AND I had bad habits built up from the early PUA days of "show disinterest by looking around the room as if you're bored by what she's saying". So without eye-contact I HAD to have sharp verbals. I'm finding with the right soft laser-eye shit we're talking about I can let my verbal game drop into just boring small talk and half-sentences and still get lots of attraction lol

on January 26, 2015 at 1:31 pm
Original Link

Personally I wouldn’t want a girl who DOESN’T test the men that approach her.

’cause when I get her, and I WILL, I won’t have to worry about other men fucking her because none of those pussies can get through the minefield I effortlessly navigated, and they will seem boring and unattractive to her because of it. They’re welcome to try to hit on her, because I know none of them have the game to pull it off. And for me, passing her shit-tests is effortless because I’ve developed a strong solid frame from field experience being shit-tested by women so I don’t even really think about it.

Like literally at this moment a girl who’s sick is txting me and I KNOW it’s going to be something like “bring me soup :(” or something stupid. I’m not even looking at the text till I’m done writing this comment (when I started out I would drop EVERYTHING any time my phone went off to immediately read what a girl txted me lol) and when it’s inevitably a text fishing for sympathy, I’m going to just respond “lol” and move on with my day and she’s going to send a bunch more texts crying that I don’t care blah blah and threaten to delete me and later tonight I’ll just text “you’re cute when you’re mad.” and she’ll pretend to be mad at me and I’ll send her a funny meme pic making fun of her being mad and she’ll just be more attracted to me in the end.

That shit would have other guys jumping through flaming hoops (she’s hot as fuck lol) trying to appease her or fix her being upset, or would scare them off completely (I show my buddy her txts and he’s just like “I couldn’t deal with that holy shit man she’s crazy”), but it’s like, 2 effortless txts out of my day. It’s not even really a test to me, it’s just a girl being silly. I know she’s not actually mad or actually going to delete me or anything…she’s just testing to make sure I’m still a boss so she can feel reassured that being attracted to me is still a good idea.

A girl who doesn’t test the guys who approach her? What kind of notch count do you think that girl is going to have? lol

Guys who get pissed that girls test them are guys who don’t understand how high-value they really are. When you know you can get other girls and that her being allowed to be with you makes her the lucky one, these tests are just cute. All she’s trying to do is make sure you’re still the badass guy she was first attracted to. It’s like stomping the floor to make sure it’s solid so you don’t have to worry about falling through lol It doesn’t mean you hate the floor or you’re an asshole for wanting to make sure you’re walking on something solid.

(for the record she txted “my tummy hurts” followed by “omg”…I’m not even going to text the “lol” to that shit lol)

  • Sticky the Bear
    on January 26, 2015 at 11:23 pm
    Original Link

    Game vernacular was coined after my time. In retrospect, I suppose I was simply too stupid to think of it as a test. Always chalked such things as – ‘Why are you talking to me?’, ‘Do I know you?’ and such – as a form of social anxiety on her behalf. Suppose I should have had snappy answers to these stupid questions – but, usually I’d just say something off-handed and carried on with what I was saying. Since I’ve come to appreciate the principles being applied by you lady-killers – ‘shit tests’ have become an amusing form of jujitsu. What? I can use this to build her attraction to me? Well, hell – that’s why I approached her in the first place! She’s actually helping me! So – Now I just let these tests hang in the air for a while, put on a Saturday Night Smirk – and say something dominant – but warm. Then later, I’ll tease her with her own test.

    • YaReally
      on January 27, 2015 at 2:15 am
      Original Link

      “Since I’ve come to appreciate the principles being applied by you lady-killers – ‘shit tests’ have become an amusing form of jujitsu. What? I can use this to build her attraction to me?”

      Ya, I’ve said before that guys don’t NEED to have these witty little comebacks and shit. You CAN just ignore her or send a “…” or whatever and be all super laconic James Bond badass alpha and still get the lay. It’s just that I’ll get it faster, because while you’re just avoiding losing attraction and building slight attraction, I’m building HUGE spikes of attraction with how I pass her tests (amplifying them and turning them sexual etc.).

      So like, it’s not mandatory to engage these tests to get laid, but when you can see them as silver platter opportunities to build massive attraction, why not take the swing and make your pickup more efficient?

      Part of why I can take girls off guys isn’t that those guys necessarily don’t have any game. It’s that when she shit-tests us, that guy stands there or has a little one word James Bond response, and I say/do something that makes her shit bricks with “OMG!!!”s and attraction and that guy just becomes invisible to her because I’m the one spiking her emotions so I become her full focus and that guy doesn’t know how to spike her emotions to get that focus back from me.

Comment Of The Week: Games Women Play

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on January 26, 2015 at 3:04 pm
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@ yareally et. al.

How do you deal with the oxytocin effect that you get from dancing a lot with one woman?

  • YaReally
    on January 26, 2015 at 3:22 pm
    Original Link

    Is “dancing” code for sex? lol

    I just don’t see them more than once a week. Keeps us both from getting clingy too fast. I calibrate it to the girl too, if she’s a Stage 5 clinger type I’ll only see her once every 3 weeks or once a month maybe even less if she’s a severe case. If she’s cold and dead inside like me then once a week with the occasional rare twice a week can be okay.

    Have more than one woman on the go and space out when you see them so you aren’t spending tons of time with just one woman in a short period of time. If you have just one girl and you spend a month dating and banging that one girl, you’re begging to catch a case of the feels and end up in an LTR scared to go back to playing the field.

