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Beta Of The Month: Epic Showdown

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AblativeMeatshield (@AblativMeatshld)
on August 30, 2013 at 4:55 pm
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Speaking of Scalzi in a dress, am I the only one who had brought to mind a certain series of skits from the show “Little Britain”?

  • YaReally
    on August 31, 2013 at 10:37 am
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    Crossdressing done right:

    *I* sure wouldn’t make fun of him!

on August 31, 2013 at 10:33 am
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Alpha of the month:

He’s doing this in Toronto, the city where Roosh couldn’t get laid and the city his forum of “looks matter!” guys are convinced is one of the hardest cities in North America to get girls.

He’s five feet tall, but dat body language, dat voice-tonality, dat lack of leaning in, dat self-amusement, dat alpha vibe…looks matter, what?

It’s Saturday, go the fuck out tonight.

on September 1, 2013 at 9:21 am
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Fuxing bullshit, mang. Another thinly veiled ultimatum. Wtf. The 7 may move away soon for her job. And I was like ‘o nooooooo.’ Then she brought up the possibility of a long-distance relationship and I was like ‘ehhhhhhhhhh….’ (hella shocked that I had this reaction btw!) Then she was like ‘well if I stayed, you wouldn’t be ready for a relationship anyway.’ To which I just kind of dodged ‘has anyone ever complimented you on your subtlety? What’s next, pinning a pussy-eviction notice on my dick?’

So she attempts to start a fight, but I calm it down fast…admittedly I just put a band-aid on the wound (Ya, I’m just caught offguard….I’ll think about it. I really care about you) — then we make up.

So, as more (albeit anecdotal) proof that game — and game alone — is worth a lot, I can submit this convo:

7: I’m really annoyed that I care so much. I haven’t really had feelings for anyone since my first boyfriend….so, 2008. Normally, the guys I date…I can just take or leave. If they step out of line at all, I’m just done with them.

(I believe this as truff— bish gets hit up on her phone constantly; and she constantly ignores EVERYONE. So that kind of choice and power is believable — I’m intrigued)

Me: What do you mean, give an example….

7: I don’t know, friends X and Y don’t like me to talk at all when we’re out because they say I’ll ruin it with the guys they like. (of her group, X and Y are a 5 and a 6….)

Me: Why…

7: Because I’m usually just like ‘whatever…okay, you’re good-looking or funny or whatever, cool.’ And they’ll be like ‘how could you turn THAT down?’

Me: Hm….

7: I mean, I get hit on a lot…and the guys I’ve gone out with, admittedly have been very attractive. But that’s it…it’s like ‘ya you’re handsome.’ Like this one guy I was dating for a few months… I hadn’t been intimate with him, or even kissed him (ya you heard that right folks. This chick has only been with 3 dudes total….), so finally he broke down and was like ‘listen it’s been two months, when is this going to happen?’ So I just said ‘never,’ and left some money, then walked out.

Me: (wtfmindblown….2 months of weekly and bi-weekly — confirmed — dates without ANYTHING? lulz) That sucks…he paved the way for me, I guess…y’know, like how someone sits on a slot machine for a long time and gives up, then the first sucker to take it on one date hits the jackpot.

7: Sometimes I want to smack you….

Me: That is so tight. Nah, I’m just messing with you.

7: I really liked you.

Me: Why…

7: I don’t know, I just….I just liked you very fast. (Conflicting stories now….before, she said at first she didn’t like me at first and wanted me to leave her alone lol srs). You were really funny…

Me: Didn’t you just say that a lot of the time guys were funny or good looking and that didn’t matter?

7: Yeah….but……like, you know how most guys when they meet girls just try to put all of who they are out there, and try to talk about how good they are or how cool they are. They’re just so aggressive… (translation: beta tryhards — ya so what she said aggressive, she just meant tryhard)…and they don’t listen. (I have no idea wtf that means, because I sure as fuck didn’t really listen at all….so I’m just assuming it’s some sort of shorthand for ‘I wish they knew how to engage me’).

Me: Ya sure….

7: Yeah….I liked how you just were talking to my friends, and just being cool. You were really charming. You were perfect.

What else could she be talking about but whatever game I managed to display that night? She’s failing to describe exactly ‘what’ it is/was that is different, but we kind of eliminated lots of the variables.

That’s kind of cool………but the situ is kind of shitty. I may end up just having to let her go :(

  • YaReally
    on September 1, 2013 at 11:46 am
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    “Then she brought up the possibility of a long-distance relationship and I was like ‘ehhhhhhhhhh….’ (hella shocked that I had this reaction btw!)”

    lol no. Just, no. Thing is you can HAVE an open-LDR, where she flies up to visit now and then and you hang out and hook up…but sure as shit don’t promise long-distance monogamy. That would be insane and you would regret it and ultimately resent her for strong-arming you into it.

    “So, as more (albeit anecdotal) proof that game — and game alone — is worth a lot”

    All we have is anecdotal proof…but we have a LOT of it lol. You’re not even done yet, you’re still not even a year into it I don’t think (like from your first FR), and now you’re breaking 7s hearts who have a bunch of good-looking dudes chasing them.

    “7: Because I’m usually just like ‘whatever…okay, you’re good-looking or funny or whatever, cool.’ And they’ll be like ‘how could you turn THAT down?’”

    Hotter social girls have more experience with good-looking rich social etc dudes. Like I say, a smokin hot 9 has guys with 6-pack abs literally offering to fly them on vacations on private jets and shit. That’s not an exaggeration. Their entire social circle when they’re out is often all good-looking dudes because those are the guys who feel entitled to hang out with her (the ugly nerds are scared to talk to her)

    But there comes an equilibrium point where when everyone around you is good-looking, rich, etc, it becomes the norm and boring, so what stands out to a girl is something different/unique, a personality and strong frame often in a body/face that you wouldn’t expect it from.

    Is every hot celebrity chick dating a Brad Pitt clone? No, a lot of them date weird artist dudes or old weird looking dudes (who’s faces have “character” to them) and shit who aren’t conventionally attractive…this is usually because the chick is SO used to generic good-looking rich dudes who don’t know how to push her thru emotions and game her, that she’s numb to that and this weird guy who’s rock solid confident and sure of his shit and teases her etc, stands out to her.

    “and they don’t listen.”

    She means they don’t listen to her sub-communications. But she doesn’t know she means that and she wouldn’t be able to articulate it. You communicate with her emotions, those guys are trying to communicate with her brain. Guess which one is more important to a girl. :)

    “That’s kind of cool………”

    It IS cool lol props on your improvements in your game and it’s stuff like this that will keep expanding your mind and blowing limiting beliefs out of the water for you.

    “but the situ is kind of shitty. I may end up just having to let her go”

    You do. Sorry. :( that’s the shitty part about PUA. A normal guy like 2 month McNoSex she mentioned, would build attraction over months or years, but you’re learning a skillset that builds that same level of attraction over a few hours or dates.

    This is why we try to put off triggering the Ultimatum as long as possible…because once that switch flips, there’s no going back. When you start noticing the signs of it starting to trigger, that’s the start of the end. It’s a bitter-sweet thing…on the one hand you might care about the girl and really love the time you’ve had together, but on the other hand you know it’s going to end soon and you’ll probably be the one to have to snuff it out. It’s like watching your life-long pet dog get sicker and sicker as he grows old and knowing you’re going to have to take him out back one day. It’s rough and still hurts, even to a guy as jaded as myself. I take it as a sign that I’m still human lol

    You’ll meet girls as awesome or more awesome than this one down the road. You’re young and you’ll be going out and socializing a lot in the years to come, and you haven’t even hit your prime as a man yet. She wants you now because she doesn’t want to lose you, but she would lose you if you gave everything up for her because you would lose yourself and end up back where you started.

    I usually tell my girls (the ones I plan to see for a while VS the flings) that someday they’ll have to break it off with me, because I don’t have any reason to break it off some them. Even if they move away, or meet another guy, I’ll still care about them like I do now and I’ll always be here for them if they come back or come to visit me. They know I’ll still be off doing my thing with other girls, but they know that there’s always a place for them in my heart (/homo lol).

    Hope some of that helps, swipe some of it if you get stuck in these conversations with this one over the next while here (which you probably will).

    At the end of the day it’s not really a sad thing…like, it is to normal people who live normal lives, like the guys on here who are all “fly across the country and chase her and marry her now every other girl is a cock-sucking whore!!!!” But it IS a different way of viewing the world. As you get further along you start to feel almost like an observer of the human race, kind of a fly on the wall like you understand what they’re going thru (whether it’s watching your buddy suffer from approach anxiety or noticing your buddy’s GF flirt with you and knowing she’d bang you or watching a girl you’re banging start to fall in love with you), but you’re kind of outside of it and looking at a bigger wider picture than they can see. It’s like they’re zoomed in and you’re zoomed out.

    From that point you decide whether you’re going to use that “power” for “good”, to help other people find their way and guide them when you can (whether that’s helping a girl not fall in love with you too fast, or helping another dude learn game, or helping a store clerk feel better about their shitty day, etc), or use it for “evil”, manipulating people for your own means to get ahead and not care what mess you leave them in.

    Knowing that point will come one day, if you stick at this, is why we try to teach new guys “leave them better than you found them” and “spread good vibes, be a value-giver instead of a value-taker” etc. it’s not super relevant when you first start out…but we hope you remember those ideas when you start running into situations like this where you have to let a girl go.

    If it’s any consolation, they’re rarely ever truly gone. I could call almost any of the girls who’ve Ultimatumed me and tell them I want to settle down and be with them and most of them would drop whatever’s going on in their lives to take me up on it. 5 minutes of alpha and all that…she won’t forget how you made her feel and you’ll always have chemistry.

    But often, letting her go and cutting it off is for her own good…so she doesn’t waste her prime waiting for you and become another wall victim. Right before I moved to a new city, I brutally crushed a couple girls I cared about who were falling deeply in love with me, because I knew that if I left them ANY hope that one day I’d come back for them, or that they could uproot their lives to follow me, they would wait or chase, and they would put off meeting another guy who was ready/willing to provide them the relationship stuff I wasn’t ready/willing to provide, and that’s not cool to me.

    But it definitely sucks. Welcome to the game. :)

Every CH Text Game Tactic Used On One Girl At Once

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Canadian Friend
on August 29, 2013 at 2:34 pm
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If this is a real conversation, it is weird that no matter what the guy said she kept on having a relatively normal conversation, as if she was oblivious to whatever he said,

it seems no matter what he would have said – he could have read the ingredient list on a can of soup – she would have had the exact same conversation

ain’t that strange?…

  • Lily
    on August 29, 2013 at 3:16 pm
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    This exchange is out of context, so we don’t know what happened between them before.

    Possibly, they have spent time together already because he’s mentioning her pussy rocks.

    Probably, he is used to asking her on short notice, and she’s tired of it because it implies that he doesn’t take her seriously and no options on her part. So at this point, no matter what he says, she is mad he always leaves her for last minute, yet again. That’s why she sounds so oblivious to his game. She must have made up her mind already not to accept these last minuet guys that want sex and nothing else.

    Not that I think this girl is worth anything, as I think she is trashy as well as a stupid (nothing worse than a stupid slut). But, when a guy asks regularly on short notice, it means he’s a dead end.

    • Kate
      on August 29, 2013 at 4:54 pm
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      If he hasn’t asked you out for the weekend by Thursday, you’re busy. At least, that’s what a Rules girl would do ;)

      • YaReally
        on August 29, 2013 at 10:53 pm
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        I follow this. Even with girls who haven’t read The Rules, txting them last-minute will set off their ASD.

        This is especially true with chicks I haven’t actually banged yet. If I meet a girl and don’t escalate past a makeout in the initial interaction, on Sun/Mon I’ll set something up for a weeknight, or I’ll txt her by Wednesday night to see what she’s up to on the weekend and arrange plans to rendezvous.

        It’s always funny to me that even if the weekend plans are “I have to go to a b’day party but I’ll txt you as soon as I can escape and we’ll hang out” which is the exact same thing as simply going to the b’day party and txting her from it to hang out after…the exact same plans and end result, the former will be seen as sweet and not trigger ASD, and the latter will seem like a booty call and trigger ASD.

        This is extra important if you escalate past a few romantic kisses into hardcore makeout territory and beyond, but can’t fuck her that night…you’ll already be playing with flakey fire in getting her out again at ALL because her ASD will be thru the roof, but then on TOP of that txting to hook up with her at the last-minute? Fuhgheddaboutit lol it could theoretically happen, but you could also theoretically win a poker hand going all-in pre-flop on 2-7 off-suit. That doesn’t make it a smart play.

        Once you’re banging, if you’ve established a pure casual fuckbuddy frame, it’s fine. But as she starts to develop feelings, this will start to trigger ASD and eventually bring The Ultimatum (“if you just want me for sex, we can’t hang out anymore, I care about you too much and it hurts”).

        A huge part of pick-up is simply learning to stealth around the ASD security guards setting off the alarm like you’re Solid Snake.

        This txt exchange wouldn’t have been hard to avoid entirely, and could’ve been turned around but buddy burned it into the ground on purpose for our amusement which got me to lol at least. I’m stealing that soap-opera line lol

Are Antidepressants Ruining American Women?

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on August 27, 2013 at 1:45 pm
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I am a psychiatrist who recently prescribed the main girl im fucking [who is a 26 yo former full time model] wellbutrin bc she was feeling depressed regarding the fact that id never marry her….but she feels like she cant leave the relationship. So in essence I have control of this bitches mind psychologically AND biologically. Its tight.

  • YaReally
    on August 27, 2013 at 7:59 pm
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    creepy fuck.

    • Anonymous
      on August 27, 2013 at 8:47 pm
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      man the h8 in this response makes u sound like someone who had a bad experience with the field. what exactly do u find so disturbing about prescribing an antidepressant to a chick? obviously i was kidding when i said i was controlling her mind.

      • YaReally
        on August 27, 2013 at 10:22 pm
        Original Link

        Nothing creepy about prescribing shit. The creepy part is patting yourself on the back over it and being surprised that no one seems to be high-fiving you like you expected.

on August 27, 2013 at 8:34 pm
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I thank god every day for females taking antidepressants. Is there anything worse than an alternately weepy then bitchy date? Sure, on SSIR’s maybe she’s not as happy when she’s in the sweet spot of her cycle. But SSRI’s save us from the lows of the cycle. It is totally worth the trade-off.

  • obsessivecakedisorder
    on August 27, 2013 at 10:14 pm
    Original Link

    If women were not prescribed antidepressants for every little boo-hoo, they’d learn how to process their emotions and wouldn’t have the highs and lows. It’s not just the antidepressants; it’s the cocktail of drugs we’re all told we need on a daily basis just to be human.

    Just for the record, so you know where I come from, I am not on any medication. I get mad, I get sad, I get over it.

    • YaReally
      on August 27, 2013 at 10:34 pm
      Original Link


      I have female friends who individually take more pills than all of the guys I know who take pills, COMBINED. I can think of maybe 2 guys off-hand taking anti-depressants and they’re taking them for legit reasons like life shitting all over them in a combination of ways, VS because they’re a little unhappy or their stomach hurts when they eat food they know will make their stomach hurt.

      It’s part of the whole victim status thing, you’re not sad you’re bipolar even tho you haven’t been diagnosed look don’t ask questions just gimme my meds so people will feel sorry for me and excuse my shitty behavior.

      Do I just know the mentally and physically healthiest guys in the world? No. We just learn that life isn’t always fair and that sometimes you’ll feel bad and you have to get thru it.

      The whole over-diagnosing ADD in young boys is scary as fuck to me as well. If I had kids I would do my damnedest to try to feed them proper and help them develop the mental tools to deal with adversity.

      • YaReally
        on August 27, 2013 at 10:55 pm
        Original Link

        In a related issue, I think it’s funny that so many women are “unhappy” now that they’re in the corporate world, because they thought going off to be someone’s bitch for 8-12 hours a day doing a job you hate for way too little pay was going to be a magical fun experience that they knew men were keeping them from getting to have.

        Now it’s like, hey, welcome to the corporate world. Prepare to be miserable most of your life and miss out on a bunch of shit because you’re too busy keeping up with the Jones’es. Did you not know men were miserable?

        How come all those men weren’t carrying a pharmacy in their briefcase? Because even after a shitty day at the office they knew they could come home to a warm healthy meal, a clean house, a family who appreciates them putting food on the table and clothes on their back, know their kids were looked after properly by their biological mother, bang their wife before falling asleep, and rally up to face the next day.

        Feminism has killed that arrangement and now we have both genders going out and taking it up at the ass at work all day, then coming home to loneliness, or shared work, extra work, drama, broken families, and general chaos. Women have turned to drugs to deal with it, men have turned to X-Box and porn.

        How is this all going to end up? No fucking idea lol. Like the Joker says “there’s no going back, you’ve CHANGED things.” But it’s all fascinating to watch from poolside.

        (for the record I work for myself, which is part of why I have the flexible work hours and general abundance of free time to post on here all day and also chase poon and get laid lol I’m planning to focus more on work than women this year though, so I’m shooting for just having a solid 2 or 3 girl casual harem for the next while that I can just txt to come over when I need some release and then will leave right after so I can get back to work)

A Man’s Perceived Physical Attractiveness Is Fluid

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on August 22, 2013 at 2:41 pm
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After struggling with very minor body issues I have recently came to the conclusion regarding looks. I have a face gets decent amounts of attraction and I’m 5’11, 178 with about 18 – 20 percent body fat, so it’s not like I’m hideous or anything.

My conclusion is that the reason that vast majority of men are failing in this world is because they have turned their focus to ‘idols’. They fall for sexy siren songs of external attributes that they believe are the magic key to will unlock the doors of pussy heaven.

They have no foundation. They are basing their whole lives worshipping different idols that they believe that if they pay enough tribute will reward them. However, the reverse is true. Their idol demands blood and extracts it, destroying their soul in the process.

For example for the idol of Looks or ‘Narcissus’, a great number of guys are getting into bodybuilding these days due to the increasing hypergamy of western women. The reason being they want to look like fawned after movie stars and have the dominant presence of a physically stronger man. This is at first enticing. Just start lifting, count your macros and then bang hot model quality ass. However it’s a total scam.

First, most guys simply don’t the natural genetics and extreme willpower to achieve to break into the top 10 percent that is required for people to actually give a fuck about your body in that it’s seen as something special.

Second, facial aesthetics is far more important in the looks game than a powerful body since it’s more rare and can’t be manipulated as muscles can. No amount of lifting will make your face resemble a male model’s.

Third and probably the most damaging is that you give power to other men over you. If looks are supremely important to you then you will naturally defer to the better looking man because you see this man as being inherently superior to you. What happens is your game will suffer greatly. You will be shook at the subconscious level.

If you don’t value the better looking man, you take away his power. I’m not going to submit to him. Who the fuck is he? You’re huge and good looking. So? How about your security or your social dominance. Let’s see how that holds up.

And that’s the real key. It’s your essence. What can you do as man to dominant your environment. How silver is your tongue? Can you read the ebbs and flows of the social putting green? Can you push and pull in equal amounts at the right time? How shaken are you when events don’t go just right?

In a certain environment, yes big muscles mean something. But really where does that apply to CH’s demographic. Most of the yuppies I know aren’t going to prison over stupid shit. They just beat their chest and hope you buy into it. What good is being an athletic stud if you can’t use it. A weakness isn’t a weakness unless it can be exploited.

A forth thing that Narcissus steals from you is your own self image. Narcissism and vanity are one of the main cause of these fatties. Their vanity leads them down the hole of ice cream, Cheetos and despair. The reasoning is if they can’t be in the top 20 percent of looks then they just say ‘fuck it’. Good is the enemy of perfect. Why bother? They then proceed to become absolute monstrosities due to their own narcissism. These are the women that complain about being ugly and for rally for fat acceptance. Being merely pretty in an average way isn’t good enough so they don’t want to play anymore.

In terms of looks for a man, just do your best within reason. Look as sharp as possible in that you groom yourself and you adorn yourself with hair and clothes that grab attention. It’s not enough to have ‘nice’ clothes, they should be saying something. Keep your weight and shape under control but don’t worry about sub 13 percent body fat, it’s not going to do shit. Posture and strong alpha mannerisms round out the package.That’s it.

Your worth is your courage and your drive. Your social dominance. Your inner man. Everything else is icing.

on August 22, 2013 at 5:18 pm
Original Link

In-field footage:

la la la la la I’ll just leave these here until people who don’t go out much start listening to Tyler, the ugly fuck who’s spent 10 years gaming and literally built a business out of teaching men of all sorts of looks/status to get women, and who has an hour of in-field footage up (see above) where he shows a 5’7″ skinny pale balding ginger with a nasaly voice having women make out and go home with him:

And my archive where I’ve addressed this a bunch of times:

2 + 2 = 4. It doesn’t matter how strongly you feel like it should equal 3, or want it to equal 3 or convince yourself it equals 3 so you can justify your actions/results or lack thereof…2 + 2, if you spend enough time in the field (reading/debating theory and “observing” is not “in the field”), will continue to equal 4.

in b4 they’re all paid actresses, drunk, sluts, cherry-picked footage (I don’t disagree on this one, but a guy who looks/sounds like that getting ANY kind of consistent success at ALL is proof alone that Game works), etc lol

  • FuriousFerret
    on August 22, 2013 at 7:15 pm
    Original Link

    “(I don’t disagree on this one, but a guy who looks/sounds like that getting ANY kind of consistent success at ALL is proof alone that Game works)”

    That’s the problem that a lot of guys have with Tyler. This is man whose supposed genetic destiny was to play D&D and marry a fat hog. He’s supposed to be the subservient nerd at work that is ‘nice’ to the other men. They won’t take advice from someone that they view as beneath him.

    What sticks the knife into the side is because he use Game/Personality to have sex with women. If it was money or fame they simply won’t care. Due to the fucked state of men and our feminized social programming we have become shims. We over worry about looks by a mile. Also you have to consider what Tyler represents. He is a middle finger to all their blood, sweat and tears at the gym. They spent all that time of what they thought would make them pussy magnets. To have someone to tell you it’s this hidden mystery in attracting women is being an old school man and taking care of your shit simply because that’s what a man does (which we basically have lived by for thousands of years), it threatens their belief system and basically takes away their advantage.

    When being a stud isn’t the answer, what now? A hilarious thing is when the bodybuilding guys find out that facial aesthetics is the critical component in pulling based on looks. A trait that can’t be gamed and because of that it’s much more valuable. That’s when they really start to weep.

    Ironically, the ultimate spokesman for Game would be male movie star type that is already ultra charismatic and top 1 percent good looking. Despite people protesting it’s because of his ultra elite passive value that he processes, he would still make it more popular because it taps into their value system of looks and fame.

    • Turk
      on August 23, 2013 at 4:35 am
      Original Link

      There’s a limit to what you’re saying.

      I’m 5’8 better than average looking but the shorter you are, the better care you have to take of yourself. I gym alot and and watch my nutrition quite closely. If you’re short don’t be fat – you still need to get your foot in the door with chicks upon interacting with them (i.e look good).

      You are correct though there is a point where the effort being put in gives diminishing returns.

      Oh and grow a beard – it’s got me sooooo much attention in the past year I’m kicking myself as to why I hadn’t grown it in my earlier..

      • immoralgables
        on August 23, 2013 at 7:05 am
        Original Link

        There are limits and then again, there aren’t. This is this theory that YaReally has touched upon and I endorse it. If you’re not conventionally “attractive”, then just by being direct in your approach then you can get on the girls radar.

        You don’t have to be 6’2″. It def helps, no doubt. But time and time again, the hotties will be attracted to the boldness of shorter men like us Turk.

        How do I know this? Because I like to go direct and use cocky/funny flirty routines. Sure, I think some of it overcompensates for insecurities I feel I have. At times where I feel like I may not “Be enough” then I tend to lean on disqualifying the girl, accusing her of picking me up, etc etc. Some times it’s overkill. But when it works, it works.

        An example from yesterday. This I sent to a couple of my wingmen.

        Okay, so quick situ from today. I blew up account with Belorussian,
        I got the HB8 Cuban chick from Miami on 08/21 to respond but nothing from my last text. That’s not blown up.

        Either way, I knew I had to make at least one approach today. Just one
        Walking near NY *********** in Downtown FiDi. See this tall blonde (5’10″), red shirt, tight legs and fitting jeans
        Let’s rank her a soft HB8
        “Fuck”. But fuck that, know what “My game is 10/10 and fuck what anyone thinks about me”

        I walk up from behind. I get on her peripheral, like my buddy showed me, I try to stop her with body language a bit.

        “Excuse me, I know I’m probably too tall for you, but I saw you back there and HAD to come say Hi”

        She is in the DayGame Daze™

        “I don’t know if it’s your red shirt or whatever but yeah”
        She’s still in the daze
        This is fucking on

        Immediately I take control. Introduce myself and shake hands. Her name is Yulia
        She has an accent with the way she pronounces her name but the next sentence is without the accent

        Mini cold read. “I know you’re not a New Yorker. Where are you from because you’re trying to cover up your accent. And most New York girls would have pepper sprayed me by now”

        She laughs. She is Russian
        “Oh my God” I throw my head back. “Not ANOTHER Russian girl. You girls are soo crazy. Mean too”
        “No we’re not. Not all women.”
        “Yeah not all Russian women are like that, said every Russian girl”
        She is still in a daze and laughing.

        I ask where she’s going, we talk about living in downtown, I ask if her big boyfriend is going to beat me up for talking to her
        “No, he doesn’t live down here” The way she said this……hmmmmmm
        We keep talking a bit. I cold-read again and guess that she came here when she was 15-16
        “14…how did you know?”
        I DHV and say that my cousins from Colombia (Lol) act like her. With the accent and still holding on to old culture.

        I also cold-read about what her profession she’s in. I get it wrong (PR, then fashion, then I give up). She works for a big media company.

        Eventually, it gets weird in this daze.
        She goes like “Sooooo, so what next”

        I say, “Well now you give me your number, and then we go out for a drink on Mondau around here”

        Her eyes light up. Similar to the way when I first approached. Intent+Assuming the sale = Magic
        “Haha, hmmmm I don’t know…”
        “Well look, just a quick drink after work. If I find out you’re a serial killer or whatever then I can leave early” (Love the serial killer disqualifier)

        “Haha, what about my boyfriend”
        “Look Yulia, I told you that I’m not the jealous type.”
        (Giggle, giggle)

        Boom, keep plowing.

        She somewhat reluctantly gives her number. But the reluctance is due to “I have a ‘bf’ ” and not due to lack of attraction. I can tell better now.

        I also use the WTWAC. Stands for Willing.To.Walk.Away.Card.

        “Look, if this is going to be some flakey number just say so and I’ll throw away my phone in this gutter right now. Don’t want us to waste each others time.”

        ~~I gesture like I’m about to spike my phone into the sewer grate. She laughs and I think this BT spike pushed her to give the digits.

        I call her phone. She jokes about me waiting for her to pick it up but field experience has taught me not to leave trivial matters in the air.

        I joke and tell her she has to spell my name right in her phone (love doing this.)

        She shows me how it’s spelled
        “So is it spelled like this” Points at phone “Amadeus”
        “Close but take out the ‘U’. Wow, you’re already thinking about “us” ‘

        Boom HEADSHOT
        She laughs. I confirm the meet on Monday with after work. Right then and then I text her.

        **Me: Hi Yullia this is Amadeus. Monday around 7**

        She is legit not getting hit on by dudes like me during the day like that.

        I accuse her of hitting on me and she’s like “Well you’re the one that stopped me!”
        “Yulia, I can’t help it! Okay”.
        I like that routine of owning up to my desire. No shame at all.

        I bounce and there is this strange aura when we say bye.

        **Her (30min later): Hi Amades, ok sounds good….btw it’s Yulia with one “L” lol**


        NOTE: My name isn’t Amadeus. I used that as an example for illustrative purposes.

        Also, I will prob shoot her text the day before to confirm that ish.

        Anyways Turk. Look at that interaction. How many 5’8″ like me are hitting on her and carrying themselves that way. I def agree with you to get your body and image in line to where you want. But in the end, it’s the kind of stuff I did in that FR above that will set you apart.

        I agree with what you’re saying, just trying to give an example. I’m 5’8″ and get “cute” when I’m in shape. BTW, I’m about 20lbs overweight.


        • YaReally
          on August 23, 2013 at 10:00 am
          Original Link

          Solid daygame pickup. Lots of dominant leading, especially appealing to the Russian chicks who probably expect men to be pretty alpha. Good work on qualifying the number and calling her phone and all that…these are little things, but they help solidify the number in general.

          “She goes like “Sooooo, so what next”

          I say, “Well now you give me your number, and then we go out for a drink on Monday around here””

          Any particular reason that you didn’t push for an insta-date at this point and just try to fuck her that afternoon? (logistics? were you or her on the way to an appointment or something? didn’t feel you had enough attraction? didn’t think of it? didn’t think it’s possible to do?)

          Her having a boyfriend means that there’s a way higher chance of her flaking once her Buying Temperature settles down and her attraction isn’t as high as it was in the moment. A lot of times it’s easier to bang them than to get contact info out of them, because a random fuck is a secret fun adventure that probably won’t have any repercussions for her life/relationship, whereas she doesn’t know if giving you her # might result in you phoning her all the time or calling when she’s with her boyfriend etc. and could get her in trouble and/or ruin her shit.

          It sounds from the up-for-an-adventure “so what next?” (VS a dismissive “well it was nice meeting you”) and the eyes-lighting-up at you taking the lead to arrange getting a drink on Monday, that you might’ve had enough attraction to just go “let’s get coffee” and walk her into the nearest cafe to chill and build comfort/rapport and ideally venue change back to your place to bang within a few hours (too long and her BF will start txting asking where she is, gotta’ move fast).

          That doesn’t mean she WILL flake, who knows what her situ/relationship is like, or if she even HAS a BF etc. etc. But going for the # instead of the insta-date when you have attraction and presuming neither of you has a vital appointment to keep, is actually handicapping yourself.

          Julien from RSD puts it good: always try to go to your goal directly. If that doesn’t work, take the slightly longer route. If that doesn’t work, take the even longer route. If that doesn’t work, resort to the longest route. But always try the shortest route first.

          So applying that concept to this situation: an insta-date would be the shortest route. So you could go “let’s go get coffee, come with me.” and just try to lead her into the nearest coffee shop. If she goes “ohh nooo, I can’t!! I have to go to an appointment!”, THEN you go “okay, give me your # and we’ll go for drinks on Monday at 7.”

          Again, you did good here, I’m not bustin your chops lol Just pointing out something to keep in mind for the future to help streamline your game and get it as efficient and high % as possible. :)

How To Defeat Realtalk

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on August 21, 2013 at 9:26 pm
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We had this discussion over at Rollo’s when George went on an opinion segment anonymously and Aunt Sue tried to use shaming to get everyone to ditch their anonymity etc.

It was actually a good huge discussion:

The Manosphere, Red Pill, and Game are concepts that exist and are based in reality, not theory. There’s NO reason to show anyone’s face. Anti-Manosphere/Game types know they can’t refute the concepts, so they want to discredit/shame/attack the people spreading knowledge of them. It’s ridiculously transparent.

If you didn’t have a clue who Tyler from RSD was, it wouldn’t change the fact that when you qualify yourself to a girl you lose attraction. If you had never seen a picture of Mystery or if Mystery turned out to be a 5’1″ 500lbs disfigured virgin slob who’d never touched a woman in his entire life, it wouldn’t change the fact that when you dress to stand out you get shit-tested on it and when you pass those shit-tests you gain attraction (what it WOULD change, is that way less people would be receptive to giving his teaching a read in the first place…but it wouldn’t change that teaching’s validity).

On the flip side, if Mystery turned out to be Brad Pitt, it wouldn’t make a hot girl react any more to a neg than she already does.

No one looked at Mystery with his fuzzy hats and black nails and went “this guy looks like a smart alpha-male role-model that I want to emulate” lol They looked at the concepts he was teaching and went “man, this guy seems like a freak, but everything he’s written completely gels with my life experiences so far…I’m going to go out and try some of this weirdo’s advice this weekend…holy shit it worked exactly like he said it would!! wtf?? okay NOW I’m interested in learning more about what he’s teaching.”

The only reason to even consider giving up anonymity is to win over the mainstream media, but 1) that’s impossible, we already know you can’t shove the red pill down people’s throat until they’re ready to swallow it, and 2) the MSM is a reflection of popular opinion…already a lot of retarded MSM articles have comment sections filled with red pill rebuttals. That’s fucking AMAZING progress compared to 10-20 years ago. Over time writers in the MSM will go “man, every comment section talks about how marriage is a bum deal for men, maybe I should write articles about that because that’s the popular opinion now”.

We’re changing things, slow and steady. Every guy who’s dissatisfied with the Blue Pill world around him that he can sense there’s something wrong with, who sees an MSM article and/or comment section that mentions this stuff, eventually hits Google and looks for more information. He draws his conclusions based on logic and analyzing his own life experiences, not based on how many credentials the person teaching the idea has and slowly he converts.

We’re winning, but it’s going to take a looooong time…and giving up your anonymity has no benefit, except for the other team.

on August 21, 2013 at 9:36 pm
Original Link

We had a pretty in-depth discussion about this over at Rollo’s when George from the Manosphere went on an opinion show anonymously:

Game/Red Pill/Manosphere concepts are based on reality and stand on their own. It’s irrelevant who’s behind the keyboard. The only benefit to ditching your anonymity is for your opponent, who can distract people from listening to your message by attempting to shame/discredit/bully/threaten/harm you.

We’re making a difference, because when guys disillusioned by the Blue Pill find Red Pill, the stuff we talk about explains their previously-confusing life experiences… It’s just a slow process, is all. 10-20 years ago, comment sections at places like Huffpro wouldn’t have hundreds of comments on an article about marriage explaining how marriage is a bad deal for men. That’s progress. Their reaction is to shame/bully everyone by taking away anonymity. But that’s fine, that’s what independent blogs like this are for. Take them all away and new ones will spring up.

  • MisterXenos
    on August 21, 2013 at 10:32 pm
    Original Link

    I don’t think you have a full understanding of the situation. Refusing to unveil oneself is a brilliant way to undermine one’s position by making oneself appear cowardly. There are 14 year old girls with more balls than guys like you, who face the fucking Taliban and the lion’s share of their society’s ire (read, death).

    It’s one thing to protest stripping away our right to privacy (which is legitimately bad), it’s another thing to hide behind that privacy like a bitch.

    • YaReally
      on August 22, 2013 at 12:14 am
      Original Link

      There’s no position to undermine.

      That’s like saying “if you don’t reveal who you are, then 2 + 2 doesn’t equal 4″.

      It’s irrelevant.

      The only loss is that the mainstream audience who does not WANT to accept your position and will NOT accept it, will continue to not accept your position.

      The goal shouldn’t be to convince the mainstream media of anything. It should be to let men who already suspect the Blue Pill is bullshit know that there’s a Red Pill out there. That’s it.

      The people who embrace the Blue Pill will never ever ever ever ever ever ever accept the Red Pill. All they will do is attempt to keep the Red Pill’ers from getting the message that the Red Pill exists out to the men seeking answers. Putting your name and face out there simply allows them to fabricate ways to discredit you. “Lol this guy looks like a virgin, everyone disregard!”, “lol this guy doesn’t have a PHD, everyone disregard!”, etc. in the hopes that the dissatisfied Blue Pill’ers looking for answers will turn away before hearing the content of the message.

      Even if you do nothing, and actually AGREE with them, they will make shit up to attack you with and attribute falsehoods to you:

      Winning over feminists/white knights/anti-gamers and the general MSM is not a war that CAN be won. And it’s not the war that should be focused on.

      The MSM is simply a reflection of popular opinion. When enough men have discovered the Red Pill, the MSM will start to reflect the Red Pill because they’ll realize that writing an article about how marriage is a bad deal for men will make them money because 90% of their comments on every marriage article are about that subject.

      This is a long, slow process. The way to change things is to simply let disillusioned Blue Pill men know that there are answers out there.

      • MisterXenos
        on August 22, 2013 at 12:50 am
        Original Link

        I tend to disagree. Maybe it’s because I interact a lot with lawyers, but I’m well-versed in the power of rhetoric, and having powerful, public icons at the front has always been the way to win. You think logic wins arguments? BAHAHAHA. Yea right. What version of humanity are we talking about here?

        Lemme explain it very clearly. When I joined the debate club at my uni those years back, one of the first things they taught us was that the facts and logic served to ENHANCE your rhetoric. NOT the other way around. They taught us how to debate sides of an issue that were patently wrong.

        Think about it: How many religious people are out there? Christianity has been picked apart completely by science, dismantled at every turn, yet there are no shortage of Christians out there. Why? Because Christian leaders know the power of rhetoric. They know they don’t have any facts on their side, but you know what? You don’t need them. They HELP, sure, but they’re hardly what wins arguments.

        For that matter, you also underestimate the power of the masses, and how easy it can be to win them. Even the ancient Romans knew this. The art of politics back in the day was how to sway the masses to your side with charisma and powerful rhetoric, throwing in factual seasoning as opportunity allows. The reason guys like you are losing to feminists is quite frankly…that they are playing the game better than you are.

        Feminists are playing the game better than you. Let that sink in for a moment.

        Done? Good. Your apathy in this affair will only allow your enemies to succeed. If you don’t learn how to play the game like a pro, then you’ll always be nothing more than a bunch of “fringe misogynists” that have zero power. And don’t fool yourselves: You have no power sitting here in the shadow. You change no laws. You do not affect society. Your scope is tiny.

