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Putting Game Theory Into Practice: Judge Dread Edition

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on March 30, 2013 at 5:47 pm
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Saturday night motivation, the video topic isn’t very interesting unless sleep is relevant to you, but there’s 2 snippets of in-field footage:

At 1:15 he approaches a mixed set, physical/direct with his target, and takes two girls off the guys leaving the guys going “wtf???” for a few seconds (he doesn’t engage them because he knows they’re random guys and not important). He’s direct, physical, dominant, lots of kino, leads, handles the cockblock (the girlfriend), escalates her to kissing his cheek creating a jealousy plotline, then with her diffused he returns attention to his girl and does a subtle dance shuffle to turn her away from her friend creating isolation so her ASD is lower, then joins their group but with bf/gf body-language and hand-holding with the girl he just met a few min ago.

All of that in like 30 seconds. None of the guys kicked his ass, no mean cockblocks pulled his girls away (hi, roosh!), no major shit-tests from the girl because he’s congruent, just smooth like a warm knife through butter, fast and efficient.

At 10:50 he goes from a hardcore face-sucking makeout to a 3-way makeout.

Talk all the shit you want about Tyler, and “2/10 pointy elbows” those girls if you want, but the dude’s skills are legit.

  • Exeter
    on March 31, 2013 at 5:32 pm
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    Yeah, he’s certainly living the life. But rather than inspiring me, it just makes me pissed off that this guy can afford to roam the earth and play PUA games in exotic locales while guys like me work hard at shit jobs and struggle to pay the rent at a shitty place in a boring town.

    • YaReally
      on March 31, 2013 at 7:54 pm
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      Change your life. No one handed him the shit he has, dude works constantly for it.

Show and Tell

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on March 30th, 2013 at 1:22 pm
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@Leap of a beta

Yep. When a newbie goes out tossing out openers and negs and teases and is all badass alpha to her, then she flirts with another guy and he gets all insecure or she shit-tests him and he gets offended or flustered, it’s like the chick you’re talking to suddenly turning into one of those makeup-less girls. That same “ah shit I was duped” feeling.

Makeup is magic, I went thru a phase of hooking up with girls in the makeup industry so I saw a lot of the miracles it can perform. The guys who talk about natural beauty this and that have no idea how rare real natural beauty is…even the girls who look like they aren’t wearing makeup have at least a little something on. There’s also a difference between a girl who knows how to apply her makeup and a chick who, like a guy who buys an ill-fitting suit, is just kind of winging it based on her mom’s advice or her own guesswork etc. if I had a daughter I would take her to a makeup counter and spend the $50 for a makeover to have them teach her how to apply her shit nice and have the world at her feet.

I enjoy the final product, personally. When I have fuckbuddies over I make it clear that I expect them to do themselves up. Makeup, hair, nails, sexy outfits, etc. I’ll fuck them in their outfits, I don’t care if they’re naked if they look hotter to me with a push-up bra and heels on.

I’ve turned away girls who try to get away with showing up in sweats and a ponytail (usually these ones are either testing my rules at the start, or we’ve been hooking up for a while and they think I’ll cut them some slack). Part of the frame I set is that our relationship is completely about sex, so she has to bring her A-Game sexually, otherwise I’ll call a different girl who wants to put in the effort.

It took me a while to get this frame solid. Especially since I started pickup as a virgin where ANYTHING was amazing and I was grateful for any pussy I could get. Now I’m perfectly comfortable telling a girl “lol no, try again.” and turning her around with a smack on the ass as I close and lock my door behind her. I get shit-tested for it and I have to screen out the girls who think just having a pussy should entitle them to getting my dick, and they think I’m an asshole when they realize I’m not joking…from there either they don’t want to hook up, and that’s fine with me there are other girls, or they fall in line and respect that I know what I want and that I’m confident enough to feel entitled to it, and they go out and buy some sexy outfits for their visits.

Sure, you can get all “but what about natural beauties blah blah she should look like an angel on a Sunday morning blah blah” but ehhh, those chicks are so rare that I’m not going to lock my dick away till I find that needle in the haystack. And the way I’ve set it up, when I open my door to a fuckbuddy I’m looking at a chick who looks like the first pics not the 2nd. My dick is happy enough with that, and I don’t hang around them on a random ugly Sunday afternoon so I only see them at their best.

If I were to date a chick long-term I’d pick one of those girls who runs to the bathroom to apply their makeup before I see her in the morning lol

Also, a relevant pic and a problem that’s going to become very common in the future now that plastic surgery is getting good and cheap and common…what do we do when every chick SEEMS to be a 10 regardless of how she was born?:

One of the chicks in my rotation had her nose done. She’s got a super cute little feminine nose now and you’d never guess she had any work done. But I saw pics of her from before and man…it seems like something they should be legally required to warn guys about before having kids lol

Show and Tell

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on April 1st, 2013 at 10:22 pm
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“So if you understand the dopamine causes the “feeling” of love, then you can respond to those feelings in, hopefully, a more rational way, and hence, be a more Rational Male.”

Yep. One of the major classic PUA rules of keeping a fuckbuddy relationship casual is to only see her once a week at the most. This isn’t just to keep the girl from getting attached, it’s to keep the PUA from getting attached as well, because we understand we’re just as susceptible to our emotions as anyone else and, much like a person trying to stick to a diet would generally be wise not to keep junk food in the house, a PUA wanting to keep things casual with a fuckbuddy, shouldn’t be seeing her 2 or 3 times a week.

I know exactly what’s going on with my psychology/chemistry/etc. when I start getting pangs of one-itis for a girl, and I understand how to manage them. I also know more about the girl’s psyche/chem/etc. than she does when she starts falling for me, so it’s my responsibility to make the decisions that will keep our relationship ideal (VS letting her sabotage something that makes us both happy, with The Ultimatum after a month when I could have simply managed things better and we could have been happy together for a year)…the same way that if I had a kid I wouldn’t let him eat chocolate for dinner every night, even if he really really wanted to, because I’m ultimately looking out for his best interests.

It’s also why the people who are like “PUA is only to get pussy, you can’t keep a girl around!!!” are stupid. Here’s how you get a girlfriend when you have a harem: See one of them more than once a week. That’s it. Nature will take over from there. We just generally don’t WANT to keep one girl around forever, because we live a lifestyle of abundance and aren’t attached to any one particular girl. In a way we’re doing the same thing MGTOWs do, focusing on ourselves and our personal development and lives, except that when we want sex, we can actually get it from normal chicks instead of having to hire hookers.

Someone might respond: “But having sex only once a week sucks, I need more than that!!”

To which PUAs obviously respond: “Get more than one girl.” This is the whole point of having a rotation/harem. Variety and abundance, without commitment or monogamy. Keeps her chasing you, keeps you from getting attached to her. Life is good.

I think the biggest problem with most Blue Pill men is that they don’t know how their own psyche works, they don’t REALLY know what they want either from life or from women, and they don’t know what’s really attractive to them because they don’t have enough experience with women to start narrowing down “I love women who do or look like such and such” and “I don’t like women who do or act like such and such”.

So they just jump into the socially conditioned framework they’re supposed to follow, find a girl (any girl), get married (soon as possible), have kids (as many as possible, as soon as possible), and hope you live to retirement where you can enjoy life. Meanwhile they didn’t necessarily want any of that, or they didn’t want it with the girl they got it with, or they didn’t want it in the way they got it…but they were too against the Red Pill to swallow it a bit and start learning about themselves.

Game is more about self-discovery and self-awareness/knowledge than getting pussy.

The Next Great Dismissive Alpha Male Line

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on March 29, 2013 at 9:38 am
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My boyfriend who has a wife once texted gay to me and I was like I can’t believe my boyfriend who has a wife said that and then I didn’t want to have sex with my boyfriend but then I did and then my boyfriend’s wife didn’t care and I said to my boyfriend you have a wife and boyfriend wife boyfriend wife wife wife boyfriend boyfriend.

  • YaReally
    on March 29, 2013 at 6:29 pm
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    So much lol I didn’t realize it was a parody till the end either. This is what I think every time I read her attention-seeking humble-brags lol

on March 29, 2013 at 12:50 pm
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So, I’m back, and I have a huge FR I want to post, but here’s long story short: if anyone wants to learn about alphas/naturals/game…hang out with a group compromised mostly of them for like a week. It really changes you. It’s like tribal living.

Banged the hottest girl I’ve ever banged — like an 8-8.5, 5’9 (also tallest I guess lol). And, I’ll post more in-depth later, but…it’s a different feeling unlike anything else I’ve ever felt. Everything CH posts about female beauty is right. Like, before the bang I acted in a not-give-a-fuck way for several reasons, but once I got her, I collapsed into a heap of total beta behavior. I couldn’t help it. It was a new onslaught of emotions. Pure infatuation. Even now I’ll still kind of obsessed. I really feel like I just started living life in this last week. That’s how much of an effect beauty has on me. I never want to bang a non-hot girl ever again. Ever.

  • YaReally
    on March 29, 2013 at 7:05 pm
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    Awesome! Congrats dude! Can’t wait to read the FR! :)

on March 29, 2013 at 11:37 pm
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Let me repiece together the most salient parts of Jamaica —

So, we’re all going to a club there — heavily local, HUGE party. And soon, this local woman starts hanging on one of my friends. So, everyone else fans out and starts looking for girls to approach. While they’re off in the crowd, I’m just kind of hanging back with my friend and his girl. He’s digging it (Pleasure of Sex guy).

Suddenly, a Rihanna look-alike appears. She appears sort of turned off by Local5, who knows her, I guess they came together. Here’s where things get interesting. I observe Local5, and she just seems to be a straight gold-digger. Asking my friend to buy her drinks, blah blah blah. He’s doing it. I just -assume- the other one is the same way.

Rihanna8.5 just kind of stands there, chilling out by the bar. I go over and stand next to her, facing away from the crowd. For some reason, assuming that she was like…some sort of gold digger/hooker/object of sex for my amusement…just made me let go of all fucks to give. My attitude was ‘I’m not buying anything for anyone, I’m walking away the second it turns into that, but I’m gonna have fun.’ I can’t quite explain the feeling.

Me: So this is what you guys here call a good party?

Rihanna8.5: (Blinks, shrugs) Ya, I guess so.

Me: (turns, body still facing away) Well then you guys suck (smirk, eyebrow raise).

Rihanna8.5: I don’t usually come out, to be honest.

Me: Oh, because you hate fun?

Rihanna8.5: (slight laugh) No…No, I like fun, but…(indicates the crowd) it’s not usually that fun for me.

Me: I can tell that you’re not a good dancer, and that’s why you don’t like this party, eh?

Rihanna8.5: (tilts her head, silent; I hold eye contact, raise my eyebrow…remember when Mitt Romney gave Obama that look in the second debate, about Benghazi?

Like, at 15…but with a smirk…she laughs) No, I’m a good dancer.

Me: Prove it. (I LOVE saying this; I lead her to the dancefloor. She follows. I dance with her…she’s like 5 inches taller than me, but I just act like that’s fine. After about 5 minutes she just falls into it, dancing with me like I was any other guy, but then after awhile…when things start to get a little heavier, she abruptly goes back to the bar. I wait a few seconds, then kinda wander over)

You’re all right I guess.

Rihanna8.5: (looks away) Okay.

Me: Is something over there? (I stare over there exaggeratedly)

Rihanna8.5: (shakes her head a little) No…

Me: (Gets closer) If there’s a monster, I can go get him for you you know. But you have to come with me.

Rihanna8.5: (Looks over at me for a few seconds, rolls her eyes)

Me: Bitch don’t give me that look, you’re the one who’s seeing things!

Rihanna8.5: (She laughs)….oh, I don’t know…I just don’t want to be dancing with you.

Me: Yeah, I understand. What’s your name?

Rihanna8.5: Rihanna8.5, what’s yours?

Me: Scray. Let’s go talk, over there on the beach.

Rihanna8.5: (Takes one of those breaths, I just grab her hand and gesture with my head and lead her there…we sit in front of the water)

Me: I swear to Christ, if you’re like that other girl I’m going to be pissed off.

Rihanna8.5: What other girl?

Me: The one with my friend

Rihanna8.5: Oh…that’s my sister, she’s….

Me: Hmmm…what do you do? Gunfights, drug deals…

Rihanna8.5: No, but it’s embarrassing a little what I do.

Me: I’ll be the judge of that. Speak.

Rihanna8.5: I work at Burger King…right up the road.

Me: No shit, I work at McDonald’s….(smirk)

Rihanna8.5: (laughs) Oh really, mmmhmmm.

Me: What the FUCK is your problem? You’re already calling me a liar!

Rihanna8.5: (Laughing more) I don’t know. Maybe…

(I’m still holding her hand, and now I lean closer to talk, looking straight at her)

Me: You know…the water’s real nice.

Rihanna8.5: (doesn’t look away from me) Mmmmhm (kind of a knowing sound)

Me: … (just go for it, who cares, it’ll be good practice even if my assumptions turn out to be true) …do you want to kiss me?

Rihanna8.5: …mmm, I’m not sure…

Me: Let’s find out (stole that routine; kiss her, she’s into it…pushes back, and then she breaks it off. I open my eyes — I realize I’ve never kissed a girl this hot before, and I’m slowly starting to realize that my earlier assumptions aren’t accurate)

Rihanna8.5: (Sighing)…I just…I don’t do this, I don’t go out.

Me: Me neither, I’ve never even been with a girl. (Eye contact, make out again for a few minutes)

Rihanna8.5: (breaks it again) No, I’m serious. I’m not like that.

Me: (Raises an eyebrow) …I am.

Rihanna8.5: Mmmhm, I know

Me: Yeah, I lied to you earlier. Sorry about that…(more kissing; she breaks it off AGAIN…ugh, I always thought ASD wasn’t real, but maybe it is?!?!?!?! So, I downshift, and we just go back and hang out in the main party. I attempt comfort, but I have no idea how to do it…I’m just kinda C/Fing the entire time. Anyway, we all pile into our Van because we’re going to another party, and she sits on my lap…we’re making out on the way there, just in our own little world. Then, everyone gets out of the van to go to the party, we stay inside…she’s still on top of me…grinding)

You’re a sweet girl, I like that about you.

Rihanna8.5: (stares at me, cautious…maybe she can sense that what I just said right there is sort of bullshit, I just think she’s gorgeous and I’m just really into her and hoping to get into her. But I just hold eye contact, and I know I had to have had a dreamy smile on my face) I’m just never going to see you again.

Me: (I just do a little ‘peek-a-boo’ thing with my eyes) Here I am. (she laughs)

Rihanna8.5: I like the way you make me feel…

(I caress the side of her cheek, then wink…and then we’re off to the races. Have sex in the Van. Good, good times. Afterwards, she CLINGS to me, we’re breathing heavily — I for sure am)

So ya, we cuddle for awhile, then my friends get back we drop her off and go on our way.

However, this was only day 2 of the trip. Watch how I fucked this up…

Almost from the first make out, like…my emotions started really screwing me over. I’m surprised I was able to power through with any sort of alpha facade or ‘game’ until we had sex to be honest, because I know I had to be giving her goo goo eyes by the end of it.

I got her number, and she texted me the same night

‘I had a really good time with you, you’re so different than your friends’

Ya, so that’s when I decided I was in love *facepalms*
The next day I texted her several times. She responded to all of them. Just asking when we could meet up again. Casual.
Then, the next day, I called her, telling her how much I missed her. She says ‘I miss you A LOT.’ I follow that up with several texts…to very…. embarrassingly supplicating effect. We’re talking ‘I really connect with you’ to ‘you’re such a sweet girl’ to….blegh. I couldn’t help it.

Next day, arrange a meet. She STANDS ME UP. She claims a family member got into an auto wreck and needed stitches. Next day, finally…we meet up again. I just suggest we cuddle and watch a movie or something, and she’s fine with it.

So, naturally, one thing leads to another, but this time, when she pulls away from the makeout….do you know what I do? Promise her the world. I’ll give you money, I’ll take you to America, I’ll make you a princess, blah blah blah blah blah blah. Like…I don’t know what came over me (I mean, I walked over and opened my wallet for fuck’s sake). Well, I do. Beauty’s a helluva drug, and now that I know what it’s like to be with a hot woman? Sheeeeit.

She’s not interested in any of it. She’s insulted by the monetary offer. She ‘can’t trust’ me. She doesn’t want to have sex. And eventually, she goes home, because she’s getting tired.

So……yeah. Probably never going to see or hear from her again. And it hurts, but uh…gonna try to learn from the experience. At the very least, the story in the group was ‘Scray and Friend, a tale of two jamaican girls — a feminine, hot Rihanna look-like, and a disgusting, filthy whore.’ To which Friend is always ‘you’re damned right, yip yip!’

I’m honestly grateful for this experience. I’ve never felt this way before. I know why I feel this way — she’s very attractive. I really just want only hot girls from here on out. Eventually I’ll control this intense beta behavior, I’m sure.


I saw several other girls to cold approach during my time there, but I dunno, I really had a lack of motivation. None of them were as hot as my girl. Like, I remember looking at these two girls and getting ready and then just kinda hanging back, overcome by this ‘I miss my girl’ feeling.

In Miami, a little 6.5 actually opened me (granted, she was there with another guy and up on him in there booth, but eh….she was up to something) by silently saying she had her eye on me…I was just fucking around on the dancefloor. I just nodded.

Other notes: I’d say out of the 5 other people I went with, 4 are to some degree naturals. The only other one (Besides ‘Friend’ and his whore) to get laid was Muscles. As you can guess, he’s just a Muscular, good-looking guy. But I noticed….he cold approaches. Now, he does it when he’s drunk, but that’s what I noticed that they all do. And they all use classic tactics.

The other Natural cold approaches by building social proof, then including sets in the conversation. Like, he’ll start a loud conversation with guys across the bar and keep the girls at the bar out. Then, eventually, he will GET AN OPINION out of the girls. When I watched this in action I was like…woooooooooooooooow. It’s all true. He did this repeatedly over the course of the weekend, and eventually, when we were coming back…he finally got a cute girl’s number.

Several times I saw Muscles come over to me with a frown…’what’s wrong’ ‘nothin…just strikin’ out man.’ Rejection is part of the game, no matter who you are.

  • YaReally
    on March 30, 2013 at 3:39 pm
    Original Link

    Awesome. :D getting ready to head out for the night but I’ll come back to do a breakdown of this.

    You did good, focus on the win. Learn your lessons from the losses, then toss them aside and don’t dwell on them. You will lose a thousand amazing girls in your lifetime. Each one will have that bittersweet little tinge of “I’m grateful for the time we had, but it’s too bad it had to end”. It’s a job hazard of the lifestyle.

    The good news is that you’ve done it before and you can do it again. And the more you do it, the less it hurts to lose them because you realize that as amazing as they were, there are a lot of other amazing girls out there too, and you’re building the skillset to meet and seduce them and bring them into your life (and eventually learn how to keep them there). :)

    You ran solid game up to where you self-destructed lol but the first punch Mike Tyson ever threw probably knocked a dude out but was a sloppy-ass haymaker. Over time you’ll refine your skills and you’ll be able to handle these scenarios and you’ll have awesome little vacation-long romances and girls who travel to see you or want you to let them know when you’re in town again etc etc. it’ll feel like a fantasy adventure for both of you.

    Learning game is about excelling at once comfort zone, which thrusts you into the next stage that’s outside your comfort zone. You’ll fuck that up a bunch until it becomes your comfort zone and you excel at it, which will thrust you into the next stage that’s outside your comfort zone. This is simply the process, and it always kind of feels like chasing a shooting star and just barely grabbing its tail for a few moments longer than last time, before it slips out of your hands and you watch it go, revved up to try again with the next one.

    Congrats and I’m proud of you, but the reality is you earned that girl and that adventure because you stepped up and took control of your life. You put in the time/effort to start learning game, you risked the risks, endured the embarrassment, overcame your own ego to fix yourself, and you deserved that adventure. You should be proud of yourself for not giving up and being dedicated and motivated enough to change your life…you’ll find very few people around you, men or women, are willing to look at what “destiny” says they should be happy with, and go “no, that’s not good enough for me.” and start taking what they deserve in life.

    Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life. It only gets better from here. :)

Wrecked 'Em
on March 30, 2013 at 12:03 am
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Question for the crowd:

A friend (really) just discovered that his annoying but excessively hot girlfriend is cheating on him. I’ve said for a while that she has “round heels” (falls on her back easily when given attention – she’s big ego, low self-esteem). They’ve been in a 3-year relationship. She doesn’t know he knows. He has plenty of options, so a hard next is a no-brainer, but as a social experiment we’re trying to decide what the most brutal drop would be, with the constraint that it has to be almost no effort on his part. It’s come down to:

a) a call of the form:

him: don’t ever speak to me again.
her: What did I do?
him: You know what you did. *click*

b) drop all contact and let her figure out that she’s been dumped.

He has the self-control and the next-babe-on-tap options to never contact her again. Opinons, suggestions?

  • YaReally
    on March 30, 2013 at 3:43 pm
    Original Link

    Simply walk away. There’s no reason to torture or punish her…she already punished herself by losing access to his cock, she just hasn’t realized it yet.

The Next Great Dismissive Alpha Male Line

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on March 30, 2013 at 3:10 pm
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“Bring the movies” and “cause I don’t want to get you pregnant” both assume the sale. ie – they imply she’ll be fucking him.

Random words, stinging insults, nonsense responses, movie quotes, etc are missing that element and get you stuck in that mindset of “can’t wait to brag to my buddies about this cool thing I said! …sure it didn’t get me laid but, you know, it sounded cool!!”

Always unapologetically be moving the interaction toward sex.

Spot The Lesser Beta Male

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on March 28, 2013 at 12:04 pm
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Lol, this whole mess is the opposite of my boyfriend’s world.

I would bet money that my boyfriend’s wife would feel relieved if my boyfriend wanted to move back into their house and bring me there too. She already intimated that she kind of would like to happen. (It won’t because my boyfriend wouldn’t weird his kids out like that). As it stands now, she has no plans of divorcing him even though I’ve been dating him for 4 years.

Strangely or not strangely, neither me nor my boyfriend’s wife likes to have sex with him. Both of us want him to take care of us while some other girl sees to his sexual needs.

Anyway, I would think that it is no easier or more likely for a guy to stand being in a polyandrous relationship than a woman. Women don’t want to look at themselves and see that they are someone that gets a different dick inside of them each day.

  • Flavia
    on March 28, 2013 at 12:44 pm
    Original Link

    So what’s your boyfriend’s relationship with his wife? Are you two on speaking terms?

    • feministx
      on March 28, 2013 at 1:29 pm
      Original Link

      My boyfriend’s wife has asked to speak to me, but he does not let her meet me. She talks to him over the phone often, the go out to various social events together such as weddings and old friend’s parties, and she invites him over from time to time to fix stuff around the house.

      My boyfriend’s wife has been very dependent on him to take care of her and manage her life. She is a dancer and now runs her own dance school for some uncommon form of dance. Honestly, she seems not to be the sharpest tool in the shed, so she depends on him to manage many of the business aspects of the school for her. He built her studio and helps her with finances, taxes and managing workshops. On the phone (from what I overhear), she sounds like a very spoiled and self centered lady, but she’s not that bright so my boyfriend easily wins arguments with her, and she eventually relents to his interpretations of stuff.

      I have not seen the video this post is about as I am at work, but the gist of it makes me wonder about how common this kind of thing would be if it were acceptable. Right now, it seems like the only acceptable relationships to publicly present to the world are being in a monogamous hetero long term relationship or being in a same sex relationship. No one cares that my boyfriend is older than me, but I do get looks when people find out that he is married. Even being a PUA would seem like it is on the margins of what is acceptable as a public identity. If you always have a girlfriend and keep having a different girlfriend every few months for years on end, I would guess that a lot of people think disparaging things about you after knowing you for a while.

      There is lots of porn of 2 guys on 1 girl. There is lots of porn about 2 girls and 1 guy. There is lots of porn about 4 girls only etc. To me, this indicates that the desire is there at some level for this kind of arrangement even though you couldn’t publicly present yourself as a person in that kind of arrangement without being a laughing stock or something.

      I am pretty sure my boyfriend’s wife would prefer to have him back in the house. I’ve heard her kind of suggest it over the phone even. I’m pretty sure my boyfriend would prefer not to pay thousands of dollars on an extra place for us when the house he owns has empty bedrooms. I don’t know what my boyfriend’s wife is like day to day, but I’m not exactly opposed to living in an extremely nice house in Greenwich village. But even though we might all prefer to live in one house, there is no chance of us giving that serious consideration because of how we would look to other people. I don’t want to be the one in a youtube video because my arrangement is so pointedly strange.

      Why only gay or hetero monogamous? Why is no other form of romantic relationship arrangement valid?

      • Steve Johnson
        on March 28, 2013 at 1:55 pm
        Original Link

        “On the phone (from what I overhear), she sounds like a very spoiled and self centered lady, but she’s not that bright ”

        So he has a type.

        • feministx
          on March 28, 2013 at 3:31 pm
          Original Link

          Truth be told, both my boyfriend’s wife and I are seriously self centered. However, though I may be oblivious, I’m not dumb.

          • YaReally
            on March 28, 2013 at 4:06 pm
            Original Link

            Do you believe you’re smarter than her?

            And are you fully aware that you are #2, not #1?

Dr. Zoidberg
on March 28, 2013 at 12:14 pm
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My money is on the two dudes are fucking each other too.

  • YaReally
    on March 28, 2013 at 12:47 pm
    Original Link

    Yep. Or rather one is fucking the other.

on March 28, 2013 at 12:48 pm
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OK, thought experiment: On several occasions on this blog, I’ve seen the host as well as commenters describe their ideal/actual situation as a “harem” or “soft polygamy.” If there are enough people who are living that way, the inevitable result is a number of males who have no access to relationships with women (well, women who aren’t prossies, anyway). That sort of thing doesn’t tend to work out well for those “excess” males in particular or society in general.

So, if the ideal situation for the alpha male is to have a harem of women who are faithful to him and only him, and who accept that he is not faithful to them…what to do about the excess males?

You can see the answer in polygamous societies like the fundamentalist Mormons. They drum up excuses to eject young, low-status males from the community. That works fine when you’re talking about relatively small numbers. But if it becomes endemic to an entire society, what then? Polyandry could be one solution. After all, which is worse: No woman at all, or having one on time-share?

I’m actually not attempting to claim that it would work on a large scale. Polyandry doesn’t seem to be a particularly effective evolutionary strategy, and cultures that allow for it are vanishingly rare. (I believe there’s one in Africa, but the circumstances are usually that the woman’s sister has died, and so she has to take the brother-in-law in.)

  • gunslingergregi
    on March 28, 2013 at 2:44 pm
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    the guys who don’t get chicks go gay

    • corvinus
      on March 28, 2013 at 3:44 pm
      Original Link

      Since most guys that I’ve known of who do go gay seem to have been omegas or lesser betas before being recruited, you’re undoubtedly right

      • What
        on March 28, 2013 at 4:23 pm
        Original Link

        here’s a question, have you ever seen an alpha gay?

        [CH: Yes. Alpha gays share these traits with alpha straights:
        commanding presence
        teasing expertise
        cutting humor
        aloof attitude
        quick kino escalation (not personally experienced, thank the lawd)
        impatience with dullards and bores]

        wonder how it would compare to a hetero beta/alpha or if the comparison can/is even 1:1 straight across the board from gay-hetero

        [see above. Some comparison is apt, but it's not 1:1. Gay alphas will tend to be more feminine/shrill/extroverted than straight alphas, all else equal.]

        • YaReally
          on March 28, 2013 at 6:00 pm
          Original Link

          I met a lezzie alpha chick once (hot petite little rocker girl, not butch at all, I was trying to pick her up lol).

          It was pretty funny/surreal. After she told me her deal early in the night, we shot the shit for a bit but she was on a mission that night and was straight-up about being on the hunt for pussy.

          Saw her throughout the night escalating HARDCORE on other chicks. This was a normal 18-23 club so the girls there were all either straight or curious-when-drunk etc., but she was attacking everything hot. She’d have them pinned up against the wall 30 seconds in and be up in their face locked eye-contact whispering shit while the girls would giggle “omg omg!!!” like deer in the headlights not sure what to do but super turned on and you could tell they were curious (or rather she MADE them curious) and that the lezzie chick knew what she was doing and had done it a jillion times before. She was stone cold sober and just in complete control of the situation at all times.

          It was pretty impressive, no lie lol and I’ve seen a lot of amazing players in action. She was just really efficient/streamlined and had complete belief in her own omnipotence.

          She only went for the hot girls, and she didn’t give a shit if the set was mixed or if the girl’s bf was there etc (probably cause she knew no one would kick a cute little chick’s ass). So her look/demeanor was girly, but her intent assertiveness kino escalation etc was super alpha in the way that good male players I know are.

          She had a very obvious mindset of “sure this is considered a “straight” bar by normal people, but I can get any one of these chicks, they’re ALL bi-sexual to some extent” which is something I’ve found over the years myself. Very few girls are straight up grossed out by other chicks…most are curious in the right circumstances but will act like they’re grossed out if they’re around judgemental people, and some that think they’re grossed out or not interested just haven’t met a sexy chick who knows how to flip their switches. This chick seemed fully aware of this which I would assume is from a lot of field experience “converting” girls.

          I’ve also met some alpha gay dudes, as well as beta ones. The alphas very clearly stand out in contrast, for the reasons CH typed up above. Alpha is a mindset, it’s not based on a look/sexuality/possessions-owned/etc. The interesting thing is that the alphas are divided into two categories, the Clint Eastwood type alphas you’d imagine where you wouldn’t even guess they’re gay, but there’s also the super flamboyant gay alpha who’s just able to take over a social setting and work group dynamics etc social butterfly style in an alpha way (much like how Russell Brand dominates the world/people around him).

          Anyway, no problem with gay people. You can’t go out in the field regularly socializing and meeting new people without running into them (by introduction through social circles or by fluke) and learning that they’re like anyone else: most of them are cool, some of them aren’t, and they can’t help what makes their genitals tingle.

          No place for homophobia, racism, etc in legit pickup. If you still judge people based on that stuff, you haven’t met enough people.

          • YaReally
            on March 30, 2013 at 3:57 pm
            Original Link

            thanks. And I would have the 3 of us making out with eachother before you finished our introductions.

            I figured i would have held her back. It would be like having Bruce Lee spar with you. It’s nice of him but it’d be a waste of his time. I was happy to just witness her doing her thing. It’s kind of like when you meet a natural “in the wild” and you don’t want to give him game advice because what he’s doing is working for him and you don’t want to disrupt that magic he’s doing.

            @Test E Cool
            You are an idiot.

            The racist homophobes around here who disagree with me can suck my nuts lol also I dig your comments in general btw, you clearly know your shit.

            @Harry Morgan
            I think the stakes are higher for them so they HAVE to be good at it. Us guys piss & moan that we have to approach and seduce a gender that’s INTO the genitalia we have. Like, girls WANT dick, and we whine about having to approach. Imagine if you were only attracted to lesbians, like that’s the only thing that got you hard, so every approach you did you had an uphill battle. You would be forced to adopt some pretty solid mindsets to overcome that.

            @test E Cool
            Your mom told me your dad is a shitty lay, but he gave good head to me so I think she’s just jealous.

The Revealed Preferences Of Drunk Girls

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via Heartiste

‘Reality’ Doug
on March 27, 2013 at 1:29 pm
Original Link

Preliminary Background:

Great perspective, but I’ll like peer review on one aspect: just been certified a Sexy Alpha Male™.

About a month back I walked up to two women in a bar. One was around 30 and the other maybe 23. Both were attractive by my beta standards and pull. The younger one was self-proclaimed drunk and immediately took to me. The other was not drunk. She explained she had the nicer ass but her friend had the nicer boobs, enhanced. I think you guys would call younger a 7. Perhaps a few might say 8. She let me handle her ass, as in put it out there almost as a shit test. She told me all about her tattoos and piercings. She told me her vagina was pierced and her friend was like, hey you just met the guy. She said she was going to get fucked by someone that night.

My Point:

I figured she was drunk and it would be easy for her to claim rape if she woke up to my old ass (mid-40s) and decided she did not like what she saw. Now technically, she maybe meant she had a pierced clit, but I don’t want scratched, especially on my johnson with a ONS. I could have but I backed off. Another guy, tall, oval fat, and I think ugly, but younger, engaged here in convo and that was that for me talking to her again.

(1) I think there is rape concern, and (2) I think she has to first evaluate the guy sober BEFORE she gets drunk to know how she really feels about a guy because she can’t really scritinize for alpha if she is drunk. Now maybe she was pretending to be drunk, but I think she was drunk, beyond buzzed.

Peer Review Request:

Anyone weigh in on those two concerns, please. And wouldn’t the Drunk Test require sober involvement and qualification BEFORE the lower inhibitions of the woman reveal her true instinctive feeling?

I pretend to be alpha as much as I can, find I must turn it on still, and I find that when its easy to pick up a girl in night game, I wonder if she is just randomly DTF and in a slutty mode that I believe SWPL American women get into one evening every 8 months to 3 years because a ‘real man’ that she is holding out for is a unicorn or a very rare man with 100,000 better options. How do I differentiate between her being a drunk DTF slut to recalibrate her biochemistry and reaffirm her ‘real man’ market value and her being overwhelmed by my game setting off her alpha triggers. I think I was not alpha that night, even if I had easily f-closed. I think she was just a drunk DFT young lady riding the cock carousel, with a frequency I can’t presume to know, but I’m not thinking she would miss me the next day. Opinions for exploration of truth involving drunk girl social dynamics would be appreciated. Sorry this was so long.

  • YaReally
    on March 27, 2013 at 2:31 pm
    Original Link

    You made a good call.

    We call what you ran into “Fool’s Mate” (chess term, basically a fluke victory). Just a chick who needs cock from anyone for whatever reason and, because she’s as socially conditioned as the rest of society with regards to how pickup/attraction work, she figures the way to get laid is to get herself shit-faced in a bar and talk about her vagina. SOMEONE will take the bait, hopefully before she’s falling on the dance floor and barfing in the club bathroom.

    “How do I differentiate between her being a drunk DTF slut to recalibrate her biochemistry and reaffirm her ‘real man’ market value and her being overwhelmed by my game setting off her alpha triggers”

    This comes from field experience. What happens is basically your brain goes “okay I know that when I do A B and C I get result X Y and Z…because I’ve done it thousands of times and have those reference experiences. In THIS scenario she’s giving me XYZ but I haven’t done AB or C…in fact I’ve done DE and F which would normally actively make XYZ NOT happen. The logic here doesn’t add up.” and then you know what you’re dealing with.

    My first trip to Vegas was frustrating because the hookers there act like normal girls (they lie and make up stories about why they’re there or where their friends are etc). I wasn’t expecting that so it caught me off guard till I flashed back to my strip club days where I hung with strippers and watched them giving fake iois to their customers etc and drew a bunch of mental connections between it all.

    So basically if a girl is attracted to me, but logically from field experience I know it doesn’t make sense for her to be attracted because I haven’t flipped any switches, I know there’s something suspicious going on. I’d say 10% of the time it’s that just by pure fluke I happen to be her type looks/style/etc-wise and its actual attraction, but 90% of the time it’s something like she wants something from me (to buy her a drink, to do her a favor, validation, etc) or she has shit going on (just broke up and needs validation, her bf cheated on her and she wants revenge, she’s just retard-horny and hammered, etc) where I could be any guy in the bar and she’d be just as happy.

    Some guys don’t mind that, “pussy is pussy” and all, but for me the game/hunt itself is more fun than sex, so I turn girls down in those situs because if I’m going to bang a girl I like it to be because I earned it, not because to her “dick is dick”.

    • YaReally
      on March 27, 2013 at 2:38 pm
      Original Link

      Also the rape thing is a legit worry. If you were a super stud alpha male prize she’d be happy to wake up next to you and even if she wasn’t, your belief in your awesomeness and your strong frame would win out and she’d feel like she did win a prize.

      But because your internals are still wishy-washy, her waking up with some regret would trigger your feeling like she SHOULD regret it, which would enhance her feelings of it and it just spirals downhill from there and you’d be a lot more likely for her to claim rape out of regret.

      On top of that, you wouldn’t get much out of it internally aside from the relief of having your P in a V. Because you’d know you didn’t “earn” the lay and that she banged you cause you were “there”, not because she was very attracted to you. Some guys don’t care either way, and more power to them if they don’t, I don’t judge that. But for me personally the times I ran into that, it was an empty feeling, because this whole journey wasn’t just about getting pussy any way I could manage, it was about becoming an alpha male internally. That same feeling is why I don’t lie about my age or my job or my long-term intentions etc. it’s important to me that a girl who bangs me does it because she’s attracted to who I am instead of who I could pretend to be.

      • YaReally
        on March 27, 2013 at 2:42 pm
        Original Link

        One last bit on the rape part. Even if SHE didn’t initially regret it, if her friends didn’t like you or whatever, which is entirely possible considering to them you’d be “the desperate guy who took advantage of my drunk friend who just broke up with her bf”, combined with your low internals, she might waltz in with a skip in her step about the night but have her friend(s) ambush her with judgements about banging a 40yo guy who preys on drunk girls blah blah and convince her that she should feel bad about the night and could potentially convince her she must’ve been raped because who would sleep with that guy ewww etc etc.

        Again with a strong frame and good internals and some skill at managing Buyer’s Remorse you could turn a lot of that around or prevent it, but why play with fire?

        • Fred Rotten
          on March 27, 2013 at 3:32 pm
          Original Link

          “Even if SHE didn’t initially regret it, if her friends didn’t like you or whatever, which is entirely possible considering to them you’d be “the desperate guy who took advantage of my drunk friend who just broke up with her bf”…”


          • YaReally
            on March 27, 2013 at 5:53 pm
            Original Link

            “the man lying on his back and allowing the woman to mount him unassisted for the very first time is her choice and sanction and perhaps conditions her to the right frame of mind. At least she is chasing.”

            This is REAAAAAAALLY crossing your fingers, if you’re hoping that kind of thing would hold up in court lol It’s not like she’ll say “I told him to choke me”, her lawyer will tell her to say “he choked me”…which isn’t an un-true statement, it’s just not all of the facts. And you might be able to get her to admit she told you to choke her, but who’s going to be listening to what you say at THAT point? Especially in the press or your employer, etc.?

            “But yah, nothing beyond a light buzz with the political control being what it is.”

            It’s just a hostile environment to be doing what we do (pickup). Especially because pickup by default is in a morally wrong area for the Blue Pill crowd, and SO much of it, if you don’t understand the nuances, comes off as super rapey. We are REALLY taking a HUGE risk going out and seducing girls and working on our game and pushing social boundaries, and every guy doing it should be acutely aware of that and protect himself.

            You don’t step into a boxing ring with Tyson without wearing head-gear and a mouth-guard lol

            “And if the chick is drunk with her friends, the social die is cast”

            Yup. You can control/manage HER emotions, but not all of her friends, or her friends friends who hear about you through word of mouth, etc. etc. Now if you can for sure win her whole group over, that can be different. Like if I show up to a bar one of my fuckbuddies is at, and she’s hammered, but she’s talked me up to her friends and I introduce myself to them and get them laughing and clearly my FB is all over me loving me in front of them, they’ll let me take her home and I don’t have to worry about what they think really. But on cold-approach, especially in your scenario where the girl is probably going up to multiple guys that her friend doesn’t approve of and talking about things or behaving in a way her friend doesn’t approve of, that’s a recipe for disaster down the road.

            It’s good that you had the self-restraint/self-preservation to walk away from it. A lot of desperate beta needy type guys who don’t learn game or anything and feel like they literally have no other option except to take any chance given to them by the universe, would have gone for it. I think a lot of actual rape cases stem from scarcity, where the guy thinks “there she is, easy for me to take, and I’m never going to get another chance with her or any girl so I have to do this!”

            If I have a rape discussion with people I’ll point out that even though I’m the bar-star going out and picking up “drunk club sluts”, I’m the least likely person TO rape because if a girl doesn’t want to put out, I don’t give a shit. I can put her in a cab and txt 3 other girls and one of them will come over. Or I can pick up a different girl the next night, I don’t give a shit if she doesn’t want to have sex. That’s fine with me. And if she has any reservations about it, I’d prefer we DIDN’T have sex so I DON’T have to deal with any fallout.

            “It would be a lot of work to try and sober her up and reset socially, maybe just #-close.”

            That would be the optimal route if you’re worried about the situation, but even then she would probably flake or give you a false number because, for whatever reasons were going on in that girl’s world that night, she was looking to fuck something out of her system, not find a guy to date.

            No biggie though, it’s good to think about how you could’ve handled it. If she were a little less agressive and just drunk, getting her some waters and spending some time with her and her friends would be a good route and could still lead to a Same Night Lay or a solid #. And then her friends respect you so they help encourage her to hook up with you because you were a good guy who didn’t take advantage of her when you could’ve.

            In fact now that I think about it, one of the things I’ll do in those situs is tell her friends “I wish your friend wasn’t so drunk. She’s cute and we have good chemistry and I like her, but she’s pretty hammered right now and I don’t think she’s going to even remember me in the morning. :( ” lol If they like me, they’ll often help me out from there.

            “I’m playing mega-church or multi-church game here in the Bible Belt”

            If you’re in the Bible Belt, you’ll probably get a lot more Buyer’s Remorse that other areas. So you’ll want to focus on learning to have a strong frame that being sexual is okay and not wrong and that people who think it’s wrong are judgemental etc. etc. and let yourself be chick’s “little secret” that they keep from their friends and family. Lots of discretion etc. Even if the chick is cool with what you do, that aspect of social judgement will come into it hard and heavy in the Bible Belt. It’s like a rich upper-class chick fucking an attractive scumbag, she doesn’t want her friends to know because they’ll judge her, compared to if she was banging some guy on her social level.

      • ‘Reality’ Doug
        on March 27, 2013 at 2:58 pm
        Original Link

        @YaReally, great points. I don’t know if I am moving into pussy is pussy even if my dick is a dick. I have abandoned looking for a gf and focus on ONS, and trying to develop any day game into SDL. I KNOW I am not ltr material for any woman. Yes, I could let my doubts betray me the next morning. I don’t wish to test my confidence on stakes that high or a lay that sloppy bad. Sometimes I want the chick to dig me, but fuck it, chicks can’t really dig a man as having intrinsic value; they can’t really love, so what is the diff? Women ‘love’ as a hardwired ploy for unintelligent evolutionary design. I am exploring what ‘appreciation’ to be had is desirable to me empirically when I can. I guess it is just a matter of attachment, which is the whole point of the post here. The low quality of the animation to the lay turned me off and the rape potential was just extra reason to leave her be. Fear is the mind-killer. I made a logical calculation. I love Game for the calculus elegance that only superior men can compute. I think I was born a generation too soon, now in addition to having been born a generation too late. lol

        • Maldek
          on March 27, 2013 at 6:59 pm
          Original Link

          You did the right thing but for the wrong reason.

          I wouldn’t have banged the drunken girl because too drunk equals substandard quality in sex. I dont feel like banging a half-passed-out sandbag nor a girl that might vomit-in-action. No thanks.

          You passed because of fear. Fear is not an alpha trait.

          • YaReally
            on March 28, 2013 at 10:49 am
            Original Link


            “if it is true, I will discover it and remove it in time”

            You have a good attitude for becoming proficient at this skillset. Like Tyler says in this video, “the field” will show you your flaws and rub them in your face until you fix them.

            If you go out a lot and consistently work on this, you will learn what works and discard what holds you back. You HAVE to fix that stuff to get results…that’s why keyboard jockeys often have a bunch of shitty beliefs and ignorant ideas on how things “should” work and react with hostility if someone points out flaws in their thinking. They don’t go out so they don’t have it rubbed in their face.

            At the same time if you go out for years and don’t have any improvement in your results, you’re not analyzing your game close enough or experimenting enough with new ideas/methods.

            As I’ve said before: anyone who goes out enough will come to the same conclusions I have, that Tyler has, that anyone who goes out enough has. The field is king. :) good luck!

      • ‘Reality’ Doug
        on March 27, 2013 at 3:12 pm
        Original Link

        Just read your last comment, @YaReally. Well, I thought I opened fearlessly and strong. I thought they were both impressed with how I walk over with engaging confidence and conversation like it was the most natural thing in the world. If she was not drunk, I would have trusted her judgment to do me.

        Why would I risk it? Because we already do. We are mortal and will die. As the Danger and Play bloggers tell us, women are danger and play. Just par for the course. Why? Because we are already in the Game and we want to MASTER it. I was not in control in that situation and that would have perhaps been too much of a step up in skill level trying to work it to my advantage, but I am starting to think I could have now that I think that if I could have relocated her without her gf, I could have dragged it out and gotten enough sobriety to attempt to generate some attraction specific to me. It was early in the night and my opportunities are rare, so I think it could have been a worthy exercise if I had been ready. The fact that I maintained my frame about my needs and wants and calculated rather than went impulsive was a good positive reinforcement that I can build on. Don’t want that Fool’s Mate either; maybe I would find her sober personality to be repulsive. It’s a journey. I could use to both develop more charisma and get more sex, so if I avoid the stupid thing and analyze, I can only grow and win more. Cool to bounce off ideas with you. The lack of the caveat in the original post threw me a bit. The red pill is strange in that there is no caveat where you would expect there to be one having been indoctrinated for blue pill. I will now take the caveat I had as legit, and now I can Game around level and timing of drunkenness: fucking cool!

        • YaReally
          on March 27, 2013 at 6:28 pm
          Original Link

          “I thought they were both impressed with how I walk over with engaging confidence and conversation like it was the most natural thing in the world. If she was not drunk, I would have trusted her judgment to do me.”

          Then she was probably legit attracted to you. She was horny and determined to get fucked, but you were probably high or on the top of the pile of guys she hoped would fuck her that night. If she just came up to you out of the blue and was all over you telling you you’re soooo hot and talking about her pussy etc., that’s where the ABC/XYZ thing doesn’t add up (strippers, hookers, and to an extent waitresses/etc. do that kind of thing).

          So take from it that you had a solid open and in another lifetime in another place under other circumstances, you probably could’ve had that chick legit. That’s not the worst night in the world, even if you chose not to go for it because she sabotaged herself.

          I think that’s the important way to look at it, is that she sabotaged herself out of getting to fuck you. It’s not that you fucked up, it’s that SHE fucked it up, by not drinking responsibly etc.

          “I am starting to think I could have now that I think that if I could have relocated her without her gf, I could have dragged it out and gotten enough sobriety to attempt to generate some attraction specific to me. It was early in the night”

          For reference it takes about an hour to process an ounce of alcohol. If she’s pretty tanked, for a chick that’s probably around 6 drinks so you’d need a few hours of no alcohol. If you fed her water and could invest enough alone-time with her, you could probably pull something off.

          In reality though, the odds are her friend would drag her off to do whatever before you were able to pull that off, or she might be determined to keep drinking, or consider you a buzzkill for trying to make her stop, her BF could’ve txted her an hour in, etc. etc.

          The important thing is that, strategically and from a game-perspective, you understand that to have turned this around you would have needed to relocate her and isolate her from her friend. Those are important, tactically. :)

          “and calculated rather than went impulsive was a good positive reinforcement that I can build on.”

          A lot of game is like poker. You can win at poker if you just go with your gut…but you won’t win consistently unless you’re lucky as fuck. The difference between a consistently good poker player and randoms is that the consistently good guy can detach his emotions from the cards and act on the logical math and %s and stick to a gameplan instead of becoming outcome dependent and too emotionally invested to play solidly.

          “Don’t want that Fool’s Mate either; maybe I would find her sober personality to be repulsive.”

          lol that is definitely a thing that happens. :D

          “if I avoid the stupid thing and analyze, I can only grow and win more.”

          This is a long-term game, don’t stress yourself out about missing lays here and there. You’re not just trying to get pussy, if you were you could just call up hookers and save yourself a lot of time and effort. The fact that you’re going out and approaching girls is an indicator that you’re trying to improve yourself in bigger ways than racking up a notch-count. Most people around you won’t be able to relate to this, and some guys will even give you shit for not trying to fuck that girl like “dude are you nuts?? she wanted it and she was drunk!! I would’ve done it!!” But you have to remember that ultimately you’re training to be better than those guys. :)

          “now I can Game around level and timing of drunkenness: fucking cool!”

          I like to get to bars/clubs early because 1) the girls aren’t hammered then so I can chat them up and while they’re not as likely to leave with me at 10pm as they are at 1am, I can build a lot of groundwork for the later pull and I can manage how much they drink, befriend their friends, etc. and 2) none of the guys have enough liquid courage in them to approach yet so just being able to approach sober girls while sober yourself early in the night like that, you get a shitload of bonus points for your confidence and don’t have to deal with any real AMOG’ing etc.

          I CAN pull at 2am, but the selection of girls is pretty grim to me at that point because they’re all pretty hammered and I don’t like that. On the flip side, I have buddies who LOVE the 2am last-call rush of finding a drunk chick who’s not taken yet and trying to get her. I usually just grab a hotdog or chat with some randoms while they’re doing that…past 1:30 I’m usually mentally checked out and ready for a good night’s sleep. As long as I did some approaching and ran some solid game and learned some shit, I’m happy with that night…’cause I know I’ll be out the next night and have another shot, I don’t need to comb the streets and sift through shit-faced drama chicks till 3am that night.

on March 27, 2013 at 1:38 pm
Original Link

Similarly, we can debunk the myth that sluts are easy. Sluts are easy for alpha men, but for the vast majority of beta herbs, they’re not. Instead, they’re more discriminating when it comes to looking for alpha characteristics in men, as a the result of having more experience and higher testosterone levels.

  • YaReally
    on March 27, 2013 at 2:49 pm
    Original Link

    What no way man! Haven’t you read all those White Knights and anti-gamers who trash talk about how they’re holding out for a quality woman because ANYONE can bang those easy club sluts, like they’re going to walk into a club and walk out with a 9 on their arm off a cold-approach instead of standing in a corner with a drink at their chest terrified. Lol

on March 27, 2013 at 5:29 pm
Original Link

1) The main reason most people drink alcohol is to lose their inhibitions. But doing that is basically a process of shutting down their fear of judgement. So the alcohol basically shuts down their awareness to give them tunnel vision so they’re concerned with less and less of the world around them until they’re only focused on what’s right in front of them, and it shuts down their brain till they’re living in the present moment as it happens. Whereas someone who’s sober will stress a million hypothetical futures that could result from their actions, and they’re acutely aware/worried about what all the people around them will think of their actions.

Alcohol also provides them a fail-safe excuse for if they do cross any lines too far, where they can blame the alcohol for their actions/feelings instead of taking personal responsibility for them, which allows them to escape even their OWN judgement of THEMSELVES and the can of worms that that honest self-reflection could open up (the religious chick who feels guilty about being horny and sluts it up when she drinks, the husband who pretends to be happy in his marriage but after enough drinks pulls younger guys aside to warn them never to get married, etc.).

