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on November 29, 2012 at 3:07 pm
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If you’re projecting sexual intent (talking to her “man to woman” instead of “friend to friend” or “woman to woman” lol), you won’t get Friend Zoned. She’ll either fuck you or bail entirely, because she knows that being around you means she’s going to end up fucking you. So if she has a BF and would feel guilty cheating etc, she won’t offer the LJBF olive branch because she knows you guys will fuck if you “hang out”.

I haven’t gotten the LJBF thing in years, it’s pretty much not possible for me to get it because my intent is very clear, even if I’m going indirect, I’m escalating it FAST (innuendo, kino, etc), way before the LJBF stage.

Guys who hide their intent and play the “surprise, I have a penis!!” game get the LJBF.

on November 30, 2012 at 10:27 am
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God that orbiter video of Ashley was painful to watch, especially all the nervous chuckles. Ugh, poor guy…thing is he’s probably a nice dude who would reject any Game teachings as stuff only assholes would do.

To the guys who are approaching girls but it’s not translating to lays and you can just FEEL that there’s no sexual tension in your interactions, THIS is what it looks like to outside observers. Step up the sexuality in your game, it’s the difference between ending up like this guy and fucking the girl.

On the subject of girls getting fat and hitting the wall and shit:

Off the top of my head I can think of MAYBE 3 or 4 guys I hang out with who don’t work out at all and are like, obnoxiously unhealthy. The vast majority of guys I know at the very least lift some weights now and then, and a lot of them are in really good shape and workout regularly and do p90x and pay attention to their diets/nutrition etc. Hell I don’t even know many guys that smoke these days.

But girls, shit, in any given bar there are maybe a handful of girls who actually regularly hit the gym, don’t smoke, don’t get shit-faced hammered every night, don’t wolf down unhealthy shit constantly, etc.

It’s fine when they’re young, but their bodies go to shit by 25+. Tyler talks about this stuff in that video above, it’s really a good listen.

on November 30, 2012 at 10:37 am
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Left you a reply at Heartiste.


“Little did I know her hamster would begin running the next day and blame me for being too aggressive, which I was.”

Did the same thing in a similar situ. Girl I knew when I was an AFC used to tease me and keep me as an orbiter. Then I moved away and learned PUA stuff. Came back to visit and she invited me over at 3am to “hang out”. I kissed her and we made out for a while, till SHE suggested us moving to her bed. Grinded and fooled around for a bit and then she went kind of cold so I backed off. Next day we had breakfast and she drove me home, all was good.

Couple days later her hamster pulled the 180 and she was ice cold with me and I heard through a friend that she thought I was too aggressive blah blah blah.

Part of it is just that in her mind you’re not supposed to be THAT guy, you’re breaking out of the role/label that she’s categorized you in…and it was fun and exciting in the moment, but afterwards she’s got one reference experience of being attracted to you and years-worth of experience not being attracted to you, so her hamster rationalizes that she couldn’t possibly be into you, that must have been a mistake and a bad judgement and since you’re the one acting out of character she’ll blame you. Ideally for her, you’ll fall back into the penis-less orbiter role you’re supposed to be in and life can go back to normal for her.

But ideally for you, you go “shrug, okay.” and go meet other girls and when she calls you 6 months later wondering why you aren’t chasing her anymore, you don’t give a fuck. πŸ™‚

Indirect Vs Direct Vs Clever Openers: Which Is Best?

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via Heartiste

on November 29, 2012 at 1:54 pm
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The PUA community used to think you needed solid indirect openers to open. Then we found out you could go direct. Like I’ve said before, when you get two different outcomes from the same action, it means you can boil it down to a deeper concept.

Now we understand that you can open with anything, as long as what you open with comes from a place of self-amusement and congruency.

When you think “How should I open this girl?” you’re essentially thinking “What can I say/do to earn this girl’s validation?” and you’re already coming from a frame of having lower value than her.

When you think “What I’m saying is gold, of course she’ll love me, I’m so awesome!” you’re essentially screening her for “Is she cool enough for me to let her hang with me?” and you’re coming from a frame of having higher value than her.

Girls generally pick up on this subconsciously, because they’ve spent their lives having to learn to quickly assess “is this person being genuine/honest with me or are they trying to get something from me?”

A lot of why “Who lies more?” worked so well was because the guys learning it felt like they found the secret invincible formula, so when they approached with it they were approaching from that “This is going to blow her mind, of course she’s going to love me” frame.

Direct worked because the guys who tried it were sick of going indirect and beating around the bush and wanted to just get their intentions out in the open so they were just saying “HEY. You’re cute, I’d kick myself if I didn’t come say hi.” and expecting it to work, so it did.

When you’re out of state and feeling anti-social and just pushing yourself into sets with girls you’re not even into because you feel you “have” to because you’re out sarging, most of your sets will go shitty or not open at all, because you’re just going through the motion and even though “Hey, you’re cute, who are you?” worked the night before when you were on fire and met some super hot chick you were into, now you’re coming from a place of trying to get her validation to appease your ego and so you crash and burn with the exact same line.

Eventually you crash and burn enough that your ego goes “Fuck it, this is horrible lol it can’t possibly get any worse, let’s just fuck around instead of trying to keep our PUA Batting Average flawless!” and then you let go of your attachment to the outcome and start self-amusing and suddenly shit opens for you.

The guys at RSD are opening girls with “DOG. Cunt! Whore!!” right now and it works because it’s amusing to them so the girl can tell they’re approaching from a place of qualifying/screening/testing them VS trying to seek their approval. This is also why Naturals can open with retarded shit that objectively AFCs overhear and go “wtf!! That’s not even funny, it’s just ’cause he’s 6’4″ and rich that she likes him, and she’s a bar slut!” lol Because Naturals are pretty much the kings of self-amusement…somewhere along the way their life circumstances taught them not to take hitting on girls seriously at all so anything they say is coming from the right place, VS the pickup newbie who’s ENTIRE SELF-WORTH AS A HUMAN BEING depends on her being receptive.

You can open just by staring her down and literally not saying anything for a few minutes, you can open by making retarded noises, you can open by shouting her down like she’s in trouble, you can open self-depreciatingly, you can open overly-cocky, you can open with long flourishing elaborate dialogue Russel Brand style, you can open with cheesy “Hey baby, do you like raisins?” lines, etc….the “what” doesn’t matter, it’s the “why” that matters.

Congruency and self-amusement are the key. The rest is just mental masturbation.

[heartiste: yes, this is all very good to remember, but it also helps these discussions to realize that the bulk of men in these studies are not game-aware men who act from a position of self-amusement and congruency. these studies are examining average men, and finding that for the average man — the man who doesn’t have the alpha attitude — indirect openers are his best bet.
i’d say, noobs should start with indirect, and then experiment as they begin to adopt a better frame of mind about the whole pickup enterprise.]

  • immoralgables
    on November 29, 2012 at 2:55 pm
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    Yo dude. I ended up texting that girl that went cold on me a few weeks back. Here’s the exchange I’d like to hear where you think I could have done better:

    Me: So what does miss Gaby want from Santa this year

    Her: Lol! :) hmm,, a handosme, humble, funny, hard worker, and lovely boyfriend lol! How u have been? Im running out of battery! :( i left my charger at home :(

    Me: U were too naughty this year to get that for Xmas, whoever it may be ;-p
    Me: I’m good. I want to hear how uve been tho lets talk on the phone sometime when ur free

    Her: Today, il be at home by 10:30

    Me: Hey, I’m going to be at the gym before, so I might call u a few minutes after that.
    Me: Talk to u around 10:30

    Her: kk

    (Intermission) I called a few min after 10:45p. We spoke for about a half hour and I was using cocky/funny and rapport building…whatver

    Me: (A few min after phone call)
    Hey I want a pic of u I only have that one from Halloween :o(

    Her: B-)
    Her: :-p
    Her: Ok, lets make an exchange o_O
    Her: Send me one of yours ;)

    Me: Ladies first

    Her: Lol! Pretty smart! I like that :)

    Me: But ya. I’ll give a PG or PG-13 version depending on urs

    Her: ?

    Me: (I sent a pic of me in a blazer & button down seated at rooftop restaurant, cocky smirk and cropped out chick I was with but enough of her face and hair to let it be known there was a girl next to me)

    Her: (Sent a sexy close-up face pic…damn) Ok, aqui va. Miss Mexico. Primavera/ verano 2012. Lol! Version rubia. Lol!
    Her: Just, don’t do any voodoo ok. Lol!
    Her: :( I cant see it! X (referring to pic I sent her)

    Me: I don’t think that’s u. What did u do with the real Gaby (because of blonde hair)
    Me: Ok I’ll send u another. BUt I want to see more of u in the next one ok?

    Her: Thats no…Fair, loL! U know:)
    Her: Kk
    Her: No worries

    Me: (Sent a pic a friend took of me finishing a set at the gym. Not bragging but it’s not a herb-like pic. I’m in good shape and strong and it’s upperbody and I wasn’t posing)
    U can do all the vodoo u want
    Me: Ur turn, Miss Mexico ;o)

    Her: Lol! ;)

    …RADIO Silence

    So yeah, I’m in the learning process and no doubt I fucked up at some points but hella proud I re-engaged and took the lead with the phone call. Also happy that I got a pic and tried to get to her to escalate with a more sultry one. To all the KJs salivating at tearing this apart…I humbly admit that my skills are beginner status.

    Maybe the last pic was too much but I showed my buddy who games the text stream and he thought the whole exchange was solid. I’d say I’m in better shape than this girl so maybe if she thought she had to compete by showing more she felt insecure doing so. Maybe I’m mentally masturbating here…


    • YaReally
      on November 29, 2012 at 7:00 pm
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      lol you went from “no outcome in mind” to “too much outcome in mind”. :) But that’s all good, that’s how we learn. We go from one extreme to the other and then learn to find the sweet spot in the middle.

      First up tho, some congrats:

      “On the phone I pushed for meet up and it’s set to go down in the next weekend or two. I took the lead and said I’ll organize with something fun to do for both of us. I didn’t get on the phone to dilly-dally and had an objective in mind (flirt/build rapport/push for meet-up).”

      Good stuff! The important thing is that you consciously made the decision to follow a game plan and head towards an objective. :) It’s hard to say how much damage was done here, but she’d probably flake if you tried to make plans right now. I would go radio silence on her till next week and then spike her emotions via txt and when she’s in a receptive mood, push for the meet-up for that weekend.


      All good up to the phone call so far. You spiked her emotions and took charge and told her let’s talk on the phone, so she answered.

      “Her: Ok, lets make an exchange o_O”

      Her trying to take the frame back (aka a shit-test)

      “Me: Ladies first”

      Perfect. :) Shit-test passed, you keep the frame. And she KNOWS it:

      “Her: Lol! Pretty smart! I like that :)”

      See, like I was talking about before where she doesn’t REALLY care what you do for a living when she asks, she’s just seeing if you’ll qualify yourself etc. Here she doesn’t REALLY care about getting a picture from you, she just wanted to see how you’d react if she threw down an ultimatum/demand.

      If you had just stopped responding, she’d’ve sent a pic. Unfortunately, this is where you get de-railed lol

      “Me: But ya. I’ll give a PG or PG-13 version depending on urs”

      ahhhh shit. This is where you went into “too much outcome in mind”. It’s good that you decided “I’m going to get pics from her”, but here is where you get too dependent on the outcome. You’re so determined to get pics that now you’re negotiating and trying to qualify yourself to get them.

      1) Girls don’t care about pics from guys, unless they don’t know what you look like. There’s a reason 50 Shades of Grey isn’t full of photographs, they just don’t care about that shit. Don’t send ‘em naked pics. If you guys are exchanging dirty pics, HAVE SEX WITH HER IN PERSON instead lol

      2) Now you’re trying to negotiate. If you had stopped at “Ladies first” you’d have looked like a badass with standards who just expects her to cough up a pic. As soon as you sent the next txt, you’re basically saying “…but since I don’t REALLY expect you to do it, here’s my offer to sweeten the deal up, please?”

      “Her: ?”

      This is her going “wait what? I thought you were an alpha badass, why are you willingly throwing away all the Hand you had in this interaction??” lol

      “and cropped out chick I was with but enough of her face and hair to let it be known there was a girl next to me)”

      whew, good, if you ARE gonna’ send pics of yourself, that’s a good type to send at least! Understand though, that there’s two levels of communication going on…there’s the picture/txt exchange, and there’s the sub-communicated push/pull frame battle for Hand. You’re focused more on the obvious exchange than the sub-communicated one.

      “Her: :( I cant see it! X (referring to pic I sent her)”

      A good response here would be to tease her on missing out. :) As opposed to sending her more pics. Because again she doesn’t really care about “I’ve sent 3 pics so I require an exchange of 3 pics from him to balance out the equation of fairness”.

      “Me: I don’t think that’s u. What did u do with the real Gaby (because of blonde hair)”

      Good stuff. An accusing tease instead of a “wow you’re so hot”. Well-handled, you’re communicating emotionally here because in her mind she goes “omg lol of COURSE it’s MEEE!!!” and ends up wanting to send another pic or two under the guise of now having to convince you she’s not lying. Again this is emotional communication, which is what she wants, VS “That is an acceptable PG-13 pic, so I will now send you a PG-13 pic of myself so that our exchange will be considered even.”

      “Me: Ok I’ll send u another. BUt I want to see more of u in the next one ok?”

      Spiraling down into outcome dependence. I totally get where your head was at, I’ve done that too lol But this is again what I mean when I say you’re too focused on the outcome (getting a sexy pic from her instead of just a lame face one) that it’s fucking with all your sub-communications and now you’re becoming needy/desperate for the pic, VS before where you were just like “I might call you after the gym, who knows, maybe, maybe not, yawn, I could take or leave you.”

      Note the pattern your behavior took:

      “I want to hear how uve been tho lets talk on the phone sometime when ur free” (demanding but aloof)
      “Hey, I’m going to be at the gym before, so I might call u a few minutes after that.” (demanding but aloof)
      “Hey I want a pic of u I only have that one from Halloween” (demanding but aloof)
      “Me: Ladies first” (demanding but aloof)
      “Me: But ya. I’ll give a PG or PG-13 version depending on urs” (negotiating/needy)
      “Me: Ok I’ll send u another. BUt I want to see more of u in the next one ok?” (negotiating/needy)
      “Me: U can do all the vodoo u want” (flirty, but now you’re in the needy frame to her, so it comes off bad)
      “Me: Ur turn, Miss Mexico ;o)” (needy)

      This is kind of like going in for the kiss and her turning her cheek at the last second. The good way to handle that is to laugh it off, not be phased, and try again later. The bad way to handle that is to go “please kiss me? c’mon?? here what if I have a breath mint first? Now kiss me, okay??” You’re essentially doing the 2nd one here with the pushing for a sexy pic…which I know is annoying because it’s like “but I thought I was supposed to shoot for a goal, wtf??” lol It’s more like, have a specific goal, and push for it, but if you hit too much resistance be completely okay with backing off and trying again later…learning to spot that point of “too much resistance” is just calibration that just comes with field experience so you’ll get the hang of it in time. We ALL lose tons of girls while we learn to calibrate, that’s just how it goes. :)

      Note that here:

      “Her: Thats no…Fair, loL! U know:)”

      She doesn’t give a shit that she didn’t get a pic. She’s more happy that she got the emotion of “Hey!! That’s not fair!!! grrrr :) :) :)”, know what I mean? It’s like when a girl fishes for a compliment and you tease her…she wouldn’t have given a shit if you said she didn’t look fat in those jeans anyway, what makes her happy is getting an emotional spike of “omg you’re such an asshole lol!!” and punching you in the arm.

      “Her: No worries”

      See, she’s saying like, “I totally don’t care about the pics dude. Don’t qualify yourself to me, I was liking you and you’re fuckin’ it up here!”

      “Her: Lol! ;)”

      She knows she won that whole exchange and now you’re chasing her in her frame. Imagine if you had responded:

      “Her: Thats no…Fair, loL! U know:)”
      “You: Lol! ;)”

      And then shut your phone off and went to bed for the night.

      “I’d say I’m in better shape than this girl so maybe if she thought she had to compete by showing more she felt insecure doing so.”

      Totally doesn’t matter. She doesn’t give a shit about what’s in the pic. You’re focused on the logical communication instead of the emotional communication.

      Think of it like this: You’re playing Poker and the guy across from you is a millionaire, but you’re REALLY good at reading people and you’ve got this guy nailed. He raises a bunch of money in the pot and you know he’s bluffing, and in his mind he’s thinking “THIS amount will scare him off…this is a significant amount of money for this guy, if he does the logical calculations of how many chips he has and how many I have and he weighs the mathematical odds he’ll have to fold because it won’t be worth the risk to him…”

      But in your mind, you have him nailed, you know him to his core, and you KNOW he’s bluffing, so you don’t care how much he puts in. You aren’t even looking at the chips he puts in, you’re just looking him in the eyes. He could put in a billion dollars or he could put in a handful of rocks, and you wouldn’t even notice because you don’t give a shit about what’s in the pot, you’re playing a different game than the logical mathematical one on the table.

      That’s how this is. Your pics are like the millionaire’s bet, she doesn’t care how much the bet was, she already knows she has you.

      All in all a good learning experience, even if you don’t get her. The main thing is you’re consciously trying to lead things toward specific goals…it’ll make a big difference in the long-run compared to just hoping “something” happens like most guys do!

    • YaReally
      on November 30, 2012 at 3:27 pm
      Original Link

      “Odds are I’ll be in similar situs”

      You will.

      “and I’ll fuck them up again”

      You will lol

      “but do it less and less.”

      You will…after all, how do you think I learned this shit? Same way. :)

      Glad I can help. Like I say, whether you get this girl or not, this was a good learning experience for you. You’ll be more conscious of this stuff with the next girl you txt or if you get further with this interaction.

  • Dr. Zoidberg
    on November 29, 2012 at 3:22 pm
    Original Link

    The guys at RSD are opening girls with “DOG. Cunt! Whore!!”

    So they say. I have yet to see in-field of this and if it works. Any links?

    [heartiste: i imagine for something like this to work, it has to be obvious to the girl that the guy is clowning around.]

    • YaReally
      on November 29, 2012 at 6:02 pm
      Original Link

      These clips aren’t of them doing it literally AS the opener, but right away (first few seconds to first few minutes) as soon as they meet the girl. There are probably clips of them opening with it at the Hot Seat events, but these are from some free clips. I don’t see any reason to believe they can’t actually open with it, I’ve opened with retarded shit (insults, jibberish, fake languages, complete silence, etc.), it’s really all in the sub-communications. Tyler is currently a lot less congruent with it because he’s trying it out and it comes off weird still, but as he says:

      “So you may have noticed I’ve been FIELD TESTING / EXPERIMENTING with a lot of Julien’s ideas lately, especially in the recent infield video clips. One of the things that shocked me was in a Julien Free Tour video he mentioned calling girls “SLUTS!” and “DOGS!” My initial reaction was “This is too hardcore, not my personality…” but my general view of anything outside my comfort zone is that it is EXACTLY WHAT I NEED TO TRY.”

      Julien talking about it:

      Julien at about 3:30 in calling a girl a deadbeat white-trash whore:

      Small clip of Tyler at the start of this video:

      Small clip of Tyler at the start of this video:

      Small clip of Tyler again at the start of this video:

      “[heartiste: i imagine for something like this to work, it has to be obvious to the girl that the guy is clowning around.]”

      lol I wouldn’t recommend newbies try it, put it that way. :) But for the sake of expanding the understanding of social dynamics, it’s important that there are guys trying outlandish shit like this so we can figure out “okay why does this work when logically it shouldn’t? What principles of Game are underlying it that makes it work or not work?”

      There was a time when people thought throwing your arm around a girl as you say “Hey, you’re cute, who are you?” was impossible. Now it’s a pretty standard PUA opener.

    • YaReally
      on November 30, 2012 at 9:42 am
      Original Link

      “They aren’t exactly opening with those lines.”

      Ya, like I say, you’d probably have to sign-up to attend a Hot Seat live event (where they spend a couple days showing in-field footage (including from meet all the way to lay) and breaking the interactions down bit by bit explaining the dynamics) to see footage of that.

      Mostly they’re using it to just break the “politeness barrier” that most chicks put up, to shake their frame and snap the girl into the moment, out of the bullshit facade they have to put on to weed out lame guys…from there they can have a normal interaction.

  • askjoe
    on November 29, 2012 at 3:23 pm
    Original Link

    Yar’s good read as always. I’ve found that no matter what I’ve said, two things happen either ignored or engaging, so isn’t there also the thing that the girl decides on whether she likes you immediately (which sounds anti-game).

    • YaReally
      on November 29, 2012 at 6:07 pm
      Original Link

      Gotta’ break it down further. Why was one opener ignored and the other engaged? Was it the girl? Was it the opener? Was it your vibe? etc. etc.

      This is why PUAs go out and run the same opener on dozens of types/ages/races/etc. of girls in a bunch of different situations/environments/etc. We’re looking for why sometimes “Hi, my name is YaReally.” works and why sometimes it doesn’t, so we can increase our odds.

      End of the day game is like Poker or Blackjack, there’s still elements you can’t control and some random outcomes, but with proper strategy you can heavily tilt the %s in your favor. A lot of anti-gamer types are like “Ohhh look that girl shot you down, so Game doesn’t work, see?? It’s just a numbers game!!” and it’s like, no, it’s just not 100%. But if a guy with no game approaches 100 girls and a guy with game approaches 100 girls, the guy with game is going to succeed a fuckload more consistently.

    • YaReally
      on November 30, 2012 at 9:51 am
      Original Link

      Run like a motherfucker and be glad you escaped without being killed, her killing herself, getting your dick chopped off, getting falsely accused of rape, getting her pregnant and being legally strapped to her for 18+years, etc. You dodged a fucking bullet.

      Your instincts will be to try to “save” her because you care about her, and that’s admirable and shit, but take it from the thousands of guys who’ve dated BPD chicks: 1) you will NEVER be able to save them, they will continue their destructive patterns and you can’t change that, 2) the more you try to save them the more your life will get fucked up, and 3) they generally won’t actually commit suicide or anything, they’ll move onto the next guy and do the same shit with him.

      You need to cut her out of your life entirely, mentally and physically, no more responding to txts or anything, tell her to get help and block her number, delete her off Facebook, change your locks if she had a key, etc. At the same time, hang out with your buddies and go talk to some new girls. Hanging out with some cool down-to-earth chicks will put your girl’s psycho behavior in perspective and you’ll understand that you deserve better than that.

      Don’t fuck around, GTFO and let her do whatever she’s going to do. Odds are she’ll throw some tantrums and threats and then latch onto some other guy when you stop giving her ANY attention (good or bad).

      BPD chicks are a spider-web of emotional trauma. You will get stuck and sucked the fuck back in over and over and over until you end up in a situation where you look back at this moment and go “fuck, YaReally and all those other guys were right, I really should’ve cut and run…NOW I’m fucked :(”

      In conclusion:


  • Sidewinder
    on November 29, 2012 at 5:22 pm
    Original Link

    I guess I’m more in the natural game camp. don’t really have a problem approaching a girl either direct or indirect. I could just ask them what time it is or say hi and ask them what they’re up to. I don’t have to tell myself how high value I am, or try to force myself to not expect any particular response or outcome in the interaction. within a couple minutes, they always ask me what I do. Maybe this is something chicks ask as a default question, or they are searching to find something attractive about me after being underwhelmed by my appearance, who knows. But I think its just a matter of getting some internal game basics down and then not giving a hoot. I’m employed, in good shape, decent looking, medium height, introverted but intelligent. I’m also balding, thin, not great skin…The point is, I’m fine with myself and am not too worried about finding girls that will want to sleep with me. Its happened enough times throughout my life that I’m sure it will happen again. And if not tonight, I’ll go home and beat off. Its just not that important to me to get to triple digits, or to find a girl hotter than the last one I slept with. If I’m looking for sex, a 7 or up will do just fine. If I’m looking for a girl to hang out with…yeah, not really. But anyway, using this non-game game, I can strike up a convo with the hottest girls in the bar. At most I just try to mind my posture, not lean in, and not to talk too much. Then I just observe the quirky things chicks say and do. Things just seem to go from there. You get a sense of who’s single and who’s not, what each chick’s “agenda” is in going out, and you can pretty much make up a battle plan on the fly.

    I wouldn’t post this except for the fact that this non-game amazes my male friends. Its insane how locked up inside guys get about approaching girls. I was at a bachelor party a couple weeks ago and I just walked over and started talking to these girls. I helped myself to a seat at their table and talked to them for a few minutes. The guys I was with thought this was just an insane act of bravery or something. They were also all lawyers though, so maybe they are just pussies.

    • YaReally
      on November 29, 2012 at 7:16 pm
      Original Link

      lol for any newbies to Game reading this, this is pretty much how Naturals operate. This is the mindset of a Natural. A lot of times they can’t even wrap their heads around the concept of having to “learn to approach women”. It would be as strange as someone saying “I’m learning how to breath air” or “I’m so nervous to breath air!!”

      The mindset that you don’t care, don’t expect anything to go wrong, don’t attach any self-worth to how girls react, and that you just overall expect to be able to do whatever you want to do and that at some point a girl will sleep with you, is why you can pretty much say and do whatever you want. Girls pick up on all those sub-communications, and they’re not sub-communications the pickup newbie in the corner trying to pep-talk himself into asking “Who lies more, men or women?” is giving off lol

      Thanks for sharing, it’s good for guys learning Game to understand this mindset. I’ve hung with a bunch of Naturals so I’ve seen this a lot. Most of the time I don’t even tell them about Game, and they just think I’m a Natural myself. I find it’s good to hang out with them now and then because their total ease at approaching pushes me to go “oh ya, fuck, this really isn’t a big deal, time to get out of my head and hit that girl up”

  • RappaccinisDaughter
    on November 29, 2012 at 5:32 pm
    Original Link

    And to follow up on Ya’s point about not letting your entire self-worth be wrapped up in whether one individual girl responds to you…please don’t. If she doesn’t respond, it may not have a thing to do with you. Maybe she’s just tired or sick or worried about something else.

    Some dude tried what sounds like an indirect opener on me a couple of days ago, in the grocery store. I’d realized that I was out of cat food* and Red Bull, so I had to go to the store. I really hate grocery shopping, and I’d had a headache all day, I was already embarrassed about having a handbasket chock-full of Crazy Cat Lady, and oh look, just my luck, I’m stuck behind a WIC whore.

    So when the guy in front of me in line said, “Well, that looks like quite a party you’ve got going there!” it didn’t even really register with me that he was doing anything other than trying to fill the time while the dumb twunt in front of him fiddled with her WIC coupons** while ignoring her two whining toddlers.

    Normally I might have made some crack about this being the Paula Deen version of pate de fois gras, but…I had nothing left. Totally empty gas tank. So instead I just kind of muttered something like, “Um yeah, gotta get the party essentials,” gave him a half-hearted smile, and went right back to staring off into space.