        Man up, learn how to play the game of the masses and rhetoric, and you may yet have a chance.

        • YaReally
          on August 22, 2013 at 1:46 am
          Original Link

          lol I’m not sure what half of that had to do with what I wrote, wtf? If you think charisma will convince the chicks on Jezebel that everyone here isn’t a serial rapist and that they’re all susceptible to Hypergamy, you’re welcome to try. Post screenshots of the discussion where you win them all over after you post there under your real name…I’m sure your spiffy Facebook profile pic will tilt the odds in your favor.

          You may be awesome in a court-room where people actually give you a floor to speak on, but you clearly haven’t tried debating feminists and Blue Pill people on this subject. You will not get a chance to speak, and when you do speak you will be interrupted and bombarded by dozens at a time.

          This is like when someone practices martial arts and is like “I’m a badass, in class where everyone attacks me one at a time and allows me a chance to perform my technique, I totally win!!” That’s awesome, but on the street you will get jumped by the guy’s 4 friends while you’re trying to hit him and 2 of those will hit you from behind.

          Reality VS theory here man. But again, good luck manning up. The rest of us will continue to do what’s been slowly working.

          • YaReally
            on August 22, 2013 at 3:25 am
            Original Link

            “If you think charisma will convince the chicks on Jezebel that everyone here isn’t a serial rapist and that they’re all susceptible to Hypergamy, you’re welcome to try.”

            “Yes, if it’s combined with facts”

            lolololololololol ya, there’s clearly no point debating this with you. But I WOULD like to visit your fantasy world for a few minutes. I bet there are unicorns in it.

            “and loudly repeat your arguments enough times.”

            Until they turn your mic down on the opinion broadcast they invited you on. Or delete your messages on their blog.

            All yours, King.

          • YaReally
            on August 22, 2013 at 11:37 am
            Original Link


          • YaReally
            on August 22, 2013 at 6:41 pm
            Original Link

            When you and I both agree someone is a dumb-fuck, that person is without a doubt a dumb-fuck.

The Randomness Of Polar Bear Hunting

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on August 21, 2013 at 4:53 pm
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Off-topic, the Summer wrap-up:

Radio silence — Approved. The 6 (I think she’s actually a 6 now….I’ve seen her enough without her makeup and stuff) had been being weird toward me (she likes to joke about my flaws, and eventually I was like ‘hey, shut the fuck up already. Learn some manners and respect.’ She then got silent-pissed and started pretending to be ‘busy’), so I just was like ‘fuck it,’ and went incommunicado. For weeks now. Got this out of the blue:

Her: I see how it is
Me: lolwut
Her: Ignoring me for two weeks
Me: Ya…I have a family now btw. 2.5 kids
Her: lol I miss you

Limit on how long you can bang a girl without her wanting more — witnessed. So the 5.5 confessed that she loved me. I tried to follow all the rules, I never saw her more than once a week, and I never did much of anything with her. Self-discovery — even though I could have done otherwise, I was just like ‘ya….well, we should just be friends then because I don’t want more than this and I don’t want to take advantage.’ It’s just not who I am. It’s good to be good from a position of power, though.

How much men respond to beauty — felt. I still have to stop myself from staring at the 7. But at the same time, I’m doing better at fighting all impulses to make her my gf.

Nothing is magic — observed. The 7 now makes more sense. While she’s hot, she’s the kind of person who works hard, but isn’t terribly bright. She has a huge admiration for her dad — who, to her, is brilliant. My guess is that something about my disposition, outlook, or manner reminds her of her father.

Cold approach — still fun. Of course, now a new problem is that I can go in verbally indirect but get immediately killed/blown out because of my direct body language, etc. Example:

Me: Wow this song is sooooo good.
Girl: Hahahah, yeah, nice try!

(Of course, my body language is strong — even tho I’m facing 45 degree angle — and my voice is loud….)

This one’s even funnier —

Me: Yeah, they always have sports channels on at the bar. I think that is soooo sexist.
Girls look at one another, then look at me
Me: Am I being evaluated or something…
Girls: Mmmhm, it was a nice pickup attempt but you failed.
Me: S’kind of presumptuous…..TRUE….but presumptuous.

Also, I encounter the bitch snarl sometimes too. Example, hustling pool tables (oh ya, this summer I’ve gotten really good at pool lol….hogging the table is a great way to pull in mixed sets)

Me: So you guys up next to play pool? (to 3 6′s that are part of the mixed set)
Girl: No. We’re good.
Me:…….so. There’s not going to be any four way kissing? Listen you know what, if you change your mind, I’ll be right here, winning at Pool.

Now some of these situs turned around (to some degree) afterwards…others didn’t. Beside the point, really. The point is just that having fun is the ultimate goal. Have something going on that is fun at all times (like playing pool or whatever).

Success — easier than expected. You really don’t have to be THAT successful to be successful. I mean, 3 girls? To me that’s fucking awesome. I feel/felt like a God most of this summer. So…..yeah.

  • YaReally
    on August 22, 2013 at 3:02 am
    Original Link

    “had been being weird toward me (she likes to joke about my flaws, and eventually I was like ‘hey, shut the fuck up already. Learn some manners and respect.’ She then got silent-pissed and started pretending to be ‘busy’), so I just was like ‘fuck it,’ and went incommunicado. For weeks now. Got this out of the blue:”

    lol. Tyler’s 25 point list:

    Point 22:

    “22) GOING BACKWARDS IN THE PICKUP ON HER SCHEDULE = too eager to lay her.. if you’ve already GONE THROUGH the whole “let’s ballbust and shit test eachother” attraction phase of the pickup, and you’re now in RAPPORT -> if she tries to ballbust you at this point then just WITHDRAW ATTENTION. DO NOT BALLBUST BACK. It seems COUNTER INTUITIVE, but once you’ve gone through that whole little attract phase, and you’re now being nice to eachother in rapport, DO NOT let her rewind the sarge by answering her ballbusting with ballbusts of your own. Just withdraw attention, to show that you’re not interested in going BACKWARDS in a sarge.”

    You handled it instinctively, so well done, but this is basically what you did. It’s also something a lot of guys fuck up. I instigate a lot of back and forth smack-talking and provoke shit-testing, but once I cross a certain point in the pickup where we’re “past” that and we both know we want to fuck, I’ll do stuff like “shh. Play nice now.” (with a serious face and “I’m serious” tonality)

    “Me: Ya…I have a family now btw. 2.5 kids”

    Solid response to a girl you haven’t heard from in a while. I use pretty much the same one myself lol

    “Her: lol I miss you”

    = wants to bang. Obviously. You’d be surprised how many guys will waste time at this point questioning if it’s possible to bang her again lol

    “I tried to follow all the rules, I never saw her more than once a week, and I never did much of anything with her.”

    All the rules do is slow the Ultimatum (“I love you too much and if I can’t be your GF then I can’t see you anymore because it hurts too much :( “) down…some girls it’ll just slow the Ultimatum down from saying “I love you” one week in to a month in. Some girls it’ll slow the Ultimatum down from saying “I love you” 3 months in to a year in. It’s different for each chick and her headspace and your value relative to her etc.

    But you can pretty much never stop them from falling in love with you, once you have solid game on lockdown, without massively hurting them to do it. This is the shitty part about being good with girls to me, because I hate making women legitimately cry (VS silly crying over something retarded). Worst thing in the world, but unavoidable when you’re seeing a lot of girls.

    (this is all assuming you don’t run into the extremely rare woman who for whatever reason has no interest in anything beyond sex with you…sometimes these are married/taken girls (tho even those are susceptible to falling in love with you…when I sense they are, I stop seeing them so she doesn’t leave her man for me), and sometimes they’re just really weirdly independent girls or girls with a very casual view of sex…these girls are often kinky/fun in bed and the FB arrangement can last for months/years with no drama, but their lack of emotional shit, to me, makes them not good LTR material)

    “Self-discovery — even though I could have done otherwise, I was just like ‘ya….well, we should just be friends then because I don’t want more than this and I don’t want to take advantage.’ It’s just not who I am.”

    Good on you. Great power, great responsibility and all that. I know and hang out with guys who would lie to her about there being a possible chance of a relationship etc. to keep fucking her, and I don’t really judge them for it, but it’s not me and not how I like to do things. I want my relationships, even casual fuckbuddy ones, to be on my terms, which involve not lying to her or leading her on, and her not being madly in love with me. It means I lose fuckbuddies or easy lays now and then, but I’m alright with that because I can find other girls.

    “Nothing is magic — observed. The 7 now makes more sense. While she’s hot, she’s the kind of person who works hard, but isn’t terribly bright. She has a huge admiration for her dad — who, to her, is brilliant. My guess is that something about my disposition, outlook, or manner reminds her of her father.”

    Good reads. And yes, everything can be explained. Part of what draws a lot of guys into the Red Pill is they read some shit and a rush of memories of puzzling/confusing/magic situations floods their mind that whatever they just read completely explains and clears up and they shit a brick because they didn’t realize those things even COULD be explained, let alone consistently.

    As I hit my 30s, I’ve found a lot of the <25 girls look at me that same way where I remind them of a dominant authoritative but positive male influence in their life…scolding them when they're being dumb, not getting dragged into their drama, handling shit when it hits the fan, and rewarding them when they deserve it. Whereas a lot of younger guys will get dragged into drama, and a lot of beta guys will be afraid to lay down authority/punishment etc. This alllll comes from experience, I was completely the opposite when I was in my early 20s before I found PUA.

    "Me: Wow this song is sooooo good.
    Girl: Hahahah, yeah, nice try!"

    lol. Everyone goes through this phase, no worries. I used to joke "fuck, why do girls all think I'm hitting on them? I can be like "hey what time is it?" and the girl's like "YOU WISH!!" and I'm like "no I just need to know the fucking time!""

    This is usually caused by incongruency…like your direct body language with an indirect opener. A while back I wrote about how it's good to mix opposites together, like talking about mundane stuff while you get in close and go for the kiss, or talking a bunch of sexual shit without being physically aggressive…but that's generally for once you have attraction and they have a baseline of "this is what it looks like when he's congruent, so now I can tell he's fucking around" VS right off the bat where it's "I can only judge him on what I'm seeing right now and what I'm seeing right now is incongruent."

    This can also be caused by being TOO smooth, which is a retarded problem to run into but it happens, usually when a guy is intermediate. Like you're just so slick that you're too good to be true…it can help to purposely fuck up a bit. Actually, part of why I started getting into saying obnoxious controversial shit as my opener was that anything I did came off as trying to pick them up…so offending them right away was kind of like disqualifying myself from picking them up because if I was trying to pick them up, I wouldn't dare have said that. Hope that makes sense lol

    "Me: S’kind of presumptuous…..TRUE….but presumptuous."

    Solid way of handling it. You can basically either agree & amplify, or disqualify yourself. So agree & amplify would look like what you did, where you don't deny it at all…often if you hold your frame, the girl will end up getting attracted to you because she shit-tested you and you passed it without flinching, which is attractive regardless of the words involved in the shit-test. I like to use a DHV/AMOG(of the other men in the room) combo like "well I was going to come over drooling and feel you up as I creepily whisper "helloooo ladies, can I buy you a drink?" and sniff your hair, but every other guy here seems to be using that move so I thought I'd try just being normal instead."

    Disqualifying, which is the way I tend to go because my humor is self-depreciating, would be something like "wow, someone thinks mightly highly of herself tonight lol I was just shooting the shit…if I was trying to pick you up, you would KNOW." "oh really?" "Ya, I mean if I was trying, you'd obviously be madly in love with me, already jumping my bones on that pool table, and the bouncers would be throwing us out by now for causing a scene. Good thing I've Friend Zone'd you."
    "Me:…….so. There’s not going to be any four way kissing? Listen you know what, if you change your mind, I’ll be right here, winning at Pool."

    lol probably not much you can do to turn it around if they're that hostile off the bat, but laughing it off like that looks good to the rest of the crowd. If I run into that, I'll often make fun of those girls to other girls, like "ahh, you girls are so friendly. Those 3 in the corner bitched me out for asking if they were next on the pool table." and I'll visibly point at them so they see that I'm talking about them and get paranoid lol Usually you get some extra points with the new nice girls because they don't want to seem like bitches like those other ones. Often if I get shot down I'll complain to other girls about my broken heart and how brutally the girl shot me down and refused to love me, and then tell them that I've decided they can be the runner-up consolation prize and that I was obviously only talking to the first girl to hide my feelings for this runner-up girl etc. etc.

    "The point is just that having fun is the ultimate goal."

    Realistically, old tag-along runt-of-the-group Scray probably was never HAVING much fun, especially sober, at bars/clubs. It wasn't that he wasn't capable of it, it was just that he didn't know how and didn't give himself permission to.

    "Success — easier than expected. You really don’t have to be THAT successful to be successful. I mean, 3 girls? To me that’s fucking awesome. I feel/felt like a God most of this summer. So…..yeah."
    :) Congrats dude. You 100% earned that shit. You could tone things down and probably do just fine compared to the average guy now. Find yourself a decent quality 7 or 8 to settle with and achieve the life that most beta virgin guys dream about. But you can also keep going and learning and setting higher goals.

    Remember, you can ALWAYS come back down the mountain. But you won't get many chances to climb it. Have fun and play around and keep pushing and sharpening your skills for a few years…you'll always be able to settle down with a nice 7 after you've achieved some personal goals in this area.

    It's pretty much impossible for me to 1) never get laid again, or 2) settle with a girlfriend who isn't at *LEAST* a 6. I mean I'd rather have an 8+ GF, but like, even if I stopped going out and putting any effort in entirely, I've internalized enough stuff that getting laid is a thing that WILL happen to me, and the girls WILL be at least decent looking. Those aren't two things that pre-learning-game-YaReally could say.

    But I love the game, and I still have some personal goals in terms of types of women, hotness of women, sexual adventures, etc. that I want to achieve before I'm ready to settle.

    Massive props for making it to where you are. If down the road you end up having to focus on your career or something and you don't get to go out much and you end up sliding back toward where you started…you now have a reference experience that "if I put in the work/effort, I can improve at this", so you can always get your skills back. You now have the tools and knowledge of the process to handle this area of your life forever.

    And if you were able to do THIS, what the fuck else will you accomplish in your life? :)

    It's been an honor to help you on your journey. You keep posting FRs, and I'll keep commenting on em.

The Rules Of Social Savviness: Rule #3

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on August 20, 2013 at 12:43 pm
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3. Don’t ask questions when you can make statements instead

“The Alpha ALWAYS knows, even when he doesn’t.”

Do you folks realize this is exactly what kniqqers do?

  • Scray
    on August 20, 2013 at 12:56 pm
    Original Link

    Interesting (small sample size) paper…
    Experiment was to put people into groups and see how them interacting/accomplishing a task played with ratings of physical attractiveness.

    “Initial rating of physical attractiveness accounted for only 9.3% of the variation in final rating of physical attractiveness for females rating females, 19.2% for females rating males, and 62% for males rating females.”

    “One of the five males was a ‘‘slacker’’ who obviously was not pulling his weight, either literally or figuratively. He was the primary object of negative gossip and social control efforts, such as teasing and inspecting his bedroom window when he failed to show up for practice. He was uniformly rated as physically ugly by team members. Another of the five males was the opposite of the slacker, working so hard that he was discussed as possibly a contender for the U.S. Olympic team. He was uniformly rated as physically attractive by team
    members. This large difference in perceived physical attractiveness did not exist for raters who knew nothing about the contributions of the two men to the team.”

    • FuriousFerret
      on August 20, 2013 at 5:49 pm
      Original Link

      Yeah man. A lot of looks for men is the way they present themselves as in they present themselves as good looking and people buy in to it.

      Most of the ‘ugly’ people in the US aren’t ugly, they simply gave up.

      For men all you have to do to be ‘good looking’ is:

      - Not be obese

      - Wear clothes that pop out and make you get noticed

      - Hair style that actually suits you and your personality. Not every man should have the ‘Roman’ haircut even though it’s the most popular. This a critical mistake. Roman style is very masculine looking men.

      - Equally important is badass posture. Upright and chest held high like the fucking boss that you are. Without the pose, you will look like a try hard.

      I have wondered why since it’s so easy that most men fail and I concluded is that they don’t want to stick out. They actually want to be submissive. They know by styling themselves up the haters will come out and they can’t handle the heat.

      Same with speech. Speaking powerfully and slowly is a very simple trait that commands more respect and alpha cred yet most men want to speak nasally. They do this so they blend in and show everybody how they simply want to be left alone. They don’t want to give out signals of alphadom because that bring confrontation.

      • YaReally
        on August 20, 2013 at 10:08 pm
        Original Link

        “I have wondered why since it’s so easy that most men fail and I concluded is that they don’t want to stick out. They actually want to be submissive. They know by styling themselves up the haters will come out and they can’t handle the heat.”

        Yep. In Tyler’s old 2hr audio he gives the example of “Why do you think a guy would CHOOSE a low-value identity, probably in high-school? Not just so that he’s liked by people, but more so that he’s not DIS-liked. The tall poppy gets cut.”

on August 20, 2013 at 1:01 pm
Original Link

This. So much this. And, like all of these pointers, it’s good advice for women, too.

Cool Story, Bro! time: A few years ago I required surgery on my throat. I’m fine and the exterior scarring is minimal, but there was one lasting effect: Although my speaking voice is unaltered, I lost most of my upper register. I cannot scream, I cannot shriek, and I cannot make the vocal tilt at the end of a sentence to indicate a question.

In short: I am physically incapable of producing the submissive, feminine vocal pattern. You know which one: This one? The one that makes every statement sound like a question? Kind of annoying? Makes it sound like the speaker is sort of a ditz? I can’t do that.

Within two years of that surgery, I got promoted three times.

  • Matthew King
    on August 20, 2013 at 2:26 pm
    Original Link

    You know which one: This one? The one that makes every statement sound like a question? Kind of annoying? Makes it sound like the speaker is sort of a ditz? I can’t do that.

    It’s called up-talk. I don’t put up with it.

    Along with “like” and “you know” and “sorta,” up-talk is a linguistic side effect of postmodern relativism. We can’t be sure of anything! Every statement must be qualified! every phrase must be validated! you know ?? I didn’t get into my car; rather, I, like?, you know?, got in my caaar? It is such an ugly, pervasive state of mind that it has affected our very speech tones.

    It’s on par with “really” and “seriously,” as if the default assumption were a frivolous imaginary opinion of things that must be distinguished from the rare times we are dealing forced to deal with the serious and the real, like uninvited interlopers.

    No comment on the commenters who deploy these words in their screen names.


    • YaReally
      on August 20, 2013 at 7:54 pm
      Original Link

      Whew, glad my name doesn’t have “seriously” in it. THOSE guys are retards.

      • Matthew King
        on August 20, 2013 at 8:02 pm
        Original Link

        You solved the riddle! There’s a good boy!

        • YaReally
          on August 20, 2013 at 8:40 pm
          Original Link

          Well it was VERY cleverly hidden. I’m always in awe of your incredible intellect. You must be a member of Mensa!

Matthew King
on August 20, 2013 at 3:04 pm
Original Link

There’s a difference between interrogation and asking questions in search of validation. I do the former. Extracting intimate information — forcing them to react to your inquiry — is a form of control. It’s a bait and switch that might seem like flattery but ends in a dominant invasiveness, which ultimately leads to a call and response between Socrates and student, or master and slave:

What’s my name? Who am I? What am I doing to you? They are commands that disguise themselves as interrogatives.

— What’s your name?

— Kunta … Kunta Kinte …

— WHAT’S your name?

… Toby … mah name … is … Toby …


  • Stilicho
    on August 20, 2013 at 5:00 pm
    Original Link

    So which do you consider yourself, Matt: Socrates? Or a master?

    • YaReally
      on August 20, 2013 at 7:59 pm
      Original Link

      Hard to take him seriously as either till we see the video of him and FemX banging lol. Come on Matt, you can censor your face out in it, for privacy AND so as not to terrify children.

on August 21, 2013 at 7:07 am
Original Link

I guess looks really don’t matter:

  • Scray
    on August 21, 2013 at 11:14 am
    Original Link

    His gf is like a 6-something. He’s like a 4-something. Good job, my dude.
    Assuming they have the type of relationship that would indicate strong female-male attraction, I’d guess that he has strong social skills.

    • Lara
      on August 21, 2013 at 11:15 am
      Original Link

      No, he’s gay.

      • Scray
        on August 21, 2013 at 1:14 pm
        Original Link
        • Scray
          on August 21, 2013 at 2:05 pm
          Original Link

          Either way, a section of the interweb combusted over these pics. So, that goes to show you how rare non-looks derived value is.

          [Ch: Certain quarters combusted. The bodybuilder quarter to be specific. Those guys are very looks-focused already, so their incredulity was no surprise. Anyhow, no one with a lick of sense says looks don't matter. The reason these pics took off is because the spread between his SMV and the girls' SMVs is so wide. Unattractive men with attractive women are a dime a dozen. But a level 99 zit-faced dork kissing 9s and 10s is a sight to behold.

          Anyhow, it's been revealed the guy is gay, or part-time gay. Maybe he's playing the hetero in homo clothing game. That strategy has a long history of minor successes.]

          • YaReally
            on August 22, 2013 at 3:19 am
            Original Link

            “The thing is that before I lifted and got into fitness I was actually cooler with my body image, then when I started to lift I developed complexes. If I have a layer a fat on my stomach I used to feel ashamed about it even though no one can tell the difference when I’m dressed. This is womanly behavior and is straight up disruptive for a man. Frankly I’m embarrassed for letting minor physical flaws affect my mentality.”

            lol this is VERY common. Part of why my looks don’t phase me is that I don’t value them. ie – in shape or at 300lbs, I’m still awesome in my mind…my weight doesn’t define my value anymore than what color of bed-sheets I have does. So I’m as confident with a bit of chub as I am in shape (I was in decent shape once, I swear lol).
            To me, my value is in my beliefs and my actions…so as long as I’m congruent in my beliefs and I take right action, I see myself as high-value.

            But when you subscribe to an entire value system based around looks, and then you eat a burger instead of a chicken breast before you go out, you feel like everyone can TELL, and girls will like you LESS, because in your value system, you aren’t high value anymore. Same thing with money, clothing style, what car you drive, where you live, your race, your height, etc. etc.

            You determine your own value system, and when your frame is strong other people will fall into your value system. This is why if you saw Donald Trump on the street objectively, you’d laugh at the comb-over’ed angry fat little man. But when you’re in his office, playing by HIS value system, you shit your pants when he bitches out your business performance. His frame is strong and you’re using his value system to determine your worth.

            Part of why we tell newbies to start grooming better and dressing better and going to hit the gym and shit is that we know they don’t have their own value system yet…their value system is society’s value system that’s been socially conditioned into them since birth. We know that it’ll take a while and a lot of mind-blowing reference experience before they start to believe that they can determine their own values, so until that happens, we encourage them to at least do better within the value system they currently subscribe to because, like the body-builder who achieves his perfect weight/musculature and is thus high-value in his value system, he will see himself as higher value and have more confidence.

            Once he gets good with girls and starts experimenting with going out dressed sloppy, going out in ridiculous outfits, forgetting to get a haircut, going out when he’s got an acne breakout, going out when he’s gained a few pounds, etc., but he’s built himself a solid set of game skills and applies them…he slowly starts gaining reference experience that he does just as well when he’s in a t-shirt as he does in a suit, or at 16% body-fat instead of 12%, and slowly over time he starts to remove those things from his value system.

            With girls, what you feel she feels. So if you fully 100% believe that a high-value man is someone who has a million dollars, that’s what she’ll believe, because you’ll sub-communicate it to her, and women ping off the world around them to determine their value system (“omg what does everyone think of my new shoes??”).

            Also I heart the misc lol The threads there are funny as fuck, but I always shake my head at how insecure a lot of the guys are under their looks…reading the Misc is a big part of why I’m not phased by better looking guys at the bar lol

on August 21, 2013 at 2:08 pm
Original Link

Great example of nonsense chick logic, along with some fat shaming::


While that thread is funny as hell — typical of the misc — I kinda think they’re giving her a hard time. It’s plain as day she was in a pissy mood and just wrote something mean. That’s probably the weirdest thing about women, to me. They’ll make a blanket statement like that, but in reality, it’s based off of some minor event that upset them and actually isn’t a rule they live by. That’d be my guess, here.

  • supersystem3
    on August 21, 2013 at 4:18 pm
    Original Link

    I disagree. She didn’t get even close to what she deserved. Can you imagine the shit storm if some dude said that about fat women? Eviscerated, publicly and with no remorse.

    In this case we have a woman getting 60 likes for berating short men, calling them ‘abominations’ for literally something they have absolutely no control over and is purely a genetic trait (or poor childhood nutrition, which making fun of someone for that is even more fucked up).

    This reminds me of Trayvon, where people were just spouting off whatever dumbshit opinion they happened let float between their ears and they just HAD to put it on Facebook.

    For the record, I am taller than 5’8″ and have no personal skin in this game, but have some honorable and good friends that are short.

    • YaReally
      on August 21, 2013 at 4:46 pm
      Original Link

      My short buddies (5’2″-5’6″) who get laid (mostly by girls taller than them, including LTRs) would just lol at this girl’s post. It wouldn’t even occur to them to be offended because its just a silly girl saying silly things and they know it’s all irrelevant in person.

      Like, they wouldn’t be any more offended by this than I would be by a girl saying “guys who aren’t rocket scientists are losers, I would never date a guy who wasn’t a rocket scientist”. It’s like lol sure thing, because I know in person she would fuck any guy with game who wasn’t a rocker scientist. It’s just silly girl ranting, same as the 400 point checklist of the generic OKCupid 35yo wall-victim.

      Now if the guy is beta, ya, for sure he’s fucked. If he’s short, the shortness girl won’t have anything to do with him. If he’s not a rocket scientist, the RS girl will have nothing to do with him. If he doesn’t have nice shoes, a nice watch, a recent haircut, etc etc, he’ll get ruled out because the girls are so bored by him that they have time to even think about that stuff. But that’s because as a beta those other things matter.

      The PUA community used to have a motto of “PUA is the exception to the rule” but really it’s “alpha is the exception to the rule”.

      And even if this chick adamantly hated short guys, who the fuck cares? lol there are like 3.5 billion girls out there. This isn’t going to piss off a short guy who knows he’ll be getting attraction from girls when he’s out having fun and flirting with them every weekend.

      • Silver
        on August 22, 2013 at 5:49 am
        Original Link

        My short buddies (5’2″-5’6″) who get laid (mostly by girls taller than them, including LTRs) would just lol at this girl’s post.

        Less than one in ten men are that short, which is why it’s noticeable when there’s even one individual that short in a group. You, of course, have multiple buddies that short, and that’s only counting the ones who get laid; to be sure you have others that don’t. This is right alongside all those other social circles you claim to regularly run in – bikers, truckers, midwestern cowboys, trapeze artists etc.

        I guess when you say we get to make up our own reality you really mean it.

        lol there are like 3.5 billion girls out there.

        But like only a quarter of those are within an appropriate age range. And maybe only in ten from that restricted group can speak passable English. So your remark is like totally something a sales huckster would say.

        • YaReally
          on August 22, 2013 at 10:51 am
          Original Link

          Go out a lot. Go to different environments and bars that you don’t “belong” in. Travel. Be social and friendly with everyone, even people who are different from the people you’re used to. Focus on making deeper connections with people instead of just idle small-talk. Grab contact info to hang out in the future. Arrange parties/events where these groups of people mingle with you as their social connector.

          Within a few months, especially if you actively make it an actual goal, you will have multiple social circles of a wide variety of people. After a few years, you’ll understand that this isn’t as impossible as you think it is.

          But most people go to the same 2 or 3 bars the one night every week or two that they actually go out, and they talk to one or two new people a night, usually introduced to them via their own social circles, who are all from a similar class/background/type, and when they do meet someone different they don’t make an effort to keep in touch or arrange future plans.

          So yes, I do know a handful of short guys, and tall guys, and rich guys, and poor guys, and have social circles of bikers, cowboys, blue-collar types, gangsters, different races, dive bar types, high-end nightclub types, etc. No trapeze artists yet though.

Year Two

Original Link

via Rational Male

on August 20th, 2013 at 1:10 am
Original Link

This site has always been quality over quantity to me. I enjoy the in-your-face shit-show of the Chateau, but I always look forward to your articles and the depth you go into in them.

Your site is one that I know I can send new guys just discovering the red pill to (or advanced guys looking for a deeper understanding of concepts), and trust that your style of writing and lack of “extra” shit (race, politics, religion, general misogynist rage and bitterness, etc.) will help gently ease them into having their eyes opened further as each article they read hits them in the feels of their own personal experiences.

Congrats on 2 years and the upcoming book!

The Lesson of Hugo

Original Link

via Rational Male

on August 19th, 2013 at 7:11 pm
Original Link

I want to have sympathy for Hugo just in a “be the better man” way, but I really feel like he did a lot of damage for the beta males who are already shit on by society. Women tend to belittle men’s problems because they picture the jacked alpha CEO business-bro and think “that guy has all this privilege” and ya, that guy does. But the beta male who’s completely invisible to everyone, especially women, is beat down relentlessly and Hugo’s articles helped fuel that shit.

I’d say Hugo’s disappointing meltdown to feminists is probably the exact same feeling a lot of the Manosphere had when it turned out that Aunt Sue was full of shit too. Duped and led along by someone pretending to champion the same beliefs, then stabbed in the back by a delusional hamster.

Also I would like to live inside avd’s head for like, 10 minutes. Lol

on August 19th, 2013 at 10:49 pm
Original Link

Props to you guys (esp Ferret). I was going to respond to that comment but you guys explained it great.

This is why I call betas invisible to feminists railing about privilege. Unless a girl is literally disfigured, she just has to eat healthy, do some extremely minor exercise, learn to dress herself up, and she can land a BILLIONAIRE. Without doing a day of work in her life, she can earn billions just because she ate a chicken breast instead of a McChicken.

When a woman says she can’t get laid, that usually means “I can’t get laid by a high-value guy I’m super attracted to when I don’t bother to take care of myself or try to impress him in any way. Sure I get attention, a construction site guy will shout “nice tits” but I don’t want HIM, I want a better guy and don’t register that “I could get laid but only by lame guys” is not the same as “I literally cannot get laid except by prostitutes”.”

Beta male? Shit man, good luck. You can work your ass off, but you still have to work out and eat right constantly to get big (much harder than just losing weight), then you gotta have a nice car, lasting career, be able to provide, etc etc. then on top of that you have to learn to be social and attractive. And even when you land her, you have to stay at the top of your game constantly and keep growing and not rest on your heels or she can bail and take your kids/money and basically ruin you.

And on top of all that you have women, who don’t want to do a few sit-ups or put down their chocolate cake, yelling at you about how you’re a man-child fuckup but also how privileged you are lol. And thru all that, you probably won’t even get laid by ugly girls who have done nothing with their life except demand more from the men around them. It’s surreal lol

When a beta male says he can’t get laid, he means “literally no woman will touch me, not even ugly ones, I have never felt a female human being want me in ANY capacity, for ANY reason…there’s no women-I-COULD-fuck-but-don’t-want-to cat-calling me from construction sites, there’s literally no woman who has any interest in me at all, I am invisible”

Being a beta male blows in ways that women and naturally alpha men can’t comprehend.

Now an alpha can break a ton of those rules and still cash in. But those guys aren’t invisible so they don’t have to have a 6-pack or Ferrari to get laid. That’s why we focus on turnin men into alphas from the inside mentally as well as the outside, instead of just telling them to earn more money or work out more…it’s a much shorter route to success with women.

The Rules Of Social Savviness: Rule #2

Original Link

via Heartiste

Sam Spade
on August 19, 2013 at 2:19 pm
Original Link

That was a lot of metaphors to wade through but I think I made it.

I used to have this problem, but no so much forcing topics as getting too detailed and trivial on any topic. Jeopardy trivia stuff that guys like but women could not give two shits about. For example, the odd fact that Brett Favre completed his first NFL pass to himself may interest some men, but .000001% of women. Alcohol, for some reason, only fuels the fire….a drink or two can make a man contemplative and in search of empirical truths. Better to just talk about astrology or some shit. Women love the cosmos in general but don’t want to know what it’s all made of.

  • FuriousFerret
    on August 19, 2013 at 2:55 pm
    Original Link

    “For example, the odd fact that Brett Favre completed his first NFL pass to himself may interest some men, but .000001% of women”

    I think you should expand further about ever bringing up sports as a topic of conversation unless around boring co-workers as this seems to be the last bastion of safe topics in the corporate world.

    Doing sports is great, but endlessly watching and talking about them just reeks of being a pathetic loser. I mean what you are essentially doing is hyping up an apex alpha male that isn’t you. What’s the point?

    I watch every UFC usually out at some type of bar and I watch the Washington Redskins. However, I have refrained from wasting hours of my life reading about petty drama and predictions on ESPN like I used to do. It absolutely does nothing to enrich my knowledge or life in general. I would rather spend my internet goof off time on CH or other blogs. At least that way I get entertained and glean helpful life tips.

    I personally know of guys that will spend all day every Sunday watching NFL games simply to be watching football even when their own hometown team isn’t playing. These guys have never played football nor will they. They simply like to live vicariously through athletic freaks that wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire while ironically enough making themselves even more non-athletic through a diet of a dozen beers and endless nachos.

    On the topic of sports stars, would anyone else agree that Chael Sonnen should be the official CH sports athlete?

    - Outspoken hard right conservative
    - Trolls the living shit out of people
    - Is a master of promotion and psychology
    - Runs hard Game on chicks. See Rhonda Rousey text messaging story.
    - Has been caught in numerous scandals that would end the careers of lesser men yet is at the top of his game right now because of outright denying and shamelessly working the system.

    • ho
      on August 19, 2013 at 3:44 pm
      Original Link

      Chael Sonnen is God’s gift to MMA. Shame that he had to finish Shogun.

      • YaReally
        on August 19, 2013 at 6:06 pm
        Original Link
        • FuriousFerret
          on August 19, 2013 at 6:48 pm
          Original Link

          Chael Sonnen has Game!


          - Chael sees model and cold approaches
          - Model leaves and Chael tries to find her again
          - Chael finds her and tells her his phone went dead and ask to borrow hers
          - Chael calls himself and then when Model leaves he texts “Don’t give you phone to strangers”
          - Chael gets date the very next day and is married to smoking hot 9/10.

          • YaReally
            on August 19, 2013 at 9:01 pm
            Original Link

            lol even Anderson Silva would have to admit that that was solid game. Good stuff Chael, now just stay out of the octagon lol

checked out
on August 19, 2013 at 2:24 pm
Original Link

“Unlike women who retreat to deeper delusions when their egos are struck by reality….”

This is the key point of this post. This is true even if the woman can achieve a 130 on an IQ test. Women don’t want to be told or face the truth, especially if they are one of the rare ones who are smart enough to sort of get the things that are taught here. They will retreat to the world of the beta enablers and attention whoring on FB that make them feel better.

This reminds me of September 22, 2001, when my HB9 girlfriend at the time went out partying 11 days after 9/11. Now, there are a lot of theories about 9/11 now, but at that time the nation was in mourning. “But it’s my birthday!!!!” is all HB8 and above girls’ response. We basically broke up because of that.

Women are *incapable* or *unwilling* (one or the other) of considering any serious “big picture topic like the state of the world, the fact that whites are engaging in slow self genocide because white women won’t get married and have kids in their 20s, etc. The thing that is made fun of today by Frankfurt school drones that was depicted in the movie “Titanic” showing 1912 really is true: women have no interest in or ability to discuss business or politics.

I again refer you to, where women aged 25 to 42 put their *extreme* ignorance and inability to write a paragraph that is not riddled with typos and grammar errors on full display, and *proudly*. (And forget punctuation; women make no attempt at all, purposely, to use punctuation.) (In that regard they are like too-cool-for-school black basketball players. It’s not cool to try. The advice given here about texting (it’s alpha to not use proper grammar) applies in the real world, outside of texting, even to “educated” women who are *teachers*. zlzozlozlzolzozlzozlzozlozlzoz

Yours truly,

Checked Out

  • Scray
    on August 19, 2013 at 3:35 pm
    Original Link

    No, you can talk about whatever the fuck you want — just be exciting. Focus on how the subject or topic makes you feel, rather than the nuts and bolts of what makes it work.

    Logical thinking pays great bills, but leave it at home when you go to the bar or club. Emotions are fun, logic is work. Girls just want to have fun.

    • YaReally
      on August 19, 2013 at 5:49 pm
      Original Link

      “No, you can talk about whatever the fuck you want — just be exciting.”

      This. I talk about all sorts of shit that I KNOW the girl knows nothing about or had zero interest in…but she starts to become interested in it BECAUSE I’m so interested in it and excited to share it with her and teach her about it.

      But like Scray says, I’m focused more on the emotional side of it than the technical side. Women want to experience a broad range of emotions, and they can do that through conversation and imagination.

      So this is a logical way of explaining your love of WoW, that a woman who doesn’t play won’t relate to:

      “I play World of Warcraft. I’m a lvl 23 Cleric and I have 30 different spells I can use. When we go on raids, I hang back and heal my group and make sure everyone’s character stays alive so we can beat the boss.”

