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on December 29, 2011 at 4:10 pm
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When A Shit Test Isn’t A Shit Test

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on December 21, 2011 at 6:07 pm
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#1 should be pretty obvious to anyone who isn’t a super-autistic who’s brain has been fucked over by bad PUA advice.

  • YaReally
    on December 22, 2011 at 12:32 am
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    Unfortunately socially inept guys generally haven’t socialized enough to learn to tell when they’re creeping girls out…and those are the guys that are drawn to PUA.

    Recipe for disaster right there.

    When you go out enough, and actually break down and analyze what you’re doing, you learn social calibration and you can tell a legit creeped out “fuck off” from a shit-testing “fuck off” from a flirting “fuck off”

    This is a big part of why PUAs were encouraged to write Field Reports back when the community was more underground…fellow PUAs would analyze the reports and point things out like “I dunno man, this usually doesn’t get that reaction…what you’re saying is fine so check your tone or body language.” or “ya I used to get that reaction a bunch, once I started dressing a little better I found girls were a lot more receptive, you said you went out in a t-shirt, try throwing on a blazer and see if the dressy girls you keep hitting on react the same way”

    These guys are also a big part of what gives PUAs a bad name and makes non-PUAs think game “doesn’t work”, ’cause they stand out as just socially retarded and you can tell they’re running game because they’re using routines right out of the book.

    A really good PUA is basically invisible, if you met him you’d just think you met a cool alpha guy that’s good with girls.

    • King A
      on December 22, 2011 at 11:27 am
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      Yareally and Heartiste are making a false distinction between “shit-testing ‘fuck off’” and “a flirting ‘fuck off.’” A shit test that comes out of the “repulsi[on]” toward “a man’s betaness” is still a shit test, it’s just one that the beta routinely fails, thereby confirming her repulsion (rather than, as doth the PUA, turning her expectations on their head).

      The shit test is thrown at everyone — alpha, beta, omega alike — who accidentally or intentionally strays into an entitled girl’s princess bubble. What distinguishes a man’s status among the three groups is how he responds to the same exact challenge.

      This idea that women distinguish their shit tests between flirtatious and fuck-off-tious is a red herring. You give the female psychological process too much credit. The poo-poo exam is like a sonar pulse she sends out indiscriminately in every direction; the omegas remain invisible by their weak ping-back, the betas visible but non-threatening background, and the alphas a direct and fast-closing bogey. “Con, Weps. Tingles will be ready to launch in 4 minutes.”

      Now, she may follow up with more and heavier tests to the test-passer who intrigues her by his passing, if only to challenge him to demonstrate his still greater worth. Successfully neutralizing the first fecal sortie shifts her mode and it’s game on. But even then, the subsequent tests are not so much “flirtatious” or coy or ironic as they are provocatively defensive, as if to say, “I’m really hope this one works on him, because I’m running out of poopie pellets.” Stripped bare, her submission can then proceed.


      • YaReally
        on December 22, 2011 at 3:48 pm
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        I want to live inside your head for like, 10 minutes. I bet it would be amazing.

      • YaReally
        on December 22, 2011 at 3:55 pm
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        We’re just talking a step ahead of the initial shit-test you’re talking about, is all. The initial one is neutral, sure, but if you bomb that one (and maybe a few more) there comes a point where the tests after that lock into a mode where she’s trying to escape your creepiness or a mode where none of her objections matter because she secretly wants you.

on December 22, 2011 at 12:17 am
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Heartiste, I need your help man.

I’ve been reading your blog for a while. It’s really helped me step away from being a beta. Problem is that while my text game may be a 7 or 7+ (taking a while to respond, short replies, direct commands, making her message me), my face-to-face game is maybe a 6.

Luckily for me the girl I’m trying to hook up with atm has a crush on me, so that’s maybe a point extra boost? I don’t really know. All the symptoms are there, so I’m pretty confident on this, f.ex. she laughs whenever I look at her a certain way and always texts me first, always tries to come over whenever she can, so on. Problem is I’m not the best at face-to-face game. She was supposed to come over today and I had a course all planned out, some stuff from your blog, some material from elsewhere, a bit of teasing, a bit of negs. Well, for whatever reason, she came over about an hour and a half late completely catching me off guard.

We walked around town and met up with a friend of hers – big problem on my part. From being shy and flustered when with me she turned super social with her landwhale of a friend. Said landwhale wasn’t particularly friendly to me (not inwardly it seemed to me, outwardly she acted nice). This left me in the lurch. Said landwhale proceeded to off-handedly remark “I don’t think you two would go well together” and other such snide little comments intended obviously to reduce my chances of a successful hookup. “Hell hath no fury like a woman’s friends,” to paraphrase a famous quote. All in all a pretty annoying harpy. The day ended up with me walking my interest back home, so hopefully the landwhale hasn’t left too bad of an expression.

Now my problem comes in: if at all possible, I need to hook up with this girl tomorrow. Yet as I mentioned my physical game is lacking- though I got the posture and aloofness down pretty comfortably, I can’t seem to segue into showing interest and thus somehow (?) initiating a make out session. Whence my predicament. Do you have any tips on somehow switching the aloof, couldn’t-care-less Corey Worthington façade into a “girl I want you” kind of deal? Or am I approaching it all wrong?

Obviously I want to get physical (kids games, etc.) before kissing, to lessen the shock, and act confident, but this really jars with the whole idea of aloofness and I don’t get the transition. Once I get her in my doorway looking and smiling at me, I’m lost. What do I say? What do I do? How?

Can you help me out with this, man? I’d be eternally grateful. Thanks!

*I sent this in an email to you, just posting it here to make sure you see it. please don’t post this or redact it if possible? I just want to make sure you get it. Sorry and Thanks

  • YaReally
    on December 22, 2011 at 4:13 pm
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    “wow, I like your hair like that. I’ve never seen you with it up before……(now start acted interested and get touching/flirty)”

    “wow, I didn’t know you liked dinosaurs. That’s pretty cool, maybe I was wrong about you…(insert interest)”

    “mmmm you’re not as shy as I thought you were…I like a girl who’s comfortable talking joking about sex like that….(insert interest)”

    “you know, when I first met you I wasn’t sure about you. But after what you just did there, I don’t know, I guess you’re not as shy/quiet/boring as I thought…..I’m glad. (insert interest)”

    Etc etc any of those that fits or word it however you want. The basic formula is “acknowledge that you purposely haven’t shown interest because she hasn’t impressed you, but now tell her she’s impressed you (use ANYTHING, the way she laughs or the color of her shirt it doesn’t matter just pick something (best if it’s a personality characteristic like “I didn’t know you were so feisty!”)), then act like you’re changing your opinion about her as you trail off like you’re in thought, then escalate to put your arm around her or whatever and start showing interest.”

    Oldschool game concept we call qualifying her. It makes her feel like she’s won you over so the transition from aloof to interest makes sense to her chick-brain.

    Hope it helps.

