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Women Are More Emotional Than Men Because Of Biology

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on February 28, 2013 at 1:52 pm
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Not exactly on topic, but are there any good articles for workplace game?

  • YaReally
    on February 28, 2013 at 4:36 pm
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    Don’t shit where you eat, especially if you’re still learning. Unless you don’t plan to be at your job for much longer.

Chick Crack

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on February 27, 2013 at 3:19 pm
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Is it possible to be like tony stark in iron man and still be aloof and alpha , I mean he talks fast witty and sarcastic with loads of alpha attitude but , isnt it a beta trait to be talking fast and too much

  • YaReally
    on February 27, 2013 at 11:31 pm
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    Watch some Russell Brand interviews. The guy has banged a ton of chicks.

    The key is self-amusement and congruence. Russell and Robert Downey (even the actor himself not just his character) are fast-talking because its amusing to them. They know half the shit they say will go over the stunned deer-in-the-headlights heads of most people in the moment, they’re doing it because they’re entertaining themselves. The end result is a self-amusing outcome independence and attraction from girls.

    I’m a fast-talker myself so I run similar game to them lol

    • Anonymous
      on February 27, 2013 at 11:59 pm
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      Brand has some serious swagger. He will blow right past the extreme of convention like it wasn’t even there. He’s done some stuff on the radio in the UK that was so Dark Triad he basically had the government gunning for him at one point (fvck with the wrong people….). P.S. That routine was hilarious (naturally).

      His success with women is understandable.

      Interesting that both of your candidates have been on heroin at one point or other on their lives. Perhaps there is correlation to Dark Triad there.

      • YaReally
        on February 28, 2013 at 1:53 am
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        I think it’s one of those things where you have a smart kid in class who acts out because he isn’t challenged enough and he just seems like a delinquent until you realize “oh, he has all this energy and just needs the proper outlet to focus it.” Give that kid a project worth his focus and next thing you know you find out he’s a Type A who loves working 100+ hours a week.

        So a lot of mainstream-raised guys with their personalities end up doing heroin and going to jail and shit because they’re bored with life and don’t have a safe/productive outlet for their energy.

        I took to pickup extremely fast and threw myself in head first because its given me an outlet to focus my mind into. I thrive off understanding social dynamics and all that shit, that’s why I post such long explanations of things here. If I wasn’t posting here and didn’t find pickup and didn’t find an outlet to express myself in, who knows, maybe I’d be wasting my nights frustrated and dissatisfied with life playing xbox and shooting up heroin lol

        For the record I don’t do any drugs, only drink and I only drink on weekends and not very much aside from the occasional binge when i’m celebrating shit.

        It’s also important to note that congruency is the most vital part of it. Russell trying to be James Bond would be incongruent and work against him in getting attraction. Same time Cling Eastwood forcing himself to act like Russell Brand would be incongruent and work against him. Neither method is “better”…figure out what your personality is and work with that.

        The catch, of course, is that 99% of nerdy guys self-identify as introverts and make a whiny victim mentality out of it. “Ohh I can’t learn pickup because I’m an introvert, you don’t understand it’s scary to me to approach I just can’t do it…well back to world of Warcraft!”

        That’s bullshit. Go out and for 6 months make a serious effort to be more talkative and social and accept invitations from people and try throwing a party and approach a couple hundred chicks and party with friends in clubs etc.

        If you do all that and THEN decide “I don’t enjoy this at all and want to go back to Warcraft and not talk to anyone”, then you’re an introvert.

        You have to push yourself to the extremes on both sides to learn who you are. If you aren’t willing to do that and you’re just hiding inside your victim mentality bubble giving yourself an easy excuse not to break outside your comfort zone, then you’re full of shit and will never really know yourself or live up to your potential as a man in life. But your lvl99 Paladin will look super cool with its new armor set. Lol

on February 27, 2013 at 4:05 pm
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Does the golden rule of “Don’t get married” ever not apply?

  • YaReally
    on February 27, 2013 at 11:34 pm
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    If she’s rich as fuck. Lol

on February 27, 2013 at 7:47 pm
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the role playing is the most difficult for me to learn.
you come up with the most idiotic nonsense you can imagine, something straight out of a kiosk, and chicks eat it up with delight, meanwhile i’d rather be watching paint dry. i wish i had the patience for it.

storytelling is the easiest cause then i atleast get to talk about interesting aspects of my own life, and if i dont have an interesting story i can make one up. actually living a life that is atleast somewhat interesting helps.

  • YaReally
    on February 27, 2013 at 11:46 pm
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on February 27, 2013 at 10:41 pm
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Or anothr trick: Keep every room in your place equipeed in some way withy the most un-PC firearms the human mind can conceive of without:::becoming evil…..
Like a Russian heavy MG. Or a Nazi MG 42. Or a Australian Owen SMG – the worse and the best of them all.

  • Anonymous
    on February 28, 2013 at 12:16 am
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    You obviously live in a Free State, have no issue with giving up your 4th Amendment Rights (if you are buying Class III weapons, you give up your Right against unreasonable search and seizure to the BATFE), and are not afraid of NDs or others gaining control of your weapons. Best of luck.

    P.S. Chicks can’t tell the difference between your boomsticks and mine. They are terrified and drawn to mine just the same as yours. Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.

    • Anonymous
      on February 28, 2013 at 1:11 am
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      I guess I should probably also add that if this is your means of making females attracted to you… we are not the same.

      I tend to avoid conversations about this topic, and prevent your average person from knowing this stuff about me. It is not good security practice to have strangers think of you as anything other than a regular sheep. Ignance is bliss… for me.

      Otherwise you find yourself the focus of their game. Which is not a good thing.

      “One of these things is not like the others,
      Now it’s time to play our game….”

      • YaReally
        on February 28, 2013 at 1:38 am
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        God you guys are cool in your mind. Lol

on February 28, 2013 at 1:36 am
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Tyler finally talks about monogamy/marriage/LTRs/etc:

This is a long one but full of VERY valuable shit. Manosphere people should find it interesting since a lot of you guys are older and still holding out for the perfect virgin girl marriage ideal.

The first half is basically about not agreeing to a contract you’re not able to uphold (vs breaking a contract) and the second half is about the mindset and logistics of how to run a Playboy mansion style setup (multiple fuckbuddies and relationships and 3-somes etc). The stuff he describes in the second half is actually very similar to how I run my shit, but I haven’t tried just inviting multiple girls over at the same time. Definitely on my to-do list to try down the road as I’m venturing more into social circle game these days which is the perfect setup for it (vs my current method where I’ve compartmentalized my girls separately).

You Can’t Handle Me

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on February 28th, 2013 at 4:28 am
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“sometimes her worst isn’t worth her best.”

I agree with this. But I also think chicks are pretty awesome in general. I think a lot of the butthurtness comes from guys who are still putting girls up on a pedestal and it devestates them when girls don’t live up to that perfect goddess image. Then they listen to tales of magical vaginas in EE or Thailand (meanwhile the guys there are only ever pulling 6-7s at best, who speak broken English and shit) and they just grow more bitterness and resentment for women.

Love them for who they are, not who you wish they were.

“She may look fit, sexy and sophisticated, but after she’s naked with mascara running down her face and she’s trying to stuff her thighs into a pair of too-small jeans at 2:00 a.m., you realize she’s just another person trying to get by.” – Paul Janka

“The actions of the PUA community, repeated on a large enough scale, will do exactly that.”

This. My standards for a fuck aren’t real high. Be hot, fun, generally cool, good in bed, and no drama, and I’m in. But my standards for commitment are off the charts high because I’ve met so many girls that I know what I do/don’t want in a long-term partner.

And that’s great, it makes a chubby girl choking on a cigarette at the bar with a pitcher of beer in her hand cussing like a sailor in her flip-flops go “huh…that awesome guy doesn’t want me. Maybe I should change my shit up and start taking care of myself and become a higher quality person…”

…until 5 min later when a desperate decent-looking beta comes in and tells her she’s beautiful and ends up dating her and getting into a committed relationship.

If more guys had the ruthless standards for an LTR that PUA helps them develop, women would figure out “oh okay so to get actual commitment I need to get my act together.” Doesn’t work when only like 5% of the men are on board with it lol

And of course this’ll never happen because society is still anti-pickup and there are a million White Knights being brainwashed by Disney daily. That’s why we don’t bother worrying about it…we just provide the “how”.

You Can’t Handle Me

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on February 28th, 2013 at 4:18 pm
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“But having the high standards for commitment is not an endemic feature of being a PUA, it’s a feature of being a f-ing red-pill man”

High standards don’t mean shit if you’re not going out. Manosphere seems pretty content to sit on its crotchety old man ass and wax theory rather than hit the field and approach some hotties to find these perfect girls. She’s probably not going to be Janine from your office.

The nerds playing World of Warcraft have high standards too. Elbows too pointy, 2/10 and all that. Doesn’t mean shit unless you’re actually sorting through pussy.

The Crying Game

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on February 27th, 2013 at 12:31 am
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At 5:55 crying while being disciplined is covered:

Highly recommend watching the whole video and its other two parts:

As well as reading their free eBook:

They have a very interesting perspective on being a man that fits a lot more with the Manosphere than a lot of PUA stuff does (it’s more about how to handle your own shit as a man in general in life and why you should, vs how to seduce women). I like their descriptions of “order vs chaos” and they talk about having/executing authority/discipline etc.

Anyway I just wanted to link the video above because in the scenario where you’re punishing a girl for shit behavior, she’ll often instinctively resort to crying to get you to back off and basically shit-test how easily you can be swayed from your beliefs. And most guys will back off or coddle her or try to make her stop crying which simply encourages her to use this to get her way in the future and it tells her that the tears of a silly girl can sway her man from his course in life and make him go back on his beliefs/values/etc.

This subtly tells her sub-conscious that he’s a man that the world can push around and suddenly her Hypergamy notices that that alpha YaReally she meets on her next Girl’s Night Out who properly disciplines her when she acts like a brat and isn’t swayed by her tears is oddly attractive to her… :)

on February 27th, 2013 at 10:21 am
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“It would be digression to discuss the many gradated solutions to solving the crying. I’m just questioning the logic in: being a man = laughing at Capn Savaho with your hands in your pocket.”

Because generally she’s crying about stupid shit. Do you stop the world when a 5 year old cries that he doesn’t want to go to bed or that you won’t let him eat cookies for supper?

No one is saying that when a chick is crying that her family was just killed in a car accident you go “haha shut the fuck up bitch, bend over and spread it!” lol

But like 99% of the shit women get upset over is retarded (“Jenny at work is such a bitch!”, “I can’t afford that thing I want!”, “I hate my job but don’t want to put in the effort to find a new one!”, “I feel so fat :( meanwhile I’m not going to get on the treadmill and get in shape to fix it I’m just going to complain and feel bad”).

In caveman terms, a guy who gets swept up in all her retarded drama is too busy dealing with stupid shit to protect the rest of the tribe. :P

Two Words Women Need To Hear

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on February 26, 2013 at 2:03 pm
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“You done” is amusing. “Its complicated” has lost its cachet. To me it says, “guy who doesn’t have his act together.”

  • PetiteOlive
    on February 26, 2013 at 2:20 pm
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    I wonder how guys feel when a girl they want to pursue more say “its complicated”. I used it to let a guy I went on three dates with down easy. He became even more persistent and would not stop texting/calling me for a month…..until he eventually got the msg.

    [CH: Here's the difference. "It's complicated" will work on hot babes when used by men. But it will only work on betas when used by women.]

    • Lily
      on February 26, 2013 at 5:13 pm
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      It really doesn’t work on men who respect themselves. When you tell a man it’s complicated, it’s loaded with the background of ‘I have lots of baggage’. Who wants a woman with baggage? The more baggage she has, the more it implies a slut. Therefore, a more masculine guy runs the other way. A fool continues calling after a woman tells him in effect she is messed up.

      • YaReally
        on February 27, 2013 at 6:32 am
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        lol dead on. Not bad for a chick.

        A girl who does this to me instantly goes into fuckbuddy territory at best. I’ll still fuck her, but she has no shot at an LTR with me, even an Open one. And as a fuckbuddy-at-best, if she makes it any kind of difficult to fuck, she’s Soft Next’ed until she gets with the program. If she chooses not to, then best of luck to her I sincerely hope she finds a nice beta chump to dump all her baggage on and they live happily ever after.

        • YaReally
          on February 27, 2013 at 6:41 am
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          To clarify, a large part of why my rule is so cut and dry with this is that even if it IS complicated or she’s into someone else or she’s got a BF or fiancé or husband, if I’m doing my job right then she will pretend those things don’t even exist, not put me on a mental scale weighing me against them.

          So her saying “it’s complicated” is an indicator of:

          1) she’s not attracted to me enough yet, which usually means my value isn’t high enough in her eyes, which means I have more work to do game-wise


          2) her life is SO full of drama and baggage that she can’t ignore it to fuck me (ie – she has an angry scary jealous prison boyfriend who’s in jail for stabbing the last guy she cheated with VS she has a crush on some dude in her social circle which is insignificant and wouldn’t be brought up by her), which ultimately means its going to be bullshit I end up caught in the middle of, down the road.

          This is also part of how I avoid getting my ass kicked if I bang girls who have BFs/fiances/hubby’s. I make an effort to avoid getting involved with the ones that are likely to cause me trouble by looking for red flags like this.

          • YaReally
            on February 27, 2013 at 10:25 pm
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            It’s understandable. Most guys have shitty game but that doesn’t make them shitty people, you could still 100% WANT to be attracted to them because they’re good looking well-off generally nice dudes that you’re like “oh I HOPE this works out!”, they simply aren’t triggering that crazy chemistry tingle that ideally you’d like…the one that makes you jump in with two feet and brush away any other little crushes you have (or in some girl’s cases brushing away the little detail that they’re married) and going “YES! Lets do this thing!!” and get swept off into the night with him.

            Instead you end up at dinner looking at a guy and frustratedly thinking “be more exciting to my vagina agggghhh”. This is the point where a chick starts looking at “well what kind of watch does he have? What kind of shoes does he have? Is he at least good-looking? Does he at least have solid plans for the future? Is he close with his family?”, looking for logical reasons to be attracted to him, trying to jumpstart attraction, because he isn’t jumpstarting it himself.

            The end result is often that you can’t jumpstart attraction because that’s not how it works (it’s like a Beta listing logical reasons why you should like him) and when he asks about your status you say “it’s complicated”. At the end you leave the date/interaction disappointed and frustrated that he wasn’t more interesting and another guy goes off into the night thinking “she looked at my watch, maybe I need a more expensive watch!”

            When I’m interacting with a girl she has no idea what shows I’m wearing or if I’m even wearing a watch or what my education is or half the time even what my name is and she “forgets” about how “complicated” her other shit is because I’m taking her on such an exciting emotional ride that she doesn’t have that lull in attraction where she has to look at all that stuff and make a logical decision. I’m shooting straight for the gina tingles so she’ll excuse all those other things.

            I’ve been with a handful of girls who actually hate me lol like they’ve admitted flat out that I’m not their type at all and it frustrates them that they keep wanting to fuck me because they logically know they shouldn’t. They don’t fully grasp that the reason I’m addicting is that I’m interacting with them on a different channel than they’re used to, and via game I’m interacting in a super-charged way on that channel.

            Anyway this is why every guy should learn a little game. Just some basics, they don’t have to get all hardcore with it. I’d bet there are a handful of guys in your dating life that you would’ve been 100% satisfied with and WANTED to like, but who only fell short of a long happy life with you because society convinced them to be willfully ignorant of how to spark some tingles in you. That’s sad and tragic to me in the longrun…even if it means more pussy available for me, I’m all about people finding eachother and getting what they want in life.

        • Kate
          on February 27, 2013 at 9:53 am
          Original Link

          Hmm. Something just clicked for me here. I’ve always taken issue with the acronym LTR because length seems to be relative. But, what I’m getting is that its not necessarily the amount of time as the attitude with which one approaches the person and how they are treated. Interessant.

          • YaReally
            on February 27, 2013 at 10:37 am
            Original Link

            Welcome to how a PUA arranges his Open LTRs and/or Multiple LTRs.

            My Primary GF (oLTR) is my Primary. It doesn’t mean I see her more than I see other girls, it doesn’t mean I only fuck her and not other girls, it doesn’t mean I don’t care about any other girls except her or that I don’t cuddle for a bit with my FBs after we bang and take a slight interest in their lives in general.

            It means that she takes priority over all of those girls and she gets privileges that they don’t. They’re at arm-length, she’s in close. My fuckbuddies either know I’m not available in general, or they flat out know about her and know she’s higher priority to me than them.

            The funny part is that a lot of the time that’s actually attractive to girls, that there’s a girl in my life that I prioritize over other women including them. It’s romantic to them, even if they know they don’t get to BE that girl. They’ll recommend wines to try with her that they think she’d like and restaraunts to take her to and shit lol

            It’s all about the attitude/intent, not the amount of time spent or the activities we do (although there are activities my Primary gets to do with me that FBs etc. don’t).

    • lifeofalovergirl
      on February 27, 2013 at 11:21 am
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      Men are hard to get rid of sometimes, even when you are blunt and to the point with them. I wrote a couple of blog posts about that recently. and

      • YaReally
        on February 27, 2013 at 10:48 pm
        Original Link

        Usually this comes from the Scarcity Mentality mindset. They don’t think they can GET other women or that they can have that same connection with them, so they try to force it to work. Add to that a culture where movies books etc tell men “be persistant, stand outside her window with a boom box and eventually you’ll win her over!” and the end result is a bunch of drama and frustration.

        A lot of anti-game types bring up rape with regard to PUAs and they paint us like evil bastards who browbeat a woman into having sex and then leave her used and abused as we dash off into the night stealing her innocence.

        The reality is I don’t have to rape a chick because I can get a dozen other ones. I don’t care if a chick doesn’t put out. That’s fine, I have 4 other girls I can txt to come over for a booty call after that chick leaves. Or I can turn around and talk to the girls beside us and take one of them home. Who the fuck cares if she doesn’t want to put out? lol

        All we do is use some psychology knowledge to push a little bit past the “we shouldn’t do this…” token resistance (can’t even count the number of times a girl has said “we are NOT having sex tonight” while she’s straddling me and taking off her shirt lol). If we hit a hard “NO.”, that’s cool. We back off entirely and it’s no big deal. Often this attitude makes them end up re-initiating but even if they don’t, hey it’s all good, we can get sex from other girls, that’s the Abundance Mentality mindset.

on February 26, 2013 at 2:54 pm
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A beta here, struggling to turn into an alpha.

Here’s what I’m beginning to understand: basically, you don’t base your actions off of a female’s reactions. You do what you want.

Am I on the right track?

Here’s another concern I have. I just recently started implementing this stuff. I used to be really excitable and chatty and would talk about anything. But ever since I’ve started to improve my body language and talk slower, etc., I find that I’m not saying that much. Hence, there are instances where a couple of the chattier guys, even if they don’t have game, will talk a target’s ear off about anything.

Am I doing this wrong? Or is this a natural consequence of doing things right?

Please lay into me if you need to.

  • Simon Corso
    on February 26, 2013 at 4:43 pm
    Original Link

    “Am I on the right track?”

    Yes .

    To your second concern, read up on AMOGing. The true hotties will always attract a lot of attention so you need to know how to blow out the chattering competition and make it seem effortless.

    Sometimes it’s as simple as grabbing her hand and leading her away from the crowd as if you own her. But most times it will require, at least, verbal confrontation.

    • Harrison
      on February 26, 2013 at 6:13 pm
      Original Link

      But don’t you just become one of “them” when you try to talk her ear off like the others? What I’m trying to reconcile is that they’re getting the attention from her by chatting constantly, but there must be something I can do/say rather than just sit back. Or maybe I should just sit back and not care and then when they’re all done, do something.

      • taterearl
        on February 26, 2013 at 7:24 pm
        Original Link

        Depends on what they are talking about. In many cases men don’t know how to communicate to women to trigger attraction…and most cases subdue attraction.

        Talking is chick crack…but that doesn’t mean she’s attracted to him. He could be her emotional tampon. Hell you could do more to her by giving her a look while chatty cathy prattles on.

        • Harrison
          on February 26, 2013 at 7:26 pm
          Original Link

          Well, most of the time, I find it’s stuff like the news or random stuff online. I get bored of that stuff, so I can’t be bothered expending much energy to contribute.

          So if talking is chick crack, am I doing it wrong by not talking so much? Because I used to be “that” guy, who talked about all this random crap nonstop. Of course, that meant hot chicks loved to talk to me, but no more than that.

          • YaReally
            on February 27, 2013 at 7:45 am
            Original Link

            Try Cold-reads, roleplaying, misinterpreting what she says in a sexual way, and qualifying her (these things all take her on an emotional journey).

            Listen to this Mp3 from 44:20 and on where he describes examples of story-telling, cold-reading, roleplaying and misinterpreting:


            Go to Page 48 of this PDF and read the section on Chick Crack:


            The key thing is to push her through emotions. You can talk about World of Warcraft if that’s interesting to you, as long as you can make it emotionally engaging to her.

            Got a MUCH bigger reply in moderation with some step-by-steps for ya, check back for it later.

  • YaReally
    on February 27, 2013 at 7:31 am
    Original Link

    “Here’s what I’m beginning to understand: basically, you don’t base your actions off of a female’s reactions. You do what you want.”

    Yup. In every interaction, one person is reacting more to the other person. It might be 49.9% to 50.1% (two alpha bros shooting the shit with eachother), it might be 0% to 100% (nerd girl chasing football jock or Beta guy chasing cheerleader). The person who’s reacting more has, in that moment, lower value than the other person.

    So when you let her lead the interaction and you’re basing and changing your actions, beliefs, values, etc. off what she throws at you, you’re reacting to her, and she can sub-consciously tell you’re lower value than her.

    There’s room to tweak this, which is calibration. Like there are times you need to make extremely hard strides toward higher-value (negging a 10, etc.), and there are times to pull back and let your value sink a bit (self-conscious girl who thinks you’re TOO high-value to really be into her)…but this is the general rule and you learn that calibration through experience.

    “Hence, there are instances where a couple of the chattier guys, even if they don’t have game, will talk a target’s ear off about anything.”

    I use a combo of PUA tech. Let’s call this routine the “YaReally Interrupt” because as I write it I realize I really do do these exact steps consistently lol:

    1) Say something directly to her with loud/assertive/breaking-rapport tonality.

    2) Make that something offensive/accusatory so she HAS to react to me.

    3) Stare her down with laser-fucking-eyes while she reacts so that the rest of the world fades into darkness around us.

    4) Keep staring her down, don’t look anywhere but right into her eyes and cold-read her with a slight grin based on her reaction, but do it in a lower calmer voice like I’m bemused and just thinking out-loud.

    5) Keep that eye-contact locked solid so when she can’t hear what I’m saying, just reach my hand out to her and when she takes it, pull her into me, eyes still locked, to THEN start running my normal game on her.

    This works when the other guys are just talking about mundane shit and not actually attracting her, EVEN if they’re objectively better looking than you and she was attracted to him physically and EVEN if she’s actually INTO the conversation (just that while she’s into it, it’s not a conversation that involves emotional man-to-woman communication).

    If the other guy has game and he’s actually spiking her temperature, she’ll stick with him…but if the other guys are just “chattier” than me, what happens is she realizes that even though I’m not saying much, what I’m saying carries more emotional impact and puts her on more of an emotional rollercoaster than what the other guys are talking about, which is what she wants, so she chases that and that’s why she keeps her eyes on me and comes to me when I reach my hand out.

    I’m basically interrupting and then inviting her on a more fun adventure. Like a big-tittied sexy genie girl busting through the window on a magic carpet. Even if you were having an intellectually interesting conversation, are you gonna’ stand there talking about the weather or school with some ugly 4 you just met, or are you gonna’ go “holy shit yes I’ll come for a ride on your magic carpet, sexy genie!” and fly off into the night together? lol

    The funniest part when you do this is that the other guys don’t understand all the little dynamics going on, because they legit thought they had it made with the girl since to a normal guy “being in a conversation with a girl” = “totally gonna get laid bro!!!!”. So they’ll KEEP trying to talk to her and KEEP trying to get her attention back, while your eyes are locked on eachother and it’s like literally, even if they’re objectively LOUDER than you in volume, she can’t hear them. They’re tuned out like white-noise and even when you talk quietly, she can hear you because she’s so focused on your interaction.

    On top of this, their reacting to me and chasing her like that turns them into that 0% vs 100% up above so their value drops and mine is raised. And she’s reacting to me, so I have higher value. I’m reacting to nobody and making everyone else react to me, so I have the highest value of us all to her which again solidifies while she’ll tune them out (low value guys are invisible to girls) and willingly take my hand at the end.

    It’s really fascinating the first few times you do it because it feels like a super-power lol It’s exactly like on a stage when all the lights go down except for a spotlight on just the two of you and all the extras on the stage fade away…except you’re creating this effect in the middle of a noisy bar.

    So for me a common example of this is:

    - Girl approaches one of my better-looking buddies, who doesn’t have game.

    - He and her are making small-talk that has no emotional content. If they simply hang out the rest of the night and the planets align and no one interferes and logistics all work out magically perfect, she might fuck him.

    - Till she hears “HEY. Why are you molesting my friend.” in a loud authoritative tone and has to turn and look at me and answer “I-I wasn’t I was just–”

    - Still staring at her, but in a lower teasing voice with a slight half-grin “You’re trouble, aren’t you…”

    - She goes “?? Whaaa…?” because she thought she was in trouble and now I’m grinning so she must not be in trouble but she thought– and now– and– and–…there’s that indication that I’ll be an emotional rollercoaster to interact with.

    - Eyes still locked while my buddy tries saying some “witty” little chatty things trying to get her attention back, I say in a low volume “Come here.” and hold my hand out.

    - She takes it and I pull her into me and put her arms on my shoulders and put mine around her hips and keep our eye-contact locked but lower my voice completely into a slow sexy bedroom voice that she can hear because we’re now face to face just a few inches from eachother, and I say “Ya…I know you’re trouble. You can’t fool me…what’s your name.”

    And just run normal game from there.

    I won’t do this to good buddies, but because I meet a lot of people and because I’m not as “manly” as a lot of them (MMA guys and rugged blue-collar types and shit) or rich as a lot of them (iBankers and Armani guys) etc., I’ll often be in situations where I’m hanging with AMOG guys who talk shit to me or try to tool me to girls or don’t respect me or flat out don’t like me etc. so I’ll use this on them. Or on random AMOGs that come up to try to take the girl or are already in the set. (but if they seem like a nice dude I won’t take their girl, I’ll wing the guy and run away ’cause that’s better karma)

    And again, it won’t work if the guy has some basic game.

    The way to counter my technique is to create more of an emotional reaction in the girl, which is why the gameless chatty guys can’t take her back from me…because they don’t have any physical game and are generally running Nice Guy compliment and “where are you from? cool I like stuff too!” game where they can’t touch the girl or be rude to other guys or dare risk upsetting her etc.

    So a physical way to stop me would be to literally just stand between us and physically pick her up and carry her over their shoulder away from me (or turn her around) and break our line of sight so I don’t exist to her anymore, and then to run game on her.

    A verbal way to stop me would be to create some drama and shout at her and try to make her cry lol “HEY. I thought you liked me, what the FUCK. What’s wrong with you, you’re just a drunk bar slut AREN’T YOU. No FUCK YOU, get the fuck out of here. You’re fucking done. I thought you were a cool chick.” and when she shits a brick and panics, interrupt her and do a 180 and go “Hey, I’m sorry, I just got out of a bad breakup. This chick cheated on me and broke my fucking heart. It wasn’t cool of me to take it out on you like that…you’re a cool chick, I’m just kind of fucked up right now. It’s complicated, you know? So where are you from?” and then transition into totally normal game AS IF NOTHING HAPPENED lol Congrats, you just took her on a way more chaotic emotional rollercoaster than I did, so you get her back from me. :)

    The reason I don’t have to escalate it to that level of insanity right off the bat is because you just have to cause more of an emotional rollercoaster relative to the other guys/her friends/stimulus/environment around her. So a Beta Nice Guy is only giving her a 1, so I only have to give her a 3 or 4 to take her. But then to take her from me, a guy would have to give her a 6 or 7 because a <3 won't cut it. To then take her back from him, I'd have to reach into the 9 or 10 zone which while attracting her, will also attract White Knights and Mother Hens lol and run the risk of getting my ass kicked by WKs, bitched out by MHs, or thrown out of the bar by bouncers.

    If you want to fuck around, make a deal with your wingman to try to take girls off of eachother for a night lol Go in and open a set, and then have him try to take them from you, then try to take them back, etc. But have an agreement about it first so you both know it's all in good fun.

    Shit, I wasn't expecting to give away this much of my game in this response lol ah well, take it and apply it. Use it for good, not evil! ;)

    • taterearl
      on February 27, 2013 at 12:12 pm
      Original Link

      And once you get it down…you pretty much know how they will react to anything you say. The two outcomes of any emotional type conversation with a chick are either feelings of euphoria or offense.

      Sometimes I say things that cause them to get angry, drop their jaw, or cause them to playfully hit my arm because I want that to happen.

      • Harrison
        on February 27, 2013 at 10:07 pm
        Original Link

        So if they really do take offense/get angry, how do you recover from that?

        • YaReally
          on February 27, 2013 at 10:52 pm
          Original Link

          Frame control.

          Hit YouTube and watch some RSD videos by Julien about “drama”. There are some by Tyler too like I think one called “knock her off the fence”.

    • Harrison
      on February 27, 2013 at 10:06 pm
      Original Link

      Since I’m still shedding my beta shell, to simplify things, what should I focus on? I’m working on body language, tone and pace of voice. I’m opening sets, but getting AMOG’d, so basically should I just start trying this emotional stuff out?

      • YaReally
        on February 27, 2013 at 11:06 pm
        Original Link

        There’s a lot to work on when you’re new, it can be overwhelming, so small-chunking it and just working on a couple things a night often helps. I did stuff like “okay for a month I’m going to ask for a # from every girl I talk to” etc to learn the calibration and all that.

        Try some of that chick crack I linked. Pick a couple cold-reads you like and a roleplaying scenario and try using those on the next chicks you talk to. You can interrupt anything for it.

        “Excuse me girls, can I get a–HEY…are you a Such and Such? No you totally give off that vibe. I bet you Bla Bla. Interesting…you know, you and I would never get along. We’re too similar. You wouldn’t take my shit and I wouldn’t take yours. We’d be that couple that always gets into fights in public and makes it awkward or everyone…but then we’d go home and have crazy hot make-up sex lol”

        Don’t go in expecting this to just magically get you laid…go in with the notion that “okay I’m just doing an experiment to see what happens if I say/do this…it might go good it might go bad, it might go great and then i don’t know how to follow it up and I lose her…but that’s all good, this is all a learning experience. I’m just pushing some buttons and noting the reactions.”

on February 26, 2013 at 7:35 pm
Original Link

“Are you done yet” has been used, quite effectively, I must say on me by the guy I had the affair with. The Professor that I am currently seeing has also refused to engage me then said he was “just letting” me “vent”. Frustrating but once I got it out I was better and I fully admit to some drama queen tendencies. Most guys can’t handle me all that well. It takes someone pretty strong.

“It’s complicated” coming from a man would make me think he was a bit of a wuss though. Too indirect and like a female. Mr. Affair guy would simply say “don’t question me” in an authoritative voice, lol.

  • White Woman
    on February 27, 2013 at 10:51 am
    Original Link

    What do your children think about their mother being a slut?

    • lifeofalovergirl
      on February 28, 2013 at 1:31 pm
      Original Link

      Except that any woman can get laid as often as she wants and that isn’t really an accomplishment. For a woman, an accomplishment is to secure commitment from a high quality man.

      It really depends on if that’s what you are looking for. I had the long committment/marriage already and it felt like a prison sentence. At this point in my life I just want to have fun and enjoy new experiences.

      • Lily
        on February 28, 2013 at 1:43 pm
        Original Link

        Your husband giving you a commitment doesn’t count, he was a beta. He wasn’t alpha enough to see that a woman of your type doesn’t deserve a commitment from any man. He is a loser just like you.

        • lifeofalovergirl
          on February 28, 2013 at 7:12 pm
          Original Link

          Hmmm…. he may have had “beta” traits, but then most husbands do. Mine was at least quite handsome, and he was in ministry. I won’t say much about his loser status these days but when we were married, not so much.

          I’m not sure what it is you think entitles you to “deserve” anything, but its certainly not your nasty attitude.

          • YaReally
            on March 1, 2013 at 2:15 am
            Original Link

            Don’t bring me into your retarded cat-fight.

            I don’t plan to settle with my chick long-term (she knows this) and I have no intention of having kids in my 30s. A guy who takes care of himself can still get 20-25yos at 40. Plenty of time to play around still.

Two Words Women Need To Hear

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via Heartiste

on February 28, 2013 at 7:18 am
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Reviving Girls

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via Heartiste

on February 25, 2013 at 2:37 pm
Original Link

Maybe the women of the chateau can chime in on this as well…what is the usual amount of female jealousy in a relationship? Been dating a solid 9 for about a month. Absolutely intense, mind blowing stuff going on here. Can’t keep our hands off each other. I ignore her attempts at making me jealous but she gets very emotional over the smallest infraction on my part. Texts me things like “Have fun hitting on other girls”, calls me a flirt, player etc. (even though I stopped seeing other girls because I dig her). Is this just a shit test? I’m not actively pursuing other women, but can’t help that if I’m out with friends we usually end up gaming girls. She also told me that I “talk about other girls a lot” which I guess I hadn’t noticed. Main question being, is this just normal behavior?

  • YaReally
    on February 26, 2013 at 8:40 am
    Original Link

    All she wants to do is see if she can change you. The content of what she’s trying to change and how she’s trying to change it are irrelevant. ie, this formula is going on:

    1) You regularly do X.

    2) She wants to see whether she can make you not do X.

    2a) If you continue to do X, she can trust that no one else can deter you in life and that you’re an oak tree she can trust to handle shit life throws at the two of you.

    2b) If you stop doing X, she knows that a silly little girl can influence you and if she can make you cave, how can she trust that you can handle the rest of the world when she needs you to?

    It doesn’t matter what X is. It could be flirting with other girls (“you’re a player, I can’t trust you”), it could be hanging out with your friends in general (“I don’t like you hanging out with Bob, he parties too much, just stay home with me babe”), it could be hitting the gym daily (“aww baby I love you with a little padding, come cuddle with me instead!” or “Why are you working out so much anyway, is it for your whores?”), it could be watching your diet (“I cooked you a huge meal baby!” or “let’s go out to eat tonight, how come you never want to take me out to restaraunts? Are you ashamed to be seen with me?”), it could be saving your money (“aww let’s go out tonight, how come you’re so cheap all the time? why can’t you treat me nice?”), it could be working on your career (“aww babe I never see you…forget about work today, just come lay down with me, please??”), etc. etc.

    And what happens when you stop flirting with other girls, stop hanging out with your friends, stop hitting the gym, stop watching your diet, stop being financially responsible, stop moving forward in your career, etc.?

    She dumps you. lol

    The content of what’s going on is irrelevant. Look at the underlying formula. As a 9, she HAS to test you, because as a 9 she can influence like 99.9999% of men to supplicate to her, even though she’s subconsciously looking for that 0.0001% of men that will stay rock solid in their beliefs, values, etc.

    Part of why a lot of guys rant about how they’d rather be in a relationship with a low-maintenance/low-drama 7 or 8 than a 9 or 10 is because the 7s and 8s don’t shit-test as hard or as frequently. If you can handle the constant shit-tests, dating a 9 or 10 isn’t a big deal…but it’s more trouble than it’s worth to most guys. There’s no right or wrong here, it all comes down to knowing what you want and what you accept from others and yourself. Shit-tests don’t phase me at all because I’ve been doing this for a long time so I don’t mind the chicks that do it, but to a newbie his first 9 or 10 can be an insane emotional rollercoaster lol

    Use “agree and amplify” when she’s being silly about it. When she’s serious cut her off with a reassuring alpha “Shhh. (grab her, makeout)” like you wouldn’t even entertain the notion that what she’s talking about is relevant to your relationship with her and she shouldn’t either. And if you get stuck in a dramatic conversation where she corners you into having to discuss this, drop a “Don’t be silly. Other girls don’t affect how I feel about you. …unless you get fat. :D ” lol maybe leave off the fat part.

    This relationship is where you’re going to solidify your “oak tree that can’t be moved” mindset. This is a skill that’s going to benefit you in many different areas of your life down the road even if it puts you through hell now. :)

    • YaReally
      on February 26, 2013 at 8:55 am
      Original Link

      Also here’s a link for Soft Next’ing:

      Use it if you end up in a situation where this formula applies:

      1) You tell her you don’t like when she does Y.

      2) She does Y anyway.

      2a) If you Soft Next, she feels the discomfort of losing your attention/validation and she realizes you’re a man who’s rules won’t be crossed and that you respect yourself enough not to subject yourself to people who disrespect you or don’t behave in a way you deem acceptable. Remember that a Soft Next is done with pure calmness, no anger or bitterness. It’s a simple logical “This is the rule, if you don’t want to follow it, that’s fine, there are other girls who will. Come back when you’ve decided to accept my rule.”

      2b) If you allow her to do Y with no punishment, you simply encourage her to push you further to see just how far she can break your rules with no consequence. As you can imagine, this will escalate into a shit-load of drama and shitty behavior and will make your life miserable and ultimately destroy your relationship.

      Remember: She has to know that you don’t approve of her doing Y before you use a Soft Next, otherwise it’s a completely random and confusing punishment that doesn’t accomplish anything.

