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The Difference Between Game And The Red Pill

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on December 24, 2014 at 2:27 pm
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PUA = Game + Red Pill.

I look at it like all we (PUAs) cared about was what worked to get laid and we figured out (through trial and error and through linking stuff like evo-psych and self-help and studying Naturals etc.) just enough of the Red Pill to get the jist of why our shit was working but our primary focus was poon.

The Manosphere and Red Pill communities have just taken what PUA figured out and analyzed it deeper to help explain the concepts in a more “new guy who doesn’t want to swallow the pill”-digestible way and linking scientific studies and shit to back it all up (we didn’t care about that, we knew this shit wouldn’t be acceptable or studied for years and all the proof of it working was out in-field every day if you wanted proof). Basically Manosphere/Red Pill communities have been confirming our shit and making it more palatable to a wider audience who don’t want to go the full hardcore PUA route.

That’s why I roll my eyes when Manosphere and Red Pill people shit on PUAs/RSD/Mystery. It just shows how the new generation has no idea where the shit they’re learning came from. That’s like me shitting on someone for eating cake, talking about how disgusting cake is and how pathetic people who eat cake are, when I’m eating a cupcake which is basically just a smaller cake with fancy icing on top to make it more appealing to a wider audience. Dumbest thing I see and it makes me lol and shake my head everytime. “Those PUAs are retarded, they don’t even GET laid! Check out my new Red Pill/Manosphere article on (insert concept taken directly from PUA but re-worded, or figured out from field experience and labelled as a new revelation when it’s actually a concept fully explained in early PUA teachings that could’ve saved them some time and energy if they had actually read them)”

I mean, at the end of the day I don’t care that much. I only point it out for the sake of accurately documenting history because I was there from basically the start (before there was a Manosphere or Red Pill or MGTOW community) and have watched this all go down.

I’m just happy this shit has reached a lot of dudes, whether it’s thru the Manophere, the Red Pill community, MGTOWs, MRAs, PUAs, GamerGate, UVA false rape case, fuck it it’s ALL good. The important thing to me is that men are waking up and seeing the Matrix for the first time en masse and rejecting the chains society has previously wrapped them in.

It’s a fucking beautiful sight that I never thought I’d live to see.

Merry Christmas, all. May the new year bring you all the hot young poon you desire lol

Comment Of The Week: The Psychotic Left

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on December 16, 2014 at 3:28 am
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Update for YaReally/Kant/Having a Bad Day

The 27 year old HB8 I banged last week…we exchanged a series of racy texts—basically her telling me all the nasty kinky things she wanted to do with me.

Then we were set to meet up Sunday. 30 minutes prior she texts that she’s “unwell”. I wait 30 minutes and reply: “Arrived. Just got this”. I actually hadn’t left my house. She was panicking apologizing and asking me to forgive her.

Then she proceeded to send me a series of texts about how she wanted to bang my brains out etc.

Then Monday morning she sent a text: “I want to see you so bad”. Me: “Come over after work”.

Radio silence. I send a ping: “Done work, on way home.”

Her: ru going to tell me you have other gf’s/lovers, whatever.

Me: bring dessert

Her: you didn’t reply

Me: keep me satisfied and I won’t have to. want someone serious

Her: that’s not the answer I was looking for. lets not waste time.

OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the drama

Me: “say what you wanna say, ask what you wanna ask, but look me in the eyes or I’m gone.”

That’s it. Radio silence for a day now. What is it with these crazy girls? They are the best fucks but wow: morning: wants to see me end of day: hates me.

Cluster B. They go off like bad lettuce.

THen there’s the opposite end of the spectrum: the 23 year old I was banging who broke it off suddenly feeling we were getting “too close”.

Now she’s giving me IOI’s at my Saturday dance party. I ignore.

After the year I’ve had: banging 12 hot younger girls, there’s no need to engage unless these girls literally come back begging for the cocka…

  • YaReally
    on December 17, 2014 at 1:47 pm
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    busy with work but a quickie:

    That chick isn’t cluster B, you fucked up. Got too excited by your super-power and slacked off on the calibration. It can happen when you have a lot of abundance going on and just stop caring about running tight game because if she doesn’t just jump on your magic stick then she’s out of the rotation and who cares you have 10 others on the go why put any effort in. That leads to this mentality: “After the year I’ve had: banging 12 hot younger girls, there’s no need to engage unless these girls literally come back begging for the cocka…”

    But it also leads to building bad/sloppy game habits that can fuck you up down the road. It won’t fuck you up immediately, it’s a slow gradual thing where down the road you can’t seem to keep a girl or you lose a girl you actually liked but it’s because you’re running the bad habits you built up.

    You got this from her:

    “Her: ru going to tell me you have other gf’s/lovers, whatever.”