This fear of judgement controls a lot of human interaction. It’s why a lot of nerds are shy in social settings (fear of strangers who they often perceive as having higher value, judging them), but outgoing amongst their nerdly friends (smack-talking over videogames etc., no fear of judgement from their close friends). It’s why a girl will act classy and reserved when she’s sober around her friends/family (fear of judgement), then suck a bunch of dicks in a bathroom on mardi gras vacation (no fear of judgement in that party atmosphere). It’s why a wife will have plain boring vanilla sex with her Provider beta husband (fear of judgement, if she asks him to choke her and he gets weirded out, her long-term life-plans are flushed down the toilet), then cheat on him with an alpha badboy One Night Stand who choke-fucks her in the ass and makes her scream that she’s a dirty litle whore (no fear of judgement, if he doesn’t want to see her again that’s fine, he’s just a casual fuck for her and it won’t affect her life-plans). It’s why the big tough MMA guy gets in a guy’s face at the bar over something stupid (fear of judgement that everyone will think he’s a pussy if he doesn’t stand up to disrespect), and why a girl he wants to bang in his group begging him to calm down will calm him down (fear of her judgement of him because he’s hoping to fuck her someday).

Fear of judgement is interwoven through all sorts of social dynamics and alcohol is a good way to take care of it.

That said, if you can create an environment where the person you’re talking to feels like either you won’t judge them, or that your judgement of them isn’t something they should care about, they will say/do/admit things that even their closest life-time friends and family members would never believe. On top of that, if you can ALSO provide them with a fail-safe excuse to fall back on, well, then you REALLY have a receipe for witnessing the fucked up side of humanity.

Girls open up to me because I create a non-judgemental (sexually) environment. It’s in my entire vibe, from the moment they meet me. I’ll talk about sexual topics, I’ll flirt shamelessly, I don’t apologize for my sexuality, I’ll purposely do things that set the tone of “it’s safe to let loose here, no one will judge us for it”, I create an “us VS them” frame with the girl where I talk about how other people are prudish and uptight about sex and how I think that’s lame, I ask inappropriate sexual questions but in a casual socially vibing way where it’s not a big deal to me like it would be for most people, it’s in my stating up front that I’m not long-term material so they know if we hook up it’s just a fling, etc.

So right from the start the girl knows “this is a guy I can let my slutty side loose with and he won’t judge me”. Then on top of that, when we hang out we’re usually at a bar so she has a couple drinks in her, or if I have her over and we haven’t actually fucked before, I’ll offer her a drink or two. The funny part to me is that often they only needs literally ONE sip of a drink and then they’ll 180 from closed off and reserved to open and sexual and jump my bones (wasting the rest of the drink, booooo, stupid girls)…it’s like a switch in their brain is flipped that says “okay, now we can say “we were drinking and it just happened” or “that’s not me, I was drinking”…so let’s go crazy!”

My point here is that you should focus on learning to build this kind of connection with girls (and people in general), because it’ll serve you much better in the longrun than relying on getting them drunk to let loose. It’s pretty satisfying when a girl you’ve just met, is doing fucked up crazy kinky shit with you, willingly and totally sober, the first time you fuck. Plus there’s no hangover, and none of the bullshit that can often come along with drinking (barfing, drama, wasting money, regret, sloppiness, whiskey-dick, etc.).

I had a friend who literally didn’t believe it was possible to get laid without alcohol. Like that a girl would have sex with him without them drinking. It was so outside of his reality that he didn’t believe me when I told him most of my lays are either stone-cold sober or at the most buzzed. He thought I was just fucking with him lol
That was kind of sad to me because it kind of implies that he didn’t value himself enough to believe and expect that girls would want to fuck him while straight-up sober.

2) I don’t hit on drunk chicks. If they hit on me, I’ll flirt a bit for fun, but with zero intention of trying to seduce them or take them home or even go for a number or anything. Buzzing is okay, but if they venture into Tipsy, I’ll flat-out tell them to switch to drinking water, or I’ll get them a water myself and drink one with her. If she gets too drunk, I’ll lose interest because then the negative parts of drinking start popping their head up (having to babysit her, drama getting blown out of proportion, her coordination being sloppy (especially in heels), my humor goes over her head, other guys start seeing her as easier prey, her barfing or passing out on me in bed, false rape accusations, etc.).

It’s always sad to me when a shy girl gets herself shit-faced to loosen up enough to flirt with me. ’cause I might’ve been into her if she had just had a little more confidence and been able to flirt earlier, but once she’s all stumbly it’s like “ah, shit, I wish I had met you half an hour ago, sorry” and I have to shoot her down. But a lot of girls think the drunker they are, the more the guy will be into them, etc. It’s all just a shitty spiral.

It’s all even more compounded when I’m sober or only buzzing, which is often how I do my gaming, because then I look like the sober creeper trying to take advantage of a hammered chick. I had a fuckbuddy show up at a club I was at once, and we made plans to go home together, but we went off and did our thing and when I found her at 2 she was suuuuper drunk and sloppy. If she were a random I’d've just left her, but because we had a little history and plans for the night, I took her home mostly just to keep her away from the creepers and out of trouble (I knew any sex we had was going to be shitty with her in that state so I was just being a nice dude lol).

I remember the judgemental looks on the faces of the bouncers, coat-check girl, cabbie, etc. as they all gave me the stink-eye because I was stone cold sober that night and she was blatantly falling over hammered. I had to mention to each of them “don’t worry, I’m not some random guy, we know eachother and I’m just getting her home safe tonight, she just had too many drinks in there” with a smile to assuage their suspicions. It was a pretty shitty feeling in general but a totally understandable judgement on their part.

Sadly, I’ve known and seen lots of guys who consider that tactic their bread & butter…wait till near last or after last-call and then find the drunkest girl around and try to badger her into getting into a cab with them. It’s super creepy to me and crosses some moral lines in my mind.

3) Combining points 1 and 2, because of that whole non-judgemental thing I do, alcohol actually makes things more tricky for me in terms of Buyer’s Remorse and possible false rape accusations etc. because a sober girl’s emotions will be relatively stable and I can make sure we have some time for the after-care and I can get her in a good state and feeling good about what we did. But nothing is scarier than the drunk chick who falls asleep right after sex, then wakes up and is too hungover to really chat and just kind of makes a bee-line for the door as reality comes crashing down on her and she starts thinking about all the consequences she wasn’t thinking about when she was shitfaced and she grabs her phone going “omg omg omg my BF is going to kill me omg I can’t believe I did that I have to go omg” and is out the door before I can calm her down and chill her out about what she willingly chose to do the night before.

…ESPECIALLY if we got into a bunch of 50 Shades of Grey type shit that night because of the non-judgemental frame I set. So she didn’t just “sleep with” a guy. She did fucked up degrading shit with a guy that left all sorts of marks on her body she can’t hide etc. (tho I try not to leave marks in areas that are hard to cover up).

THAT’S the scary-ass shit right there, where you think “shit, is she going to pull a false rape accusation to avoid getting in trouble with her BF?” Especially if she doesn’t return your txts afterward so you can get a safety txt (“I had fun too :) can’t wait till next time!” or whatever, that could save your ass against a FRA). And you run all the calculations in your head and you’re like “shit, she’s going to have handcuffs marks and choking marks, and I’ll have scratches so it looks like she fought back, etc. etc.”

With a sober chick who you can convince to talk about this stuff over txts and not feel guilty for doing it and manage her emotions in a predictable way and not make her feel embarrassed to return your txts afterward, etc. you can handle this all pretty smooth and build up a lot of evidence toward your innocence if it all went to court.

It doesn’t hurt to protect yourself in those situs. I open my audio recording app on my phone and leave it nearby if I’m not feeling 100% sure about the chick. I’d rather go to trial for unauthorized audio recording that saves my ass than for a false rape accusation.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on drunk chicks. On the flip-side of all that, when you’re WITH a girl (like she’s a regular fuckbuddy or your girlfriend/fiance/wife/etc.), getting drunk and having drunk-sex together can be a blast.

And I think the Op has a legit point about how your girl acts when she’s drunk. Most of my fuckbuddies just get hornier for me when they drink, because I screen for that and I stay on top of my game to keep them attracted to me and thinking about me when they’re out with the girls. I get the occasional fuckbuddy who will be out drinking and we have plans to go home together, but she’ll make it difficult and flirt with other girls or be distant or closed off or introduce too many obstacles etc. but I don’t have much patience for that so they don’t last long in my rotation. And then there are some girls where our fuckbuddy situ is SO casual that I know that unless I’m actively txting them that night or I’m in the same bar as them, they’re doing their own thing.

I don’t really mind any of those 3 types, they all have their pros and cons. The big con for the girl who gets horny for you when she drinks is that she’s the type that will get attached the fastest and you’ll hit The Ultimatum (“date me for real or I can’t do this anymore, I like you too much”) the soonest with them…which is great if they’re your girlfriend or an LTR or whatever lol, which is why I agree with the Op’s point. But if you’re trying to play the harem game, that can be a signal to be a little more aloof and let her feelings cool down a bit to keep the casual relationship going longer.

Most of the girls with boyfriends/fiances/husbands that I’ve banged have only txted/called their boyfriend after we’ve fucked, not while we’re out and about. So if your chick is on a Girl’s Night Out and you don’t hear anything from her after 9pm until you get a txt at 3am saying “I’m so drunk I’m crashing at Susan’s love you baby xoxoxo”, she’s probably just finished riding another guy’s cock. But if she’s txting you at midnight saying “I’m so drunk miss you baby wish you were here xoxoxo”, she’s probably faithful.

Also ask her to put her friend on the phone if she calls you. If she says her friend is passed out or in the bathroom, it’s probably because her friend isn’t there. Because she’s not with her friend. She’s with a guy, and he’s fingering her while she talks to you because that’s funny to him.

on March 27, 2013 at 7:49 pm
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Alfie clip in the CH Twitter is rock-solid. Doesn’t say a word, but says volumes with his body-language. First glance is a quick flicker “huh, what’s that, something over there, hmm…” Second glance is a little slower check-out and “hey, wait, a chick, she’s not bad…” Third glance and full attention is an unashamedly slow taking in of her body with an “I think I’d like to ravage that.” like a hungry tiger sizing up a steak. Then holding eye-contact unapologetically for a little longer than he needs to, and through the back-turn as if his eyes are drawn to her and he has to tear them away.

I use this style a lot to warm up a chick from a distance if we make eyes, and learned it from this movie and playing this scene over and over before going out to the bar lol When I was an AFC/beta, I was scared to look at a woman’s body (because women aren’t sexual objects you know!!!11) and terrified that I would be caught doing it (since you should be ashamed of your sexuality and sexual desires, men are pigs!!!111).

Great movie with some good lessons in it about “the player lifestyle” (good and bad lessons). Tho I wish they had gotten a hot cougar to play the “hot cougar” lol Cringed the whole time at her scenes. Saw the original version too, but Jude Law’s character was more likeable/relatable to me than Caine’s.

Actually, as I think about it, I think it’s because Jude’s version seemed to love women more in general, whereas Caine’s seemed to think they were all worthless shit…and I think that’s a distinction that happens in real life too. Some of the best guys with women that I know, hate them and have a lot of bitterness toward them. And a lot of guys who get burned by women and take the Red Pill after being burned have that chip on their shoulder. Rollo’s recent blog articles over at have had some good discussion on that. I relate more to Jude’s character because I just love women in general, even with their faults.

“God, I love this city. All right, girls. Just look around. I mean, every one of them, unique, special, like snowflakes. And with such a plethora…how could a man ever choose to settle down with just one? I myself subscribe more to the European philosophy of life. My priorities leaning towards wine, women…Well, actually, that’s about it. Wine and women. Although, women and women is always a fun option. To live life to the fullest, I require only enough to cover my modest expenses. I’ve no desire to be the richest stiff in the cemetery.” – Alfie

  • yeahokcool
    on March 27, 2013 at 8:27 pm
    Original Link

    So uh you like this movie then? Lol

    • YaReally
      on March 28, 2013 at 12:40 am
      Original Link

      lol ya. It was influential to me. The mainstream media didn’t have a lot of red pill type stuff in it back then (compared to now where we have Barney on HIMYM spitting game theory and Judd Apatow movies and Keys to the VIP etc) so stuff like Alfie and Fight Club and were little red pill gems to discover.

      Alfie was the first movie for me that (in the 1st half at least) made the lifestyle of going from woman to woman and not running the corporate rat race like other suckers, look fun and exciting and highlit a lot of the good aspects, instead of making it seem like being a player and unapologetically liking sex is shameful and wrong like I had been socially conditioned to believe all my life up till I found Game.

Hypergamy Synthesis

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on March 25th, 2013 at 9:33 pm
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1) MUCH wisdom in this post. This is why I heart your blog.

2) The one thing I have to give props to the Manosphere for is labeling Hypergamy. It’s not a term we’ve used (or even use now) in the PUA community. We understood the concept of women chasing higher-value but we never really got more in-depth than that (since to execute, that’s as much of an understanding of the concept as you need). I like that Hypergamy has been so thoroughly explored here in general because understanding a post like this, where the moral “this idea makes me feel icky” side of it is seperated, is a big part of accepting women as they are and finally swallowing the last of the red pill.

Understanding that it’s not that they’re “evil” or “low quality” or “sluts”, or that they’re purposely doing it just to be sadistically cruel to you, is what makes it possible to still love women despite this very real concept.

It’s similar to rejection…a newbie to pickup is devestated by every rejection and shit-test, because he thinks that in that 10 seconds of his approach, her shooting him down or testing him is personal and based on the guy’s worth as a human being. One of the first things we teach them is that she can’t “know” you in 10 seconds, so she’s rejecting your approach not YOU as a human being. And we explain how shit-testing is simply the way girls test a guy for congruency so that she CAN be attracted to him…and that they do this instinctively. They’re not being mean, they’re just following their programming.

Once a guy can understand this, rejection becomes funny and he starts plowing thru it, and shit-tests become a cute playful flirting game to him instead of a devestating attack on his being as a whole.

3) This post is why I laugh at the Madonna/whore complex. Even THAT is a socially morally-constructed judgement and attemp to control Hypergamy. It’s not that I care if some dudes are bitter and hate women and cry about “all American women are whores” and go uproot their life to live in EE and convince themselves that the girls are higher quality (even tho really, there ARE hot girls there but those guys are banging the same average 6s and 7s they would be here).

Like, you can construct whatever fantasy world you want, just like a Jezebel fatty can convince herself that her degrees and “feisty attitude” should be attractive to men and men should loce her 300lbs body.

But much like the fatty’s life will be a lot easier and less frustrating on a day to day basis if she simply accepted reality and hit the gym, a guy with a Madonna/whore complex will find life a lot easier and less frustrating if he accepts Hypergamy (aka reality) and takes women off the pedestal he has half of them on.


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on March 25, 2013 at 9:40 am
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Whats great about a microalphatude is that i expends very little energy and yet says so much.

Very damning.

You can see what tiny little microalphatudes do to the bottom of the barrel here. A slight criticism or insult of Warpig, Sweetheart Jason, or Greatest Liar, and they spin out of control and spazz out with a 1000 posts. The spazz dictates how hurt they are.

  • YaReally
    on March 25, 2013 at 11:04 am
    Original Link

    Jesus…are you guys going to waste another 5000 pages on this shit in this post too?

on March 25, 2013 at 10:14 am
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  • YaReally
    on March 25, 2013 at 11:12 am
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    “What?? A woman didn’t get the thing she wanted?? Let’s give her a years supply of it AND shame the man on TV for DARING to refuse a woman something…I mean, she WANTS it, so she should just GET it, duh!!!!”

    Fuckin’ amazing. Beta-ass male host guy White Knighting the ice cream to the chick trying to tool the guy. And lol at the chick “I didn’t eat ALL of mine!!” trying to not sound like a fatty.

    On top of it, the chick is given a year’s supply of high calorie unhealthy-ass junk food to ruin her body with. Want to guess what she’ll look like after a year of scarfing down ice cream? lol

    Oh mainstream media, you never fail to disappoint.


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on March 26, 2013 at 1:59 am
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Now that the Retard Storm seems to have died down, some lessons on AMOG theory courtesy of whorefinder and greatestbeta’s gayness:

1) for the record none of that was “AMOG”ing lol that was just 12yo trolling and flamewaring. AMOG’ing is about being unreactive, not reactive.

2) all the guys who talk tough in other threads about “if some guy cut me off talking I would spill his guts onto the ground”…take a look at greatestbeta’s responses. That’s EXACTLY how you come across and how you would come across in real life in that scenario. Does anyone want to back up greatestbeta and be like “dude ya, making a blog and posting pics of your girl was totally the way to go, you sure owned that guy!!”? No, everyone just thinks he’s a low-value reactive insecure dipshit.

This is the same mechanic that diffuses guys in real life when you use proper AMOG theory. You make them react to you until they can feel their value is lower than yours, but in a subtle way where you’re not flat out disrespecting them and you’re making the group/crowd love you. So the guy instinctively feels like he’s losing ground and can’t punch you because it’s too over the top.

This leaves him frustrated and making WordPress blogs and talking about owning you…from there, the key ingredient, once you have him reacting to you, is to then do a 180 and befriend him and give him props and give him a way “out” of his spiral that he’ll latch onto because he doesn’t know how to get out of it himself.

So in a real life version of this, that looks something like “hey man, it’s cool your girl is hot, I was just ribbin ya. You’re a lucky dude, maybe she’s not a 10 to me but lots of guys probably think so. Hell, 90% of the guys here are banging 4s lol”

That’s the 180 that relieves the social pressure, and this puts him in a receptive sort of stunned state. He can subconsciously tell something feels “less frustrating” but doesn’t really understand the dynamics. If you leave him in this state, he can rally himself up again and get himself back into rage-mode with self-talk because his brain will be replaying the events that just went down and he’ll go “ya BUT…” and try to find his way back to his angry state…so to avoid that, you go a step further and give him a way “out” to distract his brain (I *think* this is all based around the idea of “pattern interrupts” but I’ve never gotten into NLP so I’m not sure. There’s a great Derren Brown vid on YouTube where he uses pattern interrupts to make a guy give him his watch, wallet, etc twice, it’s pretty interesting…I use his handshake interrupt with girls).

Anyway so this way out looks like “it’s all good man, you’re probably just stressed from school hey? I doubt you normally fly off the handle like that, you seem like a cool guy. Timing was bad on my part to tease ya when you’re dealing with that other shit, it’s cool man.”

At this point it just take a bit of frame control on your part that there’s no problem between you two (after all, you didn’t get emotionally riled up by the situation did you? You kept your cool like an alpha would, so you don’t have to “come down” from any adrenaline high).

If you do this right, the other guy will usually end up buying you a beer and you will be BFFs for the night lol. I think this happens because sub-consciously he recognizes that you can 1) create that frustrating situation again whenever you want so he doesn’t want to fuck with it again and 2) he’s sub-consciously thankful to you for showing “mercy” and relieving that social pressure and giving him a way out and helping him save face in front of everyone in a smooth way.

Bring his value back UP to near where yours is, as a value-giving cool guy, and he may end up being a good friend down the road.

EVERYONE caves to social pressure except extreme psychopaths who are reacting instantly. The keyboard warriors talking about how they’d deck someone for disrespecting them aren’t these extreme psychos. Those extreme psychos are the homeless junkie on the street trying to stab you with a heroin needle lol

Everyone else will cave. Some weaker people will cave to just your social pressure and judgement. Some wont cave until a couple of their friends are against them. Sole won’t cave until the crowd is against them. Some wont cave until sufficiently hot girls are against them. Some wont cave until a handful of alpha dudes are against them. Alcohol makes a difference too, the drunker they are the less they care about social pressure and the more you have to step it up.

…but they WILL cave. I’ve seen extremely tough angry guys turn into children with their tails tucked between their legs by it. It’s a pretty big mind-fuck lol

The biggest timing trick of the whole thing is to make sure to 180 and befriend the instant you get them reacting to you, VS letting them get super riled up. It’s like the Dog Whisperer says, you distract the dog with a tap when he’s at 2 and his ears perk up at the car driving by, not when he’s at 10 barking in fury at it. Diffuse it at 2 and he won’t get to 10.

Also you can flat-out ignore the guy if he’s not a part of the girl’s social circle, once he’s reactive, instead of befriending him. But I like to make friends and not have to watch my back for some butthurt beta smacking me with a beer bottle, so I tend to choose the befriending route. Better karma to make up for all the bad karma I’ve earned lol

  • avd
    on March 27, 2013 at 10:24 pm
    Original Link

    I understand your point, but this is simply NOT true: “EVERYONE caves to social pressure except extreme psychopaths who are reacting instantly.”

    Men who are anchored in their own reality will not cave to social pressure, but that is a minute percentage of the male population (<5%). Other than that, I agree.

    • YaReally
      on March 28, 2013 at 10:39 am
      Original Link

      “Men who are anchored in their own reality will not cave to social pressure, but that is a minute percentage of the male population (<5%)."

      Oh I agree completely. Part of PUA is training ourselves to have such a strong reality that we don't cave to social pressure. It's a learned skill that anyone can develop by exposing themselves TO social pressure routinely (peacocking, talking about "inappropriate" topics, embarrassing yourself, interacting with opposing views, being loud and drawing attention to yourself, etc), to build the reference experiences in their head that "people thinking I'm a poop-head won't kill me or expel me from a tribe and force me to die alone in a forest".

      But at the same time these men are so rare that they're not going to be "the guy shouting "come at me bro!!!" over you spilling his drink" at the bar, and generally the guys who have learned to not care about social pressure aren't going to be aggressive and violent and threatening to spill the guts of anyone who disrespects them…those threats come from insecurity (and fear of being judged as a pussy by themselves or other people), rather than security (to be unreactive to social pressure you must be very secure).

      The AMOG to be worried about taking your girls is the one who's chill and unreactive…the guys who react to you good or bad lose their value to the girls instantly. If he doesn't react, the shit you do becomes YOU reacting to HIS unreactiveness which is a funny/frustrating backfire when it happens lol

      The other extreme are sociopath types who are just psychos that don't register social pressure. Those guys will probably kill you and go to jail for their 3rd time without giving a fuck. But again those aren't the guys talking smack and puffing their chests on Internet messageboards, those are the crazy crack-heads on the subway talking to the wall lol

      Anyway, ya, good point to mention it. Notice that while I slagged on greatest beta, whorefinder was no better because whorefinder was trolling as a reaction to GB's reactions and as a reaction to the validation-high of the crowd (which is the case of most trolling). Most people reading were probably looking at that whole thing as the battle of "who's slightly less stupid". No winner in that race, ultimately…and it's the same result as when two guys argue over a girl. It's low status behavior to her.

Comment Of The Week: Full Spectrum Rationalization Hamsters

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Harry Morgan
on March 22, 2013 at 3:49 pm
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“I leave them better than I found them.” Not sure if that’s an alpha male rationalization, or just lying on the part of the Mystery generation of PUAs.

In my humble experience, giving a girl a bit of the ol’ alphaultracock is more likely to snap their fragile psyche, at least for a while, than leave them “better off.”

[CH: yup. ]

  • YaReally
    on March 23, 2013 at 4:09 am
    Original Link


    “Is she happy the PUA left her? No, of course not, she’d love to land him for good. But does she come out of it a better person? Especially compared to how the average guy would handle the situation? Hell ya.”

    You just have to be looking at the bigger picture overall. Your kid might cry that he can’t eat cookies for dinner and be devestated in the short-term, but when he’s not a 400lbs adult he’ll be glad you took the box of cookies away, even if he still thinks back to Oreos with fondness and sneaks one after dinner now and then.

    • James
      on March 23, 2013 at 11:41 am
      Original Link

      After being dumped by an alpha, a girls SMV goes down. she’ll be a little older, with one more dick under belt and nothing to show for it. Each unsuccessful bid for an alpha chips away more time from her optimum fertility window. And she’ll be an alpha widow with memories that no lesser man who committs to her will be able to live up to. Thats bad for both her and her future men.

      As a counter to the “better person” argument, I’ve noticed girls getting dumped by alphas become bitter, not better. No matter how poetic and well-planned his exit, the alpha dumper melts away some of a girls bright-eyed feminine charm, getting closer to exposing her cynical rotten core. After enough dumpings, the alphas have created a caustic shit-testing past-prime 29 year old feminist.

      • YaReally
        on March 23, 2013 at 3:20 pm
        Original Link

        That’s retarded. That’s like saying “oh living is bad for you because every day you live you’re older and weaker and your body is one day closer to being dead.”

Quality Women

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on March 20th, 2013 at 3:46 pm
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“She may look fit, sexy and sophisticated, but after she’s naked with mascara running down her face and she’s trying to stuff her thighs into a pair of too-small jeans at 2:00 a.m., you realize she’s just another person trying to get by.” – Paul Janka

The more judgemental they think you’ll be, the more they’ll hide from you. I’d rather she’s comfortable admitting to me that she sucked got drunk and sucked off a football team last weekend so I can decide what I want to with that information, than have her lie to me and tell me that nothing happened on her Girl’s Night Out. Plenty of PUAs run bootcamps all over the world…they’re fucking those magical high-quality non-slutty EE Good Girls that Manosphere guys put up on a pedestal, when they pass thru town to teach bootcamps.

The guys worshipping those girls just don’t know that because the realization would shatter the last bits of hope in the myth in their mind so they ignore the signs and convince themselves it doesn’t happen to stay in their comfortable bubble, and the girls can tell they wouldn’t take it well so they don’t tell them, just like the Leykis phone-in wives haven’t told their husbands about all their sexual adventures.

Accepting that the Madonna/whore complex doesn’t exist is the hardest final swallow of the Red Pill. Often even good players (esp Naturals) refuse to swallow it.

Every guy listening to that Leykis episode thought to himself “wow THOSE girls are slutty disgusting whores. MY girl isn’t like that and neither are any of the women *I* know.” Sorry, I know it’s uncomfortable, but one day your daughters will probably be sucking my son’s dick in a bathroom somewhere. They’ll be just as capable of it as any other girl when the right switches are flipped. Don’t delude yourself, deal with reality as it is not as you wish it was.

on March 20th, 2013 at 4:22 pm
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Like Tyler has said it’s crazy what lengths guys will go to keep that illusion, how much obvious evidence they’ll ignore and hamster rationalize to convince themselves their girl (or EE girls) are “different”.

Two recent anecdotes:

1) I’m at a bar the other weekend and this chick I know sees me there. I fucked her friend like a champ and almost fucked her too, so the sexual tension is still there in her mind. She runs over and hugs me and grinds me and talks to me with her face an inch from mine while I do nothing to encourage any of it. I see her up on other random guys too. Turns out her BF shows up later in the night. This poor dude, complete beta, just follows her around all night with a sad lost puppydog look on his face while she flirts with a bunch of other guys and myself, completely disrespecting him.

They went home together (felt bad for him, I don’t like taking girlfriends off normal nice dudes so I ignored her the rest of the night and didn’t push it when she came over to hug and grind on me saying her goodbyes before she left (while her bf stands behind her not being introduced to the guys and holding her jacket looking sad)).

Do you think that guy went home and thought “my gf is a raging slut and I should dump her because I want a Good Girl”? No. He told himself that we were just “friends” and it’s nothing to worry about. And she told him we’re just friends because she knows he wants something to believe. Sub-consciously he knows…he KNOWS that shit. But it’s too fucking scary to accept that the girl he planned his future with (and he knows he can’t get another one easily if he breaks up), would have sucked me off in the bathroom of that bar in a heartbeat.

Over time he’ll build up enough of a fantasy rationalization world in his head (“oh her personal trainer is just friendly and she likes working out to look good for me, that’s why she’s sore all the time after the gym”, “oh I saw her car driving past me on my way home from work when she said she was working late, she was probably just getting food for her late shift even tho she was starving when she got home and immediately ran to the shower before letting me see her”, etc). And then in her 30s she’ll chill on it because she’s had her alpha cock and she’s getting old and guys don’t want her anymore so she’ll calm down and become the Good Girl her BF always knew she was.

And he’ll tell himself “see I knew I had a special one who’s different from those sluts my buddies were banging all those years!” And she’ll call into the Leykis show to tell him (with PRIDE) about the night she sucked my dick in a bar bathroom. And he’ll be driving to work listening to the show and think “that caller sounds a lot like my girl but I know it’s not mine because mine isn’t a slut like these girls. I wonder what poor sucker is married to THIS chick lolz” and change stations to listen to some romantic beta love songs about how true love overcomes all and men can’t live without a woman loving him.

2) Nice guy buddy of mine admits he has a crush on a Good Girl in our group. He’s convinced she’s a special unique delicate flower. She forced her # on me the other day when no one was around because she wants to fuck and knows I won’t be clingy or judge her for that, and it would take literally <10 txts to get her to send me naked pics and <20 txts to get her to fuck me this weekend. He would never believe me if I told him, and I won't do it cause he's my buddy and likes her, so even if they got together he would be convinced she was a Good Girl and NAWALT…

…when the reality is, she has the same slut potential/inclination as every other girl, she just hasn't been put in a situation where the right triggers are flipped (ie – a high-value sexual guy like me directly flirting with her and making her gina tingle as I create a non-judgemental sexual environment and smoothly escalate).

The magical amazing EE girls are the same way. You can either lock them away in your basement so they're not allowed to ever see or interact with another man for the rest of their lives…or you can work on being the highest-value man you can be, don't make her the center of your existance, and accept her for the sometimes flawed human being she, like any of us, really is.

on March 20th, 2013 at 7:05 pm
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@Leo G
That’s my general message around here, so that might’ve been me. But whether it was or not, I agree whole-heartedly with that mantra you wrote and I’m glad it’s helped you pull the curtain back in your life.

When I talk about girls doing these “terrible” things, I always try to stress that they’re just acting on their instincts/emotions. You don’t get mad at a big dumb dog for shitting on the carpet because it doesn’t know better. A lot of the reason guys are extra butt-hurt about “these terrible bitches” is because they built such a perfect vision in their head of who the girl is that she couldn’t POSSIBLY live up to it and was inevitably going to disappoint him…or even if she found a way to live up to what he wanted her to be, he would never truly know HER because she would just be hiding her real self for his benefit.

I say show me who you really are. As long as you’re mostly a good person, I can let a few flaws slip…we all have them and we all define them differently. A flaw to me is cute to some other guy. Something I think is fine is a flaw to some other guy. Just be yourself around me and let’s let the chips fall where they may.

“Is the final red pill mean accepting “women = shit” point”

Nah, that’s kind of the point, is that they aren’t “shit”…they’re just human. Like you and me. And their hypergamy is powerful as fuck and controls a lot of their decisions…if you had a bladder problem and kept pissing your pants every 5 minutes and you pissed on my floor, I wouldn’t yell at you because I know you probably wouldn’t do it if you could control it.

“I don’t see it so hard to swallow for any person that any girl is capable to cheat and/or be cruel. But I can see it is hard to swallow is one have to accept that.”

I understand what you’re saying. Again in the bladder problem, I could just stop inviting you to my house. Like good luck with that, it’s rough, but why should I accept that?

But the problem is that the alternative myth doesn’t REALLY exist. You don’t have to accept that your girl is capable of cheating or doing bad things…but you will spend a lot of your life disappointed and alone and without loving relationships because girls will keep disappointing you.

I’d imagine this is a big part of why guys become MGTOWs…because they say “girls are pretty fucked up, and that isn’t what I want in my life, so fuck it I’m going my own way and paying for hookers if I need sex”. In a way I can respect that they’ve made a logical decision and executed it. But at the same time, they’re never going to experience a lot of the awesome things women offer in terms of sex and companionship, even if those women are flawed at times or have the potential to BE flawed.

Again it’s important to stress that a woman isn’t generally setting out to suck off a football team. But if you’re a guy who isn’t the best guy she can get, and a better offer comes along, her hypergamy will take over. So work on yourself as a man, learn to keep her attracted, and then just let go and accept what happens.

Like the scene in Fight Club: “Quit trying to control everything and just let go.”

“I mean, to take from YaReally’s story, no one wants to be that beta guy.”

The funny part to me is that any guy who reads that story will LAUGH at that “loser beta guy, what a chump lolololz”. Meanwhile when they meet a girl that’s hot enough that they don’t feel entitled to her or that they can get 10 more just like her, or they invest enough time and enough of their identity into her being in their life…they’ll do exactly what that guy did, and they’ll rationalize it away to keep themselves ignorant and keep their fragile world-view scotch-taped together, just like that guy did.

“The lesson rationalize away, not accept her behavior as acceptable with a choice to living in ignorance or expose it… Right?”

I would say basically this: Know what you accept and don’t accept from other people, especially women. Meet a lot of women. Figure out which things are definite deal-breakers for you, and which things you can be flexible on if they’re amazing in other categories. Like how guys talk about marrying a “nice” 8 instead of a “bitchy” 10 because the 8 is a good person and loving and a good cook and would be a good mother to their children etc.” That person has decided “looks are something I can be flexible on if the girl makes up for it in these other ways…so she can be flawed in that way, even if another guy might not accept that flaw or might not care whether she’d be a good mom”.

The problem is most guys don’t meet/date/fuck many girls in their life, so they don’t KNOW what they want or what they accept. They let social conditioning tell them what they should think and accept and often it doesn’t really click and just leads to a lot of Disney-like expectations.

Now on the flip side of all that, also meet a lot of women and learn what they’re REALLY like. And then realize that if you want a toaster-oven that makes smoothies, but none of the toaster-ovens out there actually have that feature, if you really want a toaster-oven you might have to be flexible on that smoothie feature thing.

Where each guy settles on this spectrum of “what I want VS what’s realistically available” is up to the individual guy.

The guys who make up fantasies about magical special women who are “different” are guys who cram fruits into their toaster-oven until they splatter and catch it in a cup going “SEE? I told you they can make smoothies!!” It’s delusional but it keeps them from having to admit that their toaster-oven is the same as any other toaster-oven.

See for more.

on March 21st, 2013 at 3:51 am
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I agree 110%. That’s part of why guys have so much trouble with the Red Pill at first. Not ONLY do you have to accept a whole bunch of new shit about nice guys finishing last and how chicks dig bad boys and hypergamy and all that game related shit…but you also have to accept that:

1) Society, including your friends, family, even your own MOTHER, has been lying to you your entire life. Everyone you thought you could trust was feeding you bullshit that wasted a good portion of your life.

2) You were dumb enough to FALL for those lies hook line and sinker, despite evidence that looking back you realize was staring you in the face the whole time. (in reality you weren’t actually DUMB, just didn’t know better or have the resources to understand you were in The Matrix, but you FEEL dumb for falling for it all)

3) Now that you’ve got your eyes open, you have to make MAJOR adjustments to the trajectory of your entire life, your plans, your career, your goals, your relationships, etc. because you can’t un-see what you see if you swallow the pill.

So a lot of guys will see the pill and know it’s there but refuse to swallow it, or to swallow it all the way, because all those illusion-shattering realizations are too much to handle. It’s a lot easier to just feed your hamster some redbulls and continue on in the Matrix being willingly oblivious to reality.


“Every single man that has ever come into this world has had to deal with issues and circumstances that were unfavorable. Wallowing in pity isn’t the answer. The solution is accept the environment and push for success.”

“I’m not saying you should man up and marry sluts. I’m advocating forgiveness to potentials. If a girl has behaved like a dirty whore, but still has raw talent in terms of looks and any kind of decent personality. That’s something in this world. ”

“You have to be willing to accept flaws in people and make the best of it if you ever want to be free.”

“Many flawed people can be allies because a true king brings out the best qualities while burning away the defects. A slut will be loyal to a man that has true high value.”

“we live in very fucked up time in terms of social values and arrangements. You have to adapt or get ruined. Nothing will change these circumstances right now.”

I agree with all these things you’re saying. This is basically my own mindset. Quit fighting reality, accept it for what it is, adapt, and prosper. Whether that prospering means fucking a bunch of chicks, or whether that means becoming a MGTOW and avoiding women entirely. The worst thing you can do is sit around pissing & moaning about how the world won’t change to suit your demands overnight, and even worse taking that frustration out on other people (even women). Life is short, enjoy it while you have it.

“That is self actualized. However, he had to go the nilhilisitic phase of primal destruction to achieve this balance.”

I agree completely. You have to swing the pendulum to both sides to really know yourself, and figure out where on that swing it should really settle for you. I come off as extremely harsh and way onto the nihilistic side of things to most of the guys reading my stuff in the Manosphere but the reality is that this is actually not the most extreme end of things to me. I’ve seen/done worse and I’ve known guys who make me seem like a White Knight charming gentleman. For me, where I’m at right now is the self that I’m happy and content with, whether other people approve of it or not.

Most guys will let society dictate where they should be on that pendulum, and they’ll let social conditioning convince them to never explore the other side of it, and they’ll spend their whole lives never really knowing themselves and living like Norton in the first half of Fight Club.

“There are greater social consequences for slutting it up in some of those E.E countries.”

I agree with this. I think 50′s style marriage was actually really benefitial for society. A girl was shamed for slutting it up and society accepted that, so while the girls still had urges, there was enough social pressure to make them less likely to act on those urges. And if they did fuck around they were a lot more discreet about it.

My issue is mainly with the guys who think EE girls are wired differently like they’re these magical-ass creatures that are just “better”. Sure, in some out-of-the-way villages in the hills of EE somewhere there are girls who are shamed by religion into not acting on their impulses as often as a western YOLO eat-pray-fuck girl…but take that girl into civilization or put her around a guy who flips the right triggers and create a non-judgemental environment for her and she’ll act just like the western girl.

That’s why I say, lock her in your basement and make sure she doesn’t interact with any other guys and you’ll be fine, if that’s the way you want to live your life. But fooling yourself into believing that they’re any less slutty than american girls or that they don’t have the same hypergamous instincts american girls do or that they wouldn’t behave in exactly the same way american girls do in the same circumstances and you are just deluding yourself and chasing a unicorn.

The EE guy working at the grocery store might simply have more game than you and trigger her hypergamy and she’ll be sucking his dick while you’re ranting about the purity of EE girls, ya know? The solution to avoid that is to be the best man you can be and the highest-value man in her life…she won’t cheat on you if you are those things to her. But that’s the same solution for American women. “ohh well American women are all fat slobby shallow cows” is the usual response to that. And I agree, the girls the guys who say that can get here, are definitely those things. lol

on March 21st, 2013 at 7:03 pm
Original Link

Glad my writing has helped ya! Always happy to hear my tapping away in the keyboard does some good for another guy. :)

“or a woman who will always keep wondering if the special of the day was better than whats on the plate?”

For the record this is one of the easiest girls to convince to cheat. It’s like, laughably easy, because they’re already kind of curious to begin with. Just remove judgement, consequences, help her hamster rationalize it (which it wants to do ANYWAY), and expand on the spark of curiousity that’s already in her sub-conscious and it’s done.

Hell, these days her girlfriends will ENCOURAGE her to bang me, so they don’t feel so slutty around her. Lol

Remember this when you unicorn guys finally find that magical unicorn. Better get your basement dungeon comfy cause you’ll have to lock her in it. ;)

Quality Women

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on March 25th, 2013 at 1:40 pm
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@Michael of Charlotte

“So how does one get to acceptance?”

If you had a son and he did something bad, you could still love him despite his faults. You just accept that he isn’t perfect and that he’s going to make some mistakes in life, and you learn to appreciate the good things about him. If you had a dog and it pooped on the couch, you’d be annoyed with it, but you would still accept it.

“How do I accept the fact that at best, I’ll be marrying a slut who might think the world of me if I manage to keep my value high in her eyes?”

It doesn’t matter whether you accept it or not, this is reality. That’s kind of the point. The guys who don’t want to hear this are basically saying “well I can’t accept that there are children dying of starvation in Ethiopia so don’t tell me about that, I don’t want to hear it so it doesn’t happen la la la!!” It’s like okay, I don’t have to tell you about it, but it’s still happening. Ducking your head into the sand and creating mythical tales to believe in doesn’t change reality.

“How do you ever relax?”

Why would it upset me? I have my own shit going on, and I generally like my life and work on developing myself as a man. What women do with their lives isn’t a big concern to me, and I generally love women despite their faults…but then I don’t have an unrealistic pedestalized white-pickett doting-virgin-bride 2.5 kids fantasy that a lot of guys have been brainwashed to expect in life.

Tony Robbins says something like if you’re not happy with your life, either change your circumstances or change your expectations. There’s not really an alternative. I can’t change my circumstances, I can’t make women into something they aren’t…so I change my expectations.

“How do you not take the MGTOW route?”

…I like pussy. lol. And those guys are way beyond paranoid. A chick is like a dog…sure, your dog can bite you, but if you’re a solid owner and train it well, you don’t have to stay 100 feet away from every dog on earth. You can still get a lot of nice things out of relationships with women, you just have to able to accept that, like anyone else, they’re probably not going to be perfect.

“Knowing the system (IE Family Courts) is against me, how do I trust these sluts?”

I don’t have an answer for that one because I think the current climate is absolutely terrible for men to settle down and raise kids in. Marriage is a completely insane notion for men, and even if you have kids with a chick she can take them away at a moment’s notice. At least in the 40s there were “guarantees” that if you married a chick, you’d have a wife and access to your kids for the rest of your life…these days the whole system is designed around women following their eat, pray, love whims and fucking guys over completely. It’ll be interesting to see how the marriage strike pans out…I read that British Columbia has just made everyone who’s retroactively been together for 2 years officially legally married. That’s some scary shit, but I suspect that that kind of thing will become more common down the road…men have wised up and no longer see marriage as benefitial, but there’s an abundance of single moms out there so somehow the government will have to force us to take care of them.

it’s all pretty bleak to me lol I have zero interest in taking part in that whole system while it is how it is.

Near as I can figure it, the best you can do if you want children is meet a ton of chicks so you have a lot of choice to select from and you learn what characteristics you do and don’t like in women, then screen for a chick who’s generally pretty decent, forgive her few flaws, be the best man you can be, and hope for the best.

Nobody is owed a happy ending, despite what Disney told us. That can depress you or that can free you, it’s all a matter of perspective. :)

The Unique Challenge Of Entitlement Whores (And The Four Types Of Girl Texts)

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on March 20, 2013 at 12:24 pm
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#2. Ahhh. Enlightening. I’ve found that quite annoying in the past–hey, I asked a real, non-bitchy question, and instead I get back something like “lol whatever” or “OK, Perfesser, wanna take off your mortarboard for a minute?”

Dude, I wanted to know if you liked Tarantino movies because I’m having friends over for a marathon and wanted to see if you’d like an invite.

I always just figured that the flippant response to a genuine question indicated that he was Just Not That Into Me, and would stop answering. Is it possible, based on #2, that they were just trying to run Game?

  • YaReally
    on March 20, 2013 at 4:41 pm
    Original Link

    “Dude, I wanted to know if you liked Tarantino movies because I’m having friends over for a marathon and wanted to see if you’d like an invite.”

    Q for you. When you were planning to invite him over for a marathon with your friends:

    1) Had you fucked him yet?

    And 2) had you decided fully whether you wanted to fuck him yet? (ie – were you hoping under the invite that it would lead to you and him fucking that night, or him romantically seducing you or however you want to put it lol)

    There’s an important game-related point in this that I’d like to make, based on your answers.

    • RappaccinisDaughter
      on March 20, 2013 at 4:54 pm
      Original Link

      Well, WordPress just ate my last reply; I hope it doesn’t eat this one.

      1. No.
      2. Not 100% decided but potentially interested.

      • YaReally
        on March 21, 2013 at 3:12 pm
        Original Link

        lol, ya I figured both of those responses.

        Not going to address what he was trying to do with his response because fuck it who knows, dude might be a game genius or a retard, and I’m not real concerned with girl-probs.

        But for the guys reading I wanted to point out how girls think and why, if you haven’t fucked her yet, you NEVER want to go do whatever it is she invites you to do.

        What happens is guys want to get the lay, and the girl invites them over, or out to a bar she’ll be at, or to wherever she works (like a shooter-girl working at the club that night), or to some event she’s going to, etc. If she’s super hot or a shooter-girl at a club etc. she might even txt him all this flirty “baby come see me tonight I miss youuu” shit.

        Now understandably the guy logically thinks “sweet, she WANTS to see me, she WANTS me to come, I’m totally gonna’ get to bang her!!” and he runs off to wherever she is.

        But what ACTUALLY happens like 90% of the time, if you go meet up with a girl on her terms/ground, before you’ve actually stuck your P in her V?

        You get to her place to watch Tarantino movies and she has like 4 friends there. 1 is a Mother Hen who hates your ass because she liked the girl’s ex more than you. 1 is a socially awkward penguin who doesn’t know when to take a hint and leave you two alone for some privacy. The other 2 are Orbiter White Knight chodes who have been in her friend-zone for years but are both hoping tonight’s the night they finally get her and they sure as shit aren’t having any of this new guy so they linger and don’t leave and try to out-wait you to be alone with her, and she’s either oblivious or pretends to be oblivious to their crushes on her.

        AWESOME LOGISTICS. lol. The end result is you waste your day watching movies you’re only watching because you wanted to bang her, and you’re stuck hanging with people who don’t want you to fuck her or don’t realize you’re trying to fuck her, and you end up going home with your dick in your hand because you have shit to do the next morning and can’t out-wait the Orbiters all night.

        And then you’re annoyed with the girl for inviting you over but then making it extremely difficult to fuck her. You think “wtf??? I thought she wanted to fuck me?! Why would she invite those stupid guys over? Why wouldn’t she tell her friends it’s time for them to go home so we can be alone? (she can’t do this, of course, it sets off her ASD) Why was her ex-boyfriend there and she was fucking FLIRTING with him in front of me?! wtf??”

        Another scenario is her inviting you out to the bar she’s at. So you think “sweet, a girl inviting me to drink with her at the bar, she totally wants to fuck me!” and you cancel your plans with your friends and hop in a cab to the other side of the city to some shitty bar she said she’s at.

        Of course, when you get there, there are 4 other dudes. 2 of them are randoms her friends flirted with to get free drinks, and the other 2 are Orbiters she txted the same time she txted you…of course she wants YOU, she doesn’t WANT those Orbiters…but they’re going to make sure they’re driving her home White Knight style later in the night. And her ASD will be too far through the roof to tell them “go away guys I want to suck this new guy’s dick”.

        On top of that, she’s a regular at that bar so all the staff and everyone there knows her. And despite loving the attention she might try to make time for you, but the other guys there don’t want to give her time with you…even if they aren’t her Orbiters, they’re her “friends” and don’t know you and automatically don’t trust you because you can befriend a few of them but not the whole fucking bar of regulars.

        End of the night, your buddies are txting “how’d it go?” and you’re alone in a booth txting “fuuuck can’t get rid of these stupid guys!!” while they’re buying her drinks and flirting with her in front of you because they don’t give a fuck about befriending you, they have more history with her than you do and have been after her for longer than you’ve known her. You cab it all the way back home solo and annoyed with her.

        The next day she’s completely oblivious to why you would be annoyed. And on top of it, she gives you shit for leaving without saying goodbye like you’re the asshole lol (meanwhile in reality she was surrounded by 4 Orbiters and flirting with them for 20 min when you finally got bored enough to say “fuck this” and walk out).

        This is SUCH a frequent thing that happens, it’s ridiculous.

        It’s different AFTER you’ve fucked. Once you’ve fucked, you’re a fuckbuddy not an Orbiter. Then you can go in and just grab her and make out with her and be like “fuck all these other guys” and they can’t do anything about it because you’ve had your dick in her and know you will again later that night.

        That’s why my questions were “Had you fucked him yet?” and “Had you decided you wanted to yet?”

        Because Rappaccini hadn’t fucked him yet, but was “potentially interested”, she invites him over to hang with a bunch of her friends which in her mind is a friendly invite and she doesn’t think “how exactly is he going to fuck me with these logistics I’m setting up?” or “how is this meet-up conducive at ALL to building attraction between us?” She just figures it’ll “just happen” because to girls it “just happens”.

        Basically girls do the equivalent of “I really need to borrow your toaster, can you bring it over? btw I just installed an electric fence, 5 guard dogs, a spike pit, and my doorbell is electrified! What? You mean that’s going to be a problem? I don’t understand why it would be a problem!!”

        Often she legitimately has the best of intentions…like she IS into the guy and DOES hope they’ll sleep together, but then she shits out a bunch of obstacles to that happening and is oblivious to why it doesn’t happen…and then ends up losing attraction for the guy because he wasn’t able to make it happen lol

        You might think this behavior is insane. And you are correct. :)

        But it DOES make sense. Because remember, she’s screening you for Provider potential. So what’s a good way to find out more about you without having to have sex with you first? Invite you out to a situation where it’s impossible to fuck her. She gets more face time with you and can sub-consciously do more screening and have you invest more, and she doesn’t have to fuck you because there’s no way you’ll overcome all the obstacles she sub-consciously set up.

        Anyway, so my point is: never ever ever go meet up with a girl on her terms before you’ve fucked her. You are 1000x better off flaking on her or replying to her gay invite with nonsense etc. and then inviting her out on your terms (to meet up with you at your bar where you’re socially proofed, to come over to your house where you won’t invite anyone else over or anyone you invite over you’ll happily tell to GTFO when it’s time to fuck her, etc.).

        This also translates into another area where girls basically cockblock themselves: Letting the girl lead the interaction.

        When a girl is leading the conversation, she’ll ask questions that are based around screening you as a provider and setting a commitment frame, because that’s what girls generally want.

        So her leading the conversation will be full of “So what do you do?” and “How long have you lived here?” and “What’s your background?” and “How many brothers/sisters do you have?” zzzzz…

        Is any of that making her gina tingle? No. It’s her logical brain screening you to be a Provider before you’ve even fucked her. The end result? If you fail her screening, you don’t get laid OR another date. If you PASS her screening, even if you PASS it, she places you in the Provider category. And do girls fuck a Provider on the first date? No, they don’t want him to think she’s a slut…they make him wait a few dates and invest in her first (of course they go home and txt a non-Provider like myself or have you drop her at my place lol).

        When YOU take charge, you can skip all that bullshit and keep the conversation about sex and spiking her buying temperature and running her through emotions and doing push/pull so you can get her in an aroused excited attracted state where you can actually fuck her. She’s not going to do that to herself when you let her lead.

        So whenever you let the girl lead the conversation, or accept an invite to meet up with her on her terms, you’re basically letting her sabotage her own seduction…a seduction that she actually WANTS lol

        And you can’t get mad at girls for this…most of the time (aside from the occasional chick who LIKES to watch guys fight over her) they do it with just complete obliviousness to how they’re cockblocking themselves and you.

        Best to just ignore her invites and learn to lead the conversation. A guy who answers all her boring mundane questions and goes out to her favorite bar to meet her is infinitely less likely to get the lay than a guy who ignores her questions/invites and steamrolls over her and then has her meet up with him on his terms.