    This happens to lots of guys (myself included, twice lol) in the winter. It gets too shitty out and we start just calling up fuckbuddies instead of going out, and they want to cuddle up with a boyfriend for the holidays and cold winter nights so they’re all for it too, and then next thing you know it’s spring but you’re 4 months deep into an LTR and 4 months out of practice at being single and your brain decides it doesn’t want to hurt the girl and it’s scared of going back out into the big bad world of approaching girls, and you just stay with her and slowly die inside because you didn’t CHOOSE her over all the other girls out there, you just let yourself fall into an LTR with her out of a fear of work/loneliness and it’ll eat your soul lol

    I’m very careful in the winter to avoid falling into the LTR trap. I would rather be 100% single with no girls and just jacking it off to porn than see one girl 2+ times a week all winter, cause when spring comes in the first case I can ditch the porn and go have fun but when spring comes in the second case I’m suck with dead weight (and she’ll have GAINED weight over the winter with all those xmas dinners and shit of course, while all the hot girls who don’t have a man were doing their spin classes and hot yoga to get in shape for spring lol).

    • YaReally
      on January 27, 2015 at 2:21 am
      Original Link

      Not sure what your question is lol

      But here’s a good vid that might help if you’re annoyed by all the pressure you’re getting from your peers (I’m a few years older than you so I’m getting that shit these days too). It’s about doing your own thing while your friends are doing their thing and giving you shit for how you want to live your life and how most people’s lives are just garbage and they’ll try to force you to be like them lol

      There are very few overall cool positive guys who are actually doing shit with their life. The majority of people are just wasting their life. I can make a ton of friends in a few nights out, but I’d rather have one or two super high-quality buddies who are on my level of wanting to kill it in life, and I know those dudes are rare. They’re not going to be the guy who plays X-Box on a Saturday night and bitches about the job he hates over wings and beer as he gets fat and goes home to his fat wife who doesn’t put out lol

Secret Society News: There Are More Sluts Than Surveys Say

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on January 23, 2015 at 3:16 am
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“2. There are more slutty women running around in the world than -most guys including a shitload of red pill half-swallowers who parrot red pill rules but refuse to give up their desperate fingertip grasp on the idea of their unicorn out there because it would cause them too many sads to give up and try to process and deal with reality.”


The Reverse Cockblock

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on January 22, 2015 at 1:29 pm
Original Link

I use this same move to fuck other guys over if a guy is trying to take a girl I’m working on. “lol THAT guy?? Really? Wow. No you should go for it lol you’re probably the hottest girl he’s ever seen. You should fuck him, I talked to him earlier and he seems like a really NICE guy.”

If you calibrate and feel like you need a bit of extra oomph you can throw disqualify yourself too. “He seems like a nice guy. I’m an asshole you would dump me in a week and not put up with any of my shit lol we would just fight all the time. You’d be like “wtf was I thinking that other guy would’ve shown up at my door with flowers. This guy showed up smelling like pussy.””

If you’re the energetic type you can also tweak it to lower his value by encouraging her but also blatantly making fun of something about him like saying his name in a nerdy voice or if, say, he had long hair you can toss pretend hair majestically as you reference him etc. this works extra good if you can get her group in on it all lol’ing at something about him.

Another thing I’ll do is just make eyes with the girl and give her a sarcastic thumbs up from across the room or over his shoulder where she’s the only one that sees it. I use this as an opener when girls are getting hit on by guys they’re clearly not into, it’s not very useful if she likes the guy (whereas the first ones I listed are for if she likes him), or if I come back from the bathroom or something and some guy has moved in and is hitting on her. As an opener as soon as the guy leaves she’ll usually comment to me and I drop the “I was going to leave so you two could have some privacy” stuff and I’m in and already high value just by comparison to the loser hitting on her lol

When a girl thinks someone, esp her friends (aka ppl she’ll be accountable to in the morning) thinks the guy she’s interested in is low value, most of the time she won’t hook up with him because she needs a high value guy and doesn’t want to be judged bad and if she’s hot she can get sex from lots of other dudes so there’s not much scarcity involved to make her push back against her friends judgement. The exceptions are generally 1) ugly chicks, 2) EXTREMELY strong willed independent types but those tend to be 3) older women in their 30s who give no fucks. The young <25yo types tend to care more about judgement.

I don't have to do this very much anymore, my vibe is different from a lot of normal guys so usually if a girl is into me she's into me and the AMOG types aren't really an issue because they're spitting just an entirely different style of game at her that she's seen a million times but what I'm doing has her intrigued so I can just let the dude blow himself out and lol to her about it afterward like "shit I was just about to leave you two alone he was doing so well, I think he might be The One" and she'll go barf no lol

But when I was younger and had less stability in my vibe I had to compete with guys a lot more and the above shit won me the girl pretty much every time.

You can do all of this out of earshot of the other dude too usually so he had no idea what happened and can't kick your ass (since I know 10 badass MMA bros are about to reply that they would break my face if I tried this on them grrrr lol). From the other guy's perspective all he experiences is that the girl suddenly went cold on him and he's blown out and confused and she won't explain because it's embarrassing to say "I would have fucked you but the ppl I'm with think you're low value so now I can't fuck you or they'll judge me".

She might take/give a number if she likes him, in the hopes that she can tell her friends she was just being nice but with the intention of txting to go on a date sometime but it should fuck up the guy's Same Night Lay and give you enough of a window to get your dick in first lol

  • theasdgamer
    on January 22, 2015 at 1:50 pm
    Original Link

    So how do you recognize when another guy has c0ckbl0ked you? And how do you deal with it?

    • YaReally
      on January 22, 2015 at 2:49 pm
      Original Link

      It’s pretty rare. I’m extremely pro-active with that shit because I know every guy in the bar is looking to sweep in like a vulture so I don’t leave a lot of windows for them to walk thru.

      Sometimes it’s subtle things, like when I sit at a table with a girl (for a day1 with an online girl, a day2 with a live pickup, or for isolation the night we’ve met) I’ll make sure that her back is to the room. So I’ll pick a table against a wall or in a corner of the room VS the center and I’ll take the seat against the wall so i see her and the entire room but all she sees is me and the wall right behind me. That way I see any potential cockblocks coming a mile away or guys sizing her up etc, and she doesn’t see anything but me so no one else can distract her from behind me etc, and with her back to the room guys can’t tell what she really looks like except part of her back view so she’s not pinging on every dudes radar like she would be if we sat in the middle of the room or I had my back to the room and she was the one with her back against the wall seeing the room and on display for it.