    …specifically because when she sent this:

    “I want to see you so bad”

    …you sent this:

    “Come over after work”

    …instead of noticing her ASD was spiking and she was trying to get you to return her feelings of wanting to see HER, specifically HER, because she’s a special snowflake. So her ASD was hoping you would send something like “mmm me too babe I’ve been thinking about you all night. can’t even focus on work. come over tonight after work.”

    Same end result but she feels special.

    Because you didn’t give her that, you got this:

    “ru going to tell me you have other gf’s/lovers, whatever.”

    IMPORTANT SHIT TO NOTE: it’s important to remember that IF you had diffused this early the way I just described, you would NOT BE FACING THIS TEXT. Like, having to deal with this text happened BECAUSE you weren’t paying attention and missed the chance to avoid this by diffusing things sooner.

    Picture it like Ceaser the dog whisperer, how he talks about when a car is going by your dog as you’re walking it, you have to give the dog a little kick to distract it when the dog is still at like a 3 on the 1-10 scale of crazy. If you don’t kick it that soon and you let the dog get to a 7 then you’ve got a situation on your hands, and if you let it get to a 10, you are fucked.

    She got to a 7 because you didn’t snuff it out at 3, and you didn’t snuff it out at 3 because you were plowing without calibrating.

    That doesn’t mean it won’t work on girls, since you’ve done it before and it HAS worked, but don’t let yourself get sloppy and stop calibrating or you’re gonna’ build bad habits where you write the girl off as “crazy” instead of stopping and looking objectively at your game and going “oh you know what? that was actually my bad, shit”

    Then again when she sent that, you still plowed instead of calibrating and dismissed her level 7 ASD with:

    “bring dessert”

    Sending her into level 10, full barking at a car rage mode.

    She might come back, it’s totally possible. But this wasn’t a cluster B crazy bitch, this was you running sloppy game. That doesn’t mean your game sucks or that all your game is sloppy or that this won’t work on girls or anything, it’s just that in THIS particular case, with THIS particular girl, running THAT particular style of game, you missed some cues that you should’ve been watching for and stuck to your gameplan rigidly instead of calibrating and adapting on the fly.

    Be like water, my friend. ;)

    • YaReally
      on December 17, 2014 at 9:16 pm
      Original Link

      “would love to hear the difference between “calibration” and going beta.”

      Calibration is going just beta enough at just the right time.

      A lot of guys will pick a level of alpha/beta and then just plow ahead with that to the end goal and beyond. So you’ve picked hardcore alpha no fucks given and regardless of what signals she’s throwing at you, you’re plowing ahead with your gameplan in the same way a super beta guy would miss the signals she’s giving that she needs him to be decisive or aloof and just plow ahead with his gameplan of being too needy and supplicative. Neither guy is calibrating to her.

      Calibration is basically being very aware of what she’s throwing at you and why, and it’s different for every girl (though they tend to fall into groups and patterns in general).

      It’s not that you lie or change your entire personality for her, it’s that you dole out just enough beta when she needs it so that she feels special.

      A lot of naturals get enough abundance that they stop calibrating because they get into the mindset of “whatever, if she isn’t going to just jump on my dick like these other bitches then fuck her, NEXT!!” Which is fine, you can DO that…but it leads to problems and down the road you end up in situations where you keep losing your fuckbuddies or have trouble retaining new ones beyond a bang or two or they throw lots of drama at you and it gets frustrating and you blame them instead of your game.

      “Something here I’m not getting and not sure what the blind spot is.”

      If I had to guess I’d say you’re looking at the lay as the “end”. Like it seems like your mentality right now is venturing toward: “if I got the lay then what I did must have been “right” and she should just always want to bang me after that and I should just stick to whatever worked to get that first bang and if she doesn’t want to bang me again she’s crazy and fuck figuring that shit out”.

      But even if you get the lay, you have to be calibrating afterward, to stay balanced between her feeling used/slutty like you’re too aloof, and her feeling too close and like it’s getting too serious and running or giving the “I can’t do this if we aren’t going to be BF/GF” ultimatum.

      “so where is the next step/learning?”

      Retaining them consistently for weeks/months/years with casual sex-based relationships that have low drama and a lot less of this “now she wants me, now she doesn’t want me, who knows wtf is wrong with her, I shot her something and it seems to be working but I dunno who knows?” uncertainty.

      I can’t retain them all, obviously, but I have pretty solid consistency with keeping fuckbuddies on the line for months/years without them feeling slutty or falling too in love with me. And I can tell you accurately about where each of them is in terms of that scale at any given time…like I know exactly which girls I need to shoot a “saw this thing that reminded me of this cute thing you did the first time we met that told me you were going to be a fun girl” beta text and which girls’ texts I need to ignore for the weekend, etc.