    And then he tried again. “So how many people are coming to your cat food party?” And once again, headache pounding in my temples, all I had in response was a weak little chuckle.

    There wasn’t anything wrong with him. Under normal circumstances I would have at least talked to him. So, dude, if you’re out there, don’t take it personally. It had nothing to do with you. I hope the rest of your night went well.

    *Yes, I have cats. Go ahead, yuck it up.
    **Can you tell that WIC shit pisses me off? Because it does.

    • YaReally
      on November 29, 2012 at 7:20 pm
      Original Link

      Yep. If he had caught you on a better day, when you were in a more social/energetic mood, etc. you two might be banging. It would be silly for him to take anything personally in that interaction…you don’t know anything ABOUT him, you couldn’t possibly be judging his worth as a person in a 30 second interaction.

      The other thing to consider is that a guy feeling out of it, who’s chatted up by a cute chick, will try a lot harder to get himself into the groove because it’s rare for most guys that a girl will chat them up. Whereas for a girl, it’s like “oh, sorry dude, not today…” because who cares, there’ll be another one just like him chatting you up on the bus home or on your Facebook wall later or on the way to work tomorrow or at work etc. etc. etc.

      So it can be hard for a guy to understand that you can just “have nothing” in a situation where if the roles were reversed they’d find some way to at least try to make it happen.

    • YaReally
      on November 30, 2012 at 10:01 am
      Original Link


      Hamster predictions, sorry. Being a regular at CH doesn’t mean you’re not as unaware what would work on you as any other woman who fills out the “how would you like a guy to approach you?” survey.

      No offense, that’s just how it is, and why we don’t take advice from women on how to pick up women.

  • YaReally
    on November 29, 2012 at 7:09 pm
    Original Link


    lol agreed. I just figured there’ll be enough “it’s better to ask about her purse!!” “no way man just whip out your dick and slap her across the face with it!!” back and forth in this thread that I’d offer up the over-arching principle for the intermediate+ guys to keep in mind. :)

    For a total noob, I’d say like you said, start indirect, and when you can handle that consistently, start dabbling with direct. Once you can handle both indirect and direct, you can start pushing some extremes and figure out exactly what is congruent for you and what amuses you. It’s like learning the rules so that you can start to break them.

    I think a lot of advanced guys get stuck on a plateau where they’re so attached to the external stuff that they don’t start that journey toward the internal which is an entire new journey that they didn’t even realize they’d have to go on. And a lot of women/white knight/Natural types don’t understand that a lot of guys learning Game aren’t just learning a couple lines, they’re doing complete overhauls of their psyches/beliefs/mindsets/behaviors/etc.

    This is why I feel bad for the guys who “try that Game thing out” for a few months and then give up and become rabid anti-gamers…they bought into the “say this one magic line and in a weekend you’ll go from a nerd to banging Playboy models!!” marketing and don’t understand that this is a YEARS+ long journey. Depending on how hard-case a newbie you are, you could spend the first year just fixing up your basic social interactions, let alone actually getting any pussy lol I didn’t hit my prime till probably my 3rd or 4th year Gaming, and even now I’m still breaking through new plateaus and trying new stuff out and streamlining my style.

Being The Right Kind Of Asshole

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via Heartiste

Dr. Evil
on November 27, 2012 at 6:52 pm
Original Link

What’s the best way to handle girls with boyfriends? Let’s assume the attraction is there and something about her boyfriend comes up during conversation. Is it better to try to avoid talking about her boyfriend or is it better to have the regular chitchat about the boyfriend and then going back to gaming her?

  • YaReally
    on November 28, 2012 at 2:34 am
    Original Link

    If she doesn’t mention she has a BF, you’re playing the “surprise, I have a penis!” game. She should mention her BF ASAP, because you’re communicating your sexual intent and her mind goes “o shit we’re gonna fuck this guy, quick mention our BF!!”

    If she doesn’t harp on having one, ie – she mentions him once and then pretty much never again (until you’re closer to sex), she’s just doing it because of her ASD…she’s dissolving herself of responsibility for what happens because hey, she was a good girl, she SAID she had a BF, anything that happens is your fault not hers. So she has to mention him and then she’s free to fuck you.

    But like I say, she’ll probably mention him again closer to sex, or during rapport, but generally she won’t talk about him in a positive light, it’ll be more like “ya my bf and I had a fight last week, I think he’s cheating on me” or “we’re going thru a rocky period” etc. that’s all ASD talking, alleviating her guilt for what’s about to happen.

    In that situ, use this:

    If she harps on having a BF, try the Boyfriend Destroyers. I’ve turned a number of girls who actually like their BFs and had no intention of cheating around with the psychology involved there (yes, a lot of your madonnas can be convinced to cheat with the right approach and amount of time, sorry guys).

    If she harps on having a BF, and it’s in a positive way, AND she shuts down in terms k body language etc, she actually has a BF she likes and you probably won’t get her unless you can come off higher value than him and that’s difficult to do unless he’s in the same room (or set) as you because if he isn’t there he can’t DLV or qualify himself to you and you can’t AMOG him and show her the contrast, so mentally she’ll convince herself her BF is better even if objectively side-by-side that wouldn’t be the case.

    If he’s in the same room or talking to you two, however, there are ways to handle that, but an uncalibrated newbie will end up getting his ass kicked doing it badly lol

on November 28, 2012 at 3:00 am
Original Link

This is like most things in pickup: WHAT you’re doing isn’t as important as WHY you’re doing it.

We tell newbies not to buy girls drinks not because the “what” is wrong, but because “why” they do it is wrong (hoping to keep her around instead of expecting her to stick around, hoping to get her validation/approval, hoping to demonstrate being a Nice Guy, etc). But when you’re advanced and no longer attached to the outcome, you can buy a girl a drink…the “what” is the same but the “why” has changed.

The guy who says “Hi” hoping to get her validation/approval gets blown out. The guy who says “Hi” and just expects it to work succeeds. The “what” is the same, the “why” is different.

This concept extends into a LOT of areas of pickup and confuses the fuck out of new guys and anti-gamers/women because they’re generally only looking at the surface level “what”, not the sub-communicated “why” so you get women saying “that would never work on ME!!” and guys saying “bro if you tried that I would kick your ass!!”

  • YaReally
    on November 28, 2012 at 3:13 am
    Original Link

    It should be noted that this is also why anti-gamers, women, newbies, and keyboard jockeys who don’t go out and approach regularly, attribute looks, money, etc to success with women.

    They see the dweeby needy nerd approach with “Hi” and get blown out, then they see the confident tall good-looking rich guy approach with “Hi” and the girl creams herself, so they go “see??? I knew it, it has to do with looks and money!!” because they don’t understand enough about sub-communication (since they haven’t spent enough time in the field) to understand that the needy desperate-for-validation unconfident nerd is coming from a bad “why” while the rich guy has earned confidence etc from his life of abundance and is coming from an outcome independent “why”…so they have to use the values society has told them are attractive to find an explanation for why the same “what” doesn’t work for both men. Couple that with girls rationalizing it via their hamster and guys rationalizing it as a way to explain their lack of success and avoid putting in the effort required to learn hardcore PUA Game and turn their life around, and you have a whole lot of people who’s RAS is tuned to the wrong frequencies and will keep collecting evidence that solidifies their inexperienced/hamster-based view of the world.

    If they went out more, they would meet extremely confident nerds who can go up to girls and talk about Warcraft and get them, and they’d meet extremely unconfident 6’4″ rich muscled jocks who are insecure and can’t get laid even when a silver platter is dropped in front of them.

    Field is king. Go out and approach. Enough time and experience in the field will shatter your limiting beliefs. Nothing I say is a “theory” or “idea”, it’s a collection of principles backwards engineered from the combined field experience of tens of thousands of PUAs over 10+ years of being in the field approaching 2-7 days a week.

Why Apple Owns Hearts (If Not Minds)

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on November 26, 2012 at 3:42 pm
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The Predictable Call To Accept The Wages Of Slut

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on November 22, 2012 at 3:51 pm
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I do my part to help keep the nuclear family alive by banging taken girls. After all, she’d divorce him to find someone who satisfies her better if she didn’t get it in the pooper once in a while from guys on the side like me.

    on November 22, 2012 at 6:01 pm
    Original Link

    your comment if serious shows you are a pc of shit of a can be thankful the state protects you from 95% of men who follow the careful the other 5% dont ..

    • YaReally
      on November 23, 2012 at 1:24 am
      Original Link

      This. If he was satisfying her sexually, she wouldn’t need to find it elsewhere. If it hadn’t been me the night we met, it would’ve been some other guy.

      He was a shitty lay when they DID fuck (actually you guys would like him, all he did was make her get him off and then bail, he didn’t give a shit if she got off, what a badass alpha right??? lol she spent a lot of lonely horny nights txting me finishing herself off with her vibe while he played x-box downstairs), but he actually turned her down for sex pretty frequently, which is insane because she’s a hot little firecracker, but it sounded like the magic had died down for him since they’d been together since high school (he was into such boring vanilla sex that it’s no wonder it got boring for him) and he has a lower sex drive than her which is a recipe for disaster.

      I think they should’ve talked and had an honest/open conversation about their sex life before getting hitched, and I suggested that to her a few times, but people would rather go through an expensive wedding and legally bind themselves to eachother for life than dare have a dreaded “akward conversation”. People do it every day, whether that conversation should be about their beliefs, how they want to raise their kids, how they’ll split parental duties, who’s going to stay home from work to take care of the kids, etc.

      You can read more about her situ in my comments here:

      And my justification/rationalization for why if a girl is going to cheat anyway, I’m a good guy to cheat with is:

      It’s not my place to fix society and babysit everyone, I just do my thing within the fucked up system. I hope she doesn’t txt me, but I know women too well to think that she won’t.

      With regards to alpha fucks beta bucks stuff, this girl would be 100% on-board with me getting her pregnant and having him raise it. But I can’t guarantee he wouldn’t get a paternity test, so I wouldn’t do that.

      This all sounds like she’s a horrible piece of shit human being, but she’s just a girl, like the rest of them. The deeper into the Secret Society you go, the more of this you see from girls you’d never expect it from. Do you think any of her friends or co-workers know any of this shit about her? Fuck no, she’s an angel/madonna to them. This is going on all around you, if you refuse to believe it, you’re still choking on the red-pill.

    • YaReally
      on November 23, 2012 at 1:55 am
      Original Link


      1) every man learned some basic game so they could legitimately understand how to keep their women attracted instead of actively digging their head into the sand refusing to take the red-pill and accept reality, and…

      2) if every man objectively looked at marriage as a contract and listened to the MRAs when they warn about what a foolish notion getting married is instead of caving to social/peer pressure…

      If those two things happened, on a mass, wide-spread level…guys like me wouldn’t exist and prosper.

      I hope that day comes, for the sake of men in general, but until it does (and remember a big part of WHY it doesn’t come is that men ACTIVELY refuse to learn or accept game AND shit on guys who do learn it so they can get a pat on the back from feminists), I’m going to keep putting quarters in the faulty slot machine that keeps paying out till the machine is removed or the repair guy gets there.

  • Manlyman
    on November 22, 2012 at 7:03 pm
    Original Link

    Someday you will get that well deserved third eye smack in the middle of your forehead, Someday.

    • YaReally
      on November 23, 2012 at 1:28 am
      Original Link

      This. Though I wouldn’t say he deserves it, it just is what it is. Marriage is a legally binding contract that takes away every ability a man has to express his alpha qualities. In this day and age it is specifically designed to force a guy into a beta role that his woman will, ultimately, lose attraction for.

      The more the Manosphere, MRA, and MGTOW (and even PUAs, tho we don’t care as much because it’s just common sense to us) spread to mean that marriage is a shitty uneven deal and will fuck them over and a generation of men refusing to get suckered into marriage arises, the better.

      This is why I share my story about what a horrible piece of shit I am lol Guys who are still attached to the fantasy that they’re going to find the perfect Madonna and she’s going to be faithful and they’re going to get married and everyone else just sucks but HE’LL make it work…when they read my shit, hopefully it gives them pause and makes them reconsider volunteering to go to the slaughter.

    • YaReally
      on November 23, 2012 at 1:35 am
      Original Link

      I have pics and vids of her fingering her ass and using toys on herself, with her engagement ring on display. She thought it was hot to wear her engagement ring while we fucked (more “wrong” = more hot), and I encouraged her to do it because I just like fucked up shit like that.

      Does that count as proof? lol I was going to fuck her in her wedding dress before the wedding day, but she called our relationship off before that.

      If you met her you would never ever know that she was like this behind closed doors. All it takes for most women is making them feel like they won’t be judged, making them feel good emotions through game, and being a good lay.

      I’ve seen worse shit than this, but you guys would never believe me and the guys who don’t go out would just say “well that’s just slutty drunk bar sluts, that’s not like the high-class women *I* know!”. Maybe I’ll write a book one day lol

    • YaReally
      on November 24, 2012 at 11:05 am
      Original Link

      Fucking lol’ed at yeahokcool’s post.

      Don’t you ever get tired of being better than everyone else, King A?

  • Anon
    on November 22, 2012 at 7:26 pm
    Original Link

    LOL. Last time I had a married woman, she was sucking my cock and talking to hubby on the phone, saying shit like “I miss you”, “I love you” etc…

    Good times.

    • YaReally
      on November 23, 2012 at 1:36 am
      Original Link

      This happens SO much. “sec I gotta txt my bf back” If they answer the phone and actually talk to the guy I finger/lick them or use toys on them and try to make them cum while they talk lol

    • YaReally
      on November 23, 2012 at 10:41 am
      Original Link

      That happened to a buddy of mine, chick he made out with he found out weeks later had given head to a dude at a house party before going to the bar lol

      I almost got a girl to get her date to drive by my place “to pick up a movie from her girlfriend” so she could come up and blow me then go back on her date, but it didn’t pan out lol

Promise Keepers

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on November 22, 2012 at 1:46 am
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Problem with a lot of them is because dating lots of women is “asshole behavior”, they don’t get enough exposure with women to learn what they’re really like and hit the turn-around points Rollo mentions.

The type of chick I thought I wanted when I was 20 and had no experience with women is like the complete 180 of what I’ve found I’m ACTUALLY attracted to, now that I’ve met a ton of women. If I had settled down with the girl I thought I wanted at 20, I’d be like this guy right now, straying on her and feeling guilty for it.

Guys who grow up with multiple sisters generally don’t become White Knights because they grew up seeing what girls and groups of girls are like when no one else is around and they know not to take them seriously. Once of the best Natural players I’ve ever met had 5 sisters.

Once you’ve been around enough chicks, you learn that Promise Keeping and White Knight behavior are completely ridiculous notions and will fuck you over in the long-run, and that most women just aren’t worth that kind of noble shit and are actively turned off by it despite what Feminism brainwashes into you.

From there, as I’ve said in the past, you either go down the path of Depression or Acceptance:

on November 22, 2012 at 1:49 am
Original Link

Also with regards to hitting…I’ve known guys who hit girls. I’ve also known girls who like being hit. There’s a lot of grey area when the two of them start a relationship. The fucked up part is that in some cases it actually works for them.

I think it’s hilarious that Rhianna’s shit-show with Chris Brown was pretty much an uppercut in the taint of feminist-types. “How could she go back to him???” What a mind-fuck for everyone in the MSM lol

P.S. I’ve never hit a girl. Except in the bedroom if she likes that.

Promise Keepers

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via Rational Male

on November 25, 2012 at 11:35 am
Original Link

I’ll just leave this here.

on November 26, 2012 at 3:41 am
Original Link


lol do you want me to post the footage of Tyler and his group approaching, making out with, and taking home women? Because there’s plenty of it. πŸ™‚

Dude has a girl he was with for years before they had any kids, who lets him go out and bang random girls regularly, and he ultimately wants like 5 kids. Being a father is something he wants to do (thus his whole journey into learning how to get women), and he isn’t legally tied to her via marriage and risking half his assets.

Guy had his pick of the litter and chose her for whatever reasons. How hot she is doesn’t really matter, if a guy has a 4 at home that he gets along with and is a good mom, but she’s cool with him going out and banging a bunch of other hotter girls regularly, hey, that’s his personal choice.

Hell if anything, the fact that a an ugly fuck-up like Tyler could go from life as a doomed incel with no hope of ever getting a girl or procreating and passing on his genes, to having 2 kids and still be banging girls regularly into his 30s is a testament to Game.

Also his kid is pretty cute:

13:00 min in:

Start and end:

But hey, if you have to insult someone’s children to make a point, you do your thing.

How To Reframe Against Leftists (And Women)

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on November 21, 2012 at 11:08 am
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The point of argument is never to convince your opponent, the point is to convince the audience. Once you understand and internalize that it becomes very easy

  • YaReally
    on November 21, 2012 at 10:17 pm
    Original Link

    I use this to AMOG guys to take their girls, and to avoid getting my ass kicked. Very very very few people won’t cave under the right amount and type of social pressure. Even guys that think they won’t, will.

on November 21, 2012 at 12:26 pm
Original Link

One of the best ways to counter a frame is to simply address it, and then apply some mockery, of course.

For example, when GQ asked Marco Rubio how old he thought the world is, he should have replied, “That question has nothing to do with anything. If I answer “6,000 years”, you’ll allow the left to mock me as a Neanderthal. If I answer 6 billion years, you’ll pit me against the religious right. This is a trap and only a trap. When’s the last time your rag asked a Democrat a trap question like this one?”

Interviewer: “Uh, I don’t know.”

Rubio: “Exactly. Never. Now ask me a question that has some sort of relevance to something else or I’m going to leave to bang my hot wife.”

Gingrich sucked at most other stuff, but he had this down to a T. Instead, the GOP is the media’s beta in every way. Pretend they’re fair, and maybe some century if we’re lucky they will be.

Anyone read any of those articles about how Obama treats reporters like shit? How he never has press conferences and restricts access? Alpha all the way.

And he won. Dumbass GOP.

  • RappaccinisDaughter
    on November 21, 2012 at 4:42 pm
    Original Link

    Have you ever seen that picture of Obama riding the girl’s bike with his mom jeans on and his helmet? Or the one where he’s on The View with his legs crossed over the knee AND at the ankle? I have polled a number of male friends and they assure me that it is not possible to sit that way unless you don’t have any balls.
    Obama is such a vagina, it makes my vagina embarrassed and envious because it can’t ever vag so hardcore.

    • YaReally
      on November 21, 2012 at 10:27 pm
      Original Link

      I don’t know how guys sit like that, but I’m not sure there’s a correlation lol

Using Women’s Beta Blacklisting Words Against Them

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on November 20, 2012 at 3:41 pm
Original Link

Beta blacklisting…a neat turn of phrase. And I’ll agree that “creeper” and “stalker” have gotten a bit shopworn from overuse. Just because the guy sent you three texts in a row doesn’t make him a creeper.

But I maintain that the terms do have a proper application. I’m betting many of you who get out a lot have had this happen, because I’ve watched it happen to male friends of mine: You meet a girl whom you don’t find attractive but who is clearly attracted to you. You are polite to her, if a bit standoffish, but she doesn’t get the hint.

You make an excuse and go talk to someone else. There she is, butting in to the conversation. You turn your back to her. She sidles around to the front. You start to get a little curt with her, but you’re constricted by social mores in just how rude you can be.

Now she’s going around to your friends, pumping them for information about you as she simultaneously pouts and whines that you’re not paying attention to her. Maybe she tries to flip the script and call YOU a creep.

Uncomfortable, right? Annoying, at a minimum. Well…

  • Matthew King (King A)
    on November 20, 2012 at 10:00 pm
    Original Link

    Your false equivalence is a pastime of the left, and it should be beneath you.

    The crucial difference between a man creeper and a woman creeper is that the former is universally rejected, and the appearance of being thought as one is consciously avoided by all rational men insofar as they have the ability to detect their own ineptitude; whereas the latter is tolerated if not universally accepted and consciously pursued by women with no ability to gauge their own market value because (and only because) their solipsistic behavior is encouraged by their acquaintances and by the culture.

    Creepers are easily dealt with, but it requires a nanogram of generosity and human empathy.

    You make an excuse and go talk to someone else. There she is, butting in to the conversation. You turn your back to her. She sidles around to the front. You start to get a little curt with her, but you’re constricted by social mores in just how rude you can be.

    The cuntly woman’s response to rudeness is her own version of it, amped up (being as “rude [as] you can be”). Didn’t mom teach you how to kill them with kindness?

    The creepers and the stalkers and the groupies all deep down understand their damaged value. The problem with women creepers is that they have been told to “go girl!” their whole lives and to ignore the judgment of the outside world — we are living in the nadir of the aftermath of the self-esteem debacle. The RomCom movies teach them that they are hot as long as they remove their glasses, that there is a cute pixie in every unpleasant beast just waiting to be liberated from her 100-lb fat suit.

    Women think that only men can be creepers because men handle the female version so well, and therefore the creepesses’ asocial lurches become less visible. Men handle stalkers better because they are the propositioning sex, genetically prepared to manage rejection. There is your nanogram of empathy. Women believe that engaging an overzealous fan (“You turn your back to her. She sidles around to the front.”) diminishes her value, but this is an insecurity that derives from misunderstanding the real dynamic. Attention from men, even needy men, doesn’t diminish her. It reinforces the value most men already see, since so much of a woman’s sexual worth is visible. If a woman was secure in the knowledge of her worth, she wouldn’t be defensive about acquiring groupies so much as experienced in the most efficient way to deal with them.

    The most efficient way to deal with fans isn’t to ignore them but to sate their attention needs quickly and with the minimum cost possible. The more efficiently you get them to acknowledge the value gap, the more of this takes care of itself. The unpracticed snot, who clearly does not have much experience with stalkers, will think the direct rhetorical question “What makes you think that (someone like) you have a chance with (someone like) me?” will suffice to rid her of a pest — a pest that, incidentally, is alerting the world to what a shallow person she is. But the stalker already knows this.

    What motivates the persistent creep is the need to express himself more than the logical chances of his sparking a relationship with you. Does the construction worker wolf-whistle because he thinks that will get him a date, or is he engaged in that anxiety-relieving sigh we all must practice in the presence of beauty? “Check that ass out, bro!” We all have an automatic inclination to share our discovery of virtue with anyone and everyone who will listen. “I know this little shop that serves the best espresso…”

    The insecure snot mistakes this relief of anxiety as a public challenge to her value, and springs into defensive mode. On the other hand, the secure person who is used to attention recognizes and defuses the anxiety with warmth and generosity. Shmoes are always surprised at how “real” or “down-to-earth” celebrities are because they have learned through experience how to gently handle over-the-top gestures of appreciation. People with no inner-conception of high attractiveness expect every high-value person to be a diva just because he or she can be.

    Unless stalkers are truly mentally imbalanced (the woman’s first resort explanation for the not immediately explicable), they will cease the open signs of infatuation the moment their beloved signals their existence and leaves the judgment mercifully implied. Just be gracious. A man’s conscience will do all the dirty work. But a woman’s conscience? Trust me, lady, we have the far harder time being generous against your entrenched entitlement mentality. Even so, magnanimity remains the most effective neutralizer in just about every circumstance.


    • YaReally
      on November 21, 2012 at 11:19 am
      Original Link

      No man in this thread, even at his prime, will experience even 10% of the unwanted attention an 8+ chick dressed sexy will get on any random day and ESPECIALLY at a bar, so it’s difficult for them to wrap their heads around it.

      For extremely hot girls it would literally be impossible for them to get anything done if they even politely brushed off every “fan”, let alone gave them any sort of not just “positive attention” but “not express and harsh rejection”. This is why a lot of them will purposely look at the ground when they walk around, they’ve learned it opens far too many unfortunate doors to dare make eye contact with people as they go through their day. This is also why they develop bitch-shields.

      Again, most guys will never understand the barrage of unwanted attention hot chicks are forced to deal with simply because they were blessed with good looks and take pride in their appearance.

      It’s like Leiningen vs the ants. “Why don’t you just step on them? I had a few ants in my kitchen once and I stepped on them.”

    • YaReally
      on November 21, 2012 at 9:19 pm
      Original Link

      lol I’m not judging it. I’m not saying ohh wahhh poor women men should leave them alone.

      I’m saying if you’re a girl that’s X amount of hot, you get Y amount of attention. That’s just how it is. I don’t operate in “but I want the world to work THIS way”, I operate in “this is actual reality”.

    • YaReally
      on November 21, 2012 at 9:25 pm
      Original Link

      If you are not on a celebrity, the attention you get is nothing like the attention an 8+ sexy chick is like.

      Even if you had a semi-famous rock band, girls would still have to recognize you before they flocked you. An 8+ complete nobody in a tight minidress can go to the grocery store and get creepers approaching, especially if she makes eye contact etc.

      You could be a doctor who’s saved millions of lives and discovered the cure for cancer. But when you go to a nightclub, the chick with the fake tits and slutty dress is getting in first.

      This is just reality. I’m not judging your worth as a man, don’t get so emotionally invested in what I’m saying lol this is just how it is. Try leaving your house once in a while.

    • YaReally
      on November 22, 2012 at 12:45 am
      Original Link

on November 20, 2012 at 3:45 pm
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a little over a year ago, i was dating a russian girl who was a cocktail waitress at a restaurant/bar. i had to day-travel for business and on the way back, i stopped off at the restaurant. when i arrived, i ordered a drink from the bartender and sat at the bar for a rather long time while the girl (intentionally) fluttered around the restaurant without making eye contact with me. i was, obviously, annoyed because i was being ignored, but also because this behavior was uncharacteristic (we had been happily dating for some five months or so). eventually, she came over and kissed me and we made small talk. at the end of small talk, she said “just try not to be creepy” in a sorta-jokey, sorta-not way. i had no idea where this came from, but, knowing the underlying meaning of the statement, i went from annoyed to livid in less than an instant. however, i managed to keep my composure as she walked away and while i finished my drink and paid. then, i simply left. within 5 minutes, she was calling me phone. i thought ignoring may have been the most prudent course of action, but instead i answered. she was feigning incredulousness at my departure, but i just flatly stated that she knew exactly why i left and that i wouldn’t tolerate that sort of behavior. she continued to proclaim ignorance, so i said that her suggesting i was being creepy was shitty and that i wouldn’t abide it. she protested that she was obviously kidding and that i took it the wrong way. but, i pressed forward and said don’t fucking call me creepy ever again or we’re through. she started crying and begged me to come back. i refused. she asked me to go wait for her at her house. i refused. she asked if she could come over to me house when she was done. i relented and agreed. subsequently, we had wonderful sex. afterward, in the shower, she quite surprisingly (and transparently) told me that she loved how i stood for something and she couldn’t push me around.

i wish i could pinpoint the source of the creepy comment. i assume i must have seemed overeager by unexpectedly showing up at her place of work, but given somewhat long history we shared, it didn’t occur to me that this would be problematic. in any event, whatever the source of the creepy comment, i knew it was a death knell to the mutual attraction we shared so i went super caveman about it. i’m sure that some people might find my approach to be overly sensitive and would have suggested some aloof, “agree and amplify” approach, but i honestly don’t think that would have worked as well in this scenario.

anyway, i guess the tl:dr point is that i was called creepy, i subsequently left and demanded i never be called that again or we were through and i ended up having a variety of positive events occur as a result.

