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    on November 22, 2016 at 6:33 am
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    @Zhu Wunang

    “2) girls walking towards me when I’m headed the other direction.”
    “I did Yad stops for a week here in Local and those were universally rejected–it’s just way too confrontational for this culture.”

    The jist of those videos is walk with her until you can display enough value to get her to stop. I would go indirect, play up needing help like asking for directions, to avoid the confrontational stuff, and as they’re explaining start dropping in teases about their answers (“you’re sending me down that dark alleyway?? I’ll need you to be my bodyguard” etc), or if you want to go direct just throw in a “I don’t really need to know, I just thought you were cute and wanted to talk to you”

    The main thing though is that you don’t have to stop them IMMEDIATELY Yad style…go indirect and/or walk with them and demonstrate some value and THEN stop moving and they should stop with you to continue the interaction.

    Also brush up on your first 60 seconds…you’re going to want to display as much value in as short a time window as possible and have a specific time bridge planned out (instadate or solid number close with specific plans). Paul Janka’s “move trailer” concept applies, or Todd yelling at you here:

    Mystery Method style you’ll want to open, DHV, tease, soon as you get her giggling qualify her on something besides her looks so she feels special and feels like that thing she just did or you just noticed about her is what made you WANT her number, then time bridge close with SPECIFIC plans (for a day2 within the next 48 hours, ideally later that day). Instadate is best if she’s available for it though, obviously lol

    Good luck, props for finding opportunities wherever you can!

    on November 23, 2016 at 5:13 am
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    @Agent P
    “Sweet Jesus if it wasn’t the most effemenite panty waist collection of dolts ever. I am sure I missed some sporto types who may well have been in class or working out at the gym but 50% of the remaining so called men.”

    I think a lot of the Manosphere doesn’t spend much time outside of their red pill collection of buddies or their peers at work or their kids and their little handful of friends etc and don’t really get how bad it’s gotten out there. So they occasionally pay attention in public or are put in a situation around these guys and are like “holy shit what happened” because they assumed things were still pretty much the same as when they were kids…but they assume that this is still a small sample size and that this stuff is mostly still contained to “gender studies” classes etc (ie – if you aren’t specifically signing up to learn about it, you don’t really get influenced by it) and don’t realize it’s spilled out into the general culture.

    But these guys you describe are the type of guys I see at the bar every single week. This is the selection of “men” university girls have to choose from these days lol This is what they grow up around, in this FI-based social media culture. That’s why us older guys with game are slaying it out there…compared to THESE guys we are like Clint Eastwood levels of alpha badass manliness, when Clint Eastwood would consider us just as un-manly nancy-boys as we consider these guys lol

    “Man oh man though, if you are actually in that environment, as an RP guy, it must be like shooting sleeping fish in a barrel when it comes to closing with chicks.”

    Why do you think I’m still sarging the kiddie barsπŸ˜‰ Being in your 30s is a DHV to them now. I know girls in their early 20s who’s Tinder search filter is guys 30+, they don’t even look at guys in their 20s because from their experience those guys will mostly be like these guys (even if they LOOK better/alpha, their internals will be all fucked up FI-based chode shit most of the time).

    “However, you can’t learn the correct lessons to teach without going out and hitting the field. Like, you can’t just sit here and read TRM and then dust off your hands and go”all right, time to repeat this stuff to little Jimmy.””

    This. The reason Blaximus struggles with teaching young guys while I don’t is because I can understand what those guys are going through. I went through the process they’re going through so I know how they feel at various stages and how to relate to them. VS an OMG who just brags about how he never had any problems with it and talks down to them and expects them to have the same experiences he had growing up because he refuses to accept that the world has changed and those guys might be dealing with different factors, and then is surprised they don’t listen to his brilliant wisdom and blames THEM instead of his approach for that lol

    You have to understand what these guys are going through to pace their reality and connect with them and lead them to the truth, and they have to gather reference experiences themselves to believe shit because the vast majority of society is lying to them 24/7, including half the OMGs they meet (none of the OMGs here of course) who talk a big game but turn out to be full of shit.

    “I believe everyone who starts PUA should also start going to the gym. Not for the muscles, not for the strength, but just for the reference experience of how willpower can change your life.”

    I don’t disagree with this (mastering any hobby in general that requires dedication would do similar things, but it’s good to take care of your health and all so there’s extra benefit to working out), but the only reason I would stagger the gym stuff to later on is to avoid newbies building assosciations with “I’m getting success and was taught that looks mater by the FI, and my looks are improving, so my success must be because of my looks” ’cause that’ll fuck them up if they don’t have proper guidance to help them see how what they said/did is what caused attraction instead of their looks…with proper guidance, sure hit the gym, but if they’re doing it all solo they’re a lot more likely to solidify their FI-conditoning that looks matter. That won’t bite them in the ass right away, they’ll have a blast, but down the road when they lose their looks or when they’re around other guys as good or better looking than them etc they’ll be more likely to have internal problems.

    I’d rather they learned to get attraction for a year or two so they can see “oh, I can do this even looking how I looked back when I thought I wasn’t good looking enough” and THEN worked on their looks so that they understand their looks don’t really matter. Like if I decide to get jacked this year, I have TONS of experience getting attraction being chubby so I’m not going to have a bunch of self-esteem tied to my looks ’cause I focused on game first and saw over and over that the looks thing is just FI-conditioning.