      So in your case that would be something like cutting her off with a “Shh, no more of this player nonsense. I told you I’m with you, and I don’t date girls who don’t trust me. I’ll see you tonight, wear that little plaid skirt I like.”

      Once you’ve established “Don’t do this anymore.”, if she THEN does it again, that’s when you Soft Next. You have to be willing to risk her but trust in the system/psychology and stick it out the way Blackdragon describes in that post. You may have to Soft Next more than once for the same behavior, it’s fine, it’s like not allowing your kid to eat a bunch of cookies for dinner…they won’t LIKE it, but it’s ultimately for their own good and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. In your case it’s ultimately for the good of your relationship together because this behavior will destroy it down the road if she continues to do it.

on February 25, 2013 at 7:09 pm
Original Link


Dude. You just posted a 2663 word response in a BLOG.
(yes I actually checked it)

If you wanna spout your life story, start your own fucking roll.

  • Scray
    on February 25, 2013 at 7:21 pm
    Original Link

    Oh I usually post them to get feedback about what I could have done better, and the feedback I’ve gotten here has really helped me. But yeah, is there a policy or preference against posting FR’s here?

    • YaReally
      on February 25, 2013 at 11:24 pm
      Original Link

      Truth can eat my shit. Keep posting. You’re one of the only guys in this comment section with the balls to go out and improve your life instead of circle-jerking keyboard theory and whining about immigrants and lefties. Mad respect for ya on my end and you have solid writing skills so they’re good reads!

      “and…well….in the moment, I thought this set wasn’t going that well (I know, I know).”

      I’m swamped with work this week but I’ll be back as soon as I figure out how to bitchslap you through the Internet for this part ;) lol good stuff dude. I’ll do up your last FR too and link it all.

      And happy belated bday!

on February 25, 2013 at 11:30 pm
Original Link

“When done right, it is a privilege to get picked up by a PUA.” – Mystery

“Most people go through life in a walking daze.” – Tyler

“Let her experience the full range of emotions she WANTS to experience.” – RSDJulien

Lazy Cad Game

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via Heartiste

on February 22, 2013 at 10:35 am
Original Link

But good on them for pushing boundaries, regardless.

on February 22, 2013 at 5:52 pm
Original Link

I wonder how this game variety would go down in NYC.

You’d probs have to be in just the right spot for it, though. That would rule out places like TSQ.

But places like Chelsea Bed Bath & Beyond, or warm-weather-weekend parks like Bryant or USq. maybe; hrm, …

*++Different note: YaReally’s patented social-scene/politeness-puncture would probably win big in a lot of those places where everyone claims to be an i-banking finance crook. Good to be the different, interesting guy…

  • YaReally
    on February 22, 2013 at 8:54 pm
    Original Link

    Paul Janka runs similar daygame in NYC. He basically gives them a “movie trailer” glimpse of his life/personality, grabs a #, and GTFOs. His thinking is “you’re not going to build anymore attraction in 10 minutes than 2 minutes so fuck it” lol

    Highly recommend his free eBook for a slightly different perspective on gaming. Like he picks up during the week and takes girls out on weekends instead of competing at the bars etc. He’s not exactly a PUA, he’s more of a good-looking natural who’s just codified what he does and his mentalities toward women. It’s worth checking out his stuff if you’re looking to expand your knowledge of seduction in general…like an MMA guy taking some boxing classes to see what he can take/apply from it.

    NYC’s culture is a special beast compared to the rest of North America. Would love to live there for a while.

    “Different note: YaReally’s patented social-scene/politeness-puncture would probably win big in a lot of those places where everyone claims to be an i-banking finance crook. Good to be the different, interesting guy…”

    Yup. It goes over fine in lower class crowds but right now I’m in a well-off city so I spend a lot of time in these gay iBanker scenes where the guys are all running the rat race competing with eachother and seeking approval/validation of their value from the women and the women all shit-test them hard about their value (I’ve been asked “what do YOU drive?” bitchy-style like in Swingers lol). The bars are designed the enhance this “classy high value” vibe and the girls are simply reacting to the frame the men set but the frame the men set is based off their being hypnotized by the environment and brainwashed by social conditioning.

    The end result is a self-perpetuating cycle of people who would be perfectly cool with eachother and fuck eachothers brains out, all getting swept up in games and putting on fake personas and socially approved facades and qualifying to eachother and testing eachother to avoid having real, honest interactions with eachother.

    So when I say shit like “you look good tonight. (“Thanks.”) I’ll probably rub at LEAST one out tonight thinking about you while I creep around outside your bedroom window.” everyone, guys and girls who hear, freeze up like deer in the headlights with no idea how to respond because they don’t have a stock response for that, but it’s so offensive that they can’t NOT respond so their instincts kick in and they react to me.

    To get philisophical: It’s at that instant that I’m seeing who they REALLY are.

    Does the guy tell me to apologize? White Knight, okay I know how to use that to build attraction with the girls. Does the guy quietly stand there shocked or in awe? Beta, I can walk all over him. Does the guy laugh and join in? Alpha, him and I will be buddies.

    Does the girl get stunned and speechless? Even if her facade was man-eating bitch, she’s actually a nice simple girl who’s just never been challenged so I can pull it back a bit and just be a nice dude. Does she bitch me out? Even if her facade was pleasant socialite, she’s showing me that she’s really got a temper and passionate and a shit-tester and I can work with that and escalate it into a hate-fuck. Is she loud and shit-talking, but that was what her facade/persona was anyway? Congrats, that’s a girl who’s honest and congruent and doesn’t try to live up to other people’s approval.

    I would get NONE of that information if I went up trying to be James Bond and talk about my impressive Rolex watch and iBanker job and car and let her and the environment dictate how I should feel about myself.

    Don’t let the environment hypnotize you. It’s all an illusion. Don’t get sucked into other people’s reality, suck them into YOURS.

on February 22, 2013 at 7:41 pm
Original Link

lol this technique has Jezzie Fattie Lindsey West’s approval:

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but in the scheme of things, this is actually kind of a not-bad way to get asked out.”

I imagine for her ANY way of getting asked out is a not-bad way to get asked out. Someone link the video of her gorging on candy corn Oreos ASAP lol

on February 23, 2013 at 8:54 am
Original Link


  • YaReally
    on February 25, 2013 at 9:50 am
    Original Link

    Only video of hers I’ve watched, but this shit is legit.

Genetic Celebrity

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via Rational Male

on February 21st, 2013 at 10:09 pm
Original Link

Have to link this in any Wall discussion, of course:

And like I’ve said before, I WISH all I had to do was eat a healthy diet and go for a run every day, to have the world at my feet. I would be on that shit like a Jezebel writer on a cupcake. It’s mind-blowing when a girl actively refuses to do that and then bitches that she can’t land a guy who’s been forced since adulthood to compete and prosper physically, financially, emotionally, career(ically? lol), mentally, etc. with every other dude out there for scraps of attention.

brb all I have to do to have a millionaire chick marry me and give me all her money is eat a salad every day. brb ACTIVELY EATING DONUTS INSTEAD lol

The Myth Of The Indiscriminate Alpha Male

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on February 21, 2013 at 9:57 pm
Original Link

Busy as fuck this week so I’ll just leave this here:

This is an important distinction when you’re looking at the nuances of why some alphas are banging everything on the spectrum and some are sticking to the hotties.

I’m a Thrill of the Hunt type, so I’ll pass up an easy ugly lay for even a seemingly impossible shot at a hotter girl and even if that means going home alone in the end, I’m perfectly content with that. I get depressed/disgusted if I bang an ugly chick, I did that back when I was starting out at pickup and it was alright then because I had never had sex at all before, but now I treat them like CH’s buddy where it’s like “Seriously? You think you have a chance with ME? lol that’s cute now go away.” I just couldn’t bring myself to bang an uggo, even if she was naked in front of me and begging for it.

On the flip side, the best Natural alpha I know who fucks multiple new girls each week (often more than one in a day lol) is a Pleasure of Sex guy, so he bangs anything from a 2 to a 10 and gets the same joy/fun out of it, and he chooses his girls by how easy a lay they’ll be (he’ll choose a 4 who’s begging for his cock that night over a 10 who’s into him but will take some work or doesn’t have easy logistics) and he’ll be depressed if he doesn’t get laid at all. He becomes a whiny annoying bitch to hang out with if he goes more than a week without sex lol But as soon as he sticks his dick in anything, he’s happy as a clam again.

He’s a guy that would fuck that chick in the article and she would brag about it (he’s a good-looking dude) if she slutted it up and made it easy for him. And she would think he was legit into her because no matter how ugly they are, he plays the gentleman game and tells them they’re gorgeous etc. to their faces because that’s just how his game is. And he might even fuck her multiple times if she’s a good lay and low drama and makes it easy for him. But it would be with zero intention to ever commit to her, he would try to hide her from his buddies, and he would insult her to his buddies because he knows she’s shit. And if she started any drama whatsoever (starting arguments, demanding more attention/commitment, coming over to hang out without putting out, etc.) he will bitch her out (he likes the drama and make-up sex lol) and drop her ice cold. If she gets with the program again, he’ll fuck her again, but as soon as she acts up again, he’s out.

Anyway, so there you go. Two ends of the spectrum. We actually run into problems now and then winging eachother because of it…he gets frustrated that I won’t jump on hideous grenades for him at 2am, and I get frustrated that he won’t stick out harder sets with hotter chicks.

I think two guys on the same page (two Thrill of the Hunt guys or two Pleasure of Sex guys) would absolutely kill it in-field in terms of both getting the results they want.

Shit, that was longer than I thought lol Back to working like a dog so I can go out this weekend.

The IKEA Effect

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on February 17th, 2013 at 5:23 pm
Original Link

Investment in your ego/identity will fuck you over in pickup down the road too, which is a funny/ironic plateau advanced guys hit that I choose to believe is the universe’s way of keeping you humble lol

When your identity is “I’m good with women” and you’ve invested all this time and effort and energy into it and had a bunch of success and crazy adventures and your friends all tell legends about how pimp you are…next thing you know you realize you haven’t legit approached or taken a girl home in months.

Once you’ve invested enough, your ego no longer wants to risk fucking that identity you’ve built for yourself up, so it stops you from approaching and risking getting shot down and throwing away all that investment you’ve made.

These are usually the James Bond guys who go “look alpha” at the bar in their custom tailored suits etc but spend the night 1) not approaching, 2) chatting with their buddies, and 3) talking ABOUT approaching (lol), and 4) making up hamster rationalizations for why they aren’t approaching (these girls aren’t my type, I’m tired from work, blah blah)

The way to get out of this plateau, much like escaping a shitty relationship, is to fuck your identity in the face and shit all over your investment lol. So you have to purposely go get shot down and make an ass of yourself and force your ego to let go of the identity so that it can see “okay, I’m not dead, the world is still here that just kind of sucked, but I guess it’s okay and now I can move on” till down the road where you go “thank god I ditched that shit that was poisoning my well-being.”…which is of course, similar to what you feel when you finally break off a shitty relationship. :)

Beta Female Relationship Whoring

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on February 15, 2013 at 9:21 pm
Original Link

“If, in contrast, your girlfriend admirably restrains herself from the lure of online attention whoring and shouting your abject devotion to the heart of the world, you are probably an alpha male dating a good-looking lady of character. ”

I never post anything about my boyfriend and myself on facebook because I don’t want his wife to see. He gets pissed off when other people tag us together in photos on fb.

Theoretically, this is a sign that my boyfriend is an alpha male dating a good looking lady of character. That could be true except for that I hit on heartiste yesterday just I like I do everyday.

“I mean, unlike me, assume you are a non-sociopath in the above thought experiment.”

Do you ever work on that issue? I mean, maybe there is no reason for you to because dark triad traits are somehow signs of masculine sex appeal. I, however, do not know what to do about the whole being a sociopath issue. Any suggestion?

  • YaReally
    on February 16, 2013 at 12:37 pm
    Original Link


on February 16, 2013 at 2:16 pm
Original Link

What separates PUAs from the Manosphere:

Manosphere guys cry about “mean” girls and whine about their lack of height or looks or money and sit around feeling sorry for themselves and stroke eachother’s dicks confirming eachother’s limiting beliefs and follow Roosh around the world trying to find the easiest foreign girls they can get in-between their self-pitying rants about how unfair the sexual marketplace is on Manospere blog comment sections.

This guy is MISSING AN EYE, and he’s just like “hey, I don’t have an eye, anyone got any tips? How can I use this to my advantage to maximize my success rate? Thanks!” like not a single fuck is given lol

Quit being pussies. It’s Saturday and you’re probably more awesome than you realize, go talk to some chicks tonight.

Reader Mailbag: A Valentine’s Day Plea

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on February 14, 2013 at 5:56 pm
Original Link

There are dolts who find it surprising that some men prefer “asian” over white women?

Let’s substitute *Japanese* and *Korean* women, and blends of same, for the braindead designation “asian.” We’re not talking dwarfish Thai whores here.

Now I want you to practice using your eyesight and grasp that many Japanese females of forty (!) have perfectly smooth skin on their foreheads while many early twenties white sluts sport grotesque grooves on same that would be the envy of a shar-pei. Then you can strip them and discover more Japanese and Korean smoothnesses, but be prepared for a wretched wave of ink and stink when you disrobe your average tanning-bed cured white woman past her middle teens.

Please, no more nonsense about “asian” women. I advise all cunt-hungry men to spend *quality time* in Tokyo and environs, and you will remember, gratified almost to tears, that pussy can still be *sweet.*


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on February 12, 2013 at 9:08 pm
Original Link

Before feminism the traditional source of meaning was the family. I am glad to learn now that a life of significance can be had by identity politics, aids awareness campaigns and advocating that the government issue bad loans to historically disadvantaged groups. thanks feminism!

  • Days of Broken Arrows
    on February 13, 2013 at 5:01 am
    Original Link

    …you left out the meaning of life has now been reduced to becoming mindless worker bee drones to the corporate gods while chasing after the worthless, materialist “products” made by these corporations.

    • YaReally
      on February 13, 2013 at 8:03 pm
      Original Link

The Mother of (Re)Invention

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on February 12th, 2013 at 6:27 pm
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“If traditional femininity better served the feminine imperative (as it has in past generations) we would see a return to that social paradigm.”

Similarly, if being a gentleman and buying a girl roses and having a 6-pack better served the male imperative (gettin laaaaaaaid!!) as it has in past generations (like the 40s when being a hard-working respectable guy meant landing a solid wife),, we would see a return to that shit. PUA is simply a reflection of the female imperative.

“When my opponent expands I contract, when they contract I expand. Be water, my friend!”

Girls Love Onomatopoeia

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on February 12, 2013 at 1:20 pm
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“If it was funny in grade 3, it’s funny now.” – Style

  • Klem
    on February 13, 2013 at 5:02 am
    Original Link

    unrelated to this topic, but I must thank you Yareally
    i’ve been trying to consistently implement stuff I read in your comment (about changing her mood, being congruent with what you think etc.), and I’ve gotten laid like crazy lately!
    even better, I’m starting to understand WHY it happens, and where I fucked up if I don’t get the lay, whereas before it was pretty random (“must be because of my looks” etc.)
    I almsot never comment here, but I’ll keep on reading your comments, thanks again for all these advice!

    • YaReally
      on February 13, 2013 at 10:17 pm
      Original Link

      Glad it’s helped ya! A lot of guys just need a bit of direction to tighten their shit up. I think the most important part about pickup is how much of social interactions can actually be explained in a consistent logical manner…until you get a grasp of that, it all seems random and organic. It’s fascinating to me that we’re basically like really complicated AI. :)

on February 12, 2013 at 3:05 pm
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For young girls (18 to 23), try texting “k thx bai!”.

The older you are, the bigger the laugh it’ll get.

  • immoralgables
    on February 13, 2013 at 7:05 am
    Original Link

    haha that’s great man. “Totes McGotes” is another new one. I read about that phrase and was astounded when a couple young girls used it one me.

    I am going to try “k thx bai!” for science and will report the results back here.

    • Jason
      on February 13, 2013 at 12:30 pm
      Original Link

      Ha ha … I’ve HEARD girls telling me “Totes McGotes” — does it just mean “okay, sounds good”?

      • Jason
        on February 13, 2013 at 12:33 pm
        Original Link

        Just Googled it and answered my own question — it’s from the movie “I Love You, Man” and plays on the word “totally”.

        • YaReally
          on February 13, 2013 at 12:37 pm
          Original Link

          It’s fucking hilarious in the movie. I’d actually recommend the movie to red pill types because its about a guy who’s completely out of touch with his manhood meeting a guy who’s completely free from social conditioning who helps him learn to embrace that side of him and express himself as a man.

          It’s still full of Hollywood bullshit but its nice to see a mainstream movie touch on the subject of how damaging it is for a guy to not have any male friends or role models.

Female Infidelity Red Flags

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on February 11, 2013 at 5:46 pm
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My PUA version of these, based on experience, for not getting caught fucking taken/engaged/married chicks:

Sign 1) “She accuses her man of cheating.” Convince her her guy is probably cheating, and if she says he probaly is, don’t refute her belief. It’s bullshit, she’s just projecting so she can cheat with you guilt-free, but hey, roll with it. The fun will end when she starts feeling guilty, so let her hamster do its thing and enjoy.

Sign 2) “She starts dolling herself up.” Work around her schedule so her man is out of the house when she gets herself dolled up to come over, and/or make her get herself done up in the car before knocking on your door, or allow her to change/get-sexy in your bathroom before you fuck. Also make sure she brings a change of “normal/boring” clothes for after, because ideally the sexy stuff is going to be covered in fluids lol

Sign 3) “She tells her husband she needs space.” Encourage her to work things out with her husband, give her some relationship advice, encourage her to fuck him more so she has stories of how bad he is in bed to laugh with you about. She won’t find him as annoying and demand her space if she’s trying to work things out or he’s providing amusement for you and her.

Sign 4) “She drops hints that she’s not happy.” Find out what he’s not providing her, and provide it. If he’s a shitty lay, be a good lay. If he’s boring, give her emotional drama. If he’s too much drama, be chill and laid back and her break from that. Balance him out and she’ll be happy and won’t have reason to bitch to him about not being happy so he won’t suspect anything.

Sign 5) “She has a new BFF her partner has never met.” Put your name in her phone under a chick’s name, so when your txts pop up on her phone and her man happens to be nearby he just sees “Sarah” is txting. Also if she has an iphone make her turn off the “display a chunk of the txt when it’s received” option and ideally put a password on the phone if she hasn’t had one. Also have her delete your txts regularly, but remember they can be grabbed again via some snooping software even when they’re visibly deleted off the phone. For the love of god turn off her “Find My Friends” App if she has one on.

Also she’ll always have at least one friend who knows she’s slutting it up. This is usually her BFF from waaaay back, probably before she met her dude. Often that BFF will be cheating on her own man too. If you meet this BFF, charm her a bit and be completely non-judgemental so she feels like her friend’s relationship will be safe while she’s fucking you. But also be vague about exactly how often you hook up or what you guys do in the bedroom and don’t tell the BFF your full name or let her know where you live or what you do for a living or anything…use discretion, ’cause girls always fight eventually and if your chick and her BFF have a falling out over some stupid girl-drama shit down the road, you don’t want the BFF able to throw you guys under the bus with your girl’s husband and get yourself killed.

The tricky part is that if you hang around the BFF (like if you meet up on a drinking night with your girl, often she’ll be out with just her BFF), the BFF will want to fuck you, because you’re this amazing fantasy guy who’s non-judgemental and already knows a bunch of their dirty secrets and her friend has been talking up your bedroom prowess like crazy so naturally she’s attracted to you. But for your own safety, keep her at arm’s length incase shit blows up between them later. You could end up with TWO angry husbands coming after you lol

All her friends who AREN’T this super slutty BFF, act like you don’t even KNOW your girl. You are complete strangers. Feel free to eye-fuck her from across the room, she’ll get off on that, but don’t even talk to her in front of her other friends. Because those friends are going to be judgemental and will cause her guilty drama that’ll force her to throw you under the bus to avoid responsibility when one of those friends passes word on to her hubby.

Sign 6) “She changes her plans…at midnight” Work around her schedule so this doesn’t come up. Tell her to encourage her guy to go out for Boys Night with his buddies so she can come over and fuck you. Tell her to tell him she’s going to sleep at her BFFs place overnight etc. See her during the day, or during her lunch hour. Don’t get mad if she flakes, she has a million other factors to deal with that a single girl doesn’t that would justify the flaking. Just be cool and trust that she’ll figure out a way to come over and fuck you.

Sign 7) “Someone else thinks she’s cheating.” Don’t hang out with her in public. Don’t take her out to your favorite bar, you complete retard. lol The only time you can take her out in public (because drinking and grinding together can be fun) is if 1) her hubby is guaranteed out of town for the weekend or whatever, and 2) you go to a bar that you never ever go to and won’t know anyone there. Remember that even in THAT scenario, you have no idea if her hubby’s co-worker who saw her at their xmas party once happens to be out at that bar with his buddies and noticed her making out with you and is going to pass it on to him. It’s just not worth the risk.

One acceptable way to go out in public is to go with friends to wherever she is on her girls’ night out and pretend to be complete strangers, then rendezvous in the bathroom or up the street or around a corner or whatever…but that’s playing a risky-ass game.

Ideally stick to home. Ideally stick to a hotel if you can afford that lol And have her park up the street, not right in front of your place.

Sign 8) “She has a sudden increased interest in her partner’s whereabouts.” Again work around her schedule and understand she has to juggle a lot to make it happen. If you harass her too much to meet up and get too demanding or aren’t flexible enough in when you’re available to fuck her, she’ll have to start asking him questions about his plans that she didn’t used to, to try to cram you in. Trust that when she has a window of opportunity that their relationship normally has, she’ll use that to come fuck you. It might be short notice, it might be planned a month in advance and then change at the last minute…just go with the flow. Have other girls you can bang so you don’t get frustrated by her schedule.

Sign 9) “She gives excuses not to have sex.” Encourage her to fuck him. Joke about how bad it’ll be and act like you think it’s hot when she has stories for you. He’s only going to seem worse and worse in bed in her mind, and when you know what he’s doing that’s dissatisfying to her it gives you an idea of what you can do to her to rock her world and fulfill what she’s missing. Just make sure she showers before she comes over or tell her flat out “don’t come over if you’ve fucked him in the last 3 days.” if it bugs you enough.

Sign 10) “She’s checked out.” Don’t meet her emotional needs lol. The ideal situations is that she goes to him for gay boyfriend stuff like DVDs and cuddling and “emotional needs”, but she comes to you to get her brains fucked out. So don’t cuddle with her or let her sleep over or have breakfast with her or watch DVDs together or anything. Don’t txt about how her day is going. All your txts are sexual and flirty and based around either getting her to masturbate or getting her to come over and fuck you, and when she comes over it’s sex from the word “hello” and after you bang and the after-glow wears off, it’s time for her to get her “plain” clothes on, brush her hair, txt her hubby about how much fun dinner with her BFF was, and go.

Welcome to the Dark Triad. lol

  • Jason
    on February 12, 2013 at 2:22 am
    Original Link

    Damn, YaReally, you’re evil. I can understand catting around with hundreds of single chicks … but does this shit really bring you happiness?

    When someone’s marriage is exploding … don’t add more gasoline. Just let it flame out all by itself.

    • Lara
      on February 12, 2013 at 10:51 am
      Original Link

      For all of YaReally’s supposed game, he still seems like someone’s bratty little brother. I don’t dislike him, but I don’t think his game would work on me.

      • Naz
        on February 12, 2013 at 11:03 am
        Original Link

        “but I don’t think his game would work on me”

        That’s what she said!

        • Lara
          on February 12, 2013 at 11:26 am
          Original Link

          To be fair, I don’t think I’m his target demographic. Our taste in men does change with age.

          • YaReally
            on February 13, 2013 at 12:02 pm
            Original Link

            She’s not gonna fuck you Matt lol but keep trying. You are quite the eLothario.

    • yeahokcool
      on February 12, 2013 at 12:26 pm
      Original Link

      @jason. why not add gasoline? i’ve said it before (and i know it is deeply unpopular here given the sheer number of tradcons lurking and posting), but if your girl is running around on you, YOU are the one to blame. not me. not yareally. real talk: if you have proper hand and control of your girl, she will not WANT to cheat. and, if she does want to cheat, then kick her ass out of your house/life forthwith and go find someone else to spend time with. with all due respect to yareally, if i’m doing my job right, i would bet my life’s earnings that he couldn’t game any of my “serious” girls into bed. don’t get me wrong. sometimes chicks get bored or scared or impatient or whatever and move on when you do what we do. but, it is your JOB as a man not to give a shit about that. dig deep. are you an outcome independent, aloof master of the universe for real or not? is it just something you say to sound cool in the “manosphere” (btw, maybe the gayest fucking word on the planet) or do you really believe it deep down in your innards? this whole notion that you DESERVE anything for just showing up or “doing your part” is deeply feminine.

      • Jason
        on February 12, 2013 at 2:35 pm
        Original Link

        Oh, I agree with everything you said. I internalized outcome independence, amused mastery, and all that a long time ago — even before I stumbled upon the “manosphere”.

        My wife knows, deep down, there’s NO mucking around. She’s seen me mercilessly eighty-six other people out of my life, and she knows that I’d do it to her. (It also helps that she’s a terrible liar, which we laugh about, but is actually a great quality in a wife.)

        My point was simple: For those millions of men who DON’T know how to keep a strong frame, and therefore their wives’ respect, there’s no point in anybody else accelerating the demise. It’s somebody’s else’s marriage, you know? It shouldn’t affect you.

        I seriously couldn’t sleep at night, doing what YaReally’s doing. His little hamster can spin as madly as it wants (see his long response downthread), but in the end he’s still trying to rationalize his sociopathic actions just as badly as the types of women that we make fun of here.

        • YaReally
          on February 12, 2013 at 4:08 pm
          Original Link

          “For those millions of men who DON’T know how to keep a strong frame, and therefore their wives’ respect, there’s no point in anybody else accelerating the demise.”

          What if the demise of that marriage meant that both people found someone better for them?

          What if her hooking up with me convinces her to work it out with him and they live happily ever after?

          What if they break up right away, before they have kids involved and they don’t end up having to raise kids in an abusive household full of mistrust and pain because she ends up cheating with him down the road anyway?

          Shades of grey.

          “in the end he’s still trying to rationalize his sociopathic actions”

          I simply don’t put any worth/value on marriage, because I don’t believe monogamy is natural or healthy for most people. So while to you I’m shitting on something sacred that you’ve built a large part of your identity around, to me I’m just saying “nah, I don’t like pickles. shrug.”

          • YaReally
            on February 12, 2013 at 4:37 pm
            Original Link

            Pickles wasn’t a good analogy. A better one is sports.

            You love your Football games. Your team is like your life-line, you grew up watching them and love the shit out of them and man, the pride you take in them is epic. And it’s Superbowl coming up!! Oh man! THE day of the YEAR!! And you haven’t changed your socks in weeks because it’s unlucky to change them during the Superbowl season!!

            So you’re like “YaReally! Your socks!! You changed them!!” and I’m like “uh ya.” and you’re like “Well you have to change them back!! Don’t you understand?? My team might lose if you don’t!!” “that’s dumb. I’ll keep my socks, thanks.” “DUDE…it’s the SUPERBOWL!!!!!” “still don’t care.”

            I just don’t put the value in it that you do, sorry. Like, enjoy your Superbowl, I hope your team wins and I hope you have a great time, but I’m going to change my socks.

            P.S. I know absolutely nothing about Football lol

          • YaReally
            on February 12, 2013 at 5:36 pm
            Original Link

            “Your fucking my wife obviously does.”

            Not if you don’t find out, and if it doesn’t change her feelings about you in a negative way, and if we use condoms and she doesn’t catch any STDs/preggers, and if she doesn’t upset your schedule/routine with her at all. It’s the same as her going to the gym to sweat out some stress.

            Sex is like wrestling, it’s just a physical activity that you can attach emotions to or not. Does wrestling with your gym buddy affect your relationship with your wife? No, because you’re rolling around getting sweaty together, but there’s no emotional attachment involved or anything.

            Where’s the line? Does making out with her affect you? Holding hands with her? Talking to her? Making eye contact with her? Standing near her? Being in the same room as her? The lines you draw are arbitrary, different for every person/relationship, and not lines I concern myself with because I think you’re silly for having them in the first place.

            “You’re potentially doing REAL damage to marriages whose women can’t control their hypergamous instinct”

            Ideally they shouldn’t have gotten married. I’d be happy to see marriage abolished entirely. People aren’t built for monogamy and it makes no sense for men to get married in 2013.

            “or whose men are distracted or have gotten lazy.”

            Ideally men shouldn’t get distracted and lazy. Men should learn some basic game to prevent that. I’d love if it were impossible to seduce any of these taken women, that would be awesome because it would mean men were doing their job. But I deal with reality, not wishful thinking. The reality is, if I chat up 10 hot girls in a night, probably 8 of them are going to have some kind of relationship on the side and still be flirty and want to fuck me and I’ll have chemistry I like with a few of them, so hey.

            “There are other ways for those marriages to change.”

            And hopefully they try those other ways. But when she grinds up on me in a skirt wanting cock that night, and she’s just going to go grab some other guys’ cock if I don’t go for it, hey, fuck it. She’s the one breaking a commitment she agreed to.

            “Even if you don’t respect the institution, just leave it alone.”

            I don’t seek it out, I just don’t let it stop me if it’s there. If there were an abundance of hot single chicks out there, I’d bang them, and for the most part I prefer to, but if a chick comes along and we have chemistry and we turn eachother on and she happens to mention she’s married while she’s feeling up my dick with her ring-finger’ed hand, I don’t feel much guilt. Her relationship has issues as it is and my not sticking my dick in her isn’t going to fix whatever is fundamentally wrong with her relationship.

            It’s not like I’m perusing the grocery aisle looking for girls shopping for a family and going “mwahaha time to stalk my prey and destroy some lives!!!” and swooping in and mind-controlling her into doing something she doesn’t want to do.

            “I’m not going to drop my pants and shit on the carpet just to spite them.”

            Bad analogy, unless you drop your pants and shit on carpets regularly, which would make you quite the house-guest lol

            “If you can’t understand that boundary”

            Okay, it’s important to me that you shave your head right now. Go do it. It means a lot to me, and even though you think it’s silly, if you don’t do it, you’re disrespecting my beliefs and are a sociopath because you can’t understand that boundary.

            Take care of your woman and you don’t have to worry about her straying.

          • YaReally
            on February 12, 2013 at 5:42 pm
            Original Link


            “the truth is, if you’re constantly worrying – or even occasionally worrying – about your girl around other dicks with breathing machines attached, then you fucked up. you fucked up because you picked the wrong girl and/or because you ain’t been doing your job as topmothafuckindogandboss.”

            Yup. This.

            “if you’re more broadly concerned about preserving marriage as an institution and lookin’ out for other dudes, i would ask, why?”

            I would ask why he wants to preserve a system that routinely rapes men over in divorce court (50% divorce rate, 80% initiated by the woman, you all know the stats) and destroys men’s lives after trapping them into years of involuntary celibacy and guilt/shame, in a culture that supports a woman’s Eat, Pray, Love hypergamous instinct to fuck guys like me and make their husbands foot the bill for all the damages.

            Seems to me the sooner that shit is eliminated, the better for men in general.

          • YaReally
            on February 12, 2013 at 5:47 pm
            Original Link


          • YaReally
            on February 12, 2013 at 7:13 pm
            Original Link


  • jack
    on February 12, 2013 at 7:45 am
    Original Link

    or just bang girls who aren’t taken/married.

    getting off on drama is for chicks.

    • immoralgables
      on February 12, 2013 at 11:22 am
      Original Link

      Jesus Christ. Put down the pitchforks, pansies. He jus gave us a tool you can use in your toolset. I don’t see him saying to go out and actively seduce taken women.

      Get off your high horse, you are at the Chateau, remember? If someone like YR isn’t going to do it, be sure that someone else will. The supply will meet the demand.

      The dude just gave a detailed breakdown that could save your ass and all I see are cries of supposed “righteousness” with no real value-added discourse whatever.

      • jack
        on February 12, 2013 at 12:19 pm
        Original Link

        “Get off your high horse, you are at the Chateau, remember? If someone like YR isn’t going to do it, be sure that someone else will. The supply will meet the demand.”

        Cool. Then they can deal with the needless drama.

        I fail to see how avoiding drama from cheaters is being on a high horse.

        When you live in an abundance mentality you realize that you can fuck hot girls without planning your interactions around the consequences of a love triangle.

        Some of us prefer efficiency.

        • ZMBIKLR
          on February 12, 2013 at 12:25 pm
          Original Link

          You can’t get any lower drama. She saves the bad emotions for “hubby” and the sexual ones for you. She adores the fuck out of you, even after it’s over, because she only associates deeply erotic times with you.

          • YaReally
            on February 12, 2013 at 4:11 pm
            Original Link


            “Because I am her personal gain.”

            This. lol


            I am certain the fallout would be terrible. That’s why I have rules/precautions to prevent the fallout.

            It’s like I really WANT to believe the rich CEO who’s driving a Ferrari is miserable and sad and empty and can’t sleep at night and one day he’ll get his come-uppance for being rich…but in reality, he’ll probably do just fine and enjoy his life.

        • YaReally
          on February 12, 2013 at 4:46 pm
          Original Link


          “But it adds an unnecessary layer of potential drama.”

          Sure. So does getting a dog with a mouth that can bite you and a butt that can shit on your couch, compared to getting a fish. But if that potential drama is really not that big a deal in the longrun and you can prevent most of it, then hey, a dog is a fine pet.

          “You’re her personal gain until her social status is threatened.”

          Thus the rules I’ve laid out and the dozen more that I didn’t go over but follow myself. To create a situation where her social status ISN’T threatened. To prevent that potential drama you’re stressing.

          “you can skip past the married/engaged chicks and go for the ones where the fallout from her particular brand of baggage is lighter.”

          Okay, if we’re going to go that route, then which is more morally acceptable to fuck? A married woman who doesn’t love her husband, or a hot girl “loosely involved” with a dude she’s falling madly in love for?

          At what point do you draw the line? What if the married chick’s husband beats her every night, and what if the loosely involved girl’s boyfriend rescues orphans from burning buildings every night?

          Shades of grey.

          “being efficient with your time/energy”

          You keep bringing up efficiency. How exactly is a married chick that I don’t have to wine/dine, I don’t have to talk about her day, I don’t have to travel to meet up with, I don’t have to spend any money/resources on, I don’t have to take out for Valentine’s Day or remember her birthday or know what her job is or what her pet’s name is or listen to her bitching about how her sister is a jerk because or let her stay over for the night or weekend or blah blah blah not efficient?

          I just shoot a few flirty txts, she figures out her schedule, and she comes over to fuck and then leaves.

          “But in the same vain as avoiding chicks who have kids”

          You just don’t meet the kids. Shrug. When she can get a babysitter, she comes over and fucks. Done. If she’s not available frequently enough, you just get other girls in your rotation so you have options.

          “when there’s hot girls who have much less drama and baggage.”

          It’s really not as much of a hassle as you imagine it is.

          • YaReally
            on February 13, 2013 at 11:57 am
            Original Link


            Go to a nightclub this weekend and chat up the 5 hottest girls there, the ones that turn every guys head when they walk in and are surrounded by rich good-looking dudes offering them limo rides and vacations in Paris all night long.

            Let me know how many of those 5 are single.

          • YaReally
            on February 13, 2013 at 3:08 pm
            Original Link


            “You think such a majority of hot girls are married or are in relationships so serious that they require sneaking around?”

            Even if she’s only been seeing him a week, she’ll sneak around on him, or at least be subtle about it. Do you think the girls that fuck me while they’re putting another guy through the “LTR test” of making him wait a month for sex while he takes her out on dates, are telling those guys “So I’m going to go suck YaReally’s dick tonight.”?

            ““I have a boyfriend” is just something girls say.”

            Yup. How am I supposed to know whether it’s true or not? Lots of girls will fuck a guy (sometimes multiple times) and then not even mention they have a BF or husband.

            “sure most every girl will be casually dating or have a few guys she’s texting.”

            So what are you on about? Sure, I could go hunt out completely single girls and then quiz them on their dating history and poll their friends to make absolutely sure they aren’t seeing anyone else or have no feelings for anyone else, and hope that these girls are hot and fun and I have chemistry with them. I’m sure I would find a couple of those a year.

            Or I can go for what I want and put the responsibility of whether they cheat or not in the hands of the woman who made the agreement not to cheat. You know, treating women like responsible adult human beings who can make their own choices in life.

            Why are you trying to make me the babysitter of an entire gender? They are completely capable of deciding whether or not to break a commitment they’ve made.

            “But the amount in a verbally stated committed monogomous relationship where real time and emotions have been invested? Far less will be found at the club than you are implying.”

            I see you haven’t been to a club in a major city lately. Try it sometime, it’ll blow your mind.

            Besides, here you’re just moving the goalposts around to wherever you arbitrarily feel. How many times do her and her guy have to have had sex before it’s bad to fuck her? Do they have to have held hands for a specific amount of time? Is it based on how much money they’ve spent on eachother? If they’re wearing a ring but just getting married out of convenience and not love, does that change it? If they have no ring on or a monogamous commitment but they’ve been monogamous with the guy for 10 years, does that change it?

            If changing your game up based on the type of girl is inefficient, then why don’t you just fuck prostitutes? Then you don’t need to do any game playing at all. That’s the most efficient way of getting laid there is…how come you fuck normal girls when you have to go through all that hassle of honing your game specifically for that type of girl?