Street Smarts, Game And The White Underclass

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on December 20, 2011 at 3:02 am
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Street smarts, social savvy, game, etc. is more attractive to women than money, looks, education, etc.

Girls categorize you into one of 4 categories when they first observe/meet you:

1) Provider beta (rich/smart guy who flashes his Rolex and talks about his last trip to Paris or his medical degree)

2) Fuckworthy alpha (guy who demonstrates alpha characteristics and makes their gina tingle)

Those are the relevant two for this article. Examples of them:

Low class idiot wigger Bennett types who have no money or job etc. and treat her like she’s nothing special = doesn’t act like a beta (no butterflies and dolphins), makes her gina tingle, and CLEARLY has no means to be a provider = Fuckworthy alpha.

High class rich BMW guy with a mansion trying to impress and get her approval = acts like a beta (“let me wine and dine you my dear”, “so I was in Paris last week and…”) and CLEARLY would be an excellent provider = Provider beta.

Which guy does the girl fuck the first night because she knows not to expect more than a good fuck?

And which guy does she wait a bunch of dates and expensive dinners before putting out for, in hopes of not coming off as a slut and being providing-worthy?

Really simple shit here. If you haven’t seen this in action, you don’t hang out with a big enough variety of social circles and should interact with more people in both high and low classes.

  • Anon
    on December 20, 2011 at 12:12 pm
    Original Link

    What are the two other categories?

    • YaReally
      on December 20, 2011 at 5:01 pm
      Original Link

      3) Provider Alphas – If you think you’re in this category, then you’re not. These guys have transcended so far past the rest of the world’s social conditioning that they don’t even realize they’re in this category. They’re not just alpha behaving guys with some money, most of those guys are still insecure. They’re guys like Brad Pitt:

      They’re not relevant for this discussion because really, none of us reading this blog are these guys. These guys are out doing good for the world not having penis size contests over who gets laid more or knows more about game. :)

      This level hits when you’re so surrounded by abundance on so many levels that it just stops meaning anything to you.

      4) Fuckworthy Betas – lol I was just fuckin around here, 4th category doesn’t exist

      • evilalpha
        on December 20, 2011 at 5:39 pm
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        Brad Pitt has too many beta tendencies to be used as an example.

        • YaReally
          on December 21, 2011 at 1:39 am
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          When you transcend it all, you can break all the rules because the labels no longer matter to you.

          I thought this was common knowledge. It’s like the rule about not buying a girl a drink, you don’t do it when you’re a newbie because it comes from the wrong place, but as you grow into your alpha attributes you can break that rule and buy girls drinks if you feel like it because it no longer comes from the same place. This is just that on a massive scale that covers all facets of life instead of just being in a bar chatting up a girl.

          Robbie Williams can make gay jokes about himself like this:

          Because he can get a crowd of chicks creaming themselves just with his eye contact like this:

          Russell Brand can act like a super flamey homo and dress ridiculous because he can hit on Britney Spears with no hesitation:

          And scold her, the girl millions of guys jacked off to growing up, he can treat like a silly child:

          And is well known to have fucked a ton of women.

          Brad Pitt can have beta tendencies here and there because it doesn’t matter anymore. Do you think a woman with Angelina Jolie’s personality would be attracted to a beta male instead of just chewing him up and spitting him out?

          The guys still caught up in the cartoon character stereotype of “that’s not what an ALPHA would do!!!” are guys who aren’t at that level. That’s why I automatically exclude basically everyone in this blog’s comment section since guys like Brad Pitt and Russell Brand aren’t commenting on blogs discussing whether George Clooney is alpha or beta. They don’t give a shit.

on December 20, 2011 at 1:06 pm
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Mark C said: As a 34 year old guy with a beer belly and a porno stache that only fucks women 25 or younger (and only keeps around those 8 or above)

A question for you: I have a friend who is convinced that women dig skinny guys. He is about ten pounds overweight on an otherwise ectomorph frame. But he has spent the last decade, literally, knocking himself out at the gym trying to “lose the pounds” as he puts it. Because he is convinced that if he does knock off ten pounds, women will start flocking to him for no-strings-attached sex. (Let me note he is late middle ages.)

He seems to go on the assumption that “the babes,” as he refers to attractive young women, are just as horny and sexually frustrated as he is, and for some reason home in on slender guys. He rarely dates, and his main source of contact with females is by going to strip clubs.

Question: what is your take on this?


  • Sidewinder
    on December 20, 2011 at 2:58 pm
    Original Link

    My take is a little different than the PUAs. The flaw in your friend’s reasoning is not that women do not like slender guys. They do. They like smart guys, good looking guys, rich guys. The problem with this thinking is that it is a form of magical thinking: as if some physical trait is going to magically melt the social barriers to allow him access to young women he does not have access to now.

    Realistic, non-creepy access to hot chicks is the key, not coming up with the secret formula that will make you irresistable to women who don’t know you. Game is a way of potentially gaining access to women that you don’t know, and is useful in using with girls you do know. But your friend would be better served to take a co-ed cooking class, volunteer with women at a kitchen, or to attend a bible study group for singles than to spend his time “perfecting” his physique. My two cents

    • evilalpha
      on December 20, 2011 at 3:53 pm
      Original Link

      If women REALLY liked slender/rich/smart guys SO much then the social barriers WOULD magically melt… yet they don’t. That’s why the PUA’s (we) have it right and you have it ALL wrong.

      • Sidewinder
        on December 20, 2011 at 4:14 pm
        Original Link

        Dude, you didn’t even read my post. You missed the point entirely. I just said that those qualities do NOT magically melt the barriers. The key is getting yourself out in circulation with women. And pickups with unknowns at bars are low percentage. The best thing you can do is develop a social life, where you stay in the loop with a lot of people, and meet new women through friend introductions.

        • YaReally
          on December 20, 2011 at 5:07 pm
          Original Link

          “And pickups with unknowns at bars are low percentage. The best thing you can do is develop a social life, where you stay in the loop with a lot of people, and meet new women through friend introductions.”

          This is true. If you just want a steady stream of pussy, focus on expanding your social circles. Social circle lays are pretty much the easiest way to get laid frequently.

          Guys who do cold-approach pickup don’t do it because they think it’s high percentage, they do it because it’s a challenge and they know 99% of other guys couldn’t do it.

          Climbing Mount Everest isn’t the fastest or easiest way to get around the mountain. But some people care more about the climb than reaching the destination. :)

          (this isn’t to say either one is good or bad, if you’re a horny fucker with a high sex drive and need to get laid constantly, social circle is great for you, if you can handle some dry spells and are more interested in the psychology of social interactions cold-approach is great for you, it’s all personal preference)

  • YaReally
    on December 20, 2011 at 3:24 pm
    Original Link

    It’s easier for him to blame something he subconsciously has no intention of fixing (if he really wanted to lose the weight 10lbs is nothing) than to admit he’s unattractice to women as a man overall. “I’d be tearing it up with women if I was thinner, if I lost this weight they’d be all OVER me.”