      So I don’t get a lot of the drama and puzzles and back and forth that you’re getting, not because my girls are built any different, but just because I’m constantly calibrating and looking at why they’re saying what they say and where in that balancing act they are, and when they’re at a 3 toward feeling slutty or in love, I pull them back with a little beta/alpha so they always stay (using that dog whisperer scale again lol say 0 is ideal and -10 they feel slutty like you’re just using them for sex and they aren’t special, and 10 they feel too close (and deliver an Ultimatum to date them monogamously) or feel like you’re getting too needy and they need space) around -3 to 3 and rarely dip into -7 to 7 and really rarely end up at a -10 or 10 where shit gets way out of hand unrecoverable.

      You’re kind of doing what Tyler’s joked about that newbies do where he tells them “ok when she asks what your job is, don’t give her a straight answer right away” and the guy takes that concept and runs it into the ground so their interaction looks like:

      “what do you do?”
      “I work at taco bell”
      “lol no seriously what do you do?”
      “I work at pizza hut”
      “…no, c’mon, really what do you do?”
      “I work at mcdonalds, I’m the head fry chef.”

      …and it bombs because the first goofing around was great, the second was like oookay that’s funny but seriously I need to know, and then the last one is like, just uncalibrated and went too far. She was trying to communicate to him “I need to know something about you to feel like I know you and like we have comfort/rapport so we can fuck” But he was sticking to his gameplan and missed that signal.

      You did a similar thing…to ME, her signals were bright flashing neon signs, but in the moment you were sticking to your guns and not registering her trying to get you to make her feel special.

      Calibration is something you just learn from fucking up a bunch and losing a bunch of girls lol I went through the same growing pains to get where I am. Had girls falling in love with me too much, then couldn’t get girls to come back, then it was all over the map, etc. etc. until I learned to guage where they are on that slut/too close chart and nudge them when they need it.

      Like right now you sent some beta shit to that chick and now she loves you, so instinctively your brain may go “okay so be beta with this girl” but that was only in that moment because she was heading way off balance toward feeling slutty. Now that she’s back to loving you, it starts over…you can go back to being aloof because you’ve given her enough beta to make her happy for now. But down the road you may go too aloof and have to drop some more beta, or you may drop too much beta and she needs to miss you a bit or fear losing you. It’s a constant calibration.

      You don’t have to think about it when you get used to it…like I don’t really consciously think about this with my girls. I’m just going by the “vibe” now, but a “vibe” is really just my brain quickly calculating a bunch of variables/signals and comparing them to my reference experiences and spitting out what to do…I wouldn’t have that ability if I didn’t have those reference experiences of dealing with this and of spotting those variables/signals. But for me I basically just feel when to show more beta/alpha.

      And showing beta isn’t even showing gay beta, you can tell her you miss her or are thinking of her in an alpha way. Hell I’ve gone as far as using like “disappointed yet again…why don’t other girls know how to fuck the way you do?” lol I don’t recommend using that one (it was a special case) but my point is that you can make the girl feel special without coming off like a virgin in scarcity crying yourself to sleep over her.

      “I said basically tell me to my face…she said no and left.”

      Just a note on this move: you’re asking girls to go against their programming when you use this “tell me what you want” stuff. I’m sure that it’s worked and struck a solid alpha chord in a handful of girls so I won’t say don’t use it, but it’s kind of forcing a girl to either trigger her ASD (if she feels used) or trigger an Ultimatum (if she has feelings for you) and then present that via direct communication when girls want to have as little accountability as possible.

      So if she’s leaning just a little bit toward “no” and you’re like “tell me to my face, what do you want?”, she’s going to have to give you a full “no” when you could’ve instead calibrated that she was leaning a bit toward “no” and given her a bit of beta/alpha (depending on what she needs) and pulled her back toward “yes”.

    • YaReally
      on December 18, 2014 at 8:47 am
      Original Link

      “I tried this stuff…just wove a whole bunch of alpha direct but comfort-based stuff”

      But now remember that that doesn’t mean “okay just dump all this comfort-based alpha direct stuff on her all the time”, because then you’ll have pulled her from -3 to 0 but start pushing her toward 3 which’ll lead to 7 on the other end of the scale and she’ll feel like you’re too needy or (more often) she’ll fall too hard for you and develop too many feelings and then drops the Ultimatum (“date me monogamously as BF/GF or I can’t see you anymore because it hurts too much”) and then you lose her that way lol

      The balancing act is key, and it’s really not a big deal when you get used to it. Like it sounds like over-thinking it the way I’m writing it out here, like “wow how supplicative to spend all this effort trying to appease her”, but with practice it just becomes instinctive. You just know how she’s feeling the same way a guy who trains a lot of MMA can feel when people around him are angry because he’s learned to read those subcommunications.

      Some examples of balancing:

      – if you haven’t seen her in a while and being aloof she’ll feel unspecial and you’ll lose her…so you make her feel special and you can keep things burning while you’re away from her…but then if you start seeing her two or three times a week, that same making her feel special shit will make her fall too in love and fuck it up so when you’re seeing her a few times a week you’d be more aloof via text etc. So you’re always keeping her around that 0 mark.

