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Feminism Is Making Americans Fat

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on June 29, 2012 at 11:47 am
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sweet now I have an excuse

OkCupid Corruption & Online Dating Tactic

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on June 27, 2012 at 4:11 am
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“Just wanted to say I find you very attractive. If I got to know you, I would invite you over for a romantic dinner and as soon as you arrived, I would pull you close and whisper in your ear “I have a swanson tv dinner in the freezer with your name on it” and then I would proceed to fill a wine glass with welch’s grape juice”

“Hey shawty. lemme holla at you right quick ya know what im sayin. checkin you out over there you lookin kinda good, ya know what im sayin. so i was wondering ya know how about you and me go back to the place, get comfortable, probably sip on some of this henney, you know what im sayin, and after that, you know what im… sayin, we can do the grownup and you can let me clap on dem cheeks, ya hear me?”

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    on June 27, 2012 at 12:44 pm
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False Dichotomy Dorks

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on June 22, 2012 at 7:02 pm
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Without hyperfocusing on pickup your game will only ever reach a limited level of what it could reach.

That’s fine for most guys, they’ll bang a few 6s and 7s, maybe an 8 here and there and a single 9 and then settle down with a 7 and tell themselves hot girls are all crazy and drama and it’s too much hassle so they’re happy with their 7 who will probably end up a 6 or 5 a few years into the relationship when they put on some pounds and shit.

And that’s cool. Whatever floats your boat.

But if you want to get good, like really good, at this, ESPECIALLY if you’re starting from a really socially-crippled place, you need to focus on it hardcore for a few years. That’s not a couple hours when you’re out with your bros every fri/sat night. That’s 5-7 nights a week, doing 30 or 60 day challenges, doing hours of day game before heading to the bar to do night game etc.

But that’s only if you consistently want the girls that other guys have only spanked their monkey thinking about.

“well actually Yareally my ex GF turned QUITE a few heads! I have dated women that other men drool over so trust me when I say–”

lol there are no 10s in Bumblefuck Idaho or on eHarmony.

In the end no one gives a shit what you do, you’re not important. Are any of the guys who are whining on Internet forums about how guys should focus on being real men and not focus on women going to do anything truly Ben Franklin level significant with their lives? haha fuck no.

Hey which one of those MGTOW guys did something we’ve all heard about in the news and admired? Oh wait, that was none of them lol how’d they get up on that high horse again exactly?

In conclusion: If you like chopping wood, chop wood. If you like chasing pussy, chase pussy.

  • yareallypua
    on June 22, 2012 at 7:03 pm
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    P.S. it’s Friday. Go out tonight instead of chopping wood. There are girls out there.

  • Anon
    on June 22, 2012 at 8:20 pm
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    “That’s 5-7 nights a week, doing 30 or 60 day challenges”

    So fucking true. Like bodybuilding, you need this type of consistency to achieve results (although it’s more 4-5 than 7. 7 nights a week, that’s scary, man).

    Keep kicking our asses like that, it’s really helpful. I’m doing the 1 night a week kinda thing, with very few if any approaches during week days, and it’s clearly not enough to achieve mastery, although I have a satisfying sex life and I’m not the clueless greater beta that I used to be anymore.
    The only way to become the super smooth talking casanova that we all want to become is through practice.

    Fuck all this theory stuff, I’m out.

    • YaReally
      on June 25, 2012 at 11:33 pm
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      “(although it’s more 4-5 than 7. 7 nights a week, that’s scary, man).”

      What’s scary? Socializing with your fellow human beings? Interacting with the world around you? You don’t have to go get hammered and party for 4 hours on a Tuesday night. Spend 20 minutes to an hour out and about and open a few sets

      Social skills are like a muscle. If you don’t work out, you lose your muscles. But once you get into a regular routine it’s not “scary”. Ya a bodybuilder is pretty excessive in his training but is the guy who’s just doing his daily morning workout for an hour some crazy obsessed monomaniac? Nah he’s just a guy who’s said “this is a priority in my life so I make time for it in my daily routine”.

      That’s how it levels out after you get to a certain skill level. You socialize with the people around you wherever you go. It just becomes a normal thing to not be trapped in the “don’t say hello or speak to anyone, pretend to be txting on your phone” society we live in these days.

      But if you want to master it, just like the bodybuilders who want to break personal records and push their bodies to the limits etc, you have to put effort in.

      If you go out a couple times a week/month and whine about your results, you’re the girl who won’t change her diet and exercises half-assed once a week and then bitches about her weight.

  • King A (Matthew King)
    on June 23, 2012 at 4:20 pm
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    Without hyperfocusing on pickup your game will only ever reach a limited level of what it could reach.

    This is why I’m glad for people like yareally who “hyperfocus[]” on pick-up. I have no reference for the monomania aspect, and apparently that frame is what certain young initiates need if they want to overcome their deficiencies.

    But as an ideal, or as the only way to go? No way. Here two schools of thought diverge. If you are the average beta shmo with zero natural game, then yeah, “focus on it hardcore for a few years.” “Thirty or sixty day challenges, doing hours of day game before heading to the bar to do night game” sounds like pointless torture for little reward to me, but then again I was never 450 pounds in need of a crash diet just to make average weight. Blessed with a healthy metabolism, I guess.

    It explains why I can’t suffer much of yareally’s lengthy (and smart) workout-regimen posts. Different experiences, different advice. But I can say that, one way or another, the well adjusted man evolves past the need for hypergame just as the proper Marine graduates boot camp. For recruits? Solid guidance. For combat veterans? Annoying and almost insultingly repetitive.

    My question is — where do veterans go to compare notes? It’s true: some men don’t need to be condescended to. We know “it’s Friday.” We knew to “go out tonight instead of chopping wood” even before the Disney Mascot of Pick-Up reminded us.

    Further (and this may blow your mind), alpha applies to much more than women. It’s not sacrilege to acknowledge as much. In fact, it might be just the incentive to “hyperfocus” through those initiate years. Believe it or not, “getting the girls that other guys have only spanked their monkey thinking about” only works as an incentive until you consistently do get those girls without the effort you seem to believe is necessary across the board at every stage of life. Those men who are not manic eventually require higher mountains to scale. The audience here isn’t exclusively a gaggle of eager post-college quasi-players looking to get rid of the “quasi.” What do you have for the day after tomorrow?

    Really — it’s axiomatic to state a goal and then work backwards from it to discern a first step toward that goal. The ultimate purpose of these crash diets in game are never spelled out, other than a general ridicule for those who acknowledge finitude and the possibility of evolving past the basics. What is the benchmark for these recruits? Banging ten tens? A twelve-girl harem? Fifty different women a year? When can we say they’ve graduated? There is always more and better, but the point of this post is to say “to each his own” in terms of pick up, and those of us who have chosen something less than monomania might have done it on purpose.

    In the end no one gives a shit what you do, you’re not important. Are any of the guys who are whining on Internet forums about how guys should focus on being real men and not focus on women going to do anything truly Ben Franklin level significant with their lives? haha fuck no.

    Perfect encapsulation. Maybe even projection: What significant things has yareally done with his life, and where did he get the idea that significance was unattainable? Not only doesn’t yareally respect men who apply themselves beyond the pussosphere, he finds the very attempt absurd and faggy. All I can say to that is: loser. If you can’t imagine a world of greatness beyond gaming women, forget monomania, you are socially retarded.

    “No one gives a shit what you do.” You hear that Brad Pitt, Tom Brady, George Clooney? “You’re not important,” Ernest Hemingway, Edmund Hillary, Werner von Braun. Yareally says you should be day-approaching sixty women a day.


    • YaReally
      on June 25, 2012 at 11:41 pm
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      “sounds like pointless torture”

      Yes, it would to you. This is exactly how people who are anti-social and don’t enjoy their fellow human beings see going out. PUAs learn to have fun with meeting new people and view the world through a completely different and, personally I’d say healthier, lens than people like you who see chatting with the checkout clerk about their day or the cab driver about their shift or joking around with the people in the elevator or bus stop as a chore and torture.

      We see all that as opportunity to make new friends, relationships, brighten people’s day, give them an ear to vent to, have fun with life, make our community around us more personal, unstifle a

    • YaReally
      on June 26, 2012 at 12:17 am
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      “sounds like pointless torture”

      Yes, it would to you. This is exactly how people who are anti-social and don’t enjoy their fellow human beings see going out. PUAs learn to have fun with meeting new people and view the world through a completely different and, personally I’d say healthier, lens than people like you who see chatting with the checkout clerk about their day or the cab driver about their shift or joking around with the people in the elevator or bus stop as a chore and torture.

      We see all that as opportunity to make new friends, relationships, brighten people’s day, give them an ear to vent to, have fun with life, make our community around us more personal, unstifle a room full of socially nervous people, lighten the mood in a bleak situation, etc.

      And past a certain skill level we LOVE it. And thrive off it. And excel at it.

      “For combat veterans? Annoying and almost insultingly repetitive.”

      You have an ego that holds you back because you see yourself as a pro and not a student, and that limits your ability to evolve. It reflects in your writing. “combat veteran” lol

      “We know “it’s Friday.” We knew to “go out tonight instead of chopping wood” ”

      And DID you go out? Did you chat some strangers up? Flirt with some girls even just to keep your skills sharp if you’re married? Or did you read manosphere blogs because you’re such a super combat vet?

      “alpha applies to much more than women.”

      No shit. But this is a blog about interacting with women, despite you treating it like a soapbox for whatever elaborate tangent-filled strawman-building rant where you just re-assert how much better than other people you are, that you feel like making today.

      “the effort you seem to believe is necessary across the board at every stage of life”

      This is that straw-man thing where you just make shit up so you can go off on a tangent rant and act superior and be a bully I was talking about up above.

      Never said “every stage of life”. Tyson isn’t still fighting but do you think he’d have been as good as he was if he wasn’t training like a motherfucker? If he hit the gym once a week and did a half-assed workout? I’m saying if you want to master this skillset, you have to put in the work.

      Talking on bodybuilding forums doesn’t make your muscles grow.

      “What do you have for the day after tomorrow?”

      A smile on your face? Fun stories? New memories beyond “debated on an Internet forum”? New relationships? New friendships? Funny blowout stories? A wider social circle? A larger network of friends and associates that can lead to new opportunities and adventures?

      But ya, no, you’re right, going out is just a shallow nightmarish hell for crazy monomaniacal who think pussy is the end all be all of the worth of a man despite the PUA community expressing the opposite message and in fact one that lines up with your “do something with your life beyond women”, but you’d have to do some actual research to realize that.

      “What is the benchmark for these recruits?”

      Whatever they want it to be. That’s the point. Your goals evolve as you evolve. Do you still want to eat a box of Oreo cookies for dinner every night and be a ninja like when you were a kid? No. Because you re-assessed your goals as you grew and evolved.

      We do the same thing. Guys like you who decide they’ve “made it” and think practicing or training further is all condescending and just for “newbs” stagnate and solidify in one spot as they form their ego around a static identity.

      I still consider myself a student with plenty to learn and lots of skills to work on. I’ll always consider myself a student because there’s always more to learn and experience and more evolving to do as a man.

      “and those of us who have chosen something less than monomania might have done it on purpose”

      Jesus. So basically you posted that whole thing to justify something you COMPLETELY IMAGINED I said lol you can pick whatever you want to focus on in life. Your goal can be to be the best muffin baker in the universe and ride a magic pony, I don’t give a shit, but that won’t master your social/pickup skills.

      You literally just take a couple snippets from people’s posts, exaggerate them into something ridiculous and make up points for them that they aren’t even saying, so that you can then argue with those points and be right since the points you made up are easily argued against which is why no one made them in the first place lol I’ve seen you do this a bunch in your posts. You are literally arguing with yourself lol I’m not even sure you realize you do this.

      “Not only doesn’t yareally respect men who apply themselves beyond the pussosphere,”

      See? Not only does King A love raping children but he ALSO likes wearing women’s underwear!!

      “You hear that Brad Pitt, Tom Brady, George Clooney? “You’re not important,” Ernest Hemingway, Edmund Hillary, Werner von Braun”

      Hook me up with your blockbuster movie will ya? Or the books you’ve written that society regards as genius. Or the invention you’ve made that’s changed everyone’s lives. I mean, you’re so amazing and focused on being great, let’s see your results. Anything? No? A big archive of posts on the manosphere? Is that the greatness that you’re trying to attain with the whole not focusing on women thing?

      I mean, my goals might be different than yours…but I’m achieving mine instead of wasting my time talking. :) you are literally on a forum about seducing women, not focusing on being a success, while ranting about how everyone should focus on being a success.

      You gotta see the humor in this lol

    • YaReally
      on July 3, 2012 at 2:20 pm
      Original Link

      I have lots to learn. From men who have lots to teach.

      Your problem is you decided you were one of those men when you haven’t done anything with your life to earn that title. You overestimate yourself rather than underestimate yourself.

      And to keep from realizing it, you label me with random shit so you can feel better about yourself. You cast me as a 20yo with no life experience who’s obsessed with game 24/7 the same way feminists paint all MRAs as whiny women-haters so they can ignore them entirely instead of discussing their very real concerns with men’s rights…it’s a standard bullying tactic by someone who has their head deep in the sand with a solidified and crystallized world view and doesn’t want to hear anything that would suggest they’ve been wrong. My age, who I really am, and the things I do outside of seduction would surprise you. :)

Sext Game

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on June 21, 2012 at 5:54 pm
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Sexting: DON’T DO IT
Unless you’ve already fucked her.

The End

  • yareallypua
    on June 21, 2012 at 6:01 pm
    Original Link

    Nah I do it all the time. Spend a couple months turning every txt convo sexual as fast as possible and you’ll burn a bunch of #s but you’ll learn the calibration of where the line is and which personality types will respond to it.

    My natural buddy and I both go for titty pics or dirty talk in our first conversations with new girls. Probably 80-90% go for it. But we’re good at it and don’t make aspergy “i find girls like a dominant man” and “my spanking would make you feel…..” comments lol

    • yareallypua
      on June 22, 2012 at 1:17 pm
      Original Link

      ya we share txts, pics, vids etc. with eachother. On nights out we’ll pre-drink and play videogames and just pause every time one of us gets a txt from a girl and share a lot of the txts and brainstorm what to write back. It takes us forever to play the games, some nights we have to pause it every 30 seconds or so lol

      He’s a natural (one of the best I’ve met) so he doesn’t consciously do PUA game like I do but we both come up with probably 90% of the exact same responses lol It’s interesting to see that he’d respond to certain messages the exact same way I would.

      Our goals on Fri/Sat nights are always to try to get the girls to come out to whatever bar we’re going to, or if they’re going out with their girlfriends to hook the other guy up with one of their girlfriends (only if she’s hot, we make them send pics lol), or if they’re just clearly horny but we want to go do our own “bro” thing (ie – get drunk and hit on new girls) and not hang with them all night then we try to get them to come over at last call or pick us up so we don’t have to pay for a cab ride home lol

      So when I say we “brainstorm what to write back” I mean we’re both thinking “what’s the best response to send that will get this girl over here with a hot friend so we can both get laid” or whatever our goal is.

      We have actually had heated debates on whether to put a winky-face at the end of a txt or not lol

      We don’t share chicks, neither of us is into that. Altho we have had situs where an online chick is txting both of us, and then we just see who can get titty pics first and show the other guy lol

on June 21, 2012 at 5:54 pm
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You don’t have to respond to every txt and every thread she starts.

You’re having fun being witty and clever doing the dancing monkey back and forth tango, but it’s not getting you closer to the lay. I talk about this in one of my comments on another article but I’m blanking right now on which one.

Lead the conversation. If she says anything, throws any insults, asks any questions, etc that WON’T directly lead you closer to your goal, ignore them as if she didn’t say them and/or change the subject.

Also quit asking so many questions. Make statements. You jump on every one of her threads/questions trying to be witty (qualifying yourself) and she ignores every thread you try to start or turn into sexting. Who has higher value in this interaction? Who’s reacting more to whom?