    Either way though, I’d rather a guy go out and hit the gym and risk the assosciation VS not go out at all, ’cause we can always send him out in baggy clothes down the road to try to unwire bad assosciations lol

    “The longshot isn’t that you could learn how to be much better. The longshot is whether you have what it takes to just go out in the field over and over and subject yourself to what it gives you — nothing but harsh truth.”

    This, really. Most guys don’t quit because they aren’t getting results fast enough, they quit because they can’t handle the ego-destruction the field shoves in their face and don’t want to go out and risk bad feels and want to retreat back to their comfort zone bubble of excuses and good feels lol

    “You’re looking at between half a year to a year before you get any actual success. You’re looking at another year probably before you have a reliable skill set that allows you to more or less consistently pull the hotties. And probably another year before you start being able to pull off hero moves.”

    We used to promote this all as a YEARS-long journey by default. Like the marketing these days especially pushes the “fix yourself in a weekend” stuff because it gets people to fill seats at bootcamps, but on bootcamps guys are always lectured that this shit is a long-term process, they might get some results in a weekend from being pumped into a good state but this is something they’re going to have to work on on their own after bootcamp and keep going out on their own and that it’s going to be a part of their life from now on.

    “Once you adjust for the guy’s looks, most dudes in the game are just using them as a crutch or using FAG. Sorry.”
    “And honestly, normies being “normies” almost never get hotties for commitment free short-term sex. That’s borderline nonsense.”

    Blunt as fuck, but I can’t reeeeeeeally disagree for the most part lol

    This is why I always point out that ya looks will get you some free gimme iois but 99% of the time it’ll be from 7s at best (but more often it’s <7s), the 8+s usually already HAVE jacked/rich/etc guys in their social circles and are too busy interacting with them to notice you and run over to you to squeeze your bicep like the drunk 6 will.

    A lot of guys spark attraction through other means by accident (or just not understanding what they're doing, like a Natural) and then in A2 the girl gives them an ioi related to their body and they go "SEE I KNEW IT!! It's LOOKS that matter!! This girl felt my bicep and is turned on! …after I got her giggling by confidently dominantly teasing her about her outfit after an alpha guy I'm good buddies with introduced us in our social circle after she watched me be preselected making my ex over there laugh. It was MY BICEPS that did it!!!!" lol

    @Anonymous Reader
    "But about half way through a couple of girls complain that no one approaches in real life, it’s all virtual. He riffs on that than they agree. Tiny confirmation of YaReally observations from his club scene."

    lol all guys have to do to see what I'm saying is go out to the kiddie bars and interact with a bunch of them regularly instead of relying on how things were back in their day or their theories. I just report trends that are happening infield. If things were going the other direction I'd report that too, and frankly I'd be WAY happier to report that. But that's not what's happening out there. And logically there's no reason to assume the trend will reverse instead of get worse as technology advances exponentially.

    "They say they want to marry, but it’s mostly “someday” which means at age 29.99."

    This. If they DO say they want to get married, it's waaaaaay far off in their mind. They can't conceptualize being in their 30s and that sounds "old" to them so 29.99 is a good representation of what they picture lol As they get closer to 29 it becomes 29.999999999 lol As they pass 30 it becomes 34.9999999 etc

    LTRs/boyfriends hold girls back from "success" ("The Village"'s version of success that's being conditioned into them when you're not around) and they have no idea the wall will come (because why WOULD they, they got 100 Tinder matches this weekend, the wall to them means they're going to only have 50 Tinder matches in a weekend oh no lol) so they think they'll be able to have it all.

    In some communities there are probably still girls that dream of being married by 23 but 1) we'll have to give those relationships a solid 10 years to see how they actually pan out and 2) those aren't communities the average guy is in, and 3) those girls aren't necessarily even quality girls in other categories despite what their daddy's will say lol

    "P-p-p-p-pedestalization. Lol, it will never, ever end."

    lol any guy who pretends he wouldn't rather fuck a hottie over a fatty to bang is full of shit (or has a fatty fetish). But wanting to fuck hotties doesn't mean you have to treat them like they're on pedestals.

    Julien talks about this all the time these days but that short Tyler clip is a good fast summary of it and an exercise for guys to try.

    @Pellaeon @Hank Holiday @Trent Lane
    Build momentum. If bartenders/waitresses (remember that they're PAID to be social/chatty with you) are too daunting, start with just asking people on the street for the time, then try asking them for directions to the venue, etc

    (skip to 1:45 in this video, I'm not a fan of the first half of this video's mindset, only certain types of guys respond well to that style of self-talk lol, but the 1:45+ stuff is gold for everyone):

    Baby step it and focus on taking action/executing over results…ie – asking someone where the bathroom is is the win, the fact that you took action and asked, REGARDLESS of what they said. Even if they SNEERED at you and turned their back and said "don't talk to me you creep!!" (what your brain thinks will happen 'cause it wants you to stay in your comfort zone lol), that doesn't matter, that's the RESULT, your goal at the start is to focus on the fact that you took right ACTION.