      VS being told in an emotional exciting way that’s more likely to captivate a girl that you’re flirting with:

      “I LOVE World of Warcraft…I’ve been playing for a while and my character in it is this badass Cleric now…everyone thinks Clerics suck because in a fight, they have to just hang out in the background and heal everyone who’s doing the actual fighting, but I love it cause you know that the whole time, everyone’s survival is in your hands and if you slip up once, it could turn the tide entirely. It’s like an adrenalin rush to micro-manage everyone’s health and make sure I’m always paying attention to the entire battle, and on top of that, I have to be watching my own ass and make sure *I* don’t get jumped by trolls or we’re *ALL* fucked…it’s that challenge, you know? Of pushing your brain to its limit as you juggle a dozen little things at once and have to make decisions on the fly that could either help my group win or completely obliterate us. It was such a rush when we finally killed big boss dragon, half of us were on the verge of death and everyone was shouting “YaReally!! Heal me!!” and I had to decide “I can only heal one person right now…this person has lower health, but this other person has stronger attacks and could end this sooner”, so I had to essentially choose who to sacrifice for the greater good of our team as a whole…it was so intense, this is why so many nerds are addicted to that shit lol”

      Remember, she WANTS to think that the things you’re into are cool, because she doesn’t want to fuck a lame guy, she wants to fuck a guy she thinks is cool, so her brain is already hoping when you talk about shit she has no interest in, that you can make it interesting for her so she can be a part of it and brag about you to her friends.

      Also this works for groups etc. it’s just learning to tell stories in an emotionally engaging way.

      Try going out for a month and specifically only talking about boring subjects with the girls you approach. Tell them about a videogame or paying your taxes or your last grocery shopping trip etc…learn to be able to tell boring shit like that in an engaging way and you’ll be unstoppable when you’re actually telling REAL interesting stories lol

      But this article is right, if a thread is cut off, don’t go back to it unless someone asks you to. At the same time tho, if you learn to tell stories in an engaging emotional captivating way, you’ll find you don’t get cut off much, if ever, and when you do people will be quick to go “okay so what happened next??” and want to go back to your thread themselves ASAP.

      If you’ve met a lot of people then you’ve probably met that guy who when he talks, the group listens, even if he’s just telling mundane stories, everyone is attentive and feels included and wants him to keep going and doesn’t want to interrupt…that guy is usually a good story-teller and that ability gives him high value. The low value boring guy gets cut off even if he’s telling a story about his trip to a foreign country where he got mistaken for a drug lord and jailed. Lol

on August 19, 2013 at 4:43 pm
Original Link

on August 19, 2013 at 4:55 pm
Original Link

From Tyler’s 25 point checklist from waaay back (

“14) GOING BACK TO A PRIOR THREAD THAT WAS INTERUPTED AT THE FIRST CHANCE/BREAK-IN-CONVO THAT YOU GET = trying too hard to impress them.. (ie: when a thread gets broken off in the convo, and you go back to it FIRST chance you get when the other topic ends, you look like you were WAITING to get back to it.. WHY are you so eager to get back on it, unless you don’t feel comfortable around the person and you need to qualify yourself to them?) WAIT until THEY say “what was that you were saying before?”, and THEN go back to it.. if it doesn’t happen, DROP IT even if it was good.”

“17) REPLYING WITH OVERLY THOUGHT-OUT OF LOGICAL ANSWERS OR WITH OVERLY CLEAR/FORMAL PRONUNCIATION = being concerned that you won’t be accepted unless you convince really well (eg. HB: why did you ask me that… RIGHT = I’m talking. (sit and stare) WRONG = because I really need to know since I’ve been thinking about this for a while.. the FIRST one conveys that you won’t qualify yourself to her)”

This one (and a few more in his list. Really, go read it if you haven’t before) is related to the last social savvy rule article about not getting defensive (aka qualifying yourself):

“21) OVERCOMPENSATING FAILURE OR SHORTCOMINGS = fear of being judged.. if you do poorly on a presentation, or on a sarge in front of a wingman, or on a test, DO NOT SAY DUMB SHIT LIKE “I’m really tired”. EVEN IF you’re ACTUALLY really tired, the mere act of saying “I’m tired” comes off as QUALIFYING yourself to the person. Just don’t bring it up. If you have shitty clothes on, don’t say “I have nicer clothes at home.” Just don’t bring it up. If you meet a girl when you’re dressed bad, don’t say “I have the coolest club clothes at home” Just don’t bring it up.”

  • YaReally
    on August 19, 2013 at 5:20 pm
    Original Link

    Oh lordy, you linked RSD on twitter. My haters are going to have a conspiracy-gasm with that one lol. They are convinced the Chateau has been bought by Tyler, who is obviously me, and we are trying to destroy the Manosphere so that everyone has to buy expensive RSD DVDs lol

    Also to anyone who likes Tyler’s (i mean my) teaching style, go pirate Foundations and The Blueprint. They’re both awesome shit and he (I mean I) doesn’t care that everyone pirates them lol

The Rules Of Social Savviness: Rule #2

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on August 20, 2013 at 3:35 am
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This article succinctly explains the contradiction around getting married in order to be married:

TLDR; women are attracted to dominant men (relative to her), marriage gives all the power in the relationship to the woman making her the dominant one, thus man becomes unattractive (atleast in the long-term) ending the marriage.

  • YaReally
    on August 20, 2013 at 5:52 am
    Original Link

    “TLDR; women are attracted to dominant men (relative to her), marriage gives all the power in the relationship to the woman making her the dominant one, thus man becomes unattractive (atleast in the long-term) ending the marriage.”

    Yep. A guy who gets married is literally saying “I’m going to willingly give up the thing that attracts you to me, AND enter a legal contract where you benefit immensely from losing attraction to me”.

    It’s the equivalent of a hot chick voluntarily signing a contract where you get a bunch of free money and pats on the back by society for dumping her if she gets fat, and then she willingly gets fat. It’s insane.

    Every guy contemplating marriage and/or long-term monogamy should read Blackdragon’s epic completely logical post on why it doesn’t work:

    Keep in mind that not promising monogamy doesn’t mean you have to be out trolling the bars at 40 for 18yo snatch every weekend…it just means that you have an understanding with your woman that you won’t hesitate to go sample some strange if she tries to use sex as a weapon or generally drops the ball in the relationship. You don’t have to bang a single other girl in 20 years of being with her…you just have to have the OPTION to.

    Relevant snippets from Blackdragon’s post:

    “once you promise monogamy to a woman, you give her the automatic power to:

    1. Completely remove sex from your life any time she disapproves of your behavior, as I already stated above. (You say something mean to her sister, so she doesn’t fuck you, and you can’t fuck anyone else, so sex has been removed from your life, at least temporarily. Time to go jerk off to porn).

    2. Ask you constantly the why you were with other women, and the nature of your relationship with other women you spend time with. As annoying and silly as this jealousy is, She HAS THE RIGHT to ask these questions because YOU promised her monogamy.

    3. Give you drama. Once you promise monogamy, she believes, often correctly, that she’s “got you” and she can give you all kinds of drama and you will STILL STAY with her (and, let me say again, she’s usually RIGHT about this). Yes, can exhibit alpha-like behaviors when dealing with this drama, but she’s is still in a position to give it to you. And she will again and again.”

    “There is literally nothing a confident man can get from marriage he cannot get by being unmarried. Literally nothing. This includes:

    Wedding rings. A wedding. Changing her last name. Living together. Referring to each other as “husband” and “wife”. Children (more on this below). Shared medical insurance (via domestic partnership and various other legal means). Life insurance. Joint ownership of assets.…and everything else.

    Try to think of anything a confident man can ONLY receive if he’s legally married. Even one thing. You can’t. Thus, he incurs massive risk for zero reward. Of course women do receive something a man doesn’t…free money if the relationship doesn’t work out. Marriage is no longer a sacred union. Marriage today is relationship-insurance for the female.”

    “Common Objection: “There IS one thing a man doesn’t get unless he’s married! Commitment!”

    Answer: If this were the 1950’s, that would be correct. But it’s the 21st century. Marriage is no longer a commitment. We live in a society where either person can get divorced for any reason at any time, and get a big pat on the back from friends and family when they do it (and even get PAID to do it if they’re female).”

    It’s really one of the ultimate posts on this subject. At the end of it, he talks about the combinations of personalities that have a shot at making a marriage work solid and happy with the guy getting as much sex as he wants out of it and all that, so it’s not IMPOSSIBLE, but the odds are REALLY fucking low these days, and the consequences are life-shattering.

on August 20, 2013 at 6:13 am
Original Link

Being a Bore is directly related to how clever one is at making fun connections between whatever topic it is at the moment.

For example, heels, credit card payments, and good coffee, any one of the three could be a topic, a good conversationalist will be able to weave a commonality between the three things, or whatever topics comes up, and do so in a fun and insightful manner.

Ranting or Sermonizing though, unless one is charismatic, is a deal breaker and will drive people away faster then asking for money

  • YaReally
    on August 20, 2013 at 8:57 am
    Original Link

    “how clever one is at making fun connections between whatever topic it is at the moment.”

    Ya, this is actually pretty important.

    Most of my game is verbal and a big part of it is 1) knowing what conversation topics are beneficial to achieving my goal, and 2) knowing how to steer the conversation smoothly toward those topics.

    Random normal guys sometimes suck at both. Or they’re good at smoothly conversing but it doesn’t go anywhere sexual (friend zone, “surprise, I have a penis!” game, etc). Or they’re good once they’re on good topics (sexual topics, telling a DHV, etc) but they don’t know how to get there smoothly so they come off like robots spouting spergy routines out of the blue like they’re reading off a script and trying to cram a square peg into a round hole.

    An exercise you can do to work on this skill is to get a buddy/wingman and pick a specific topic that you’re going to lead the conversation toward, but have him pick a random topic to start with. Your goal is simply to riff back and forth with him and steer the convo into your destination topic within a couple minutes of conversing.

    If you don’t have a buddy to do this with, try it on random people…like store clerks and people on the street you ask for time and people you approach at the bar etc

    The idea is to learn to guide the conversation where you want it to go. Part of why I end up talking about sex with girls I’ve just met is that I’m consciously guiding our conversation toward it. Or if I need to tone it back because she’s not receptive yet, I’ll guide us out of it and into some DHV topics or comfort/rapport, etc…wherever I need the convo to go to head toward my goal.

    So say your destination topic is “bananas” and they start with “my back hurts today”. You COULD just go:

    “My back hurts today”
    “Bananas are awesome.”

    But that’s spergy lol. But this would be smoother:

    “My back hurts today”
    “Ah shit, that sucks. How’d you hurt it?”
    “I think I slept funny.”
    “I hear that…now that I’m getting older, I throw my back out just bending over to get shit out of the refrigerator.”
    “Lol ya maybe I’m gettin old”
    “Soon you’ll be laying on the floor in front of your refrigerator, crumpled up telling the paramedics “I just wanted a fuckin banana!!” Lol”

    Now the topic of bananas has come up, but in a smooth way where it just seems like the conversation naturally flowed there.

    For practicing on random people, pick a destination topic that’s a DHV for you. Like a DHV story of something interesting or badass that’s happened to you recently…and make it your goal to lead every conversation toward you smoothly ending up telling that story.

    At the bar when you’re flirting with girls, do the same thing or try more sexual topics, like discussing weird fetishes people have, or where the craziest place they’ve had sex was, etc.

    Shoot for being at your destination topic within 15 minutes. Then go for 10 min. Then 5. Then see how fast you can get there and still make it sound smooth and natural.

    This is a really useful skill. Not just in one on ones with girls, but in leading group conversations or building rapport with other guys, or simply making someone’s day by knowing how to lead them off a sad topic onto a fun one, etc.

    Down the road, work on the skill until you can lead other people into thinking THEY came up with the conversation topic lol…THAT’S a fucking useful skill.

The Rules Of Social Savviness: Rule #1

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on August 16, 2013 at 11:10 am
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For the spergy among us isn’t this just a spin off of agree and amplify?

[Ch: It's more inclusive than that.]

  • YaReally
    on August 16, 2013 at 2:23 pm
    Original Link

    The technique used was A&A but the underlying principle is “don’t qualify yourself” which is the PUA terminology for “don’t be defensive”.

    They pretty much mean the exact same thing, but you can qualify to compliments too, which is also bad, so “don’t qualify yourself” is a little more all-encompassing/streamlined to teach.

    Like if a cute girl goes “I love that shirt!” a lot of AFCs will be embarrassed by the spotlight and qualify it like “oh it’s not that good, I just got it because it was on sale…” with an “aw shucks” expression as they shuffle their feet on the ground.

    The confident cocky guy would reply with something like “that’s because I make it look amazing”, which avoids qualifying themselves and also uses some agree & amplify, and ultimately builds attraction.

Poolside In America

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via Heartiste

on August 15, 2013 at 3:15 pm
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“and I bet you big bank he’s tapping more sweet ass than a hundred Apple employees. . .”

That may be Heartiste, but to be loved by one woman of virtue and beauty is worth more than any number of hussies.

Everything you say about the destruction of the country is correct. And PUA is a reaction to the naked materialism and corruption that this country has undergone over the decades.

But it is a purely material reaction. An intact soul is worth more than some stoned blonde chick dancing on a table.

  • YaReally
    on August 15, 2013 at 3:43 pm
    Original Link

    “That may be Heartiste, but to be loved by one woman of virtue and beauty is worth more than any number of hussies.”

    This is what frustrated people say about people who have it easier than them. “Oh that guy’s rich sure, but he must be dead inside.” “Oh that guy gets laid sure, but it must only be with low quality bar sluts. Game wouldn’t work on the quality confident girls I’M into”. “Oh sure he can get a high-quality girl but she’ll never LOVE him, he must cry himself to sleep.” etc etc

    Sometimes people just win win win lol. That’s life.

    Now that said, I slag on rich good-looking dudes a lot in this same “ya they’re rich but they have no confidence” manner, but the difference is that my view is based on legit Field Experience.

    It’s entirely possible to be rich, good-looking, etc AND confident and good with women…I totally acknowledge that. But it’s very very very rare because the nature of obtaining money/looks means that you’re investing extra time into those and that means you’re spending less time macking on women and developing that skillset…confidence to climb Mount Everest does NOT translate into confidence to approach a hot girl. It SHOULD, logically, but in reality it doesn’t.

    Whereas the reverse, the badboy beach bum who’s confident and good with women is all over the place, because not earning money/looks means you have even more free time to mack on girls.

    • earl
      on August 15, 2013 at 4:28 pm
      Original Link

      How many vaginas must a man plunder…before he can call himself a man?

      Most guys are afraid of women because they don’t want to reveal their desouled lives to them. Putting a dick in her and then leaving doesn’t really mean anything in the grand scheme of things other than high fives from internet bros.

      Look at Roosh…has he been sounding confident lately?

      • YaReally
        on August 15, 2013 at 4:57 pm
        Original Link

        “Putting a dick in her and then leaving”

        How about putting your dick in her, falling asleep together, having breakfast together in the morning followed by another romp, followed by seeing her regularly over the course of a long-term relationship?

        Oh, right, if you use Game then you automatically become a cartoon stereotype of a pump ‘n dump player who kicks her out the second you bust a nut and tosses her clothes at her saying “get out of here, you whore, before you see how soulless I’ve become as I gaze into the abyss!!” lol

        • earl
          on August 15, 2013 at 5:11 pm
          Original Link

          She must have been truly special…was she the lucky lady who actually got your semen inside her and not splooged over her face or body.

          I wonder how long it will take before guys realize how disrespectful they are to their gender when they pull out. That’s like retreating when you’ve almost won the war.

on August 15, 2013 at 3:18 pm
Original Link

Sounds like the Alfie Philosophy:

“To live life to the fullest, I need only enough to cover my modest expenses.”

I make my own money, but my expenses are extremely low compared to most people. And at the same time, my overall day to day happiness is consistently higher than most people. I’m slowly working toward making decent enough money down the road, but I don’t expect to get rich. If I do, that’s awesome, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it, but I enjoy my life now as it is so it would just be an enhancement rather than completing me…much like women and relationships are an enhancement to a life I already like, rather than something that will save and fix and complete me.

I’m friends with rich people who work their asses off so that once a year they can go off on some amazing vacation and enjoy a week or two of happiness before it’s back to the grind. And people who have like, a 48″ TV but aren’t happy/satisfied because they don’t have the new 52″ TV they saw at their buddy’s house. And people who beat themselves up because some aspect of their body isn’t perfect (no 6-pack abs, bad teeth, tits too small, you name it)…it’s all silly to me. I hope they find whatever they’re looking for that’ll make them happy, but personally I don’t think they’re even looking in the right place.

As far as the collapse of society goes, as I’ve said before:

“Fortunately, most guys don’t WANT to be the jobless alcoholic bum anymore than you do, even if they can get laid doing that. We take this to extremes to expand the knowledge-base of human psychology and fully understand the extents of the art-form of seduction…but we aren’t the common man. Most guys DO want to do something with their lives, for their own personal validation.”

And of course, you can’t link Alfie without linking this clip. Lot of good lessons in that movie:

  • maurice
    on August 15, 2013 at 3:25 pm
    Original Link

    The Michael Caine version from the 60s is better- the setting in the Swinging London of the times fits the story better. Or maybe that’s becuase I saw that one first. (Or maybe it’s because Jude Law annoys me.)

    • YaReally
      on August 15, 2013 at 3:33 pm
      Original Link

      I hated that one lol. I saw it after this one though, so to me Michael Caine was just a more assholish/temper-tantrum-throwing version of the slick modern Alfie I liked. Either way the story of Alfie itself is a good one for aspiring Gamers to take a look at as it highlights both the ups and downs of choosing long-term bachelorhood.

  • YaReally
    on August 15, 2013 at 3:30 pm
    Original Link

    Also a lot of the anger directed toward this guy is the same anger PUAs get from the MSM crowd of men: anger that we found a way to bypass the bullshit rat race and Nice Guy behaviors they’ve invested most of their life/identity in and not just get what we want but do BETTER than them at it. It’s like “that’s not the way it’s supposed to work!! Get back in line and suffer like me, dammit, I deserve better than you, I’ve suffered more for this!!”

    The exact same anger/frustration the beta friend zoned guy feels when the girl he’s had a crush on for years gets hit on by some player at the bar. “Fuck this guy!! I’ve invested SO much in this and he’s just sweeping in and she LIKES him!! Fuuuuuckk!!!!!”

    The future will be interesting as more and more men wake up. I figure it’ll either result in feminists passing laws that turn men into slaves (like the automatic common law marriage, men being excluded from office jobs and forced to work manual labor and dirty jobs women don’t want to do, penalties for men who aren’t married, etc), or the complete opposite where men are offered enough incentives to shack up that it becomes worth it again.

    We could go through a couple generations where men don’t settle down and reproduce before things change. Who knows? It’s fascinating to watch from poolside though.

    • YaReally
      on August 15, 2013 at 7:47 pm
      Original Link

      “The future will be interesting as more and more men wake up. I figure it’ll either result in feminists passing laws that turn men into slaves”

      Well, shit. Looks like in Italy women are now able to toss you in jail if you don’t do what they say, and even if they change their mind once their mood swing is over it’s out of their hands and you’re toast:

      How in the world does a law like that get passed?

  • YaReally
    on August 15, 2013 at 4:11 pm
    Original Link

    Also compare this beach bum to this guy:

    This guy got shit on by everyone across the Internet for being successful and having standards. They’re both hated on by half of society and neither is in a loving relationship with a perfect 10…but one guy worked his ass off to “earn” that. The other is probably getting a BJ on the beach right now.

Spot The Alpha

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via Heartiste

on August 13, 2013 at 4:14 pm
Original Link

“And isn’t that modern society in a nutless-shell? An alpha male woman smothering the life out of a man who can do better, but won’t.”

“First of all I have to deal with even getting IN the club when I’m living in a major city. This is Los Angeles. I never see most of YOU in the clubs I go to…because most of YOU can’t get in. Most of YOU guys go to “General Audience” clubs, don’t you. And you wonder why, in a city like LA, there’s not a lot of hot women. That’s ’cause all the hot women are where *I* am. You guys don’t GO to the good clubs. And you want to know WHY you guys don’t go to the GOOD clubs? ’cause you can’t deal with the bullshit. It’s too hard for you. Because to get into the good clubs in LA, here are your choices: You either pay $700-$2000 for a bottle. Or you’re VERY good looking. And you have a group of highly attractive women that will roll into the venue WITH you that will get you in, and even THEN the bouncer will make you sit out there waiting like a dog, like you’re a piece of dirt for wanting to come to their venue.” – Tyler in the video above

Plenty of hot girls, if you know where to look. They’re not at your local shit-hole meat-market dive-bar that these 4 are in lol These are the girls that hot girls don’t tell they’re going out when they go to the good clubs because the bouncers won’t let them in because they brought ugly friends.

  • immoralgables
    on August 13, 2013 at 5:01 pm
    Original Link


    I found one of the legit girls that I’m attracted to and like and one-itis is getting the best of me. Wondering if you could give me insight into my situ (text related) and let me know if it’s salvageable.

    The Opener:
    HB8 walking down the street with her friend. I was running daygame on my way home from work. I walk next to them for a few seconds and hear them speaking a different language. I just wing it, walk a few steps ahead, turn around and plant my feet and ask if they’re speaking Russian.

    They are. Then I tell them that I bet that the HB8 is talking about her ex-boyfriend and how she’s mad at him based on her body language. The two girls laugh and agree and I go on a one-minute spiel about how body language says everything. “But at least he is your ex-boyfriend. That is the best news I’ve heard all day.” The friend eats it up and tells me I should go for the HB8.

    “Nah, for all I know she could be a serial killer or gold digger”
    The HB8 and friend laughs and I say to the friend how we’re getting married and she will be the bridesmaid.

    I’m so nervous that I go straight in for the kill.

    “Look, I normally like to play it cool and wait 3-4 days when I get your number, but I’m leaving the country next week so let’s meet this Sunday”

    “Ohhhhh, then what’s the point. Now you can never get married!” Says the friend.

    “Hey, calm down ladies! I’m coming back in a week.”

    The girls laugh and I go for the number close. I tell HB8 to not be one of those crazy girls and call me 30-50 times a day. She throws her head back and laughs in disbelief and I set up solid time and place to meet and get logistics. She lives in Queens and me in Manhattan. I call and wait for her to pick up my call. Tell her I’ll hit her up Sunday afternoon before she gets off work at 7pm and I bounce……I bounce with the biggest shit-eating grin.

    The Date:
    Sunday afternoon I send this text:

    Me: Hey future ex-wife. Reminder: Date with future husband at 8pm, let’s meet at 59th and Lex.
    Her: Heyyy haha. That is a little fast but okay! See u then

    We meetup and the date goes really really well. Drinks at this rooftop bar and I’m doing my solid day 2 game.

    I don’t want to clog up the blog with the details of the date but I have an FR written on that and can post. We end up going to a park near my place and make-out. It was incredible. I really digged this girl and was screening/qualifying well and I was able to realize that “I was enough” as Alex from RSD would say.

    I walk her to her friends place a few blocks away where she is crashing instead of going back to Queens. Yes I could have pushed it more and regret doing so. I hear Eastern Europeans are pretty binary when it comes to kissing. If she’s kissing you, she will very likely fuck.

    Anyways, I bounce and we agree to meetup again. I don’t make set plans as I’m leaving the country for 5 days and I was the first to pull away on the kiss (she even pulled back in to keep kissing). Goddamnit. Anyway, my first date with an HB8 and I did pretty well overall. Again, I can paste the FR that focuses on just that if anyone wants to read. My buds in the Lair found it highly informative.

    Here is the text exchange since then. Basically, I’m at a cross-roads of how to get her out since I fucked up a bit and didn’t take the lead. Yes, I am sure there is some bad texts in there too:

    The texts:

    Me (06/05 afternoon): Hey! i had a really nice time last night. But…… my sources tell me you might be a spy. I have my eye on you. Next time we have an interrogation session over ice cream
    Her: Hey, all day long trying to take blood test
    Her: Lol yea I am belorussian spy but this is a big secret hope u are not telling anybody

    Me (06/05 evening): I swear I just saw your twin. You didn’t send her to spy on me in my neighborhood did you.
    Her: No but probably u found my sister twin but this is a great news))

    Me (08/06): I’m leaving for my trip, try not to seduce too many handsome men while I’m gone, you adorable spy
    Her: I’ll try) Have a good trip

    Me (08/10): Good news! I survived Colombia and didn’t get married lol. What are you up to this weekend?
    Her: Hi, Ohhh great news I am. glaf that u survived and came back to ny
    Her: I am glad
    Her: I always work on weekend and going on birthday party)
    Me: With your work schedule I don’t think our marriage will last ;-P How does this week look? Because I do want to see your pretty face
    —No Response—
    Me (08/11): I text you: You ignore me. This is so “us”
    Her (1min later): Omg sorry
    Her: Really I forgot!!! I was extremely busy yesterday and came back home too late
    Her: Next week I am working till 9p.m.
    Me (5 hours later): Excuses excuses. Okay, let me know a good day then because you still owe ice cream Miss Nikita
    Her: Wow wow wow I owe…ok mr, ImmoralGables
    Me: +1 for spelling my name right. I admit, I’m a little surprised


    (Some of the spy, ice-cream, marriage stuff is based on callback humor from our date.)

    So yes, not the smoothest. And yes, case of oneitis here and since then I went on a date Friday and had one setup for today to try to avoid the common pitfalls. But, I feel like since this is all kind of new to me and I haven’t felt this kinda way in the past 2 years; well, hopefully you get the idea.

    • YaReally
      on August 14, 2013 at 3:49 pm
      Original Link


      Solid daygame pickup. Good work!

      “Her: Heyyy haha. That is a little fast but okay! See u then”

      Have seeeeeexxxxxxxxxxx!!! lol

      “Yes I could have pushed it more and regret doing so.”

      Why didn’t you? Don’t gloss over this, this is the important key here. Why didn’t you take her back to your place or escalate to bang in public? Is it because she’s “different”, so you’re going to run different game on her than you would with other girls? This one’s special, so you’re going to stop doing the stuff that works and start throwing game principles out the window? Were you so enjoying the validation of this chick digging you that you didn’t want to risk fucking it up by pushing too far and ruining those good emotions? Were you worried that if you effed it up by pushing too fast and scaring her off, you wouldn’t find another one this good again for a long time? Success barrier, where you couldn’t fully accept that a girl like that would be into you that fast? Those are the common reasons usually.

      “I was the first to pull away on the kiss (she even pulled back in to keep kissing). Goddamnit.”

      So why didn’t you go for sex? Your gut knows that was the right move lol I’m not trying to twist the knife here, but you’ll repeat this pattern if you don’t figure out what was going on in your head as you self-sabotaged.

      “Anyway, my first date with an HB8 and I did pretty well overall.”

      Sounds like you did fine. I don’t see a reason this situ wouldn’t be salvagable. Every minute of silence that goes by from her, to YOU is catastrophic…to an outside observer it’s no biggie. You should still be good.

      “Basically, I’m at a cross-roads of how to get her out since I fucked up a bit and didn’t take the lead.”

      This is the big fuck up but at least you recognize that. Especially with russian chicks who expect dominant men who take the lead.

      “Next time we have an interrogation session over ice cream”

      You’re playing “surprise, I have a penis!” game here lol Not that you should be like “hey baby, open wide and get ready to swallow”, but if the mistake is “this guy didn’t make a move sexually”, then you follow it up with “let’s go for ice cream on our next date!”, you’re playing into the whole “this guy doesn’t have a penis” view of you that you’ve started creating.

      Again none of this is THAT bad…it’s not optimal, but I doubt you’re totally fucked unless she’s extremely cut-throat.

      “Her: Lol yea I am belorussian spy but this is a big secret hope u are not telling anybody”

      This is good, she’s roleplaying along.

      “try not to seduce too many handsome men while I’m gone, you adorable spy”

      lol, kiiind of gay…you’re just giving off a lot of “omg you’re so special plz don’t find someone else before I get my chance!!!” vibes is all. Again not crippling, but not optimal is all. Roleplaying that she can seduce a bunch of handsome men is putting her value way up high.

      “Me (08/10): Good news! I survived Colombia and didn’t get married lol”

      This is better because it puts your value way up high instead, you’re the one who’s at risk of being taken.

      “Her: I always work on weekend and going on birthday party)”

      On a side note, how the fuck do you guys have conversations with girls like this? This hurts just to read lol Does she have shaky English or is she just a bad txt’er? I don’t think I could survive EE girls because I’d be dying to have an actual conversation lol

      “Me: With your work schedule I don’t think our marriage will last ;-P”

      mmmmm not the best wording for a Pull. She can’t change her work schedule (she’s not going to skip work), so you’re kind of saying “well if you can’t skip work for me then this won’t work out”.

      “How does this week look? Because I do want to see your pretty face”

      This is better, in that you’re finally taking the lead. This would blow you out with some girls, but this one needs to know you can be direct and have a penis. I mean look at how you started out “meet me Sunday” and what happened? “lol kind of fast giggle giggle but OKAY!!!! :D :D ” That’s the same vibe you have with this “I want to see your pretty face” line. This is the stuff that says “hey, I have a penis, and I want to stick it in you. I’m a man who goes for what I want”

      “Me (08/11): I text you: You ignore me. This is so “us””

      I’m totally stealing this lol This was a GREAT “hey, respond to my txt” message…not needy/supplicative at all, roleplaying and future-projecting that you’re in a relationship together, etc. This is a perfect line. I’ll definitely be using this one.

      “Her: Really I forgot!!! I was extremely busy yesterday and came back home too late”

      This is legit. I don’t think she’s running any sneaky shit-testing game on you here. She’s just legit a busy chick who’s into you, but isn’t totally blown away by you yet…so she doesn’t want to fuck it up, but she’s not at the point where responding to you is top priority over everything else in her life yet.

      “Her: Next week I am working till 9p.m.”

      Does that mean on the weekend or during the week? Try pushing for a Sunday again, since she was able to meet up on a Sunday once already. Make it a lunch date even, it doesn’t matter…you can go for breakfast and escalate back to your place. A lot of guys think they need to do it in the evening and they have to involve a bar and alcohol etc, but that’s not true at all. You can seduce a girl into sex in the middle of the day…it’s SMOOTHER at night because the nightlife has a sexual nature to it, but if you have to do it in the daytime, behind a tree in the park, then you do.

      It’s perfectly find to go for breakfast/brunch BEFORE her shift, like meet up at 10am, build attraction, escalate, fuck by 11:30-noon, and send her off to work with a smile on her face lol

      “Me (5 hours later): Excuses excuses. Okay, let me know a good day then because you still owe ice cream Miss Nikita”

      Too soon. You don’t have enough value for this yet. You’ve already made out but not had sex…the rule is generally don’t make out hardcore unless you can push the logistics for sex in that interaction, because now she knows “we’re going to kiss a bunch which means we’re going to fuck, so if I agree to meet up again, he’s going to know it means I want to fuck so I’m going to look like a slut to either him or my own brain”. You pulled the pin on the grenade but didn’t throw it.

      So already it’ll be tougher to get her out again, but then on top of it now you’re telling her “you plan it out and tell me when you want to admit you’re a big slutty fucking whore who wants dick because you’re a slut” lol She can’t take the reins like that…on top of THAT, you already know she responds well when YOU take the lead…so you’re just like, completely whiffing past her particular blueprint of what she needs.

      ie – instead of absolving her of responsibility for it leading to sex, and taking the lead like a dominant EE guy she’s attracted to, you’ve put all of the responsibility of it leading to sex on her, shot her down once already by not trying to lead it to sex after she put herself out there by aggressively making out with you, and you’re making her take the lead…that make sense? lol

      “Her: Wow wow wow I owe…ok mr, ImmoralGables”

      She likes when you lead and are dominant…but she needs you to BE that, instead of making HER be that.

      “But, I feel like since this is all kind of new to me and I haven’t felt this kinda way in the past 2 years”

      All good. You’re not totally fucked, you’re just sort of sailing off the tracks.

      So how to fix it?

      It’s EXTREMELY unlikely that she’s going to txt you like “hey I’m free next Wednesday, let’s hang out!”. Like it’s theoretically POSSIBLE, but incredibly unlikely. You already know she thinks you’re fun/funny/interesting. You already know she likes you sexually since she made out with you. You already know she responds to dominant/aggressive/alpha “take what I want” shit. And you already know it’s possible for her to meet up on a Sunday because she’s done it once before. And you know she needs to feel like she has no responsibility for sex happening.

      I would shoot her a txt mid/late-week and get her in a good state, then go for some classic David DeAngelo: “I’m busy next week, but I want to see you. Which is better for you, Sunday after your shift or Monday?” and just assume the sale. She gets a little bit of an option so she can feel like she has a choice, but either choice is good for you.

      If you can get her out, fuck the shit out of her. You won’t get a 3rd chance. But like I say, you’ve triggered her ASD by having a heavy makeout without sex, so you’ve given yourself an uphill battle. It’s better to not kiss her at all or just give her a slight peck, if you aren’t going to try to fuck her that night, than to make out hardcore and then not fuck her…because with the no-kiss Day 2, there’s still sexual tension and mystery there and she can still tell herself she’s just meeting up to maybe kiss you at the most, which is romantic not slutty, and then you’d just escalate it from there on the Day 3.

      Keep pushing, but be more dominant and assume you have plans and that of COURSE she’d agree to them. I don’t think it’s too late to turn it around, but it’s hard to say once the ASD triggers are flying.

      Your ONLY goal now is to get in person with her. Do whatever it takes to do that. Once you two are in person together, you can work it from there. If she was still totally evasive, even if you had to say “let’s go on a gay shopping trip together, bring 10 of your friends and I’ll bring mine” and agree to a Day 3 that’s completely stacked against you, or lie your ass off about how amazing the Day 3 will be and all the amazing things you’ll do on it if you’re comfortable lying and she’s worth it…once you’re in person, you can always turn it around, smooth any disappointment over (“you mean we’re NOT going sky-diving??” “no babe, they were closed today, so anyway–(spike her temp, escalate, have sex)” so none of that will matter.

      As Julien would say, be shameless:

      • immoralgables
        on August 14, 2013 at 5:41 pm
        Original Link

        First of all, thank you so much.

        I broke that barrier and got past the 6-7 girls here and this is so new to me. Let me answer your early questions.

        Why didn’t you? Don’t gloss over this, this is the important key here. Why didn’t you take her back to your place or escalate to bang in public?

        [Is it because she’s “different”, so you’re going to run different game on her than you would with other girls?]

        Yes….I know I know. It is really tough when they’re fresh of the boat and feminine and hot and not westernized. Thigh gap and bright blue eyes and even other women are checking her out on the sidewalk. I know I got to get my head back in the game.

        [This one’s special, so you’re going to stop doing the stuff that works and start throwing game principles out the window?]

        Yes. Other girls I would have escalated back to my place.

        [Were you so enjoying the validation of this chick digging you that you didn’t want to risk fucking it up by pushing too far and ruining those good emotions?]

        This but really for some dumb reason, I wanted to show I had hand and value by not going straight for sex although looking back, I bet that’s what she wanted. Amidst showing me pics of her and her family, asking me what kind of relationship I’m looking for, if I’ve ever been in love, staring aimlessly at the water after our makeout. Fuck…

        [Were you worried that if you effed it up by pushing too fast and scaring her off, you wouldn’t find another one this good again for a long time?]

        Not so much at the time but maybe subconsciously. Again, this is all new to my reality. And it was my first legit hottie I picked up off daygame and that was really into me. Honestly as gay as this found, I hadn’t felt this way since my gf 2 years ago who broke my heart. It was like out of a romance movie and damn it’s like my brain went on auto-pilot.

        [Success barrier, where you couldn’t fully accept that a girl like that would be into you that fast? Those are the common reasons usually.]

        I knew she could like me that fast I just didn’t know THAT much. She is working all the time, not a great social life, has a few friends and her family is back home. Here I come with a decent job, solid friends and charming demeanor and for the first time with this caliber girl, I felt like “I was enough”. But yes, still out of my reality that I could have lifted her up mid-makeout, wrapped her legs around me and escalated.

        I totally regret it looking back. The fact that she’s only had 2 boyfriends prior and gets jealous when the last one flirted with other girls made me thing that she wouldn’t put out that night.

        I’m working on it YaReally. Do understand that I tried to tone down my “gaming” and be my normal charming self. Bad thing is that normal self doesn’t escalate as fast as he ought to. I will work on this and keep you posted.

        [On a side note, how the fuck do you guys have conversations with girls like this? This hurts just to read lol Does she have shaky English or is she just a bad txt’er? I don’t think I could survive EE girls because I’d be dying to have an actual conversation lol]

        Just to answer that real quick, she is very much EE. Not the best English but very sexy accent. Likes Russian music and movies. Very much not Westernized and fresh off the boat.

        I will be back later and will also post the field report of the date so people can learn from that.

        Even if I fuck up tremendously. I promise to post that too so people can learn. OP will deliver regardless and thanks again YaReally for the real-talk.


        • YaReally
          on August 14, 2013 at 11:18 pm
          Original Link

          “Yes. Other girls I would have escalated back to my place.”

          lol don’t worry, this happens to all of us. Part of why we go out and approach girls, and specifically push ourselves to approach HOT girls, is that ya, you can get good with 6s and 7s, and that’s fun and you get your dick wet…but then you’ll meet an 8+ that you REALLY want and choke because you’re not used to being around them and your brain’ll mind-fuck itself.