        Thanks for answering the Qs Rapp. I had a feeling this would be a good demonstration of these rules lol

        • RappaccinisDaughter
          on March 21, 2013 at 4:02 pm
          Original Link

          You’re welcome, and thank you.

          Fascinating to see how this is processed from the other side, Ya.

          You’re right–there’s no malice there. What we’re thinking, consciously, is “I’m actually interested in this guy, but I don’t know him very well yet. I want to get to know him better before I make any decisions I can’t unmake, but all my life training is that those initial stages of getting to know him should happen somewhere ‘public’ or at least ‘in my comfort zone.’ And I should keep it low-key so both of us have a graceful ‘out’ if we decide we don’t like each other that much after all.”

          • YaReally
            on March 21, 2013 at 7:17 pm
            Original Link

            Right exactly, and that makes COMPLETE sense in your mind.

            Unfortunately we know that familiarity and comfort and knowing everything about someone, especially before they’ve had sex with you, can do more harm than good in terms of attraction. I mean what else is a Friend Zoned guy but a guy who’s spent a ton of time with you mostly in public places while you got to know everything about him? Compare that or the sexual attraction a wife has for her predictable unmysterious husband 10 years into a marriage, to the tingles from the mysterious bad boy charmer who sweeps you off your feet.

            Your goal of “getting to know him” is often in direct competition with his goal of “put my penis inside her”.

            Unfortunately only one of those goals tends to lead to an actual relationship…the girl’s goal ends up with another friend-zoned orbiter (and she can’t understand why the spark just wasn’t there after he DLVs himself by not being able to overcome the insane obstacle course she set up for him). The guy’s goal of actually banging before spending a month hanging out with her platonically, ends up with a sexual exciting passionate relationship.

            So when a guy voluntarily meets a girl on her terms he should understand that her goal is essentially to friend zone him (logically she thinks she’ll want to fuck him the more she knows him but again we all know that’s not the way it usually works or all these friend-zone orbiters would be up to their ears in pussy) and so he should ignore her invites, flake on them, make up excuses to avoid them, etc. and then counter-offer either then or another day, a meet-up on HIS terms, where it might actually lead to sex which might actually lead to a relationship.

            This is why I call it cockblocking yourself, because the end goal if he slept with you would be closer to what you want than if he orbits you lol

            I think it’s fascinating. It’s like someone on a diet stocking their fridge with junk food and not being able to connect the dots that its going to sabotage their goal. It’s one of the many little cognitive dissonances that make up a girl’s wiring.

            It’s similar to when a girl meets a bad boy, then slowly reforms him into a nice guy, and then is mystified that she’s no longer attracted to him and leaves him for a bad boy, who she again starts to beta…and the end time she’s completely oblivious to how her own attraction switches work and how she’s ultimately fucking herself over lol

on March 20, 2013 at 3:19 pm
Original Link

A big part of my txt game is that I make EVERYTHING sexual as often as possible.

1) Shit Text:
“I’m bored. Entertain me.”
“I’m not sending you dick pics, sorry.”

Typically if we haven’t banged and she’s shy she’ll try to backpeddal with a “lol that’s not what I meant!” response which I’ll just plow over with a “Lies. I read your mind. You’re thinking about me spinning it like a helicopter right now. Perv. Now I have work to do, so quit distracting me.” and usually I can escalate that into getting her to send me titty-pics to try to distract me.

Or she’ll agree and play along sarcastically like “aww how did you know that was my plan all along!” which means she’s DTF in general and I’ll just escalate the same way (“I’m at work quit distracting me with your dirty talk or I’ll have to hide a boner under my desk.” which usually also leads to titty pics), and eventually I’ll just scold her for bugging me and arrange a lay for that night.

Note that in both scenarios I’m steering the conversation toward sex (even in an illogical way) and I’m making her react to me (saying something outlandish, accusing her of being a pervert, etc).

2) The Logical Question:
Don’t let girls ask questions. They’re dumb and boring and kill the flirty sexual vibe. A girl will come on here and say shit like “oh I just really wanted to know if he likes this band” but they don’t understand that that’s as helpful to the sexual vibe as a guy asking her “so…do you like this weather we’re having?”

Girls don’t HAVE to worry about setting a sexual tone to the relationship because they have tits so every guy everywhere will attempt to set a sexual tone. So they can’t wrap their head around the concept of “I wanted to fuck him, then I asked him all these logical questions to get to know him better, and then for some reason I didn’t really feel the spark anymore and now he’s my friend I complain about other guys I’m fucking to” They generally don’t understand that they killed the vibe by asking logical boring questions before they’ve started any kind of sexual relationship with the guy, and that the guy helped kill the vibe by answering those questions.

Of course the chick-response to what I just wrote will usually be something like “well I need to get to know a guy before I’m interested in him because girls need trust comfort and a connection before they can feel comfortable having sex with a guy” which is bullshit to anyone with any decent amount of game who fucks girls without telling them his name or what he does for a living etc (and the chick-response to that will of course be “sure slutty girls don’t care but us high-quality women…..”). Or maybe something like “well I know everything about my husband and I love him so quit teaching guys these silly games” if they didn’t read carefully where I wrote that this is all for before you’ve started a sexual relationship together…after you’ve fucked go ahead and ask boring logical questions and start building a deeper relationship.

ANYWAY, that all said, respond sexually even if you answer her question:

“Do you like BandX?”
“Ya, I have 3 of their songs in my sexxin playlist lol”

“What do you do?”
“Flirt with girls and get into trouble.”
“Lol no I mean for work”
“Oh I wouldn’t call it work, it’s actually pretty fun.”
“God you never give me a straight answer”
“Alright come over tonight and I’ll answer all your questions over breakfast.”
“Omg I’m not staying over all night”
“Oh good then I won’t have to make up a fake early-morning business meeting.”
“You’re terrible!! Lol”
“Terribly good in bed, yes, yes I am.”

Again it’s all sexual and making her react to me. Compare that with:

“What do you do?”
“I’m an Accountant at BoringPlace.”
“Oh that’s nice”
“So what do you do?”
“I’m a–”zzzzzzzz…..

In both cases she asks logical questions that will kill the flirty sexual vibe and gina tingles. But how you respond to it determines wether you get friend zoned or her sucking your dick.

3) The Overt Compliment
Again make it sexual.

“you make me laugh!”
“Enjoy it while you can. After I disappoint you in the sack, you’ll say I make you cry.”
“You’ll be saying THAT too. Lol”

“You’re kind of cute”
“I’m funny too, be careful it’s a dangerous combo. One minute you’re laughing and thinking about how cute I am and the next you’re naked and handcuffed to my bed. Don’t worry they’ll be the fuzzy handcuffs.”
“Omg you’re crazy!!”
“Crazy in bed. Now quit thinking about sex, I’m trying to get some work done. We can hang out tonight, you free around 7?”

Again it’s just making it sexual and forcing her to react to you. And like CH says push for the meet-up ASAP cause this is an ioi. Do it casually though, and if she turns you down that’s fine, just keep running your game and push again another time. Not a single fuck should be given.

A lot of the hotter girls will turn you down or flake on you the first time just to see how you handle it (do you get butt-hurt because you’re insecure and desperate or do you not give a fuck because you have other hotter girls you can bang instead of her?).

4) Silence
I just say really offensive sexual shit. Either react to me so I can try turning things around, or delete my number, I’m fine with either one lol.

Julien from RSD had a funny one where he’d try calling a girl and she wouldn’t answer the phone so he’d txt “such a slut.” to get her to react…then he’d call and she’d pick up because now she needed to know why he thought she was a slut, and now that she’s on the phone he just goes “oh I was just kidding. So anyway–” and games from there lol

I think it’s in the 2nd half of his “be shameless” video on youtube if you want to hear it told better.

Anyway again the point is to keep things sexual. He could have said “you’re an idiot” but he implied she’s a slut instead, which is sexual. And again he’s forcing her to react to him.

As much as I love stuff like “gay” or the feeling of a dropping s really good ego-scathing burn, or being James Bond cool with one-word replies, etc., a lot of that is more for being able to tell your buddies what “cool” thing you said and get props for it, or to assuage your own dented ego (“I showed THAT bitch”), than it is actually efficient and productive for getting the lay.

My txt game is retardedly solid, and I don’t even share my A-material here because I don’t want some chick googling it on a whim…but you can absolutely escalate via txt and rapidly create a sexual vibe/relationship with a chick just by tapping away at your phone screen.

Remember: Turn it sexual and force her to react. Do that in your real life approaches too. The guys who get friend zoned don’t make things sexual (either they’re not sexual themselves or they’ve been socially conditioned to believe that girls aren’t sexual and would be offended), and they react to the girl (answering her logical questions, trying to qualify themselves out of a shit-test, supplicating to her requests for entertainment etc).

Oh, one last note. I have a buddy who would approach girls at tables at the bar and with a bored expression on his face and in his body-language he’d say “Girls, I’m bored. Entertain me.” and just stare at them expectantly. It was a really solid opener for his personality lol the girls loved it and it forced them to react/qualify themselves right from the start.

on March 20, 2013 at 3:35 pm
Original Link

holy fucking lol’ed so hard at the ice cream man video in CH’s twitter. Dude is a boss. That interaction has like a dozen little dynamics going on in their facial expressions and body-language. You can tell everything about their relationship and his alpha value from this like 10 second clip.

Beta guys with no game will think he was a jerk and got in trouble when he got home and he should buy her ice cream and apologize.

Red Pill guys know exactly how that guy’s night went. Lol

  • YaReally
    on March 20, 2013 at 3:43 pm
    Original Link

    The 2nd pause they do, that facial expression and body language of like “bitch you HEARD me. Did you think I was joking?” is the one that you want to give when you tell a girl not to do something and she does it anyway to shit-test you. Lol.

    Love this clip, and I like that the announcer guys are focused entirely on her reactions and how she feels and how much trouble guy “know” they’re in when their woman looks at them like that etc. it’s a good demonstration of how socially conditioned brainwashing has most of the guys in society reacting to women and worried about appeasing women and not being “in the doghouse”. It wouldn’t even occur to them that that guy could have the mentality of “you said you didn’t want ice cream when I offered so too bad. Next time don’t be retarded. Okay you can have a bit now that you’ve learned your lesson.”

    It’s like watching a really small minor Soft Next in action. Beautiful.

    • Scray
      on March 20, 2013 at 3:56 pm
      Original Link

      Hey is there any way you could break down my latest FR? I only ask because I’m leaving soon for spring break, so I’m not gonna get the chance to ‘sarge’ normally for two weeks, but I really want to make use of every bit of advice I can get to use at this tropical vacation spot.

      If you can’t break it down, like anything would be appreciated…some more videos that make whatever points you want to make…etc.

      • YaReally
        on March 20, 2013 at 4:29 pm
        Original Link

        no prob I’ll check it out ASAP!

        Remember all those girls are at a vacation spot to get laid lol there’s sunshine and alcohol and shit back home, but there’s also boyfriends and judgemental friends/peers/co-workers, a lack of anonymity, consequences for their actions, etc. ;)

        • immoralgables
          on March 20, 2013 at 8:40 pm
          Original Link

          @YaReally @Scray

          My bad for hijacking your guys thread but heads up I finished the 30 Day Challenge this past weekend. Scray, it’s easy if you live in a big city like me but you also mentioned you’re in college so I think it’s possible.

          It helped a lot. You won’t end up being a rockstar knee-deep in poon but you will definitely level up. I had a fuckton of mini-victories and epiphanies and highly suggest it. I laid my first cute girl (hb6.5) in less than 3 hours of facetime (met her out on a Monday and saw her again Tues night) but also got rejected a lot and was put in stressful situations this past month. The lay isn’t even a victory in my mind yet the way I handled myself in the stressful situations (bitchy girls, AMOGs, large crowds, etc, etc, etc!) was way more important to me.

          Do what you want Scray and no doubt you will get to where you want to go but consider a 30 Day Challenge, especially if you’re in college.

          Your guys back and forth on the Field Reports has been very informative and Scray, keep up the awesome work I remember your first comment months ago about the bewilderment you felt when the girl turned you down after you tried to come up from behind and grind her. Keep rocking on bro

          • YaReally
            on March 21, 2013 at 1:25 am
            Original Link

            Sorry I didn’t give your challenge reports a breakdown btw! These things take me forever to write and I’ve been working like a dog this month and when you’re out every single night there’s SO much going on that it’s like shit, where to even start lol

            Any specific questions/sticking-points you ran into in the last 30 days though, feel free to ask ‘em and I’ll see if I can help. :)

            Massive props for doing the challenge! You’ve officially gone out more in the last 30 days than like 90% of the Manosphere has in a year. lol I’m planning to do a 30+ day challenge this summer. I’ve never actually done a consistent 30 days in a row but I have a good opportunity free-time-wise coming up! Psyched for it!

          • YaReally
            on March 21, 2013 at 2:13 pm
            Original Link

Scientific Evidence That Men Will Choose Women Over Money

Original Link

via Heartiste

on March 18, 2013 at 1:48 pm
Original Link

That’s the way it works in the wild and why men have been told by wiser, more civilized men to defer gratification from the poontang and get their status and provisioning act together first.

Of course, I signed on to a Southern Shotgun Wedding at age 17 so I can speak from experience – but then I went on to proudly sire and raise a large family.

That’s also the mechanism advertisers use to get men to blow their hard earned money – put up a photo of a sexy woman as sucker bait.

Men – know your weaknesses!

  • Ace Haley
    on March 18, 2013 at 4:00 pm
    Original Link

    You mean men are better served staying virgins until their late 20s/early 30s? Not gonna happen

    • Whitehall
      on March 18, 2013 at 5:12 pm
      Original Link

      Nope. You better serve yourself by staying home and studying rather than going out drinking every night.

      You better serve yourself by taking a difficult, time-consuming course of study than “communications” or “political science.”

      You better serve yourself by delaying marriage until your later 20′s/early 30′s, putting your energies into starting your career, and then marrying an early 20-something.

      Yea, real men will want to chase tail at all ages. Just balance where you put your time and energy more towards investment and less into consumption.

      • Lily
        on March 18, 2013 at 5:32 pm
        Original Link

        So true! Sometimes you can’t engage in instant gratification. Only weak men fall prey to their desires all the time. Sometimes you have to delay gratification and do what will be better for you in the long run. Women love men who have conviction and a sense of purpose. A man chasing tail while putting his career on the backburner, is like a man who drinks at the expense of his health. He gives off a sense of weakness and loserishness. It’s doesn’t promote her looking up to him. Women get turned on by men who are powerful physically as well as mentally.

        • YaReally
          on March 18, 2013 at 6:26 pm
          Original Link

          I’ll shit on this “chasing pussy is for losers” notion a bit: There are situations where it’s important to hyper-focus on making up a massive deficit in an area of your life.

          If you are 400lbs, hyper-focus on working out and dieting a major focus of your life for a while till you’re down to something reasonable and have built up good eating habits. If that means passing up wing night with your buddies, or going to bed early, or being a little tired at work because you’re sore from your workout, who cares, you need to focus for a bit and get on track to fix an area you seriously lack in.

          If you’re poor as fuck, there’ll come points where you need to hyper-focus on work and earning money. If that means staying in to study for exams, turning down booty-calls to get some extra work done, staying in on a weekend to focus on a business you’re starting up, you have such a massive deficit in that area that its good to focus and get on track.

          If you have no social skills and your love life is shit and you have no idea how to make friends or attract girls or get a girlfriend and that’s something you want, well guess what, it’s time to hyper-focus and get that handled. If it means going into work tired because you were out late, or spending some money on new clothes/style etc, or putting work on auto-pilot in the background or even taking a job that’s conducive to these skills (sales, customer service, bar industry, etc) then fucking do it. That’s fine, don’t let people give you shit for fixing the massive deficit you’ve found in your life.

          Once you get on track in these things you can chill a bit and decide what your overall priorities in life are. But you won’t get good with girls if you start from being socially inept by going out once a month. Just like you won’t start a successful business by working once a month or get in shape by going to the gym once a month.

          If you lack in just one major area but the others are decently handled, fuck it, put those on auto-pilot and catch your lacking skillset up to them. Once you’re doing alright in all areas you can figure out how much of your time/energy you prefer to devote to each area and figure out a schedule where you can keep all areas in good shape.

          • YaReally
            on March 18, 2013 at 10:06 pm
            Original Link


            If you mean me, I was responding to “A man chasing tail while putting his career on the backburner, is like a man who drinks at the expense of his health. He gives off a sense of weakness and loserishness.” I don’t basically agree with that at all.

          • YaReally
            on March 20, 2013 at 6:12 pm
            Original Link


            That was an epically polite response lol

            “Not everyone who reads these blogs suffers from major deficiencies in this particular space”

            I get what you’re saying, and when I give advice to friends in real life I couch it in all sorts of digestible polite ways.

            But on here I’m just info-dumping for the hard-cases because I was a hard-case and I would’ve stumbled across this site if it had existed back in the day and bullshit like:

            “A man chasing tail while putting his career on the backburner, is like a man who drinks at the expense of his health. He gives off a sense of weakness and loserishness.”

            and “But the effort they put into it in their 20s pays dividends throughout their lives, because by the time they are in their mid-30s every hot female alive wants to date those guys.”

            …is the kind of stuff that would have let me rationalize “oh a GIRL said I’ll be a loser and weak if I chase tail and if I just focus on a good career I’ll have every hot female alive wanting to date me, so I’m going to focus on my career instead of chasing tail!” and gone another 10 years as a virgin wondering why girls don’t want to even date me, let alone touch my cock, and then become a rich-ass doctor who still can’t get laid to save my fucking life except by gold-diggers and hookers.

            Most women and a lot of guys who were never really socially inept don’t understand how damaging a lot of these little shitty mindsets and beliefs people brainwash men with can be.

            Like this dude’s account is what a *TON* of men (including myself) have gone through or are going through:


            These are the guys I’m tailoring my message for, the guys who have their life mostly together will do just fine in life if they skip over my comments, I don’t really care if I reach out to them or not.


            “If I remember your older comments, you’re living proof the “hyper focus” approach works.”

            Yup. I lived/breathed/slept pickup hardcore for a few years. Now I just go out on the weekends because I have this area of my life handled enough.

            “Now what’s strange is that if you’re good at pulling ass but broke, its easy to focus on making money and NOT spending in it on chasing women. You understand exactly how cheap and common pussy is.”

            Yup. This is what I’m doing now. My financial situ is somewhere between “broke” and “poor as fuck”, so I’m focusing on money. But it’s easy to focus on money because I have girls txt’ing me every week wanting to fuck lol if anything it’s almost annoying having to snub them as much as I do because I know that I’ll lose some of them (turn down a casual fuckbuddy enough times and she finds someone else who’s more available).

            Meanwhile how many of the guys who can’t get pussy are slaving away at their careers and spending their fri/sat nights alone and lonely feeling unloved and unwanted? I’d bet it’s a lot more than the guy who can get pussy worries that he can’t afford a steak dinner now and then.

            Oh boy, here we go.

            “chasing chicks at the expense of a man’s career isn’t that smart, if that is all he does all the time.”

            Agreed. That’s why I advocate a period of hyper-focus and then balance it out into a normal schedule. But even THEN, if a guy has decided he doesn’t care about money or keeping up with the Jones’es, and he loves relationships and poon, who are you to tell him he isn’t smart? Should he adopt your value system instead of his own?

            Ultimately every man has to choose for himself what’s important in his life, even if Lily on the internet thinks he should work on his doctorate so he can buy her nice things when they get married. This is why, while I think the MGTOW guys are a little mis-guided, I can respect that they’ve decided what’s important to them and live congruently to that. Even if I think they’re nuts, they don’t give a shit what I think, so hey, good on them for deciding their own value-system instead of letting myself or society do it for them.

            “However, if you never agree to work late and always choose to leave at 5 pm for happy hour when you know it has an adverse effect on your career, then that makes you a weak-minded instant-gratification man who acts more like a teenager than a man with a purpose and responsibility.”

            What if your career isn’t that important to you? What if at Happy Hour you meet the woman of your dreams who’s a fantastic mother and you raise fine children together into your old age? What if when you’re out socializing you meet business contacts who help you get a better job or move into a different industry that pays more? What if you were a shut-in nerd growing up and while everyone else was having fun and living life and having relationships and friends and feeling loved, you were alone in your computer room until you finally learned how to socialize and meet people and attract women?

            What if you just LIKE socializing and going to happy hour and interacting with other people fullfills you more than slaving away at your desk to earn some bling?

            Again, who are you to decide what things are important to other people?

            Read that incel guy’s account of what being alone is like. As a girl, you probably haven’t had to understand how it feels to not have another human being even TOUCH you for 10+ years of your life, while everyone around you is loving life and having fun. You can say “oh just focus on your career” because the whole time you’re focused on your career 90% of the guys around you are trying to stick their dick in you…whether they’re attractive or not to you isn’t relevant, the point is they’re there if you needed them…a guy, meanwhile, can end up with not even fat ugly chicks wanting him because he’s not blessed with good looks or game and spends all his time working and the girls he works with are surrounded by other guys they’re more attracted to.

            “How do you think DRs are made?”

            lol I know how they’re made because I party with them (and students training to become them) regularly. And you know what most of them are doing? Partying at the bars every weekend (minus exam time) to relieve the stress of their studying/work. And they’re fucking like rabbits and hooking up with eachother.

            Except for Bob. Because Bob listened to you and he stayed in to study instead of going out with the rest of his class. You’ll recognize Bob down the road when you see him on the news shooting up a theatre.

            “But the effort they put into it in their 20s pays dividends throughout their lives, because by the time they are in their mid-30s every hot female alive wants to date those guys.”

            Oh, okay. Then the guys on Death Row at the bar, who are good looking, have money, accomplished careers, etc. but go home alone every week don’t actually exist. And the accomplished guys I know who spend 80hrs a week working are ACTUALLY having sex all the time because women just fall from the sky and throw their vaginas at them.

            I met one guy who, when he started learning about game, was depressed as fuck…because he only went to med school because he believed it would help him get a good girlfriend down the road. Then, after a bunch of sexless years of his adulthood wasted, he realized “ohh the way to get a good girlfriend is to learn how to attract girls…except now I’m locked into a program that will consume all of my 20s and part of my 30s”.

            “Just their status alone screams alpha, even if they are beta at the visceral level.”

            No, you’re just spouting socially-conditioned bullshit right now. I know and hang out with a fuck-ton of highly accomplished guys who’s careers should give them alpha status, but who are beta and alone and haven’t had sex in years because that doesn’t translate to being able to attract women.

            This is the stuff I was talking about up above that fucks guys up. Because you have a set of tits so they go “fuck what YaReally says, let’s listen to Lily, a girl, she says I’ll be alpha as fuck if I become a doctor and I’ll get unlimited pussy, so I’m going to continue wasting the best years of my life.” And then those guys become rich-ass accomplished dudes…and they have to pay for hookers because they can’t get pussy.

            “Working hard in your 20s and early 30s so that you are successful by the time your mid 30s roll around, is a very smart strategy for men.”

            It is definitely a very smart strategy for men who want to create an identity based around providing nice expensive things for a woman.

            You know what’s a good strategy for men? Escaping the rat-race and experiencing life and living for themselves and their own values instead of for your approval or whether they’d make a good provider for a woman or not.

            You can start a business at 45, guys do it all the time. If you’re 45 and trying to start learning pickup, you’ve lost out on 20 solid years of experiences with women and it’s an uphill battle because of your age.

            Now if a guy REALLY wants to become a doctor and he’s comfortable with the fact that 1) he’s going to miss out on a lot of experiences with women in his prime and 2) becoming a doctor will *NOT* guarantee him any kind of pussy whatsoever, like he’s 100% doing it because he wants to, that’s cool, go for it dude.

            But a ton of guys are following the bullshit people like you peddle about how once they have a good career a magical perfect woman will fall from the sky and they’re in for an extremely hard reality-check when it doesn’t happen…all they can do from there is lament wasting most of their life chasing a dream you sold them, and play catch-up and hope they can recover.

            “but many times one can find the golden mean and do both with the understating that if it came down to it, pussy comes second.”

            Pussy only comes second when it’s an option for you. Again you probably can’t relate to this because even if you were hideously ugly you could still throw a profile up on a dating site and have 20 guys offering you dick in a week.

            In your mind you’re saying “well since getting laid isn’t really a big deal, they should focus on their careers”. Again, read that incel guy’s account of what life as an incel is like and all the pain and frustration involved. And understand that *FAR* more men live life like that than you’re aware or or than will ever admit it to anyone around them. You’re saying “c’mon starving Ethiopian child, you should focus on eating fresh vegetables instead of that McDonald’s burger in front of you!”

            “and that means he should also find the time to better his social skills with the ladies.”

            Make up your mind. Should he spend all his time studying, or should he better his social skills? Oh, that’s right, you think social skills aren’t a big deal to learn because as a woman you were forced to socialize and learn those skills from the time you sprouted tits. Meanwhile the 24yo who’s been living in his computer room playing Warcraft for 5 years and has no one inviting him out to parties and no friends except online, is spending another night jacking off to porn and wondering if he should lose his virginity to a hooker.

            Again, this is why women shouldn’t give advice on this shit. You just can’t relate to the world a lot of guys who google “how to get a girlfriend” are coming from.

            “I just don’t think that cheap sex with bar sluts and one-night stands should always come before mastering your career.”

            Cool, those are your priorities. I don’t think girls should come before my career either, but that’s because now I’ve had sex and I know I can GET girls.

            “On the other hand, for women, preserving beauty, looking hot and the best you can, and focusing less on a career and more on catching a guy for the purpose of marriage is what makes a woman a winner and not a loser. Career-only oriented women, as well as women who chase bums, drug addicts, jerks, losers, PUAs who will never marry them, one-night stands, or friends-with-benefits arrangements are also loser-make in women. ”

            You’re a very judgemental person.

            “Life is partly about weighing the positives against the negatives and making choices.”

            Agreed. The disconnect is that to you “getting laid” isn’t as big a positive as “making money”. Ask the incel guy when he’s debating losing his virginity to a hooker (since he can afford to pay for one, he has a ton of money because he spend his 20s on his career), or before he slits his wrists alone in his apartment, if “making money” is more of a positive than “getting laid”.

            “Therefore, we all have to think super carefully before every step we make.”

            That’s why we shouldn’t listen to you or social conditioning that tells us “go break your back and miss out on life for your entire 20s and most of your 30s, so you can finally start enjoying life at 34…except then you have a heart attack from the stress at 35. Oops.”

            “and you have nothing else to entice a woman besides your personality.”

            That’s really all you need.

            “By that time, you’ll have no professional success but your pussy procurement might be at its highest. Does that spell success to you?”

            If you consider the end result of success is “being in a loving relationship and raising children”, how is being charming enough to marry a rich chick and raising children with her any different than busting your ass to be a provider for a poor chick and raising children with her? The end result is the same. You could even start your own business and become accomplished while with a rich chick.

            I’m not saying that’s the goal, but I’m saying there are other options/paths/goals than the one you picture. Because all you’re picturing is what you want in a guy to make you happy, you don’t really give a shit what the guy wants.

            “You just have to decide what’s more important to you, make a decision, and live with it.”

            Is that what you’re saying now? Because earlier you said: “A man chasing tail while putting his career on the backburner, is like a man who drinks at the expense of his health. He gives off a sense of weakness and loserishness.” and “On the other hand, for women, preserving beauty, looking hot and the best you can, and focusing less on a career and more on catching a guy for the purpose of marriage is what makes a woman a winner and not a loser. Career-only oriented women, as well as women who chase bums, drug addicts, jerks, losers, PUAs who will never marry them, one-night stands, or friends-with-benefits arrangements are also loser-make in women.”

            So which is it? Should other people live up to their own values and pursue their own goals and priorities, or should they all conform to what the soliplistic Lily demands?

            You don’t even have to respond to any of this, I don’t care, I know I’m not going to convince you of anything and I have other shit to do lol I’m just writing all this for that incel lurker out there who’s reading your nonsense while he takes a break from working overtime chasing a socially conditioned dream to google “how do I get a girlfriend?” because he’s starting to wonder if he’s going to be alone forever. Sup, buddy. Don’t worry, it’ll all be okay. Keep reading the Chateau. lol

Reader Mailbag: Goosing The Gunt

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on March 15, 2013 at 7:31 pm
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First up, it’s St. Patty’s Weekend. Any guy going out, this is a good weekend to work on your flash game and fast escalation…a bunch of chicks will have the “Kiss me, I’m Irish!” shirts/stickers/etc. on. The irony is that a lot of guys won’t actually make out with them because it seems too good to be true and they talk themselves out of it. Just grab them and go for it instantly. Of course if they’ve made out with a bunch of dudes before you then you’re technically making out with those dudes and now you’re gay. lol. No but seriously, go out and have fun this weekend…chicks will be letting loose like crazy.

E-Mail 1: “What is the alpha way to suggest that your gf should watch her weight”

Get yourself in shape and flirt with other girls. She’ll either try to sabotage your efforts so she can stay fat (in which case you know what kind of woman you’re in an LTR with and should reconsider long-term plans with her), or she’ll get in shape to keep you.

E-Mail 2: “I live with my girlfriend who has no job. Should I pay for her or is that beta?”

If she’s actually looking for a job, go for it. If she’s not and she starts wanting to fuck without a condom, she’s trying to get herself preggers so she has an excuse not to get a job and then you’re stuck paying for her and the kid. Watch your condom stash for pin-holes till she’s working again. :P

E-Mail 3: “I’ve noticed more subtle shots at my confidence/power from the people around me, as if they recognize (sense?) my alphaness and want to test it.”

They’re not malicious (even if it seems like it), they’re just testing your congruency because they want to make sure you really are who you’re portraying…they’re just sort of suspicious of your new behaviors and need to know they can trust you. Just keep chill and hold your frame. The stronger frame ALWAYS wins, eventually they’ll come to accept you as you are. This happens to EVERYONE who starts implementing Red Pill behaviors.

E-Mail 4: “What the fuck is an 8 doing on OK Cupid?”

Followed by: “An hour and a half of asexual chit chat is too long. You should have been turning up the heat sooner.”

THAT’s why she’s on OK Cupid lol. Because guys she meets don’t have enough entitlement to believe they can fuck her, so they don’t fuck her when she’s giving them the signals and the window is open, and they lose interest because they’ve met yet another guy who doesn’t have the balls to take what he wants when it’s in front of him. This is just a case of over-gaming…spent too long trying to build value and run jealousy plot-lines and wait for the 100% solid green-light go-ahead signal instead of acting at the 10% signal and assuming she’ll be into it (which is, ironically, what causes the other 90% of the signal). It’s all good tho, we’ve all fucked ourselves over this way so don’t stress it lol

“Her: “Yeah, guess so, I’ve just got way too much going on right now. We should just be friends anyway.””

This is chick-code for “I just want to fuck, no-strings attached, that’s why I’m out looking hot alone tonight and following you around…but you didn’t make a move on me and aren’t being the player I hoped you’d be when you approached me, so now I’ve categorized you as a Provider Beta who’s going to want to take me out on dates and fall in love with me and that’s all just too much of a fucking headache so I don’t even want to exchange numbers ughhh…”

“After such a lukewarm number close, how do I re-open and get back in? What maximizes my chances at turning the tables?”

You probably can’t, because she thinks you’re looking for a relationship/dating (because you set the frame that you won’t just fuck her brains out) and she’s just looking for a casual fuck. But it doesn’t hurt to try, worst-case she just doesn’t txt back or txts back telling you to quit txting her and then you’re in the same boat of “not fucking her” that you’re in now. I would hit her with a bunch of emotional rollercoaster shit. Spike her buying temperature with some teasing, start some drama, etc. and once you’ve got her attention again, lead the conversation toward relationships and get the message across that you don’t “date” and that you don’t have time for a girlfriend and that everyone is so embarrassed about sex but that it’s natural to you and you like casual sex because you don’t have time for drama and clingy girls. Also throw in some qualifiers about if she’s clingy and looking for a husband right now etc. etc. so she can say “god, no, I don’t have time for that right now” which is what she was trying to communicate to you before.

But odds are if she responds at all it’ll be lukewarm. She might give you another shot, but if she does, pitch right for meeting up at your place or her place, not “dinner & drinks” because that’s a date and what she expects from you. At the MOST go out for drinks to a pub/lounge up the street from your place or her place, have 2 drinks, and then GTFO back to your place with her “I have a bottle at home, let’s go drink that instead, this place sucks” style.

E-Mail 5: “Do you think a military uniform makes for a good game prop?”

It’s like any peacocking. It gets attention. What you do with it from there is what matters. I see groups of army, navy, airforce, etc. guys hit up the club now and then fully uniformed and on the prowl. Girls will come up to them, flirt with them, take pictures with them…..and then run away, if they don’t make a fucking move. Then they end up getting into fights later on because at least one guy in their group goes there with a “gotta’ prove my manhood since I’m in uniform, either I get pussy or I kick someone’s ass” mentality and if one guy gets into a scrap, his uniformed buddies are obligated to join in.

Also your army buddies fuck a bunch of ugly slutty girls (the kind of slutty that even *I* would hesitate to go near lol). 8+s generally aren’t approaching them, it’s the 4-7s that go wild over their uniforms. But at 2am with enough drinks in them, they’ll fuck those girls and laugh it off as a funny story and leave out what the chick looked like…and his buddies will let him leave it out, because they fucked ugly girls too lol

It’s all an illusion to wow new guy likes you with tales of their badassness. Here’s a rule: Any decent looking girl that approaches you while you’re in uniform, try to make out with her instantly. Don’t even bother with gaming her, just grab her and go for the makeout. Her approaching you is all the IOI you need…would you approach Megan Fox and think “she was so hot I had to come over to say hi, but BOY I sure hope she doesn’t make out with me!”? lol You’ll still probably end up with the same kind of girls they end up with (because the 8+s are waiting to see if you’ll be ballsy enough to approach them, they’re not going to be running up to you to take pics), but at least you won’t waste half your night chasing it lol

E-Mail 6: “Women do so much on their birthday it’s ridiculous…”

Women are state-junkies. They love being in state, that’s why they go to the club. The club is designed to put them in and keep them in state. That’s why they blast the latest LMFAO songs, that’s why they have flashing crazy lights, that’s why they give them half-price drinks, that’s why they fill the club with sausages to hit on them all night, that’s why the girls dress in slutty peacocking attention-getting outfits, that’s why they wear tiaras and sashes and glowing penis necklaces when they celebrate shit, that’s why the girls hug eachother and makeout with eachother, that’s why they scream “OMG SARAHH!!!!!!!!” when they see eachother, that’s why the first people on the dance floor is almost always a set of girls, that’s why they seem to have ADD at the bar.

They are in state and completely unstifled in these environments.

In a way, guys going out to pick-up can learn from girls on this. A lot of guys wander around the club out of state and looking like downers and just getting more and more inside their head. If they were with a couple guys who were fun out-going loud social dudes and they were peacocked up just dicking around and they liked to dance and could be the first ones on the dance floor etc., they’d be in a crazy positive-energy state that would be awesome for picking up.

Girls start out as shy and nervous to be around strangers as we do…they just have tried & true socially acceptable methods of getting themselves and eachother into state. There’s a lot more social pressure working against a group of guys who dresses in crazy outfits and dances on an empty dance floor and hugs eachother and screams “OMGGGG WE HAVE TO DANCE!!!” when LMFAO comes on. People would be like “wtf is with those homos?” lol

So guys tend to rely on socially acceptable methods of getting in state, like getting drunk, downing redbull-vodkas, talking shit to eachother, being loud/aggressive, etc. Unfortunately most of these methods of getting into state, if taken too far, can fuck your night up. You can end up shit-faced, or sick off redbulls, or in an angry mood and in a fight, etc. etc.

Ideally a PUA learns to draw his state from within, so he doesn’t need all those external double-edged swords to base his state off of. This is probably one of, if not THE, hardest thing in the game to get a handle on. I know plenty of PUA types who are great with chicks and socializing…as long as they have a few drinks in them, or a couple redbulls, or they’re at a bar where they know all the staff, etc…but then they have nothing when they don’t have those external things around (like when they see a hot girl in the grocery store in the middle of the day and can’t approach her).

“Sadly I botched things by getting too enthusiastic later on and trying too hard (figures)”

Don’t shit where you eat. You creep out enough girls and your day-to-day school/work life will be awkward/depressing. This is why we encourage going out to the bar and practicing on randoms.

“how do you deal with the female herd?”

Mystery Method. If you’re working social circle game, you need to understand some Group Theory and MM is the bible on that.

“if you have any advice for dealing with women in a environment with a High male/female ratio that would be much appreciated!”

Lead the men and the women will follow. Befriend the guys, but in a way where you’re clearly the social leader. The women will pick up on this and the men will fall in line under you because you’ve befriended them (VS made fun of them to the girls) and they’ll step back and let you HAVE the women.

But seriously, go to the bar. Invite your class out for a night at the pub or something. I’ve partied with engineers and a lot of them are just socially awkward nice dudes who need an invite out to drinks and loosening up.

on March 17, 2013 at 7:30 am
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FR — >

This stuff is getting easier. I’m realizing that, actually, if you pull away from people…it’s really not that bad. It’s pretty liberating. I had a lot of assignments and work shit due this week, so I actually didn’t get a ton of social circle time in.

Let’s look at this interaction:
Me: Blah blah blah, what are you doing after class?
Cute7: Probably going home, why?
Me: Me and some buddies hang on the weekends, you and your bf should tag along some time. (Goddammit, why include her bf? Bad move?)
C7: Oh, ya I’m down…theoretically.
Me: …okay, so please talk to me in English, rather than nonsense.
C7: (laughs) Well, I mean, I just don’t have much time at all. I’m in grad school, have a job…
Me: (blinks) I’m in grad school and have a job…we have sooo much in common
C7: Well I just got a lil pet too!
Me: Cool man, so when we hanging out — after class, after school, the weekend
C7: Well, like…even all my best friends are mad at me because I never go out anymore and
Me:…like now, you wanna hang out now? I’m actually…now isn’t really a good time for me, we can if you insist, but you’re being kind of pushy about it
C7: (laughs) I just am so busy…all I do is watch my pet on a camera that feeds into this website, see, look
Me: (I look at it, then look at her, then look at it, then look at it her…then I just leave the room)
Me: (I come back and sit down wordlessly like 10 minutes later)
C7: So did I upset you so much that you left?
Me: I just had to accept the fact that I’m in love with a complete dork.
C7: Oh whatever! Lots of people want to hang out with me, my best friends included! You have to get in line
Me: Listen, you get in line…on the fun text list
C7: (she seems confused by what this is…class starts)
Me: I’m saying give me your number, but…well, I have this social anxiety disorder called dickoutbangbitches….it’s like Asberger’s, but it’s Assbangers.
C7: (Hits me) Stop it, you’re going to break my concentration!
Me: It’s just a coincidence that it’s ‘ass’ bangers though. I’m not into that, it’s disgusting……horrible… are you into that (she looks over at me, and I waggle my eyebrows) cause I’m tooooootaallllly into that
C7 (she looks away again, I say to myself to cool it because otherwise I’m just a dancing monkey, so phuck it. So she messages me to send fun texts to a number — not hers — and then she messages me her number, then she says if they’re not funny she’s just going to delete them. I don’t respond to her, instead…I just start texting on my phone. After a minute she gets curious and tilts over the phone to look at the text i sent to the first number. She laughs, but I actually don’t even really acknowledge her doing it. The rest of the time, I just kinda….chill)

Have no clue. I feel like I’m dropping the ball on this one, even though I got the number. Have yet to text her. Although, the number I sent the weird text to responded…had a funny back and forth. I’m thinking it could be her bf, or just some one of her friends (I have no idea…it’s actually kind of funny).

Thursday: Nightly can’t come out. I go out alone. I stay for an hour. And guess what I do? JACK GODDAMNED SHIT. Wow. That’s never happened before. The three second rule is so crucial. Almost every really hot girl that I -should have- talked could have been opened, but in that short window of time (like they were walking past, I was walking through and passed them, blah blah blah). I see some people I know/they see me…I say hi, but I leave pretty soon. Phuck.

Friday: Me and Nightly hit up our favorite section of town for cold approaching. We get there earlier — like 1030. Of course, Nightly sees a group of people he knows and we go to a little diner with their group. Suddenly, it dawns on me that I am not restricted to trying to make inroads with all of these people I don’t know. So, while Nightly just talks to them, I just leave and start my night.

For some reason, I’m aching to just go direct with my game. I have no idea why. Maybe it’s the extra testosterone from the gym. Who can say?

I came ready tonight, and really…I resolve that if I’m opening normal girls, that I’ll mostly use indirect game. But, since Ya wants me to go open hot girls…I’ll open them direct more, because I -need- to learn how to not freeze up around them and just be a confident MF.

As the days pass by, I also realize that I must learn to open mixed sets.
Three girls sitting on a rounded bench — three 7′s, too good of a spot to pass up. I walk past — not the best angle, but here we go. That’s right, over the back — still facing away.

Me: Hey, I just came over here because you’re kind of cute (points to the middle one), and I wanted to see if you’re cool.

Her: (taken aback) Wait…if I’m what?

Me: (Sure to blink, look around as if ADHD) Are you cool?

Her: Oh……..yeah, but I have a boyfriend, and —

Me: (Smiles at her friend) Hey, is she cool?

Her: (laughs and rolls her eyes) All three of us are in serious relationships.

Me: Haha, all right, later.

Do they really have bf’s? Does it matter? That rolls around in my mind for a few seconds.

Next set,
7, 5, Guy1, and Guy2, and 6. Tougher. They’re all sitting down. Nightly arrives just as I’m leaving the bar and approaching. Like, probably my second serious mixed set open.

Walk past their table, pause, at an angle to the 7, who’s sitting down.

Me: (gesturing to both the guys) Hey, girl in the black, are either of these guys your boyfriend?

7: (blinks) Wait what?

Me: These dudes — you with ‘em?

7: Uhhh….no

Me: Cool, you’re kind of cute and I want to see if you’re cool. Are you cool?

7: Well, I actually have a boyfriend though

6 (leans in to talk to her friend) Ha, yeah you’re just ‘kind of’ cute

7: Yeah, ‘kind of’

Me: (smirk, shrug) Your friend have a boyfriend too?

5: (gestures to Guy2)

Now, mentally my first reaction is ‘oh shit I just look terrible.’ But then I just kinda think back to the RSD video. It’s really just as simple as ‘Relax. I’m awesome.’ I’m not saying I can channel it yet, but I just kind of stand there with a smirk, then start to rock away.

Guy1: I have a boyfriend too

They all laugh at this. However, I’m finally able to do something sort of right — it doesn’t affect me at all. Like, who is this tool? He’s not dating any of the girls here, so what, he’s gonna try and bust on me. What has he gone through? Jack shit.

Me: Ya, I know — it’s the beard dude. You really rock it though, sexy as fuck! (Said in a jokey self-amusing way; the 6 laughs at this; the guy and his friend are butthurt. Hahaha, that’s right)

Guy1 — UHHH….well…uhhh….UHHHH

Aka …. real life proof that guys who get tooled IRL will not hit you or start a fight. I leave — no goodbye — after this.

Another direct set: 2 6′s with a 4 and some dude

Me: Hey glasses girl, I came over here cause you’re cute, are you cool?

(I notice that people are just blindsided by this approach at first, but their initial reaction is just this intense ‘are you for real?’ hard not to buckle)

Her: Am I cool? yeah

Me: Nice, blah blah blah

Her friend: Well we’re here with our boyfriends, and here they are now.

(Literally two dudes approach and they’re gone…)

I’m pumped now. Something about going direct just makes me feel like a boss. I mean, it can’t hurt to experiment, but I know that Ya advises against it. But check -this- out

I walk past an 8 sitting there on the phone, fresh off that last set. I’m into her look, her vibe. -Attracted- For some reason, even though I got rejected after the last set, I’m in it to win it now. I walk past her, pretend to do a double-take

Me: Hey, girl on the phone

8: (Looks up)

Me: I came over here because you’re cute, and I wanna know if you’re cool

8: (Blinks, starts to laugh) Well…wait, I’m cool but I…

Me: What, you here with some guy?

8: Yeah, actually

Me: Your boyfriend?

8: Well, we date…so…I mean…does that…

Me: So would it just destroy his fucking mind if I were here talking to you right now

8: (Blink blink laugh) Well, I – -

Me: (gesturing to guy next to her on seat) Hey you know this girl? HEY GUY?!

Guy: Huh, no?

Me: Hey check this shit out? She’s dating some guy and would it be strange if I talked to her?

Guy: W – -

Me: No, right? You’re a good guy, I like that about you, and your shirt. nice fucking shit

Her: (bewildered, laughing, no paying attention to her phone at all)

Me: Now listen, I’m only gonna ask one more time — are you cool or not?

Her: (staring up at me, nodding her head with a grin) Yeah!

Me: Oh really, we’ll see about the shit…you gonna take the cool challenge?

Her: Yeah! Let’s do it

Me: It’s three fucking questions (sits down in the booth with her) Movie you hate, band you hate, color you hate, and a movie you love

Her: (Laughing again, this is a new laugh for me. This is like, ‘wtf is happening, I am short-circuiting’) Okay, well…movie I hate? Wow I – -

Me: (Looking around the room, then back to her) OMG it’s a simple question, are you COOL OR NOT?

Her: I’m cool! Just give it a second!

Me: (leans back, raises hands as if to say ‘give her some space’ she laughs — same kind of laugh — she LEANS FORWARD TO WHERE HER SHOULDER IS LIKE AN INCH AWAY FROM MINE)

Her: (blah blah answers the questions, I forgot her answers lol I wasn’t listening)….and by the way (taps me on the shoulder while still leaning) those were 4 questions, so you lose

Me: Smart girl (grins) and that’s how I know you’re cool

Her: (laughs — she’s into it, just trust me)

Me: So what’s your name?

Her: Angelica

Me: That’s an interesting name, interesting

Her: (nodding along with me and laughing)

Me: I mean, I don’t think I have an ex named that, so…..yeah, you’d be an original

Her: Hahahahaah…what’s your name?

Me: (is this happening wtf is this actually happening) Guess!

Her: (makes a thoughtful noise) Hmmmm…………..George


Her: Hahahaha you’re so full of shit!

Me: You’re like a fucking psychic…

– - (I’m about to tell her my actual name when I notice her look past me fast, and I actually talk a bit more but then I just glance behind….o shit, there’s a dude there. O ya she was on a date)

Dude: Sup man. (Tries to tool me almost instantly by gesturing for me to scoot closer. Game on then)

Me: Ya? Thanks bro. You guys dating?

(He looks at her, she looks at him)

Me: Simple question (turns to girl)

Him: (trying to tool again) Well if your game is strong, go for it

Me: Thanks bro, give me pointers, whisper in my ear. (he laughs I turn to the girl; am I really fucking going to try this. It’s funny, doing this shit just like spikes my confidence through the roof)

So anyway, me and you are on a date at my house right…..who makes the popcorn, and what are we watching?

Her: (She’s shocked again, laughing…I notice that her body language is different now, her legs crossed, she’s facing away from me. Goddammit….fucking shit cock ass bitch lick…) Well, I dunno….blah blah blah (I don’t remember what she said, because all of a sudden the guy stands up — he’s like 6’2 lol)

Him: All right bro you have to leave

Me: Oh what, already? (Shit…I’m sunk, but fuck it…go out in a blaze of glory…turn to her)

I trust you share that opinion, Angelica?

Her: (hesitating but slowly nodding)

Me: It appears as though our time together has drawn to a close. But I’ll always remember — well probably, right? (smirk)

Her: (she’s fucking loving it)

Him: Ya, cool just leave.

(I get up)

Me: Aww hey man, don’t be like that. Hey, c’mere…
(I open my arms as if to give him a hug — he’s PISSED — but I hug him anyway, then on the way out I wink at the girl and give her the ‘call me’ sign. Unfortunately like a RETARD I didn’t ask for her number ever goddammit, fucking shit cock ass bitch UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH)

Next set, 7 and 8 together near the outskirts of the dancefloor. My state and confidence are out of control.

Me: Hey, you’re cute, but are you cool

7: I’m really cool, what about you

Me: (turns to the 8) Hey your friend is kind of pushy. Is she cool?

7: What the fuck?

Me: (Laughing at her) What, I’m getting to know you, don’t be such a bitch about it

7: I told you, I’m cool!

Me: Mmmmm, I see…well if you’re cool — make out with her (flicks chin to the 8)

(they actually do it…I almost shit my pants…)

8: Happy?

Me: Uhhh (DEEEEEEEEEERP)… how often you guys do that?

7: Pretty often, considering we’re together and only swing one way.

Me:….(laughing) You sneaky fucking bitches!

(both of them start to laugh)

Me: Here I am, thinking I’ve just developed the world’s best superpower. You guys, you fucking guys…. (leaves)

Another set, two tall modelish looking girls — tall and thin. I say they were like 6.5-7′s but Nightly swears up and down they were hotter. Me, going direct

I fuck up tho

Me: Hey you guys here with your boyfriends? (grin)
Both of them: Ya, here they are actually (swoop here come those bfs — arms around them at the waist and everything)

Well shit…again.

O ya, just to get another set in I opened this 5 with an opinion opener, but she was real closed off about it so I just back turned her and talked with a few guys about it for a few seconds.

That was my last set of the night


I’m ready to get to it. We get there a little late, but because it’s a popping night plenty of talent is still around.

first set of the night, indirect — Chubby4 and a 5; I do the ‘best friend died’ opener. I blow through my stack blah blah blah 5 runs things, 4 doesn’t. 3 minutes go by and I run out of things to say, and they’re both looking at me like ‘so yeah…’ And then, one tries to shake my hand with her left like a cunty cunt…so I just pat her on the shoulder instead. This bitch acts like she’s CREEPED out by me patting her on the shoulder. I LAUGH IN HER FAT FUCKING FACE AND WALK AWAY. Like, I legit start laughing out of nowhere, not mad about it at all in anyway.

I see a 7 across the bar, rolling into it. I go over there direct, 45 degree and shit

Me: Hey I came over here because you’re cute, but are you cool?

Her: Wait what?

Me: (ADHD) You’re cute, but are you cool, easy question (smile)

Her: Oh, yeah I’m cool!

Me: Really? We – -

Somedude: (Shakes my hand) Hey man what’s up…we’re together.

Me: (makes a fart noise with my mouth and leaves) (lol how did I not notice him sitting so close to her?!?!?!?!)

I’m trying to keep up with Nightly. Usually I’m ahead, but tonight he’s running good because girls are opening him.

So, I go over to another mixed set at the bar. I get my water, while not looking at the set size them up.