      So right there with that subtle little move (I arrive first for meeting up so I can pick the optimal table for this and order myself a beer so I don’t have to order her a drink lol) I’ve eliminated a lot of potential cockblocking the a guy who sat in a different location or arrangement would potentially have to deal with. I’ll do a similar thing standing up, just step to the side a bit to position ourselves where I can see the room and she can’t.

      This also helps her forget that the rest of the room is full of ppl watching so she loosens up more and it’s easier to escalate to sexual topics and makeouts and thigh stroking etc to prime for the lay. VS if she could see the entire room and her ASD flared up.

      Then there’s the more extreme moves. If a guy is coming over (everyone in the room is on my mental radar, I’m paying attention to which guys are checking her out or approaching us), I know he’s coming to AMOGS so before he can get a word out I’ll put my arms around her waist and literally pick her up and carry her a few feet away and set her down with her back to the guy. It’s a quick emotional spike of excitement for her to be picked up and it avoids having to deal with the guy at all and it’s such an unexpected move that guys are caught by surprise and don’t know how to respond and the social pressure of feeling like they just got tooled usually makes them cave and go back to their buddies or try a different target.

      If a guy gets in set I’ll just get him to qualify himself to me and compliment him and basically just be very slightly cooler than him but in a friendly way. I know why he’s there, he’s there with a goal in mind, I don’t get lazy and think he’s just some nice dude being friendly. Like I’ll treat him that way but I’ll be very aware if he starts asking my girl’s opinion on something or shifting his focus more to her etc and drop a “hey nice to meet you we gotta go” and lead her off mid-sentence.

      The key there is to get her away from him before he can hook/intrigue her. Like if she listens to him long enough to be interested in what he’s saying even if it’s just “no no wait I want to answer this, men lie wayyy more than women!!”, it’s a much harder battle than if you had moved her away before he could hook her curiousity.

      If a guy tries to ridicule me or make fun of me to the girl with me in set with him, he’s digging his own grave lol. I just have way more social experience than him because I’ve gone out more and had to think on my feet more and my calibration and humor is sharper. It’s like trying to heckle a comedian…good luck, you’re gonna need it lol. Usually I just go over the top with agree & amplify humor till it gets into sexual or gay jokes and then most guys look uncomfortable and they’re done. Another move is to agree & amplify and if he’s keeping up with it just suddenly pull the plug on it so he’s still in humor mode and you’re in “uhh dude the joke’s over bro” mode. Like a “aaaand now you’ve taken it a bit too far bro that got weird lol” with a smile and a lol but just demo’ing that you’re slightly more socially calibrated than him.

      There’s lots more lol I’ll throw girls at them to distract them sometimes too if they’re generally cool friendly guys and not douches. And if they’re super chodey nerds I’ll let them hit on her for a bit cause they’re harmless.

      If the guy gets her isolated (which should be VERY difficult because I don’t leave windows open like that. If a guy gets my girl in isolation it means I fucked up huge to let that happen), I’ll work her friends and lower the guy’s value to them so they go do my dirty work for me and cockblock him. Also it helps that I’m an average looking dude, so guys expect me to be a pushover that’ll be easy to take a girl from lol they’re usually stunned when I’m running circles around them in set spiking the girls temps and getting them to instinctively be on the defensive qualifying and blowing themselves out etc. like it’s a total blindside. If I was some 6’4″ 6-packed dude in a suit they’d probably come in more prepared and it’d be a bit tougher.

      Search for “AMOG” in my archives for more and detailed explanations of getting high value guys to qualify themselves and feel insecure etc.

      I don’t necessarily fuck the girl every time, but I can make sure HE doesn’t get to either lol and I can usually get myself a window of opportunity off it to at least try for the lay.

    • YaReally
      on January 22, 2015 at 8:13 pm
      Original Link

      Do a tour of the venue figuring out where all the lower sound areas are so you know where to take girls. Usually the dance floor is loud as fuck but look at the speaker layout and walk around and figure out where the music is quiter. Often there’s a little side area or another bar on the other side of the room or in some corner or there’s a stairwell or hallway or smoking area or patio area etc. bartenders need to be able to hear customer orders so often the bar areas furthest from the dance floor are lower. Sometimes they throw some extra speakers on that side of the room so you want to map the venue out. Also it’ll change at different points in the night…usually they jack the music up louder between 10 or 11 and 2 so try going earlier…it means less sets available and a different lower energy vibe but it also means you can probably get in a solid hour of quality conversation.

      Then just when she’s mid-sentence right after you open and give her some flirty eyes and make her lol thru your subcomms, just point at your ear and shake your head to imply you can’t hear what she’s saying and motion toward the nearest quiet pocket and lead her there. Or motion a cigarette and take her out to the quieter smoking/patio area and then just talk like normal and say oh I don’t smoke I just wanted to hear what you were saying so anyway– and roll into your usual shit. Could do the same with a drink motion like implying “do you want a drink? Let’s go get drinks over here” and then take her to a quiet pocket and brush off the drink stuff.

      Ppl who complain that nightclubs are too loud are usually just overwhelmed guys who don’t do much nightclub game and they try opening in the loud areas because that’s where their friends are etc and assume the entire club is that loud and write it off in a huff. We all did the same thing. Most clubs have quiet areas…they may be way far away from the crowded areas but that just means you gotta work on your “open her without words and get her to trust you enough to follow you” game lol

      I don’t even bother with live music venues. They jack the music up SO fucking loud and are generally so small that the only time I can hear myself talk is between sets. Like nightclubs are usually the biggest and pubs tend to have multiple rooms and shit but little tiny live music venues are usually brutal for conversation. But even then you could theoretically open non-verbally and motion to go for a smoke.

