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Sanitizing the Imperative

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via Rational Male

on January 2, 2013 at 1:13 am
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In both cases her cheating was motivated by needing to get a reaction out of the guy lol

In my experience I think for the girls who cheat carelessly and basically want to get caught, a lot of the time they just need their guy to react. Jealousy, rage, hurt, it’s all good, as long as he reacts instead of being a monotone opinionless spineless beta like a lot of long-term relationship guys become. They need to see that their lazy lion laying (lol) in the sun can roar. It’s almost more for the guy’s benefit than her own as weird as that sounds…like she’s saying “c’mon grow a fucking spine!! Go ahead get mad at me, do SOMETHING, be a fucking man not this lame beta you’ve become!!”

I find that the girls who cheat secretly are generally still in love with their guy or WANT it to work with him but he just doesn’t give them the tingle anymore or he’s shit in bed. But they don’t need a reaction out of him. Often these are guys who are situationally alpha (at work or with friends etc) so they know he can roar and the cheating is more selfish-motivated (“I need a good lay until he sorts his shit out”).

In this chick’s case she has a guy who cheats so he’s probably pretty apathetic about her and an emotionally unavailable guy who’s probably pretty apathetic about her. So in both cases she’s trying to hurt them so they’ll react and she can assuage her fears that she’s irrelevant to them in the long-term. I’ve faked being jealous now and then in LTRs because I know it’s important to a girl sometimes lol

A game related Q here is: if you wanted to fuck and keep that girl, would you be the attentative type guy? Or the aloof asshole who’s apathetic about her? Notice that she goes into a big rant about how she wants to be treated nice, but is she chasing any of those guys? Or is she still ranting about the “assholes” who didn’t give her their full attention?

This is one of those things where the girl doesn’t realize she’s telling you her “blueprint”. What she thinks she wants and what she actually responds to are two entirely different things. It’s a fascinating bit of cognitive dissonance to me.