Guy 1, Hatgirl7.5, 5.5, 5.5-6, Guy2….Here we go

Me: Hey, girl in the hat you’re kind of cute…but I’m talking to you because I want to know if you’re cool? (My body language is all fucked up, the way that group just looked at me threw me off…but hey, I interrupted them after all)

Hatgirl7.5: Oh…yeah, I’m cool.

Me: Oh yeah, is she cool? (Asked to her friends)

Friends: Ya, ya, ya, ya

Me: (to her) Okay, so it’s three questions….so – -

Guy1 (ponytail, much taller than me actually steps forward between me and her, talking to the other guy…at first I want to be like ‘hey could you move?’ Instead…fuck it, I just actually walk into the group sort of place him to the side, of course responds by putting his hand on my back and situating me right by the girl) There you go man (Ahhh….well-played dickhead)

Me: Thanks bro

Hatgirl7.5 (doing her best to look creeped out…ahh shit. Well fuck it, now I’m in the middle of this fucking group in a horrible spot because Guy1 threw me into the lion’s den)

Me: 3 questions routine….blah blah

Hatgirl7.5: Starts naming movies….blah blah blah

Me: Oh okay, ya that’s acceptable…

Hatgirl7.5: (her body language is irritating me; she’s getting to me. mainly because she’s shifting around and widening her eyes like a dramatic cunt, like it’s just sooooooo creepy to talk to someone. Fuck, I’m losing this non-reactive frame)

Me: (well fuck it man) You seem nervous, are you nervous? (trying to remain like a rock and smirk)

Hatgirl7.5: Nah, I’m fine. You seem nervous.

Me; (I know she’s right which makes it harder not to react; ugggggh, this is gonna be PAINFUL) I’m nervous? What? Well, maybe a little…you get hopeful, trying to figure out if people are cool. (EAT A DICK SCRAY YOU PIECE OF SHIT I HATE YOU AND THE THINGS YOU SAY….switch it up, maybe I can get her friends to tool on her)

Me: So how do you guys know one another? (asked to friends)

Hatgirl7.5: We’ve known each other for years

Me: (doesn’t look at Hatgirl, looks at 5.5) Ya you guys went to college together or something?

(These girls act deaf dumb and blind, like duuuurf no we don’t go to college)

5.5: We just live together

Me: Oh you decided to live together one day….what’s your names?

5.5: Michelle

5.5-6: Brenda

Hatgirl: Kristina

Me: Michelle good, Brenda…hmm, I’m not sure…

5.5-6 seems legit offended by this “you’re not sure, what do you mean?”

Me: (I shrug) Just not sure about it…y’know?

5.5-6: Do you -want- to make a good impression?

Me: Sometimes people don’t have names that fit them, not really a big deal (smiles)

5.5 nods her head. All right, this sucks, I eject without saying a single word.

Next set:

Three girls, two of them were uggos, but one was a solid, petite 7. Coolman.

Me: Hey girl with the curly hair –(Direct opener)

Her: Yeah I’m cool

Me: You taking the cool challenge

Her: No

Me: (I really want to come up with something awesome to say here…like, this is a social tension moment, and defusing these moments like a boss is probably the heart of DG…for now I just smirk and say something shitty) Oh, does that mean you want me to leave?

Her: (she kinda laughs and looks up)

Me: Well miss, I take my leave then (rolls hands in a weird silly gesture)

Nightly opens a set of 3 8′s. Well played. I come in and have the burden of entertaining two 8′s. One of the 8′s is a short, greek-looking girl that I’m pretty into. She’s got a funky Jets hat on.

I’ll cut to it — like, in these situs, if a girl shows any modicum of willingness to talk, I’m getting pretty good at chewing the fat; blah blah blah you do this, blah blah blah you’re the this one between you two, blah blah blah

as example, while Nightly occupies Hipster 8, I talk to Italy8 and Asian8

Me: Ya, okay I’m gonna guess what you guys do.

Italy8: Okay

Me: Asian8 is a chiropractor and you’re her little assitant

Asian8: What?!

Me: (turns to Italy8) Just fuckin look at her, she looks like she breaks backs for a living

Italy8 (laughs and shakes her head gives me a high five in front of her friend; Asian8 kinda stood there with this look on her face…i just think her personality was low-key, but you know, me and Italy8 were tooling her about it)….hey, wait why am I the assistant motherfucker?!

Me: Cause look at you, you prolly bench like 225 (she’s pretty little)

Blah blah blah

Italy8: Well what do you do?
Me: I work at Mcdonald’s
Italy8: Pssssh….are you full of shit?
Me: I haven’t checked in a few hours
Italy8: Oh fuck you, are you fucking with me right now!
Me: (shrug)
Italy8: Well, you gotta make at least as much as me
Me: I’m a manager — don’t you worry, you’ll get all the hamburgers for free.

blah blah blah blah but then they always leave. In this case Nightly’s girl whipped out her phone on him and then they all left. But I mean, I’m noticing this. Maybe it’s dancing monkey shit. Like, I actually feel like it’s something along the lines of ‘well fucking make a move of some kind.’ I think I have to start throwing in more qualification.

Like, I think I’m just so blind to any thought of building attraction that I’m ignoring when I have built attraction and need to move forward. We’ll see. Anyway, those bitches left.

I open another set…
a 5 and a 6.
Direct opener, she stays around for the cool test, but I actually cut her off when she’s first giving the answer to introduce myself to all her friends, then I cut her off again to talk about the band playing. I dunno, I never felt any strong interest from her…
The takeaway from this set though is that whenever you open the girl first with direct intention, all the guys seem to do whatever they can to fuck up your shit.

We roam some more. We see those three girls again, but Nightly doesn’t want to re-open. Nightly opens some uggos — 4 and a 5. We stay and talk with them, wow things are going good. Who gives a baker’s fuck. We get out of there.

Another set —

Approach a 6.5 and a 6 leaning against the wall as I’m walking past

Me: (paused for a second when both look at me, fuck fuck fuck…) This is kind of weird (UGH)………but you’re cute, and I just wanted to see if you’re cool (when this goes bad, it goes terrible…like my chest is tight, my body language is a piece of shit)

Her: WHAT? If I’m cool? Huh. Yeah, I’m cool.

Me: Oh….so can I get to know why you’re cool? (Malfunction junction)

Her: (giving me a look, as her arms are folded) No.

Me: What about your friend? Is she cool?

6: Oh uhh, I don’t know…I mean –

Me: Not cool (leaves)

Indirect opener on two bitches who said they were both married within like 2 minutes, they weren’t that 5 and a 5.5…leaves.

Indirect opener on girls in the street as they’re walking by. They seemed agitated by it. :D


I dunno. I dig it. I really like going direct, if only because you just get thrown in there with the shit. Like, you have to be such a solid motherfucker. That’s the kind of person I want to be, though. Just going out makes me feel more confident — no guys do this. The illusion is gone. For all the shit they talk, and whatever they say, like…0.0000003% does this. Even Nightly has never gone out alone. I feel like if I can just blindside people with that kind of confidence it -WILL- completely destroy their expectations. Like, just develop a blitzkrieg. I’m getting thinner, getting more muscular (finally seein some legit visible gains). Winging is also a lot of fun, so I get a lot of practice with that.

But I mean…the cool thing is doing this with someone else so that you can see you’re improving, like after that set with the 8 Nightly’s like:
“I saw that….I’ve always just stuck to indirect game, but uh…I mean I saw that set and the Field doesn’t lie…I see it within you, that was really cool, just like the other night…the game is strong with this one.”

Or Saturday:
“Dude, have you noticed that whenever we go out and game chicks, guys are starting to stare at us?”
“Yeah. Yesterday, when you were gaming that one chick, the guy across from you was watching…like, he looked amazed. And today, when were talking to those three hot chicks, I noticed these chodes looking at us in awe.”

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    Excellent, let’s break this down:

    “This stuff is getting easier.”

    Tyler’s first big breakthru with pickup was that “this is something you can actually practice and get BETTER at”. Like that it’s not a “you either have it or you don’t” situation like most of society believes and tries to brainwash you into believing. :)

    “I’m realizing that, actually, if you pull away from people…it’s really not that bad. It’s pretty liberating.”

    Yup. Pickup will teach you a ton of independence. A lot of people (not just women, men too) live very dependent lives…they depend on other people, other people’s validation, society’s acceptance, etc. etc. Pickup teaches you “You know what, some people aren’t going to like me or approve of what I’m doing…and that’s okay. Not everyone has to like me, that doesn’t change who I am as a person which is a pretty decent guy.”

    “Me: Me and some buddies hang on the weekends, you and your bf should tag along some time. (Goddammit, why include her bf? Bad move?)”

    lol. Ya, no reason to include the BF, you just choked for a sec. If the BF is relevant, she’ll bring him up. Unless like, you know him and you’re buddies with him, that’s different.

    “Me: …okay, so please talk to me in English, rather than nonsense.”

    lol. I always like when you do this kind of thing, calling them out on acting retarded in a self-amusing way. They like it too.

    “Me: Cool man, so when we hanging out — after class, after school, the weekend”

    Good. Notice that nothing she’s been saying is a “No.” It’s just bullshit excuses and logistics issues. This is the same as Last Minute Resistance in the bedroom where she’ll say “we shouldn’t, my friend would hate me…” or “omg I can’t believe I’m doing this…” where she’s saying “I have these issues that I need you to handle for me so I can do this” instead of actually saying “No.”

    Also, this is an IOI, because she’s not saying “no” or walking away.

    “Me:…like now, you wanna hang out now? I’m actually…now isn’t really a good time for me, we can if you insist, but you’re being kind of pushy about it”

    lol good stuff with the pretending she’s the one asking you. I use that kind of thing a LOT. Like I’ll take the conversation somewhere sexual and then pull back and say “god look where you’ve taken our conversation, would you QUIT talking about SEX all the time?!” It forces them to react to you and get all “OMG!! that was YOU!!” and all of that is good shit in terms of gina-tingles.

    “Me: (I look at it, then look at her, then look at it, then look at it her…then I just leave the room)”

    lol’ed hard at this. I had a “wtf??” expression on my face just from READING about the pet camera website. Chick is fuckin’ nuts.

    “C7: So did I upset you so much that you left?”

    For the record this is another IOI. It often happens when you back-turn girls too, and they grab you to turn you around to re-open you.

    If you were a homeless man asking for change and she said no and then you walked away and came back, would she re-open and say “So were you mad that blah blah”? No, she’d be thankful she escaped the conversation/interaction, not try to resume it.

    “Me: I just had to accept the fact that I’m in love with a complete dork.”

    lol good stuff. Now you have intent and can’t be friend-zoned. She knows you’re not just inviting her as a “buddy”, even if you’re not overtly sexual you’re keeping from being put in the asexual friend-zone and doing it in a fun non-offensive way.

    Does she ACTUALLY think you’re in love with her? No, of course not. But you’re planting seeds and laying a framework that avoids “surprise, I have a penis!” game down the road.

    “C7: Oh whatever! Lots of people want to hang out with me, my best friends included! You have to get in line”

    Qualifying herself to you. Also an IOI because she didn’t shoot you down on the “love” comment (like “Sorry, you can’t love me, I have a BF.”). Far as I’m concerned this is a green-light situ now. Whether you DO manage to fuck her or not, this is the point in an interaction where I would be thinking “okay, if I play this right, I can fuck her”.

    I point out these moments so you can kind of get a reference for how my mind (and my Natural buddies’ etc.) works during an interaction. I’m just always picking up the little signals and collecting them and building a “case file” for “okay, she’s attracted” lol

    How small these signals are is a big part of why so many guys are clueless when girls like them. They’re waiting for one big huge signal like in the movies, but the reality is most of the time it’s just tiny little signals…sometimes it’s even just the LACK of a NEGATIVE signal (ie – the default assumption is positive).

    “Me: I’m saying give me your number, but…well, I have this social anxiety disorder called dickoutbangbitches….it’s like Asberger’s, but it’s Assbangers.”

    lol you’re insane. But this is self-amusing to you so fuck it, it’s fine. Part of why routines can fuck a lot of socially awkward guys up is that they’ll read shit like that and in their Aspergery mind they go “oh, okay, so the secret is to tell girls dickoutbangbitches” and they run around saying it because they think it’s a magic pill…when in reality it’s the self-amusing intent behind it that makes the difference in her response.

    “C7: (Hits me) Stop it, you’re going to break my concentration!”

    A good “you’re an asshole” type hit, I assume. And also a shit-test/compliance-test/hoop for you to jump through: “stop it”. Your response?

    “Me: It’s just a coincidence that it’s ‘ass’ bangers though. I’m not into that, it’s disgusting……horrible… are you into that (she looks over at me, and I waggle my eyebrows) cause I’m tooooootaallllly into that”

    Shit-test passed, by ignoring her hoop and not apologizing for what you were doing and amplifying it self-amusingly.

    And then extra points for escalating it by asking her opinions on anal lol This is all stuff that makes her see you as not friend-zone material…compared to the asexual type guys who would be talking to her about the weather.

    “So she messages me to send fun texts to a number — not hers —”

    In these situs (believe it or not this has happened to me lol) I just try to flirt with whoever the txts are to. I don’t even care if it’s a dude, I’m just fucking around. That person is irrellevant to my getting the lay, the way I’m handling it in front of the girl (laughing it off and escalating things and being sexual, not caring about offending whoever she has me txting, etc.) is more important.

    I also like to txt “C7 says you’re ugly and a bitch.” and make sure C7 knows that’s what I sent. Make her react/scramble. :)

    “and then she messages me her number, then she says if they’re not funny she’s just going to delete them.”

    Shit-test/compliance-test/hoop, obviously.

    There’s a lot you COULD text and even not txting isn’t a terrible move. But ya, she put you in Check on the chessboard with this one. How do we handle a command from a girl though? Generally either ignore it and do the complete opposite (txt her obviously purposely boring txts like “so how about this weather we’re having…” and shit) or agree & amplify (sending her completely ridiculous shit like funny kitten pictures off the internet and pictures of clowns and shit “what? you said they had to be funny. fuck you’re high-maintenance. you probably expect me to do all the work in bed while you lay there like a starfish too.”).

    “I feel like I’m dropping the ball on this one, even though I got the number.”

    I feel like I’m dropping the ball on this one, even though my dick is currently inside her pussy, I had to log on and see what you guys think…does she like me? Wait, she’s asking me to finish on her face, is that an ioi?

    “Although, the number I sent the weird text to responded…had a funny back and forth. I’m thinking it could be her bf, or just some one of her friends”

    99% chance it’s her friend, not her BF. Girls generally don’t want guys to txt their BF if there’s any possibility they may end up banging them. Odds are she’s told her friend you were saying weird shit and her friend said “give him my number so I can see” and they’re giggling about your txts. This is why I txt the number with made-up drama and let C7 see, and/or why I hit/flirt on the number…if it’s a dude, who cares, C7 knows I’m just fucking around. But if it’s a girl, she’s going to girl-talk with her later like “omg he’s so funny and he told me to come party this weekend, if you don’t want him then it’s okay right?” and start a little jealousy plotline.

    “I go out alone. I stay for an hour. And guess what I do? JACK GODDAMNED SHIT.”

    lol, been there a million times if it makes you feel any better. Especially near the start when I was new, I’d have more nights out where I don’t do anything and choke and go home without opening a soul and kick myself all night frustrated with how I wussed out. Now those days are pretty rare, I’ll at LEAST shoot the shit with whoever’s beside me, but there are still occasional nights where I’ll fuck the 3-second rule up, get overwhelmed by the crazy party environment if I’m not feeling the groove myself, and go home annoyed that I didn’t do anything.

    The difference between then and now is that back then those bad nights were a big deal to me. Now I just accept that they happen sometimes, and it’s not a big deal because I know I’ll be out the next night or next weekend and I’ll probably have an awesome night so who cares if I had a bad night.

    There was actually a phase for a while where I had myself convinced that every fri/sat, one night would be amazing off the charts epic and the other night would be terrible lol. It was a pretty consistent pattern for almost a year. I’m pretty sure it was just my sub-conscious trying to teach me not to put so much outcome dependence on any given night and just accept the moment for what it is when it happens.

    Sure didn’t feel that way at the time though lol

    “The three second rule is so crucial.”

    Yep. Even if you get blown out or make yourself look weird to some people, that shocks your brain into getting into a social groove. So when you hit that vacation spot, you’re going to be entering a TON of new environments (new hotel area, new beach area, new bar areas, new restaraunts, etc. etc.) and you’re going to have a choice of “follow the 3 second rule and chat someone in that environment up, even if it’s a staff member or someone who will think I’m weird, and then be in state and have a fun night/day from there…or don’t talk to anyone and watch all the other opportunities pass by because I didn’t do my warm-up”.

    “Almost every really hot girl that I -should have- talked could have been opened”

    Yup. You *KNOW* those girls would’ve loved you and you had some easy sets around, but when you walk into a new enviro you start a spiral…either that spiral is a spiral of socializing and you get more and more social, or it’s a spiral of being anti-social and you get more and more inside your head. Force yourself onto the good spiral, like jumping into the cold water. :)

    “Suddenly, it dawns on me that I am not restricted to trying to make inroads with all of these people I don’t know. So, while Nightly just talks to them, I just leave and start my night.”

    Perfect. Good. This would seem rude to some people but the reality is that it’s okay to be a little selfish and go for what you want, especially when you specifically have a goal (cold-approaching girls). If you had an important business meeting and some people you didn’t know wanted you to go hang out in a diner you’d be like “hey, nothing personal y’all, I got some shit to do” and go to your meeting. Don’t let other people tell you that your priority shouldn’t be a priority…you decide what’s important to you.

    If you feel like sitting and making new friends with these people, cool, do that. But don’t waste your night on them out of just not wanting to look rude for 30 seconds. Guaranteed a few min after you left no one gave a shit or will hold it against you.

    I used to get stuck babysitting other people a LOT, because I like to make people who are uncomfortable when we’re out, comfortable. So I’ll hang back and talk with the shy nerds or the quiet people or whatever to make sure they’re having fun too. But eventually there’s a point where I have to mentally go “well hey, good luck, I have to take care of myself now, you’re an adult you can handle it from here.” and leave them be or I won’t work on my own goals.

    “For some reason, I’m aching to just go direct with my game. I have no idea why. Maybe it’s the extra testosterone from the gym. Who can say?”

    lol go with whatever you feel like. It’ll take a while before you get your personal style down and even then you’ll fluctuate depending on your mood/state. I like indirect game but if I’m in a killer mood I’ll go direct.

    It’s good to try everything and see what clicks with you and when it clicks with you. That’s why the debate over Indirect/Direct is silly…a good PUA can mix it up depending on the circumstances.

    “But, since Ya wants me to go open hot girs…”

    Your penis wants you to, too. :)

    “I’ll open them direct more, because I -need- to learn how to not freeze up around them and just be a confident MF.”

    To get the really hot girls, literally all it comes down to is not freezing up or letting their hotness affect you so that you can treat them the exact same way you treat an ugly 5. That’s all it comes down to. That’s why often guys who grow up with a lot of sisters will end up being Naturals, because they’ve been around girls their whole life and seen their good and bad sides and just aren’t phased by talking to a hot girl…whereas a nerd who grew up alone or with brothers and who doesn’t have much experience interacting with women will choke up on a 7 and be too terrified to even approach an 8+ let alone hold a normal conversation with her.

    “As the days pass by, I also realize that I must learn to open mixed sets.”

    It’s a useful skill. Like I say there are a ton of new skills for you to work on, so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get around to them all right away. :)

    “I wanted to see if you’re cool.”

    You’re on the right track with this. This is basically opening them with a qualifier so you’re forcing them to qualify themselves right away, which sets up a good dynamic where she’s already trying to prove herself to you (VS a girl telling you to “entertain me” and you having to qualify to her).

    My only reservation with “are you cool?” is that it’s so arbitrary that it’s a little confusing so you’ll get anything from a really wishy-washy answer to her friend thinking you’re insulting her to her taking it as the biggest compliment in the world so it’s kind of rolling the dice.

    Compare that to, say, “Hey, I just came over ’cause you’re kind of cute. I’m looking for a girlfriend who can cook, can you cook? What’s your favorite thing to cook for a guy?” or “I wanted to see if you’re fun, I don’t like boring girls, tell me a joke.” or “You seem too cool for this bar, what are you doing here?” etc.

    Basically it’s the same idea, of qualifying them, but it gives them something more concrete to respond with. Part of that 90/10 rule is to get them on auto-pilot easy responses they don’t have to think about. So when you say “Are you cool?” they think “uhh what does that mean? yes? I think so? what does he think cool is? My friends think I’m cool…?” Whereas when you say “Can you cook?” or “Can you dance?” or “Why do you look so mad?”, the responses are a lot easier for them because it’s a yes/no answer or they have to answer a simple/weird question (“lol what?? I’m not mad!!” “Oh, that’s good, I only like happy girls. Alright you can be my girlfriend for the next 5 minutes.”, etc.).

    That make sense?

    “Her: Oh……..yeah, but I have a boyfriend, and —”

    You’ll hear this a lot more when you go direct. When you go direct, you’re forcing her to make a decision pretty quickly, before she knows anything about you or much about your personality, so you’re forcing her into shit-testing you right away.

    This isn’t a bad thing. As we know, passing a shit-test builds attraction. You didn’t really know how to handle shit-tests before, so going direct would’ve been tough for you and probably discouraging because you’d hit roadblocks right away…but now you’ve got a solid foundation of plowing through tests, so direct will be easier for you. :) It still may or may not be optimal, but now you have enough of a skillset to dabble with it.

    “Me: (Smiles at her friend) Hey, is she cool?”

    Not a bad way to handle it actually lol If the friend doesn’t like her boyfriend (it happens!), the friend might play into your shit and you could turn things around. But if they know/like him, they’ll just cockblock you like so:

    “Her: (laughs and rolls her eyes) All three of us are in serious relationships.”

    Because going direct shows your full Intent right from the start so they allll know exactly what you’re doing. Again this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s part of why I say to qualify them right away during Direct, because you want to, as quickly as possible, give a justification for why you’re attracted to them.

    so like above where I wrote something like “Hey. You’re cute, I wanted to come over and say hi, but why are you so ANGRY??” “lol what?? I’m not angry!” “Oh, good! I love happy girls! (hug) You seem too cool for this place, what are you doing here?” etc.

    Basically a big thing that triggers girl’s ASD and cockblocking Mother Hen’s etc, is when you’re into a girl for no reason other than “she has a pussy” so she could be any girl in the room…when you go Indirect, you don’t trigger that yet because you’re building up to it and you make your Intent known once you’ve qualified her so she feels like she’s earned it.

    But when you go Direct, you’re instantly triggering that “I like you because, well, you have a pussy and you’re in talking range, but you could be any other girl with a pussy and I’d be just as into you since I don’t know anything about you” warning to the girls…so if you quickly qualify them with something they can easily “win”, you neutralize that.

    It’s like breaking into a bank and knowing the alarm is about to go off but disabling the alarm at the last second before it rings. :)

    Also if the girl doesn’t pass your qualifier, like “No, I can’t cook. :( ” you can still roll with it and go “Oh man, we can never be together then. We’re broken up, it’s not you, it’s me. Hey are you a hairdresser?–”

    That’s why it’s good to have a qualifier that has clear polarizing yes/no responses to it, so you’re prepared for either her passing or failing and that’s all you have to think about. Whereas with “Are you cool?” you have no idea what response you’ll get and it could be anywhere in a huge range of responses from good to bad.

    When BradP starts his Horse Girl opener he says there’s basically 3 responses to “Do you like horses?” Either it’s “yes”, “no”, or she doesn’t hear what you’re saying. That’s it. No thinking involved.
    And, in fact, the rest of his routine is run the same way whether she says yes OR no lol. That’s a solid functional/consistent routine design.

    “Do they really have bf’s? Does it matter? That rolls around in my mind for a few seconds.”

    They probably did, but you’ll never know so fuck it. And like I say, even if they didn’t, you’re going to hear “I have a boyfriend” a LOT more going Direct. She doesn’t tell the homeless guy on the street that, she tells the player who’s up in her grill that.

    “Me: (gesturing to both the guys) Hey, girl in the black, are either of these guys your boyfriend?”

    lol awesome. Ballsy. If they guys AREN’T her BF and she’s single, then you’re owning them instantly and the confidence involved in this alone will get you massive attraction from the girl and could pretty much seal the deal right away.

    “Me: These dudes — you with ‘em?”

    Wait, aren’t these guys supposed to jump up and kick your ass with their MMA moves and spread your guts all over the ground for disrespecting them like that???? …oh, wait, that doesn’t really happen in the field, it only happens in the minds of Internet Warrior Keyboard Jockeys.

    “7: Well, I actually have a boyfriend though”

    lol again you’ll get this a lot because your Intent is in her face. Again though, you can get past this in the right circumstances (like no one around her would judge her for cheating on her BF…in this situ the guys for sure would and probably her GF, but often when you see the “Girl’s Night Out” 2 or 3 sets, the girls have a “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” style pact with eachother and all cheat on their BFs and don’t judge eachother…this is Secret Society mentality).

    “6 (leans in to talk to her friend) Ha, yeah you’re just ‘kind of’ cute”

    lol. This chick is calling out your incongruency because you’re half-assing your direct attempt by using “kind of cute” because your sub-conscious is scared to say “you’re fuckin’ sexy in that dress.”

    To understand how this looks to the 6 (and any girl), imagine a huge muscular angry dude winding up to just fucking obliterate your head with a punch, and you close your eyes ready to accept your fate…and then when he hits you it goes “….bink!” and it’s a light little tap.

    Instantly you’re like “wait, what?? All that build-up and THAT’S what he hit me with? lol wtf???” It’s incongruent.

    “Good. I saw you from across the room and you look sexy as fuck in that outfit. I wanted to come find out if you’re cool. Are you?”

    That’s showing a level of Intent that more congruent to going Direct and tooling her guy-friends.

    “7: Yeah, ‘kind of’”

    Same deal here lol. Girls pick up on this stuff. Automatically they know your bite doesn’t match your bark and you’re pretty much toast from there because now any barking/biting you do will seem fake/try-hard/over-compensating.

    “Me: (smirk, shrug) Your friend have a boyfriend too?”

    lol the other problem with Direct is it’s harder to switch up targets because again you end up looking like you just want whoever has a pussy and is convenient. Whereas with Indirect you can do a little more recon and figure out who’s taken and who’s single, and then qualify that girl, let her pass your qualifications, and then reward her with your Intent, and to them she’s the one that “earned” your interest so they’re okay with it and don’t have a clue you actually pulled a switch. Know what I mean?

    “5: (gestures to Guy2)”


    “Now, mentally my first reaction is ‘oh shit I just look terrible.’ But then I just kinda think back to the RSD video. It’s really just as simple as ‘Relax. I’m awesome.’”

    Perfect. This is what you want to build up. Frame control, the strongest frame ALWAYS wins. Basically it’s only awkward if you let it BE awkward. You could walk in with your pants down and be like “What? Nah, it’s just hot. Why do you all have your pants ON? That’s fucking weird…” and eventually people will go “that’s just Scray, he walks around with his pants down, oh that crazy Scray lol” and not give a fuck.

    Again this is how I get away with saying REALLY offensive shit right off the bat to people I’ve just met. They react with shock and horror and I just frame control that whatever I just did is perfectly normal and eventually they cave because I’ve spent years working on my frame control and holding it under social pressure, and they haven’t.

    “Guy1: I have a boyfriend too”

    lol awesome. This is actually a cool guy, I would probably end up befriending for being sharp. Unless, you know, he was serious and is actually gay lol

    “Me: Ya, I know — it’s the beard dude. You really rock it though, sexy as fuck!”

    Great response. Agree & Amplify. It’s a compliment, so he can’t get MAD at you, but he also knows you’re kind of tooling him and so does the group. Thus you get:

    “(Said in a jokey self-amusing way; the 6 laughs at this; the guy and his friend are butthurt. Hahaha, that’s right)

    Guy1 — UHHH….well…uhhh….UHHHH”

    You look chill/funny. You spark some attraction in one of the chicks. And the guys have no response, because they don’t know what to do with this polite tooling.

    “Aka …. real life proof that guys who get tooled IRL will not hit you or start a fight.”

    It’s SUCH a huge leap of rage to go from 0 to punching someone out that you have to pretty much be a completely socially inept psychopathic rage-machine walking around dying to punch someone or prove you’re a bad-ass, which generally you can spot a mile away and just avoid being around.

    Also note in that whole interaction, what did the 6 do?:

    - “6 (leans in to talk to her friend) Ha, yeah you’re just ‘kind of’ cute” (tries to get in on the conversation)

    - “the 6 laughs at this” (laughing at your jokes instead of getting pissed off)

    SURPRISE! You might have been able to fuck the 6 lol. If you had noticed that in-set or if she was on your radar in general as a girl you’d be up for fucking, you could have switched to her after tooling her guy-friends and just started into “Hey, are you a hairdresser?” type stuff.

    Again though, when you go Direct and the chick isn’t into it, it’s hard to pull this switch. Each switch just makes you look more and more desperate and out for any pussy that will talk to you lol

    “(I notice that people are just blindsided by this approach at first, but their initial reaction is just this intense ‘are you for real?’ hard not to buckle)”

    Ya, it’s unexpected and crazy to them, and at the same time they want to know if this is a gag or if you’re for real. So when you hold your frame like this is totally normal to you and you DON’T buckle they go “…oh, okay I guess this is really happening. Okay, time to answer the question then!”

    “I’m pumped now. Something about going direct just makes me feel like a boss. I mean, it can’t hurt to experiment, but I know that Ya advises against it.”

    lol oh it’s a blast, I won’t deny that. It’s just that Scray now isn’t the same Scray as a few months ago…that Scray would’ve gotten eaten alive going Direct. This Scray is better at handling it.

    Quite frankly, I didn’t know (and I have a feeling you didn’t either) that you would turn out to be this good at passing shit-tests and holding the frame and self-amusing and fucking around with girls and not taking them seriously. Usually a short guy has a bunch of baggage to work through and would spend the first few months freaking out every time a girl doesn’t seem to like him. You just kind of plow through like a bull in a china shop, but in a good way.

    Who knows, you might find out down the road that Direct is perfect for you and your personality. That’s a part of game, is learning about yourself. :) Remember a few months ago you had like zero Identity…you’ll still develop it, for the rest of your life really, but it’s slowly solidifying and you’re learning “This is who Scray is, he’s a guy who does this and acts like that and in these situations this is how he reacts”. That’s important, as a man. And when you walk around and meet new guys, especially beta types, you’ll be able to quickly tell which guys have a strong sense of Identity and which guys don’t. And you’ll automatically feel superior and more “enlightened” than the guys who don’t…you’ll even pity them for a while. Then down the road you’ll try to help them the way I’m helping you because you’ll remember what it was like to be like them. :)

    A lot of guys ask me what my routines are or what I open with or what I say in certain situations etc. Thing is, the stuff that I do works great for me, because I know myself and what’s congruent to me and when I approach a girl she knows that I’m not just spouting lines off the Internet. It’s not that what I’m saying is any more “brilliant” than “Who lies more, Men or Women?”, it’s just that what I’m saying is extremely congruent to me. Someone else saying it would be incongruent. So I like to explain my thinking behind it and the general vibe and rules I follow, so that other guys can take that and figure out what fits that structure but uses their own personality.

    “I walk past an 8 sitting there on the phone, fresh off that last set. I’m into her look, her vibe. -Attracted-”

    That makes all the difference in the world. :) I went through a phase where I wasn’t getting laid at all for a solid half a year. It was brutal. But over time I realized that I was simply not going to places that had hot enough girls for me, so I was half-assing all my approaches because I really didn’t give a shit about the girls and sub-consciously didn’t REALLY want to fuck them…wasn’t inspired at all to bring any sort of game to the table, and the girls can sub-consciously pick up on that…and then ironically THEY reject YOU because they know you’re not really into them, and then you’re like “fuck I didn’t even want this ugly chick and she’s rejecting ME??? Fuck this shit!!” lol

    The cure was venturing into new social scenes with hotter girls that make me WANT to fuck them.

    Part of this is from being a “Thrill of the Hunt” guy. One of my Natural buddies is a “Pleasure of Sex” guy, so he can fake Interest with ugly chicks to get the lay if it’s convenient…actually, he’s not faking Interest, he really legitimately IS Interested, but only because he loves sex so much and she seems like she’d be an easy lay. Whereas my mindset would be “ugh, I know this’ll be an easy lay but ughhh…she’s gross. :( Do I really want the lay THAT bad?”

    You’re pretty clearly a Thrill of the Hunt guy. Embrace it, our type need to approach the hotter girls or we feel like we’re wasting our time. :)

    “Me: Hey, girl on the phone”

    Good stuff. Your attention-grabbing “Hey! Nickname!” openers are solid. Make sure you’re doing them loud and authoritatively with a breaking rapport tone…almost as if you’re a security guard saying “You, with the red backpack. Hold up!”. It’s okay if this doesn’t seem “friendly”, you can bust out into a smile afterward…you need that dominance to stop them in their tracks and get their attention.

    Compare how you do it with like, “hey ummm…excuse me? Girl on the phone? hi, umm can I ask you a question?” lol That’ll get snubbed hard and fast, and deservedly so.

    Even if I go Indirect, like with an opinion opener, I do it with authority. “HEY. You. Help me out for a sec. (question)” instead of “excuse me, I can only stay for a moment but could I get a female opinion?”. I’m running the same game (interrupt, false time constraint, ask question) but I’m doing it in a way that forces her to react and EXPECTS her to react.

    A LOT of old-school Mystery Method style game can be run through this modern “breaking rapport mindset” filter and updated into something a lot more powerful than the old-school stuff was. The evolution of game. :)

    “Me: What, you here with some guy?”

    Here you cut her off and accuse her basically. You’re forcing her to react to you, she can’t ignore this.

    “Me: Your boyfriend?”

    Again, she has to react.

    “8: Well, we date…so…I mean…does that…”

    IOI. If you were a homeless smelly man, she would say “yes we’ve been together 10 years”. The fact that she’s wishy washy about it means that 1) he’s a fuckbuddy at BEST, friend-zone at worst, so he’s not much competition for you if you can get her alone/isolated, and 2) she’s not opposed to fucking you, probably because you approached with such balls that she at LEAST wants to find out if turning you down would be something she’d regret or not.

    “Me: So would it just destroy his fucking mind if I were here talking to you right now”

    Awwwwwwesome. Because 1) you cut her off in the middle of her wishy-washy-ass answer like she’s wasting your time (oh wait, didn’t people say that was rude and she should claw out your eyes for interrupting her while her MMA boyfriend stabs you??), and 2) you’re not backing down or apologizing for your Intent/desires.

    “8: (Blink blink laugh) Well, I – -”

    Deer in the headlights here. She doesn’t know wtf she’s just run into but she’s curious as fuck about it. You have legit attraction from her.

    Now stop for a sec and think, why did this interaction go this way, and the “kind of cute” went the other way? Which one did you show actual legit congruent Intent with? Is it that this girl’s just sluttier than the other girl, or is it that your internals were a lot more solid and intense with this girl than the “kind of cute” one?

    “Me: (gesturing to guy next to her on seat) Hey you know this girl? HEY GUY?!”

    lol this is a great move if you know for sure he doesn’t know her. If he does know her, you’re opening a possible can of worms. But if it’s obvious (and often it is) that the guy is just some dude standing there, this is some epic shit to the girl because you’re just randomly dominating your environment and causing chaos and she’s in the middle of the whirlwind.

    The second half of this clip is you and what interacting with you is like for a girl:

    Where he just causes chaos in that market and embarrasses her and shouts that she’s trying to rob him etc. etc. and then whisks her off into the night. That set of emotions she goes through in this clip where she just escalates more and more into “OMG!!!”s and gina-tingles is what this 8 was going through once you started involving this random guy in your chaos.

    My style is pretty similar to that. Where I’ll say stuff that I know people won’t be able to keep up with, but I’ll act normal and just cut through the weirdness and keep going why everyone around me has to play catch-up. Once they finally catch-up, they go from confused and flustered to loving me because I just took them on a crazy little emotional rollercoaster and then brought it all home for them to catch-up. :)

    You might like the show Californication, Hank Moody is a good example of someone self-amusing around women (and men) and just fucking with people the way you do…but his vibe is extremely chill and is pretty much too chill for a young energetic club environment so don’t adapt that part of his attitude lol

    “Guy: W – -

    Me: No, right? You’re a good guy, I like that about you, and your shirt. nice fucking shit”

    lol awesome. This guy would be too confused to even get mad at you. And you’re complimenting him so it’s like, in his mind he’s just going “wtf just happened??? lol” not “what an asshole, he cut me off when I was trying to answer his question grrrrr!!”

    “Her: (bewildered, laughing, no paying attention to her phone at all)”

    Of course not, you’re way more interesting than her phone right now. Compare that with the beta husband who makes a woman’s emotions go —— or the Nice Guy who talks about the weather and logical questions —— and meanwhile you jump in there and her emotions are going /\/\/\/

    And again, you’re forcing her and the guy with the shirt to both react to you. You’re dominating this interaction and everyone has to react to what you’re throwing out there.
    So by default, everyone is lower-value than you, because whoever reacts more has lower value.

    “Me: Now listen, I’m only gonna ask one more time — are you cool or not?”

    She doesn’t even know/care what cool means at this point, you’ve got her attracted enough that she’ll answer whatever she thinks you WANT her to answer, and she’ll do it with enthusiasm because she WANTS to be a part of your world/adventure, like so:

    “Her: (staring up at me, nodding her head with a grin) Yeah!”

    You could make out with her right here. “Good, I thought so!” and just grab her face and kiss her. She would’ve done it. Like, 99% chance…I would be completely mind-blown if she rejected the kiss, doesn’t even matter that her “date” is there somewhere.

    “Me: Oh really, we’ll see about the shit…you gonna take the cool challenge?”

    This works right now because her guy isn’t there, so she has no judgement. You’ve effectively hijacked her world and transported her to a fantasy land where only you and her exist. Later on she’ll reject playing this game, because her guy is there and she’s snapped back to “reality”.

    A lot of my pickups are an escape for the girl. Like the stuff she does with me almost didn’t actually happen in her mind, because I’ve whisked her away to a world of non-judgement and emotional rollercoasters and it feels like a dream.

    This is why PUAs hate when the Ugly Lights come on, or when the friends barge in to interrupt, or when you leave one environment into another but the other environment has bright lights and no music etc. compared to the dark bar with music playing…these are all shell-shocks to the girl’s system and they yank her out of the dream bubble and it can be tough to get that vibe back, especially if, IN that dream bubble, she was going to cheat on her husband or something that in “the real world” she feels like she shouldn’t do it or that people would judge her for it.

    “Her: Yeah! Let’s do it”

    This is where you grab her and say “Okay, come with me.” and start walking away. To isolate her and hide her from her date lol You have enough attraction from her that she’d likely come with you (although pulling her from her table MIGHT trigger some “but I have to watch our drinks/jackets/etc.” resistance, so really it’s 50/50 on whether you’d want to do it…if her date never came back, you could fuck her right there in the booth practically lol But as we know, he comes back…so really this is just bad logistics).

    “Her: (Laughing again, this is a new laugh for me. This is like, ‘wtf is happening, I am short-circuiting’) Okay, well…movie I hate? Wow I – -”

    This is called “frying her circuits” lol It generally leads to the DDB look if you just start self-amusing and rambling, but if you snap her out of the circuit-frying by forcing her to react logically to something (which is what you do here), she won’t get to DDB and instead she’ll just snap into trying to qualify herself and do what you said.

    Either result is good, really lol But you CAN over-fry her circuits and cause her friends to drag her away or cause her to run away going “omg omg omg” because she knows she wants to fuck you but isn’t supposed to for whatever reason. A lot of Flash Game like grabbing a quick makeout, is based on spiking her Buying Temperature fast so she fries her circuits, and then physically escalating quickly (like grabbing her and kissing her suddenly out of the blue) while she’s in fried/DDB mode.

    Ultimately a solid sarge to avoid her flaking involves comfort/rapport though, so while frying her circuits is FUN, it can actually fuck the sarge up because she’s too fried to drop back down into comfort/rapport…so you can make out with her, but she won’t return your txt the next day.

    “Me: (Looking around the room, then back to her) OMG it’s a simple question, are you COOL OR NOT?”

    Good, some call-back humor and forcing her into a label. This is actually another concept, where you say something like “You girls are nice, these other girls were mean they said blah blah blah–” and now those girls have to BE nice because if they did not-nice things then they don’t live up to your label anymore…so instinctively they’ll be nicer lol you’re doing the same thing with “I thought you were cool”. Her instinctive response is “I’m cool!!”


    Of course she does. Why wouldn’t she? You’ve been blowing her mind since Hello. This is an IOI of course, but at this point there isn’t even any point in counting IOIs because she loves you lol Everything is an IOI now.

    “and by the way (taps me on the shoulder while still leaning) those were 4 questions, so you lose”

    Kino. IOI. Blah blah. lol

    “Me: Smart girl (grins) and that’s how I know you’re cool”

    See and now you just qualified her. Now your Intent for her is based on her being smart, cool, etc., not “she has a pussy and didn’t reject me” like with some of the other girls. Now she feels like she’s earned you. This is a 100% green-light done deal to me.

    In this situ, right here, I would grab her number quick…’cause her date will probably come back at some point, and him just being there can fuck the vibe up (as you’ll find out), which is fine if you already have her number, you can game her via txts and meet up later that night or another time (like I’d txt her stuff like “tell him you have a headache lol let’s go get coffee” that night while I know she’s still with him and stealth-AMOG). But without her number, you’re fucked.

    “Her: (laughs — she’s into it, just trust me)”
    :) An 8?? Into Scray?? But…but you’re SHORT!! Shit…it’s almost like game is more important than looks. ;)

    “Me: So what’s your name?”

    Good. Compare this to asking her name right away in a plain boring “formal” introduction like most guys do where she thinks “oh he’s just asking my name because that’s what you do in an introduction”. HERE she thinks “omg he’s asking me my name, he’s into me!! I earned that by being cool!! yay!!” Totally different dynamic.

    Note that this is a good opportunity to grab her number. Imagine pulling your phone out and saying “So what’s your name?” as you hit “Add contact” on it. “What?? Why??” “Because I don’t want to spell it wrong, dummy. Don’t make me save you as Uncool Phone Girl.” Then after she says her name you just go down to the number part and say whatever the area code there is, followed by an expectant silence like “Five, five, fiiiive……?” like you just expect her to say the rest. If she says anything that isn’t numbers you say “That’s a weird number, I don’t think I have those buttons on my keypad. Try again, 555-….?” She’ll do it.

    “Me: I mean, I don’t think I have an ex named that, so…..yeah, you’d be an original”

    lol good stuff. You’re hitting the vibe now in your interactions where girls will just ASSUME you get laid and that girls want to fuck you. Compared to before when you’d have to try to convince them of that. Girls interact with you and just assume flat out “of COURSE other girls want to fuck Scray, this guy is amazing”.

    “Her: Hahahahaah…what’s your name?”

    Again, compare her asking this NOW to if you forced her to ask it in a boring formal introduction when you met. This is her dying to know more about this fascinating guy in front of her.

    “Me: (is this happening wtf is this actually happening) Guess!”

    lol :)


    More lol! It doesn’t have to even make sense, as long as it’s self-amusing to you, she’ll love it.

    “Her: Hahahaha you’re so full of shit!

    Me: You’re like a fucking psychic…”

    You two have an awesome vibe here. You would have REALLY fucking hot sex with this chick. It would be full of back and forth teasing and play-fighting and tossing her around the room and just fucking killer sex.

    …or rather, you WOULD, if you had gotten her number when the window of opportunity was there. ;)


    ” – – (I’m about to tell her my actual name when I notice her look past me fast, and I actually talk a bit more but then I just glance behind….o shit, there’s a dude there. O ya she was on a date)”

    lol. Aaaaand now you’re fucked. She’ll clam up and the vibe will die completely. She has too much history with him to ditch him for you (this actually happened to me a couple weekends ago when a girl’s ex showed up before we could fuck and she ended up having to fuck him instead lol), and he knows what you’re doing and will try to compete, and all in all this is that snap back to reality that shattered the dream bubble she was in.

    “Dude: Sup man. (Tries to tool me almost instantly by gesturing for me to scoot closer. Game on then)”

    And so it starts lol

    “Me: Ya? Thanks bro. You guys dating?”

    REAAAAAAAALLY good response lol If I’m into a girl and a beta white-knight type Orbiter comes up to cockblock, I’ll tell him “oh sorry bro, I didn’t know she was your girlfriend.” and ask her how long they’ve been dating. He won’t have the balls to say “Ya she’s my girl!” because he hasn’t fucked her because he’s an Orbiter so all he can do is go “uhhhh—” and stammer. And she’s attracted to me so she doesn’t want to say he’s her boyfriend, plus she doesn’t want to give him any ideas, so all she can do is go either “uhhhh–” or “what?? him?? oh god no!!” and crush him for me. Smooth sailing to do what I want from there. :) In fact at that point I’ll often chat the dude up and compliment him and befriend him and then he’ll just back off and let me HAVE his girl because he realizes I’m cooler than him and he’s like the little lion letting the big lion have the kill.

    “(He looks at her, she looks at him)”
    :) This is the “uhhh—” lol. That’s why this was a good way to handle it. Unfortunately, now she has someone who will judge her around, so anything she does has to be filtered through “what will DateGuy think of me after this?”

    “Me: Simple question (turns to girl)”

    Again, a good way to handle it. Strong frame, not backing down, and putting the onus on her. Thing is, she won’t answer positive or negative lol It’s too awkward for her to answer. She’s basically locked in a stale-mate.

    Now if you had grabbed her number before he got back to the table, you could have handled this all with an “oh hey bro, is this your girlfriend? Sorry dude I didn’t realize! Well hey, you’re a lucky man, she’s gorgeous (while staring her down). You two have a fun night! ;) ” and walk off…and then txt her 10 min later “whoops almost cockblocked ya, if you don’t get laid tonight it’s my bad ;) lol” and start stealth-AMOG’ing the guy while he’s on his date so that she ditches him to fuck you or at least solidifies a future hookup with her.

    “Him: (trying to tool again) Well if your game is strong, go for it”

    Good move on his part, trying to take the frame and “order” you. There’s not much he can do because he’s not her official boyfriend. An official boyfriend could just grab her and makeout for 10 minutes till you feel awkward and leave lol. So he handled this about the best way he can…if he reacts too much he looks too insecure/jealous for their casual relationship, if he reacts too little, he loses her to you. This was a solid play for him.

    I actually don’t even have a problem losing girls to a guy. It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally I’ll run into a guy with legit solid game or enough confidence from having a history with the girl that he pulls out a move that, if I were in his position, I would do. So if I lose the girl to that, in my mind I’m just like “lol shit, touche, well played sir.” and move on. No hard feelings!

    “Me: Thanks bro, give me pointers, whisper in my ear. (he laughs”

    Solid! This was a good way to handle this. This is what an AMOG battle tends to look like…both of you trying to get eachother to jump through hoops lol It sounds retarded in text form, but it’s usually pretty funny in real life.

    “I turn to the girl; am I really fucking going to try this. It’s funny, doing this shit just like spikes my confidence through the roof)”

    lol ya man, go for it, why not. In reality you’re pretty fucked at this point. To go with you, she would have to shit on this guy’s face with rejection, a guy that she goes on dates and probably fucks and has a history with and is probably part of her social circle etc…it’s just too much to risk. If you had the value of Brad Pitt, she might say “fuck it!” and go for it, but you’re not quite that high-value to her.

    I can guarantee you she was bummed that the interaction got fucked up though. And she probably thought about you the whole time she was fucking him that night. And she probably thought “I wish he had gotten my number :( :( ” lol. I’m only twisting this knife so that you remember all this in the future when you meet a hottie and think to yourself “remember what happened LAST time Scray?? Not THIS time!! GIMME YOUR NUMBER!!!”

    “So anyway, me and you are on a date at my house right…..who makes the popcorn, and what are we watching?”

    See now she can’t answer this. She would’ve loved it if he wasn’t there…but now everything’s through that “I’m going to be judged” filter. Booooo :’(

    “Her: (She’s shocked again, laughing…I notice that her body language is different now, her legs crossed, she’s facing away from me. Goddammit….fucking shit cock ass bitch lick…) Well, I dunno….blah blah blah”

    Yep. She just can’t be into you anymore…she *IS* into you, and she’s as bummed that it didn’t pan out as you are, but a girl’s biggest fear is judgement. That’s why we isolate them from their friends etc.

    So don’t look at this like “oh she wasn’t REALLY into me or she’d've gone along with it”…She was literally forced into Check by circumstances/logistics and unable to do anything. You could have circumvented that by grabbing her # earlier, but that’s something you learn from experience…painful experiences like this, in fact. :)

    “all of a sudden the guy stands up — he’s like 6’2 lol)”

    lol. Some guys would escalate this into a fight. A socially savvy guy understands the dynamics that all went down and is kind of like “lol, ya, fuck he wins this round, I guess I’ll move on, well played, can’t believe I fumbled the football!” and peace out.

    “Her: (hesitating but slowly nodding)”

    She has no choice. The hesitates because she WISHES it had worked out…or that you had made sure you had her number before her date got back. ;)

    “Me: It appears as though our time together has drawn to a close. But I’ll always remember — well probably, right? (smirk)”

    Good, you’re not intimidated/phased really, you’re still just fucking around even with a 6’2″ trying to physically intimidate you. And of course the result of not giving a fuck about some big dude is:

    “Her: (she’s fucking loving it)”
    :) Hypergamy for your higher-value than him in action. But again, judgement rules over all. ASD and all that.

    “Him: Ya, cool just leave.”

    He’s over the whole situ and he knows he’s won. And he’ll insult you once you leave, but she’ll secretly think about you while she fucks him lol

    Again a lot of guys would turn this into a fight right here, thinking they can fight over the girl and win her or that they got “disrespected” by this guy and need to prove themselves and defend their weak little ego etc.

    “Me: Aww hey man, don’t be like that. Hey, c’mere…
    (I open my arms as if to give him a hug — he’s PISSED — but I hug him anyway, then on the way out I wink at the girl and give her the ‘call me’ sign. ”

    Fucking FLAWLESS lol. You can’t punch someone hugging you lol It would just be too psychotic a rage escalation for normal socially adjusted human beings. AND the wink tells her “ehh fuck this guy I’m not scared :) ”. I do the look-back to girls when they’re with other guys all the time, it’s like a secret “we both know that guy’s lame and we should be fucking ;) ” conversation. How you handled that was worth WAY more high-value points to the chick than slugging the guy and her having to spend the night with him filling out forms at the hospital or whatever.

    If you HAD gotten her number, you would be railing this chick right now instead of reading this. :) Twisting that knife so you remember. ;) lol

    “Unfortunately like a RETARD I didn’t ask for her number ever goddammit, fucking shit cock ass bitch UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH)”
    :) We all learned this way. lol

    “My state and confidence are out of control.”