It’s easy for her to “dodge” your threads because you seek her approval for them. “would you like that?” “what do you think of that?” “how does that sound?”. Look how she makes statements. “you’re a sexpat” instead of “are you a sexpat?” and “It’s you that comes to me” instead of “you want me don’t you?” and “Go find other Asian girls” instead of “do you just like me because I’m Asian?”

Smoke with no fire is avoid way of putting it. You have done absolutely awesome at having a long conversation with a girl. But you’re no closer to the lay, the two are not equivalent. ;) it’s like the guy who knows a bunch of hot girls. “look at all these girls I know!! They all txt me!” “have you banged any of them?” “well no…” “then STFU till you have results.”

  • That Guy
    on June 21, 2012 at 6:06 pm
    Original Link


    OT, but you got to change that avatar – it looks like you have a beer can stuck in your asscrack…

  • Flahute
    on June 22, 2012 at 11:22 am
    Original Link

    Lead the conversation. If she says anything, throws any insults, asks any questions, etc that WON’T directly lead you closer to your goal, ignore them as if she didn’t say them and/or change the subject.

    Great advice. Choose the threads of the conversation and learn when to snip a thread. Hint: learn to feel when the energy/emotion is about to diminish in a thread and snip it there. Frame control. Applies to text, chat, and face-to-face.

    • yareallypua
      on June 22, 2012 at 1:36 pm
      Original Link

      Basically anything that isn’t directly helping to get me to my goal is a waste of my time. I’m not talking to her trying to figure out what my goal is. My goal is to fuck her, I already know that, that’s WHY I’m talking to her in the first place.

      If what she wants to talk about will help me achieve that goal, cool. If it won’t then why the fuck would I even acknowledge it let alone spend a bunch of txts in a witty back and forth tennis match? Sure I can win that tennis match but I’M STILL PLAYING TENNIS INSTEAD OF FUCKING HER.


on June 21, 2012 at 6:05 pm
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Wow, this was brutal. Far too much. far too quickly. Too excited. Too pushy. However (and quite ironically), this would have been a great dialogue had the girl shown interest.

For a girl who hasn’t shown interest, a direct approach can kill any attraction. It’s best to be playful, mysterious, and genuinely interested in knowing who she is. She’ll want to know more and become more attracted to you, then she’ll come looking for you.

Remember the knob/switch analogy. Females are like the former. You have to gradually turn up the volume. You cannot flip attraction like a switch.

“Me: Guilty as charged”

Doesn’t work because she hasn’t shown any interest. If she is, it makes her feel attractive and receptive. Otherwise, it’s an empty, ego-boost.

“Her: Found a new term for you….”sexpat”
Glad she is a reader of Roosh.

Last [type]: Stop Caring What other people think about you

  • yareallypua
    on June 21, 2012 at 8:28 pm
    Original Link

    “Doesn’t work because she hasn’t shown any interest. If she is, it makes her feel attractive and receptive. Otherwise, it’s an empty, ego-boost.”

    Yup. An important point. The big issue is just miscalibration. She’s not where he thinks or hopes she is in terms of attraction. Someone commented above that saying “guilty as charged” is too desperate but no that’s actually a great reply and it’s how i’d reply, but the difference is I wouldn’t respond that way until she was attracted enough. You can’t push/pull a girl who isn’t attracted…you’ll push and she’ll go “(shrug) okay…” and go along with the push and you can’t pull because she’ll resist the pull (ie – this whole text exchange)

    Doesn’t mean the OP sucks. If I had to guess what was going on I’d say it was a classic mistake that a LOT of guys learning game run into:

    Where you leave a pickup is NOT where it resumes.

    I suspect the reason the op thinks his txting was so badass catnip was that on the plane he really did have her attracted. In that moment she was into him boyfriend or no boyfriend so in his mind he’s thinking he’s like 80% done the pickup and probably legit WAS.

    But then the environment changes and time passes and their interaction method changes etc etc. so when they txt he expects to hit the ground running from 80% to the end but the reality is the pickup has reset itself right the fuck back to like 10-20%. She’s into him enough to keep the convo going and give him a few chances (sexpat comment) but she is nowhere near where she was attraction-wise when he last saw her. Thus all the shitty responses he was getting and he just didn’t calibrate to those and pick up that “oh fuck I’ve started over here”

    This is a really important concept that fucks with intermediates. New guys are still working on talking to girls and learning to close at all so they don’t run into this yet or at least it isn’t frustrating yet. Any contact they get is a win. But guys starting to get laid are like “wtf this chick is supposed be jumping on my cock now!!” lol

    This is a big part of flaking. When you met in the club she LOVED you and you guys made out (she initiated it even!) and everything. Then you txt or call her and she doesn’t even respond or pick up and it’s like wtf. Or she does and you fight tooth and nail to get her to meet up again (frustrated because why is she making it so difficult now, doesn’t she remember how much she liked you???) and then she shows up on the Day2 and she’s 100% cold as if she was a total stranger and you were like “wtf she was at 90% before”. Or you try to get her to just come over instead of going out on a “date” since she obviously was ready to bang that night you met but she wants to go to dinner or just hang out in public for a while instead of coming over in lingerie.

    It’s annoying because it’s not logical lol but once you realize that that radio knob of attraction, when not being turned up, will rotate backwards back to 0, you learn how to, when you re-initiate contact:

    1) feel FAST for exactly where she is still. I usually drop some light innuendo and see if she plays along…if she does I’m still in the 50%+ range, if she ignores or the vibe seems off from it (this is why I do LIGHT innuendo I don’t want to stomp the vibe out if she’s not there) then she’s way down at 10% again and I know I have work to do.

    2) if her radio knob dropped low, calibrate and play it cool and slowly ramp it up again or if her knob is still 50%+ just rapidly ramp it up SUPER fast and push for the lay (vs playing it cool and letting that radio dial die down)

    There’s other factors in flaking and the radio dial dying of course, like triggering ASD and escalating too far when you can’t close and all that shit but going by what the Op wrote and his attitude to how his pickup was going conflicting with the “ouch dude that was a painful read” vibe we’re all seeing, this is the big cause.

    • yareallypua
      on June 22, 2012 at 9:23 am
      Original Link

      ya ALL my posts are like that. You must be new here lol

    • yareallypua
      on June 22, 2012 at 1:02 pm
      Original Link


      Here ya go:

      k so here's why 1) letting a girl fuck other guys doesn't pan out the way people instinctively think it logically would, and 2) girls don't have as much of an issue with the "I can fuck other girls but you can't fuck other guys" frame as people instinctively think they would:

      Word Of Warning:
      This isn't amateur shit. This isn't "oh I just read The Game and I negged a girl once and got laid!!" level game. And it's not "I've been reading the manosphere blogs for 5 years and have successfully talked to at LEAST 10 girls!!!" level game. And you'll probably fuck it up the first couple times and lose some awesome girls in the process because you're working with dynamics that most guys don't even see let alone jump in and start juggling. And you have to set this frame EARLY…if you're trapped in a monogamous marriage and looking to turn it around, shit, sorry man, you're pretty fucked, this'll all just cause massive chaos and drama for you because you're changing the frame on your girl…it can be done but it's a fuck-ton of work with waaaay higher and more varied risks and consequences if it blows up in your face. I feel bad for you if you didn't know about game when you fell for the societal "marriage and a white pickett fence" thing and promised monogamy but you're on your own.

      So first up you gotta' be secure as phuck for this one. No jealousy.

      The Rules
      1) Your girl comes first. Consider it a Hugh Hefner arrangement…he has a Primary girl and then the rest of them. Your girl is your Primary. That means if you have plans with her, you don't break them to fuck some other girl. That means that all your watching DVDs, cuddling, grocery shopping, holding hands, etc. shit is reserved for your Primary (you don't HAVE to follow this, you just need her to believe that this is how you feel/act…but you should follow it or you'll end up giving yourself drama down the road when you start to get attached to one of your FBs lol). If you run into your Primary and one of your FB's when you're out at the bar, your Primary gets your full attention and your FB can fuck off (you don't play the two off eachother or anything…ironically your FB will respect you more for ignoring her for your Primary because that's some high-value shit to her). If you're flirting with your FB at a bar and your Primary walks in, you ditch your FB ASAP and go spend the rest of the night with your Primary.

      "but yareally that sounds beta and supplicating wahh wahhh"

      No shit. What would be alpha is not having a Primary girlfriend to BEGIN with. But this guide isn't for guys who are just juggling fuckbuddies, this guide is for guys who want a long-term girlfriend they can have an actual relationship with but who want to fuck around on the side. So ya, there are some fucking rules to make it work.

      2) This shit is DISCREET. Keep your hooking up discreet from your girl (unless she's into hearing details, some girls are. Or unless you need to make her jealous to stoke the fires a bit, but in that situ just be super subtle like coming home late or not answering your phone on a night out with the boys etc., you don't have to be like "So I was eating this chick out last night and…" lol). The discretion helps because it means she can imagine whatever she wants, so you might be railing some super hot chick in the ass 3 times in a night and fucking loving it but she'll imagine that the girl was some fat gross bar slut and that you didn't enjoy yourself…if you tell her what went on or show her the girl, you're gonna get drama. It also helps because she doesn't really know if you haven't fucked anyone else in months or if you're banging 10 girls on the side. If she knows who you're hooking up with and you're blatant about going out with those girls etc., when those girls aren't available and you're stuck staying home it'll be obvious to her that you're not getting laid and she'll just start extrapolating that as her winning you over or you being unattractive etc. etc. and you'll get drama.

      The other reason to be discreet is that women fear social judgement. She'll date a player and be fine with it, until her friends see that player out with another girl and then hen-peck her with judgements telling her she has to ditch him etc. and then suddenly she'll have a problem with the arrangement she had no problem with before she had to face social judgement. So she gets to call you her Boyfriend and you call her your Girlfriend, and to her friends, family, etc. you're her man and you don't talk about other girls or about being in an open relationship etc. As far as anyone she knows is concerned, you are a traditional monogamous couple. The second any of them realize what's going on and start to judge her, she'll be forced by the social pressure to give you the "change or I'm outta' here" ultimatum and the relationship is over.

      3) When you DO get into the discussion about why you don't want to promise monogamy and why you like open relationships and that she's allowed to fuck other guys, communicate the rules flat out like a motherfucker. ie – condoms are a must, get tested regularly, no seeing the hook-up person more frequently than your S.O., other people are for sex ONLY no watching movies or cuddling or getting dinner relationshippy stuff, etc. Other people are purely sex toys, there's no emotional commitment allowed. Don't be ambiguous about this shit because it'll bite you in the ass…you want an agreement so that if she DOES fuck around on you, it's more likely that she'll be safe about it and use a condom and not see the other guy frequently and stuff. If you don't set rules she won't have any guilt hanging over her head about letting the football team jizz in her or about going on lovey-dovey dates where she falls in love with another guy and ditches your relationship for a new one.

      I know, I know, some of you guys are cringing right now. "ugh but I don't WANT her fucking other guys!" Shut the fuck up and keep reading, I'll get to why they don't fuck other guys in a minute…you have to understand the setup first.

      Setting The Frame:
      When you're first hooking up and transitioning into making her your girlfriend you want to do it slowly and resist it so she knows the whole "having a girlfriend" thing isn't really your deal. This'll set things up for down the road where you give her a speech along the lines of "but you're the ONE girl who won me over! I can't curb my player ways, I'm too used to having other girls in my life, but they don't mean anything to me the way YOU do."

      The idea is that you don't want a girlfriend but she's somehow winning you over and you can't explain it. But that you're so "broken" that you can't just instantly change for her. Odds are when she met you you were playing the field, so this isn't something that'll come out of the blue. That's why you can't pull this off as easy in a marriage, because then she has years of reference experience of you being a beta monogamous dork and pitching this is incongruent and just makes her assume it's some sort of punishment instead of "the natural way of life" for you.

      The Equality Ruse:
      …but hey, it's okay, SHE'S free to fuck other guys too! See, babe? I'm compromising. I can't help the way I am, but I don't expect you to to be trapped like some slave. If I hook up with other people and expect you to be okay with it then you're allowed to as well. That's only fair!

      Sounds logical, right? Fair's fair and all that. You're not being unreasonable…logically. This is a fair deal.

      "but yareally you can't trust women!! if you let them they'll fuck anything they want and won't use condoms and ahhhh1!11111!!"

      ya I know. But follow me here…what do we know about hypergamy? We know that women always want to fuck the highest status man. Unless they're a certain type of chick they're generally not looking to just rack up a million notches on the belt the way guys are. They're looking to hook up with guys that they perceive to have high value (whether he actually does have high value or not to the rest of the world).

      So think of it like this: You've got this hot supermodel girlfriend but she's gonna let you fuck ANY fat ugly feminist girl you want. ANY of them. As long as the girl is fat, ugly, annoying, smells bad, etc. you can bang as many of them as you want. Hell, she'll even introduce you to them and set you up if you want to fuck them instead of her!! What a deal!!

      …are you gonna' take it? No. Why? Because those girls aren't attractive to you. Ya, you have free reign to fuck them all but you're gonna fuck your supermodel girlfriend because she's the most attractive option.

      Still with me? Okay so flip the genders. Now you're a high status badass alpha male boyfriend/husband (the equivalent of a hot supermodel girlfriend/wife) and you're letting her fuck any of the not-as-high-status guys (the equivalent of the fat ugly chicks) around her that she wants to. She can fuck all of them instead of you if she wants, you'll even introduce her to them, fuck it, sure, why not.

      …is she gonna' take it? No. Why? Because those guys aren't attractive to her. Ya, she has free reign to fuck them all but she's gonna fuck her high status boyfriend because he's the most attractive option.

      So you see, the whole frame is actually kind of a ruse. It's like offering someone part of your ice cream you don't REALLY want to share, just to look like a nice guy, but you know they don't like ice cream so it's a safe offer because they're not going to take it. They go "oh no thanks, it's okay" and you go "okay!" and lick away and enjoy that shit…hey, you offered!

      Why She's Okay With This Frame:
      Read this next line a million times till it's engrained in your head. If I knew how to bold, I'd bold it:

      ***A girl's biggest fear isn't that you'll fuck some other girl. It's that you'll replace her with that other girl.***

      So all you have to do is assure her that any girl you hook up with is just meaningless. Ya, you fool around but you kick the girl out right after and don't sit and watch movies and cuddle and hold hands the way you do with HER (even if that's not true lol). And you'll always come back to her, and she's always going to be your priority…if you're out in public and run into both girls, your girl gets your attention and the other girl can fuck off. If you have plans with your girl and the other girl wants to make plans, too bad. etc. etc.

      This takes some time to convince her of, and she won't like it at first and she'll shit-test the fuck out of your frame. But once you've banged a few girls discreetly on the side and you're still the usual awesome boyfriend you are, she'll start to accept that "oh, okay, he really DOES compartmentalize this stuff, sometimes when he's out some bar slut will jump him but she doesn't mean anything to him the way I do!" As long as you're congruent to this, it becomes acceptable and normal to her.

      If your reason for playing the field is good (I like to go with not wanting to have a mid-life crisis and any regrets so I have to get this out of my system etc.) girls will even tell you they only want you but they understand you have to do what you're doing to get it out of your system. These girls are waiting for you to grow out of it and settle down with them. Odds are you probably will down the road, or at least settle to a point where you just hook up when your office puts you up in a hotel on a business trip and such (VS hitting the bars every weekend looking for more pussy).

      Won't other girls mind?
      Nah. It's up to you whether you want to tell the other girls about your Primary. I like to live pretty honestly just because I don't like guilt or drama and I've been in the PUA community long enough to know that you can get away with being a lot more honest than most of society would believe. I actually have a framed pic of my GF sitting on my nightstand. I don't turn it away or hide it when I have other girl's over. So far none of them has been freaked out and bailed once they saw the pic, but that's because I'm honest from the start and tell them yes, I have a GF, but we have an open relationship and she knows I fool around here and there when I'm on my own time.