          You really didn’t do horrible, most normal random guys wouldn’t even get a makeout on the first date with a chick like that. And the set isn’t 100% toast or anything, you just have more of an uphill battle now. It’s worth still trying. She sounds like a busy chick, and you’ve triggered her ASD so be prepared for a lot of flaking and having to force your way into her schedule…that’s not supplicating in this scenario because you have legit logistical/ASD issues to deal with now. Going out of your way to arrange a date that’s not necessarily convenient for you would be supplicating if she had a free schedule and you were just being overly agreeable and desperate and offered that up as a first effort hoping that if you make the date easy enough she’ll come out and you might get lucky. This is more like now you have to disarm a nuke that’s in the launching sequence, so if you have to start yanking out wires, you yank out some fucking wires lol

          “This but really for some dumb reason, I wanted to show I had hand and value by not going straight for sex although looking back, I bet that’s what she wanted.”
          :) lol. Again, don’t worry, we’ve all done this. Multiple times. This is just what one-itis does to a guy…”I banged all these other girls because I had hand and value, but THIS one’s different so I’m going to NOT show her I have hand and value like I did with those other girls and that will make her see I have hand and value……..wait wut?”

          “Amidst showing me pics of her and her family, asking me what kind of relationship I’m looking for, if I’ve ever been in love, staring aimlessly at the water after our makeout. Fuck…”

          lol. I only lol because I know the sting of this. It still happens to me when I fuck up. The important thing is that you realize you fucked up and it wasn’t that she’s a bitch or anything…you just glossed over some signals she was putting out there that, if she had been uglier and you hadn’t been blinded by one-itis, you would have picked up on and acted on.

          “And it was my first legit hottie I picked up off daygame and that was really into me.”

          It was a really solid street pickup, if that helps lol. Really impressive. You assumed attraction, made your intentions known, lead the interaction, used some push/pull, all sorts of good shit. 99% of guys would’ve not said anything at all and been telling their buddies “man you should’ve seen this hot Russian chick I saw today, she was amazing” and fantasized about how they “would’ve” picked her up if they had balls.

          “Honestly as gay as this found, I hadn’t felt this way since my gf 2 years ago who broke my heart.”

          lol. SO gay. But I understand. Even years into the game, this can happen. In fact, probably MORESO because after meeting a lot of chicks you realize how rare certain qualities are so you get even harder one-itis when you run into them, VS when you’re new and every girl is a magical perfect unicorn…now you have personal experience and evidence that no, this one IS special. And you can acknowledge that, and let that fuel some nice congruent direct game with her…buuuuut you still have to follow the seduction formula and stick your dick in her when she gives you that window of opportunity. :)

          “She is working all the time, not a great social life, has a few friends and her family is back home.”

          This is all good for you. Keep pursuing her. Like I say, try a more dominant/alpha approach, pick a time that’s convenient for her busy schedule, set the tone of the interaction and take what you want. She might still be like “ohhh I can’t do sunday :( ” and flake. That’s fine, don’t let it phase you…you’ve armed the nuke so it’s going to be tricky. Just roll with it, laugh it off, and try again the next week. Like I say, if you feel comfortable lying or exaggerating the awesomeness of what your date will be, go ahead and do that. Someone once put it like “if you trick me into going to Disneyland, I’m not going to be mad when I find out it was a trick because it’s fucking Disneyland and it’s awesome” lol I normally try to keep things honest, but that’s my own personal challenge…you do whatever you feel will work, you’re in new territory here and have to learn your own boundaries.

          “Here I come with a decent job, solid friends and charming demeanor and for the first time with this caliber girl, I felt like “I was enough”.”

          All solid stuff…this alone is a success right here, in terms of self-development. You should be proud of this, despite choking with the girl lol

          “But yes, still out of my reality that I could have lifted her up mid-makeout, wrapped her legs around me and escalated.”

          You 100% could’ve done this lol. If you pull off getting a Day 3, you sure as shit better be on this. :)

          “The fact that she’s only had 2 boyfriends prior and gets jealous when the last one flirted with other girls made me thing that she wouldn’t put out that night. ”

          Look at what she does, not what she says. She dated a guy who flirts with other girls, and she’s out on a date with a guy who picked her up off a cold-approach on the street. She may SAY “I hated when he did that”, but she is responding instinctually TO flirty confident sexually aggressive/dominant guys.

          Like imagine the absurdity of a woman ordering a pizza and saying “I hate ordering pizza, ugh, I never do it!!”, as she’s dialing the pizza place. You wouldn’t be like “oh this girl must not like pizza”, you’d be like “wtf woman logic??” lol

          “Do understand that I tried to tone down my “gaming” and be my normal charming self. Bad thing is that normal self doesn’t escalate as fast as he ought to.”

          lol this is the trick. :) We swing the pendulum to both sides to settle in the middle: be a super Nice Guy, be a super asshole/player, then settle in the middle somewhere that’s comfortable/congruent and gets results. Never touch a girl because it’s disrespectful, go for makeouts off the “hello”, then settle somewhere in the middle. etc. etc. This is just a learning process, no biggie.

          When a kid learns how to walk, he stands up and he takes a few steps then falls to his left. Giggles and stands up again, takes a few steps, and falls to his right. Giggles and stands up again and starts figuring out how to balance. That’s all you’re doing.

          “Even if I fuck up tremendously. I promise to post that too so people can learn.”

          All good man. Google “pua fuckup reports” sometime lol. We used to have categories of Field Reports and one of them would have the thread start with “FU:” in the title which meant it was a Fuck Up report where the guy lost the lay for whatever reason (usually his own fault, LOTS of reports like yours of just not pulling the trigger). They help to 1) teach other guys to hopefully avoid making the same mistakes, 2) help you narrow down what exactly went wrong and where your Sticking Point is and what mentally was going on under the surface that caused you to choke, and 3) they’re embarrassing as fuck to write and put out there for other guys to read, so the next time you’re in this situ, this whole humiliating experience will be burned into your fucking SOUL and you’ll go “goddamnit, not THIS time!!” and pin her up against the wall and escalate like she was hoping you would. :)

          Good stuff man. Glad you found an awesome chick. Even if it doesn’t work out with her (I still think you can turn this around, it just might take some time to get her out again), this will start a trend where your brain says “I deserve girls like this, wtf am I doing hitting on this 6 when there’s an 8 over there who’s giving me the eye?”

  • Scray
    on August 13, 2013 at 7:24 pm
    Original Link

    I have my issues with RSD — mainly the lack of an overall structured approach (the ratio of woo-woo/tactics is like 9:1) — but Tyler does tell it like it is.

    You ARE on edge if you’re out there approaching. And there IS so much bullshit to deal with before you can even get on the gridiron. And the amount of bullshit you have to deal with, anyway is so great, that you will naturally just develop a brighter outlook on life while developing greater confidence (dependence?) on yourself.

    KJ’s are easy to spot because they’re still trying so hard to “save face” at all costs. I try my best when I’m out there, but ultimately, who gives a fuck? I want to have fun. I want to make jokes. I want to try to lend light wherever I can. It’s something no one can take away from you, and it’s something that most people seem unwilling to do or incapable of doing.

    • FuriousFerret
      on August 13, 2013 at 10:25 pm
      Original Link

      “mainly the lack of an overall structured approach (the ratio of woo-woo/tactics is like 9:1) ”

      I think this because he’s catering to RSD’s demographic. Most of his clients are introverted, shy and riddled with low self esteem. Probably the biggest challenge they have to overcome is to reset their mentality. If your mind is fucked all the tactics in the world won’t help.

      You get your woo-woo from CH’s humorous posts on female’s true retarded nature. It’s hard to pedestalize them when somebody is pointing out the absolute insane shit that they do and think when left to their own devices.

      • Scray
        on August 14, 2013 at 9:43 am
        Original Link

        The most you can do for a negative mentality is to consistently go out, though. I mean, I guess you can say that a lot of RSD woo-woo is really aimed at just giving people the courage to go out. But, I’m still of the mindset that competence -> confidence. You give someone a few dumb lines to say, and it helps, because a lot of their ‘what if I don’t have anything to say’ fears will go away.

        • YaReally
          on August 14, 2013 at 4:07 pm
          Original Link

          The stuff you come up with improvising is way better than anything old-school PUAs were running back in the day lol the main reason they don’t teach routines/tactics as much now is that you improvising shit that makes you laugh is 1000x more congruent than you trying to run like, the Horse Girl opener, when you didn’t actually know a Horse Girl.

          For tactics you have to go back to some older-school game. RSD had the tactics on lock-down back in the day, but they’ve been focusing on inner game the last few years because, well, outer-game is already solved lol.

          For outer-game:

          - read the Tyler Digest:
          - read everything here:
          - Watch all of the Mystery Method DVDs:
          - pirate RSD Foundations
          - and read LoveSystems “Magic Bullets”

          That’s all there is to outer-game lol. Oldschool Field Reports literally looked like:

          “So I opened with who lies more, transitioned to jealous girlfriend, followed with badass kid, powerpuff girls, you and I wouldn’t get along, stripper DHV, ran the cube, #-closed then–”

          Like it was massively by the books structured. Field Reports now are a lot more organic looking (“I owned the place and then I said something to this chick, can’t remember what it was but she loved me, and I grabbed her and–”), which are harder to learn from if you’re looking for structure.

          People make fun of Mystery’s super-elaborate method, but it really is a consistent repeatable structure to follow. The oldschool RSD guys all learned and still apply Mystery’s structure underneath all their natural vibing, even tho they do it sub-consciously now and don’t teach it that way.

          Really the key to all of this, and the reason I got good at it, was that I understood early on that it was the structure of the routine that was important, not the actual words being said…so I’d take the structure and just fill in my own words relevant to my life and my personality, while keeping the structure that ran the girl through emotions or escalated or whatever.

Alpha Assessment: The Unexpected Alpha

Original Link

via Heartiste

on August 13, 2013 at 12:05 pm
Original Link

Excellent reply! Why did it only rate an 8? What would a 10 be?

  • Scray
    on August 13, 2013 at 12:42 pm
    Original Link

    “Ok.” “Cool.” I’m guessing; those are terse — which everyone around here loves — but they’re also funny, because they answer nothing.

    “So, would you be mad if I X?”


    It’s kind of a funny exchange.

    • YaReally
      on August 13, 2013 at 1:50 pm
      Original Link

      I see you went to the Hyde School of Ambiguous Coolness:

on August 13, 2013 at 1:29 pm
Original Link

Can somebody give me some pointers on this. My GF is smoking hot, easy 9, we have a great relationship in all aspects and 95% of the time I am very happy. The problem is that she is very jealous of other girls talking to me etc. Two recent examples:

1) Went out with a group of her friends to play Quizzo. Before we even met up we were talking on the phone and she said “Jen is bringing her friend Liz, you’ll think Liz is hot and break up with me”. We have a great time and are walking back to her place and she keeps asking me if I think Liz is hot (she is). I agree and amplify and she ignores the joking and keeps asking and asking saying she wants a serious response. I say “yeah, she’s decent” and she flips out on me and calls me a scumbag, etc. She eventually apologized, but it annoys me when she does stuff like this.

2) I have a female friend (Laura) who is roommates with my best friends fiance. Laura is a cool chick, a 5, not hot at all, and is treated as one of the guys. I have no romantic interest in her at all. My GF will say things like “Youre in love with Laura” and gets mad when I hug her hello or she hangs out with everyone. She says that Laura is “rude” to her. I just joined Instagram b/c my phone just got upgraded. Laura had broken her phone and joined Instagram too. I didnt find out until I got this text message from my GF

GF: Weird that you and Laura joined Instagram on the same day…
Me: We also got mani pedis and gossiped

Any good response to this text or just ignore? Any tips overall on how to curb the jealousy?

  • YaReally
    on August 13, 2013 at 2:04 pm
    Original Link

    Your girl likes drama and your smooth-sailing relationship doesn’t provide enough of it so she creates it. If it wasn’t this, it would be something else. Play along with it and laugh it off and don’t stress her being “upset”. Drama-types love being upset and experiencing the whole rollercoaster of emotions.

    Whether its too MUCH drama for you is a personal choice, but I’ve had girls that constantly pick fights like this and I just use “agree & amplify” and tease them and then ignore them when they get mad and smooth it over next time we talk and joke about “oh no I’m in the doghouse now” etc. it’s just playful fun on my end even if she’s super dramatic serious about it. You’re the rock solid oak tree, she’s like silly little squirrel skittering about your branches.

    Plus look at the alternative: her not giving a shit about other girls because she doesn’t think you’re attractive enough that they’d want you…where do you think THAT road leads? lol

    Now if it’s too much drama for you and legit annoying, you can try using “Soft Next”s to train the behavior out of her:

    So in your situ the next time you ran into a scenario like #1 where she won’t drop it, you say “you’re being ridiculous. Goodnight babe” and walk and turn off your phone for the night. Then if she keeps going you can get into stuff like “this jealousy thing is annoying. I don’t like when you accuse me of shit you know I’m not doing.” so she knows why you’re Soft Next’ing and if she does it again, you Soft Next again, but for a longer period of time. Keep repeating this until either she stops the behavior or you’ve broken up lol

    So the alternative to laughing off her silly jealousy is upping the stakes into more of a “might end the relationship” game…it’s up to you which you feel is a better option.

    • John
      on August 13, 2013 at 2:10 pm
      Original Link

      Thanks Ya, always helpful. She does enjoy a bit of the drama and usually playfulness will nullify it, but I just can’t understand the “every girl is a threat” mode

      • YaReally
        on August 13, 2013 at 2:24 pm
        Original Link

        Try being a shittier boyfriend. She’s using other girls to get her drama fix because there’s nothing about you that she can start drama over so she has to use them. If you had no job she could start drama about how you need to get a job. If you neglected her she could start drama about how you neglect her.

        This particular girl has a need for X amount of drama. If she was a housewife in the past, she would get that fix by watching soap operas and gossiping about the neighbors lol. She probably watches reality TV.

        Think of it kind of like someone with anger issues having a need to be violent. You don’t care what you’re hitting as long as you’re hitting something…if someone doesn’t give you a reason to hit them, you’ll FIND a reason and pick a fight to get your fix.

        Now get that guy a punching bag and he can safely vent his violent rage out on that, instead of forcing him to bottle it up and explode on the people around him.

        Your girl is currently venting her need for drama in an extremely safe and not-inconvenient way, by being jealous of other girls because she doesn’t want to lose you. That’s a helluva lot better way to vent her need for drama than alternatives like reaming you out for not making more money or cheating on your or picking fights for you with dudes over her etc.

        I would just laugh it off and treat it as “awwe she’s jealous, that’s cute, c’mere babe”. Not all girls have a big need for drama (tho the hotter ones tend to), but you’ve picked one that does. If she’s 95% awesome and it’s ultimately not that big of a hassle then fuck it lol

        • John
          on August 13, 2013 at 2:39 pm
          Original Link

          Pretty on point. YES, she LOVES reality TV. LOL. Will try not to let it get to me as much and ignore all logic when dealing with the jealousy.

          • YaReally
            on August 13, 2013 at 3:16 pm
            Original Link

            lol I figured. Granted, liking reality TV is a safe bet with most girls today, but the drama-fix ones LOVE that shit.

            One of my current girls is super high-drama. Probably the most I’ve dealt with in my life. But it’s in that same “you like her more than me I bet, you should just go fuck her, whatever, we’re done, just delete me” way. At first it was more than I’m used to (the past couple years I’ve had a string of extremely low/non-existant-drama girls, so it blindsided me), but I’ve handled it the way I describe and it works out fine.

            Plenty of our conversations go like this:

            Me: “ya, I’m going to sleep.”
            Her: “no, YaReally, I’m really upset about this!!”
            Me: “lol it’s fine babe.”
            Her: “whatever, you don’t even care”
            Me: “lol goodnight babe.”
            Her: “you’re probably fucking one of your whores”
            (5 min later)
            Her: “fine then ignore me, fuck you!”
            (30 min later, while I am fast asleep or busy working or whatever)
            Her: “whatever just so you know I’m deleting you”
            Her: (sends screenshot of my name missing in her address book lol)
            Her: “have a nice life YaReally”

            A lot of guys would read that and be like “holy fuck what a shit-show, Next that psycho” but the reality is that 1) she’s super fucking hot, heads turn everywhere she goes, guys at the bar have bowed down to her Wayne’s World style as she walks by lol, 2) aside from this little need for drama she’s pretty awesome and has some rare qualities that I like,

            and most importantly 3) I understand now that she’s just doing this because she needs drama and I’m a super low-drama chill guy so I don’t provide any drama. That was fine with the low-drama girls I was with, but this one will scrape and claw trying to pick a fight just to get her fix. So I give it to her in little doses that I don’t mind, like stopping txting her. I KNOW she’s going to barrage me with “fine then fuck you” and “have a nice life!!” drama and get herself all worked up over there, and that’s just cute/funny to me. Like a little frustrated puppy working itself up and pouting lol

            Then the next day I just txt silly shit to smooth it over and she puts up a bit of a fight and then we’re good again…that usually looks something like:

            Me (waking up to her angry txts): “o man I’m in trouble now. but I only went to sleep so I could start dreaming of you sooner babe! <3 <3 <3 lol"
            Her: "whatever. who's this?"
            Me: "the creepy guy hiding in your bushes watching you shower this morning."
            Her: "NOT funny YaReally. I'm really pissed at you."
            Me: "fine then, I WON'T dream about you anymore!"
            Her: "not amused."
            Me: "that makes once of us, you should see how much I'm lol'ing over here"
            Her: "I hate you"
            Me: "You hate that you love me."
            Her: "lol no…"
            Me: "Yesss, a lol, back out of the doghouse! When's our wedding?"

            And then we're back to normal and she's back to doting on me like I'm the greatest thing she's ever seen in her life. The fast 180 from "I'm mad!!" to my diffusing the drama and her returning instantly to lovey-dovey mode is one of the things that helped me figure out what was going on under the surface with this.

            One of the guys I learned bits of this mentality from was a natural with a girl who would always get pretend-upset at him. In person would just keep agreeing & amplifying and teasing and assuming she still likes him until he'd start going "Don't smile, whatever you do, don't smile or I'll know you don't hate me" and inevitably she would crack a little smile and be like "fuck I hate you :D :D " and it was all good from there.

            Note that the whole time through those kind of exchanges, she's not ACTUALLY mad and doesn't ACTUALLY hate me…she's more frustrated than anything, that I won't give her the attention she wants/expects so she ups the stakes waiting for me to crack and be all "awwe babe what's wrong? I'm sorry :( :( " so she can get her big drama fix out of me. But I just feed her a little bit of drama (like ignoring her txts) and diffuse that bomb in a safe location like giving the angry guy a punching bag, and keep my cool the entire time and look at it as just silly girly shit.

            Also note that the whole time I'M not riled up. I legit just think it's cute now. It doesn't phase me at all, and at no point am I worried that she'd actually ditch me for something that dumb, because I know I'm attractive to her.

            And finally note that this is no trouble to me at all. This goes back to the idea that a lot of guys would get any kind of hassle from a girl and be like "this is too much work, NEXT!!!!" but I don't care at all. It's not work or hassle to me to deal with this, it's just natural flirting. A few txts out of my day, a funny little exchange, and it's back to normal. No other guy she's met can handle her this way, so I don't have to worry about her banging other guys because all of them would fail at these exchanges and get sucked into her drama and obliterate themselves. Part of what she loves is that I consider myself high enough value to say "lol I have to work babe, have a good day" and stop replying when she's trying to get my attention.

            Anyway, have fun with it. It tends to be part & parcel with being with a super hot girl…in terms of WHY they love drama, a shitty low-value girl has plenty of drama: she can't pay her rent, her boyfriend is shitty, she has daddy issues, she doesn't live the life she wants, she can't afford to go out with her friends, her friends talk shit about her and fight with her, etc. etc.

            Now take a 10? Where's the drama in her life? Everything she does, no matter how bad or shitty it is, is PERFECT, to everyone around her. She could create a baby-grinding factory and every guy around her would go "what an entrepreneur, there really WERE too many babies around, I'm glad someone's doing something about it!" Even her best friends will let her treat them like shit and tell her it's okay, because she's beautiful and the world is at her feet. Can't pay her rent? That's cool, 10 rich dudes at the bar will offer to do it for her. Want a new job? Don't even have to wear a push-up bra and that job is yours if the interviewer is male. Every boyfriend she's ever had has been terrified to make her feel bad in any way so they just nod and agree with her about everything.

            So how does she get her drama fix? Reality TV and picking silly little fights like this with her guy, and being relieved that her guy is alpha enough to handle those little fights and not be scared off or supplicate to her. He's basically handing her a punching bag and going "lol go ahead babe, let it all out, it's cool." and she loves him even more for subconsciously understanding.

            Hope that helps put it in perspective. Again you can try Soft Nexts to weed the behavior out, but really it's not that big a deal and not something I would Soft Next over, personally. I actually look at it as good training for solidifying my own frame and generally thickening up my solid oak tree mentality of being unable to be shaken by this stuff. If I can handle a tiger like this like it's no big deal, a kitten doesn't stand a chance lol

  • Amy
    on August 13, 2013 at 2:06 pm
    Original Link

    I used to act like this a lot. It’s sh*t testing mixed with genuine insecurity. I’ll tell you what worked on me. Get angry.Tell her you’re not doing anything wrong and she needs to cut the crap. Tell her you obviously think she’s hot, she’s your girlfriend. Tell her to learn to control her insecurity bs because you’re not putting up with it anymore.

    I think it’s important to throw in the reminder that she’s hot, but stay pissed off about being indirectly accused of something you’re not doing (flirting). She’ll cry but she really needs you to lay it down that she’s being ridiculous. And if she does it again, cut her off and completely ignore her for a while.

    The LAST thing you want to do is placate her, soothe her, etc. Avoid this at all costs, even after you yell at her.

    • YaReally
      on August 13, 2013 at 3:20 pm
      Original Link

      lol ya, I’ve started fights with mine a few times. I have a post in mod describing more in detail about the girl and our interactions, but basically it’s like being a lion…you don’t give a fuck 90% of the time when the jackals nip at you and shit…but every once in a while you get up and tear the fuck out of everything so they know who’s boss.

      So I’ll let her start a little drama in a safe way and just amuse myself with it. But now and then I’ll get “angry” with her and bitch her out and scold her and ignore her for a couple days. I’m never actually worked up, I just know that she needs that now and then. I learned this from a high-drama Natural buddy of mine who loooooves bitching his girls out lol. It’s not really my thing, I tend to go for low-drama girls, but right now I’m seeing a high-drama one and I’m playing around with this. She loves every second of it.

      • Amy
        on August 13, 2013 at 3:48 pm
        Original Link

        Right, even if she cries. Lol, crying is the ultimate double down in sh*t testing. If you can stay angry/annoyed through the crying *and* still walk away, you’ve aced it.

        • YaReally
          on August 13, 2013 at 4:00 pm
          Original Link

          It’s really similar to a child. Ya, your kid might cry that you won’t let her eat cookies for supper, but that doesn’t mean you give her fucking cookies for supper. It’s fine if she cries, girls love crying, that’s why they watch Twilight and shit and get all into it and emotional. It’s a GOOD thing for her to cry now and then, as long as it’s in a safe consequence-free scenario like this (vs just being an abusive asshole lol).

          Think of it like taking your dog for a run around the block lol. If you don’t, he’ll have too much pent up energy and be annoying in the house. Take him to the park on a nice safe leash and run around with him for a bit and let him get it out and you’ll have a nice happy dog. Being terrified to let your girl cry when she needs drama is like being terrified to let your dog be tired or sweat when you take him for a run.

          • YaReally
            on August 14, 2013 at 4:14 pm
            Original Link

            Relevant new video from RSD on giving girls a full range of emotions, even bad ones, and how that’s not a bad thing:

on August 13, 2013 at 1:42 pm
Original Link

Just the obligatory reminder for the “gay” crowd:

Good game is about what progresses things forward to sex, not what would sound cool to tell your buddies. “I just txted her back “gay” like a boss” “awesome so did you bang her?” “well she didn’t respond…” “I’d just txt “whatever”, totally own that bitch with my alphaness!!”

Dude’s txt passed her shit-test and she kept the original date instead of flaking. The only thing he could’ve done better is sent a txt that got her to come over and suck his dick literally right then and there. Dude SHOULD be proud of how he handled it. She asked a “here are your possible answers” question and he shit all over answering her.

And as usual: the “gay” stuff only works once you have high-value to her. And it’s not fun, which is a part a lot of guys miss out on in seduction, being and having fun. The 18yo hottie with 10 dudes txting her all day generally isn’t going to give a shit if a 30yo dude she hasn’t fucked txts back “gay”. The 35yo near-the-wall woman with limited options? Sure, SHE will…but there’s nothing alpha about not being fun lol

Are White Women The Gold Standard In Beauty?

Original Link

via Heartiste

on August 12, 2013 at 4:26 pm
Original Link

Well, Matt King “loves” Feministx with a love that is “boundless” (or whatever the hell he said…I forget the exact terms), so he would no doubt agree with Feministx’s observations.

Then again, he is also a “big brother” to many other women, some of whom are presumably white, so maybe not…

  • YaReally
    on August 12, 2013 at 5:45 pm
    Original Link

    lol I enjoy this. Do continue.

on August 12, 2013 at 5:57 pm
Original Link

I like white chicks. But really, who cares? Guaranteed 99% of the guys reading this wouldn’t approach a 10 of any race if she were actually standing right there in front of them at the grocery store lol

When I’m out with “normal” non-pickup guys, especially the big-talking macho alpha-male types, my response to their “man that bitch is hot, she’s a 10!” “no way bro she’s an 8 at best look at that ass, she needs to do some squats” as we pass by a girl or see one at a table nearby is ALWAYS “so are either of you going to go talk to her?” with complete “well? Step up to the plate, already” seriousness. If I’m into the chick myself and they won’t go approach, then I’ll go approach her and see what happens.

They always always always choke and won’t go approach her. Rating girls is mental masturbation.

  • Scray
    on August 12, 2013 at 9:59 pm
    Original Link

    Ya…you have to say something to the girl as she passes by. Like we’ll be standing in the gym’s parking garage and some girls will be walking by

    Guy: Oh shit….
    Guy 2: Psh, these bitches are busted anyway
    Guy: Ya okay jackoff king (probably the best burn I’ve heard all week…really loses the impact in type)
    Me: Hey, how’s it going? (Girls say hi back, continue on….I just turn back to group) …God….Damn It. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck.
    Guy 2: Hey, how’s it going! Faggot.
    Me: Ya, I shoulda said ‘you bitches loook BUSTED as FUCK’

    I wanted to share a revelation about mixed sets; if you can find a mixed set where the guys are engaging in some sort of activity — pool, for instance — you can befriend them by getting “next.” Then, you can just talk to the women.

    Pretty effective — in general, the reactions have gone from slight hostility (I posted about it before), to light teasing….like “this dude over here’s got next but he’s hollering at like 3 chicks….”

    …to people catching up with me later to get my contact info (it’s only happened once, but it was pretty cool!). A good white knight disarm is to just call it what it is —>

    Girl: You’re fun, how old are you?
    Me: What a personal question…how old are you, 58?
    Girl: Oh my gawd, I’m 24!
    Me: You’re really bad at social security fraud. I’m just letting you know.
    Girl: Ohhh….
    Me: Ya, we could have been rolling in money, but you really fucked it up.
    White Knight: Duuude, how are you going to say that to a girl? That she looks 58. That’s kind of disrespectful.
    Me: (Throws hands up) Oh no……your friend’s here on the white horse, lance erect.
    (She giggles……)
    White Knight: Nah, I mean…..
    Me: HOW CAN THOUST, REFER TO A COMELY LASS, AS THOUGH SHE WERE AN AGED PRUNE WITHERING IN THE SUN….KNAVE! (prolly the funniest thing I’ve said in the past week)

    And ya, like -every- time I approach a group and forget to engage the guys first…without fail, the guys will AMOG. It’s only annoying because when you see the code, you can see that it’s just about value. And so, sometimes the AMOGs will just be so fucking retarded….example:

    Me: Wow, this is a big group you have here, like 9 people….
    Girl: (Looks up…….I can already tell this isn’t going to go well) Ya, it’s okay I guess.
    Guy: (I’m about to just roll out…) Wow…OCD much?
    Me: (blink — I see what he’s doing, but I just can’t believe that it works) What? Counting is OCD?
    Guy: Ya, serial killer.
    Me: (Head tilt — but the dude and the girl think it’s funny, because I have no value and they have value. But in my mind I’m like ‘sometimes this shit is so fucking stupid’)….ya good one. (exit)

    In general, I’m starting to become more confident in my social skills. However, these mixed groups with the hot girls…social hookpoint is fine, but eh…..I’m probably going to focus hardcore on my appearance and style for now. It doesn’t seem like there’s a way around ‘looking the part.’ (Ya, you can always be super witty, awesome, etc….but getting to the required compensatory level just seems like a years-long endeavor now; looking the part can be dug into significantly over about 6 months, I’d say)

    • YaReally
      on August 13, 2013 at 3:56 pm
      Original Link

      Quick notes:

      “Guy 2: Hey, how’s it going! Faggot.”

      lol this is always my favorite part. When they tool you for approaching while they didn’t have the balls to. My other favorite is when you say something to the girls or try to introduce them to the guy and the girls are unreceptive and then the guys are MAD at you. A few times I’ve literally said “ohhhhh sorry, were you about to go over there and talk to them? Did I just fuck that up? MY BAD!! I didn’t realize you had them right on the edge of sucking your dick there…I mean it LOOKED like you were just standing around terrified of them like a giant vagina, I didn’t realize you were busting moves on them. Aww shit, now we’ll all die virgins!” lol

      “pool, for instance”

      Tell random girls around the table to shoot for you now and then. “I’m too drunk, I need you to make this shot for me, there’s a thousand dollars on this game.” Works extra-good on all-girl sets because at least one of them will be out-going and step up to shoot for you. Then you just make fun of her shot lol

      Age thing was handled solid. You didn’t even answer what your age is lol

      “White Knight: Duuude, how are you going to say that to a girl? That she looks 58. That’s kind of disrespectful.”

      lol I get this a lot because I say really offensive shit. You handled it awesome. The key is in making fun of him to the girl, so that she’s laughing WITH you at his silly overly defensive behavior. He can pick a fight with you, but not if she approves of you.

      Usually with these guys, after I tool them if they seem like nice dudes who just didn’t realize they were being dicks, I’ll befriend them with “lol I’m just messin’ with ya man. It’s cool, random dude at the bar, of course he must be hittin on your girls…I’ve already got a girlfriend tho, I’m just meetin up with friends later and figured I’d shoot some pool.” and then chat with him about whatever and usually he’ll buy me a beer because his mind goes “oh this guy’s not a threat, I guess I overreacted and I’m embarrassed about that, I’ll offer him a beer” and we’re BFFs.

      If he seems like a dick, after the KNAVE stuff I’ll just ruin him further with stuff like “lol I’m just messin with ya man. If some dude was talking to my girlfriend, I’d get pissed too. How long have you guys been together?” to which the girl will usually be all “oh we’re just friends!” and it all goes downhill for him there until he slinks into the background while I flirt with the girl he had dibs on. I prefer the friend-making route though, if he seems like just a nice normal dude with a crush on her like I used to be.

      Note that this guy didn’t kick your ass. But if this were a letter to CH about how to handle a “that’s disrespectful dude” guy and you said “I’d make fun of him and call him a knave”, half the keyboard warriors would be going “dude you would get your ass kicked for that!” “my MMA buddy would punch a hole through your face if you tried that on him!” lol

      “And ya, like -every- time I approach a group and forget to engage the guys first…without fail, the guys will AMOG.”

      Ya for sure. Remember, to you she’s just some chick you met that night. To them she’s Sally, the goddess they’ve been slowly working on for 4 years and almost confessed their love for twice and maybe tonight will be the night…and then you come in being all awesome and fucking that up.

      Most guys are oblivious to sub-communications, but almost EVERY guy’s ear perks up when a girl suddenly bursts out laughing. So as soon as you spike a girl’s buying temperature, it’s like sounding an alarm to all the guys in her group or all the white knights around. Next thing you know you’re Solid Snake and every guy around you has an exclamation mark above his head lol…that’s when the REAL game begins. :)

      “Guy: (I’m about to just roll out…) Wow…OCD much?”

      Solid play on his part. If your girl had burst out giggling and smiling, it would have looked butt-hurt, but because she wasn’t into it, he’s just putting nails in the coffin.

      “Me: (blink — I see what he’s doing, but I just can’t believe that it works)”

      If his value is high enough, he could literally go “Hey buddy: BLAHHLAHGHAHGGH lol” and laugh to himself and the girls would all laugh with him and you’d be tooled. It all comes down to value. Tyler has a funny part in his 2hr audio from way back where he’s like “and the cheerleader is laughing at everything the jock says and the nerdy guy is like “wtf that’s not even FUNNY!!”" lol It’s all sub-communications of value under the surface.

      “Guy: Ya, serial killer.”

      Again, solid. Now he’s given you a second, even worse label. First was OCD so even if you stick around, anything you do he can be like “man, you even put your drink down OCD, look at that, it’s right by the edge perfectly lolol” But you didn’t go away so he upped the ante. Now you’re a serial killer and again, if you stick around he can turn anything you do into serial killer shit.

      This really was overkill on his part. He might just be a complete insecure dickhead/bully in general, or he might have considered you a threat, or, more likely because the girl wasn’t responding well to you, he was just getting rid of someone who was “bothering” his girl because he thought you’d try to stick around instead of being on your way to bail. No biggie, no reflection on you as a person, it’s just how he read the situation based on the response of the girl.

      Lots of lessons to learn from it, when you have to fend guys off from your girls in the future. :)

      “I’m probably going to focus hardcore on my appearance and style for now. It doesn’t seem like there’s a way around ‘looking the part.’ (Ya, you can always be super witty, awesome, etc….but getting to the required compensatory level just seems like a years-long endeavor now; looking the part can be dug into significantly over about 6 months, I’d say)”

      I’m not gonna’ tell you not to work on your looks because I think every guy should get himself in decent shape and dress well etc., and you’ve done awesome at getting in shape in general, and it won’t hurt you to look better, but understand that you won’t get a free pass. You’ll just be opening up a different can of worms.

      When you’re big and jacked, you get guys who want to fight you just because it would be bragging rights. So take a jacked Jersey Shore lookin’ white knight out with a girl he has a crush on, and have a scrawny little computer nerd talk to her…no big deal, who cares, let him talk to her, as if he could be any threat lolololz. Then have a big jacked dude talk to her and the radar goes off like a neon sign and it’s “o shit, who’s this motherfucker, I’mma kick his ass and look like a boss” and next thing you know he’s stepping up to you chest to chest to get you to go away instead of just verbally trying to tool you.

      Part of why I do well in the rich/6-pack crowd is because I don’t look like a threat at all. Guys don’t mind if I talk to girls in their group because they look at me and think “pfft, this guy’s harmless, my shoes cost more than his outfit lol, listen to him he just refused to buy her a DRINK, what a loser, and dude has a belly, doesn’t he know bitches love a 6-pack??” so I get time with the girls that I wouldn’t get if I was walking up looking like a threat. Then I get the girls laughing quick and suddenly the guy panics because he didn’t expect that to happen, but he won’t get up in my face threateningly because he thinks “THIS guys? pfft, I can just make fun of him and he’ll go away” and tries to verbally tool me. Which I destroy, which makes his girl love me even more because I just handled him like a boss.

      Then the guy goes into panic mode, where he realizes “o shit, I let an enemy into the compound!!” and this is where I try to befriend him because his options are either befriend me, slink into the background, or kick my ass lol. The beta guys will slink into the background, but the alpha guys will usually lean towards befriending or fighting. Befriending is usually what the rich guys in the high-end bars do, fighting is usually what the blue-collar cowboy types in the low-end bars do, so I have to calibrate to the situ but it’s not a big deal.

      My point is this:

      Say you’re out playing pool with the girl you’ve had a crush on for 4 years…you LOVE her, but you haven’t had the guts to tell her yet. You think she knows you like her, and you think she might like you too, and there’s all this chemistry between you two in your mind and you’ve envisioned your wedding and your life together and how many kids you’ll have and you’re waiting for the perfect moment to tell her and confess your feelings…maybe tonight, you’re both drunk, she’s in a good mood, you’ve been flirty at the pool table…maybe tonight is the night you’ll finally get your one true love and both live happily ever after together?

      Now two guys ask to play the next game of pool with your group. One is an average looking non-threatening normal guy. The other is a Brad Pitt in Fight Club look-alike. Who do you let play pool with you and who do you keep your girl faaaaar the fuck away from, or find the quickest (which is often the most violent) way to get rid of? :)

      Anyway, good stuff. You’re handling shit-tests like a boss. Time to start escalating more, and sooner. Instead of just talking to them, hold out your hands for them to take, and put their hands up around your shoulders and your hands around her waist and pull her in to talk. Say the same shit you do now, but up your kino. The type emotional rollercoaster stuff you do (“TRICK QUESTION. Spice Girls rule.”) combined with a little more sexual aggression will be an awesome combo.

      This one is ***SUPER***-gay lol but it’s good shit:

      • Scray
        on August 14, 2013 at 10:19 am
        Original Link

        ‘This really was overkill on his part.’

        I guess it was unexpected because I had just barely opened the girl, and the opener was — to me anyway — as indirect as it gets.

        However, this situ —- where you have yet to build value to the girl, and the guy is using his own value to tool you — is probably money when you get good at it. You’re at a disadvantage because, before you have value, you have to actually be funny, fun, etc. unlike the dude, who can just sub-communicate ‘I have value and you don’t,’ and get applause. But, coming back with a better frame and fun vibe is probably a huge DHV. I’m just not very good at it yet….

        And as for flying under the radar….