    For sure…you should be filled with fury and Intent and in “God Mode”.

    “7: I’m really cool, what about you”


    “Me: (turns to the 8) Hey your friend is kind of pushy. Is she cool?”

    Shitting on her shit-test by ignoring it, teasing/negging her, AND addressing her friend to gang up on her. Solid.

    “7: What the fuck?”


    “Me: (Laughing at her) What, I’m getting to know you, don’t be such a bitch about it”
    “Me: Mmmmm, I see…well if you’re cool — make out with her (flicks chin to the 8)”
    “(they actually do it…I almost shit my pants…)”

    This is the kind of stuff you can say/do when you’re in state. There’s an old PUA saying “PUA is the exception to the rule.” When we’re firing on all cylinders in state, we can break every social norm in the book and get away with it, and get girls to do things other guys don’t realize are even possible. The trick is learning to get into this state consistently.

    Imagine being in this state while you’re on this upcoming vacation. Imagine THAT chaos. But then imagine if you don’t follow the 3s rule, and you don’t embarrass yourself a bit, and you “play it safe” and keep to yourself…zzzzz. Follow the 3s rule, open everything around you through your day, escalate in situations where most people would say you shouldn’t be able to escalate in, get yourself in this state and take over that vacation spot.

    “Me: Uhhh (DEEEEEEEEEERP)… how often you guys do that?”

    lol aaaaand now you’re incongruent. :) The big raging hulk monster turned out to be two little kids standing on eachother’s backs wearing their dad’s trenchcoat. And you would’ve gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those rotten kids!

    In theory/experience, if you had been able to keep the badass alpha state frame you had going on, you might’ve been able to sexually escalate with these chicks. But once you’re proven to be incongruent and essentially full of shit to them and not the badass sexually liberated non-judgemental non-phased-by-girls-kissing-because-that-happens-all-the-time-in-your-world-of-sex-and-sin-and-sexual-kinkery…….

    “7: Pretty often, considering we’re together and only swing one way.”

    SLAM! That’s the door slamming down on your chances. :)

    “Me:….(laughing) You sneaky fucking bitches! Here I am, thinking I’ve just developed the world’s best superpower. You guys, you fucking guys…. (leaves)”

    lol at this. This wasn’t actually a bad way to handle it, I might steal that sometime. But by this point they can’t trust that you are who you approached them seeming to be, so this is toast.

    “Me: Hey you guys here with your boyfriends? (grin)”

    lol don’t bring up the BFs till you have some attraction. I mean you can pull it off, but you’re forcing them to acknowledge that they’re sluts and remember what I said above about if you call them nice they have to BE nicer? Well if they say they have BFs they have to BE girls with BFs instead of girls who can fuck you.

    Just a little nuance there. :)

    “This bitch acts like she’s CREEPED out by me patting her on the shoulder. I LAUGH IN HER FAT FUCKING FACE AND WALK AWAY. Like, I legit start laughing out of nowhere, not mad about it at all in anyway. ”

    lol this is how to handle it. Frame control. A lot of guys would cave to the creepy response and let it phase them and freak out and apologize (which just ACKNOWLEDGES that what they did was creepy) etc. In fact you kind of reacted this way when that 6 sneered at you approaching her on the dance floor in like your first FR back in the day. Now look at you, just plowing through it like you don’t have a single fuck to give.

    “Somedude: (Shakes my hand) Hey man what’s up…we’re together.”

    lol. This is solid on his part. It’s not aggressive, it’s not insecure, it’s just letting you know “sup’ dude, this is my girl but feel free to continue if you’re just asking where the bathroom is or some shit, I don’t care.”

    “Me: (makes a fart noise with my mouth and leaves)”


    “Me: Oh yeah, is she cool? (Asked to her friends)”

    This is just, you’re asking too much too soon from everyone. 90/10 rule and all that. You haven’t displayed enough value (esp with having fucked up body language and all that) for them to all play along and approve of you trying to hit on their friend.

    “Guy1 (ponytail, much taller than me actually steps forward between me and her, talking to the other guy”

    lol This is actually a good move.

    “at first I want to be like ‘hey could you move?’ Instead…fuck it, I just actually walk into the group sort of place him to the side”

    And this is a good response. You’re wandering into dangerous territory but hey. The difference between here and the shirt-guy from that 8 you should be fucking right now (lol) is that with shirt-guy you had an 8 into you so you had high-value through the roof to her AND him, so you can tool the guy and get away with it. With this guy, your chick already isn’t really into you (with your shitty body language and all) and the group just kind of sees you as a value-taker/annoyance, so now when you tool the guy, you risk getting into a fight.

    Basically because he knows the group would take his side that you’re lame, he can swing at you. That’s why when I AMOG I’ll turn the group against the person in a way that makes them feel that everyone is taking my side so he can’t swing at me because he feels like everyone will think he’s out of line. :)

    “of course responds by putting his hand on my back and situating me right by the girl) There you go man (Ahhh….well-played dickhead)”

    lol this move again. Same as “if your game is strong, go for it”. Solid AMOG’ing move. Steal it and use it yourself to protect your target someday when the situation is reversed and a dude comes into your set. :)

    “Hatgirl7.5: (her body language is irritating me; she’s getting to me. mainly because she’s shifting around and widening her eyes like a dramatic cunt, like it’s just sooooooo creepy to talk to someone. Fuck, I’m losing this non-reactive frame)”

    Social pressure in action. Realistically all she’s doing is just looking strange. There’s no logical reason for you to be freaking out, but you do, because your head starts creeping thoughts into a spiral about how bad she’s making you look and what other people are thinking and who the fuck is she to act like this to someone just talking to her, etc. etc. and it all builds up until you cave.

    Again this is why I can AMOG guys and have them back off…I create that same feeling in them where they’re frustrated but they can’t DO anything about it and the social pressure causes them to back down.

    “Me: (well fuck it man) You seem nervous, are you nervous? (trying to remain like a rock and smirk)”

    While this whole set WAS doomed from the start, it’s not a bad thing that you stuck in there. This is giving you a LOT of experience handling social pressure and keeping that rock frame and smirk. Again that will help you in the future when some friendlier girl is just giving you a really minor shit-test…you won’t even notice it because you’ve trained on sets like this. :)

    Again being short is going to force you to learn to handle more social pressure and physical AMOG’ing etc. that other guys might get. You’ll be a more solid oak tree for it in the long-run.

    “Hatgirl7.5: Nah, I’m fine. You seem nervous.”

    She can read your sub-communications and she has the backing of the group, and she’s not attracted at all.


    lol. I know that feels. :)

    “switch it up, maybe I can get her friends to tool on her)”

    Good stuff. If you ARE gonna’ stick it out, change tactics. Try going around her. You never know, you might get something to click and turn it around. The reason we know Mystery’s “Is she always like this? You can dress her up but you can’t take her out, hey? lol” neg he addresses to the rest of her group when the girl hassles him is because he stuck out situations like this and tried going “around” her to the friends and discovered “oh, hey, this can turn this situation around!”

    So good on you for thinking strategically in the moment. If you got drunk all the time, you wouldn’t be able to think of this kind of stuff, it’d just be a big blur of awkward sets and wrong tactics.

    “Her: Yeah I’m cool

    Me: You taking the cool challenge

    Her: No”

    lol. Bound to happen sooner or later. All this is is that you’re shooting for more compliance (or a bigger hoop) than you have attraction/high-value for her to comply with or jump through.

    Here’s a quick little clip that relates, watch Julien from 0:38 to 0:50:

    Julien: “Get off the phone.” (compliance test)
    Girl: “Why?” (not attracted enough to comply to it)
    Julien: “Cause I said so. Fuck, girl, don’t question it.” (attempting to plow)
    Girl: “Well, I’m sorry, I’m not getting off the pho–” (not complying, it’s too big a hoop for her right now)

    Now a normal guy might keep trying to plow and just piss her off. Or he might beg her to get off the phone. etc. But Julien knows “okay, that hoop was too big, give her a smaller hoop and bulid up to bigger hoops later when she’s more attracted” So he switches gears like:

    Julien: “Hug me then.” (new, smaller hoop, that she complies with because she IS attracted enough for that one)
    Julien: “Stay on the phone.” (lol now he’s telling her TO stay on the phone so she’s complying by staying on it…this is that thing where you know someone’s going to do something so you take over and pretend you came up with the idea and order them to do it…it’s what these AMOGs were doing to you with “go for it bro” and what CaptainAMOG was doing in your last report with “Ya let’s go party” etc.)

    At 0:55 he interrupts her with another compliance test “Say hi to my friend Owen.” Julien is great at plowing through a girl’s resistance and fucking with her emotions up and down. It’s even a little cruel at times (see 0:20 in that video lol).

    So the thing you come up with, logically, would just have to be a smaller hoop. Or build more attraction/high-value and then return to this hoop. It might not be possible in all cases, but it’s a strategy to try in this situation.

    “Me: (turns to Italy8) Just fuckin look at her, she looks like she breaks backs for a living”

    Good stuff. Self-amusing cold-reads. You’re forcing them to react to you.

    “Italy8 (laughs and shakes her head gives me a high five in front of her friend; Asian8 kinda stood there with this look on her face…”

    Now you know everything you need to know about their dynamics. Italy8 is the shit-talking loud-mouth type, Asian8 is the quiet shy meek friend who gets overrun by Italy8 regularly. Personally I love the Italy8 types but one of my natural buddies is all about the Asian8′s. We LOVE sets like this when we’re out together lol. If he runs into an Italy8 with an Asian8 he’s into, he’ll just go “…you should meet my friend YaReally.” and bring me in to handle her lol If I meet an Asian8 who’s getting bored because her Italy8 friend I are talking shit to eachother, I’ll say “Hey, you should meet my friend Natural.”

    “Me: Cause look at you, you prolly bench like 225 (she’s pretty little)”

    All good stuff. Good vibe and playful interaction. You could have taken this one pretty far.

    “Italy8: Well what do you do?
    Me: I work at Mcdonald’s
    Italy8: Pssssh….are you full of shit?
    Me: I haven’t checked in a few hours
    Italy8: Oh fuck you, are you fucking with me right now!
    Me: (shrug)
    Italy8: Well, you gotta make at least as much as me
    Me: I’m a manager — don’t you worry, you’ll get all the hamburgers for free.”

    Flawwwwwwwwwwwwless. Beautiful. Brought a tear to my eye. The call-back humor into the free hamburgers is perfect. You’re treating an 8 who probably intimidates most guys, like a bratty little sister and just fucking with her. There was potential in this set. BUT:

    “blah blah blah blah but then they always leave.”

    Ya. ’cause you need to lead the interaction somewhere. Especially with the hotter girls. These are the situations where you have to get up in her face, grab her by the arm to lead her away, throw her on an emotional roller-coaster of highs and lows, make innuendo and make things sexual, push-pull, tease, qualify her, make her jealous, make her angry, anything and everything.

    Basically make her react to you. :) Suck her into that dream bubble of chaos that you sucked that other 8 (who you should be fucking right now ;) lol) into where she’s doing that laugh of “omg what’s going on here??!”

    “I actually feel like it’s something along the lines of ‘well fucking make a move of some kind

Alpha Male Membership Has Its Privileges

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on March 14, 2013 at 11:21 pm
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Totally written by a dude. Oddly the $100 bill part is the part that makes me think it’s a guy, because guys are the ones who think having money is attractive.

Put it this way: I’ve done degrading inhuman disgusting terrible things to a LOT of chicks in the bedroom that no human being should do to another human being…and none of those chicks have requested being slapped with money lol

On that note though, a lot more women than most guys (even players/PUAs) would expect would get off at reading this story or fantasizing about it, with the right guy in their mind. These days I screen for the girls that are into fucked up stuff so a lot of my qualifying involves stuff like finding out if they’ve read 50 Shades of Grey, asking if they’ve made out with their girlfriends, finding out the most twisted thing guys have made them do and whether they liked it or not, etc. etc. Like these are conversations I’ll have in the first hour of meeting them lol

It all comes down to a non-judgemental vibe, directing the conversation in a sexual direction, and being congruent to being comfortable with sexuality in general. These girls’ future (or current lol) boyfriends, fiances, husbands, etc. have NO idea what their little princess has floating around in the deep dark shadows of her mind.

Anyway, I second the notion that the OP is a guy writing about his fantasy and looking for others to contribute to the fantasy and he gets off while he reads the replies…I believe this happens on hooker and general confession forums too.

That statement, of course, opens the door for “well how do you know Field Reports are real?” but generally it’s easy to snuff out the fake ones because if a guy is writing fake FRs he probably doesn’t have much game to begin with so usually there’ll be parts of his FR that go against pickup principles. If thousands of FRs went against the same principle, we’d revist the principle and figure out whether it’s wrong or if there are nuances involved that make it work or not work…but if it’s just one FR and there are thousands of other FRs that support the rule, then odds are it’s a bullshit FR or an anomally so freakishly rare that it’s not worth studying unless more FRs appear supporting it.

Also @Scray
I did two big analysis/write-ups for your Field Report at – they’re in moderation right now though, so check in a day or whatever. Mods, go approve my shit plz, I’ll give you blowies!

Generation Alpha Widow

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on March 13th, 2013 at 8:06 pm
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I have a buddy who’s convinced that all his career-type chick-friends (in their late 20s early 30s) are flawless angels. I’ve tried to explain to him that he’s just too close to them, too inexperienced with women, and been in a relationship too long, to see their flaws/baggage, but he refuses to believe they have any. Grass is greener, to him since he’s in a relationship. But just because she doesn’t have a couple of obvious bastard children in tow doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a bunch of mental baggage under the surface.

In the future I imagine Feminists will push for it to be illegal for a man NOT to marry a woman if she wants him to…not a man she’s dating or anything, just any man she picks to clean up her mistakes lol

Giving serious consideration to the sperm-cryopreservation+vasectomy combo these days. The number of young chicks I see with kids now is pretty terrifying and I don’t see it getting better anytime soon lol Would hate to get trapped by a single mom because a few swimmers were too enthusiastic. Sounds like your “little men” stay alive for a solid 20 years, and at 30 I’m sure if I decide to have a kid I’ll have decided before I’m 50 so it’s not a bad setup.

Anyone have any recommended reading on that particular topic? Maybe I gotta’ dig through some MGTOW forums lol

Woman Admits To “Alpha Fux, Beta Bux” Dating Strategy

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Glenn P
on March 13, 2013 at 4:26 pm
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“I say in the book, date the bad boys, date the crazy boys, but do not marry them. Marry the boys who are going to change half of the diapers.”

That reminds me of when I say to women… “You’re the type of chick to fuck and chase artists but marry a doctor”

It’s funny but these women will wait around forever for that ring from a BadBoy… And if they don’t, they’ll marry the nice guy and sure enough she’ll be spreading her divine legs for the crazy boys soon enough.

About a year ago, I was in Miami and met a chick at the pool in my hotel who was married the day before… We got to talking and within about an hour we were fooling around under the patio deck. I kept thinking to myself… WOW! it didn’t take her long, now did it???

  • Anonymous
    on March 13, 2013 at 6:35 pm
    Original Link

    That Miami newlywed story is like what just happened to me.

    Yesterday I noticed that a girl I’d been dating and starting to get sexual with had posted that she was engaged to some herbling as her status.

    This hit me like a punch in the gut. I was about to send her a text asking her to introduce me to one of her hot friends at least.

    But then as I moped about this to another hot teen who was at my place to hang out, she smiled and said “Let me show you something”.

    She then went to the computer and showed me her status. It said she was engaged to a herbling her own age as well.

    She laughed (as she took her clothes off) and said that women do this in order to make the herbling less jealous of her comings and goings and it makes them check their women’s phones for texts less often.

    Betas think they’re safe when their women put “Engaged” as their status.

    They surely think they’re safe when the women marry them.

    No such luck.

    • YaReally
      on March 13, 2013 at 7:40 pm
      Original Link

      One of mine would leave her engagement ring on while she blew me and make sure to capture it in the dirty pics she’d send. 3 months salary well spent for her guy, hey lol

The Wrong Way To Get Out Of The Friendzone

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on March 12, 2013 at 10:47 am
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GFTOW till you learn to let women know you have a penis from the start.

  • league of bald headed men
    on March 12, 2013 at 11:16 am
    Original Link

    A crude but truthful way of expressing the main idea of the OP: if you’re in the friendzone so called you were doing it all wrong from the beginning and the best thing you can do is write this female off and exit with dignity intact. Learn lesson and apply next time around, this one ain’t happening.

    • YaReally
      on March 12, 2013 at 11:36 am
      Original Link

      I haven’t been friend zoned in years. It’s just not possible. I can be blown-out/rejected, or have sex with her…there’s no middle ground anymore, because my intent is clear from the start.

      Note that intent is not the same as interest. Intent is about demonstrating you’re a sexual guy who’s capable of escalating things but hasn’t decided about her specifically yet. Interest is about choosing her, specifically.

      Where friend zoned guys go wrong is they show no sexual intent, and then they “confess their love” out of the blue which is just showing undeserved interest before she’s earned it and after she views him as asexual and familiar as her little brother.

      GFTOW. Not date, not kiss, not get numbers from…Go FUCK ten other women. Then come back to try this one again, if you even want her at that point (hint: you probably won’t).

      • Harrison
        on March 12, 2013 at 9:37 pm
        Original Link

        So what are examples of showing intent vs. showing interest?

        • YaReally
          on March 13, 2013 at 1:38 am
          Original Link

          The main differences between Intent (“I want to fuck you”) and Interest (“I want to get to know you as a person and possibly an LTR”) are:

          1) Intent involves a sexual undertone. Interest generally doesn’t. Friend Zoned guys show interest, they don’t show intent, so when they go to show intent later on (“surprise, I have a penis!” game), it’s awkward and weird, like her little brother hitting on her (her little brother has never shown intent either…except in Alabama).

          A guy who exudes sexuality shows intent in everything he does so when he shows interest, it’s after he’s already shown intent…ergo, the sexual “man to woman” nature of their relationship has already been established and it’s not out of the blue. From the very start, her relationship with him is different from her relationship with her little brother.

          Gambler’s rule of how to tell whether you’re showing sexual interest, tension, intent, etc. is “Would you do whatever you’re doing with her, with a guy-friend?” So would you stare him down with bedroom eyes? Would you kino his lower back? Would you get nose-to-nose with him as you make innuendo? No? Then those things show intent. Would you go hit the mall to shop for shit with your bro? Or help him study for a test? Or go on totally asexual platonic dinners to catch up on shit? Probably…so those things don’t show Intent.

          2) Interest is a reward for a girl passing your Intent qualifiers. Friend Zoned guys give their Interest away for anything the girl does, because they build her up as a Disney pedestal princess fantasy in their head so anything she does is magical and wonderful and just by having a pussy she deserves his Interest (plus he’s desperate/needy/etc. so he gives his Interest away desperate for it to be returned).

          A guy who exudes sexuality rewards a girl with his Interest ONLY if she interests him when he expresses his Intent. If she’s too shy or frigid for him, or he qualifies her on personality characteristics or her hobbies or talents or clothing style or what-have-you, or even if she’s too sexual/slutty for his tastes, she doesn’t earn his Interest (unless she gets in line and tries to pass his qualifiers…so the nerdy plain girl gets all dolled up after he tells her he loves done-up girls, the shy quiet girl becomes more out-going, the slutty girl tones down the topless dancing at the bar, etc…then he can show Interest as a reward).

          These are subtle internal nuances but they make a difference. Externally they’re expressed in ways like:

          Shit-test: “You just want to have sex.”

          *Friend Zoning response: “What?? No, I just want to be friends! I’m not that kind of guy! Give me your # and we’ll go shopping together!” (undeserved Interest with no Intent)

          Too Much Interest Too Soon response: “No, no, we can go on a date. What’s your favorite restaraunt? I’ll bring flowers blah blah blah!” (undeserved Interest with a TINY bit of Intent, BUT the Interest is given BEFORE it’s earned)

          Intent response: “No, we can have breakfast together too. ;) You can cook, right?” (Tons of sexual Intent first…but no Interest yet, she has to qualify. Her response to this demonstration of Intent determines whether he displays Interest or not yet…if not, he can throw out more qualifiers until she passes one so he can show Interest (if he wants an easy fuck he can just lob her easy qualifiers to pass), or he can move on to a different girl who’s more his type)

          Shit-test: “You don’t even remember my name, do you?”

          Friend Zoning: “Of course I do, it’s Sarah! I would never forget your name!!” (undeserved Interest with no Intent)

          Too Much Interest: “Of course I do, it’s Sarah! I never forget the name of a pretty girl. ;) ” (undeserved interest with a TINY bit of Intent, but the Interest is given BEFORE it’s earned)

          Intent response: “Of course I do, it’s Sarah. I can’t guarantee I’ll remember it in the morning when we go for breakfast though…unless you’re good in bed. ;) You’re not a starfish lay, are you?” (even remembering her name (I pretend not to with “of course not, we haven’t even made out yet”), there’s sexual Intent first in the implication that they’ll be having sex…BUT she has to qualify for Interest. Her response to this demonstration of Intent determines whether he displays Interest or not yet)

          It’s important to note that you don’t have to STAY sexual and showing Intent…you just have to demonstrate that you CAN “cross the line” and set the frame that you’re a man and a woman and not two “friends”. Once you’ve shown you can cross the line, you can pull back and build comfort/rapport and run proper solid game…

          It’s the same as kino, you don’t have to go right for a boob grope or leave your hand on her forever once you touch her (a lot of newbies do this, it’s really creepy looking lol), you just touch her a few times casually and confidently, in a way that you wouldn’t touch your guy friends (on her lower back, pull her in for a hug, lead her around by the hand, etc.) and then you can back off and run some verbal game.

          *On a side note, you CAN pull out of a Friend Zone Response with tight game, like some guys will use “let’s be shopping buddies, I swear I’m not trying to have sex with you” just to avoid triggering ASD or mother hens and grab the #, but you have to escalate right away from there (like take your text convo sexual, you don’t actually go on a friendly shopping date, or if you DO you escalate it into a sexual vibe as soon as you meet up like greeting her with a hug but by then you’re fighting an uphill battle that you didn’t need to)…

          Unfortunately, if it’s gone on for weeks/months/years like most cases of one-itis (since the guy is waiting for the girl to give him the green light because he’s a vagina), you’re fucked (or NOT fucked, rather, lol).

          Hope that helps! This is all shit you have to handle from the first “Hello”, which is part of why we recommend GFTOW to one-itis Friend Zone cases, because you’re “her little brother” to that one-itis and you don’t have the game to claw your way out of that…it’s better to just start over with some new chicks, learning to express Intent from the start (ie – like I said, learn to let them know you have a penis), until you understand the difference between being “her little brother” and “a fuckworthy guy”. :)

          • YaReally
            on March 13, 2013 at 11:55 pm
            Original Link

            “Does this work in day game?”

            Why wouldn’t it? Do push-up bras work in the day time or do you only get a boner for attractive traits in a female at night?

            Just because you imply something sexual doesn’t mean you’re going to DO it. The point isn’t that you’re actually setting up the logistics of how you’re going to fuck her that night, the point is more to show her that “this topic, of human sexuality and hooking up, that’s supposed to be off-limits in polite conversation and that no beta would touch with a 10-foot pole out of fear that he might offend you and fear of his own sexuality…I’m totally comfortable joking about it and making innuendo about it, because I have a lot of sex, it’s not something scary and amazing to me, it’s natural and fun and I’m thinking of doing it with you, if you’re fun, and I don’t apologize for that.”

            It’ll get you shit-tested more than pretending to be her shopping buddy, but that’s fine since passing shit-tests builds attraction, so that really just helps you in the end, if you can pass the shit-tests.

            In terms of whether it’s possible or not to bang her that night, it just comes down to value. If her favorite rock/movie star walked in and flirted with her and said “I’m only here for one night. We should hang out.”, do you think she’d give a shit about her job or other plans or anything? No, she’d break those to go hang out with him, and she’d fuck him if he escalated. Why? Because he has high value.

            On the flip side the 40yo guy wearing Silicon Valley khakis and a badly fitted blue polo shirt with his work ID card hanging off his belt and a cell phone holster who’s nervously approaching some hot 20yo with his voice shaking and stuttering with “umm…”s and “uhh…”s as he talks, well, that guy’s probably not going to be able to pull it off.

            Expand your reality, be more sexual in the daytime and see exactly what you can get away with. It’ll surprise you. :)

on March 12, 2013 at 3:34 pm
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On Kezia Noble, the jist is basically: Gambler (Richard LaRuina) hired her to be a female coach with his company (probably just to draw guys in with her tits), taught her a bunch of shit, they tried to expand (they went on Dragon’s Den together and got burned lol), then it looks like some kind of falling out happened and Gambler ended up homeless (lol, possibly an exaggeration I didn’t follow his story much from there) and Kezia started up her own company using all the shit Gambler’s group taught her…

So the stuff she teaches IS legit PUA tactics (since it all came FROM a PUA) but her draw is basically just that she’s hot and sultry and guys attend her bootcamps because they’re desperate virgins and get to at least have a pretty girl talk to them and teach them to “kino” and practice eye contact with her and shit. I’d say she knows exactly what she’s doing, milking her looks to build an audience while she has them. I wouldn’t expect guys taking her bootcamp to come out of it with any real skill though.

No one really respects her as an expert and she’s sure as shit not the type to make any kind of progress with the art of seduction in general as a knowledge-base/skill-set. She’s found a little market of horny guys and she’s milking it while she can to make some bling.

(this isn’t to TOTALLY shit on her, ’cause it’s not like she’s the only PUA who’s stolen a bunch of shit and gone off to teach their own bootcamps and stuff, the industry is full of that…but that’s her story in general)

I THINK Gambler has pulled himself back out of the gutter after all that because I’ve seen some recent YouTube stuff of him. The dude’s stuff about “stealth escalation” and creating sexual tension (27min into this video below) is super solid. Sucks that he ultimately got burned.

The Vapidity Of Lena Dunham

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on March 11, 2013 at 2:11 pm
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They have Lena, we have Roosh:

  • YaReally
    on March 12, 2013 at 9:29 am
    Original Link

    Roosh’s game is extremely weak and an embarrassing representation of the manosphere’s style of “look for the easiest girls in the world, play the numbers game, and give up at the slightest complication or obstacle instead of learning to overcome them” game.

    On top that, he doesn’t even just censor/delete posts that disagree with him in his comment section, he actively rewrites people’s comments. Any of my comments where I point out extremely obvious problems in his game (obvious to anyone with field experience, vs his echo chamber of sad white dudes banging 3rd world hookers) to explain why he’s getting his shitty results (like spending weeks in North America and not being able to get laid because surprise surprise he needs to actually learn to talk to groups, befriend obstacles, handle logistics, etc vs just wandering around like a homeless creeper in the shadows), he edits them to replace them with “I love roosh!” type shit.

    Even Sue just flat-out deletes posts she doesn’t like. A bunch of the comments you see on Roosh’s blog praising him was probably a legit complaint or someone trying to point out problems, cause I know he’s done it to other people too. Gotta protect those book sales, after all!

    Most of the probs he writes about can be overcome with basic PUA game. The guy literally had a post where he whined that girls in a city want to go for food after the bar with friends instead of have sex right away and he didn’t know how to deal with it. Like, befriend the friends, holy shit, problem solved lol

    Even in that video all he’s doing in the bar is creeping up behind girls and then slinking back off into the shadows when they aren’t instantly friendly. Any of my regular wings I run with would run circles around him blindfolded lol

    Hopefully no one brings him up here again lol I heart CH and Rollo because they discuss actual game, they’re like an oasis in the Manosphere desert of virginity and desperate Johns.

  • n/a
    on March 12, 2013 at 1:58 pm
    Original Link


    Your Roosh-Aversion surprises me. Roosh should be an inspiration to all you CBT-style fake-it-till-ya-make-it PUA’s, because, while he’s certainly no oil-painting, he’s gets out there, approaches females left and right, and is apparently highly “outcome independent.”

    I think I’ve gathered enough PUA buzzwords in the above, but what else is there about Roosh V that’s worthy of attention?

    Well, he’s the single best writer and esp. narrator in the manosphere, and the clunky honesty of his prose makes one trust his observations and commentary without reservation. I don’t believe he wastes time rewriting comments on his blog, because I’ve read plenty of unexpurgated trolling there in the past.

    It’s strange to see you get so hot under the collar about another dude. What’s really going on here?

    • YaReally
      on March 12, 2013 at 5:43 pm
      Original Link

      “I don’t believe he wastes time rewriting comments on his blog, because I’ve read plenty of unexpurgated trolling there in the past.”

      He or whoever moderates his blog, has done it to me twice and a couple other guys (I saw the before/after comments by fluke timing). Don’t care what you believe, I’ve run into it first-hand. I’d guess the difference between blatant trolling and my comments are that everyone knows to brush off trolling, but my shit was accurately calling out lacking parts of his game/skills and ruining the illusion that he’s good with chicks, which isn’t good for book sales. It’s easy to seem amazing at game when your fans are all guys who have to fly across the world to bang hookers…they don’t have the actual pickup experience to tell when you’re full of shit lol

      I don’t have a problem with roosh’s traveling and general lifestyle. Hey, good on him, do your thing. I actually didn’t even have a problem with his game aside from how weak it is…I posted on his completely biased and ill-informed RSD bashing (which he likely just did to drum up book exposure) and was modded and from there and later mods I just can’t respect the guy.

      He’s basically banking on no one shattering the illusion to his fan base that he’s just cashing in on their inexperience. I’d guess that’s why he says he’s stopping writing books soon. Too many people calling him out now to keep the bluff up.

      My main problem is that if you actually read his field reports and watch how meek and beta he is in his vids and read his pissing and moaning about how hard some cities are and all that shit…but then you KNOW guys who kill it with no prob in those cities (a buddy of mine recently pulled 3 out of 4 nights there off cold-approaching, with other buddies there to verify the chicks were hot…the RSD guys regularly run bootcamps in these “impossible” cities) and you’ve been to those cities and gotten laid yourself, you realize all his shit about how bitchy North American women are and all that is purely a way for him to hide the fact that his “game” of “go up and make some small talk and cross your fingers that being from America and buying them drinks gets you enough brownie points to get a lay” only really works in foreign countries where the pitcher is lobbing balls across the plate for you.

      Then all the guys in his fanclub who also can’t get pussy in NA suck eachother’s dicks over “ya man it’s impossible to get laid in DC!! No one can get girls in TO!! NA girls are all pieces of shit anyway, in EE the girls shoot rainbows out of their pussies!!” because they have no game either and this helps them justify their lack of success/skill and lets them off the hook of having to put in hard work to get better.

      It all feeds into itself and creates this sad-ass part of the Manosphere where guys with no game don’t realize their “guru” has no game and Roosh just cashes in on that.

      So my problem with him is just that he’s suckering guys in and ripping them off. I don’t even know if he’s aware of it, I think he legitimately doesn’t realize he has no game.

      Put it this way: Pretty much no one from any other school of PUA would bother buying “Bang Ukraine”. Because we can get results in North America. Because we know what to do when a girl answers “no.” to (creepily lurking over her shoulder) “are you here to meet the man of your dreams?” Lol

      I only ever have a problem with people if what they’re saying doesn’t mesh with the PUA communities’ collective field experience. If CH or Rollo put out a book I’d say cool, that’s probably a good book, because what they write about is confirmed in-field.

      • YaReally
        on March 13, 2013 at 2:30 am
        Original Link

        Actually, just to balance out shitting on the guy, his Day Game is decent. In the interview up above his day game is pretty solid, and for his general personality/vibe (low-energy, asexual) and the environments he games in (foreign countries where the girls are friendlier, especially during the day and to “rich American men” etc.), I think he can do fine. During day-game you CAN run the same game you run at night, but it’s a lot easier and you get way less shit-testing when you tone it down to something more casual like Roosh’s game.

        Hell, I might even check out his Day Bang book myself just to see what he has to say in it and what could be applied to NA since I plan to get back into more day-game this summer (I used to do it but right now because of work etc. I primarily run night game).

        But in bars/night-clubs his game is awful and completely falls apart unless the planets align and the universe throws pussy at his face with zero obstacles lol That’s why he can’t get results in places like DC/TO.

        I guess my main beef would be that I wish his audience would, instead of going “well if Roosh can’t do it and says it’s impossible, it must be impossible!!”, actually look at it as a challenge and go out for themselves and tighten up their overall game (handling obstacles, logistics, plowing, etc.) that would help them overcome all that shit Roosh can’t. They go on and on about being men and developing their potential and all that shit, but then stop short at “learning how to actually game”.

        It would be like a short guy telling Scray “oh I can’t get laid” and him going “well fuck it then I guess I just won’t go out!” It’s a retarded mentality and those guys are just re-enforcing eachother’s limiting beliefs instead of breaking through them.

        Then on top of that, Roosh (or whoever mods his blog comments), snuff out any evidence that what he says isn’t gospel. Same shit Sue does to keep her echo chamber pure. No dissenting evidence allowed.

        Like I linked a bunch of general Lay/Field Reports and RSD Bootcamp Reports of guys picking up pussy in DC/Toronto to pull back the curtain and show that it’s not the city keeping Roosh and his followers from getting laid, it’s their game, and my comment got modded/deleted. Right there it’s like okay then fuck this place lol clearly it’s just a marketing vehicle to sell his books and he isn’t interested in actually developing his game.

        See now what I would do if I was Roosh and wanted to keep making bling off this stuff, is take a good hard honest look at my game, realize it doesn’t cut it in North America, but then start learning HOW to game in NA. Imagine the comeback story there, “the guy who proved it couldn’t be done, who’s fanbase all knows that NA is impossible, has FINALLY cracked the code in his new book Bang D.C. and it’s follow-up Bang Toronto! Learn how to weed through the shallow entitled bitches and find the true innocent sweetheart feminine golden nuggets! Learn how to deal with those dreaded D.C. mother hens! Learn how to steal a girl away from her group when she wants to go for food at last call!” His followers would line up to throw money at him for that shit lol

        • samseau
          on March 13, 2013 at 2:29 pm
          Original Link

          Man, you’re so ignorant… you don’t think Roosh knows about cockblocks and groups of fat-mouthed loud bitchy women? The reason Roosh edits your comments is because he doesn’t take you seriously, and I don’t blame him.

          Here’s a serious question for you: Have you EVER traveled to a country where the women are still feminine?

          There is NO comparison between feminine women and Americanized ones, and once you taste the forbidden fruit you will never want to put in the work for the shit quality American woman again.

          If you go read the 16 commandments of poon, you’ll notice one of the commandants is “play to your strengths.”

          Why work 10x as hard for shit quality women when you can work with half the effort for a much higher quality product? Why pay more for less?

          Because you have “game?” Lmao, no one cares.

          • YaReally
            on March 13, 2013 at 7:27 pm
            Original Link

            “you don’t think Roosh knows about cockblocks and groups of fat-mouthed loud bitchy women?”

            Oh, he knows about them. He just doesn’t know what to do with them:

            “So what you have in these groups is this ugly girl, who’s the leader of the group…not only do you have to get approval from her but you have to get approval from the fat girl too. That’s a lot of work, I don’t see how nightlife can be a reliable fun way to meet girls.” – Roosh

            It can be fun, if you enjoy meeting other people and have enough game to bring out their good side. No shit the mother hens react bad to you, you’re creepy and anti-social lurking aroud the shadows trying to steal their friend off into the night instead of being a normal fun out-going social human being.

            “I got cockblocked on 80% of my approaches.”
            “But girls are doing their thing and then they all hop in cabs. They seem to be more excited about eating after the bar than getting with dudes.”
            “Another thing I noticed that if you utter one lame joke or say something that can be construed as sexist, the girl is disgusted and walks away. You need 100% perfect game, no mistakes”
            “In the US I could get away with a lot more than in Toronto.”

            Just a bunch of whining about shit that he could solve with some basic Mystery Method.

            Roosh Advocates that an Approachable Girl is a girl who: “is not with any guys, is bangable (in your book), is not sitting down at a table, is not dancing, is not plugged into her phone, is not with more than two people”

            lol, shit, let’s throw some more requirements on there. How about is tied to her chair? Is wearing a shirt saying “I love sucking American cocks”? Is spreading her pussy open and shouting “Someone stick a dick in me!!”?

            Like I say, as long as the universe aligns perfectly for him and throws pussy in his lap with no obstacles whatsoever, his terrible night game is fine. Much easier to write that all off as impossible than to learn some game like I recommended here:


            Just like it’s much easier to write off anyone who’s in shape as a “juice-monkey” or anyone who’s rich as a “greedy sad man with no soul”. Or write off North American women who won’t give you the time of day as all bitches and shitty quality. Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.

            “Why work 10x as hard for shit quality women when you can work with half the effort for a much higher quality product?”

            Why climb Everest? Why hit the gym instead of watching TV on the couch? Why cook instead of eating McDonalds? Why train to be a pro athlete instead of playing touch-football in your backyard?

            There are plenty of quality women here, they just aren’t interested in YOU. But enjoy flying across the world to have a bunch of broken-english conversations.

            If Roosh doesn’t want to tighten his game, that’s cool, it’s his dick…but him pissin’ & moaning when he gets winded climbing a staircase that the guys who regularly exercise can sprint up, is silly. He can say the staircase is too steep, it’s got too many stairs, etc. but it all comes down to: he’s out of shape and lazy.

            But hey, he sells books. I’m sure he doesn’t care at all. I’m just stating my opinion because someone posted a Roosh vid.

          • YaReally
            on March 14, 2013 at 11:04 pm
            Original Link


            “You think talking to fat chicks is fun? You and I are very different people.”

            I stick to the hot ones. The guys who think every chick in every bar in all of North America are all ugly are the guys who either 1) don’t go out much, or 2) are hitting the shitty meat-market dive bars/clubs where ugly girls hang out. Use your social skills to get yourself into some higher-end social circles and you won’t be stuck making do with fatties.

            Oh wait, I forgot, socializing and making new friends and gaining access to better girls is too much “work”. You probably want to be able to just lurk in the shadows of the bar and pop out and grab a girl and drag her back to your basement lair instead of being a normal fun outgoing social value-giving guy. My bad.

            “You mean the same Mystery Method that says it’s a fools mate if you bang a girl in under 7 hours?”

            That’s the one. Fortunately, like a lot of psychology and science in general, over time more contributers figure out more details behind earlier ideas and expand on them and now we understand how to bang a girl under 7 hours legitimately and why that can and does happen with the right triggers flipped.

            But hey, Roosh says to fly across the world, buy them all drinks, brag about being an American as soon as possible, and cross your fingers that they decide to fuck you. That seems like solid game too lol

            “High quality in America = Low quality in Eastern Europe.”

            Like I say, the high quality girls are either not interested in you or you don’t have access to them and their social circles. Just ’cause neither of us is at the Playboy Mansion right now doesn’t mean there aren’t hot chicks there.

            “When a man travels to exotic lands to bang unbelievable beauties”

            Oh. My bad. uhhh, could you point out the unbelievable beauties that are 10000x better than any North American women in these pics?:


            Oh wait, I found one:



            Meanwhile, in America, the land of fat ugly cows:


            What’s that? You don’t see girls like this when you’re out and approach them? huh…no, you probably won’t see them…at your local small-town meat-market dive bar on Ladies’ Night.

            To be fair, that’s Vegas and we all know it’s an anomaly. But in terms of picking up randoms in random average places, the chicks in these videos aren’t disgusting slobs.



            Soon as Roosh puts out a video where he’s making out and hooking up with with a bunch of these incredible abundant 10s you guys rant and rave about that are all over EE and start sucking your dick as soon as you set foot off the plane, I’ll be happy to buy his books to read. But then he “gets between five and eight girls in a year” so I guess it’ll take a while for that video to be put together.

            “Wasting this time by trying to fuck ugly, overpriced women = LOL on you.”

            So what you’re saying is, by going up to a chick in the city I live in, flirting, refusing to buy her a drink, and banging her that night, I’m spending more time/money than the guy who flies across the world, recommends buying girls drinks to get them to talk to him, and goes on dates because he can’t pull off a same night lay (in the very places that RSD guys are doing Bootcamps in and pulling on the same night).


            “You’re just a stubborn hater at this point”

            If he quits writing about how much American women suck and starts acknolwedging his flaws and actually improving his game, I’ll be his biggest fan. All I care about is the truth. If someone says a bunch of shit that very clearly doesn’t jive with the in-field experience of thousands of us PUAs who go out regularly, then I’ll call them out. The reason I agree with 99% of what Tyler says is because he goes out more than anyone else to come to his conclusions, and since I go out a lot myself I’ve come across the same conclusions on my own, because any guy who spends enough time out in the field pushing their game and their understanding of social dynamics comes to the same conclusions.

            “Tightening your game is POINTLESS if you don’t want to game the nasty bitches in the first place.”

            2/10, would not bang any of the girls in any of the links up above!

            “Roosh is developing his game for a higher livestock of females…”

            …lol. well, “livestock” is definitely a good word for them going by those pics above. Please link me his video of him tearing down the 10s when it goes up. I mean, here we ADMIT that there aren’t dozens of 10s running around every single bar and that most guy’s pickup diet is in the 6-8 range with the occasional 9 and rare 10, so it makes sense that most of the girls in the videos above are cute/pretty but not all gorgeous 10s.

            But according to you guys, there are just amazing phenomenal 10s in every direction as far as the eye can see in EE since all those Vegas girls would be the lowest rung there, so it should be EASY to get some videos/pics of Roosh picking them up, right? I mean, there’s so many of them. And Roosh is a public figure already, so you’d think he’d WANT pics like that up.

            …except he doesn’t put any up. Despite being in the public eye already. huh…I wonder why. Maybe it’s because he’s picking up the same average 6s that guys here in North America pick up. That seems like a long way to travel just to get the same quality of girl you can get with minimal effort here.

            If Roosh is tearing it down pulling 3-somes at the Playboy Mansion and then declares EE girls are better, I’ll be sure to buy his books to read.

            “continue to waste your life on inferior women.”



      • n/a
        on March 13, 2013 at 2:48 pm
        Original Link


        I think you misunderstand the nature, and appeal, of La Roosh. For all I know — and I’m inclined to believe it — *you* are some sort of pickup prodigy, an unceasing student of late-night venue AMOGing duels and subtle gradations of DHV. You are the King of Congruence. I have no problem with that — indeed, it’s usually the guys who get dirty “in-field” with the most tenacity and persistence who ultimately acquire the most technical understanding of a subject.–

        Roosh is different. He appeals to people precisely because he doesn’t claim any special technical insight, or fantastic game prowess — he’s just a bright dude fed up with the lack of femininity in the United States, and who’s seeking a more congenial female elsewhere.

        To that end he offers his experience and some tips, usually in the form of hilariously entertaining and shamelessly honest stories. I think his *trustworthiness* is what guys love about him, not the fact that he’s some kind of “game” machine.

        And his “fans” and “followers” include men who’ve had much greater sexual success than he’s had — as well as rank beginners. So it’s probably unwise to lump them all together.

        If there’s some sort of very recherche in-house Five Families “game blog” war going on in the background here, I don’t know about it, nor could I care about it.

        You offer some excellent CBT-inspired game-instruction for those who are too willing to accept purely self-imposed psychological limitations on their actions; while Roosh offers a whole gestalt of Rooshness, a relatively regular guy’s take on the contemporary sexual market.

        I say “relatively regular guy” because he happens to be our best *in-field* critic of feminism and is simply a superb writer.

        Enough Roosh love for one week — but let this post stand as a good summation of his value.–


        • YaReally
          on March 13, 2013 at 7:37 pm
          Original Link

          “To that end he offers his experience and some tips, usually in the form of hilariously entertaining and shamelessly honest stories.”

          Sure, that’s fine. It’s when he whines and cries about how impossible North America is and how shitty the women are that it’s like uhhh dude, other guys are managing just fine. You’ve got a massive blind-spot going on.

          Roosh complaining about DC/TO/etc. and NA women is like a fat Jezzie writer saying diets don’t work and that it’s “impossible” to eat small portions. No one takes her seriously except other fatties who don’t know better. If she’d just hit the gym and fix her diet she’d find all her complaining was retarded hamster rationalization.

          Of course none of this would phase him because being good at game isn’t really his goal. Selling books is. I just think it’s sad for a guy who dedicates that much of his life/identity to an art form (pickup) to then not actually try to get good AT that art form. Like a guy in a band who can barely play his instrument…why wouldn’t you want more for yourself?

Alpha Male Power Moves

Original Link

via Heartiste

on March 8, 2013 at 2:02 pm
Original Link

Heartise for King!

  • Zombie Shane
    on March 8, 2013 at 4:18 pm
    Original Link

    Cutting people off

    You talk and talk. The King has a thought of his own. It could be a grand thought, or a trivial musing. It doesn’t matter, because it is the King’s thought, and that means the King will cut you off mid-sentence to regale the masses with his wit and wisdom.

    You try pulling that shit on me and you’ll be lucky if I don’t pick up a chair and crack open your God-damned skull with it.

    I’m sitting here getting furious just reading an anonymous internet blogger writing about that ploy in the abstract.

    [CH: It's funny, but as much as internet tough guys say they would smash a dude pulling this maneuver, in real life it rarely goes down like that. Instead, in real life, the alpha male gets away with it. More than gets away with it... people love him for it.]

    • YaReally
      on March 8, 2013 at 6:23 pm
      Original Link

      lol no, you wouldn’t.

      You would go “wh– I– uhh–” and realize everyone is listening to the king and not paying any attention to you whatsoever, making you suddenly feel insignificant while instinctually understanding that if you threw a temper tantrum everyone in your group, and everyone around you, would defend the king as if you were threatening to punch out santa claus, and they’d all tell you to chill out and the girls in your group would call you a bully and not suck your dick because you showed how insecure you are to them by reacting with so much anger…so you would just bite your lip and hold back and, when the king acknowledges you and allows you to join his conversation, you’d get sucked into his frame just like everyone else around him.

      That’s just how the dynamics work. I use this to AMOG guys all the time. But enjoy your rage-boner, I am certain you are super tough and scary in real life lol

      • Dr. Zoidberg
        on March 8, 2013 at 7:11 pm
        Original Link

        The question is, what do you do when the other dude then cuts you off? And/or what is a good response when somebody does try to AMOG you this way?

        • YaReally
          on March 9, 2013 at 11:48 am
          Original Link

          This becomes an “AMOG battle”. It can get pretty ridiculous but it’s fun to me lol

          Basically the key is in getting the other person to react more to you than you are to them. Alpha natural type guys subconsciously understand this so a battle with them can be pretty fun and teach you a lot.

          It’s funny because its not an aggressive thing like people imagine. It’s all in the sub communications. In fact often when you end up going back and forth with a guy you end up respecting eachother and become buddies.

          Here’s some old school knowledge on it cause I gotta go shower last night’s chick off my dick before the cooties set in lol:

          • YaReally
            on March 11, 2013 at 6:54 pm
            Original Link


            “Why? Because the bouncers know me, like me, and that was the end of that guy. Resorting to violence means you ran out of cool adult moves. You will look like an over-reactive, over-emotional roid ape.”

            Yup. Even if the bouncers don’t KNOW you, when you’re socially savvy you can befriend them in the moment that everything’s going down and they can just sense that the other guy is the one over-reacting and causing problems.

            The “chair over the head” “decorate the groud with your guts” guys are living in an action-movie fantasy.

    • Scray
      on March 8, 2013 at 6:57 pm
      Original Link

      ‘You try pulling that shit on me and you’ll be lucky if I don’t pick up a chair and crack open your God-damned skull with it.’

      I interrupt people a lot these days. This never happens.

      • realmatt
        on March 8, 2013 at 8:15 pm
        Original Link

        It never happens because most people are afraid of the consequences, afraid to hurt another person, afraid of crossing that line, hitting someone because you WANT to hit a person, not because he or she really did something that warrants it.

        However, responding with a swift punch to the jaw is absolutely an acceptable response to this behavior, in the world of men.

        Only in woman world do you behave like a passive aggressive cunt.

        Fear is real power. Violence is real power. It’s how a lowlife Hispanic druglord gets a sexy beauty queen roped into his world.

        When in the company of “friends”, knock out the next douche who behaves like a douchebag cunt. Then when the rest of the men present complain, challenge them.

        They’ll all back down and the cunt will know who not to fuck with.

        If you bitch about it and cry and get pissed off before hand, then you’re acting like a beta bitch.

        Women emote. Men act.

        Speak with intention. Act with intention. And never assume you can mock someone openly.

        • Scray
          on March 10, 2013 at 7:06 am
          Original Link

          My social life continues to improve. On Monday, this one girl I know found some neon sunglasses. She gave them to me and said that she saw them and thought of me. Everyone I know thinks the glasses are ugly/ridiculous or whatever. However, -I- think they’re awesome.

          So the next day, I just wear a bright shirt that matches the glasses. Usually I see Jennifer6.5 around and shoot the breeze with her and her orbiters. One of her orbiters is a guy with tons of presence combined with terrible social calibration, but he’s a good-looking guy. In other words, a nightmare to deal with because he always wants to be the center of attention, never has anything cool/fun to say, and has a natural pull with girls (although his personality sinks him a high% of the time…). As example, I’m wearing the glasses, and Jennifer6.5 says that they ‘fit’ me. CaptainAMOG is quick to say ‘ya, he’s definitely peacocking.’

          Jennifer plays back with me now with the roleplaying…minor shit like ‘how is this relationship ever gonna work if you/me blah blah blah?’ CaptainAMOG attempts to break convo “I like the new Scray, from apathetic nobody to overconfident douchebag.” Jennifer6.5 smirks “…what do you mean, new?” CaptainAMOG is sure to laugh (he has a really loud, overbearing laugh). I take a breath, lean back, and then ask another guy in the group ‘you think those girls with the tight t-shirts are still giving out the free hotdogs by the quad?’ Everyone laughs at this. Jennifer6.5 shakes her head.

          I get to class late, still wearing these sunglasses. Cute7 is in this class. Cute7 is a girl who I was fairly sure seemed kinda neutral/not so into me. She did minorly play back with the roleplaying stuff early on, but it just fizzled over time. Closed body language whenever I said anything, short responses, etc. Yet, today, I’m like…fuck it, I’ll just sit right next to her. So, I walk in, and she looks at me…I just give her a big smile with the sunglasses, and she sort of rolls her eyes, smiles, and looks away — it’s a good look. I sit down, and she’s sure to compliment me on the glasses. I dunno, from this moment Cute7 and my dynamic completely changed. Not a lot of touching (I’m still a big pussy with this kind of stuff), but idk…other people have already independently said things like ‘it seems like Cute7 is into you.’ She has a boyfriend…but I keep trying to think of ways to just isolate her.