      You could always type on your phone and show the girl the screen lol might try that sometime. Good # close “you’re cute but I can’t hear shit gimme your # so I can woo you thru txt messages” lol that would probably work great in those venues.

      Louder the volume and the less you can rely on your verbals, the tighter your sub-comms have to be so look at it as practice for your non-verbals. CAN you get her to follow you to a quieter area? If not WHY a not? That kind of thing.

      Or do day game lol

    • YaReally
      on January 23, 2015 at 4:08 pm
      Original Link



      Like I said “since I know 10 badass MMA bros are about to reply that they would break my face if I tried this on them grrrr lol”. You forgot to mention how many UFC lessons you have and I think a story about how you scared this one high school kid off with an angry steel glare would really solidify your badass image.

The Great Men On Careerist GoGrrls

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another anonymous father
on January 21, 2015 at 12:53 pm
Original Link

Best post in 3 years. Thanks for coming to the correct side re: YaReally-type viewpoint.

And Teddy kept mentioning “celibacy.” Today’s women are ten thousandfold worse. They are not celibate while refusing to give us white children. Rather, they are slutting along the cock carousel from age 18-35, using contraception or getting abortions while doing alpha fux with 50 alphas during that time. Then when they are 35, THEN they go on dating sites and as, “where have all the good men gone?”

  • YaReally
    on January 21, 2015 at 11:20 pm
    Original Link

    “Best post in 3 years. Thanks for coming to the correct side re: YaReally-type viewpoint.”

    It’s a wonderful thought. Sure, who wouldn’t love to raise a bunch of badass little kids and pass on their genes and wisdom while your loving wife (who doesn’t mind you boning the office secretary on the side) dotes on you and cooks healthy meals for you and your kids and you can raise them with red pill beliefs.

    Ya that’d be super duper.

    Except the reality is that your kids will probably be taken away from you via no-fault divorce because your wife has let herself go so you start to resent her and she’s getting enough Facebook validation and feminist grrrl power talk to think 40 is the new 20 and she can land a rich CEO so she jets and you get to be the next Robin Williams while your kid is raised by a single mom and watched abusive boyfriends come and go.

    Even if your chick allows you to stay with her and doesn’t cheat on you, you’re doing half the housework because equality and she’s probably got a career because feminism so you’ve got some nanny raising your kid half the time. Your wife has no real discipline because self discipline is oppressive so she’s not teaching your kids to eat healthy or anything, they’re scarfing down McDonald’s left and right and glued to their iPhones because every other 12 year old they know has an iphone and fuck respecting your parents or respecting the man of the house for the job he does, he’s just a walking ATM.

    And all of that can be taken away with one false accusation by your wife, any of your kids, or your wife on BEHALF of your kids, or even by a nosy teacher who just doesn’t like you and decides your kid didn’t get a bruise from playing baseball he must be in an abusive household. Not only is all of that taken away from you effortlessly but with the Internet your name is slandered for life even if you’re innocent. If at ANY point in your 40 year marriage your wife or kids clue in or are told by others just how much power they actually have over you, and how little authority you ACTUALLY have in today’s society where men are demonized and punished without due process or evidence…you are FUCKED.

    And all of that is based on the kids even BEING yours, which there’s a solid chance these days that they might not be.

    So sorry Teddy but times have changed. I’m just being realistic about the situation. Russian roulette went from one bullet to 5 bullets, I think I’ll pass despite your shaming attempts. It’s unfortunate but hey I will more than happy to pop out a dozen babies if you’ll take full financial and legal responsibility for them and I’ll just babysit and teach them all my wise old man shit.

    Every guy who shits on me for not reproducing would throw an even bigger fit if I decided you were right and went out getting married chicks preggers while they tell their hubby’s the kid belongs to them. Hey I’d be passing on my genes and a kid is getting raised without having to roll the dice I just described up above. Sounds win/win to me lol

    If I come down with cancer I’ll go raw-dog as many chicks as possible and peace out with an army of my genes out there to alpha fuck your future daughters and cuckold your future beta bucks sons, don’t worry.

    The reality of how this will all play out though, and you can quote this from the retirement home when it’s in full effect, is that this next generation of women will see all these lonely spinster aunts and single moms and go “wow I don’t want to end up like that”. They’ll start to clue in that men are deciding it’s not worth it and going MGTOW etc. they’ll start rejecting feminism to separate themselves from the unattractive feminists (this is already happening). One smart girl will figure out “you know maybe I should start bringing more to the table than my pussy and grrrl power mindset. That Sarah girl can cook and she has a bunch of men who want to marry her. Maybe if I hit the gym and learn to cook clean etc and generally be a useful housewife I’ll be more appealing to men than those other girls.” That chick will get locked down fast as fuck and other girls will follow her lead and she’ll teach her daughters etc. slowly over time women will realize that the “you look hot and take care of the household while I bring home the bacon” structure worked for a reason and that they’re happier taking care of their kids and being attracted to their way higher value husband etc than their 40yo lonely career girl friend is and within a couple generations women will be bringing more to the table and it’ll be more worthwhile for men to start families again.

    In the meantime feminism is fucking itself especially this year and ppl are starting to look at men’s issues more and marriage rates are plummeting and there’ll come a point while the above is happening where ppl figure out “ok look this legal marriage deal sucks dick for men, we gotta offer more incentive if we want them to come back to society and earn enough $$$ to provide for a full family.” This’ll take more time because it’s a society-wide change and involves legal shit and might be too beyond fucked as it is….whereas the women realizing feminism blows and learning to cook will happen within a couple generations. Odds are marriage will be fucked as it is and instead people will create their own structure where they’re doing everything similar to marriage but just aren’t entering that legal noose.