        I just figure that being short will get me that “extra” time, anyway, regardless of how I look. We’ll see….*fingers crossed*

        • Hunter
          on August 14, 2013 at 12:34 pm
          Original Link

          Wow and I thought mixed sets were scary. If this is it, I’m going to start approaching them more (compared to the barely any I’ve been approaching). As for my Day 2 with the club chick, that went nowhere. Went on my first date ever in my life (ended up being awkward cuz the sexual tension had fizzled out).

          Been doing a fair bit of online game, learning a lot. But I REALLY should get back out there. Haven’t talked to a cute girl in real life since Sunday afternoon lol.

          Still hanging in there.

          P.S. Awesome stuff Scray! Keep it up.

          • YaReally
            on August 14, 2013 at 11:20 pm
            Original Link


            Hey, I still owe ya a Field Report breakdown. Get the fuck out there this weekend and talk to some cuties and post up an FR and I’ll give it a go. Online girls don’t count ;) lol

Adam Freeman
on August 13, 2013 at 12:06 am
Original Link

Hey CH,

Do you think you could do this same post involving men? I am interested in wondering what women gold standard in beauty would be categorized in?

  • YaReally
    on August 13, 2013 at 10:02 am
    Original Link

    1) Me.
    2) Guys who look like me.
    3) Guys trying to look like me.
    4) Everyone else.
    5) King A.

    • Greg Eliot
      on August 13, 2013 at 10:22 am
      Original Link

      Moderately droll…

      But let’s be fair… when they found out King A’s dog resembled you, they shaved its ass and taught it to walk backwards.

      /jes’ lozozozollllooozlzl ya, bro.

      • YaReally
        on August 13, 2013 at 11:19 am
        Original Link

        Time to update your material. Maybe this will help:

        • Greg Eliot
          on August 13, 2013 at 12:33 pm
          Original Link

          Talking about old material, I’ve noticed your interminable ego and lances-are-but-straws jabs at King remain somewhat played… sooooooooo played.

          • YaReally
            on August 13, 2013 at 1:33 pm
            Original Link

            I’m surprised you notice anything with your nose lodged up his butt.

The Shit Test Was Known To Men In 1910

Original Link

via Heartiste

on August 9, 2013 at 10:27 am
Original Link

I would bold this part too:

“she first encouraged her lovers and then having brought them to her feet rejected them with polite disdain.”

This is important because it points out that shit-tests aren’t just about being rude/cruel, she’s actually setting up tests that she encourages him to PASS that then kill her attraction and she rejects him.

So it’s not always “go away” “okay :( ” “test failed, no sex”

Often it’s “come here” “okay :) ” “test passed, no sex”

Trying to get you to supplicate is the same thing as trying to scare you off…both are a test of “will he do what HE wants, or will he sway from his goals and do what *I* want?”

If a silly little girl can distract you from achieving your goals, how the fuck is she supposed to trust you to stand up to the rest of the world?

Tight Game From 1910

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via Heartiste

on August 8, 2013 at 12:23 pm
Original Link

Feisty women are women who aren’t smart enough to know when to shut their pie holes.

  • corvinus
    on August 8, 2013 at 12:29 pm
    Original Link

    Dumb women act like men.

    • Lara
      on August 8, 2013 at 12:51 pm
      Original Link

      Any woman, who describes herself as feisty, you know is going to be an annoyance.

      • Scray
        on August 8, 2013 at 1:04 pm
        Original Link

        Most women I know of who think that they’re ‘hilarious’ ‘sarcastic’ etc. confuse raw snark with wit. That’s the main problem. A lot of gay guys do this too.

        • chi-town
          on August 8, 2013 at 1:40 pm
          Original Link

          Sarcasm is another one of those tether balls swung round back into their face making her look worldly and experienced implying opportunities for sexual dalliances and social corruption which is certainly attractive on a man, but like a torn and dirty shammy on her.

          • YaReally
            on August 8, 2013 at 9:22 pm
            Original Link

            There are about 3.5 billion women in the world. You’ll be alright lol

          • YaReally
            on August 9, 2013 at 8:28 am
            Original Link

            This is what a scarcity mentality looks like. For all you know she farts in her sleep or doesn’t like giving head lol. In 3.5 billion girls, over the next 10+ years of your life, you’ll meet more funny girls.

            It might be rare, sure, but get your shit handled first cause you owe it to yourself. You’re on a completely different wavelength/headspace than the rest of the world now, they’re not going to be able to wrap their head around what you’re doing but that’s only because they never did it themselves.

            This journey of self-development can be a lonely road with not just a lack of support but an active pushing AGAINST it by “normal” people. This is why a lot of people give up and most people don’t accomplish much unless they’ve hit rock-bottom so hard that they refuse to be held back by other people and learn to be self-reliant.

            Part of why we had a PUA community was that we all knew no one in our normal lives would support what we were doing and we’d get the same type of responses you’re getting here, which are TOTALLY WELL-MEANING, don’t get me wrong…they have the absolute best of intentions with it and just want you to avoid mistakes they made etc, but they don’t and can’t understand that your goals go beyond “get some bar pussy”.

            Just keep doing what feels right. Down the road you’ll naturally tone it down and re-join the “normal” world, but as a different man than the guy who first posted here about getting sneered at by a 6 on the dance floor and being the tag-along runt of the group who had to chase everyone around for an invite to things.

          • YaReally
            on August 9, 2013 at 2:14 pm
            Original Link


            No disrespect intense your way, either. I totally understand that you and Shane have good intentions. At the same time, I was where Scray was once and the man I was then couldn’t even comprehend the man he was capable of becoming and is still in the process of becoming. If you had put the perfect girl in front of me then, maybe I would’ve gotten her, maybe not, but I sure as shit wouldn’t be able to keep her.

            “Scray is probably more than good enough to get this girl already, if that’s what Scray wants and she is at all available. Hence my thought to “go for it”.”

            Right, the skills aren’t the question. The question isn’t “CAN he get her?”, it’s “does he WANT her?” Like:

            “In advising Scray to go for what looks like a woman who may be worth marrying”

            The problem is that, no offense to Scray at all, he doesn’t know what a woman who may be worth marrying LOOKS like yet. He’s only just now meeting a lot of women…it’s going to take time before he has enough experience dating them to where he can say “this thing this one girl does, I love that and I need that in a relationship” and “this thing this other girl does, I fucking hate it…I can hook up with her but this shit is a long-term deal-breaker for me and I didn’t even realize that until I met her and was around this, thank god I didn’t marry her just because she seemed perfect to my limited experience.”

            Again it’s not a judgement call on Scray, it’s just life experience. Before I started getting out and being more social and meeting girls, I had a crystal clear vision of the perfect girl for me. She was almost nothing like what it turns out I REALLY respond to. My vision of perfect was just socially conditioned and not based on “when a girl does this, it makes me feel like that”.

            If I had met and married that perfect girl, without knowing myself and knowing what REALLY is “perfect” for me, I would have ended up as just another unhappy husband trapped in an unsatisfying marriage with a girl who it turns out isn’t as perfect for me as I assumed she would be.

            Down the road, with more experience, Scray will be able to make a VERY educated assessment of the quality and compatibility, in all areas, of the girl he decides to settle with, because he’ll really truly know himself.

            Over the next few years, Scray will do things and realize he’s capable of things (not just with women but with the rest of his life as this all spills over) that he can’t even imagine right now.

            “So ya, I like her and everything, but I like me more.”

            Perfectly said.

on August 8, 2013 at 12:49 pm
Original Link

That’s me, trying to get along via relationship game. Get along for our kids also. Often when I don’t give wife what she wants emotionally, when her bullshit doesn’t work, she takes it out on the kids so I have to protect them from that.

If I say so myself I was plenty alpha, or maybe sigma (people tell me I am hard to understand even though I am just doing the obvious thing) in my pre-marriage relationship with her, despite having a calm and rational personality. But kids (ours) mean I don’t have freedom any more, and I have to do lots of things together with her, as a family with the kids, and as parents in our joint responsibility and love for the kids.

So I can’t very well say “next”. Very often I want to. And then I think of the kids and I can’t go further.

It’s like she can’t contain her anger, bitterness, and competitiveness sometimes. It’s what fills the inside of her. None of us have done anything terrible to her. It’s just her nature apparently.

Sometimes I get the upper hand, more often now since I’ve read a bit about game. But then she reacts and things swing the other way so she can show her anger and bitterness. Fluctuating with dread of abandonment when I do shut down my reactions for a day or so. And her games to force me to interact, by making it about some important family issue.

Only about 6 more years to go and the kids are out of the house.

  • cryo
    on August 8, 2013 at 1:13 pm
    Original Link

    “Only about 6 more years to go and the kids are out of the house.”

    Use that time wisely to plan your escape. That’s plenty of time to orchestrate a clean break in which you emerge from the other end relatively unscathed.

    • YaReally
      on August 8, 2013 at 1:41 pm
      Original Link

      This. Start working out. Start stockpiling money. Start preparing for initiating a divorce and protecting your ass. Keep reading Red Pill literature. Hit the ground running when you can finally escape…you have a whole second half of your life to enjoy. Your kids will understand, and they’ll want you to be happy when they realize what you’ve sacrificed for them.

      Good luck. :)

      • checked out
        on August 8, 2013 at 1:47 pm
        Original Link

        says the 31-year-old playah who’s not a father.

        • YaReally
          on August 8, 2013 at 4:12 pm
          Original Link

          Is this what you’re going to do? As a 38yo divorcee who has to earn $4,000/mo and is frustrated that he hasn’t found a quality girl yet? Is THIS what you want to spend the next 10 years of your life doing? Really?

          You can follow me around the Internet and insult me as much as you like. It won’t change that you are at a point in your life where you have to either change your mindset and work on becoming more positive, or continue down the path you’re on.

          This is you right now, the guy being forced to make a choice:

          Right now you’re choosing the gun. Start gnawing on those fingers instead.

          It’s your your life, so it’s your choice. But you can tell your story to the entire world, and lash out at them, and the entire world can tell you that ya, you’ve been dealt some bad cards…but none of that will change that you have a choice to make right now on how you want to live the rest of your life: fix your mindset, work on your internals, and make time for what you want…or stay negative and become a Manosphere regular, telling everyone your sad story over and over until you grow old alone.

          I’d be happy to link some resources for you if you want the help, but if you choose to stew in bitterness and anger and keep telling yourself what a victim you are, I won’t waste my time digging those resources up for you because you won’t use them.

          • YaReally
            on August 9, 2013 at 8:52 am
            Original Link

            @checked out

            So what’s the plan? Spend the next however-many-years looking for sympathy on here? Or are you going to figure out how to make time to meet more girls and look for higher-quality girls within that?

            You will not meet a high quality girl if you are waiting for her to just magically appear. That’s just how it works. The universe doesn’t care if you only have a spare 10 minutes once a week, that 10 minutes should be spent meeting girls if you want to meet a high-quality girl. The universe doesn’t give a shit if you work your fingers to the bone and die alone. It will not send you the perfect girl, you have to find her.

            I’m telling you that there are things you can actively do now to start leading yourself toward that. You have to fix a bunch of internal shit because you’re holding onto a fuckton of negativity that isn’t going to help you if your goal is “find a high-quality girl to be in a relationship with”.

            That’s either important enough to you to start working on getting rid of your justified angry victim-mentality you’re hiding behind, and figuring out how to make time for it, or it’s not, in which case you can keep telling the world how rough you have it and how life isn’t fair until you’re a bitter jaded old man bitching to the nurse in the nursing home.

            If you have time to post here, you have time to go meet more girls. Do Daygame on the street, in malls, etc. during your lunch hour and for an hour after work. Or if you want to try the bar scene without staying out all night hit it for an hour and bail.

            When you meet more girls, learn to screen them harder and faster so you waste less time. Work on fixing your negative outlook…like attracts like, if you are a shitty negative person you will attract shitty negative people. You don’t deserve the high-quality chick with her shit together because internally right now you are not a high-quality man with your shit together.

            I keep stressing that right NOW and as you are NOW, you’re not going to get what you want…because I know that you can change and you can fix it. You can start heading down a better path tomorrow if you want it. The only thing holding you back is your ego that’s frustrated that Lily and I aren’t giving you the sympathy it feels you deserve. The same ego that will reject help so that it can keep feeding itself on it’s own negativity.

            Down the road you’ll either calm down and realize that your outlook is not helping you and decide you want to take control and fix it…or you’ll keep spiraling down this path, maybe head to another forum telling your sad story panhandling for sympathy until you find a group of bitter old men who will pat you on the back, hand you a cigar, and welcome you to their “failed at life” club and you can live the rest of your life out wallowing in self-pity and hating the world and everyone in it.

            Down the road in a few weeks or months or who knows maybe a year or two, if you decide you want help, just post here and say “@yareally what were those links?” and I’ll link you some shit and legitimately wish you the best of luck. You don’t have to keep being a 38yo overworked divorcee who spends his free time bitching over the Internet.

          • YaReally
            on August 12, 2013 at 11:42 am
            Original Link


            Everyone’s situ is different, so what I’d recommend for Checked Out is different (and more intensive) than what I’d recommend for you, cause he has some massive bitterness to deflate and a bunch of inner headspace shit to rewire before he’s even back on a good track. For you, or married guys in similar situs to you, I’d simply send you right to Athol’s Married Man Sex Life:


            It’s only a $10 book and the MAP (Marriage Action Plan, I believe?) is the key part…it sounds like you’re basically executing parts of that now, but semi-blindly. It might give you some direction and a solid plan of action to keep heading down the path you’re on with your marriage.

            I also like that MMSL is basically advocating raising your value and keeping it raised, which gels with Hypergamy and not getting lazy and becoming low-value once you’ve locked down a girl. Like I say, the only girl that’s impossible to seduce is the one who believes her man is the best man she can get.

  • Zombie Shane
    on August 8, 2013 at 6:51 pm
    Original Link

    > “It’s like she can’t contain her anger, bitterness, and competitiveness sometimes. It’s what fills the inside of her. None of us have done anything terrible to her. It’s just her nature apparently.”

    Do you guys go to church?

    It sounds like the nihilism is mighty powerful in her heart.

    Absent some sort of a “Saul of Tarsus on the Road to Damascus” moment in her life, it sounds like you’ve got your work cut out for you.

    What was her major in college?


    • David
      on August 8, 2013 at 10:42 pm
      Original Link

      I don’t think I could go to church. Too much nonsense, I never attended a church where I agreed with more than about 20% of what the sermon said. I’ve tried a few flavors of churches. While such a church may exist somewhere, life’s too short to keep looking. My conclusion is that all the churches are giving a similar message that is consistent with their IRS tax exempt status, and I can’t stand to sit through that message week after week.

      She thinks I am antisocial and unfit to be in public because of things like that. Maybe that’s true. She’s entitled to that opinion anyway.

      My wife and I are both PhD’s in applied math. We met in grad school. That’s why we’re older. We both worked before grad school too, I much longer than she.

      • Matthew King
        on August 9, 2013 at 10:08 am
        Original Link

        I don’t think I could go to church. Too much nonsense, I never attended a church where I agreed with more than about 20% of what the sermon said. I’ve tried a few flavors of churches. While such a church may exist somewhere, life’s too short to keep looking.

        You don’t have a choice between churches. You have a choice between some church and all of the abyss. Purpose or nihilism. It is not a surprise that you have so many deep-seated problems.

        You do not attend mass for fun and games, songs and happy bullshit. You go to regain perspective on your mortality, which helps you concentrate on what matters in this world and to ignore what doesn’t. You do not go there for entertainment or satisfaction or even education. You go there for solemnity and stillness, reflection and strength.

        You don’t go for stemwinder sermons — if you want that, I have a dozen websites to direct you to. You go as a weekly reminder that there are more important things in this world than yourself and the detritus you have accumulated over the course of a life (and the course of the previous week) — such as the burdens you are attempting to unload here on a website. You go to derive power from a community of imperfect fellow travelers, sinners who are striving for justice like you are.

        “Life’s too short.” Indeed. And you are wasting what’s left of you on the things that will amount to nihil. If there’s “too much nonsense,” go and lead them out of it. Your life, and the lives of your children, depend on it. Or will you see them be led over the cliff the way you were?

        It is impossible to live without a metaphysic. The choice that is given us is not between some kind of metaphysic and no metaphysic; it is always between a good metaphysic and a bad metaphysic…

        — Aldous Huxley, Ends and Means

        If only perplexed but right-minded men like you understood that you don’t have a choice to be religious or irreligious. You only have a choice about which standard of ultimate goods will direct you. For the left today, their religion is politics, which makes them deadly dangerous. For checked-out men, their religion is sports or games or hobbies some other solipsistic cultural pursuit. For burnt betas and stomped-upon omegas, they find their faith here, on sites like these promising their Transfiguration into Alpha, Here and Now.

        To be truly independent, you must be conscious about which influences unconsciously guide you. And to do that, there is no substitute for practicing faith. If you aren’t constantly refreshing the dogmas and doctrines, malignant falsehoods will creep in to fill the vacuum your slothful disregard (“I don’t think I could”) allows. This is how otherwise strong men become sheep under a shepherd who hates them. They are given their diversions, their bread and circuses, they are told that they are “free,” and they content themselves spinning around on the state-provided hamster wheel. They do not understand that true freedom requires a man to stare directly into the abyss. And if you think you can do that unaided, without a community of courageous counterculturals behind you, then you in your misguided arrogance will offer yourself and your family to be swallowed up by the nihilism:

        He who fights with monsters should take care that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.

        — Nietzsche, BG&E 146

        No website, no mere philosophy can deliver you from this trap. It must be a total metanoia — body, mind, soul, spirit, and strength — to even stand a chance. Alone you can only shout against a hurricane.

        Now, do you only agree with “20%” of that? What corners of your soul remain to be disabused?


        • David
          on August 9, 2013 at 6:42 pm
          Original Link

          Matthew, thank you for your sincere and impassioned remarks. I will continue to disagree on those points, and I must bet my very soul, eternity, all that there may be for me and for everyone, on my being right enough.

          Because I think the denominational religions are wrong, I’ve tried enough to say I find little truth in any of them. I believe I have communicated directly with God, or at least a reliable spirit that I can trust to protect me and guide me. I am willing to take this risk, the very risk that the Roman Catholic church says is too risky,when saying the Pope must intercede for me. I think that for at least some of the recent popes, they should have had me interceding for them — I saw nothing to trust in their leadership.

          It s the same way that I approach significant literature like the Bible. I pick it up and I read it. I don’t need someone to interpret it for me or tell me what verses to read. I read all the verses myself. My parents and school teachers taught me to read, and I learned well, so I can do this.

          I don’t think God gave me a holy book so I can ask someone with half my education what it means.

          I feel, actually, that it’s my responsibility as a human being. As an able one. I’ll take my truth straight, with a twist of lime perhaps. When I go to congregations and find the experience dumbed down and flat wrong in a lot of ways, I don’t care that the Pope says I must go there. I’ll go my own way.

          And didn’t Jesus Christ say one should pray in a closet rather than in public if it’s to mean anything. In fact the same idea is found in the Old Testament, at least that was my interpretation when I read it. I think it was called the Festival of Booths in the KJV. Why do denominational churches not mention these things? If anything in the Bible is inspired, I think that idea is.

          • YaReally
            on August 12, 2013 at 11:18 am
            Original Link

            “So you get out and start spending some time with folks who are CHEERFUL.”

            lol. A whole room full of people who think this?:

            “to get away from the dark, black, overpowering, soul-crushing nihilism of the monsters who populate the universities and the NGOs and the upper crust corporate elite.”

            “As opposed to your typical university/NGO/corporate monster – some damned sodomite or salt-n-pepper post-menopausal spinster, living alone in an apartment filled with cats, having no children of their own, and so self-absorbed in their own solipsistic nihilism that they haven’t talked to their parents in weeks and haven’t seen their parents in a year or more.”

            “Spending your entire life in nothing but the company of that Darkness will be the ruin of you.”

            Sounds like a cheerful hoot to me!

            Why not just be happy all the time and try to like and appreciate the world around you? It really isn’t that bad out there lol

            This is just a drive-by comment, the irony was too funny to me to not point out.

  • Hugh G. Rection
    on August 9, 2013 at 1:04 am
    Original Link

    WTF is a sigma? Is that more like a rho or more like a vega?

    • Matthew King
      on August 9, 2013 at 10:33 am
      Original Link

      “Sigma” is a self-determined, fabricated appellation for omegas who want to keep a portion of their omegatude while claiming themselves to be Better Than Alpha.

      They’re aloofer than aloof! So detached from society that they are proudly unsociable. It’s the claim of nerds that their exile from the pack is voluntary, because they are too good to move effectively among men and women. It’s the cult of the supposed “Lone Wolf,” who magically reinterprets his social rejection into a superior pose; i.e., Pee Wee Herman’s “I meant to do that.” They meant to be isolated and alone, you see, but they could be alpha if they wanted to.

      Sounds an awful lot like plain omega. That’s because they have cycled all the way back around.

      This is what happens when you leave ethological categorizations and typologies to those outcasts who mutually socialized each other in DnD dungeon meetings.

      It’s really just inside “manosphere” baseball. It is useful to flush the chumps, and that’s about it. Those who employ the vocabulary (and there’s more, like “delta” and “gamma” and “lambda”) are anxious men who think themselves too advanced for the Alpha-Beta-Omega standard. In other words, since they cannot plausibly claim “alpha” for themselves, they make up a bunch of other nicknames to avoid the dreaded “beta” and “omega.” It is a version of special snowflakery. The Klingon language gives this community a bad name.


      • YaReally
        on August 9, 2013 at 11:10 am
        Original Link

        I agree with all of this. It’s one of the first things I rolled my eyes at when I found the Manosphere.

on August 8, 2013 at 1:27 pm
Original Link

“What in that antediluvian, 90% white America paragraph is substantially different from anything taught today by avowed pick-up artists? Answer: Nothing. The only major difference between the “game” of yesteryear and the game of today is the scientific strength and experimental feedback that modern seduction proponents draw from relatively recent developments like evolutionary psychology and instantly transmitted field reports..”

I agree 100%. As I’ve said many times, PUA isn’t “theory”. It’s what works, taken from comparing mass amounts (hundreds of thousands of reports) of Field Experience across ages, classes, races, locations, etc and distilling it all down into consistent patterns. We reverse engineer what successful Naturals and hot women do, and compact it all into an easily teachable framework that men can learn and apply.

This is why Feminists and anti-gamers can’t argue with “agree & amplify to pass a shit-test”. It’s not theory, it wasn’t invented by a guy in a fuzzy hat. It’s a consistent tactic that produces a reliable (not 100% because we’re all human, but extremely high %) result. If you tell me it doesn’t work, that tells me you haven’t been out in the Field enough because if you actually were, you would come to the same conclusion that Mystery did, that I did, that men in 1910 did.

How Women Tool Men

Original Link

via Heartiste

on August 7, 2013 at 1:19 pm
Original Link


  • Checked Out
    on August 8, 2013 at 9:20 am
    Original Link

    I’m here today to again remind y’all that everything CH writes is *true* and that this fact has consequences and is not funny. The western world is going to shit and the decline is accelerating.

    Lily tried to be nice to me yesterday, but in typical womanly fashion, she missed the point. One of the things CH teaches is that women cannot be trusted to decide for themselves what is best for them with major life choices, such as whether to get knocked up by a piece of garbage cad one night or be nice to a confident greater beta with is shit together who would take care of her forever. Even if the beta is greater beta, good looking, great in bed…a real man. That is why historically, fathers had to arrange marriages for daughters. Even Disney movies show why this is the case—the princess always wants the bad boy with no job while the father would pick for her a stable option.

    The modern world of texting and facebook have made things worse, I think, much worse, now even than it was 5 years ago. As CH has written, girls are now free to hide behind texting, to their own detriment. They talk themselves out of things before even meeting the guy, yet texting is mandatory. It does not work to tell any girl younger than 30 today that “I don’t text.” They think it’s weird. They think it’s weird if you don’t have 600 FB friends, and they judge you for that. Now your “social proof” has to be feminized facebook shit. Even if you are smart and don’t want to put all your shit online for real reasons, such as being a lawyer and understanding the consequences of it.

    I pulled about 20 HB8s in my 20s and I swear that at 38, divorced with 2 kids (admittedly a marker of beta in itself and a major handicap), even though I am better looking now. More fit an ever and same face, and 38 is a perfect age for a guy to be attractive…these girls are out getting gamed by YaReally in bars (I don’t have time for that; I have to get up and go be a lawyer in the morning), or….the good ones are actually already taken. It is very rare to meet a 7 or 8 who is not crazy and *who is not already dating someone who, at that time at least, she is really into*. Don’t give me YaReally crap about how I can still “bang” a taken girl. I’m talking true high value stuff here too. is a very interesting thing to me. Anyone there is advertising they want something serious (which for the guys automatically makes them start out with beta strike 1). What match shows is the general stupidity of women. None of them—not one—can write a profile that is not riddled with typos, even the self-proclaimed intelligent “lawyers” and “ambitious” ones who are 27 yet still don’t have a bachelor’s degree. Even here we see female privilege. Many—or most—female profiles are downright bitchy in a way that a man could not get away with. For example, flat out saying how they’ve met so many losers here and please don’t contact me!!! Etc. Laughing is my favorite!!! Just nothing at all impressive.

    Now I’m not a bitter loser in one respect. My profile is awesome and I get emailed constantly and have met 6 girls from match so far. It was always weird—they were weird. Hmmmmm…no wonder they are on

    Then you meet a seemingly decent girl. As Lily points out, if the guy gives a small scintilla of a piece of a clue that he *might* want a serious relationship (I’m not offering to marry this girl…I truly have the mindset from CH’s rules that she’s “interesting” and *might* be worth getting to know further). That’s it. Well, this girl—who is truly the needy one even though she doesn’t know it, because she won’t be 28 forever…runs. Even though I was charming. I swear I can turn off the negativity and decided to do it with this one girl recently.

    Everything CH writes is true. We have a culture (Cathedral) that actively, AGGRESSIVELY teaches pretty white women to see normal white men as goons, stupid, nonsexy, bad, dorky, and aggressively teaches women to just plain….. DISRESPECT men. Now it’s only because of this feminist influence that I have to write the next sentence, even on this blog, where most people get me. I’m not saying the word disrespect in an old fashioned 1950s “misogynist” way like the woman should just get in the kitchen and make me a sammich.

    No, but women have taken the pendulum way too far the other way. None of them cook, at all! While us men cook. Even you badasses use “cooking a paleo meal for her” as one of your tactics. They literally think it’s a privilege for the man to have a relationship with them that involves spending hundreds a week dining out. They offer *nothing* other than sex (in the beginning) that gets stale. They are just in a sad sad state of affairs.

    I guess I really do need to learn YaReally type game, because I am truly checked out and part of the marriage strike now. I had an epiphany. Besides bridezillas, which is pathetic and goes without saying, even “normal” almost nice women today have marriage all wrong. Even forgetting that it will likely end in divorce theft…another problem is DISPRESPECT *DURING* THE MARRIAGE. Why would a man *want* to marry a woman today? You are literally signing up for the “privilege” of (1) working hard to feed and shelter her; (2) working hard at all times to have to study in manly fashion her menstrual cycles and the theories for how to deal with that (be a rock when she’s in crazy mode; slip up ONCE and it’s over…she’ll never forget the fighting words but her hamster rationalization will let her forget that it was her fault; (3) she never cooks or cleans—you still hire a maid for that, even if she doesn’t work; (4) she’s a disrespectful bitch from the minute you meet her.

    Women are snarky, pathetic, disrespectful bitches literally *from the second you meet them*. Think about it. This is the shit testing that CH teaches how to “overcome” here.

    I’m out.

    • RappaccinisDaughter
      on August 8, 2013 at 12:06 pm
      Original Link

      I read your exchange with Lily yesterday. This girl you’re talking about, the one who ran when you said you wanted something permanent…I read what you wrote about her. You called her human garbage, a potential Casey Anthony, a dumb party girl who got knocked up and who needs you to fix her life for her. You even noted that you didn’t think she was all that attractive (I think you said she was a 6 at best), except for her skin.

      Why would you want to be with someone that you think is human garbage? And why would someone who knows you think she’s human garbage want to be with you? I know you think you were charming, and turned off the negativity, but that sort of mindset betrays itself sooner or later. Even the most clueless among us will eventually pick up on the fact that the man thinks he’s doing us a favor just sharing his oxygen with us.

      • checked out
        on August 8, 2013 at 12:20 pm
        Original Link

        Here is why you and Lily and all other women continue to be wrong: my anger is JUSTIFIED. I was not always this way. Only have 20 years of adulthood being mistreated by stupid bitches did I finally figure out reality. I have “justified anger.” You can’t come close to understanding what I’ve been through. That girl does need a guy to take care of her. One of her main complaints was whining about her finances…waiting for her pay check before she can even get groceries. She’s trash who came from trash and got herself knocked up by a YaReally type guy. But I was *totally* cool with her (I know you don’t believe me) because frankly she’s totally my type physically (I’d call her a 10…she’s beautiful). . I never called her a 6, you lying woman. You are confusing one of my old posts about some other girl perhaps?

        • YaReally
          on August 8, 2013 at 12:44 pm
          Original Link

          For such an awesome guy, you’re being kind of a whiny bitch.

          You’re too knee deep in the frustration of not getting the girl at the end of the rainbow that society promised you’d get if you followed their rules to help right now. You’re also too busy seeing the bad in everyone and everything instead of finding the good.

          The longer you hold onto your resentment of the world, the longer you’ll be trapped in the prison you’ve constructed.

          Your entire mentality is negative and value-taking. The perfect girl you want deserves better than you, as you are now.

          But when you calm down and you’re ready to handle your shit, the Red Pill is waiting for you. :)

          • YaReally
            on August 8, 2013 at 12:57 pm
            Original Link

            Also it doesn’t matter whether you’re justified or not. I’m sure you probably are. But it’s irrelevant. That’s gay victim-mentality thinking. It’s what you can go whine to a therapist about to get a pat on the back and give yourself an excuse to keep wallowing in your anger.

            You’re 38. You’re probably going to die by 70, but you’re going to start having trouble getting it up and losing your looks by 50. Do you want to waste the next 5 years of your prime pissing & moaning about how unfair the world is?

            No one gives a shit about you and no one will fix you. You can spend the rest of your life alone and at best some friends will say “too bad, what a shame” out of pity. No one will step in and say “hey here’s your perfect girl!” You have to go out and you have to meet a lot of girls. You have to learn to screen them to meet your standards and more importantly you need to learn to accept and enjoy the ones who don’t meet your standards.

            It’s not a competition of who’s the better person. You won’t win a prize on your deathbed. You’ll either have a girl (or multiple girls) around you as you pass away or you’ll pass away snarling to the nurse about how life wasn’t fair.

            Suck it up, buttercup. :)

          • YaReally
            on August 8, 2013 at 1:15 pm
            Original Link

            From my archive ( ):

            “This is the same illusion-shattering concept as when you realize your CEO job won’t get you the pussy society built the illusion in your head that you’d get, your best friend did something unforgivable to you because they’re human and not perfect like the illusion you built up for them, and when women realize they’ve hit the wall and wasted their high-SMV years without securing a future because feminism built the illusion in their heads that there would be men a-plenty at 30+. Your world goes from black and white to shades of grey and you’re forced to contemplate “if everything I was so sure about was wrong, what else am I wrong about?” and you’re entire core, identity, life, purpose, goals, etc. are rocked.

            It’s at this tipping point that a person goes down two paths:

            1) Depression. You become jaded, cynical, sad, miserable, and feel defeated. Life feels pointless and hopeless as your brain comes to terms with the new realizations that just butt-fucked everything you held close to your core about how the world works. You become bitter, angry at the world, frustrated by the unfairness, and probably end up a MGTOW (to be fair, you can become a MGTOW in a healthy positive way too, I don’t think they’re all bitter losers despite their shitty Public Relations lol). This can also be the catalyst for removing yourself from the game entire (certain types of MGTOWs, the grass eaters movement in Japan, etc. The only difference with these groups is that there’s more of a head-in-the-sand “fuck it then, I’m outta here, good luck with all that shit y’all” mentality, which, technically speaking is actually a little healthier than reveling in the depression from a day-to-day happiness standpoint lol)

            2) Acceptance. You accept the pain and shell-shock of what’s happening as a natural thing and eventually overcome it. You find new ways to appreciate the world around you despite it’s faults and you learn to accept reality for what it really is: flawed and imperfect but often filled with good things if you look for them. You realize that people are the same, we all have potential for good and bad, and that all of that is simply societal judgement attempting to solidify shades of grey into black and white for easier processing and teaching to new generations and to keep society stable.

            A person can go through a period of Depression and end up in Acceptance, but it’s a difficult climb. How much of your identiy, reality, beliefs, hopes, future projections, etc. you based on your beliefs is a big part of what determines which path you go down. When I swallowed the red pill, I had no problem traveling the Acceptance path because I had so little experience with women that I had no part of my world based on them except the occasional day-dream about the white-picket fence life. Most of the middle-of-the-road madonna/whore complex guys tend to have much more wrapped up in their beliefs on how women are or should be, so they can go either way. The stereotypical angry bitter MRA types have usually been so burned by women that their whole identity/life/etc. was shattered by the red-pill which is why they tend to end up on the Depression/MGTOW path.”

          • YaReally
            on August 8, 2013 at 3:28 pm
            Original Link

            @checked out

            Ya, that’s rough. Now what?

on August 7, 2013 at 2:55 pm
Original Link

“Games People Play” (Eric Berne) and “Scripts People Live” (Claude Steiner) should be mandatory reading for any red pill takers.

  • Tilikum
    on August 7, 2013 at 5:39 pm
    Original Link

    also see a functional description of TA from Berne.

    I’m sure YaReally has read it and has comment.

    • YaReally
      on August 7, 2013 at 9:28 pm
      Original Link

      Haven’t read any of them. Just skimmed the Wikipedia on TA. I don’t really see a use for it…it seems like something Blue Pill’ers who are scared to take the Red Pill can grasp onto to understand social dynamics better than the average Blue Pill’ers…but the Red Pill is a lot clearer and more applicably useful.

      So to me TA is kind of like I have a steak in front of me and Berne is offering me a hamburger…and it’s a nice hamburger, better than the scraps most people are eating, but I mean…I already have a STEAK. He should try some. Everyone who wants to understand social dynamics should.

      In PUA we don’t really care WHY you’re fucked up. We don’t care that your father was a shitty role model, or that your mother hated men and made you feel ashamed of yourself, or that you had your heart broken by your childhood crush in grade 3 and now you’re scared to talk to girls…none of that shit is relevant. It’s mental masturbation, throwing yourself a pity party, giving yourself excuses to keep being fucked up, analyzing yourself instead of fixing yourself.

      All we care about is “are you willing to step up and fix yourself? If so, here’s how.” That’s why we don’t ask anyone their backstory. I don’t know anything about Scray’s childhood or why he wasn’t confident when he first started posting here. It’s not that I don’t care, as one human being to another…it’s just that it’s irrelevant when it comes to fixing your shit.

  • sir vicks
    on August 8, 2013 at 6:48 am
    Original Link

    Absolutely. I initially found Berne’s literature acutely depressing in how starkly it bared the repeating and unending mechanisms of the games of human transactions. His theories still sit on a slow burn in the background of my dealings with every other fucking human I speak to in my life. ‘Games People Play’ is what is to Automotive.

    • sir vicks
      on August 8, 2013 at 7:11 am
      Original Link

      By ‘Absolutely’ I mean I agree absolutely with LS that ‘Games People Play’ should be mandatory reading. When I game girls I’m fully aware that I am maintaining appropriate calibration from exteropsychic ‘Parental mode’ judgemental, ‘bluff and bluster I’ll lay-down-the-law you naughty little girl’ schtick to archaeopsychic ‘spontaneous, unhindered and curious’ take my hand I’m Peter Pan boy-neoteny.

      Sure, on the pages you can still smell the Brylcreem and the formaldehyde and the chalk dust on the white coat, but I’m kind of down with that. Guiding this ever-tingling push-pull jerk between stony paternal lawmaker and chestnut-galloping drug-hoover cock-menace is the Inner-Game-fueled unflappable Rational Adult.

      • YaReally
        on August 8, 2013 at 7:51 am
        Original Link

        That interesting. I found no use for it, so it’s interesting to see how someone would actually apply it in field.

        We have the same concepts in PUA, but they’re presented/taught in a different way. Like we call Parent->Child communication “man to woman” communication. Most of our stuff involves breaking rapport tonality, dominance, leading, being authoritative, etc, all Parent behaviors that force the woman to revert to Child. The Adult role comes more into our self-talk, ie – logically convincing ourselves to approach and push thru anxiety/fears, dedicating time to hitting the field, logically executing game instead of blindly approaching, etc. So it’s more internal. And we use the positive/fun side of the Child (self-amusing, Us VS Them, playfully teasing, etc) interacting with women/people, to bring out their Child side as well…but we never ever use the negative side of the Child state because its unproductive for seduction, it just holds you back allowing you to make excuses and forcing other people to take on a Parent role which kills attraction/value.

        So I guess to relate the TA model to PUA, we focus on eliminating the negative Child state entirely, using the Adult state internally to self-motivate, and we focus on putting and keeping everyone else around us in Child state with a combo of positive/negative Parent and positive Child state.

        But I still look at it like ya if someone doesn’t have any better frame of reference, it could be useful to help them just be aware of “I should be dominant and authoritative like a Parent”, but Red Pill stuff is more directly applicable and contains solutions like “HOW do I be more of a Parent? HOW do I avoid the negative Child state?”