          CaptainAMOG/Jennifer6.5 interactions are probably going to teach me a lot. I’ve started noticing a pattern…J6.5 loves to just randomly drop bombs on me. But, she drops these bombs on me after I do something positive. Two Samples: I pump up the group’s state, CaptainAMOG falls into it ‘yeah, guys let’s all do something, let’s all just hang out.’

          Me: Yeah, but well…only if we drink. What’s the drink count?
          J6.5: (shakes her head)
          Me: I need a 3/4 majority to accept this offer. Has she ever even raged?
          Orbiter1 (steps behind J6.5 and vigorously nods his head behind J6.5, lets out overtly supplicating laugh): Hyuck, yuk yuk, I just wanted to make sure she didn’t see me, she’d probably hit me.
          Orbiter2: I’ll drink.
          Me: And CaptainAmog will drink, I’m sure. Just look at him. Born to rage.
          (CaptainAMOG, given the spotlight, revels, flexes, and laughs…along with the rest of the group, and then suddenly)
          J6.5: No he won’t.
          Me: Oh why not, Stalin?
          J6.5: Cause I’ll make him not, and he’s more likely to do what I tell him to do than to do what you tell him to do.
          (?!?!?!?! Jesus christ, wttttttffff….the rest of the group immediately laughs at what she says. Somehow I manage to hold the line and just sit there. That’s right, through the laughing, through the statement, and I just rockback on my heels. The group goes silent, and I don’t say anything. I just sit there. Everyone’s looking at me. Finally)
          Me: What?
          CaptainAMOG: (going for kill) Aren’t you going to say anything?
          Me: Do you need me to sanction this…?
          CaptainAMOG: Yes, I demand that you speak!
          Me: (puts hand on mouth, as if thinking)

          Me: blah blah blah (pumping positive vibes into the group…I forget what I said, but I must have said something about liking the White Stripes or whatever).
          J6.5: And you wonder why I could never love you back.
          (BOOM…again, and it gets instant laughs from each guy. In my mind I’m like ‘there’s no way that’s actually funny…either they’re uncomfortable, or they’re just tossing out all the validation they can)
          Me: I’m sooo into unrequited love.
          J6.5: In that case I’m madly in love with you.
          Me: Aaaaaah….gotcha….yuuuup…..
          J6.5: No, I was just…
          Me: Noooope….I gotcha… fucked up. You fucked up big time. Secret’s out. (puts on sunglasses)
          J6.5: Nope. No secret.
          (Guys in background are confused in their response….and I think I’m starting to understand why. Everything they do is keyed in to how she reacts. -Everything-)

          Nightly’s birthday was this week. So this weekend’s cold approaches were while I was obliterated. Nothing much to learn here. HOWEVER, in all of my normal interactions I have noticed that the above ‘problems’/lessons whatever, are very relevant. I think Ya is probably right….that, going into this with a huge handicap, I’m just going to get a ton of shit thrown at me. Especially now that I’m getting more invites, hanging with cooler people, blah blah blah.

          So was J6.5 shit testing me, tooling me? Really an academic question at the moment. The usefulness is just in the fact that she obviously enjoys controlling frames. She also clearly expects my frame to be weak. CaptainAMOG presents the same sort of learning potential. I mean, now that I’m interacting with a lot more people…this pattern is there. I really think that I’m on the verge of a huge breakthrough….

          • YaReally
            on March 12, 2013 at 6:22 pm
            Original Link

            Your instincts are right, there’s a lot of learning to come out of this interaction here.

            I’m heading out the door but I’ll blab about it in-depth later.

            Quick homework notes:

            - who has the strongest frame in that interaction? Does captainAMOG fall into her frame? So who REALLY has the highest value? And, knowing who’s value is the highest, who do you get the most overall attraction for not reacting/qualifying/supplicating to? :)

            - how legitimately funny is what the girl says? Why does everyone laugh except you? Is it because you didn’t get her jokes or because of a social dynamic? And how does this concept of “high value + strong frame = unfunny jokes become funny” translate into pickup/seduction in general? Why does the high school cheerleader laugh at everything the quarterback says when it isn’t even funny, and why does an unconfident comedian telling an objectively funny joke bomb?

            - which comments by CaptainAMOG and which shit-tests by the chick legitimately affected your frame or value? And which responses by you to these things legitimately affected your value, up or down?

            - what impressions of you would you say each person left that interaction with? In terms of your frame, your confidence, your value, what place in the value hierarchy you came across as in the group, etc.?

            Think on this stuff and I’ll be back with a thorough breakdown of what all went on there.

          • YaReally
            on March 14, 2013 at 1:58 am
            Original Link

            “Everyone I know thinks the glasses are ugly/ridiculous or whatever. However, -I- think they’re awesome.”

            That’s all that matters:

            Of course once you start wearing them “to get a reaction”, their magic will stop working for you. Same as any routine etc. where you start coming from a frame of “look at this, don’t you approve of this? Love me for this!! Give me your validation!!” lol

            “a nightmare to deal with because he always wants to be the center of attention, never has anything cool/fun to say, and has a natural pull with girls (although his personality sinks him a high% of the time…).”

            lol these guys are annoying. They’re like kids playing with grenades…they’re only going to do damage. They’re not even going to help THEMSELVES out, they’re just going to blow everything out of the water for everyone.

            Like I can respect a guy who steals a girl from me, touche’, way to go buddy, good game…but a guy who’s just tossing grenades around and clearly isn’t going to get anywhere himself it’s like “duuude go away” lol

            “Jennifer6.5 says that they ‘fit’ me. CaptainAMOG is quick to say ‘ya, he’s definitely peacocking.’”

            She sets the frame. He agrees with her frame. You’ll see this pattern a lot lol If she had said they were dumb, he’d have said “ya, you should take those off bro.”

            Also note the subtle leadership grab, he does this a lot too…he takes what she said, and then authoritatively re-states it as if it was his observation/idea instead of hers. You’ll notice he does this a lot too, this is really common with Natural alpha types.

            “Jennifer plays back with me now with the roleplaying…”

            IOI. Would she roleplay with a stinky homeless man? No.

            “CaptainAMOG attempts to break convo “I like the new Scray, from apathetic nobody to overconfident douchebag.””

            lol. This is a good AMOG on his part. He expects you to qualify yourself to him with something like “What? No I’m not a douchebag, why do you think that??” This is really subtle, but as soon as you start qualifying yourself to him and letting his burns get to you, he’ll just go “wow relax man I was just jokin why are you so sensitive lol” and your value is just shot and you feel frustrated.

            “Jennifer6.5 smirks “…what do you mean, new?””

            This is another situ where, like the girl in the cafeteria(?) a few FRs ago (same girl?), she KNOWS the “crowd” will back her up. So when she wants to try to break your frame, she’ll rally up her troops of sad pathetic “yes men” that follow her around and because they all want to fuck her they’ll jump in to support anything she says and pile the social pressure on you just like that cafeteria chick asking the guys across the table about love and the waitress etc. to try to get you to crack.

            “CaptainAMOG is sure to laugh (he has a really loud, overbearing laugh).”

            lol they always do, hey.

            “I take a breath, lean back, and then ask another guy in the group ‘you think those girls with the tight t-shirts are still giving out the free hotdogs by the quad?’”

            Solid way to handle it. Basically like he didn’t say anything and doesn’t exist and his insult didn’t even register on your radar. When I’m in a set where a guy is trying to AMOG me and I’m purposely trying to get the girl, the guy is completely invisible and silent to me. He can be yapping LOUDER than I’m talking, but I just talk through it with my eyes locked on the girl and the guy just doesn’t exist and, if the girl is attracted, he doesn’t exist to her either. This is pretty trippy to see in action lol

            “Everyone laughs at this. Jennifer6.5 shakes her head.”

            This is good. She’s just shaking her head because she’s STILL expecting you to cave to her frame. Keep passing these tests and eventually she’ll shoot you more and more IOIs.

            This probably doesn’t feel like a “victory” to you, but it is. Think of it like this, a “victory” is just “not a loss”. So in a shit-testing AMOG situation like this, sure you CAN win with the crowd cheering and the chick going “wow Scray lemme suck your dick!!”, but a win is also simply “not lowering your value”, where there’s no fanfare or anything crazy…it’s just a lack of “uhh Scray, that’s lame :P ” and diminishing value/attraction.

            So a neutral “finish” is a win, not a loss. This is something you’ll start to learn. The reason it’s a win is because from a neutral situation, you can build your value and get a legit winning finish. You can’t do that from a low-value situation. So an interaction that ends on a “neutral” note is simply “unfinished business”. You’ve already seen bits of this in action, where a girl who was relatively not into you good or bad, as your reputation gets around and all that, suddenly comes up to you to say hi with a big hug and you’re like “wait wtf? I didn’t know she even cared that I existed, where’d this come from?”. Well, you were in a neutral state with her, and were able to bring it up into a win.

            So think of it as “unfinished business”. Down the road as you demonstrate more value, shit will fall into place with those people…as long as you keep your value, which you did by not qualifying yourself to the AMOG or to the chick.

            “Cute7 is a girl who I was fairly sure seemed kinda neutral/not so into me.”

            lol see, this is exactly what I mean. Neutral is okay, it means you can turn it around. When she sees you as low-value (imagine the housewife who’s super-beta husband is no longer attractive to her because she views him as pathetic and beta), that’s when you’re fucked (thus one-itis guys not being able to get out of the friend zone easily).

            “She did minorly play back with the roleplaying stuff early on, but it just fizzled over time.”

            Roleplaying back with you at all was an IOI. To you, this probably says “she lost interest”. To me, this says “I *KNOW* there’s a spark of attraction in her that I can fan up into a forest fire, because we were THERE once, and I didn’t do anything to sabotage that, the flame has just settled back down into a little spark again…all I have to do is stoke that fire and we’ll be right back where we were before, and I can stoke that fire with confidence because I KNOW it’s possible for her to be attracted to me since she played along with my roleplaying before.”

            When you have a girlfriend, even if she’s in an off mood or you haven’t seen her in a few weeks, you don’t question whether you can grab her and kiss her hello. Of course you can, you KNOW that she’s attracted to you even if in that moment she seems neutral or the spark has settled down. You have reference experience of that, so you don’t hesitate.

            “Closed body language whenever I said anything, short responses, etc.”

            Doesn’t matter. She might just be shy/awkward. Or if she has a boyfriend, she might be reigning herself in extra hard because she knows she’s attracted to you and that that could be a slippery slope, which is more likely.

            Basically the point I’m getting at is that if you’re digging around in your backyard, and you discover plutonium, THAT happened. If your friend says “I dunno man, usually they only find that in the desert.” you go “Dude, I fucking FOUND it.” and if they go “I dunno I was in your backyard recently and I didn’t see any.”, you’re holding plutonium going “THIS. Right HERE. This happened!!” And if he’s all “Dunno man, there’s a lot of trees in your backyard now and I can’t really see the spot where you say you found it…”, you go “It’s in my hand, right now, right here, I found this shit, I don’t care what trees are there now or what you saw, I witnessed this shit and you not believing in it or changing circumstances don’t remove the fact that it was there, in my backyard.”

            So when you get IOIs, you don’t just write those off, even if circumstances change. Even if she HATES you now, you can still probably swing a hate-fuck out of it lol Because you know the attraction spark was there. If you were a homeless man, it wouldn’t be there. If you were super low-value, it wouldn’t be there…but your value is going up day to day, so an IOI from months ago is still relevant today even if you haven’t gotten one from that same girl since then.

            “fuck it, I’ll just sit right next to her.”

            It’s only weird to her if it’s weird to you. Even if it’s weird to her at first, as long as your frame of “nah, it’s fine” is strong, she’ll cave to it and it’ll be fine.

            “smiles, and looks away — it’s a good look.”


            “I sit down, and she’s sure to compliment me on the glasses.”


            “I dunno, from this moment Cute7 and my dynamic completely changed.”

            What changed is you made her react to you by sitting by her and peacocking.

            “Not a lot of touching (I’m still a big pussy with this kind of stuff)”

            That’s fine, I do a lot of my seduction verbally. I’m not big into the physically aggressive style, though I do it now and then just to have it in my toolbox. During the daytime, or a chill time of night with girls in my social circle, etc., I’ll just stick to verbal stuff. Roleplay, innuendo, qualifying, etc. I’ll just make sure to touch them later on when we have some isolation. Too much touching in the middle of a bright classroom will trigger her ASD, esp if she has a boyfriend.

            “other people have already independently said things like ‘it seems like Cute7 is into you.’”

            More IOIs, blatant enough for “normal people” to pick up on them. Soon as you change your mentality from “nahh, she probably isn’t into me, that probably didn’t mean anything” to “of COURSE she’s into me, of COURSE that was an IOI”, you’ll open a floodgate of attraction.

            “She has a boyfriend…but I keep trying to think of ways to just isolate her.”

            You could probably escalate on her if you can isolate her. But it’ll have to be full isolation, AND you’ll have to demonstrate that you won’t judge her for cheating on her boyfriend. The RSD guys say stuff like “it’s fine, it’s just kissing” and “you’ll never see me again, it’s fine” etc. to help the girl rationalize “I won’t get caught doing this and no one will judge me”.

            Remember, I’m not going by “how hard would it be to escalate” or “what’s her mood like today”. I’m going purely by the logic of “she’s given X amount of IOIs, and that consistently means that if you do Y action, you are very likely to get Z result”. It’s not 100%, because we’re talking about human beings here and there’s a million ways you could fuck it up along the way…but to me this is all a green light.

            “CaptainAMOG/Jennifer6.5 interactions are probably going to teach me a lot.”

            Yep. A lot of newbies cry that it’s “hard” and people “tool” them and they don’t want to get “shit-tested” and wahhhh why can’t it be easier. Fuck that mindset, all of this stuff teaches you the skillset and forces you to solidify your frame and shoves your sticking/weak points in your face so you have to address and fix them.

            Paraphrasing from Tyler’s old audio seminar: “What do you think the first thing I do is, when I see a guy with hot girls at the club? I go over and try to take his girls. So I can see how he tools me, and I can LEARN from it, and I can learn to handle social pressure.”

            “I’ve started noticing a pattern…J6.5 loves to just randomly drop bombs on me.”

            Main way of shaking your frame. A lot of guys will cave really easily in general so girls don’t have to drop more than a tiny grenade on them. But some girls, to re-enforce how “wrapped around their finger” they have the world, will drop massive bombs and watch the chaos of guys scrambling and stuttering. This isn’t a malicious thing…sub-consciously she’s looking for the guy who she can’t phase, because THAT’S the guy that’s going to be worth her time in the long-run. That’s a guy who can take on the world and protect her from it.

            In a way it’s sad, a hot girl spends most of her time disappointed by the people around her because they all cave to her and she knows all she’s done to deserve it is have a vagina. She’ll still get off on the validation high from it, but it’s an empty frustrating high in the long-run.

            With bomb-droppers I like to, instead of responding to their bomb, cold-read them with a locked-eyes staredown and an “I bet most men find you intimidating.”, like, she knows exactly what I’m talking about. She’ll usually drop a cocky “Of course, guys are pussies” type line and I’ll just seague into rapport with an “Ya, I’ve noticed that. It must be frustrating…no girl wants a guy who’s so wishy-washy he just agrees with everything she says.” and just start taking her into weird emotional territory that she wasn’t expecting to go to, and do it with an authoritative “I understand your world completely” tone lol

            Another way to handle it is after the intimidating line, just escalate the energy if she’s one of those types, where you can be like “Ya, you act like a bitch and guys run off crying with their tail between their legs…but you’re in trouble now, ’cause I eat chicks like you for breakfast. ;) ” or like “Ya, that’s how I know you and I wouldn’t get along. We’d fight all the fucking time. But we’re so hot, the makeup sex would be fucking amazing. Well, on my end. You’re the starfish type, I can tell.” etc. etc.

            Different ways you can take it depending on the energy/vibe of the situation. The key is to ignore the frame she’s trying to set (reacting to the bomb she drops) and just plow through it with your own frame and force her to react to you instead of the other way around. You want to be the metaphorical train steamrolling toward her with a confident unshakable grin while she’s caught off guard backtracking and trying to get her footing.

            “But, she drops these bombs on me after I do something positive.”

            Then they’re IOIs. Cleverly disguised IOIs in the form of shit-tests, but they’re not negative even if logically the words she’s saying are negative. You do something positive, so she’s attracted, but she doesn’t want to be attracted to a loser so she has to test you to see if her attraction is justified or if you’ll snuff it out.

            Usually these girls lead to really passionate sex because the interaction is so “Fuck you, I wouldn’t bang you if you paid me.” (step closer) “Oh ya, well I’d pay you just to fucking go AWAY!” (step closer) “Good, then I wouldn’t have to look at your ugly face!” (step closer) “Good, I fucking hate you!” (aaaaand makeout followed by crazy-sex lol)

            For what it’s worth I LOVE these types of girls. The harder they shit-test me, the more into the interaction I am because I love that chemistry.
            I get bored as fuck with the shy quiet nice girls.

            “I pump up the group’s state, CaptainAMOG falls into it ‘yeah, guys let’s all do something, let’s all just hang out.’”

            This is him taking credit for someone else’s idea again lol

            Orbiter1 (steps behind J6.5 and vigorously nods his head behind J6.5, lets out overtly supplicating laugh): Hyuck, yuk yuk, I just wanted to make sure she didn’t see me, she’d probably hit me.”

            So gay. lol.

            One of my favorite perspectives is from Tyler where he says “Some people say learning to pick up girls is creepy…no, you know what’s creepy? NOT learning to pick up girls. Because even if you DON’T learn how to do it…YOU’RE STILL GONNA FUCKING TRY. You’re just going to be BAD at it, and be even MORE creepy because you suck.”

            “Me: And CaptainAmog will drink, I’m sure. Just look at him. Born to rage.”

            Solid. This isn’t an insult, but this is you basically giving him your approval. AMOG’ing doesn’t have to be negative/confrontational. It’s fine to give other guys the spotlight, as long as it’s on your terms like here.

            “(CaptainAMOG, given the spotlight, revels, flexes, and laughs…along with the rest of the group, and then suddenly)”

            Congrats. CaptainAMOG fell into your frame for a second there. :) He doesn’t know he did, and you might not have even realized he did…but *SHE* knows he did. Thus she has to re-claim her high-value in the group since, right now, your value is higher than even CaptainAMOGs…you’re now competing for #1 with her. And so:

            “J6.5: No he won’t.”

            This is her flexing her “I know the guys around me will do whatever I say” muscle again.

            “Me: Oh why not, Stalin?”

            Good. Challenge her.

            “J6.5: Cause I’ll make him not, and he’s more likely to do what I tell him to do than to do what you tell him to do.”

            lol. I bet she even said this with a serious expression and locked eye-contact VS a playful grin. Now she’s pulling back the curtain. This is a good thing. It means that 1) she knows she can even TELL these guys that they’re her lackeys and they’ll nod their heads vigourously and say “yes ma’am!!” with a smile, like that’s how much power she knows she wields…and 2) she’s qualifying herself and her power to you. This is like an animal showing it’s teeth…”don’t you know you’re supposed to be afraid of me?? wtf!!”

            Also this chick would be a fucking hot bang. I knew this one chick who I referred to in my head as a cobra, because she would drop bombs like this and then she’d lock eye contact to see if I flinch and I swear her head/neck would sway slightly like a cobra watching it’s prey and looking for it’s moment to strike. Chemistry with that one was through the roof lol

            “the rest of the group immediately laughs at what she says.”

            They don’t even get that she’s tooling them lol

            On a side note, I would respond to this with something either self-depreciating like “shit, I should’ve worn my push-up bra today” or the reverse, something overly-confident like “don’t be so sure, my tits look fantastic in a push-up bra.” Either one would keep my value because they’re not logically qualifying myself to her…they’re just making fun of the frame she’s trying to set.

            “The group goes silent, and I don’t say anything. I just sit there. Everyone’s looking at me. Finally”

            Solid. You’re good at this “go silent and chill” thing when you don’t know how to respond. That’s always a good default to fall back on if you don’t have something witty jumping out at you. It builds up the suspense and makes everyone in the group focus on you dying to see how you handle yourself…whereas if you tried to just shit out a lame half-assed response you’d lower your value and feel like a loser.

            “CaptainAMOG: (going for kill) Aren’t you going to say anything?”

            lol, of course. Like hyenas/jackals jumping in. Also he’s setting a hoop for you to jump through. Now if you “say anything”, you’re doing what he told you to do and supplicating to him.

            “Me: Do you need me to sanction this…?”

            Good. You’ll answer on your own terms, and you’re ignoring his hoop…and technically setting up your own minor hoop of “admit that you need me to do this and then maybe I’ll do it for you.”

            “CaptainAMOG: Yes, I demand that you speak!”

            lol this is him trying to take charge again. He could’ve said like “Ya man, what do you got??” but instead he turns it into a command so again he’s setting the “do what I say” hoop for you to jump through.

            “Me: (puts hand on mouth, as if thinking)”

            And again by not responding immediately, you’re ignoring his hoop.

            None of this is like, necessarily RAISING your value like to the applause of the crowd or anything…but like I said before, the important thing is that you’re not LOWERING your value…you’re keeping it where it is, and that’s a good thing. That’s a win in these situations.

            “J6.5: And you wonder why I could never love you back.”

            Again she’s just flirting and shit-testing you. She wouldn’t do any of this with a homeless man. This is all “dipping your pigtails in the inkwell” kindergarten flirting.

            To this I would respond either self-depreciating like “I just assumed it was my small penis and all the disappointing sex” with a grin (something offensive enough that she has to react to it) or overly confident like “you don’t have to hide your love for me by being so mean. Just go with your feelings Jennifer, accept your love for me and open up your heart!” (again something where she’ll have to react to it).

            “and it gets instant laughs from each guy. In my mind I’m like ‘there’s no way that’s actually funny…either they’re uncomfortable, or they’re just tossing out all the validation they can”

            It’s the latter one. Because they allllllll think if they validate her enough, she’ll fuck them. Because they’re stupid. lol

            This is exactly the same as the reversed-gender version where the high-school football jock goes “Nice *HAT*, Bro…lolololol” and you’re like “wtf? that’s not even funny” but all the cheerleaders are laughing their asses off and touching him and he walks off with them and you’re like “WTF!!!”

            “Me: I’m sooo into unrequited love.”

            Not a bad response, you’re agreeing & amplifying here.

            “J6.5: In that case I’m madly in love with you.”

            She’s still flirting. This is just another shit-test. That’s this girl’s thing, that’s what she does. You can actually extrapolate a lot of personality traits from how much she shit-tests. Like the Cute7 from before probably wouldn’t shit-test you this much. This is just her blueprint of how she works and how she sizes up the men in her world.

            I would handle this the same way you did…it’s like anything negative doesn’t exist to you, and anything positive, even if it was sarcasm, is OBVIOUSLY true, in your world lol

            “Me: Aaaaaah….gotcha….yuuuup…..”

            This causes her to react to you:

            “J6.5: No, I was just…”

            And now you cut her off (remember, someone’s going to smash a chair over your head and decorate your guts for daring to cut someone off!!!!!! lol):

            “Me: Noooope….I gotcha… fucked up. You fucked up big time. Secret’s out. (puts on sunglasses)”

            Solid, this is just totally staying in your own frame. Very well handled.

            “J6.5: Nope. No secret.”

            See now this is like way back in one of your first FRs, where I told you that when a girl can’t shake your frame, her “comebacks” and “insults” will actually get pretty lame/weak. That’s where she’ll resort to “you’re short.” and stuff. It’s like, she doesn’t know what to do here, so all she can do is what amounts to basically “nuh-UHHH!!!!”

            It’s a good sign. Think of it like you guys were just boxing and she realizes she can’t get a punch in so she’s just weakly flailing her arms at you exhausted. This is where I would start pushing forward on her and moving in for the kill, because I know she’s lost her footing.

            So this is where I would usually start coming back over the top with “It’s fine, now that you’ve finally admitted your love for me nothing can stand between us. You won’t have to stalk me anymore, gazing at my magnificence from a distance, wishing for just one chance to touch me, to hold me, to make sweet sweet love to me.” If the environment is right for it, I’d grab her by the hips and stare her down and pull her in as I jokingly rambled all this stuff, and then abruptly back off and cut all the sexual tension away.

            Robbie Williams does this at 2:30 in this clip:

            He builds the tension up, up, up, he’s the train, she’s stumbling backward trying to get her footing aaaaaahhhhh– and then he just pulls away and acts casual. He does it again later in the video.

            Or if I’m not feeling like escalating physically is the way to go, I might just end it verbally with a final “But your heart will have to long for me till next time, because I have to go now…(start walking away) try not to passionately dream about me all day, I know it will be difficult! (as I’m too far away for her to respond without shouting)” where I’m basically just obnoxiously shitting all over the frame she tried to set.

            Basically it’s that train plowing forward steamrolling through her frame, forcing her to stumble backwards trying to get her footing, and going for that knockout punch and leaving before she can get herself together and get back into “bitchy shit-testing mode”. Once she regains her composure, she’ll go right back into bitch mode…but when you get to the point where her tests/insults/etc. are weak, that’s when you hold the upper hand.

            “Guys in background are confused in their response…”

            lol get used to this. The guys ALWAYS want to take the girl’s side, but what’ll happen when you get good is that you and the girl start sub-communicating most of your conversation. So on the surface, which is what those guys are listening to, she’s telling you she hates you and “you’re too short, you WISH I’d fuck you” and you’re saying “fuck you I should punch you in the cooter”, and those guys are like “wow okay we hate him then!”…but the whole time you’re doing that surface-level thing, you’re both looking at eachother with that look like “god we’re both turned on right now…” So the white knights are about to step in and kick your ass but then suddenly you start making out with her and they’re like “HUH??? what just happened???” because they have NO idea what was going on.

            Here’s a good demo of this “sub-communication VS outward expression” thing in action in My Best Friend’s Girl:

            I have a LOT of these interactions, because I love these kinds of girls and the things I Say are so offensive/confrontational that they instigate these kinds of responses from girls.

            The funniest part in these situations is where the guys will jump in and fuck it up, but the girl will KNOW she’s attracted to you and KNOW that YOU know she’s attracted to you and that you’re roleplaying, but she knows he’s going to fuck everything up because he’s inept and she’s going to lose out on a guy she was into.

            Good Will Hunting has a good scene of this happening, specifically at 1:47…the girls are teasing him and he’s joking around but they all KNOW he’s just joking around and stuff…then in comes the lame-ass White Knight to fuck up the vibe. So at 1:21 she says “History” with him, because she’s trying to say “hey, fuck off you douche, me and this guy are flirting here…” At 1:47, she’s frustrated because this socially inept retard is fucking up what was a fun interaction:

            “Everything they do is keyed in to how she reacts. -Everything-”

            Yup. Notice that she doesn’t shit-test THEM the way she shit-tests YOU. Why is that? Because she already knows she has them and that they’ll cave, it’s no fun, there’s no challenge, and she sees them as pathetic already. But YOU…she KNOWS (or so she thinks) that she can crack you, sooner or later, you’re going to cave and fall in line kissing her ass and qualifying yourself and becoming one of her yes-men just like all the other guys.

            Except that you won’t. And then she’ll be frustrated at how much her vagina tingles when you’re blowing off all her tests. And then you fuck her. :)

            “going into this with a huge handicap, I’m just going to get a ton of shit thrown at me. Especially now that I’m getting more invites, hanging with cooler people, blah blah blah.”

            Yup. It’s fine though, look at it as a challenge and as something that’s going to make your game tighter. Tyler talks about how you’re only as smart as you NEED to be. A super hot girl with fake tits? She doesn’t NEED to be smart to succeed in life or to get men attracted. A 5’9″ balding pale ginger with a nasally voice? That guy has to be REAL fucking smart and have tight game to get girls. It’s not a bad thing at all.

            “So was J6.5 shit testing me, tooling me?”

            She doesn’t necessarily want to full out fuck you yet, but you’re an on-going project for her. She will never ever ever EVER admit she WANTS to fuck you, part of her blueprint is that she needs to pretend she doesn’t want to fuck you, especially around other people, even if she really sub-consciously knows she does. So try to get her to a party of some sort and then instigate her to throw you some more of her shit-tests at the party so you can pass them (building attraction), and then isolate her at the party, and you can probably escalate (if it were me this is where I’d use my stuff about “You intimidate most men, don’t you.” stepping toward her while I’m staring her down in a kitchen of a house-party where we’re isolated from everyone and she’s a little turned on, sexual tension through the roof, etc.) and fuck her with a similar style to Dane Cook in that video I linked above.

            Like, that’s how I’d run it if I was in your situation and got all the signals from her that you’ve gotten. That’s how my mind interprets all the stuff she’s done so far, filtered through pickup knowledge/experience, this is all a green-light to me if the circumstances are right.

            “The usefulness is just in the fact that she obviously enjoys controlling frames.”

            It’s good that you can even SEE this. Her yes-men lackeys have no idea any of this is going on or that they’re actually undermining themselves, their value, and her attraction for them, by falling into her frame all the time.

            “She also clearly expects my frame to be weak.”

            Yup. This is probably partly due to your previous reputation and all that baggage shit. If you had JUST met her for the first time ever today, she probably wouldn’t shit-test you as much because who you portray yourself as would be congruent…but she’s trying to figure out if you’re still “Scray, the apathetic nobody” under this new exterior.

            So she has to shit-test you over and over until she can finally feel comfortable being attracted to you because she’s thoroughly convinced that “okay, he’s who he’s portraying himself as, he’s NOT that apathetic nobody that I would be embarrassed to be attracted to”. This kind of thing is why it’s hard for guys with one-itis who’ve been beta/supplicating to their dream girl for years, have trouble turning it around. The girl shit-tests them and they fall apart and she KNOWS they’re still the same unattractive “little brother” they’ve been for years.

            It’s a lot easier to just meet new cold-approach girls who have no idea who you are except for how you appear to be from the moment you meet them. But these situations aren’t something you can escape from, being in school and all, and they’ll toughen up your frame and force you to learn to be solid, so that’s not a bad thing. It’ll pay off in your cold-approaching down the road.

            “CaptainAMOG presents the same sort of learning potential.”

            Yup. You’ll find as you meet more people and get further into game and understanding all these little dynamics, that you can sum people up VERY quickly. When you can do that, the Naturals and the rich guys and the good looking guys and all that shit start to lose their mystic untouchability they seemed to have before…you see all their flaws and understand that while they have strengths, they also have weaknesses, and you’ll learn to maneuver around their strengths and target their weaknesses if you need to compete with them, but also learn to use their strengths to your advantage and make them feel better about their weaknesses when you want to befriend them.

            “I mean, now that I’m interacting with a lot more people…this pattern is there.”

            One of the things that blew all our minds when pickup was first being pieced together was how many consistent patterns there are when you spend a lot of time in-field. Human beings really start to seem like just extremely complicated (but logically predictable) AI programs.

            “I really think that I’m on the verge of a huge breakthrough….”

            You’re doing great man. :) Keep it up. Like I say, at this point in your development there are SO MANY new things to take in in SO many different categories (AMOGs, frame control, shit-testing, group dynamics, kino, etc. etc.) that it can be overwhelming or feel like you aren’t making much forward progress toward actually sticking your P in a V. But like I said way back at the start, right now you’re building a solid foundation and framework in your understanding of social dynamics and how you handle yourself and your interactions…down the road you’ll build off this foundation and that’s where you’ll start getting laid and open up a whole new chapter of game.

            Some guys might read your Field Reports here and be like “wow yareally is just bullshitting him, I knew game doesn’t really work, Scray’s been going out for like two months and hasn’t gotten laid yet, this stuff is all lies and brainwashing!!”, but you’re the only one who can say for sure whether your social life and the potential you can see in yourself is improving or not, in categories besides “how many notches have I added to my belt this month?”. :)

          • YaReally
            on March 14, 2013 at 2:48 am
            Original Link

            I replied with a bigass analysis to your FR, but it has like 3 YouTube links in it so it’ll probably take a day to get through moderation lol

            “I would still say that I have to initiate most interactions or whatever.”

            That’s alright, it’s going to be a while before people knock down your door begging for a chance to hang out with you. Taking initiative is fine. The tall good-looking guys at the bar who stand in a corner all night waiting for girls to approach them get approached by 4-6s. The manager isn’t popping out of the woodwork to cold-approach them and say hi. The smokin hotties aren’t lining up to suck their dick.

            Once you’ve demonstrated consistent high-value for a long time in a social circle, they’ll start calling on you. But don’t wait for that to happen. If you’re getting introduced to new people and invited to parties and stuff, you’re just fine.

            “I just feel myself growing less attached to people.”

            This is outcome independence starting to form, as well as internal validation. ie – you’re starting to not look to other people to determine your worth for you. You know you’re a cool guy, and you’re just going around riffing off whatever’s on your mind, and if they like you, cool, if not, who cares. Down the road this will be a good thing but there’s a period where you’ll start to see people as having no value whatsoever and when you can see all the little seemingly petty social dynamics going on you might even be disgusted and turned-off by everyone for being trapped in such shitty mindsets and behaviors.

            Down the road you’ll come out the other side and start meeting people who legitimately have value to you and who’s opinion of you actually matters for more reasons than “we go to school together so of course I should care whether they think I’m cool or not”. Like you’ll have learned what’s important to you and what attributes you consider high-value…for me I discovered that I actually highly value positive optimistic people, and it was shocking to realize how many people around me were actually negative and pessimistic all my life and I had no idea.

            In a way you kind of start to realize that a lot of the people you held in high regard when you were oblivious to all this, really weren’t THAT great and, often, were actually pretty flawed. This can be kind of a sad/disillusioning stage of the game, but out in the field, every now and then, you’ll meet legitimately high-quality people and you’ll be able to recognize it and appreciate it.

            When I was an AFC, I’d say that I felt like I needed 80%+ of the people around me, to feel good about myself, to feel complete, to feel like my needs were taken care of, to validate my existence, to pour my efforts and feelings and energy into them, etc. Now it’s like…5%. lol I have a lot of friends and acquaintances and misc random assosciates and stuff…but there are like, 3 or 4 people total who I would actually really, truly be internally devestated if I let down or if they saw me as a low-value person. Everyone else? They can come along for the ride or they can go fuck themselves and miss out. It’s no skin off my back. :)

            “I’m just worried that I’ll end up spiraling away from any and everyone…and if I don’t keep just going around, re-initiating interactions or whatever, they will stop.”

            This is why you cold-approach and make new friends, who see you as high-value from Day 1. :) Make friends with some guys on Death Row at the bar and introduce them to some random girls (ie – offer them value), and those guys will happily be txting you “hey man, you partying this weekend?” hoping to hang with you. Social circle, especially one you already have a reputation as an “apathetic nobody” in, is completely an up-hill battle, in terms of establishing and keeping your value.

            One day you’re gonna’ graduate from wherever you are, and you’ll probably move away to somewhere where you don’t know anyone and you’ll be forced to establish a social circle from nothing…and that social circle will only know you as “Scray, that fucking cool guy who’s got his shit together and has this unexplainable charisma with chicks”.

            This is alllll just a practice-run for that day. :)

            (and back at home CaptainAMOG will get Jennifer pregnant and they’ll both get fat and spend their nights on a couch watching DVDs and eating pizza delivery lol)

            “Dudes become such idiotic cunts in the face of a chick. That’s what I’m really noticing. I mean, I’m not mad about it…but it’s just like watching monkeys in a cage.”

            Yup. :) She has the highest value and she knows it, and when you get CaptainAMOG qualifying to you and refuse to jump through his hoops and enter his frame etc., she knows that means you’re the other highest value person in the group. So she tests you to see if you’ll become another monkey in the cage (and imagine, if YOU’RE just a monkey, then what does that make CaptainAMOG, who beta’ed himself to YOU? He looks even WORSE than he already does lol), or if you legitimately deserve that high value place.

            “I guess I’m just in that awkward transition between butthurt ‘wtf that isn’t funny,’ to ‘lolwtf…this is hilarious, that you guys think this is hilarious.’”

            lol there’s a lot of that in this. You go through those stages of like, disbelief (“seriously?? are they really doing this??”), depression (“wow, I can’t believe this is a thing that happens…this is pathetic…”), anger (“quit being so fucking pathetic you guys!! god!! don’t you have any self-respect?!?”), acceptance (“sigh…I guess that’s just how they are…”), and down the road eventually you get to non-judgement/appreciation (“lol, you guys are at it again hey, fuck that’s funny…but hey, you just keep doin’ your thing y’all, I’ll be over here tearing it down :) ”).

            There is absolutely a huge element of becoming disillusioned with the people around you and even the people close to you and with humanity in general, in fully swallowing the Red Pill. But you can get through it, by meeting enough good solid people over the years…thus the importance of cold-approach.

            “I feel like I bombed on each one of them. Like, in my mind…when you do something that increases your value, the group should instantly shift a bit. And I didn’t really feel that at any time.”

            This is the big sticking point for you, and what I tried to explain in my analysis up above. If there’s 3 outcomes: a positive result, a neutral result, and a negative result…don’t lump neutral and negative together, it’s actually the other way around…positive and neutral are both a win. Only negative is a loss. Neutral means it’s just “unfinished business” that you can build on in the future.

            If you want to extrapolate this, a lot of guys panic when they meet a 10. Because a 10 won’t give them the same blatant approval that a 6 will give them. So when they say something funny to a 6, she’s all “OMG LOLOLOL” and touching them and practically sucking their dick. So they think “okay, a girl has to react like that for me to know what I did has attracted her.”

            But then they meet a 10 and they do the same thing to her as they did to the 6, and the 10 is just as attracted as the 6, BUT she’s USED to hanging around cool guys so it’s not as big a deal to her as it is to the 6 who thinks she just won the lottery…so her response is toned down way more and, often, not even noticable. Her approval is in her not walking away or leaving the set or outwardly rejecting you…like it’s an implicit “I’m here, so of course I’m attracted” thing.

            One of the RSD guys (can’t remember now) likens it to you finding a $10,000 bill on the street. That’d be the greatest day of your LIFE, you’d be skipping and hopping down the street with joy. But if Bill Gates finds it, ya, it’s cool to him, I mean, that’s $10,000 out of nowhere, but he HAS a lot of money, he’s SEEN $10,000 bills, he’s still happy about it like you are, but he’s not externally doing back-flips down the street about it because he’s used to it.

            So remember: the only loss is a value shift DOWNWARD…neutral or upward are both wins and green-lights. This is part of why it’s important to become internally validated, so you’re not stuck looking for those external indicators of whether you should be thinking “of course they all love me, I’m awesome, look at my badass shades”.

            “There’s just no way it could have been that high.”

            In HER mind it’s supposed to be:

            1) Her
            2,3,4,5) Everyone else

            To CaptainAMOG it’s supposed to be:

            1) Her
            2) CaptainAMOG
            3,4) Orbiters
            5) You

            But by not jumping through CaptainAMOG’s hoops or falling into her frame it became:

            1) You
            2) Her
            3) CaptainAMOG
            4&5) Orbiters

            So she shit-tests you because she’s trying to get her #1 spot back. And CaptainAMOG tools you because he’s trying to get his #1 spot back.

            If you cave to her frame, it ends up like:

            1) Her
            2, 3, 4) Everyone else
            500) You. Because you sank down 490+ spots for being a phoney which she sniffed out by getting you to cave, which is even worse than just being a lame-ass Orbiter where she knows from the start that you’re worthless lol

            But if you don’t cave to her frame, you leave the interaction like:

            1) You
            2) Her (frustrated and determined to knock you out of #1, but if she can’t do it and finally accepts that, she’ll be attracted and want to fuck you)
            3) CaptainAMOG (frustrated because you aren’t subordinate to him like you’re supposed to, so he’ll keep trying to knock you out of #1…he doesn’t realize there’s no scenario where the chick sees him as high enough value for her btw lol)
            4) Orbiters

            So there’s a breakdown of the value-shifting lol It can go up and down at any time from minor little things. Notice when it’s all laid out like this, how just “not losing value” is a win. Even if you don’t gain massive value and have everyone cheering your name, as long as you don’t drop down to #3 like CaptainAMOG did, you’re actually doing good and can consider that a win and “unfinished business” for the future.

            “I feel like outright ignoring it is incorrect.”

            It’s a good default response if you don’t have anything better handy. I’m pretty quick-witted and I’ve been in so many social interactions that I’m pretty rarely phased by anything people say to me or any shit-tests I get…but when you’re starting out it can be tricky. Silence keeps your value neutral, but a shitty response can drop it, so silence is better than just stumbling something out.

            Why? Because stumbling something out is reacting to them. Silence is you taking control of the interaction and implying “I’ll respond when I choose to.”

            “Laughing at it — when it isn’t funny to you — is bullshit and validates them.”

            100% true.

            “What’s the third way, beyond just coming up with something cool to say? Maybe agree and amplify is the best thing in all situations.”

            Basically take it to the two extremes: Self-depreciate in such an exaggerated way that you’re obviously joking (if you just self-depreciate a little bit, it can come off as believable and like you just have low self-esteem lol “Well I’m kind of short… :( ” could be something you actually think but “Well my dick is only half an inch big, it looks like a wet baby carrot… :( ” is clearly fucking around)…or you can be overly confident and agree-amplify like “ya my cock is huge, I can’t even get my pants on in the morning some days, no one understands how hard it is to be me!”

            “I guess I’m just worried it won’t work to increase value.”

            Your response to an insult/shit-test/AMOG doesn’t have to INCREASE your value, it just has to not DECREASE it. We have PLENTY of other tools in our PUA toolbox for increasing our value. :) Think of it like if someone punches you, your defense doesn’t have to knock them out…you can just absorb the blow a bit in a controlled manner as long as it doesn’t hit anything vital or knock you down, because you have jabs and hooks and uppercuts that you can bust out to knock them out. In PUA terms that’s stuff like peacocking, social proof, DHV stories, etc. etc.

            “I guess my mindset is wrong? Like ‘oh if they aren’t validating what I’m doing I must not be high-value.’”

            Yup. It’s wrong. But 1) pretty much everyone in the world is stuck in that mindset…when you look around and can see how prevalent this is in society it’ll make you sad. Truly confident people are actually really rare, most of society has a facade on and behind it they’re secretly terrified of judgement and other people not approving of them…even the 8+ chick at the club. And 2) we’ll fix it. ;)

    • realmatt
      on March 8, 2013 at 7:39 pm
      Original Link

      [CH: It's funny, but as much as internet tough guys say they would smash a dude pulling this maneuver, in real life it rarely goes down like that. Instead, in real life, the alpha male gets away with it. More than gets away with it... people love him for it.]

      I believe it depends on the environment in which these tactics are being used. They would only work in a faggot office environment or in your social life where you’re just kicking back, or THINK you’re kicking back, not realizing that’s where all the women are doing their real work, not noticing the jerkoffs trying to control the situation and getting all the stupid pussy in the room.

      I guess since I work in construction where everyone is a bit hot headed and testosterone fueled already, no one hesitates to tell the other guy to shut the fuck up. The only person who would do any of this with impunity is the foreman and only to an extent because he knows everyone’s tired, pissed off and ready to murder someone by lunchtime.

      You’ll find many construction workers are extremely polite at work for these reasons.

      It’s a different world. One is the physical and the other is the mental. Office workers, all non labor intensive workers, exist in the bullshit rhetoric illusion of the mental world. It’s nonsense and they’re living a lie most of the time and that’s really the only place these power moves would work without you getting pummeled.

      If you do it in your family’s house your dad is going to rain fire down upon you, if you still have one, or your mother will nag you to death, etc.

      No one’s an Alpha all the time. If you try to be, prepare to be pummeled or written off by people you formerly were close to.

      There’s Alpha, the true leader, and then there’s the Jerkoff who’s tolerated because no one gives a shit enough. Let’s not be too broad with the terminology here.

      • YaReally
        on March 9, 2013 at 11:39 am
        Original Link

        I party with construction guys, rednecks, MMA fighters (some of them are a combo of all 3), etc. Guys way tougher and manlier and physical than me.

        You are an idiot and insecure and the more you talk big the more you would choke in real life. Because the reason you talk big is that you’re scared of being judged as a pussy even on an Internet forum by people you don’t know, and that fear of other people’s judgement of you is exactly the psyche mechanism that will stop you from taking a swing. Except in that case it’ll be the fear of everyone thinking you’re a raging douchebag because everyone ELSE loves the king except you so they all side with him…it’s a very frustrating powerless position for you to be in which is why it pisses you off to even think about it in your head…and that’s why it works as an AMOG tactic.

        This is kind of a complex tool, you won’t be able to understand it in your keyboard rage because you’re too emotionally invested and reactive to objectively sit back and piece together what I’m saying lol but no one reacts the way you picture yourself reacting in your head.

        There’s a reason no one has actually taken a swing at me in like 8 years of pickup. That’s not luck or I’d buy lottery tickets lol. Handling guys like you is a skillset a person can consciously learn. (I’m not doing it right now because I don’t give a shit lol)

        I’m not trying to be a dick (well maybe lol), I’m just explaining how this shit works out in the real world. Also a lot of guys are retarded and uncalibrated and DO get their asses kicked but that comes down to logic, common sense, and experience. You can always pinpoint where it went haywire and the guy tripped himself up and deserved to get punched. That’s why we recommend befriending guys instead of viewing them as obstacles/enemies.

        • JironGhrad
          on March 9, 2013 at 4:19 pm
          Original Link

          I think what you’re also getting at is that in the real world, it’s better to take the swing (and the possible beating at the end) than to be an all-talk-mangina.

          • YaReally
            on March 11, 2013 at 6:50 pm
            Original Link


            Sorry man, you live in a fantasy-land. Won’t waste my time trying to explain the subtle nuances of social dynamics to you anymore. You keep insecurely punching people out for daring to speak while you’re talking, I’m sure you’re a blast to hang out with lol

      • Scray
        on March 11, 2013 at 4:56 pm
        Original Link

        ‘If you’re not outwardly interesting, no one will feel compelled to be around you. If you have to go out of your way to present something to them, you’re a chump and your life will unmemorable and if you’re desperate for them to feel this way toward you, good luck. If you behave in the manner described in the OP, you’re a cunt and deserve what ever bad thing happens to you, and the people doing that know this which is why no one I’ve ever known who behaves that way does so to someone with a reputation for hurting people. ‘

        Lol, define ‘outwardly interesting.’ This is how I read this: I must be superficially interesting. Now, if I try to convey my interesting qualities to a group, I’m a chump. If I try to gain status by using the ‘alpha behaviors,’ I’m a cunt. So pretty much, unless people immediately notice that I rule, I should fuck off and die.

        What if the guy AMOGing you is bigger/stronger/would probably beat you in a physical confrontation? Please explain how you would handle this.

        • YaReally
          on March 11, 2013 at 6:52 pm
          Original Link

          Silly Scray, don’t you know that no one is bigger/stronger or could possibly beat realmatt in a physical confrontation? He’s too much of a badass in his own mind lol

          Fuck learning how to be socially smooth and create good energy and diffuse negative/hostile situations with words…let’s all just punch eachother’s lights out until the biggest badass is left standing!!

on March 8, 2013 at 6:31 pm
Original Link

So what do you do if someone pulls these moves on you? Fight ‘em?

[CH: Love 'em.]

  • hd
    on March 8, 2013 at 7:04 pm
    Original Link

    Pick at every single statement of them with an argument. Kings hate to lose argument and lose his cool and temper very quickly if he does. The trick is to be slimy, sarcastic and non-committing. Make them look bad by making mistakes and contradicting themselves. Of course, a King can also play this game pretty well if he caught on, but since he already babble a lot about himself, he’s at an disadvantage. When he opened his mouth to try to cut you off, yell back “Let me finish first. Show some civility”

    However, a smart King will just ignore you if you talked to him directly, so point out his flaw to the other people he was talking to. If it’s 1-on-1, just leave.

    Other tactics like “making people wait” and “showing up late” are just childish, not a King’s move. Point out his lateness, and criticize his lack of time management. Always bring it up in later dates/meetings.

    • YaReally
      on March 9, 2013 at 8:44 pm
      Original Link

      All they have to do to neutralize all the shit you said is turn it around on you with a cold-read that puts you on the defensive and makes you qualify yourself.

      “Pick at every single statement of them with an argument.”

      They calmly say “You’re very argumentative.” and stare at you. Or if you’re with a group they can add on some social pressure by asking them “Is he always like this? lol”

      “The trick is to be slimy, sarcastic and non-committing.”

      Same deal. “You’re very sarcastic. It’s okay man, you don’t have to be all hostile ‘n shit with me lol you seem like a nice dude. :)

      “Make them look bad by making mistakes and contradicting themselves.”

      Frame control here. “You just contradicted yourself.” “lol I guess. (shrug) So anyway…” “No but you said this then this” “Dude, relax lol Why are you so hostile? It’s cool man, we’re all friends here. :)

      “When he opened his mouth to try to cut you off, yell back “Let me finish first. Show some civility””

      lol…a simple “wow lol You’re kind of high-strung today hey? It’s cool man, tell us your story.” (now it’s an order and you’re telling it on his terms, not yours, he’s giving you permission to tell it so if you tell it you’re following his order which makes you lower value, and if you don’t tell it, you’re frustrated and seem weird because a second ago you wanted to tell it…he just usurps your leadership).

      “so point out his flaw to the other people he was talking to.”

      Doesn’t work when the other people like him and see him as high-value. You will just look like a petty drama queen. If they ever mention it to him he just blows it off with a “wow, that’s weird, they never said that to me. I wonder why hd is so hostile…he seems like a nice dude to me, I don’t know why he wouldn’t just let me know he has a problem with me. Thanks for letting me know, but hey I guess you can’t please everyone hey? lol”

      “Point out his lateness, and criticize his lack of time management.”

      Same deal as the start. “wow lol I didn’t realize you take showing up to a bar so seriously man. Relax dude, it’s a fun night you don’t have to be all high-strung. I had to take a huge shit lol So anyway…”

      “Always bring it up in later dates/meetings.”

      Again “lol are you still bringing that up? That’s weird, man. It’s cool that you’re so organized and on time but I don’t know why you’re so on my case about it. Relax dude, it’s not a big deal, life is short ya know? Why get yourself all worked up over something so small? :) So anyway…”

      Easy shit.

      • hd
        on March 10, 2013 at 5:32 am
        Original Link

        They calmly say “You’re very argumentative.” and stare at you.
        “Is he always like this? lol”

        “Yes I am. Problem?” and stare back

        “You’re very sarcastic. It’s okay man, you don’t have to be all hostile ‘n shit with me lol you seem like a nice dude. :)

        “Oh no man, you got me totally wrong, I was just giving you pointers.”