    Remember there's no rush to any of this, no timeline, no one is judging you or expecting you to be slaying it left and right from day one. If you're in your 20s or even your 30s you have like 20 years to improve at this lol Your competition isn't any of us or Tyler or naturals or your buddies, your only competition is "yourself, 6 months ago". If you're doing more than you did 6 months ago, then you're making progress. If 6 months ago you were sitting in your computer room stuffing your face and surfing the net but now you're going out to bars even if you don't say a single word to anyone and just go home bummed out, that's still more action toward your goal than you were taking 6 months ago. That's progress. If 6 months from now all you're doing is asking girls where the bathroom is at those venues, cool. It's not a LOT of progress, but it's still progress. And the more you get used to it and the more fun you learn to have doing it and the more positive (or at least "not negative" reference experiences you slowly gather), the more you'll enjoy going out and the faster you'll make progress because you'll KNOW you can make that hot bartender chick laugh with that thing you always say to them etc

    Try going out to a venue before it's too packed and make it your goal to ask ONE person where the bathroom is, you've got the entire night to manage to do it, it can even be a fat/ugly girl or a dude, and if you accomplish that, celebrate and feel free to go home whenever you want after that lol but pat yourself on the back about it and celebrate it in your mind and the next night try to do it again but this time it has to be a girl, regardless of how she looks. You might NOT do it and you'll be like "fuck I can't even ask a fatty where the bathroom is in 4 hours that I'm out?! I'm so pathetic ahhhh!!!" but don't sweat it, you're doing something you've never really done before and it takes time to get used to it and any PUA would give you props just for going out at ALL because that's more than most guys will ever do to fix their social/sex lives. Just brush it off and head out the next night and try again. When you manage to ask a girl where the bathroom is, you can increase the difficulty from there.

    And if it helps even *I* do this kind of stuff myself. Lots of us do. My only real goal when I go out is to open at least 3 people even if it's just asking directions or it's dudes or it's with something totally indirect etc Because I know that once I prove to my brain that opening strangers won't be the horrible nightmare it assumes it'll be, it'll unlock and normalize the idea of socializing (after spending all day/week not socializing) and I'll feel less anxiety about socializing and can then step up my goals for the night. Sometimes if I'm out solo so I don't have a wingman to socialize with, and I find I'm choking hard and getting stuck inside my head and can't open anything, I'll just go to a different area of that venue or a different venue entirely…each new environment you enter is a chance to "reset" mentally and try again ("all those bad feelings I had were at that LAST place, THIS place could be different"). When I was starting out I would go to like 8 different venues in a night some nights lol Now I can usually just move to a different part of the venue and that can be enough.

    Very few people except for legitimate natural extroverts (very rare, lots of extroverts rely on crutches (situational confidence, social circles, alcohol, etc)) can go out to a venue after a day of working/studying/whatever (logical mindset stuff that doesn't involve much if any social interaction) and just start chatting up strangers and be amazing on their first approach. 99.9999% of people use alcohol to try to shut off all the approach anxiety they naturally feel. You're not some introverted awkward weirdo, you're just a normal dude feeling normal approach anxiety, no big deal you'll overcome it in time lol

    "That’s where you get to how night clubs are sooooooo much better for learning. You’ll see as many pretty girls in a couple seconds as I see in a couple months lol."

    This is the main reason we recommend night clubs. There are other pros/cons but when you're starting out you just need a shitload of reference experience in as short a time as possible, and walking around for 30 min to find a girl to open sucks. In a nightclub you can open, get blown out, and just turn around and open the next girl 1 second later. You can rack up a ton of social experience fast.

    "I’d bet my internet connection their fathers are totally clueless about their daughters real life activities. If asked , they’d say what many guys here already have -their special baby girl would NEVER suck some jagoffs dick behind her mans back, or do anything similarly immoral in the name of hypergamy."

    lol prepare to get shit on. Every dad in the manosphere knows everything that goes on in their daughter's lives 24/7. And all the girls we've all been with that do fucked up shit run and tell their dads about it immediately. Girls are incapable of keeping anything secret from their dad. Just like when the bully at school finally gets caught and his mom talks about how he could never do something like that, not HER boy, and denies that's him in the video lol

    "big muscle dude sees hotties, joins. we look at each other as they blab on and on about this fucking business shit. no fun at all. no fucking chance to even open without interrupting as zero eye contact or iois"

    hmmm, I don't get it…this other guy was jacked and you are alpha mcalphadawg with your daily $500 garden sprout breakfast or whatever you tried to insult me with lol, why didn't they instantly stop talking to eachother and feel his biceps and try to fuck you guys??

    @fleezer @hank holiday
    "A PUA totally couldn’t do something like befriend her husband, chat up everyone and bring value to everyone so everybody likes the pua and pats him on the back and wants to hang out with him and then he uses some of the other guys there to distract the husbands while he went off with the wife"

    This lol Optimal plan of action would be to engage the jacked dude in a more interesting/expressive conversation than the girls instead of waiting for them to leave you an opening while you sit there being James Bond (aka be pro-active). Probably bring the husbands into the conversation and then the kids, or vice-versa. Basically win everyone over and DHV enough to ping the girls' radars.

    But most guys who focus big on their super masculine badass alpha energy are the guys who just sit back and try to be James Bond and wait for girls to open them or give them an easy open while they plan their next workout or garden sprout meal lol

    Not that a PUA will get the girl in every situation, but "as zero eye contact or iois" tells me you were waiting for those things (aka passive game, aka what most guys do).

    @hank holiday @softek
    "and in every which way looks like the notebook of a serial killer lol"

    lol I have a buddy who keeps full out serial killer looking pickup journals. It's the funniest shit to me and we joke about if a girl or the police ever discovered them. He'll even cut out his type of girls' pics from magazines and tape them in there lol It's terrifying but it helps him 'cause he's kind of a scatterbrain type and the physical writing in a journal (VS typing in a digital journal) helps him focus and solidify his thoughts.