      – if I get drunk and have a shitty night I might fuck up and text a girl I was Soft Next’ing with something that when I wake up I’m like “fuck that was gay” because it wasn’t calibrated and too needy…and I’ll know “ok BECAUSE I sent that stupid text, now I have to ignore her for a couple weeks to balance it out” lol if I didn’t pull back I would end up sabotaging myself, but because I know whereabouts she is on that scale and what my text likely caused her to feel in terms of that scale, I know how to bring it back to 0.

      – if a girl starts to take me for granted, like she shows up not dressed sexy and in a good mood, or she’s not initiating texts etc., then I know I need to ignore her for a weekend so she experiences a bit of dread game to appreciate me again

      – if a girl is getting super clingy with me, I know to be “busy with work” so that we can only see eachother once every week or two instead of whatever frequency we were seeing eachother, so her oxytocin and shit can settle.

      – if she’s feeling used and slutty like I’m just using her for sex, I’ll do something very slightly romantic/beta that reminds her that she’s special and not like the other girls.

      And this could all be the same girl over the course of a year lol I’m calibrating as things develop and just always keeping that 0 balance. It’s not mandatory, but the % chance of things being “over” with her go up when you let her slide around on that scale too far…sometimes that’s okay because you don’t care that much about her or just have other priorities in life, but it’s important to be consciously aware that that’s a decision on your part to not calibrate to her signals anymore.

      Also I want to just stress that none of what I’ve written is to imply that your game sucks or anything…you’ve been doing this a while and you know your shit and you’ve had success, it’s just that our game always fluctuates depending on what’s going on in our lives. So right now you’ve had a series of things happen to you that have built a certain mentality and certain blindspots and certain good and bad habits in your head for this particular period of your life…a few months from now it’ll be something else, and a few years from now you won’t even be able to relate to your current mindset but you’ll have other blindspots related to that period in your life.

      It happens to us all, and it’s why you have to always consider yourself a student of the game and not lock yourself into rigid beliefs and comfort zones and routines. Got to always be able to step back and objectively view your game and look for patterns and sticking points so you can grow.

Reader Mailbag: The Uphill Battle

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Mr Meaner
on December 8, 2014 at 4:50 pm
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Sort of OT…On the topic of escalation. There’s a slight loophole I often encounter – would appreciate readers’ responses.

Once you have a solid rotation of fuckbuddies, who will come to your house at the drop of a hat, what’s the most failsafe way to escalate without triggering ASD? This is something I’ve never really properly mastered. With a one-nighter or the first time a girl comes back to mine it’s always from a public place, so you can escalate the minute you both walk in the door. Easy peasy.

However, subsequent to this first bang, when she comes directly to mine, believe it or not I have actually had a non-trivial number of occasions where I’ve managed to activate the girl’s ASD/LMR EVEN when we’ve banged before.

Once she’s established she’s coming over directly to fuck, what’s a failsafe way to escalate without triggering her ASD or LMR?

What do readers think about escalating the minute a fuckbuddy walks in the door? A good strategy?

First world problems I know…..

  • YaReally
    on December 9, 2014 at 1:51 am
    Original Link

    “Once you have a solid rotation of fuckbuddies, who will come to your house at the drop of a hat, what’s the most failsafe way to escalate without triggering ASD?”

    “I’ve managed to activate the girl’s ASD/LMR EVEN when we’ve banged before.”

    Odds are either:

    1) YOU feel weird about having sex right away (like in your mind you think “but then I’d just be using her! We should watch a movie or have a drink first or it’s sleazy”) and she’s picking up on that and reflecting it (since what you feel, she feels).

    Or 2) She doesn’t feel like a special snowflake, so she wants to just cuddle and chat about her week or re-build comfort since last time you’ve seen her…just cuddle up while you’re stroking her arm and hair and let her blab and say some shit about your life and then escalate after like 10 min of that. If this is the issue, then you can avoid this by building more special snowflake status in your texts before meeting up and after sex when you’re cuddled up for like half an hour, which are the places I usually do it.

    So like some guys will just text a girl “bring da movies” and that’s the only text they’ve sent the girl since the last time they’ve banged, or they’ll kick a girl out right after sex or not build a connection (run some basic rapport and qualifying stuff, see Juggler Method) with her afterward while cuddling, and that’s cool but that can cause the situation you run into where once they meet up they have to make her feel special by hanging out a bunch before the sex (which risks triggering ASD if the guy really just wanted to bang her and views going for a drink or watching a movie etc. as frustrating and his sub-comms get all outcome dependent).