        Fun to analyze though, thanks for sharing your view.

on August 7, 2013 at 4:08 pm
Original Link

I love how those who disagreed with letting a little dbag in some trendy club tit grab your date without any response are now white knights. It strikes me that maybe CH knows his position is not as strong as he thought since this is now his second rebuttal post.

I do not speak for all on the other side, but the gist of it for me is that this by definition is not white knighting. If a woman is out with her man and he yells at her or even physically pushes her, slaps, etc. I am going to mind my business. If its in a restaurant some women will call the police anyway. If it’s a husband and wife, who am I to ever intrude on them?

In this case, it is YOUR DATE, and since he’s been seeing her for a month, to some people it would be his woman. As such any man grabs her sexually I am going to find out what’s what in no uncertain terms.

For the lugheads, weenies, and too cool for school cowards this does not mean I rip off my shirt and go Hulk. It simply means you confront the situation as a man. 99% of the time no blows will ever be thrown. But correction is must for any man worth a dang.

As I said before if you cannot follow this line of thought, then please wear a shirt indentifying yourself so that I can hit on your girl/date with impunity AND cop free feels. After you leave like a baby without even asking what’s up, I’ll look like a champ to the girl because of your no-show. Heck, give me your email so I can send pictures if you like. You can browse them in between all the cuckold porn you love so much….

[CH: If you were to hit on my girl and she welcomed your advances... well then she was never my girl. So you wouldn't be cuckolding anyone.]

  • Scray
    on August 7, 2013 at 4:36 pm
    Original Link

    Yes. She was supposed to be YOUR date, and you find yourself POWERLESS against the obvious truth — she just isn’t that into you. So, you search for any excuse to vent the frustration. O hai, violence-being-the-last-refuge-of-the-poonless.

    If the girl I showed up there with is into the other man’s advances, what’s the use fighting for her or confronting him about it?

    • castricv
      on August 7, 2013 at 4:41 pm
      Original Link

      Again for the 30th time dullard, I never mentioned violence. Quit living in movie land.

      • YaReally
        on August 7, 2013 at 4:50 pm
        Original Link

        The only thing you can do, when she’s chosen someone else, is back off and let him have her. Because anything you do would be futile and just lowers your value further and further in her mind…you essentially become the beta trying to logically convince her to pick you over a guy she’s more attracted to. It doesn’t work.

        Sure you can talk to him and tell him what’s what, and he might back off. That night. But she’ll be thinking about him when she’s fucking you later. And she’ll slip her number to him under the table when you’re not looking, because she’s chosen him. It’s a short-term solution.

        It’s an entirely different situation if she’s offended by his tit-grab and wants you to defend her from harassment, but that’s not what went on in that example. I’m not sure you grasp the nuances of the situation described.

  • Matthew King
    on August 8, 2013 at 8:28 am
    Original Link

    Forget it castricv, it’s Chinatown.

    Suffice it to know that some men will get it, others will rationalize away every attempt to dislodge them from their ideology. When they start putting scare quotes around “honor-bound” and “manly,” you know you’re talking to a wall. They simply were not trained in that culture, have no connection to that culture, and therefore can only ridicule that culture in their attempt to deal with their utter lack of it.

    It’s what happens when you grow up with a wimp-beta dad, or a ghost for a father, or are raised altogether fatherless by a single mom. The fruit of the Divorce Generation. Yes, continue to challenge them, stand firm in the right, don’t cede the field to poseurs. But don’t get frustrated by their implacability either.

    If the house is worthy, let your peace come upon it; but if it is not worthy, let your peace return to you. And if any one will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet as you leave that house or town.

    Our goal should be two-fold: 1) Maintaining honor as an example/inspiration to those who are not so terminally corrupted by the ubiquitous feminist mode which cackles at courage.

    And all the time—such is the tragi-comedy of our situation—we continue to clamour for those very qualities we are rendering impossible. … In a sort of ghastly simplicity we remove the organ and demand the function. We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.

    – C.S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man

    2) Looking to the next generation, raising boys to adulthood without this feminized confusion between prudence and valor. Forget these chumps. Call them what they are — cowards — and dismiss them.

    I came to these sites because they are where the rubber meets the road. Men are rediscovering what manliness means like they discover just about everything — by applying it to their sexual advantage. But of the pioneers in this puss-besotted ghetto, few will be able to transition to the next cultural stage. That’s okay, they laid (heh) the groundwork; they brought the concrete to mix into the foundation others will have to pour.


    • YaReally
      on August 8, 2013 at 6:46 pm
      Original Link

      Lol is THAT why you’re here?? To be an example/inspiration?? lolol

      That’s like when a stripper tells you she’s just dancing to save up for med school. Of COURSE you are…now bend over so I can shove a $5 up your whooziwhatsit.

      Now when are you going to leak the video of you banging feministX to the net? lol

      • Matthew King
        on August 9, 2013 at 8:59 am
        Original Link

        You make no sense. Even on a surface level. Even given your assumptions. Even on your own terms.

        I have said many times that I am here to sound out idols with a hammer as with a tuning fork. To see if there are any men left in full, or whether they have to be reconstructed.

        Now this concept is so many leagues above your paygrade that you would be wise to say nothing. But excitable halftards like you just can’t help yourself, can you? A little knowledge truly is a dangerous thing. You have to remind everybody in every post that your street-magician skills to bed drunken broken coeds makes you a master of every subject.

        Finally, note how I modified “inspiration.” I suggested to castricv that he maintain his position for the benefit of “those who are not so terminally corrupted by the ubiquitous feminist mode which cackles at courage.” That manifestly does not include you, who think honor is something useful only insofar as you can giggle at it.

        In other words, nobody asked you, nobody is talking to you, nobody expects you to contribute to this discussion, as your weak, predictably corrupted discourses on the topic have already disqualified you.


on August 7, 2013 at 4:22 pm
Original Link

“to some people it would be his woman.”

Not to HER, going by her actions…which is kind of the point.

“But correction is must for any man worth a dang.”

You’re completely ignoring her actions and giving her a free pass to encourage whatever behavior she wants because she has a pussy, which plays right into #s 1 and 4 on this list. This is White Knight behavior, assuming the girl can do no wrong and “defending her honor”.

How do you take a guy’s girl from him without him kicking your ass? You get HER to CHOOSE you over him. He can’t do anything about it except stew butt-hurt because it was her choice…if he steps up to try to get aggressive, she’s already chosen you over him and ya, he can kick your ass, but he won’t get the girl because now he’s threatening a guy she likes more than him which is like threatening to beat up a girl’s husband she loves in hopes that she’ll like you…she won’t, she’ll hate you, for fucking up a guy she liked.

This is one of the main tactics I use to take girls off guys, especially when they haven’t known eachother long and aren’t very serious…just befriend the guy but be slightly cooler than him, spike her emotions a bit, and she starts paying attention to me instead of him. At which point I can grab her tit if I want, because she’s chosen me. She’ll even protect me from him and tell him to back off and that it was no big deal etc.

Whereas if I walked up and grabbed her tit out of the blue, or if she didn’t like me, or while she was on his arm, she still likes him more and I’ve chosen her instead of her choosing me, so the guy can step up to kick my ass and, since he’s kicking the ass of a guy she DOESN’T like more than him, she’s cool with it and she bangs his brains out later that night after watching him beat my ass.

This is a complicated dynamic that goes down in anywhere from a split second to a few minutes…or hell, even an entire evening I guess, depending on the situation. You’ll probably laugh at this and launch into another eBadass tirade, but this is Field Tested a shit-load and one of my (and my natural buddies’) bread & butter tactics lol You need a fair amount of calibration to even notice it’s going on because of how subtle a shift it is.

  • YaReally
    on August 7, 2013 at 4:24 pm
    Original Link

    whoops that was a reply to castricv

    And I see CH has already replied in one sentence what I wrote 10 paragraphs on lol But ya, this is how it plays out in real life.

    • Turk
      on August 8, 2013 at 9:19 am
      Original Link

      On another topic, I’ve realised that to have a good text game you need to have gotten the conversation with the girl in person to a point where you’ve already mentioned sex, kissed her and generally talking about dirty shit to her (last weekend, two girls one i mentioned about tickling her bumhole and she liked it, the other I told her straight up ‘you want to fuck me don’t you’). – both allrightish girls but irrelevant I’ve had much fitter girlfriends in the past and similar rules applied there too.

      Otherwise I’m always treading on egg shells trying not to offend bitches on text. The mindset where you’ve already talked to her like a longterm girlfriend is much better to have.

      What’s your take on it?

      • YaReally
        on August 8, 2013 at 11:10 am
        Original Link

        Ya. I often won’t even bother following up with a girl when I was too gay in our initial interaction where I got her number, because I know I friend-zone myself by not setting a sexual “man to woman” communication frame from the start and she gave me her number thinking I’ll be a friend or possible slowwwww to lead to sex, provider relationship.

        Usually this happens at the start of the night when I’m warming up and still stuck in my head from working all day…I’ll be more focused on “holy shit I’m in a conversation” than “okay let’s take this somewhere” lol I’ll have a “pleasant” interaction but I know there’s zero sexual tension in it…and she’ll give me her number because ya I’m a cool social guy to know and all, but I know it’ll be like you say, where it’s too awkward to transition into it.

        I’ve had enough Field Experience to tell when this is the situ and I’m lazy these days so I tend to just write them off as a “dumbass, be sexual next time” and not follow-up…unless they’re super hot and then I’ll try but I know I’m starting from a tricky situ that I should’ve avoided. When I was starting out I’d always try to turn them around on principle to learn the mechanics tho, and guys should do that if only to burn into your head how much harder it is to handicap yourself and how important it is to let her know you have a penis from the start.

        It’s the same as going on a date but not being physical right off the bat…you get to the couch to “watch a movie” at the end of the night but because you haven’t touched her or kissed her, you sit on opposite sides of the couch and it feels like there’s this invisible wall between you two and you end up watching the movie lol. VS greeting her with a hug/kiss and putting you arm around her as if you were already a couple…then when you get to the couch it’s natural to cuddle up and escalate because the precedent is set and the physical comfort is there.

        This all comes down to congruency. Going from asexual in person to sexual in txt is incongruent. Going from sexual in person to sexual in txt congruent.

        It CAN be overcome, but why handicap yourself in the first place?

        When I’m approaching, once I shake off the day of work and everything and I’m having fun, I prefer to be sexual right off the bat. Like, I’ll either get physical right away or I’ll lead the conversation toward a sexual topic or drop some innuendo or just something to break that barrier, in the first few minutes of conversation. That way when I txt her, I can be sexual with no problems because I set that frame right from the start.

        No need for an actual makeout, just set a sexual tone to the interaction so she knows you have a penis lol

  • Matthew King
    on August 8, 2013 at 9:37 am
    Original Link

    You and the rest of the Defenders of Lily-Livers are getting lost in details, equivocating, splitting hairs, as a way of evading the main point.

    No man knows what he will do in any emergency situation. Even if he is familiar with certain kinds of circumstances through experience, the details may be different enough to effect an unexpected outcome.

    The issue isn’t claims of “e-badassery,” or whatever other strawmen you’re jousting with.

    The issue is your preemptive rationalizations, the automatic placement of calculation above courage, the crib sheet of excuses you are preparing in advance to make it still easier to take the easy way out.

    Today’s pencil-necked hipster and omega-turned-PUA do not need additional reasons for tucking tail. They rather need the opposite.

    But you can’t help but project yourself all over the place in some misguided impression that you are promulgating a sophisticated and superior approach against the hordes of regular men, whom you treat by definition as insufficient in the GO OUT MOAR category, and therefore are wrong about everything.

    Except you don’t get to redefine 10,000 years of honor culture, tickled though feminists and guttercunts may be with your attempt. You do a lousy impression of Falstaff. In other words, try pulling your dweeby deconstruction of honor in a biker bar, or a Russian-mob watering-hole, or among Afghan warlords, and see how far your holier-than-thou Affliction-tee attitude gets you. Pontificate as much as you want inside your bubble of silliness; there’s a big world outside of your head.


    • YaReally
      on August 8, 2013 at 1:10 pm
      Original Link

      “In other words, try pulling your dweeby deconstruction of honor in a biker bar, or a Russian-mob watering-hole, or among Afghan warlords, and see how far your holier-than-thou Affliction-tee attitude gets you.”

      For the record I have gamed in biker bars. Plenty. Specifically to see what would happen. I’ve also partied with non-white gangsters, drug-dealers, etc.

      You probably won’t believe this because it’ll be outside of the fantasy reality you live in in your sister’s basement, but big scary bikers actually respect a guy who stands by his convictions even if they aren’t the same as their own. I’ve had guys offer to be muscle FOR me when they see how adamant I am in my beliefs. I’ve turned down coke in situations where a lot of people would cave and do it just because the scary guys doing it insist on it and been respected for that.

      You’re caught up in the idea that being a man means subscribing to a cartoon version of what a man is, but the reality is that being a man means subscribing to what your own beliefs of what a man is, and congruently living that to the hilt.

      • Matthew King
        on August 8, 2013 at 3:25 pm
        Original Link

        What a crushing bore you are. The point goes sailing over your head, and you deliver the same soliloquy about how all who disagree with you are ipso facto losers. A pattern going on for years with you, and no advancement. This is what I mean about looking to the next generation: know-nothing preachers like you construct these elaborate defenses against both acknowledging wisdom and working with your superiors. Because to do either would implode your carefully reconstructed identity.

        It’s like I told the little girl Lily in another thread. Try looking for points of agreement rather than this insecure attempt to AMOG the world. You’re over 30-years-old? You should have suffered into this wisdom by now.

        Once more for the self-satisfied skimmer:

        The issue is your preemptive rationalizations, the automatic placement of calculation above courage, the crib sheet of excuses you are preparing in advance to make it still easier to take the easy way out.

        Only a willful child would interpret this as “subscribing to a cartoon version of what a man is” — who then confirms the point with the ten-thousandth repetition of a nullity: “the reality is that being a man means subscribing to what your own beliefs of what a man is.”

        I am the greatest athlete in the world because that’s what my “own beliefs of what” the greatest athlete is.

        Ask your buddy yeahokcool below what his “beliefs” about manhood meant in the middle of a scrap with four Marines. If you think you can chit-chat your way to manliness — whatever. That’s not the point. The point is you ignore reliable standards of manhood and insist on fill-in-the-blank rationalizations before the goddamn confrontation even begins, and a hypothetical confrontation at that!

        Do you understand yet?


        • YaReally
          on August 8, 2013 at 3:48 pm
          Original Link

          “to make it still easier to take the easy way out”

          Fighting is the easy way out. You’ll understand that when you interact with more people in real life.

          • YaReally
            on August 9, 2013 at 9:03 am
            Original Link

            You don’t have to qualify yourself to me, Matt. I’m sure you’re very important and a super cool badass with supermodels falling over themselves for you in real life.

            I just call you a friendless basement dweller because my assessment of you derives from what you say here.

on August 7, 2013 at 10:11 pm
Original Link

I don’t know why ladies resort to any sort of manipualtion any more. Why bother? My experience is that you can just ask guys for things, and they basically do it. If they don’t, you can say something to the effect of “but I want it”, and then they will do it. What’s the need to attempt suicide or make someone jealous etc? Perhaps a vestigial instinct or culturally inherited behavior that no longer serves any purpose.

The Self-Deprecation Nuclear Shit Test

Original Link

via Heartiste

on August 6, 2013 at 1:12 pm
Original Link

“She was implying that because I was hitting on her, I must not be able to get with the hotter girls, so I’m a loser.”

I may be wrong but I don’t think she was implying this. I think she was just looking to be told she is so beautiful. She wanted reassurance.

  • Harry Morgan
    on August 6, 2013 at 3:00 pm
    Original Link

    But if she gets the assurance she doesn’t need the dude, she already got what she finds psychologically validating from him, and will find herself less attracted to him after.

    • xxxxx
      on August 7, 2013 at 2:57 am
      Original Link

      Actually having an attractive dude wanting to bang her and actually banging her IS the validation. For a bloke who is not attractive or whom she thinks she is “better” than, then yes she only needs the compliment not the banging part. Don’t MRA/PUA sites keep going on about how ALL women (even the unattractive ones) want sex from the alphas for validation and qualification to other men ?

      • YaReally
        on August 7, 2013 at 9:20 am
        Original Link

        “Don’t MRA/PUA sites keep going on about how ALL women (even the unattractive ones) want sex from the alphas for validation and qualification to other men ?”

        A man who’s fucking uglier girls than he should be fucking isn’t alpha. So unless he qualifies her on something so she thinks he legit wants to fuck her for reasons beyond “I have a pussy and he thinks I’m an easy lay”, she will think “and he can’t do better than me so he isn’t confident which means he isn’t an alpha which means his validation is worthless which means I’m not attracted which means no sex.”

        It’s like winning the lottery, but the lottery prize is 25 cents. You still might collect it, but you won’t feel like you “won the lottery”.

        “Sorry, but do you know women better than women do?”


        • FuriousFerret
          on August 7, 2013 at 9:44 am
          Original Link

          “A man who’s fucking uglier girls than he should be fucking isn’t alpha.”

          I notice that in life. When a person should be a guy with confidence and has the outside credentials of someone that should behave in an alpha demeanor and doesn’t, then that guy is going to be in for some trouble.

          It’s taken as a sign of weakness and the little weasels will move in for the kill to receive their tidbits of social success. Hardcore nerds seem to be the worst offenders of striking while someone’s belly is exposed. The worst move in the world is try to relate to geeks/nerds and bring yourself down to their level when you don’t belong there. Have them relate to you instead.

          People want their Kings to be above them simply because most people don’t respect themselves. It’s the old Grouch Marx saying ‘I wouldn’t want to join a club that has me as a member’. Most guys are followers looking to latch onto a leader to bask in the overflow of the king’s spoils. The strong shouldn’t feign being one of the weak to try to relate since the weak will use it as an opportunity/punishment to grab for their little scraps.

          People should rise to the upmost level that they can and if you’re seen as obviously not living up to your potential, people see this as a major character flaw and act accordingly. That’s why you can see an average looking guy with average intelligent that owns himself and uses his natural potential as being far more socially successful than a tall decent looking smart guy that is has just enough looks to be down about not looking better.

          TL:DR : Self deprecation is one of man’s worst enemies.

          • YaReally
            on August 7, 2013 at 12:00 pm
            Original Link


            “I notice that in life. When a person should be a guy with confidence and has the outside credentials of someone that should behave in an alpha demeanor and doesn’t, then that guy is going to be in for some trouble.”

            This is exactly why, when a girl sees a super studly good-looking ripped 6’4″ rich guy, if he turns out to be beta (hovering and hesitating to approach her, is interacting with her but supplicates to her or otherwise betas himself), she’s even MORE annoyed/frustrated than if the short ugly guy who betas…because she didn’t expect the short ugly guy to be alpha anyway, but she expected the tall good-looking rich guy to be a super alpha and he disappointed her.

            Again this comes back to how looks/money/etc are just easy/obvious external indicators that the person likely has attractive qualities (dominance, confidence, social power, etc) but it’s not a guarantee…the exact same way a girl in a slutty dress is an easy/obvious external indicator that she should be a good fuck, but it’s not a guarantee.

            And of course this whole thing works in reverse to benefit the short/ugly/poor/etc guy…because the expectations are set low for him and actually set AGAINST him in that girls would actively expect him to NOT have alpha attributes, so when he displays ANY amount of alpha attributes, they’re magnified. And if he’s legit super alpha, exceeding his presumed potential, he’ll do better with women than a better looking or richer guy who’s not living up to his potential.

          • YaReally
            on August 7, 2013 at 4:02 pm
            Original Link

            “However, because she has such a high opinion of me, she just believes things about me that, at this point at least, are untrue. I just feel pressure to deliver on these expectations —- that I have friends everywhere I go, that tons of girls like me, that I’m good at everything, etc. etc. etc. It’s kind of stressful lol srs.”

            When YOU have as high an opinion of yourself as she does, it won’t stress you out…because you’ll fully believe those things about yourself, whether they’re true or not. Most of my natural alpha buddies fully believe they’re the best at everything ever in the universe…they’re not stressed out by a girl having high expectations of them because their internal game is on lockdown and they fully believe that they already surpass all her expectations because they’re so awesome.

            We call it a “delusional sense of confidence”. It’ll come with time and reference experiences, don’t worry. :)

on August 6, 2013 at 5:39 pm
Original Link

There’s a shit test that to my knowledge no one talks about but I get it a lot, and I would love to hear the chateau’s opinion (of which the valued commenters are a part, e.g. Yareally): slightly more high t or drunk entitled chicks (invariably in clubs) who react to cocky teasing by “love slapping” you, or punching you in the stomach (again, not hard, but it throws you off). Example: you don’t give her a straight answer but a smirking evasion or joke, and she sort of simultaneously squeals with delight and tries to whack you. Usually it’s soft, but some of the bigger bitches, especially drunk ones, try to go hard.

Last night a tipsy athlete chick (tall big girl, toned, great ass, quasi-ingenue) slapped /face-shoved me 3 times (on the same side), before, during and after I made out with her. I said “listen could you slap the other side next time, thanks!” I banged the fuck out of her that night, and it was worth it, but in the club I came close to grabbing her and telling her to settle the fuck down, or walking away to pursue less bratty chicks. (Probably should add I’m youthful looking, jacked, borderline douchebag in my club demeanour, have one-night stands a lot). To me the slap is a way of breaking you out of your frame and evoking an emotional or butthurt reaction. Any thoughts on what’s the best way of dealing with it? (These chicks are usually down to fuck that night if you can get passed their aggressive cuntery).

  • YaReally
    on August 6, 2013 at 7:31 pm
    Original Link

    “Example: you don’t give her a straight answer but a smirking evasion or joke, and she sort of simultaneously squeals with delight and tries to whack you.”

    We used to call this the “you’re such an asshole! arm-punch” lol It’s a common thing with most girls, but like you say the more aggressive/entitled ones will take it a step further from a light arm-punch to actual body punches or face slaps. You’re also partly getting this because of your looks…ie – you look like you can take it because you’re jacked, and she’s attracted to your body but kind of wrestling with frustration because she’s trying NOT to be attracted. Often when a girl gives you shit, it’s because she’s attracted when she didn’t want to be and she’s venting lol Like when I get slapped or punched (it happens to me a fair amount because my style of game is super offensive and goads the girl into shit-testing me a lot), I grin because to me that’s her telling me “god I hate how bad I want to fuck you!!” and it’s all a green-light to me that I can escalate to us fucking that night.

    “To me the slap is a way of breaking you out of your frame and evoking an emotional or butthurt reaction.”

    This is what’s happening, good observation. Read the Tyler stuff I quote down below for WHY she tries to get you to act butt-hurt.

    “(These chicks are usually down to fuck that night if you can get passed their aggressive cuntery)”

    Yup. I eat these girls for breakfast. My friends know that if they run into a super bitchy in-your-face aggressive mother hen, to just introduce her to me and I’ll tame her and probably end up fucking her because I’m not fazed by anything they do and know how to read the sub-communications and escalate. My friends think it’s hilarious when I do it lol These chicks usually want to be dominated like FUCK in bed and a hate-fuck is good for the soul now and then.

    “Any thoughts on what’s the best way of dealing with it?”

    You did good. You stayed calm and cool and un-fazed, and I mean, you got the lay so clearly it worked lol. But you could actually have been a little more efficient by understanding that she’s actually highly attracted and basically venting some sexual frustration…which means that you can handle it calm and escalate things forward because she’s signalling “I’m horny and attracted to you!” VS handling it calm but just keeping the same pace you were keeping before, if that makes sense. ie – you can floor the gas instead of continuing to drive the speed limit…both will get you to your destination, but you could get there a little faster (making out hardcore raunchy in the bar, fucking her in the bathroom or finger-banging her and getting a hand-job on the dance floor, etc.). Of course the other rule of “don’t make out hardcore unless the logistics will allow you to escalate to sex that night” so you might not WANT to floor the gas, but that should be a conscious decision VS simply not realizing you have that option.

    So in these situs, I read it as her venting how frustrated she is at how attracted she is to me, and I escalate. In this case, after the first slap/punch/face-shove, I would be keeping an eye out for the next one and when it comes, interrupt it or respond IMMEDIATELY and unexpectedly after (the surprise of the sudden escalation is half of what soaks her), by dominantly grabbing her and pulling her in close, one hand around her waist and the other up at the side of her jaw cupping her jaw as I stare her down and say to her nice and low so only she can hear “Careful…you keep being rough with me and I’m going to have to be rough with YOU…”, wait for a beat or two while she’s in deer-in-headlights mode, and slide my jaw-hand back to the hair at the base of her neck and grab a fistful of it and pull down slowly but firmly so she has to tilt her head back (she WILL) and move my face in closer to her ear and growl “but I get the feeling you wouldn’t mind that…”

    That should pretty much send her into a submissive “holy shit” sexually charged state where you can nibble on her neck, pull her in for a kiss, etc. and you can take it from there.

    The key here is that you understand her hitting you means she’s horny, not that she’s NOT attracted. So HOW you escalate doesn’t matter, like you don’t have to follow how I do it, but the underlying principle is that you understand “I have a green light and should escalate swiftly and confidently”.

    From oldschool Tyler (full article here: ):

    “As EACH Buying Temperature increase, the chick will usually TEST you, as a way of TRYING to throw herself OUT OF STATE. She tests by doing things that if you react too seriously, she’ll get upset and therefore be thrown out of state. By passing tests, Buying Temperature is AMPLIFIED. This is like when Eddy (whitedragonPUA) posted about his HBRugby Lay report She kept punching him all night. After he laid her, he asked her why. She said “I just thought you’d go away”… She knew she was hitting buying temperature, and didn’t want to succumb to it so she tested by hitting him and hoped that he would back off and she would come down. Think back to when you tried to kiss a girl on a date, and she said “NOT YET”. She doesn’t mean NO. She ONLY means “I’m not at buying temperature yet.. Give me more gaming”. Likewise, you try to venue change a girl, and she says “No. But I still want to talk to you”. You keep gaming her, and a few minutes later you change venues. This was because you tried to ESCALATE PRIOR TO ATTAINING THE RIGHT LEVEL OF BUYING TEMPERATURE.

    There are many examples of chicks trying to throw themselves out of state when hitting buying temperature, but then by passing tests it is actually amplified: Chick feels herself getting horny. HB: “You’re a player”. PUA: “Yeah.. so what is it that turns you on so much about players anyway” (Response works firstly because you didn’t disagree, so she can’t get mad for you lying to her and break her own state, and secondly because you say something COCKY, which hits her emotionally, and therefore raises buying temperature)

    EG: Chick says “we shouldn’t be doing this”… PUA responds “yeah, we shouldn’t be doing this” but KEEPS going.

    In both cases, the chick feels her buying temperature increasing unusually rapidly (because of the PUA skillset), and tries to stop what’s happening.

    When Buying Temperature is hit too quickly, it is called FRYING OUT HER CIRCUITS. This is like when chicks giggle uncontrollably and run away from you even though they like you, or when a chick is at a rock concert and starts screaming and crying when the rockstar comes out. She has hit buying temperature so fast, her circuits fry out and she freaks.”

    Attraction and shit-tests for a girl is like she’s in a car that’s picking up speed as it rolls down a huge hill and at the bottom of that hill is “fucking you”. At first she lightly presses on the brakes (shit-tests you), but they don’t quite work (you pass her shit-test so she gets more attracted) and the car keeps picking up speed, so she presses them harder, but they still don’t work and the car speeds up more, then she realizes o shit the brakes are OUT and she jams on them harder and harder panicking as the car zooms down the hill but the brakes are totally out and ahhhhhhhhh now your dick is in her. lol.

    The thing is, they LOVE it. The same way people pay to go on rollercoasters and those rollercoasters take you up a nice slow relaxing hill, letting the anticipation build until they finally send you helplessly zooming around as you freak out and scream and think “o god let me off this thing aahhhhhh!!!!” until you’re emotionally exhausted as the ride finally pulls into it’s end stop…where you go “omg that was awesome!!” and pay for another ticket to hop right back on again for another ride. :)

    • Blanka
      on August 7, 2013 at 10:26 am
      Original Link

      God damn, solid reply. I got vicarious tingles reading the hair grabbing part. I do pretty much exactly as you describe it (without consciously thinking about pickup parlance like escalation). I was aggressive with her, physically and emotionally (she accused me later of treating her like a child) we made out hardcore on a couch at the back of a club- she straddled me and a bouncer had to intervene. I walked her home, stopping here and there to make out, and just let myself in.

      Still, I hate being slapped (I once cracked my skull in an accident, and it drives me insane to have anyone try to hit my head, playfully or not), I have to muster all my resolve to not want to cuntpunt her, but them’s the breaks with fast-escalation tactics. Thanks yareally and CH.

      • YaReally
        on August 7, 2013 at 4:08 pm
        Original Link

        “but them’s the breaks with fast-escalation tactics.”

        Basically this. You could slowly date her over the course of a month on really low-energy, low-attraction dates, and let her know you don’t like being slapped and she probably won’t be thinking about slapping you anyway because the intensity wouldn’t be there…

        But if you’re going to blast from meet to lay quickly, you’re both going to cross a few of eachother’s lines. Maybe she doesn’t like being spanked, and you’d know that about her if you waited a month to bang, but that night you might spank her, and she might just not say anything or she might completely freak out and go into some kind of crazy panic attack because her dad used to spank her and he raped her when she was a kid and you just unlocked a bunch of baggage and now she’s huddled up in a corner shaking and crying and won’t tell you what’s going on and you’re freaking out thinking “holy shit I’m going to jail, FML!!!”

        …but them’s the breaks of fast seduction lol Learning to recover from crossing her boundaries in a smooth way and avoiding Buyer’s Remorse is an important skillset when you’re sticking your dick in girls you’ve only known a few hours.

on August 7, 2013 at 1:21 am
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The line from hot girls is “You have lots of other girls you can chase…” or some such.

I have used: “There’s always room for one more in my harem”.

But…here’s one situation where it all went wrong.

I gamed a girl successfully online on Ok cupid.

Krauser’s “You have that look my mom warned me about, sweet and proper in public, sex-crazed maniac in private”.

Her: that’s a great intro, you’re fun…blah blah blah

We set up a drinks nite.

A few days before that, I send a ping text where I sent a photo of an erotic art-work I’d bought.

Her: cool, congratulations looks nice

Me: can you pose like that

Her: No and this sex talk makes me uncomfortable…..

Me: What? I’m talking about my artworks

Her: No, you k now what you’re talking about….

Me: Just for that you’re buying the first round.

Her; Our date is off. GOODBYE

Me: K

so…I over-gamed or her anti-slut defense came up. She over-reacted. But it’s just as well, worse if this happened live and I’d wasted a night out on someone like this.

  • BuenaVista
    on August 7, 2013 at 8:29 am
    Original Link

    Your aggression turned the date into a commitment to fuck. That’s how liasons are arranged with escorts.

    She was considering it *potential* sexy time, which is what she wants and is why she’s on-line. The close here was getting the compliments on your innuendo, and the props for the picture. But then your explicit assertiveness destroyed her ability to rationalize later and offer the faux-objection that “I’m not really like this … I’m not a slut … oops, it just happened!” It also destroyed any mystery, sense of self-control, or impression that she is one of many options. Instead of presenting yourself as a worthy challenge that she had to step up and win, you’re just another guy who’s desperate to fuck. So she lapsed back into protective “I am Cinderella” mode.

    Asking for the order on a first sales call usually disqualifies the salesman. I call it ‘spilling all the candy in the lobby.’

    Anyway, I don’t know why you’d want to commit to sex before you actually met her. On-line personae are so often unrelated to who shows up for that cup of coffee. Just my two cents.

    • YaReally
      on August 7, 2013 at 9:08 am
      Original Link

      “Your aggression turned the date into a commitment to fuck. That’s how liasons are arranged with escorts.”

      This. I’ve written about this before: once you have a date arranged, even if you were sexting daily with her up to that point, drop the sex talk and keep things to light flirting.

      Once the date is set, shit becomes “real” and her ASD starts to look for signs of her being slutty…if you keep it light and flirty and innocent, even tho logically she was acting slutty before and even tho you both KNOW the date is to fuck, NOW her ASD will kick in like it did for you here.

      ON the date, you just be sexual/flirty from the “hello” and escalate it to sex, which is fine because then she can tell her hamster she was just going to meet up for drinks and it “just happened” VS that she was going to meet up for sex.

      In a way, a lot of seduction is helping a girl disarm her own security system that she WANTS to disarm lol. It’s like it’s you and her sexual brain trying to out-wit and work around her logical brain. The security officer wasn’t on shift before the date was arranged but then he got to work and started his patrol and now the two of you have to sneak around him without him noticing so you can go bang eachother.

      • walawala
        on August 7, 2013 at 10:15 am
        Original Link

        Thanks, any way to turn this around?

        • YaReally
          on August 7, 2013 at 12:07 pm
          Original Link

          ya, but it wouldn’t be worth your time lol. You’d have to spend like a year actively friend-zoning yourself till the ASD alarm cooled off, and you set it off HARD so it’d take a long time.

          There’s also an extremely rare chance that she may have shit happen in her life that makes her decide to be more sexually adventurous and she may remember that you’d be an easy lay and she may txt you drunk at 2am but this would be completely random and out of your control.

          If you had more comfort/rapport with her, the ASD alarm wouldn’t trigger as hard and/or would cool off faster, because she would be like “that was bad BUUUUT he’s such an awesome guy and we have such a connection…..” But you triggered it before you had any real history together and she has 1000 other dudes lined up to treat her non-slutty and pet her hamster nicely, so she has no reason to give you another chance.

          No biggie, you learned a lesson from it that’ll get you lays in the future that you might’ve effed up. :)


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via Rational Male

on August 5th, 2013 at 7:08 pm
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Oh, this title looks interesting, I wonder what interesting things about dominance will be talked about in this article and if there’s anything I can contribute to the discussion.

“Ariel Castro”
“War Brides”
“Stockholm Syndrome”

When It’s Alright To White Knight

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via Heartiste

on August 5, 2013 at 4:43 pm
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Allow me to put it in perspective.

Exact same scenario, except you’re divorced or your wife died and now you have two small children under 10yo at home who rely on you to provide for them.

Same tit grab happens on a girl you’ve been dating for a month. Or even a year.

Do you still go get in his face and if he doesn’t apologize do you still try to punch his lights out?

If you take an unlucky hit and smack your head on a bar-stool, you’re either dead, orphaning your children, or you’re laid up in the hospital and can’t go to work or take care of them for a couple months plus don’t forget the hospital costs are.

Say the other guy really didn’t like you and keeps pounding after you’re unconscious. Brain damaged or paralyzed, or maybe you’re in a coma for a while, 6+ months in the hospital not earning money at work or being able to look after your kids and possibly not being able to do your job any longer depending on the injury. Now you’re out of work and they still need food on the table.

Say you win the fight but the other guy takes a bad fall, now you have court fees and possible jail time while your kids are still needing to be fed and taken care of and whoops there goes the college fund to pay your lawyer.

Like I said in my big epic comment, guys getting into fights are guys who are young enough to get away with it, because they don’t have any responsibilities and can afford the consequences.

But if you don’t know or learn how to handle these situations without escalating it into a fight, you are playing a risky little game in the future when you’re not an MMA-training agile young buck who doesn’t have any real responsibility in life.

There’s a great Louie episode called Bully where CK Louis shows an EXTREMELY uncomfortable situation where he’s on a date and a young punk threatens to beat his ass if he doesn’t beg him not to, in front of his date, and Louie, a 40+yo with 2 kids at home has to decide what to do. He begs the guy not to kick his ass and the girl dumps him because he was so emasculated, but his kids don’t lose their father over him wanting to “have the respect” of some retarded kid or chick.

Nothing that happens in a bar is worth fighting over. The only reason to resort to fighting is if you have absolutely no choice, and 99.9999% of the time there’s a choice, even if it’s an uncomfortable or embarrassing one that will have cool eBadasses on the Internet call you a pussy.

  • castricv
    on August 5, 2013 at 9:52 pm
    Original Link

    You really have a hard time leaving your house.

    This sums up why our cities are filled with crime, our women are trash, families are falling apart, and the world laughs at us while we crumble. You can’t do even the basics of manhood or even just life with rationalizing a cost-benefit analysis first. Try harder.

  • castricv
    on August 5, 2013 at 9:57 pm
    Original Link

    And the Louie episode should have been a sign to you on what not to do, instead of a how to guide. There were many ways Louie could have said, “son, leave me and my date alone, we are eating” without any fisticuffs. If the punk had kept going, he could have just said we are leaving to his date or got the manager to call the police if he was worried about a confrontation. Yes there were other guys there. But his inability to HANDLE the situation properly is what caused him to lose his date and eat at his soul, so much so that if you remember in the episode, he literally follows the kids all the way home to talk to his parents.

    His date knew Louie had no chance in a fight. Imagine if Louie were 65 with a heart condition. She was sickened by his complete inability to act like an adult. Only the naïve and scared think every grown up confrontation ends in a fight. Seldom do they ever.

    • John South
      on August 6, 2013 at 1:45 pm
      Original Link

      I saw that episode and in reality if he’d reached for his phone or even got up without supplicating the kid would have dropped bombs all over him without any consequences.

      Lots of youths with nothing to lose will beat you at the drop of a hat and won’t see the inside of a jail for it.

      Louie backed down because that’s what he had to do not to get his ass kicked.

      She was sickened because his demonstrated lack of physical prowess hit her right in the loins.

      No way around that one, sometimes the other guy is going to fight you and you can either submit, try to fight or get up on your haunches and hope he backs down first.

      Louie lost the girl because he submitted.