  • YaReally
    on November 20, 2012 at 11:52 pm
    Original Link

    If you had only gone out once or twice, or this was your first time going out or whatever, I’d say you over-reacted.

    But because you already have a solid established relationship (reagardless of how “serious/official” it is, you’ve been fucking for a few months), this was a good move. It creates the drama and lets her experience the full range of emotions she needs to keep interested:

    Contrast that with the beta guy who would go “umm okay sorry :( is it okay if I sit here? sorry…” who she would inevitably lose attraction for and quit fucking.

    It’s okay to give girls drama, they LIKE drama. You just have to be high enough value to them for it to work. It’s the same as guys who first learn game and are all “you wish you could have me, I have high standards” and the girl is like “uhh okay, I don’t care (shrug)” because they don’t have any value to her yet…VS the super attractive guy who she literally CRIES because he won’t take her phone number.

    So ya, I think in your particular situation, you played that solid. Especially with a Russian chick who expects men to be like this lol:

    What Would Putin Do? lol

Days of Broken Arrows
on November 20, 2012 at 4:53 pm
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Creeper and stalker have come into use only because the two old words women used to use to shame men became cool: nerd and geek.

Feminists like to bleat about how there are lots of words to degrade women, but none to degrade men, but I think that’s projection. The media seems to do nothing but degrade men (loser, basement dweller, impotent) and women pick right up on it.

  • Hugh G. Rection
    on November 20, 2012 at 6:40 pm
    Original Link

    Don’t forget deadbeat. I love to use that in debates with single moms.

    • YaReally
      on November 20, 2012 at 11:37 pm
      Original Link

      The RSD guys are testing this stuff out right now. Calling girls deadbeat white-trash whores, dogs, making them bark, calling them cunts, worthless, my personal fav is Julien’s “your life is going to just be a trail of used condoms and abortions”, etc.

      Julien talking about it:

      Julien doing it:

      Tyler doing it (small snippets at the start of both of these clips):

      Is this a good strategy? Don’t know, it’s probably not optimal. Will it work on every girl? Probably not, but based on experience I’d bet it works better the hotter the girl is. Would I ever use it? Probably not, unless I just wanted to test it out for fun/research…it doesn’t really fit my personality.

      Either way, if you want to find social scientists pushing the limits of what you can say/do with regards to pickup just to see what works and doesn’t work, RSD is light years ahead of everyone else.

      Cue the guys choking on the red pill saying “those girls were all drunk sluts, that wouldn’t work on any of the 10/10s that *I’M* surrounded by daily.” lol

on November 20, 2012 at 6:05 pm
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She replied to “U cyber stalker” with

Her: ‘you love it”

Me: who doesn’t love being googled?

  • YaReally
    on November 20, 2012 at 11:42 pm
    Original Link

    I would have escalated.

    “u cyber stalker”
    “you love it”
    “this explains why i saw you looking thru my window while i was in the shower ;)”

    Now there’s a roleplay frame (she’s your stalker) and you can smoothly slide into innuendo and sex-talk (“i knew you were there that’s why i was putting on a show”) etc. and avoid the friend zone. It’s more than 5 words but like I say, moving the interaction forward toward sex and using solid game (setting a role-playing frame and escalating to a sexual vibe) is more important than the length of your txt.

    • YaReally
      on November 21, 2012 at 9:33 pm
      Original Link

      “Context is important in my case.”

      Ya, your wife sending you a txt is different than a random Internet girl you haven’t banged sending you a txt, I just work with the info I’m given lol

      This is why Field Reports on PUA sites tend to be extremely/excessively in depth and will describe the history with the girl and how they met etc etc. a lot of game depends on what your current value to her is.

      All good tho, glad it worked out, and ya the new girl wants to bang. “What makes you think I’d want to take you home?” was solid. I don’t know wtf she’s saying about clues in her next txt cause her txting is shitty/2nd-language, but I would just change subjects to avoid the logical debate about when sex will occur. Change her mood, not her mind. My buddy and I laugh at the number of girls we’ve run into who will be taking off their shirt straddling us as they say “we AREN’T having sex tonight though” lol

    • YaReally
      on November 21, 2012 at 9:36 pm
      Original Link

      (to be fair you weren’t actually asking for advice or anything, just sharing an update, so there was no reason for you to include more details and it was my own bad responding lol :) but I’m more just trying to get across to people reading the thread that you should always be looking to escalate out of logical talk with new girls)

on November 20, 2012 at 11:47 pm
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Dont know if this video has made the rounds here yet, but its worth a look. Pay special attention to the last girl interviewed. Game is validated once again. Are all women heartless bitches ??

  • YaReally
    on November 21, 2012 at 9:41 pm
    Original Link

    lol’ed HARD at the end of the last girl’s interview! That’s what it’s like for them. She doesn’t even register that it’s retarded/selfish.

    Validation of social proof, pre-selection, jealousy plotlines, etc in action.

Using Women’s Beta Blacklisting Words Against Them

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on November 21, 2012 at 7:34 am
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Text game…in spoken form.

  • YaReally
    on November 21, 2012 at 9:41 pm
    Original Link

    That’s cool…


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via Rational Male

on November 21, 2012 at 12:09 am
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Old PUA mantra: “I will not apologize for my desires as a man.”

I use this a bunch actually. “(something shallow, like telling a new girl I like girls who dress up for me when they come over, because I’m laying the framework for her to expect to have to do that if she wants me to fuck her) I know that’s probably shallow, but I don’t care lol I know what I like.”

Or about hotness I’ll use “(something shallow, like telling a new girl I couldn’t fuck a fat chick or a girl who doesn’t know how to do herself up) Some people tell me that’s shallow but I say it’s just having standards. :P”

Try ’em out. The response to the second one tends to be “me too” because the girls know they’re shallow too, they’re relieved you were the one to say “hey, it’s okay to be shallow around me, I’m shallow too, no judgement here.”

Mid-Life Crisis

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on November 20, 2012 at 2:25 am
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“First you have to know…not fear, KNOW…that someday you’re gonna die.”

I won’t have a mid-life crisis because I already live my life the way I want, for myself, and I’m on my path. Once I swallowed the red pill I stopped trying to live the life society told me I should live.

If you life your life with no regrets, settling down becomes a conscious choice rather than an unexpected cage.

Incidentally this is also part of how I set up Open Relationships with women. I tell them I’m not done with this stage of my life yet and I need to get it out of my system so I’m not the balding fat old man buying a Ferrari and macking on 20yos at 45 lol a LOT of women, especially in this Eat Pray Love day and age where they’re encouraged to do exactly that, are very understanding of this viewpoint and a number of then will actually try to wait for you to be done with it and decide to seriously settle down…

Whether that’s a fool’s errand on their part or not depends on the individual guy and whether he wants to settle one day or not, I choose to be honest and tell them I don’t see it happening anytime soon because I don’t like to lead them on and waste their man-finding years as they approach The Wall (the 25+yo girls)…that’s just mean.

Alpha Assessment: The Frame Game

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Rollo Tomassi
on November 19, 2012 at 4:55 pm
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,..and how do you establish frame? You rely less on Buffers like texts, IM and email and more on actual face time. I understand text Game can be effective, but establishing frame requires physical presence. You can maintain frame via text, but you cannot establish frame via texting.

One of the reasons ‘bring the movies’ was effective was that frame was already present when the guy laid that one down.

  • YaReally
    on November 19, 2012 at 5:56 pm
    Original Link

    Agreed, my txt game is solid but I prefer face to face…the problem is here in 2012 getting the face to face is a lot harder than 10, even 5 years ago. Girls have a thousand “arm’s length” buffers from Facebook to txting before having to actually interact and the reality is that guys these days need to adapt and figure out how to overcome that gauntlet.

    A few of my beta buddies are on cloud 9 when they get a girl’s Facebook. Guess how many of those girls they’ve fucked lol :P

    I won’t even take a Facebook add and honestly these days I’m starting to reject # exchanges and just shoot for the now or never. As soon as she exchanges #s she knows she’ll have another chance with you. If you can’t be reached again it puts pressure on her to get with the program or miss out forever.

    Still experimenting with it, personally. I still go for the # if its a short set and I didn’t have time to build much comfort.

    I definitely feel for guys these days tho. When I started out we only had to worry about getting her to pick up the phone and pretty much if she answered the phone she was interested enough to meet up. Now there are way more obstacles to a face to face.

on November 19, 2012 at 5:34 pm
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“Her: dog? boyfriend? … difference lol.

Me: Both entertain you when you’re bored, both keep you company when you’re alone, both do what you tell them to lol”

Stealing the FUCK out of this line holy shit lol but I run pretty verbal game so this kind of thing fits my vibe. What a fucking nuke lol I love it.

Far as this guys game goes its actually not THAT bad compared to some pure betas I know. This is actually along the lines of what newbie PUAs look like…you know, the ones that girls come on here saying “I totally shot this PUA down he was so try-hard blah blah” as if they’d even comprehend when someone GOOD was running game on them.

His shit would actually be decently tight, except he commits errors 14 and 18 in Tyler’s 25 Point Checklist:

Technically CH is saying he fucks up with error 24 as well, but honestly I think that one was okay to remember because it was something to tease her about. ie – it becomes call-back humor and a running joke (like a nickname) vs remembering like “I know you love fish so something something sushi”.

His “I’m more fun” type stuff starts out good, but he stays on that thread for too long and keeps coming back to it (Tyler’s checklist) so it fucks the vibe up and goes from cocky/funny into try-hard and forces her into a logical conversation where she has to logically defend her choice to go to school/work or see her boyfriend.

This guy needs to keep in mind the “Change her mood, not her mind.” PUA rule.

He’s starting from a decent foundation though. If he learns some calibration and when to cut threads and push/pull and he’ll be killing it.

Good txt convo to post up, there’s a lot of subtle things going on in it to discuss because like CH says it SEEMS like it should be good game but guaranteed almost everyone reading it went from “hmm not BAD…” to squirming in their seat lol

  • The Latent Sadist
    on November 19, 2012 at 5:56 pm
    Original Link

    Exactly right. Like looking at myself a year and a half ago. And yes the cutting threads is absolutely key…thats when my game took flight. Once you internalize how important it is to set the frame and how deflated girls get when they control it….youll start cutting threads naturally and ignoring her attempts to frame you in undesirable ways. Internalizing it is usually the result of watching girls trap you into losing the frame, then brushing you off, OVER and OVER until you catch on. You start becoming real good at spotting the moments where you need to ignore her, or reframe. They are built to see if you get this, or dont

    • YaReally
      on November 19, 2012 at 6:36 pm
      Original Link

      “youll start cutting threads naturally and ignoring her attempts to frame you in undesirable ways.”

      This is actually a really important point so I wanted to quote it. A lot of guys don’t realize that one way to win a frame battle is to simply not participate at all. For example:

      You: “we should hang out friday. 8pm work for you?”
      Her: “lol I have yoga class then…besides i have a boyfriend”
      You: “putting images of you bending over and stretching in yoga pants is not helping me not want to bang you.”
      Her: “omg you’re terrible! besides you should take me out to dinner first”
      You: “is this where I make innuendo about eating out?”
      Her: “omg lolololz”

      etc. like you acknowledge the threads that help you progress the sarge toward your goal, and you ignore and cut any threads that don’t directly help you because if you get sucked into them, you’re going to end up getting sucked into her frame. In the above example, if you get into a logical conversation about her boyfriend or about buying dinner etc, EVEN if you’re teasing her about how you don’t buy girls dinner etc., you’re falling into her frame.

      This actually touches on another big concept, so big I’mma make a little heading for it:

      Logical Conversation Killing State

      A girl who’s buying temperature is spiking out of control will try to get you into a logical conversation so that she can be un-attracted for a few minutes and her BT can settle back down. She’s actually trying to throw herself OUT of attraction because her subconscious knows “o shit, I’m gonna’ end up fucking this guy, mayday mayday!! Throw something at him! Get him to not be so attractive!!”

      This is why they shit-test guys they’re actually attracted to and why when you flawlessly pass their shit-test, they get even MORE attracted, because they threw the anchor down and thought they’d be safe for a second and then realized the anchor wasn’t tied to the boat and their adrenaline spikes up even higher than before when they realize they’re even MORE fucked.

      This is part of why they go to the bar in groups and have Mother Hens and Girls’ Night Out rules and shit. Because they subconsciously know they can’t control themselves once their BT is spiking like that, so they rely on the other girls in their group to notice and jump in and fuck it up for them. That’s why the other girls will try to fuck with your state by insulting you, or try to get you into logical discussions/arguments over trivial shit, or try to shit-test you with “you should buy her a drink” etc. to get you to stutter and fall out of state etc. so their girl’s BT can settle down.

      And if that doesn’t work, they’ll just flat out drag the girl away (“we have to go to the bathroom!!” “let’s go Sarah, your BOYFRIEND is outside!!” etc.) and get her away from you so her BT can settle.

      This is also why sometimes you’ll have a girl going and then she gets dragged away and then you see her again and you THINK you can just pick up where you left off but BAM, cold shoulder of doom. Why? Because she’s regained her composure and her BT has settled and now she’s in control of her faculties again and, on top of it, she knows to be extra wary around you because you’re capable of spiking her BT off the charts.

      If she has approval to fuck you (ie – no one will know, her friends won’t judge her, she just broke up with her BF and needs a rebound, she’s on vacation, it’s Halloween, etc. etc.), she’ll be receptive when you approach her again…but if she’s got her friend in the bathroom pointing at her wedding ring telling her “remember James, you promised him you wouldn’t cheat again!! I’m txting him if you make out with that guy!!” etc., she’s gonna’ be a cold fish when you come back.

      Now the other fun part to this is that this can actually be used to AMOG other guys too, and take girls off them. If it’s going well for a guy, and for whatever reason you need to cockblock him (he’s approaching girls you’re already gaming, or he’s just a dick, or your buddy is approaching his girls and you have to distract him, or he’s got more looks/height/money/etc. than you and you want an edge etc.), just get him into a logical conversation with you. Talk about anything, sports, the bar, alcohol, whatever…all you’re doing is keeping him from spiking her BT till it settles back down and then he’s got to start all over again, but generally doesn’t realize that, and she’s suddenly cold on him and he’s wondering wtf just happened because he thought it was a done deal.

      If you want to take her off him, combine that with spiking her BT. Like if you have a wingman, have him get the guy into a logical conversation while you spike the girl’s BT and you can pretty much just walk off with her. This is extra potent if that guy was already spiking her BT so you’re approaching a set where the girl is already horny and attracted…Tyler calls it “making the girl follow the next shiny thing…now it’s over here, follow it, follow the shiny thing!!” lol

      Didn’t expect to get into this topic, but hey there you go lol

      To relate it to this article’s txt exchanges, note that the vibe is alright when he’s spiking her BT, but then he gets stuck in logical conversation trying to convince the girls of whatever, and the vibe shoots back down and he’s toast.

    • YaReally
      on November 20, 2012 at 12:09 am
      Original Link

      Handle it exactly how you said. :)

      For a guy I’ll either ignore him completely if I know he’s not her friend or whatever so it’s okay to be rude, or I’ll drag the girl away from him (sometimes I’ll literally just pick her up, arms around her thighs, and carry her away).

      Or if I have to engage him it’s shit like “cool man, I dunno, so anyway…(back to the girl)” or “no idea dude I’m way too drunk for that lol so anyway…(back to the girl)”

      If I see an opportunity to get him to qualify himself to me, I’ll take it and then bail, because it raises my value. “Oh ya man that’s a cool job you must make a ton of money doing that hey?” “uhh well it’s pretty good I mean, I’m still entry level so…” “Aw that’s still awesome man, hang in there and drunk slutty bitches like this one (wink at her and receive a “hey!!!!” arm-punch) will be all over you. (Focus on her) awww I’m just kidding (hug her), I love you, god you’re feisty you must be a handful in bed.”

      Along with that you use some body language to block the guy out (turn her slightly or step to the side so she has to turn to face you and faces her back to the guy) until he feels the social pressure of being “the lurker” and leaves or until you spike her BT enough that you can just grab her hand on a spike and drag her away “to get a drink” etc.

      With girls you can be a lot more direct..with guys you’re trying to get rid of him without giving him a justifiable reason to hit you lol so you have to be polite and acknowledge him sometimes before discarding him.

      Polite version:
      Girl: “So what do you do?”
      You: “Get into trouble, mostly. I’m surprised you haven’t slapped me yet. You’re not like other girls.”
      Girl: “lol noooo I mean what do you do for a living”
      You: “you know what I DON’T work all week long to do when I come out to a bar on Friday to relax? Talk about WORK. Come on, let’s go dance.”

      Or for a negging/qualifying version:
      Girl: “What do you do for a living?”
      You: “God, why do girls all ask the same questions?? Is this city just full of gold-diggers or what? Ask me something INTERESTING.”

      Or for a rude frame-control based version:
      Girl: “What do you do for a living?”
      You: “Why are you talking about that at a BAR? It’s a BAR, we’re here to have FUN. Quit being WEIRD. I need to relax after the day I had, I was…(insert story, tease, topic change, etc)”

      The main concept to wrap your head around is this:

      She doesn’t REALLY care what you do for a living. She will make out with you (and sometimes fuck you) without knowing what you do, what your name is, how old you are, etc. If you two are one-on-one alone and the vibe is quietened down like you’re on a couch together cuddling and she asks you, answer her…but understand that in the initial attraction stages when you meet, NONE of that shit is relevant.

      The only reasons she’s asking it is 1) to get you into her frame where she can cool her BT and avoid fucking you and/or 2) because she’s trying to show her interest in you but girls have shitty Nice Guy interview mode game so this is the only way she knows how to express her interest…she doesn’t care what you do for a living, she just knows “ask questions about him to show him I like him” so you can answer with anything and she’ll like you. In both cases, the same “ignore and change subjects” tactic is optimal.

      A looooooooooooot of guys in field get caught by the logical conversation trap. Especially the really good-looking guys who’ve gotten by with weak game because of their looks. A girl will be into them but instinctively try to snuff her own spiking BT down and hold the frame so she can avoid acting slutty, and the dude will fall into her frame because he doesn’t really understand game.

      Then a PUA who gets all this swoops in, logicizes him, spikes her, and runs off into the night with her.

      Places like Leicester Square in London have a reputation of being AMOG Central…even if you get your girl out of the bar with you at 2am, you have to get through a gauntlet of dudes all trying to take her off you. It’s a total shit-show and you can lose your girl because those guys can smell “blood in the water” that she’s attracted and will move in on her.

      “Ohhh well I do MMA you just scowl at them and punch them bro!! If they tried that with my tough buddy he’d kill them grr gre mental masturbation.”

      No, cause what happens is buddy goes “Hey you got a smoke?” to the girl and she’s spinning in heaven from all the attention she’s getting so she goes “sure!!” and CHOOSES to chat with this “Nice Guy” and he turns her body language away from you and is totally polite and friendly, maybe asks you a few logical questions then ignores you as he teases her and she jumps on him, etc and now you’ve lost your lay. You can’t punch him because she’s CHOOSING to hang with him and wants you all to get along and you’ll lose her if you punch him.

      Guys who don’t go out won’t understand any of this lol

    • YaReally
      on November 20, 2012 at 12:14 am
      Original Link

      “I could see noobs (like me) seeing the girl steering the convo into somewhere logical/safe as a sign to take it into comfort/rapport”

      Also I meant to address this specifically too: comfort/rapport is for when you already have her attracted AND you have isolation. I don’t remember the Mystery Method steps off-hand but I believe in it attraction comes before comfort and that’s the reason. So when you’re first flirting and she asking stupid shit, you’re still in attraction. It’s later on when you’ve put in some time and you guys have a solid connection and you’ve got her isolated on a couch at the bar or a corner of the room at a house party or separate room or you’re walking together to a late night food place after the bar or simply you get into her group of friends and they all leave you alone or leave you two to watch the booth/table etc etc.

      Before that, it’s a trap she doesn’t even consciously know she’s setting. I guess one way to think of it is that YOU lead the interaction into comfort/rapport, not her. Her ASD is just trying to sabotage your sarge the whole time lol

    • YaReally
      on November 20, 2012 at 4:36 am
      Original Link


      “To avoid the usual direct answer that so many young finance monkeys give here in NYC”

      This actually hits on one of the ironies of what people think is attractive to women.

      A guy studies and works hard to become a finance monkey because he’s told by blue-pillers “When a woman knows you’re successful and have money, she’ll be attracted to you.” So when she asks what his job is he literally thinks “oboy now I can tell her I’m an iBanker (or whatever) and she’ll be attracted because she’ll know I’m successful and have money!”

      How this actually plays out in real life (aka in the field) is the girl who WAS going to put out for him that night when she didn’t view him as a Provider and instead of just as a fun alpha who makes her wet, suddenly won’t put out anymore because now she wants to ride the Provider train which means making him wait 3 dates so he doesn’t think she’s a slut etc. and she can date him and have access to that stuff.

      The other way it plays out is golddiggers are into him, which is great if that’s what you want…but they like you for your money, not for you as a man…and god forbid someone with more money comes along or you lose your job.

      The last way it plays out is, if the guy is beta in general, he comes off as insecure and over-compensating and bragging and the girl rules him out as try-hard.

      So you become super successful and then realize “shit, I can’t even be up front about all my success or it fucks my results up!” and what happens? You start answering “What do you do for a living?” with stuff like “I don’t want to talk about work” and “Why do girls always ask that?” and “I work at Taco Bell and live in my parents’ basement” which they discover builds attraction.

      It’s like working to earn a Ferrari thinking you’ll drive it around and women will chase after it, and then realizing you can’t actually drive it around and have to leave it in the garage for girls to stumble across when they’re already into you lol

      “I’ve told a few girls that I live in my parents basement with a smirk or told them I work a 9-5 but also save old women in burning buildings and cats stuck in the trees during my spare time.”

      One of the oldest routines from old-school PUA (ie – before The Game) was Tyler Durden’s:

      “Where do I work? I work at Taco Bell. This month, I’m chopping the lettuce in the back. But next month, I’ve heard rumours, that I may be nominated employee of the month. And if you were to come in, you’d come in and see me….. that’s right – chalupa maker. You know what? We’ll work together. We’ll both wear the little paper hats. And we’ll look out (lock arms, and throw out your hand as if you’re demonstrating a sunset or something), and we’d see all those customers. They need us. We need to have the best tacos ready for these people, so that they can go out and do their jobs so that society can run smoothly. It’s all on us. We have to work together. We have to have each other’s backs. This taco life is no joke.”

      Now of course an uber Alpha KJ here will say “pfft that’s gay, I just tell them “hey suck my dick” and she does, what is this gay Taco Bell shit”. But this routine contains not qualifying himself to her, teasing, roleplaying, kino, creating an Us VS Them frame, variety of emotions (overdramatic sunset scene), creates an in-joke, etc. It’s jam-packed with good shit that speaks to a girl on an emotional level.

      “At the risk of overgaming, I sometimes felt it “safer” to give the logical answer to make her feel like you’re a normal guy (zzzz). Fuck it though; it seems way better go the sexual/flirty route like you said so as to not get put in the nice guy category.”

      Generally the way you want to balance this is: Give a cocky/funny answer the first time, MAYBE even the second time, but if she pushes it, answer straight up legit. The reason we start with a C&F answer is because like I mentioned before in the early stages of attraction she doesn’t actually give a shit about what you do for a living, she’s just saying that for the reasons I explained before. So you can C&F and change the subject and go into a roleplay or whatever and she isn’t phased by the transition because she never really cared what the answer was in the first place.

      But if she asks you again “No, but seriously, what do you do?” that’s her taking an actual interest in you, so then you want to open up and answer for real. A lot of guys will keep doing cocky/funny answers and drive it into the ground till the girl gets frustrated and bails because she was TRYING to build a connection with them lol It’s all a matter of calibration, which you learn in the field.

      “If a girl and I get to talking about where we live in the city, I’ll disqualify them and steer the convo toward a flirty frame usually within the first 10min.”

      Good stuff. I go more sexual (“where do you live?” “don’t pretend you don’t know, I saw you outside my bedroom window last night, perv.”) but yours is good for newbies to start testing out this dynamic. Suddenly your answering her question turns into you disqualifying her…and even if she wasn’t interested in the first place, she doesn’t want to be disqualified so she’ll try to qualify herself, and if she stays in that frame long enough then she starts to feel like she’s earned you as she slowly wins you over and then she fucks you not even because she wanted you at first but just because you ran solid game on her lol

      Tyler described it along the lines of “it’s like winning a prize in a box of crackerjacks, it’s just a stupid prize you wouldn’t objectively give a shit about, but you’ll still go collect it because hey, you earned it.”

on November 19, 2012 at 5:57 pm
Original Link

So. Many. Words.

A man with options he ain’t.

  • Full-Fledged Fiasco
    on November 19, 2012 at 6:41 pm
    Original Link


    And what’s the deal with all the lol’s? Not even YaReally use that many lol’s.

    Very aggravating.

    • YaReally
      on November 19, 2012 at 7:15 pm
      Original Link

      I use SO many lols in txts with girls. Emoticons too. Bitches love winky-faces.

    • YaReally
      on November 20, 2012 at 12:23 am
      Original Link

      I go by this sort of. Like occasionally I’ll run into a girl who uses NO emoticons or laughs or anything. It’s rare but ill tone mine down with those girls because its just not how they communicate. Also those girls tend to want a dominant/serious man so I’ll focus on that angle too. Lots of commands and orders and “good girl.” type stuff. I find these girls boring usually lol haven’t noticed any kind of hotness correlation, it’s just certain rare personalities. Also sometimes they’ll start using MORE emoticons etc when they see me doing it which is falling into my frame as an ioi.

      To the guys who are like “but there’s no reason for the lols and winkys, what’s the PURPOSE?? It’s not alpha!!”, you have to remember the girl and I are communicating on an emotional level, not a logical one. A lot of what’s “silly” and “stupid” is spiking her Buying Temperature and building attraction. It’s not taking the convo seriously, it’s not falling into her frame, it’s not being needy and caring what the logical/right thing to say is…basically it’s showing that you know how to communicate the way girls do which says you’ve spent a lot of time around girls and you know you can just act retarded with them instead of trying to impress them.

      It’s not the ONLY way to txt of course, the “being the movies” stuff is cool too if that’s congruent to you, I’m just explaining why this style works.

on November 19, 2012 at 6:38 pm
Original Link

Txt length is irrellevant.

on November 19, 2012 at 7:13 pm
Original Link

Hey there readership, I need some nice low key openers to use at college campuses and libraries n’shit. Rapport building/small talk …

‘Sperg ya latter.

on November 19, 2012 at 9:12 pm
Original Link

This whole thing screams ‘NERD’ so hard, I need ear plugs.
Fuck texting.
Face time or NEXT.

on November 19, 2012 at 11:07 pm
Original Link

Frames are omnipresent. If you don’t control the frame, someone else will. Not just in dating, but in all interactions. Strongly believe that learning how to control frame is one of the most valuable skills a man can learn over the course of his life.