    No, they wouldn’t. He’d be the same insecure approval seeking beta he is now, but thinner. Even if he got more looks from girls being thinner the fact that he doesn’t have enough game to make a girl overlook 10lbs means he wouldn’t be able to get the hot ones since his confidence is so weak and externally dependent and they’ll sniff that out instantly.

    The really hot girls don’t care about weight or money because they’re SURROUNDED by hot rich guys hitting on them. They’re the ones that respond to peacocking and alpha frame control shit because that’s saying “I don’t seek other people’s approval, I do what I want” and is attractive in a sea of guys insecurely seeking her validation asking “do you like my biceps now?” and “baby let me fly you to Paris!”

    That’s why game was built for the hottest girls. That’s why average girl’s think Mystery looks like a retard, they’re looking for the rich 6-pack guy since those guys dont pay them any attention. But smokin hot strippers and club girls are drawn to him when they see him, cause they’re surrounded by 6-pack rich guys and they know his confidence walking thru that crowd in a fuzzy hat is something rare.

    Go to any pool party in Vegas and look at the dudes. EVERY guy there is buff and ripped cause most of them are in the entertainment industry (bartenders bouncers strippers etc). The girls there are surrounded by those guys but most of them are like your friend “gotta get another inch on my biceps. THEN the bitches’ll love me!!!”

    Other guys do this same thing with money, cars, jobs, etc. “soon as I get that promotion”. The worst are the guys who pick an attribute to blame that they actually CAN’T fix, like short guys blaming their height. Your friend can work out and lose the 10lbs but a short guy can’t grow a foot taller.

    Those guys who hide behind shit as an excuse are in for the saddest, most depressing reality bitchslap when they overcome the excuse and realize it did nothing because it was all in their head. Witness the rich CEO in his Ferrari with his Rolex wondering why girls won’t fuck him unless he pays them. Imagine suddenly realizing all the shit you dedicated your life to was irrellevant when it came to your actual goal you thought it’d help you achieve. Mind-fuck.

    • peckerwood
      on December 20, 2011 at 4:00 pm
      Original Link

      That is a really good summary of how I felt, before I read this blog, that I only needed a little bit bigger biceps, more six-pack abs, more $ in the account, and THEN things will happen. Read Krauser, see how he, a bald guy who may or may not remind the ladies of Jason Stathom, transcends this stuff.

      It’s a basic mistake to project your desires on to girls but they don’t think like men, and their definition of hot is fluid and based on presence or status.

      From what I’ve heard, If you’re really desperate to break the rules of the Matrix, get into the swinger lifestyle or have a gram or two of coke with you when you go out (some hot bitches love to “party” and in certain cities, it’s like a a magic power-up or female skeleton key), but otherwise it seems that you’re stuck with accepting your flaws and that piece of mind will change your frame for the better. Then, you can learn how to hit on girls without raising complete bitch shield or shooting yourself in the foot.

      • YaReally
        on December 20, 2011 at 4:43 pm
        Original Link

        “but otherwise it seems that you’re stuck with accepting your flaws and that piece of mind will change your frame for the better.”

        It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything. :)

        That’s why guys with big egos who build their identity around something external (“being rich” “being jacked” “girls all love me” “I’m an alpha male” “i’m an introvert” “I’m just not good with this”) have the hardest time seeing significant progress with game and get massively depressed when the world isn’t aligning with it (they get fat or lose their job or a girl shoots them down).

        Only after they throw all that away and learn to base their identity on their core (“what do I value?” “what are my boundaries?” “what behavior do I accept from myself and others?” “what are my goals in life?” “who AM I?”) are they finally free from the shackles of limiting beliefs and ego protection and ready to really step into their potential with game.

        Brad Pitt is rich and a celebrity and is married to Angelina fucking Jolie. But do you think he identifies himself by ANY of that? No, that’s why people love him. He’ll go play with Ethiopian kids, tease George Clooney, shoot the shit with old people. He wouldn’t even be bragging about what blockbuster movie he’s working on, you’d have to drag it out of him and even then he’d be humble about it.

        That’s the same world a really hot high status girl lives in. The same way Brad Pitt, if you met him and chilled for a beer, would judge you based on who you are and not whether you pulled up to the bar in a Ferrari. Everyone around him in his world is driving a Ferrari…who cares? The real question is: who are YOU?

        If the 10lbs friend achieved his goal weight then ate a few cheeseburgers he would no longer feel high value and change his behavior around people because he wouldn’t allow himself to feel high value since his identity is attached to his weight. That’s how fragile his confidence is. Brad Pitt could lose all his money and get his face mangled in a car accident and he’d still behave the high value way he does with people around him.

  • Mark C
    on December 20, 2011 at 11:14 pm
    Original Link

    Bottom line, its all about attitude. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ve probably read better explanations than I can give, but the what it boils down to is that I refuse to accept that I need to compromise so I don’t. I also refuse to accept that i need to worry about my “looks” beyond combing my hair, showering, and other basic maintenance. I don’t wear perfume, I never “dress up” (unless Im in a work situation and 99% of the women I work with don’t meet my standards) and I laugh at the “pretty boys” who try (Actually a great way of DHVing in the right circumstances). My attitude is “its the woman’s job to look pretty, its the man’s job to be a Man” and it works for me. But then, that;s because that’s who I am. My advice to your friend? Don’t worry about your gut, or getting thin, that’s a woman’s job. You think Genghis Khan ever worried about his beer belly? You ever seen a portrait of Ben Franklin? Guy had a beak like a vulture, eyes like a pig, was bowlegged and had a pot belly, yet he was a stone cold pimp. Same goes for virtually every great man in history. (not saying to be a slob, but can you imagine Bill Clinton being afraid to hit on a chick cause he was in a tracksuit munching down on a big mac?)

    And one last weird but (in my experience effective) piece of advice. Tell your buddy to watch “dog whisperer” and treat women the way Ceasear treats problem. dogs. (not joking, even the tssst and the little pinch works wonders if used right) Dominant, not aggressive, confidant not defensive. Watch your posture, tone, and body language and more than anything else, make sure you believe, that you are what they want, because if you believe it, so will they.

    Also might want to send him the link to this blog.

    • YaReally
      on December 21, 2011 at 1:41 am
      Original Link

      lol I’ve used Dog Whisperer concepts on girls and guys. There really is some good stuff in that show if you look at it through a pickup lens.

    • xsplat
      on December 21, 2011 at 4:14 am
      Original Link

      I never “dress up” (unless Im in a work situation and 99% of the women I work with don’t meet my standards) and I laugh at the “pretty boys” who try

      And yet pimps swear by the power of peacocking.

      • YaReally
        on December 21, 2011 at 11:48 pm
        Original Link

        You understand that wearing a t-shirt and sneakers to an event full of dressy people IS peacocking, right?

        “Peacocking” is just standing out from the crowd. Wearing a white suit when others are wearing black. Wearing a fuzzy hat when no one else is. Wearing plain clothes when other people are dressed up.