          • YaReally
            on February 13, 2013 at 4:53 pm
            Original Link

            lol I do hear NYC has an awesome ratio of single career chicks to men and you can do a shit-ton of daygame in NYC because of the culture there, but NYC is the exception not the rule. Most guys are stuck hitting bars full of sausage and their daygame options involve a shitload of having to walk around looking for viable chicks all day.

            If I lived in NYC, I’m sure I’d find a ton of single chicks to get with. Unfortunately, the rest of the country is chock-full of taken chicks.

            “I just prefer a drama free existence”

            Same. That’s why I have rules to avoid the drama. You keep making this into some huge hassle. My rules involve shit like “don’t be super demanding” and “don’t take her out in public” and “have her type 5 different letters than the ones in your actual name into her phone” and “don’t see her too often or she’ll fall in love”.

            This isn’t some epic drama-filled 90210 love triangle going on. Generally the guys never have a clue anything is going on. I haven’t once had an angry husband banging on my door.

            “Why do you keep trying to imply I’m making some sort of morality judgement about cheating?”

            Because I don’t know wtf your point is lol Like, summarize it or something because it looks like you’re basically just saying “fucking girls with boyfriends is more drama than fucking girls without boyfriends” and all I’m saying is 1) it’s really not any guaranteed drama just like your pitbull isn’t guaranteed to bite your face off if you train it proper, and 2) if you’re not in an environment with an abundance of hot single chicks, you take what’s there. My current city is packed with girls in relationships so I’m not going to pass them up when the opportunity comes up.

            So I don’t think we’re actually disagreeing, I think we just have different thresholds of what constitutes drama/effort, and you happen to be in a city with a much better ratio and singles culture than most of the rest of North America.

            You’re basically sitting at a buffet saying “don’t eat the unhealthy food, stick to the vegetables” and I’m sitting at a McDonald’s going “uhh sure, I prefer to, but the menu isn’t exactly overflowing with vegetables here”. You’re saying “well good food is easier to digest” and I’m saying “a hamburger digests just fine it’s really not a big deal and I’m willing to risk the possible but not guaranteed McShits to not have to scrounge over the same limited choice of salad every day.”

          • YaReally
            on February 13, 2013 at 5:42 pm
            Original Link

            “NYC has the highest single woman to single man ratio in the US. Manhattan, in particular is just overflowing with smart, beautiful and open-minded women and they’re all a short cab ride away. You have every social scene you could ever want on one island, and the city never sleeps. There’s always a club or bar going until at least 3-4AM seven nights a week. You throw on top of that the fact that Manhattan is the day game Mecca of the world AND the ease of transportation AND the amount of professional models walking around… you can’t top NYC. In fact, I have yet to find a city in the WORLD that tops NYC when it comes to quality of women, quantity of women, and ease of picking up. Truly a playground for any single man.”

            lol I wish I lived in a city described like that. I actually visited NYC once and thought it was amazing. Didn’t get to hit up the party scene but I definitely want to go back someday to give it a go.

  • YaReally
    on February 12, 2013 at 1:18 pm
    Original Link

    Compiling it all into one response lol:


    “I can understand catting around with hundreds of single chicks”

    Unfortunately, hot girls almost always have boyfriends. They’re not always solid relationships like people picture because they compare their own relationship, what’s more common is a relationship where she’s thinking “well I hate spending Valentine’s Day alone and I hate when my friends and family ask me why I’m still single, so I have this guy who’s okay and pretty nice and everything and he can be my boyfriend…he doesn’t really THRILL me, but it makes my life easier to have one of these.”

    This can even be a marriage. “Well I want kids, and he’s offering and he’s a good Provider…he doesn’t really THRILL me, but well, my friends and family approve and I don’t want to be 30+ with no kids, so sure I’ll marry him. And I’ll even be happy a lot of the time…but if the right guy comes along and knows how to seduce me, well, I wish my hubby would be able to DO that, but he can’t seem to and this guy makes me feel that thrill I’ve been longing for, and my BFF would never tell anyone and this guy has structured a situation where I don’t have to feel guilty and there’s no risk of getting caught………”

    The part most of you shitting on me won’t believe is that sometimes a fling SAVES a relationship/marriage. The girl gets her curiousity out of her system, she has that “one last fling before settling down” while she’s engaged, she has that “the sex was fun but this guy doesn’t provide for me or take care of my like my BF does and I realize I didn’t appreciate that enough now”, or hell even “I was going to break it off with my guy because I haven’t had an orgasm in 3 years, but now I’m getting them regularly and I don’t resent my guy anymore so I can stay with him…and this guy is giving me tips on how to encourage him to do the stuff I want him to do and help him get better in bed without bruising his manly ego!”

    @Zombie Shane
    “Either that or else he’s a world-class pathological liar.”

    I don’t lie. I’m just sharing my experience, and the experience of buddies of mine who also get girls. Sorry if it makes everyone uncomfortable, but this isn’t Jezebel where everyone just high-fives over rainbows and unicorns.

    If I’m pointing out something that’s uncomfortable, but is a very consistent experience, with a number of guys who are going out and doing this, people should be looking at that and going “okay, if this is happening, how do we deal with it? How do we prevent it? What can we learn from it?”, not “DON’T TELL US TAHT DONT U FEEL DED INSIDE BOOO!!!!”

    Do you look like this when you go out?:

    Then no, no offense, I’m sure you’re probably a wonderful person with a great personality, but you’re not my target demographic. This is where you roll your eyes and go “I knew it, look at those sluts in that picture, he just likes ditzy club skanks” because women hate acknowledging that there are chicks out there who are hot AND intelligent AND fun, amongst the bimbo skanks.

    For what it’s worth, I’m a lot more fun in person and around girls. But while King A gets his “feel like a badass” jollies for the week flirting with the girls on here, I have friends and girls in the real world and I’m just here to teach/explain, so I don’t really care if I come off as harsh/abrasive/bratty, especially to the women here.

    lol you’d be surprised how many girls tell me they don’t fall for players or games or “that wouldn’t work on me” or “that might work on those club sluts but that would never work on my friend Sally” or “I don’t sleep with guys that fast, sorry” or “I don’t sleep with bar guys, I want a REAL man”, etc. and I just mentally roll my eyes and chuckle because it doesn’t matter at all.

    lol “Said No One, Ever” makes me laugh every fucking time, I don’t know why.

    The girl gets off on the drama, I don’t. I’d prefer single women, but the reality is the hottest girls are generally taken, and it’s usually taken in a really loose way. I don’t actively search out taken girls, because I don’t get off on the “cuckolding some other guy” thing that I know some dudes do, I just go for girls I have sexual chemistry with and if they happen to have a guy already, it’s just not really relevant to me. It doesn’t make me any more or less into her…it just goes into my brain as “okay, then there’s this other set of complications/rules to deal with” and I adapt my game to handle it.

    Ya, no one has to go for these chicks. Stick to single girls if you want, I don’t care. I’m just reporting what reality is like in the field. If you don’t want to go for them, cool, don’t. If you don’t want to tease a girl or put winky faces in your txts, don’t. I don’t give a shit, it’s your dick lol

    It’s funny though, generally the guys who give me the most flak about banging taken girls are the guys who, if they’re getting laid regularly, are just banging average looking girls. Usually down the road when those guys start stepping up their game and actually approaching the hotter girls they come back to me and go “Damn, YaReally…I’m not into those ugly girls anymore, but it seems like every chick I talk to has a fucking boyfriend!!” and I just shrug and go “Yep.” and it’s like okay, now what are you going to do? Re-think your morals or keep sticking your dick in 6s till you accidentally get one preggers?

    Guys who don’t go out, and don’t hit on the hotter girls, and women in general and anti-gamers, of course can’t relate to any of that.

    “In all my years of marriage I’ve never had a desirable man hit on me.”

    Ya, 99% of guys have shitty anti-game and are terrible at seducing a woman, and especially at seducing a taken woman. That’s like saying “in all my years of being in bar fights, I’ve never had a Mike Tyson hitting me”. No shit, it’s a fucking art-form and takes some skill…you think every dipshit with a beer in his hand can pull it off? lol

    Aside from that, again, do you look like the girls in that pic above?

    “It’s understood by married women if you want someone high quality, you are going to have to pursue him.”

    Ya, that’s why we have push/pull and “flip the script”, make the girl invest, etc. So you feel like you’re pursuing.

    People shitting on my ethics for fucking taken girls should consider that I could have broken up pretty much any of those relationships, purposely, and just completely destroyed their lives…but I choose not to. Instead, ideally, they go back and fix their problems with their guy, or they decide that their relationship really wasn’t as good as they thought it was but always kind of knew it wasn’t and just didn’t want to admit it, and ultimately they find someone more compatible for them.

    “Men, with options, don’t need to bother with married women, even if they like them sometimes.”

    Agreed. Like I say, I don’t seek them out or have to get them. It just doesn’t register as a big deal to me. It’s like a girl telling me she has a dog at home. “Cool, so anyway–” On top of that, the girl sees me as a safe escape on the side because she knows that I’m not going to get all clingy on her or make her feel guilty or purposely fuck up her relationship…she knows she can trust me to just be a fun time and then go back to the “real world”.

    But hey, why am I trying to explain this stuff to you, right? You’re a girl so you obviously understand seduction better than any of us. Getting knocked out by Mike Tyson means you’re qualified to teach boxing, right?

    “Attached women who don’t tend to fuck everything that moves are always susceptible to the dark triad “deep” guy who “understands them.””

    Yup. People think I only get the girls that every other guy can get, the easy slut whore types. But they’d be surprised to see that I have no problems getting the ones that other guys CAN’T get, that have a bunch of walls and defenses up and moral qualms about fucking random guys etc. I just have enough game to understand how to break through or work around all those defenses and make them feel okay about fucking me.

    This is also why I don’t really worry about my girls going around boning a bunch of other guys while they’re seeing me…because 99% of guys will get weeded out by all their shit-testing and defenses that I had to deal with.

    “They are also imminently more erotic, channeling their emotions into it…doing things even their alpha husbands wouldn’t dream they were capable of.”

    I don’t know about the first half of that, some married chicks are pretty shitty lays lol But the second half for sure. Like, their husband is getting sex once a month at the most and it’s mediocre shit and she just lays there like a starfish because that’s how their sex life is after X number of years.

    Meanwhile she’s coming over to my place dressed in sexy lingerie and taking it up the ass and spending their money on sex toys and outfits and shit for us.

    Why doesn’t she do that with her husband? Because they know eachother TOO well…she’d be scared to say “I want you to choke me and spit on me” and scare him off because she has to live with him 24/7 and raise their kids with him so if he’s not into it she’s living in awkwardness for the rest of their marriage. And he’s gotten routine in the bedroom so she doesn’t feel like dressing up to seduce him because she knows it’ll be 30 seconds of missionary, no orgasm for her, and he rolls over and goes to sleep so why should she bother putting in any effort to seduce him?

    But when she comes over to MY place, as soon as I see her at my door I slowly check her out down and up bedroom-eyes style like she’s a piece of meat, I tell her how sexy she looks all done up like that for me, and I pin her up against the wall and nibble on her neck instead of saying “hello”…she gets to feel completely WANTED and sexy and gets to REVEL in feeling like a sex object for someone, and she gets to live out all her fantasies with me that she has to keep secret from her husband.

    Depending on the girl and her relationship, when she bitches about it, I’ll give her relationship advice. Ideally I’d LIKE if she was able to go to her hubby and say “I really need you to do such and such to me so we can get our sex life back on track, and I’ll do such and such for you” and they work it out and I never hear from her again…’cause I can get other women, I don’t care. But it’s hard to change up married peoples’ routine, and a lot of guys are butt-hurt over the suggestion that they aren’t amazing in bed.

    One chick, who doesn’t get very wet during sex in general, like that’s just how her body works, so we used lube all the time, came to me one night and was telling me that she tried to get her hubby to buy lube, like they were in a store and she grabbed some and put it in the cart and he told her “you shouldn’t need that, wtf, I should make you wet enough” and wouldn’t let her buy it. lol.

    Like take that girl’s situation…am I still the big evil asshole there? Her hubby is actively denying her pleasurable sex, and I’m offering it with no strings attached on the side. She’s trapped in a marriage where sex sucks for her…and I’m her escape that won’t disrupt her life and she doesn’t have to divorce him to find a guy who will drop $5 for a bottle of fucking lube so she can enjoy sex now and then lol

    Anyway, it’s all shades of grey to me. But I understand people will judge me however they want, that’s fine lol

    “but if your girl is running around on you, YOU are the one to blame. not me. not yareally. real talk: if you have proper hand and control of your girl, she will not WANT to cheat.”

    This. The only woman a guy with solid game can’t get to cheat is a woman who’s satisfied with her man. Her Hypergamy tells her her man is better than every other man, so she doesn’t WANT to cheat, because she would be trading DOWN.

    “with all due respect to yareally, if i’m doing my job right, i would bet my life’s earnings that he couldn’t game any of my “serious” girls into bed.”

    100% agree. It’s part of why I don’t worry about guys banging my girls. I do my job right, there’s no guy that’s going to come along and be higher value to them because I understand what they need and provide it in spades, whether it’s sexual needs, emotional needs, drama, relaxation, etc.

    Unfortunately, how many men, when they get into a serious relationship, stay the high value men their women fell in love with at the start? Not fucking many.

    Instead, how many men fall into routine DVD/take-out/cuddle night and get fat and lazy, lose track of their goals in life, stop grooming and dressing themselves well because they already have guaranteed pussy, stay in job they grow dissatisfied with because they don’t want to upset their life or they have a house and kids to pay for and have to suck their boss’ cock and come home and bitch about it every night, and stop hanging out with their buddies and end up making their girl the center of their entire universe, etc.?

    If you don’t want your girl to fuck guys like me, keep growing, keep being the best man you can be, keep striving toward new goals in your life. Don’t be complacent.

    “You can’t get any lower drama. She saves the bad emotions for “hubby” and the sexual ones for you. She adores the fuck out of you, even after it’s over, because she only associates deeply erotic times with you.”

    This. I’m not trying to be her replacement boyfriend (though it would be extremely easy). I’m basically just a sex toy for her. It’s convenient for me because I’m not looking for a relationship (I already have a GF of 2.5yrs) and she knows she can’t get any of the Provider/emotional benefits of a relationship from me so she still needs her guy for that.

    “she’ll throw you under the bus in the blink of an eye if she gets caught.”

    Yup. Thus my tips above on how to not get caught. lol

    “in a world of false sexual assault and rape charges, even a black eye is but a trivial worry.”

    Ya, the world sucks and there are shitty people out there. But I’m not going to avoid crossing the street because cars can hit people. I’m just going to look both ways before I cross the road and try to be careful.

    You want to know the fucked up part?

    Even if she got caught…like EVEN IF her man flat out saw my dick in her mouth, you know what would happen most of the time? With how beta guys are these days and how much the court system favors women etc. in divorce, child-care, etc.? He would literally convince himself it didn’t happen and he would mentally latch out onto ANY excuse to avoid accepting that it happened.

    There was a thread on this a little while back on a PUA forum and it’s hard for people to wrap their heads around, but like, people want to keep their life predictable and comfortable and stable SO BADLY that they will backwards rationalize (aka their hamster on overdrive) complete bullshit to keep their world from shattering.

    Sure, some guys would get mad. But if you hit on some single chick, she could have 4 Orbiter chodes who’ve been in love with her for years who’ll kick your ass outside the bar too, so fuck, it’s not any worse than that anyway.

    “Call me crazy for not wanting to save my name as “sarah” in a girl’s phone or all the other excessive planning.”

    So don’t fuck them. It’s your dick, stick it where you want lol I don’t care if she saves my name as “Foofoo BumBum”, why would I give a shit about that lol

    “Remember chicks dig drama. Even the drama of getting caught.”

    Yup. If I was going more in-depth in that list, I’d talk about that subject lol Guys would be surprised how little girls care about getting caught, ’cause for them it’s win/win…if their guy kicks my ass, they get to escape the blame AND they get to see their guy be an alpha for a few minutes and they get to fuck him after.

    Again, this is why I have ways of preventing her from getting caught. :P

    But on that note:

    “You’re doing it wrong if she’d throw you under the bus.”

    Also this. If you handle comfort/rapport right, you can direct the flow of things so that the girl won’t want to throw you under the bus. It’s basically helping her find other external things to blame, like her own hubby (“you don’t care about me enough I just wanted to feel loved, why don’t you love me anymore baby??”), her slutty BFF, alcohol, life circumstances, etc. There’s lots of stuff she can blame it on besides me, if I help her realize that. :)

    But again, I was just giving a brief thing there. Maybe I should write a legit in-depth eBook on how to bang taken girls and not get caught lol

    “Exactly Jack, you are letting her set the frame. It’s emasculating to have to sneak around like that. Either she’s your woman or she isn’t.”

    lol okay there. Get back to me on what’s “manly” when you grow a penis. I probably won’t go read Jezebel’s “man up” articles for advice on how to be a man either lol

    o noes, does this mean you won’t fly to my apartment and suck my dick? Awww man that was my master plan all along!!!1

    • Kate
      on February 12, 2013 at 2:45 pm
      Original Link

      One unpleasant truth stuck out to me in this. Attraction to a third party (even if it isn’t acted on) *does* help the primary relationship. Saves them, in fact, sometimes. Without getting into the moral issue, this is just objective information. I’d say its more common if the man is the one who has the attraction to an outside woman though.

      As far as what would work on any particular woman: if you’d never met anyone like YaReally yet, you’d likely fall for it hook, line, and sinker. If you had, if might not have the same impact.

      It is certainly true that women DO want to be objectified and that some women are stuck with poor partners. How they want to handle that is where the moral question comes in.

      • YaReally
        on February 12, 2013 at 4:19 pm
        Original Link

        “One unpleasant truth stuck out to me in this. Attraction to a third party (even if it isn’t acted on) *does* help the primary relationship. Saves them, in fact, sometimes. Without getting into the moral issue, this is just objective information.”

        shhhh don’t tell them that. They’re too busy living in Disneyland where everyone just magically loves eachother 24/7 and is attracted to eachother till the grave and relationships have no problems and everyone is moral and has “honor” 24/7. :)

        “I’d say its more common if the man is the one who has the attraction to an outside woman though.”

        That’s because that’s more common and more talked about. Did you know guys turn their wives down for sex? Even HOT wives? I sure as shit had no idea because society never talks about that…but I’ve met enough girls who are stuck in that situation to know that that’s a thing that happens.

        Did you know a flirty waitress will make a wife jealous and get her to put out for her husband that night? Of course you did, we ALL know that, because that’s socially acceptable to talk about.

        “As far as what would work on any particular woman: if you’d never met anyone like YaReally yet, you’d likely fall for it hook, line, and sinker.”

        It benefits me for people to think that PUAs look like Mystery or that Players are obvious to spot and are clearly running “games” and “tricks” and using bad pick-up lines and shit. Because they have NO idea what it really looks like in action, and that’s why I come along and blow a girls’ mind.

        “If you had, if might not have the same impact.”

        That’s like saying if you’ve seen a nice pair of tits, nice tits are no longer going to have the same impact on you. lol

        “It is certainly true that women DO want to be objectified and that some women are stuck with poor partners.”

        Understanding and accepting and not judging this is a huge part of becoming good at seduction. It doesn’t mean the girl is some damage case, it’s completely healthy to want to feel sexy and loved and appreciated. And guys aren’t all good partners who understand their wives enough to understand how to trigger that shit in them.

        That’s why every guy should have some basic understanding of game/attraction and the female mind.

        When I see those anti-game AFCs who get a white-knight-boner from proclaiming “I would NEVER use games on my wife!” I automatically know that their wives are probably the first ones that would fuck a guy like me if they met me, because their husbands are actively choosing not to satisfy their needs as women. Just like the guy who wouldn’t buy his girl a bottle of lube. You drop the ball, on purpose no less, and I’ll pick it up, because I see the sexy side of your woman that you snuffed out with your insecurity and inattention.

        • Kate
          on February 12, 2013 at 4:52 pm
          Original Link

          I wouldn’t go so far as to say Disneyland. People here are pretty savy. Again, I am not making an argument *for* infidelity, just discussing how it appears to work.

          I feel its more common for a man’s infidelity to cause a woman to up her game and win her man back to save the marriage because women compete with each other for men already. A woman’s infidelity, in my opinion, causes more damage and is less likely to cause a man to want to win her back. Its more probable that winning her back is not possible due to the fact that her emotions would have left him long before physically cheating.

          “That’s like saying if you’ve seen a nice pair of tits, nice tits are no longer going to have the same impact on you. lol”

          If one of those tits sprayed lemon juice in your eye, you might be wary. PUA types can be very, very loveable. Usually because they are so open. But, knowing you can be replaced at virtually any second is way too stressful for the average person.

          • YaReally
            on February 12, 2013 at 7:05 pm
            Original Link

            “A woman’s infidelity, in my opinion, causes more damage and is less likely to cause a man to want to win her back.”

            This part I agree with. Men take it waaaay more personal than women do because it just shits in their ego to know their chick took another dick in her. Women are just kind of like “doesn’t he love me anymore??” and just need reassurance. I imagine this has to do with how much harder it is for dudes to get laid than it is for girls…if I could only eat chocolate once in my life and my chocolate bar fell on the ground I’d be devestated. If you have chocolate every day and one falls on the ground it’s like ehhh, sucks but I’ll get over it.

            “Its more probable that winning her back is not possible due to the fact that her emotions would have left him long before physically cheating.”

            This part is tricky. Once a man is low-value to a woman, it’s extremely hard for him to become high-value. It takes a herculean effort and a lot of uncomfortable parts of Game to turn that shit around and be legit sexually attractive to her again.

            At the same time, I’ve fucked taken girls who really DO love their man. They love 90% of him, he just legitimately doesn’t satisfy her in the bedroom or have any interest in satisfying her in the bedroom, so she uses me for that other 10%. But like, she really DOES care about him and doesn’t want to hurt him and sees a future with him and wants to raise kids with him etc.

            She really WANTS him to step up and be attractive to her, but he chooses not to, so she seeks it through me so that she doesn’t have to leave him. She can bang me at lunch hour and then go back to him and live her normal life as a loving woman.

            This is really hard for people to wrap their heads around because we think “if she bangs someone else, she must not love you anymore”. Meanwhile we don’t say “if she loves her son, that means she doesn’t love her daughter”. It’s silly social conditioning.

            “If one of those tits sprayed lemon juice in your eye, you might be wary.”

            And if they don’t spray lemon juice? The girls I’m with all have nothing but good things to say about me afterward, because I give them an exciting fun experience and I know how to manage their emotions afterward so they don’t get Buyer’s Remorse or anything and look back on our time together as a good memory. That’s why they’ll often come back to me months or a year later.

            “But, knowing you can be replaced at virtually any second is way too stressful for the average person.”

            This is the key to setting up Open Relationships. The woman’s biggest worry isn’t that you’ll stick your dick in something else, it’s that she’ll get replaced by that other chick. So a big part of making a girl feel comfortable with you banging other girls is re-enforcing to her through words and actions and emotions, that she’s your #1 girl, your Primary, and all the other girls are meaningless and just to satiate your need for variety…but that none of them would ever replace her or be more important to you than her. And then you have to demonstrate that now and then, and never EVER put the other girls above her (like flaking on her to fuck one of them).

            But that’s another conversation entirely lol

        • Lily
          on February 13, 2013 at 1:13 pm
          Original Link

          o noes, does this mean you won’t fly to my apartment and suck my dick? “

          Sorry, your stories are not stimulating enough. Where is your alphaness? I can’t detect anything alpha about you. You come across like a spoiled brat/teenager and that’s not sexy. To make pussy wettage you first need to hijack a woman’s mind, not recount how you and a dubious unhappily married chick duped her unassuming hubby. Not sexy enough. Next!

          • YaReally
            on February 13, 2013 at 3:11 pm
            Original Link

            I’m alright with my “providing logical information to other men” not being juicy enough to get some 6 on the internet who hangs out on men’s blogs wet. Maybe you should try reading Twilight or surfing for porn? The world doesn’t revolve around the status of your pussy.

          • YaReally
            on February 14, 2013 at 4:02 pm
            Original Link

            well I only last 30 seconds in the sack so sex doesnt take much time, but I’m slowly working my way up to lasting a whole minute! Tell your girlfriends!!

            Ohhh you want me to qualify myself. Okay sure, I don’t mind…because my life is awesome lol:

            I type fast as fuck and I have an extremely lax job that I’m awesome at that only requires a few hours a day of work. I go out fri/sat (and occasionally thurs/sun) with friends and pick up new chicks, and either bang them that night or arrange to bang during the week when it’s convenient for me. I don’t waste my time on dates or cuddling up to watch DVDs or whatever, I arrange it so they come over to fuck and then go, and I don’t see the same girl more than once every week or two so I don’t have to waste 5 nights a week watching Honey Booboo with a chick and hoping I get some pussy before bed.

            Writing about social dynamics and helping other men the way I was helped is a hobby for me, so I enjoy it and specifically make time for it. While other guys are playing Xbox or watching mindless YouTube shit, I’m reading/writing about this stuff and helping other guys revamp their lives for free because I’m just a nice dude that way and I enjoy seeing other men develop their full potential.

            Now I’m going to knock out a few more hours of work, do a workout (new years resolution to get in shape), have a healthy dinner, meet up with my buddies, and hit the club where all the single-for-valentine’s-day chicks will be looking for cock. On the weekend my GF will be cooking me a nice V-Day dinner and I’ll do all those cuddly DVD night things with her.

            brb, spending $0 on Valentine’s Day and getting “happy v-day” txts throughout my day from #s that went stale or boyfriended up and are looking to get back in touch with some YaReally lovin’

            U mad at the awesomeness of my life?

            Yeah, u mad. Lol

Status Whoring SWPLs And Pitbulls

Original Link

via Heartiste

on February 10, 2013 at 11:56 am
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lol…girls and dogs.

Anyone read My Secret Garden and Forbidden Flowers?


on February 10, 2013 at 7:04 pm
Original Link

FR — >


Had two options, go to big event at a nightclub or hang with some friends. Had a big red pill moment. I foolishly chose to hang out with these friends. I figure, ya, cool man…they’re naturals/good with girls/blah blah blah. So, my friend AFCRog gets in the car and then we go to their house to ‘plan’ the night. AFCRog is in an annoyed mood, and I’m like ‘what’s wrong?’ He shakes his head ‘this is going to just suck. we’re going to end up doing something lame with their dates.’

His prophecy came true. These guys took us to play bingo. Now, remember when I said I get ‘pushback’ from this group. That’s definitely true. Like, these natural guys hold themselves out as being dominant, awesome, etc. But idk, this forever changed my view of them. One of them, probably the ‘best,’ natural is with HB6Asian…but only because he couldn’t keep another girl, HB8.5. And it hits me…I’ve seen this over and over with him. While it’s true he may hook up with the occassional HB7+, those are always short-term. What he can keep around are always HB5-6′s (full disclosure, a lot of people disagree with me about HB6Asian being a 6…but meh, idk…I think she’s a 6…others think lower).

And I take a good honest look at them. Like, the AryanTall is a really tall, pretty good looking guy. His girlfriend — while really feminine and nice — is, y’know…kinda chunky…maybe like a 5.5. I look at the other one, and his girl — while really feminine as well — is just…well, he doesn’t like her very much and just can’t leave her.

And here we all are, playing bingo. So….my other friend that I’m doing this project with — Nightly (previously FatBoy lol) keeps txting me like ‘wtf are you doing, wtf is wrong with you, CLUB CLUB CLUB!’ I know he’s right. So, after wasting an hour of Friday night….I just announce at the end of the game that I’m outtie. They pull a bunch of the usual stuff against me — first they try to shame me, then the try to ignore me. But more and more my inner emotion is becoming ‘lol.’ Me and AFCRog bounce (they stayed to play more bingo…lol).

AFCRog has a near red pill moment. He says he wants to bang some girl within our social circle who’s probably a 4.5, and I respond by saying that ‘ya might be tough, she has high standards.’ And he’s like ‘what HOW DO YOU KNOW?’ And I was like ‘just hearing how she talks about guys in general, she’s pretty harsh…I mean, I dunno.’

Then he goes on this rant: “Fucking girls are such a stupid race of people! How inflated can your self-worth get? These bitches need someone to tell them that their life is shit, and I’m gonna be that guy.”

For a second I ponder letting him in on the project, but then he goes on to say that he thinks gender roles are stupid and societally defined or whatever. So then I just inwardly lol and keep my mouth shut. I tell him that he should come to the club instead….then he goes on some sort of ‘what’s the point’ spiel.

I’m done with it. I drop him off and head to the club to salvage what of the night I can.

I get to the club…say hi to the people I know. One of the girls in my social circle — a really nice, feminine, but chunky 4.5 — that I just do the whole ‘flirt mercillessly’ thing with is there. But hurro, she brought her HB6Lovely friend. And the first thing 4.5 does is just like……..hug me, play with my hair, talk about how she loves me, which kind of immediately sets the frame for HB6Lovely to just be like ‘ya do mind if we just gangbang you right here.’ It was kind of a whirlwind few seconds, because HB6Lovely also starts touching me — while 4.5 seems drunk, HB6Lovely seems to have had a drink or two — and suggesting getting a picture kissing me. Then after that, they girlcode and decide they’re gonna go to another club. They invite me, but I decline. It’s not like I’m not going to see HB6Lovely again. I’ve got cold approachin’ to do.

Nightly is at the club…however, Nightly is drunk. Great. Nightly is also hanging out with another dude who seems solid, but probably anti-game. So, Nightly opens a girl, and Anti-Game starts talking to the girl. I lol to myself and quickly distract Anti-Game while Nightly does his thing. As soon as I get Anti-Game away from Nightly’s set, I use the 3 second rule. I’ve decided to change it up…

Now, I’m viewing the entire first few seconds as actually establishing rapport. Not necessarily deep rapport, but definitely ‘shoot the shit with this guy’ rapport, which is why breaking it later has an effect. That’s the theory, anyway, and why I’m starting to get why multiple threads/stacking is important.

3 second rule followed, first set nothing special, two 5.5′s past their prime:

Me: Hey, I can only stay a second but can I get your opinion on something…

Them (now they routinely turn toward me and want to hear)

Me: (acting surprised) Wow I can tell you guys care about one another, you all turned at the exact same time….

Them (they look at one another and chuckle)

Me: Yeah, friends usually have similar body language, and you guys are mirroring one another.

Them: yeah, we’re friends, blah blah blah

Me: Well since I’ve been here, two girls have asked me for weed…

Them: What….weed?

Me: YEAH, Weed! So I mean, do I look like a drug dealer?

Them: Well, hm, I don’t….no…

Left 5.5 — Well, turn around…turn around…

Me (don’t know how to disobey the command verbally and in a cool way, so instead, I just…eh…’flamboyantly’ turn)

Left 5.5 – Yeah, NO — cause a drug dealer wouldn’t turn around like a ballerina! (right 5.5 laughs)

Me: (laughs) Is that fucking right? (turn to right 5.5) Blah blah blah hairdresser…

Right 5.5: No…

Me: Oh yeah…friend…blah blah blah…are you crazy? she’s crazy….

Right 5.5: (chuckles) No…

I take a step back, then wag my finger at the Left 5.5.

Me: No, SHE’S the really crazy one out of the two of you…I can tell. Like, if we were in a relationship and I inevitably cheated on you, you’d probably stab me, whereas you (indicating Right 5.5) would just yell at me or something.

Left 5.5: Psh. I would cut your dick off.

(This time I’m better prepared)

Me: Well, would you like just put it in the garbage or in the blender and make it into a dickshake you would drink so that NO ONE COULD EVER HAVE MY DICK AGAIN?!?!?!?!

Left 5.5: (kind of recoils with smirk) Uh, I would put it in the blender but I wouldn’t…

Me (makes gurgly nomnomonom slurp slurp noises) mwahahahahaha I drank the last of his dick forevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar.

Right 5.5 laughs and shakes her head.

Left 5.5 suddenly goes to the bar to get a drink, leaving me and Right 5.5.

Me: Now it’s just me and you…

Right 5.5: Well she’s going to be right back


Right 5.5 (obviously I didn’t smile big enough because she kind of lets out a nervous laugh….so instead, I just turn and look over at her)

Me: Hey, I’m gonna be you right now. This is you. This is how you look.

(I just kinda stand there holding my drink…she likes that)

Me (realizing I don’t have much else to say…I just shift down into smaller talk…goddammit Scray)

Blah blah blah….soon enough she goes to join her friend at the bar. I make a mental note that the only way I’m going to be able to get them to stick around and not leave is if I build some type of attraction.

Nightly opens a set…some late 30′s woman with two other friends. I immediately move in to distract the obstacles. We kinda keep anti-game out of the equation. I’m doing my thing, distracting her friends, when he’s like ‘oh is this guy bothering you? he’s drunk, he’s drunk!’ At first I’m like lol am I getting Amogged off these ugly cougars. Then he whispers ‘….and they’re ugly, I made a big mistake, eject, eject!’ So I’m out.

Next set, 7.5 with wedding veil, 7 just standing there, leaning against a couch, buzzed 5.5, and some fat guy in the circle with them. Here we go.

I do the opener….my approach has me standing a little close to the 7, but whatever. I go through the material….do the girl coding thing. Somewhere during the middle of this interaction, I introduce Nightly — ‘this is my best friend, he saved my life once, smartest guy I know…’ and he occupies wedding girl and fat guy

7: (flat) yeah we’re good friends, it’s her wedding.

Me: (to the bride to be or whatever) NICE! Congrats, enjoy that white dress while you can!

(5.5 laughs)

7 seems put off by me lol.

Me: (to the 7, indicating the 5), she’s the crazy one of the group eh?

7: I don’t know.

Me: (If I shall be blown out, I will go out guns a blazing) Hey, are you fucking crazy?

5.5: What?!!?!

Me: You seem fucking insane!

5.5 (laughing) Noooooo, nooo way!

I actually forget this part of the interaction, but somehow, someway I was saying something and

5.5: ….blah blah…but I have asthma!

Me: (laughing) No shit, my ex-girlfriend had asthma! YOU CAN’T RUN FOR SHIT, BITCH!

7 makes an almost disgusted face, me and the 5.5 laugh and high five

7:…no, she ran a 10K last year, okay, she’s actually really good at –


5.5 (laughing hard, high fives me again) You ran a 3K?! Nice! You’ll be running half marathons soon, that’s awesome

7 turns to me, bats eyes

7: Oh, you ran a 3k…that’s pretty cool…so you’re into running?

Me: Of course…I gotta outrun my exes, DUH

7 laughs.

Set is now invaded by some other woman who pulls the girl in the wedding veil, who had been occupied by Nightly. The woman grabs wedding veil, who directs everyone else out of the set. They’re gone. I didn’t even get a name. Fuck. AGAIN.

That’s it for Friday.


We’re hanging out for a friend’s 29th birthday who can get us into some clubs for free. Sweet. Me and Nightly go up to the club.

Here’s what I’m starting to notice about the club scene —- truly hot girls are fairly rare. I mean, they’re in the club, but it seems like they’re almost always on the dancefloor. But I’d say at least 70% of the girls in the club are like…fat/chunky/unattractive. Whatever…

Me and Nightly quickly notice that friend’s entourage (we know a few of them) are just…well, AFC’s. They don’t talk to girls, they stand in a circle with their drinks held up to their waists. Whatever.

Nightly opens a two-set…I wait a few minutes, and then I come in stupid…addressing him instead of the set, which gives them a chance to just scurry away. So…probably too early and doing nothing to help him.

My turn — we’re in an outside area, it’s cold — I open a group of 4 girls. Target is a 6.5. I run through the stack, nothing seems to stick…one of the little girls keeps pushing me back toward the opener. When I get to the ‘ur crazy, if we were in a relationship you would…’ thing, this fat uggo tools me and says ‘wait, do u have weed?’

Me: All the world’s weed

Her: Naaaah

Me: Okay, I don’t even know what that is.


They laugh. Inwardly I just have to roll with the punch. I eject soon enough.

We go inside…Nightly opens a two-set. I go in to distract the obstacle immediately because he got them while they were walking. I notice that the obstacle is pretty cute…like a 6.5. She’s from Norway. HB6.5 Norway (she’d be an easy 7 is she lost like 10 pounds — why is everyone so fat lol).

I run the stack on her, it seems to go well, she laughs, she leans in to hear what I’m saying. She wants to find someplace to sit, so I just have her sit on this counter with bars (the booths cost money).

After awhile, I start to just think she’s polite, which is why she laughs and leans in and blah blah blah. Because I’m just not getting very far with it.
I run out of my stack when we’re sitting there, so I just attempt to riff.

‘So tell me your life story in five words or less.’

Her: (laughing) No, this is…

‘Just do it you wuss…’

Her: No, No, I cannot.

I just fall silent then….she resumes conversation

Her: Why don’t you do this?

Me: My life story in five words?

Her: Yeah

Me: Awesome, Fun, Party, Boning, Blowjobs.

Her: (laughs)

Me: All right, your turn.

Her: No, I still don’t think I can do this.

I fall silent again. She thinks…finally she says stuff. I don’t remember…

Her: Something, something, love, no regrets.

At around this time, where I’m struggling to get her attracted or put my best foot forward, or whatever, a few of our buddies show up. To our horror, they are the most anti-gamers who ever anti-gamed. One charges through to Nightly’s target

‘WHAT’S YOUR OCCUPATION?!’ said like a maximum chode.