    I txt with girls (just random flirting shit) thru the week, esp if I’m planning to meet up with them soon, and I let them cuddle afterward and build our bond, so when they come over they already feel special and I can just open the door and say “hey. mmm you look good” and pin them against the wall, makeout, and we’re half-naked before we leave the door area lol

    The other possibility is option 3) she wants more of a relationship. So if she’s trying to weasel her way into an LTR with you, she’ll start delaying the sex and trying to build more rapport to try to win you over with her personality…usually this comes with stuff like wanting to meet up outside of your apartment like at dinner or going on an actual date to a movie or whatever, but inside your apartment it can mean delaying sex as long as possible to just cuddle up being “BF & GF” to a movie…the big one is when they try to come over and cuddle up and NOT put out, that’s the big shit-test to see if they can convert you to a boyfriend or not. Can’t do much about this once it happens, but you can prevent it for a longer period of time by being less boyfriend-material…I disqualify myself so hard as a potential boyfriend that I don’t get this situation much anymore. But if you come off like you would make a good boyfriend, you can get this fast…that’s why some rich guys will find they get a girl who wanted to fuck home and she suddenly sees he has a mansion and BMW and she all of a sudden won’t put out that night even tho she fully intended to before, because suddenly he’s shown himself to be good boyfriend material so she’ll want to try to weasel into an LTR with him instead of just fucking lol

    So try to narrow down which of those 3 it is for each girl, see if you can find a common pattern. The bad news is this is something you’re doing/causing (it’s a symptom of a disease, gotta’ fix the disease not just the symptom), but the good news is it’s something fixable. Step back and look at your game objectively and put yourself in their shoes and view it all thru those lenses and see if any of those possibilities fits.

    “What do readers think about escalating the minute a fuckbuddy walks in the door? A good strategy?”

    This is what I do lol I tell them to dress sexy and I open the door, give them the down and up with my eyes like a sleaze, laser them with sexual eye-contact and go “mmm, you look good tonight…” and pin their arms above their head on the wall/door, go in close face to face, sniff their neck “mmm you smell good too…”, nibble, etc. etc. and either start going at it right there, or take their hand and lead them over to my bedroom, or if they’re tiny I’ll pick them up with their legs wrapped around my waist, or fireman carry, or the general rescue carry where their knees are over one arm and the other arm is holding their back, and carry them to my bedroom, toss ‘em on the bed and we’re good to go. Because I tell them in advance to dress sexy for me, the tone is already set that I’m going to ravage them and another result of that is that I end up never seeing girls looking ugly lol…because they know we’re going to have sex and I’m going to pounce them right away and I told them to dress hot they show up looking like they’re going to a nightclub, instead of telling them “come over and we’ll watch a movie” where they might show up dressed plain/ugly. Their boyfriend gets to fuck them in their “comfies” sweatpants and no makeup, but I get them all done up lol

    I started experimenting with this because I was poor and lazy, I couldn’t afford to waste the booze in my fridge on girls, and definitely couldn’t afford to go on dates etc., and just didn’t want to invest the time in hanging out watching movies for 2 hours before we had sex or having nights where they’d come over and we don’t fuck at all. So I started seeing how fast I could escalate and if I could shave time off with txting etc. and learned to calibrate it the more I experimented, and I realized that I could lay a lot of groundwork via txt and cuddles so that I could just escalate quickly at the door.

    With regular FBs, they know that they’re going to get some time with me to feel special after we bang, because they have the reference experience that I like to fuck and then talk and won’t just kick them out and they know we’ll txt thru the week, so they’re happy to bang right away…if they worried I was going to kick them out they would hesitate more.

    Sometimes with a regular I’ll purposely stall and NOT escalate and just tease her and blab about stupid shit just to frustrate her but there’s no chance of her not having sex with me when I do that stuff so that’s just me self-amusing lol

    Hope this helps. There was a time where I felt like it would be crazy to just escalate at the door too. Now I can’t even imagine sitting around watching a movie with a girl, unless like, it’s porn or something lol

on December 8, 2014 at 5:19 pm
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Are Chinese or Indian men more beta/low-SMV?

The way I see it:

Chinese/Orientals – Lesser Beta
Indian/Pak – Omega.

  • corvinus
    on December 8, 2014 at 9:30 pm
    Original Link

    It’s an interesting question… it’s possible Asian men suck with women because they are genetically adapted for arranged marriages, whereas European men have to rely on game to attract their wives from the general population.

    • YaReally
      on December 9, 2014 at 7:26 am
      Original Link

      “it’s possible Asian men suck with women because they are genetically adapted for arranged marriages”

      I’d say most of it is cultural. Some of my best wingmen (with white chicks, yep) have been asian and brown dudes who’ve learned to shed their upbringing and let their alpha side out.

      But from what I’ve seen they have MASSIVELY sexually repressive upbringings. From how their parents treat affection/sex (one buddy said his mom would change channels if anyone on TV was about to kiss and he was watching etc.) to their cultural movies/TV (a lot more focus on dating and finding “the one” and exchanging information about their families (aka resume interview dates) VS sexual seduction in their romantic movies VS American movies that are full of having premarital sex and seduction and shit).