    Whatever works lol

    "We must somehow signal to potential sons-in-law that (a) our daughters are virgins and will remain so until marriage, (b) they will never cheat, divorce, or disobey their husbands for any reason (not even for “abuse”, because that will be taken to mean “anything that makes her feel bad”), and (c) they now and forever reject all cultural influences to the contrary."

    lol this is great in theory. But if I can flip open Tinder or hit the bar and find a handful of <25yo girls who will happily fuck me on the first or second date, and you can't guarantee that your daughters won't "cheat, divorce, or disobey their husbands for any reason" because that's ridiculous and delusional, and you can't guarantee they'll now and forever reject all cultural influences to the contrary because that's impossible, and the risk for us is still lose half our shit and lose our kids etc…why would we bother with your daughters? THEY have a time limit (the wall), WE aren't in a rush to settle down lol

    The consequences are too high to take the risk. And any guy marrying a girl without fucking her first to find out if they're even sexually compatible (maybe your daughter is a shitty lay lol or maybe they don't have the same tastes in bed etc) would be retarded or low-value/desperate to begin with (ie – not a high-value guy that's going to keep her attracted).

    @Anonymous Reader
    "hank, do you realize how far you have come in just this year? Just since last summer? Props, man."

    lol this.

    on November 23, 2016 at 7:58 am
    Original Link

    “That’s not what the field shows, so you are old and delusional and out of touch with the all encompassing 2016 tinder culture.”

    Remember, YOU’RE the one that cries about the “snark” around here.

    We’ve said repeatedly ever since the marriage debate that there are religious/UMC clique communities where the successful marriage/kids life may be possible which is exactly what EhIntellect is describing. But this is not the community that the vast 90% of men out there live in and as religion is further tossed aside these communities will continue to become less and less common.

    “Now enjoy this Tyler/Julien/RSD video……”

    Lemme see if I can find one for you on not getting butthurt every time people disagree with you lol

    on November 25, 2016 at 1:39 pm
    Original Link

    @pua @hank @culum @walawala @forge @paelleon etc
    For the guys sarging this weekend:

    Great infield of Tyler showing how you, as a scrubby nobody PUA with nothing to rely on but your pickup skills, can get the girls that other guys buy bottle/VIP service and shit to get. He shows how to handle those dudes and the 4 main reactions you’ll run into and strategies to use in those situations.

    For the alpha brahs and guys around the bottle scene like Rollo, Blaximus, etc, this is how scrubby idiots like me “take girls from richer better-looking more jacked etc” guys which sounds so mythical and impossible until you see how easy it is…ideally you see how easy it is by just TRYING it a bunch till you can do it, but here’s some infield to show how no, every guy who’s girls you talk to WON’T punch your lights out and all that other fear-mongering shit guys who don’t do this tell other guys will happen lol MOST guys are generally cool dudes with their own insecurities and shit and respect another guy who’s bringing value and is a cool fun guy.

    You can see the student in the first infield at the start has the owner of the table not approving of him at first till Tyler calibrates for him and smooths it out by setting a “sorry, he’s not from around here, I’m trying to teach him the bro code” frame and pacing the guy’s reality (about living in LA) and then the guy lights right up happy to explain the “man code” to the student and then becomes a wingman letting him have access to the table so now he can bring girls from around the club there if he wants.

    And note how Tyler is very aware of value-exchanges and has the student bring more girls to the table guy, exchanging “nightlife currency” (aka pussy lol) with him and now that guy who hasn’t paid fuck all, has full access to that guy’s expensive table, plus his approval/permission to mack the girls in his group, and girls just see a guy who “must be” as high-value as the other guy since he has his approval. Even if that guy is wearing an old t-shirt, is broke, and is out of shape…no one cares about that stuff, they care about the value you demonstrate.

    And also note that none of this is PASSIVE. This is PRO-ACTIVE. If this newbie tried to stand around relying on his looks, money, etc to have girls just ditch their table and come feel their biceps, they’d be virgins forever lol But with game, whatever advantages the other guys have don’t matter because pro-active game levels the playing field. It doesn’t matter if those girls think some guy in the corner with a 6-pack is hotter than you, if that guy doesn’t approach them and you DO and YOU give them emotional spikes, that guy and all the mental masturbation about whether looks gives you a 0.0001% advantage or a 0.0002% advantage, is made irrelevant lol

    Now the student is lame ’cause he’s a newbie, so he doesn’t really even know what to DO with the access Tyler helped him learn how to get, but if a guy doing this can manage to come off 0.00001% COOLER than that table guy, just 0.00001% less reactive etc in front of the girls (which isn’t hard to do), guess what happens in terms of attraction, social proof, preselection (to the rest of the VIP booths and the girls in the club in general), networking, and a bunch of other shit lol

    You don’t need to be rich to do any of this shit. You just need to understand social dynamics and be smart and learn to calibrate. You won’t learn how to do it by reading online on a Fri/Sat night, go out to some higher-end venues where they do bottles and try befriending some dudes with bottle/VIP service and test out what Tyler’s explaining.

    Now combine what Tyler’s explaining there, with what Julien is explaining here:

    And imagine how different your nights would look compared to hitting a dive pub and just trying to hunt out nice easy solo girls standing around the venue.

    Any guy reading this has the tools in him to do this shit every night out if he wants to. Tyler’s giving away the keys to the kingdom laying it all out step by step right there for free for anyone to learn and take infield and apply.