    Eventually we’ll end up voluntarily back in the 1940s and ppl will shake their heads at the few wasted generations that feminism created.

    Pay attention, you’re gonna find more and more of these 19-25yo girls are advertising that cooking and yoga are their hobbied and that they’re against modern feminism lol it all starts from there. We are about to have a MAJOR abundance of lonely old cat ladies that serve as warnings to the next generations. Right now those women are only 30-45, it’s still POSSIBLE their Mr Big will come along no one can say for sure. But when those women are still alone and miserable at 50-65, young hotties will be taking note and will be looking at how to avoid that fate.

    Young chicks aren’t stupid, they just need motivation to change. A few weekends with crazy fat old lonely Auntie Feminist will provide that. I’m already seeing more college age chicks hitting the gym and doing yoga spin pilates etc and learning about nutrition etc than I’d ever see 5-10 years ago. Same way lifting became more common for young men once MMA got popular and now most young dudes know some shit about lifting and protein.

    And as I’ve said before, combine all of the above with being a money 45-50yo dude who takes care of his health and has solid game and succeeds in his career shit…who’s that hot 23yo with the cooking and yoga skills going to look to pop out babies with? The lame feminized manginas they go to school with or the badass older man who triggers their need for a fatherly dominant figure their single mom couldn’t give them? No reason to pop babies out right now, I’m waiting for better circumstances. There’s a reason I’m working on my finances and health this year. Yareally gotta be looking at the long-con lol

    • YaReally
      on January 23, 2015 at 3:50 am
      Original Link

      Lol “peak cat lady”

      I agree though. Like I say at 30-45 they might still find a man. It’ll be when there’s massive swarms of lonely old 50+ women that young girls are forced to see where they’ll go “uhh maybe I don’t wanna end up like that…how can I get an edge over these other girls?” Right now they all think their 40yo fat feminazi aunt is a “lovely soul” who’s going to find her rich 6-packed CEO Mr. Big if they help then write the perfect OKCupid profile. When that fails across the board, young girls will start to notice.

      I mean what drives their career mindset now? The fear that they’ll end up like the cartoon stereotype feminism has painted of an oppressed housewife being a slave and having no freedoms etc. That fear is why they’re chasing their sex & the city careers, cause they’ve been simultaneously sold that those girls will have the happy ending.

      That’s why you see all these articles coming out about how happy older women are in their singlehood. To keep young girls from realizing how sad their empty lives turned out. But they can hide that now when most of these women are in their 30s-40s…but reality will be impossible to cover up when these granddaughters are taking grandma cat food shopping because she cries herself to sleep lonely every night and talk about the men they let get away and how they should’ve married that nice stable guy when he offered in her early 20s etc

      Like I say it’ll be a couple generations for them to figure it out and then to accept it and act on it. But like the latest fashion trends, when one girl figures out being thin, cooking, positive, and feminine gives her an edge, the rest of the herd will follow suit.

      Simultaneously men are being beaten down. The 80/20 of normal dudes to top pussy slaying dudes is already more like 90/10. It’s going to keep going till it’s like 99/1. Just a bunch of Michael Cera hipster respectful feminist-brainwashed chodes raised by women because all the male influence in their life has been removed at home and school with the pedo-scare propaganda from feminists. So those guys will literally not know how to be men.

      So these girls come up and meet you, you’re 40-60 and in good shape, strong mental frame, successful in business, you have solid game, solid eye contact, these little vagina boys defer to you on everything, and you scold her the way her absent daddy and “everybody wins” female teachers never did, triggering something deep insider her that she doesn’t understand but likes the tingles.

      Even now, go meet a bunch of 18-25yos and ask what their she range searches on Tinder etc are now. You’ll find a LOT of them are searching all the way to 35-40 and some even refuse to look at any guy not at least a few years older than them.

      And hell, watch what happens when the 50 Shades movie hits theaters. Entire theatres swarming with women soaking their seats over the “older man who opens a young innocent woman’s sexuality” fantasy. That movie is going to get old guys with game laid left and right lol

      10-15 years ago being an older guy was a handicap but shit has changed. As long as you take care of your body and handle your life in general, there should be no reason you aren’t able to settle down with a hot 25yo when you’re 45-50 if you want, and by then she should come complete with cooking skills and a housewife mindset realizing her purpose is to pop out babies and make YOU and your family together her purpose and have herself a happier ending than her lonely old aunt they just buried who died alone and bitter.

      My buddy is 32 and he’s settling with a 31yo to have kids. In my mind I’m thinking what are you doing? You can enjoy 10 more years of pussy and then you’ll be in your full prime and you can land a hotter 25yo and have kids with her instead at the point where your dick stops working (and if you take care of your health you’ll probably last even longer look at old Chinese Kung fu guys on YouTube half these guys are more spry and coherent at 80 than North American 60yos cause they eat clean and exercise and shit). Cuz right now my buddy’s got about 3 years OPTIMISTICALLY (she doesn’t exercise (metabolism hasn’t died yet) or have the $ for personal trainers plastic surgery Botox etc) before he’s a 35yo man in his prime with an ugly wrinkled sagging possibly fat wife who’s probably preggers for half of that time, with his dick wondering “dude what did you do to me??”

      So like I say it’s not that I won’t pass on my genes and get Teddy’s approval. I’m just picking a smarter time to do it instead of rushing in.

      All I gotta do is not kick the bucket unexpectedly too soon, knock on wood lol

    • YaReally
      on January 23, 2015 at 3:57 am
      Original Link

      No fucks given, sorry. My wings and buddies in general are often minorities and I’d be cool with tapping Asian and Spanish chicks lol Half-babies usually grow up to look hot as fuck. I’ll wing my non-white buddy to help him fuck a hot blonde white chick in your honor next time we’re out.