      A lot of pickup for new guys who were nerdy virgins etc., is about just normalizing sex and normalizing talking to girls and wanting to fuck them etc., and de-programming a lot of cultural repression. A lot of my early coming-out-of-my-shell days were spent in stripclubs just normalizing women and their bodies and learning not to be ashamed about sex or looking at women as sex objects or seeing titties or talking about sexual topics etc.

      A lot of naturals are naturals because they happened to have success with women early on and normalized sex and seduction and flirting etc. at an early age while other guys were playing World of Warcraft and looking at non-interactive porn, so by adulthood one guy is comfortable with women and sex and the other guy is a repressed neurotic basket-case.

      But in terms of actual in-field results, chicks don’t care. Girls who actively say they aren’t into non-white guys will fuck my asian/brown buddies because they classify them in another category…their coolness separates them from IT nerds and convenience store employees and the girls don’t register the cognitive dissonance…it’s the same way they say they didn’t cheat because they were on vacation so it “didn’t count”. My buddies “don’t count” as asian/brown guys to the girls because they don’t fit the stereotype.

      The funniest is when a girl makes fun of non-white guys TO my non-white buddies, because for a second the girls literally forget that they’re the race they’re making fun of because girls register vibe rather than looks.

      None of this will make sense to guys who haven’t seen it in person a bunch of course lol And these guys are rare but a non-white dude who wants to learn to get white chicks can absolutely do it. Blaming race is just making excuses.

on December 9, 2014 at 3:28 am
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I’ve met this hot looking slim, petite girl who has a soft elegant look online. Immediately I sexualized the interaction and she was keen to meet up.

I’ve created the “50 Shades of Grey” fantasy for this girl sending voice texts, calling her “my baby”… After talking about fucking our brains out, she suddenly gets cold:

Her: “I feel this is wrong”
Me: ?
Her: I dont’ know
Me: What do you mean?
Her: It’s like we’re gonna meet n hv sex. skip all process

This is where the forebrain/hindbrain conflict kicks in. She wants to bang me, and wants me to show her why it’s ok. I read this in Krauser’s blog and tried it:

Me: I’m a man you’re a woman it’s natural to explore in a way we feel is right for us

Her: if we dont’ talk abt sex. wil we hv nth to talk abt..? NEED FOR COMFORT

I don’t take the bait. I don’t pedestalize. I do however send her a longer explanation but it’s warranted

Me: Too many guys hide their desires and pretend. I’m a man and very open. Happiness and joy come from being free to be who we are without fear of being judged. I’m a man who wants to be with a woman who accepts her feminity and is ok with talking about anything.


Your ex finished in 2 minutes and I’m sure you never had a conversation like ours. NOTE THE DIFFERENTIATION HERE

Her: lol 2 mins refers to oral

this banter goes on a few more lines then this:

Me: What is a major turn on for you?

Her; depends on the person I like aggressive guys

More banter

Her: I’m super turned on by mature n confident guys like you, who wanted younger woman badly n wil hv sex with me like never hv sex before.


I just turned 27 2 months ago, not 30

YES!!!! I thought this chick was some 30 year old pushing back….now I see she’s a 27 year old keen to explore…and with an older dude.

This whole thing has been going on through text. I’m set to meet her this Thursday. She tried changing the date. I told her I could only meet between x and y times and she kept it back to our original time.

The point here is you don’t have to be “jerk boy”…just clear and not afraid to lose her. I’ve now told her what I want her to wear how to act.

She wants an older dude to bang her….she’s never had a dude confidently tell her how he “feels” without supplicating. I’m practicing a kind of meta game here….more expressive and responsive…sexual but dominant. She’ll follow along as you can read. Will report what happens.

  • YaReally
    on December 9, 2014 at 7:14 am
    Original Link

    Will be VERY surprised if she doesn’t flake on you. It’s possible that she won’t, I’ve pulled this type of thing off before, but it’s a massively low success rate…she would have to be a VERY adventurous personality type to not just meet up without much comfort/rapport but with ACTIVE sexual intent if you continue txting in this style up to the meet.

    I would pull back at this point and just text normal stuff between now and the meetup, build some non-sexual comfort/rapport, now that the actual date is arranged, to play the highest % but it can be good to plow it the way you are and just see what happens for the reference experience…like I say, it’s POSSIBLE it’ll work, I’ve seen it first-hand when I was experimenting (pushing purely sexual like this to where I’d have them pick me up at my apartment (buzzes my apartment, I just pin her against the wall in the lobby and makeout and we go in to fuck instead of going for drinks as planned), one of them drove up from another city even lol), I just found it not to be a consistently repeatable approach is all.