Good article, thanks.

  • YaReally
    on November 20, 2012 at 1:06 am
    Original Link

    Yup. In every interaction there’s always someone reacting more to the other person, whether its 99:1 or 51:49. Take charge and control the frame and other people will fall into it. Hell, most people WANT someone to control the frame because they’ve been too pussified by society to want that responsibility themselves and they think its “rude”.

    One of the biggest improvements a 5’2″ buddy of mine made to his overall internal and external game was to start leading his group. Like deciding where to party, where to eat after, etc, everyone would be wishy-washy and shit wouldn’t happen or would be half-assed. I taught him how to spot that and that it’s okay and NECESSARY to step up and be the guy who says “HEY. Ok this is what we’re doing, you want this so we’ll go here and this place will be good so we’ll hit that at 11. Lets go.”

    And magically everyone falls in line and follows his lead. So internally he feels awesome and confident since he’s got a bunch of big jock good-looking dude types following him around like a boss (even some alpha guys who just have a weaker frame than he does now) and externally he looks badass because he’s leading the whole group and girls can tell.

    It doesn’t directly get him laid but it helped his game overall a ton. The main thing he needed to learn was that it was OKAY to take the frame and that other people NEED him to take the frame to get shit done.

Alpha Assessment: The Frame Game

Original Link

via Heartiste

on November 20, 2012 at 1:22 pm
Original Link

What a cringe-worthy exchange. Nice example of frame > game. I still get uncomfortable reading or listening to male-female exchanges from men who haven’t realized their own value yet. I wish I could help them but I know they would just get defensive so I silently scream to myself. (You’re doing it WROOOOOOOOOOOOOONG!)

YaReally, great posts. Informative and spot-on. Men have to adapt their game to what the current group (read: 18-24 year old females) is into. But do NOT feel bad for us younger guys. Getting laid is actually easier due to social media, not harder. You just have to know how to use it.

If communicating in a harmless childlike way or keeping up with the latest entertainment news or social media sites is what we have to do to have access to the hottest chicks, so be it. Unless your whole game is based on being overly manly man who doesn’t use “gay shit like facebook”, I think you’ll be ok.

  • Greg Eliot
    on November 20, 2012 at 1:54 pm
    Original Link

    If communicating in a harmless childlike way or keeping up with the latest entertainment news or social media sites is what we have to do to have access to the hottest chicks, so be it.

    Meh… there are too many women out there who are good-looking AND actually interesting enough to not have to bother with the hip-deep social media puerile nonsense of any allegedly “hotter” babe.

    It’s always been that way, and the age of social media only acts as an amplifier.

    From the get-go, you’re resigning yourself to playing constant away games… and by their rules, with their equipment.

    For what, a couple of bangs which may or may not be as hot as you had hoped, because the girl’s outward appearance has solidified a sense of entitlement the size of Oprah’s girdle?

    Hell, that’s even gayer than facebook. :-D

    Of course, if merely lolling about “poolside” and adding a few notches to your bedroom post is all you really want to do, then the point is moot.

    But for those looking for possible LTRs or… dare I say it, a mother for their future children… believe me, life can be pretty damn good with women that others might think are “only” 7s/8s by Hollywood standards… often better than attempting to swim with the 9s/10s… as evinced by the stars of sports and media, who can’t seem to hang onto them except in the rarest of instances… said 9s/10s often proving the old adage: “No matter how beautiful a woman might be, somebody, somewhere has had enough of her bullshit.”

    • YaReally
      on November 20, 2012 at 11:58 pm
      Original Link

      lol don’t worry about Greg. In his head he’s still a 1950s movie star hitting on 1950s actresses. I’d be amazed if the guy even had a smart-phone let alone a Twitter account.

      To the guys who are like “whatever this txting thing is gay, you can’t fuck a txt message, just get her face to face and it’s done DUHHHHHHHH”

      Ya, no shit sherlock, we fucking know. But you go out this weekend and get a number from an 8+ chick in the 18-23 age range and see if you can get her “face to face” without txting or calling (since a lot of girls these days don’t answer their phones unless it’s a close friend calling, because it’s WEIRD behavior to phone strangers now, everyone txts).

      Txt-game is necessary these days. You can get away without using Facebook (tho it can be an asset if used right) but you’re not going to consistently get away without knowing how to play the txt game…playing it is how you GET them to meet up again, face to face, where you can fuck her.

      Go out more.

Petraeus And The Infidelity Risk Curve

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via Heartiste

on November 15, 2012 at 2:39 pm
Original Link

Jesus Christ, if freakin’ DOCTORS are expendable beta males then what goddamn hope is their for the rest of us?!?!?!?!

  • YaReally
    on November 15, 2012 at 4:25 pm
    Original Link

    Welcome to the red-pill.

    I have a handful of buddies in med school and at various levels of actually being doctors. Some of them get zero pussy, like not even remotely a chance with girls. Some of them are practically swimming in pussy to the point where a couple who Girlfriended up are in this article’s scenario where they’re like “well shit no one told me I’d have THIS much temptation to deal with when I signed up for my LTR!” and, naturally, are cheating because girls throw themselves at them constantly.

    The difference between the two types of guys is nothing to do with their job. It’s their alpha/beta qualities

    Game trumps all. An alpha on welfare will fuck the wife of a beta doctor. That’s just how it works.

    • YaReally
      on November 18, 2012 at 4:25 pm
      Original Link

      Nope. You have a shitty belief system based around making excuses for your laziness. I’m assuming you are a troll.

    • YaReally
      on November 19, 2012 at 8:15 am
      Original Link

      A 5’2″ friend of mine stole a girl off a 6’4″ jock on Saturday using game.

      You should try leaving your house once in a while and interact with the real world. Or just don’t read this blog. You really won’t benefit in any way from CH’s writing until you quit being a pussy sitting in a corner whining and start taking responsibility for your lack of success and take action to change your life.

      But hey, do what you want. It’s your life to waste lol

    • YaReally
      on November 19, 2012 at 2:21 pm
      Original Link

      I’m 5’9″ but I have a handful of friends (Natural and PUA) who are 5’3″ and below. I also have friends of various races, weights, financial positions, etc, because I go out a lot and I make a lot of friends and I help them learn game. Most of the difficulty men have is a result of their own insecurities. I’d explain it to you but hey, now you’re a short guy who picks up girls. You are the alpha and the omega, is there anything you DON’T know and any situation you aren’t an expert at despite having zero practical experience?

      I would like to motivate you to shut the fuck up and let the men get on with discussing real shit, but since I don’t seem to be able to do that I think a career as a motivational speaker isn’t in my future.

    • YaReally
      on November 19, 2012 at 3:01 pm
      Original Link

      “I don’t need experience to have common sense.”

      Because we all know the principles of game follow “common sense”. That’s why it’s so easy for guys to swallow the red pill and they don’t have to rewire their entire thinking from the ground up to change their lives.

      Let me guess, next you’ll say we should just compliment girls and buy them flowers lol

      Seriously, go away already. At least Maya is entertaining.

The Man Who Was . . .
on November 15, 2012 at 2:41 pm
Original Link

BTW any thoughts on this particular type of woman: slightly masculine, but with good symmetrical features and a very fit body. In addition to Broadwell think Hope Solo or lots of other Olympic athletes. I’ve known a fair number of girls like this that, despite their masculinity, I’d still have loved to bang. They aren’t quite as high on my list as more feminine girls, but they’re still very attractive.

  • RappaccinisDaughter
    on November 15, 2012 at 4:16 pm
    Original Link

    I’m a low-digit-ratio woman. I actually bear enough of a resemblance to Broadwell that my co-workers have spent the last couple of days busting my chops by calling me Paula. And asking if I could tell when the General was “all in.” Good times.

    Interestingly, the people who seem to find me the most attractive are, in this order:
    1) Lesbians (too bad I turned out straight; I really could have cleaned up with the ladies)
    2) Gay men
    3) Straight women

    I think it’s the, as Heartiste put it above, “male juice.” *shrug*

    • YaReally
      on November 18, 2012 at 4:31 pm
      Original Link

      “Therefore, it’s much easier to bed western-European girls than American ones.”

      And how many of either have you picked up and fucked with a penis?

      You are such an expert on shit you don’t have any experience with. It’s amazing. Can you tell us how to launch a space shuttle next? Didn’t we talk about this already?

    • YaReally
      on November 19, 2012 at 8:10 am
      Original Link

      wow a female King A lol I think you two should just be in charge of everything for everyone, you two clearly know best.


Marriage Vs LTRs

Original Link

via Heartiste

on November 14, 2012 at 7:19 pm
Original Link

Let me give you a real life scenario. After years of banging hotties (from age 16 to 33), not so hotties and even a few crazies, man marries, at 33, a cute 7 with a modest sexual history and excellent LTR and parenting qualities 3 years his junior.

He bangs her solidly for 10 years of marriage unlocking her libido and sexuality so that she fucks him every night with much gusto and passion. She is, even after 10 years of marriage, besotted by him and wouldn’t dream of fucking anyone else.

Sure, the guy is a natural alpha or greater beta with an understanding of Game and this has helped him to not be sucked into any beta behaviour in the marriage.

The man has a $150k job which is reasonably demanding and the marriage produces two beautiful kids. The wife does not get fat and is just as cute as the day he married her and way more sexual.

The man and his wife are happy and the kids are growing up well adjusted, happy and successful.

The only flaw in this picture is that the man is tormented by monogamy and by the variety of hotter, younger and tighter he encounters day to day. He is pragmatic about this though and knows that all he wants is to be able to take one of these young hotties out for a drink and sexcapade every 6 months or so. He doubts they will fuck him as well as his wife does but craves the hotter and tighter and moreso some variety nevertheless. He respects his wife completely and imagines how discrete and safe he would be if only he could fuck some of that fresh slutty pussy once in a while. He considers signing up to Adult Friend Finder and thinks about putting some Game to good effect.

He is fundamentally a fair man and understands that if he is to get a bit on the side, perhaps his wife would like the same. He is disgusted by this idea though and isn’t sure that he could stay with his wife if she fucked another. So he talks to her and she reiterates how she has no desire whatsoever to fuck anyone but him. She understands him and tells him with a grin that he is just “very in touch with his primal side” and that she understands. He reassures her that he wants to be with her for life and that she and the kids will always come first. But he also tells her at length about how he feels “tormented” and how he’d like to have meaningless sex with random hot women once or twice a year. She suggests that he does whatever he needs to do to “get it out of your system”. Basically carte blanche. But he can’t follow through…yet. He feels like any attempt to fuck hot pussy on the side is deceitful and can’t deceive his wife. He also feels like he has no time between work, kids and wife and that to spend time “on the hunt” is disrespectful to both himself and his family. A couple of times he has opportunities but he still can’t follow through… Hopeless beta? Thoughts?

  • YaReally
    on November 15, 2012 at 4:41 pm
    Original Link

    Don’t force it.

    There will always be more opportunities, you don’t have to make yourself do it and you don’t have to stress being beta if you don’t do it for a while. When your mind chills out about it, it’ll happen. It’s just a psychological thing that’ll take a while to unwire itself.

    The important part you should be proud of is that you set the frame up to ALLOW it to happen. You plowed through the scarcity metality that stops most men and you chose to be honest and open instead of sneaking around in the shadows ashamed of your desires. This is a REALLY big step and one that most men can’t pull off, ESPECIALLY in an already monogamy-established long term relationship.

    Check the links I posted elsewhere in this comment thread for some insight on the main pitfalls to watch out for and what worries your wife may have and how to assuage them.

    And again, don’t stress it. There’ll be as much pussy out there 10 months from now as there is today. :)

    • YaReally
      on November 15, 2012 at 5:23 pm
      Original Link

      Still like 90% sure you’re a dude trolling.

on November 14, 2012 at 7:29 pm
Original Link

lol don’t worry everyone. Once again PUAs are busy figuring out how to solve all your problems with women. :P We’re working on breaking down the “have kids with a main girl, without entering a legal marriage, while having fuckbuddies on the side with her approval” arrangement into something codeified that can be taught to other men.

It’s just a slow process because obviously we have to see how things pan out for various PUAs down the road as the years go on and as the kids are raised etc, but the point is that we’re reporting and sharing our findings and looking for consistent patterns etc that can be learned.

This article’s two shitty options are why you learn how to set up Open Relationships.

I’ve already addressed the “I’m allowed to fuck around but you aren’t” type oLTRs here:

Also search for my comments here:

So in this scenario you fuck a bunch of girls and have your fun until you eventually decide to settle into a few more serious mLTRs with flings on the side, and when you’re ready you use the seduction skills you’ve developed to choose from your mLTRs and screen for the qualities you want in a Primary companion and in a mother for your children. Because you’ve screened for a quality woman and because you have experience with managing Open LTRs and Multiple LTRs, you have kids with your Primary girl and have discreet flings on the side with other girls with your Primary’s full knowledge and understanding that you have other girls.

You live a life of open honesty, you have your fun, and you have grandkids visiting you in the old folk’s home. Plus a bunch of hotties show up to your funeral because you’ve made so many romantic connections over your lifetime and all those girls still vividly remember their moments with an alpha.

This is not a difficult concept once you understand game and completely toss away society’s version of what relationships should look like. And in fact this arrangement is going on all around you, it’s just that a lot of times it’s shrouded in lies and deceit and cheating under the table because most people have too much of a scarcity mentality to be honest about what they want and screen girls properly.

This arrangement also means more shit-tests and such, but dealing with those and arranging the whole thing just takes more experience with game than most guys are willing to put the work in to obtain.

This offends a lot of guys, I think mostly because they’re trapped in marriages/relationships and thinking “that was an option?? Wait if that was an option then that would mean I was an idiot who passed up having his cake and eating it too!! I can’t accept that so I’m going to talk shit about how that arrangement is doomed to fail and piss & moan about morality and something something drunk bar sluts and wah wahhhhh”

The “not-legally-tied-down Primary relationship with kids and flings on the side” arrangement will become the standard for red-pill guys down the road once we solidify it into something guys can learn and once enough guys in society have realized what losing propositions both of CH’s presented options are and inevitably seek out a 3rd option.

  • JR
    on November 16, 2012 at 1:21 pm
    Original Link

    Yareally and heartiste I like your posts except when you are pro abortion or pro racemixing. I want to have lots of white children but Im poor with criminal activities of the past. I manage to keep my housewife and children fed clothed and sheltered though we are of the lower class and I cannot raise our economic status through conventional means. I can only make money from shitty bottom of the barrel jobs or from creative unconventional methods, which never last, and then the opportunity is shot and I’ve got to move onto the next idea. I want to have as many children as possible though as I’ve always found ways to provide for my family, I will have as many as possible with my wife but I would love to use the niggerish method of having other ‘baby mamas’ on the side. The white race is dying and the govt refuses me the handouts that they give to niggers. I want to breed on a massive scale because I trust myself and my own cunning and ability to find enough resources for us.

    Flings on the side don’t do it for me try as I might as all these sluts are on birth control and I have an impregnation fetish. My inner self urges me to send my seed deep into their wombs. My ideal scenario would be to fuck and impregnate married women whose husbands will pay to raise the children. There are two options. (A) Find women whose husbands are sterile. There are websites to meet people like this. The husband willingly wants a child even if its from another man and agrees to finance the child. The problem is that most of these women are 30+, and I like young girls, my wife is early 20s. The other problem with this is that many of the women arent down for sex and want the donor to masturbate into a cup. Game advice in such a scenario is what I am looking for. It is a unique situation. (B) The other option is to fuck women who are married but the husband doesn’t know she’s cheating and thinks the child is his. The obvious problem is that if the husband finds out I will be left having to pay child support. I would never forgive myself if that happened and if I had to take resources away from my wife and my children with her. My family is #1 to me and I love my sweet wife. I could never hurt her.

    Thanks for reading and hope you will advise. Have you ever thought about such a bizarre scenario? Also worried I don’t want to bring home sexually transmitted disease to my wife and would never forgive myself, to screen for this I would have to ask the girls I’m cheating with to be tested, I want to do this without throwing off my game. I love my wife but I crave variety and I can’t get turned on if I wear a condom or if I know the woman is using birth control. I am aware this is a unique situation. Please advise.

    • YaReally
      on November 18, 2012 at 4:37 pm
      Original Link

      I would prefer if you didn’t reproduce.

      “Yareally and heartiste I like your posts except when you are pro abortion or pro racemixing. I want to have lots of white children but Im poor with criminal activities of the past.”

      I would also prefer my successful Indian and Asian medical field friends who are working toward contributing to society reproduce instead of you. Even with white chicks.

  • Dr Caveman
    on November 17, 2012 at 8:26 pm
    Original Link

    Very interesting concept that sounds challenging yet promising. How is this working out for you in real life?

    I’ve been experimenting for a while with inserting BDSM aspects into my relationships right from the start. Girls tend to be quite responsive, to a certain degree. Getting a girl in a mindset where she is expected to serve and please is very rewarding.

    So far, I haven’t felt the need to settle down again, but once I do the scenario described above is quite interesting. Where can I read more about this discussion?

    • YaReally
      on November 18, 2012 at 4:42 pm
      Original Link

      “How is this working out for you in real life?”

      Super. All I do is Open Relationships. I have a Primary LTR of 2 years who knows that when I’m out on weekends I’m doing my own thing. Any Fuckbuddy I start something up with knows about my Primary and knows they’re Secondary to her.

      There are a number of PUAs in these relationships raising children etc. We probably won’t have enough data for our generation because we still have years to go to see how it all plays out, but future generations will be able to find resources to arrange this setup.

      Also there’s no BDSM aspect to it. It’s not a dominant/submissive thing. It’s just understanding human psychology, having honest open communication, knowing yourself and your partner, and not apologizing for your desires as a man.

Case Study – Inspire Her

Original Link

via Rational Male

on November 15, 2012 at 3:06 am
Original Link

“Jesus. Quit giving me boners at work.”

It says 1) you’re hot, and 2) I have shit to do. Generally they’ll send more pics to which you can keep pretending to be mad. “Quit distracting me, you’re getting such a spanking next time I see you.” etc.

on November 15, 2012 at 3:32 am
Original Link

“I was just tickled when I first read this post at the idea that women are stupid enough not to see through the disinterest card.”

Agreed. The disinterested replies are bad and the girl knows you’re actively trying to be disinterested. She sent you her fucking titties, like you’re not gonna’ notice lol

@The Shocker
Fuckin solid. I concur 100%. Stuff like “meh…” and “cool” and “what camera is that?” and sending spock pics, etc. are doing it wrong (no offense to anyone specifically I was just skimming the thread quick, it’s all good we all go through the same shit learning this stuff…you cross the lines in both directions to figure out where the sweet spot is).

To use your push/pull reference, the one I said I use above pulls (“Jesus.”) then pushes (“Quit giving me boners (minor pull) at work.”). Then the follow-up to her next pic is push (“Quit distracting me,”) then pull (“you’re getting such a spanking next time I see you.”)

I get naked pics all the time from girls (ones I haven’t banged, online girls I haven’t met yet, ones I’m banging, etc.) and I escalate it to where I have them sending me pics and vids of them fucking their own ass with toys etc. All I’m doing is using the same game principles that work in real life, but in txts (push/pull, build comfort, qualify her, make an SOI, escalate, lead, disable ASD/LMR, etc.)

It’s fine to engage girls in long txts, as long as you’re running solid game. The reason most guys should stick to one-word aloof “alpha” txt game is because their long txts are shitty and don’t follow game principles and they’ll sabotage themselves.

But really, if you’re someone who likes to txt in general, just tighten your game up and don’t worry about acting aloof. In the long run it’s better to learn how to do well than to learn how to avoid fucking up.

lol scrolled up before hitting send and saw your summon πŸ˜€ Any Qs about txt game feel free to ask and I’ll try to help.

on November 15, 2012 at 4:01 am
Original Link

Sorry one more thing to keep in mind:

A lot of replies here are focused on being witty or making a good zing or making something that you can tell your buddies you said and they’ll go “Nice bro!!” or it’ll sound good on paper or you’ll get Manosphere high-fives for your wit.

But we don’t care about getting props, we want results. So focus on solid game…ask yourself “what game principles does sending this text follow, AND are those game principles relevant in this specific situation?”.

Like take my response (mine isn’t even a super amazing one, it just follows principles properly), I’m ALREADY planning my follow-up to my first response (scolding her for distracting me). If she keeps sending pics, I scold her more. If she stops sending pics I can send a “Good thing I hate my job. πŸ˜‰ Send another.” etc.

What’s the follow-up to “cool…” or “uh huh” that leads things toward a goal? What IS your goal? Do you have one? How are you supposed to lead if you don’t have somewhere in mind to lead her to? Do you want more pics right then and there? Do you just want to make her feel comfortable enough to surprise you with pics when she feels like it in the future? Do you want to get out of the txting zone and push toward a meet-up? Do you want to escalate to sexier pics right then and there or later on? Is she at work and trying to escalate will fail because she can’t do much or is she at home where she can take more pics? Is escalating to sexier pics the right play for getting the lay or will it trigger her ASD/LMR and make her Flake on you when you push for the meet-up?

It’s like when a guy discovers negging and he just goes out and negs every girl he meets left and right and is totally uncalibrated with it and he’s negging average looking girls or 10s who have low self-esteem etc.

For Those Who Think Game Is Manipulation

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via Heartiste

on November 14, 2012 at 3:07 pm
Original Link


That is all.

  • Anon
    on November 14, 2012 at 3:15 pm
    Original Link

    I sometimes wonder about rape game.
    And the possibility for the girl to hamster-rationalize it as consensual if you handle buyer’s remorse well.

    Paging yareally, that’s the kind of sociopathic shit that I wanna hear about.

    • YaReally
      on November 14, 2012 at 6:04 pm
      Original Link

      “And the possibility for the girl to hamster-rationalize it as consensual if you handle buyer’s remorse well.”

      lol don’t get me started on that one. Let’s just say that when you remove the moral/ethical emotions involved and look at it PURELY from a completely logical perspective, you can change “possibility” into “ability” in your sentence.

      You can do some pretty scary things with game…that’s just scratching the surface.

      That’s a category of stuff we don’t encourage though, ideally we try to instill the “leave them better than you found them” mindset into PUAs. It’s like a Karate instructor who knows his students could use their training to bully kids at school. It doesn’t mean the training is inherently bad/evil, it just means that he should help the kid develop a code of ethics for using his skills in a good way.

      But the guys who’ve spent years actively out in the field have seen some shit now and then that would make blue-pill people wretch up their lunch.

    • YaReally
      on November 14, 2012 at 6:17 pm
      Original Link

      What you wrote won’t be popular, but it’s not inaccurate.

    • YaReally
      on November 15, 2012 at 7:48 am
      Original Link

      “She said “No I’m a taurus, we’re crazy and fun but I guess you haven’t seen that side of me yet ;) ””

      You’re hella solid at this point (despite whatever mistakes you made that first night (good that you recognize the logical venue change issues etc.)).

      ““Hey IG ;) everything is getting better day by day…it’s so sad what happened at Rockaway :( Look we should talk sometime on the phone, you know, like normal people lol ;) My movie is about to start.””

      1) This is her letting you know the window is open. It’s not a shit-test, it’s her revealing her “blueprint”. It’s like, she’s letting you know “this is the thing that’s preventing this from going further, I need you to take care of this.” If she was like “how come you never phone me?”, that’s more of a shit-test, but this is her saying like “hey, it’s weird that we haven’t talked on the phone”

      2) This is a really unusual thing to hear in 2012, a LOT of people txt instead of calling. Maybe she just has a think about liking to talk on the phone or needing to hear your voice for comfort blah blah blah who the fuck knows lol

      BUT, if I had to diagnose it just based on that, my guess would be that she’s basically tired of having a “txt buddy” and she’s trying to get you to escalate things to you guys fucking. She can’t say “you should bone me now” but to a girl “talking on the phone” is one step closer to having sex than txting, so it’s not necessarily that she needs to talk on the phone, it’s probably more that she wants this shit to go further.

      You KNOW she likes you (“grabbing her by the hand and leading her thru the crowd” and “doing ass grabbing and hand squeezing” and she’s still txting you flirty shit like up above? That’s on, sir!), so for you to not be pushing for the meet-up is frustrating to her. In her mind it’s like “fuck, dude, just GET IT already!!” It also tells her that you’re not super sure of yourself and that you’re not assuming attraction (which ultimately signals that you aren’t used to girls wanting you, etc. etc. big spiral of shit from there)

      (Note that you might’ve been pushing for a meet-up and just not mentioned that in your Field Report, so if that’s the case post some of those txts and I’ll try to help narrow down the issue, I’m just going with the info here)

      Here’s a common problem underlying your txting, just going by these txts:

      ““Ok cool. Enjoy the movie and talk to you soon””

      You’re not leading here. “Talk to you soon” is like, somehow the universe will just happen to make you guys talk again. VS “Call me tomorrow” or “Busy tonight but I’ll call you tomorrow.” where there’s a definite “plan” in action there, whether it’s you calling her or her calling you, a decision has been made and you’re leading the interaction toward a goal.

      ““Hey xx, playing hard to get ;) I’m going to the gym now but let’s talk like normal people when I get back””

      Same thing here. You’re saying “let’s talk when I get back” but you’re not leading her with a plan of action. This is again like “the universe will make it happen”. It’s like you’re not willing to take the lead and create the action plan, it’s more like you’re expecting her to be like “ok I’ll call you tomorrow!” which she generally won’t do because she’s not swooning over you like crazy yet.

      Basically she’s trying to say “hey, take the reins here! Let’s do this thing!” and you’re like “ya, let’s do this thing! Okay you take the reins!” and so the reins are just sitting there waiting for someone to take them lol

      For me, this is the sort of vibe I’d be responding with if I got her same txts:

      ““No I’m a taurus, we’re crazy and fun but I guess you haven’t seen that side of me yet ;) ”” (this is where you’re super solid, she’s flirted with you in person, she’s flirting with you now, what more do you need? Get in there!)

      “Then I guess you’ll have to show me on Friday. 8pm work for you?”

      Even if she turns me down, the point is that she knows I’m ultimately trying to lead the interaction to sex. If she’s not interested at all, she can bail, but if she turns me down but keeps responding, she just needs more comfort/teasing/etc. before she’ll meet up again.

      “Look we should talk sometime on the phone, you know, like normal people lol ;) My movie is about to start.””

      “lol if we talk on the phone, we both know I’m just going to end up whispering dirty things in your ear. Enjoy your movie, I’ll call you tomorrow.”


      “lol fuck the phone, let’s just hang out in person. Friday 8pm work for you?”