      You can lie and pretend not to have a GF though, they won't know lol But I've done that before and I just prefer the open honesty in terms of how I want to live my life as a man (up-front about who I am and my views/beliefs even if it means losing the girl VS scurrying around trying to pretend to be whatever I think the girl wants me to be…abundance VS scarcity).

      Oh, and other girls main worry is actually just that your GF might be psycho and try to kill them lol I actually found that funny the first few times I heard girls say that…they worry about the same thing a guy worries about when he bangs a taken chick "am I gonna get beat up??" lol

      1) She might fuck a couple other guys, especially right at the start, just to shit-test you. You have to be congruent to the frame you set. Once she realizes you don't care and aren't jealous she'll go "oh, fuck, that didn't work at all…okay hamster let's figure out how to land him and focus on him 24/7 instead of other guys!!" If you get pissy then she'll just keep doing it until you cave and promise monogamy (being a beta pussy who promises shit he doesn't want to promise because he's scared to lose the girl…what's next, you going to pretend to like romantic comedies and hate football?).

      2) Her friends and family will fuck it up for you hardcore if they figure out what's going on. The first few months it's no biggie, and way down the road when she's learned to say "it works for us" it's no biggie, but that middle period where it looks like she's landed you and you're finally being won over, that's where the social pressure grenade is gonna' do the most damage.

      Commanding Monogamy:
      Some guys would rather just say "I'm going to fuck what I want, but you're not allowed to fuck anyone but me." This can be done, but 1) it takes a super strong frame, 2) you have to be prepared to lose a lot of girls who aren't down for this, and 3) you're going to need a pretty submissive chick who isn't brainwashed with Feminist mantras about equality.

      There are more girls up for obeying this than you'd think, yes, even in North America…the thing is they're only up for this with guys who are 100% congruent to it, like guys who believe 100% that this is just the way men and women are supposed to be. Guys from foreign countries with strong religious beliefs (picture the stern authoritative brown/latin type guy who doesn't debate with a girl about why she can't wear that slutty dress out he just said "No. Go change." and expects her to obey) can pull this off way easier than a computer nerd from North America who's just learned to bang girls in the past couple years.

      So your pool of girls up for that arrangement is smaller, and the pool of guys who can pull that off (odds are if you're reading this blog you're probably not one of those guys) is even smaller.

      Setting the Open Relationship frame like I described above is a much higher percentage play for most guys.

      There ya go, this is all field-tested by lots of PUAs and naturals over the years, including myself. If you're not at a point in game where you believe that this is possible or that it's something you can do consistently, that's cool. Just understand that you've just been socially conditioned your entire life to think that way.

      And if you're someone who's going to reply with "no way because she would think this and this and then this would happen!" and you haven't set this arrangement up with at least a few girls, quit being a keyboard jockey and go talk to some girls lol

    • yareallypua
      on June 22, 2012 at 3:43 pm
      Original Link

      On its way. I tried posting it but it hasn’t shown up. I’ll try again when I get home. It’ll be right here beside this comment.

    • yareallypua
      on June 22, 2012 at 5:23 pm
      Original Link

      Also cuz I forgot to explain it and some guys will need it spelled out, the point of that whole supermodel girlfriend comparison and how all the other guys are like ugly fat chicks, is that a big part of this is being, knowing, and believing that YOU, her boyfriend, are the best that it can get for her.

      She bangs the most high value guy her hypergamy encounters. So you have to be that guy. That means if she runs into a rich tall celebrity she thinks “well he’s okay but he’s no Yareally”

      That’s where knowing game and understanding what’s actually attractive to women comes in. I can bring a girlfriend to a room full of rich good looking tall buff dudes and not worry because I know that to her I’m higher value than they are.

      So naturally you need a shitload of confidence for this. If you’re the kind of guy who read my post and was like “whatever man what if George Clooney hits on her huh??? You just admitted she follows her hypergamy so obviously she’s gonna fuck him!!! How can I prevent that??” then you are nowhere near solid enough in yourself to arrange this competently and guys like me will bang your girls and laugh that you gave them permission to bang us lol

    • yareallypua
      on June 25, 2012 at 6:23 pm
      Original Link

      lol at the pooping bit

      I don’t have any biases like a lot of bitter newbie-PUAs/Manosphere regulars/MRA/MGTOW guys do. I was never bitterly destroyed by a girl or had my life ruined or anything like some of them, I just didn’t understand them or know how to interact with them, so when I describe social dynamics it comes completely from a non-judgmental viewpoint. Men do stupid logically illogical stuff too (I could describe the nuances in the dynamics of male groups for pages), but this place is about discussing women for the sake of helping men understand them so that’s my main focus.

      Even my views on men cheating being pussies aren’t based on any sort of moral viewpoint, they’re based on “an alpha male knows himself and knows what he wants and is up-front about his desires and doesn’t compromise to avoid consequences, and cheating logically goes against that (scurrying around and lying to avoid consequences), so those guys are pussies and I don’t respect them as men.”. Just pure logic.

      Girls will sometimes do things that seem shitty but it’s all very logical to them and makes complete sense when you understand why they’re doing it. I get called a secret white knight or whatever now and then but I just don’t judge them for it the way I don’t judge a baby for crying or an old person for forgetting things. We’re all animals, socially conditioned to ignore and repress our instincts for the “good” of society functioning smoothly.

      That’s why learning PUA shit was fun, there’s no more honest and raw interaction than the resulting fuck of a solid seduction.

on June 21, 2012 at 11:43 pm
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When does texting actually help game?

It seems like you need to be very acutely aware of fine details and gives guys more chance of fucking up rather than progressing towards the lay..

Isn’t excessive text banter a DLV? What is wrong with directly asking her out over text or better calling her and setting up a date directly?

  • yareallypua
    on June 22, 2012 at 10:19 am
    Original Link

    Text game fucking owns. Guys who say it sucks are guys who suck shit at it. I haven’t phoned a girl in like 5 years lol

    If the vibe is on I’ll sext them and make them send pics/vids as they get off to whatever I’m describing. Long live text game!

    • yareallypua
      on June 22, 2012 at 3:38 pm
      Original Link

      P.S. I send long wordy txts. Sometimes a full screen worth and multiple txts in a row. But I know what I’m doing and it’s congruent to me because I talk a lot so I can get away with it. I just mention this because a lot of guys think txting has to be short little txts or it’s qualifying/needy.

Musing Alpha
on June 21, 2012 at 11:45 pm
Original Link

Recent text message conversation with an LTR:

Her: You didn’t call me

(That was the night before. Was out with another girl.)

Me: (Next morning) I’ll be over on the 6pm train
Her: Good and I have two great things to tell you. First, I have a parking spot close to the train. Also, wearing sexy dress.
Me: (about 3 hours later) Sure it will look good on the floor
Her: (about 1 minute later) Thanks. Now I am going to be wet all day
Her: (about 1 hour later) You better fuck me the second we get home
Me: (about 2 hours later) Gotta work late catch ya later
Her (about 1 minute later) Fuck that tell the doorman to let me in
Me: (about 30 minutes later) Na I’m good
Her: (about 1 minute later) Fuck you asshole
Me: (about 10 minutes later) :-)

She came over about 4am and we fucked to kingdom whatever.

When in doubt err on the side of asshole…or just be an asshole.

  • theoak
    on June 22, 2012 at 11:08 am
    Original Link

    yeah.. but it can lead to them going full on retard:

    this is copy/paste from Google Voice. There were also around 25 missed calls. btw “meow” is what she texts me when she wants to fuck.

    Courtney : Meow? 11:07 PM
    Me: Sup 11:29 PM
    Courtney : What are you doing!!!! 11:32 PM
    Me: Heading to [location redacted] in a few. You? 11:43 PM
    Courtney : SAMESIES!!! 11:49 PM
    Courtney : Where 12:24 AM
    Courtney : Gay 12:40 AM
    Courtney : I hate you!!!!!!!!!!! 1:03 AM
    Courtney : What is wrong with you 1:04 AM
    Me: Lol 1:08 AM
    Courtney : Wtf is lol 1:13 AM
    Courtney : There is so much arm fat in [location redacted]1:14 AM
    Courtney : You ate absurd 1:18 AM
    Courtney : Are 1:18 AM
    Courtney : Omgggggggg 1:18 AM
    Courtney : You clearly have priorities and I am not one of them. That’s FUCKING GAY 1:22 AM
    Courtney : Text me back 1:38 AM
    Courtney : Text me back 1:38 AM
    Courtney : Annoyed 1:39 AM
    Courtney : Annoyed 1:39 AM
    Courtney : You need to fuck me right now 1:40 AM
    Courtney : I honestly thought you were a nice person 2:02 AM
    Courtney : Call me:(((( 2:15 AM
    Courtney : ????!!!!!! 2:19 AM
    Courtney : Hello 2:19 AM
    Courtney : :(((((( 2:20 AM
    Courtney : ;) 2:20 AM
    Courtney : :( 2:20 AM
    Courtney : A 2:20 AM
    Courtney : B 2:20 AM
    Courtney : C 2:21 AM
    Courtney : D 2:21 AM
    Courtney : E 2:21 AM
    Courtney : F 2:21 AM
    Courtney : G 2:21 AM
    Courtney : H 2:21 AM
    Courtney : I 2:21 AM
    Courtney : J 2:21 AM
    Courtney : K 2:21 AM
    Courtney : L 2:21 AM
    Courtney : M 2:21 AM
    Courtney : N 2:21 AM
    Courtney : O 2:21 AM
    Courtney : P 2:22 AM
    Courtney : Q 2:22 AM
    Courtney : R 2:22 AM
    Courtney : S 2:22 AM
    Courtney : T 2:22 AM
    Courtney : U 2:22 AM
    Courtney : V 2:22 AM
    Courtney : W 2:22 AM
    Courtney : X 2:22 AM
    Courtney : Y 2:22 AM
    Courtney : Z 2:22 AM
    Courtney : 1 2:26 AM
    Courtney : 3 2:26 AM
    Courtney : 00ps 2:26 AM
    Courtney : 2 2:26 AM
    Courtney : 4 2:26 AM
    Courtney : 5 2:26 AM
    Courtney : 6 2:26 AM
    Courtney : 7 2:26 AM
    Courtney : 8 2:26 AM
    Courtney : 9 2:26 AM
    Courtney : 10 2:26 AM
    Courtney : Why are you being mean to me 3:27 AM
    Courtney : Answer me!!! Important!!!! 3:29 AM
    Courtney : Well anyways. Something very upsetting happened and I am upset but I guess you do not care. That is also an upsetting thing. I can’t sleep. I do realize 3:50 AM
    Courtney : I sent you the entire alphabet. While that is crazy, it is equally as crazy for you to disregard 26 letters. You know what? I’m a nice person. I don’t de 3:50 AM
    Courtney : serve that. 3:50 AM

    i called her the next morning and left her a voicemail saying that her behavior was unacceptable, that i didnt even know how to process it. i was leaving to hang out with my friends, to not pull that shit again and ruin my day. she called back almost immediately crying hysterically, she was so sorry she doesnt know why she did it.

    cut her loose obviously.

    • yareallypua
      on June 22, 2012 at 7:08 pm
      Original Link

      lol’ed my fucking ass off

on June 22, 2012 at 2:08 pm
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Text game I ran on a girl I had been seeing for a month and was really getting into me.

Me: We need to talk

(Her franticaly calling 1 minute later. I ignored her call and sent the second message while my phone was ringing)

Me: about you coming over tonight
Her: I hate you
Her: My heart is racing you scared the shit out of me
Her: We are still good right?
Her: I’ll see you at 6

When she got to my place she was ready to go after all of that worrying and her emotional roller coaster that day. Probably the best sex of the relationship.

  • yareallypua
    on June 22, 2012 at 7:14 pm
    Original Link

    “Me: We need to talk

    (Her franticaly calling 1 minute later. I ignored her call and sent the second message while my phone was ringing)

    Me: about you coming over tonight”

    lololol stealing this.

More Scientific Evidence That Chicks Dig Jerks

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via Heartiste

Silver Fox
on June 15, 2012 at 2:43 pm
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Trust me many if not most have not banged 5 babes in last year; the 33 & 38 were classic blondes

And none have banged a 9…

5 in a month is the 5 min mile of game; trust me

  • yareallypua
    on June 15, 2012 at 8:43 pm
    Original Link

    lol at any online chick being a 9.

    • yareallypua
      on June 15, 2012 at 8:45 pm
      Original Link

      But congrats either way lol even if they were all 5s you’d be doing better than 90% of guys.

on June 15, 2012 at 3:31 pm
Original Link

Let’s talk about a congruence. Can you do the jerk game while you don’t look like one? Imagine Pete Campbell from Mad Men. Whenever he tries to amplify his alpha behaviour, chicks simply ignore him (does happen in multiple episodes). I blame his sweet childish face. Women probably don’t expect any cocky and dominant behaviour from a man with such a nice face and they want to tool him instead, they want him to be submissive to women.

I was in a hipster bar(!) drinking at the bar with my friend. Some hot hipster chick has approached us and after a few words I drank some of her beer without asking (taking it directly from her hand). She didn’t make a scene but told me that the confidence I have shown might appear cool but she believed it’s fake; then she was gone to her hipster friends. Now I can blame on hipsters or my childish looks. Which?

  • yareallypua
    on June 15, 2012 at 8:50 pm
    Original Link

    That’s just what hipster chicks do. Accuse everyone of being fake, not like them. They liked that band BEFORE it was cool.

    These girls are fucking annoying to me lol once they’re in person its not bad but getting them to meet up again after grabbing a # is like pulling out a tooth because of the hipster attitude. One of my least favorite types of girls personality-wise.

“How do I get out of the friend zone?”

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on June 14, 2012 at 2:50 pm
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Per a recent discussion at The Private Man:

Practice Outcome Independence. Find a flaw and focus on it. How she always says, “like” or “ummm”, her eyes aren’t symmetrical, she has fat calves, whatever. It will alter your interaction with her and your interest will take random hits whenever you notice her flaw. Your attraction to her will begin to wane and she will pick up on your IOD’s. The only way she will be able to get you back will be to up her interest. If she does not, it will be easy to walk away from her and find someone else. This will simultaneously get you out of her friendzone and allow you to LJBF her back.

  • yareallypua
    on June 14, 2012 at 3:12 pm
    Original Link

    Sweet! Then when you finally get her your prize is a fat ankled girl with weird asymmetrical eyes who says “like” too much. Follow this method and you can land all sorts of girls you aren’t into!

    lol I’m exaggerating but I seriously never understood the guys who were like “just remind yourself she shits and farts and has boomers dripping out her nose bro then go get her!!”. Like eeww no, now I don’t want her.

    • yareallypua
      on June 14, 2012 at 3:53 pm
      Original Link

      lol ya I know what you mean. I was just being a dick there. :)

      In all seriousness “she picks her nose too” is basically an exaggerated form of “don’t put the pussy up on a pedestal” which is legit advice. One of the best naturals I know is a guy who grew up with 5 sisters. No girl is a special unique flower to him, he’s seen what women are like his whole life.

      It’s still not advice I use myself though eww but half of accepting the red pill is accepting that you’ll have to find ways to trick your brain into unwiring all the bullshit society wired into it your whole life so if this helps a guy, then he should go nuts.

Days of Broken Arrows
on June 14, 2012 at 2:56 pm
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I found another way.

Most women have “vanilla” sex with boyfriends who they want to respect them, but they hide their freaky side from guys like that. Yet they’ll happily discuss this freaky side with some male friends, though. What you have to do is convince them they need to try whatever freaky activity they want for their own good. (All women have a freaky fetish. It’s up to you to find it. Usually it can be gleaned through the movies they watch.)