    If she DOES show up, I’d recommend chilling with a drink at wherever for an hour to just chat and make her feel comfortable, then start slipping in sexual topics and innuendo etc., and having an excuse to go to your place that isn’t “ok, well it looks like it’s Fuck O’Clock, let’s get going finish up your drink!” lol Also qualify her at some point like you liked how adventurous she was etc. so she feels like she’s earning you and not like you just do this with every girl.

    Every chick wants to feel at least a LITTLE special, even if she KNOWS she’s not lol That 50 Shades and Twilight shit is popular because it’s about a high-value guy who’s somehow attracted to the plain jane girl…so she feels special. The 50 Shades guy doesn’t have 10 other girls and the Twilight vampire isn’t chasing 10 other girls, they make that plain jane girl feel like she’s special, that’s part of the fantasy so give her that.

    Good luck, let us know what happens!

    • YaReally
      on December 9, 2014 at 12:57 pm
      Original Link

      Interesting…I’m hesitant to call it a cultural thing since, if anything you should be getting more ASD over there. But then if they’re used to a lot of super beta dudes there, it could be a “this is such an unusual opportunity that I need to see where this goes” thing.

      “She texted saying she may not be feeling well as she’s had a fever this week. Not sure whether that’s just cold-feet fever but it is not out of the realm of possibility she wants to be feeling well.”

      Curious how you handle this text of hers while running this style of game ’cause your handling of this could be where the difference is. This sounds like a standard “I want to do it, but I’m getting cold feet, but could go either way so I’m setting it up incase I DO chicken out” text. I would be pulling back into non-sexual comfort/rapport, instead of doing a Soft Next/Freezeout or pushing harder sexually. What’s your plan when you run into this?

      My standard move now is to go sexual off the bat like you were doing, then when I have a Day2 locked down (actual time/day scheduled and agreed upon) I turn off the sexual shit aside from very light flirting till we actually meet in person, then go full sexual and escalate fast. I just got too much flaking if I kept the sexual stuff up with no comfort/rapport sprinkled in lol They’d still be receptive to texting but I had to disarm a fuckload of ASD to get them to actually meet up.

      The girls it worked with for me tended to be super independent/adventurous types where they figure they can handle themselves if I turn out to be an ax murderer VS the innocent/shy types who generally wanted more security/trust first. I found there wasn’t really a downside to running the same “turn off the aggressive sexuality” style on both types of girls because it wouldn’t make the adventurous ones flake, so my style evolved into it because it just seemed to be a higher % play (ie – aggressive sexual worked on one type but scared off the other, while turning off the sexual worked on both types) and I generally tend toward stacking odds in my favor.

      Definitely curious to see what happens with this one.

on December 9, 2014 at 6:47 am
Original Link

And … my last two comments have disappeared in moderation. BV out.

  • YaReally
    on December 9, 2014 at 7:02 am
    Original Link

    Same :( Approve us CH! lol

on December 9, 2014 at 6:59 am
Original Link

Excellent article by Roosh about how RSD epically failed against the SJW mob and is toast as a company:

As he pointed out: “RSD is paying a huge financial price for their mistakes.”

I mean, look at this. The controversy is blowing up on a daily basis, there’s literally no end to it. Article after article are destroying RSD. Will there be hate mobs outside every nightclub across the world protesting them? I think it’s safe to bet that with this kind of attention on the rise all RSD students and instructors will be in danger:

God, the mounting insanity!! Julien is probably hiding in a cave somewhere, crying himself to sleep. He said in the CNN interview that he doesn’t know where his career will go from here, if he’ll even keep teaching…he’s banned from every country in the world and has probably left RSD. All his tour dates were taken off the website which means they’ve all been cancelled that wasn’t just to hide them from the SJWs. I mean, we’ll probably never see him post another video again like he did a couple days ago on RSD’s front page:

On top of that ALL OF RSD’S instructors have quit! They’ve all been thrown under the bus and lost faith in Tyler and everyone has bailed on the sinking ship. RSD is OVER without it’s instructors. Papa (Nick Kho from #takedownjulienblanc fame) has confirmed that all RSD instructors have quit:

Papa: “All Instructors are still here, including Alex who is teaching bootcamps every weekend and he is creating new videos as well and has plans to continue to post on RSD nation as well as every other Instructor including Tyler, Brad, Alex, Julien, Max, Jeffy, Ozzie, and Todd.”

How are they ever going to get new customers without their instructors?? And the negative exposure doesn’t stop…I mean just LOOK at the #takedownjulienblanc hashtag, increasing DAILY in hate:

Wow!! It’s out of control! And if you look at it:

You can see that most of the posts on it are directly hating Julien from millions of unique Twitter accounts. It’s not just a handful of the same like 5 posters spamming it, with half their posts having nothing to even do with Julien.

Can’t believe how Tyler handled this. All the RVF forum members (hi guise!) made it clear what an idiot he is, thinking the news has about a 10 day “give a fuck” cycle before things return to business as usual but that’s CLEARLY not the case…it was at LEAST 14 days.