Our other friend comes over to me and HB6.5Norway and I introduce him, accomplishment style. He stands there and starts to dance. I say he won a regional dance competition, and HB6.5Norway seems interested. So, I figure…hey, if this girl isn’t into me, maybe she’ll be into him.

He immediately contradicts the story, then refuses to dance, despite our urgings. Norway says she likes Interpol, to which I say I hate her and tell her to go away (the whole roleplay thing got laughs from her but like…when she went away, I was actually worried she wouldn’t come back, and she only slowly came back)

My friend on the other hand gets in her face like ‘hey, how could he hate you, you’re so beautiful.’ She recoils….I start to think their presence could be a huge DLV for both me and Nightly.

Norway keeps asking for somewhere to sit…she asks if outside has somewhere to sit. Friend says ‘yeah maybe’ and then she leaves. Of course when she goes outside, Nightly’s target follows. Then, they both come back cause it’s cold out there, then they talk to these guys who paid probably 1000 dollars to sit in a booth, and they let them sit with them.

Phuck. Set busted.

Moving on….

next club has more talent.

I follow 3 second rule and open a girl…she’s older, probably early mid 30′s and probably like a 6. She’s unfortunately on her phone. I say what I say, she doesn’t respond. Time to get blown out. I wave my hand over her phone and she looks up, agitated. I try to smile and say ‘hey can I get your opinion on something?’ She just flatly says ‘no.’ Lol. Moving on.

Next set is the first hawt girl I’ve seen all night. Like 7.5-8. I go over there. There’s a guy and a girl in a wedding veil there. So I open all of them. It goes fine. Then, she says she’s from the country and that she hunts.

Me: I hunt with a bow and arrow only.

Wedding girl: I’m calling bullllshiiiiiit

Guy: Gotta agree

Me: -what?-

Wedding girl: What do you do when you kill your prey?

Me: I fucking leave it there.



They laugh at that

Me: Watch out guys, apparently I just ran into the night club’s game warden. No one cap a deer and leave a carcass on her watch.

Wedding girl laughs….I start talking to Hawt girl….I do the whole ‘you’re a hairdresser, you’re crazy’ and she seems -laughingly- shocked at being called crazy, at stabbing me, etc. But then she’s like ‘yeah i’m from the country so yeah….’

Some guy comes and does the -right- thing and sits next to her on the couch. Fuck. Good move, rival to the game. I wonder where Nightly is to wing my set. He’s behind me, talking to one of our friends. I’m wondering…wtf.

Hawt girl asks if I’m from the city, and I say yeah. She says she’s going to school here to be a nurse. I tell her about my program, and she’s impressed. I also say that an ex was a nurse blah blah blah, we can’t get along. She laughs.

She lets slip that she has a fiance and shows off the ring. Fuck. I could eject, but I dunno. I think she’s kind of into me. I mean, I dunno. I stick it out. The guy next to her actually chimes in, tells her he’s in the army.

Get this, hawt girl uses my exact line on HIM! Like, ‘oh we can’t be friends because my fiance is in the army.’
An awkward minute passes as I figure out how to change this situation.

Then finally I say to the guy ‘hey, now none of us can be friends you asshole, goddammit!’

This pulls her attention back to me. I notice that whenever I break rapport with her, she’s quick to seek it out with any of the other — now it’s three/four — guys around her. FUCK. Where is my wingman?!?!!?!? it’s not like she knew any of those guys. Anyway, soon enough, a friend of hers comes and takes her away. And I’m left in the cold again.

I turn to Nightly…and he’s like ‘dude, trust me…anti-game here was going to be a horrible obstacle, he kept saying that he wanted to talk to the girl you were talking to and help out. trust me.’

Whatevs….just move on.

Nightly has been fixated on this woman and has called her ‘hot’ all night. She’s okay…like a 6, but she’s clearly past her prime. So my job is to distract her fat mohawk friend…and let me just say…yck.

So here we go. I do that. It’s terrible. I try to engage her in conversation and stuff, but she’s one of these fatties who has high self-worth. What can you do with that? lol. I just sort of try to be her friend, but she’s real stand-offish about it. Anyway, I just have to distract until her bf arrives.

Then, later Nightly goes outside with this woman. I have to distract a chode who comes out there to talk with them. Easy enough. Long story short, Nightly wants to stay there and pursue this woman at like 4 in the morning. Reality check: she has a 20 year old kid. She’s divorced. She’s not worth it. He goes over there and tries to talk with her one last time, then just comes back — I don’t know what happened. We leave.

One of our anti-game friends got real cozy with a 4 ‘cougar.’ He seemed to be really proud of that. He showed off a txt she sent him about her making him wet. Me and Nightly looked between one another and were like ‘that’s awesome dude, get it wet.’ As soon as we dropped them off though, I’m like ‘dude………..we have no choice. we HAVE to try this….or that’s our lives. right there.’

I guess I’m just gonna have to stack more routines, maybe work on body language shit I’m missing. I dunno.

  • Naz
    on February 12, 2013 at 11:38 am
    Original Link

    Amazing progress Scray. I’ve noticed you don’t comment on your physical aspect of the interactions. Is this part of your interactions yet or are you slowly adding that part in?

    • Scray
      on February 12, 2013 at 1:52 pm
      Original Link

      It’s hard for me to keep total track of my body language throughout the set. In general, I tend to stay facing away from the group for a little too long I think…even after people face me. As far as Kino goes….there isn’t much of it from me yet. I mean, I’m trying to add the ‘hand on shoulder when you laugh’ stuff when they laugh, but not much beyond that.

      • YaReally
        on February 12, 2013 at 4:02 pm
        Original Link

        “I tend to stay facing away from the group for a little too long I think…even after people face me.”

        Face them when they earn it. So if a girl says something funny (like the 3K girl high-fiving you) or complies with a hoop you want them to jump through, reward her with turning toward her and giving her your full attention and eye-contact etc. It’s weird how much of a difference this makes, but it does make a big one.

        The problem is most guys go in facing the girl head on right away and she hasn’t done shit to earn it yet so he comes off as needy. She wants that challenge of like “okay here’s my 5 words to describe myself! Yay!! He turned to me, I won his approval!!”

        “As far as Kino goes….there isn’t much of it from me yet.”

        Don’t stress it too much yet, but try to work on it a bit. Right now there are like 50 different little categories of things you can work on, and if you go out trying to get better at all 50 things at once, you’re going to get overwhelmed and fuck up a bunch. But if each night out you take 1-3 things and just be like “okay, tonight I’m going to work on leading and cutting into her space” and that’s your main focus for each set for the night, you’ll slowly build each of these things up.

        Baby steps. :) But watch that video for some SUPER useful advice/tips.

      • YaReally
        on February 12, 2013 at 4:03 pm
        Original Link

        Also FR analysis is send but in moderation I think. Check back later!

  • YaReally
    on February 12, 2013 at 3:57 pm
    Original Link

    “go to big event at a nightclub or hang with some friends.”

    Always go to the nightclub. :) I learned it the hard way with my own bingo-night equivalents myself lol I’m happy to hang out with a couple beers and pizza and play X-Box with my buddies…on a Tuesday night. On a Fri/Sat night? Fuck that. There’s gorgeous chicks and fun adventures out there.

    My main Natural buddy and I have rules like we NEVER bring chicks out with us, even if it’s some chick we’re trying to bang. Don’t bring bread to the bakery. Hook up with her at 2am if nothing pans out, or hang out with her on a Tuesday. Or get it done BEFORE the bar and send her home early enough to go out and find new girls lol

    “These guys took us to play bingo.”

    lol’ed so hard when I read that. Like I say, I’ve been in similar situations. I’ve had points where I’ve literally left halfway through whatever gayness and been like “lol this was fun and I love you guys but I’m young and single and there are titties out there that need motorboating, so I gotta’ jet. You all have fun, peace!”

    It’s part of why I hate house parties lol They’re always a few average girls with 5 orbiters each begging for her attention all night while everyone gets shitfaced and I’m like “man, I would rather be sober and at a club right now, this is retarded”.

    Like I say, on a Tuesday night or some shit, cool…but on a Fri/Sat? I’ll choose “being surrounded by a bunch of chicks”, thanks.

    “Like, these natural guys hold themselves out as being dominant, awesome, etc. But idk, this forever changed my view of them.”

    lol and the myth of the Natural starts crashing down for you. :) This is good. The more of these guys you meet and hang around with, the more you’ll realize that they really aren’t these amazing badasses that you and everyone around you hyped them up to be. Hell, often they do some pretty lame shit. But they just happen to have better game than most guys and, in very specific scenarios (where they have situational confidence like being in their favorite bar or being in the social circle they’re the leader of, where the girl is already giving them eye contact so it’s a warm approach, etc.), they have a really solid set of skills they apply.

    But they’re nowhere near as amazing as people think. They don’t shoot lightning out their butt.

    “While it’s true he may hook up with the occassional HB7+, those are always short-term. What he can keep around are always HB5-6′s”

    Yup. Thing is, a lot of them don’t MIND that…like, the Naturals with really high sex-drives are just as happy with a 5 as they are with a 9, as long as they’re getting their dick wet consistently.

    You’re a “Thrill of the Hunt” guy rather than a “Pleasure of Sex” guy. I’m the same way. I just can’t get into hooking up with a <7. It's gross and embarrassing to me.

    "keeps txting me like ‘wtf are you doing, wtf is wrong with you, CLUB CLUB CLUB!’ I know he’s right."

    lol. Good on you.

    Also something to consider is that that's one more reference experience you earned of "doing what I want to do, despite the social pressure to not rock the boat or look like a jerk". In the past, you might've just stayed at Bingo because you didn't want anyone to be mad at you or to look selfish etc. It's good to develop that "You know what? I want to go do this, so I'm going to go do it. Sorry if you have a problem with that, but I won't apologize for living the life I want to live."

    "Then he goes on this rant: “Fucking girls are such a stupid race of people! How inflated can your self-worth get? These bitches need someone to tell them that their life is shit, and I’m gonna be that guy.”"

    lol see this is the way a lot of guys go when they take the red pill. Just rage and anger and hatred for women and they end up approaching them from a place of just shitty negative bitterness. It's terrible and I don't like hanging out with guys like that.

    I love women, I think they're awesome. They're flawed, but I understand their flaws so that's okay. They're just trying to get by like anyone else in this big crazy world of ours. Life is too short for all that anger.

    "For a second I ponder letting him in on the project"

    Be careful about who you let in. First thing any of us wants when we find out about game, is to let all our buddies in on it and encourage them to approach with us and stuff because we're like "man I found a way to do better with girls, of course I want my buddies to all know about it!" But the resistance/push-back you'll get on it, from guys who would benefit from it the MOST ironically, is huge and frustrating.

    A guy has to hit rock-bottom before he's ready to do what you're doing.

    "I just do the whole ‘flirt mercillessly’ thing with is there."

    Good, you don't have to fuck her but there's nothing wrong with flirting. Even a 4 is social proof to a 10, as weird as that works. Like you'd think to a 10 only a 9+ would be social proof but no, for whatever reason, even having ugly girls wanting you makes other girls want you. It's pretty awesome when you realize that lol

    "And the first thing 4.5 does is just like……..hug me, play with my hair, talk about how she loves me"

    And your first instinct was probably "oh shit, get off me!! I don't want HB6Lovely to think I'm into you or that we're together ahhh fuck off you're going to ruin my chances with–"


    "which kind of immediately sets the frame for HB6Lovely to just be like 'ya do mind if we just gangbang you right here.' It was kind of a whirlwind few seconds, because HB6Lovely also starts touching me"

    huh. Lookit that lol :)

    Also when the frame is set (ideally by you) that it's okay to talk about sex and flirt and hug and touch eachother etc., girls will fall into that frame and open right up. I grabbed a # from a chick in my social circle this weekend who my buddies (AFCs) think is a totally innocent nice Good Girl. She has that look and isn't sexual and doesn't dress slutty and wouldn't be into a guy like me or up for casual sex, etc. Has a total virgin vibe. But we have good chemistry and I can tell she'd be hot if she DID do herself up.

    So anyway, I grab her number and within a couple small txt convos I have her agreeing to come over in lingerie under a trenchcoat literally just to bang.

    Meanwhile if those guys got her number, they'd be taking her out on a date where she'd be wearing a turtleneck sweater and shit and they'd talk about puppydogs and ice cream.

    But why is my "version" of her that I get to experience so different than theirs would be? Because I set a very sexual non-judgemental frame from the beginning and I make sure to qualify her so she feels special and she's able to loosen up with me and get into the roleplay of being a little sex-pot sex object for me. It's win/win for both of us, because we'd both rather get laid and have fun than go to some boring dinner…she just needs me to create a situation where that can happen in a way that she won't feel guilty about it and instead will feel empowered and happy about it.

    "They invite me, but I decline."

    Good. Don't chase pussy. They want you Orbiting them allllll fucking night because it's a huge validation high for them. It just makes you look like a chump and frustrates you because you have to watch all the other dudes Orbiting them. Notice that often when they want to leave to another bar it's because they aren't getting enough attention from enough men in THAT bar lol

    If you decline, you can stay and do your thing, and they have no idea if maybe you're hooking up with another chick. You can always txt them near 2am and be like "Denny's at 2. You guys in?"

    If I want a # I'll usually go "No, I'm staying here. But gimme your # incase this place sucks and we'll hang out later." I don't really care if we hang out later, they'll probably be drunk/annoying by then, but now I have the # and the next day I can txt a "how's the hangover lol" and work some txt game from there.

    "It’s not like I’m not going to see HB6Lovely again."

    Excellent attitude. It'd be different if she wasn't someone in your social circle, then it might be alright to chase. But not if you're going to see her again at some point, eff it, meet new girls.

    "Nightly opens a girl, and Anti-Game starts talking to the girl."

    lol. This kind of stuff is why when you FIND a good wingman, he is worth 1000000 women. Like, never choose a chick over your wingman or fight with him over a girl because he is so fucking valuable. Two guys with solid game and solid wingmanship skills and a solid friendship (which often you can develop just through gaming girls together, like if you meet a dude at the bar randomly and click as wingmen)…they can do a LOT of damage together.

    Imagine having to hang out with Anti-Game here as your only wingman ever. Fucking painful lol

    "I use the 3 second rule."

    Excellent! Keep that up. I still have to remind myself to use it.

    "That’s the theory, anyway, and why I’m starting to get why multiple threads/stacking is important."

    A solid way to run it. You'll find a lot of laid back (Owen Wilson type) Naturals do this…they naturally expect everyone to be friendly to them, so they just roll up and shoot the shit with no outcome in mind and build some comfort/rapport right away and work from there.

    VS the flashy guy who goes up and spikes her temp right off the start and all that.

    The problem to watch out for is that you'll get categorized as asexual right away…both because you're short and because you're approaching with a "shoot the shit" vibe. So you'll have to consciously shift into actual gaming once you snag an ioi or two, or you're just going to end up having a ton of "pleasant conversations", but no Attraction.

    Like this method you're thinking of will make opening easier/smoother, but it'll make transitioning into a sexual vibe harder because you're almost purposely putting yourself in an asexual role you'll have to dig out of.

    If you want to try it out for a bit, try doing it for the first few sets of the night and then make a conscious effort to start going a little more direct with your next sets (not full out direct, but just get right into spiking Buying Temperatures and teasing and emotional rollrecoaster stuff).

    Just remember: If you're doing this method and you find you're not getting any Attraction, just "pleasant interactions", that's a direct result of this method and if that frustrates you, you'll have to switch back to something more direct/aggressive that sparks sexual Attraction.

    "Me (don’t know how to disobey the command verbally and in a cool way, so instead, I just…eh…’flamboyantly’ turn)"

    lol. Shit, it's better than nothing! I would've done something like "Turn around? You're just trying to check out my butt. Pervert. You're trouble, aren't you. (to her friend) Is she the crazy one?" etc.

    "Me: (laughs) Is that fucking right? (turn to right 5.5) Blah blah blah hairdresser…"

    Note that, like right here, there doesn't have to be any logical transition from your weed opener to your hairdresser routine. Like, a lot of guys think "oh it'd be weird if I just started saying this, I need to make it smooth and make sense" but girls don't work that way. You just interrupt yourself or them with whatever new thing you want to say…if your frame is strong, they'll just fall into it and roll with the new conversation thread.

    "Me: No, SHE’S the really crazy one out of the two of you…I can tell."

    Good, switch up your target if the one you're talking to isn't playing along. This is Group Theory. If you can get the friend to play along and love you, the one that was being a bummer will chill out and join in the fun. Often you'll find the hotter girl is kind of stoic/lame, and the uglier girl is more fun/energetic, so you'll have to bail on the hotter girl to joke around with the uglier girl and even make fun of the hotter girl together, and once the uglier girl loves you, the hotter girl's jealousy kicks in and she loosens up and you can go back to her but with her more receptive.

    (and of course you can use that incident later to qualify her like "ya, at first I thought you were kind of a bitch because you were being boring lol and I was like aww man another girl who's hot as fuck but has no personality…I'm glad you loosened up, you're actually a cool chick, I shouldn't have judged you so fast. I bet a lot of guys judge you by your looks hey?" (etc. etc.))

    "Like, if we were in a relationship and I inevitably cheated on you, you’d probably stab me, whereas you (indicating Right 5.5) would just yell at me or something."

    I would change this up. Your examples in it right now give the girls bad emotions and set up an aggressive frame. If they've been cheated on before (which they probably have), you're bringing up those feelings they had and assosciating them with YOU.

    And becuase you're talking about "stabbing", you're getting this response:

    "Left 5.5: Psh. I would cut your dick off."

    It's because you're already going into a roleplay involving knives and pain and stabbing and cutting and blood and shit. So they're just escalating the frame you set. If you said something super gay like "you would hit me with a flower" there's no way she'd respond "I would cut your dick off" because that's just a fucking crazy response that escalated too huge a leap lol

    So off the top of my head here, I would go with something like: "Like if you and I were dating, and I was like "sorry babe, not tonight, I have a headache", you'd pin me down, bust fuzzy handcuffs out of nowhere and feed me viagra till the sun came up. Whereas she (indicating her friend) would be like "oh that's okay honey" and then quietly cry herself to sleep wondering why I don't love her anymore. :) "

    Like, something where you're setting a sexual frame, but in a FUN-crazy kind of way, VS a "dick-in-a-blender"-crazy kind of way lol

    'cause as funny as this is (I lol'ed out loud reading it and picturing how that looked in the bar):

    "Me (makes gurgly nomnomonom slurp slurp noises) mwahahahahaha I drank the last of his dick forevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar."

    …it's not a super conducive path toward turning her on sexually. :) And you're ending up down this road because you're using the cheating/stabbing examples in your routine. Try switching it up to the one I wrote next time, or come up with something similar that's congruent for you.


    lol you're fun/entertaining to them, but not Attractive. There's no sexual tension/chemistry right now. Not a big deal, your conversation threads just haven't gone down a route where you're getting into "man to woman" communication. You're in "friend to friend" right here.

    "I make a mental note that the only way I’m going to be able to get them to stick around and not leave is if I build some type of attraction."

    Yup. If they're social circle and you'll see them a ton, you can just "be a cool fun guy" and at some drunken house party you can escalate to hooking up. But with cold-approach, if you don't build sexual Attraction in the first 5 min, they're going to move on…why? BECAUSE THEY WANT A COCK IN THEM. lol Girls are as horny as we are! They just need guys to step up and spike their emotions and then make them feel non-judged and comfortable for letting their sexual side out while the guy handles all the logistics back to a place they can fuck. :)

    "when he’s like ‘oh is this guy bothering you? he’s drunk, he’s drunk!’"

    lol :D

    "I introduce Nightly"

    Good intro. A lot of Naturals get tunnel vision around girls and forget to introduce their buddy and then their buddy is stuck unable to help because he looks like he isn't important enough for his own buddy to acknowledge him. It's super gay. Always make sure your wing has an intro if he's trying to get into the set.


    "7.5 with wedding veil"

    ALWAYS approach and congratulate and flirt with these girls. ALWAYS. Birthday Girls with tiaras and shit too. That's why they have that stuff on, because they want attention, so they're going to be 100% receptive all the time to anyone who approaches, let alone anyone who flirts with them.

    This is good for your state because you get a ton of attention/interaction with girls at once (sometimes they'll all fight over your attention if you come off as a fun flirty guy that the bride or mother hen approves of), PLUS to everyone else in the club you're the guy that rolled up and opened like a 4-10 set of women fearlessly and got them loving you. :)

    These girls literally exist for you to pump your own state with, so allllllways approach them. Plus you make their night awesome too 'cause they want attention from cool fun guys. Win/win, giving value.

    "7: (flat) yeah we’re good friends, it’s her wedding."
    "7 seems put off by me lol."
    "7: I don’t know."
    "7 makes an almost disgusted face, me and the 5.5 laugh and high five"
    "7:…no, she ran a 10K last year, okay, she’s actually really good at –"

    This is what's known as a boring girl with full bitch-shields up. lol Usually this kind of chick is hot, but just not socially competant or fun…she doesn't get sarcasm or flirting and assumes the worst of you and is just kind of lame…and it's tragic because usually she's decent looking so you know she's just been getting by on her looks and hasn't had to develop a personality.

    BUT, you handled it perfectly by shitting on her to spike the more fun 5.5's Buying Temperature.

    "Me: (laughing) No shit, my ex-girlfriend had asthma! YOU CAN’T RUN FOR SHIT, BITCH!"
    "7 makes an almost disgusted face, me and the 5.5 laugh and high five"
    "7:…no, she ran a 10K last year, okay, she’s actually really good at –"
    "5.5 (laughing hard, high fives me again) You ran a 3K?! Nice! You’ll be running half marathons soon, that’s awesome"

    This whole part right here was flawless. Well done. You didn't fall into the 7's frame, or get suckered into qualifying/apologizing with her shit-tests, and you basically just cut her off and ignored her boring shit to focus on creating good emotions in the 5.5 who clearly GOT your humor and was having fun.

    End result? Just like the 4-set from a little while back with the bitchy uggos, once you turn enough of the group around and put the social pressure on the party-pooper, they fall into your frame and realize they were being gay and come around to join the fun.

    "7 turns to me, bats eyes
    7: Oh, you ran a 3k…that’s pretty cool…so you’re into running?"

    Boom. ioi. This is how I know she was just boring/lame and not a bitch and who would never fuck you. Because she's TRYING to get rapport here, she just doesn't know how to because she's used to guys doing the work for her lol

    You might be thinking "I dunno maybe she was just being polite." Ask yourself this: If you were a stinky disgusting smelly homeless man with beer breath, and you said you ran 3K, do you think she would say "that's pretty cool…so you're into running?" NO. She'd be like "OMG PLEASE DON'T TALK TO US ANYMORE" and be looking for a chance to run away.

    So believe it or not, you sparked attraction with her. And you did it through shitting on her frame and flirting with her 5.5 friend and winning the friend's love/Attraction, which triggers a jealousy thing which triggers her ioi'ing you about your running.

    "Me: Of course…I gotta outrun my exes, DUH

    7 laughs."

    Ahhh, see NOW she's all loosened up. You just had to plow through that initial awkwardness till she caught up.

    "The woman grabs wedding veil, who directs everyone else out of the set."

    Boooooooo!!! lol

    I actually hate wedding/b'day parties for this reason. It's VERY VERY hard to peel these girls off their group. That's why I say, go up and approach them, use them for a state boost, but don't stress trying to land any of them because a lot of them don't go out to the bar much and are scared of going home with a guy and they have like half the group acting as mother hens and the wedding/b'day girl will be barfing and need babysitting later because they'll drink too much etc. etc.

    At BEST with these ones, I maybe grab a phone number from one of the chicks if we have a bit of a connection, but even then I don't put much stock in it. I just use them to get myself feeling energetic and in state.

    "Here’s what I’m starting to notice about the club scene —- truly hot girls are fairly rare."

    True! This is part of why when guys are like "oh I'm banging 9s and 10s off OKCupid and day-game" it's like no, you're not lol, because even at a nightclub where the girls dress the hottest in their life next to their wedding day, in most cities there's only like 2 10s, 3-5 9s, a handful of 8s and a bunch of 7 and belows. There are some hotties who don't go out to the bar, but you have to put in a shitload of hunting time to find them. Like a dude in college is surrounded by some hot girls…but they're not 9s and 10s. They can be hot, especially for that environment, but put any of them in a Vegas nightclub or the Playboy mansion in the clothes they wear around campus, and no one would even notice them.

    Like there are hot girls out there in the day and everything, but it completely depends on the city. Like Vegas or NYC, sure, there are 10s running around during the day. But in Podunk, Alabama, you're not surrounded by phenomenal hotties during the day…you're walking around a bunch of uglies and average girls, looking for the hotties for half an hour before you find one, and even when you find them they're dressed in plain clothes.

    This is part of why I like to go to random new venues all the time. You never know where you're going to find a regular stream of hotties. Like going out on Thursday is inconvenient for me…but if I stumble across a bar that has a solid Ladies Night on Thursdays and the talent there is above average, I'd rather go out for a couple hours on Thursday to that place, than spend 6 hours in a shittier club on a Saturday where the girls are all mediocre/average.

    It also depends on your city/culture in general…like a college town will tend to have a lot of fatties because the girls put on the Freshman 15, away from home and drinking cheap beer and eating fast-food all the time and shit. Whereas an older crowd at happy hour will tend to have hotter women because they're a bit older but they do pilates and have the $ to take care of their appearance etc. Or like, a country bar will have a bunch of uggos because the culture in that enviro is just "let's all just get shit-faced and sloppy on cheap beer". Gotta' find the places and nights that have the type of girls you're into. :)

    You'll find the smokin' hot girls at the clubs:

    1) Don't drink much if at all. They don't want to cause a bad scene and embarrass themselves and ruin their reputation because they know everyone is watching them.

    2) Leave before midnight. They're just there "doing the rounds" making an appearance because they're getting themselves into high-value social circles where they'll get access to guys who own the nightclub and celebrities that pass through town and shit, not trying to get Bob from Accounting's dick in a drunken stupor at 2am.

    3) Hang out with a crowd, usually of dudes who are jacked, rich, good-looking, social, etc.

    4) If they're just out with a girlfriend, they'll just do a few laps of the bar, dance together and get some validation, but shoot guys down and then leave before midnight.

    You generally won't find a 10 making out with a random dude at 2am while he fingers her on the dance floor lol. It can happen, but it's reaaaaally fucking rare.

    "They don’t talk to girls, they stand in a circle with their drinks held up to their waists."

    Yep. Even good looking dudes and normally alpha dudes who are just feeling intimidated by the club environment will do this. You're the exception, you're the guy with the balls to go approach. Even if they talk smack they WISH they could do what you're doing.

    "So…probably too early and doing nothing to help him."

    You entered before he hit the hook point, so they run away right away. If he had hit the hook point, they'd stand there and wait and try to get in your conversation. No biggie, just a timing issue! Entering at the right time in the right way is the trickiest part of wingmanning. Once you're in it's fine, but before you're in you have to read the body language and just kind of estimate when the best time to enter is…sometimes you don't need to enter at ALL, if your buddy is good and like, he enters a 3-set and the other 2 girls keep eachother busy and don't seem to be cockblocking.

    "this fat uggo tools me and says ‘wait, do u have weed?’"

    lol. So annoying.

    "I run the stack on her, it seems to go well, she laughs, she leans in to hear what I’m saying."

    She's into you. But she's 1) shy/nervous, and 2) pre-occupied with finding a place to sit…maybe she's wearing heels and her feet hurt like crazy, maybe she was doing squats before the bar and she's exhausted, who knows, but it's something that logistically is fucking you over because you can't solve her need to sit. Not much you can do about it…if there was ANY chair in the room you could grab it and drag it over for her and you'd be set and might get her, but sometimes the enviro just doesn't work with ya lol

    "I start to just think she’s polite"

    Quit thinking that lol There's no "polite", there's only "she hates me" or "she wants my cock". :)

    "‘So tell me your life story in five words or less.’"

    This is good, I like this one. And here you're putting the onus on her to contribute to the conversation. Making her invest.

    "Her: (laughing) No, this is…"

    She resists a lot but it's not because she hates you, it's because she's on the spot and hasn't had to do anything like that before so she's panicking. It'd be like someone saying "tell me a joke" and you're like uhhhh shit I can't think of one!

    "I just fall silent then…"

    Good. Don't harp on it too much, but don't reward her for not playing along.

    "she resumes conversation"

    Because she's into you. Resuming the conversation when you let it go silent is a standard ioi. Again, would she resume the convo if you were a stinky gross toothless homeless man? No. It really is this simple/binary. :)

    "Her: Why don’t you do this?"

    Not a shit-test…she's trying to build comfort/rapport with you because she was having fun and then the fun stopped when she couldn't keep up so now she's trying to get you to do it so you can keep having fun.

    "Me: Awesome, Fun, Party, Boning, Blowjobs."

    lol awesome. Sexual stuff in there is good stuff.

    "Her: No, I still don’t think I can do this."

    Again she's just embarrassed/nervous and resisting.

    "I fall silent again. She thinks…finally she says stuff."

    And again you don't reward her not playing along, so she racks her brain to come up with something. This is GOOD. This is her investing, wanting to build rapport, wanting to qualify herself to you, etc.

    This is similar to when I'm like "hmmm, really? That's boring. Come back when you have a better answer. :) (backturn)" and the girl runs off to poll her friends for advice etc. so she can come back and try to impress me with a better answer.

    You just did a much subtler/rapport/comfort type version of it, which was good with this girl.

    And the end result is:

    "Her: Something, something, love, no regrets."

    She's investing. This is Attraction lol She would have left or changed topics or something if you were an ugly hideous gross homeless bum.

    Attraction isn't like, "Hey, here's my vagina in your face blalahglaghhlaghlhagh". It's these subtle little things that all add up.

    "‘WHAT’S YOUR OCCUPATION?!’ said like a maximum chode."


    "(the whole roleplay thing got laughs from her but like…when she went away, I was actually worried she wouldn’t come back, and she only slowly came back)"

    Doesn't matter how or when she came back. What matters is she came back. Binary, that's it. If you were a homeless stinky old creeper, she would never come back. The fact that she does means there's SOMETHING you can work with. It might not be much, but it's there.

    "My friend on the other hand gets in her face like ‘hey, how could he hate you, you’re so beautiful.’ She recoils…"

    lol but women love compliments!! I read it on Jezebel!!

    "I start to think their presence could be a huge DLV for both me and Nightly."

    Yep. A girl judges you by your friends. Often when I'm stuck with lame guys (because they're lame with girls but they're still my buddies and I like them as friends), I'll just pace the girl's reality and let her know that I'm fully aware my friends aren't super cool. Like "lol sorry about that, I've been trying to teach him how to talk to girls but he gets pretty in-your-face and scares a lot of girls off. He's a great guy, but I dunno, I think girls like a guy they can just relax and be chill with, you know?" (etc. etc. build comfort/rapport).

    "then they talk to these guys who paid probably 1000 dollars to sit in a booth, and they let them sit with them."

    lol it's like 99.99999% for sure that those guys didn't bang her. But they did pay $1000 to let a 6.5 sit with them, way to go guys you're ballin' it up lol

    Again you basically just got fucked over by the layout of the bar and her need to sit. For all you know she rolled her ankle outside the bar or something.

    But, what I would've done here, is grabbed her # before they went outside. Just something casual like "Cool, we're probably gonna head downstairs. You're fun though, I thought you were boring at first 'cause you were so shy but I'm glad you loosened up lol (qualifying her) Gimme your # incase we lose eachother and I'll txt you when we go for food later." Anything to just snag her #. Maybe it'd flake on you, or maybe she wouldn't give it to you, but, well, you don't have it NOW so what would be the difference? lol

    Basically you're still talking yourself out of iois and signs and convincing yourself that girls are just being polite/friendly to you. Sometimes they ARE, but you're lumping the ones that are legit a little Attracted in with those polite ones. The trick is in spotting the iois, like asking about your running or coming up with 5 words to describe her life, etc. Those aren't throwaway comments, those are relevant and should ping like big neon signs in your mind. :) The girls who are just being polite don't do stuff like that.

    "She’s unfortunately on her phone."

    lol sure it went shitty, but look at it this way: You gained reference experiences for 1) following your 3 second rule, so you're building up that habit, and 2) opening a girl on her phone…sure it didn't go well but the world didn't END, it was just a funny little moment of awkwardness and a funny story…most of the horror stories that guys stress will happen are all in their imagination.


    lol awesome. You come up with great improvised shit on the fly once you're in state and into the girl.

    "Me: Watch out guys, apparently I just ran into the night club’s game warden."

    Good, good, working group theory, play off the group, neg the girl shit-testing you, etc. Good stuff.

    "Some guy comes and does the -right- thing and sits next to her on the couch."

    No, whatever, fuck that guy, he doesn't exist. lol If you can captivate her emotions enough, she'll literally ignore her friends dragging her by the hand away from you, to keep talking to you. :D …but he probably knows her, so it's good to make him like you…just be a little bit cooler than him. Hypergamy. ;)

    "(Hawt girl) she’s like ‘yeah i’m from the country so yeah….’" – qualifying herself

    "Hawt girl asks if I’m from the city" – ioi (A2, Female-To-Male interest)

    "She says she’s going to school here to be a nurse." – qualifying herself and seeking rapport

    "I tell her about my program, and she’s impressed." – DHV'ed and subsequent ioi/Attraction

    "I also say that an ex was a nurse blah blah blah, we can’t get along." – solid, use this a lot lol…it says you have an ex so girls have liked you, and it sets that "we won't get along" routine up

    "She laughs." – iois all around, she's Attracted legit.

    "She lets slip that she has a fiance and shows off the ring." – She's letting you know this because she's feeling guilty about being Attracted to you and she wants to make sure you know what her deal is so that she can alleviate her guilt…that way if things continue further, hey, she warned you, so it's all YOUR fault and it "just happened" and she can suck your cock guilt free lol

    It's a long ways from that end result, but this is the initial spark of it.

    "Fuck. I could eject, but I dunno. I think she’s kind of into me."

    You DO know, you've just seen yourself as a guy that girls wouldn't be into or would only be polite to for SO many years that your brain won't let you accept that these girls are into you for real.

    "The guy next to her actually chimes in, tells her he’s in the army."

    He sees she's attracted to you, so he's trying to qualify himself to her to get some of that lovin'.

    "Get this, hawt girl uses my exact line on HIM! Like, ‘oh we can’t be friends because my fiance is in the army.'"

    lol So she shoots him down and disqualifies him…with the line YOU gave her. She's into you.

    "An awkward minute passes as I figure out how to change this situation."

    You would have to get her isolated from her group to do anything, unfortunately. Like take her to get a drink or to dance or wait for her group to be leaving and then grab her, etc. but you'd get cockblocked and trigger her ASD because her showing you her ring is already her ASD being triggered, so it probably wouldn't have worked out…but again, for that moment, with that girl, you had real legit Attraction. :)

    "Then finally I say to the guy ‘hey, now none of us can be friends you asshole, goddammit!’"

    lol, good stuff. What's he supposed to respond to that? He doesn't fucking know lol

    "This pulls her attention back to me."

    You're more interesting/alpha/attractive than that dude to her.

    "I notice that whenever I break rapport with her, she’s quick to seek it out with any of the other — now it’s three/four — guys around her."

    Ya, because you take her validation away, and she knows they'll all provide it like cheap emotional hookers, so she fishes through them for it. This is the same thing that girl did to you in your other FR where she rallied up the guys across from you and the HB8Waitress to gang up against you because you weren't seeking her approval and chasing her and falling into her frame enough.

    Girls KNOW that all the guys around them are easy-ass chumps who just need a batted eyelash to jump to attention and do whatever they want. But they won't fuck those guys…they WANT the guy who won't cave to all that, they just have to test it first.

    This is another reason you want to isolate girls from their group. One on one, it's harder for them to rally up the people around you and your stronger frame will win out.

    "it’s not like she knew any of those guys."

    Shit, really?? If she doesn't know them you can just grab her by the hand and go "let's go find your friends." and walk her away from them. lol

    "and he’s like ‘dude, trust me…anti-game here was going to be a horrible obstacle, he kept saying that he wanted to talk to the girl you were talking to and help out. trust me.’"

    haha I believe him. The only thing worse than a guy with anti-game is a guy with anti-game who THINKS he has game and is super eager to "help out". 'cause you don't want to shit on him because he's TRYING to help and has the best of intentions, he's just, not good at it. lol

    "Anyway, I just have to distract until her bf arrives."

    Ya just stick to casual conversation in those situs. You're just keeping them busy till your buddy can make his moves.

    "Reality check: she has a 20 year old kid. She’s divorced. She’s not worth it."

    lol true, but if your wing is into her, help him out. 'cause down the road you'll be into a girl that he doesn't approve of but he'll help you out. It also creates drama and kind of a downer vibe if you guys get into a shitting match of like "dude that girl you hit on was soooo ugly" etc. and it starts making you guys worried about approaching in front of eachother because you don't know if your buddy thinks the girl is hot enough and then next thing you know you guys are standing in a circle with your drinks up at your chest scared to talk to any girls and you're toast for months from there.

    "Me and Nightly looked between one another and were like ‘that’s awesome dude, get it wet.’"

    lol exactly. :D It's different if like, Nightly was like "dude don't let me pick up any cougars ugh" at the start of the night and then he ends up hitting on one…but if he's just going with the flow and into her for whatever reason, awesome dude, get it wet! and find some girls and say "My friend is going home with an ugly girl. You two are my new friends. :) Hey are you a hairdresser?"

    "As soon as we dropped them off though, I’m like ‘dude………..we have no choice. we HAVE to try this….or that’s our lives. right there.’"