      You’ve already met so there isn’t really any reason for her to be worried about meeting up with you again. Like an online chick might need to talk to you on the phone before she meets up, just to hear your voice etc. first. But this chick has already hung out with you, you could PROBABLY skip the phone call part because like I say, her suggesting the phone is likely just her saying “please escalate” because she can’t say “please fuck my brains out” lol

      She might end up txting you tomorrow and you might be fine, who knows, but in general I’d say pay attention to this vibe when you’re txting. Ask yourself “Where am I going with this? Is this leading anywhere?” Like literally the main reason to have a txt/number/e-mail/etc. is to arrange your next meet-up, not just have a new txting buddy.

      Now on a separate subject:

      “I feel like I should have sent a feeler to gauge where she was at emotionally mid-day yesterday and escalated from there and let it be known when I’d call so by the time I did call, she’d be “ready”.”

      Also a good call. Relevant part at 8:05 in this video, where he talks about how she won’t answer the phone until you get her in a mood where she will:

      I’m not saying you should txt this one “such a slut” lol But you’re on the right track where you should’ve got her in state and THEN called. Who knows maybe she just had a shitty day at work but the moment you decided to call she was in a shitty state so she’s like “ugh I don’t want to talk to anyone right now” and you just got caught in that crossfire.

      You’ll never know, unfortunately lol

      All in all good stuff, you’re spotting most of your own mistakes. Doesn’t matter if you lost her, at least you learned from it. Don’t delete her number, if she doesn’t txt at all, shoot her a txt in a couple weeks and try again and if she still doesn’t respond, shoot her a txt in a couple months. You can sometimes re-kindle dead numbers after some downtime.

      Hope that helps! Good luck!

    • YaReally
      on November 16, 2012 at 10:05 am
      Original Link

      “She said she was busy but she would def like to chill with me.”

      Probably legit and not a flake/shit-test, because she was flirty as fuck at that point and she made sure to let you know that she IS still interested. Again notice that she won’t say “I’m busy, but let’s hang out next Thursday at 8pm”, all she can say is “I’m busy, but we should definitely hang out”…That’s that same “I won’t take the reins, I need you to figure out that you’re supposed to take the reins to make this happen” thing I was talking about before.

      “I was planning on inviting her out again coming up but didn’t want to do it too much as Decibel says it’s a DLV if you keep on doing it.”

      This comes down to value. If you’re high value, you can break rules without DLV’ing. Imagine if she had to flake on Brad Pitt and he called the next day to try to set something else up. Or even called every day for a week straight. She wouldn’t be like “eff that Brad, you’re a loser” because he has such high value to her. But, if a guy she’s on the fence about or isn’t really into does the same thing, it’s an express train into DLV land for him.

      Think of it like this: Imagine Megan Fox (or whoever your celeb crush is) is txting you daily to hang out. You’re not going to be like “ugh she’s so annoying and needy and desperate, quit txting me Megan Fox!” because she has such high value to you. But then imagine a plain Jane average girl you feel “meh…” about who if she made it easy and you were in a dry spell you’d bang but you really don’t care about going out of your way to get her…imagine she does the same thing as Megan Fox did, txting you daily to hang out. You’re going to be like “fuck, this girl is annoying and needy.” and ditch her.

      So you want to figure out what your value is to her. I’d say you probably could’ve pushed for a meet-up again because she seemed to be into you enough that you were closer to Brad Pitt than an annoying random. But I mean, that doesn’t help anything now haha just something to keep in mind for the future.

      Note that this is your value TO HER (ie – her perception of your value), not your inherent value. If you’re a badass mofo but you had an off day and the impression you left on her was just fucking awful, you should know “okay I have some work to do on this, shit”. Or if you’re a lame-ass but for whatever reason like, a lion attacked and slipped and knocked itself out on your fist and all the girls around you get lady-boners for your awesomeness, know that to them you’re super high value…but then if a new girl walks into the room and didn’t witness the event and hasn’t talked to any of them yet, to HER you’re not as high value as you are to the other girls.

      Don’t STRESS the value thing, like “ohhh nooo, I’m not high value enough, wahhh I’m not going to even try!!” Just be AWARE of it and tweak your game based on it.

      This is also why basing your self-esteem on how girls react when you approach is a bad habit to develop…if you’re an awesome guy but you just don’t know how to present that well yet because you’re a newbie to game, well, you’re still that awesome guy, it’s just that TO HER, you haven’t presented that well, so your value ends up being low and she rejects you. Whereas if you were still the EXACT same guy, BUT you presented yourself better with solid game, she’d be all over you. So her reaction should really be irrellevant except as an indicator of whether you need to tighten your game up or look at sticking points you have.

      “I also avoided texting her too frequently because yup I didn’t want to become a texting buddy.”

      I think there’s a misconception in the community about “alpha txting”. I txt a LOT, like, all day long, daily, and I send paragraph long txts, multiple txts in a row, etc.

      It’s not so much the frequency of your txting or the length of your txts that puts you in the “texting buddy” zone, it’s whether those txts are flirting or talking about puppy dogs and ice cream, and whether those txts are pushing toward a goal (aka a meet-up, aka fucking) or if they’re just wishy-washy floating in the breeze conversation.

      Think of it more like: Am I expressing my intent? If you’re not, that’s how you get friend zoned. Expressing your intent makes it so she CAN’T categorize you as just a harmless friend. It’s that old PUA saying of “she should always feel that when she’s interacting with you she’s in imminent danger of being fucked” lol

      So if she txts “how was your day?” and you wait 24hrs and txt back “not bad. u?”, that’s going to fuck you over compared to instantly replying “boring as fuck, but my night is going to be better ’cause I’m picking you up at 7 for dinner. Wear that red dress you wore when we met, that was killer.” Again even if she rejects the offer, you’ve shown that you’re not a friend zone guy, you’re not her texting buddy, you’re a guy that if she continues to interact with you, you will fuck her (so technically her still interacting with you after rejecting you IS the IOI that she still wants you to fuck her lol, but that’s another concept entirely).

      “Oh, what made it more complicated was that she lives out in an area affected by Sandy”

      Hard to account for a natural disaster like that lol I mean for all you knew her parents died in Sandy or something. Or maybe she was bored as fuck all day dying for someone to txt her so she had something to take her mind off it. It’s not really something you can be like “shit, the solid play would’ve been to do such and such” so I wouldn’t beat yourself up about it. Your plan was as good an attempt as any would have been in that situ!

      “Once I realized that it’s practice and I’m bound to fuck up it makes the letdowns easier because time and time again I forget about whatever girl after I go out more and meet/game new ones.”

      It’s like jogging. The more you do it, the further along you get each time before you burn out. Over time you effortlessly handle the runs that gave you trouble, but you’ll still burn out, it’s just further down the road. Don’t attach too much to it. Remember, you can’t control how people will react to you or how girls will respond to you…all you can control is whether you took “Right Action” or not.

      “I wasn’t used to the fact that a girl that cute could possibly be into me so I didn’t physically escalate and it almost got to the point of “Surprise! I have a penis” game.”

      lol don’t stress it, we were ALL there at one point. And even guys good at game fuck that up. Brad gives a couple little funny stories about Entitlement and assuming value here:

      “See man, the field does fix you, like you said. Had I not made those mistakes the first time and learned (and got burned) from it, I would have made them again.”

      lol ya, that’s a big part of why we stress going out. It’s like, I can TELL you “dude, do such and such” and you can KNOW logically “I should do such and such” but you’ll go out in the field and in the situ where you should do “such and such” you’ll blank or just not think of it or forget about it and get COMPLETELY FUCKED OVER and lose some hot chick and end up going home to spank it solo before you cry yourself to sleep. But the NEXT time you’re in that situ, your brain will go “HEY, remember what happened last time? Don’t let that shit happen again, fucker!!” and you’ll remember to do “such and such”:

      “just frustrating that I still didn’t get further because I lacked leadership in the last text messages.”

      Definitely sucks. But the next girl you txt? You’re gonna’ lead like a motherfucker. :)

      “Finally, thanks again. I’ll be sure to keep you updated if she gets back to me”

      No prob, hope she does. Lookin’ forward to the PDF, I’d never heard of Decibel’s txt stuff but I Googled it and gave it a quick glance and it looks solid. Going to give it a full read later.

on November 14, 2012 at 3:19 pm
Original Link


Please don’t fall of the self aggrandizing cliff just because you happen to get laid at an above average rate.

Isolation, trying to get the target tipsy/drunk, putting on a facade of power despite knowing the whole cardhouse will come falling down under any reasonable challenge, is very different from writing a song or painting a painting.

Cue songwriting, game is more related to song marketing, as in, say, payola: Creating the illusion of popularity, since statistically that increases the odds of actual popularity.

  • YaReally
    on November 14, 2012 at 6:34 pm
    Original Link

    Isolation, trying to get the target tipsy/drunk, putting on a facade of power despite knowing the whole cardhouse will come falling down under any reasonable challenge

    Isolation – you mean helping a woman to escape social judgement and her deep-seated fears that force her to live her life as a facade (to earn the approval of the people around her), and fostering a situation where she can truly relax and be herself and act on her normally stifled desires?

    Tipsy/drunk – PUAs don’t try to get women drunk. Amateurs with shitty game and Naturals do. In fact a lot of us don’t like drunk chicks because they don’t get all our wordplay and humor and, quite frankly, they can just be annoying. On top of that a lot of us seduce women during the day and in environments that don’t involve alcohol. It’s also very common that a girl will ask for a drink literally just so she can have one sip and justify in her mind that “oh I’m not a slut, I was drunk and it just happened”. I used to get annoyed with girls who did that because it was a waste of my alcohol lol

    Facade of power – over time the facade becomes real. Don’t forget the “make it” part of “fake it till you make it”. We train to be high value socially powerful men, there’s no facade once you achieve that.

    Would you like to try again, or are you happy rolling around in your ignorance like a pig in shit?

on November 14, 2012 at 6:24 pm
Original Link

“I love women. I have all their albums.”

What Is The Point Of Telling Ugly Truths?

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on November 9, 2012 at 5:12 pm
Original Link

Can we maybe have more Game-related posts again, please?

Sure, you make some good points but maybe make another blog for it…

  • King A (Matthew King)
    on November 10, 2012 at 4:02 pm
    Original Link

    In the long run, urban metrosexual red-pill PUAs will have to make the choice between their politics and their habits. Just like the twentysomething whores who think they can spend their prime slut-hopping the cockousel, then make the big switcheroo to family, dedicated playas-4-life will face an abrupt choice the moment they understand that the total investment in pussy creates no assets and no yields. This explains part of the shifting theme on this site, a shift asef has no ability to recognize or understand.

    While we don’t suffer menopause, eventually it becomes too late to invest in long-term assets for men as much as women, and so PUAs double down on the myths of marriage-as-prison and the permanence of women as unreformable, incorrigible sluts. The ones who recognize this mistake — like the high profile marriages/mea culpas within “the community” (D’Angelo, Cook, Max) — are abominations. They settle just like female wall victims do. If you don’t believe me, show me an attractive wife of a former PUA.

    You make your bed, you lie in it. You contribute to the blue-state urban cess pool, you get fat on its unique advantages, you become inextricable from the decline and fall. This explains the disconnect between CH’s personal tolerance for victimized minorities (blacks, gays) and his private HBD theories, only only come out to play in anonymous writings, that acknowledge the reality of indulging their dysfunction. Not only does the urban PUA’s habits require him to stay on a sinking ship, he must make peace with the sources of corruption: moving to the suburbs or the country is not an option. Virgins become “unicorns,” loyal childbearing wives can must be whores who haven’t met his charming ways yet, obedient women by definition exist only a white knight’s fantasy. There are no clubs in Iowa, no lawyer femmcunts whose sexual conquering is all the sweeter for her severe cuntliness. Could you imagine! Living on a farm! Or on a cul-de-sac in a gated subdivision?

    They hate the cum-stained taxis and shrill leftist busibodies all around them, but, like sea-level equatorial negroids, they are not conditioned to live in the high climes, the Zarathustran “rarefied air.” What to do besides resign oneself to the apocalypse? They make a desert and call it “poolside.” An empty, graffiti-slashed pool in the middle of the Bachelor Arms motel.


    • YaReally
      on November 12, 2012 at 8:18 pm
      Original Link

      Sorry, it was the weekend and I was busy banging a cute little brunette chick 8 years younger than me who works as some kind of lawyer assistant.

      Happy to reply if someone wants to give me the cliff notes on whatever the fuck king A was ranting about. I get like a paragraph into his rambling and then just get bored and skip the rest. I honestly can’t be bothered to read 10 pages of bitter old man rambling with no actual useful content. I write a shit-load too but at least my shit helps people out.

      Cliff notes:
      – tl;dr lol

    • YaReally
      on November 14, 2012 at 12:56 am
      Original Link

      ah, a classic King A response.

      – reword something the other person didn’t say into something you can argue

      – argue that for a few paragraphs

      – rally safe agreeable members of the crowd who will back you up

      – try to jab at the person’s ego/value (ie – “nobody will liiiike youuuu”) to get them to react

      – then finish it off with a fun little conspiracy theory bowtie (“they’re all ON TO YOU!!”…”they” being a vague spooky term that people in debates use when they want to pretend their view has more support/evidence than is really there to make the other person worried)

      Haven’t seen one of those in a while. Glad you’re sticking true to form! :)

    • YaReally
      on November 14, 2012 at 1:38 am
      Original Link

      “How to do it for years in the conditions described above?”

      Oh no, it’s hard. No shit lol :) This is the equivalent of saying “Ya but c’mon man, starting a successful business is HARD…I mean, lots of businesses fail and there’s competition. Really, how is your “McDonald’s” thing supposed to stay above the competition for YEARS? It’s hard so you probably shouldn’t aim for that goal. Really what you should do is just open a little mom ‘n pop diner in some podunk little town where you won’t have to compete with Burger King or Subway or anyone, because that’s a lot easier and you should just settle for less in life.”

      Replace starting a successful business with being a popular musician, pro athlete, etc. Like, come on now, that can’t really be your argument. :P

      “Also are there PUA’s that are in really long LTR’s or marriages, with a 8.5+?”

      Doesn’t really matter in the longrun. Your business coach may not have started more than a few small businesses himself, but he can still teach and equip you with the skills to put you on track to head towards Donald Trump success if you’re willing to put in the work and effort to achieve that. Mike Tyson had a boxing coach who probably couldn’t knock him out in the ring. Don’t limit yourself based on other people’s achievements. I don’t imagine you’d recommend that guys who find the Manosphere and Game listen to the people in their personal lives who tell them “only rich handsome guys get girls, you’re a nerd you might as well not even try, just find a 4 and get a job at Wal-Mart and wait life out until you die”.

      “What would you advised against your own tactic? What would you do to prevent your wife from such stuff, and people?”

      Be better than other men (more confidence, more solid in myself and my beliefs, values, attitudes, lead the relationship, etc.), don’t stop working toward personal goals, and make sure she gets a healthy dose of what she needs (emotions, both good and bad, discipline, rewards, etc.).

      Basically don’t slack off and get complacent and settle in life.

      The reason I can fuck guys’ wives and girlfriends so easily is because those guys slack off in at least one of those areas. They settle into a mundane lifestyle or let themselves go in general, they stop setting goals and developing themselves and just become apathetic slugs in life, or they slack off gaming their girl and she gets bored and loses attraction because he provides a boring dialtone flatline of emotions. Then I sweep in, use my Game skills to quickly/efficiently figure out where she is and isn’t satisfied, and use Game to quickly/efficiently press the appropriate buttons. Shrug. It’s easy to do because other men MAKE it easy to do.

      Even you, your attitude is terrible (no offense, I’m not judging you as a person, just saying the beliefs that come out in this particular chunk of writing you’ve done are not good ones). If you got a 10, I would take her off your hands easy, because you already don’t think you could be the kind of guy she’d stay with. It’s too impossible to keep a 9 or 10 satisfied for so long. If you believe it, she believes it, and I would just play off your pessimistive beliefs to get her.

      Could I keep a 10 and raise a family with her and grow old together? Well, other guys have done it. Those “secular, educated, employed, and residing in a big city” 10s aren’t all dying alone. Remember, PUAs aren’t doing anything impossible here, all we’re doing is looking at successful people, looking for patterns in their behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, etc. and backwards engineering then codifying those observations and experiences into a learnable system.

      It’s the same as looking at a bunch of successful entrepreneurs or athletes or whatever and finding the patterns they share and adopting those into your own life (“Think And Grow Rich”, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, etc. etc.). The only reason guys think it’s any different and any less plausable and do-able in relationsihps is that how attractive we are to women is something that affects us to our core…you may never really think you could be rich and have 10 limousines and 3 mansions, so if you don’t achieve that it doesn’t really bother you and you accept that you CAN achieve that if you follow the same steps those other guys did but ehh you’re happy where you are because you still feel good about yourself as-is.

      But we were all taught that there’s someone out there for everyone and there are plenty of fish in the sea and we’ll all find “The One” someday when the universe decides it’s time and girls are all special Madonna angels who will never fuck us over or chase hypergamy, so guys don’t want to put effort into it or learn a system or anything the same way that if you grew up believing at 21 you’d be handed a fortune of money, you wouldn’t bother studying how to become rich and successful. And someone would say “Dude, no one’s going to hand you a fortune, you have to earn it, maybe you shouldn’t slack off in school so much…” and you’d go “ehh whatever man, it’ll all work out, you’re too obsessed.”

      There are plenty of PUAs who’ve been in LTRs, we have entire relationship boards dedicated to breaking down that stuff. A lot of them find being with 9s and 10s to be too much work in the long-term but a lot of people find running a business or being a top athlete to be too much work too.

      Sure, you can just be an expat and move to some asian country and find some desperate poor submissive but decent looking woman and then move her out to the country and keep her locked in a basement. That is a perfectly viable strategy. But you’re doing that not because you WANT to, but because you know you’re too pussy to handle a challenge. And that’s fine too, you can reproduce and live a nice quiet little life and probably be pretty happy. Same way you can just go for a walk in a forest instead of climbing Mount Everest and you can play pick-up basketball with your buddies in your drive-way instead of trying to make it to the NBA.

      But some of us want more than what life hands us. The question you should be asking yourself is: Why does that make you so angry? (not you specifically, but the Greg Elliot’s and King A’s of the world)

    • YaReally
      on November 14, 2012 at 7:47 pm
      Original Link

      Does your version of “true manhood” mean becoming a 50+yo bitter racist old man who’s wife rarely fucks him and who has never actually achieved anything significant with his life (you didn’t invent or create anything anyone cares about and no one looks up to you or wants to be you, aside from your internet bromances with other bitter angry old men) besides reproducing and who, at 50+, knows he’s too old TO actually achieve anything significant, so he spends the last years of his life angry and getting into Internet arguments instead of enjoying life and trying to help others?

      Because if so, I think I’ll happily pass, thanks!

on November 12, 2012 at 8:34 pm
Original Link

455 replies. Jesus. And people think *PUAs* waste too much time and energy discussing pointless shit that doesn’t matter lol

Did any of you hang out with friends this weekend? Did any of you make new friends? Anyone? Anyone physically leave their house this weekend and interact with other human beings around them?

But hey it seems like a lot was accomplished here. Jason and Greg are skipping hand in hand now right? King A loves black people now? Everyone’s changing and re-thinking their opinions and beliefs because of all these extremely important well-written insult-fests?

Such a waste of life to be so angry and hate so much lol see y’all on the next post about Game. <3 <3 lol

Judging Sluts

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on November 9, 2012 at 4:35 pm
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Learning about the true nature of female sexuality has put me off from even interacting with women on a casual basis. I can’t get past the idea of inherent female bisexuality, hypergamy, and the instrumental view of sex prevalent in our society. I’ve been able to raise my status to something of a higher beta, nerdy but aloof and ‘charming’, but have lost all interest in women…I don’t like casual sex but given that I can’t love a woman all I’m left with is a form of nihilistic bemused detached emotional sadism from fucking girls and breaking their hearts. How can I “win” when all I want is a deep romantic relationship?

JJ Roberts
on November 9, 2012 at 4:37 pm
Original Link

Sluts only exist in your mind.

If you feel that your madonna-whore syndrome serves you then so be it but spouting nonsense about anti-civilization is laughable.

Slut shaming only existed during the sex 2.0 era (roughly the last 10,000 years) which is less than 5% of human history.

It’s nothing more than a modern invention which acts a cuckhold defence mechanism so you know you are passing your property down your own blood-line.

It does not and never has served any other purpose and (one of) the side-effects of it in countries that practice it to an extreme measure is the sexual starvation of the males.

  • YaReally
    on November 9, 2012 at 5:54 pm
    Original Link

    This. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: madonnas and sluts are the same girl. It all comes down to her external circumstances and the seductive skill of the men around her.

    “But some girl’s are different and would resist all that!!!”

    Okay, what would you think of a guy who was invited to the Playboy mansion and had gorgeous 10s throwing themselves at him dying to fuck him and he refused to touch any of them, let alone have sex with them and when he got a boner he ran away into the bathroom to take a cold shower and felt ashamed of himself for being turned on by these smokin’ hot beauties? You’d think he was gay, low self-esteem, or at the very least has some kind of fucked up mental issues regarding sex and sexuality.

    And yet you want to marry the female equivalent of that? Sounds like fun to me lol

    But hey, keep on keepin’ on. You don’t really need to get rid of the Madonna/whore complex. It’s fine to chase unicorns, just make sure you have other shit going on in your life and other goals to chase because you’re not going to be saddling up anytime soon lol

    • YaReally
      on November 15, 2012 at 2:35 am
      Original Link

      I’m legitimately impressed by your massive logic twist there lol that was awesome.

      But no, it’s not the women I judge it’s marriage as a legal concept that I judge.

      I avoid monogamy because I like variety, has nothing to do with the girl. And I avoid marriage because I don’t like ridiculous one-sided contracts that basically rape men, again has nothing to do with the girl.

      Are there seriously guys still reading Manosphere blogs who WANT to willingly enter the legal contract that is marriage as it exists today? My mind is blown at that. It’s like wanting to start smoking.

Comment Of The Week: The Parable Of The Gift And The Ass

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on November 9, 2012 at 1:56 pm
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OK, I agree, but how do you deal with the possibility of a rape charge later if she has “regrets”?

  • Maya
    on November 9, 2012 at 2:21 pm
    Original Link

    Simple. Don’t have casual sex!

    • YaReally
      on November 9, 2012 at 4:15 pm
      Original Link


  • Anonymous
    on November 9, 2012 at 2:23 pm
    Original Link

    Lol if a chick is into a guy almost nothing is off limits. The usual post post lust convo, “no guy has ever treated/done that to me” and i reply with a shrug and act like it was nothing unusual.

    • YaReally
      on November 9, 2012 at 4:14 pm
      Original Link

      “and act like it was nothing unusual.”

      This is the key to pickup in general, and kinky sex.

      Another PUA saying: “What you feel, she feels”. Dude making it a big deal planning it out for 6 months as a business exchange makes her feel like it’s a big deal. Later on he just goes for it like “that’s what sex is, shrug” and she’s into it.

      Whether its talking to a stranger, talking about sex/kinks with someone you’ve just met (I do this to establish a sexual frame early and screen for what kind of sex she’s into), giving you her phone number, making out in public, going home together, doing kinky shit in bed, the key is to just act like it’s the most normal thing in the world to you.

  • YaReally
    on November 9, 2012 at 4:17 pm
    Original Link

    Learn to avoid Buyer’s Remorse. Google should find you some info on it if you need it. A lot of guys fuck this part up or don’t realize there’s even a section of game dedicated to the “after-care” because they think “whatever I just wanna get laid who cares about what happens after that!!!”

  • Hero
    on November 9, 2012 at 5:07 pm
    Original Link

    Bitches are like dogs, they can sense fear. If you believe in yourself and your actions, it’s amazing what you can get away with. Just don’t spend too much time reveling in your triumph because that indicates that you had some fear about it in the first place.

    YaReally stated it: “What you feel, she feels”. If you feel like you are going to win and both of you are going to have fun as a result, so will she. If you feel scared, like you are not sure how she is going to react, then she won’t like it.

    Have confidence in your actions.

    • YaReally
      on November 9, 2012 at 5:44 pm
      Original Link

      “Just don’t spend too much time reveling in your triumph because that indicates that you had some fear about it in the first place.”

      lol one of the gayest things newbies and non-gamers do is after we chat with some girls the girls start walking away and he’ll be like “nice!!” and hold out his hand to do the rock.

      And now he’s just signaled to everyone around us including the girls’ friends if they’re nearby, that talking to a pretty girl is such a rare thing for us that we need to celebrate it when it happens lol

      Pickup isn’t about one or two big moves that get you the girl, it’s a hundred little things that all increase your odds by 1% and add up to success.

on November 9, 2012 at 2:13 pm
Original Link

One of the oldest PUA rules:

“Change her mood, not her mind.”

  • YaReally
    on November 9, 2012 at 2:54 pm
    Original Link

    Also fuckin go out tonight, it’s Friday. There are chicks out there waiting for you to put it in their pooper lol

    • YaReally
      on November 9, 2012 at 3:49 pm
      Original Link

      Regulars during the week, new ones on the weekend.

on November 9, 2012 at 3:22 pm
Original Link

It took me until my early 20’s to figure this out. Get a girl alone behind closed doors, and then just physically escalate.

The hard part is getting them alone in the first place. So far, online dating’s the only way I’ve been able to isolate girls,, but the message to date rate is so crummy.

  • YaReally
    on November 9, 2012 at 3:58 pm
    Original Link

    You don’t even have to get then completely alone. All you have to do is remove whoever they’re worried about judging them from their field of vision and you can escalate.

    So a standard tactic my buddies and I use all the time is when you’re both in a two-set don’t stand there as a group of 4 all talking to eachother, instead as you’re talking to your girl, you take a couple steps to the side while your buddy does the same with his girl. The end result is the girls are back-to-back facing you guys. They don’t panic because logically they know their friend is still around so they’re “safe” but their friend is no longer in their field of vision so despite the cognitive dissonance it registers as “my friend isn’t watching me”, and she allows herself to loosen up and go with your escalation as you game her.

    Experiment with this if you don’t believe me lol this is one of THE core basics I would teach a guy who was new to winging me.

    If the group is huge like a 5-7 set, same thing have your buddy occupy the group and stand in-between them and you and distract everyone while you turn your girl away from her group or lead her by the hand somewhere away. You literally just have to get out of sight, even if that’s just being across the dance floor or around a corner or behind a pillar.

    If you’re solo it’s tougher, I like to befriend her group quick and then ask them if I can borrow her for a minute, or take her to get a drink etc. something simple and innocent that they won’t reject because I seem like a nice dude. Then with the group’s approval do you take her to the bar right beside her group or the bar on the other side of the room? Exactly. :)

    Try it out, make a conscious effort to work on isolation this weekend. If you have a buddy, open a few sets and stay in the generic “4 people talking” arrangement. Then open a few sets and turn their backs to eachother and see how much easier it is to escalate and how much more intimate and natural it is when she feels isolated.