Here’s how I did it. First, STOP SEEING HER in person. Say you’re busy. Then you need some intense, highly sexual late night phone convos to plant seeds. While you do this, zero in on her freaky fetish and how it’s healthy for her and why she needs to at least try it. Then talk about how you know A LOT about it. If she says “that would be weird” agree with her, do some push-pull, and remind her that a lot of what she just told you is weirder. Then cite research, which you can find on the Web to justify anything. Then find what Neil Strauss called “chick crack.” Come up with some astrological or space age reason her fetish is really important and why you need to be the “shepherd of her desires.”

I’ve found women’s fetishes can run from mutual masturbation, to being jerked off on, to public nudity, to anal sex, to stripping, to spanking, to foot worship. WHATEVER it is, you have to say “Oh that? Sure! Hehe.” When she gasps “You know about that??” you then tell her about the older woman you learned it from at 19.

If you do this right, by the time you get together again, the sexual tension will be so high that she’ll probably make the first move. This is what happened to me. You probably won’t get “a girlfriend” per se out of this, but then you won’t want one. You’ll get some great non-vanilla sex, though. I also found this limbo zone between friends-lovers and freakiness can go on and off for years.

  • yareallypua
    on June 14, 2012 at 3:40 pm
    Original Link

    lol are you a wizard? This is totally one of my main M.O.’s with taken girls and it works like a motherfucker. Let her know you’re used to and prefer kinky sex, that let’s her ASD know it’s safe to open up a bit about her desires (tho usually she’ll just be vague and keep it pretty vanilla like “I love when a guy takes charge…(insert blushing emoticon)” and you have to extrapolate that that means she wants rough dominant sex), act totally unphased by her desire as if you’ve done it a thousand times and lots of girls are into that, hell I even use the “older woman taught me some things” bit (tho that’s partly true for me), and eventually she gets so curious about it that she’ll help arrange the lay.

    And she’ll never let her BF know any of her desires because it’s too risky. She’s got hopes, dreams of a white pickett fence and marriage with her guy, it’s too risky to go “so hey I like to be spit on and face-fucked till I puke” and have him freak out and bail and have all those dreams come crashing down around her.

    Even if she DOES attempt to explore that stuff with her partner, she’ll do it suuuuper slow and ease him into it. So he’ll think he’s the man lightly choking her and she’ll tell him it’s the first time she’s ever done it and he’s amazing, and she’ll try to slowly build on that for months and years just to get to where we were on day 1 lol

    anyway ya I just wanted to back your shit up. Guys who identify too heavily with being into the “BDSM world” creep me out with the way they talk/write but the actual advice/tactic you’re dropping here is legit.

    • yareallypua
      on June 14, 2012 at 6:35 pm
      Original Link

      When I did online game that was pretty much how I ran it too. Start with sexy talk to get them curious then build comfort and push for the meet-up, then escalate from there. Now I don’t do online game, in my area it’s become a cesspool of fat single moms lol

      I still follow the same basic concept of eliciting values and letting them know right off the bat that I’m into kinky stuff, but now I do it verbally in person with the girl as soon as I meet her. I’ll talk with a girl I’ve just met for a few minutes and my buddies will ask “So what does she do?” “Dunno.” “How old is she?” “Dunno.” “Where’s she from??” “Dunno.” “WTF were you talking about?” “She likes fucking in public and isn’t wearing panties right now.”

      I learned this from a natural who would always steer conversations with new girls in our group toward sex, which I thought was TOTALLY inappropriate and rude when I was a newbie AFC beta. Now I understand why he got laid so much lol

on June 14, 2012 at 3:09 pm
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  • yareallypua
    on June 14, 2012 at 3:24 pm
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    Seriously tho this article is about the best possible advice for getting out of that situation. The dumb part is a guy in this situ won’t even be able to handle the “2 weeks of silence” thing let alone do it multiple times cause he’s got mild to moderate one-itis. But if he COULD manage to follow this, this is about the best shot he’s got at reversing the situ.

    It’s way too much work tho. Better to just find a new girl who’s just as awesome as her. “there’s another girl who looks just like her up the street”. And then don’t end up in the new one’s friend zone.

    I’ve told girls straight up that I have enough friends and I don’t need a “txting buddy” lol my view of male-female friendship was corrupted by going from 100% female-less virgin (not even platonic female friends in my life) to finding the PUA community and banging girls out left and right. So the concept of a female friend you don’t fuck is completely foreign and strange to me. I have guy friends to hang out with if I just want to shoot the shit or see a movie, why would I hang out with a girl if we’re not fucking?

    That was a big adjustment when I moved to a city where my buddies all have girlfriends that party with us. I still have to consciously not escalate on them when they get in close to talk to me when we’re all at a bar or whatever lol but it annoys me when they do that because that sets off all the instincts I’ve built up and I have to remind myself that’s a no-go. I’m not even INTO them, it’s just when a girl is in a certain part of my space, my mind and body go on auto-pilot seduction mode.

    Those instincts get me laid but even I’m aware that they aren’t the healthiest mindset to have to function in normal society.

    • yareallypua
      on June 14, 2012 at 6:27 pm
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      Here’s my life story lol

      tl;dr version: It was a fuckton of work.

      Noobz don’t appreciate how hard learning pickup was back in the day. We didn’t have DVDs and free YouTube content and blog articles from 400 different gurus handing us this shit on a silver platter, and bootcamps were only just starting to be offered and were super unproffesional (Tyler sleeping on your couch style) and not a “bootcamp tour across North America, we’ll be in every major city so sign up at your convenience!” situ at all.

      And there weren’t as many pussy debates that plague the PUA forums and Manosphere comment sections these days. The response to “Do you think this would work?” is “Go out and try it and let us know.” and there was even a rule that if you wanted to post a tactic you had to have at LEAST successfully pulled it off with a minimum of 3 girls before even bringing it UP to the rest of the community. We tried to stamp out Keyboard Jockeying as much as possible, but there were still a bunch of KJs even back then…but it was more like 50:50 PUAs:KJs instead of now where it’s like 5:95 PUAs:KJs lol

      Journey from Newbie To Mastery:

      This vid starts getting into it about 3 minutes in after Tyler’s awkward “humor”:

      Anyway, to your Qs:

      1) I found the community back before The Game was published, and the week that I discovered it I tried some shit out THAT weekend because I was at rock bottom and knew I was shit with girls and totally lost, so I figured I might as well try it out. Got a phone number the first night, and a number the second night. Continued reading the material and following it and managed to lay both girls, sober and everything. I pretty much shit a brick and jumped into it full-tilt from there.

      So technically I had success right away, but it was a solid couple years before I had an actual consistent deeper understanding of everything (even though I was getting laid, there were still a lot of random elements in it and a lot of concepts I didn’t really grasp/understand in depth). I was a super shy “introverted” computer nerd hermit, so I actually had to learn to socialize with people in GENERAL during that time. I had no idea how “bros” interact with eachother, or that saying/doing certain things was weird and socially uncalibrated, etc. etc. I didn’t know how make small talk or anything, with anyone, except really close friends. I had to learn how to dress, groom, fix my body language, etc. So I had to undo a lot of bullshit programming in those first couple years. This first few years was pretty much all external.

      The next couple years were more about solidifying my skills and getting deeper. I knew the surface level of most of the concepts and had seen/experienced them in the field, but I didn’t really understand their depth. So this was the stage where I started fixing my internals and actually growing a lot beyond my external skills/routines/etc. After that the next couple years were about making this stuff all natural and subconscious…before that I was doing the “fake it till you make it” method, which totally worked, but at this stage I was ready to start really internalizing it all so that it became a part of my personality.

      Currently and for the past year or so I’ve got all the concepts down, in depth, and natural (I’m not a “PUA” to people, I’m just a naturally attractive man), but now I’m working on my own standards and filtering and just knowing what I want with regards to the women in my life, as well as focusing on the rest of my life (concentrating on my job, focusing on my health, expanding my social circles, etc.).

      2) My day job faded into the background and I would literally spend from like 5pm – midnight every weekday night reading anything I could find on pickup and reading the forums (the main place to find new info back then). I lived, breathed, ate, and slept this shit. That’s why I have such a large encyclopedia in my brain where I can say “that line came from this PUA” or “that concept was invented by blah PUA in this time period of game” or explain a simple concept to really in-depth levels…I absorbed everything from everyone.

      Every Fri/Sat I’d go out and try new stuff out. There were TONS of new things to try back then, and everything to me was a little success. Guys now are like “ohh I tried that line and she didn’t blow me in the bathroom, this shit doesn’t worrrrrrk!!!” But back then if a girl even gave me her number or would TALK to me for an hour I was like “This is awesome!! Best night evar!!”

      I still vividly remember the first time I tried opening with a sexual opener and fully expecting to be slapped or called a creep, and instead the girls were into it and attracted. I lost that set quickly afterward but there were all these little “holy shit!!” moments like that that kept me going.

      After a couple years I started going out more and more till I was going out 4-6 nights a week and sometimes during the day. There were a LOT of bullshit nights. Nights where I’d go out, wander around for 6 hours, see a bunch of girls I WANTED to approach but pussied out of approaching, then go home not having talked to a soul, kicking myself for being such a loser. Nights where I could tell right from the start that I wasn’t feeling the vibe and would just stick it out through it. So many frustrating depressing unforgiving mentally-draining painful nights, I can’t even describe it in a way that guys who haven’t gone through it could wrap their heads around it.

      But on the flip side I’d have good nights. REALLY good nights. Nights that some people will never experience in their lives. Nights with adrenaline rushes that other people go skydiving and shit to get. There were nights where I’d walk into a 400 person nightclub solo and unknown with no friends there or showing up later, and by midnight EVERYONE in that club would know me by name, love me, be asking to hang out with me if they were dudes, wanting to go home with me or dance with me or make out with me if they were girls, inviting me to parties, buying me drinks, asking other people about me and who I was, etc. There were nights where I basically started the entire party, where managers/bartenders would give me free shit because they watched me doing it and getting their business going for the night. Girls would ask if I owned the bar because they just assumed I must be someone important since so many people knew me. I’d take girls home out of big groups of guys. I’d insta-wing guys and lay the friends of the girls they were hooking up with. I’d go for after-bar food with people I had only just met.

      And I’d do that all in the span of a few hours after walking into the bar solo.
      Consistently, methodically, and 100% on purpose. It was like being a force of nature (socially). I’d bar hop from bar to bar pulling numbers, makeouts, dances, blowjobs, going home with girls, taking girls home, etc.

      To me what happened was at first I’d have 1 good night for every like, 50 shitty nights. Then I’d have 1 good night for every 25 shitty nights. Then I’d have 1 good night for every 10 shitty nights. Eventually I got to a place where I was having 1 good night for each shitty night. Now not all of my nights are awesome, but the majority are a blast.

      The other thing that happens is if you go out consistently and always try to push things, you’ll find that your best night NOW becomes a normal night to you 6 months from now. And your best night 6 months from now will become a normal night to you 6 months from then. At first I’d consider the night shitty if like, I didn’t talk to anyone. Then down the road a shitty night was if I didn’t get any phone numbers. Then down the road a shitty night was if I didn’t get any makeouts. Then it was if I didn’t take a girl home. Then it was if I took a girl home but I was hammered instead of sober. etc. etc.

      Right now I’m slowing up compared to when I was younger and I know what I like and don’t like in a girl because I’ve met so many of them over the years. So in a random nightclub there are only 3 or 4 girls there that are really my “type” and I’ll turn down a lot of easy lays from girls who aren’t my type because I just don’t care, I’ve had enough sex and get it regularly enough (I’ve got a primary girlfriend) that I’m not hard up. And I care more about the “thrill of the hunt” with a chick who’s my type than about just getting my dick wet in a girl I’m not into (I have buddies who ARE like that, so nothing against it, it’s just not for me).

      I’m also focused more on my social circles now so a lot of nights out are just partying with friends celebrating stuff and getting drunk with them and if there’s girls around cool, but I’m not in “gotta find pussy!!!!” mode 24/7 like the first few years. There were actually a couple years near the start where I was annoying as fuck to hang out with because I’d ALWAYS be like “fuck this place sucks there aren’t any girls, let’s go to a different plays guys this blowwwws” when we’re like, in a grocery store lol Pickup and social dynamics are still fascinating to me and I still practice the skillset a lot, but they’re not the focus of my life now.

      3) You’re gonna hit plateaus. It happens to all of us. The worst part is you never really realize you’re on a plateau until you’ve been in it for a while and you realize one day “fuck I’m in a rut”. Generally the solution to plateaus is to figure out what the next level for you is. ie:

      – Are you getting phone numbers regularly but most of them flake on you? Next level is to work on your comfort/rapport stuff till they don’t flake.

      – Are you getting laid all the time, but the girls never want to see you more than one night? Next level to work on it managing buyer’s remorse and playing with some basic relationship game

      – Are you getting laid, and the girls all get attached to you, but none of them are hot enough to brag about to your buddies? Time to stop banging uggos and step up to the turbo girls in the club that you’ve been avoiding and making excuses not to approach

      – Are you getting laid, and the girls are super hot, but none of them are really your type or high-quality to you beyond their looks? Time to start qualifying girls and learning to screen for qualities you like, and approaching girls outside of just nightclubs

      – Are you getting laid, but you don’t have any friends beyond a few bar buddies and you’re getting tired of spending all your free time in bars? Time to start expanding your social circles in general where you’ll end up doing other activities and building solid friendships

      The key is that you have to understand what exactly your plateau/rut is about. What’s the thing that’s quiety nagging at you? If you can explain it, I can probably give you a direction to head in, but that thing that’s nagging at you is deeply personal to you specifically and to narrow down and admit what it is can sometimes be embarrassing (ie – “I get laid a lot, but it’s with just fatties and hammered girls…”), but hey, you won’t get any judgement from me lol I’ve been there. :P

      Also the game never ends. Tyler is still learning/solidifying things, so am I, so is every PUA who regularly goes out. That’s why when people ask “how long did it take?” it’s hard to answer without a big long story like above…because the game is about self-improvement and developing your lifestyle and learning to become a man, and that really “takes” the rest of your life. :)

on June 14, 2012 at 3:12 pm
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“Alpha male? Yes. Admirable man? You tell me.”

I think the father of the bride is pretty admirable.

  • yareallypua
    on June 14, 2012 at 3:48 pm
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    No respect for guys like this even if they’re alpha.

    If you can’t commit, don’t get married. As a man, you should know yourself and what you want in life. If that isn’t commitment, then don’t commit. That’s why I don’t do monogamous relationships.

    A guy who promises monogamy and then cheats behind his girl’s back is a guy who 1) his word is worthless, 2) he doesn’t know himself or his desires/goals which is pretty weak in terms of being a man, and 3) he’s too pussy to break it off (whether it’s because it’d be difficult/uncomfortable work to do, or he can’t handle the social pressure of calling off a relationship for a “shallow” reason, or he’s in scarcity and scared to lose his girl and be alone).

    Bride’s dad handled that situ like a boss.

    • yareallypua
      on June 14, 2012 at 5:19 pm
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      Friendship OVER.

    • yareallypua
      on June 14, 2012 at 8:42 pm
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      “An alpha is perfectly entitled to the best of both worlds. Monogamy (from her part) and loving companionship, plus a string of flings to satiate the desire of variety.”

      I don’t disagree. That’s how I like my relationships ideally.

      “What if a guy wants a family but cannot stand the idea of eternal monogamy?”

      Then he sets up an open relationship with his girl from the start. You can raise a family in an open marriage. It requires a lot of discretion and some tight game but there are entire sections of PUA knowledge dedicated to managing m(multiple)LTRs, o(open)LTRs, open marriages, raising kids in these situations, etc.

      “What if a woman he loves dumps him because she cannot stand the arrangement?”

      You are asking “What if a guy likes fish, but his girl dumps him because she cannot stand him eating fish?” Does he stop eating fish for her? Or does he have abundance and say “ok cool” and find a girl who likes fish? And when he picks up does he pretend not to like fish, or does he let the girl know straight up from the get go that he likes fish so he screens out girls who ultimately wouldn’t be compatible with him for him to have his ideal life in the long-term?