        If you have a strong frame like the guy above who 100% believes pretty boys look stupid, then you can handle the shit-tests and girl’s are attracted. If you have a shitty weak frame and can’t handle the shit-tests then you look like a social retard and get no love.

        Re-read your basics. :P

        [heartiste: this is true. i once wore a track suit to a swanky holiday party (for reasons which shall not be expounded upon here) and i was the talk of the town!]

on December 21, 2011 at 11:06 am
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Serious question on this topic:

What, if anything, do you do with your game if you do possess a good deal of provider traits? What if you are highly educated, articulate, make a good salary, and not a wigger low life guy? What if women are attracted to you because you are a “good catch”?

I get the point Bennett is making about not being gay about dolphins, team edward, or being a good listener. And I’m not saying that you’re advocating this, but it would be impossible for me to start acting like Bennett, or even a modified form of him.

Is it that provider beta is bad, or that it just isn’t enough to attract quality girls? If ou have the provider traits that women are looking for in a long term mate, should you hide them? Should you self-handicap. that you are educated, have money, in a high status profession?

  • YaReally
    on December 22, 2011 at 12:20 am
    Original Link

    “What if you are highly educated, articulate, make a good salary, and not a wigger low life guy?”

    lol that’s the kicker. :) When you have game, before you’re successful you go “this is great, I got in this for casual sex and I’m gettin it left and right even though I don’t have shit lol”

    Once you become a success you go “man, as soon as they see I’d make a good provider they want me to take them on dates instead of just fucking, and they fall in love right away, and now I’ve got all this drama with clingers and jealousy and stalkers and blackmail to deal with”

    A beta who works at Taco Bell tells girls he’s a doctor.

    An alpha who’s a doctor tells girls he works at Taco Bell.

    “it would be impossible for me to start acting like Bennett, or even a modified form of him.”

    You just need a rough edge to yourself. Like showing up to happy hour with your co-workers while wearing a t-shirt or plain dress shirt instead of a full Armani suit. Or drop a few swears here and there while the other guys are trying to be polite. Or make sexual innuendo or talk about sexual topics when girls are around. Just show that you don’t fit the stereotype.

    “Is it that provider beta is bad, or that it just isn’t enough to attract quality girls?”

    It isn’t enough and it can change how she interacts with you the same way you might be friendly and loud while you drink with your buddies, but when you pass 3 sketchy looking guys on a street corner at night later you’re quiet and trying to look tough so you don’t get stabbed. You’ve categorized your friends as safe to joke around with, and sketchy thugs as not safe to joke around with. A girl categorizes Bennett as fuckable, and Dolphin Guy as easy to milk resources from…even though she’s the SAME girl the way you’re the same guy in the above scenarios.

    So many girls will fuck me while they make a nice provider guy (they LEGITIMATELY like and hope for a relationship with) wait for a month before they’ll put out. I’ll even help them out and give them advice lol They don’t even comprehend the fact that they’re behaving differently. Secret Society concept in action.

    “what I’m trying to tease out from Heartiste and from some of the commentators is whether provider traits are in themselves tingle killing.”

    “Are they neutral at worst?”

    That’s a good way of saying it. A knife is neutral, your intent with it and purpose for bringing it out of the drawer is what determines how people react to it. If I pull it out to make you a sandwich, you come to the kitchen. If I pull it out to stab you, you run from me.

Should Game Be Taught In School?

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via Heartiste

on December 18, 2011 at 7:44 pm
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Game is better underground.

The guys who will actually benefit from learning game and who are mentally ready to put effort and dedication into studying it are the guys who’ve hit total rock-bottom and are typing “how do I talk to girls?” into Google out of a desperation to turn their lives around.

Anyone who’s tried to introduce their “never get laid” friends to game has probably found out the hard way that people will reject the teachings or half-ass the learning process until they’re at rock-bottom.

Anti-Flake Tactic

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on December 16, 2011 at 5:16 am
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Good post and great topic to discuss with men who are ‘actually’ out there gaming.

And of course there is much Mental Masturbating going on in the replies, as usual. C’mon guys if you disagree or dissent with the tactic, post your own suggestions/methods. Not doing so only underscores you’re a BETA chump.

In the context of a ‘last minute flake’ for a ‘first date’ whether it be from an internet #close or cold approach #close, my following suggestions:

Preemptive Strategy
1) Always be building comfort with TXT game with your target: Flirt. Tease.

[Ripp]: stop causing trouble at work

[Her]: It’s hard not too :)

end thread.

[Ripp]: what does miss [name] want from santa

[Her]: Everything :)

[Ripp]: u have been too naughty for that

[Her]: Ahaaaaa! My letter read: Dear Santa, I want it all, [name]

[Ripp]: *rolls eyes* you can’t be monopolizing santa’s time

[Her]: Wanna bet? Hahaha

[Ripp]: All u deserve is a spankin young lady *spank*

[Her]: Perv, Ahaaaaa!

end thread.

Notice how I always make her send the last TXT. It’s a ‘pull’ strategy. Also notice how I use *gestures*. This works like a fucking charm.

2) Set the meet. Then reopen later at a random time with a NEW TOPIC before the meet to continue comfort building and mitigate flake probability:

[Ripp 6:25PM]: listen I have some time tomorrow evening meet me 8ish lets go cause trouble

[Her 9:23PM]: Haha sounds great- ur funny lol. I have had the toughest night at work tonight! Sorry I couldn’t get to my phone any sooner

[Ripp 11:11PM]: things settle down for you at work

[Her 11:15PM]: Yeah I just got home

[Ripp 11:20PM]: home in cambodia

[Her 11:22PM]: haha yeah it is for the next 10 days until my new place is ready :)

end thread.


[Ripp 9:43AM]: look at my xmas tree I decorated it myself {attached: image of outdoor mall xmas tree that is 100ft tall}

[Her 9:54AM]: lol wow!! Great job, it’s beautiful

end thread.

[Ripp 4:50PM]: hey goof

[Her 5:56PM]:heyyy! u working still? I’m rushing to get home!! Lol my mom had to go to court so i went with her :)

[Ripp 5:58PM]: would 9pm be better for u

[Her 5:58PM]: i thought that was the time we were meeting anyway???

[Ripp 5:59PM]: goof ball *rolls eyes* i guess it is now

[Ripp 6:00PM]: k see u at 9PM at [coffee shop] 1234 North St. in [location] drive safe

[Her 6:02PM]: is that inside the mall???

[Ripp 6:03PM]: Yes

[Ripp 6:04PM]: at malls they have this thing called a directory its like a map that tells you where stuff is

[Her 6:05PM]: haha ur making me go to a human zoo!

[Ripp 6:10PM]: you will feel at home since ur an animal rarrrr

[Her 6:11PM]: haha

end thread.

Notice how I am BUILDING up to the initial first date. I’m breaking up the place and time into different TXTs sent at different times and weaving in other random topics, teasing her etc. Basically its a SMOOTH transition from TXTing to first meet. Builds comfort. And you can COMPLIANCE TEST to see if she is going to flake or not. If she is going to flake, she won’t be responsive the day of the meet.