Plus this has all MASSIVELY affected their customer base. Most of their fans were so aghast at how Tyler handled things that they deleted their accounts. As you can see, before this incident their forum had:

720 users, 13387 guests. And now??

A paltry 870 users, and 16955 guests.

…Sure, those second numbers LOOK bigger at first, but that’s just because you don’t understand how numbers work. You just don’t understand marketing or success. Here’s a totally random example of what good numbers look like:

See, this completely random forum has 654 users active, and 579 guests. You might think if you made your living off game and had lower numbers you would be bitter at other people’s success and want to try to take them down with articles on your blog that exaggerate flaws and are based on a lack of research, but that’s just ’cause you guys don’t understand marketing.

I think the worst hit to all this is their videos, because that’s what went viral. That’s where the REAL damage is, millions of dollars and customers lost:

As you can see, Julien has a massive 27,716 subscribers and his videos have numbers like 15k, 11k, 14k, with a few standout 25k and like one 40k. But look at all the damage this exposure has done:

Wow, brutal, now he’s got a mere 47,051 subscribers, that’s pracitcally DOUBLE the failure…and his videos? 44k views, 56k, 36k, 57k, 68k, and a few standout 190k, 170k videos. As we discussed before, higher numbers are actually BAD. Lower numbers are better.

As you can see from this completely random YouTube channel, this is what proper success should look like:

Now you can see what success looks like. 9,737 subscribers is better than 47,000 because of the way numbers work. And video views, 4k, 7k, 11k, 10k, and a few standouts at whopping 41k, 39k (when piggybacking off other people’s names like Laci Green and Tucker Max…kind of like writing articles hating on RSD). See, when you’re selling a quality product, you don’t need as many views or subscribers…ask any hipster and they’ll tell you, the better a band is the less people know about it. THAT is marketing strategy.

Like Roosh mentions in his fantastic well-researched article:

“They teach men to not socially calibrate, to ignore a woman’s responses in favor of “plowing” (even in the face of clear disinterest)”

You can see examples of Julien telling men specifically not to calibrate here:

An here’s bootcamp footage of Julien teaching men to just aggressively jump on women on the street, instead of running casual indirect game like Roosh will teach you to do:

“Are you from miami, or no?” “Where would a chap go to buy some socks?” Holy crap!! Totally uncalibrated, this type of hardcore direct game is going to get banned for SURE!! Everyone buy Roosh’s book instead! You aren’t prepared to ask a girl if she’s from around here…that’s basically rape.

AS Roosh says in his stellar article: “This school of game could now land a man in jail”

It’s good that Roosh spotted that, because otherwise it would look like he’s either just running around like a headless chicken like the SJWs or so desperate and kind of sad that he has to shit on other people to promote his own business which is definitely the action of a high-value alpha male.

Like Roosh says in his incredible article:

“RSD is a great example of what happens when you develop in an echo chamber outside of the real world.”

The worst thing in the world would be becoming an echo chamber like the SJWs. Just make sure to follow Roosh’s lead:

See how instead of debating actual points with someone who points out flaws in his thinking, he immediately writes them off as shills. You can see more examples of this in the comment section at Jezebel, where anyone who brings up anything that goes against their feminist groupthink is automatically labelled a “fedora-wearing MRA troll”. THAT is how you debate things when you’re a real man…your observations and statements hold up to scrutiny and debate SO obviously that you don’t actually need to discuss them, you can just shut down anyone who doesn’t agree with your hugbox–oops I mean your solid discussion section.

Thank god Roosh brought his blog back with that article. That was worth the wait. I wouldn’t want to see him write about actual game or anything. Clickbait and slandering other companies is definitely the way to get popular, every high-school girl knows THAT duh. I mean, RSD doesn’t shit on other pickup companies, because they trust in their own product and like to spread good value, but we’ve all seen how they’re about to shut down.

I wonder if they’ll close RSD this week or wait till the constant SJW attacks outside all the bars they’re banned from get to be too much to handle.

Personally I feel bad for the SJWs…as Roosh explains in his article, if they come after him they’re in trouble:

“RSD inflicted not one unit of pain upon its enemies, but this won’t be said if the mob turns to my direction.”

Good thing for the SJW’s safety that no one gives enough of a fuck for them to attack him and feel his vengeance. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go announce that RSD is shutting down because I am obviously Tyler and we’ve taken far too big a financial hit from this whole controversy to continue. :(

(P.S. I recommend Day Bang, because I don’t sell pickup products so I’m free to recommend what I think is quality work that will help men instead of trying to turn them away from useful information to appease my butthurt ego and boost my business)

(P.P.S. If anyone wants to link this on the RVF forum (I recommend this particular homoerotic circle-jerk lol: ) or the comment section of Roosh’s article, please do, I would but he’d obviously delete and ban me lol)