      She may get mad down the road in an open relationship, but that’s where the game and game teachings about managing that come in.

      “The idea of open relationships is a joke for most of the readers here so don’t try bringing it up.”

      I’m not here to stroke your cock and tell you the world owes you a pot of gold. I’m telling you there is a way to make this work and if you’re a man who’s fully explored relationships with women and fully knows himself and understands game, you can make it work.

      It won’t be easy. You’ll probably fuck up a bunch. But who the fuck said any of this was easy? lol

      “A alpha who “cheats” discreetly doesn’t lose his honorable man status.”

      An alpha who cheats loses respect to me. An alpha who’s been up front with his girl and let her know from the start that he may have flings on the side and then has those flings discreetly isn’t cheating, so I can respect that arrangement. He doesn’t have to rub it in her face and be like “hey, do I smell like Sarah’s pussy? Because I was just eating her out!” but he shouldn’t promise commitment if he has no intention of honoring it. That’s pussy behavior that’s based in having a scarcity mentality (“but what if she leaves me!!! I can’t GET another girl!!!11″) and in not having the balls to admit what you want as a man and not settle for less (“I’m not eating fish anymore, Janice won’t let me :( so I don’t do it because I’m scared of making demands or standing up for what I want…”)

      “But the guy in the article is a scumbag. Discretion is key. And timing too. The wedding day is the worst timing of all.”

      lol agreed there. Tho I was going to fuck a girl in her wedding dress a few days before her wedding. You’d be surprised how much “well I never plan to get married so this could be my only chance to fuck a bride in a wedding dress” made logical sense to her hamster lol Her conscience kicked in though so we’re taking a break. :)

    • yareallypua
      on June 14, 2012 at 8:56 pm
      Original Link

      Because I talk a lot:

      Guys who cheat behind their girl’s back are generally guys in three categories:

      1) They have no moral qualms with cheating. Hate the playa not the game bla bla and they secretly love a little drama. They just don’t have the game skills to arrange relationships in an ideal way and don’t believe it’s possible to set up the frame of “I’m allowed to sleep around and you’re not” with a girl. So basically they have no game and don’t care about eventually hurting the girl their with, not because they’re bad people but just because they don’t know there’s a better way to do things or figure it’s too much work.


      2) They’re guys who legit thought they were ready to settle down, and promised monogamy. Then realized once they were in the relationship and the honeymoon period died down, that they aren’t done playing around because that cute new girl at work is giving them the eye and she makes their wiener tingle. Or their ex called them up and they realize they still have chemistry with her and kinda sorta wanna maybe secretly bang her once or twice.

      In other words the second type of guys didn’t get enough sexual experience/variety in their lives and didn’t do enough self-analysis to learn enough about themselves, their desires, their needs, and what makes them happy in their life, to know that they weren’t ready to settle down. And so instead of manning up and admitting they aren’t done yet and risking losing their girl (scarcity) or even admitting to themselves that they weren’t as ready for commitment as they thought they were, they sneak around cheating behind her back like a little pussy.


      3) They were ready to settle, but then their chick let themselves go in both looks and personality and now they’re gross unpleasant fatty fats and they would’ve been 100% committed and faithful if their girl had stayed in shape and not become a dickhead but instead they’re stuck and on top of it have kids with the girl (back when she was hot). Those guys are pretty fucked lol They needed to learn game before they got into that whole mess. These are the only type of guys that I can excuse for cheating because with the way divorce courts rape guys and the way that no one can predict the fatty-fat grenade exploding ahead of time, these guys were duped and trapped in an un-winnable situation.

      So the third type of guy I cut some slack because his situation wasn’t his own fault. Whereas the first two types of guys’ situations were entirely their own doing.

      So there’s my views. Believe it or not, I DO have a moral code, it just isn’t the same as most people’s. :P

    • yareallypua
      on June 15, 2012 at 5:41 pm
      Original Link

      aww, that’s cute, you guys have a bunch of “theories” on why it “couldn’t” work because you’ve never done it before and don’t know how.

      And you think you have to have a negotiation with the girl? Like you’re going to convince her with logic? Maybe draw up a pros and cons list? I mean, that’s how you pick up a hot girl right? You list the pros and cons of why it makes logical sense that she should be with you instead of some other guy? And she rationally listens to your very logical fair analysis and deal offer and then makes a completely unemotional decision that’s always based on a mutually beneficial deal?

      Re-read your own comments looking for the parts where you revert back to “no longer the Chateau’s game principles” while you mull that sarcasm over, I’ll write up an actual YaReally-length comment breaking down how to set an “I can fuck around but you can’t” frame with a girl (yes even a good marriage material girl (“game only workz on whorezzz!!!! Quality girlz wouldn’t fall for your trickery!!!”)).

      I’m in one of these relationships now, and most of my relationships have been this setup (its all i do since my last monogamous relationship where I was miserable not wanting to cheat on her but not happy being monogamous). I have a PUA buddy who’s been in one for like 6 years with a girl he plans to have kids with. One of my natural player buddies sets this frame up with even his fuckbuddies. Etc etc. Like I say PUAs have broken down EVERYTHING from the pickup to long term relationships, it’s the MSM and “skim the surface” Aunt Sue type bloggers who paint us as only knowing how to pick girls up but not being able to maintain long term relationships.

      Anyway I’ll write some explanations up for you. But it’s advanced shit, you won’t be able to do it if you’re a newb lol once you get the hang of it it’s easier.

    • yareallypua
      on June 15, 2012 at 5:46 pm
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      The part you’re forgetting is the girl’s hypergamy. How do you think that would come into play in an open marriage arrangement?

      Think on that while I write a longer explanation lol

    • yareallypua
      on June 15, 2012 at 5:51 pm
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      lol I actually prefer girls who are into dressing up in various outfits/costumes for sex. It really DOES feel kind of like banging different girls. I always try to screen for this but a lot of girls think just showing up naked is the best outfit to every man.

“How do I get out of the friend zone?”

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via Heartiste

on June 14, 2012 at 5:16 pm
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Fucking EPIC lulz:

Man, it’s like they recorded a day in my life lol Love how the guys are just like “what? no it’s just pottery!” and “of course I have to take off my shirt for this picture that makes complete sense doo dee doo” with big grins on their face.

Here’s the thread with a bunch more in it:

  • universe
    on June 14, 2012 at 11:31 pm
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    Funny, tho, none of them actually caught on to the ruse. Chicks never act that brazen. Unless they are trying to get something…like ratings for the box. Or they’re chicks in training – trannies.

    Balls of steel my right barnacle.

    • yareallypua
      on June 15, 2012 at 6:44 pm
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      “Chicks never act that brazen.”

      Maybe not for YOU… ;)

      haha no seriously tho, these girls have badass game. They’re actually using some solid AMOG stuff on the girlfriends. The best is how they purposely piss the GF off then drop the “wow is she always this possessive?” thing or “she seems like she’s not a fun person” reframing the girl’s totally normal reactions as DLVs. thats wicked-smooth because the girl cant escape that label trap.

      Unfortunately a guy would resort to fists WAY faster than a girl so being as in-his-face like they are is a lot riskier. You can use the same principles but just 1) more subtly and 2) preferably when the guy isn’t within earshot.

      If a guy from a girl’s group comes over to “save” her because he has a crush on her and he tries to tool me or anything, as soon as he leaves I say to her “wow I think your boyfriend is jealous of me lol” which is similar to these girls labeling the GFs as lame. The guy can’t escape the label and if he’s not actually her BF I get an instant “oh he’s not my BF!! No no he’s just a friend” which is the green light ioi for me to go “oh good then he won’t mind this…” and escalate on her. :)

The Peacekeepers

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on June 13, 2012 at 6:15 pm
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“I spent 5 years in the Army. I had buddies with bronze/silver stars with valor devices from doing legitimately courageous/insane things who were the biggest wallflowers in the world. It blew my mind.”

This is why PUAs stress going out to newbies. Because you can GET confidence thru other means, you can climb mount Everest and get your medical degree and earn medals in the Army…but at the end of the day going out and talking to girls is going to give you confidence specifically in the art of “going out and talking to girls” instead of in “climbing mountains” etc.

Those guys are actually trapped in the superficial value system of society and don’t realize it (if they could step out of that system and actually logically understand their worth the way you understand their worth, they wouldn’t be wallflowered up because they’d be living by a real value system that bases value on achievements instead):

The end bit of this video about feeling good all the time is why I can be in a bar with your Army buddies who I 100% agree are way more accomplished as men than I am and have all sorts of respect for their accomplishments…but I’d be feeling better about myself and my worth and be more outgoing than them because I’m not living under social conditioning that would tell me I don’t deserve to feel good because I haven’t got a Ferrari.

The Peacekeepers

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on June 14, 2012 at 4:04 pm
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ya there’s nothing wrong with having money and ferraris and shit at all. As long as you’re doing it for yourself and have your own reasons for it and not because you need those things to validate your worth as a man. Once you realize you’re IN the social conditioning matrix you can step out of it and really appreciate the stuff you obtain…but you have to realize that you’re in it to begin with, which can be hard for people to accept because society has been brainwashing us with it since we were babies.

“I’d never fall for social conditioning like that, I’m too smart!! Now I’m going to wash these Doritos down with a Pepsi and pick out which pair of needlessly overpriced silk tie I’m going to buy next!”

Friendzoned By A Whore

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on June 13, 2012 at 2:00 pm
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That guy forgot to Shark-Shock her. (This is by far my favorite PUAism)

  • PDX
    on June 13, 2012 at 2:02 pm
    Original Link

    A little help for those who strayed from the “community”?

    • yareallypua
      on June 13, 2012 at 6:58 pm
      Original Link

      …and for those IN it? I’ve never heard this term before lol

on June 13, 2012 at 2:24 pm
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I fucked hundreds of prostitutes in 5 different countries over the last 10 years. And I seduced around 15 non-whores (froms 6s to 9s, all under 30) during the last 3 years, since I learned about game.
I’m not particularly loserish. I have a decent job, I’m maybe an 8 on the looks/height/muscularity scale, got a decent social circle, and I can be the center of attention if I feel like it (depending on the set and my energy levels). I’m not a master of crimson arts but my social skills are above average. They always have been, I just needed game to figure out what women truly want, and until then, hookers were the easiest way the fulfill my manly needs. They still are.

Just saying that johns are not necessarily the omegas that they’re made out to be. I even encountered a few full-blown casanovas who enjoyed the string of hookers on the side.
I had a few hookers who had a crush on me. And the frequency of unpaid sex with whores since I learned about game increased.

I can’t disagree with the fact that it’s more difficult to relate to women when you’re used to fucking 9s an 10s. That goes for puas as well as johns. But I could relate if I really wanted.
Most women are whorish anyway, so I keep it dark triad 90% of the time. But when I’m feeling emotional and in need of connection, I don’t feel that I’m jeopardizing my chances with the few pearls who trigger my long-term mating algorithm. I just have to be discreet about my lifestyle.

[heartiste: that’s why i specified that to qualify as a loser john you’d *have* to pay for sex to get it. men who can get laid without paying for it, but choose to visit whores, are not necessarily losers.
please folks, this is why i’m careful in my choice of words. you could save yourselves a lot of butthurt if you’d read more carefully.]

  • Anon
    on June 13, 2012 at 3:31 pm
    Original Link

    Alright, chief. I’m taking it back…

    Or wait, just leave it. The anti-john crusaders might learn something.

    • yareallypua
      on June 13, 2012 at 7:06 pm
      Original Link

      I think it’s not the worst point to re-state, since we all know how quick the want-to-be-offended crowd skips over the nuances lol

      “to qualify as a loser john you’d *have* to pay for sex to get it. men who can get laid without paying for it, but choose to visit whores, are not necessarily losers.”

      Yep, very important distinction. I know Alpha guys who’ve gotten hookers just because of the convenience, hotness, lack of drama, and their addiction to regular sex. But they didn’t HAVE to, to get laid.

      I also know a guy who was a hooker (on a website, not like walking the streets lol) himself. his mindset was “wait I can get laid AND get paid for it?? Where do I sign up”. The girls were generally not even horrible looking, but they had seriously fucked up personalities. He made some nice bank for easy-ass work though.

    • yareallypua
      on June 13, 2012 at 7:08 pm
      Original Link

      (just to clarify he took the hooking job because he gets laid all the time (very alpha and has solid game) and thought it’d be awesome to make money from what he’s doing (seducing girls quickly) anyway, he didn’t take it because he was desperate to get laid)

    • yareallypua
      on June 14, 2012 at 2:53 pm
      Original Link

      uhh ya dude I was at his place when some of the girls came over. I almost ran a devil’s 3-way on one of his clients with him but she was too annoying and didn’t have enough $ on her for both of us lol

      He’s a good looking dude with super tight game. Some of the chicks would pay him just to go out with them and make ex-BFs jealous and shit but they all ended up fucking him.

      The city I’m in right now has an abundance of 28-45yo lonely career pussy who didn’t focus on relationships and don’t have much time for one or have such repulsive feministy career-woman personalities that they can’t find men who’ll put up with them…unless they drop a couple grand lol

    • yareallypua
      on June 14, 2012 at 9:38 pm
      Original Link

      “can’t find ANY men unless they put up a couple grand? ya? really?”

      I know right? Here’s why that happens for the guys who haven’t met this type of woman yet. These girls are actually pretty common in my current city just because of the corporate culture here:

      1) The chick is full of herself, and she keeps herself in shape and buys herself the latest fashions and does her pilates and shit so she thinks she deserves a super stud rich jock awesome guy. So automatically 99% of the guys she runs into on a daily basis aren’t worth her time in her mind because she’s a special amazing princess. As a result, 99% of the guys she meets don’t make her gina tingle because she assumes they’re unworthy losers.

      2) The chick is generally older, in her 30s, so she has even LESS time to waste on the “wrong” guy because she subconsciously knows her baby-clock is ticking. So that 99% of guys she’s not into aren’t even worth her time for a fuck because she thinks they’ll get clingy on her (since she’s SO amazing in her mind) and she doesn’t want to waste months with some chump since again, in her mind she deserves the amazing super prince ASAP.

      3) Because she can’t admit to herself that she fucked up by focusing on her career, she’s fed into the Sex & The City myth and built herself a personality where she thinks she “intimidates” men with her success and again she thinks all the men around her are beneath her. So most of the 99% of men don’t want anything to do with her because she has the personality of a stuck up spoiled brat princess, and the ones in that 99% who are masochistic enough to attempt to get with her get shot down by her because she thinks she’s better than them.

      Remember girls don’t give a shit about notch count. Their hypergamy is making them go for the highest status over the ease of the lay. A hot girl can be hard up as fuck for a lay but if she’s surrounded by lame beta males she’ll go home alone to her vibrator because that’s better than settling for what SHE considers a loser (doesn’t matter whether YOU think he’s a loser or not, it’s her opinion that counts in this decision).

      4) She keeps herself busy with her career because every minute she spends alone with herself reminds her that she’s failed at being a woman. I think Rollo(?) had a really good article titled something like “The To-Do List” that talked about how women always have SO MANY things to do to keep themselves from thinking about how alone they are lol but I can’t find that link right now. Anyway, she legit doesn’t have much free time to spend and no reason to free time up since all the men around her are pathetic to her. And she makes a bunch of money to keep her in new clothes, pay for yoga class, getting her hair done etc. hoping she stumbles across that 1% of men who she’s legit attracted to and wants to invest time in.

      Of course that 1% of men is the 1% of men with choice and they’re sure as shit not gonna choose HER lol but she doesn’t know that because Sex & The City told her he’d fall in love with her.