      • YaReally
        on August 6, 2013 at 2:28 pm
        Original Link

        “I saw that episode and in reality if he’d reached for his phone or even got up without supplicating the kid would have dropped bombs all over him without any consequences.”

        This. I wish the video itself were on YouTube to link for discussion, because the way the situation is presented (the kid is clearly pretty unstable, and Louie is cornered in a booth so he can’t get out without the kid moving out of the way, and he’s sitting so it’s in a disadvantaged position for a fight to begin with), he really doesn’t have many options except verbally smooth things over (too late at that point, a confrontation was already in full swing), get his ass kicked, or emasculate himself in front of his girl.

        Here’s the second part of the scene:

        Realistically, he handled the whole situation badly from the start by speaking aggressively/condescendingly to the kids (the part that happened before the video above there). When they were being loud, I would have just gone over to befriend them quickly: ask them what they’re celebrating, congratulate them, share a quick story (real or made up) about a buddy/dad/etc. who wrestled back in high school to bond, then asked them to keep it down a bit cause I’m trying to get some pussy and an old divorced dad like me doesn’t get to tap high-school cheerleaders like they do. Wish ‘em good luck at their next tourney, tell them to have a good night and stay outta’ trouble, then go back to my table and resume my date like nothing happened.

        Or I’d've avoided it entirely and just told her “It’s loud in here, let’s go for a walk.” and used it as an excuse to venue change to isolation, and progress toward getting her back to my place to bang.

        Lots of options that don’t involve even entertaining the thought that the situation could end in violence.

  • RappaccinisDaughter
    on August 6, 2013 at 9:11 am
    Original Link

    YaReally is right here, guys. There are only a couple of things worth getting into a physical confrontation over, and an insult to your manhood just isn’t on the list.

    I’m good friends with this one woman, married for several years to kind of a big, goodhearted galoot of a fellow. Not a stupid guy, not a thuggish guy, just an old-fashioned Southern salt-of-the-earth type. She’s totally devoted to him, but she’s really attractive and outgoing and sometimes guys take that the wrong way.

    So one night they’re out together, having some drinks, and some shambling-drunk whiskey tango POS decides to get handsy with my friend. She shuts him down—hard—and then tells her husband her night is ruined and she wants to go home. She grabs a cab and gets out. Whiskey-Tango decides to go over and taunt the husband, saying that my friend left because she’s going to his house to meet up later.

    Now keep in mind: This is his wife of several years. She has done nothing wrong except be attractive in a redneck bar. So…

    Husband, without even turning around, just throws this insane one-in-a-million cowboy-ass backhanded punch. Knocked Whiskey-Tango out cold; broke his nose, loosened some teeth. Everyone who was there said it looked like a scene in an action movie, just a perfect portrait of sang-froid and a guy getting what he had coming. Awesome, right?

    Except for when he got arrested and charged with assault and battery, had to call his wife to come down to the station and chunk out half their savings to pay his bond, and then got sued by Whiskey Tango AND LOST and had to pay about $5,000 more bucks to cover WT’s hospital and dental bills.

    That part sucked.

    If you wind up fighting, it should only be in the same kind of situation in which you’d be justified pulling a weapon…and the only reason you’re not doing so is because you don’t have a weapon. It’s just not worth it otherwise.

    • Lily
      on August 6, 2013 at 11:20 am
      Original Link

      Perfect example why men shouldn’t fight in this day and age. Even if a guy is right, it’s not worth it. Let alone, fighting over hos and skanks.

      Our culture steps over manly behavior and substitutes feminine expectations instead, masked as civilized behavior. This is why a man risks going to jail and paying fines if he throw punches around (whether he was right to do so or not), because it’s a feminized culture. Not that I’m promoting non-civilized behavior and getting into fights. Except that sometimes it’s justified, as in the case you told, and even then a man can’t fight to get it out of his system. The state takes all decisions out of our hand, including who to get mad with. This is why we have so many frustrated people around, as they can’t express how they feel. This man shouldn’t have had to pay for that drunk disrespecting him and his wife. I know the feminists (male and female) would say that he should have been able to walk away. Maybe! However, sometimes, human emotions take over, and allowing another man to disrespect your wife/GF is very hard for some men to take, and I don’t blame them. Asking them not to feel any anger is equal to crushing their sprit.

      That’s why there are some men that will absolutely not get into a fight with a man disrespecting their wife/GF. Men today are not brought up with the same sense of honor their processors had. So, it’s an unfair expectation that men today will fight over/for women, where in the days of old even a cheap ho inspired someone fighting for her honor, just because it’s another opportunity for men to show virility. This isn’t Alexander Hamilton’s America anymore.

      • Matthew King
        on August 6, 2013 at 11:38 am
        Original Link

        If you allow political calculations to affect your response to disrespect, you are a poli-sci pussy sublimating your fears into intellectual superiority.

        Yes, the feminized culture is a general issue with a faint, distant influence over the confrontation at hand. But there is a difference between playing what cards you have to the hilt and whining as a policy about what a shitty hand the culture has dealt you.

        Know when to fold ‘em. YES. Can we all agree that prudence is a virtue and stop confusing the issue with it? But you gotta know when to hold ‘em, too.

        The presentation here presumes the only two options are knowing when to walk away and knowing when to run. Baldercock poppydash.

        There’ll be time enough for countin’
        When the fightin’s done.


        • Lily
          on August 6, 2013 at 11:51 am
          Original Link

          OK, then. What is your advice in the case RD presented? What would you have done in the case of that men whose wife was accosted by a drunk who didn’t cease and desist, even after she walked away?

          How would you have responded and how would you have handled it?

          The reason I am asking is that I think the case of the sluttish one-month GF is irrelevant to your argument of confronting the man who disrespected you and/or your girl. Sluts are not worth men fighting to save them from other men.

          Please explain.

          • YaReally
            on August 6, 2013 at 2:32 pm
            Original Link

            Like I said in the other post: “The only time I would resort to fighting would be if a guy was constantly harrassing my girl and she had already made it very clear to him that he was bothering her, and even THEN I would go through other channels first like taking her to the dance floor and ignoring him, AMOGing him verbally, or calmly walking over to a bouncer and having him tossed out (that’s what they’re there for lol). Guys who have to resort to fighting are either 1) young enough to still get away with that nonsense and not care about the consequences, or 2) not socially savvy/powerful/commanding enough to handle the situation in the thousands of other ways available that don’t involve fighting.”

            “Or you can ditch the pussy fiancé and come bask in my gusset-moistening presence for five minutes.”


          • YaReally
            on August 6, 2013 at 5:15 pm
            Original Link

            “It seems YaReally enjoyed it too.”

            O ya, I’m hard as a rock over here. Keep going Matt, tell me where you want to touch me– I mean Lily.

          • YaReally
            on August 7, 2013 at 8:54 am
            Original Link

            “YaReally, do you get hard when Matt and I e-flirt?”

            As hard as I get watching the Special Olympics.

  • StickingPoint
    on August 6, 2013 at 12:40 pm
    Original Link

    Hey YaReally, been reading your posts for a while now and have been devouring your archives on here. I would really appreciate some advice. Any way that we can chat thru email or something? Never reached out like this but your philosophy resonates.

    • YaReally
      on August 6, 2013 at 4:05 pm
      Original Link

      I don’t give out an E-Mail addy ’cause I like to keep things out in public where other guys can learn from it. If there’s something specific you need advice on, anonymize the details of it and post it up and I’ll see if I can help. Most game related problems that seem super specific and personal are really pretty universal and even a vague run-down of what your sticking point is can be enough for me to help lead you in the right direction. :)

hamster of the gods
on August 5, 2013 at 5:01 pm
Original Link

As one of the accused “white knights” of the post in question, let me clarify: I am not saying you should fight the dude over the bitch. The bitch is a place-holder, absolutely irrelevant qua bitch. My perspective is that fighting is fun, and this prick gave you an excuse. The excuse could have been taking your seat, drinking your beer, cutting in line, whatever. It’s not about the bitch, its about the disrespect. A clear sign of disrespect is an excuse to throw punches, plain and simple. Why anyone would pass that up (regardless of the specific instantiation of the disrespect) is beyond me. But I accept that it takes all kinds to move the world. Must be a Midwest thing. Moving on.

  • Scray
    on August 6, 2013 at 1:44 pm
    Original Link

    Have fun getting your ass kicked by opponents with more brawn, friends, or weapons.

    Complete guess: you do your fighting in a small town where everyone vaguely knows one another, so there’s an implicit level of trust even in the brotherly scraps that sometimes occur.

    What you’re talking about — this attitude of ‘fighting is fun’ — will earn you a cuban necktie in any large urban area.

    • YaReally
      on August 6, 2013 at 3:37 pm
      Original Link

      “Complete guess: you do your fighting in a small town where everyone vaguely knows one another, so there’s an implicit level of trust even in the brotherly scraps that sometimes occur.”

      Also this. One of my social circles is a group of cowboys (bull-riding, rootin tootin, “got kicked in the head by a bull during branding on the farm this weekend and laughed it off”, stereotypes in full form) and I’ll head to country bars with them. THERE, you can scrap. Aside from the full-bar-brawls, when it’s a situ like this it can be a gentlemanly exchange like the movies of “lets you and me take this outside” and you go to the parking lot and it’s one on one, fists only, no weapons or friends jumping in etc. and when one guy has clearly lost everyone breaks it up. The bouncers even let it all happen and cheer and jump in if it goes haywire.

      Go ahead and be a badass there, it’s pretty safe.

      But try that at another club I go to with a different social circle, and you will be getting stabbed in the back by buddy’s friends and curb stomped by the group before anyone can jump in to help you. The cops/medics will get there eventually, but the swarm of guys who beat the shit out of you that you didn’t even realize knew the guy you “won” against, will be long gone and they’re basically there to cart you off to jail, the hospital, or the morgue. You will also be watching your back for the next few months when you’re out in the nightlife, and will have no idea when one of these guys who remembers you but you don’t remember him (you were unconscious by the time he joined in to stomp your head against the cement) will make a call an get his buddies there to surprise you when you go to take a piss.

      I’ve been out in the nightlife a lot. I’ve been out more just in my 20s than most people will be in their entire lives combined. I’ve seen guys get stabbed, curb-stomped, sucker-punched, mobbed, I was even in a crowd a dude was shooting a gun into, etc. I’ve seen situs where there’s no WAY the guy lived. All over some silly over-emotional bar drama like this tit grab.

      • Scray
        on August 6, 2013 at 3:58 pm
        Original Link

        I kind of think that most people here would do the right thing in real life any way, though. When you’re actually out in the shit, you instantly realize what’s at stake if you act recklessly.

        • YaReally
          on August 6, 2013 at 4:11 pm
          Original Link

          I sure as shit hope so. I go out to socialize, drink, have fun with friends, flirt with cute girls, and try to make everyone around me have a more fun night.

          I usually tip off the bouncers for guys to keep an eye on when I notice guys who are overly aggressive or getting into that drunk angry zone because their girlfriend is flirting with guys or whatever. I just tap them on the shoulder and say “hey, watch out for that guy in the blue shirt there. He was in the bathroom talking to his buddies about wanting to kick someone’s ass tonight. I don’t know if he’ll do anything, but keep an eye on him.” They can radio it to the other bouncers and then if the guy starts getting out of control, they escort him out before it turns into a fight, or are quicker to break it up if it does turn into one.

          In my mind, if you’re going to be getting into fights then get the fuck out of my bar, you’re ruining everyone else’s night. lol

When It’s Alright To White Knight

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via Heartiste

on August 6, 2013 at 8:43 am
Original Link

If I may, I think part of the problem is that y’all are trying to articulate something that a man who was raised as such, just knows when the time comes.

Some things are worth fighting for…dying for, and some things aren’t. Each man decides for himself what these things are.

I will say though, that a useless woman isn’t worth breaking a nail. I think it was Santa666 who said here that a woman who won’t wife and mother is like a dog who won’t hunt. Women can be valuable in other ways too, but if she’s not valuable to you then this is a non issue.

I will stand by all on either side of the details who say that you should really be ready if you’re going to jump. If you’ve never experience real street combat before, don’t rely on your ability to talk trash on this blog for your survival.

  • YaReally
    on August 6, 2013 at 3:10 pm
    Original Link

    All the eBadasses should watch this video. That got pretty fucking disturbing by the end.

    Of course in their mind, no matter how old they are or how big/tough/crazy the other guy is, or how much their girl is lipping off at the guy, etc., their fight will look more like this. Everyone squares off, nice and fair, one at a time, and it ends after a couple hits and wisecracks with the cops rushing in to save the day before anyone really gets hurt:

    • Matthew King
      on August 7, 2013 at 10:30 am
      Original Link

      Draaaaamaaaa. Shirtless Russkies throwing rocks. Kicking women in the face. In what way is that possibly related to standing one’s ground in a (rare) bar confrontation?

      You people throw around words like “calibration” and “escalation,” but you can’t apply those concepts to how one might handle disrespect?

      Now bring in a fucking Tom Cruise movie. False binary + straw men = a wicked doubling down of fallacies. This is exactly what I meant about the adolescent superhero fantasy corrupting everyday manliness. We’re all retreating pussies or unbeatable demigods, nothing in between! To merely think otherwise makes us inferior lunkheads with a short fuse.


AMOG Tit Grab

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on August 3, 2013 at 12:05 pm
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I don’t want to be cocky, but this is probably one of the best and most important comments I’ve ever written lol. Covering some external shit but mainly a lot of internal shit in this. This one is an important read for the newbie/intermediate guys hitting the field regularly and getting into relationships (Scray, Hunter, Immoralgables, etc.):

To the OP:

She’s fucked him, thought about fucking him, wants to fuck him, or IS fucking him.

Ultimately the entire thing is your fault, which I’ll explain. But the next in line for fault is her, for not introducing you. That told him exactly where you stand with her, which is “he’s okay for now but I’m looking for better and don’t want you to be deterred by him, keep seducing me plz”. This is one of the signals my buddies and I specifically look for when we hit on girls who are taken: ie – what’s the dynamic of her relationship with her guy…does she introduce him immediately? Does he lurk around in the background or take over the conversation? Does she touch him or does he touch her? Does she basically forget he exists for a few minutes? Does she talk about him? Does she introduce him as a friend? Does she not mention him until she HAS to? Does she say “that’s my boyfriend…” with a sad tone in her voice that says “:( I wish he wasn’t here because I really want to fuck you…” When the girl leaves, with her lame borefriend chasing after her looking like a sad puppy dog, we turn to eachother and say “poor guy, she wants to fuck the shit out of you lol” and laugh. The dynamics are blatantly obvious when you know what to look for.

It’s NOT the other guys’ fault at all, because SHE gave him permission to do that, by not preventing it and not bitching him out for it. Ergo, fighting him is stupid, because he’s not the one in the wrong…he’s just reacting to her signals. Focusing on “well he should stay away because she’s my girlfriend” and working yourself up into a fist-swinging rage is stupid, because if you date a smokin hot 8+ girl, you will be throwing punches EVERY NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE until you end up in jail or dead lol

I don’t have to worry about AMOGs with my GFs when I’m out with them because my girls will handle themselves and not let this happen or won’t excuse it if it does happen. The only time I would resort to fighting would be if a guy was constantly harrassing my girl and she had already made it very clear to him that he was bothering her, and even THEN I would go through other channels first like taking her to the dance floor and ignoring him, AMOGing him verbally, or calmly walking over to a bouncer and having him tossed out (that’s what they’re there for lol). Guys who have to resort to fighting are either 1) young enough to still get away with that nonsense and not care about the consequences, or 2) not socially savvy/powerful/commanding enough to handle the situation in the thousands of other ways available that don’t involve fighting.

If she wants to get off on me being physical/aggressive/manly, I’ll toss her around in the bedroom. If she specifically wants to get off on seeing me fighting other men, she can go date an 18yo from the kiddie-bars who drunkenly scrap outside at last call every night. This is not negotiable.

So the one in the wrong and who should be punished is ultimately HER, not him. Now there’s two things to look at here:

1) WHY did she let that happen? Why is she not clinging to you when you’re out? Why does she feel this was acceptable? Why didn’t she chew him out?

And 2) How do you punish her and stop/change this behavior for the future? And how do you prevent it in future girlfriends?

So why did this situation occur? Here are a bunch of reasons:

- maybe she’s just not that into you (your value isn’t high enough)
- or maybe she likes you but he’s got higher value to her than you do right now and her Hypergamy kicked in
- they clearly have a history (flirting or actual fucking)
- you didn’t claim your territory (ie – hand around her waist, physically dominating her, basically making it very clear/obvious that she belongs to you)
- she didn’t cling to you (ie – she wasn’t introducing you, she wasn’t touching you, she basically treated you like an Orbiter)
- she has no fear of losing you (ie – she’s not at all worried that not making it clear she’s your GF would cause her to lose you)
- she possibly doesn’t care if she DID lose you (again this is a value not high enough to care thing)
- she may have no idea it bothers you
- she may expect you to be able to handle yourself
- she may love the attention and the jealousy drama of playing multiple guys off eachother
- you took her to a place where her value is higher than yours because she worked there…never ever ever go to a place the girl invites you to, because she will always invite you to a place where she has Orbiters and high-value to see how you react and if you’re ultimately better than all her other options. You CAN still pull off owning the huge shit-test but it’s a massive uphill battle that’s silly to voluntarily take on. I flake on girls all the time when they try to arrange where we should hang out, and tell them to meet me on my turf instead…once you’re in a legit SERIOUS LTR, you can go into these things and not be tested as hardcore, but in the initial first 3 months? You’re taking a fucking gamble that you didn’t need to take.

Anyway, so the common thread in all of these reasons is that there’s no fear of loss in her, so she treats you like an Orbiter, and there’s no fear of loss in her because you aren’t high enough value to her. Part of why my girls will interrupt the guy to introduce me to him when I come over, or will tell him to fuck off if he’s crossing the line is because they fear losing me. I’m high-value to them and they know I have a set of standards/expectations and that if they cross those, I will mercilessly drop them, because I have options and can get other girls. Because of their Hypergamy (ie – they want the highest-value male available to them), they legitimately aren’t into the other guys because they know they’re already with a higher-value man, so it’s easier for them to tell him to knock it off or to remember to introduce me because there’s no conflict of “I know I SHOULD do this, but I kind of want to fuck this other higher-value guy so maybe I’ll let this slide…..” like with your situation.

So how do you punish her?

IDEALLY, you should have Soft Nexted her immediately:

ie – you should’ve simply walked out and left her to get herself home and ignored her calls for a few days. Then when you got in touch again, told her in no uncertain terms that her behavior was unacceptable and that if she wants to be your girlfriend, then when you’re out she introduces you immediately and she doesn’t allow guys to get away with that shit around you. If she isn’t willing to do this, then you simply shrug and Hard Next her (ie – completely ditch her) and find a better girl. Personally, I like to let them know why I left with a little hamster fuel like when she txts “where did you go??” I’ll throw something like “you and AMOG clearly have catch up to do. Goodnight babe.” and turn my phone off. It doesn’t have to be like “because you were acting like a fucking whore ahghghaghghghhghg” lol Just a one-off calm-but-this-is-the-end-of-the-conversation txt (it’s important that you don’t have a discussion right then and there, read Blackdragon’s post on Next’ing for details on that) that points her hamster in the general direction of “me and AMOG? We’re just friends…is he mad? Why is he mad? I mean, I guess I didn’t introduce him…and AMOG grabbed my tit but he didn’t see that, did he? omg maybe he’s mad at me for that…I guess I shouldn’t have done it, but…why won’t he answer my txts?? is he dumping me?? omg I’d better phone him!!!” and then a few days of stress and hamster-fuel. Incidentally this also helps keep her from fucking the guy because she’s too wrapped up in worrying about losing you to go home with him.

Now keep in mind that this works when you have high-value to her. If you have LOW-value, she’ll go “wtf I can’t believe he’s mad about that…that’s stupid. Whatever then, maybe I WILL fuck AMOG, HE’S not judging me, he’s just giving me good emotions tonight.” lol

Doing a Hard Next like a lot of guys are recommending, before attempting to train her with Soft Nexts is dumb and usually the reaction of butt-hurt guys. You don’t take your dog back to the pound because it shits on the carpet once, that’s an insane over-reaction. You train it, and ideally it learns where to shit and you have no problems and both live happily ever after. If it keeps shitting despite your training, you take it back to the pound. This is the same concept.

Now I can give you some external steps like “Soft Next her and ignore her calls for a few days bla bla” and ya, that might help you out in this specific situation this one time. But let’s look at the much bigger overall picture, that encompasses your entire fucking life and all your future relationships:

You know the punishment, but how do you prevent it from happening in the first place, with future girlfriends, from the very start?

1) Be high-value. Always be working on this. Work on your social skills, learn to interact with other men, learn to flirt with women, have other options, and basically be the guy that she would worry about losing. I’ve said before that while most girls will cheat on their BFs/fiances/husbands with me, the only ones I absolutely CAN’T get are the ones who believe their man is the highest-value man available to them. Those girls will shut me down hard, even apologizing for it, because their Hypergamy is firing on all cylinders over their man and it’s literally not in their reality that they could cheat.

This is why guys who think “oh if I get a virgin she’ll be faithful” are dumb…it has nothing to do with that. If you get a virgin, but become a low-value guy to her, she will cheat on you just like the 22-count bar-star slutty whore. If you get a 22-count bar-star slutty whore, but you are the highest value guy to her, she will be as faithful as the virgin would. A lot of guys are hoping to find a virgin/Madonna so they can just keep being pieces of shit in general and not improve themselves or constantly work on themselves and grow as men throughout their life…they just want a “guaranteed” faithful girl who won’t cheat so they can sit on the couch drinking beer and watching mindless TV and feel like they “beat the system” by finding a guarantee…then they get cheated on because someone like me comes along with way higher value and fucks their 1-count wife.

Here’s an RSD Julien video on this:

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a virgin wife, as long as the reason you want it ISN’T that you think it’ll guarantee you she’ll be faithful no matter what your value to her is, and that you don’t look at it like “great, this is my way of avoiding having to stay on top of my game”. It all comes down to Hypergamy.

2) Have a set of personal standards of what behavior is acceptable/not-acceptable to you in various types of relationships. Like what can a casual fuckbuddy get away with that you’re cool with? Is a fuckbuddy allowed to fuck other guys? Can she only fuck certain types of guys (like her ex, or only randoms)? Or does she have to only be fucking you (girls will accept this frame if you’re adamant about it and high-value enough)? Can a fuckbuddy flirt with other guys in front of you? Can she flake on your plans at the last minute or does she need to provide a day’s notice? Does a fuckbuddy have to introduce you to her friends, or can she ignore you all night and do her thing, and just trust that you’ll hang out at last call?

Then ask yourself what can a new girlfriend get away with that you’re cool with? What about a serious long-term girlfriend? Write this stuff down on a piece of paper even, it will help solidify things in your mind.

Because you can’t enforce Soft/Hard Nexts to punish/change behavior (or reward her to encourage good behavior) if you don’t know what your personal standards and expectations are. The law is extremely complicated, there are a shitload of nuances to it…if you kill someone, was it in self-defense, did you HAVE to kill them, did you meet them with the intention of killing them, etc. The law has different charges and different punishments for all of these things, so when you cross a line, there’s a very black and white “you were caught speeding, so now you have to pay a fine.” system in place that’s enforcable because of how specific the law is. (granted you get some flex room depending on circumstances, but that’s beside the point)

The law doesn’t say “I dunno, I guess sometimes if you kill a guy, it might be okay or not, maybe, and I guess you should like, go to jail for some amount of time, I guess…well, I don’t want you to be mad at me so I’ll let it slide this time and just go vent on an Internet forum…” lol

So first and foremost you need to decide your personal standards. This is an important part of being a man and it spills into other parts of your life. What behaviors do you accept from your close friends? From casual acquaintances? From business partners or co-workers? From your children? From YOURSELF? And what degree of punishment (or rewards, if they meet/surpass your expectations) is deserved? You can’t “Soft Next” your 8yo daughter for throwing a tantrum over you not buying her a new doll from the toy store and just leave the house for a few days lol…You can’t “Soft Next” your co-worker for disrespecting you in front of your boss and just not come into work for a few days lol You have to decide on how you handle these violations of your personal expectations, but to do that you have to HAVE and KNOW your personal expectations first.

We’re socially conditioned by society to not have any standards. Everyone is a special snowflake, everyone is beautiful, don’t be mean, don’t hurt anyone’s feelings, accept everyone no matter how shitty they are, “if you can’t handle me at my worst then you don’t deserve me at my best”, etc. etc. So at first you might feel guilty for consciously saying “I expect my GF to introduce me when we’re out, and I will cut her out of my life cold without looking back if she refuses to learn to do this”. But over time you’ll understand that ultimately this is better for everyone involved. Women need you to bring Order to their Chaos. They need you to be the solid oak tree, rooted and firm, while they scramble around on your branches like a squirrel.

I recommend the Manhood 101 stuff if you want to learn more about this concept and solidify the mindset.

Specifically these two short videos:

And if you like reading, their free eBook (specifically the chapters on order/chaos, and punishment/reward) goes into this in a lot of depth:

The most important part of all of this (which the 1st Manhood video above mentions at 1:40), is that these are YOUR personal standards, that are based on how YOU feel and what you want and what your goals in life are. I can’t give you the list of what your standards should be. No one else here can. There’s no “this standard is alpha, this standard is beta”, that’s all bullshit. “I don’t do it because it’s alpha, it’s alpha because I do it.”

Part of why PUAs recommend going out a shit-ton and meeting a ton of girls and having a ton of relationships, is that when you start out you have NO standards. You don’t even know you SHOULD have standards, and you’re shamed by social conditioning if you DARE have standards (skim through Jezebel’s articles for examples of this lol). This is why guys who don’t have much experience with women often end up with shitty girls…not even WIVES necessarily, just GIRLFRIENDS, that they aren’t even legally attached or bound by having kids together…like CK Louis says “fuckin’ call her and say FUCK YOU, and hand up, and LEAVE her. You can end that shit with a PHONE CALL. I need a fuckin’ gun, and a plane ticket, and bleach and shit…” They have girlfriends who get fat, who disrespect them, who cheat on them, who eat unhealthy, who drink too much, who stop dressing up, who stop putting out, etc.

But the guys dating/marrying those women don’t know what their standards are, and feel guilty enforcing their authority, so they end up in dead ends that they could have avoided.

So by going out and meeting a lot of girls, interacting with a lot of people, having a lot of relationships, you slowly learn “okay, this girl did this to me, and it didn’t bother me, but this other girl did this OTHER thing to me and that made me feel like SHIT…I had no idea I wouldn’t care about that first thing, I always just assumed it would piss me off but it turns out it’s really not that big a deal, and I thought that 2nd thing wouldn’t bother me but holy SHIT does it ever bother me, so I will no longer accept that 2nd behavior from my serious long-term girlfriend, but I WILL allow her to do that 1st thing because I don’t care about it.”

This is unique to every individual man. My personal standards are VERY different from most guys, but I’ve had a unique journey in life compared to the average guy, and my standards are personalized to me. On top of that, I will VERY adamantly enforce my standards. If someone DOES cross my lines, which are way more tolerant than most people’s because I’m a pretty chill guy in general, I will be cut-throat in enforcing punishment (and the reverse, if someone meets/surpasses my expectations I will reward them handsomely).

Like when I say I don’t fight, it’s not that “I’m scared to fight” or “I dunno, maybe sometimes I might kind of fight” or that I’ve never thought about it. It’s that I have a personal line in my mind that says I will not get into bar fights (self-defense in dangerous situations or to protect loved ones is different) if it can be avoided in any way, even if it means apologizing or walking away like a pussy while someone calls me a chicken, like I would give a shit about that lol I don’t care if people make fun of that, or say it isn’t alpha, etc. That has no relevance to me because I am following MY personal standards, not theirs.

3) Use Soft Nexts the way Blackdragon describes to enforce these personal standards with your girls. Don’t feel guilty for using them or hurting her feelings with them, anymore than you would feel guilty for training your dog not to shit on the carpet. See the 2nd Manhood video I linked above for the kinds of shit-tests you’ll run into enforcing your authority, and understand that it’s FINE and it’s all part of the process of bringing Order to someone’s life or your relationships with them.

Combine those 3 things (be high-value, know your personal standards, and enforce them), and you won’t run into these problems again. This can be a lot of work and take a while to figure it all out (I’m STILL learning some of my personal standards, when I enter new situations), but this is a long-term fix that will affect your entire life and all of your relationships for the rest of your life. Learning, understanding, and training this could be the difference between ending up with a wife who’s fat, hasn’t touched your dick in 3 years, and talks smack about you to all her friends in front of you while you nod “yes dear :( “, or ending up with a wife who’s in shape, fucks you how you want her to, and brags about you to her friends even when you’re not around…and who introduces you to her friends when you’re out together, and who tells guys who grab her tits in front of you to back the fuck off and apologizes to you for his behavior and fucks your brains out that night.

Good luck. :)

Now cue all the eBadasses calling me a pussy for not telling you to just punch his lights out lol

  • Four Aces
    on August 5, 2013 at 1:34 pm
    Original Link


    You either train with DJFuji or you ARE DJFuji. I’ve literally heard him say entire paragraphs of what you just wrote.

    • YaReally
      on August 5, 2013 at 4:51 pm
      Original Link

      Really? lol no I haven’t even really seen his material (I don’t like his dependence on his crazy peacocked hair).

      But the reality is that everyone who goes out enough, especially doing pickup where you’re cold approaching strangers, comes to the same general conclusions, so it doesn’t surprise me if he advocates the same stuff.

      It’s sort of like how there are a ton of martial arts out there with crazy Kung Fu monkey moves…but the reality is that when you throw someone into a real live unexpected street fight, pretty much everyone ends up relying on what looks like basic MMA moves.

  • ms00
    on August 5, 2013 at 5:21 pm
    Original Link

    YaReally – on point!

    I’ve done this in the past with out even realizing it or knowing it was given a term “soft/hard next” Everything you said about it is perfectly right. Now I’m going back in my memory and trying to analyze those situations for the future. Right on, very insightful!!

    • YaReally
      on August 6, 2013 at 6:39 am
      Original Link

      “I’ve done this in the past with out even realizing it or knowing it was given a term “soft/hard next” Everything you said about it is perfectly right.”

      That’s the thing, is that this isn’t a magic PUA technique we invente out of thin air. This is simply backwards engineering what natural alphas with options do, distilled to it’s most effective/efficient form, and laid out as a very easily understandable set of conscious, learnable steps.

      A natural alpha with options would simply teach this as “whatever man, she was giving me shit so I was like “fuck this!” and walked out. lets go get hammered and find some bitches tonight!” and not answer his phone.

      The difference is simply that Blackdragon has broken things down into something explainable/teachable and into it’s most consistent logical form.

      A LOT of PUA is just about narrowing down what behaviors consistently get what results, and backwards engineering them into something a newbie can learn and train and eventually become unconsciously competent at.

      When I was a newbie, I would Soft Next because that was the technique to use. Now I Soft Next because my mindset is the same as the alpha…”fuck this, too much hassle, imma go find new girls and ignore her till she quits being retarded”. The only difference is that I’ve internalized the most efficient/consistent form of Soft Next’ing whereas an alpha might fuck it up because he’s just winging it based on his emotions.

on August 3, 2013 at 1:03 pm
Original Link


Classic agree and amplify at 6:36….

  • YaReally
    on August 3, 2013 at 2:43 pm
    Original Link

    We’ve all seen:

    Here’s the follow-up lol…there’s a lot of social dynamic shit going on in this apology, and why she gives it, and how she views what happened (her hamster rationalizations), how everyone else views what happened, etc:

    Chelsea is a super-bitch, but here’s a video of Craig Ferguson handling it…at first she comes out guns blazing relentlessly (note how she directs the conversation topics, sets him up for negs/burns, interrupts what he’s saying to make observations, etc.), but he starts turning things around with just his calm funny wit (using call-back humor to circle back to burn her, like the “their names are on this gay ring” bit, notice she just laughs like “ah shit, you got me and I don’t have a good comeback for that one” but is toning down the bitchy attitude). No butt-hurt comebacks/insults, just positive attitude and intelligent humor:

    Ultimately the super-bitchy girls aren’t hard to tame…you just have to not fall into their shit-test, not over-react, keep calm, congruent, and out-wit them. And once you do, they become the nicest girls in the universe because they’re so happy they’ve finally found someone able to pass all their shit-tests and handle them. The funny part with these ones is that because they shit-test everyone so much, when you ARE seeing them, you know they aren’t fucking anyone else because no other guy could make it through their shit-tests to be worth fucking lol

    Most guys would be like “ohh what a fuckin’ bitch, fuck her I’d tell her she’s a cunt and walk off” and it’s like ya, you can DO that, but if you get some solid social skills down you can eat these girls for breakfast (literally lol). Now whether you’d WANT that type of girl or not, or whether you’d want her for something short-term or long-term etc. is all up to you personally…but the point is that, thru understanding game and social dynamics and working on your verbal game, you can completely effortlessly dismantle bitch-shields/shit-testing/AMOGs/etc. that would obliterate most men.

    Craig Ferguson’s interviews with female guests are actually really good to watch for anyone who wants to work on their verbal game. He improvises really well, drops a ton of innuendo and sexual tension into them, crosses offensive lines but pulls back, references previous in-jokes in the conversation as call-back humor, self-depreciates, and directs the conversations in a smooth flowing way. A lot of his interviews have massive sexual tension.

    He’s a liiiiiittle bit supplicative, because as a talk show host he has to make it a fun interview and gush over the guests and everything, keep it all a nice positive vibe, so he has to supplicate…but for a mainstream talk-show guy, he’s got some really solid verbal game.

    And here’s a quick Russell one’s way of handling the “are you gay?” shit-test/AMOG:

    I used to use this bit when I’d run into girls shit-testing me calling me gay lol They always shit a brick at the “BANG! Pregnant!” part.

    He uses it again here at 1:25 with Britney Spears (I’ve used this version too lol):

    At 22 seconds in: “Right…can you remember my name? And can you remember my surname? It’s not Russell BROWN, Britney…” – so solid. Just calling her out on not knowing his name. I use this type of thing a lot, making fun of the girl if she doesn’t remember my name…when I remember hers, that is. lol.

    Russell and Craig are basically impossible to AMOG when they’re on their game. It’s not because they’re physically tougher or intimidating than anyone, it’s because they’re so fucking sharp that they can socially dismantle anything people throw at them, and either tool the person or make them love them.

    All a girl wants to know is that she can trust you to handle shit. Whether you do it through violence, or whether you do it through social savvy, the end result is the same: she knows that when life throws shit at you guys, you will be able to handle the fuck out of it like a boss.

    The catch is that it’s easier to lift some weights and get sucked into fighting than it is to improve your social skills, so most guys end up scrapping outside the bar at 2am blowing off their sexual frustrations lol

Beta Male Asks Girls For Reasons Why They Rejected Him

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via Heartiste

on August 2, 2013 at 1:08 pm
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So basically you’re saying that left to its own devices, women’s true nature is is pure evil. Essentially satanic.

  • yeahokcool
    on August 2, 2013 at 1:18 pm
    Original Link

    no. that isn’t the message. at all.

    i know that a lot of people who come here are just hurting and lonely. they just want to be loved. i truly understand that. but, this mentality that “women are evil and satanic!!!” comes from a very wrongheaded place. it is EXACTLY the wrong mentality to have if you want to improve your life (generally and with the “fairer sex”).

    you are not owed anything. a woman should not just love you because you exist. you must, like anything else, EARN love by being someone worthy of being loved. that’s where a lot of guys here go wrong.

    ch has said this many times, but if you’re a loser beta/omega, you are no different from a fat chick. and what would you say about a fat chick who bleats over how ALL MEN ARE ASSHOLES, etc.? you would (hopefully) tell that fat bitch to lose some weight and then maybe a worthy man would love her. in much the same way, if you are beta, you need to lose some neediness and gain some confidence.

    • YaReally
      on August 2, 2013 at 3:39 pm
      Original Link


      It’s why I gave Good Ole JR props. Because he didn’t say “why is the world so unfair, I’m such a victim of everyone else!!” and hide behind that…he said “my life sucks and a lot of it is my own fault, I’m going to take the reins and fix myself.”

      Fat chick analogy fits. If he were a fat chick who said “I’ve eaten like shit and lived and unhealthy lifestyle and now I’m going to fix it”, I’d give her props over the Jezebel rationalization-fattie posting links about how calories in/out has been “disproven” and how even tho she hasn’t been diagnosed she knows she has a thyroid problem.

      Manosphere has a LOT of inner game issues to work on that go beyond “did my dick go inside one of her holes?”

Sexual Market Value Boosted, One Shed Pound At A Time

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on August 1, 2013 at 9:59 am
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Why is she only an 8? Just curious where she lost points. I think she looks great. She must be fairly tall to look like that at 124.

  • Lily
    on August 1, 2013 at 11:27 am
    Original Link

    OK, I found more pics of her. She is 5’3” so she should lose a little more weight. She’ll look better.

    Also, in some of the pics, she looks very pretty. So I would definitely move her up to an 8 based on her facial beauty. Her figure is a 7, but her face is an 8, so she is 7.5. But if she lost another 10 lbs, she will definitely score an 8.5 (I still don’t like her short legs).

    • kfg
      on August 1, 2013 at 11:36 am
      Original Link

      “She is 5’3″. . .”

      Missed it by thaaaat much. Her legs were a bit shorter even than I figured and the parallax to the top hinge of the door made things a bit uncertain.