    Yep lol It's like Julien says in one of his videos: Let's say looks DO matter. Let's say only 6'4" guys can get laid. Now what? Are you going to just go "oh…okay :( " and settle for some chubby divorced 4 with 3 kids? No, fuck that. What kind of life is that? So fuck whether looks matter, look your best and then sharpen your game until you're landing the girls you want. It's that or join anti-game with his bottom of the barrel scraps, or your Natural buddies playing Bingo with a 6. :)

    "I guess I’m just gonna have to stack more routines, maybe work on body language shit I’m missing. I dunno."

    You're getting Attraction, you're just not taking it anywhere. Your whole front-end is getting much more solid. The girls are paying attention to what you say and you're approaching/opening solid, and you're dipping into Attraction, comfort/rapport, etc. here and there. This is progress, even if it doesn't feel like it's fast enough. :)

    Try isolating next time. The next girl you get laughing, where she's got that vibe of the 5.5 that was high-fiving you earlier, literally just say "HEY. Come with me." and grab her by her wrist (lightly, no death grip shit lol) and turn and start walking away pulling her.

    Don't tell her where you're going, it doesn't matter where you go even. Just walk her 20 steps in a direction and then stop and keep chatting. Hell, just walk her 20 steps and then ditch her, it doesn't matter. The main thing is, on a Buying Temperature spike, grab her and drag her away from her group.

    If they go "omg where are we going?" just go "Adventure!" or "Shush!" and hold your frame like you just expect her to come with you. When you get to wherever, just stop and say like "Okay now I can hear you, it was too loud over there." and resume like nothing unusual happened lol

    Try walking her around the ENTIRE CLUB if you can. Without saying anything, just dragging her as if you have some specific destination in mind.

    This is just to try out leading and kino and shit. If the girl DOESN'T go with you, like she resists, just tease her a bit more and get her laughing, cold-read her and drop the crazy stuff in there or whatever, and as soon as she laughs again go "Okay, now come with me." and pull her again.

    You'll be surprised at how soon you can do this and it might help your brain understand when a girl is into you, because she won't come with you if she isn't into you, and if she DOES come with you, that's HUGE in terms of determining her attraction level for you.

    And to address your bit down below:

    "I’m just gonna add this question about persistence —- I mean, do you not ‘plow forward’ unless you get some sort of instant attraction?"

    You assume attraction and plow regardless. Don't wait for permission to plow. Oddly enough, plowing is actually part of what BUILDS attraction.

    Like I just mentioned next time you're out, take the girl by the forearm/wrist and drag her away as soon as you get a laugh or ioi out of her. She might only be a 2/10 attracted to you at that point, but the very act of pulling her and confidently assuming she'll go with you and dominating/leading her physically like that will spike her to a 5/10, you know? If you didn't capitalize on that and lead the interaction forward, she'd still be at a 2/10 or a 3/10, but the fact that you're confident enough to plow forward with only minor minor indications that it'll go well, that's part of what spikes her.

    Then if you can smoothly ignore resistance, like if she goes "no, no, I can't lol!!" and you just joke around and tease her and then try again, now she's going to be at a 7/10 because you're so confident and unphased by her rejection etc. VS the guy who hasn't tried to lead her away from her group at all, who's still at a 3/10. It's why I'll go for the makeout 5 times and get the cheek 5 times, but on the 6th we make out…even in those 5 rejections, each one that I handled smoothly and unphased and kept trying again, built a little more attraction and demonstrated some high-value properties.

    In the future I'll make you do this same exercise, but with trying to make-out with her. :) Baby steps though for now lol Start with leading her away from her group and we'll build from there.

    • Scray
      on February 12, 2013 at 6:27 pm
      Original Link

      lol, dude when I read your FR’s sometimes it’s like….coming out of the Matrix — AGAIN! Like, how subtle these IOI’s are. I mean….it’s just weird, because society seems to tell us that ‘unless she’s licking her lips and hugging you you can’t escalate/be forward without being a creep.’ But I guess it’s way more subtle than that.

      I’m totally gonna rework that ‘cheating’ routine. Probably just gonna steal what you wrote and use it in field this week. I’ll see how it goes!

      And the breakdown of country girl blew my mind. Like, I thought her using my line on another guy was her indicating interest in the other guy. But what you said makes way more sense. lol.

      That video on getting physical was awesome! I was always told that you get physical to ‘establish a sexual vibe,’ but this guy says you do it to lead and demonstrate leadership. That just seems to take a lot of the pressure off of me. This week I’ll try getting a girl in a set to come with me somewhere.

      But yeah, I just want to say I really appreciate your feedback. It really helps. I always find several things you’ve said in the previous FR to try out — in some way — the next time I go out.

      • YaReally
        on February 12, 2013 at 6:50 pm
        Original Link

        “society seems to tell us that ‘unless she’s licking her lips and hugging you you can’t escalate/be forward without being a creep.’”

        lol ya, society’s “10 Funky Tips on How To Know She’s Into You” bullshit makes guys think that 1) she’s going to beat you over the head with the clue-hammer when she likes you (strong independent women go for what they want, don’t they feminists? oh no wait, they do the same bullshit subtle “stand near him. that’s my ioi. be in the same room as him. how come he doesn’t know I’m into him???” hints that women have always done), and 2) you’re a rapist if you DARE escalate without a signed and written contract of her accepting your escalation in advance.

        Reality is the iois can be massively subtle and as simple as “she’s still there in front of you”. Like that, to me, is a green light. If she ASKS me something?? About my RUNNING?? Like, holy shit lady, just take off your pants already and let’s do this thing. lol

        “I’m totally gonna rework that ‘cheating’ routine. Probably just gonna steal what you wrote and use it in field this week. I’ll see how it goes!”

        Ya man, steal the shit out of it, it’s actually pretty decent. I could probably come up with something better, but try it out and you’ll end up tweaking it yourself I’m sure. It should keep you from getting into conversations where you two are talking about chopping your dick off and drinking it out of a blender. :)

        “Like, I thought her using my line on another guy was her indicating interest in the other guy.”

        What? Fuck no lol I can’t even imagine how that would be an indicator of that. She disqualified him AND used YOUR line (aka she’s listening and thinks your shit is funny) AND instantly turned back to you after you tooled him. Combine that with all those other iois and that’s all Scray-times lol

        You know how you’re always like “oh she was just being polite?” She was just being polite to him. :)

        “This week I’ll try getting a girl in a set to come with me somewhere.”

        Good stuff. We’ll push your comfort zone a bit at a time, that’s the process. It’s slow but steady toward improvement. :) A year from now you’ll look back on this post and laugh that someone had to tell you “it’s okay to lead her around the bar when she’s smiling and laughing at what you say”.

        “I just want to say I really appreciate your feedback.”

        No prob, glad to help! I’m just paying it forward from all the guys that helped me when I was starting out. And part of why I do these breakdowns for you is that I can tell you’re actually trying to apply stuff from them in the field, VS this all just falling on deaf ears and you reverting back to “it just seems too impossible, I just can’t do this, maybe some guys just aren’t meant to be good with girls :( :( poor me I’m short waaaahhh”. :)

Reader Mailbag: Dewy Vaj Edition

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on February 8, 2013 at 4:43 pm
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Where are the comments?

  • Kate
    on February 8, 2013 at 5:51 pm
    Original Link


    • Obstinance Works
      on February 9, 2013 at 2:46 pm
      Original Link


      • Kate
        on February 9, 2013 at 2:59 pm
        Original Link

        No, smartass. I read Magic Bullets after a devastating experience two years ago this month when a man I thought I knew cut off all contact with me and essentially disappeared. Later I found out he had lied about his name, his birthdate, and who knows what else. He probably sensed I was about to rumble him and he cut and run. I figured I’d rather be in the know about this stuff. I called out the last guy I liked today for lying about his age and he’s now blocked me from his phone. The training has helped…some. Clearly, I still fall for the lies.

        • YaReally
          on February 9, 2013 at 4:33 pm
          Original Link

          Much as people shit on PUA and RSD, modern pickup and RSD style game really emphasizes being honest about shit. If you’re 40, say you’re 40 and just frame control the aftermath of that. If you just want casual sex, say you do and don’t apologize for it and be willing to risk the girl not being into it. If you’re not a doctor don’t lie and say you are just to try to get in a chick’s pants.

          Really good Naturals and really good PUAs don’t have to lie at all. I think anyone gaming should strive toward that…lying just ends up fucking the girl up down the road when it all blows up. I’ve hung with guys who unashamedly lie their asses off and usually it comes from a place of insecurity (“she won’t like me if she REALLY knows me :( “) even though they hide it behind a lot of “lol bro it’s just bitches at the bar who cares???” bravado. The guys I’ve hung with who are totally honest when they Game girls are the guys who are totally secure in themselves…to girls that usually makes up for whatever their other faults are. Women value honesty and being able to trust a guy is who he says he is, more than the value perfection or the illusion of it.

          If a guy can’t get laid being honest, it’s time for him to sharpen up his internal game.

          • YaReally
            on February 9, 2013 at 4:36 pm
            Original Link

            “Women value honesty and being able to trust a guy is who he says he is, more than THEY value perfection or the illusion of it.”

            Typo fix lol damn iphone

          • YaReally
            on February 13, 2013 at 12:30 pm
            Original Link


            lol ya when I was 24 they told me that about 25. “Man you won’t be able to get these young college girls then, you’ll be considered “almost 30″ and be too old to go to the clubs! They’ll want guys their age in school too!”

            Then I turned 25 and there was zero change.

            So then they told me that at 29. “Dude, enjoy your last year with the young chicks cause you’re only “in your 20s” but once you have to say you’re THIRTY, oh man, you’re gonna be too old for them. They’ll accept a guy in his 20s but not his 30s.”

            Then I turned 30 and not a single fuck was given.

            You have a limiting belief. And that’s fine if you don’t want to break thru it, it’s your dick not mine, but I’m going to shit on your whining because it doesn’t hold up in-field.

            Tyler and a couple other RSD instructors are in their mid-to-late 30s and one of them is 40+.

            It just doesn’t matter to most girls. Hell half the time the girl is having so much fun she doesn’t bother asking about my age, let alone care what the answer is. If its not a big deal to you and you have a strong frame and you have her emotionally reacting to you, you just brush it off as no big deal.

            “How old are you?”
            “That’s old!!”


            Asking a guy about his age is like looking at what kind of shoes he’s wearing. She only does that when you’re so boring that she’s looking for reasons to like/dislike you because your personality isn’t doing that for her.

            Will I necessarily WANT to pick up 18yo’s when I’m 40? Probably not, even now aside from looking hot they’re pretty retarded to me lol. But there’s no reason I won’t be getting hot 20-24yos when I’m 40.

            Maybe I’ll go out and tell girls I’m 40 for fun lol

          • YaReally
            on February 13, 2013 at 2:28 pm
            Original Link


            It’s very simple.

            Do you look like this at 40+:




            Or do you look like this:



            If it’s the former, girls don’t give a shit about your age. A shit-ton of the top actors in Hollywood are over 40+ these days, and I doubt a guy like Clooney or Pitt or Depp has trouble getting laid even without celebrity status.

            If it’s the latter, get your shit together. Hit the gym, update your wardrobe, make sure you’re properly groomed, fix your hair (shave it if you’re balding, get a modern cut if you’re not), work on your body language, and work on your Game and learn to seduce women. You’re a man, you should be able to handle your own shit. The guys in the latter pics don’t DESERVE young hotties because they can’t even take care of themselves.

Dr. Zoidberg
on February 8, 2013 at 6:03 pm
Original Link

Punctuality is alpha. Just the thought of showing up late makes me uncomfortable. Punctuality is a man in control of his life with shit to get done. Showing up late is a trick for young cads and players looking for the quick ass, but not a true alpha male move. Knights show up on time. Squires are late. Obviously I would also never date a girl who would show up late or risk making me late.

Being an introvert, you can make it work with either introverts or extroverts, but you have to know and trust yourself and not be jealous. I let broads know early on what they are getting – I will be spending most Saturday nights painting and not clubbing. If they want to go out with the girls, I’ll violently plow them when they come home drunk. If I would ever even suspect them of cheating it would be over (obviously do not tell them this). Every once in a while use them to go out and wear yourself out mentally.

Right now I’m hooking up with an introvert. It’s too easy. We spend our weekend evenings doing or seeing art, then I violently plow her. Then I don’t see her all week. It’s like a wholesome old married couple who have fucked up degrading sex. Every so often make her fuck some place public to make her uncomfortable.

  • bob
    on February 9, 2013 at 6:31 am
    Original Link

    “Punctuality is alpha.”

    Congruence between your identity and your actions is alpha. If you’re the business like man, with strict rules and discipline about yourself, she’ll expect you to be on time, and that’s totally fine.

    But if you play the badboy type, getting there right on time would seem a little strange for her. She will expect you to be late.

    Both are alpha. The man on time or the “badboy” late. As long as it’s congruent with who they are, it’s all good.

    • YaReally
      on February 9, 2013 at 5:26 pm
      Original Link

      “Congruence between your identity and your actions is alpha.”

      This. The rest is just mental masturbation.

on February 9, 2013 at 4:48 pm
Original Link

On lateness, Travolta in Be Cool had it right: if you’re important, people will wait.

If I get there early I’ll shoot the shit with the bartender or waitress or a set beside me. Doesn’t matter who they are, they could be a little old grandma and grandpa lol a guy quietly sitting by himself txting or whatever looks nervous and awkward. A guy who clearly would’ve still had fun even if she didn’t show up, is attractive.

  • YaReally
    on February 9, 2013 at 4:51 pm
    Original Link

    (I don’t have a car so it’s very difficult for me to time meeting up with a girl because I have to go by the bus schedule lol so I’m always late or early for shit. I really don’t put much thought/concern into it anymore)

How To Tell Women What They Want To Hear

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on February 7, 2013 at 3:54 pm
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The book will tell you more than that. As someone who got to read the book as he wrote it, I’ll elaborate soon, and tell you just why the manosphere should be rejoicing; but, right now, its bus stop duty.

  • Matthew King (King A)
    on February 7, 2013 at 6:31 pm
    Original Link

    Name dropper droppin names. We get it, special access insider, because you mention it every time. Preeny queeny.

    • Kate
      on February 7, 2013 at 9:47 pm
      Original Link

      I am pretty well aware of my own insignificance. My praise in not that of your average groupie; its for a friend who has been there for me in tough times and who I am very proud of.

      • Matthew King (King A)
        on February 8, 2013 at 1:58 pm
        Original Link

        Come on, I was messing with you in your moment of vicarious glory. Can’t let you get too puffed up. Savoy is a good guy who is taking the gospel mainstream, Daffy Duck lispsps and all. He and you deserve high praise. That is what respect looks like in this eternal barroom brawl of a comment section. Even compliments come with a fuck-you shiv (see “lispsps,” supra).

        Never show weakness or reveal a vulnerability that can be exploited down the road, especially by spectators with long memories and smoldering resentments. Put your back against mine and keep your head on a swivel. This is a war of all against all.

        Plus, don’t you know the signs of a man’s jealousy by now? I gave you a big fat hanging curve and you took the strike. You’re supposed to tease me right back.


        • Kate
          on February 8, 2013 at 2:16 pm
          Original Link

          Ruining my enjoyment of something in no way equates to showing me respect. Why should you be jealous? There are times for game and times to be real.

          • YaReally
            on February 9, 2013 at 4:23 pm
            Original Link

            @King A

            It’s okay to just admit when you were being a dick and apologize. You don’t have to keep up the cartoon alpha male stereotype 24/7.

          • YaReally
            on February 9, 2013 at 5:44 pm
            Original Link


            Your ego won’t let you apologize because your identity is built around believing you’re always right so you’re blaming external circumstances (the environment) and lashing out at me with hostility to avoid taking personal responsibility for your shitty actions.

            It’s no skin off my dick what you do lol I’m just pointing out the obvious here.

            Suck it up, like Statham in this Revolver apology scene. This is what your brain is doing to you right now, but you can push thru it. You’ll grow as a man for it:

on February 7, 2013 at 3:56 pm
Original Link

I think there is girl game. Geishas were trained in it but at most points in history women knew it. Batting the eyes, being coy, being demure. There’s probably a goldmine of forgotten knowledge to be unearthes just as Gme for men has been rediscovering the old truths.

  • JS
    on February 7, 2013 at 4:16 pm
    Original Link

    It might be that girl game isn’t about sex, but it is driving an alpha crazy with desire and getting him to commit. Here’s a few other things I bet are part of girl game:
    –speaking in a soft melodious voice
    –move in a graceful manner
    –in your clothing, hint at what’s beneath, don’t reveal.
    –don’t be too available, make him chase.

    See the great movie The Lady Eve; Barbara Stanwick does a total smackdown on Peter Fonda.

    • thwack
      on February 7, 2013 at 4:33 pm
      Original Link

      No such thing as “girl game”.

      a hot girl passed out behind a dumpster in an alley is still hot.

      • Matthew King (King A)
        on February 7, 2013 at 6:37 pm
        Original Link

        No such thing as “girl game”.

        That makes you the perfect mark. The dude over at The Rules Revisited has got it down to a mathematical science — almost literally.

        • Tilikum
          on February 8, 2013 at 2:56 am
          Original Link

          Only the flushed, rosy cheeks and loss of faculties that accompanies the scratching pleasure of your 5 o’clock shadow on the inside of my thighs. Oh Matt, you savage, beautiful, barbarian you. For all of your keyboard commando prowess, the most erotic is when you tilt back your head and accept me like the little baby bird that you are. Daddy loves you, he really does.

          • YaReally
            on February 9, 2013 at 7:48 pm
            Original Link

            Wait so am I the only one who’s got a boner? Well this is awkward.

on February 7, 2013 at 4:16 pm
Original Link

ummm it sounds like he’s just telling them how to be super fucking easy prey for PUAs lol

“Go out in the easiest formation for a PUA to open, and wear something he can comment on because one of our go-to openers/routines/teases is to comment on something interesting the girl is wearing, and also don’t think the guy approaching you is a player who’s done this a thousand times, he’s just a Good Guy who fell for your brilliant tricks I’ve taught you, so don’t have a bitch-shield up with him.”



on February 7, 2013 at 4:17 pm
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on February 7, 2013 at 7:56 pm
Original Link

Was that book he wrote on Game any good?

  • YaReally
    on February 8, 2013 at 6:22 pm
    Original Link

    Yes. It’s like a condensed version of Mystery Method. Highly recommended for guys new to PUA stuff who find MM too overwhelming/in-depth.

on February 7, 2013 at 9:09 pm
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on February 7, 2013 at 10:28 pm
Original Link

Timely post, and I’d like to reach out for some advice. The situation is this, I gamed a HB8, and banged her. Then went away on holiday. While I was away for 3 weeks she wrote me every day several times a day, I amped up the sexually charged texts. When I got back, she came over that morning, I banged her. then again the next day. She cooked for me and did everything.

Then came the shit tests. The first was “Do you love me?”

I said “Give me time baby…you know better than to ask questions like that…” Push-pull.

Then we met up again for dinner. Suddenly she goes cool. She asks “What is our relationship?”

I reframe and start the “Love Test” Routine again saying I have a better question, have you ever done the “Love Test….”

She comes over and then witholds sex. We make out, she talks about banging but refuses to stay over or bang.

I play it cool. Build comfort, talk, show videos etc.

That was last night. She wanted to meet up tonight at a club for drinks and dancing. I was vague saying “Depends…”

How do I play this? Witholding sex after I gamed her is definintely a power grab.

I haven’t responded, haven’t texted.

Any solid advice is appreciated.

I like the girl, but the shit-tests about “Do you love me?” “What is our relationship? and “No sex tonight”…. have been parried in my push-pull, comfort and push manner…..last night.

Now…advice is needed….what to say, what to act? I may see her if I go out tonight or tomorrow.

Should I just disappear and when I do see her play it cool?

Ignore her for a few days.?

  • YaReally
    on February 8, 2013 at 2:01 pm
    Original Link

    If you don’t want her to fall in love with you, don’t see her more than once a week. That’s the rule. You’re fucking yourself over and causing these problems yourself. She’s not putting out because she’s falling in love with you because you see and talk to her too often and she thinks there’s potential to land you as a boyfriend.

    Ideally you want to snuff out any Provider potential at the start so she knows from the start that you’re not going to be her BF. Basically you didn’t set a strong frame of how you want the relationship to be, so she’s trying to force it into what she wants it to be.

    Remember: You can always accelerate the relationship, but you can’t slow it down. You can go from seeing her once a month to seeing her once a week to seeing her 3 times a week. Going from seeing her 3 times a week to seeing her once a week or once a month = trouble and drama. If you slow up seeing her now, you will probably lose this one.

    If you just want her as a fuckbuddy, don’t treat her like a girlfriend.

    You could Soft Next her (stop communicating for a few days) but she hasn’t really even done anything WRONG, because you didn’t set any rules. If you said “Babe, I told you I’m not looking for a girlfriend right now.” and she bugs you to be her BF, then you can Soft Next her and it’s justified and teaches her not to break your rules. But your frame is “I dunnoooooooooo lololol” so she’s not really doing anything wrong and a Soft Next is just mean and won’t teach her anything.

    You could throw a hail mary and make some drama. Bitch her out and go “I couldn’t seriously date a girl who plays games like not putting out and shit. If you want a guy who puts up with that bullshit, you can find someone else.” but it’s hard to say what the result of that will be.

    Basically every casual relationship hits the “Ultimatum Point” down the road, where she withholds sex for commitment because she’s gotten attached to you…usually this is the end of the relationship if you won’t commit. Sometimes this happens in a few weeks, sometimes it’s in a few months, but it’s there. You can delay it by not seeing her once a week, disqualifying yourself as a Provider, etc. which is what I do…but you did the opposite and sped it up lol

    Anyway, ya, this is your fault and you will probably lose her unless you agree to monogamy with her, but at least it’ll teach you a lesson for the next girl. :) Set the frame of the relationship from the start.

on February 8, 2013 at 6:19 am
Original Link

FR —>


Not usually a night to go out, but it’s someone’s birthday. Let’s do eeet. I get there. Lots of people in social circle are there. There are three girls of interest here. One of them, HB6Asian — has on/off drama with a natural buddy of mine. The other two — HB6LittleBlondie and HB6Chunky (she’s pretty hot, but it’s only a matter of time before she crosses that ‘gain’ line….it’d be nice to get it in before she becomes a fatass lol), are ones I’m interested in.

I get there a little late, and both of them are already drunk. HB6LittleBlondie and HB6Chunky compliment me on my haircut. No big deal, whatevs. Time goes on in the night. HB6LittleBlondie gets pretty touchy with me at one point, like, in my face, touching my face, holding my hand (it’s all really brief, I don’t really react). But you know, she’s drunk so who cares? I mean, after she was me, she was on another guy for awhile, then her and HB6Chunky got really really sloppy with one another. So ya…drunk as phuuuuck.

In other news — I realized that I need to develop a bigger presence somehow. It’s more than just standing with open posture and being loud, I think. At least for me it will be. But hey, with time….hopefully.


I see HB6LittleBlondie and HB6Asian, and I talk to them about hangovers/whatever. Here’s what I notice…HB6LittleBlondie seems to look at me differently now. Like, up until today/yesterday, she was fairly nonchalant (I don’t want to say cold but yeah….). Just a different vibe…she hugs me when she goes. Little shit — I don’t think much of it. Maybe we’re becoming friends or something (much to my chagrin). Then I see HB6Chunky….she’s always been sort of standoffish, but I don’t care. She tries to give me a high 5 and I say ‘we hug around here.’ She’s like ‘I’m not really a hug person, but I’ll give you a one arm blah blah blah…’ Hahahaha total creeper moment. Oh well…


Get invited to go to a bar and just chill. I go. I end up sitting by HB6littleBlondie by chance. She asks how I’m doing. We talk a little bit…I can’t really pick up how the vibe’s changed.

So HB8Waitress (from last FR) is the table’s waitress. She comes by and I’m like ‘well I haven’t decided yet…’ and she’s like ‘yeah, you want that salad, the steak salad right?” I look up at her ‘No. I don’t want that.’ “that’s the last thing you got here.’ ‘I don’t need no salad…’ She laughs and leaves. I’m wondering if Ya is right that now she remembers me because of that whole frame battle thing…..or she could just be a really good waitress.

So then, she comes back and I’m like ‘yeah, I’m gonna get the steak…with a salad on the side.’ I smirk, and she laughs. “ooooh, well…try not to spill anything this time.’

Last time I accidentally knocked over a glass of water on the table.

Me: ‘nah that never happened’
Her: ‘we have security cameras!’
Me: ‘…and who they captured wasn’t me. Cool.’

She laughs again. At around this time, HBLittleBlondie is like ‘oh, I think she likes you.’ I don’t say anything about it or respond, but I kind of notice this little demure head tilt from her. So regardless of whether HB8Waitress likes me or whatever….I’m pretttttty convinced that a hot chick showing ANY POSSIBLE SIGN of interest is a huuuuuge DHV. I mean, not rocket science, but like…..the group responded to me in a completely different way as well.

Later, we play shuffleboard…me and natural buddy v. HBlittleblondie and HBChunky. I make a little joke about how I play ‘street shuffleboard’ and that I may shoulder check HBLittleBlondie, she says that she may shoulder check me back. I say ‘oh yeah? Why don’t you practice your shoulder check on me now…let’s see what you got.’ She’s like ‘you’ll see when it happens.’ So…I mean, she didn’t do it.

Anyway, we owned them at shuffleboard because lol they’re girls and they left, and she hugged me again. I’m having trouble describing this ‘vibe shift’ I’m feeling. But reading all of this over, maybe I’m just reading too much into it. Maybe she’s just becoming ‘cool’ with me. She has a boyfriend, too…soooo yaaaaaaa.


Earlier in the day I see Jessica aka HB6.5Rodrigo. I remember Ya’s advice. So, I just say hey what’s up, and initiate a bunch of conversation. She says something about wanting to be a partner one day and I’m like ‘oh ya, how many cats you planning on buying? Let me guess…10?’

She’s like ‘nah, that’s too many.’

‘Five cats?’

‘I don’t know, still too many.’

And I’m like….welllllllllll….I think I should just flirt/creepout/whatever with any girl in my life because I mean….the alternative is LJBF listen to me talk about guys I’m attracted to land.

So…..I make sure to just add

‘Okay, well you can’t have any more than 5 cats at the wedding.’

She laughs and rolls her eyes. It’s quite possible that she’s so socially savvy that she can hide her discomfort this well. Coolies.

‘But they all have to be thundercats….if they aren’t thundercats, then fuck off with the cats.’

‘Well, I don’t even think that’s possible…’

‘Wow you’re such a bitch, I just want some fucking thundercats for the reception!’

‘Well I mean…I don’t know…they don’t exist.’

I just shake my head, then I just don’t say anything for a few seconds. Then she just says she has to go home to do blah blah blah.

Later Thurs:

Mark — FatBoy from now on — apparently met some girl at a bar that he’s gonna stay and talk to, which means he’s out of the project for the night. I call up Ted — CrazyMex from now on. CrazyMex has to work.

I always knew this day would come. I’ve never sarged completely alone before, but the choice remains — stay at home or go out alone. I suit up and decide to hit a club. The goal is simple — 5 sets for the night and I can go home. Easy, breezy.

I’m nervous going there. I’m nervous walking to the club. I’m nervous standing in line at the club. I can’t follow the 3 second rule for shit. I get to the club at around 11. I see a few people around me in line — some older women with their herbsbands. You know what would be a good idea? Talking to them, getting into a social mood. Nah, I pass and just stand there.

Soon enough I get let into the club. So, it’s set up weird…like a faux dancefloor/restaurant on the bottom floor, club on the top floor. Easy. I get into the bottom floor and I completely chode out. I immediately see a mixed set directly in my line of vision. Opened? Nah. I walk toward the bar, and I see another set of serious HB’s. Do I open? Of course not, I -reason- with myself that just walking over there by the wall would be ridiculous if I was asking for an opinion and was ‘just passing through.’ Hasn’t been 5 minutes and my night’s already in trouble.

I circle around and go to the bathroom. I wash my face. I lower my goal of 5 sets to 3. 3 seems like something I can do with all of this inner nervousness. I head out of the bathroom and walk upstairs to the club. The club’s layout is weird. It’s a long strip with a bar at both ends, steps up to a dancefloor in the middle, a more intimate dancefloor + a bar at the other end, tucked away, and tables/booths on either side of the strip. It’s loud as all hell. I walk through — surprisingly enough, I have a hard time finding a set to open. I don’t feel confident enough to open sets where two girls are there with two guys and oldies (surprisingly a lot of them out in force as I’ll get to later).

Finally, I find three girls…6, 7, 6.5. I stop, and I deliver the drug dealer opener. I mean, I say it as loud as I can. All three of them look at one another, the 6 leans in. They don’t know what I’m saying. I don’t lean forward, I stay where I am, and I repeat it louder. The 6 still can’t hear what I’m saying, the other girls look at the 6, the 6 sort of shrugs, and the group splinters. The 7 turns around from being dragged away and asks what I’m saying one last time. I stay where I am, but I repeat at the same volume. She seems confused…then her friend, the 6 says something, shaking her head, then they leave. Phuck. One set down.

Set two, I turn away from the last set and walk into that little tucked away dancefloor + bar. Three girls at the bar. 4, 5, 6.5. Deliver the opener. They all turn toward me — good sign. The 6.5 can’t hear what I’m saying (fucking again, these goddamned clubs!), she turns to her friends — they have no idea what I’m saying. Shit. She leans in closer — I’m not leaning in, fuck it, I don’t have to hear shit. I notice that she has a bit of an accent. I do the hairdresser thing, she says no, but then she says that she does her own hair but she’s not a hairdresser. She’s standing a little closer to me. I say that my friend’s a hairdresser. She laughs, but it’s not because of anything I said…she’s just like ‘I’m sorry, I cannot hear anything and my english is also not so good.’

I roll with it and say ‘all right, I’m gonna guess where you’re from…’

She’s like ‘okay, you get three guesses….’

Is this a shit test already? I have no clue, but I just don’t respond and I say

She shakes her head ‘nope.’ Now, this isn’t flat or anything, we’re having a conversation.
She seems shocked by that one, and I smirk.
‘Okay, you didn’t it in three guesses!’

I feel like this is some sort of frame battle…

‘Well what stupid unguessable country are you from?’

‘I’m from Switzerland!’

‘Hahaha no wonder I didn’t notice.’

See, I think that’s a funny line. Problem is I’m pretty sure she didn’t even hear it. For fuck’s sake.

I keep plowing.

‘That’s interesting…..a girl I went out with a few years ago was Swiss.’

‘Oh yeah?’

‘Yeah, she was fucking crazy.’

‘Yeah, all swiss are crazy…for sure.’

I notice now that the 5 has left and the 4 is just standing there. So I try to get the uggo involved like, you know ‘who are you…blah blah blah.’ Naturally, no one can hear shit. And that’s when I’m like ‘well, this set is fucked if I don’t get them somewhere to talk and I’m not there, so I should just leave…but not without trying first.’

‘You’re right, I can’t hear anything, we should go over there and talk.’

‘Oh I don’t know, I think I’m going to stay over here with my friends.’

Her and uggo join her friends — there’s more than just three — on the little dancefloor. She turns

‘but maybe we’ll run into you later.’

I nod. Hey, at least she was polite. Two sets down.

I walk all the way to the other end of that strip. I’m wary now, because I realize that several sets of 3 girls, really are likely sets of like 9 girls, and so I try to make sure that I don’t re-approach a set that has people I’ve already opened in it.

So near the bar, I see these three chicks who LOOK LIKE a 6, 7, 8…young, college age. Sweet. Of course, I don’t follow the three second rule. I sit at the bar, nursing my water like a chode champion for like two or three minutes (thankfully some fatter chode obscures their view of me). Then, I charge in. But then they turn around….house of horrors…subtract two points, they’re all older than I’d like. Fat and age have dragged the 6 down to like a 4. Fuck it, I’m here now.

The 4, however, becomes sort of an anchor. I talk to her about stuff. Like, I do the hairdresser thing — she’s not a hairdresser. She divulges that all of them are nurses. She does stuff, like she leans in close, she touches me sometimes. She talks about how her and the group got trashed last night (I don’t give a shit btw). I try to anchor myself to how I feel talking to them, because I need to transfer it. I mean, I talk about a lot of sex-related stuff. I weaved together a story (I’m not sure if it’s DHV yet….) from various other stories…it involves getting a blowjob from a friend in a car, then twenty minutes later — post blowjay — crashing said car as a way to avoid being in a relationship with her because she was so crazy. I’m not sure what to make of the reaction to the story…on the one hand, she was like geez, and sort of admonished me about ‘drunk driving.’ On the other hand….I kinda think the reaction wasn’t bad. I’m not sure. So then, I notice that their group has swelled to like 7 or 8 people.

A 4.5 is on the outskirts, so I think to myself — well, maybe what I need to learn how to do is to get all of these people on my side and talking to me. So I walk up to her and I’m like ‘hey, I’m gonna be like you. I’m just gonna chill here. I’m gonna stand with my drink.’

She kinda laughs at it.

Then I’m like ‘so what do you do in this group?’


‘Like…who are you to them?’

‘I don’t know what you mean…’

‘Like…what fucking value do you throw out there, what do you bring to the table? Are you the goth chick, the crazy chick — is that you?’

She says no, and then I ask who the crazy one is. She talks about some woman with blonde hair who isn’t there atm. Whatevz. She says she’s the mother hen, then I ask one of her friends — 6 (she was an 8 10-11 years ago I’m sure). Blah blah blah. Blondie shows up. Blondie is like a 5.5-6. I talk to blondie for awhile. She’s cool. They all mention that they have husbands and kids. I don’t really care…for some reason I doubt that would stop them from cheating on them. She talks about a plane ride or something and how you have to have alcohol on planes. As someone who’s deathly afraid of flying, I just say that Ativan + Ondansetron + Clonidine is the only cocktail for flight. She laughs. I tell the same car blowjob story to Blondie and she laughs, and is like ‘wow…no, I’ve never done anything like that.’ Blondie is leaning in close, laughing at my jokes, but after awhile I’m like ‘I didn’t come out here to try and fuck some old ladies. I could already do that. Whatever group theory lesson I’ve learned here, I’ve already learned.’ I eject. 4 gives me a hug. Yck.

3 sets, yay!
Nah, I’m not done yet.

The club’s logistics are piss poor, so I go downstairs. Immediately, I see three HB’s…7, 7, 8 at the end of the bar. Here we go. 10 feet away, the bartender gets their attention and starts talking. Bad time…I make a stealth circuit to the bathroom, take care of business, and decide to reapproach. That smooth motherfucker is still talking to them. I’m not confident enough to come into this kind of situation, so I just start walking out.

Then, I notice a few girls sitting in a round seat. Here goes nothing. I turn, 45 degree, body language solid (or it feels that way). Then, I realize that the set is 9 girls…cougar/puma mix, it’s a 6-8 spread. I get their attention with the opener, then I single one of them out for the hairdresser comment. She says ‘no,’ and then I say the typical ‘oh my friend blah blah blah…’ Then, I add ‘yeah….she’s crazy though….you seem crazy too.’ She leans forward (unsure if she’s tooling or joking or whatever) ‘ooooh yeaaah, I’m crazy…’ (makes the loco gesture) ‘…for real.’

And then….idkwtf, I just laugh and eject.
Well hey, 4 sets, right?
Nah. FUCK THAT. Can’t leave on a bitch out note.

I go to another venue.
I finally follow the 3 second rule and just open the first few bitches I see. Nothing special here, a 5, and a 5.5. They actually take time to consider the opener, and before I can do anything else, two previously unseen girls swoop in and off they walk. The 5.5 lingered for a second.


I leave that place and just walk down the street to another place. I walk throughout the place — downstairs is fairly empty, close-knit social gatherings of like 9-10 people, so I just go upstairs. Same thing, but I notice a single set, and I make brief eye contact with a girl in the set. And I….just keep walking. I start descending the stairs, and I think ‘for fuck’s sake. Okay, I’m going to go to the restroom, splash my face, come back and open that set.’ I do this, however, by the time I go back…those two girls are walking down the stairs.

Fuck it, this set is impossible but time to try.
I do the opener, and sure enough EYE CONTACT GIRL LINGERS FOR A SECOND….maybe it’s a coincidence, she seemed like she just wanted to know what I was saying. Her friend pulled her away, and then some guy coming up the stairs behind me is like ‘what, what’s up man?’ I just kinda give him the opinion opener. The good thing about it is that the whole ‘two girls asked me for weed..’ makes it seem honest.

Now, I go BACK to the other venue. I see a two set. Here we go. Two set, one girl is a 7 and the other girl is a 6.5. Opinion opener. Now I’m starting to notice that — when people can fucking hear the opener — I’m getting this sort of ‘you have our attention’ vibe. I launch into the hairdresser thing to the 7. She’s not a hairdresser, but I just launch into the ‘crazy’ routine. Then she’s like ‘oh yeah I’m crazy!’

And then I’m like ‘really? see I thought she (indicating 6.5) would be the crazy one.’ They both laugh.

7: ‘what you’re like the first person to think that she would even be crazy!’

6.5: ‘yeah I’m like the little quiet one and -she’s- the crazy one!’

Me: Exactly, I mean…the quiet ones are always truly the craziest. Like…I feel like if I was in a relationship with 6.5, she’d just fucking stab me or something when she inevitably found my mistresses’s texts….whereas you, 7 would you know…yell at me or something.

7: Psh….I would fucking cut your dick off.