    It’s Friday night, you can try it out tonight if get out of your computer chair and go out. Have fun πŸ˜‰

    on November 25, 2016 at 1:43 pm
    Original Link

    (also for anyone wondering how Tyler can talk to the students without the girls noticing, Tyler has a mic so his voice comes out clear (I THINK they have fancy sound-cancelling mics that buffer out crazy loud bass etc so the voices can be heard better but not sure) but in the actual club Tyler is purposely speaking in a tonality/level that he knows girls don’t pay attention to (basically talking like a chode lol) and when he’s creepin up behind them (lol) he stays out of the line of vision of the girls hiding behind the student’s head etc, and if the student is properly engaging the girls then the girls’ RAS is focused on the student so that helps make Tyler “invisible”…and the student is paying attention for Tyler’s instructions so he hears what Tyler is saying…it’s basically a big combination of psychological tricks to stay off the girls’ RAS)

    on November 26, 2016 at 7:54 am
    Original Link

    “Blog PSA: I am hereby pulling all RSD material from TRM as of now. I have come into some very reliable information that the spamming of this blog and the legitimacy I’ve built over several years is intentional.”

    wtf are you talking about? Did you watch that video? He’s literally showing how to go into high-end venues (like the type you run your promos at) and how to befriend (or compete with) the bottle service/VIP table dudes and take their girls, with crystal clear infield footage (which we would have KILLED for back in the early 2000s) showing EXACTLY how he does it.

    How many discussions have we had about looks/money/status mattering and how many discussions have we had about how AMOG’ing and status and how money gives you access to girls etc? How many times have I been accused of being full of shit around here when I say PUAs learn to go take girls from these rich better-looking high-value dudes. How many Red Pill observations of how the world, human psychology, social dynamics, Attraction, etc work does this shit confirm and demonstrate to support that what I’ve been saying for fucking YEARS *ISN’T* bullshit?

    That video was directly showing how to get around your looks/money matter idea, showing a thing that we do all the time infield, and showing how even a random nobody newbie can circumvent the looks/money shit with that infield.

    That’s WHY I tagged your name in it, because I was hoping you might offer some “oh, you know what, now that I see the infield of it in action, that DOES look like something that would work in the bottle model events I run. I’ve actually seen that kind of thing, but it doesn’t look like a cold approach. There are some interesting things we could discuss about how status and high-value and money and Attraction work.”

    And you just delete that shit as spam?? And say you have some cryptic information that I’m trying to delegitimize your site?? With what, proof that some of your ideas might need some readjustment or rethinking??

    “but I will no longer allow TRM to service RSD videos or links as a proxy for RSD’s advertising.”

    These are FREE videos with a shitload of useful information in them. I’ve repeatedly told guys that they should never pay for pickup shit and encouraged guys to grab their products for free (torrent that shit). If ANY other company was putting out video with the quality level that RSD does I would happily link their videos isntead, but we have Krauser’s “you look like a bunny rabbit also all jews should die” droning on videos, we have a jacked Good Looking Loser that by default makes guys think “I gotta be jacked to get the results he gets”, we have a bunch of potato-camera 240p quality shitty infield from random guys where you can’t even hear or see what’s going on VS RSD’s CRYSTAL-CLEAR infield footage that would have been like a goddamn MIRACLE to have back in the early 2000s…we would have paid a fuckton just to get a GLIMPSE of this shit, and these guys are putting this stuff up for free, breaking it down infield, in a format where you can just click past the “hey also buy our bootcamps” parts.

    I even fucking TIME-STAMP around the advertisements and tell guys which parts of the video are specifically relevant to them and to skip the rest of the video or skip the advertisement at the start etc (I didn’t on this last one because it.

    That video I linked didn’t even *HAVE* an advertisement for a bootcamp or anything, the entire 20 min vid was Tyler explaining different concepts and showing infield demonstrating those concepts.

    On top of it the RSD guys are even promoting your book now lol Just because they think it has good content in it. Fucking hilarious.

    Tyler’s networking like a motherfucker to build his empire (he’s talked about planning to expand into other areas/channels for years), that’s why he’s cross-promoting with all the Brand Carter, Big Mike, Elliot Hulse, etc dudes and tapping into their audience and they’re tapping into his. That’s just building a business…ironically the Manosphere promotes entrepreneurship and living off the grid and building your own business, but god forbid someone actually does it right instead of the way the Manosphere does it with Krauser ranting racist shit all over his Twitter, Roosh trolling feminists, and you staying underground.

    “YaReally, Scray and anyone else are still welcome to post here and discuss whatever they wish”

    Deleting their videos just means that I have to spend even MORE of my spare time typing out exactly what they would have said in a FREE video I could’ve just linked and said “watch from 5:00 – 10:53”, now I have to type out 20 paragraphs of what would be said in that video. I don’t make money from my writing here and writing here cuts into my actual career-work time, I just write a shitload because I LIKE helping guys and the old community was ABOUT helping eachother, that’s how we all got good at this shit. But if you’re gonna force me to write out shitloads of text to get around your paranoid rules, I gotta do a realistic cost/benefit of my free time on that.

    @hank holiday
    “Those RSD vids are very helpful to guys like me, since while scray and yareally and forge and others can describe concepts for me, it isn’t quite the same as actually seeing someone doing it real time.”

    This. Fucking amazing. If you guys had any idea how few resources we had back in the early 2000s…I used to watch that fucking Future AMOG in Leicester Square video on loop, full-screened trying to make out what each giant pixel was. We were listening to the shittiest audio recordings in the fucking world trying to decipher what guys were saying or tonality and we had to GUESS at what girls reactions were and hit the field a shitload with NO IDEA what it was supposed to even LOOK like when we tried to apply shit.