        Frame control here. “You just contradicted yourself.” “lol I guess. (shrug) So anyway…” “No but you said this then this” “Dude, relax lol Why are you so hostile? It’s cool man, we’re all friends here. :)

        “Geez I am pointing out your mistakes like all good friends do. Wanna hear more dude?” (pat him on the back)

        lol…a simple “wow lol You’re kind of high-strung today hey? It’s cool man, tell us your story.” (now it’s an order and you’re telling it on his terms, not yours, he’s giving you permission to tell it so if you tell it you’re following his order which makes you lower value, and if you don’t tell it, you’re frustrated and seem weird because a second ago you wanted to tell it…he just usurps your leadership).

        Cut him off at the “lol” and keep telling my story xD (I don’t even need to hear your excuse, and you’re just lol-ing awkwardly)

        Doesn’t work when the other people like him and see him as high-value. You will just look like a petty drama queen. If they ever mention it to him he just blows it off with a “wow, that’s weird, they never said that to me. I wonder why hd is so hostile…he seems like a nice dude to me, I don’t know why he wouldn’t just let me know he has a problem with me. Thanks for letting me know, but hey I guess you can’t please everyone hey? lol”

        Not gonna happen, if I just told them a funny story about “this dude I know”. They can just make their own connections. If confronted, “dude, who are you talking about?”

        Same deal as the start. “wow lol I didn’t realize you take showing up to a bar so seriously man. Relax dude, it’s a fun night you don’t have to be all high-strung. I had to take a huge shit lol So anyway…”

        “Dude, showing up at bar is serious biz, bro. So anyway, I also know this really weird guy who keeps showing up late at bar” (yep, I’m argumentative here. Problems, bro?)

        Again “lol are you still bringing that up? That’s weird, man. It’s cool that you’re so organized and on time but I don’t know why you’re so on my case about it. Relax dude, it’s not a big deal, life is short ya know? Why get yourself all worked up over something so small? :) So anyway…”

        “lol just pointing out that you’re late all the time. Why so defensive? It’s not like I was judging you (Really, you’re just being defensive right there)

        easy shit.

        try harder, bro.

        • Harry Morgan
          on March 11, 2013 at 2:22 pm
          Original Link

          Dude, your keyboard combat doesn’t mean much. A lot of us here have spent a lot of time in these situations with mixed groups and recognize how people actually respond. Your responses sound like theorizing, like a little boy talking about how he’d kick the shit out of, like, ten ninjas! YaReally’s sound like conversations and interactions I’ve seen in real life, which is why some of us give his comments credit (no homo).

          • YaReally
            on March 11, 2013 at 6:09 pm
            Original Link

            Yep. Like no offense but the response to all of your comebacks is basically an “uhh okay man…?” with a glance to the rest of the group and raised eyebrows sub-communicating “wow what’s with this guy? lol”. The same look you give when a creepy dude is hitting awkwardly on a chick-friend of yours and you and her both share that look of “this person is really socially awkward and killing everyone’s vibe but doesn’t seem to be socially savvy enough to realize that so lets kind of roll our eyes at him behind his back and i’mma take a step back and we’ll resume our normal conversation whenever he’s done being weird.”

            I know in the imaginary conversation in your head it looks like you’re putting me on the spot and holding me accountable and oooo zing I have to take the burn, but in reality your reactions will just end up with you coming off as hyper-anal and kind of a downer…which is alright you can be that if that’s workin out for you, but a lot of people, especially chicks who seek out good emotions, don’t want to be around that kind of energy.

            So I say the same thing to you now that I’d say in real life: lol okay man, you do your thing. :)

on March 8, 2013 at 8:29 pm
Original Link

One thing I’ve noticed in group environments, is when the obvious omega socially awkward type says something all try hard, you know what I’m talking about, when everyone looks away and pretends they didn’t hear him. If you engage him in a authentic and gregarious manner, it’s a quick way to raise your status in a group. Sometimes I’ll laugh at an obvious unfunny some omega says, just to throw the rest of the wincing crowd for a loop. The King enjoys being generous. True generosity is giving when you know you don’t have too.

  • YaReally
    on March 9, 2013 at 8:32 pm
    Original Link

    Yup. A lot of guys I meet are either socially awkward nerd types, or at a club they’re guys who seem a little awkward but are mainly just extremely intimidated by the chaos of the club environment.

    I’ll engage these guys one on one when they talk to me and make them feel like what they’re saying is cool and interesting, and make an effort to include them in the conversation with our group, and even throw them into the fire by introducing them to random girls. I know they’re not going to GET the girl and they’re going to fuck up my chances of getting the girl cause there’s no way they’ll be good wingmen, but I have abundance and I know I can get other girls so I don’t care…meanwhile I know that that makes the guy’s night and if he doesn’t go out much, talking to some cute girl could be the highlight of that dude’s YEAR. And sometimes it gets him into a state where he unlocks a more social out-going personality than he normally demonstrates in those environments because I helped him feel more confident/capable and jumpstart his state.

    I know HOW to obliterate other guys, but I only use it if they start the competition between us and I turn it off once they chill out and fall in line. Instead of shitting on other guys as competition, I’d way rather help bring them up to my level. 1) Chicks still know you’re the king compared to them but think it’s cool how much value to spread to the people around you and 2) it’s way better to be out with a group of people all having fun instead of part of the group being shy/quiet and lonely in the background.

    I actually learned this from a Natural alpha who’s extremely social and I noticed the pattern that he would specifically keep an eye out for when someone in the group is shy/nervous/new/etc. and would make an effort to pace their reality/emotions and then lead them to a better place (“man this club is crazy hey? (pacing) all this loud music and everything, it’s so hard to talk…” “ya :( ” “but hey at least there’s all these hot girls around! Man, check that one out!” (leading) “ya! :) ” “What’s your type of girl, man? I love blonde chicks, personally!” (comfort/rapport)).

    The king takes care of all his subjects and ensures they all feel good emotions around him…that’s their reward for worshipping him. :)

    • santa666
      on March 11, 2013 at 1:25 am
      Original Link

      Don’t forget how grateful they are for being assisted in a non-condescending manner. Even nerds hate being condescended to. In college one of these guys saved my ass in a class. I had some shit come up and he personally took it upon himself to cover down on me. Saved me from having to re-take a horrendous class. He never would have done it if hadn’t personally made him cool with the rest of the guys. I I beleive GBFM would steer us toward Aesop at this point…

      • YaReally
        on March 11, 2013 at 6:44 pm
        Original Link

        “Even nerds hate being condescended to.”

        Yup. To me it comes down to an overall attitude of “right and wrong behavior”. If someone is being a bully, I’ll call them out on it, even if I don’t know the other person or that other person is obviously super low value or socially awkward etc. That’s just not cool to me and I’m on the victim’s side. So if someone’s excluded from a conversation, to me it’s like “well that guy probably feels left out, I’m going to make an effort to include him in a genuine non-condescending way where he feels like he has value to contribute to the group instead of feeling like I’m just talking to him out of pity.”

        Almost everyone can TELL when they’re being condescended to, even socially inept nerds. They just don’t know what to do when it happens so they take it and then go home frustrated and feeling like a loser later and play through a dozen “what I should’ve said” interactions in their mind all night. I know, ’cause I WAS a socially awkward nerd in high school lol

on March 9, 2013 at 12:57 pm
Original Link

A lot of you are making the same mistake women make when they say “game wouldn’t work on me, I would be able to tell and if someone DARED neg me I would tell them to fuck off, I don’t tolerate jerks!!”

You’re picturing the most assholish blatant worst-case scenario of these things, and you’re picturing someone you dislike, or don’t actively like, doing them so you get all berserker rage over it or think it only works in certain environments or that it makes everyone think the person is an asshole and they’ll only tolerate it because they’re forced to.

This stuff is subtle as fuck and the guy doing it has to be 1) congruent to it (strong frame control that being late is no big deal etc), 2) calibrated enough to know how far to go with it before people will get mad, and 3) charming and aware enough to recover if they cross a boundary with someone.

Cutting people off isn’t like this:

You: “hey so my dad died and–”
Me: “ya whatever, so I had this great burger the other day.”

It’s more like:
You: “ya so I was in Vegas and–”
Me: “oh awesome, did you hit the pool parties? They’re amazing, we got thrown out for causing a shitshow there lol”
You: “–uhh ya no we didn’t get to the pool parties, we were sleeping during the day and–”
Me: “lol ya Vegas is like a hangover 24/7 hey. So tell me what happened there? You guys get into trouble?”
You: “–oh, ya, so we were in Vegas and we (insert your boring story)”

It’s something that, especially if I’m calibrate and come off as generally a positive value-giving guy, you’ll be fine with.

With a girl it’s stuff like:
Her: “I’m from Blah I moved here when–”
Me: “I hear Blah girls are trouble.”
Her: “–uhh, I, lol what noooo we’re not troub–”
Me: “When did you move here?”
Her: “–I uhh like 3 years ago?”
Me: “You sound like you’re making that up.”
Her: “!! Lol nooo I’m–”
Me: “Why do you lie to us drunk people, you monster? Using us for your own amusement like we’re your puppets dancing for you.”
Her: “omg you’re–”
Me: “See I knew Blah girls were trouble. ;) (backturn)”
Her: “omg!!! No wait–(grab)”

Like it’s not hostile stuff. It’s more along the lines of what you’re going to say is probably boring, and I’m more interested in this other thing, so lets talk about what I want to talk about instead. We can get back to your thing so you don’t feel dejected, because I’m socially calibrated enough to bring us back to your story so you can tell it…it’s just that instead of you telling me your story, I’ve set a frame where I’m telling you to tell me your story (leadership/alpha/dominance/making you react to me/etc).

It’s like when I’m txting a girl at night and know she’s about to go to sleep. I’ll crack one last joke and then tell her “now go to bed and try not to dream about me.” Where she’s still doing the same thing she was going to do (go to bed) but I’ve usurped it and turned it into a command/order and gained a few alpha daddy type points with her.

Staring past people is just the same as body language. Don’t give someone your full attention until they earn it. If you give your attention out to everyone all willy-nilly it doesn’t mean anything except that you’re reactive and jumpy and beta. When someone only has 80% of your attention but they say “ya I’m from Blah” and suddenly you turn and lock on and give them 100% attention it means the world to them just because your interest/attention was an artificially scarce thing to obtain.

There’s nothing aspergersy about it, natural alphas do this stuff all the time. You just don’t notice it in the guys who are good at it the same way a girl doesn’t realize she’s being sucked into push/pull or reacting to a neg. You only blatantly notice this stuff and get offended by it in the guys who suck at it.

  • reignator
    on March 10, 2013 at 1:00 pm
    Original Link

    Yo, How do you reconcile this stuff with being a good listener and a good conversationalist in general? I know the question is a bit vague but it’s something I’ve been trying to focus on when I’m out in the field. Like bringing value by being sincerely interested in what someone is saying and leading the conversation in ways that it feels like the person has known you for years etc. I guess they call this deep rapport or something.

    • YaReally
      on March 11, 2013 at 6:37 pm
      Original Link

      The easiest way to explain it is to keep two things in mind:

      1) Only listen to important/interesting things…don’t reward people for telling you boring shit or putting on their face facade personality (“oh I’m great, great, ya the kids are great, ya you know, my job is just great…” for normal people, or for a hot girl when she’s doing the fake “you should buy me a drink, why are you a jerk, that shirt is ugly, I go to Harvard, what do YOU do for a living (like that judgemental way)? what kind of car do YOU drive?” attitude stuff).

      When people are legitimately interesting or telling you someting that’s important/personal to them, that’s when you reward them with your full attention and sincere interest.

      2) On that note, learn to HELP people share important/interesting things with you. Create a non-judgemental vibe where they’re not afraid to open up to you. Ignore their fake small-talk and jump right into deeper questions that they don’t have automatic responses to. So instead of:

      Her: “What do you do?”
      You: “I’m an iBanker.”
      Her: “Oh…”
      You: “What do YOU do?”
      Her: “I’m a lawyer.”

      zzzzz….none of that is important/interesting information, it’s just bullshit surface level fluff. You can have an entire conversation like that and walk away not REALLY knowing eachother. Contrast that with:

      Her: “What do you do?”
      Me: “Get into trouble, mostly.”
      Her: “lol, no seriously, what’s your job?”
      Me: “Fuck, everyone around here keeps asking me that. Why do the chicks here keep asking such boring questions? You go first, what’s YOUR job?”
      Her: “I’m a lawyer.”
      Me: “Do you like it, or do you do it because it’s good money?”
      Her: “huh?? ummm I like it.”
      Me: “You must be the strict no-nonsense type…I don’t know if we’d get along, I don’t take life very seriously.”
      Her: “oh I’m not that strict! I love to laugh.”
      Me: “I know, I saw you roll your eyes to your friends when I came over to say hi. Jerk.”
      Her: “lol omg no I–”
      Me: “You must be good at summing people up quickly, as a lawyer, hey?”
      Her: “–uhh well I–”
      Me: “Are you a people-watcher? I was when I was younger, I could just sit in a mall food court and watch the people around me. I think what makes people tick is fascinating.”

      Now we’re having a deeper conversation where I’m encouraging her to share her real personality with me, and I’m sharing mine with hers. Note that I’m actually sharing less logical information in this version (I never actually answered what my job is), but I’ve shared more personal information about who I am as a person.

      This is the stuff that builds a deep connection with people. My friends are always mind-blown by how little logical information I know about girls I hook up with. They’re like “what does she do? How old is she? What’s her last name?” and I’m just like “uhhh I don’t know.” The reality is I know more important stuff about her, like her personality type, her fears, her interests, her view on the world, her sexual interests and kinks, etc.

      My friends are slow/inefficient and waste a bunch of time having those surface-level interactions, but I cut through all that right to the core. This is especially effective in the high-end nightlife scenes where everyone is rich and important and putting on flawless pretentious facades. The reason I can make guys and girls in those environments say stuff to me like “I’ve never opened up to someone this quickly before” and “I feel like I’ve known you for years” and have the guys buying me drinks etc., is because everyone else gets hypnotized by the environment and falls into that “let’s interact through our fake personas and try to impress eachother and seek approval” mindset and get stuck in those meaningless interactions…but I shit all over that and force them into conversations where they have to actually think of a reply instead of rattling off some pre-made reply they’ve given in that same conversation a dozen times before.

      Guys at the bar are especially bad for this because guys don’t want to show eachother their weaknesses so they all put on a front like they’re badass James Bond’s with no problems and flawless confidence etc. Often with these guys I’ll just purposely be vulnerable/flawed in front of them, but also be cool with being vulnerable/flawed…this signals to their sub-conscious “oh, it’s okay not to be perfect, this guy isn’t perfect and he isn’t judging himself or me, so I can loosen up my persona too”.

      So with a dude it’ll look like:

      Him: “So what do you do?”
      Me: “Get slapped by girls, mostly. Did you see that blonde chick over there? I’ve been chugging these shitty beers trying to work up the balls to go say hi but I have a giant vagina tonight lol”
      Him: “wha–? lol”
      Me: “What’s your type? Blonde? Brunette? I’m a sucker for those damn blondes.”
      Him: “lol ehh anything is good.”
      Me: “Shit that’s what I’ll be saying at 2am when I’m hammered and hitting on that fatty over there lol I swear this place used to be nothing but hot chicks. You been here before?”
      Him: “nah just once…”
      Me: “Oh cool, you’re not from around here then?”
      Him: “No, I’m from OtherCity.”
      Me: “What do you think of ThisCity? I’m not from here so you don’t have to bullshit me, you can say it sucks lol”
      Him: “lol well I (blah blah blah)”

      And now we’re talking about deeper shit and as I qualify him he’s grateful for my approval and usually he’ll end up asking “What are you drinkin’ man?” and grab me a beer when he gets his next one.

      Read some Juggler Method for building rapport. And just focus on asking people questions about what they think and how they feel and what they’d do or have done in awkward/embarrassing situations…encourage them to open up to you, then reward them for it with your attention. :)

      • Tilikum
        on March 12, 2013 at 5:13 pm
        Original Link

        I read this and really realize what Game has done for me, namely allow me to turn OFF the social side of me which gives me additional depth and tools. Always been a natural, but also introverted. Had so much trouble blending the paradoxical construct that I allowed booze to smooth me out as an artificial “deaden-er” to kill a little of the intensity. Having the concepts and lexicon has really propelled me, and YaReally, you are one smart fucker who has given me a lot. I’m a smart fucker too, so that compliment may not resonate but it still counts. You can be the Robin to my Batman any day.

Half Plus Seven

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via Rational Male

on March 5th, 2013 at 7:07 pm
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Completely unrelated to the article topic, the pic reminds me that I highly recommend watching all the seasons of The Girls Next Door, Hef’s reality show about life at the mansion. 1) There’s titties, so yay. But more importantly 2) You can see how Hef structures his harem, where his Primary #1 Girlfriend (Holly) has priority over the other girls and she gets perks/benefits that the other girls don’t, as well as taking on a more Girlfriend role like sleeping in his bed etc. And the other girls down the chain know that while they’re lower than the Primary girl, they’re more important than all the random girls at the mansion parties who are on like a third tier. And they accept their roles because they’re clearly laid out from the start.

Ya, he pays them to live at the mansion and all that, but get past that part and extrapolate his system back to when he was in like his 40s. Also his non-judgemental attitudes toward sexual freedom and monogamy etc. come through in the show. And you can see how the girls interact and get along despite their heirarchy of status etc. And how they respect his rules and expectations (look hot when we go out in public, always be at my side, etc.) and how he screens for which girls have the right attitudes to be around the mansion etc.

Fucked up as it is, I got the impression that Holly legit loved him (minus sexual attraction of course) and wanted marriage, VS the girls who are just partying at the mansion and flirting to play along. Then she finally gave up and he panicked and married that crazy bitch who ditched him lol and then got married to her again. There’s a lot to take from how that all went down as well, in terms of identity and social conditioning etc.

There’s also a good documentary called “Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist, Rebel” that’s a great watch…it shows how he did a lot more than just run a nudie mag, he took stands on various rights and shit and was just all-around pretty badass.

Anyway, ya, there’s good shit to take from his show, for players who want to have an up-front harem where the girls all know about eachother, which is what I currently prefer (though I don’t have my girls interact yet, they just know eachother exist and accept that my GF is my Primary. In the future I plan to get into having them interact and arranging 3+somes with them etc.).

on March 7th, 2013 at 2:49 pm
Original Link

“The fact that any woman Holly’s age could see sleeping with Hef at his age as a perk says a lot about male & female dynamics.”

I think it’s important to note that sleeping in Hef’s bed isn’t objectively a perk. Same with getting to run parts of his magazine (logically more work/responsibility is worse than not having to do any work or have responsibilities). The only reason it becomes a perk is because the other girls don’t get access to it.

ie – its value is relative. Extrapolate that to pickup in general. I might not be the best catch, objectively, but if I approach a 9 and she’s rude to me, but two 7s who love me come along and she sees that…instinctively she needs to get in on that. Except then if I play hard-to-get she chases even harder because now “access to me” is something lesser/other girls get but she doesn’t get, so the value of that “perk” skyrockets…meanwhile, objectively, I’m the same “catch” I was before.

It’s like the kid who only wants a specific toy because they know the other kid wants it. There are a lot of areas in pickup that you can apply this concept. The value of being my girlfriend might not objectively be that amazing…but if the girl views it as a high-value perk because she believes dozens of other girls would kill for a chance to be my GF, she will view it as a high-value perk. You can apply this to fucked up stuff too, like being “allowed” to have a 3-some or being “allowed” to meet my friends or being “allowed” to hang with me on a Saturday night or being “allowed” to cook for me, or being “allowed” to buy me things, or in the case of pimps being “allowed” to give them half their income, or in the case of abusive dudes being “allowed” to help fix/save them, etc.

Also still on the Hef topic, at 42:50 Tyler loosely talks about the logistics/tactics of setting up a Hef style arrangement and how it’s something you do with your whole vibe. The whole video is good stuff tho:

March 2013 Beta Of The Month

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via Heartiste

Customer Service
on March 5, 2013 at 3:52 pm
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Please tell me why evolution hasn’t culled the beta male nutsack. How do these betas keep procreating, or is every man born beta and made alpha?

  • Zombie Shane
    on March 5, 2013 at 4:03 pm
    Original Link

    is every man born beta and made alpha?

    Consider the opposite – that every man is born a natural alpha but that relentless 24×7 propaganda & indoctrination from the Frankfurt School [beginning circa the very first time his mother turns on Sesame Street] leads him directly into beta-hood.

    • YaReally
      on March 5, 2013 at 7:42 pm
      Original Link

      This. A lot of PUA is actually about unlocking behaviors and actions and beliefs that social conditioning locked away through shame, threatening, bullying, guilt, propaganda, etc. rather than instilling new ones.

      It’s only after I came out the other side of pickup that I realized now I’m a lot more like I was when I was 5 (carefree, outgoing, immune to social judgement, easily amused by the world around me, assuming everyone is a friend, non-judgemental, unashamed of my thoughts, not afraid to be the center of attention or break illogical social rules, etc). It’s like my entire late elementary to teenage years to early adulthood was a repressed version of myself in a mental straightjacket that I can’t even relate to anymore.

The Settling Order Of Men With Limited Options

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via Heartiste

on March 4, 2013 at 4:52 pm
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i guess I am man-like because I will be a chemical engineer? what’s the problem? I have the other qualities… hot, slender, sweet.

  • PetiteOlive
    on March 4, 2013 at 8:15 pm
    Original Link

    are you new here? if so, brace yourself….

    As for man-like career, this perhaps might be the only one of Heartsy’s propositions, I do not agree with…but then I have a bias (lawyer)

    Barring the fact that anyone can assert and ascribe whatever grandeous delusional claims they’d like to themselves, I have not had any problems dating some high quality men (if high quality is defined as the combination of confidence, success ($150,000+) and attractiveness (6.5-8). Infact, these are mainly the kind of men I interact with by virtue of social circle and work life. I have being in LTRs (and might be in the cusp of entering another LTR) with these kinds of men.

    The assertion that MEN DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR PROFESSION is VERY MUCH TRUE but that could also work in your favour if you have a masculine profession. As long as you exude feminine qualities, coupled with a great body and a beautiful face, most guys will NOT CARE that you work in a masculine profession. My saving grace is that I am a tiny and short natural hourglassy with a baby-ish round looking face and a tiny voice as well. The going assumption is that I am “innocent” and “fragile”..until they know me. A key difference between low betas and high betas/alphas though is that the former will put up with as much sh*t tests and “crazy” you throw at them while the latter wouldn’t unless they belong to a tiny subset that actually enjoy crazy chicks.

    TL:DR; Profession is irrelevant. What matters is how hot and feminine you are. This is great for girls who work in masculine fields because like Andrew from rules revisited says….you can at least control your femininity and your attractiveness(to an extent, of course).

    • yeahokcool
      on March 4, 2013 at 9:20 pm
      Original Link

      Disagree. I used to date girls like you because professional, SWPL circles were the spheres I ran in. I wouldn’t say I actively avoid you empowered-types nowadays, but, given the option, I will pick a non-career chick for everything from a ONS to a LTR. I think it is probably because biologically I know a non-career chick is less likely to think mostly about her self and to be a feminist, but more likely to be an attentive mother. I can’t help but feel that women like yourself would put my (non-existent) children on a lower level of concern than yourself. Doesn’t really lend itself to confidence about passing on one’s genes…

      • PetiteOlive
        on March 4, 2013 at 9:56 pm
        Original Link

        I agree with everything you said Yeahokcool…makes sense. Yes, the probability is high that a considerable amount of time and energy will be most likely spent climbing the proverbial career ladder as opposed to raising babies. However, I am not going to rule out the possibility that I might be just as happy/content giving it up in a couple of years (I will be in my late twenties by then) to raise a couple of babies etc if my partner/man is dominant AND financially stable enough to take care of the family. In fact, on days like today where I have been up since 5am, I can’t help but day-dream about how I might really enjoy such a life. Sigh.

        • Anonymous
          on March 5, 2013 at 8:07 am
          Original Link

          You’re good to have around Olive, partly because there’s been a long standing debate here where purist PUAs kept declaring that money doesn’t matter in bedding women while others claimed that it’s a valuable tool to have especially when other tools might not be so sharp (such as the man’s youth factor).

          The PUA field used to be in full agreement with feminist directives, one of which was that the hottest women should not date men for money. PUAs didn’t use the direct feminist reasoning for feeling this way, that this was because “inequality is bad,” but rather most PUAs were very young and, mostly because of wishful thinking and the fact that their youth could counteract the lure of money, they went for a long time denying that money could be an influential factor in seducing the hottest low-count women either indirectly or even directly.

          They fully agreed with feminists in the delusion that “women can’t be bought” even though they tacitly agreed that status seduces (they refused to agree that money often equals status).

          • YaReally
            on March 5, 2013 at 2:26 pm
            Original Link

            “mostly because of wishful thinking”

            No, unlike the aspies around here that are happy circle-jerking to theory, we actually went out and collected a fuckton of experience as a community that money doesn’t matter.

            I don’t even tell girls what I do for work anymore, it’s not even a question that comes up because I don’t let the conversation get to such a boring topic. I don’t take them out on dates, I tell them they have to come to my place to pick me up because I don’t have a car. And I’m currently living in a city full of rich-ass iBanker types and professional chicks.

            Olive gets those guys because, like most guys, they’re too pussy to go after hotter girls and rely on meeting girls via their social circle. Do we even know what she looks like? Is she an 8+? No offense Olive, lol And again, she’s a girl. Getting knocked out by Mike Tyson doesn’t make you qualified to coach boxing.

            I’m friends with guys who are rich as fuck, doctors, lawyers, etc. The ones who get pussy (and most of it is via their social circle so already they’re limited to picking from what’s available instead of what they ideally want) are the ones with game. My game is tighter than most of theirs (just because I was focusing on that while they were in med school), so even with their money I can take their girls (but I try to avoid it becuase they’re my buddies and their friendship is worth more than a lay).

            A shit-load of them go home with their dick in their hand because the money doesn’t matter except to the gold-diggers.

            Same thing with looks, I have other social circles full of tall good-looking model type dudes, jacked up MMA fighters, etc. It always comes down to game.

            Go out more and tighten up your game. All this shit becomes very obvious when you go out regularly and push your comfort zone. Spend a year approaching girls and telling them you work at McDonald’s and live at home with your mom. Spend a year not buying girls anything. Spend a year approaching girls while wearing plain clothes instead of a suit.

            Or continue to let your limiting beliefs suffocate your progress. That’s fine with me, it’s your dick, I don’t care what you do with it…but I’ll continue to shit all over keyboard jockeys telling newbies that their money, looks, etc. have anything to do with building attraction and getting laid.

          • YaReally
            on March 5, 2013 at 8:39 pm
            Original Link


            Just a bunch of word-fluff.


            I enjoyed your livejournal diary entry. I don’t doubt that you have super-fantastic guys in your social circle to pick from. Out of a dozen rich law dudes, one is probably going to be decently alpha/attractive (of course wasting time with a chick who’s dating other guys AND not putting out is pretty weak lol)

            The important question is this:

            If dude #3 was forced to take a $30k/yr job tomorrow would you ditch him? Or would your hamster rationalize that it’s okay because you like him and you’ll just focus on all his good points and excuse his bad…same way Rhianna does with Chris Brown. Oh look, here we are back at a woman’s hamster rationalizing away a guy’s faults that would be deal-breakers if he was a beta, but are excusable if he’s attractive to her and makes her gina tingle. Weird.

            Or wait, maybe you’ll say that you’d logically consider his income change and factor it into your logical pros and cons list and then run that list through your vagina for it to calculate that it should no longer be tingling for him. Because we all know women base their attraction off logic and common sense and long-term planning. That’s why a beta can just list the reasons a girl should like him and her pussy gushes like a faucet once the logic is computed.

            Oh wait, that’s not how it works and its been long established that chicks don’t know wtf gets them wet and that their logical sober mind filling out a survey is completely irrelevant in the moment when their emotions are spiking through the roof.

            How about if I take one of the betas of the month in the newest article and give him $150k/yr. Want to fuck any of them? The money is going to help them be attractive after all, right?

            Kate: would you date guy #3 if he only made $30k/yr?

            Such a waste of time lol. A Natural buddy and I were literally income-less for 2 years and pulled law chicks, nurses, teachers, etc (plenty of them in this career-city).

          • YaReally
            on March 6, 2013 at 4:23 am
            Original Link


            If money is attractive then giving the betas of the month a $200k salary will make Olive want to bang or marry them. And dropping her Guy #3 down to $30k will make her no longer attracted to him.

            You guys can’t say “oh money is a big factor in attraction” and then add on “…sometimes.” It either is or it isn’t. If its not a repeatable consistent logical principle then it’s not fucking true and you have to dig deeper to figure out what the difference is between the unattractive rich beta and the attractive normal-income alpha.

            This is simple logic. Black and white shit right here.

            Why is confidence legit attractive? Because if you gave a shit-load of confidence to the betas of the month, they’d be attractive to girls. If you took all the confidence away from Guy #3, he wouldn’t be attractive.

            Shower the betas in $ and they’ll still be repulsive to women. Take Guy #3′s $ away and he’ll still be attractive to women.

            This is simple logic in action. And why we don’t listen to girls when you guys say “well I think I’d be attracted to such and such”, because your random emotional self-analysis of theoretical scenarios has pretty much no relevance. What has relevance are cold hard consistent results across the board.

            If you say “I feel like I would like a nice guy” and you just sucked off a bunch of “bad boys” in the bathroom, your telling guys you like nice guys is not just irrelevant but it sets those guys back from learning what actually attracts women and turning their lives around to become more attractive and not die alone and unloved. That’s the only reason I’m shitting on you and Olive right now. There are guys reading this shit and going “oh I guess I have to make $150k/yr to be attractive!” and then they’ll waste 10 years of their life trying to get a career that gets them that and then they’ll be sitting there with $150k/yr and beta attitudes going “why aren’t I getting girls now?? Those chicks said this would make me attractive!! :’(” and then he kills himself or becomes a bitter-ass MGTOW or ends up settling for some shitty chick who eat pray loves him because he never really learned how to be attractive and he gets raped in divorce or his wife cheats on him and he wins Beta of the Month here at the Chateau.

            I know guys like this in real life. This shitty advice fucks them up instead of helping them.

on March 5, 2013 at 12:01 pm
Original Link

I love your blog but I wish do another one for women (to decode men and to improve themselves), that would be great great GREAT.

  • Hiram J Goldstein II (@HiramJGoldstein)
    on March 5, 2013 at 2:28 pm
    Original Link

    It’s not hard. Men like women who are young, pretty, feminine, and pleasant. If a woman has a problem with finding men, she’s some combination of young, ugly, manly, and crabby.

    Everything on that list can be fixed except the “young” part. If a woman decides to wait until she’s 40 to find a good man, she’s already ruined her chances permanently (but even then, there are men over 50 who don’t want kids and don’t really have any chance with younger, more attractive babes).

    Lose some weight, put on a little make-up, wear a skirt, and be nice, and you’re already in the top 20% of American women.

    • Mike in Texas
      on March 5, 2013 at 8:24 pm
      Original Link

      I disagree with most of this comment about age. I am 50 and I find a LOT of women in their ’40′s who have kept themselves up to be extremely attractive and hot.

      Most of the time, their kids are grown and gone, and my son has been gone a long time, so I am single and fancy free. I find hot 40-somethings way more attractive than younger women with multiple offspring in tow.

      Just a thought.

      • Anonymous
        on March 7, 2013 at 2:42 pm
        Original Link

        An alpha in his sixties can still get women in their late teens and twenties.

        Meanwhile, above, Yareally forgets that alphatude + money beats alphatude + bus-fare.

        Money is not an immaterial factor and there should be more than just a few guys here who have more than one mistress in the 8, 9 and 10 range where the logistics of the relationships require money. Saying that money is not a factor is also the equivalent of saying women aren’t whores and, therefore, that whole way of thinking is too feminist friendly. Sure, whereever there is a heavy concentration of feminists, you will find hardly any women who can be bought by an alpha who keeps her on a short leash. But in such feminist SWPL environements, they can’t be bought for the wrong reasons. They are so sensitive about equalism and avoiding “exploitation”. Go to a less feminist area and you’ll find the natural order of things more. An alpha married businessman can and will keep his teenage mistress from fucking the lesser alpha teenage boys, on penalty of being replaced by a more virginal model.

        I’m saying this from first hand daily knowledge of how this works.

        Anyhow, it’s a strawman argument to say that, if you gave one of the BOTM guys a hundred grand, they still wouldn’t be able to get laid.

        That’s a given.

        For money to work properly, the guy has to be at least a lesser alpha.

        Being an upper beta with money doesn’t cut it. You have to be an alpha with money.

        But being both is not mutually exclusive.

        Where YaReally is totally right is that a man must not waste too much time, his youth, trying to get rich.

        But then, a man will do better in the long run if he does go to work in a career and earns that paycheck even though the cost of doing that would be that he wasn’t out collecting contacts in day game.

        I’ve often felt that I could get more girls if I didn’t work and just did day game in the time I could be working.

        But I couldn’t imagine juggling the girlfriends I have if I was slumming it and always worried about making ends meet.

        • YaReally
          on March 8, 2013 at 12:41 am
          Original Link

          Like I’ve said before, the problem is guys chase money and don’t build the alpha characteristics that are attractive with women. Or if they DO build them, they don’t learn to present them when actually face to face with a woman.

          Can’t even count the number of guys I’ve met who are 100% alpha bad-asses in most of their life, dominating their business, doctors saving lives like badasses, MMA dudes kicking other guys’ asses regularly…

          But put a petite little hottie with big cute eyes and some titties in front of them waiting for them to bring all that to the table aaaaaaaand…they choke.

          Because they spent all that time developing these amazing traits but didn’t spend time exposing themselves to women and cold-approach and learning to deal with logistics, approach anxiety, avoiding ASD, DHV’ing these attributes, handle the pressure of staring down a hottie, etc etc etc.

          There’s a reason celebrities, rich dudes, etc sign up for PUA bootcamps. I heard about a porn star dude who signed up because he didn’t know how to meet/date a normal girl for a normal relationship. Being alpha in one part of your life just doesn’t translate to being alpha around women (even though LOGICALLY it should). It’d be great if it did, but I will put my money ANY day on the poor jobless guy who’s banged 100 cold-approach chicks over the rich CEO with a BMW and 3 drunken lucky ONSes and a string of hookers under his belt.

          Which is better for meeting girls:

          Rich dude who wakes up in his mansion up on a hill he lives alone on, drives his BMW alone to work where he’s CEO alone in his office and only interacts with his employees to give them orders to avoid starting office drama. On the weekends he goes out, if he’s not working, but if he meets a girl he gets her # and can hopefully squeeze her in next week sometime if their schedules align and he lucks out and gets a few hours in, between the daily gym workout to keep that six-pack. Of course because he’s rich she expects him to take her to dinner and impress her and she doesn’t want him to think she’s a slut so she won’t put out for 2 or 3 dates…which again he has to schedule in, that is if she hasn’t lost interest by the time he can meet up again.

          Or the poor guy, who lives in an apartment building where he knows most of his neighbors and a handful of them are college girls and guys and he can go over for beers…he lives with a roommate who’s social and parties too, so he meets girls through his roommates social circles as well as his own. He always has people to party with and meets new ones frequently. He has no car so he takes the subway where he chats girls up to pass the time on the ride. At work he’s just an office drone and mingles with his co-workers all day and invites them out to party after work since he’s not the boss and its not a faux pas to befriend his co-workers. On the weekends he parties it up and when he meets girls he grabs #s and is available any day of the week. He’s not the boss of the company so he can skip work if the hottie he met is only available during the day. His responsibilities are lax so he txts girls all day and he’s out of the office at 5 on his way to happy hour with his co-workers to meet girls while his boss slaves away keepin the business running so he can afford to pay for his new BMW.

          A lot of guys think they’re going to become rich and get a 6-pack and then they’ll just walk into a club and blam blam start tearing it down like shooting fish in a barrel. Then they try it. Then they choke. Then they find PUA. :)

Comment Of The Week

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via Heartiste

on March 3, 2013 at 2:18 pm
Original Link

FR —>

The week in general has been good. Personally, I’m starting to think that a lot of this boils down to frame control. It’s such a weird, simple thing. So, anyway, I’m starting to expand my circle of friends. Like, now instead of just walking with that one girl out of class, I make sure the entire group walks with me. And a quick exchange the other day made me realize that this shit is mostly about hanging on to your identity.

Me: Hey man what’s your last name, I’ll add you on fb or something
Dude: Oh yeah, it’s cubanlastname…
Me: Oh, hey wasn’t Ricky Ricardo cuban…or was that puerto rican? He played the bongos. (me asking to entertain myself, everyone else thinks it’s funny)
Natural: What the fuck, oh yeah…what if I just was like…hey Scray, you black, OJ was black.
Me: Nah…it has to be a positive person. Like, Scray, you’re part black? MICHAEL JORDAN IS BLACK, WOWOWOWOOWWOOWOWOWOWOW!
(Everyone laughs)
Girl: See, this is why we’re more likely to get mugged with you around.

In the past I would have been upset by this comment. Like ‘why don’t you liiiiiiike me.’
Me: Ya, totally. We’ve already been mugged like 8 times by ravenous integrated cuban-black gangs on the warpath. (smirk)
Natural: (laughs) Fucken Scray…

I endeavor to just entertain myself at this point. Like, it’s just funny to say ‘I love you’ to girls in my social circle. What’s weird is that, when I first started this off, there were a few girls who were like…I don’t want to say ‘creeped’ out by me kind of hitting on them but definitely not really receptive. Now that I just do it to everyone and have light, fun interactions, those same people are like ‘well now I don’t feel special..’ or ‘wait, I thought you loved me…’ or ‘you loved me first!’ Especially when they’re in the presence of another girl who’s really eating up the ‘love you/we’re soulmates’ bit. Thus far my response is just to pretend like I don’t even remember saying it to them in the first place. Even the appearance of pre-selection seems to be a big switch.

It’s way better to have a reputation as a guy who hits on a lot of girls than as a nothing. Of course, the best reputation would be a guy who hits on a lot of girls and has sex with a lot of girls :D

I’m also starting to plan hangouts, which apparently is pretty important. Good practice in general.

I hangout with this soft5/4.5/4 (Idk, she’s like a shapeshifter); I just kind of say whatever I want with her. She’s pretty into me, but I’m after her friend HB6Lovely. We get lunch, talk about stuff — I make sure to be real flirty and stuff. She wants to hang out more, but I cut the interaction short.

The night’s kind of wasted because Nightly can’t go out, and I get dragged to a bar by my friends. It was a fun bar, and I had a good time meeting new people.

One of our friends, TinyCute6, is visiting town and throws herself a birthday party at a bar/club. In one of my earlier field reports, this is the one who I said didn’t respect me as a ‘man.’ So, this time, I get there…and the vibe is different. Lots of hugging, and one of the girls I say ‘love you to’ is also there. Naturally, I immediately start with the roleplay again. Just fun banter. TinyCute gets my attention to ask if I’ve been working out. I nod, and she says she can tell. She does some stupid dance move and I’m like ‘do that again.’ And then she says ‘you wish, it was the greatest ever.’ Me: ‘prove it. (smirk)’ Then she leads me to the dancefloor. Sudden spike in buying temperature?

Fuck if I know. It happens too fast for me to take much advantage of the situation. Or…actually, we get to the dancefloor and we’re close and she does the dance move. Now, I can dance, but I’m just too much of a pussy to see how far I can escalate this. Mostly because our friends can see us, and a rejection here would be a massive DLV. So, my optimal response in this spot?

‘I give it a 5-6.’ then smirk and leave her there, dancing. If I can’t muster up the balls to escalate, at least C&F and leave or something. Idk.

Finally me and Nightly get it together to go out and cold approach. However, we get there late…we’re talking like 1230. Nightly doesn’t believe me, but I swear by Odin’s beard that the real talent leaves by 11-12. I notice a huge difference in the after hours versus the earlier hours. As the night goes on, the hot babe resource pool slowly shrinks until every halfway decent babe has legions of satellite chodes in orbit.

I realize that the only way to actually quell my AA is to do a warm-up set. Me and Nightly walk into our first venue, and he opens after almost no time. Since he’s only talking to one girl, I just say ‘hey I’m gonna find Nicole brb’ to leave him with this girl.

On my pass back from the bar, I open a 4 and a 5. It’s the ‘best friend died..’ my delivery is getting better. They’re having a good time. The 4 seems real into telling me how fucked up it is, but I’m not really paying attention to her. There’s a guy there in the set, I tell him the same thing. He wants to get into a deep discussion about it. The interaction is going well. My state is pumped. And so, in the middle of it — because I didn’t come out to talk to 4′s and 5′s — I leave.

I notice that at this time of night, all the hot girls are in mixed sets. I’m too much of a pussy to open those. So…we go to another bar. I open a set…a 4 and her 7.5 friend. Logistics force me into closer proximity to the 4 than the 7.5. I deliver the best friend dead opener. The 7.5 and the 4 both frown at me. I just smirk back. Let’s see who blinks first. The 7.5 rolls her eyes and turns away, but the 4 is more willing to chat. Blah blah blah, my strategy here with the 4 is just to try and chat her up and bust on her friend. I try this, the 4 laughs at my jokes, but the 7.5 just sits there, steadfast in her looking away resolve. The 4 finally interjects, “yeah she and her husband are fighting.”

7.5 turns around and kind of shakes her head at me
Me: Sup. (smirk)
7.5: You should just leave.
Me: (to the 4) Is she always like this? (even though it’s a classic PUA line, I actually just said it because that’s how I felt lol)

The 4 kind of shrugs with a bit of laughter. I don’t know what to do, so I just eject. Goddammit. Essentially got told to leave and left. Phuck.

Guess who’s at this bar upstairs? HBLovely6, Friendly4, and — oh shit, THEY have hot friends too? So both of them are all on me and stuff. I don’t really even focus on it, and instead, I start talking to their friends — an easy 7 and an 8 (there’s another 7.5, but Nightly starts talking to her).

I notice that, although I have a stack, when I’m in the presence of legitimately attractive girls, I find myself running out of shit to say. Like I just forget what comes next. This is technically a warm approach, and I didn’t get to open with a joke or anything. I kinda was just like ‘hey who are you, I know you know them, but they’re being rude and won’t introduce us.’
Keep in mind, that at odd intervals Friendly4 and HBLovely6 are touching me and talking about how much they love me or whatever. So like, it was a funny interaction, because here I am trying to do this digit ratio/you’re the dominant one and you’re the submissive one stuff, and they’re just giving me this strange look. Like, they can’t quite understand why their friends seem so into me. I’m not saying they were going crazy with attraction, but the entire vibe I got from them as I was talking was…’who is this strange person?’ Kinda like I was some sort of new cell a scientist was looking at under a microscope.

I stumble over my words at some point…and just at that time Friendly4 actually steps in. I’m pretty sure that she was jealous I was talking to her friends, rather than her. So, I just go with my same attitude I have — it’s not like I’m not going to never see these people again. Just bounce on a high note.

Me and Nightly go downstairs. I see two tall girls — 6-6.5. Best friend died opener. I fumble the delivery, and the 6 is like ‘that’s a terrible joke.’ I’m like ‘hahaha, I’m just fucking with you, he isn’t dead…’ but the way it came out wasn’t correct. It was supplicating. I could feel it. The other one starts to give her answer, but — and maybe this was a premature ejectuation — I just turn like I got distracted by something and buzz off. I talk to Nightly for a few seconds, then he opens a one set. I decide to leave, but this time, I don’t say anything.

I run into HBLovely6 and co. again — it’s crowded as hell, and I’m just looking around for a set to open. AFC phalanxes guard almost every set at this time of night. So anyway, I forget what happened but Friendly4 did the whole ‘break up with me’ thing for some reason. And then HBLovely6 is like ‘ya that threesome isn’t happening now.’
Me: Ya, now it’s a twosome (smirk)
Then Friendly4 and her immediately make up with me, take pictures with me, are all touchy. Lol, what’s funny is that I know 100% that I can bang Lovely, and I find myself growing less interested. I mean….I’ll shoot her a text probably and see what’s up, but I think it’s like 70-80% it’s on. And I know that if I don’t act on all of this touching and shit soon, it’ll all be for naught. For now, I just follow my rule of ‘if you don’t know how to escalate, take it further, be cooler…leave…be scarce.’ So I do just that. I actually hear HBLovely6 say ‘oh Scray is just too cool for us, other bitches to bang…he was laughing and talking with some other girls downstairs.’


Finally, in another spin through the venue, Nightly spots a group of three insanely hot girls. Nosering8.5 is my target. I’m really attracted to her. Like it’s beyond just she’s an objective 8-8.5. I’m really digging her look and her vibe. So, here I go to the bar and open over the shoulder. Nosering8.5 is talking to Whiteshirt7.5…..Whiteshirt immediately turns away after my opener. Nosering8.5 has a shocked reaction to my opener, and I soften it up by saying I’m fucking with her. I also notice that I immediately…like WAY TOO FAST…turn toward her. She gives me her answer….and I freeze up.

Me: Oh yeah, did your nose ring tell you that answer (wtf DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURF)
Her: What? Uh yeah…
Me: I like your nosering (HERPITY DERPITY HERPY DERP DERP)
Her: Thanks…
Me: (goes to the bar, still under the effects of paroxysmal retardation)

…those girls were fucking fine as fuck though.

We bounce from that venue. We’re walking on the street, and suddenly Nightly is like ‘hey this three set over here is yours.’ It was a three set…mixed bag. Petite6, 4, 5. Nothing special. Here we go…

Me: Best friend opener…(their eyes widen, and then…)
First-set4.5: (on the street a few feet away, pointing) STOP ASKING THAT QUESTION, IT’S A FUCKED UP QUESTION!
(I look over at her…oh shit, lol what are the odds. I point at her, grinning)
(The Petite6 seems to know the 4.5, and the Petite6 wanders closer to the 4.5…so I walk over there)
Me: (the 4.5 is being fat talkin about how fucked up I am, blah blah blah…I focus on the other one) So who are you?
Petite6: Her friend
Me: Wow, get some fucking self-esteem already…(to the 4.5) IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT YOUR FRIENDS? I ASK FOR NAMES AND IDENTITIES, AND ALL THEY CAN SAY, IS ‘YOUR FRIEND.’
4.5: What, she has a lot of self-esteem?!
Me: SILENCE, I’m not going to be a party to your mental trickery.
Petite6: Hey, look…..just don’t be fucked up.
Me: I don’t take orders from fun nazis.
Petite6: Oh my god, this guy
Me: Oh my god, this guy
Petite6: You’re just like
Me: You’re just like
Petite6: (snickers) Wtf why is he…
Me: Wtf why is he…
Petite6: (Turns to her friend) …copyingmesomuchohmygod!
Me: (pause, smirk) You look real stupid right now.
Petite6: Don’t be so childish
Petite6(turns away to laugh)
4.5: Yeah this city is REALLY SHADY…JUST SAYING
Me: Ya, totally.
4.5: And some of the people are really shady.
Me: I’m a motherfucking umbrella.
Petite6: You’re kind of shady.
Me: Prove it. (she blinks…but it’s because she doesn’t know how to react to me…ah finally, this reaction. I turn to 4.5) Let me guess, you guys are from the burbs and can’t handle yourselves on the street?
4.5: This place doesn’t have suburbs.
(I actually start to walk away, right then and there. fuck it. They call me back, blah blah blah we’re girls who can yell, blah blah blah. I walk back and point at Petite6)
Me: You know what you are? You’re a nonsense person. That’s the WORST kind of person. (smirk)
Petite6(looks deathly serious all of sudden, gets in my face, arms folded) Okay, you need to walk the fuck away. Just walk the fuck away, seriously.
Me: (oh shit, have I misread the vibe) Is that right?
Petite6(Gets closer, looks pretty fucking pissed) Yeah. Step off little guy.
Me: (I’ve already been told to leave and left once tonight. There comes a time in every man’s life, when he must choose between a life of shuffling off into the darkness like a good little boy or remaining and just weathering what storms may come…is she gonna slap me? scream? get some WhiteKnights to kick my ass? Oh fucking well)(smirk…stands there, holding eye contact)
Petite6: 5………..4………………………(pause)
Me: (leans in as if she forgot the next number, ) 3…
Petite6 (Her serious facade crumbles, and there it is — a smile, quick…did I just pass some form of weird shit test? If so…that’d be the first one ever, I think)..2….1…..
Me: (blink…smirk)
Petite6: You seriously just need to leave.
Me: (coolest thing I’ve done so far right here…I put my hands on both of her cheeks…she puts her hands over my hands……..)
Petite6: What’s your name?
Me: I need to leave, remember, who needs names for that.
Petite6: (Another fleeting smile)

And then…..some ANGRY fucking guy literally yanks her away from me. ‘Come the fuck on! we’re going, let’s get the fuck out of here, blah blah blah’
I blink a few times, and she’s like ‘I’ll see you later’ as she’s getting dragged away. I’m not going to be a smartass to him or anything…learned my lesson the last time.

I’m kind of left there in a daze for a moment.
I wander over to Nightly
Nightly: That was………………awesome. One of the coolest things I’ve seen.

I only opened one other set after that. Two girls, 5 and a 7. It actually went pretty well, just riffing with them and stuff. Both of them were married and had babies though. Not my thing……………….yet, I guess.

Now that I’m focusing on just saying stuff that entertains ME, I’m having a better time. Consistently have good opens with girls in the 5-7 range these days. Hotter girls…well…still difficult.

I think this month is going to be the month where I just start saying random shit to girls during the day. My confidence is getting to that level.

  • YaReally
    on March 5, 2013 at 6:20 pm
    Original Link

    “Personally, I’m starting to think that a lot of this boils down to frame control.”

    Yep. Both frame controlling other people (“no, this situation is normal, don’t be weird.”) and frame controlling yourself (“no, that wasn’t embarrassing, it just loosened me up so I can be more awesome”).

    You can do a LOT with frame control. Steve Jobs was said to have a “reality distortion field” where he could convince people to go along with his ideas…he just had really good frame control. I use it to turn people’s moods around, avoid fights, make girls feel comfortable with fast escalation, recover from fucking up, etc.

    “And a quick exchange the other day made me realize that this shit is mostly about hanging on to your identity. ”

    Your big problem when you started posting FRs here was that you didn’t HAVE an Identity. :) Over the past couple months you’ve learned a lot more about who Scray “IS”. That’s important for a man to know. Most men don’t have a clue who they are and let society dictate that for them, and women are actively encouraged NOT to know who they are.

    “Natural: (laughs) Fucken Scray…”

    This kind of stuff is how Naturals indicate that they respect you. It might not last, it might just be for that moment, but alpha recognizes alpha. You’ll be surprised to find out down the road that a lot of Naturals actually have fairly weak frames under the surface, paper tiger style. They seem very sure of themselves, but it’s only because no one has ever confronted them or questioned them (because other people have even weaker frames). So when they run into someone who’s more sure of themselves than they are they don’t know what to do and often end up falling into that person’s frame.