….Scraybrain short-circuit, has no idea what to say.


They laugh. Mentally wish I would have done something cooler — was that a shit test? I don’t fucken know man, but I hella reacted lol.

Me: how do you know one another?

6.5: Work

Me: Oh yeah…so you probably are a ….

7: SHE’S a hairdresser

Me: Oh hahahahahaah, yeah that makes sense. I see it now!

Then, their friend who apparently left them to talk to the group to our left, shouts something at them.

7: She left us to talk to them!

(6.5 scoots away to talk to the other friend)

7: Now I’m all alone!

I’m still standing there — been rock solid in my body language, and I consider saying something like ‘oh well you have me’ or some shit like that. But I pass. I still think I’m building attraction A2 style.

Me: Man, that sucks. Your life is just dogshit right now.

The 7 laughs.

Then their friend comes in — their friend is obviously the crazy one. But she’s also not so hot…maybe a 5-5.5 (she has braces lol). They stand up and ready to leave. For fuck’s sake, this again? Now I’m convinced I did something wrong.

But I just accept defeat.

‘Yeah, hey nice meeting you guys.’

7: Yeah, it was definitely cool meeting you.

No names, no nothing. Ugh. Oh well, that makes 7 sets. I’m two past my goal. I call it a night.


I’m getting like 0 results lol.
I mean, I’m trying to learn, and occasionally I think some stuff comes to me. Like, this A1 — social hook point — A2. I really think that your transition material gets you to the social hook point. I kinda think that the whole ‘cold read’ is for when you’re close or at the social hook point. So I’m going to try and get a routine for after the opener but before I just bust out the hairdresser thing. I think that will work well. I just can’t think of the right type of social canopener for that phase in the interaction.

  • PetiteOlive
    on February 8, 2013 at 1:20 pm
    Original Link

    Scray! Beggining to look forward to reading your daily week recaps and reading Ya’s and Imm’s inputs. Interesting stuff and the growth is becoming more evident.

    • YaReally
      on February 8, 2013 at 4:23 pm
      Original Link

      I think it’s easier for us (and anyone reading in general) to see Scray’s progress than it is for him, being in the eye of the tornado and all that. :) The guy’s first FR was about trying to dance up to a 6 and getting sneered at and being the asexual little sidekick of his social circle with no identity. Now he’s approaching 3-sets and holding their attention, and girls in his social circle are treating him like he’s not an insignificant wallflower, he’s teasing HB8Waitresses, etc.

      It’s not raining pussy from the sky onto his dick or anything yet, but this is a slow process and there are little improvements going on that will build up over time into something more solid. Building a foundation of social skills as his identity starts to take shape and solidify itself. It will all pay off down the road. I know because I started off worse off than him lol :)

  • YaReally
    on February 8, 2013 at 4:02 pm
    Original Link

    “I realized that I need to develop a bigger presence somehow.”

    A bigger presence means making other people react to you, instead of you reacting to them. It’s taking over the frame and having everyone follow you instead of playing along with the frame someone else sets.

    Remember way back when you first got a taste of “social dominance” when you had like a 3-set of chicks reacting to you? That’s presence.

    Check out these Tyler approaches from 29 seconds and on:

    The girls CAN’T ignore him, they may blow him out, or they make be into him, but either way they HAVE to react to him. He gets in their space, pulls them in, hugs them, picks them up and carries them around, everything right off the bat…the girls are playing “catch up” and reacting to his presence the whole time. Guys fade into the background, and all their girlfriends react too because there’s just this tornado blasting through their set.

    You don’t have to be trying to make out with your whole social circle in the middle of the day or anything, but like, the key is in making people react to your presence.

    “HB6LittleBlondie and HB6Chunky compliment me on my haircut. No big deal, whatevs.”
    “HB6LittleBlondie gets pretty touchy with me at one point, like, in my face, touching my face, holding my hand”
    “she hugs me when she goes.”
    “I kind of notice this little demure head tilt from her.”

    lol. How big a clue hammer do you need to be hit over the head with? :D I’m not saying pursue it because she has a boyfriend and all, but it’s pretty clear that she sees you as attractive.

    The problem is you keep doing this bullshit…tell me if you notice a pattern here:

    “HB6LittleBlondie gets pretty touchy with me at one point, like, in my face, touching my face, holding my hand”
    “But you know, she’s drunk so who cares?”

    “she hugs me when she goes.”
    “Maybe we’re becoming friends or somethin”

    “I’m wondering if Ya is right that now she remembers me because of that whole frame battle thing…”
    “..or she could just be a really good waitress.”

    “I’m having trouble describing this ‘vibe shift’ I’m feeling.”
    “maybe I’m just reading too much into it.”

    “…maybe it’s a coincidence.”

    lol quit talking yourself out of the notion that girls could be attracted to you. :)

    I’ll do a more in-depth breakdown later but just to address the conclusion here:

    “I’m getting like 0 results lol.”

    You’re getting 0 pussy, but you’re getting results. It’s a slow process. :) If you were training to be a quarterback, you wouldn’t be at 30-ish throws and going “I suck, I still can’t throw it far enough.”

    That’s why I say don’t stress getting actual pussy till spring/summer…right now you’re building your social skills foundation that you’ll build off later. There are a LOT of little things to internalize, and any set you go into you only get to internalize 3 or 4 things out of it, and those only get just a bit more solid.

    You’ve got girls in your social circle flirting with you, an HB8Waitress who will never forget you and you can flirt with and use as social proof, you went out SOLO *AND* cold-approached 7 sets. You know how many of your friends have gone out solo and legit cold-approached 7 sets? Not very fucking many, if any at all.

    Hell, I had nights where I’d go out, and be so chicken-shit that I’d just wander around like you did at the start thinking “shit I should’ve opened them, I should be talking to this girl but I’m not aghghghg, crap I should’ve said something to that girl, why did I walk past that easy set ahghgh” for like 4 hours, then go home, not having spoken a single word to ANYONE lol The fact that you forced yourself to try to at least achieve your goal of 3 sets is great, and the fact that you kept going AFTER those 3 sets is even better. You have a great attitude/determination for getting good at this. You just need to be patient and celebrate the little victories. :)

    “I really think that your transition material gets you to the social hook point.”

    Yup, a lot of guys drop an opener and then wait for the girl to jump in and take them to the hook point but it doesn’t work like that. It’s asking the girl to invest too much too soon before you have any value to her. So we use the 90/10 rule and transition from the opener into cold-reading, flirting, innuendo, group dynamics, etc. like you’re doing now with the hairdresser and “you seem crazy” stuff.

    “I kinda think that the whole ‘cold read’ is for when you’re close or at the social hook point.”

    The problem is you’re cold-reading and then waiting for the girl to take it further. A smooth pickup will flow like water from opener, to cold-reads, to innuendo, to qualifying, to escalating, etc. Right now your start is getting smoother but your flow crashes right before A2.

    Try throwing in some role-playing. One of Tyler’s old-school ones that I’ve always liked riffing off is something like “You and I would never get along. You know why? We’re too similar. You wouldn’t take my shit, and I wouldn’t take yours. Everywhere we go we’d have to carry around foam Nerf bats just to smack eachother. We’d fight all the time, break up, then have crazy make-up sex and just start fighting again. I don’t know if I can handle all that drama. You aren’t drama, are you?”

    Here’s a bunch of random shit off the top of my head that I would transition with off the crazy bit:

    “My hairdresser friend was crazy. You seem crazy too.”
    “Oh ya, I’m crazy!”
    “I’m crazy too. You and I would never get along…we’re too similar–”

    “My hairdresser friend was crazy. You seem crazy too.”
    “Oh ya, I’m crazy!”
    “(pull her in) Maybe I LIKE crazy.”

    “My hairdresser friend was crazy. You seem crazy too.”
    “Oh ya, I’m crazy!”
    “Now I’m worried. When we hook up later and I don’t call you back, you’re not going to pee on my car are you? It’s happened to me before!”

    “My hairdresser friend was crazy. You seem crazy too.”
    “Oh ya, I’m crazy!”
    “I’m crazy too. Crazy in bed. You seem like the 50 Shades of Grey type.”

    “My hairdresser friend was crazy. You seem crazy too.”
    “Oh ya, I’m crazy!”
    “Thanks for the warning. I guess we’ll just have to keep our relationship to shallow, meaningless, but incredibly mind-blowing, sex.”

    “My hairdresser friend was crazy. You seem crazy too.”
    “Oh ya, I’m crazy!”
    “The last girl that told me she was crazy ended up peeing on my car when I broke up with her. You haven’t done anything like that have you? Because I just got it washed recently.”

    “My hairdresser friend was crazy. You seem crazy too.”
    “Oh ya, I’m crazy!”
    “Shit, let me guess, you’re going to end up getting hammered and dancing topless on a speaker later while your friends all pretend not to know you. No, it’s fine, I’m not judging…I’ll be right there in front row stuffing dollar bills in your g-string.”

    “My hairdresser friend was crazy. You seem crazy too.”
    “Oh ya, I’m crazy!”
    “Ya, I can tell. But they say crazy outside of the bedroom means crazy inside the bedroom. What do you think? Are you going to leave scratch-marks down my back later? You seem like the 50 Shades of Grey type.”

    Basically what I try to do is lead it into some kind of role-play and/or innuendo and/or qualifying and/or future-projection that we’re going to hook up. This is that smooth transition/flow that I mean, where we start talking about hairdressing but then it flows via a cold-read into crazy but then it flows into these other areas, so next thing they know we’re talking about kinky 50 Shades of Grey sex experiences and they don’t even really realize how we got there. :)

    The idea is that I keep them reacting to me, VS dropping something then “backing off” and reacting to them. So a lot of guys will be like:

    Guy: “Where are you from?”
    Girl: “Guess.”
    “OMG you got it!!”
    “Cool, so when did you move here?”

    So it’s like it flowed then crashed and a second flow started over from scratch. Whereas my version of this would look more like:

    Guy: “Where are you from?”
    Girl: “Guess.”
    “You shake your ass like you’re Mexican.”
    “Lol omg you got it!!”
    “My buddy told me Mexican girls are shitty in bed and you make the guy do all the work lol”

    Like now I’ve smoothly transitioned into qualifying her bedroom skills, within that same original flow, instead of cutting it off and changing threads entirely. And she has to play keep-up with me because I’m leading the interaction and making her react to these flattering, offensive, flirty, teasing, etc. things I’m saying.

    Not sure if this makes sense, I was up late last night and my head hurts lol But hopefully it gives you some ideas to play with this weekend.

    “7: Now I’m all alone!”

    Also this was a perfect opportunity. :) I’d do something like “Finally, we’re alone. Now I can take advantage of you.” (with a grin, obviously fucking around) and pull her in and joke about how I’m going to woo her etc. (but I would actually be turning her so her back is to her group)…then when her friends come back I have kino established and I can interrupt the friends as they come over and role-play “Ya, 7 and I (hugging her) are going to use eachother for sex tonight. We hope you approve of our union, we want your blessings before we run off into the night to have our way with eachother.” etc. Always setting a sexual future-projection role-playing etc. frame, and note that to something like that, the 7 and her friends would HAVE to react to me.

    They might blow me out, but at least I won’t get stuck standing there with my dick in my hand hoping they throw me a conversational bone to gnaw on. :)

    Part of why you’re “getting 0 results” is you’re not trying for results yet. You’re just trying to get social acceptance right now. You’re not trying to get phone numbers or makeouts or taking the girls home…they won’t just offer that shit up (unless you come off as super high value), you gotta’ be directing the interaction toward it from the word Go. :) Is HB8Waitress going to just go “instead of the steak and salad, how about I give you a blowjob”? Fuck no lol But you can start role-playing with her like “Why do you know my order? Are you stalking me? Are you lurking outside my bedroom window at night?” etc. and building Attraction and then escalating to stuff like “You should come stalk me at Blah Bar tonight, what time are you off? Give me your # and I’ll text you later.” From there if she shows up you can escalate to stuff like “Oh, you showed up, I KNEW you were stalking me. You must be crazy. Is your bedroom full of pictures of me? No, don’t answer that, I’ll see it in person myself when I take advantage of you later.”

    When you’re doing that kind of stuff and they’re denying you the phone numbers or the makeouts or the sexxins, THEN you can say “I’m getting 0 results”…and then we can work on figuring out where your shit is breaking down and tweak it to work better. :)

    “7: Psh….I would fucking cut your dick off.

    ….Scraybrain short-circuit, has no idea what to say.

    Me: WHAT?”

    You know THAT feeling you had? Where you short-circuited? That’s what you want girls to feel when they talk to you. Like you’re just this tornado of charisma and intent and they’re just like “wtf is going on?? who is this guy?? where am I?? what–but–I–??” That’s the feeling of reacting to someone else who has a stronger frame/reality than you. :)

    Good luck, I’ll try breaking down some other parts later! I gotta’ get some work done lol fuck this post is disjointed I bet, I’m so effin tired.

The “IKEA Effect” Supports The Game Concept Of Compliance

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via Heartiste

on February 6, 2013 at 1:30 pm
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The more work (labor) you put into a project, the more you will value the outcome of that project, even if objectively the value of your output is not high.

the Obama effect

  • Anon
    on February 6, 2013 at 2:17 pm
    Original Link

    But how does the “Ikea Effect” explain women who view their men as projects to be madeover/changed and then lose attraction when they finally succeed in changing him?

    Perhaps women need to continuously labor over a man to value him.

    In order words, men should be like crappy pieces of Ikea furniture that constantly fall apart and require continuous, extensive attention. That pretty much sums up why ne’er-do-wells clean up with women, while good guys don’t.

    • YaReally
      on February 6, 2013 at 3:39 pm
      Original Link

      There should be no end point to a man’s growth. He should continually be taking on new challenges and growing, there’s no “project over!” end-point to hit. The guys who hit that and lose attraction are guys who’ve settled down into a predictable routine that requires no further growth…and no further way for a woman to invest in him.

      • george
        on February 7, 2013 at 1:14 pm
        Original Link

        Hey bro, In a recent FR analysis you mentioned you don’t like doing formal introductions (handshake + name exchange). Why is that? I’ve gone out 5 nights a week for the last year and I do those practically always. Is there a better way to go about it?

        • YaReally
          on February 7, 2013 at 3:43 pm
          Original Link

          It’s not crippling or anything, you’re just wasting an ioi. And if you have to shake hands, at least use it to test compliance and/or escalate kino. Like I’ll pull her through the group to me off the handshake so we’re nose to nose and there’s sexual tension.

          It’s basically just a wasteful move if you’re looking to streamline your game and be more efficient. Read the post I linked for more detail.

          Oh and it also sets a “formal interaction” frame. If you introduce yourself by teasing her and pulling her in, you’re saying “expect that interacting with me will involve this”. If you formally introduce its like saying “okay time to put on your polite facade and play the role of someone in a polite friendly asexual interaction”.

          If you find that you’re having problems with girls not seeing you as sexual and your interactions are kind of friend-zoney stale, this is an area where you can fix that.

          But if it works for you, and you can transition from it fine, by all means stick with it.

          • YaReally
            on February 7, 2013 at 6:15 pm
            Original Link

            “I take it you don’t ask their name either since it would be only natural for them to ask yours immediately after.”

            That, and then I’d have to actually remember her name.

            “Maybe it’s just that I’m still in a very logical headspace.”

            This happens to everyone, especially if you work a soul-sucking anti-social job during the week, like working in an office or something (VS as a bartender where being social is part of your job). Tyler is big on building momentum because he works a lot and is out of it and in a logical headspace when he hits the bar.

            The trick is to just find ways to break yourself out of it. Like chatting with people throughout the day (the store clerk on your break, the person serving your lunch, etc.). Sometimes even talking out loud to yourself as you get ready for the bar helps. Chatting with your buddies helps, but cold-approaching is better because it’s more outside your comfort zone and forces your brain to wake up.

            Try just approaching with no attempt to pick them up. Just riff off whatever’s on your mind and joke around. Later in the night once you get out of that logical headspace and start having fun, you can focus on gaming.

            “Maybe the girls are shy / not drunk and can’t handle it when confident guy comes up to them so they put their defenses on.”

            This also happens. Brad (I think) from RSD had a good anecdote where a cute chick approached him to say hi, and he was way out of state and just stuck in that shitty headspace and he kind of froze up and choked and was like “umm hey…” and it got awkward and she left…and he realized even tho she was cute and he’s a flirty guy, he was just a little taken aback at that moment and didn’t know what to do. This is what happens to a lot of girls, especially early in the night…they’re out of state too, so they can come off bitchier or less receptive and you just have to keep plowing and kind of warm them up and get them into state with you.

            The cool part about chicks is that they subconsciously understand state, and it’s REALLY easy for them to get into state, because society wants them in state. So when they see eachother they go “EEEEEEKKK!!!! JESSICA!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!!” and jump up and down and hug eachother and scream. That’s fucking retarded behavior, imagine doing that when you saw your buddy? BUT, they’re ignoring social pressure by causing a scene, they’re changing their physiology, they’re embracing expressing their emotions, etc. They’re basically pumping their own Buying Temperature and getting into state.

            Same thing with dancing together when their favorite song comes on, they’ll run out with no one else on the dance floor and shake their asses. Will guys do that? Fuck no, we’re too busy being James Bond and looking cool standing off to the side of the dance floor watching them. Meanwhile, the girls are ignoring social pressure, changing their physiology, etc. They’re getting into state.

            Same thing with wearing tiaras and birthday sashes and glowing penises and running around with Stagette lists of goofy shit to do, etc. etc. It’s all based around getting themselves in state…the club is one huge state-fix for them.

            So as guys, we have to figure out what helps us get into state. I know guys who dance, I know guys who are overly enthusiastic with their bro-hugs when their buddies show up, I know guys who wear stupid shit to the bar to loosen themselves up, etc. It’s a personal thing, but approaching a few throwaway warm-up sets helps most guys.

            “It’s usually the forced approaches (OK, I’m here, time to do this, go) are very mechanic in nature.”

            Ya, that’s to be expected. Tyler does an impression of you at 9:39 in this vid. The whole vid is useful:

            This is another useful vid on the same topic that might help you:

            “The ones that are super spontaneous are usually the best interactions”

            Ya, ’cause your brain doesn’t have time to stress over how the interaction will go. You’re responding too fast to build an outcome dependence. It’s why Mystery came up with the “3 Second Rule” back in the day…it’s basically a way of out-smarting your brain lol

            Anyway, next gay formal handshake you do, try pulling the girl into you (not stepping into her space, pull her into yours) and put her arms up around your shoulders then your hands on her waist and THEN introduce yourself and ask her name. She might freak out, but even if she does and runs away, you’ll be in state from there. :)

The Opposite Of Hoverhand: Hineyhand

Original Link

via Heartiste

on February 6, 2013 at 7:22 am
Original Link

lol a 2nd article on Jeffy as women come out of the woodwork with horror stories:

The seriousness is awesome, like they think he’s actually mad or trying etc, they don’t understand that he just fucks around mostly for the stories. When he’s txting one girl “eat a dick go kill yourself” he’s txting another girl in his rotation to come over. Girl’s can’t wrap their heads around not being the center of the universe though so they all bust out the grrl power “you showed HIM, girlfriend!!” celebrations like he’s in any way affected by the whole thing. “He takes every girl to the same place!!! We caught him!!!! AND he says the same line to each girl!! I bet he sure is embarassed NOW!!” Like, no lol he is just fucking around. The guy flies around the world picking up girls live on bootcamps every week and there are vids of him fucking girls in the rape van. Not a single fuck is given lol

“Tyler Wrote:
I was out with Julien tonight who is green with envy about Jeff getting all the attention and opportunities to create drama with girls.

He’s planning to send Katie video links of himself like “If you thought Jeff was bad, LOOK AT THIS GUY!!”"

lol. My fav is the first comment on the Jezzie article is:

“I’m amazed at how often these stories mention “red flag” or “I should have left then”.
I don’t understand how this guy who sounds so repulsive in every aspect is getting all of these dates. I have to assume that his tactics are working on a number of women and that the outliers are the ones who turn him down, otherwise he wouldn’t keep doing the same thing, right? I’ve dated 9 women in my life, married 2 of them, and slept with 5. And I’m like Brad Pitt compared to this guy. I just don’t get it.”

Jeffy is sort of a special-case, he’s basically exploring a life-long experiment in “how much of a complete and total piece of shit can you come across to girls, and still get laid”. Like no other PUA does the stuff he does and he revels in making it worse and worse. No one thought the Rape Van would work for real, he was just fucking around and it was basically an experiment, but as they ran into success despite it, it slowly grew into this fucked up thing where it’s like “uhhh okay, no one expected this result but somehow girls will fuck in a rape van…wtf?? How much worse can we make it, lets draw a pedobear on the outside and stencil silhouettes on it for each chick we bang, THAT’S got to make girls not want to go in it right? …nope?? Wtf??? Okay let’s try to be even shittier!”

This is the kind of stuff PUAs have been doing to shatter limiting beliefs. Now we break down exactly WHY does the rape van work? There’s a video about it where Jeffy or Tyler is talking about how the rape van is just an escape, a fantasy world, so girls can let go in it because it doesn’t count as reality etc etc and we can apply those principles to other parts of game…like building comfort/rapport in a way where the girl feels she’s in a fantasy world (like if Brad Pitt swooped in and whisked her away to Paris).

This is the stuff that progresses pickup an an understanding of social dynamics. These are the guys putting themselves out there and trying the impossible just to gather information and pass it on. This is why I hold RSD above most other groups, because they’re exploring the art (the good and bad) while like, the SoSuave guys are calling thenselves Don Juans or the Roosh Forum are circle-jerking eachother about EE.

Jeffy has been google’able as a self-proclaimed scumbag in the SF Area for YEARS but all it does it make girls intrigued and he gets laid off the notoriety. Is he banging classy 10s and shit? Probably not, I mean he went out with a Jezzie writer eww, but 1) he has a known reputation from way back for banging fatties so he’s not claiming to go for the hotties like other instructors do and 2) like I say, he’s kind of a social experiment lol

Like if this piece of shit can be the biggest scumbag in the world and basically do everything he can think of to sabotage himself and STILL get his dick wet…what the fuck is holding anyone else who’s got most of their shit together back? :)

  • jack
    on February 7, 2013 at 12:23 pm
    Original Link

    “Is he banging classy 10s and shit? Probably not, I mean he went out with a Jezzie writer eww, but 1) he has a known reputation from way back for banging fatties so he’s not claiming to go for the hotties like other instructors do ”

    This is important.

    When a guy claims to be an authority on game, and can even prove it with texts and stories and shit, the elephant in the room is always the quality of the girl.

    I don’t think people give a shit about “exploring the art” on 5′s and 6′s on Okcupid. Banging HOT girls is the art.

    Being a dick just to see what you can get away with is whatever. If you’re left with a story of how a 5 who reads Jezzebel left your house in a huff and told you to “go jerk off”, then cool story bro. What a waste of time.

    Its pretty easy to be outcome independent with a low quality girl.

    If texting girls “killyourself nigger but we’re actually perfect for each other” is fun for him, I’m not gonna hate.. But unless he gets hot girls, I don’t think there’s anything cool or educational about the shit he does.

    *Just going off Yareally’s apparent insider knowledge of RSD instructors bedmates.*

    • YaReally
      on February 7, 2013 at 1:48 pm
      Original Link

      Jeffy lives in the SF Bay Area, so the quality of girls around him is pretty shit by default. Dressed down tattooed pierced fatty ugly hipster Jezzie type girls lol There’s literally not going to BE a Hollywood 8+ there. But like I say, it’s not like he has a reputation of getting gorgeous chicks, he’s the one instructor that everyone knows doesn’t care about banging uggos.

      Tyler, Julien, etc. game in the Hollywood area where the girls are hotter so they get better chicks. Unless you’re in Vegas, even coming across a 9+ is rare, let alone getting a chance to run game on her, and let alone seeing a bunch of them every night you’re out. Most of the instructors get 6-8s, with the occasional 9 or 10 thrown in, like any normal guy could…the difference is they get them more consistently than normal guys and get them naked faster than normal guys and are able to arrange more ideal sexual arrangements (“come over and fuck on day 1″ VS “let me buy you dinner for a month”) than normal guys, that’s all.

      I actually have a feeling all this exposure will make Jeffy go for hotter girls just to prove he can do it lol so it’ll all probably be better for him in the long-run, if a bunch of White Knights who read about him don’t kick the shit out of him first.

      Either way though, chick psychology is chick psychology. Try telling a 9 who flakes on you to go kill herself and see what happens. Do you think they WOULDN’T respond to something like that? That that wouldn’t stand out from all the other guys who suck up to them 24/7? That they would have no emotional reaction to it at all that you could turn into Attraction? Tyler and Julien tell girls they’re dogs and white-trash whores lol It’s not my style, but I’m not trying to progress the art.

on February 6, 2013 at 8:13 am
Original Link

Jeffy on txting and EXTREME push/pull. I’d link this on the Jezzie articles if I had an account lol:

on February 6, 2013 at 12:26 pm
Original Link

@Scray (posting it here ’cause the other one is a few articles back now)

Okay FR breakdown time:

“She’s the friend from the last field report that I said I was going to make up this rumor, blah blah blah (that’s probably my only real interaction with her).”

lol save yourself some writing/effort and just give them HB nicknames. “HB6Rodrigo from last FR” etc. Makes it easier for other people to follow, too. :) Even in real life I refer to girls with nicknames to my buddies because I know they won’t remember “Jennifer” but they’ll remember “The Screamer” or “The Titty-chick”

“She blinks and is like ‘no she didn’t tell me about the second thing.’”

She might have, or she might not have. If the friend was either 1) into you enough herself, or 2) thought you might legit e desperate and REALLY in love like a sad Charlie Brown character with no chance, she probably wouldn’t have told her.

“I just repeat it ‘oh yeah, I’m in love with you,’ and lean back with a shrug and smile. She nods and laughs. I just sit there looking at her for a moment.”

See this is good, but you’ve left out qualifying still. “You’re amazing.” = “I just want to stick my dick in you, you could be any girl since I haven’t given you any reason that I’m in love with you” vs “You can cook? Or you like Blah band? Or you gave me shit when I approached your group? Or (etc)? You’re amazing.” = “You’ve earned my saying this.”

Even if you’re clearly just fucking around, you gotta’ throw a reason for it in there or she doesn’t know what to do with it. Even better is a combo of qualify, push, qualify then pull, like “You do such and such? That’s awesome, I love you…but wait, you don’t do this and that, do you? Okay, we’re broken up.” See how the dynamic plays there?

You did this proper in your other FR with her friend:

“she mentioned that she liked a band that I liked. (QUALIFICATION) Naturally, I just move away like ‘im falling in love with you now, goddammit.’ (PULL) She laughs. Then she’s like ‘yeah, they’re almost as good as Nickelback.’ (QUALIFICATION) Then I turn to her and am like ‘what the fuck is wrong with you? We’re broken up. FOREVER. DON’T EVEN FUCKING TALK TO ME. DON’T EVEN LOOK MY WAY!’ (PUSH) She covers her mouth, she’s laughing, and I look away. After a few seconds, I’m like ‘remember that time we broke up. listen, I didn’t mean all of that. (PULL) You just make me really mad sometimes.’ (PUSH) And she’s like ‘oh, okay…well so are we back together?’” (QUALIFYING) ‘Yeah. (PULL) For now.’ (PUSH)

Compare that to:

“I just repeat it ‘oh yeah, I’m in love with you,’ (PULL) and lean back with a shrug and smile. She nods and laughs. I just sit there looking at her for a moment.” (……….NOTHING ELSE lol) Me: Look, don’t make it weird. You’re making it weird. (PULL AGAIN) Her: Nooo, I don’t think I’d make it weird. You’re the one who brought it being weird up. (NOT QUALIFYING, she’s challenging you instead of playing along like “okay are we still together?”) “Me: …listen you’re just going to have to deal with the fact that we’re soulmates and we’re probably gonna bone like 6 times a week.” (MORE PULLING, and while it’s good persistence and a good line in general in terms of the words you’re saying, you’re trying to pull her in without pushing her away at all, without qualifying her at all, and basically witohut her earning it)

Does this make sense? Let me know if it doesn’t and I’ll clarify some more. Remember, the idea behind Mystery’s “cat-string theory” is that if you drop the string in front of the cat and let it get it, it gets bored…but if you yank it away, then let it sit so it can almost get it, then yank it away again, etc. it’ll chase it like crazy all over the room.

This is also why it’s a lot easier to accidentally run solid game on ugly girls you’re not into, because you really don’t care about fucking it up or anything so it’s easier to Push them lol If you can treat a 10 the same way you treat a 4, you’d get laid by 10s like crazy. But it’s hard to do because once the girl is past our Level of Entitlement where we feel she’s in our “league”, we start not wanting to risk fucking up and we forget stuff like Qualifying and Pushing because we worry she won’t pass our Qualifications or we might accidentally Push too hard and push her away (both of these worries come from a mindset of a lack of abundance…someone who has total abundance doesn’t care if he accidentally Pushes her away or if she doesn’t pass his Qualifying, which makes her want him more).

“Her: (laughs) Okay, well I don’t think you’re in love with me.”

This is her trying to control the frame and suck you into her frame. You can still recover here, but it’s tricky…but you aren’t like, totally done yet or anything at this point. She’s basically still on the wall and sort of leaning toward “nahhh” because you haven’t really Attracted her at all (push/pull, get her qualifying, etc.), you’ve just said fun/entertaining stuff to her because she’s hot (like every other dude).

“Me: ARE YOU SAYING I’M A LIAR AND THAT YOU HATE AMERICA? That’s disgusting. If I didn’t love you so god. damned. much………”

Solid. It’s nonsensical but you’re basically shitting on her frame here and keeping your own reality going.

“she actually seems pretty socially savvy, so I discount chuckles/laughs as IOIs.”

The savvy ones can play you a bit. I’ve spent time around strippers and they are pro at faking all this stuff and leading guys on…not even maliciously, but just because they’re used to flirting and being social.

But for you, always tell yourself “of course she’s into me”. It might not be true, but that mindset will help you more than “she’s probably just being polite”. The irony is that believing it’s true will often MAKE it true because “what you feel, she feels” and what we call the law of “State Transferrence” which is basically where your state is so strong that it influences other people to change their own state to match yours. Often we call this “charisma”. Like when someone meets a politician they hated on TV but in real life they found themselves swooning over them and come out almost confused at how that could happen.

“But whatever, fuck it, I’m kind of having a good time anyway.”

Good, good. Flirting is fun. :) The guys whining about having to approach and all the “work” put into getting pussy etc. are coming from the wrong mindset.

“Me: It’s kind of a big deal. So……we should probably hang out.”

Solid Statement of Intent. But because you still haven’t Qualified her at all, or Pushed her at all (this is another Pull), so she’s not OPPOSED to you, but she’s not Attracted, she’s kind of neutral erring on “I hope he’s cool”…because of all this, she’s going to shit-test you on it.

“Her: We’re not hanging out, all of us now?”

This is her shit-test, where she’s on the fence. Note that girls shit-test a guy in HOPES that he’ll pass the shit-test and turn out to be cool so they can be Attracted. And if the guy turns out to be lame, then the shit-test exposes that and they can shut down their Attraction and they just dodged a bullet by stopping themselves from being Attracted to a loser.

So this is really a key point in this interaction.

“In the past, I would have just given up — even, especially, in the context of a social circle.”

Right, exactly, that’s the point of the shit-test, to see if you’re a Beta type who’s going to give up, or if you’re legit Alpha and going to plow through and Assume Attraction and go for what you want etc.

“Me: Nah, I meant like just us hanging out.

I said it strongly, I remember that. She nods.

Her: Okay, sure.”

solid. You passed the shit-test with flying colors, because you said it strongly. I had a buddy who went for the number of this chick he was into for a while and he was doing good but chickened out at the last second and asked for the number kind of half-assed and looking away from her etc. and he knew as he was doing it that he was fucking that up and of course he didn’t get the number. He passed his Level of Entitlement and his brain pulled the plug. You plowed through strongly, and the result? “Okay, sure.”

“And then…I just kinda, lose courage.”

This is where you fuck it up lol And you KNEW it as you did it.

“Me: Yeah, I mean while I’m IN love with you…I just want to be friends though.”

wtf?? lol.

“Mentally I roll my eyes at myself like wtf you piece of shit.”

And now you’re done with her. EVERYTHING from here on is you in the LJBF zone. I’ll explain as we go, but basically you’ve gone from an Alpha she could be Attracted to, to an “Orbiter-chode” paper tiger who will basically fall into her frame sooner or later because you’ve demonstrated by backing off and being incongruent, that you’re just faking it and haven’t actually made it yet.

So what you’ll notice from here on is that she is CONSTANTLY trying to control the frame and get you to fall into her frame. It’s pretty interesting actually, because she’s doing it in a socially savvy way and using game principles. :) Allow me to explain (but remember, at this point the sarge is toast, you are now classified as an Orbiter to her):

“She slowly nods, ‘oooh ok, well I don’t think you’re actually in love with me.’”

She’s realized you are a paper tiger, and she knows those guys fall into her frame all the time, so she tries to get you to fall into her frame to confirm her suspicious about you not being as Alpha as you tried to portray when you got her number.

So this is her attempt to set the frame.

“Me: WHAT?”

This is you falling into her frame, by responding to it. Before you were like “Why do you hate America I love you”, avoiding her frame. It’s like if I say “Hey, do you like apples?”. If you go “How come you hate oranges dude, wtf?” that’s you ignoring my frame and trying to set yours. If I go “I don’t, just answer me do you like apples?” that’s me trying to control the frame and this is us having a “Frame Battle”. But if I go “What?? I don’t hate oranges, I never said that! I love oranges!”, that’s me falling into your frame, and if you go “You totally hate oranges, I know it” and I go “Nooo I love them, see I’m eating oranges right now!!” that’s me qualifying myself to you because I’m completely in your frame and the Apples frame I was trying to set no longer exists. You won that Frame Battle by sucking me into your Frame.

So by saying “WHAT?”, and acknowledging her question at all in any kind of logical way, you’re starting to fall into her frame and allowing her to set the frame, which means you’re reacting to her, which means she has higher value than you, which means she can’t be Attracted to you, etc. etc. See how that works? It’s a crazy spiral downhill if you slip up once lol

The good news is it gets easier NOT to slip up down the road when you get used to holding your frame. I VERY rarely meet anyone, guy or girl, high or low value, who can suck me into their frame when I’m on my game.

Another example is when a 10 at the bar asks “What do you drive?” Giving a logical answer is playing into her frame. Saying “That’s boring, why do girls always ask boring questions?” is shitting on her frame and setting your own, and builds Attraction instead of killing it.

“Her: Wait, do you think that love is objective?”

You didn’t instantly try to explain yourself to her statement, so she’s trying to set the frame again with a question because that’s easier for you to respond to…so she’s lobbing a pitch across the plate that she knows is easier to hit because once you take a swing at it and hit, you’re in her frame and she “wins” and can rule you out as an Orbiter.

This is all subconscious btw (for the most part). She’s not a bitch or a bad person, this is just how her Hypergamy weeds out the top guys from the rest.

“Inner debate, do I answer honestly, is she giving me some sort of ninja shit test, wtfidk.”

lol this will happen to you a lot. :) The best way to think about this is to remind yourself in the moment: “if she were an ugly fat 4 with bad breath, or if she were one of my dude-bros, how would I respond to this?” Because she’s hot and you wouldn’t be opposed to sticking your dick in her, you start thinking “how should I react to get her approval…should I be honest? Will that make her like me? Or should I react in some other way? Will that make her like me?” Neither action involves “I’m going to do what I want, and don’t give a fuck if she likes me.”

You might be thinking “But YaReally, isn’t all this Game shit ABOUT choosing the proper response to make her like you? You just told me I have to consciously Push/Pull her, but if I consciously do that then isn’t doing that the same as reacting in some way to get her approval and get her to like me???? THIS IS SO FUCKING CONFUSING!!!!!”

And it IS confusing lol Basically you kind of have to learn to hold conflicting ideas in your head and embrace the cognitive dissonance. This’ll come with time, don’t worry. With the push/pull stuff, think of it like you’re just executing the optimal strategy, but you don’t care if it works or not…VS not caring if it works or not but executing a sub-optimal strategy.

So it’s like training proper for the Olympics, but not caring whether you get 1st place or 2nd place because you just love running…but just because you don’t care about getting 1st or 2nd, that doesn’t mean you don’t train properly and run your hardest.

This is probably just confusing, I should’ve left these paragraphs out lol but whatever, you’re a smart guy, you’ll figure out what I’m trying to say. :D

“For now, I just answer honestly…”

Good. This is the optimal route. If she were ugly or a dude, you would answer honestly.

…BUT, also keep in mind that you’re now in her frame, because you’re answering AT ALL. :) This isn’t immediate death and you’re not FULLY in her frame yet, watch these upcoming shit-tests, you’ll laugh at this because I know you didn’t see it going on at the time it was happening:

“This sparks a big conversation”

This is what she wants. Because you were hitting on her, then were incongruent, so she needs to pull the chute on the whole interaction and change it’s nature entirely to avoid that discomfort of being hit on by an incongruent guy who she thinks will end up being an Orbiter.

It’s important to note that she doesn’t give a SHIT about your answers or anything, this is all just a really elaborate distraction to bail on an awkward situation and create a situation where she controls the frame and the direction of the interaction, so she can feel in control and “safe”.

“Because previously, the two chodes sitting across from us didn’t exist. But now, she asks them the question”

See now what she’s doing here is actually a PUA style strategy. This is how we deal with AMOGs or girls who are being bitchy…turn to someone else in the group and say “Is she always like this? You can dress her up but you can’t take her anywhere hey lol :) ” and get the group on your side putting the social pressure on her to conform to your frame…the social pressure forces the AMOG/mother-hen to cave.