    Now these guys FROM that community fix that, and give a shitload of CRYSTAL-CLEAR HD video with great lighting and audio away for *FREE* and I can’t even link that shit??

    If I was linking bootcamp advertisements like “Hey everyone go sign up for the Tyler bootcamp!! Look at this advertisement for it and how much you need a bootcamp”, then hey, cool, but I’m gonna have to manually explain in 50 pages why a guy like hank or Culum or Forge or walawala etc can walk into one of Rollo’s bottle model events and just GET the “perfect 10s” he hires and throw out half the limiting beliefs the Manosphere has, instead of just linking a short little video showing DIRECT beautifullly shot infield demonstrating it???

    Fucking retarded.

    “Guys on here can hear mention of RSD, maybe a few buy their products.”

    I always always always tell guys to get their products without paying (but I don’t actively say “TORRENT THAT SHIT FOR FREE” because I don’t want Rollo’s to promote piracy on Rollo’s site), I NEVER say buy an RSD product and I ALWAYS link AROUND their advertisements and say “skip to this part, then skip to this part”.

    “Lol, the irony is since Yareally always linked the relevant vids”

    Enjoy sifting through 2000 RSD videos to try to find content directly relevant to your sticking points everyone, since I can’t just link you directly to the one that would help you solve your shit and help guys AVOID ending up being suicide cases Rollo has to deal with 10 years from now.

    “My interpretation of your explanation is that by having those links here, it attracts the spammer bots and potentially other similar attacks to the site.”

    I’m just assuming that this is another “YAREALLY IS HIRED BY RSD TO PROMOTE THEM” accusation. I WISH I made money from linking them then I wouldn’t have to bust my ass at my career life lol I guess in an industry where everyone is wrapping their content up to sell in eBooks, it’s hard for guys to understand that some people just legitimately want to help other men out. They think PUA was an industry from day one, they weren’t back on the old Fast Seduction forums seeing thousands of dudes helping eachother out for free and they didn’t see the industry go from charging NOTHING for the information to building the industry. Maybe it’s a projection thing like “well I’M using this to make money, so other guys must be too”.

    Whatever the reason, it’s bullshit. I’m just a guy who links shit that helps guys ’cause other guys helped me back in the old community and RSD is the main company that’s stepped up and put out USEFUL content (for FREE).

    “I started watching their stuff when Rollo had that post about that man in demand conference where some dude that presented made a big deal about fashion and YaReally dropped in and proved that looks don’t matter. Life changing shit for me. No joke. ”

    I guess The Brand is more important than the truth.

    “Tyler hit on this ridiculously hot chick that was about to leave in a cab, and he pulled her out and within 20 seconds she jumped into his arms and wanted to fuck him. I was like Whoa, there is something far deeper going on here than money, looks or some pickup lines. That’s an important realization.”

    I could link that video in an instant for you just from the first half of that description. Not because I’m a paid RSD shill but because on my 10 years of doing this shit I watched that video a thousand fucking times because we WISHED we had that kind of footage to learn from back when I started out and I actually get how valuable it is to SEE that in action.

    I think the thing you should actually be concerend about is that you’ve entered a stage in your thought process where you consider free useful content that helps guys and might occasionally show INFIELD footage suggesting you need to rethink or rework some of your ideas, to be “undermining” your site/brand. What’s next, Rational-Masculinity to go next to Roosh’s Neo-Masculinity?

    You can delete this if you want, I’m sure you will, I don’t even care lol fuck all of this. I was so psyched to share that video last night, I can’t believe he even got that shit on camera that’s a fucking miracle. Fuck the Manosphere and its hugbox mentality lol

    Enjoy your Saturday night everyone. Go out, or DON’T. Stay in instead, otherwise you might be exposed to things that don’t align with the hugbox and be banished from it lol

    on November 26, 2016 at 8:48 am
    Original Link

    ““I can’t believe he even got that shit on camera that’s a fucking miracle.”


    Should’ve clarified: it’s not the act of doing it on camera that’s a miracle, since we do this kind of thing lots. It’s the fact that he got beautiful clear footage of a newbie bootcamp student with NO idea how to do it, to do it, showing him fucking up and getting a hostile reaction from the table guy, and then following Tyler’s EXACT instructions fixing it and then GETTING the predictable result that we keep SAYING anyone here can get, and seeing that newbie’s progress, PLUS on the same bootcamp in the same venue, footage of another newbie sitting down at one of those guys tables to hit on the girls with the guy (that would intimidate most newbies from even approaching the girls) giving zero fucks (JUST LIKE WE SAY OFTEN HAPPENS), etc

    Like capturing that all in such perfect quality and being able to show the different types of reception/recovery involved in this move, and seeing a newbie LEARNING in real-time IN the video, all in hidden-cam (VS the girls seeing it’s there affecting their reactions like lots of other company’s infield is) crystal-clear HD with perfect audio and lighting etc…

    …ya, I consider that a fucking miracle. I can go out and record myself doing similar shit with my shaky potato phone and you can try to make out what I’m saying through the thumping music and what I’m doing through the shitty lighting because I don’t have an expensive camera with quality low-lightnight-vision features, and all you’ll see is a guy who talks to some other guys like he knows them.