    Good luck!

on November 9, 2012 at 3:47 pm
Original Link

Potential alpha troll move: Next time a girl asks you to buy her a drink at a bar order a rum+coke for yourself and a tap water for her, then pretend to give her the rum+coke and give her the water instead.

Thoughts? too rude/mean?

  • YaReally
    on November 9, 2012 at 4:09 pm
    Original Link

    You can do it and it’s a good burn and you can high-five your buddies after because you “showed that bitch” lol and on really hot turbo girls it’ll either work as a neg and get her chasing your validation or piss them off but that’s pretty much a roll of the dice.

    More productive tho, is to pull her in, wrap her arms around you and yours around her, and stare her down and in a bedroom voice tell her “I can’t buy you a drink…” “Why?” “Because then you’ll be drunk when I take advantage of you tonight…” and just go for the makeout.

    You still probably won’t get her, she’ll likely giggle and run away (usually girls approaching guys for drinks have some kind of competition going on so she can’t stay to flirt because she has to find a sucker to win this thing) but you can re-open later in the night and whether you get the makeout or not, the girls around you that see it are like “lol wow who the fuck is that guy??” so it’s good social proof and the whole situ will probably put you more in state which adds to the momentum of your night.

    If she’s a cool chick that you’ve been talking to for a while, go ahead and buy her the drink, it’s no big deal. She’s earned it by being cool and fun to talk to VS the drink whores just trolling guys for free drinks.

    • YaReally
      on November 15, 2012 at 8:26 am
      Original Link

      “For as much hate as you get around here man, I can tell you are one of the few dudes on here that actually gets out there and does it.”

      lol thanks. I’ve said before that the guys who actually go out and hit it up generally agree with the shit I say. The people who hate on me tend to be the guys who are playing out keyboard jockey fantasies in their head of how they think things would play out and what jives with what they want to believe, etc. based on limited to no experience (or no recent experience).

      The reason for this is because as Tyler says: “People always want to challenge based on “ideas” we’ve learned…These aren’t my IDEAS. I have almost no IDEAS about how to meet girls. All I have are experiences, and repeated experiences that are in the hundreds and thousands and tens of thousands between all my students, friends, Natural friends, and myself. That’s where the view comes from. Your opinion means SHIT.”

      Part of how I can tell how much game a guy has and how much he goes out is based on whether he agrees with me or not. It’s not because I’m trying to paint them in a bad light to feel superior, it’s because I’m not attached to any of these concepts at all, I’m literally just reporting what works or doesn’t work and any guy who goes out a ton will run into the same patterns…that’s the whole basis of PUA.

      Guys in the Manosphere have a deep emotional investment in a lot of their beliefs. PUAs, one of the first things we learn is basically “all your feelings are going to fuck with your learning/progress, ignore all that shit and look at this logically with no emotion”.

      If tomorrow everyone started reporting that only guys who were 6’5″ were getting laid, and we had hundreds of thousands of reports of that happening and hundreds and thousands of reports of guys under 6’4″ not being able to get laid, I would literally change what I write and start espousing “Hey everyone, height matters, you need to be 6’5″ to get laid.” and start figuring out how to grow like 8″ lol

      “Small example.”

      lol good stuff. One of my favorite things I see with guys learning game is that often a lot of AFC guys won’t even realize that girl wants to be approached. Like, it’s not on their radar that she’s giving any signals at all that she’d be receptive etc. She could be sitting on his lap and he’d still think “I wonder if she likes me” lol

      But then when he learns game and really gets into it, the reverse happens and it’s like “oh man, this chick lined up right behind me in line at the grocery store. I chatted her up because OBVIOUSLY she wants to fuck me.” lol Like you walk in and you’re like “wtf, why isn’t my buddy talking to that girl?? It’s so OBVIOUS she wants to be opened! Jeeze!!”

      It’s almost like you’re talking to her out of pity lol like “fine, fine, hot girl, I’ll rescue you from the boring hum-drum existance that is your mundane life, god you’re lucky I’m here.” Good mindset in general. :)

      “YaReally, I’m near LA man, let’s hit it sometime.”

      I don’t live in LA but I’ve been there a few times over the years. Love it, tho it was a super intimidating nightlife scene the first couple times I partied there. Guys who live in friendly little podunk towns have no idea what a bitch-shield REALLY looks like lol

Reformed Beta Of The Month

Original Link

via Heartiste

on November 8, 2012 at 1:40 pm
Original Link

Yareally, his fanboys and the accompanying assortment of slut-forgiving manboobs all wept.

[heartiste: yareally is a valuable contributor of game knowledge. as i’ve said before, encouraging sluttiness in women, or at least acting “nonjudgmental” of women’s unrestricted sexuality, is an excellent calculated pickup strategy that will win you more lays than it loses you. but that’s all it is: a strategy. it’s not a high-minded philosophy or a call to arms to save the world by allowing women free reign to indulge cock hopping. anyone who thinks it is has drunk the femcunt koolaid.]

  • Anon
    on November 8, 2012 at 2:13 pm
    Original Link

    “yareally is a valuable contributor of game knowledge”

    Sure he is. And I even got shit from other commenters because I called for a truce with him exactly because of his knowledge. But he took a big old dump on my mediation attempt, and we all know how much he likes it…

    The problem with yareally is that he’s too hung up on the femcunt expression “madonna-whore complex” and tries to convince us that all women are potential sluts (We agree) and that it doesn’t matter if they acted on that potential of sluttery or not (We disagree).

    • YaReally
      on November 8, 2012 at 3:09 pm
      Original Link

      Do you think Ralph a couple comments above thought his wife was a Slutty Slutterson? No, he thought he found the unicorn.

      Except it doesn’t exist because once a woman realizes you have a Madonna/whore complex (and they spend most of their lives learning to sniff that out, your poker face isn’t good enough to hide it long-term) she’ll just lie, rewrite her history, make up her own truths, say she was raped, and any number of other hamster bullshit to make you think she’s the unicorn. And you won’t discover it till 60years later when you overhear her talking to her NON-JUDGEMENTAL friend. :)

      See the part you don’t get is that by not judging I can actually get her full sexual history out of her. Whether it bothers me or not is a personal choice, but the point is that she’ll tell me about the football team she blew while she tells you she lost her hymen horseback riding.

      But good luck with your strategy. I’m sure you will find the unicorn one day. She won’t be like all the OTHER girls. You don’t understand guys, this one’s SPECIAL. lol

      Swallow the red pill! It’s the only way.

    • YaReally
      on November 8, 2012 at 6:27 pm
      Original Link


      “The problem is what will you do when you get the information?”

      Maybe you should be concerned with your own penis instead of what other men do with theirs?

      The PUA community accepts all types of goals, ultimately (though we warn against the silly ones like monogamous marriage). If you just want an LTR with a virgin, that’s cool, but we’re not going to bullshit you and pretend there’s a magical unicorn out there. We’re going to give you the reality of how women work so you can decide how logical or realistic waiting for your unicorn really is.

      Better truth and reality than sticking our heads in the sand refusing to open our eyes and look around and see what’s going on, which seems to be what you advocate. Better to live in the fantasy Matrix and enjoy your steak than live in the real world where the steak might not be perfect? Hey, that’s your choice. :P

      Personally, I don’t really care about a girl’s history. But that’s me. Why are you so concerned with what I stick my dick in?


      “The point with this reformed beta, is that he pressed the point before deciding to commit, so she lied. Don’t give her a reason to lie before you have enough information to make your decision.”

      Yep. If he had been less judgemental she would’ve mentioned her actual number and he could say to himself “Hmm, well, I’m not really interested in that. Good to know!” and exited stage left.

    • YaReally
      on November 8, 2012 at 6:29 pm
      Original Link

      The fact that you would even be CONSIDERING getting married (not just having a family but actually getting legally tied to a woman) means you should probably do some more reading.

      Hey everyone, stabbing yourself in the eye is a bad idea. “That’s cool man, I get it, but what I’m going to do is I’m going to find that knife that doesn’t cut you when you stab it in your eye and then I’m going to willingly stab it in my eye. Wish me luck!!!!1111″

      lol good luck brah.

on November 8, 2012 at 1:47 pm
Original Link

When I posted this article a few threads ago, many beta commenters were revolted and called the guy in the article a beta.

CH must engage in more slut-bashing. Even the regular readers still have a hard time becoming adamant about women’s sexual past.

“very beautiful women with extensive sexual histories don’t suffer too much of a hit to their marriage marketability, because the betas who marry them are quick to forgive their slutty ways”

The keyword here is BETA. Even a turbohot 10 with a shady past is just as desirable LTR-wise as a calcutta whore in my book.

  • yeahokcool
    on November 8, 2012 at 2:31 pm
    Original Link

    What a fucking crybaby. Why do you (and some choice others) give so much of a shit about yareally? He doesn’t care about you or making a truce or sluttiness or being a traditionalist dinosaur curmudgeon. Why? Because that shit is BORING, bro. I’m trying to imagine what hanging out with guys like you and Eliot or whatever his name is and I can’t help but suspect that you wouldn’t be fun to even have a drink with. Life is not that serious. Please, God, loosen your tie up and have some fun before the ride ends.

    • YaReally
      on November 8, 2012 at 3:19 pm
      Original Link

      “He doesn’t care about you or making a truce”

      lol this. That’s what 12yo girls on Facebook do. Ohhhh no a truuuuce!! Mediation attempts!! Omg Greg and King A and the other guys who haven’t seen new pussy in 10+ years are high-fiving eachothers’ cocks because they think they’ve skewered me THUSLY with their pointed words and magnificent revealing of my cloaked bullshit! ZOUNDS!!!

      You get me. <3 lol I'm just here to spread PUA knowledge and clear up misconceptions about the community and what we teach. Anon thinking there's some kind of war/truce is like the fat chick with pictures of Twilight on her wall with X's drawn through K-Stew, thinking her and R-Pat have a secret romance lol

    • YaReally
      on November 9, 2012 at 2:34 pm
      Original Link

      “You little chirpers have no idea how much you expose of yourselves through your attempted confrontations. I know what the bravado conceals.”

      lol I love it.

on November 8, 2012 at 2:20 pm
Original Link

I wonder what exactly he overheard? These two old ladies were probably laughing and carrying on about all of the alpha cock they rode and how much fun they had. The husband evidently gathered from their conversation something that he couldn’t live with. We only hear the woman’s side of the story in this article. For those who think the guy is over reacting, I ask the question, is there nothing that you could find out about a spouse that would that would cause you to say you are through?

  • YaReally
    on November 8, 2012 at 3:32 pm
    Original Link

    “is there nothing that you could find out about a spouse that would that would cause you to say you are through?”

    I’ve done things with girlfriends/fiances/wives of other men that would fucking TERRIFY the guy to learn that his sweet angle was capable of that. I keep in touch with some of them and they have zero problem lying to their guy about it (like the virgin I introduced to bondage who’s now-fiancé thinks he’s the first one to tie her up and that tying her hands to the bedpost is “risqué” lol), because all they fear is judgement.

    I say again, there is no difference between the Madonna and the whore’s potential sluttiness, how much they act on it depends on their environment. She’ll just lie about her past more depending on how judgemental you seem, and that only accounts for her PAST…

    cause even if you FOUND the unicorn, even if you defied all odds and legitimately GOT yourself a chaste unicorn, hedging your bets that your chaste unicorn will remain that way through your marriage is just silly. You would have to keep her away from every man better than you which, if you’ve beta’ed yourself up into promising monogamy and willingly given away your freedom and manhood, is pretty much any other guy out there.

    Literally all a guy like me has to do when we meet her is say “oh you’ve only been with one guy? That’s weird…most girls don’t even have good sex with their first guy. That’s other girls though, you probably don’t even wonder what another guy’s cock looks like lol I’m sure your guy is a Nice Dude who loves you and probably hasn’t been with any other girls either. Oh? He has? That’s weird, are you ever intimidated that he has more sexual experience than you? I wonder if he compares you to the other girls he’s had sex with.”

    Etc etc etc. easy by-the-books PUA tactics.

    • YaReally
      on November 8, 2012 at 6:37 pm
      Original Link

      lol jesus, 30. It’s waaaaay too soon for you to lose hope. That should be one weekend, if you’re just starting out.

      Remember: Rejection is only a rejection of your approach, not of you as a man. They don’t know you, they can’t tell how awesome you are based off the first 30 seconds if you aren’t presenting yourself properly…their rejection is completely not an assessment of your worth as a man. Once you learn to present yourself properly, you’ll get rejected less.

      It’s a long, long road. But worth it. :)

      “The impression is that unless you are alpha, either you will get completely shut out of the sexual marketplace or marry a lying slut.”

      More depressing would be NOT learning that information now, while you still have time to adapt to it, and instead learning it when you catch your wife banging your best friend the day before she files for divorce and takes your kids away.

      You’ve been presented with an amazing opportunity to take charge of your love-life and dominate the world around you instead of pinging off the universe reacting to the world around you like a pinball. It’s a tough road, it’ll take time, but it’ll teach you more about yourself than you can imagine and the payoff will be a life you can’t even imagine at this point.

      “It’s also difficult to remain a non-misogynist”

      This takes time and exposure to a lot of women, where you meet a lot of cool chicks who are just slaves to their nature. It’s like how the first time you meet a dog or a baby you’re like “fuck, shut up already” as it barks or cries constantly. But when it’s your own dog or baby or you spend enough time around them in general you’re like “shit that’s just what they DO, it’s cool. I wish they wouldn’t, but hey, they can’t help it, it’s their nature. I can love them despite that.”

      Hang in there. It gets better. :) Type in “Tyler hard-case rsd” in YouTube for some vids that might help you forge mindsets that make the journey easier.

    • YaReally
      on November 9, 2012 at 2:31 pm
      Original Link

      lol ya I’ve heard the “I know you have your little “game” thing but that wouldn’t work on a REAL woman like Janice at my office” thing from blue-pill guys before.

      Attraction is attraction. You are literally convinced that there is a secret magic unicorn subset of women who’s fudamental biology is different from other women. It would be like me saying “oh some babies just don’t eat food. They have no system of hunger in their bodies. I know a bunch of them!” Of course you do lol

on November 8, 2012 at 3:04 pm
Original Link

Learn from this guy’s mistake, fellas. Only marry the girl if you are the one who broke her cherry. No exceptions. No excuses. Fuck her sap stories. Fuck her imperative. Do not sign your life away for a used pussy.

  • YaReally
    on November 8, 2012 at 3:42 pm
    Original Link

    Yes. Do this.

    Then in a few years after the magic has died down I’ll run into her on a girls’ night out.

    “Oh wow you’ve only been with one guy? That’s really impressive, most girls have to sleep with a few guys before they figure out what they really like in be. You’re so lucky that the first guy you slept with is perfect in bed. Oh? It’s not perfect? Well I’m sure he’s trying, I mean you guys have role played right? No? Well he lets you have toys doesn’t he? Oh he’s jealous of those? Huh…I don’t know, I mean personally I think we should all explore our sexual sides before we commit to someone so that we know that person is the right one for us. I don’t mean you and I, I’m totally not the kind of guy you’d want to sleep with…you saw those other girls that i was kissing, I’m not the commitment type and you’d never hear from me again after tonight, even your friends wouldn’t know about us playing around you wouldn’t want to be stuck with a big secret like that.”

    And then I fuck her. And she never tells you. And you continue to think your Madonna isn’t like “those whores” while I show the naked pics she sent me to my buddies.

    • YaReally
      on November 9, 2012 at 2:24 pm
      Original Link

      The reason I know you don’t get laid is because you think the dialogue has to be more eloquent and poetic than that. You live in a fantasy world where you play interactions out in your head like a child playing with toys, instead of going out and actually hitting on girls.

      Everyone laughing at what I wrote, try saying what I wrote to the next sexually inexperienced chick you meet. That stuff is right out of my experience, being out, getting those girls to cheat on their men with me.

      But then you’d have to actually go out and talk to girls to run into girls like that. It’s Friday night. Are any of you going out? Buncha keyboard jockeys lol

Intermittent Love

Original Link

via Heartiste

on November 7, 2012 at 5:44 pm
Original Link

Speaking to hot/cold/hot/cold – what are the best ways to go ‘cold’. Simply cut contact for a few days (or few weeks, depending on the average frequency of contact) before shooting her a call saying ‘hey, just saw your evil twin?’

Or is accepting plans to meet up or continuing interaction still worthwhile as far as pursuing the end goal, so long as your responses and interactions are suitably distracted and detached?

  • YaReally
    on November 7, 2012 at 9:30 pm
    Original Link

    There’s a reward/punishment version of going cold on her (proper NEXT’ing techniques) to encourage/discourage behavior, but if she’s a generally cool chick and you just want to seem aloof now and then, remember this very simple rule:

    “You don’t have to respond to every txt message.”

    Before you respond, say that to yourself and ask yourself “Does this really need a response? Right now? If I was taking a nap right now and didn’t respond would the world end?” It helps whittle away a lot of gay beta txting habits guys have.

Intermittent Love

Original Link

via Heartiste

on November 7, 2012 at 6:38 pm
Original Link

As “rewards”, fruit juice and water are hardly comparable to caring and constancy in the people you share yourself with. The only conclusion you can draw from this study is that thirsty subjects release more dopamine when they’re given juice and water intermittently rather than predictably.

Dr. Berns’ citing Cordelia as “boring” because her honesty and loyalty compelled her not to blow smoke up King Lear’s arse in exchange for a third of his property seems at odds with your unstated premise, which presumably is avoiding gold diggers while maximizing your dating options. There are plenty of women out there who just want to get laid and have a respectably good time without all the messy entanglements. Why not be honest at the outset and limit your dating to them instead of mistreating someone who genuinely cares for you?

Robert: If you date more than one person, the appropriate frequency will suggest itself. If you feel like seeing her, ask if she’s available. If you don’t, don’t. The “hot and cold” thing will only take you so far before she dumps you for someone who doesn’t play head games with her.

Gregi: And there you have it. It’s harder on you than it is on her. Especially if she’s not all that into you to begin with.

  • wingwoman
    on November 7, 2012 at 8:43 pm
    Original Link

    I concur strongly with everything you stated however you are commenting to unperceptive audience for the most part I must tell you. Also some to a lot of them will not only settle for so far that’s there whole goal so that point might not matter to a lot of them. I hope your comment gets through and adds some enlightenment to whoever reads it .

    • YaReally
      on November 7, 2012 at 9:26 pm
      Original Link

      “Also some to a lot of them will not only settle for so far that’s there whole goal so that point might not matter to a lot of them.”

      Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

on November 7, 2012 at 8:33 pm
Original Link

Fuck hot cold is bullshit. You will lose quality. If you want some be with them if you don’t don’t. As to the people thinking it’s more exciting it’s unstable. If you want an actual relationship you need some healthy level of stability even if it’s “boring”. You don’t like boring date/fuck drug addicts and suicidal bipolar just released from the psych ward.

Woman seem hot cold at the start because it takes us time to trust you because of how many of you are complete utter pieces of shit. We need time to figure out what the fuck you want and who the fuck you even are. You have a chance until you fuck it up basically.

  • YaReally
    on November 7, 2012 at 8:37 pm
    Original Link

    Where are all these women coming from lately? brb, going to post on a pregnancy forum and try to give them all advice and lecture them lol

    It’s not that we don’t like women, it’s just that your opinion on pretty much anything we discuss here is irrellevant, wrong, or based in ignorance.

    You’re welcome to post pics of your tits though. <3 <3

    • YaReally
      on November 7, 2012 at 9:24 pm
      Original Link

      See Darkktrader’s response below me? Where he provides anecdotal evidence of how legit hot & cold is? And how there will be dozens more guys posting in this thread about their observations of how legit hot & cold is? And how tens of thousands of PUAs have also pooled their anecdotal evidence and observations on how legit hot & cold is while they’re out picking up and having sex with and getting into relationships with women?

      The fact that you think your opinion as a woman should even remotely hold ANY kind of weight or value, especially when it contradicts the thousands of guys who’ve reported similar experiences, is silly.

      Like I said before, your opinion is irrelevant, wrong, or based in ignorance. Know your limits. You don’t have to be included in everything, you don’t have to be the center of every universe, you don’t have to make everything about you and your extremely limited experiences.

      Every time you post something like “well that’s not what I think because hamster hamster hamster!” the guys here have to waste 10 posts arguing with you trying to convince you of what’s blatantly obvious to anyone with a penis and a set of eyes who steps outside their apartment. Please waste other people’s time, thx.

      P.S. Your boob pics didn’t show up, maybe you forgot to include the URL?

    • YaReally
      on November 8, 2012 at 1:34 am
      Original Link

      “All these crazy games don’t work on the same woman for the long term, and definitely don’t work on a woman looking for a serious relationship.”

      NAWALT + “game only works on bar sluts”

      “To some of these men there is no in between”

      Exaggerating the opposition’s position to discredit them based on a strawman

      “They are all driven by their biological sexual drive which is so over the top the way they describe their shenanigans, and yet they smash women for having their hormonal problems.”

      This is the “Men do dumb things too so let’s cancel out ALL DISCUSSION ENTIRELY because everyone cancels eachother out!! Oh some woman raped a guy? Let’s not talk about that because men have raped women too!!!11″ argument. Hmmm, might need a shorter term for that one.

      “No one is perfect or a 100% right all the time – women or men.”

      Same thing, “the other side does bad things too so NO DISCUSSION ALLOWED!!111″

      “All you have to do is find one good partner”

      Disney bullshit.

      “A lot of it is so exaggerated, it’s mostly good for entertainment value but nothing more.”

      It’s weird how you keep responding then.

    • YaReally
      on November 8, 2012 at 1:35 am
      Original Link

      YaReally <3's Bear. But misses his arm. :(

    • YaReally
      on November 8, 2012 at 1:44 am
      Original Link

      “You’re clueless because the only thing you understand is sex with worthless hos.”

      Exaggerating the opposition’s position to discredit them via a strawman.

      “Sorry, but that’s not proof you have real understanding how normal non-ho chicks behave.”


      “Hos have very low standards. They’ll sleep with every creep who looks their way. Excuse us, but some women do have something more to offer”

      Madonna/whore complex and shame tactic.

      “The hos you hook up with drop their panties the moment they see you approaching”


      “However, I bet you couldn’t get any woman with standards”

      The “game only works on low self-esteem bar sluts” argument again.

      “or you wouldn’t bother pursuing too much one that gives you some reverse game.”

      The “you couldn’t handle a REAL woman” feminist line.

      “You’re either serious or a playa, and if you’re a playa then move along.”

      This is where you pretend women have a collective consciousness and threaten that as a group they’ll cut him off from sex if he dares to learn/use game on them. I really need to come up with a good short term for this tactic.

      “men like you only get hos.”

      Again, the “game only works on LSE bar sluts” bit.

      “I know to you sex is sex, so who cares if it’s with a ho who dropped her panties to 10 men before you within the last month. ”

      Exaggerating the opponent’s position to discredit them via strawman.

      “However, to a man looking for something a little bit more deep than the common ho in the club”

      Madonna/whore, NAWALT, shame-tactic.

      “bedding such a ho is no big prize or one that engenders a feeling of accomplishment.”

      The “you can’t handle a REAL woman” bit.

      Please, do go on. You’re making AMAZING progress and definitely convincing MANY men here that they should listen to your wisdom.

    • YaReally
      on November 8, 2012 at 2:51 pm
      Original Link


      fucking WIN, thanks. I knew there had to be some kind of term for that because it’s like the default go-to feminist way of trying to null any discussion about women not being made of rainbows and unicorns.

    • YaReally
      on November 8, 2012 at 10:11 pm
      Original Link

      This. Quite frankly I’m amazed that had to be spelled out for her. The “I’m the most important person in the world and everyone should listen to my opinion on everything!” entitlement runs deep on this one lol

  • JCclimber
    on November 7, 2012 at 8:58 pm
    Original Link

    And….once again we get reinforcement of the axiom “never take advice on (successful) wooing of women from a woman”.

    Basically, do the George Constanza approach. Do the opposite of what she suggests, in other words, do what Heartiste says to do.

    • YaReally
      on November 8, 2012 at 2:00 am
      Original Link

      It brings a tear to my eye that enough men here have gotten CH’s message and see women’s advice for the silly useless shit that it is and know to instantly discard it. On other boards (try reading Aunt Sue’s comment column for a laugh) a girl comes in and all the White Knight guys choking on the red-pill’s message desperately clinging to their blue-pill conditioning get into big 10 page discussions about her opinion that accomplish absolutely nothing except confusing guys and leading them down paths that won’t get them results.

      PUA forums were originally a men only club. That’s why we made so much progress so fast. Never ever ever listen to a woman’s advice on pickup. :)

    • YaReally
      on November 8, 2012 at 4:05 pm
      Original Link

      “whether you like it or not, many people still value old-fashion marriages and strong men that produce and make the world go round.”

      hmmm…in the longrun, who is more likely to contribute and produce more for society:

      1) The guy who has ample amounts of free time, money, no ties, his own goals and direction in life, no legal commitments or threats looming over head, no marriage drama to worry about, no bastard kids from other men to look after and pay for and take to little league games…

      or 2) The guy who hitches up with some single mom (since that’s most women these days) and gets married and legally binds himself to waste all his time, money, and energy on them (assuming they don’t leave him so he’s forced to pay a bunch of money each month for her to get her hair done so he doesn’t go to jail). Do you think that guy is out producing and making the world a better place? Do you think he’s starting his own business to employ thousands? No, he’s barely getting out of the house to play poker with his equally miserable buddies after begging his wife for a few hours of free time to himself.

      But please, do continue to try to shame us into seeing how awesome voluntarily crippling your life and its potential are. Incidentally I have this bridge to sell, are you interested?

    • YaReally
      on November 8, 2012 at 5:31 pm
      Original Link

      “Please YaReally, don’t use bogus arguments.”

      Pot? Kettle?

      “Who is suggesting you go after divorced women or sluts with kids out of wedlock?”

      Pretty much every woman over 25 in society today?

      “A man that has a woman he loves by his side”

      Until her hypergamy triggers and she fucks some other guy. Please continue.

      “and unfettered access to sex”

      Do you know what “incel” is? Google it. Do you want to do a poll of married men and whether they’re getting “unfettered access to sex”? lol

      “which means he doesn’t have to constantly troll for it”

      I imagine being up late frustrated and horny all night desperate for sex from the fattening behemoth you’re legally tied to WOULD give a man plenty of free time to get things done, maybe you’re right after all.

      “can focus much better on building a career or a business.”

      Oh definitely. Women and kids definitely wouldn’t have an issue with a guy risking financial stability to chase his dreams and start a business.

      You live in a fantasy world. Do you know why you live in a fantasy world? Because you have a pussy, not a dick, and society has sold you the fantasy world that none of us with dicks lives in.

      “Do you think they have time for prowling?”