You executed this exact maneuver with the 6 and 6.5 in the 4-set from the other FR where they were rude to you and then you told the 7.5 you wouldn’t flick her nipples and their reaction forced the 6 and 6.5 to lighten up and fall into your frame, because the 7.5 and 7 had fallen into your frame.

See the similarities?

Now why does this chick pick these dudes? Because you’re not agreeing with her, so she knows you’re still not 100% in her frame but she also knows that because you’ve demonstrated paper tiger behavior, that she can cave you with enough social pressure, and she knows that these guys are lame as fuck and WILL cave to her frame because 99% of dudes WILL…

“they jump in, agreeing with what she says = that it isn’t.”

So of course, they agree. Now you’re facing the social pressure of *3* people (one of them a cute chick), disagreeing with you.


She’s trying to “break” you and get you to fall into her frame, so she’s just throwing more and more social pressure at you trying to get you to break because your incongruency before makes her think “I KNOW this fucker’s going to crack eventually, I saw hints of it before, there’s no way he’s going to stand up to this pressure, I’ll add more and more until he caves and then I can rest assured that I’m not passing up an Alpha and that I’m correct that he’s a Beta Orbiter type”. So what does she do when you still won’t cave?

“She asks the waitress, who by the damned way is a freaking 8″

You didn’t cave to her. You didn’t cave to two other men. So maybe you’ll cave to a super hottie. She knows the waitress will back her up because women conform to popular opinions and it’s already 3 VS 1.

“I’ll probably go back there just to try and game her soon.”

Go for it! :D She’ll probably remember you after this whole gongshow anyway…except she’ll just remember you as the guy who hangs out with a cute girl (pre-selection) and who held his frame against all this social pressure (alpha), that ain’t a bad thing. She didn’t see any of your earlier incongruencies or anything.

“The waitress agrees.”

Of course she does. And the resulting situation?

“It’s everyone vs. me.”

This is what I mean when I say that learning to consciously wield social pressure is really powerful. When I run into an AMOG or Mother Hen who gives me shit, I can very quickly rally everyone in our vicinity against them in a way that seems organic but snowballs quickly until they find themselves feeling that super awkward icky feeling of social pressure and judgement and being an outcast. The vast majority of people don’t deal with this very often (whereas PUAs throw themselves into it on purpose regularly to learn to handle the pressure and keep their frame), so they cave to it.

Now remember, THIS WAS ALL A TEST, to see if you’d fall into her frame if she rallied up enough social pressure. So this is basically a shit-test to feel you out and see who you really are, since your incongruency before where you backed off after getting her number, made her suspicious and need to test you.

Remember it’s a test because when you do THIS:

“I just kind of shrug and say ‘ah well, I think believing in something higher than yourself, just for its own sake — regardless of whether it’s true — is a powerful motivating force in life.’”

This is you keeping your frame despite all the social pressure she could throw at you.

The result?

“She sits back and says ‘oh don’t get me wrong, I’m a hopeless romantic.’”
:) The result is SHE DIDN’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT WHAT YOU WERE SAYING lol She didn’t care about your logical answer to her question at ALL. The words 100% didn’t matter. In fact she AGREES with you, and she KNOWS it.

*ALL* she cared about was “will this guy hold his frame or cave?” This was one huge long shit-test to see if you’re Alpha or not, and the test happened because of your prior incongruency (ie – you caused this).

How’s THAT for a mind-fuck? lol

“Me: So then what are we arguing about?”

I know that feel bro. :D This is the exasperation of like “wait, what?? you agree with me?? then WTF are we talking about???!?!?!” And she just shrugs it off, because to her none of that was a big deal, it was all just a test…but to you it’s like “wtf I just went through so much emotional stress and it was all for no reason??!?!” Meanwhile the whole thing didn’t mean shit to her, so she’s feeling cool as a cucumber.

Now flip that script and imagine you’re the cucumber and you put a girl through that much of an emotional rollercoaster in just a few minutes, using Push/Pull, Qualifying her, winning over her group against her when she’s being bratty, etc. At that point she’s so emotionally invested in you, even if some of it is bad emotions, that there’s no way you’re just an insignificant blip on her radar like most Nice Guys would be. And from there, you can do your work and head towards actually banging her. :)

“I think arguing logically with a girl is pointless.”

It totally is. That’s another thing to keep in mind that will help you control the frame. Understand when you’re at the bar and she says “You can’t treat girls like that, that’s rude!”, she doesn’t give a shit about your logical response, and you won’t logically win a debate with her anyway, and you can’t logic your way into her pants, so fuck it, shit all over her frame. Agree and escalate (“lol ya I can be an asshole sometimes (agree), but hey at least I didn’t just whip my dick out (escalate), how come girls like assholes anyway? (set your own frame for her to fall into)), or change the subject entirely, instead of getting sucked into her frame…there’s just no benefit to it.

“At this point, I just kind of downshift, figuring I royally fucked up and misread everything.”

It’s all good, you’re toast now anyway. She’s impressed that you held your frame, but it’s like when someone you think highly of does something “off” and you’re like “man, I really WANT to trust this person…but I saw that thing they did that one time and they don’t seem to be doing it again and I can’t seem to find any more evidence that they’re that way, but man, I just can’t ignore that nagging little voice in the back of my mind that there’s something supsicious about them now…”

So you handled that whole situation optimally against all the social pressure, which is good. But she’s still not convinced and she’s going to keep shit-testing you because now it’s just a matter of like “I HAVE to confirm that he’s this orbiter beta chode…I have to get him to fall into that role, dammit!!” Like trying to solve the last word on a crossword puzzle.

“By now there’s like four other guys surrounding this girl with me because most of the other people have left.”

lol fuckin’ other guys. Always so annoying. Part of why I don’t care about doing social circle game much is because there’s always 2 or 3 beta chode orbiters chasing each of the girls in the group and they have NO shot with her but the only way I can get around them is to stomp all over them to their face (either shattering their hearts as I bang their crush or pissing them off and having them retaliate down the road), or be super-secret and risk social circle drama…it’s all too much negative karma and drama to me to deal with.

“Her and two other guys go outside to smoke, she invites me to come along…”

hehe…watch this. Ready for it? Here comes another Frame Battle. :)

“Her: You can come with us if you want.”

The key is “if you want”. This is her setting the frame of “you chase me”

“I have always hated when people have put any invitation to anything like this. And I always have a similar — maybe dickish — response to it.”

It’s a fucking gay invitation. Go ahead and make fun of it. I like to call them out and just be like “Wow, I can if I want? You SUPPOSE? Gee, I feel so wanted lol.” If the girl laughs embarrassed about it like “lol no I didn’t mean it like THAT…”, you can actually make her jump through a hoop and tell her “Ask me nicely. (playful pouting arms-crossed expression like you’re not convinced)” and if she’s Attracted she’ll go “lol okay PLEASE come with me!” and you can make it more fun with “I don’t know, maybe if you complimented me. I’ve been working out, you know, I’m just saying.” and again if she’s into you she’ll get giggling along and play along and then you can go with her and now you’re going on your terms, not hers.

You can see this play out in this scene from Californication:

At 39 seconds in, she giggles, so approaches, then she fucks with him and sends him away, so he goes away, but then she tries to pull him back and he goes “What if I don’t want to now?” all coy. Like he’s tired of just going along with her shit so then he decides to quit jumping through her hoops and make her jump through his.

This, like all social interaction shit, all goes down in a split-second. :)

“Me: Yaaaa, it’s a free country after all comrade.”

You don’t fall into her frame, so she tries again.

“Her: Well…I was just saying, you can come if you like.”

She makes sure to use the “if you like”. So she’s still setting the frame of “chase me”. If you go with her, then you’re chasing her because she didn’t say she WANTS you to come (her chasing you), she said you can come if you like, so you can follow her around if you want to be her orbiter. It’s good that you don’t go, with a shitty invite like this.

To extrapolate this idea to a later part of a sarge, I can brow-beat a girl into a date. It’s not hard to do, I have a strong frame and I can fuck with her emotions and twist her arm into meeting up. But that’s not the same as playing solid game and waiting to invite her out until I know she’s super Attracted and she WANTS to meet up. So I might turn down 2 or 3 possible meet-ups, if I know I don’t have enough Attraction to make it worth it.

This plays into getting phone numbers and flaking and all that too.

“For awhile I just sit and talk to the other dudes, but eventually we all go out there to part ways.”

Cool, this is fine, if you go with a group. It’s when you go by yourself to chase her around that you’re just an Orbiter. Like the guy she txts at 1:30am to pick her up at the bar because she knows he’ll drop whatever he’s doing to come get her and drive her home and she won’t have to put out.

“But you know how that goes…takes like half an hour, mainly because all the guys stand around the girl…it’s like some sort of stupid fucking mexican standoff.”

lol…KNOW THAT FEEL BRO. :) Like I say, this kind of shit is part of why I hate social circle game. Too many guys with no game all trying to out-linger eachother and hope that if they’re the one that spends the most time with her or is in the right place at the right time, they’ll be the one she falls in love with.

Barf! I’ll take Cold Approaching, where I don’t mind stomping on her Orbiters because I don’t know them, thanks.

“However, two of the guys did get into a discussion about something or another that was really boring and technical, which left me and her free to talk about stupid shit like the best weapons to use in a zombie apocalypse.”

lol this is how wings are supposed to help get rid of AMOGs. Engage the obstacle guy in “logical conversation” while the other guy is talking about fun emotional shit with the girl. Or if you’re solo, engage the guy with logical shit and bring his and her states down with it, then switch and start jacking up her Buying Temperature again…he’s left in the dust because you brought him out of state, and she’s dying for excitement so she gets swept up in your escalation and boom, you’re the fun one and the other guy is lame, even if she was into him before.

“Not really a cold set, but ehhhh……this shit just comes out in everything I do now, so whatever.”

It’s all good. Look at the 10 pages I just typed from that little tiny interaction lol. If you hadn’t flirted with her, you wouldn’t have posted about it, and I wouldn’t have written about it, and you wouldn’t know all this new shit about Frame Battles and congruency and shit-tests and all that…now you’re armed with more knowledge/experience and when you go up against some smokin hottie in a bar somewhere who tries to test you, you’ll be like “I remember THIS shit, time to handle this like a boss”. :)

Anyway, so let’s look at the text stuff, but remember: You were done WAAAAAY back when you were first incongruent after getting her number…everything after that was her trying to prove to herself that she’s right about your incongruency and trying to get you to fall into her frame…none of that had to do with sucking your dick lol So it pretty much doesn’t matter what you text, you’d have a MASSIVE uphill battle on your hands to turn it around.

I want to stress not to beat yourself up about it, because this is all logical. You performed actions ABC and got predictable result XYZ, that’s all. It’s not a judgement of your worth as a human being or anything, and you’re not a pussy or unattractive for not getting in this chick’s pants…you simply performed a less than optimal set of moves and the end result is a lack of Attraction. No biggie, it doesn’t mean anything except that you can tighten your game up.

“So, I text her today: hey this is scray, i live in your phone now.”

lol I might steal that. Usually I make my first text have some kind of innuendo. “Just because you have my number doesn’t mean I’m gonna’ send you drunk pics.” etc. But you’ve already been friend zoned by her so it wouldn’t have made a difference.

“Me: Ur a weird abode.”

lol’ed at this. Dumb shit like this is fine. Like Style says “if it was funny in kindergarten, it’s funny again now”. I’ll say stuff like “So’s your FACE.” or “So’s your MOM.” etc. It’s all just self-amusing.

“She’s taking awhile to respond.”

Don’t read into that too much. 1) You can never know what’s going on over on her end, she could be working, she could be fixing her severed arm that just got chopped off, she could be showing your txts to her friends saying “look at this loser I bet he has a small penis!!”, you have no way of knowing so fuck it don’t sweat it, and 2) Every girl txts different, regardless of Attraction. Some girls will be 100% uninterested but respond instantly and txt back and forth all day long because they have free time. Some girls will want to bone you like crazy but not respond to txts for hours or days just because they have other shit going on. And to each of these girls, their style/frequency of texting is “normal”.

If you’re high value, you can txt whenever you want. Brad Pitt can send 50 txts in an hour if he wants, it doesn’t matter. So don’t stress the “be like James Bond and send one-word txts after 4 hours between each txt!”

Because remember: the main thing is demonstrating your personality and being congruent to it…that’s mainly what builds Attraction. So if you shoot 50 txts back and forth, but those txts are full of emotional rollercoaster shit that makes her react like crazy and you’re showing all sorts of awesome personality stuff, that’s better than sending 5 txts that are boring as fuck.

(this is for if you’re trying to build attraction via txt, which I do a LOT of…if you already have a ton of attraction from hanging out in person, you don’t need to do as much via txt)

“I just take it to mean she’s not too into it.”

She’s not into it, but that was your own fault for being incongruent way back when you let your Sense of Entitlement shake apart for a split-second. :) It’s still good to give it a go, just for the experience, so I’m not talking smack here or anything, it’s good that you txted her and tried because you never know when she might feed you something where you’re able to use it to turn things around.

“Me: Nm just planning our ice-breaking first date.”

This is back to the whole “Pushing without Qualifying or Pulling” thing from the start. She hasn’t done anything to deserve your interest, basically.

“‘Rodrigo says I shouldn’t date, but he’s ok with me hanging out with friends.’”

Ya, this is her LJBF’ing you and making you an Orbiter. Like I say, you were doomed from way before these txts, it would’ve been an epic uphill battle to turn this around.

It’s all good, she has a good impression of you in general, and she might have some hot friends. So don’t chase her, but don’t avoid her or feel awkward. Just handle it like it’s no big deal, you have 10 Playboy models waiting for you at home, it’s cool if she doesn’t want to go out with you, you’re just fucking around (shrug). :)

Basically don’t be butt-hurt around her lol

“everything I did feels wrong”

It wasn’t awesome, but as long as you can learn from your mistakes, that’s fine. Like I say, compare your push/pull and qualifying in this interaction with the push/pull/qualify in the interaction with her friend. There’s a dramatic difference between the two. Over time, more of your interactions will naturally/instinctively be like with her friend. This is a slow process of gradual improvement, like lifting weights at the gym.

“I feel glad that I was able to communicate -some- sort of direct interest. How fucking gay is that.”

lol good, that’s looking for the silver lining. Celebrate all these little victories! :)

“Lots of self-discovery :D

lol The Game is primarily about learning about yourself, more than it is about learning about women.

“Chode: hahahah, now take a real one.
Me: (deadpan) No.
(walks away)”

lol :D I’ve done similar stuff, but I always take a real photo afterward, just ’cause I want everyone to have a fun night. Once you fuck around with the first pic, then you’re taking pics on your own terms instead of jumping through a hoop. I’ll often tell girls to kiss eachother on the cheek in pics, or tell them to kiss the guy they’re with on the cheek, etc. So ya, I’m taking their pic so they can put it on Facebook and tag eachother and get all their Like validation and shit, but I’m also making them jump through a hoop for me.

Mystery’s example is “If a girl asks you for a lighter, that’s her making you jump through a hoop. So tell her “Sure, if you bark like a dog!” or something stupid…just make her do SOMETHING. Once she jumps through that hoop for you, it’s okay to give her the lighter.”

“My beliefs about my height are starting to change.”

Hopefully in a good way lol

“I remember a Heartiste post ‘I didn’t need game to land my wife.’ Sure enough, the first and second pics are EXACTLY the types that, without doing anything, will take to me. I just can’t bring myself to do anything with less than like a 5.”

And this is why guys get into The Game. I sometimes think back to what my life would have been like if I hadn’t gone down this path, and I can pretty much guarantee I would probably be settled down with a kid and a bunch of debt and a fat plain average wife that I only like 60% of the time and who rarely puts out and probably ends up cheating on me.

And like, that’s alright for some guys. I probably would’ve been happy, or at least content, like that, because I didn’t realize I could work on myself and become a guy with better options than that, so I wouldn’t have known what I was missing out on.

But now that I’ve been rich, I could never be poor, you know? :)

We get into the game to have CHOICE and control over our lives, because we’re not satisfied with settling for whatever shitty bone the universe decides to throw to us out of pity.

This is why you can’t convince someone to get into Game if they haven’t hit rock-bottom and don’t have the drive to change. You have to WANT this. You have to want choice enough to go through all the bullshit, and you have to be so dissatisfied with the notion of settling for whatever the Universe “lets” you have (like a girl saying “you can come join us, if you WANT…(shrug)” and chasing her down like a grateful little fucking lap-dog), that you’ll go through all these Field Reports and rough nights out and close-calls and flakey numbers etc. to change it.

This is one of my fav motivational vids, it came out way back in the early “The Game” days:

The stuff he writes about his girl and all the memories and all that shit and how it just all fell apart, I think a lot of guys know those feels. When he says to himself “Change.”, that’s the turning point, rock-bottom, where “it’s only after we’ve lost everything, that we’re free to do anything.”

I hit my rock-bottom around 23, even before I found PUA. And looking at my life and my options now, I’m glad I did. :)

“I already can feel the pushback against me rising up in the group.”

lol ya, that’s going to get rough. You might lose some friends that are too selfish and insecure to embrace your self-growth and support you. That’s okay, those people would just hold you back in life anyway, but it still sucks to lose them…sometimes they’re people you really thought were your close friends or family.

Understand that it’s not that they’re bad people…they’re just reacting on instinct based on their place in life and their own personal growth (or lack thereof). It’s like a kid who’s raised in a bunch of orphanages and beaten as a child and turns out all fucked up angry and bitter at the world, where you’re like “wow, I feel bad for them because they can’t help being full of anger all the time, they’re never going to be able to relax and enjoy life the way I do…maybe they would have if they had been fortunate enough to have been brought up in happier circumstances, it’s a shame really”.

“And my state is still pretty weak.”

State is the hardest part of Game to build and keep and learn to get into etc. No one is “in state” 24/7, we all have our moments of glory and our periods of down-time. And getting into state is personal for each person. Some people need peace and meditation to get into a relaxed flowing state, some people need chaos and energy and shit-talking. It’s kind of like how athletes have little rituals they do to get themselves psyched up and in the zone for the big game…you’ll have to try a ton of different things and figure out what works for you. :)

Hope this helps! This weekend is Mardi Gras. Try to go out at LEAST Fri/Sat, but throw in Thurs and Sun if you can because it should all be a good party. Remember if a chick asks for your beads, she has to show her tits. I usually just go “You know the deal.” and motion at her shirt like “lift that shit up” lol

  • Naz
    on February 6, 2013 at 5:40 pm
    Original Link

    “State is the hardest part of Game to build and keep and learn to get into etc.”


    Something I only realized few years ago; is that I have control over my state. Which is not the mere product of the external environment. Rather it is the product of the interaction between my internal state and the external world. Surprisingly to me, the former has more impact dectating the output of that interaction. Thanks Yareally.

    • immoralgables
      on February 6, 2013 at 9:17 pm
      Original Link

      I hear what you’re saying. My best nights have been when I’ve spent all day being chatty and talking to whoever and being socially on point because by the time I go out I’m ready to go. Naz, having a wingman to support you an who is in the know is really beneficial in field because if you get shut down he is there to pick you back up.

      I think for some people, having positive interactions and feedback (external causes) via promotions, sex with attractive women, validation in non-work endeavors, etc can influence your internals. TD mentioned how one student kept going out and killing it to the point that those positive occurrences he had in the field fixed him internally.

      Glad to see that someone else is getting a lot of value out of these field reports and subsequent breakdowns. It’s like I’m getting the answer sheet to all the questions I had regarding successes and failures since I started gaming last year.

      • YaReally
        on February 7, 2013 at 2:11 pm
        Original Link

        “having a wingman to support you an who is in the know is really beneficial in field because if you get shut down he is there to pick you back up.”

        My wings and I are super positive. I don’t hang with guys who talk smack because I find that all too negative a mindset to want to waste my life being in, in general. My wings and I talk to eachother like we’re both kings of the fucking universe. “See the way that McDonald’s chick handed me my change?” “Oh ya, she wants your cock dude.” “Obviously, why WOULDN’T she?”

        It’s silly and over-the-top and we know it, but when when we approach girls our frame that we’re the shit is so strong that they get sucked into it.

        It’s harder to keep that vibe up solo, especially when you’re starting out, because often you’re looking at external sources to determine how you should feel about yourself…so you’re looking at reactions from girls, comparing your looks to other guys, comparing your results with girls to other guys, comparing your achievements in life to other guys, etc. and adding all that up to ask yourself “Am I allowed to feel like I’m high-value now?”

        You have to fix a lot of your internal dialogue and learn to think postiively about yourself, which is really hard to do in a society that brings us up from childhood telling us that we’re worthless until we have the nicest suit and the newest car and the most expensive condo and the highest paying career etc. and get in the habit of basing your worth on completely arbitrary shit in your head. “Look at my hair, fuck, my hair is perfect, no other guy will have a chance tonight.” “This wrinkled shirt? It’s awesome, girls are going to love how casual I look.”

        Essentially you’re frame-controlling yourself. :)

        I hang out with a lot of different social circles that I don’t “belong” in. One of my circles is a bunch of MMA guys, and I’m not athletic or tough so I’m the weak runt of the group. One of my circles is a bunch of med/law/business types, and I’m poor as fuck and my job is complete bullshit compared to theirs so I’m the guy in plain clothes (instead of Armani suits) with no money or car or impressive education. One of my circles is a bunch of non-white dudes where I’m the only white-boy and we’re in a bar full of non-white people. One of my circles is a bunch of grungy tattoo’ed pierced bottom-of-the-barrel rockers, and I’m pretty normal looking and don’t know much about music so I’m the least “cool/indie” one of the group.

        None of that affects my confidence though, because I don’t judge my worth/value on how I compare to the guys around me. I don’t try to play their game and compete with them, I don’t try to pretend to be into indie bands or lie and say I’m a doctor etc., and I don’t subscribe to the same value system that most of North American society does, so girls can tell when I approach them that I’m different because I’m outcome dependent…I’m approaching like “Hey, this is me. If you like it, cool, if not, that’s alright.” VS “Hey? Do you like me? What if I pretend to be this and that? Do you like me now??”

        Anyway, here’s Julien talking about internal mindsets:


Original Link

via Rational Male

on February 6th, 2013 at 5:59 am
Original Link

“A lot of frustration most men and women endure in our modern socio-sexual education is the result of a psychological attempt to reconcile the vestigial behaviors and predilections of our feral past with the need for adaptation in our present environment.”

Well said, I agree. My mental state is very relaxed and happy-go-lucky because I live in enough of an alignment with my Freudian “id” that I don’t have any real internal battles going on. I can live this way because I don’t subscribe to the same value system or goals that modern society tries to socially condition us to subscribe to. Basically I go “ehh, I don’t really see the benefit to monogamy for me, so I’m not going to force myself to try to be monogamous.”

I have friends who cheat on their girls, even the great girls who are 100% marriage material…and they are generally pretty miserable. I’ve tried to explain to them that their frustration with themselves, with life, with their actions, with their partner, isn’t anything to do with their partner as a person. They’re simply forcing the square peg into the round hole and trying to force themselves to act in a way (monogamy) that they instinctively don’t want to…so when they go get drunk, the id takes over and they end up cheating. And they feel terrible in the morning for it, so you’d think they’d go “okay I just won’t drink again” but subconsciously they know they need that release because while drunk they’re living in alignment with their natural desires instead of fighting them like they do the rest of the time, so they go out and get hammered again and the cycle of frustration, guilt, lies and shame just continues over and over while they wait for an external circumstance to decide their fate (ie – their girl leaves them or the girl they bang steals them away etc)

It’s like this perpetual state of not living in alignment with their desires, but not having enough balls to ignore social pressure/judgement and take the reins and choose a path, and instead hoping something external chooses for them so they don’t have to go against their social conditioning because society will shame them for ditching a marriage girl for random pussy.

It’s really sad to me, because these are friends putting themselves through this. This kind of stuff is why I’m glad there’s a Manosphere and PUA etc to get the message out there to guys like these, so they don’t trap themselves into a cage before exploring what they really want in life.

There’s nothing wrong with monogamy and settling down and getting married…as long as its a very conscious decision (vs being socially conditioned or guilty into it) and as long as a guy has explored his id and slept around and met a bunch of girls and learned exactly what he wants/needs in life. My big problems with most guys in monogamous relationships is that they never explored that shit because society would shame them for it or because they didn’t have the Game skills TO explore it, so they’re settling into an agreement too soon…the end result is usually that down the road they cheat, just like the mid-life crisis guy buying a Ferrari because he never allowed himself to have any fun when he was younger.

Sooner or later we realize we’re going to die one day, and we suddenly try to do all the things we should’ve done before we committed to a lifestyle where we’re not allowed to do any of those things.

Good post Rollo!


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on February 11th, 2013 at 9:37 am
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Awesome thanks for that video, that’s a great way of explaining it to the blue-pill types. I’ll be linking it to some friends. As a PUA my view goes way too deep into it and my friends don’t want to be PUAs so they take my advice with a pound of salt lol. This is an explanation that might help them sort out their feelings and guilt that’s just fucking them up 24/7 lately.

Contraceptives And Cuckoldry

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on February 5, 2013 at 2:33 pm
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“How many women who sleep with interloper males are using birth control?”

Way less than most people would probably hope lol Just because it’s available doesn’t mean girls use it. LOGICALLY, they should, but we all know how logical women are.

Half of them fuck up taking the pill properly, half of them just believe magically that they can’t get pregnant or were told by a doctor that it’d be difficult because of a tilted whatever and they’re just hoping that’s 100% accurate, and half of them just want to feel the raw cock of an alpha male inside them since when they fuck them they’re so attracted that it’s all part of the excitement.

I can’t count the number of guys who’ve confirmed with me that they’re the ones who have to enforce using a condom with random one-night stands etc. and the chicks are the ones who are trying to just stick it in raw. Social conditioning told us all that it’s guys that try not to use a condom and girls who want to, but that’s not the case at all in the real world.

“How many are aborting the fetus, should contraception fail or not be used, before hubby finds out or is doomed to raise a child as an unwitting cuckold? Again, I’d guess most.”

Way more than most people would probably hope lol. Let’s just say my buddies and I have stories. :P

I’ve been in the position a few times where a girl with a husband/fiance has WANTED me to get her preggers and have him raise the kid unknowingly. Like this is sometimes a conscious plan on her part, but more often it’s a scenario that she’s simply “not opposed” to, so she’ll try to fuck me condomless or get lazy with her birth control or stick it in for round 2 when it’s still covered in cum from round 1, or she’ll aim my cock at her pussy when I cum, or she’ll grind against it with her pussy afterward, etc. These are all “passive” ways of trying to get pregnant, where her hamster can disconnect responsibility and tell her “oops!! it wasn’t your fault, it just happened!!” and she can execute the plan with a mostly clear conscience.

It’s too risky legal-wise on my end, so I wouldn’t do it, but this is a thing that happens more often than the MSM or Feminists will allow people to believe and I know there are guys out there who aren’t as cautious/paranoid as I am about avoiding it. I literally have a Natural buddy who’s already accepted that one day his banging career will end when he gets some random one-night stand pregnant. He has already, twice, and mind-fucked them both into getting abortions, but he knows sooner or later he’ll fuck himself over and get trapped.

This is all happening behind the scenes, people who aren’t a part of the “Secret Society” don’t have a clue this is going on under their noses. Don’t shoot the messenger lol

  • JMG
    on February 5, 2013 at 2:40 pm
    Original Link

    you writing “lol” after stuff that isn’t funny kind of annoys me lol

    • YaReally
      on February 5, 2013 at 2:56 pm
      Original Link

      Humor is subjective. :) If you can’t laugh at the absurdity of the world, you’ll go insane.

on February 5, 2013 at 2:46 pm
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Also on a slightly less depressing note: I’m personally interested to see how the whole single-mom phenomenon pans out down the road. More and more guys are clueing in that getting married is retarded because we can get sex without it and it’s a massive financial/life-altering/career-destroying/child-losing death trap when it fails as it likely will based on stats, with them powerless to stop it…

And yet, we don’t want to raise other dudes’ kids. So in like 10 years there’s going to be a shit-ton of women with kids and guys who don’t want to marry them or raise those kids because they aren’t their own…so what’s going to happen on a social level to fix this? I can’t even imagine a solution. There is literally no way you could convince me to get married with marriage and the legal system in general designed the way it currently is, and I definitely don’t want to raise some other dude’s kid…so how’s this all going to pan out?

Even the White Knights who are currently being brainwashed into believing that dating a girl with kids is a noble thing to do, will become a smaller and smaller group as more of them clue in over time.

I don’t do much Online game, but when I do, it’s ridiculous…any girl who’s above a 6′s profile starts with “First off I have a brilliant wonderful little son and he’s the center of my life and you have to respect that he comes first blah blah blah”. Like no joke, probably 70-90% of chick profiles are like that these days, it’s insane. Personally I never meet the kids of a chick if she has them…I tell the girl that flat out from the start. But I set a casual sex frame, so she doesn’t really expect me to do Provider shit like that anyway.

I don’t read much MGTOW stuff because, well, those guys are silly to me…but I ran across this post on one of their forums and I thought it was great and it aligns with experiences I’ve heard from buddies over the years:

Choice Quotes From Michel Houellebecq

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The Man Who Was . . .
on February 4, 2013 at 5:43 pm
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The mating market place is even more ruthless than the market market. The mating market is zero-sum, while in the market market a rising tide can lift all boats.

  • Matthew King (King A)
    on February 4, 2013 at 6:47 pm
    Original Link

    No, the difference is the sexual market is driven by biological necessity and instinct, whereas the economic market is driven by the counterintuitive efficiencies (investing rather than hoarding) of wealth creation.

    This is the third time in this thread that the sexual market has been referred to as “zero sum.” How’s that? A rising sluttishness raises all dicks. Unless you have a moral objection to sloppy seconds (or hundredths). A PUA banging a chick a couple times before moving on to the next slot doesn’t preclude betas banging her before or after.

    No, a well-regulated SMP, being necessary to the functioning of a free state, attempts to make it zero sum by enforcing traditions of marriage and against adultery. The marriage market is zero sum, not the sexual market. Especially a contracepted sexual market. Plenty of easy quim to go around for YaReally’s students to imagine themselves 5’5″ kings of the world.


    • The Man Who Was . . .
      on February 4, 2013 at 6:58 pm
      Original Link

      You are such a complete dumbfuck. The sexual marketplace is zero sum because you can’t increase the supply of women, so if some guy takes two some other guy has to do without. In the market market, a businessman can actually create new wealth for everyone. His gain is not necessarily my loss.

      Now back to the retard cave with you.

      • Matthew King (King A)
        on February 5, 2013 at 1:18 pm
        Original Link

        You have to put your personal resentments to the side. You are full of sharp observations but are stymied from taking them to the next level through a little antithesis. Instead you get stuck on past resentments and become unable to function (like a blushing little girl who just got negged).

        How does “some guy take[] two [women]” off the market in this day and age? Culturally supported polygamous marriage? Some dude’s one-night stand “is not necessarily my loss” either, unless, as I said, we “enforc[e] traditions of marriage and against adultery,” not to mention divorce.

        Now out of the retard cave with you. The light will blind at first, brother.


        • YaReally
          on February 6, 2013 at 9:47 am
          Original Link

          “How does “some guy take[] two [women]” off the market in this day and age?”

          Give ‘em the herp or the AIDS! lol

          • YaReally
            on February 6, 2013 at 2:46 pm
            Original Link


          • YaReally
            on February 7, 2013 at 4:11 pm
            Original Link

            Aw man, I think you just gave me the AIDS! :(

The Short Man Shit Test

Original Link

via Heartiste

on February 1, 2013 at 2:53 pm
Original Link

lol it’s just a shit-test to see if he’s insecure about it or not. It’s probably not even a conscious one, most of the time it isn’t (ie – they aren’t aware that their shit-testing means there’s some tiny bit of attraction to build on).

Here’s some Tyler stuff. There’s an important point in it:

“he suddenly looked at me while I was in the front seat and said, “YOU HAVE GREEN HAIR.” I stared at him blankly. He mentioned that I could stare at him blankly because I know my hair isn’t green, then asked me about an insecurity I have. I said that I haven’t been laid yet at World Summit. He then proceeded for a few minutes to stare at me while saying stuff like, “ARE YOU SERIOUS. YOU ARE IN LAS VEGAS, WHERE GIRLS GO TO GET LAID AND YOU CAN’T EVEN GET FUCKING LAID? YOU AT A PICKUP SEMINAR IN VEEEGAS AND YOU CAN’T GET LAID? DUDES ARE GETTING LAID LEFT AND RIGHT AND YOU CAN’T EVEN GET FUCKING LAID, WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT YOU? YOU LITTLE BITCH? ALL THOSE GIRLS AT THE CLUB DANCING WHILE THEY ARE DRUNK OFF THEIR ASSES AND YOU CAN’T EVEN PICK ONE OF THEM AND TAKE THEM HOME? THAT MEANS YOU AREN’T ATTRACTIVE.”"

“He did the “green hair” thing because THATS YOUR BASELINE… you get that, right? Like he yells at you in front of a crowd of people like, “YOU HAVE GREEN HAIR” and you’re just like, “Uhh…u just think no… wtf lol” and maybe you kinda laugh but really, you’re just like.. wtf are you talkin bout man… Becuase, as he said… YOU DONT HAVE GREEN HAIR… and it’s like really really really really really fucking obvious… because well, you either have green hair or you fucking don’t lmao.

But THEN… he calls you out for something that YOUR NOT CERTAIN ABOUT… he yells at you in front of everyone JUST LIKE BEFORE… the ONLY DIFFERENCE…. is that this time it’s about something you’re insecure about holmes. This time, it’s about something that isn’t, in your eyes, as black and white as “green hair or no green hair”…

In your mind and heart you KNOW FOR A FACT that you don’t have green hair, so like it doens’t fucking matter what he says.

THe point is- whether or not you got laid at world summit doesn’t fuckin matter… You either KNOW that you are attractive or you don’t … and if you KNOW that you are attractive… then the whole thing with Tyler yelling at you in front of everyone wouldn’t effect you…. it would have the SAME effect on you as him telling you that you have green hair.”

And from Tyler: “Lastly as Bhuddagames said, the point of the exercise was to show you exactly the difference between a shit test where you feel secure with yourself, and a shit test where your sense of certainty isn’t as strong. It wasn’t a random barrating!! :) The girls will fuck with you faaaaaar worse, as I personally have girls saying all sorts of super mean things to me before fucking me on a weekly basis.

I’m often hard on students because THE GIRLS will be harder.

Personally girls have been really fucken cruel with me over the years — like many girls I sleep with say the cruelest shit to me beforehand.

I had one girl recently push me into the couch and say over and over that she only fucks tall guys and that I’m a “miniature man” and too small to fuck. The girl is very very hot so you know it’s likely true she’s only fucked tall guys before me, etc.

Other girls will call me out on losing hair, being pale, etc. The shit is absolutely absurd — it’s only because my reaction is the same as if they yelled “GREEN HAIR!” (ie: totally indifferent) that I wind up getting laid and even having the same girls getting all needy after.

The bottom line though is WORDS ARE JUST WORDS. It’s a bunch of noises coming from a person’s throat. “Like chirping” as Julien would say. Irrelevent.”

Her telling him he’s too short should register as significant as her telling him “you’re perfect except for your green hair wahhhh”. The only reason this story hits guys on an emotional level is because most guys are insecure about their height or have friends who are, etc so it’s a sore spot. And her subconscious knows that. Does her hypergamy want a pussy who lets things a SILLY INTERNET GIRL says emotionally devastate him to his core? How is he supposed to handle the shit the world will throw at them as a couple if some text sent by a silly Internet girl he doesn’t even know rocks him?

Her hypergamy wants the guy that knows that any shit she gives him, or anyone else gives him, is just irrelevant chirping and won’t deter him from his goals.

It’s Friday. Go out tonight and hit on a tall girl lol

  • Scray
    on February 2, 2013 at 6:35 am
    Original Link

    FR -> Thurs:

    So, go to school event at a bar. Jennifer is there. I don’t have much interaction history with her, which is kinda cool cause I haven’t fucked up enough to LJBF outright yet. Jennifer is like…a 6-6.5. She’s the friend from the last field report that I said I was going to make up this rumor, blah blah blah (that’s probably my only real interaction with her).

    I sit next to her at the table with everyone, and I kind of open with small talk. But within about thirty seconds, I’m asking whether her friend asked her about the rumor and told her about me loving her. She blinks and is like ‘no she didn’t tell me about the second thing.’

    I just repeat it ‘oh yeah, I’m in love with you,’ and lean back with a shrug and smile. She nods and laughs. I just sit there looking at her for a moment.

    Me: Look, don’t make it weird. You’re making it weird.

    Her: Nooo, I don’t think I’d make it weird. You’re the one who brought it being weird up.

    Me: …listen you’re just going to have to deal with the fact that we’re soulmates and we’re probably gonna bone like 6 times a week.

    Her: (laughs) Okay, well I don’t think you’re in love with me.

    Me: ARE YOU SAYING I’M A LIAR AND THAT YOU HATE AMERICA? That’s disgusting. If I didn’t love you so god. damned. much………

    She laughs, shaking her head. I’m actually unsure if it means anything though, because I mean…unlike most girls, she actually seems pretty socially savvy, so I discount chuckles/laughs as IOIs. But whatever, fuck it, I’m kind of having a good time anyway.