      • Lily
        on August 1, 2013 at 11:45 am
        Original Link

        Really ugly legs. Roll down.

        Now I’m debating if she is an 8 at best, even if she lost those 10 extra lbs.

        It doesn’t matter actually. Sexually and physically she is 100 times better off now than she was.

        • Zombie Shane
          on August 1, 2013 at 12:58 pm
          Original Link

          Jesus H Christ.

          Who gives a shit what she is???

          On the one hand, suppose she’s an “11″, but she’s a total retard, who can’t mumble anything more coherent than broken “Valley Girl”, she’s got tats all over her body, she’s got a penchant for fornicating with n*ggers, and her anus is covered in venereal warts.

          On the other hand, suppose she’s a mere “6″, but she speaks fluent French, fluent Italian, and fluent German, she knows all 154 of Oxford’s sonnets by heart, she can play the Beethoven violin concerto both forwards and backwards on her authentic Guarneri violin, and she just so happens to be staunchly pro-life.

          Now which of those chicks would you want to be the mother of your children, and which of those chicks would you dare not touch with a ten foot pole?!?

          • YaReally
            on August 1, 2013 at 11:55 pm
            Original Link

            I always like this argument lol

            How about a 9-10 who speaks other languages and plays the violin and has a warm heart and shit? I’ll take that option, thanks.

            The people who think all hot girls are ditzy valley girl retard whore uncultured idiots etc simply haven’t met enough hot girls to realize that some of them are just as awesome as your theoretical dream girl.

            Sure, they’re rare, but that’s why you go meet a lot of them and enjoy the search.

          • YaReally
            on August 2, 2013 at 5:12 am
            Original Link

            That’s the plan, minus the marriage part.

            I tell my friends that if I meet a girl who blows my mind so much that I don’t even give a shit about other girls, and she tops the charts in all my categories of standards, I’ll be HAPPY to settle. I’m just more realistic about how rare those girls are than most of society who is all convinced that all their female friends are perfect 10s, and I’m not as scared to be single as a lot of guys who marry 7s out of a fear of “maybe there isn’t anything better out there…in a world of almost 7 billion people, maybe there isn’t a better girl out there” lol

          • YaReally
            on August 2, 2013 at 6:05 am
            Original Link


            “I’m just more realistic about how rare those girls are than most of society who is all convinced that all their female friends are perfect 10s”

            See embracingourfemininity’s comment right above mine for an example of this phenomenon. Thanks for the demonstration lol

on August 1, 2013 at 2:08 pm
Original Link

Yay! I inspired a post; where can I collect my internet dollars?

Seriously though, despite the fact that we all know she’s finally getting all those alpha pump n’ dumps her old chubby self desired, I sort of feel bad for this girl.

She had the looks all her life, she just chose to bury them under s****y choices. I’m assuming that she finally got the gumption to lose it at 18-21, since that’s about how old she looks in those after pictures. Which means that she lost out on a lot of teenage adventures, including teenaged romance. Now she’s fresh into the sexual market place, highly desirable with a dearth of real experience about sex and relationships, dealing with cads like us who already know how to work women like a steam engine. Or imagine how different her life would have been if she had been that good looking since being a kid? Maybe she was destined to be the next great actress? The next great architect? Unlikely yes, impossible to know, but having been fat means that those doors, if available to her, never opened and never will. There’s a great sense of loss around this chick, and a lot of ‘what ifs…?’

Good on her for losing it though and becoming a human being again, but I can easily see her being a bit of a bitch/cynical person now that she’s undoubtedly being treated like a piece of meat and realizing that all these guys still aren’t interested in ‘her’, just in her body.

Meh, whatever. I’d still do it, shining example to the rest of overweight America, etc. Plus redhead? All shades turn me into a wild man.

  • YaReally
    on August 2, 2013 at 5:08 am
    Original Link

    On this note, if a girl mentions to me that she used to be ugly or fat or have braces or whatever, I’ll often share my story about how I was an anti-social nerd growing up and we’ll bond over how other people got to experience a lot of things that we missed out on. Usually these chicks have a pretty good attitude in general because they wasted enough of their life missing out and being negative about themselves.

    They’re always amazed when I tell them that I had to actively work at growing into someone who’s social, out-going, positive and flirty, because they never really thought about how beta male incels go through the same shit except that they don’t have a support group (like all of society telling them they’re still beautiful)…they get either “man up” pep-talks about how they should just suck it up, insults (“you didn’t get laid? lol what a faggot”), and depressing pity (“some guys have it, some don’t, guess you’re just one of the unlucky ones, o well good luck with that”). The girls don’t realize that beta males get basically swept under the carpet by society…stuff like M3′s incel post are the first glimpses a LOT of people (men AND women) have at seeing “ohhh, you mean those invisible men I never really thought about and don’t exist to me have feelings and frustrations too?”

    Just some observations from the field. Part of why I like talking to new people is learning stuff like this about them, whether I want to bone them or not lol (and if I DO want to bone them, this is a ridiculously powerful comfort/rapport builder)

    Good on this chick, regardless of whatever the pointy elbow crowd thinks.

    And of course the obligatory Tyler vid on this subject:

Good Ole JR
on August 1, 2013 at 2:58 pm
Original Link

This just underscores the truth about the sexual marketplace (SM) Heartiste’s concept of the SM is undeniably accurate. The SM is all about options. Those with options command the highest price. To have the most options, a man must have a good product (physical attractiveness) and good sales skills (game). Those with the most options are the most attractive with the best game. No different than selling cars. If you’re selling Mercedes, people are going to look, but they’re not going to buy unless you lead them to the sale. Sure, there might be one or two out of a hundred that will buy without being sold, but you’ve got to sell your product. Some products are easier to sell, some harder. A better product is always easier to sell than a shitty one, though a shitty one can be sold. That said, the sales approach for a man to a women is complicated and counter-intuitive. Being literal and logical doesn’t work. You must learn the game.

I can testify. As a former obese and beta man, I can testify to the truth of the SM and effectiveness of game. I could never get laid even when I was married. No shit. I was too big of a pussy and I let myself go physically. I got divorced and was tossed into the SM. It was cruel. My money didn’t matter. My professional achievments didn’t matter. The stuff I owned didn’t matter. Despite my material riches, I was the equivalent of a begger on the street in the SM world. Unlike our bullshit socialist system, there wasn’t a safety net there to take care of me when I was turned out. Like pure capitalism, I had to make something out of nothing. I joined a gym. I stopped eating sweets and starches. I cut back on my drinking. I made friends with alpha guys. I took trips to interesting places, go current on pop culture. I went out, tried to land women, and more often than not, failed miserably. By not giving uo, placing my faith in myself and recognizing the SM is one of the last meritocracies, I started to see results.

I was an obese, middle-aged bald guy with only the beginnings of game. I number closed 5′s and the occasional 6. No bangs. As I slimmed down from a BMI of 36 to a BMI of 26, the number of indications of interest from random women increased. After three months, lots of time on CH, reading game theory books, emulating my alpha friends, and practicing in the field, I brought home a 5 and banged her. A month later, I bagged a 6. Kept them going, and it made me less needy and more desireable. I started to have the look of a man with options. I lost more weight, gained muscle. By 6 months, I banged two more–both 6′s. At 9 months of competing in the SM, I added 5 more notches to my number ranging from 5-7. None were fat chicks. I have lots of room for improvement. I will be a slim, toned, shaven headed, mature, well-dressed, and charming bastard who is irresistably to women before its over. With a BMI of 19 and an “A game,” I have no doubt I’ll score regular 7′s and the occasional 8 or 9. Like anything else worth doing, winning in the SM takes a lot of damn work.

The take away is this: The SM is real and it does permeate everything in life. Your SMV will determine how visible you are to everyone–men and women. You must work to compete. This is why fat chicks get left out. Lazy and entitled people do not succeed in the SM.

In closing, Don’t be a pussy. The feminist view of what women want is a lie. Everything you’ve seen in Disney movies, most romantic comedies, etc. is utter Bullshit. Forget everything you know, take the SMV test and see where you need to improve. Read the manosphere. Get a sponsor. Find a guy who is successful with the ladies and become friends with him. Wing for him. Study him, then keep some friendly competition going. This is the way you, as a man, get better at any male endeavor whether its football or gaming chicks. Be a man and don’t give up–it can take months to begin to pay off appreciably. Once you hit the critical mass point, your gains become logarithmic and you will have more women than you can handle.

  • YaReally
    on August 2, 2013 at 12:24 am
    Original Link

    Props on stepping up and handling your shit instead of crying that the world “owes” you because you had a good career/education/etc.

    I legit feel bad for a lot of guys (friends etc) on the socially conditioned rat-race track who dedicate their entire early adulthood to climbing the corporate ladder and have no idea that there’s no hot girl waiting for them at the end of the rainbow like our Disney culture promised them. At the end of the day they’ll still need to learn game to land and/or keep that theoretical hottie…and that’s if they even MEET her, which if they spent their 20s working instead of having a social life, will be difficult.

    Glad you realized it was all under your control and that no one was going to fix your life except you. Massive props and good luck in the future…with your attitude, you’ll be slaying it.

    • Anonymous
      on August 2, 2013 at 5:11 am
      Original Link

      Some men spent their twenties in the military out in the desert. These are the ones who didn’t choose to build careers and game in their twenties (tough men can make up for lost time later). There’s no excuse for the guys who stayed home and got good jobs not to have learned game simultaneously except that there was no Internet to teach them until the last 10-15 years. The MSM and the feminized church were the real culprits in the betafication of the US before the Internet started saving men.

      I understand your zeal, Ya, because you probably see that 99% of the men around you in your feminist subculture are betas despite the fact that they could have used the Internet to learn to be otherwise.

      I, OTOH, live in a subculture where it’s more like 50%, a non-socialist environment. I don’t have your zeal to proselytize the basics because I have to assume (incorrectly apparently) that the average reader here knows the basics, just like the average guy around me in real life.

      In fact, I don’t WANT the men in my area getting more alpha. There are too many alphas here. There is no culture of sluts over 21 where I live because the alphas snare the best before that age. All the competition is for those below that age. Betas can easily marry the 22 year olds.

      There is no culture of financially independent career sluts that young PUAs can share among themselves as Tyler laughingly explained in a recent video where he was happy that a short black south african man had beat him to a target. That’s more or less a liberal view. Sharing is not a conservative trait.

      The world I know is where a virgin must choose wisely who the first guy she sleeps with will be and, if she chooses a bum with no cash, the alpha businessmen in her town will wish her a happy life alone with her bastard spawn.

      There is no concept that “I can ride the carousel with broke ass alphas until I’m 30 and then marry one of the many rich betas around here”.

      Where all the rich guys are alpha, women think twice.

      You apparently have no rich alpha businessmen friends, Ya, who live like the Mad Men executives fucking their secretaries, nannies and housekeepers as well as anyone they can game without the use of their wealth and power (maybe the actual series didn’t show this but it is what the real Mad Men would have been doing in the sixties). That would be because you live in the feminist US where sexual harassment laws made this lifestyle illegal 30 years ago.

      There’s no collective memory among young PUAs of how powerful men lived for most of history. The youngsters rationalize that we can all live with the feminist laws because, as you said in the other thread, anyone who fucks her boss is a “hooker” anyway. They don’t realize that most sex positive single women over 22 will have, even with the US harassment laws, fucked a man in her younger days who had power over her.

      You will be getting these “hookers” as sloppy twenty seconds. They include many of the best looking normal women around you.

      Before the sexual harassment laws took effect, I remember working in offices where the hottest young women on the planet would come out of the boss’s office sweating and adjusting their skirts and pantyhose.

      I’ll bet many young men reading this have never seen a hard nine who was just fucked by her boss right there in the office.

      Even CH is probably too young to know the pain of seeing the boss get what you wanted. Back then, the use of power wasn’t illegal. That’s one reason why men worked hard in their twenties.

      Nowadays, because of sex harassment laws, the opposite happens. I wanted to fuck a willing secretary around the year 2000 but I refused to do so because of the laws. I had to groan when, later, she came out of a utility closet with a 20 year old office boy sweating and adjusting her skirt and pantyhose. The feminists really have gotten their way in the US. I can imagine that all alpha rich guys head for Belize.

      Anyhow, Good Ole JR is already banging 7s which is about how well you’re doing now.

      Because his wealth is still a DHV, as an alpha he will probably start doing better than you if you are still in your mid thirties sharing an apartment with roommates and riding the bus, unless he decides to go ascetic and sell his Mercedes to impress the younger guys here.

      I can see him writing in two months to say that his newfound alpha behavior plus his great apartment were instrumental in landing him a 9.5 exchange student from Estonia who spends 4 nights per week with him and wants to marry him.

      You would then tell him that he’s sold out, that she’s a “third world hooker”.

      He’d reply that she was a virgin when he met her and you’re wrong to see PUA as a pro-feminist class warfare deal.

      And maybe you’ll just reply “LOL. Hooker fucker” to avoid an honest evaluation of how the world really works among men who are already alpha.

      Unless we can upgrade the IQ level of this forum and appreciate that game knowledge plus other resources (whether they be a better body made in the gym or a better apartment made by doing work) can make a difference above and beyond what just being a broke ass alpha can do.

      • YaReally
        on August 2, 2013 at 6:04 am
        Original Link

        “There’s no excuse for the guys who stayed home and got good jobs not to have learned game simultaneously except that there was no Internet to teach them until the last 10-15 years.”

        Agreed. The biggest issue for a lot of men is that they simply didn’t realize it was something they COULD improve at…that it was a skillset that could be improved instead of an “you either have it or you don’t” mystical thing like most people are convinced. It’s like not knowing that exercise gets you in shape and then one day realizing that picking up a heavy object everyday has made you stronger. Mind-blowing.

        “I understand your zeal, Ya, because you probably see that 99% of the men around you in your feminist subculture are betas despite the fact that they could have used the Internet to learn to be otherwise.”

        On top of that, a lot of them are WILLINGLY beta. ie – they see there’s help out there and actively refuse it, and insult it. Like the fatty who says “diets don’t work” and “I read a study that calories in VS calories out is a myth” and then goes to McDonald’s and complains about being fat lol

        “I don’t have your zeal to proselytize the basics because I have to assume (incorrectly apparently) that the average reader here knows the basics, just like the average guy around me in real life.”

        So why are you here? What value are you offering?

        “In fact, I don’t WANT the men in my area getting more alpha. There are too many alphas here.”

        That’s a mindset of scarcity. If all the men around me were alpha, I would just look at it as incentive to become more alpha.

        “There is no culture of sluts over 21 where I live because the alphas snare the best before that age.”

        lol sure thing.

        “There is no culture of financially independent career sluts”

        This is the same “game only works on dumb bar sluts” shit that feminists say. For a guy who accuses me of being feminist-brainwashed, you’ve swallowed the Madonna/whore pill completely.

        “as Tyler laughingly explained in a recent video where he was happy that a short black south african man had beat him to a target.”

        lol ya, game recognizes game. Why do you look at other men as competition instead of comrades?

        “Where all the rich guys are alpha, women think twice.”

        They won’t want to marry the alpha bum, but they’ll fuck him on the side discreetly if he’s more alpha than they are.

        “You apparently have no rich alpha businessmen friends”

        lol I party with a bunch of rich people. I know a guy in his 20s earning over $1 mill/year.

        “Ya, who live like the Mad Men executives fucking their secretaries, nannies and housekeepers”

        No, the guys I know tend not to shit where they eat because they don’t have to. They can get girls elsewhere, they don’t need to pay girls to fuck them lol

        “as well as anyone they can game without the use of their wealth and power (maybe the actual series didn’t show this but it is what the real Mad Men would have been doing in the sixties).”

        lol that’s funny, because you just went into a long tirade about how the only women Heff fucked were his playmates on salary. Now you acknowledge that there are a ton of girls he’d have been able to bang without hiring them. Keep your attacks straight at least.

        “That would be because you live in the feminist US where sexual harassment laws made this lifestyle illegal 30 years ago.”

        We’re figuring out how to work around the system. Everything PUAs do goes against mainstream feminism and yet, we’re still here, and we’re still banging chicks without giving them commitment or taking them out to expensive dinners. We’ll keep going and we’ll figure out how to do longer-term arrangements, without paying, while other guys run off to EE to prey on hookers and average girls.

        “You will be getting these “hookers” as sloppy twenty seconds.”

        Madonna/whore complex.

        “Before the sexual harassment laws took effect, I remember working in offices where the hottest young women on the planet would come out of the boss’s office sweating and adjusting their skirts and pantyhose.”

        You say this stuff like it’s super cool, and I know it gives you a boner to type it, but I don’t know, that’s not an impressive thing. Wow, banging a girl who’s paid to be around you. Super. What’s next? Fondle a paralyzed woman? Fuck a corpse? High-five bro!

        “I’ll bet many young men reading this have never seen a hard nine who was just fucked by her boss right there in the office.”

        Jesus. You must blow a wad watching an episode of Mad Men hey. lol

        “I had to groan when, later, she came out of a utility closet with a 20 year old office boy sweating and adjusting her skirt and pantyhose.”

        Go get a different girl. Who the fuck cares? There’s another girl who looks just like her just up the street.

        “Anyhow, Good Ole JR is already banging 7s which is about how well you’re doing now.”

        You keep taking jabs at me, about things that you think I’ll care about, like what the girls I bang look like, or what their lay count is, or “you’re a faggot if you don’t fuck your maid”, or that I don’t have money, etc. etc. But you don’t understand that I don’t care about the things you’ve dumped your self-worth into:

        Like I get that you think it’ll get to me, and I AM responding, so I mean technically that’s just feeding into your weird ego trip, but I actually agreed with your first points and I give credit where its due. Your comments legitimately don’t rile me up in any way lol

        “as an alpha he will probably start doing better than you”

        ? I hope that he DOES. I hope that he bangs the hottest girls in the fucking world. Good on him. I would be the first to buy him a beer and say “way to go, dude! Congrats!”

        Why do you compare yourself against other men? What relevance does his success or my success have to your self-worth? Can you be happy for other men who are successful with women? Or, like the guy in the office who banged the girl you were scared to fuck, do you look at other guys in terms of “who’s better, me or him?” You don’t have to answer that, because the answer is obvious from your writing…but you should ask yourself why you measure yourself against other men so much.

        “I can see him writing in two months to say that his newfound alpha behavior plus his great apartment were instrumental in landing him a 9.5 exchange student from Estonia who spends 4 nights per week with him and wants to marry him.”

        Super. I hope that happens. But I would correct him and explain to him that his apartment wasn’t relevant and that if he had the apartment without the alpha behaviors, he would be sitting up in that apartment alone at night jacking off to porn.

        “You would then tell him that he’s sold out, that she’s a “third world hooker”.”

        Only if he pays her. Or if he met her in Estonia when he flew there because he couldn’t get laid here and then walked around flashing wads of money and his passport like Roosh and his super cool players on his forum advocate lol

        “He’d reply that she was a virgin when he met her and you’re wrong to see PUA as a pro-feminist class warfare deal.”

        I don’t think really think about feminism or class warfare, or care where in the spectrum PUA falls. PUA is about improving your life. If you can earn money and looks while you’re at it, great, but don’t hold back and wait for those things before you start approaching because they aren’t inherently attractive or necessary to get laid by hot girls. Your attitudes and behavior/game are more important.

        “And maybe you’ll just reply “LOL. Hooker fucker” to avoid an honest evaluation of how the world really works among men who are already alpha.”

        You advocate shitting where you eat (fucking hired help) and paying girls for sex. In my world, that’s bottom of the barrel behavior. But if you get off on the power dynamic thing, that’s cool, you do you’re thing. You don’t need MY approval or acceptance or acknowledgement. I’m just some dumb-fuck on the internet who doesn’t drive a Ferrari…why are you so concerned with gaining my acknowledgement that your lifestyle is cool?

        “Unless we can upgrade the IQ level of this forum”

        lol is THAT what you’re doing.

        “and appreciate that game knowledge plus other resources (whether they be a better body made in the gym or a better apartment made by doing work) can make a difference above and beyond what just being a broke ass alpha can do.”

        I agree completely. Your problem is that you’ve stereotyped me based on the biases/ignorance in your views of what PUAs are, instead of actually reading what I’ve written.

        Here’s a quote from me: “Fortunately, most guys don’t WANT to be the jobless alcoholic bum anymore than you do, even if they can get laid doing that. We take this to extremes to expand the knowledge-base of human psychology and fully understand the extents of the art-form of seduction…but we aren’t the common man. Most guys DO want to do something with their lives, for their own personal validation.

        All we’re doing is showing that hey, instead of waiting until you’re a doctor and have 10% bodyfat, why not start approaching girls now and learning to flirt with them while you earn those things…because they WILL fuck you before you earn those things.”

        And some more reading by me:

        Looks, money, career, that’s all good stuff. But ultimately it comes down to game/confidence, and a lot of guys are chasing looks/money/career INSTEAD of learning to game because they’re hoping that if they just get those things then women will fall into their lap. It’s difficult to work 100+ hours a week starting up a business combined with 2 hours in the gym every day, and still find time to go out and socialize. It can be done, but the norm in North America is to focus on career/looks and not go out and just hope for the payoff society promised you, only to end up like Good Ole JR here, wondering “where’s my pot of fuckin’ gold?!”

        But feel free to keep insulting me. I understand the disapproval of your lifestyle by a random name on the Internet probably haunts your super alpha badass soul at night lol

        • Anonymous
          on August 2, 2013 at 2:02 pm
          Original Link

          You continue to imply that a man who fucks his secretary isn’t gaming other women as well. It’s dishonest to pretend that we’re talking about men who have to rely on such so-called “exploitation of womyn” as their main strategy. Did you watch the video I posted below?

          The reason why I argue with you is that you purport to represent the PUA scene more than CH does (lol) but the PUA coach scene shouldn’t be passively supporting feminist concepts such as the unconstitutional sexual harassment laws. Also your attitude about Roosh and foreign women is bizarre and way outside the norm of the PUA community. One of the biggest feminist goals is to get men to think it’s “pathetic” to date non-feminist foreign women. You carry water for them and you should be called on that.

          Ask CH to explain to you how a smart PUA community will support the opposite idea if only to neg American women enough to make them think they have lower SMV.

          There is also a trend in the US now for criminalizing paid sex on top of the vicious sex harassment laws. A man who doesn’t expect to try that strategy on anyone for another 20 years still needs to make sure that he stops the feminists now from getting all these new laws passed. I’m thinking of your own protection down the line when I tell you it’s counterproductive to echo the feminists in their meme of declaring one particular male mating strategy “pathetic”.

          Like Tyler, it’s best to just say “It’s not a recommended strategy if you want to meet someone to love you” and move on.

          Watch the video below Ya. That character’s behavior represents well what I’ve tried to advise you on and it’s all in keeping with the norms of this blog where this discussion was dealt with a long time ago. A real alpha will use different tools at his disposal at different times and with different women and he won’t be worried about what definitely IS a feminist concept that it’s supposedly wrong to try this or that strategy today and another strategy tomorrow. Feminists want to criminalize all forms of mating where the man has used power or money. It’s called equalism. You are an equalist but mainly because you don’t have much power or money yet.

          You will because you’re not dumb.

          Yes, you would be a fag (outside the jurisdiction of sexual harassment laws) to turn down a willing secretary who made the first move and who is a lot hotter than your new gf based on the notion that your PUA buddies (or mainly your ego) would think, like the feminists would, that it’s pathetic. Who the fuck cares? Only the feminists should get their panties in a twist about the strategy or tool you used with any particular woman.

          Your problem is that you’re too poor to have this hypotheses tested and this represents a chip on your shoulder. It’s also why you have a chip on your shoulder about Roosh and other guys who travel and get laid overseas while you’re home riding the bus. You’re transparent when you hate on Roosh. Earn some money and travel yourself. Then talk like you actually know what you’re talking about.

          I don’t believe for a second that your rich friends wouldn’t fuck a particularly hot secretary if it were legal in the US and she wanted it. It sounds like they’ve made their peace with the legal ramifications and are rationalizing. Like I chose not to fuck that secretary in 2000, they are doing the same thing.

          Watch the video below. It shows a rich man who shocks a beta hotel manager with a request to know if the girls in the hotel lobby and the housekeepers are “available”. He even offers cash to a housekeeper to get her into a small compliance task. But everything else he does is alpha and he cleans up. The housekeeper doesn’t disrespect him for having obviously tried to buy her at first. Like anything else, an alpha can get away with anything. A beta cannot.

          The video actually shows what the world was like 30 years ago before the sexual harassment suits turned a new generation into pc pussies.

          And I haven’t changed my opinion of the fact that Hefner mostly bought women his entire life by fucking mainly his employees. He’s no hero to the type of PUA who thinks that there is supposedly some kind of problem with that. You are very confused in your man-love for Hefner. He paid his playmates all his life and their job description was to fuck him.

          Read the post “It’s Not Necessarily Beta to Pay for Sex.” The bottom line is it’s like masturbation in that it doesn’t count as something you have to warn men not to do at all. Just tell them not to do it too often. And we’re not talking about high count hookers with all this either. A slut is never worth giving any remuneration to. Normal low count women are not nuns. You’d be surprised what they will even suggest themselves if you listen to them.

          Meanwhile, please lose the needless hate for Roosh and the idea of meeting women in foreign countries. It’s too fucking much like you’re being paid by the National Organization for Women.

          It’s not alpha to try to AMOG men who date foreign women. It’s just pathetic, especially coming from a really young guy who can’t afford a plane ticket. Let’s bury that hatchet.

          • YaReally
            on August 2, 2013 at 3:14 pm
            Original Link

            “you purport to represent the PUA scene more than CH does (lol)”

            “Also your attitude about Roosh and foreign women is bizarre and way outside the norm of the PUA community.”

            …I’m not sure you know what the PUA community IS. You understand the PUA community all started back on newsgroups (, then moved to the mASF forums (and then eventually started to become an industry), and CH/Roosh/Rollo all came along afterward, right? And that the PUA community is sites like RSD Nation, Sedfast, the Lovesystems forums, etc. right? Like, you understand that most of those guys have never heard of CH/Roosh/Rollo and the Manosphere is a separate community that was created and gained steam long after the PUA community was in full swing, right?

            Here’s a big breakdown of how the Manosphere is basically just regurgitating PUA concepts:


            That’s not to shit on the Manosphere or anything. It’s good for PUA teachings to make it to a wider audience in a slightly more digestible/casual form (VS the overly hardcore PUA teaching style), and the Manosphere is good at collecting scientific studies etc. that verify the shit we’ve learned through Field Experience, and they cover more general Men’s Rights, Feminism, etc. stuff which is cool.

            But yes, I represent the PUA community more than the Manosphere bloggers. That’s not me trying to insult them, this isn’t a competition. I just have a lot of years of study/experience in this particular area under my belt and use it to help explain/emphasize/correct what Manosphere bloggers write about.

            Do I have better game than everyone here? Probably not. But I probably have the most thorough conscious understanding of social dynamics and the ability to explain them and relate them to the conversation.

            “Watch the video below Ya.”

            Ya, I’m not going to watch a 30 minute video of a bad UK TV show but thanks lol

            “Yes, you would be a fag (outside the jurisdiction of sexual harassment laws) to turn down a willing secretary who made the first move and who is a lot hotter than your new gf”

            Why wouldn’t my GF be hotter? Why would I bother with work-place drama (shitting where you eat) when I can go get a hotter GF or bang a random? That’s silly. There’s no reason to pay for sex unless I can’t get laid elsewhere.

            “based on the notion that your PUA buddies (or mainly your ego) would think”

            I don’t care what they think. I don’t care what Feminists think. You’re the one who seems obsessed with other peoples’ opinions of how cool you are or if what you’re doing is badass or not. I call paying for sex pathetic because it’s pathetic to me and signals that a man has no other options and doesn’t value himself enough to earn sex based on his core rather than tossing around a wad of cash. Even if I was rich, I would downplay it with girls because I’d rather get them based on their attraction to who I am, VS having to give them money to “lure them in” lol

            If I just wanted to get laid by any means necessary, I would lie and tell girls I’m a doctor, and that my mansion is being renovated so I’m crashing at a buddy’s place for a bit, and that I’m looking for a serious relationship, and offer them money to fuck me, etc. etc. That shit is EASY. Amateur hour shit. I’d rather take on the challenge of being brutally honest with her and get her based on who I am to my core.

            You don’t seem to care about that, and that’s cool. I have buddies who just love sex and don’t care how they get it or what quality of girl they stick it in, and some of them even get hookers, and hey, as long as they’re happy it’s all good. It’s not for ME, and I think it’s pathetic a lot of the time, but who cares what I think?

            “Only the feminists should get their panties in a twist about the strategy or tool you used with any particular woman.”

            You can hop a helicopter up to the top of Mount Everest, but you’re not going to get respect from me the way the guy who climbed up to the top does. This has nothing to do with Feminists or what my buddies would think…it has to do with what I personally consider an admirable man to be and how I choose to live my life. Enjoy your helicopter ride, but don’t expect me to buy you a beer when you fly back down the mountain and brag about it lol

            “Your problem is that you’re too poor to have this hypotheses tested and this represents a chip on your shoulder.”

            I’ve had money to burn before. It’s just not something I base my worth on like you do.

            “It’s also why you have a chip on your shoulder about Roosh and other guys who travel and get laid overseas while you’re home riding the bus.”

            I hate on Roosh because he has shitty game. Him and his whole forum piss & moan about how impossible it is to get North American women (while PUAs are regularly cleaning up in their “worst” cities lol). You can read more about my love of Roosh here:


            “I don’t believe for a second that your rich friends wouldn’t fuck a particularly hot secretary if it were legal in the US and she wanted it.”

            The betas would, because they would have to, because they don’t have other options. The alphas don’t give a shit, she’s just a girl, they have 10 more blowing up their phone all day wanting to get fucked…why fuck the hired help? Do you just have a secretary/power fetish or something?

            “Watch the video below.”

            Link a shorter video.

            “The housekeeper doesn’t disrespect him for having obviously tried to buy her at first.”

            Who cares if she disrespects him or what her opinion of him is? What matters is his opinion of his actions. My opinion is that it’s low-value behavior, so I don’t do it…I don’t care if she wouldn’t disrespect me for it, or if Feminists wouldn’t be mad at me, or if my PUA buddies wouldn’t think I’m cool. *I* wouldn’t think it’s cool, so I don’t do it.

            You’re like the guy who’s only reason for not stealing shit is that he’d get in trouble, but if he wouldn’t get in trouble he would just steal it. I don’t care if I’d get in trouble or not, stealing goes against my personal principles and it’s shitty low-value behavior to me, so even if you could promise me I won’t get in trouble for it, I’ll choose not to do it.

            Again you seem very concerned with what other people think of your actions/behavior. Do you have any personal code of conduct/ethics of your own, that you’ve come up with from your own life experiences? Or is your existance basically “I do whatever I can get away with”, like some kind of value-taking parasite?

            Is that why you’re convinced I work for RSD? Because you can’t imagine someone would want to help other people selflessly? You’re always working an angle so you’re projecting onto me that I must in some way be profiting from helping others?

            To me, you’re just displaying a lot of really sad low-value behavior.

            “Read the post “It’s Not Necessarily Beta to Pay for Sex.””

            Irrelevant. I define my values. You, again, seem to base your values on whether other people approve of them or not. Do you ever think for yourself? A thousand people can tell me that stealing is okay, you could link me to an article by CH about how it’s not necessarily wrong to steal, and I would still choose not to do it.

            “The bottom line is it’s like masturbation in that it doesn’t count as something you have to warn men not to do at all.”

            Whatever you have to tell yourself to justify it, you do your thing man. Like I say, why are you so concerned with whether or not I approve of it? The PUA community (the real one, not the imaginary one you’ve made up lol) is based around earning sex through game, not buying hookers:

            “You’d be surprised what they will even suggest themselves if you listen to them.”

            Golly. I guess I should go out and finally talk to my first girl!!

            “Meanwhile, please lose the needless hate for Roosh”

            Soon as he improves his game. I call shitty game out where I see it. Sorry if you have a man-crush on him.


            “and the idea of meeting women in foreign countries.”

            Meeting them is fine. Bribing them to bang you because they’re poor and flying over there because your game is too shitty to get laid in North America is weak. Roosh spent months in major NA cities and couldn’t get his dick wet to save his life.

            “It’s too fucking much like you’re being paid by the National Organization for Women.”

            Nope. Again, I don’t care if you think I’m some male-Feminist. When you say stuff like “that’s what FEMINISTS would say!!!”, I know that’s like a big burn to you because you put value in “not having people think you’re a Feminist”, but I don’t put any value in that so it’s as significant as you calling me a doodie-head.

            “It’s not alpha to try to AMOG men who date foreign women.”

            I’m not trying to AMOG you. I’m telling you that I think your behaviors are low-value. What do you care what I think?

            “It’s just pathetic, especially coming from a really young guy who can’t afford a plane ticket.”

            Oh I can afford a plane ticket. I just don’t need to fly to Thailand and hire hookers to get laid, I’d rather spend the money on something else lol

            “Let’s bury that hatchet.”

            Nah. You haven’t presented any real convincing arguments aside from trying to shame me (“you’re just like a Feminist!!”), trying to convince me to let other people define my values (“but CH says it’s okay!!”), trying to attack my masculinity (“you’re not a real man”, “you can’t afford stuff”, “your girl is too old”), demonstrating that you don’t really have any ethical standards and just take value, and trying to badger me into giving you my approval. This is all playground level behavior.

            You’ve demonstrated nothing at all that makes me consider you an alpha, or someone I should respect, or want to be like or emulate. And even if you, personally, did, that still wouldn’t mean Roosh has game or that his forum wasn’t full of guys who spend more time ordering custom suits than sticking their dick in women.

      • yeahokcool
        on August 2, 2013 at 9:27 am
        Original Link

        @Anonymous (the first one). what the fuck, bro? what’s up with all the seething resentment? what are you really trying to say in your overlong, rambling rant against (in favor of?) secretaries, yareally, hookers, and foreign chicks? you sound really butthurt and bitter. your post evokes the image of a man gleefully rubbing his sweaty palms together as he absentmindedly drools in anticipation of another man’s demise. but why?

        • Anonymous
          on August 2, 2013 at 2:11 pm
          Original Link

          It’s about the fact that feminists have three big goals that Ya is inadvertently pushing on a major PUA blog:

          1. Shame and then criminalize men on the subject of “sexually harassing” employees, when we’re talking about women who want it from the powerful men in their vicinity.

          2. Shame and criminalize paid sexual activity, meaning you can kiss your rights goodbye for your old age if you let them get away with this now.

          3. Shame and regulate men dating foreign women, including actual State Department policies to stop hot looking women from getting visas.

          CH and Roosh get the picture here. YaReally is a newbie and a fairly young man with little worldly power or wealth, who came to this blog and arrogantly started to tell everyone that he knows better than these bloggers and the rest of us.

          Watch the video. It shows why we shouldn’t have to even discuss this.

          • YaReally
            on August 6, 2013 at 6:26 am
            Original Link


            “Tyler of RSD recently stated in a speech that he wants to win a reality TV show and hit the big time, preferably with a network or cable contract.”

            Please link to this video, because now you’re just flat out lying/slandering. Or you legitimate have some kind of learning disability or listening disorder, which would explain why you don’t seem to understand what anyone is saying to you…either way it doesn’t really make you seem like this badass alpha millionaire boss-man you’re pretending to be. But I DO believe you hire hookers lol

            Tyler has never said this, and has in fact said the opposite many times. He gets offers for reality shows etc constantly and turns them all down because he doesn’t want to dumb his shit down to be accepted by the mainstream because the stuff RSD is doing is stuff that most guys would never try and his company is regularly breaking new ground in the art-form. His plan is to keep going hardcore with pickup for a few more years and then switch gears into general self-help/development Tony Robbins style.

            You don’t have to lie to make your points.

on August 2, 2013 at 9:40 am
Original Link

Rollo just linked this over at his site. It’s a nauseautingly Beta-ish comment Matt King posted at Feministx’s blog:


YES. This most essential advice is not emphasized enough in girl game. It’s what I told Kate of l’affaire Minter long ago, by the way. It’s what I told Petite Olive, what I told Maya, what I told … It is what I tell the girls and women I know. It is universally applicable, no matter how old you are.

A woman on her own simply cannot navigate her own hypergamy. It is nearly certain she will steer herself into tragedy, left to her own devices. It’s why FemX yearns for daddy, replaces him with old men, mixes her sexuality into her striving for manliness. She needs a man who loves her but not sexually, whom she can trust, whom she is devoted to, whose advice she will follow implicitly.

FemX has a brother, but is he patriarchal enough to rise to the occasion? Younger brothers can play this role as adults, but obviously it is harder to overcome the age hierarchy. I am big brother to many women, young and old, married and unmarried. (One risks a residual “incestuous” attraction playing this role, which must be handled, but that is a topic for another day.)

My love has a clarity and a purpose, and it is all in a single direction, giving, never taking. Which is how I can readily say I love FemX without confusing it the way she and the rest of our hypersexualized culture does. That kind of love does not have to be exclusive or jealous, and there is absolutely no end to the supply. It is eternal.


Matt: do you really love Femx? If so, how do you reconcile your love for her with your utter hatred and contempt for her Hindu religion (didn’t you once refer to Hindus as “a mass of brown worms” or words to that effect?)

Do you consider being a “Big Brother” to “many women” akin to being a blue-balled Beta Orbiter?

What does being a “Big Brother” entail, exactly?

How do you distinguish a “Big Brother” from a “Beta Orbiter?”

And most important…when can we expect the wedding announcement?