Post 1st Date Flake Strategy

Within hours, minutes or the same day of a previously confirmed meet:

[Her]: hey something came up with work and I can’t make it tonight maybe another time?

[NO RESPONSE & NO REPLIES if she re-opens]



-Open with a funny statement
-A playful tease
-Do not mention the flake AT ALL. If she mentions it, ignore it and disregard.

[Ripp]: been doing crunches at the gym….548, 549, 5…5…..0……ugh

[Her]: haha heyy!! ur silly. sorry couldnt get together the other night how are you?

[Ripp]: please don’t interrupt exercise 551,552,5..5…3

[Her]: haha ;)

end thread.

random time reopen.

[Ripp]: hey dork I have some time wednesday at lunch, meet me ~1230ish

…rebuild INTEREST & COMPLIANCE, then CLOSE for meet

If she’s high SMV she is most likely going to flake to shit test you. Also she is going to have MANY men txting her all the time. You can rise to the top by always making her laugh and being “cool”. Notice how I am ASSERTIVE and TELL her to “meet me”. The strategy here is to rebuild compliance and try for another meet. Never be reactive. Be aloof. Random.

Because 1st date flakes are so common and I have an ABUNDANCE of women in MY TXT ORBIT I don’t care. If she flakes for a second time, I either never contact her again or send a similar TXT to the author of the post.


-1 day of silence
-2nd day:

[Ripp]: listen I’m a straight up guy- at this point I can’t take you seriously. I’ll think about maybe giving you another chance…

[Her]: Sorry. You’re right. I haven’t been attentive, and that’s not right of me to do.

I always have received an apologetic response from this. It’s seems kind of beta, and it is. But it has worked. And further, I have been able to successfully meet and continue the game process. I only do this with beautiful women…why? Because I want to fuck them! If she’s AVG or below…next…….until next month. heh….

I have what I call a “FOCUS GROUP” of women I TXT to try out new material on. And also I will stick them in “COLD ROTATION” which I let them sit in silence for a month or so, then reopen.

Women are emotional beings. Depending on what is going on in their life at any moment, they may need a man to fuck their brains out. TXT GAME is easy, cheap etc.

Good luck guys.

  • DiamondEyes
    on December 16, 2011 at 12:50 pm
    Original Link

    Well I think we’ll have to agree that there are different types of PUAs here, with different preferences and tactics.

    Personally, I didn’t supply a big tactical breakdown because I wouldn’t need a tactic in the case described in this post. I would simply ignore the bitch indefinitely and turn my attention to other girls in the rotation. Ironically, this non-tactic works better than 90% of the ‘tactics’ out there.

    Since you called others out on being beta chumps, let me offer a brief critique of the tactics you outlined.

    I don’t know how old you are, but to me that just looks like a whole lot of texting, ego-stroking, game-playing, girly shit, high school shit, friend zone shit. Why on earth would you get all caught up in text games like that? And for such long periods? It paints the image of a loser in his bedroom hanging on her every utterance. You think it increases the respect and admiration she has for you?

    This doesn’t fit for everyone, but my style is the suave casanova player. When in doubt, I ask myself What Would James Bond Do? Would 007 be texting bitches shit like “goof ball *rolls eyes*”? Of course he fucking wouldn’t. He wouldn’t text women at all, unless it was 3 words or less – per week. He would ice the bitch and on to the next until she comes begging back on his doorstep.

    • YaReally
      on December 17, 2011 at 2:17 pm
      Original Link

      “Why on earth would you get all caught up in text games like that? And for such long periods? It paints the image of a loser in his bedroom hanging on her every utterance.”

      “Would 007 be texting bitches shit like “goof ball *rolls eyes*”? Of course he fucking wouldn’t. He wouldn’t text women at all, unless it was 3 words or less – per week.”

      lol When you have high value, you can do anything you want. If Brad Pitt txted that chick “hey goofball” and txted her all day long, do you think she’d go “Hey Brad Pitt, get lost, you’re clearly a loser in your bedroom hanging on my every utterance!”? No, of course not. Why? Because he has high value to the girl.

      Same thing happens when you reverse the genders. If Angelina Jolie called you at 3am on a Tuesday you wouldn’t go “ugh, I’m done with YOU Angelina Jolie!” and hang up on her. Because she has high value. Or fuck it, say the president calls you, same shit. High value trumps all.

      How do you raise your value?

      - Get better game so the 8+s see you as high value

      - Hit on ugly shitty low quality chicks so that your low value seems higher by default

      Most “James Bond” wannabes do the latter, not the former. The hot girls don’t give a shit if you “ice the bitch” and sure as fuck won’t “come begging back on your doorstep” lol The shitty desperate ones might though, since to them you’re Brad Pitt. :)

  • YaReally
    on December 17, 2011 at 1:35 pm
    Original Link

    Solid text game man.

    James Bond does not get laid by the hottest girls in the club. That doesn’t mean he’s not getting laid, but he’s not taking down the impossible girls. I’d bet my ass that the chick Ripp is txting is way hotter than anything the naysayers are tapping. Smokin’ hot popular social girls don’t sit there going “omg that guy I haven’t fucked didn’t text me back!!! He’s soooo cool tho with his James Bond casanova personality, omg I’m going to txt him and beg him to fuck me!!!” She doesn’t give a shit about you because she has a dozen other guys chasing her that she has more of a connection with.

    **You can’t next a girl you haven’t fucked. That’s her nexting you.**

    Game used to be about figuring out how to work the impossible sets and how to overcome and turn around situations that would make other guys give up. The whole “I’m gonna give her one chance and if she doesn’t jump on my cock, fuck it I’ll go get more girls” thing is just an ego-protecting way of saying “I don’t know how to turn this around, so I’m going to find an easier (and probably less attractive) girl”

    Which leads to shit like “you can go out to any bar, any night of the week, and get a SNL with a 6 or a future playdate with an 8.”

    Wow. Fucking 6s and theoretical playdates with 8s (but only the ones who jump on your cock instantly, because if they put up any fuss, James Bond moves on to the next easy 6 being such a huge pimp and all). lol

    I’m starting to wonder if anyone in the comment section here fucks anything besides easy ugly chicks, foreign chicks who want a green card, or their own girlfriends/wives.

Tomboys Vs Girly-Girls

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via Heartiste

on December 14, 2011 at 8:51 pm
Original Link

ugh, I screen Tomboys out now. Everyone is all “she has to look like a gorgeous daffodil on a lazy Sunday when she’s got no makeup on and is wearing her baggy flannel pyjamas”. I say fuck that. Unless she’s a serious LTR our main reason for hanging out is to fuck eachother’s brains out. If she turns up at my door wearing sweatpants and sneakers, I turn her around and tell her to go home and change into something sexy with heels. On a Sunday morning she can wake up early and run to the bathroom to do herself up for me.