    Seeing a newbie go through that and Tyler giving the same student the step by step in good quality and in-between footage explaining exactly how and why it works and how to handle the various situations that come up when you do this etc

    Fuck it, that’s just spam. Nothing we can learn about any Red Pill topics on this site from seeing THAT. No lessons about Hypergamy, looks/status, internal entitlement/confidence, etc to be learned there. Nope, delete that shit, it’ll undermine the Brand!! Now go out and make sure you buy a bunch of brightly colored blazers and $300 shoes because that’s how it REALLY works guise.

    on November 26, 2016 at 9:08 am
    Original Link

    I’d love to link some good hidden-cam high-quality perfect audio/lighting/etc infield from Rollo of him tearing up his bottle model events to discuss status/Hypergamy/looks/etc and for guys to learn from (undercover so he has the same low-status by default like the newbie in that video, you know, the one that any guy watching can relate to and be inspired by seeing him succeed in that clip) but until Rollo’s infield product comes out, I have to make do with what’s available and what’s available is a pretty fucking useful resource that I actively tell guys NOT to pay for.

    But hey fuck me and fuck RSD. Really fuck all the footage I link by anyone, better not link those Liam McRae or Gambler vids on laser eye-contact, those guys sell products.

    Better not link that video of a Valentino having an AMOG battle with a better looking guy and the girl actively choosing him over that guy since he sells products.

    Better not link that Future Leicester Square AMOG video where guys can see what spiking a girl’s Buying Temperature look like and how taking over their RAS makes them IGNORE better-looking more traditionally alpha/natural AMOGs for the person giving them more stimulus. Nothing to learn from THAT!

    Better not link any Keys to the VIP videos, they were commercial products aired on television, wouldn’t want to promote anything, there’s nothing we can learn from hidden infield camera footage of jacked rich AMOGs getting blown out and fucking up losing attraction from girls and scrawny little dudes getting attraction (and vice-versa, and WHY those things happen). Nothing that anyone could apply to taking their LTR out to a social event or helping guys have better internal mindsets about orbiters/AMOGs etc going for their LTR.

    And I sure as shit better not link any Mystery Method, the ultimate KINGPIN of commercialization, my god. Imagine the damage it would do if guys saw Mystery explaining how the looks/money thing doesn’t matter and that you can just socialize your way into high-value in the moment and trigger girls’ Hypergamy and force people to question “DO looks matter then?” or “but could a total newbie do that or do you have to be a pro like Tyler and Mystery?” (you know, like the newbie in that video that does it via Tyler’s instructions, showing that ANYONE can do this shit, you don’t need to be 10 years in or do it to the level Tyler does it, any of you can throw on a t-shirt and go blow Rollo’s mind at his bottle model events)

    Better not link any Krauser daygame infield, or wait, is that okay because Krauser is in the Manosphere? Just want to make sure I don’t break the rules and all, with all my spamming useless shit. Lemme know when the Rollo Infield product comes out so I can link safe videos!

    “Rollo is not ignorant of brand building.”

    Clearly, that’s why the RSD videos have to be deleted. I just didn’t think brand building was his primary purpose of this place after how much he made fun of Roosh and MMSL for it.

    on November 26, 2016 at 10:00 am
    Original Link

    “Yep, that’s about what I expected would be your reaction”

    I’m accused of being a shill or member of RSD and accused of purposely trying to undermine your site by you yourself, useful content I’ve spent hours writing up for guys has been deleted/fucked up, and for some reason I’m not reacting rainbows and sunshine about that. Shocker.

    “If you or “Tyler” want to work out some cobranding arrangement with TRM you can both contact me directly, but there’s no fucking gravy training going on here anymore.”

    Dude I don’t fucking KNOW Tyler. I would be amazed if he even knows the name “YaReally” because he has no reason to waste his time surfing the Manosphere. You have entered full fucking paranoia mode at this point. I have nothing to do with RSD, they just put out a shitload of legitimately good content because guys like you don’t go infield and record this shit for people to see and learn from.

    “Look I like your input, and I think it provides a good balance of practical to what I go into, ”

    Don’t bullshit me dude. It’s pretty clear now what you actually think of my input. At least own up to it like a red pill alpha male guru and all.

    “I’ve always said that, and if you actually followed anyone else in the PUA sphere in addition to RSD I might have more reason to think you’re genuine”

    I’ve linked a fuckload of other companies shit here over the years. RSD just puts out a dominant amount of quality content. You show me the Krauser video where he talks his way into the VIP table section at a nightclub and I’ll be happy to post that (and I even LINK Krauser videos). You show me the Roosh, London Daygame, etc guys breaking down concepts as concise as Tyler and I’ll be happy to post that. You put out your own infield demonstrating shit and I’ll be happy to post that.

    The fact that YOU ignore when I link Gambler, Krauser, Cupid Shmupid, Keys to the VIP, Simple Pickup, Liam McRae, James Marshall, Juggler, Paul Janka (I linked his shit the other day to someone), Mystery, etc etc etc and that YOU probably lump guys like Valentino/Alexander in with RSD because they’re copping the RSD style and you probably don’t know that they’re separate companies and Alex hates Tyler now etc but hey it all looks the same to you I’m sure, doesn’t mean I don’t “actually follow anyone else in the PUA sphere”.