      Prowling takes very little time when you’re good at it. ;)

      “Just don’t get upset by some of us folks who don’t think such lifestyle is the best for men who truly can do great things.”

      And what has your boyfriend/fiance/husband done? With such a supportive amazing woman by his side and all. Did you guys sit on a couch and watch DVDs and order pizza together last weekend? Or was he out revolutionizing mankind? I know which one I’d place my money on lol

  • Rider
    on November 7, 2012 at 10:19 pm
    Original Link

    Quick question: how old are you? Honestly.

    – if you’re 15 – 25: you love to declare you want a serious and stable relationship, but deep down – so down your rational mind can’t understand it – you want strong emotions. The “you” that your rational mind can’t understand or control, desires the kind of man we only can describe as “jerk”, “bad boy alpha” or “dark triad personality”.

    *Or as a PUA/red piller, someone that overcomes the beta Matrix all men is submerged today (with the few exceptions).*

    – if you’re 26 – 30: the maturity mindset (or, like we all identify now: the call for a stable life, kids, a house with white fence AND a beta nice guy to provide for it all) is beginning to prevail over decades of feminazi brainwashing, and so you’re looking for the “mature beautiful rich nice understandable-of-your-crazy-and-wild-years” that the Feminism promise to you that will be there, just waiting for your decision to be married… and he’s not there.

    – over 31: it’s time for desperate measures! I want a baby! I want a Five Star marriage! I want a man to show off to my sisterhood, I want to make the cake and get it too! And how can I accept all these guys counselling and helping each other to understand the real female mindset???? That’s not fair!!!!!

    So, you came here to try to tell us of your dissonant voice, and tell us all what the Real Truth ™ is. Nice try, but…

    So bad we men learn (NOW, and finally) from experience and observation, and not more from what you say. How sad… NOT!

    • YaReally
      on November 8, 2012 at 1:53 am
      Original Link

      “My personal thing isn’t as relevant to this for a few reasons”

      aka “I’m talking out of my ass”

      “I gave an opinion like every other poster and you can take it for what it is, or ignore it.”

      We’re trying to, but you keep posting.

      “Your experience and observation is no more or less relevant then mine.”

      No, it completely is. Unless you’ve suddenly grown a penis and spent 10+ years dating and fucking women. Have you? No? It’s weird, I haven’t launched a space shuttle so I probably won’t go on a NASA board and tell scientists how space flight works.

      “I don’t have to qualify my experience anymore then all the male keyboard jockeys around here who boast and don’t get called on it.”

      Yes, you do. Because not only do you have less experience with attraction and women than a virgin keyboard jockey, you have ANTI-experience because you’re a woman. You’re in the negatives as far as what your experience is worth in these discussions because you don’t have a penis and haven’t lived through what a man lives through when it comes to the Sexual Marketplace.

      Again, I haven’t launched a space shuttle and I don’t tell NASA scientists “I don’t have to qualify my experience!!! My opinion is just as valid as yours” when I spout nonsense at them that they all disagree with based on their launching of actual space flights. It’s okay, you can admit that you aren’t qualified to comment on something. I know this is the age of “GRRL POWER!!!” and you can do anything you want because you’re a special princess snowflake, but it doesn’t make you less of a person to admit “hey you know what? Maybe I’m not really qualified to discuss this subject…”

      “By the way men tend to want children more then woman.”

      Blah blah blah. Where are those titty pics?

on November 7, 2012 at 9:55 pm
Original Link

Arguably, this intermittent love theory holds true for men as well. This doesn’t say anything about men not being included in the water and juice test…theoretically, as long as a woman is hot, she could pull the hot-and-cold bullshit to easily attract a guy.

  • YaReally
    on November 7, 2012 at 11:44 pm
    Original Link

    “theoretically, as long as a woman is hot, she could pull the hot-and-cold bullshit to easily attract a guy.”

    Where the fuck do you think we backwards engineered the technique from? lol

    If you ladies spent your time on the treadmill instead of posting redundant counter-productive shit here, you’d all be happily married by now.

Intermittent Love

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via Heartiste

on November 8, 2012 at 10:51 am
Original Link

I study psych, this is nothing new to me, and I can also explain why we crave something we don’t really like (or why girls crave for jerks even though they consciously don’t like them).
Let me know if this is of interest for you, I’m not gonna write about it if nobody cares.

  • YaReally
    on November 8, 2012 at 3:56 pm
    Original Link

    I would read this, ’cause I’m a general psych buff.

on November 8, 2012 at 11:53 am
Original Link

Get a book on “dog training” and apply the principles to your interactions with women. You need to reward her to cement proper behavior, but for your attention to have value – is has to be rare. Like any commodity which is in short supply – the price goes up, as does the demand, when there is less of it. You, control the supply… Too many people try to give away their attention, and it is treated at the value that you are charging – i.e., it is worthless… But if someone has to work hard for your attention, they will value it…

Women are fickle creatures – so you have to make them value your attention. And make sure that your “reward” always benefits you. So the reward can be a weekend with you in a cabin in the woods, where she will cater to your needs, cook your meals, then f**k you to exhaustion, etc. Never do anything that doesn’t directly benefit you. She should want to make you happy – so give her the opportunity to do so as a reward… Use your rewards to train her in proper behavior.

  • YaReally
    on November 8, 2012 at 3:53 pm
    Original Link

    I highly recommend watching The Dog Whisperer, for how to handle both women and men. There is a significant amount of overlap between Caeser’s beliefs/mindsets/methods/rewards/punishments and dealing with humans.

System Failure

Original Link

via Rational Male

on November 7, 2012 at 4:43 pm
Original Link

See PUAs aren’t monsters…we’re just ahead of the curve.

The PUA lifestyle (overall, not just the One Night Stand stuff, but we have literature focusing on managing Long Term Relationships and multiple Open Relationships, etc., even Monogamous Relationships but we warn guys going into them that they’re stacking the deck against themselves lol) has all the benefits of the MGTOW lifestyle. We do our own thing, focus on our own paths, our own goals, we spend our money on ourselves, we don’t let ourselves get tied down, we do exactly what we want to do when we want to do it and the rest of the world can fuck itself, except that we also develop the skills required to get pussy easily and lead/dominate the beta 80% of men.

Literally all we need to do at this point is figure out is how to have and raise children in a risk-free (or low-risk) way, and PUA will be the ultimate lifestyle. Right now the laws pretty much rape a guy and give all the power to women to take children away from their father and drain him financially, so it’s a tricky situation. But we’ll figure it out like we always do, as the early PUAs age and start to settle down and want families and the situation becomes relevant on their radar.

Imagine a scenario where you live your life the way you want it, full MGTOW style, but you can also get pussy whenever you want without paying for it, and on top of it you can raise children the way you want to with the beliefs and values and view of the world you have, and help create a better generation in the future.

That’s PUA. Join us now or get left behind. πŸ™‚

P.S. Great speech, and I don’t even give a shit about politics.

on November 7, 2012 at 4:48 pm
Original Link


“But it was real. That’s how they actually think. That’s the level of discourse we’re dealing with here. I thought it was too stupid to be serious. Too stupid to be a vote-getting talking point.”

A lot of guys have trouble when they get into pick-up because they look at the captain of the football team saying stupid shit to a cheerleader and she’s giggling away and he thinks “that’s not even FUNNY, wtf, why is she laughing so much??”

This is the way women work. “Change her mood, not her mind.” You can drop a million facts on them and that’s cool, unless someone else comes along and goes “lol look ladies! Binders full of women!! lolol AMIRITE??” and makes them feel good emotions and bam, all the logic goes out the window and they’re on board.

It’s great to know for pickup, but it’s a scary notion when you think about women having power in an election or society electing a female president.

System Failure

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via Rational Male

on November 7, 2012 at 5:59 pm
Original Link

On Jezebel there’s a post saying “Team Rape lost!” How is anyone supposed to win against that? Do women do any research or anything? Nah. They go “Team RAPE?? Well I certainly can’t vote for them!! Who’s everyone else voting for? Okay I’ll vote for that person instead, look there’s a picture of him riding a bicycle with a helmet on that looks like a Nice Guy, right my 12 cats and fatherless children?”

lol maybe a PUA should run for president.

System Failure

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via Rational Male

on November 8, 2012 at 2:20 am
Original Link

@Tom White

“Playing by society’s rules or following society’s expectation is a sucker’s game because you can’t win; the game is designed so you can’t win”

Yep. Tyler said it back in The Blueprint:

“If you’re looking for other people’s standards to determine your value, you will always come up short. Even if you’re successful, you’re still a dumb chode that spends all his time living up to other people’s standards. You still are coming from a foundational level where reacting to other people is how you spend your days.”

on November 8, 2012 at 2:37 am
Original Link

Relevant clip on going your own way and setting your own values, living your own life, etc:

8:50 is around where the part I quoted above came from. Whole clip is good though. Because he’s a PUA it’s focused more on “how is this relevant to getting pussy”, but the concepts are the same ones MGTOW guys approve of. Like I say, there’s a lot of crossover between PUA and MGTOW beliefs…except that PUAs develop the skillset to get laid while they GTOW lol

Text Game Is Now Big Business

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via Heartiste

on November 7, 2012 at 2:05 am
Original Link

All aloof, all the time makes Juan a dull boy.

Here’s a text game that I started with a girl who got hot, then cold.

Me: strawberries or chocolate?

Her: For what?

Me: More sensual

Her: Chocolate

Me: +1

Me: heels or flats

Her: heels, duh

Me: +2

it goes on for a while, then I am it up:

Me: Brazilian or Hollywood?

Her; Brazilian

Me: -1

Her: Why?

and it goes on from there. I’m in the middle of text game with this girl. But this seems to get things moving in a direction that is setting the frame I want.

  • walawala
    on November 7, 2012 at 10:02 am
    Original Link

    Update, after amping up the text game so that she was playing along with her own questions:

    Her: Reverse cowgirl or me on top?

    Me: Reverse, so I can pull your hair

    We moved it to Skype. I just sat there chilled. She was cute. She liked that “you’re very composed”.

    This was acting on my part. I just fired off outrageous questions and kept my cool.

    We’re meeting up Saturday for drinks—late, after midnight. It’s on.

    This xxx or yyyy text game amping it up has worked for me twice.

    Chicks reveal a lot about themselves in this way and it depersonalizes it by making it a choice.

    Start with something innocent but on the periphery of sex:

    “Heels or flats”

    then offer points. + 1 or -1

    • YaReally
      on November 7, 2012 at 4:52 pm
      Original Link

      Good job, dude. Props. It’s a very solid routine.

People are People

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via Rational Male

on November 6, 2012 at 1:45 pm
Original Link

“People don’t like the idea of not being in control of their lives and themselves, and they certainly wont tolerate the uncontrollable extrinsic reasons for other’s behaviors.”

When you get really deep into pickup, you realize that people are generally like really intricate AI programs. You can boil most people’s behavior down to a series of predictable IF…THEN type situations. If I do this, in this circumstance, given their particular make-up, they will react like such and such. Combine that with a ton of field experience so that your analysis of these situations is instant and your reflexes to them are sharp (much like a martial artist putting in sparring time VS just training in the dojo or reading books) and you’re dangerous.

In a way it’s fucking scary, you gain an amazing sense of omnipotence. In most social interactions you’re 50 steps ahead of everyone else and you can generally manipulate the situation to get whatever outcome you’re looking for. It works even better on the people who think it doesn’t work. There’s a reason people still fall for con artist schemes.

As someone who doesn’t believe in a god, this opens up interesting questions. If we’re essentially just really really intricate AI programs, were we created by a godly programmer?

“We like the idea of personal responsibility, because it implies order in an otherwise chaotic world.”

Most of what keeps men from fully digesting the red pill is fear. Fear that there is no just balance in the world, fear that there are no consequences for people who’ve wronged us, fear that people can get ahead in life without any consequence (“ohh you’re a PUA, you LOOK like you’re having fun but really you must be dead and lonely inside and lack something…you MUST lack something!” No, sorry, my life is awesome, u mad brah?), and fear that you can just get shit on your entire life with no happy ending whatsoever (“God has a plan!!” Maybe he fucking doesn’t, maybe he doesn’t exist, maybe you are just shit out of luck and have to make do with the hand you were dealt, how about that?), fear that there is no “The One” and there is no madonna and you will have to settle for the same pool of girls that everyone else has to and find a way to make it work.

It’s terrifying to accept that you have no control and the world owes you nothing. All the pussies whining on game blogs about fairness and how hard they have it and making excuses for why they aren’t out getting a handle on their relationships are still clinging onto the hope that the world owes them and will give them something and make it all better and they’re waiting for someone to fix themselves for them. It’s all bullshit mental masturbation.

Once you get past that and you fully understand that you have to take action if you want your life to change, you can actually start living the life you want. “You have to know, not fear, KNOW that one day you are going to die. Until you know that, you are useless.”

Why Single White Women Vote Overwhelmingly For Democrats

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via Heartiste

on November 6, 2012 at 1:36 pm
Original Link

Pickup artists will not vote. They got better things to do.

Highlight of the entire post

  • YaReally
    on November 6, 2012 at 2:02 pm
    Original Link

    lol’ed. I was literally scrolling past the article thinking “booooooriiiiing” and noticed that bit.

    It’s also probably true. We’ve already proven that we can find a way to succeed in the shittiest of shitty sexual marketplace societies…if you guys vote someone retarded into office and he fucks a bunch of stuff up, we’ll find a way to adapt and succeed at our goals just like we always do. Vote Aunt Sue for president, it’s no skin off our backs lol

Alpha Male Of The Month

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via Heartiste

on November 5, 2012 at 2:53 pm
Original Link

“They follow their own rules, and women love rule-breakers.”

And it doesn’t even have to be breaking the law type rule-breaking. I took a gal out for billiards the other day and I made up rules about what she had to do when a certain ball landed in the pocket. She loved it.

  • NiteLily
    on November 6, 2012 at 12:25 pm
    Original Link

    I think women love men who make rules and follow through on making the woman abide by said rules. Women also love it if you “punish” their disobedience. It exudes control, and they love a man in control despite all of their protests. So I am not surprised she liked your little game. Definitely a good approach. Keep it up.

    • YaReally
      on November 6, 2012 at 12:41 pm
      Original Link

      The only rules she gets more attracted by you following are your own. If your rule is “work before women” and you flake on her for work, she’ll be mad but more attracted to you for following your rules. If your boss demands that you work and you flake on her because of his rules, she’ll think you’re just a pussy.

      Same actions, but different reasons = different results.

on November 5, 2012 at 3:18 pm
Original Link

“cajoling women into surrendering their most precious asset, is not so good for society as a whole”

lol. Society brainwashed me for 20+ years with bullshit Disney fantasies and feminist ideas on how to treat women that kept me a virgin till my early 20s. At the same time it brainwashed me into believing the only path in life to be successful is to sell my soul and become a corporate cog chasing the next promotion handed down to me by men richer than I’d ever be, if I begged for scraps long enough, and all so I could feel inadequate and incomplete as a man unless I was keeping up with the Joneses next door buying whatever ultimately useless and overpriced status symbol commercials and marketing brainwashed me into believing I needed to be feel complete until the next iteration of it.

…ya, I don’t really feel a deep responsibility to give a shit about what’s good for society.

“Men really do value relatively chaste women more as resources in whom to lavishly invest their time and energy.”

Leaving aside that they’re usually worse in bed, the main reasons a chick is relatively chaste is that either she’s ugly, she’s freakishly religious, or she hasn’t been around men who turn her on. Her threshold for what turns her on to the point where she’ll ignore her “rules” might be higher than a random hoodrat but she has exactly the same potential to be a slut.

Note that I specifically say “to the point where she’ll ignore her rules”. She’s still turned on the same way other girls are, attraction is attraction, but a princess fucking the chauffeur or a chick from a racist family fucking a black guy or a lawyer-cunt fucking the $10/hr janitor or the religious girl fucking the bad boy etc all have “rules” that help keep them from acting on that attraction.

Once you find the way to circumvent her rules, much as a well placed “she becomes the goddess again by candlelight”, she lets go and opens up and she’ll just backwards rationalize it later (or say it didn’t “count” because (insert bullshit reason)).

There is no Madonna/whore difference. It’s simply a factor of the seductive skills of the men she’s met and the mental framework constructed in her mind (by herself, her family, society, etc) to make it easier or more difficult to lay her. But the Madonna is the exact same girl as the whore. She just won’t reveal that around most men.

  • Anon
    on November 5, 2012 at 3:24 pm
    Original Link

    You’re delusional.

    • YaReally
      on November 5, 2012 at 6:12 pm
      Original Link

      oh look, Anon and Greg blowing eachother over me. Haven’t seen that before lol

    • YaReally
      on November 5, 2012 at 6:54 pm
      Original Link

      lol I don’t think enough about them to waste the energy it would take to hate or resent them. At best I feel sad for them in general. The only reason I even acknowledge their existance is that they follow me around teh Interwebz blowing their load on my posts because they secretly love me and want to have my babies and it’s easier to piss & moan with one-off quips and nigger-lover this and that than it is to contribute anything of value.

      Their opinions and approval of me are completely insignificant to me in the long run, no offense to them intended. I like making fun of them though, because I don’t think they realize I’m making a trollface when I respond lol

    • YaReally
      on November 6, 2012 at 11:54 am
      Original Link

      This is literally how I read your comments to me:

      I also picture that you’re wearing a cape lol

  • Darkktrader
    on November 5, 2012 at 3:54 pm
    Original Link

    Have to disagree with you on this. There are many girls from cultural groups that have been slut shamed so hard that they are terrified to ride the carousel. I know many attractive girls from Greek, Armenian, Persian, Polish etc backgrounds that have been mind fucked from day one from their mothers and fathers “don’t shame the family, don’t shame your father by whoring around” and boom you get tons of prudish girls.

    • YaReally
      on November 5, 2012 at 4:37 pm
      Original Link

      “There are many girls from cultural groups that have been slut shamed so hard that they are terrified to ride the carousel.”

      Yep. That’s why I said they have “rules” that are harder for them to overcome. But they still get turned on. Unless you’re saying those girls never get wet. Is that what you’re saying? That you want frigid girls who are so fucked in the head by their upbringing that their pussy is literally incapable of getting wet? That’s the prized treasure you’re after?

      This is a simple logic formula. Attraction gets girls wet, we all know that. Psychological hurdles/rules prevent them from acting on that attraction. Some girls have massive psychological hurdles, some have practically none, hell some have conditioning that makes it EASIER to fuck them.

      But they are all capable of attraction and capable of fucking as much as the random slut dancing on the bar. There is no difference, even if that offends you or scares you. How many guys have been devesated to find out a girl they thought was innocent and who they tried to get with for years turned aroud and fucked the bad boy the first night? Oh, wait, YOUR girl is different, I forgot. You found the special one. lol

      Occam’s razor. :P

    • YaReally
      on November 6, 2012 at 3:39 am
      Original Link

      So, referring to the studies posted on this very blog, when the good-girl hits her period and is horny for alpha cock, she is magically teleported away and from another dimension the slutty whore version of her appears for a week, then is switched out again afterward?

      Or are they the same girl with the same potential for sluttiness, except her “rules” change based on circumstance?


  • Laconophile
    on November 5, 2012 at 4:42 pm
    Original Link

    “There is no Madonna/whore difference. ”

    So there’s no difference between chaste women and whores…

    “It’s simply a factor of the seductive skills of the men she’s met and the mental framework constructed in her mind (by herself, her family, society, etc) to make it easier or more difficult to lay her.”

    …except that chaste women are chaste and whores are whores…

    “But the Madonna is the exact same girl as the whore.”

    … but they’re still exactly the same.

    • YaReally
      on November 5, 2012 at 6:07 pm
      Original Link

      My point is: put the chaste woman in an evironment where her “rules” no longer hold her back (ie – a small-town girl going on Spring Break vacation, a married woman on a girl’s night out in Vegas with her BFF who won’t judge her, etc.) and she’ll let out her slutty side.

      Most guys’ mistake is in thinking that there’s an actual difference in the make-up of a woman that affects how chaste/slutty she is. It’s in the social conditioning, judgement, consequences, etc. that surround her. Remove those, either by her own will, her life circumstances, her location, the people around her, or with skills of seduction, and she will be slutty.

      Most of seduction is simply creating a situation where a woman doesn’t feel consequences or judgement for her actions. Speed seduction (aka PUA) is simply doing that in an extremely short amount of time.

      This is why we isolate her from her friends, this is why we don’t make judgemental statements, this is why we don’t talk about her husband/boyfriend/etc. if we can avoid it, this is why we indirectly hit on her by working her group instead of just bee-lining it for her and forcing her to look like a slut in front of her friends, this is why we make her feel like she can trust us and let loose with us and that we won’t run around telling everyone she’s a slut, etc.

      Try telling a girl “no one will ever know, you’ll never see me again” if you get resistance to the kiss, and see what happens. Try making out with her in front of her friends, then when she rejects that because of her ASD take her around a corner out of sight of her friends and try again. Did she get replaced magically with a second girl? Was she at first a chaste girl and then someone teleported her out and teleported in a slut? Or, OH SHIT, did you simply work around her “rule” of not wanting to look like a slut in front of her friends and be judged?

      I’ve had fuckbuddies who I’ve fucked in the middle of public places full of strangers, who are complete angels around their friends and even their close friends think they’re total chaste good girls. I just understand their “rules” and work around them and create an environment where she can let her inner slut loose.

      Clinging to the belief that there are two types of women is leftover Disney conditioning. Even guys who get laid a lot can cling to it with a white-knuckle death grip refusing to fully, completely, and wholly, swallow the red pill. Let go and accept reality as it is. “It’s only after you’ve lost everything that you’re free to do anything.”

      Sorry if the pill is hard to digest. I didn’t make the rules lol

    • YaReally
      on November 5, 2012 at 9:35 pm
      Original Link

      “They’re two types actually.”

      Not quite.

      “Those with an ‘alpha’ male and those without.”

      Those are two types of circumstances, not women. Remove the external circumstance (the alpha male) from the one that has him (either by him not existing or introducing higher value more attractive males), and add the external circumstance (the alpha male) to the one that doesn’t have him, and their behaviors reverse (the slut chastes up because her hypergamy has found the highest value male and he satisfies her, and the chaste one sluts it up trying to satisfy her hypergamy’s desire to find the highest value male).

      This is very simple logic, as soon as you fully let go of the social conditioning that makes even red-pill men cling to the desperate notion that there is a magical fair and just system underlying the universe where they will, one day, if they do “the right thing” and follow “the right path”, be rewarded with a “happy ending” with that one girl who’s special.

      Until you fully let go and accept the world for what it is, accept women for how they are, and learn to appreciate and love them despite and for that, you’re still choosing to keep one pinky finger in The Matrix.

  • Glenn
    on November 5, 2012 at 4:57 pm
    Original Link

    Your argument (and the argument of an inordinately large number of your posts) basically boils down to this: all women are equally r-selected. This is not accurate, even if women are more promiscuous than most people think.

    • YaReally
      on November 6, 2012 at 3:21 am
      Original Link

      I found a picture of your “and I can assure you that no matter what stud comes around the thought “He’s just using me” will squash ANY possibility of sex. It’s so deeply deeply hurtful to know that a guy doesn’t intend to lift a finger to marry you that there is no raised temperature.” unicorn:

      [heartiste: i would titty fuck ariel’s boob shells.]

    • YaReally
      on November 6, 2012 at 3:34 am
      Original Link

      You get it.

      I’d say it’s mostly subconscious, but occasionally parts of it can be conscious (like a girl only wanting to date tall men). Even then, a lot of the rules are based around dating and not just fucking. A girl will fuck guys in secret that she knows her social circles and general long-term biology wouldn’t approve of her dating and investing in. It’s very complicated and specific to each girl, but I’m glad at least one person gets the jist of what I’m saying.

      The fact that a woman will have sex at ALL means that there’s a point where her her requirements are passed and she’ll allow her buying temperature to take over and fuck a guy.

      The notion that there is any statistically significant number of women for whom those requirements are iron-clad “he puts a ring on my finger” shit is silly Disney brainwashing and listening to retarded self-reported surveys where women say what they “want” (because we all know THAT’S accurate lol).

      Most of the guys who put a wedding ring on a girl’s finger thought their girl was the Disney princess who would only fuck the guy who’s willing to marry her. What are the cheating, divorce, and cuckold rates again? And that doesn’t include all the guys who “don’t count” in a girl’s mind (which are often the guys she wouldn’t include as serious long-term relationship potential, like Juan from vacation or her ex-bf she broke up with years ago and then got drunk last night and it “just happened” but she regrets it so it doesn’t count, etc.)

      But the guys who want to cling to the fantasy are welcome to keep doing whatever makes them happy. I’m just laying out how the Matrix actually works lol

  • berg
    on November 6, 2012 at 1:57 am
    Original Link

    Yeah ok, blame society for your failures.

    Personal responsibility—ever hear of it?

    What I know today is so much different from 10 years ago, but I’m not bitter about the mistakes I made and I don’t blame anyone either.

    • YaReally
      on November 6, 2012 at 3:23 am
      Original Link

      I don’t blame it past a certain point in life where I willingly chose to buy into it, but I see no reason to help keep it going. Change is good, let it fall apart, let’s see what happens when the pretty lies are fully exposed.

  • avd
    on November 6, 2012 at 2:12 am
    Original Link


    We empathize with your life experiences and appreciate you sharing them with this community. We all learn from each others open and honest sharing of individual experiences, especially me.

    Also, congratulations for grasping the Madonna/whore complex—it is indeed a tough reality with which to make peace… especially after a bullshit Disney upbringing. You have obviously learned and matured since your celibate early 20s, also a positive development. It’s absolutely true that (virtually) all women have both archetypes within them. That spectrum is an expression of the tension between the creator-designed prime imperative to propagate the species while optimizing the genetics of the species (whore), and the species-designed innate desire to raise itself up out of the muck (Madonna) to increase its quality of life and spiritual potential—via civilization, through such things as running water, mass hygiene, organized defense forces, stable agriculture, medicine, science, written language, industry, city states, music, literature, art, contemplation of our place in the cosmos, etc. Granted, it’s easily arguable that those Madonna-driven evolutionary advancements for our species have done little to actually raise our species up out of the muck (and you’ll get little argument from me on that point), though I for one, do enjoy running water, and hot water at that.

    The issue with promiscuous women for high value men is one of simple SMP economics pertaining to the “whore” side of the equation. Women have finite eggs (unlike infinite sperm) with which to perpetuate the species. Maintaining the genetic integrity of those eggs is of paramount importance to the species, and is affected by many causal vectors, including diet, environmental toxins, race, culture, etc. The larger the variety of male DNA (sperm) that a woman permits access to those eggs (whore), the more she commoditizes them, which is a tell to the sperm side of the market (men) that those eggs are less valuable, genetically speaking—the same as with any other good or service that its purveyor allows to become commoditized. A woman with low enough self esteem to grant access to her eggs to any douche bag in a club that is able to trigger her biological attraction cues is a woman into which high value men will not be inclined to invest their genetic energy—dump a fuck, sure; invest, not so much. Such low self esteem can develop from a multitude of causes. Looks, while a heavily weighted factor, are not the exclusive genetic marker that high value men evaluate when analyzing the investment of their genetic energy.