For guys who are like “I like girls who play sports, and don’t worry about their makeup, and don’t spend all day on their hair, and who drink beer and swear and aren’t afraid to burp out loud and like quadding on the weekends…” You don’t like girls, you like dudes.

Soon as I sniff out Tomboy qualities I lose interest completely. Right now one of my fuckbuddies dresses up in a brand new sexy outfit EVERY time she comes over. I’ve never seen her look anything but done up gorgeous in various kinky costumes or sexy classy dresses. Her nails are always done, her hair is always taken care of, she’s absolutely gorgeous and horny as hell and she LIKES feeling like a sexy feminine woman.

I qualify early to find out if a girl thinks lingerie and dressing up is the norm or for “special occasions” (aka a couple times a year on birthdays or valentine’s day) and high-tail it to look for a girl who oozes feminine sex appeal.

If we pass a lineup at a bar and a chick I’m with says “I would NEVER wear something like THAT.” referencing the girls in tight sexy mini-skirts or “omg look at those silly girls, it’s too cold to dress like that!” we’re pretty much done.

I find the 18-25yos tend to be more Tomboyish than the 30+ crowd. The 18yos will be dressed up at the club when you meet them, but that’s their one sexy “going out” outfit in their closet because they aren’t financially stable yet and have dozens of orbiters no matter how badly groomed they are. The 30+ women have money to burn and can afford to do themselves up all the time and have the clock ticking so they want to be well-groomed all the time since they’re dying to meet a man soon.

Then there’s that akward-ass 25-30 crowd of girls who feels too old to dress super-sexy/slutty, but hasn’t figured out how or can’t afford to dress sexy yet.

Fuck I’m picky these days. Must be gettin’ old and crotchety lol

on December 15, 2011 at 12:26 pm
Original Link

I’m having a frame problem with a 21 year old girly girl:

She is very attractive, feminine. I have gamed her pretty well and we went out last night. In short, there was a strong connection, and she revealed that she has had feelings for me for a while. So for a first date, I thought it was escalating amazingly well. So I move in to kiss her, and she turns her head! But she doesn’t push me away, instead she starts feeling me up, so I start kissing her neck and she softly moans in a good way. I try to kiss her again, and she turns away again!

I ask WTF? And honestly, she has decent reasons for not wanting to move too fast, but I completely lost the frame after this.

In a nutshell, my difficulty was in switching gears. I was succeeding with a dominant frame, and when she threw up this road block, I ignored it as a shit test and continued trying to kiss her. But then she demonstrated that the roadblock was legit, so after 3 tries, I wasn’t going to try to overpower her will. Instead, I get sucked into this terribly gay conversation where she’s explaining all her reasons why she wants to go slow because she really likes me, and I’m stuck there trying to verbally convince her that i’m not just out to screw her. Any suggestions on how to deal with this?

At the big picture level, I need to make her feel less secure about my interest, and I can do that my limiting my availability, being vague about my plans, etc. But any suggestions for what I could have done right in the moment to deal with her moral stand?

  • YaReally
    on December 16, 2011 at 1:12 am
    Original Link

    Ever seen a dog humping someone’s leg? That’s you to her. :)

    She wants you to seduce her and turn her on till she’s dying for it, not jump right for the goods. There are like dozens of erogenous zones and ways to tease her and turn her on, like nibbling on her neck. She’s trying to signal that to you but you’ve got a subconscious “GOTTA GET TEH KISS ON LIPS OR I DONT WIN!!!1″ thing going on.

    The soft moan was her signal. She wanted a shit-ton of foreplay so that she’d be as horny as you were.

    You’ve heard the saying that goes like “Men’s horniness is like flipping a light switch on, women’s horniness is like a radio dial you slowly turn up”? That’s what that situation was.

    “and I’m stuck there trying to verbally convince her that i’m not just out to screw her.”

    PUA rule: “Change her mood, not her mind.” Forget talking or getting into a gay debate. Kiss her neck, let her feel you up, pull away like you’re trying to stop, go back in for her neck like you can’t control yourself because she has you so turned on, run fingertips up and down her body, caress her legs, whisper in her ear, forget about her lips entirely. When she’s ready for that stage, she won’t resist.

    Good luck if you get the shot again. :) Read some PUA literature on overcoming LMR. Some of the PUA stuff about opening lines and doing magic tricks and shit might be super gay, but the LMR and ASD stuff is solid.

    Fuck it, here’s the link for you:

    I don’t get LMR anymore because I’m awesome, but I did when I was starting out and lost a bunch of lays to it till I learned to handle it. Matador’s suggestion is number 4 on that list, a freeze-out. But I wouldn’t recommend it because a freeze-out is a total hail-mary miracle maneuver for if you’ve exhausted all other options. If you’ve tried numbers 1, 2, 3, and 5 on that list and none of that works, THEN try the freeze-out.

    Stealing the frame (number 1 on that list) and Riker’s 3 Rules (number 3) are probably what would’ve helped you out in your situation along with smoother sexual escalation. Read parts 2 and 3 of the article (link towards the bottom) instead of just skimming the jist of the 1st article…15 minutes of reading now could be getting you months of good sex down the road instead of blueballs. ;)

Game Is Universal

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View from inside a hot chick
on December 13, 2011 at 4:34 pm
Original Link

I gamed yer mom.

  • YaReally
    on December 13, 2011 at 7:45 pm
    Original Link

    Damn, beat me to it. :( Knew I shoulda checked heartiste sooner but I was busy.

    …with your mom.

on December 13, 2011 at 5:03 pm
Original Link

I’m guessing you aren’t going to get lots of high fives from the PUAs out there but I, for one, want to thank you for this post. It is a reminder that game is a state of mind, not just a “pick up technique”.

As I apply more and more of what game has taught me I’ve found that my interactions with ALL women have improved. I take them less seriously and they take me more seriously. I challenge them and they perform. I playfully tease them and they seek to qualify themselves.

  • YaReally
    on December 13, 2011 at 7:54 pm
    Original Link

    Nah we high five the shit out of him. We use game principles on everyone. From attracting hot girls to repelling uggos to dealing with bullies to changing close relationships to handling business relationships etc etc a person can go too far and become annoying and unable to “shut it off” but usually that’s a phase that passes once they learn to calibrate and pull it back.

    Game is all-encompassing. The whole getting laid part is awesome and a big focus, but a good PUA can charm pretty much anyone. It’s not just about our techniques but also about our field experience…we learn to summarize and categorize people extremely quickly and because we’ve met so many different types of people we’ve learned what they respond to, whether it’s an overbearing mother or a cold-hearted business partner or a ditzy bar star or a feminazi mother hen.

    There’s a good clip where a top PUA is talking to a bootcamp crowd and he stops and asks one guy “are you Russian?” “ya how did you know?” “because I’ve met thousands of people lol I can just tell now”

    Game ultimately is about shaping your life into what you want it to be, in all aspects.

on December 13, 2011 at 5:09 pm
Original Link

Timely post for me…need some advice and inputs…

The girl I have gamed and gone out with this past year…is now pulling away…we’re basically all but officially broken up with.