      So what do we have here? A rich girl who has tons of money to burn, decent looking chick who’s convinced herself that no man is worthy of her and filled her life with so much bullshit that she doesn’t even have time to date around and even if she could either she can’t stand the men or they can’t stand her. But she still gets horny. So what does she do? She hires a guy like my buddy, who’s good-looking, won’t take up much of her time, is clearly part of the 1% because GIRLS PAY HIM TO FUCK THEM (lol, talk about social proof), and he’s got solid game so he gives her the exact seduction she wants a 1% guy to give her. Except that he charges for his time. :)

      The logical conclusion to this is that the girl starts to fall in love with him since he’s more of an alpha male than any of the guys she’s surrounded by on a daily basis and his game is so tight that she gets all those experiences she wishes a 1% guy would appear in her life and give her. And he has no other competition with her because she isn’t interested in other guys, so he just seems more and more amazing to her as she ignores that she’s handing him money for his interest the same way guys who think strippers have fallen in love with them keep going back to the strip-club emptying their bank accounts to spend time with the girl.

      And that’s exactly what happened with one of the chicks, she stalked the fuck out of him for a while lol Most of the other chicks have been pretty normal but this one paid well so he saw her pretty frequently and that was a recipe for disaster…the other girls he only saw like once a month or so.

      So ya, it happens. YOU might fuck this chick without her having to pay you a grand, but she wouldn’t fuck YOU (no offense, she’s crazy). :)

    • yareallypua
      on June 14, 2012 at 9:41 pm
      Original Link

      “Now this is the kind of game you’re good at teaching other dudes.”

      No idea what that means lol Being good looking matters on online dating sites which is where he got his clients from (not a dating site, but an escort site), because the girls are logically judging you by your looks first since online sites can’t demonstrate your personality and make her gina tingle. I’m uglier than him and shorter/chubbier, but my game is as tight (tighter on a good night) and the one girl was up for a 3-some with us, but she’d never have picked me out of the escort site lineup by my picture lol

    • yareallypua
      on June 15, 2012 at 6:49 pm
      Original Link

      “Ok, so what you mean is subjectively she can’t find any man, but of course objectively she could find plenty of perfectly adequate truly equal men if she was reasonable.”

      Yes exactly. BUT because she’s unreasonable and not going to become reasonable (hell society encourages her to BE unreasonal, you go grrrrl), it’s irrelevant to even discuss it objectively is all. :)

  • Lara
    on June 13, 2012 at 4:59 pm
    Original Link

    I think if most women knew about your past, they wouldn’t want a relationship with you. You’d be okay as a casual acquaintance, but never anything more than that.

    • yareallypua
      on June 13, 2012 at 7:00 pm
      Original Link

      shhhh men are talking.

    • yareallypua
      on June 14, 2012 at 9:43 pm
      Original Link

      I don’t know why you keep making age jokes my way. I’m probably older than you are lol

Friendzoned By A Whore

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via Heartiste
on June 13, 2012 at 5:30 pm
Original Link

don’t tell me f-ing hookers is sad and pathetic. I want to read about game all day and pay for sex thinking I’m the man.

Pathetic. Sorry to shatter your world commentators, but if you are paying for sex, you, by definition, have zero game. You are bypassing using game at all to do what any jackass on the street can do, drop cash to pay for sex. What’s worse is they are guaranteed VIP members of the cock carousel.

Pretty sure if we did a study of single guys who regularly o pay for sex, because they can or half too (celebrities excluded because they pay for no trouble), you’d would find a deep pool on the bottom of the game curve.

This is why their butthurtness sounds pretty damn similar to a bitter beta.

  • DirkJohanson
    on June 13, 2012 at 5:55 pm
    Original Link

    Ok, Einstein, so when a celeb calculates its not worth his time to spend even just a few minutes using his fame to get laid, he doesn’t have to pay to get laid. But when a non-celeb decides its not worth hours of his time to chase pussy around – cuz it takes far more time for most non-celebs – he must not be able to get laid at all.

    You first paragraph makes no sense – you sure you don’t have a vagina? You should see my non-paying sexual resume.

    As for the cock carousel issue, yes, hookers fuck a lot of guys, but if you look at the reason the cock carousel issue is a negative for a lot of guys, its not because of the number of cocks per se. Its because of ALPHA cocks. Most hookers, unlike most other alpha cock carousel riders, have realized they can enjoy sex with fat middle-aged guys, and don’t need an alpha cock.

    Also as to the cock carousel issue, another problem is that it causes women to become jaded and hate men from being pumped and dumped. Hookers have far more positive interactions with guys because they aren’t constantly being dumped and have money to show for it. Thus, they are far less anti-man than the typical alpha cock carousel riding slut.

    • yareallypua
      on June 15, 2012 at 7:00 pm
      Original Link

      “Dude, I’m friends with a lot of hookers, dated a lot of hookers free, and yes I think they are, on average, less negative toward guys than the average chick.”

      I concur with this. I dated a strip club chick for a while and spent a lot of time hanging with the other rippers on and off shift and a big surprise to me was how normal the girls were. A lot of them were drama-lovers and addicted to coke and stuff but in terms of how they view men even tho they’d all make fun of like 90% of the guys that came in (the second the old fat guy in a trucker hat who thinks Jasmine loves him leaves she rolls her eyes and jokes about him) most of them had pretty normal lives with boyfriends and stuff. I think they mentallycategorize clients and “real” guys as two separate things so if a client does something fucked up it doesn’t translate to “all guys are like that”.

      I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, and the girls I hung with were strippers not hookers (tho the two professions sometimes intertwine, but even that was less often than I expected). But I understand what Dirk is saying.

Friendzoned By A Whore

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via Heartiste

on June 13, 2012 at 7:18 pm
Original Link

I guess this hooker related article is the place to link The Great Happiness Space for the guys who haven’t seen it yet lol trust me you want to watch it. It’s about male hookers in Japan who use mad long-term game to keep girls on the hook and paying them thousands of dollars a night just for emotional attention (they don’t even fuck them in some cases):

There was actually a PUA in our community who went to Japan and worked as one of these guys for a few years and wrote about it and answered questions from other PUAs. He eventually quit though, can’t remember why cause it was a while ago, probably health reasons with all the alcohol consumption haha

And on hiring hookers while being alpha I link to:

Generally TotH guys (like myself) will be 100% against hiring a hooker (do whatever floats your boat but that’s not for me), whereas PoS guys (like a lot of naturals) are more likely to get one.

  • yareallypua
    on June 13, 2012 at 7:30 pm
    Original Link

    P.S. in the Happyness Space watch for the pimp body language on some of these guys. Especially the grey suit guy smoking with a bandaged finger. Dude is alpha as phuck.

    Also notice how the guys have different personalities. The head guy in charge is the closest to a good standard PUAs vibe, out-going and social, funny but able to turn on the drama etc. The alpha guy I mentioned above probably wouldn’t do as well as the head guy in a nightclub but once he’s one on one with the girl he’d be as solid as the extroverted guy.

    My point is that these guys don’t try to change their personalities, they embrace and magnify them. They have chill James Bonds and funny dancing monkeys and social extrovert types instead of making everyone fit one mold.

    In terms of real pickup, if you’re the James Bond type, skip going to chaotic nightclubs and do day game where being chill is an asset instead of forcing yourself to act extroverted to compete in nightclubs. And If you’re the extrovert type go tear up the nightclubs instead of trying to act all James Bond cool.

    Just make sure that what you think you are is what you really ARE, and isn’t just what you’ve let yourself be socially conditioned to believe you are. ie – experiment with your personality. Go BE a dancing monkey approach machine for a while. Go BE James Bond for a while. Figure out who you actually are through experience instead of being afraid to venture out of the label you’re categorized in.

    Hint: If you were an extroverted kid, like your early memories in kindergarten were of talking to everyone and being fun and having lots of friends and now you’re a shut-in computer nerd telling everyone you’re naturally introverted and shy, you’re a victim of social conditioning. :)

    • yareallypua
      on June 13, 2012 at 7:34 pm
      Original Link

      Sorry, fuck not the grey suit, the black suit. The first guy who talks, with his arm up on the couch.

      Been a while since I’ve watched this, memory was foggy lol

    • yareallypua
      on June 14, 2012 at 1:52 am
      Original Link

      No my post that’ll make the rest of that make sense is just waiting in moderation. Seriously there’s no way to allow regular posters auto-approval in WordPress?

    • yareallypua
      on June 14, 2012 at 9:45 pm
      Original Link

      I was gonna archive all my comments in a WP blog but it turned out to be too much of a time commitment to cut and paste conversations and reference the articles/comments they’re in reply to etc. in a nice format on it and I don’t get paid for this shit so I figured fuck it lol

      But I did get this fantastic avatar that follows me around out of it so yay.

SMV in Girl-World

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via Rational Male

on June 12, 2012 at 8:58 pm
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“I was the only one who was NOT trying to get into her pants but I doubt the other guys knew that. And it was painful to watch. Two grown TWENTYSOMETHING men standing around waiting to be the “chosen one”.”

lol seen this SO many times and it’s painful every time. I have a super good looking buddy who I can always count on to chase just the worst girls ever. But when he looks at girls he looks at how easy they’d be to lay before he looks at how hot they are. I can’t even wrap my head around that because I need a girl to be hot to get a boner lol but it’s as though she actually becomes more attractive to him the more he thinks he’d have a shot so he’d be right beside your buddies hoping the cougar chooses him (and even COMPETING with other men for her AND bragging about getting her if he gets her lol) and I’d be on the side with you shaking my head wondering wtf they’re thinking.

on June 12, 2012 at 9:09 pm
Original Link

Really good point. Women often have no idea there are two types of men, which is probably why they think “don’t corrupt him he’s NICE” isn’t a big deal, they can’t wrap their head around how many 20+ virgin men there are. Even 30+. They assume guys are getting laid from 18 on just like they are. This also probably plays into why they have this fantasy of a guy who’s a combo of the alpha asshole they loved fucking at 18 and the successful beta they want to provide for them at 30+.

Also this is a fucking smart article in general, so props to Rollo. It’s sad to me that the MSM would never reprint something like this. I imagine the reactions of 30+yo women already starting to suspect they’ve been lied to would be very similar to when guys first stumble across PUA/Mano blogs and realize there IS a pill.

PUA forums don’t really care about this stuff (we don’t care how or why the system was constructed, we just care about how to prosper within it), but articles like this are interesting to me and are why I read Manosphere blogs. Good work

SMV in Girl-World

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via Rational Male

on June 13, 2012 at 3:04 pm
Original Link

“Hard to justify putting in the effort when you have to work harder and harder for something that gets less and less appealing.”

Agreed. But that’s where you hit the 3 pronged fork in the road that every guy learning pickup eventually hits of:

1) learning to qualify girls extremely harsh and risk losing a lot more lay opportunities.
2) lowering your standards and lie that you don’t mind their actions to keep getting laid frequently
3) saying fuck it and moving abroad and/or paying for sex because you’re too lazy/weak-willed to put in the work required by option 1 and option 2 is too depressing lol

Often when a guy hits that point is when he starts to venture away from mostly One-Night Stands and into Multiple LTR territory (or multiple regular on-going fuckbuddies), because the girls he likes 1) become more rare to find and 2) he appreciates them more when he finds them.

Option 1 is actually pretty fun to experiment with. I learned a lot when I started qualifying girls harder. I’ll tell a girl straight up that I expect her to show up done up and that if she shows up in jeans and a baggy shirt I’m going to turn her around at the door and tell her to go home and change. A couple girls have tested me on that and were shocked when I did exactly what I said and they heard the door lock behind them lol both threw a temper tantrum about it but the next time we hooked up they showed up dressed proper.

The point of Option 1 isn’t just to be an asshole and get revenge on over-validated lazy no-effort girls, it does a lot for your internal mindset to draw a line in the sand and stick to it. At first you’re like “fuck I just turned down a guaranteed lay wtf was I thinking??”. But turning down sex is like a fat girl turning down a donut, it’s the first step on a road to massive willpower and self-discipline and eventually you get yourself a fuckbuddy or LTR with a girl who puts in all the effort you expect and you go “wow that was TOTALLY worth it” and from then on you stick to your guns and are an Option 1 guy for life.🙂

Also once you fully embrace Option 1 and get thru the transition from putting up with shit to get sex from the girl to qualifying girls hardcore before you let them get sex from you (note the reframe there) your lay frequency will go back up to something normal. Usually there’s a frustrating transition period where you’re like “fuck it no girl is good enough ahhhghgh” but it’ll settle down and 1) you start legit not caring if you don’t get an easy lay because you’re more about quality than quantity now and 2) you don’t have to bark as loud about your expectations and pass shit-tests on them, they become a part of your personality/vibe and girls just KNOW “this is a guy who expects me to look my best for him”

I’ve hooked up with girls who will sneak out of their place where they live with their bf/husband who they don’t dress up for and do themselves up in the car before showing up at my door lol but I’ve also lost easy lays because they wanted me to travel across town to fuck them for the first time and I don’t travel for sex these days so I drew the line in the sand that they have to come to my place instead but 1) they’re used to guys traveling to their place for sex and 2) they have a dozen orbiter guys or Internet guys lined up who’ll travel to their place, so they say “fine then” and I shrug and we both move on. I’m alright with that because I can call other girls to come over and I just don’t care to deal with that sort of attitude in girls, I like the girls who embrace impressing a guy.

Another story: A super-hot chick (I only mention that because being super-hot is why she was used to being able to draw her own line in the sand, she was used to guys doing whatever she wanted) wanted me to come over and I was letting her know I expect her to be dressed up (this was back when I didn’t mind traveling for sex). She drew HER line in the sand that “no I’m not dressing up if we’re just having sex since its going to come off anyway”. I just shrugged and pushed a little more to see if she’d budge but like that 40+ chubby cougar she just had too many other options to care and I didn’t want to spend the time/effort to display high enough value to get her to accept my line so we hit a Mexican Stand-off and never hooked up. And again I’m okay with that because I know I wouldn’t enjoy the sex as much if I showed up and she was dressed shitty.

(on a side note the stand-offs CAN be countered by either 1) lowering your standards and accepting her line in the sand (what most guys do because they have no self-respect) or 2) being and demonstrating high enough value to that girl that she accepts your line in the sand. It’s very easy to draw the line and get plain/average/ugly girls to follow it because you’re high value to them just by not being a lame AFC beta-male, but these days with all the artificial ego boosts around them you have to be retardedly high value to get the really hot girls to accept your line in the sand…which brings us back full circle to what you said: you gotta ask yourself is it really worth that much effort? And then start looking at what else the girl has to offer besides her looks)

SMV in Girl-World

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via Rational Male

on June 14, 2012 at 4:10 pm
Original Link

Ya I hate virgins or girls with minimal experience myself. I’ve been with a few virgins but ugh they suck at sex and they get clingy. If you like plain vanilla sex I guess they could be okay. Now I literally tell virgins “I’m not the guy you want to do that with, trust me.” …which is actually a good tactic to lay them but I mean it when I say it lol

What’s that joke? Something like “when a terrorist dies he gets rewarded with 99 virgins on the other side…that’s not a reward! Give me ONE girl who knows what the fuck she’s doing!”

on June 14, 2012 at 4:12 pm
Original Link

(of course this always gets the response of):

“Naw brah you can TEACH them man they don’t know you can tell them anything you want is normal!!”

No, fuck that. I’ve got shit to do, I don’t want to babysit in the bedroom. Besides most of the time we only have a couple nights together anyway lol

Beta Males In The Wild

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via Heartiste

on June 12, 2012 at 12:19 pm
Original Link

i guess he deserves a few points for not having hoverhands.

  • yareallypua
    on June 12, 2012 at 1:53 pm
    Original Link

    lol’ed out loud.

    what IS this.. I don’t even…

    sadly I’ve known guys like this irl

    • yareallypua
      on June 13, 2012 at 1:14 am
      Original Link

      dunno I’ll ask him when he’s done banging your mom.

      oooooooooooooo lol

    • yareallypua
      on June 13, 2012 at 3:48 pm
      Original Link

      Dead, roofied, isn’t it really all the same in the end?