Hardin Thicke
on January 21, 2015 at 1:18 pm
Original Link

I’ve been gone for a while, working and procreating. What’s the situation with yareally? I haven’t seen the archive updated in a long time.

  • SpartanTom
    on January 21, 2015 at 11:33 pm
    Original Link

    Lol he got married and has lots of white babies now

    • YaReally
      on January 22, 2015 at 1:41 pm
      Original Link

      With Amy. Sorry, boys. We’ll name our first-born Heartiste in your honor.

How To Play The Preselection Game

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on January 20, 2015 at 12:51 pm
Original Link

This is a Pivot in PUA terms, very common to use them in pickup. Check out Mystery Method and Tyler stuff on how else to use them. Other phrases to look up are Pawns, “merging sets forward”, “short set method” and general group theory.

Also here’s an hour of absolute gold, every fuckin word. This one should go viral in the manosphere and red pill communities:

  • newlyaloof
    on January 20, 2015 at 1:08 pm
    Original Link

    @YaReally, good to see you back, man!

    • YaReally
      on January 20, 2015 at 11:10 pm
      Original Link

      Some things are worth my time and some things aren’t. I don’t have any interest debating politics and race bait with people here, there’s nothing eye-opening I’m going to learn from people like Greg and Thwack lol

      @newlyaloof @Naz
      Thanks guys, still in ghost mode just wanted to share this vid ’cause it’s rock solid esp for us late-20s early-30s guys who have friends settling down into various relationships willingly/unwillingly etc. and/or are looking to nail down more solid LTRs VS in our 20s (not me, I’ll be taking down new poon when I’m 45 lol but I’m in a lot of discussions with buddies these days about this shit as their GFs are all nagging them to settle down). Got a solid year of hard work ahead of me but I’m on track. Vids like the above are good motivation for it lol Everything I’m doing right now will allow me to coast and enjoy pickup till I’m an old geezer (and will also help build my social circles/network to create a supply of available poon when I’m too old to bar hop and have to rely on social circle game) so it’s a necessary evil.

      Sarging is down to once a month with a PUA buddy and online game thru the winter, but in the summer I should be able to get back to 2 nights a week and ditch the online shit lol and be back to regular sarging by next winter. I’ll have a month or two adjustment shaking off the cobwebs in the summer but that’s alright ’cause I expect to be rusty so I’ll be mentally prepared to metaphorically not be able to lift the same weights I used to after taking a year off from the gym, till I get my momentum back.

Walky Talky
on January 21, 2015 at 8:23 am
Original Link

Yareally how to deal with a girl with a really strong frame(has high IQ too i guess if that has anything to do with it)? Plus shes doing push pull.

  • walawala
    on January 21, 2015 at 10:32 am
    Original Link

    @Walky Talky

    She’s gaming you. I’ve had this situation. You care too much, pull away, stop being so available. IF she starts chasing, you’ve got hand back.

    Then proceed as you would and game her.

    In my experience girls who do this are usually very insecure and need to be in control.

    It’s always a struggle.

    • YaReally
      on January 23, 2015 at 4:03 am
      Original Link

      Quality shit. Well done. I’ll be stealing this for my own conversations about this topic with buddies lol pretty sure it would make a good comfort routine with women too. They eat that “I understand your reality better than you do” shit up lol

The Great Men On Ugly Feminists

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on January 13, 2015 at 4:17 pm
Original Link

Jezebel admits that PUA works:

…without realizing it. lol The experiment they describe is just smoothly building comfort/rapport and the exercise ends with 4 min of deep eye-contact which is just running standard laser-eyes:

“Catron calls this accelerated intimacy”

Ya, she’d BETTER call it that…because if she called it PUA or Game, Jezebel would shit a brick lol

It’s cute when normal society finally manages to spark a fire with rocks when they actively refuse to use the lighters PUA has offered for years lol

Posting this mainly to link the actual questions they use ’cause there’s a lot of good comfort/rapport building questions in here to swipe:

Note that they go from silly/fun/light to deep/personal, just like building comfort/rapport should (really you build rapport and then transition into comfort). The first questions are more rapport based. Also there’s a lot of “us VS them” questions (assuming the two of you are together already and reinforcing that), and future projection (assuming the two of you will be together).

There’s also showing vulnerability but it comes AFTER the rapport stuff. The first Set of questions has no vulnerability but the third set has tons of vulnerability. A lot of this creates an emotional rollercoaster done in order too…like what’s your favorite memory (emotional high), what’s your worst memory (emotional low), and back up again after a few more questions.

Really this is rock solid in terms of the results it should give, though it would be weird to execute it in it’s full design in any way other than as a game/experiment. But you could take a handful of these questions and add them to your cheat sheet of comfort/rapport building questions and drop them into a conversation congruently and to the girl it would fell like, as Jezebel says, “and anyone who has met someone and moved fast knows what this feels like: It’s when you want to know someone so quickly and so thoroughly and so urgently that you wish you could do it via osmosis. You want to give of yourself and be given to, equally.” which in logical man-speak means “PUA fucking works, duh.”

“Which makes it worth noting: The experiment sounds like some kind of trick or shortcut to love, but if both parties are well intentioned and in agreement to try it, who is to say what sort of time it should really take to scale this terrain? We all move at our own speed.”

Will have to quote this the next time some feminist is crying that PUA is an evil trick that doesn’t work. lol

Also the description of laser eyes was interesting as it’s something I’ve been focusing on over the last year:

“After completing the questions, Catron and her date do the four minute unnervingly deep stare that ends the experiment, which at first involved a lot of nervous smiling, but then got a little more comfortable. She writes:

I know the eyes are the windows to the soul or whatever, but the real crux of the moment was not just that I was really seeing someone, but that I was seeing someone really seeing me. Once I embraced the terror of this realization and gave it time to subside, I arrived somewhere unexpected.