We barely speak, she no more banging for 2 weeks, she’s completely pulled away and so have I.

There was beta backsliding on my part.


There are two other new girls I have successfully gamed for the past few months. They are both friends…they are both separately texting me, and I game them separately: push-pull, teasing, negs, shows of interest followed by aloofness.

They’re both completely crazy about me: IOI’s….all the classic signs.

I think my old AFC is creeping out and I’m at a bit of a cross-roads.

How to chose? How do I not fuck up the two friends…while pulling away from the gf who is frankly acting very badly.

Any tips to avoid further beta backsliding while managing the other two so I can not fuck it all up?

I’m surprised at my success while understanding where I went wrong, but am at a crossroads….

  • YaReally
    on December 14, 2011 at 2:15 pm
    Original Link

    Life is short, fuck both the new girls. There’s more girls out there, you can make new friends if you fuck it up.

    Then if your GF gets jealous when she finds out her beta BF can still get girls, fuck her too. Thats a win/win/win situation. ;) If she doesn’t get jealous, go find a new one, your relationship with your GF is dead in the water as it is.

on December 13, 2011 at 6:14 pm
Original Link

If you’re a genuine alpha male with game, I’d really appreciate your advice…

I was born and raised in a Christian family – from day one I was taught the old-fashioned belief that sex should be saved for marriage. I’m now 21 and recently decided for myself that I’m NOT going to live my life according to the Bible.

To make up for lost time, I’ve been learning from this life-changing blog: so far, I’ve successfuly number-closed three bangable girls… one I took for drinks last weekend, two I’m taking for drinks this week. (There have been other number-closes, but I don’t count them since they haven’t led to dates yet).

The girl I met last weekend is an 8.5 (Abercrombie model). I put into practice what I learned from Heartiste and Roosh and, if anything, their advice worked too well…

… By 2am, we were on her bed – and she was naked and wet.

Having never had sex before, I panicked. I told her we should wait until next week because ‘I’m waiting for results from the clinic and, even though I’m 99.9% sure I’m clean, I want to be sure.’ (Jesus!)

This excuse was congruent because her impression of me is that I’m a ladies man – a mutual friend told her that I regularly get with girls because we hit bars often and I frequently make-out with girls (he doesn’t know that, up until recently, I deliberate chose not to sleep with them).

She dealt with my bullshit excuse very well: she offered to get tested too (I said ‘don’t worry’) and she also offered a blowjob.

Anyway, my question is this…

Should I explain my Christian background and tell her it’s my first time… Or should I keep it to myself and fuck her as well as I can?

I’m reading sex literature and feel capable of a good sexual performance first time out, but maybe I’m being naive…

Any helpful advice you can offer will be hugely appreciated,


  • T
    on December 15, 2011 at 7:32 pm
    Original Link

    thanks for the advice guys, it’s really helpful (in particular, evilalpha and especially student).

    will play good music and try my best to be relaxed, confident and dominant. (i’m secure about my ‘staying power’, so hopefully the thrusting will come naturally.)

    told her we’ll watch a film, drink red wine, and play some more – she’s excited.

    for anyone interested in discovering how the night goes, i’ll update here next week (probably tuesday).

    thanks again,


    • YaReally
      on December 16, 2011 at 2:12 pm
      Original Link

      Don’t listen to the “she doesn’t need to orgasm” crowd. Their girls cheat on them with me lol When I was a virgin before I learned game I did the same shit you did, reading up on sex so that when I finally DID get a girl in bed I’d be able to rock her world. Hell, I still look up new stuff and try new things out.

      I’ve dragged girls around the room by their hair spitting in their face, spanking them till they have bruises the next day, ripping clothespins off their pussy as they cum, deep-throating them till they literally puke on my cock…and I’ve also lit a bunch of candles, played soft romantic music, and sensually teased their bodies for hours before letting them have my cock. I understand the psychology of what gets different types of women off and make it a point to figure it out quickly when I first meet them, and that all comes from the dreaded “reading sex literature” and “wanting to give her a good time in bed”.

      Making sure a chick gets off doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any kind of alpha shit. It’s not beta to focus on her pleasure so you both get off.

      She doesn’t need to know she’s your first time. Go in with a ton of confidence, ’cause most guys don’t know shit in the bedroom so if you have even the vaguest idea of how to get a girl off you’ll be mind-blowing to her.

      Focusing on her will also help you relax as a virgin…you might feel some pressure like “hey, it’s the amazing virgin show, how will his cock perform? Let’s throw a spotlight on it and critique everything he does with it! Uh-oh, it’s not hard enough, what’s wrong with this loser?? Oops he finished too soon, hey everyone, look at the loser virgin!!” By focusing on her for a bit the spotlight is on her and you can mentally warm up to the whole situation and relax and see/feel her enjoying it all, and with the spotlight off your cock it might be easier to not stress yourself out. :)

      As a virgin there’s a chance your junk won’t work due to nerves, and if that happens play it cool and laugh it off and she’ll just assume she’s not hot enough and get paranoid and come back to prove she can get you off. If you freak out about it and can’t play it cool, just blame alcohol.

      The other common possibility as a virgin is that you’ll last FOREVER and be hard and fucking away but not be able to cum and you’ll start thinking “omg why can’t I cum?? I have to cum!! C’mon, cum dammit!!” which’ll just stress you out more and make itmore impossible. Don’t worry if this happens, she’ll just think you’re amazing because you lasted forever, but be aware that after a while a chick’s vag’ll start getting sore/raw from it. It’s fine to pull out and finish other ways. Hell, if you can’t seem to cum from sex/BJ, jack yourself off like you do watching porn and get her to finish you if you have to…as you get used to sex you’ll be able to cum from more stuff, but the first time transitioning from spanking it to porn on your computer to actually having another human being touching your cock can be trippy.

      Really, a virgin’s worst enemy is himself. :) Have a couple glasses of wine to loosen yourself up and shut your brain down a little bit. Like Doug1 said, there will be other times and you’ll just get better and better at it. Relax and enjoy the whole thing, from the wine and music to the moaning and wet bedsheets.

      Use a condom, not sure if your religion discourages that, but seriously I know virgins who’ve caught stuff from seemingly innocent shy “good girls” on their first time ’cause they raw-dogged it. And I know guys who’ve gotten girls pregnant their first time ’cause they raw-dogged it and pulled out (let alone finishing IN her). You’re just starting your sexual adventures, don’t end ‘em right away. Don’t be a fool, wrap yer tool ;)

      • evilalpha
        on December 16, 2011 at 2:44 pm
        Original Link

        You give the shittiest advice.

        This is T’s first time out and he is nervous. You should give him tips that will help, not confuse. Is it a good idea to teach a new driver on a manual shift car? Hell No!!!!. Best to learn on an automatic. Simply for success!

        The KISS principle, motherfucker.

        • YaReally
          on December 16, 2011 at 6:45 pm
          Original Link

          He’s not an idiot. He’s kissed girls and had this chick in his bed ready to give him head, and he’s attributed it to following what naturals would consider “complicated advice”.