    • yareallypua
      on June 14, 2012 at 1:55 am
      Original Link

      aww c’mon, now you’re not even TRYING to be funny.

      …I mean, you WEREN’T funny before, but the effort was appreciated.

Case Study – Creative Intelligence

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via Rational Male

on June 11, 2012 at 11:20 pm
Original Link

Relevant part starts at 4:40:

Relevant part starts at 4:20:

Both clips are worth watching the entirety of but skip to those spots for specifically why money can fuck you over. I’ve seen this happen to guys I know lol and it’s why back when I had money I would pretend not to. Scumbags don’t get ASD.🙂

The Blueprint by Tyler Durden is phenomenally ahead of its time not just in pickup but in general human psychology. I recommend watching it every year or so if you actually go out and do pickup regularly…they should be making Psyche students watch The Blueprint instead of still harping on Pavlov’s dogs.

Case Study – Creative Intelligence

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via Rational Male

on June 13, 2012 at 5:45 pm
Original Link

There are obviously other factors that come into play. A beta AFC buying a girl a drink turns the girl off, an alpha guy buying a girl a drink doesn’t. Tyler is generalizing the concept for his audience because those guys possibly aren’t all badass millionaire rockstars surrounded by pussy.

This is why the pickup community looks at the reference experiences of thousands of guys instead of just one guy before we make conclusions lol

on June 13, 2012 at 5:57 pm
Original Link

“The problem most of the guys with money have in hooking up is that in order to get a significant amount of wealth they neglect their social intelligence in favor of generating money.”

Yep. It’s a mindfuck when they get the money and realize they’re still shit with girls except now they can land gold-diggers oboy. Same thing happens with the 6-pack study guys who realize they still don’t have choice, except now more average/far girls will approach them…but that turbo hottie they want is still waiting for them to have the balls and game to approach and seduce her.

Your situ also goes back to what Chuck said in reply to me above. There are a lot of factors involved for me to try to simplify for explanation here (this stuff is broken down in depth in PUA literature), but the jist is:

If you give off a provider vibe in general, as a man, then you’d better have money and stuff to back it up because girls will expect it. So if you’re a lame beta who hasn’t swallowed the red pill you SHOULD focus on getting money because you’re going to be Mikey in Swingers with girls asking “what kind of car do you drive?” and snubbing you if it’s not a nice one. Because a provider beta who can’t provide is failing at the one thing girls expect from his type.

But if you give off a non-provider vibe in general, like say a grungy player guy who’s in a band playing in dive bars, girls aren’t expecting money from you, they’re expecting game. You can have the money, that’s cool, it gives you access to girls as situations that you might not have access to (which is part of what Chuck is saying up above, you can dress like a slob and field don’t care but the bouncer who decides if you get into the nightclub where those girls ARE cares and you won’t get in dressed like shit), but in terms of gina tingles, the girls don’t give a shit because from you they’re expecting something different than the provider beta, based on your vibe.

That’s about the best I can sum it up. We’re talking really deep concepts here lol

on June 13, 2012 at 6:01 pm
Original Link

“more average/*fat girls”

“girls *and situations”

“like a slob and *girls don’t care”

Gotta proof-read better. Fucking iPhone lol

Omega Male Hall Of Shame: What Women Mean By Creepy

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via Heartiste

on June 11, 2012 at 4:38 pm
Original Link

oh. wow. The train wreck is spectacular and pitiable. However, it begs the question, how does close the deal on the office hottie?

  • yareallypua
    on June 11, 2012 at 9:29 pm
    Original Link

    Don’t shit where you eat, unless you don’t care about your job. There are girls outside of your office that are just as amazing and perfect as Janice in Accounting lol

Nine Furies
on June 11, 2012 at 5:08 pm
Original Link

HAaha I love it! You really have to appreciate these guys for what they are.

Ive opened several women by making fun of guys like this directly following their failed attempt at talking to her. If you have just a smidgeon of game you are a true fucking hero when you rescue the poor broad who just had to endure such an akward mess. I think it really helps the chicks emotional state too, thus immediate rapport in alot of cases.

Try imagining for a sec what it feels like to be an attractive chick that constantly against her own will is forced to listen to these tards? Just thinking about it makes me feel ugh. So basically you take that situation and then righteously clown the whole thing with the chick. Instant attraction because the contrast is so large.

On another note

“Men need not necessarily be intrinsically low value to get slapped with the creep label; a man who could get lots of attention from women, but who evinces the attitude of the needy creep ”

Agreed. The more direct you go the less needy you should be. Im trying to think if theres ever a time any form of neediness wouldnt be percieved as creepy. Cant really think of a damn thing.

Maybe the lustful neediness to penetrate her deeply on the spot and the cajones to do it.

  • Days of Broken Arrows
    on June 11, 2012 at 6:34 pm
    Original Link

    Ive opened several women by making fun of guys like this directly following their failed attempt at talking to her.

    You’re playing with fire here. You don’t even want to reference guys like this, lest you begin to seem Omega by Association. I knew a guy like this in high school. He sometimes would flirt with my g/f. I’d just laugh “That’s funny” when she mentioned it and never even spoke about him, fearing I’d get contaminated. Imagine that guys like this are drenched in urine — you even brush by them and you start to smell too.

    • yareallypua
      on June 11, 2012 at 10:23 pm
      Original Link

      “You’re playing with fire here. You don’t even want to reference guys like this, lest you begin to seem Omega by Association.”

      Nah, it works fine. It’s a classic AMOG technique for PUAs. I used it a bunch back when I was first studying AMOG’ing. But The Whammer is right, it’s a super dick move. Some stuff to consider if you DO want to use it:

      1) morally/ethically this is pretty cut-throat and the super Nice Guy who legit means well but just doesn’t have any game doesn’t really need to be tooled with this move. It’s like bullying the retarded kid at school and a cool socially down to earth girl who rejects guys all the time but understands where the Nice Guy is coming from will think you’re a bully (whereas the full-of-herself “who the fuck does that nerd think he is hitting on ME as IF he could get me what a loser type girls will think you’re hilarious and love you right away…note: which attitude the girl has doesn’t necessarily correlate to how hot she is)

      2) I have less moral qualms using the technique on douches lol like the Affliction shirted white guy beefcake who thinks he’s a badass but runs shitty “yo girl you so fiiine!” wiggery game. Or the rich guy who’s buying round after round of drinks for her and her friends and generally being a dick to other guys because he thinks his $ gives him the license to talk down to others, etc. Those guys I’ll mimic their moves to the girl cause I know the girl thinks they’re douches rather than feels legit bad for them.

      3) you don’t even need a Nice Guy to go first to do this. You can just go up and run Nice Guy game totally deadpan but then exaggerate it till its obvious it’s a joke and give her a wink and then drop it and be normal and she’ll enjoy the emotional roller coaster (from anxiety of “oh no one of THESE guys” to “oh whew he was joking lol”). This is fun to do and doesn’t require being mean to any actual guys in the room. You don’t want to do this till you’re intermediate+ in the game tho cause you need to have alpha/cool sub communications down. A nerdy beta guy doing this is just a nerdy beta guy doing what they expect lol

      4) I also don’t mind doing it if a LOT of guys are having a go at a girl. Like if it’s a 2-set sitting and I see guy after guy approach and they shoot them all down I’ll use it there because then I’m not really picking on any one guy, I’m making fun of the embarrassingly bad game my gender has in general.

      5) if you’re really good at calibration and reading her body language you can spot when girls feel bad for the guy or are legitimately creeped out by him and this approach gets then jumping up on you to “save” them because they’re so relieved that someone “gets” what they just went thru. You can even mimic the creeper’s approach while he’s there right in his face if you want but then you’re risking the “stabbed from behind by a jealous creeper” AMOG tactic lol no that doesn’t really happen much but it COULD and really you’d deserve it for being a prick to him right in front of him like that. A cool guy doesn’t need to be a dick.

      6) you can tone it down a lot. These days if I want to go this route (cause it really is an easy open) I’ll be subtle about it. If you break it down the main reason this mimic move works is the girl goes from anxiety/awkwardness/fear/etc (negative emotions) to instantly relieved/thankful/relaxed/grateful/etc (positive emotions) and YOU’RE the catalyst for that switch, thus you get attraction.

      So if I see a girl who’s had a loser type hit on her and I can tell she’s sick of it she’s already in the negative emotion so I can give her a switch to the positive emotions by simply girl-coding with my eyes and raising an eyebrow in the direction of the last guy to leave and just saying “helluva night hey?” and my understanding of what they went thru is all in the eyes and facial expression and tone and the girls can tell and go “omg you have no idea” etc. and I can move on from there or talk social dynamics with them for a bit if I feel like it (and THEN escalating, of course)

      That’s a much less asshole way of doing it. It’s kind of like giving the nod to someone when you’re both watching a crazy person on the subway. You’re saying “I understand exactly what you’re thinking, don’t worry you’re not alone on that lol”

      7) if you’re already with a girl (even if its just for a few minutes) and a guy comes up to hit on her, the dynamics are similar except it’s way more important to be observant of whether she feels bad for the guy or creeped out by him. And you can take those to more extremes (ie – show extra sympathy for the guy if she feels bad or him and be more ruthlessly mocking of the guy if she thinks he’s douchey/creepy).

      Anyway there’s the how/when/why to use this move. The “seem like an omega for even acknowledging they exist” thing is more for a relationship and more for constant attention where you keep harping on it and start to come off insecure as if you actually consider the omega guy competition and since she feels what you feel, if you see him as a threat you have to keep making fun of, then he must BE a threat aka you must be lamer than him.

      So I get what Days is saying, but in cold approach there’s not much risk to this move at all. :) I just wanted to explain the difference (whenever two guys have different results with a technique that means you can break the technique down further to figure out why it works for one guy and not another…this is really the heart of the PUA community).

    • yareallypua
      on June 13, 2012 at 4:05 pm
      Original Link

      Number 3 is fun, I’ll still use it in places. Especially on really hot girls who have no idea you’re joking because they’re used to guys actually being like that. It works as sort of a neg on those girls, like “wow you really believed me? Someone’s pretty confident isn’t she lol” and they get embarrassed about looking cocky.

      And ya, like the Snow White thing, I’ll tell guys some of the things I’ve said and they’ll be like “you can’t say that to a girl!!” and I’ll think “no YOU can’t say that to a girl. *I* can.” because even when I’m saying really offensive/retarded things to a girl, I have the internal structure of routines down so the retarded stuff I say, if you look below the surface level words, is actually following a proven consistently successful structure.

      My first post on Heartiste was clarifying BradP’s Horse Girl opener. BradP calls the structure of Horse Girl “The Shocker” and in his course he actually helps guys put together their own Shocker. Because you don’t have to use Horse Girl specifically, you just have to follow the structure of “say something outlandish, clarify, set a role-playing frame where you’re higher value, insert punchline, etc” so his workbook is like “step 1) write down an event that happened in your life where you were the cool kid and someone else was the loser” etc.

      This is also why guys who get into pickup and half-ass it expecting lines and routines to get them laid end up disappointed and become anti-gamers and whine that a girl will discover the “real you” when you run out of lines blah blah Keyboard Jockey bullshit…cause they didn’t go deep enough to understand why the structure of certain popular routines works so when they had to improvise they didn’t know how and embarrassed themselves.

  • The Whammer
    on June 11, 2012 at 9:22 pm
    Original Link

    Ive opened several women by making fun of guys like this directly following their failed attempt at talking to her

    You’re an omega pal if you need to denigrate other men in an attempt to get pussy which you never get anyway. I’m an Alpha as was my father and grandfather before me but I would never do anything to criticise those inept men below me. People like you fall into the same category as bullies who have to harass others due to their own inadequacies. And you only make yourself look like a pussy by agreeing or siding with a female. You even sound like a pussy beggar to me. That female’s time is worth no more that the poor omega’s and even the lowest omega is usually doing some job that benefits society even if he’s a garbageman or picks up trash in the park. You never encourage any female to denigrate a man.

    • yareallypua
      on June 13, 2012 at 4:11 pm
      Original Link

      lol to all of this. I agree that it’s not the best thing for your karma and general self-development as a cool charismatic guy to be stomping on lesser men, but at the same time Nightclub game can be pretty cut-throat, especially when you’re going for the turbo hotties where you can’t possibly avoid male competition (every guy in the bar and in her social circles outside the bar thinks he has “dibs” on her and are all chasing her 24/7 mostly with super beta game), so I know there are situations where it’s justifiable.

      Pickup gives you the knife, you decide if you’re going to make a sandwich with it or stab someone lol

Dan Fletcher
on June 11, 2012 at 5:09 pm
Original Link

In reply to tweet “Nancyboy beta SWPL is flummoxed by realtalking alpha.”:

That video could have a post of its own somewhere.

You can see the indoctrinated reflexes in action as the reporter instinctively tries to shame him. The reported is caught completely off guard by the deviation from the pre-approved PC talking-points. Unprepared from having never once had his sterilized PC beliefs questioned, the reporter desperately tries to corral the man back into the multi-cult barnyard.

Beta beyotch reporter: “Is there anything *squeeek* wrong with what you’re saying?”

What a fucking cunt.

Alpha of the fucking week.

  • yareallypua
    on June 11, 2012 at 10:31 pm
    Original Link

    I don’t agree with his beliefs, but that’s what having a rock solid frame looks like.

    He doesn’t get emotional or angry, he doesn’t apologize when the reporter verbally prances around the bush trying to shame him, he doesn’t give more explanation than he needs to, etc.

    And it makes people with weak frames (the reporter, girls, beta males, etc) react the way the reporter does…flustered and mind-blown.

    Frame control lets you say and do a LOT of things that people wouldn’t think you can get away with. And you can use it for good, like preventing fights or cheering someone up instead of to promote segregation but hey whatever floats your boat.

on June 11, 2012 at 5:40 pm
Original Link

I’ve gotten a couple of notes similar to this, and when it happens, it goes way beyond awkward and pitiable. It can be quite frightening.

Just play thought experiment for a moment: You’re a female, and that e-mail just found its way to your inbox. You barely know the guy, but he’s just gotten done telling you that he’s been watching you for months. He catalogues your outfits. He assigns emotions to you, and responds to those emotions as if they were genuine. What’s more, he seems to think that it’s fine to tell you all of this, as if your only possible response will be to be pleased. It verges on erotomania, and what’s more, chances approach 100% that he can overpower you physically any time he likes…because the ugly truth of nature is that no matter how much you work out or how many martial-arts classes you take, you’re just never going to have his strength.

If you know someone who’s gotten an e-mail like this, this may be a situation in which pulling a straight-up white knight routine can actually help you. I know when it happened to me, I didn’t want to be teased, playfully or otherwise, by the man I told about it. I wanted to be walked to my car.

  • Neecy
    on June 11, 2012 at 6:18 pm
    Original Link

    Oh please stop! It’s not that damn serious! He is simply an uninformed maheir the truth of what women really want. He hasn’t received the memo that women ” really” do not want sweet romantic men who cater to them. That’s it. His heart is in the right place. And while an email like this may be awkward, if he were really a creep he wouldn’t put himself out there like that b/c true creepy guys you don’t know what they are thinking until after they are stalking you.

    This guy is innocently expressing how he feels b/c he really believes this is what women wanna hear.

    Give the damn guy a break!

    • yareallypua
      on June 11, 2012 at 10:41 pm
      Original Link

      Neecy’s body language would be a lot more sympathetic to the guy and while Rappu would almost look frozen like a deer in the headlights and be locked-up hoping he goes away, Neecy would be a lot more relaxed and look almost more motherly/sisterly, like “oh you poor thing, I understand but no, good luck though someone will love you one day” like when a kid does something dumb but well intentioned. When the guy leaves she’d give her girlfriend more of an “aww that was sweet poor guy” girl-code.