    A woman’s ability to value her eggs to the point that she is above succumbing to giving in to the impulses flipped by her biological attraction switches triggered by a douche bag poser in a club, are a very high marker of genetic worthiness, indeed; she is a woman whose offspring will have a much higher probability of genetic success than the promiscuous club slut who gets knocked up by a hoodrat thug or PUA douche bag who managed to flip her switches. Truly high value women with genetically valuable eggs come from a family line that values protecting the preciousness of female DNA that is housed in her finite number of eggs. Historically, all successful cultures have figured this out and implemented cultural rules to adhere to this reality, as inconvenient as that may be to douche bag PUA clubbers.

    Similarly, a woman who is unable to take note of her grotesque weight gain caused by ingesting processed GMO carbs like grains and high fructose corn syrup, as well as endocrine disrupting excitotoxins like aspartame and MSG, and then take action to reverse the process, has eggs that are visibly genetically damaged, and therefore she (her eggs) is not a good candidate in which a high value man is going to be compelled to invest his genetic energy—dump a fuck perhaps (yikes)—invest in, definitely no.

    Investing genetic energy (beyond dumping a fuck) to fertilize the eggs of such creatures—whether promiscuous “sluts” or waddling land whales—simply isn’t on the radar for high value men. By all means, apply your energy to fucking them as you scale the learning and growing curve; just realize that they are not the pinnacle of success for a high value male. A woman who protects the genetic integrity of her eggs through conscious diet, exercise, management of emotions and hormones, healthy social relationships, etc. (Madonna), increases her SMP, and high value men will increase their bids accordingly.

    Again, and genuinely, appreciate your contributions to this community (less the unscientifically backed framing). lol

    [heartiste: some of those “club sluts” (and let’s stop assuming game only works on club sluts) are actually quite attractive, which makes them high value, albeit less high value than they would be if they didn’t fuck around.
    i think some readers get confused about the primary characteristic which makes a woman high value. hint: it ain’t her class or money or degrees or personality.]

    • YaReally
      on November 6, 2012 at 11:41 am
      Original Link

      lol that was a very pretend-polite and elaborate way of rationalizing your Madonna/whore complex. Using more words doesn’t make it any less silly a notion.

      I found a picture of your: “woman who protects the genetic integrity of her eggs through conscious diet, exercise, management of emotions and hormones, healthy social relationships, etc. (Madonna), increases her SMP, and high value men will increase their bids accordingly”:

      But hey game only works on low self-esteem drunk hoodrat club sluts right? I mean that certainly hasn’t been proven to be feminist and white knight keyboard jockey theory again and again on this very blog or anything. You must be new here lol

  • tickletik
    on November 6, 2012 at 3:28 am
    Original Link

    Yes, the society we live in is clearly a manipulative piece of shit. The point is about what is needed so it isnt a rancid, disgusting, lying, deceitful, cruel, hate filled bag full of maggot ridden month old dog meat.

    Why is that important? Well, either a guy is a taker or he’s a giver. We all pick one or some variant thereof. Some people even take to give, and some give to take. If im going to go down this road and be a taker (a player), because trying to be a simple beta-giver is a recipe for soul death, then Id at least like to do it so I can give back more than I take (in life, work, family, etc – players who say they ‘give’ by gaming lots of girls strike me as bs).

    Not because some random asshole told me I have to, but bc that’s what I want to do.

    Depends on what sits well with you.

    • YaReally
      on November 6, 2012 at 11:46 am
      Original Link

      I take women and give them orgasms.

      It’s not solving world peace or curing cancer but we all help in the little ways we can. Lol

      The more men that break out of social conditioning or improve their lives via my writing, the more they can change the world. I don’t have any interest in being on the frontline though.

  • NiteLily
    on November 7, 2012 at 12:21 am
    Original Link

    “At the same time it brainwashed me into believing the only path in life to be successful is to sell my soul and become a corporate cog chasing the next promotion handed down to me by men richer than I’d ever be, if I begged for scraps long enough, and all so I could feel inadequate and incomplete as a man unless I was keeping up with the Joneses next door buying whatever ultimately useless and overpriced status symbol commercials and marketing brainwashed me into believing I needed to be feel complete until the next iteration of it.”

    Run-on sentence?

    OK never mind, but you need to rethink some of what you said. It’s incongruent.

    You don’t like selling your soul to making money and becoming successful, albeit by their standards, but you have no problems selling your soul to sex? How is bedding countless women just to satisfy your urges without rhyme nor reason, better than excelling at a career? At what point and after how many women do you feel that you had your fill? Or at what point do you feel emptiness, uselessness, and unhappiness? When do you start looking for more than just meaningless sex?

    Furthermore, since when is becoming wealthy or excelling at a career considered brainwashing? Why is it any less commendable than living like a drifter sleeping with woman after woman? Why is that not selling your soul? Anything that occupies your time could be thought of as selling your soul.

    “ya, I don’t really feel a deep responsibility to give a shit about what’s good for society.”

    Yeah, that’s why people who feel like you vote for Obama. They want to get their freebees and the hell with what’s good for society.

    “Leaving aside that they’re usually worse in bed, the main reasons a chick is relatively chaste is that either she’s ugly, she’s freakishly religious, or she hasn’t been around men who turn her on. “

    You’re delusional if you think these are the reasons a chick didn’t sleep with you. Maybe she could tell what you are all about and she wants no part of that in her history? Besides, ugly women give it up much faster because they don’t have many options. Pretty girls like to play hard to get, testing a man’s persistence and tenaciousness before they are ready to surrender to him.

    “Her threshold for what turns her on to the point where she’ll ignore her “rules” might be higher than a random hoodrat but she has exactly the same potential to be a slut.”

    Now, that IS true. Some women are harder to bed, but that only makes the thrill of the chase for the man more fun, not to mention a feeling of accomplishment ensues if he is successful. If he finally got her, then it implies he has power that penetrated her defenses, not to mention it means she is attracted to him. That’s a big compliment for the man, if not a total turn on. Isn’t it better to have a girl who is harder to bed than one of those sluts that drop their panties in a split second? I mean, I know sex is sex, but sex with a beautiful woman you worked hard to get is sweeter than it is with some cheap STD-ridden slut who had 10 men before you within the last week, or with some fat chic who can’t get any action so she is grateful you are even spitting in her direction.

    “But the Madonna is the exact same girl as the whore. She just won’t reveal that around most men.”

    I agree with this statement too, but I would add that it’s not just an issue of not revealing it around most men, it’s also about controlling your urges and how much you let yourself go, UNLESS you are ready to give it up to the right man. That’s what differentiates the true slut from the more controlled “good girl.” I just don’t like the Madonna analogy because there is no such thing. But some girls really try to be good girls and not sleep around despite how hot or how skilled the guy in question is who is trying to make them surrender the goods. It’s all about self-control. But rest assured that when she is ready to let go, it’s a big deal, because the more virtuous a woman is, the harder her fall, as opposed to the common slut who never gave self-control a second thought and gave it all up in her teens.

    Anyway, I would think men love to train women like that. It gives them more control and more power, and I can’t see any man not liking a woman like that as his partner, especially the Alpha male who decides to settle down.

    • YaReally
      on November 7, 2012 at 3:11 pm
      Original Link

      Maybe you should post on a site where people care what women think or want to listen to their rationalizing hamster? I hear Jezebel is nice.

      You just yap yap yap without understanding that nothing you say holds any kind of weight or merit with anyone here because it’s all filtered through your hamster’s wheel. It would be like engaging the opinion of a 5 year old.

      Nothing against you personally, I’m sure you’re a nice girl, but you’re in completely the wrong part of the Internet.

Non-psychopathic Player
on November 6, 2012 at 12:12 am
Original Link

This article is a bit hypocritical. One cannot sit and rail on and on about the moral decay in American women, and then celebrate the same lack of morals in American men.

We all know being a scumbag gets lots of a girls, and screwing over people gets one rich. That doesn’t make either activity a morally grandiose thing to do or something to brag about. Life is more than sex and money.

Celebrating psychopathy because those traits are attractive?

I like to play and fuck as much as the next guy but this shit is ridiculously over the top.

IMO being a GOOD PERSON is MORE IMPORTANT than banging the most hot chicks. There is a difference between recreational sex with hot women and being an oversexed psychopath.

What is attractive to women is not necessarily conducive to a good society. We may have the instincts of cavemen, that doesn’t mean we are slaves to them.

  • Laconophile
    on November 6, 2012 at 11:02 am
    Original Link

    “What is attractive to women is not necessarily conducive to a good society.”

    What is conducive to a good society can also be conducive to a bad society. What is harmful to a good society can also be harmful to a bad society. So ask yourself, do we have a good society or a bad society? Should it be upheld or demolished?

    • YaReally
      on November 6, 2012 at 1:20 pm
      Original Link

      “Fuck Martha Stewart. Martha’s polishing the brass on the titanic. It’s all going down man, so, fuck off with you’re sofa units, and string green stripe patterns. I say never be complete. I say stop being perfect. I say let’s evolve, let the chips fall where they may.”

Latest Baumeister Paper Supports CH Concept Of The Sexual Market

Original Link

via Heartiste

Marcus B
on November 2, 2012 at 4:10 pm
Original Link

“Sexual starvation.” Yeah, that is exactly what it is like for most married beta males. I’ve had the unfortunate circumstance of being beta my whole life, and this blog has helped me immensely. When I started being Alpha with my latest girlfriend, the tables turned faster than two-for-one night at Applebee’s. She keeps on trying to force me back into my previous beta shape, so there is a lot of conflict. But a little bit of “see ya later” and no contact from me, and the hamster goes crazy. She said, “You never send me roses.” I responded, “Lots and lots of blowjobs and I *might* think about grabbing some wildflowers off the side of the road — IF you have a vase.”

  • YaReally
    on November 2, 2012 at 5:20 pm
    Original Link

    ““Sexual starvation.” Yeah, that is exactly what it is like for most married beta males.”

    Agreeing to monogamy is giving someone else free reign to make you involuntarily celibate at their discretion. Could never do monogamy again.

on November 2, 2012 at 5:16 pm
Original Link

I’m way too lay to read all that so I just skimmed parts and saw this bit:

“The male who beds multiple women is enjoying life quite a bit, and so he may not notice or mind the fact that his educational and occupational advancement is vaguely hampered by all the laws and policies that push women ahead of him. After all, one key reason he wanted that advancement was to get sex”

This is pretty much it. Did women think we WANTED to kiss the boss’ ass and slave away working overtime stressed out begging for scraps all the way up the corporate ladder just for the fun of it? I literally know a guy who’s halfway through med school not because he likes it but because he thought it’d make him seem like good marriage material and he could get a girlfriend lol the guy is going to waste like 7+ years of his 20s and be in debt like crazy and doing a job he doesn’t care about and will still probably be single and alone. Victim of social conditioning.

Now that I can get sex outside of marriage easily, and marriage is a massive financial/legal bear trap for a guy to wander into, all I have to do is take care of myself and enjoy life. So I work as little as possible to cover funding my fairly inexpensive lifestyle and spend my time having fun.

When I think back to legit girlfriends I’ve had in my early dating days and how much money I blew dating them (going for dinners and renting movies and shit that even if we paid 50/50 I wouldn’t have spent money on in the first place if it was just me), its ridiculous. My living expenses for just myself are ridiculously low.

Hell even to raise kids and shit, she’s got the 6 figure job, she can pay for all that lol

This whole thing is really a big case of: “Well duh, what did you THINK was going to happen?” lol

on November 2, 2012 at 5:25 pm
Original Link

Why not contact Baumeister and inform him that there is a whole blogosphere out there fervently discussing these issues.

  • baumeister
    on November 3, 2012 at 1:23 pm
    Original Link

    Are you kidding? Where do you think I get my fucking ideas?? I am hitting tons of pussy nowadays!

    • YaReally
      on November 3, 2012 at 7:48 pm
      Original Link

      holy shit I lol’ed at this hahaha

on November 3, 2012 at 8:16 pm
Original Link

There’s a current thread on a PUA forum where guys are breaking down how to pass girls around. ie – you fuck her then have your buddy come in and fuck her and pass her around with your bros.

It’s a little too gay for me, I like my girls to myself (though I’ll set them up with buddies if a buddy is into her and I’m done with seeing her and he doesn’t mind she’s my sloppy seconds), but I wonder what that sort of thing will do to the marketplace lol now when your girl goes home with a guy she might end up getting fucked by a room full of guys.

I don’t think it’ll catch on in the community cause most of us like the girls to ourselves, but the structure of how to do it is being figured out. There’s a lot more keyboard jockeys now though so the process isn’t as fast as it was back in the early days, there’s a lot more jockey theory arguing and shit that slows the process up now. But back in the day it was like watching a group of piranhas feeding on any new concept that came along till it was torn apart and fully broken down.

on November 4, 2012 at 8:46 am
Original Link

Problems with their theory include: 1) endowing female sexuality with value and treating male sexuality as relatively worthless

Hey, male sexuality IS worthless in the sense woman are the ones to choose and that eggs are much rarer than sperm

  • Anonymous
    on November 4, 2012 at 11:54 am
    Original Link

    I think the truth of this is that taken as a whole, male genetic material is not scarce, but DESIRABLE male genetic material is indeed scarce. This can be seen as the primary motivator for female hypergamy – gotta get that five minutes of Alpha, to perpetuate and optimize the race.

    “Game” can be seen as an engagement of the frontal cortex in the male to affect the lizard brain of the female into thinking it is about to receive Alpha genes. And this works quite well, because when female hypergamy combines with female solipsism and modern feminism, the product in the female is a mind virus that overrides the host and puts it on tilt, if only temporarily. The “temporarily” part is why there is always a discussion on “Game” sites about “Buyer’s Remorse” – keeping up the “Alpha” is easy for “real Alphas” and must be learned for the rest.

    If women cultivated their frontal cortex more, perhaps “Game” would not work. But fortunately that doesn’t happen.

    Carry on.

    • YaReally
      on November 5, 2012 at 12:19 pm
      Original Link

      “Real alphas” run into Buyer’s Remorse too. Hang out with a bunch of natural alphas and you’ll see it.

      BR generally doesn’t have to do with how alpha the guy is or turns out to be. I’m not sure you understand what the term is about or what triggers it, no offense.

      [heartiste: a lot of the current confusion among game skeptics (and haters) arises because people tend to forget or disregard the fundamentals. it’s always good to periodically reacquaint oneself with the foundations of that which one is studying or learning from.]

    • YaReally
      on November 5, 2012 at 4:20 pm
      Original Link

      “What I meant had to do with staying congruent and “in-state” with the Alpha mindset. I find I can start slipping back into old behaviors when I lose state, and this triggers the woman to eject.”

      ya, I figured this is what you probably meant, I just have to be a stickler for the terminology ’cause I’m pretty sure 90% of the crowd reading this site hasn’t delved deeper into PUA stuff than reading The Game and some sosuave/magic bullets and I don’t want the knowledge jumbled.

      What you’re talking about is more an issue of congruency. If it’s any consolation, it’ll straighten out over time. You don’t become an Alpha over a weekend, it’s over years and years and YEARS of experience. After all, most of the natural alphas you know spent their entire childhood, adolescene, and early adulthood learning those mindsets and behaviors and beliefs…if you’re playing catch-up to them then unless you’re going out in the field constantly and making up for all that lost time, you’ve got a long road ahead of you before the “fake it till you make it” becomes “this is truly who I am” and you can’t identify with your old beta behaviors/mindsets anymore. It’s as if the socially conditioned beta chump you used to be was a completely separate person from your current self.

      This change goes on in dozens of little categories/situations at different rates (maybe you’re a badass alpha in certain enviros but a pussy in relationships, etc.), but no one said it’d be easy. :)

      The part a lot of anti-gamers don’t get is that you really do eventually change. At first you’re told “fake it till you make it” and you’re told “don’t compliment girls” and you stick to it and it works and you’re just acting, running a learned behavior of “if I don’t compliment girls, it shows X and Y and I get result Z”. And that’s cool, but you’re doing it because game told you to.

      But, down the road, when you’ve met enough girls, and you’ve had enough interactions, and you’ve spent enough time IN THE FIELD actually approaching and seducing and working on your skills and meeting new women, not just theorizing about it like a bunch of the keyboard jockeys in the community do, you get to a point where you literally aren’t as impressed by women as you used to be and to get a compliment from you a woman literally has to EARN it because you’ve seen and done so much that you don’t just hand compliments out like candies.

      At that point you’re still doing the same action (“not handing out compliments until she’s earned it”) but now you’ve internalized an alpha mindset where you expect girls to earn your compliments. You can no longer relate to the idea of handing out compliments all willy-nilly just because she has a pair of tits and knows how to do her makeup. You are 100% congruent to this new alpha belief.

      A lot of guys will give up on game before they start hitting this crossover, because it’s HARD, and takes a lot of in-field work. And the anti-gamers will say “whatever it’s all an act you weren’t born an alpha so you’ll never truly BE one and you’re always playing a role and a real woman will see right through it as soon as your facade cracks and shatters!” because they don’t understand that once you cross over like that, there’s no more acting going on, you’re not a beta playing the role of an alpha, you are an alpha the way other alphas (who learned the same belief systems but earlier in life) are.

      So hang in there, get out in the field a lot, and there’ll come a time where you’re no longer consciously/temporarily triggering her reptile brain, it’s just something your natural actions do for you.

on November 5, 2012 at 1:31 am
Original Link

So what the fuck are guys like me who grew up in the poorest of conditions, had absolutely ZERO opportunities to engage in any meaningful form of cultural exchange because of extreme poverty. Mediocre in looks and holding down a 10 dollar an hour job supposed to do when he wants to fuck hot lawyercunts?

All I know is I have game, and get laid, but the lawyercunts and 6 figure bitches who went to college and kept their looks into their thirties expect me to either

A)Have a 6 figure job myself or..

B)Be a swelled up ex con meathead with nothing to offer but a prison physique.

I live alone and do WTF I want when I want and don’t let anyone stop me, and yet it seems that shit doesn’t matter becuase the women are concentrating on shit that is totally beyond my own control.

So WTF are guys supposed to do with the SMV disadvantages that have almost no control over? Just fucking sit and suffer with fucking the fatties? I absolutely refuse to accept that bull shit. Never.

  • KinoGuerrilla
    on November 5, 2012 at 1:40 am
    Original Link

    As a further clarification the working class women in my area suck. They are almost all addicted to hard drugs like heroin or cocaine, and so gravitate towards those types of men, ex con’s etc. and use their assets to mainpulate and gain drugs and wealth from men.

    Whle the lawyercunts who make a decent salary are too stuck up and I’m to mediocre a male on the outside to make much of dent in their hypergamy instincts no matter how alpha I am on the inside.

    Aloofness doesn’t work when bitches aren’t attracted in the first place.

    • YaReally
      on November 5, 2012 at 12:30 pm
      Original Link

      Your results are entirely a consequence of your mindset. You have a lot of limiting beliefs holding you back, negative judgemental views toward the women you want, and a weak mental frame because you’re letting society and women dictate what a man is and what you’re supposed to be instead of defining it yourself.

      Essentially you’re playing their game, trapped in their frame of reality, and you’re bitter about that. It’s all under your own control, but it’s not something you’re going to fix in a couple months or with a positive affirmation. You have years worth of work to do if you really want it handled.

  • chris
    on November 5, 2012 at 4:18 am
    Original Link

    Why would you want lawyercunts? They are almost always in their 30’s and attach a price to themselves (due to their degrees) way above their actual value. If your desire to fuck them is borne of a desire to spite them, there are far easier ways to do that.

    Instead, go for younger women. They are higher value yet paradoxically charge a lower price.

    • YaReally
      on November 5, 2012 at 4:31 pm
      Original Link

      “I’d love to go for the younger women but the problem is that the one place with plenty of good looking young women is a 45 minute drive and getting a hotel room in a college town is damn near impossible.”

      Wahhhhhh :'( :'( :'(

      Move. Make friends with someone there who’s place you can stay at. Budget for hotel rooms and reserve way in advance. Get a fuckbuddy who will let you crash at her place. Make friends and drive and split hotel costs together. Move in with a buddy there. Or just suck it up, drive, don’t drink, and drive girls home to your place or crash at their place for the night.

      Tyler slept (and pulled girls to) a mattress in a closet. His buddy lived on the lawn in a tent. Plenty of PUAs have moved to bigger cities because they wanted to get a handle on their skills and couldn’t do it in smaller towns. I myself used to take a 45 min bus to the bars and would have to blow $20 on a cab home each night which meant budgeting for that because I didn’t have a job. Hell, I lived on a buddy’s couch for a few months.

      You don’t really want it. If you did, you’d find a way to get it. Making excuses to rationalize your lack of effort isn’t exactly an alpha male trait, now is it?

      I’m being a dick because you’re being a pussy, I figure the two go hand in hand lol Suck it up and do what you have to do, or quit bitching about it and find a way to love fucking the 5s and 6s you’re currently fucking.

Mate Guarding

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via Rational Male

on November 1, 2012 at 8:08 pm
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What in the world would I have to guard her from? Every other guy is fucking lame lol

Some RSD shit on value (aka hypergamy…it’s interesting to me that the PUA community doesn’t use the term hypergamy at all anywhere yet it’s super popular in the Manosphere. I just wonder how that happened, was hypergamy a term coined BY the Manosphere? Either way when we say girls are attracted to high value that’s what we’re describing):

I think it’s important to note that you don’t have to BE successful to be attractive to her. You just have to be STRIVING for it, whatever the goal is. She’s attracted to your potential because she sees you overcoming obstacles and achieving things. If you’re in an LTR and your parents give you a Ferrari, that’s not as attractive to her as her watching you valiantly struggle through earning the money for a Ferrari through hard work, discipline, motivation, etc.

She just wants to know that you can handle shit. In Californication there’s a good bit where he’s telling the mom how their kid got her first period on his time. “Omg what did you do??” “What did I do? What do you THINK I did. I handled the fuck out of that shit.”

The only type of woman game doesn’t work on is a woman who is 100% satisfied and idolizes her man. Doesn’t matter what time of the month it is, if she sees him as higher value than any other man, no neg or push/pull in the world will get her to cheat. When I run into chicks like that now I don’t even bother trying anymore because I know it’s a dead end. The easiest woman to get to cheat is the one who’s clearly not satisfied or bored with her man and their relationship and no longer sees him as high value. That losing of value is the man’s fault, not hers.

That’s why even if you work your ass off to pay the bills and clothe the children and buy a mansion and buy her trips to Paris and all that shit, if you don’t at least learn some minimal game so you can keep her ACTUALLY attracted via REAL attraction switches, and keep her adoring you and satisfied, I can probably fuck her. Game trumps all that other shit.

on November 2, 2012 at 8:40 am
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Yep. All she wants is /\/\/\/ emotions instead of a flatline of —— emotions. There’s a reason soap operas, romance novels, Twilight bullshit, etc. don’t just involve good people doing good things and why chicks stay with guys who treat them like shit.

You don’t have to make her feel GOOD, you have to make her feel ANYTHING.

Bob the generic accountant who works all day at a job he hates but has no drive to do better, then comes home and vegetates on the couch watching TV as he gets fat and lazy and spends all day trying to escape reality and settle into a nice boring comfortable life, isn’t making her feel anything. Then an asshole PUA comes along and teases her and makes her go all “OMG!! You’re such a JERK lol (arm punch)” and she remembers what it’s like to feel emotions again.

The PUA community these days focuses a lot on having goals outside of women and a path in life, etc. The MRA/MGTOW/PUA communities all converge in that area, though I don’t think the respective camps realize that because they all despise eachother too much to really look into their systems lol it’s a funny situation to me.

How To Get A Girl To Send Nudes Of Herself

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on November 1, 2012 at 7:13 pm
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3 things:

1) don’t send her pics of your cock. Most of the time they just laugh about it. A sexy description/story of what you want to do to her will get her 1000x wetter than a pic of your wang. Plus you’re the man, she’s the woman, she’s the one that’s supposed to be enticing you with visuals. That’s why they have skirts heels corsets nail polish makeup etc etc. if you can’t get nudes without sending her pics of more than your face first, work on your game.

2) don’t focus on pics if you can get the meetup/lay. I just set up a fuck with a new chick for next week a few min ago, and she wants sex but she’s fairly “good girl” and doesn’t give off the “I feel sexy about my body and have a bunch of pics on my phone”. I could push for naked pics but it would probably make her uncomfortable and fuck up the vibe/trust/comfort I have going on for getting her to meet up (after we fuck I can get them easy), but she’s up for the actual fuck. So to hell with pics, it’s not worth bombing a a solid lay for a titty pic.

3) if you get TOO sexual via txts/online with a girl before you actually meet up and fuck, you can trigger her ASD because when you push for the meet-up she KNOWS you just want to fuck her so for a lot of girls that hits the “if I agree to meet up that’s like admitting I want sex which makes me a slut so I have to flake on this”. So pull back a bit before you push for the meet-up once you have a sexual vibe established. Joke around be light and casual and push for an innocent meetup. Once the meetup is established ill actually NOT be sexual at all between the point she agrees to meet up and the point she’s in front of me in the same room. The sexual vibe is established, we both know what’s going to happen, so I don’t have to dwell on it and risk triggering her ASD so she doesn’t flake and then I can just escalate in person.

There’s an art to it, thus the term PUA.

oh, also 4) don’t post her pics online. Don’t be “that” guy, that’s not cool. She trusts you not to do that shit. Show a buddy or hold your phone up for your buddy to see or whatever when you guys are drinking if you want some props, but don’t go throwing it up on the interwebs where it will live for eternity.

  • wingwoman
    on November 2, 2012 at 12:40 pm
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    1) True. Woman aren’t turned on by dicks so much as what one is going to do with that thing. Effort is sexy unless one is repulsive and then it becomes creepy and uncomfortable. It’s sometimes good just for an up the sexual aspect of any flirting and picture sending.
    2) Solid however there’s no such thing as a good girl and you should try women.;)
    3) Sort of solid advice.
    4) Keep that shit to yourself if you know what’s good for you.

    • YaReally
      on November 2, 2012 at 5:30 pm
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Nil Faith
on November 1, 2012 at 7:44 pm
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Wait till you get a message saying something like, “brb going to have a shower”
Then, I use “pics or don’t believe” and it has worked numerous times

  • YaReally
    on November 2, 2012 at 8:48 am
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    I use this one a lot too. It’s retarded (“I went to vic secret today!” “I’m going to need photographic evidence of this.”, as if she’d be lying about showering or shopping), and she knows it, but if the attraction is there she’ll lol and take/send a pic and you can escalate it from there because like someone else mentioned, her doing it the 2nd, 3rd, etc. time is just repeating an action she’s already done so she’s less hesitant about it.