    Me: It’s kind of a big deal. So……we should probably hang out.

    Her: We’re not hanging out, all of us now?

    In the past, I would have just given up — even, especially, in the context of a social circle. But I’m just like….fuck it, man. What other choice do I have?

    Me: Nah, I meant like just us hanging out.

    I said it strongly, I remember that. She nods.

    Her: Okay, sure.

    In the middle of the conversation I just get her number — it feels much more natural to ask for someone’s number in the context of a social circle. And then…I just kinda, lose courage.

    Me: Yeah, I mean while I’m IN love with you…I just want to be friends though.

    Mentally I roll my eyes at myself like wtf you piece of shit. She slowly nods, ‘oooh ok, well I don’t think you’re actually in love with me.’

    Me: WHAT?

    Her: Wait, do you think that love is objective?

    Inner debate, do I answer honestly, is she giving me some sort of ninja shit test, wtfidk. For now, I just answer honestly….it’s just this spiel about ‘believing in belief for its own sake and how that’s important to the human experience.’ This sparks a big conversation, and I kind of regret what I’ve done. Because previously, the two chodes sitting across from us didn’t exist. But now, she asks them the question — they jump in, agreeing with what she says = that it isn’t. She asks the waitress, who by the damned way is a freaking 8 — I’ll probably go back there just to try and game her soon. The waitress agrees. It’s everyone vs. me. I just kind of shrug and say ‘ah well, I think believing in something higher than yourself, just for its own sake — regardless of whether it’s true — is a powerful motivating force in life.’

    She sits back and says ‘oh don’t get me wrong, I’m a hopeless romantic.’

    Me: So then what are we arguing about?

    Her: blah blah blah blah I’m smart.

    I kinda just sit back, because I think arguing logically with a girl is pointless. At this point, I just kind of downshift, figuring I royally fucked up and misread everything. By now there’s like four other guys surrounding this girl with me because most of the other people have left. Her and two other guys go outside to smoke, she invites me to come along…

    Her: You can come with us if you want.

    I have always hated when people have put any invitation to anything like this. And I always have a similar — maybe dickish — response to it.

    Me: Yaaaa, it’s a free country after all comrade.

    Her: Well…I was just saying, you can come if you like.

    Me: Maybe…it’s cold out there.

    For awhile I just sit and talk to the other dudes, but eventually we all go out there to part ways. But you know how that goes…takes like half an hour, mainly because all the guys stand around the girl…it’s like some sort of stupid fucking mexican standoff. However, two of the guys did get into a discussion about something or another that was really boring and technical, which left me and her free to talk about stupid shit like the best weapons to use in a zombie apocalypse. After awhile, I just say I’m leaving, get hugs from her and handshakes from everyone else, and go.

    Not really a cold set, but ehhhh……this shit just comes out in everything I do now, so whatever.


    So, I text her today: hey this is scray, i live in your phone now.
    Her: Hey Scray, a phone is a weird abode.
    Me: Ur a weird abode.
    Her: Am not
    Me: Rodrigo says yes (fake fiance I made up)
    Her: Rodrigo lies

    So, up until this point the texts aren’t exactly lightning speed back and forth…each takes like, an hour between responses. She’s taking awhile to respond. She could be at work, but idk…I just take it to mean she’s not too into it.

    Me: u raging this weekend or what
    Her: Not really, except for Sunday obviously…what about you?
    Me: Nm just planning our ice-breaking first date.

    I sent the last one about five hours later, near midnight…so no response as of yet. But, regardless of if there ever is a response…everything I did feels wrong, and I feel like I need to read about text game, which I would have if I wasn’t so busy Friday with other shit. I feel glad that I was able to communicate -some- sort of direct interest. How fucking gay is that. Lots of self-discovery :D

    Friday night sucked dick. Went and hung out at this packed bar. Couldn’t hear shit. The group of people there that I knew are mostly lukewarm to me, save one or two. And ‘shut the fuck up’ girl from weeks ago made an appearance lol. I didn’t open any sets there…just felt so out of my element and I didn’t want to drink. I brought a friend with me there to hang, but neither of us had much fun. I did one thing that was fun.

    Chode: hey bro, I don’t mean to bother you here at the bar, but could you take a picture? (points to his group)

    Me: Sure brah!
    (Takes phone, turns phone around, gets good angle, then just steps in front of group takes picture of self. Group laughs, Scray walks up to group leader and hands him the phone)

    Chode: hahahah, now take a real one.
    Me: (deadpan) No.
    (walks away)

    My beliefs about my height are starting to change. I mean, short and fat — rapidly slimming down now though — me has zero-game options. Now, I don’t like those options so much, sure. I mean, I remember a Heartiste post ‘I didn’t need game to land my wife.’ Sure enough, the first and second pics are EXACTLY the types that, without doing anything, will take to me. I just can’t bring myself to do anything with less than like a 5.

    The social circle stuff is new to me. I definitely feel like it’s going to be important, because I already can feel the pushback against me rising up in the group. The main thing about social circle to me, seems to be about state. And my state is still pretty weak. Working out helps a little but, ehhh….I really just think I’m gonna need to build up a ton of social experience — cold approaching maybe — and at least SOME success before I have a steadier state.

    • anonymous
      on February 2, 2013 at 9:40 pm
      Original Link

      I think with some of your texting its like your asking too much out of the woman right away. With her I would stop texting her till next weekend, then send her a whats up, and work on double entendres and plausible deniability… It probably wont lead anywhere, but you are already in LJBF territory. Talking about sex in a fun and interesting way is entertaining to women and gets them going, then you work on figuring out a way to get over to her place. Whether it is for drinks a movie or cuddling. Just remember though, don’t waste too much time over at her place if you know nothing is gonna happen. If nothing happens after a half hour I usually go in for a slow seductive kiss and try to escalate, and if you get any resistance make up an excuse and leave. Also, don’t ever take advice from women about women, even if their advice is well intentioned it cant even be wrong. Meaning, success is determined by either succeeding or failing, the worst thing is to leave someone in limbo between not knowing if they are succeeding or failing which is what women are doing when they give advice.

      • Scray
        on February 2, 2013 at 10:33 pm
        Original Link

        Oh for sure I know I completely fucked up this interaction, although I’m still unsure where I went wrong. I can’t really find much about social circle text game (if there’s even a difference). But again, you’re totally right…her reply is a total LJBF hint:

        ‘Rodrigo says I shouldn’t date, but he’s ok with me hanging out with friends.’

        Ahhhhhhhhhhhh fawwwwwwk. My plan now is just non-respond/bail.

        I’m definitely itching to see what Yareally has to say about these last two FR’s though.

        • YaReally
          on February 3, 2013 at 4:41 pm
          Original Link

          No more txts to that one, she’s friend zoned ya. Or rather, you friend zoned yourself. There was a point where you were good and probably could’ve pulled it off but your brain shit a brick and you pulled back and that incongruency pretty much doomed ya lol

          It’s okay, practicing game is like chasing someone riding away on a bicycle. Down the road you’ll be able to catch them a lot of the time but at the start you’ll chase them and get a little closer than last time and then gas out and watch them speed off. :)

          No more txting her. Txt her back flirt (hold your frame) if she txts you (my mentality is “I am a flirt. If you contact me, I will flirt with you, that’s how it goes. If you don’t want to flirt with me, stop txting me, because I am incorrigible and 100% believe that I will eventually get you.” If she keeps txting me ill usually win her over (strongest frame wins))…but don’t txt her first.

          She probably won’t txt or will out of politeness to invite you to some group event. If that happens that’s cool, the way to recover and get her is to basically demonstrate a shit-ton of value (be awesome around her and in your group and hit on other girls around her etc) until her hypergamy forces her to chase you…but 1) this can take a long time lol and 2) you can’t demonstrate the amount of value you now need via txt, only in person, so txting her has ZERO benefit for you from a logical % play-the-odds standpoint.

          So if she txts you, flirt as if you assume it’s on, if she invites you out, own her group and mack on other girls in front of her, otherwise no txting her.

          FR analysiseseses are comin, it was a busy weekend for me sorry lol. I’ll link em for everyone when they’re up

          • YaReally
            on February 4, 2013 at 2:27 pm
            Original Link


            Will do! I’ll address it in-depth in my analysis, check back here in a couple days. The exact “tsn turning point” was “Me: Yeah, I mean while I’m IN love with you…I just want to be friends though.”. He was done from there. The thing is, he didn’t sabotage himself with the actual words he said…the sabotage came from being incongruent with who he presented himself as in the first half of the interaction. Once her subconscious catches a glimpse of a chick in the armor, she can no longer trust him to be who he says he is because something is “off” and from there her defenses go up. This is why girls like assholes, because they’re congruent…they can TRUST them to be an asshole lol Comes back to the Joker: “Nobody panics when things go according to plan…even if that plan is horrifying!”


            “I’ve been learning a fuck to from your breakdowns of Scrays field report.”

            That’s why I’m doing it here publically instead of just E-Mailing Scray. :) I got a TON of benefit out of reading Field Reports and other people’s breakdowns of them back in the day, so I know there’s a lot of value in it for the guys who are going out and applying this stuff in-field and seeing all the correlations and connecting the reference experiences in their head. Like you say “woah, the same thing happens to me!!” and boom, some part of your experience makes more sense even though it wasn’t your Field Report.

            “The impressive part is that Scray gets a ton of IOIs and you’re able to break down the nuances.”

            lol like I say, Naturals are usually really good at subconsciously picking up on these. I pick up on them consciously because I had to learn them. The funniest example of this idea in general, that you can get better at seeing these IOIs etc. is that I had a buddy who always talked himself out of girls being into him. Then he did PUA stuff for a few years and he came back from a trip or something and he was telling me about it and he was like “man girls are so slutty these days…this one girl, she stood beside me in line and then ASKED ME THE TIME. I was like okay fine I’ll hit on you…” and he was 100% serious and we laughed at how much his mentality had changed over the years compared to before.

            A lot of these things sound delusional to guys who don’t go out and study pickup and learn to look for the IOIs, so they write it off as us just bullshitting ourselves and exaggerating etc., but that’s because they don’t go out and have any success and they don’t get that we have a shit-ton of reference experiences of “10 girls who’ve asked me for the time have turned out to only be asking me that because they’re attracted to me and I’ve made out with most of them and banged a few of them, so when a girl is asking me for the time, it is completely within my reality and logical that that means she’s attracted and that it’s something I can probably push toward sex if I run some tight game and collect some other IOIs.”

          • YaReally
            on February 5, 2013 at 4:29 am
            Original Link


            ioi’s are often a lot more subtle than guys think, especially guys who don’t have experience with Game. Most guys are waiting for the girl to go “I want your cock in me” spread-legged on a table, and even THEN they’d go “do you think she was into me? Maybe she’s just flirty with everyone”.

            I can’t count the number of times I’ve watched friends throw away what are blatantly obvious opportunities because its so outside their reality that a girl could like them that they convince themselves it’s not happening. It’s phenomenally frustrating and it’s not an isolated incident, it happens over and over with the guys and I’m just like “god you’re killing me please just fuck her already!! She’s dying for it!!”

            And the funny part is a normal guy would watch this go down and laugh with me and be like “ya that guy is an idiot it’s so obvious she wants him!” but then the same thing will happen to him and he’ll be like “well her voice tone was flat so she was probably just being polite…”

            I’ve gone off literally shit like a girl holding eye contact for half a second longer than she needed to, one single neutral non-insult in a barrage of insults, one re-open about some completely boring and irrelevant topic. It’s in the checkout girl who lingers an extra second handing you your change. It’s in the curious question your buddy’s girlfriend asks you after you say something that makes her laugh. My buddy has hit on the girl at the taxi service when he phoned to order us a taxi just because he picked up on a slight voice inflection that he knows means there’s a spark he can fan into a flame.

            When you learn to see it all, you will shit a brick at how many guys are passing up girls who would fuck them…it’s insane and depressing in a way lol but it also fuels why I’m not concerned about competition when I go for a girl. Even if a girl is more into another guy than me, I know 90% of the time he’s gonna fuck it up or get cockblocked or talk himself out of it loooong before he gets his dick in her.

            And you can tell them “dude seriously here’s all the shit she’s doing and why you should escalate” and they will fight tooth and nail to resist going for it. It’s amazing that someone would resist something that they logically WANT lol but there are a bunch of psyche principles behind why they resist so it makes sense…it’s just really frustrating when you’re their buddy and you know they need to get laid but won’t accept that a girl is into them until she pins them down and sticks their dick in her for him and even then he’ll wonder if he’s misreading her signals lol

            My favorite description is from Roger Dodger:

            “All right. Here we go. Get this straight. Sex is everywhere, okay? It is all around us. It’s not some distant destination. It’s not Everest. It is right here. You have to attune yourself to it.
            You have to bring yourself into alignment. You have to find the zone, Nick. Okay? Do that, and I promise you a whole world will open up. Look at me. I walk around in a state of total receptivity. I’m like a fucking lightning rod.”

            This is a pretty good description of the mental state my Natural buddies and myself live in.

          • YaReally
            on February 5, 2013 at 4:34 am
            Original Link

            Also this isn’t just ugly dudes that talk themselves out of it. I’ve seen tall good-looking guys do it too. It’s insane to me lol

            This is why I’m pointing out all the little moments/signals where you could have worked the situ into a successful pickup, because I know you are oblivious to those moments right now and you need to understand how abundant they are in your interactions so that you start to act on them and crash through those success barriers and shatter your limiting beliefs.

        • YaReally
          on February 4, 2013 at 2:15 pm
          Original Link

          k, first one is posted but in moderation so check later today probably, it’s a reply to this post:

          Workin on the breakdown of this report next. :)

    • YaReally
      on February 6, 2013 at 2:49 pm
      Original Link

on February 1, 2013 at 3:14 pm
Original Link

I can identify with this guy. I’m 5’7″. I typically offset by wearing my favorite pair of boots which bring me up to a reasonable 5’9″. And hey, if you get to the point where you need to take your boots off and you’re gaming a woman, you’re most likely not vertical at that point anyways.

Unfortunately height is one of those immediate physical indicators of alpha traits along with upright posture and physique. Height means almost nothing in reality, though. Hockey players are the manliest of the manly, and their average height is about 6’0″. The game rewards people with a low center of gravity.

It’s just another disadvantage that needs to be played strategically. If a guy has a prominent nose and a girl makes a remark about it, he also has to disarm it with either humor or reframing. The key issue at stake here is to demonstrate you’re a man, not a boy who takes everything personally and must be coddled and comforted all the time.

We already have self-esteem. Why? We’re high value. Say it until you believe it, and it will be true.

  • gaoxiaen
    on February 1, 2013 at 7:20 pm
    Original Link

    I hit the gym hard. I’m 5 foot 9, weigh 165-170, and bench 290. Taller “cool” guys (like those basketball players with polio arms) know that height is no advantage when TSHTF. Lots of these guys have NEVER been in a real fight.

    • Rick Derris
      on February 2, 2013 at 11:45 am
      Original Link


      You hit on another point – chicks are as dismissive of ectomorphs as they are of “short” guys. I’ve heard enough cattiness about ectomorphs to know that women despise them. Unfortunately it takes ectomorphs a lot of time and effort to even put on a few extra pounds of muscle.

      • gaoxiaen
        on February 2, 2013 at 1:47 pm
        Original Link

        I have time and put in a lot of effort in the gym. Women are secure with someone who can easily cripple or kill some niggerball-playing pussy in a couple of seconds. You ain’t big, you’re tall, that’s all. Military training, Tae-Kwon-Do, boxing, wrestling, and overall viciousness usually carries the day. I almost always get away with a close-up “Fuck you!” inches from some taller asshole’s face. If not they walk home with their teeth in their hat. If they’re lucky. If they’re too big, I use a knife. I ENJOY fighting. My opponents, not so much. Women think I’m crazy and that gets the tingles going. Fuck with me and you might die. ‘Nuff said.

        • YaReally
          on February 4, 2013 at 3:22 pm
          Original Link


      • YaReally
        on February 4, 2013 at 3:35 pm
        Original Link

        Ya this is 100% true. Ectomorphs have NO chance. That’s why Mystery is so buff and a master of 10 martial arts:

        Man I can’t even see the wall behind Tyler because he’s so huge and not a skinny little wiener:

        And don’t get me started on Julien. Do you even lift bro?? PLEASE, more like do you ever NOT lift!!!

        And holy shit look how jacked Cajun of Lovesystems is. Dude is like a pro bodybuilder!!!!:

        Limiting beliefs will only hold guys back. Don’t listen to what women say they want.

on February 1, 2013 at 9:32 pm
Original Link

Interesting comments here. As a short guy, I can say for certain that there is a preference for taller guys because 1) it’s more likely a taller guy can be her “boss” and be leader of the guys around him and 2) girls definitely care what her enviornment thinks of her and who she is with.

BUT what I’ve learned from going after a lot of these girls society says would be “out of my league” is that when you can flip the script on her…suddenly all of those concerns don’t really matter. Yea, in a perfect world I’m sure some taller guy with the knowledge of game that I have will not be beat in a head-to-head competition. If the girl feels you’re not totally sold on her, in her head that hamster runs wild. It’s the moment she lives for…it’s exciting and fun and, like playing Mario Bros on Nintendo, it’s the process of playing the game for the game’s sake and trying to solve it that keeps you coming back.

A little secret I figured out quickly…most of these “men” that are taller are relying heavily on their image to get girls. I can’t beat out all of them, but damn sure best a LOT of them by not relying on self image and actually treating the girls like another human.

As Yareally mentioned a few weeks back about his short friend…It’s almost as if you get “bonus points” as a short guy if you can attract a girl. says “contrast is king” in action. I highly agree. You stand out BIG TIME when you can be the boss as a short guy…because no one expects it.

Short guy with no game = no kidding, it fucking sucks to be you.

Short guy with game = complete opposite direction.

Game is only different at the margins for short guys…just a few other little things you gotta deal with at the starting point. Off of a thin slice, a tall blonde with a cute figure is, by society’s definition, going to be more valuable than little ole me right off the bat. Sometimes I’ll go direct as a warm up if I’m going to be approaching quite a bit, but honestly in my experience it’s a bad strategy because 1) it forces the serious consideration of “OK, here are the facts, do I want to date/fuck this guy or do I never see it happening?” and 2) before she gets to see the real guy (who I KNOW she’ll love ;) ) she’ll lump me in the loser category.

I’ve had way better success as a short guy staying indirect….at least until she’s shown some interest back. I’m finding that it’s often as easy as 1) not appearing all that interested/keep it neutral/not sold yet, 2) hitting her with either a neg or some kind of qualifying statement where she explains herself a bit on something. It keeps the balance of power in tact where she’s thinking “OK so this short guy has a little going for him apparently. He’s not a pushover quite like I thought. He’s making me work for it. The muscley guys come on pretty strong and I don’t have to work for it with them. I like this…let’s see where it goes!” Or something to that effect lol.

Anyway…that was pretty long winded way of saying “it’s not bad to be a short guy.” Hold your value and make her work…and she’ll reward :)

  • YaReally
    on February 2, 2013 at 5:11 pm
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    Solid post. And backs up what I’ve been trying to explain. It’s why I’m trying to encourage Scray to approach hotter girls and drop more sexual content/innuendo etc into his conversations…he doesn’t have to go direct right away because like you say it forces her to make a decision, but by approaching really hot girls and being indirect BUT expressing a very sexual personality, he’s combining the bonus points of approaching hotter girls than people think he should AND giving the girl a chance to see, experience, and fall for his awesomeness before he shows legit interest in her (the “soulmate” stuff isn’t legit interest, it’s clearly you fucking around so that’s fine to use right away lol).

    I think the optimal route for a short guy who doesn’t want to cold approach is social circle game where he can build a reputation and become a leader in his group, banging the girls in it. Unfortunately this can be drama and the selection of girls isn’t as wide as being able to cold approach.

    So for cold-approach I think the optimal route for a short guy is learning to work a group, and then cold-approach groups with smokin hotties in them indirectly. Take over the group, demonstrate a sexual vibe and social dominance etc, THEN switch gears to go for her because now she’s seen you have value and she’s more receptive, plus when you know she’s attracted and shooting iois you can drop in a “ya I just wanted to come hit on you, this was all an elaborate plan to get in your pants ;) ” which when she’s into you, will escalate things solid. Like Scray’s last FR where he told the 9 his opener was bullshit and he just wanted to meet her.

    Anyway, on height: To a guy, a girl in a slutty dress is a blinking neon sign of “this person likely has the attributes you want to fuck”. A tall guy is the same for a guy, it’s a shortcut of “this person probably has the attributes you want (sexual dominance, social dominance, leader of men, pre-selection, confidence etc)”

    But 1) a lot of those guys don’t have those attributes to back it up (same as if that slutty dress girl was wearing spanx and a push-up bra and makeup and was ugly once it all came off) which is why I don’t give a shit at all about competing with them…their skills are shit because they haven’t had to work on them, like a rich kid with no money management skills…mine are tight because they HAVE to be lol, and 2) if, as a short/ugly/poor/etc guy, you can demonstrate those attractive attributes to her, she will be attracted, even if you’re shorter than her. This is why people always point to guys like Pacino when they reference alpha celebrity short guys, because a guy like Pacino is demonstrating all the alpha/attractive shit a tall guy is supposed to, he’s just shorter than them.

    My best wingman I head out with regularly is 6’4″ and way better looking than me and a Natural. But when I’m hitting on all cylinders, I can take girls off him. I don’t grow taller or anything, I simply display the attributes I know are attractive and dominate the set.

    It was a lot easier when we first met cause I say a lot of shocking inappropriate shit that fucks with people lol so I’d drop something about how I want to give the girl AIDS by doing her in the bum, like a minute after meeting her, and he’d completely freeze up like “holy shit did he just say that??” like a deer in the headlights waiting to see if the girls slapped me or not. So right there I’d become the dominant one in the group because he’s reacting to me…so if they thought he was an alpha and he’s reacting to me, then they’d assume I must be a super alpha.

    Now we’ve known eachother long enough that he knows I do stuff like that AND that I can get away with it (because I smoothly pass all the follow-up shit-tests it instigates) so he isn’t phased anymore when I do that and it’s harder to take over lol. Now I’ve started just physically removing girls from him, like picking them up and carrying them off. He hasn’t figured out how to counter that yet lol but he will down the road I’m sure. The cat and mouse game continues lol

    • Anon
      on February 2, 2013 at 6:43 pm
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      Can you elaborate on that AIDS and fucking her in the bum thing?

      I’m curious about the conversation that would follow.

      • YaReally
        on February 2, 2013 at 9:39 pm
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        Nope lol that’s my own shit. I don’t want uncalibrated dudes out there saying shit the shit I say, they’ll get their ass kicked by guys AND girls.

        I get laid with it because I can calibrate and handle the barrage of shit-tests it creates, and as we all know passing a shit-test builds more attraction than not getting shit-tested at all. But make no mistake, shit hits the fan hard when I do it lol that’s why my buddy would freeze up waiting for the consequences until he saw me turn it around and end up making out or banging the girl (no AIDS given! I am AIDS-less) enough times over the years that he knows it’s all good.

        Remember it’s not the words I’m saying that works, it’s all the other stuff saying that and passing the tests demonstrates…frame control, not caring what people think, standing up to social pressure, self-amusement, assuming I will get away with it, etc

        • immoralgables
          on February 3, 2013 at 10:46 am
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          “Remember it’s not the words I’m saying that works, it’s all the other stuff saying that and passing the tests demonstrates…frame control, not caring what people think, standing up to social pressure, self-amusement, assuming I will get away with it, etc”

          I have a friend back home that’s exactly like you in this regard. The guy can get away with saying ANYTHING. I’ve seen him in action plenty of times and if I were to pick out three qualities of the type of person that can ignite and then defuse these type of situs it would be:

          1) Very playful, self-amusing personality where he can just ping off the environment. This is also why he’s pretty popular; people like being around him because he is always having fun. It’s because of that playfulness that he gets away with more shit because that’s what he’s known for; so it’s like “Oh, Fred is just being Fred!”
          2) Very competent at passing shit tests. My friend grew up doing the most outlandish shit in school (painting nails black in elementary, dying hair in middle, freestyle battling others in the hallway in HS) and through the years he was able to handle and embrace being the center of attention. It was through years and years of practice and he’s lucky he got started knowing how to deal with the attention in middle school.
          3) Very keen on the dynamics in a social situation. He understands the nuances of how guys and girls operate while out in public. The validation, the seeking of respect, if and when people are being real with their value or bringing faux DHVs to compensate for their insecurities.

          So this is deferring to Anon’s original question where YR deflected elaborating on the AIDS routine. Knowing the routine and being able to say it is not going to help you. Using the three attributes I listed above (and that is just the tip of the iceberg), there are more qualities one has to have than being adept at memorizing and reciting lines in order to get away with the kind of BT-spiking social mastery that is described here.

          The next question would be is, what kind of activities/exercises can I be doing that will give me some of the attributes that will allow me to get away with the AIDS routine.

          • YaReally
            on February 3, 2013 at 5:37 pm
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            lol @ “the AIDS routine”. I bet the MSM would love that one.

            The 3 points you broke down are solid and all a part of my vibe. I would add another important one to the list with regards to pickup: turn EVERYTHING sexual and imply you’re going to fuck the girl. Or if there are dudes in the group, riff a bunch of gay shit.

            “Are you guys gay?”
            “No we just wore the same shirt tonight by accident. That’s not gay.”
            “lol well you–”
            “Now sucking eachother’s cocks earlier. THAT was pretty gay.”
            “omg lolololz mind blown”

            My wing used to freeze up at that stuff and like 99% of dudes will too and the girl will grab her friend and go “omg listen to what he just said!!!” and I end up with the whole set reacting to me and I’m the center of attention. Any other guy in the set doesn’t exist anymore, even if they’re better looking or the girl was more into them before, because I’ve introduced a new, more emotional stimulus for them to focus on. “Follow the shiny object” and all that. Their RAS (reticular activation system) is 100% focused on me. Once they “solve” the situation I’ve created, the other guys will fade back into existence again so I only get a short window to work with. But I know how to escalate things and riff off it and keep opening more windows if I need to. This is a big part of how I take or protect my girls from other guys. Very few guys, especially ones who don’t know me, can smoothly roll with what I throw down. A lot will try, but it’s like a kid punching the same bag as Tyson lol my vibe steamrolls theirs.

            Now my wing knows I’ll say shit like that and he just rolls with it and exaggerates it more. At that point it becomes almost a contest of who can say the most offensive shit, which is funny to us but his adapting to it means I can’t snuff him out as easily anymore lol

            But step back and look at what’s happening when we do that…we’re completely self-amusing, we don’t care at all what the girls think so we’re outcome independent, we’re confident enough in our sexuality to joke about it, we’re comfortable and non-judgemental enough with sex in general to riff about it with girls we’ve just met, etc etc. in the end we get attraction, again not because of “the AIDS routine” but because of our sub-communications.

            An example I stumbled across recently of this is Norm Macdonald in pretty much any interview:

            Not a single fuck is given about her being a supermodel (vs conan’s fawning over her and interestingly, an example of a guy trying to force another guy to supplicate like “dude don’t you know she’s on a pedestal??”). Norm just slays the thing and he’s completely offensive. But because he has that shit-eating troll grin plastered on his face you know he’s just self-amusing. He comes off as way more alpha than Conan, who’s normally a sharp witty guy himself but Norm steamrolls him.

            Starting at 3:40 in this clip:

            Stick around to the end of the clip where he talks about gay pride lol he escalates the offensiveness as much as he can.

            He’s saying logically really offensive shit but again he doesn’t have a single fuck to give and his troll-face sells it as self-amusement. CK Louis is really good at this too.

            Note how Norm, Conan, and this Miller guy are all professional comedians, but which of the 3 sets a sexual tone/vibe in his jokes? I love Conan’s humor but its mostly dancing monkey humor.

            Compare all those guys to someone like Craig Ferguson:

            Ferguson is an epic flirt (though a bit dancing monkey), he’s awesome to watch to learn how to drop innuendo and riff and improvise and flirt, but his vibe is a little less in-your-face than Norm’s. Norm goes for the shock value, which is what I like doing. Ferguson’s vibe will get less shit-tests compared to Norm’s. I think that’s part of why Norm has that frozen-face staredown slow vibe to him…because he knows when he says shit that people will need a few seconds to register “wow did he really say that??” and realize they’re supposed to laugh lol

            Also of interest is the Miller guy in that Norm clip who’s putting on a “shtick” for the cameras. That guy comes off phony and supplicative to the crowd and he’s basically putting on a persona…this is what most newbie/shitty PUAs look like to girls. it’s awkward and weird and incongruent. But Norm is just brutal honesty. What he’s saying is probably a routine but it comes from a place of “I’m saying this because its funny to ME, I don’t really care if YOU think it’s funny but it’s cool if you do.”

            Anyway, this is a big part of why I don’t really hit on drunk chicks like a lot of people assume PUAs do. Those girls don’t get any of my humor and can’t register all the nuances so they just think I’m an asshole or 90% of it whiffs over their head. I much prefer the sober or just buzzing chicks who not only get what I’m saying but can play back at me with it themselves. A chick who can go back and forth with me is massively attractive to me. I use it as a qualifier (“Most girls can’t keep up with me. I’m impressed. (escalate)”).

            And of course find what fits your vibe and personality. I like to get people to react because I feel like I’m seeing a more honest side of them when they’re thrown off balance and can’t keep up whatever “shtick” they’re putting on to impress/please everyone, so this stuff suits me and its all from my own twisted mind. You won’t find “the AIDS routine” on a PUA site somewhere lol

on February 2, 2013 at 12:22 am
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These replies only work in competitive sexual markets such as LA, NYC, or Florida. While women are not as obsessed with the physical as men, it is still important to them – and nothing is more important than how tall they are. In cities like Copenhagen and Toronto, you would need superhuman frame and borderline telepathic game to get over a height deficiency to get a local 7 at 5′ 6″.

Height is the funny difference between the sexes when it comes to physical desirability. Men obsess about womens’ looks except for their height. If she’s 6’2″ or 5’2″ with an hour glass figure and a symmetrical face, we don’t care. Women don’t usually care too much about mens’ looks – except for how tall they are. For women with high SMV in cities where desirable men effectively outnumber desirable women due to hypergamy, a short man with perfect game will not outmaneuver a tall man with existent but poor game.

The best evo-psych explanation I have heard is that women prefer tall men because their height when we were cavemen made it easier to club shorter men to death.

  • YaReally
    on February 2, 2013 at 5:16 pm
    Original Link

    Jockey theory. No offense.

on February 2, 2013 at 1:39 pm
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Women are clueless when it comes to height. Im 6’1, but there are many men 5’7… that I would not fuck with because they are in shape and can fight.

Same thing with age. I know some guys in their 50s I would not fight.

My best friend is 6’4 230 pounds, but he can’t fight worth a shit even though he looks like he could. His size does keep him out of fights, but if shit does go down, he is pathetic.

I was shocked when I found out he played no sports growing up.

  • gaoxiaen
    on February 2, 2013 at 3:09 pm
    Original Link

    I beat the fuck out of guys like that. Their size kept them out of fights but as soon as they get hit they cover up because they have no fighting experience. A little bit of pain and they’re whimpering like a newspaper-spanked puppy.That seals their fate. Knock ‘em down and kick’em in the face. Game over.

    • Obstinance Works
      on February 2, 2013 at 3:48 pm
      Original Link

      I know. I box, so I just beat the shit out of their head until they are at my knees.

      • YaReally
        on February 5, 2013 at 4:02 am
        Original Link


on February 2, 2013 at 6:46 pm
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Here’s a tour of the Rape Van, for that Twitter discussion on the Jeffy article lol

on February 2, 2013 at 8:49 pm
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OH JEEZ this is beautiful. So many possibilities here. The reply “you are perfect except for your weight” springs first to mind, but I would enjoy playing with this one.

I am fortunately 6’2″ and I can tell you that women are C.U.N.T.S about shorter guys – based on the experiences of friends I know. But on behalf of all you brothers 5’11 and shorter, I give women the payback they deserve,

Recently a cunt said to me “I SO like that you are tall. I only date guys over 6 feet.” Inside I was rolling my eyes but I came back with “OH YEAH? (faking keen interest) How tall are you?? 5’3″????

SHE: “5’4″

ME: “Gee that’s too bad. I only date women over 5’5″. So you’re not getting this dick tonight. Sorry”. (big smile)

Of course she thought I was joking and proceeded to hate-flirt up a storm, following me after I excused myself, using my line as a comic ice breaker. (Ha ha ha right ladies?? is that funny to you? OK let’s take it further)

3 hours later we were back at my place and after the bang I didn’t call. About 3 months later, we bumped into each other and she punched my shoulder “HEY! You never called!”. So I said: ” remember when I told you I don’t date women under 5’5″. I wasn’t kidding. Take care doll.”

Left her there – FURIOUS with hamster spinning – and realizing what kind of a cunt she (and most women) are about this. So for all you bros 5’9″ and under, you can know that some of us are fighting the good fight for you. I don’t tolerate that shit from women – even though her initial statement was well-intended only as a compliment, it was clearly an insult to other men. I read somewhere that only 4% of men are 6’2″ and taller, so I raise my glass to the other 96% and tip my hat to you. Destroy these cunts right back. They want to start this game, it’s up to MEN to finish it.

No woman has ever – or will ever – reject me based on “height”, so I would never have to think about how to reply in the above example, but I would hold the mirror right up to her. “Well at least you admit I am otherwise perfect. You, on the other hand, are FAR from it.”

I was given a shit test about my AGE few times. Many women enjoy men 12 to 15 years older, and some don’t, so when a 21 year old says something like “you’re a little old for me” I cut her right back – which is especially effective the younger she is.

ME: “You know, come to think of it, you’re a little old for me too.”

Smile and exit .

  • YaReally
    on February 2, 2013 at 9:30 pm
    Original Link

    “No woman has ever – or will ever – reject me based on “height””

    They might reject you on small penis size but don’t worry I am out there fighting the good fight for you and King A!

    lol no but seriously, spread good vibes. You don’t get mad at a dumb dog for shitting on the couch. Chicks can’t help what they’re attracted to. She’d just date a short guy then cheat on him with a tall guy down the road, that’s no good.

    If a dude (short, tall, ugly, poor, whatever) can’t pass a hot chick shit-testing him, he doesn’t deserve to get her and wouldn’t be able to keep her if he did. Step it up, gentlemen!

    …I just wanted to make the penis joke. Lol

    • Tom
      on February 4, 2013 at 1:48 am
      Original Link

      And it was hilarious! But you don’t see women tweeting public hatred and wishing death on men with smaller dicks…

      They hate short men more. So laugh it up!

      • YaReally
        on February 4, 2013 at 8:33 am
        Original Link

        “Wahhhhh my problems are worse than other people’s problems!! You just don’t understannnnd! Things are so much harder for meeeeee”

        If you don’t base your self-worth on external validation, that link is irrelevant. No one said this shit would be easy…we’re men, we fight and adapt and overcome adversity. Pissing and moaning about how unfair the world is, is for women.

        • Matthew King (King A)
          on February 5, 2013 at 1:52 pm
          Original Link

          For everything a RSD video. Has it been compiled into chapter and verse yet? Or do you masturbate to them so regularly that you can call them up by memory?

          Canards like “you don’t base your self-worth on external validation” are the pisswater remnant of the self-esteem bowel movement, designed to puff up unworthies with “You Go Grrrl” lies about themselves.

          External “validation” (another pedagogical pansy word) is the surest indicator of one’s worth beyond the baseline of every individual’s infinite dignity. You don’t listen to haters. But then again, not every critic is a hater, as your paranoid church of The “Real” Dynamic insists to be the case. In fact, if your friends aren’t testing you through invalidation of your unearned, “self”-delusional “worth,” they aren’t friends at all.


          • YaReally
            on February 5, 2013 at 2:11 pm
            Original Link

            “Or do you masturbate to them so regularly that you can call them up by memory?”

            I have an excellent memory, I only need to masturbate to them once. :) Plus I go out and apply principles from them and gather first-hand reference experience relating to them, so they stick in my mind as “oh ya, that’s like that thing Tyler was talking about in that video I watched this week”. That’s that whole “going out and interacting with other people” thing you seem to think is beneath you.

            “Canards like “you don’t base your self-worth on external validation” are the pisswater remnant of the self-esteem bowel movement, designed to puff up unworthies with “You Go Grrrl” lies about themselves.”

            bla bla bla, you just say things for the sake of saying things. “I like pasta.” “Pasta is the pisswater remnant of cooking by peasants who don’t understand the first thing about the finest of culinary excellence and choose to wallow in their own filth of ineptitude!” “uhhh, sure thing dude?” Like, you’re not actually saying anything under all your flowery writing.

            “External “validation” (another pedagogical pansy word) is the surest indicator of one’s worth beyond the baseline of every individual’s infinite dignity.”

            Of course it is. For you. That’s why you still post in comment sections of blogs that talk about things you don’t even like or have an interest in, begging for attention and validation from everyone. And you probably used to get it because you’re an excellent Internet bully…until people started calling you out lol

            “But then again, not every critic is a hater (…) if your friends aren’t testing you through invalidation of your unearned, “self”-delusional “worth,” they aren’t friends at all.”

            Agreed. I give serious consideration to my friends advice and critiques. But then, their opinions hold value to me. Your mistake is in thinking that your opinion holds any kind of value to anyone but yourself. That’s why no one listens to you. Try contributing something useful and positive to people, backed up with more than your bitter old crazy man shouting on the street corner ranting, and people might actually give a shit about you…think of all the wonderful external validation you’ll get oboy!!!!! :) lol