      So with Neecy you could mimic the guy but when you reveal you’re joking you’d want to then go into some sympathetic stuff about how it’s hard for guys to approach girls and that guy was ballsy even if misguided and you feel bad for him but some guys haven’t learned that bla bla bla.

      So like I say it just comes down to calibration. Neecy would think you were a dick if you legit made fun of the guy, Rappu would feel more relieved the more you made fun of him or acknowledged how creepy he was.

      Thanks for the demo girls lol

  • yareallypua
    on June 11, 2012 at 10:36 pm
    Original Link

    To reference my post above about when to mimic the guy and in what way, with RappaccinisDaughter’s vibe she’d give off really uncomfortable body language and her eyes would be worried/scared and the second he left she’d girl-code her friend with an “omg that was so freaky” look.

    So mimicking the guy then relieving her by showing you’re just kidding would work with her.

    See Neecy’s reply below for more.

So, do the Zonk
on June 11, 2012 at 9:15 pm
Original Link

What makes this particularly painful to read is that many commenters (me included) see an earlier version of themselves in this message, though hopefully not so catastrophically bad. This guy is stuck in an ignorant and adolescent mindset and it is probably far too late for him to ever improve his life.

  • yareallypua
    on June 11, 2012 at 10:57 pm
    Original Link

    Oh ya lol I was totally this guy. Or at least headed down his path to become him one day.

    …I’ve made up for it since lol

    I just feel bad for the guy AND girl more than anything. It’s sad in a way because the guy could be a good dude and they mightve gotten along happily ever after, had 2 kids, a house, a white pickett fence, spent years and years together madly in love, been holding hands when he was on his death bed…but just because he was taught a bunch of bullshit by society about what women want, that possible connection will never happen.

Omega Male Hall Of Shame: What Women Mean By Creepy

Original Link

via Heartiste

on June 13, 2012 at 12:38 pm
Original Link

I’m all in favor of helping a beta or omega in need. But keep this in mind: what makes an omega an omega is = him. The common link in all his failed efforts is = him.

It’s important to keep this truth in mind if you intend to help a guy like that. I’ve tried to work with a former-beta, now-omega, over the last FIVE YEARS. The amount of mental baggage and rationalization that goes on in his head is astounding.

I’ve invited him out for guys-nights-out, to watch how more-capable guys work Game. That’s failed.

I’ve sent him short articles (top ten lists of what to-do or not-to-do). That’s failed.

I’ve had my girlfriend talk to him about Game. That’s failed.

I’ve initiated suggestions to him, unsolicited. That’s failed.

I’ve waited for him to ask me for help. That’s failed.

I’ve tried the blunt approach. That’s failed.

I’ve tried a humorous approach. That’s failed.

What’s happened over the five years is that his desperation has grown (and grown more noticeable), and his beta-ness has added a layer of bitterness to it. Before, he was brushed off by most girls as “nice”. Now he’s brushed off by girls as “creepy”.

What makes him (and others) an omega is a toxic mix of: social cluelessness, acute pedestalization of women, and a mental stubborness that translates into an unwillingness to leave comfortable lies about women behind, even if it means adopting uncomfortable truths that would ultimately lead to a happier life for himself ahead.

After spending the better part of his 30s pining for a girlfriend who dumped him (then turned around and got engaged within 6 months) and desperately chasing girls who wanted nothing to do with him, he’s now resorted to reading self-help books. But here’s the catch. Instead of reading books written for guys about improving Game, he’s resorted to reading books written FOR WOMEN about what’s wrong with THEM. In other words, “there can’t be something wrong with ME …. there must be something wrong with these GODDAMNED WOMEN!” He doesn’t want to play the Game ….. he wants to change the rules to the Game and rationalize his own failure.

I’m all in favor of helping someone in need. But realize what you might be getting yourself into if you’re working with a dyed-in-the-wool omega. Betas may be saveable …. omegas (by definition) are probably a lost cause, unfortunately for them.

  • yareallypua
    on June 13, 2012 at 4:26 pm
    Original Link

    Can’t shove the red pill down someone’s throat unfortunately, even if you know how much it’d help them.

    We all learn this lesson the hard way like you, trying to teach someone who hasn’t hit rock bottom yet and hasn’t said “okay this is hopeless I will try ANYTHING to fix this part of my life”. As long as they cling to that fingertip grip of “but MAYBE this will work out….” they’re hopeless.

    I think this is a big part of why when PUA went mainstream we had so many people fail at it. In the old days to learn the red pill even existed you had to have hit rock bottom so hard that you embarrassingly and desperately typed in “how do I meet girls?”. That act alone was a huge ego shattering moment of admitting you suck and being willing and open to change in whatever way was necessary to fix your situation.

    Now every men’s magazine or random blog or How I Met Your Mother episode etc has bits and pieces of “game” so there are way more “dabblers” who, like your buddy, are still clinging to old beliefs and then surprise surprise game doesn’t “work” for them because they’re one foot in, one foot out ready for it to fail so they can go back to their comforting blue pill lies and forget the Matrix exists.

    “You have to know, not fear, KNOW that one day you will die. Until you know that, you are useless.” and all that good Fight Club philosophy.

    As soon as I found this shit and how well it worked the first thing I DID was try to share it with all my buddies who I thought would embrace it because surely they must want to get laid and would be as excited about this red pill magic as I was right?

    …nope lol it’s ridiculous and insane to me but hey, some people would rather eat donuts and keep getting fat than admit they’ve been willingly living a shittier life than they need to and go hit the gym.

Tickle Me Emo

Original Link

via Rational Male

on June 6, 2012 at 5:03 pm
Original Link

Good breakdown.

Other stuff that applies:
– congruency (a lawyer dressing emo for the night isn’t the same)

– frame control (sucking a girl into their world/beliefs)

– handling social pressure (everyone judging them as gay wussy-men)

– authentic expression (even if it’s negative)

– social proof (they tend to hang in specific social circles or at specific bars where over time they’ll know bands that are playing and emo girls that want them etc)

– peacocking (duh)

– comfortable with sexuality (semi-gay vibe = less sexually judgmental than Mr Macho)

– passion (as mentioned in Rollo’s article. Every indie band no matter how shitty they are has at least one or two groupie girls who follow them to every show and love them, cause they have a passion/dream. Does Cubicle-Man working 80hrs/week at a job he hates have a dream he’s passionately following? Nope. So even if Cubicle-Man is rich and indie guy is poor, indie guy is more attractive)

Lots of little dynamics going on.

Spot The Beta Male Tell

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via Heartiste

on June 5, 2012 at 5:19 pm
Original Link

coulda been worse for the guy. he could have tried proposing to her on camera in front of millions of viewers…

  • The Alchemist
    on June 5, 2012 at 6:36 pm
    Original Link

    It definitely could’ve been worse for this guy…she might have said “yes”

Game, Kino, Science: Choose Any Three

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via Heartiste

on June 5, 2012 at 3:58 am
Original Link

Basically almost every approach in these videos involves instant kino:

Cut the space. It makes a difference.

  • Anon
    on June 5, 2012 at 10:47 am
    Original Link

    How do we get access to your blog?
    By proving that we’re not keyboard jockeys? Is the password keyboard jockey? I tried but it doesn’t seem to work.
    You want the evidence that we actually go out? I actually have a couple of receipts from two night clubs. Where the fuck do I fax them?

    Or is it a publicity stunt? Making us simmering, is that it?
    How long do we have to wait?
    Do we have to pay?


    • yareallypua
      on June 5, 2012 at 7:28 pm
      Original Link

      I’ve said since I got here that all I’m doing is re-hashing PUA knowledge that’s already out there and freely available to anyone. The Manosphere is years behind PUA knowledge/tech so I’m just dosing it out to you guys because I know most of you don’t read PUA sites or know where to find “the good stuff”. I try to give credit where it’s due when I explain concepts other PUAs have come up with.

      Tyler and RSD are at the forefront of modern pickup tech so I reference them the most.

      But please, do continue on your retard tangent.

    • yareallypua
      on June 5, 2012 at 7:36 pm
      Original Link

      “And I’m pretty sure YR’s openers in an older daygame thread around here, about accusing girls of giving made up directions, are his own.”

      I have a ton of original material and it’s all brilliant and amazing because I’m awesome. The reason I have a ton of original material is because like every guy studying game SHOULD DO, I looked at the structure of openers, routines, etc., then tested them out thoroughly, then studied why they worked, then built my own material off them. I did this for years until the structure of gaming a girl became subconscious, and now I can just riff whatever I want off the top of my head in the moment and it’s going to follow an attractive/seductive structure.

      ie – I have field experience the Keyboard Jockeys don’t.

      “Even if it turns out that guru X already covered this Y decades ago, I feel no less grateful to the person who brought it to my attention”

      Glad you guys appreciate it. I already know all this shit, I don’t need to be here at all lol I’m just here sharing this information because I was once the guys commenting on this blog and I know how much learning pickup and social dynamics made a difference in my life.

      Unfortunately there are a lot of guys who want to just have a pissing contest and argue about shit they don’t even understand or haven’t practiced or haven’t done successfully enough to have a legitimate opinion on it. It’d be like me going on a science forum and arguing about general relativity. It’s just stupid.

      That’s why I call people out on being Jockeys. I don’t even do that for ME, I can tell who the Jockeys are from their posts, it’s easy. I do it so other guys reading the comments won’t listen to their shitty advice and will instead learn legit game and learn where to find legit teachings.

    • yareallypua
      on June 5, 2012 at 7:42 pm
      Original Link

      (for the record I’ve had an alias in the PUA community for years and I’ve written some very important articles. My other stuff has actually been covered on CH before lol, so yes, I HAVE put “original thoughts into the PUA-o-sphere”. But my PUA community shit is for advanced PUAs who thoroughly understand PUA game and would be way too in-depth for the Manosphere which is still banging rocks together learning to make fire…here at CH I’m happy just helping you guys figure out that flint works better than other rocks)

    • yareallypua
      on June 5, 2012 at 7:45 pm
      Original Link

      “How do we get access to your blog?
      By proving that we’re not keyboard jockeys?”

      Shit, that’s a good idea lol

    • yareallypua
      on June 6, 2012 at 12:03 am
      Original Link

      lol no I like the anonymity of this alias. No offense but some of the guys on here are way too fucked up, I wouldn’t let them anywhere NEAR my actual social circles.

Final Exam – Navigating the SMP

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via Rational Male

on June 4, 2012 at 4:32 pm
Original Link

An Asian chick’s SMV graph would have a much longer hotness peak and then a 90 degree angle straight down lol

on June 4, 2012 at 6:17 pm
Original Link

“I’ve managed to, after drinking after being sober for a few weeks, or the “relapse” I had a week ago from the break up, back to having 3 or 4 days sober, which considering the BPD break up is a huge deal for me and this shit has been exceedingly difficult.”

Congrats dude, cutting out alcohol is hard as fuck! Fuck AA and psychobabble feel-good stuff, here’s some cold hard logic to appeal to your Man Brain (lol) that might help you. All 3 of these videos are just dropping solid logic and relate alcohol to pickup, women, socializing, etc.

Short 5 minute video here, Brad is just getting over a phase where he was binge drinking like crazy so this first video is explaining how he realized he was in a trap:

And in this longer video Brad goes into more depth explaining techniques he used to help “trick” himself out of drinking and how it helped him notice and fix sticking points in his game and how he weaned himself off of drinking by ordering waters with his beer etc. and just the psychological stuff he ran into:

Tyler hasn’t drinken or done drugs pretty much his entire pickup career (10+ years). He’s reframed struggling with social pressure and being out of state and not drinking as “an opportunity to learn to fight your way out of it”. Essentially he embraces the challenge as an opportunity for self-improvement/development instead of fighting it:

This is Tyler doing a 30 min non-judgemental overview of the actual benefits and problems with drinking/drugs with relation to pickup and socializing and how his nights out differ from his friends who drink and the pros/cons of both sides:

I myself had reasons to stop drinking for about a year and I’m cutting it out again this summer. Some stuff I’ve found:

1) It’s just as hard to cut drinking out/down now as it was the first time I did it lol All the psychological crutches drinking comes with are back in full force. Kind of frustrating but hey, test of willpower and all that shit right?

2) Social pressure is a huge reason it’s hard to stop. Being at a bar with no drinks in your hand feels strange, friends offer you drinks or make fun of you for not having one in your hand, you feel like the bartenders and bouncers can all tell you’re not spending money at their bar, you feel akward going up for yet another water especially when it’s busy, etc. etc. All of these things aren’t actually a big deal but your brain will tell you they are.

Your friends will want you to drink with them, but if you can hold your frame that you don’t drink anymore (blame your breakup or hell, lie and say it’s “doctor’s orders” or something), eventually they just accept the new you and stop bugging you about it. It’s sort of like a girl shit-testing you lol Stronger frame always wins eventually.

3) Having alcohol available is a bad idea. If you suck at not spending your money, put your credit card in a block of ice. If you suck at dieting, don’t stock your cupboard with junk food. If you need to cut down on drinking, don’t have any alcohol in your house. Try showing up to pre-drinking later than everyone else so you don’t have time to down a case of beer before going to the bar.

4) If you can go a solid month or two without drinking and still be approaching girls and socializing, it starts to not feel like as big a deal. The fucked up part is that if you do it for a few months, it actually feels weird TO drink. When I was like 6 months into going out regularly without drinking, my mind had actually started to view bars as not related to alcohol. Instead of thinking “What do I want to drink tonight? Rum or beer, hmmm” my brain would think “What do I want to drink tonight? Water or cranberry juice, hmmm” It’s pretty trippy and sounds hard to believe and I was surprised by it myself.

5) Approaching and talking to 3-5 girls will give you the same buzz as having a few drinks in you. It’s that same “I’m loosened up and feeling chatty and charming and confident” buzz you get from alcohol (before the “I’m hammered and slurring my words and stumbling” stage lol). There are psychological reasons for this but they’re not really important to understand.

6) If you can get to a stage where you aren’t drinking all the time, daygame becomes easy as shit. If you can stand up to the social pressure of being in a bar or around buddies and not be drinking, handling daygame is a cakewalk because none of that pressure is there. It’s like running around with weights on and then taking them off.

7) You’ve spent 7-8 years creating a lot of anchors and dependencies and crutches and gaining reference experiences related to drinking that WILL be hard to wean yourself off at first. You’re trying to undo years of wiring in your brain. But you’re a man, so you’re capable of doing it. A woman will often keep up her self-destructive habits and her hamster will just rationalize them away each time. And most of your friends are probably similar. But you’re a man looking to improve yourself, so you’re capable of logic and self-discipline. If someone said they were going to kill your sister if you ever had another sip of alcohol you’d go “Oh, okay, then I don’t drink anymore. That’s just what’s happening, done.” You’re capable of making logical decisions like that, once your brain has decided drinking isn’t something that benefits you, you won’t do it anymore.

Good luck dude! I swear once you’re on the other side it’s a lot easier and feels a lot more normal and healthy, and you get a sense of pride because you learn to have fun and socialize and get laid without the crutches everyone else depends on and you know you got there all by yourself through your own willpower and determination which is pretty bad-ass.

A lot of people around you won’t be able to relate to what you’re trying to do because they all NEED the crutches. Tell a guy who drinks whenever he’s at a bar to try talking to a girl at a bar without being drunk or having a drink in his hand and he won’t even be able to imagine doing it. But those are normal people, not guys who read the Manosphere and want to improve their lives. 🙂

Start a WordPress blog and blog about your nights out. It can help force you into a self-awareness that can kind of let you distance yourself from the feelings…more like being a scientist keeping track of observations of an experiment rather than being the guy IN the experiment where everything is more intense and frustrating.

on June 4, 2012 at 9:55 pm
Original Link

Also this short video just went up and it’s about alcohol as well but bring up some other reasons to ditch it:

And the related article:

Hopefully some point somewhere in here resonates with you cause once you have a reason or a reframe that makes sense to YOU to quit, it’ll be a lot easier.