I felt brave, and in a state of wonder. Part of that wonder was at my own vulnerability and part was the weird kind of wonder you get from saying a word over and over until it loses its meaning and becomes what it actually is: an assemblage of sounds.”

Again it’s gay woman-fluff speak, but translated into something you can apply it describes why slowing down your speaking and leaving long lingering silences while you hold the laser eye-contact Liam describes in that video works…the first few seconds (I find it’s around 10-20 seconds) the girl is off in la-la land and then her brain realizes “oh wait, we’re really looking at eachother here…” and her words trail off and your conversation switches more to subcommunications instead of surface level communication.

But casual glances or talking so fast you don’t leave tension in the air etc. won’t pass that point where it’s “nervous smiles” and entering that vulnerable “sense of wonder” stage that holding it and leaving silences creates.

Drive with Ryan Gosling is a good movie to check out for laser eye-contact…him and the chick do a lot of sub-communication shit just staring at eachother. It’s exaggerated in that movie, but that’s along the right track.

Biggest key that Drive doesn’t do and this experiment doesn’t add is closing the distance during laser eyes. If you lock eyes and slowly close the distance so you get closer to the girl, it sends butterflies in her stomach into overdrive and you can turn that into attraction/sexual tension.

Gambler demos it here at 33:35:

She doesn’t fully crack until he takes that last step and closes the space.

This really deep rapport/comfort stuff is what Mystery Method was built around and it’s the reason that Mystery was getting girls to “fall in love” with him, not just want to fuck him. Oldschool MM game was more about creating multiple-LTRs where the girl felt like you had a special connection she’s never felt with anyone else before etc. than just getting enough attraction for a one-night stand. There were reports of girls breaking down crying when Mystery/Tyler/etc. wouldn’t take their number, which sounds like bullshit until you’ve run this really deep comfort/rapport game a bunch and seen how earth-shattering it is to girls to experience it (especially hot bar chicks who are used to more shallow interactions with people) and taken it away from them suddenly and seen how they flip out and chase lol

This is also why people I meet feel like they’ve known me for years when we’ve only just met, because I know how to smoothly build comfort/rapport with strangers.

If you’re finding girls don’t stick around for more than one or two lays, or if you want to get into mLTRs, experiment with this stuff. But also be aware that if you want casual relationships, you don’t want to use too much of this or she’ll get too attached and drop the Ultimatum sooner than she would’ve if you hadn’t built so much comfort/rapport.

And seriously, go study Mystery Method. Skip the feather boas and black nails, but study everything else. It’s lengthy and dense but it’s the ultimate foundation of understanding this shit.

  • Culum Struan
    on January 14, 2015 at 3:14 am
    Original Link

    @YaReally – LOL. I’m sending this to a Natural friend of mine – 200+ lay count and he knows PUA exists but still doesn’t understand why the stuff he does works.

    He’s a funny guy – he’s in his late 30s now and is really not a sociable type at all, but he’s smart, funny and *completely* outcome independent and can escalate well, even though he’s not good in crowds. And he really just doesn’t like playing the game at all – I showed him the Cajun Keys to the VIP and he thought it was incredibly boring and has no interest in understanding social dynamics – he doesn’t even like socializing. I guess you’d call him an extreme Pleasure of Sex guy. He’s pretty much like a social hermit focussing on his work until he gets horny and then he gets his fix and then that’s it for a while.

    It’s interesting how as I improve myself from total beta chump, up to being pretty decent – I can look at him and think – I’m actually better than him on some stuff. I don’t have his experience and his total outcome independence but I am much better socially and better rounded skillset and unlike him I actually understand what I’m doing and why I’m doing it.

    I guess that’s what Naturals do but it is so strange to me to see a guy who is so good at something but with zero interest in actively improving himself or understanding the dynamics behind what he does..

    • YaReally
      on January 14, 2015 at 12:53 pm
      Original Link

      Ya a lot of Naturals are like that. They don’t know why what they do works and they don’t really care that they don’t. Or they have some woo-woo theories on why it works that are like, vague versions of concepts we’ve got fleshed out…but it’s enough for them and they’re Pleasure of Sex types so that’s good enough in their mind. Sometimes they’ll even reject explanations as “dude you’re thinkin’ too much, don’t take it so seriously man you just go up to the girl and smile and she’ll like you bro” and sort of actively stay ignorant because, well, it’s been working for them so why would they fuck with the formula? They have a car that gets from point A to B faster than most other guys’ cars, they don’t necessarily have an interest in fine-tuning every screw and bolt to shave off a few extra seconds around the track.

      “It’s interesting how as I improve myself from total beta chump, up to being pretty decent – I can look at him and think – I’m actually better than him on some stuff.”

      Ya, with Naturals they tend to find their niche/routine and just excel at that specific method. So you get odd situations like a guy who gets laid like a rockstar from his social circle but can’t do a single cold approach and needs to meet the girl through an acquaintance or immediately find out if they know someone in common, for him to be in his comfort zone and run his game. Or a guy like you friend who’s mostly a loner and doesn’t need or even hates women in general, but goes out to get pussy when he needs it. Or a guy who gets laid like a rockstar but keeps chasing some 6/10 one-itis because she happened to be his first or an ex or something that he’s still hung up on when anyone else would objectively look at her and go “bro, wtf are you doing chasing this girl, she’s not even a good person as a human being!” and he can’t see that. Or they might have specific rituals they need to do to feel attractive, like they have to down half a bottle of vodka before the bar and lose all their confidence if they didn’t get a chance to pre-drink etc. Or they’ll only approach certain types of girls or approach in certain situations because that’s where they’re used to having success. Or they need to wear a specific shirt their success is all mentally anchored to or can’t game if they haven’t had their hair cut lately etc.

