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A Test Of Your Game

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on July 30, 2011 at 6:08 pm
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Jesus, it’s like Game circa 2004 in here.

1. Why did she come sit down in the first place if she were only going to stay 5-10 minutes?

Because she wants his cock. She sits by him but won’t open him because she’s a hot alpha chick and she’s giving him a chance to have the balls to open her.

2. The friend leaves, and then slightly later, magazinegirl goes to leave. If she were going to leave her stuff at her friend’s apt, wouldn’t she have left with the friend?

Because she wants his cock. She stayed behind so he could at the least grab her number.

3. Who would this David be that Maggirl would 1) see him before going to her friend’s house but 2) not leave her stuff there and 3) not invite him along to dinner?

Who the fuck cares who David is? Maggirl clearly doesn’t. He’s the guy that’s totally irrelevant. Her friend tried to toss a “remember your boyfriend” cockblock in to fuck with him but Maggirl herself blew it off. Because she wants his cock.

4. The “don’t wait up if I’m late” is a little strange since Maggirl doesn’t know where the dinner is going to be. You would think she would ask her friend where if only out of politeness so that she could have said, “ok, and I’ll try to catch up with you there if I’m late” or something like that.

That’s because they were having a girl-code conversation. Cockblock was saying “Here’s your chance to come with me to escape this guy if he’s creepy” and Maggirl was saying “It’s cool, I want this guy’s cock and I’m giving him a chance, go on ahead without me” and Cockblock threw in a last “Just don’t forget about your boyfriend!” because she knows Maggirl does what she wants and all she can do is try to guilt her a bit and make it akward for the guy.

Anyway, in response to what to do: There’s not enough comfort for a kiss at this point since she’s all alpha and still testing you, but there’s enough for a number for sure, and possibly a small insta-date (she probably won’t blow her friends off entirely, but she’ll give you some time to built more comfort with her).

If you want the number, you just tell her “So give me your number and we’ll go shark hunting by moonlight after your dinner.” as you pull out your phone. Text her flirty but not too sexual during her dinner so she’ll meet up without feeling like she’s admitting she wants sex, and escalate in person. David and the cockblock chick might fuck it up though, so an insta-date would be better.

For an insta-date just tell her you’ll walk her to her car so she doesn’t get eaten by the invisible sharks. Once her shit is tossed in the car so she doesn’t have to lug it around and you’ve built a little more comfort, push for the insta-date and make her late for dinner.

Easy peasy.

  • Craig
    on July 30, 2011 at 6:56 pm
    Original Link

    1. So you’re basically saying that she liked the way he looked and wanted him and so sat down near him, though never looked at him. Possible, but not the most likely situation (i.e. she just sat down).

    2. She wants his cock, but then she leaves, when there is no pressing reason to do so?

    3. We have no indication what she thinks about David one way or the other. My point, in all these notes, was to say that the story didn’t flow that logically. If the friend assumed she were going back to see David, why would she tell her to leave her stuff at the friend’s house? What you’re basically saying is that the friend intuited from some random guy being in the vicinity that her friend was planning on sleeping with him. Seems like a real stretch.

    4. That’s a pretty perceptive friend you’ve constructed. Or she thinks her friend’s a slut who’s likely to sleep with any guy who happens to be nearby. My point was that the interaction doesn’t seem realistic. Maybe it’s been shortened for blog format, but I think friends who are planning on going out to dinner later might exchange a bit more info than this.

    Finally, the shark thing was gay and not funny. Ok as a random thing to get her attention, but pressing it just seems lame and makes the guy come off like he thinks his lame jokes are way funnier than anyone else.

    • YaReally
      on July 30, 2011 at 7:24 pm
      Original Link

      1) Realistically she probably just happened to sit down, but there’s no reason not to assume she’s interested. If your default assumptions are either “She’s into me and sat near me hoping I’ll make her day” or “She’s not into me and she’s just sitting there by chance”, which one do you think extremely confident alpha males who get laid a lot default to?

      2) What do you expect her to do? Ask him to whip it out? She could have told her friend “Wait for me to pack my stuff up and I’ll come with you.” But she didn’t, she let her friend leave and then lingered. That’s the cue, that’s the open window for him to make his move. That’s her saying “I can’t SAY I want your cock, but I hope you pick up on my super secret girl signals that I do and you don’t let me get away without making some kind of move on me so we can see eachother again.”

      3) She doesn’t think anything of David because she didn’t mention him, even after her friend did. That means he’s not relevant. Girls with boyfriends they’re stringing along or husbands who don’t fuck them right do this all the time. The guy just isn’t a factor, that’s why the “So what would David think about you–” isn’t the best method because if he IS a boyfriend then she knows you know she has a BF and is cheating on him and might judge her. If you treat it like you didn’t hear his name or like you assume he’s her brother or cousin, she can feel safe having sex with you and know you aren’t judging her.

      You have to quit listening to the words women say. As a guy, this is a hard habit to break because guys communicate with logical words so we weren’t really trained to read body language and tone of voice and implied meanings (thus the whole men VS women communication issues every comedian has a million jokes about). Women, on the other hand, learned that stuff at an early age and have “trained” in it their whole lives. That’s why yes, she CAN tell when her friend wants to fuck a random stranger. Go to a nightclub on any given night and flirt with sets of girls or do some people-watching and you’ll see this in action. How do you think the “Mother Hen” knows when to pull her friend away from a guy at the bar? She can tell when her friend is attracted and horny and she’s there to prevent that, usually by dragging them off “to go to the bathroom”.

      PUAs learn to read this stuff the way women read it. That’s why this doesn’t make sense to you and seems like a stretch, but to a PUA it’s like a blinking neon sign above her head.

      4) The dinner is irrelevant. There might not even be a dinner, Maggirl might already know there’s a dinner and where it is, they have phones and can txt or call eachother for details on the dinner later. Quit focusing on the fact that there’s a dinner. The reason she stood between him and Maggirl was to try to block him out with her body language, the dinner thing was just her doing the same as a friend calling you on a blind date with a “bail out” phonecall pretend emergency, Maggirl told her to fuck off and because the friend is beta to Maggirl she knew to go away (whereas a really alpha Mother Hen would physically drag a beta girl away).

      I’m not a big fan of the shark thing either, but if SHE rolls with the role-play with her “Nice talking to you about invisible sharks” (which is actually her giving him a little shit for talking about something so lame in the first place, alpha communication stuff here), then it’s just appropriate social vibing to continue with it and set up a meet to “shark hunt”. If she had just said “it was nice talking to you” he could just say “it’s even nicer walking down the beach with me after a dinner with your friends, what’s your number?” and ditch the shark thing.

      • YaReally
        on July 30, 2011 at 7:30 pm
        Original Link

        “her “Nice talking to you about invisible sharks” (which is actually her giving him a little shit for talking about something so lame in the first place, alpha communication stuff here)”

        Just for clarification: She knows it’s lame, but she also knows that HE knows it was lame and that he won’t take it personal if she ribs him about it. This is how two super-confident people interact, like two alpha males who give eachother shit about everything…they know the other guy can handle it and dish it right back. She’s not being mean, she’s flirting.