    “when I first started this off, there were a few girls who were like…I don’t want to say ‘creeped’ out by me kind of hitting on them but definitely not really receptive. Now that I just do it to everyone and have light, fun interactions, those same people are like ‘well now I don’t feel special..’ or ‘wait, I thought you loved me…’ or ‘you loved me first!’”

    This is because before you were doing it to get a reaction, now you’re doing it with self-amusement. Before, your sub-communications indicated you hoped they wouldn’t be creeped out which indicates that there’s a possibility they could be creeped out, so they were creeped out. Now your sub-communications indicate that you expect them to enjoy it because it’s not even possible that they could be creeped out by it, so they enjoy it.

    This is frame control and a bunch of other concepts in action. Don’t even bother thinking about it too much lol I could break down all the little stuff going on, but the main concept to take away from it is that coming from a place of self-amusement is important and demonstrates a lot of attractive qualities about you.

    “Thus far my response is just to pretend like I don’t even remember saying it to them in the first place.”

    Yup. Frame control again. “Oh man you just spilled beer all over your shirt!” “Nah. Didn’t happen.” “What?” “Didn’t happen.” “But I saw you–” “Nah don’t worry about it. (change subject)”

    “Even the appearance of pre-selection seems to be a big switch.”

    It’s all baby steps. :) Like I say, you aren’t going to go from uggos at the bar sneering at you to banging 10s in a month. But you should be able to look at your day to day life and general social life and notice a significant positive difference compared to a few months ago. Or a year ago. This progress will continue and in a few years you won’t even recognize the Scray who posted his first FR here lol

    I like your posting here because to me it helps shit on the anti-game guys. We’re watching a dude go through the process of improving his game and social life and eventually sex left live each week.

    “Of course, the best reputation would be a guy who hits on a lot of girls and has sex with a lot of girls :D

    lol…in time. :) That reputation will be great for you as a short guy, because it’ll be more intriguing/curious than the same reptuation for a tall generically good-looking guy who people would just assume that of to begin with. You’ll be the “what is it about this guy that everyone else knows that I haven’t figured out yet?” puzzle to girls which will draw them to you just on that at times.

    “and the vibe is different. Lots of hugging”

    IOI (if you mean TinyCute is hugging you, and she didn’t before).

    “TinyCute gets my attention to ask if I’ve been working out.”


    “and she says she can tell.”


    “I’m like ‘do that again.’”

    Compliance test (hoop for her to jump through) from you.

    “And then she says ‘you wish, it was the greatest ever.’”

    She tries to hold the frame with a shit-test instead of compliance to jumping through your hoop. But because of her other IOIs, this is her flirting, not being a bitch. She’s just doing the back-and-forth teasing/flirting certain personality types (like myself) love.

    “Me: ‘prove it. (smirk)’”

    Another compliance test/hoop by you. VS asking her to show you again, or agreeing with her about it being a great dance move, etc. You’re challenging her.

    “Then she leads me to the dancefloor.”

    IOI. That’s like, 3 or 4 now.

    “Sudden spike in buying temperature?”

    Yup. You’ve become intriguing/interesting to her now.

    “we get to the dancefloor and we’re close”

    IOI. There’s no logical reason she couldn’t have done the move back where you were first standing where she DID THE MOVE already lol She was hoping for a little isolation from the group to allow you to escalate (if you were some smooth-ass dancer type guy that could dance with her and escalate).

    “and she does the dance move.”

    Finally complying with the “Prove it.” hoop you set. IOI.

    “I’m just too much of a pussy to see how far I can escalate this. Mostly because our friends can see us, and a rejection here would be a massive DLV.”

    lol that’s fine. She’s social circle, you don’t have to rush escalating social circle girls. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t escalate with them in front of everyone because that can trigger their ASD (“everyone can see me being a slut!!”). I have a super short ugly scrawny little buddy who’s just really social with everyone…you would never expect him to be the type to get laid regularly, but he arranges situations where he can isolate girls from the group and then he escalates in private. Dude slays girls you would never expect him to get lol I was mind-blown when I first met him. He keeps it all discreet so the rest of the social circle never knows the chick hooked up with him.

    “‘I give it a 5-6.’ then smirk and leave her there, dancing.”

    lol I do this kind of thing too, if I get stuck on the dance floor. I don’t dance at all, so if I get dragged to the dance floor I use it as an opportunity to fuck around and do stuff like just suddenly walk away. Or turn my back to her and pretend I don’t know her. Or talk to her without dancing at all and see if I can get her to fall into my frame of not dancing and just talking in the middle of the dance floor, etc.

    Leave her stranded on a high note, like you saw someone more important. That’s better than DLV’ing yourself. You just see her later and say “Where did you go? I missed you, lover.” as if she was the one that ditched you when she knows it was the other way around lol (emotional drama/roller-coaster as she tries to compute what just happened)

    “However, we get there late…we’re talking like 1230.”

    I hate that. Especially if I’m not drinking. The party is already in full swing and a lot of chicks are too drunk to understand what I’m saying and a lot of guys have their liquid courage finally and have imaginary “dibs” on the girls, etc. etc. The earlier the better to me. I don’t even mind being one of the first 10 people in the bar…I just walk over to whoever else got there early and joke around about us being raging alcoholics to be there so early and now I have new friends for the night and anyone who arrives later has no idea I’m not BFFs with them lol

    “I swear by Odin’s beard that the real talent leaves by 11-12.”

    You’re not crazy. The hottest girls don’t stay there chugging fattening beer from 10pm – 2am and sloppily make out with guys all night until they get shoved into a cab by some shit-faced dude. They have reputations to upkeep because they know everyone is watching them because they’re so hot, and they know that working their way up the social ladder with their hotness means they’ll end up with access to social circles involving the manager of the club who will give them access to the higher-end social circles that often involve celebrities and coke (if they’re into that) and rich dudes etc.

    So they come in, strut around and dance for an hour or so, have a drink or two, and then GTFO before everyone gets drunk and sloppy and they have to put up with loser guys who were scared to approach them an hour earlier, now stumbling over to them thinking they have a shot. Also a couple hotter girls (but who weren’t the hottest around 11), will stay till the end because they get off on the validation of now being the hottest girls in the room lol

    Past midnight it’s often just the average girls and uggos left, depending on the bar/enviro/crowd. Those are the ones drinking themselves into a stupor and falling down on the dance floor flashing their crotches and slurring at 2am lol The smokin’ hot girl is having a low-key drink with the manager of another club or at a private party, or home in bed getting a good night’s sleep so she doesn’t get bags under her eyes.

    This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still go out and practice cold approaching if it’s late. Tyler would land in a new city at 1:30am and go get 20 minutes of approaching in. It builds the habits of going out and talking to strangers, and you never know what you’ll run into.

    “He wants to get into a deep discussion about it.”

    lol most guys are actually nice/cool dudes. It’s just that a lot of guys (PUAs especially) look at them as competition/obstacles right from the start and it sets a whole antagonistic battle frame. It’s better to joke around and shoot the shit with them and make their night more fun. Guys buy me drinks/shots/etc. all the time after like 3 minutes of conversation, because I’m a fun dude and they’re thankful I came along to make their night more interesting. I’ll usually reciprocate by grabbing random chicks walking by and introducing them to the guys then walk away and hope they make it work. They usually don’t, but that little act of kindness blows their mind because they were just going to chode around being too scared to approach girls all night and I threw them into the cold end of the pool and got their night started lol so they’re my BFFs for the night there.

    If I need to make a new social circle (like I’m in a new city), I’ll shoot the shit with them a bit more and we’ll exchange contact info and now I have new buddies to go out and party with.

    “The interaction is going well. My state is pumped.”

    Good stuff, that was the point. Warm-up sets are important. Get yourself in there, build reference experiences in your brain that “okay if I talk to random strangers, I won’t get killed by another caveman, it’s fine to do this” and it’ll open up and let you hit state.

    “in the middle of it — because I didn’t come out to talk to 4′s and 5′s — I leave.”

    lol This is something guys should play with in general too. Imagine what walking away without saying a word, from a 9 while she’s in mid-sentence qualifying herself about something would do to her hamster. :)

    “I notice that at this time of night, all the hot girls are in mixed sets.”

    Yep. Often they don’t know the guys, but those were the guys who worked up the balls to approach and no other guy will approach a mixed set, so the girls are stuck with them and just go along for the ride because it’s better than standing around getting oogled by guys with no balls to say hello. Or the guys are managers etc. trying to move in and flash a bunch of value and the girls are just playing the social ladder game lol

    Sometimes the girls are legit into those guys, but I’m just saying in general there’s a lot of leeway in terms of how “taken” those hot girls actually are. In time you’ll learn to read the body language of whether or not girls are into guys or whether the guys are just trying to hit on them but failing and you can swoop in to rescue the girl etc.

    “I’m too much of a pussy to open those.”

    lol all good. You can do that down the road. For now you’re building the foundation of your social/flirting skills. You’ll build more layers on this later.

    “The 7.5 and the 4 both frown at me. I just smirk back. Let’s see who blinks first.”

    lol good stuff. This is called building resistance to social pressure. This is the kind of thing that builds that strength to ignore shit-tests from 9s and 10s when they try to test you by giving you a bad reaction to see how you’ll handle holding your frame or if you’ll get sucked into theirs.

    I’ve known girls who literally on purpose won’t say a word to a guy who approaches them for the first like 3 minutes…just to see what he does. They might even like the guy, they just want to know what kind of man he is…will he talk himself out of the whole interaction and eject thinking she must be rejecting him because he doesn’t deserve her? Or will he keep talking because he’s self-amusing and just assuming that she must be into him and will eventually open up? Which guy do you think she wants to date/fuck, you know?

    “Blah blah blah, my strategy here with the 4 is just to try and chat her up and bust on her friend.”

    Good, this is the optimal strategy in this situ. Work with the receptive girl, and use her to open her friend up. The longer it goes on that her group likes you and the more of them in that group that like you, the more social pressure there is on her to conform to the group and lighten up and like you. So you’re just using that social pressure tactic on her, the same move she was trying to use on you lol

    “I try this, the 4 laughs at my jokes, but the 7.5 just sits there, steadfast in her looking away resolve.”

    All good, she thinks you’ll crack. She doesn’t know you know wtf you’re doing and have the confidence to assume your frame is going to win out.

    “Me: That girl is MARRIED? HAHAHHAAHA, NO WONDER!”

    lol good. She can’t NOT respond to this. It’s offensive and she’ll shit-test you…BUT, you have her attention. :) It’s tricky to turn it around but it’s possible. A lot of my game is based on turning around girls who initially hate me or are offended by me lol

    “7.5: You should just leave.”

    More shit-testing, trying to get you to fall into her frame. She legit probably doesn’t like you and isn’t interested and will keep shitting on you, but you did good to push it this far instead of giving up at the initial eye-roll.

    “Me: (to the 4) Is she always like this? (even though it’s a classic PUA line, I actually just said it because that’s how I felt lol)”

    Again this is the optimal strategy. Ignore what she said to you and instead bust on her via her friend. There’s a REASON this is a classic PUA line and Mystery uses it all the time lol

    “The 4 kind of shrugs with a bit of laughter. I don’t know what to do, so I just eject.”

    The 4′s frame is weaker than the 7.5′s…she was having fun but now that she knows the 7.5 definitely isn’t going to warm up to you, and you can’t turn it around, she has to fall into the 7.5′s frame since you’re the new guy to the group. She doesn’t necessarily WANT to, but she doesn’t have the value clout to keep interacting with you. If the 4 were like, a 9, she wouldn’t give a fuck about her sour-puss friend and would keep talking to you and the 7.5 would fall in line. Or if the 4 were like, 4 girls in her group who all loved you so she was the 1 out of 5 that was being a bitch, she’d fall in line. But the 4 knows the 7.5 runs the show.

    “Goddammit. Essentially got told to leave and left. Phuck.”

    Nah, didn’t happen. ;) You took that way further than most guys would. Doesn’t matter if you didn’t make the shot, you played it optimally and gave it your best. You can’t control the outcome, but you can control your actions and you did good with what the universe threw at you. This is the kind of stuff you do that tells me you can get good at this stuff quickly. A LOT of guys will spend their first YEAR prematurely ejecting sets instead of sticking them out and learning to handle the social pressure and trying to turn them around. Those guys progress slow as fuck and often give up and then become whiny anti-gamers.

    In a way, a guy going into learning game with what society would label as a disadvantage (height, looks, race, lack of money, bad teeth, etc.) can often progress faster than a good-looking rich tall guy because they’ll get shit-tested a lot more…and that shit-testing, like tearing your muscles at the gym, builds your game/identity/etc., like your muscles build when they recover.

    Tyler is good at what he does because as a 5’9″ balding skinny ginger with an annoying voice he HAD to get good lol

    “I don’t really even focus on it, and instead, I start talking to their friends”

    Solid play here. Imagine how that looks to the new girls. Their friends are suddenly all over this short dude, and instead of the guy jizzing himself at the attention because he’s a desperate little loser stereotype, he’s like “ya ya, keep it in your pants ladies, who are your friends here?” like you don’t have a single fuck to give about the situation. That’s a pretty badass introduction if you can roll into some solid game from there. :)

    Also this is the kind of game I figure will suit you the best down the road, as a short but social guy. Where you’re using your social proof to lay new girls who are curious who you are. EVERY set opens up when you have a girl on your arm lol

    Down the road you could do stuff like stop your girls at the entrance before you walk in and have them stand on each side of you with an arm in your arm so you walk into the club looking like Heffner with a girl on each arm. Adam Lyons, who had large social circles of chicks, would do stuff like arrange theme nights where he’d have all the girls dress in, say, white dresses, and he’d be the only guy wearing a white suit and meet up before the bar, then head to the bar as a group and walk in with the girls like a boss:

    “I notice that, although I have a stack, when I’m in the presence of legitimately attractive girls, I find myself running out of shit to say.”

    lol. This is your sense of entitlement. Basically how hot can the girl be before you start stumbling for your words trying to think of stuff to say that will “get” them (VS being outcome independent) is the level of hotness you feel entitled to. As time goes on and you gain reference experience with those girls, your sense of entitlement will go up and you’ll be self-amusing with 8s the way you self-amuse with 4s, and you’ll get the exact same reactions the 4s give you (attraction, adoration, etc.).

    This is part of why I encourage you to go for the hotter girls when you see them. It’s a short-cut to building a higher sense of entitlement. A lot of guys will dick around for years with ugly/average girls and even after like 3 years of cold approaching and banging hundreds of ugly/average girls, they’ll be chickenshit and stumble around the hot girls the way you did because they didn’t approach any of them and build that reference experience based sense of entitlement with the hotter ones…so it’s like what was the point of those 3 years, ya know? I was guilty of this myself for my first few years of pickup. Now I force myself to talk to the hotter girls, even if I know I’ll probably choke and make an ass of myself lol That just gives me another reference experience that it won’t kill me to embarrass myself in front of an 8+, which helps with the next girl I approach.

    “I kinda was just like ‘hey who are you, I know you know them, but they’re being rude and won’t introduce us.’”

    This is solid. I use this myself, especially when my wing and a chick in a 2-set hit it off instantly and the other girl is awkwardly standing there and neither of us have been introduced. I’ll just force the introduction and build an “us VS them” frame of our friends are rude as fuck and we’re going to have to watch them make out all night lol

    On a more subtle note, this is sub-communicating that you take charge and don’t wait around for other people to make shit happen for you. You want to know who these girls are, so you force it to happen, that’s a man who takes control of the world around him. DHV shit right there, especially when you have the social proof of girls hanging off you already.

    See how a lot of PUA is about stacking the deck in your favor? You’re not growing 6-pack abs or another foot of height, you’re just learning how to line up a lot of little high-value things to create situations with new girls where you come off as extremely high value right from the start which is just maximizing how you display your value, VS minimizing it which is what most shy guys do (they can be AMAZING dudes, but they don’t know how to display that so the girls don’t KNOW they’re amazing).

    “Keep in mind, that at odd intervals Friendly4 and HBLovely6 are touching me and talking about how much they love me or whatever.”

    Solid. I would almost NOT bang these two and stick to just flirting and use them as social proof whenever you run into them, to get other girls. Some girls will like you but not be touching you or raving about you, and those are no good for social proof. But girls who are all up in your grill in public like that in front of other girls are awesome for social proofing you with the rest of the girls in the room or your social circle, which leads to hotter girls.

    Doesn’t even matter that they’re not 8+ girls, social proof even from a 4 helps make a 9 wonder why you’re being awesome to the 4 instead of her.

    “the entire vibe I got from them as I was talking was…’who is this strange person?’”

    lol you aren’t fitting into their default categorization of what a short dude is supposed to be like (lame and shy and not attractive to girls and having a chip on his shoulder about his height etc.) so it’s frying their circuits because now they have to put a new label on you and don’t know what label you fit in yet because they haven’t seen this before.

    If you just stick through it and hold your frame long enough (90/10 rule, they’re too busy analyzing you to go 50/50 so you fill in the conversation until they click into play), eventually their brains will catch up and they’ll just fall into line with your frame of “this is totally normal and you shouldn’t be weirded out by what’s going on”.

    You don’t necessarily have legit ATTRACTION yet, but you have the building blocks OF it…ie – if you stick it out long enough and run some solid game, those girls will often 180 into massive buying temperature spikes of attraction in a really short window of time.

    Imagine, at this point, you said “Hey, I need a drink, come with me.” and held out your hand to one of these new girls who’s seen you with her friends all up on you. Then she stares at you like “uhhh…” and you just hold your frame (who’s gonna’ blink first?) and hold your hand out and go “Shh. Don’t be weird. Come.” and twiddle your fingers.

    It’s EXTREMELY likely in that situation that she’s going to go “well, my friends love him, and I’m curious about who the fuck he is, and he just wants to go over to the bar and get a drink it’s not like he’s inviting me into his bedroom so ummm I guess I’ll go on this adventure and see what happens…?” and take your hand and as you drag her away she’ll girl-code her friends like “wtf am I doing?? what’s going on??” lol

    Then you have isolation with a girl who has seen you do a bunch of high-value shit. You can bust on her for looking like a deer in the headlights and get her laughing, and then just switch gears into qualifying her and building comfort/rapport etc. and work from there.

    “I’m pretty sure that she was jealous I was talking to her friends, rather than her.”

    Yup. But that’s fine. :) And you can bust her on it in front of them for much amusement lol

    “it’s not like I’m not going to never see these people again. Just bounce on a high note.”

    Yup. No rush with social circle. And like I say, I wouldn’t even bang these two. Ideally down the road their friends will be with them again and you’ll end up in or be able to construct a logistical scenario where you all end up at an “afterparty” together where you can isolate and escalate on one of her hot friends. :)

    “It was supplicating. I could feel it.”

    A big difference between AFCs and PUAs is that the AFC can’t tell he’s fucking up, or he can tell that “SOMETHING” is off, like in the pit of his stomache, but he doesn’t really know what, he just knows he felt “bad” about the situation (you had a lot of this in your early FRs where you thought people were fucking with you or the vibe people had toward you was “weird” etc.).

    Like now, I know EXACTLY what’s happening in an interaction. It’s like there’s a videogame meter above the girl’s head and I can see it going up and down depending on what I do. So I can predict a lot of flakes because I know “logically I fucked up a bunch on that, she SHOULD flake on me” or I can tell when I’m just slaying it etc. and set should be an easy open for me, because I’ve spent so much time in-field.

    That’s also why I can break down your interactions, just through text descriptions and quotes, with pretty reasonable accuracy. I just really understand the dynamics from experience. Your FRs have a solid level of description/detail to diagnose your interactions. Some guys just post little snippets of text, or some guys post 50 pages of unnecessary backstory etc., but you have a good balance of what’s important and what’s fluff.

    These things still take me forever to write which is why I haven’t gotten on the last couple weeks of FRs from ya (busy with work and pussy lol) but you give me good material to break down when I DO get to them. :)

    “The other one starts to give her answer, but — and maybe this was a premature ejectuation — I just turn like I got distracted by something and buzz off.”

    lol sometimes this isn’t a bad plan. It’s funny because you can open a girl TERRIBLY and completely fuck it up…but then find her and re-open her an hour later when you’re in a better state and more on your game, as if that initial interaction never happened or as if it went awesome before, and she’ll be receptive to you.

    You CAN blow yourself out hardcore so she won’t ever open up again, but often premature ejectulation means you can probably re-open later because it’s your own brain telling you “Abort abort!!” VS her saying “fuck off!!”

    Don’t stress it or beat yourself up about it though. At least you approached to begin with!

    “And then HBLovely6 is like ‘ya that threesome isn’t happening now.’”

    1) She’s thinking about sex with you. They both are. IOIs lol

    2) You probably COULD have a 3-some with them. Usually girls that crack jokes about that kind of thing are actually curious/interested in it.

    “Me: Ya, now it’s a twosome (smirk)”

    If I wanted to escalate and bang her, I’d've said something like “Probably for the better, I’m more of a one on one kind of guy. I don’t think I could keep up with BOTH of you…I don’t know what 4s like in bed but I can tell you’re fucking wild. ;) You’d have me handcuffed to your bed before I knew what happened.” etc. and grab her by the waist if she plays along like “omg maybe I WOULD ;) lolololz”.

    “Lol, what’s funny is that I know 100% that I can bang Lovely, and I find myself growing less interested.”

    lol ya, you’re wired to be a Thrill of the Hunt guy like me. Once I “figure a girl out”, I start losing interest. For a girl to keep me interested in her, she has to be unpredictable and exciting and keep me on my toes. I can get laid pretty much any night I’m out by some 4 or 5 uggo, but it’s easy and I care more about the hunt of trying to land a hotter girl who’s a challenge, so I pass those easy uggos up all the time.

    On the flip side I have a Natural player buddy who’s a Pleasure of Sex guy and just wants a steady stream of new pussy 24/7, so he’ll bang those easy uggo lays if a hotter girl seems like she’ll be more work.

    …or he’ll grab a # from the hotter one and then take home an uggo and bang the hotter girl later in the week, the fucker lol

    “And I know that if I don’t act on all of this touching and shit soon, it’ll all be for naught.”

    The windows of opportunity DO close. It’s a tricky balance because essentially you keep shooting her down, which is rejection to a girl, and hurts her ego, and she’ll have to get mad at you for that at some point.

    What I like to do in these situations is disqualify myself. So when I’m joking about our loving eachother and breaking up etc. (like that same fun light-hearted vibe, not a serious discussion) I’d drop in “But alas, we can never be together…a wise man once told me don’t poop where you eat. I could never date a girl I’m friends with, everyone would have to watch us making out all the time and getting it on on that pool table over there, it would destroy the group! But know that my heart is always yours…unless, you know, you get fat. ;)

    Basically just fucking around and disqualifying yourself instead of disqualifying HER…that way she can’t get mad or take it personal, it’s not HER you’re rejecting, you’re just following your rules. I knew an asian guy who would keep white chicks in his group flirting with him by telling them he could never be with a white chick because they’re too crazy and he needs a nice quiet asian girl etc…but he’d keep flirting with them and they’d keep flirting back because they’re still attracted, it’s just that now he’s less attainable…but at the same time they don’t feel rejected because he’s not leading them on and then rejecting them personally, he’s rejecting an entire group of people at once for a silly reason.

    “For now, I just follow my rule of ‘if you don’t know how to escalate, take it further, be cooler…leave…be scarce.’ So I do just that.”

    Keep to that rule. :) Give her the gift of missing you.

    “I actually hear HBLovely6 say ‘oh Scray is just too cool for us, other bitches to bang…he was laughing and talking with some other girls downstairs.’”

    lol One of the funny moments you’ll run into is the first time you bang a chick you landed with super solid game and high value and she REFUSES to believe that you’ve only slept with a couple girls in your life. I literally had girls get ANGRY at me because they convinced themselves I was fucking with them and lying about having only been with 3 girls at age 24…it was just their perception that because I seemed so high-value to them, obviously I must get a ton of girls. It’s really surreal lol

    Another way you can build your rep with guys and perception is to collect chicks’ phone numbers in front of them. To normal guys who watch a Ryan Gosling movie, getting a # means the hero and the girl will hook up and have sex…so to normal guys, a guy who gets a bunch of #s is a pimp who must be getting laid like crazy. They don’t comprehend what flaking is or how flash-game to get a # isn’t solid game etc. All they know is “Scray gets #s from so many chicks wow, what a pimp.”

    “I’m really digging her look and her vibe.”

    solid. This is what you’re in the game for. :) Having some competance when you run into a girl like this that flips all your switches.

    “Nosering8.5 has a shocked reaction to my opener, and I soften it up by saying I’m fucking with her.”

    I have to do this a lot because I open offensively lol This is a situation where you can drop a “Statement of Empathy” which is where you pace her reality (“I know, that was rude hey? lol you look terrified, I’m sorry, I just like to fuck with people.”) and lead it to where you want (“On the plus side, you’re cute when you look like you think I’m an asshole. ;) Are you a hairdresser? (insert routine)”)


    lol. Awesome. Well, at least you didn’t die. :)

    SOMETIMES you can turn these nose-dives around with a cute sincerity of “I’m sorry, I’m just saying stupid shit now. You’re just the hottest chick I’ve seen tonight and my brain stops working when we make eye-contact lol” and try to slide into something. If it’s congruent, sometimes it’ll make them go “awwe” and give you a chance, depending on her personality type.

    It’s a hail-mary pass though basically lol and a lot of girls will take it as a “well he’s not confident enough for me then”, but I mean, you aren’t sticking your dick in her anyway, so fuck it.

    Remember before when I talked about re-opening? If you saw this girl again next week, you could re-approach her with better game and act as if that interaction never happened. And if she remembers you just act as if you guys had a normal cool interaction that went well and brush it off and keep going and hold your frame…and you might be able to turn it around. Girls live in the moment, so if in the moment you’re giving her good emotions, that’s what she feels about you.


    ahhh what are friends for if not kicking you when you’re down, hey? lol

    Whole bunch of wicked awesome shit coming up here, love it:


    lol one risk with your opener is that if the chick has had a friend recently die, it can trigger some pretty hostile shit. That isn’t necessarily what’s happening here, but it’s something that you could run into at some point. If you do run into that (you’ll know when it happens, she’ll bitch you out HARD and tell you about her friend dying), pull back entirely and be like “oh wow, hey I’m sorry, I was just fucking around, I didn’t mean to trigger shitty memories for you, that was entirely my bad…I just say stupid shit like that and you’re right I shouldn’t be saying it to random people when I don’t know their history. I’m sorry about your friend, forget about my stupid shit k?” and if you can calm her down with that kind of stuff you can transition into a “Let’s start over, this time without me being an asshole okay? My name is Scray (hold out your hand for a hand-shake)”.

    This chick was just fucking with you though lol


    Beautiful. It doesn’t even need to make sense, what you’re doing is setting her up for an emotional rollercoaster which girls love. Often, the hotter they are the more they love it (thus Strippers and their love of drama/abuse).

    “Me: (the 4.5 is being fat talkin about how fucked up I am, blah blah blah…I focus on the other one) So who are you?”

    Good frame control here, not giving a fuck what the 4.5 is yapping about.

    “Me: SILENCE, I’m not going to be a party to your mental trickery.”

    lol as insane/assholish/illogical as you sound here, ignoring the words that are being said, what’s happening here? You are the center of the storm and causing them to react to you. This is you dominating the interaction and forcing them to be playing catch-up to you. VS “I like your nosering…??”

    “Petite6: Hey, look…..just don’t be fucked up.”

    IOI. She’s verrry subtly indicating that she wants you to NOT fuck the interaction with everyone up here, which is because she verrry secretly is curious about you and wants you to be around long enough for her to find out what your deal is.

    Sometimes a girl will tell you how to seduce her or what her logistical problem is that she needs you to solve. So you’ll get something like “I have to tell my friends I’m leaving, I can’t just leave!!” and you go “Nah, it’s fine.” and keep heading toward the door with her. If she goes with you, cool, but if she stresses “No I can’t I HAVE to tell them first…” you go “Okay, let’s go find them.” and you go do that. Like sometimes it’s not a shit-test, it’s her saying “I have this problem I need you to solve so we can be together”. Spotting this just comes with calibration.

    “Me: I don’t take orders from fun nazis.”

    So much lol at this. Again, notice that you’re holding your frame here. She’s trying to get you to comply and jump through a hoop and you’re just steamrolling all over her and her group’s frame with yours.

    Something you can do around the point where they’re “OMG”‘ing is to actually switch gears and drop into lower-key comfort/rapport/qualifying game. They’re reacting to you, so they’ll follow your frame and if your frame is now “it’s totally normal for us to now have a civil conversation about who they are” then that’s what they’ll be doing.

    “Petite6: (Turns to her friend) …copyingmesomuchohmygod!”

    IOI. She’s playing along with your game instead of just walking away. If you were a smelly homeless man would she have tried to trip you up and be playing your game with you like that? No, she’d just go “fuck off” and walk away. She’s in your frame here, because she’s reacting to your game.

    “Me: (pause, smirk) You look real stupid right now.”

    lol great. Cutting your own game off and then teasing her for reacting to your game. Solid stuff and again leading the interaction and forcing her to react to you.

    “Petite6: Don’t be so childish”

    Her shit-testing, hoop compliance testing, etc.

    “Me: MAKE ME”

    You amplifying her complaint (agree & amplify in action).

    “Petite6(turns away to laugh)”

    IOI. She’s attracted and from this point on anything she says, any shit she gives you, is her secretly flirting and testing to see if you’re congruent so she can fuck you.

    “4.5: Yeah this city is REALLY SHADY…JUST SAYING”

    Trying to mother hen, and also a little jealous that she’s not getting attention, and annoyed that somehow despite how illogical it is that her friend should be into you, she can tell she is. Girls can spot when their friends buying temperature spikes, that’s WHY they have a mother hen in the group and drag eachother to the bathroom to cool down and get their bitch-shields back up, etc. They can tell their friend is spiking and will lose control so they try to fuck it up.

    “Me: I’m a motherfucking umbrella.”

    This is you running agree & amplify again. Much better than defending yourself and qualifying yourself or backing down etc. You’re demonstrating yet again how unshakeable your frame is and how confident you are.

    “Petite6: You’re kind of shady.”

    IOI. If you were a stinky homeless man would she jump back into the conversation once she finally escaped it? Nope. And here she’s shit-testing you again because she knows 1) that you’ll pass it since you literally JUST passed this exact same shit-test, except you did it to her friend and not her so she wants in on some of that action, and 2) that her friend will keep ragging on you until she DOES fuck it up so she’s actually trying to buy you some more time…like walking you away from the dragon’s chomping mouth for a minute so it can cool down.

    “but it’s because she doesn’t know how to react to me…ah finally, this reaction.”

    Not the DDB look it doesn’t sound like, but she’s 100% in your frame at this point. Whoever’s reacting to the other person more is lower-value so to her at this point you have really high-value.

    “Let me guess, you guys are from the burbs and can’t handle yourselves on the street?”

    Solid, taking on the cockblock. This is that switching gears into comfort/rapport/qualifying stuff. It’s less hostile an energy level.

    “4.5: This place doesn’t have suburbs.”

    Still trying to fuck you up. You could have said “You have blonde hair.” and even if she had blonde hair she’d say “No I don’t.” just to try to fuck you up.


    lol Much better than getting into a logical debate about the amount of suburbs in the area which is what she wants you to do so you can be reacting to her. Instead, once again, you refuse to fall into her frames.

    “I actually start to walk away, right then and there.”

    lol a take-away/back-turn, even though you actually MEANT it. :)

    “They call me back”


    “we’re girls who can yell, blah blah blah. I walk back and point at Petite6″

    Ignoring their bullshit and instead of reacting to it, cutting them off and plowing through with your own frame/reality. This is all super alpha shit and all congruent to what you’ve demonstrated to them from the very start, that you have a strong frame and don’t react to others…even if you didn’t realize at the time you were doing it, this is really solid shit and it’s why you’re getting IOIs from Petite6.

    “Me: You know what you are? You’re a nonsense person. That’s the WORST kind of person. (smirk)”

    Love it. Cold-read (doesn’t even need to make sense). Again, you’re causing her to react to you. VS “ummm I like your nosering…??” lol

    “Petite6(looks deathly serious all of sudden, gets in my face, arms folded) Okay, you need to walk the fuck away. Just walk the fuck away, seriously.”

    Flirting shit-test.

    “Me: (oh shit, have I misread the vibe)”

    The way to tell whether you’ve misread or not is to look at the history…she’s given you like 5 really subtle little IOIs at this point, so if you’ve been paying attention to those, then when she does this shit-test you can instantly know to ignore it because logic dictates that she’s attracted so this is just her flirting…whereas if she did this when she had given you NO IOIs, it would mean she actually wants you to walk away.

    Basically it’s like you caught a glimpse of her cards in poker and she’s trying to bluff a hand but you know she has nothing so you don’t take her seriously…whereas if you hadn’t seen the cards or if you had seen them and knew she HAD the hand, you’d fold.

    “Petite6(Gets closer, looks pretty fucking pissed) Yeah. Step off little guy.”

    Flirting shit-test again. She’s probably done this to guys before and had them cower and run away (and then been disappointed that they were pussies lol). At this point the sexual tension on her end is actually through the roof lol

    “There comes a time in every man’s life, when he must choose between a life of shuffling off into the darkness like a good little boy or remaining and just weathering what storms may come”

    lol you are Braveheart! And it’s true. Look how this one pans out…like, look at the reference experience you got from this even if you didn’t bang her. How much is THAT reference experience worth, that sometimes even a super hardcore shit-test like this can ACTUALLY be flirting? And how much will this reference experience help you in the future with other girls? Like shit, you can’t even put a price on that experience you just gained by sticking it through.

    “Petite6: 5………..4………………………(pause)”

    IOI. The pause is the IOI here. Because she doesn’t actually WANT to get to 1 and have you leave.

    “Me: (leans in as if she forgot the next number, ) 3…”

    ooooo I got a boner from that one lol. This is flawless shit right here, you’re taking her frame and tooling her with it, and not backing down, etc. etc. etc. Just a shit-ton of alpha here, PLUS the leaning in which ups the sexual tension (remember that Gambler/Richard LaRuina video on sexual tension from stepping in closer while she talks?).

    “Petite6 (Her serious facade crumbles, and there it is — a smile, quick…did I just pass some form of weird shit test? If so…that’d be the first one ever, I think)..2….1…..”

    Congratulations, you just passed a shit-test that like 99% of guys would crumble to. And not only did you pass it, you fucked it in the face and made it your bitch.

    “Me: (blink…smirk)”

    Sexual tension all over the place. This is the point where, to her, the rest of the world has faded into darkness and it’s just the two of you on a stage with everything dark around you and just a spotlight on the two of you.

    “Petite6: You seriously just need to leave.”

    I would bet that the way she said this even SOUNDED full of shit, like a really gay “I totally don’t even mean this, I don’t even know what I’m saying right now” doggy dinner-bowl thing. Like in those 1950s movies where the girl puts up a fight and finally gives up to the guy she’s attracted to and is just kind of muttering as he moves in for a kiss.

    “Me: (coolest thing I’ve done so far right here…I put my hands on both of her cheeks…she puts her hands over my hands……..)”

    Sooooooo good. lol Just completely boss shit right here. And her putting her hands on yours is a massive IOI. She will be thinking about you when she’s getting off that night lol

    Also, you can makeout with her here. The rest of her group will shit a brick over it, but you can do it and she would love it lol

    “Petite6: What’s your name?”

    Epic IOI. Like, massively attracted here. Through the roof. You blew through everything she could throw at you like a fucking champ and she knows it…so now she’s in love.

    “Me: I need to leave, remember, who needs names for that.”

    lol awesome. Not conducive to getting the lay, but the logistics are so fucked in this situ that you probably couldn’t get the lay away (even if you tried to grab a # for later, her friends would cockblock before you got your phone to the Contacts screen), so making a badass moment like this is all good. If you ever see this chick again she will jizz herself and make sure that you know she’s there and that she wants you to re-open and bang her (after she roleplays back into this “you’re creepy and should go away” frame again to make sure you’re still fun and remember her lol).

    “Petite6: (Another fleeting smile)”

    Of course. :) You just gave her a moment that she’ll be thinking about for years. 5 min of alpha and all that.

    “And then…..some ANGRY fucking guy literally yanks her away from me. ‘Come the fuck on! we’re going, let’s get the fuck out of here, blah blah blah’”

    lol orbiter WK with a crush, or a friend of her boyfriend or some shit. Who knows, who cares, you had your fun and got a badass story and reference experience out of that. This is the same guy who got sneered at by a 6 on a dance floor a few months ago and shuffled off with his tail between his legs. :) Proud of your progress, dude!

    “and she’s like ‘I’ll see you later’ as she’s getting dragged away.”

    lol I’ve had girls shout their phone number as their friends drag them away as soon as they see me pull out my phone etc. This chick looooved you.

    “I’m not going to be a smartass to him or anything…learned my lesson the last time.”

    lol you wouldn’t have been able to turn those logistics around anyway so this was a good call. What’s she going to do, ninja-flip out of his hands AND ditch all the cockblocks in her group to go fuck you that night? Nahhh…end on a high note. Like I say, if you see her again (likely at that same bar on that same night of the week since people tend to be creatures of habit, tho don’t bank on it cause for all you know she only goes out once a year etc.), it’s on like donkey kong…BUT you’ll have to start over a bit and work your way up through some mild flirting shit-tests again, you generally don’t get to just resume where you left off.

    “I’m kind of left there in a daze for a moment.”

    Love those moments. :) Welcome to Game.

    “Nightly: That was………………awesome. One of the coolest things I’ve seen.”

    lol and it’s awesome that you had a witness to it all. You must’ve been strutting like a peacock after that whole thing went down lol

    “It actually went pretty well, just riffing with them and stuff.”

    lol I find after I have a really amazing set I’m just kind of in the afterglow/high of the interaction and my next sets will just be pretty chill and lazy on my part because I’m still like “ahhh man that was awesome…this is cool too, but it’s not as awesome as THAT shit was…” with a dopey grin on my face.

    “Both of them were married and had babies though. Not my thing……………….yet, I guess.”

    It’s getting harder to find hot chicks who DON’T have kids these days. :( Way to go, Feminism.

    “Consistently have good opens with girls in the 5-7 range these days. Hotter girls…well…still difficult.”

    It’ll come in time. Keep forcing yourself to go hurr durr about girls’ noserings. ;) Imagine if you handled that nosering chick the way you handled this last chick.

    “I think this month is going to be the month where I just start saying random shit to girls during the day. My confidence is getting to that level.”

    lol do it. You never know what’ll pan out. If they respond and you notice some IOIs, run with it. I used to do a lot of day-game and go for insta-dates and stuff…I mostly stick to night game now because I’m in work mode all day, but ya, if you pass by some chicks, throw something out there. Make an observation about something around you and build that skill of being able to make up situational openers, practice transitioning into your hairdresser thing or new routines, look for IOIs, etc. etc. Play with it and have fun. The world is your lab to do social experiments in. :)

    Good stuff dude, keep it up! Hope some of this helps and props for that awesome last interaction lol

  • YaReally
    on March 5, 2013 at 6:22 pm
    Original Link

    left a breakdown but it’s in moderation, check in a day or whatever!

How To Keep A Stripper Enamored Of You

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via Heartiste

on March 1, 2013 at 12:17 pm
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Never got the obsession red pill people have with strippers. Or is it a USA thing?

[CH: They're hot and DTF. What's to get?]

  • Korg
    on March 1, 2013 at 12:32 pm
    Original Link

    Lot of people who write about game obsess about strip clubs. Perhaps it is just that we don’t have them that much near where I live.

    [CH: Maybe, but no one obsesses about them here. Strippers act more like a stand-in for the sort of hot, good to go women who really respond to hardcore game.]

    • Korg
      on March 1, 2013 at 12:47 pm
      Original Link

      Wondering about it because the pickup artist tv show obsessed about it, as did other pickup communities.

      Strippers as a stand in for hot freaks is a reasonable abstraction.

      • YaReally
        on March 1, 2013 at 2:36 pm
        Original Link

        It’s because strippers have far and above THE tightest game of anyone guys or girls. They get men to fall in love with them nightly, blow thousands of dollars on them, build comfort/rapport to get guys to come back to them but keep just enough distance to avoid the guys feeling like they can actually get them, they’ll get guys to fly them around the world, pay their rent, buy them outfits and gifts etc.

        Their frame control is thru the roof because their job is to “be the prize” and they can whiff out beta flinches like drug-sniffing dogs (…which is an apt description for a lot of them lol). On top of that they’re half naked and usually gorgeous which that ALONE intimidated a lot of men. – they even have a forum that’s purely about sharing tips on how to milk $ out of guys.

        So gaming strippers is like a massive test of your game. Actually getting one means that unless you were fortunate to find a lower key one without much game or you went on off-nights and to less popular clubs etc, you likely had to overcome a shitload of tests of your skills that most guys could never get past. To have a stripper CHASING you is even more impressive because their entire existence is based around being chased, not chasing. It’s like knocking out Mike Tyson.

        Try hitting a popular strip club like Spearmint Rhino on a Fri/Sat night and gaming the chicks…their game is so on at a place like that on a night like that that you get bragging rights just for getting out on the customer/seller dynamic and that’s just the first step to even having a remote shot

        No it’s not the most efficient way to get laid. If you just want easy pussy you can game some average girls on ladies night at some generic meat-market bar. Gaming strippers is for the guys who want to challenge themselves.

        So there’s your answer. Lol

White Woman
on March 1, 2013 at 12:44 pm
Original Link

I am a traditional, conservative, Christian girl but I love guys that are mean to me. I don’t know how I ended up like this. I don’t have daddy issues really. I was raised by an urban liberal dad in SWPL land, not some king of abusive druggie father.

[CH: You've come to the right place. Doctor CH is IN.]

  • Canadian Friend
    on March 1, 2013 at 1:45 pm
    Original Link

    White Woman,

    you say you love guys who are mean to you,

    I am genuinely interested in knowing more,

    Please define “mean” to you?

    but more importantly can you tell me why you love it when they are mean to you?

    • White Woman
      on March 1, 2013 at 1:59 pm
      Original Link

      I’m the classic cliche case of a dumb woman falling in love with a bad guy and hoping to ‘change’ him. My husband is mean in that he cheats on me, doesn’t take me seriously in anything… when I try to start serious discussions he tells me that I don’t understand life and I shouldn’t intrude on things… he doesn’t give me any spending money at all… he can be loving and affectionate towards me sometimes but he is mostly distant and busy and has too much to do to pay any attention to me at all. I’m not sure why I love him being like this, but I think it is because I spend a lot of time analyzing the things he does or says, wondering what he meant by a certain tone of voice or whatever, and women love to analyze those things… I guess that builds attraction for me. I am still in my early 20s (I got married right after high school) and I DID have other guys that liked me that were nice and treated me REALLY well that I could have went further with relationship wise but I chose not to do that. So at this point I have just accepted that I must just be a crazy girl! And I still DON’T regret the choice that I made.

      • PetiteOlive
        on March 1, 2013 at 4:17 pm
        Original Link

        I am little crazy too WW. Although a different kind of crazy. Like, cutting all the wires of my ex-es tv/gaming system, tv wires, play station wires, cd player wires, because I “stumbled” upon a FLIRTY text exchange between him and anything girl crazy….we stayed together for a and half after that incident.

        I like bad boys but my mental issues would not let me date the type of bad boy that would cheat even if I wanted to. One of us will most likely end up seriously injured. I also was unofficially diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (by my other ex) when I was younger. At any given moment, I can be totally obsessed with someone in a loving way (do anything for them etc) and in a split second abhor complete disdain based on a perceived (existent or non-existent) threat from that person….which made me extremely unpredictable…. I am not sure why some guys bordeline (lol) obsess over crazy chicks…and I am not just talking “pump and dump” here….it would seem counterintuitive to the whole most guys want good girls mantra.

        • YaReally
          on March 2, 2013 at 12:47 pm
          Original Link

          “I am not sure why some guys bordeline (lol) obsess over crazy chicks…”

          ——- vs /\/\/\/

          Same as when the genders are reversed. Everyone wants to go on an emotional rollercoaster now and then. Some more than others. Movies, books, etc have made billions off this concept.

on March 1, 2013 at 12:45 pm
Original Link

I do know of a guy who had success with strippers mixing in more beta than what Heartiste recommends above, however…

1) He was extremely good looking and muscular, and a stripper himself.
2) Whenever he got called out on his beta act, he followed the agree and amplify technique usually with the line, “Hey, strippers need love too.” Usually with a butt slap.

  • YaReally
    on March 2, 2013 at 12:52 pm
    Original Link

    Congruency is more important than the action plan. I know guys who break a lot of asshole rules and get laid, but they CAN because they’re congruent to it.

    Note that a generic Nice Guy who’s only “acting” nice because of social conditioning is not the same as a genuine nice guy who’s congruent. Every guy should dabble in being nice and an asshole and settle wherever on that scale speaks to him. The prob with Blue Pill’ers is they refuse to swing the pendulum to the other side to really learn who they are under their social conditioning.

on March 1, 2013 at 12:52 pm
Original Link

I’ve never been to a strip club (other than when it was for a private swinger party) but I’ve known a few strippers. They were all cokeheads with boyfriends that beat them and had a bad habit of lying and stealing and bad credit despite making a lot of money. That and out in the open were “okay” looking but not exceptionally beautiful. Several had kids (that were in and out of foster care) and stretch marks.

It has always puzzled me that men are so impressed by the average stripper. I think the combination of dark lighting, lots of booze and elaborate costumes/high heels and sexy music/dance moves must do wonders!!

I looked at the pictures of women online that are stripping at a local club and was like WOW, I am probably ten times more attractive than these women and I’m 36 years old and have kids!! That’s pretty sad, but maybe its just where I live. You’d think a strip club could do better with plenty of starving college students running around.

Anyway, strippers are selling a fantasy and out for your pocketbook. They are trained to lie and manipulate men. Attempting to have a relationship outside of sexual with one is probably foolish in most cases. The men they do hook up with in real life DO tend to be assholes. I’ve seen it firsthand, repeatedly.

There are probably exceptions to the rule, but part of the strippers game is to make you believe she is that exception so it’s not something you want to buy into right away for sure. I’m fascinated at how easily men are duped by this type of female game too. It’s like they get all excited about bagging a stripper, like it’s some sort of trophy but in reality they are simply falling for tactics that pretty much every other guy is prey to as well. The only difference between strippers and your average woman on the street is highly honed manipulation skills.

  • YaReally
    on March 2, 2013 at 1:20 pm
    Original Link

    “I am probably ten times more attractive than these women and I’m 36 years old and have kids!!”

    While what you have is important, what you do with it is more important. A guy who gets laid a lot won’t commit to a 5 long-term, but he might keep her as a fuckbuddy on the side (without his buddies seeing her lol) if she’s super sexual and crazy-good in bed.

    So the guys getting lapdances are thinking “I want to fuck her” not “I want to raise a family with her”, end result is the chicks can be average or sometimes even ugly (hit a strip club in a small town on amateur night lol) but they’re exuding the sexuality and running the game that draws the guy in for a dance. A lot of men going there are paying for the attention and feeling of being wanted in a sexual way.

    You can be objectively hotter looking, but if you have a shitty/non-existent vibe and don’t move confidently and can’t get a guy’s emotions going and don’t know how to make him feel wanted/needed/lusted after, an uglier stripper who can do all that will make shitloads more $$$ than you.

    Push-pull, emotional roller-coasters, cat-string theory, sexual confidence, etc all work on men too. PUAs learned a lot of that FROM women/strippers.

on March 1, 2013 at 1:03 pm
Original Link

Strip Clubs are living proof that the male sex drive is head and shoulders above the female one.

That Magic Mike b.s. aside, who goes to male strip clubs? FAGS!!!!

And since fags less than 5% of the population—-which kind of strip clubs make up 95% of all of them?

Ones for straight males—i.e. female performers!

Every time a feminist says something stupid abut the female sex drive being equal to the man’ or ladies being just as sexual as men, I want to bash that feminazi’s head into the Spearmint Rhino’s glowing neon sign.


  • lifeofalovergirl
    on March 1, 2013 at 1:09 pm
    Original Link

    Women have just as high, if not higher sex drives as men, or at least they can. Just like men there are women with low sex drives too. Strip clubs aren’t as appealing to women because we aren’t as visually stimulated. We are more turned on by our imaginations.

    Watching a guy wave his junk around isn’t that exciting unless he’s mentally turned us on in other ways. The idea of men stripping isn’t a huge turn on for me at all but I have a very high sex drive and probably higher than a lot of men. It isn’t the sex drive that is different so much as what jumpstarts it.

    I’ve known a guy that was a male stripper. He was hot and used to like to drop his pants at parties and show people his cock, lol. But that wasn’t a particular turn on. What turned me on about him was a girlfriend of mine who was dating him telling me how great he was in bed. LOL Still, when he tried to bust in the door when I was having sex with his roommate and ask to join in he got a pillow thrown at his head. I didn’t sleep with him.

    It’s just different. Women are slower to warm up but once we get our engines going we are hard to shut off. Men are quick starters but die out faster.

    • YaReally
      on March 2, 2013 at 1:03 pm
      Original Link

      This. All of it.

      Women are horny as fuck, they just have to hide it because of social conditioning and judgement. That’s why when you demonstrate that you won’t judge them for it, the floodgates open.

      Girls generally just laugh at males strippers (not in a mean way but an “omg lol girls night out woo” way), not get legit turned on.

      That’s why I can be shorter, chubbier, hairier, etc than a lot of guys, but still take girls off them. Those guys often rely on their looks, and as long as there’s no legit competition the chick will go for them, but engaging a chick emotionally is much more of a turn-on.

      It’s also why I don’t send dick pics or shirtless pics or anything to girls despite getting that hoop thrown at me often. I know every other guy is doing that as soon as she tells them to, and I know a hot description of a sexy fuck that plays off all her kinks I’ve picked up on is going to get her wetter than a generic pic of my shlong.

on March 2, 2013 at 1:07 pm
Original Link

This layout is fucking rough to read on an iPhone. 2 replies deep the formatting

e t

Any tweaks you can make to not shrink the text area so hardcore, CH?

on March 2, 2013 at 1:43 pm
Original Link

Obligatory Great Happiness Space link:

I think a couple important points to take from it are 1) they have different “types” of guys, ie – the guys are congruent to their personalities instead of all trying to be like someone else, and 2) they sell an emotional rollercoaster in the long-run…they make the girl feel good, physically wrestle with her, scold her when she’s bad, be the authority figure, reward her, push/pull etc all without actually giving up “the good” (ie – fucking them) and the guy being interviewed knows that once you give it up the chase is over to the girl and he can keep her addicted longer and giving him more money if he keeps her just slightly at arm’s length from landing him.