          He’ll be just fine, not everyone needs to crash their car to learn not to drive into walls.


The Handsome Man-Ugly Woman Couple Syndrome

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on December 6, 2011 at 11:25 pm
Original Link

When you meet enough chicks you realize that there’s NO reason to settle for an ugly one (besides accidental preggers lol)…any attribute you think makes up for her physical lack is an attribute that you could find a hot chick with.

Don’t care if the uggo gives amazing head, doesn’t need to be wined & dined, is submissive to him, makes home cooked meals, takes it in the pooper…

There are hot girls out there with who’ll do the same shit. They might be harder to get, and they might take a while to find, but the search is pretty fucking fun. If you’re settling for shitty girls, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Pre-Sex Offers That Sound Too Good To Be True

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on December 5, 2011 at 8:05 pm
Original Link

Never travel for pussy. The fact that you have to travel for it is what makes them know you’re not worth putting out for when you get there.

After you guys have had full out sex, it’s not so bad, if you’re not putting yourself out and if you know she’ll make it up to you, go for it. But this chick isn’t into you at all, she’s going to be sucking cock all over hostel while you E-Mail the Chateau asking how to out-alpha the guy who just jizzed all over her face in the bed next to you.

I learned this the hard way multiple times, like most guys do. Went along with an invite from a chick to whatever her plans were, was treated to imaginary pussy and frustration. The worst was a chick who invited me across the city to some shit-hole bar (no car so it was 2 bus trips and a 10 min walk to get there) on a Saturday night where I had to ditch plans with friends to go (figured it was a sure thing, we had made out hardcore before), and she showed up with her co-workers, one of whom she had a crush on and was flirting with all night in front of me after ignoring the shit out of me. The bar was dead so I couldn’t even hit on other girls. When I walked out halfway through the night she was like “But aren’t you going to make sure I get home?” I told her to eat shit and hopped a cab to where my friends were and drank my face off with them.

I wouldn’t even recommend you go with the intention of hitting on hostel girls and doing stuff on your own. She won’t wing for you, she’ll cockblock you because she wants all the attention of all her orbiters. And you ARE an orbiter, your entire E-Mail reeks of it. That’s not an insult, we were all there and we all fall back into it here and there, just know where you stand and GTFO of it.

Take that same money and go with a dude friend instead. You guys can drink, shoot the shit, and hit the clubs and help eachother find pussy to go scubadiving with. And go to Vegas instead. lol

Why Men Don’t Need To Worry So Much About Their Looks

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Southern Man
on December 2, 2011 at 5:38 pm
Original Link

We need a series on Profile Game.

I have an OKCupid profile that garners very little action so I completely rewrote it – replaced the “About me” with a fairy tale (“Once upon a time…”), removed most of the factual information from the other sections, and in the “You should message me if” section basically wrote “if you’re pretty, slender, and not a bitch.”

Messaging rate is up x10. Why? I truly do not understand any of this.

  • YaReally
    on December 2, 2011 at 8:12 pm
    Original Link

    “We need a series on Profile Game.”

    Fuck me. If there’s anything the guys reading this blog DON’T need, it’s another way to justify avoiding going out and approaching girls in person.

on December 2, 2011 at 9:01 pm
Original Link

Online game is retarded. Go out and talk to girls instead. At least
then if you run into an over-entitled single mom with a bunch of drama
weighing her down you’ll be able to see if she’s fat or got crooked
teeth right away instead of after a bunch of emails and a meet-up lol

And ya I’ve fucked a bunch of online chicks in my time, it’s easy
shit. If they respond at all, they want to fuck. next message is
“chatting on this site blows what’s your #?” to isolate the two of you
from the lame online people, txt flirt a bit, turn things sexual, then
tell them to come over. They show up, you greet them with a hug and
lip kiss to set the tone, then just escalate to sex after the
customary tour of the place. If you can’t work things that fast with
an online girl, the easiest and most desperate of all girls, you need
to go work on your skillset and THEN come back to online dating.

The problem is guys avoid getting real game skills to try online game
because they think it’s a lower risk approach and they can be the same
loser chumps they normally are but hide behind being able to think out
and edit responses so they think they have the upper hand compared to
real life where they couldnt even say hi to the girl.

Here’s when you do online game: ***when you can already get laid
consistently in real life*** and are just extra horny or visiting a
new city or moving to a new city or it’s winter and you don’t want to
go out in the snow or you’re suddenly too busy with work to go out
much. ***The being able to pick up in real life is the important

Online game should be a supplement to going out, not a replacement.
If you have an online profile and you’re not going out at least twice
a week and approaching girls, you might as well quit reading this blog
and just marry a fat single mom.

There are no 10s online. The 10 profiles you see are either dudes,
chicks who need to drum up webcam customers, or girls who don’t give a
shit at all about online nerds but who are too hot for guys to
approach them confidently in real life so they’re shooting the
tentacles out in all directions including online hoping for a guy to
rock their world. Unfortunately even if you shoot a brilliant email
her way it’s lost amongst the other 500 a day she gets.

Go out and stop that 10 on the street or at the bar and save yourself
time while building your skillset. You’ll get more experience and
tighten your skills more out of a night approaching girls than you
will out of a month of tinkering with your gay “i love adventure and
go skydiving on the weekends” profile.

on December 2, 2011 at 9:02 pm
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If you’re a 6’4″ stud with game, play online, go ahead. Every girl on
there thinks she deserves you so you’re in by default. I have a buddy
like this who literally just messages girls his phone number and they
txt him “hi” and he fucks them later that night/weekend/week. He’s
gotten some decent looking chicks out of it too.

But online is where girls are thinking logical and rational, not
emotional. The whole basis of PUA working for guys who aren’t rich
tall and handsome is that we speak to the girl’s emotional side not
her logical side. My tall good looking buddy gets approval from the
girl’s logical side so he slays online girls.

If you’re under 5’9″ you probably don’t even show up in most of the
girls’ searches, let alone if you’re under 5’6″.

In person, you could’ve worked the room and demonstrated social proof,
led your group, befriended high status people, and had her wondering
who you are when you approached her.

If you’re ugly or fat, she won’t even open your profile or email.

In person you could’ve approached with confident eye contact, charmed
her friends, teased her with a neg or two, and had her thinking “he’s
not hot but god am I turned on right now…”. I’ve tapped chicks
who’ve told me after that looks-wise I’m 100% not their type but there
was just “something” about me.

If you’re over 30, you’re not going to get 18-24yo poon online with
all the “if you’re old enough to be my dad don’t bother” girls (unless
they happen to love older men, but then they usually come with daddy

In person, you could have built attraction before the question of age
even came up and had that very same “no one 25+ plz eew” girl falling
over herself trying to qualify herself to you that she loves older men
and isn’t too young for you.

Are guys reading a blog about attracting women 6’4″+ rich young studs?
Or are they more likely average to below average? Don’t waste your
time with online game. Go out.