      I spent a few years winging hardcore with the best Natural I’ve ever seen (he was a Natural plus he was always tightening screws in his game to shave off seconds, and then he met me and we both helped improve eachother’s shit even more), and I had the same kind of thing where at first I was like wow I can’t keep up with this guy this is crazy. But the more time I spent around him and the more I observed his game and his thought processes and mindsets the more I learned that he’s really really good at what he DOES, specifically, but that he doesn’t have a lot of versatility and there are blind spots and gaps in his game that generally don’t affect his outcome because he’s still up in the girl’s face doing his thing so he’s gonna get her…but as a PUA who understands the dynamics I see windows of opportunity where I’m like “I could take that girl off him, he’s leaving this gap wide open for it and has no idea”. Like a good fighter being able to see openings that an average fighter wouldn’t notice or wouldn’t be able to take advantage of, but to him he could knock him out.

      So I learned how to adapt to other guys and look for their weak spots in their game and mine so I could get in there and, ideally not TAKE the girls but just bring my value up to where his is in a 2-set. Like my fav example is that at first I ran into the situ where we’d open a 2-set and both girls would focus on him (he was peacocked) and turn their backs to me and I was invisible in the background. At first I was like well shit he’s just that good, I can’t compete with that. But over time I learned that if I step up HARD in those situs, I can not only get attention from them too, but I can take BOTH their attention FROM him if I step hard enough. And he had no idea how to stop it because he’d never seen a guy do that before, he was used to just having the attention so he didn’t have tools to “fight” it out…from his perspective the girls that were into him were just suddenly into his buddy.

      But I was specifically executing shit like using a more dominant tonality, using more polarizing/offensive routines, stepping to the side so the girls naturally turn their back to him to talk to me, cutting the space on one of them and putting her arms around my shoulder sending her emotions thru the roof while causing a spectacle for her friend, etc. Meanwhile this would stun him a bit because he didn’t know how to handle it so it threw his game off a bit…end result was my value raising while his lowered, to the point where we were on an even playing field and when I passed one of the girls back to him, they were loving both of us.

      So in the end it wasn’t that his game was magical or anything, he had a lot of blind spots that I learned to spot and was able to use to get a foothold so that we both had value to the girls and could pull them together instead of me watching the back of their heads and walking away dejected while he pulls a 3-some lol

      This is shit you can’t read online and learn from blogs and articles and shit. You have to be in-field and befriend some Naturals and spend time sarging with them and really experience this shit for yourself and learn it first-hand to REALLY grasp it. Like reading it you can get the jist of it, and other guys who’ve hung with Naturals will go “ya that aligns with my own experiences” (although funnily enough Naturals will often go “lol you just didn’t know a REAL Natural like ME bro, I would just nod at the girl and she’d jump off you onto my dick in the bar and I’d have my buddies kick your ass” which is the reverse problem: a Natural guy who’s never met a GOOD PUA just lame ones lol).

      But when you actually experience it all first-hand, for a long period of time, AMOGs in-field become a lot less worrying, even the Naturals. Like when I spot a Natural now my first thought isn’t “oh man this’ll be tough to compete with”, it’s “hmm ok so where are his blind spots? Once I find those this’ll be no problem”

      PUAs who practice the whole gamut of skills it teaches, like who are cold-approaching mixed group sets and building social proof and know how to work the room and be a social connecter and getting out of their comfort zone regularly and shit, not just focusing on like single solo girls or online girls or social circle girls etc., end up WAY more well-rounded in general. We’re able to adapt and prosper in a ton of social situations. I know that I could walk into a business meeting for work and charm the room easily, no matter who’s in it, with minimal effort. Or I could meet a girlfriend’s parents or friends and they’ll all love me. Or I can walk into a social event alone and network like crazy. Or I can move to a new city and start new social circles up from scratch quickly. I can game day/night, sober/drunk, wearing whatever, in a good or bad mood, etc.

      Naturals are great at what they do and I might not be able to compete directly with them in that very specific category, but often they can’t do much ELSE lol Would way rather sarge with them than with AFC anti-game chodes though.

    • YaReally
      on January 14, 2015 at 1:01 pm
      Original Link

      Also Keys to the VIP is a great show to watch for studying Naturals. They often just show the highlight clips and the Naturals tend to seek out their comfort zones within the club to succeed (the guy who’s used to social proof will build it before approaching, the guy who’s used to approaching lone solo girls will hunt those ones out, etc.) but they have a lot of guys who talk a big Natural game that just fall apart in the club when they can’t find their regular comfort zone.

      Like often a Natural will assume that because he slays it with his social circle boning all the hottest girls in it, that he’ll obviously be amazing on Keys, except that when he gets on it they put him in a situ where he has to cold approach and suddenly he’s chickenshit because that’s not his comfort zone that he’s used to dealing with and he chokes. You can watch that happen on Keys a bunch, it’s hilarious when you understand the dynamic of why the guy was so confident in his intro and then fell apart in the club.

      You’ll also see how Naturals pump their own state. Some of them do it by throwing a pre-party, some do it by exercising, some do it by meditating or perfectly grooming themselves a certain way etc., but they’ve all figured out their specific “if I do these things I feel good and when I feel good I do good with girls” state-boosters. To them they’re just “having fun bro” but thru the PUA lens they’re performing a specific set of steps to boost their state. Girls do the same thing, that’s why they run out to the dance floor to dance to Miley Cyrus or wear peacocked girls night out sashes and tiaras and shit, it’s their way of boosting their states.

      It doesn’t mean that they’re super crazy party guy high energy, like my prime state doesn’t look like Stifler lol esp now that I’m older. It’s just solid low-energy but strong intent confidence now.

      Then you see the chodey normal guys who are just always out of state, or the guys who lose their state after a bad blow-out, or the guys who hit their state and are in their comfort zone or can adapt easier and just destroy the episode with their success.

      Show is a great learning experience, anyone doing pickup should have watched every episode of it.