    “but I know RSD is marketeering and TRM has a reputation that Owen’s attracted to. I’m not going to reveal my sources, but I will no longer allow this cobranding to go on.”

    lolololololol like Tyler gives a shit about the Manosphere. You guys have so little views compared to PUAs. You don’t even have a YouTube channel. I mean maybe he DOES want to approach your audience now that you have 5 years of content and reputation. But I was reading you from day one and I’ve been posting in the Manosphere since like 2011 (can’t remember lol) You think Tyler was trying to tap into Heartiste’s “black people should die and the jews control everything” audience?? That he played the long-con game sending me out to infiltrate the Manosphere for him all to capitalize on your success someday??

    fucking lol

    “YaReally, in the blog game, the blog owners own the frame. If they change on a dime, we can’t do anything about it other than go to wordpress”

    I agree completely. Like I say I just didn’t realize that the brand was the priority here. When I found Rollo’s first articles I was like “wow, this is a guy who gets a lot of this shit and he writes really well, I’m bookmarking this shit”. I didn’t realize that somewhere along the way getting the actual truth of how this stuff works became second priority to maintaining a brand and giving a shit about who’s linking your work and where and deleting content for dem ad revenue bucks is king. Looks like the exact same shit Roosh, MMSL, etc do. Just didn’t expect that from “I have my own businesses I don’t need any money from this I just do this from the good of my heart” Rollo of all people.

    “Get on it man. You’ve built a brand whether you meant to or not. It needs it’s own home.”

    I don’t want a brand or to run a home, that’s why I post in comment sections. Because this is 100% a time-sink for me. I get a bit of benefit in that I get to refresh game concepts for myself when I write about them and get a better idea of how to express my ideas more clearly etc to help my buddies out in real life, and this is a fun hobby for me, but I don’t want to build a brand or run an empire. When I started out I was going to just make random usernames every time I posted because I didn’t want people to base their opinion of my content on my reputation, just take the writing for what it says and try applying it infield, but that turned out to be a hassle and once Lumpy contacted me I was like ok I’ll just stay as YaReally.

    Hell, that’s WHY Lumpy archived my shit for me, ’cause I didn’t want to start or maintain a blog. I don’t even know the guy, he just came out of nowhere and hit me up with an automatic archive thing and handles it all himself ’cause he’s just a genuinely nice dude who wanted to preserve useful content. Wait maybe he’s also an RSD shill getting paid to archive all of Tyler’s content secretly through my posts! Oh shit Lumpy we’ve been found out bro!!!

    That’s why I don’t have an eBook for sale or anything, I don’t want to maintain any of that shit or come up with topics to talk about. Oh wait it must be because I’m making sick bank with my cross-promo from Tyler while he sucks my dick lol No one would just want to HELP other guys, THAT’S crazy. You totally got me. Hank, Scribblerg, Culum, Wala, Forge, I’m just grooming you guys so I can make you take RSD bootcamps, all of my writing was just a scam to promote RSD to you, I can’t believe you guys thought I actually, you know, legitimately cared that Wala couldn’t get over his BPD ex and her games, or that I gave a shit about scribblerg being at the lowest point of his life and linking him videos and content to help him get past his old age insecurities and enjoy his life again, or actually cared about hank progressing, or give a shit about Softek being in his shitty relationship and how that’s going to end, you guys fell for my puppet-master manipulation, how many bootcamps have you guys taken, dozens yet?? Better sign up for more, I gotta get my Tyler royalties!!

    “Could you let us know here if you move?”

    Don’t know what I’ll do yet but I’m sure as fuck not typing out a 500 paragraph transcript of an RSD video with no advertising in it when I could just say “here, check this 10 minute video out and it’ll help you get over your looks insecurities and keep your girlfriend attracted”.

    on November 26, 2016 at 10:27 am
    Original Link

    “Anyway, it is a big inconvenience but I think you are taking this too personally as well.”

    This is 100% personal to me. We all know he’s not talking about someone else. Dude is flat out calling me a paid shill here to undermine his blog. Like I haven’t been linking vids from a ton of companies since day one over on Heartiste. RSD just puts out daily videos and cover the range of topics. I’ll be happy to link Mystery’s latest video, oh wait, he hasn’t put out a new video in fucking forever. I’ll link some Simple Pickup vids, oh wait they don’t have a good video that covers being an older guy learning to attract young women. I’ll link Rollo’s infield, oh wait he doesn’t make any.

    It’s not MY fault other companies haven’t stepped up to RSD’s level or that Tyler is just smart about flooding the market with their content the same way Sandman does or that that content just HAPPENS to be REALLY fucking useful and free.

    “Rollo may be paranoid but with the chances of getting doxxed etc. it pays to be paranoid.”

    Ya I was the one that warned him the RVF doxxed him back when they turned on him to try to help him, just like I warn the rest of you guys about that shit. But hey, all part of my scam to get you guys to sign up for Tyler bootcamps really!

    @Joe K
    “I have never met Owen and have no idea how valid his claims are”

    He’d be the first to tell you to go out infield and try what he says out for yourself. ’cause that’s how the oldschool mASF community WAS. I don’t care if he does shady business stuff, he’s probably a huge fucking douchebag and he was a manipulative sperglord for years till he got older and chilled out (check his vibe now VS the old David DeAngelo days).

    All that matters to me is that the things that he says hold up infield and help guys handle their shit (internal and external). I’m not giving him my money and I encourage other guys NOT to give him their money either. Just take the useful FREE content and go apply it and change your fucking life so you don’t end up a MGTOW, MRA, suicide case asking Rollo for help when shit falls apart for you etc

    Or don’t, it’s your life lol

    on November 26, 2016 at 10:42 am
    Original Link

    @Joe K
    “Can’t you see that perspective?”

    Except that he’s CLEARLY implying that I’m working for Tyler or profit/benefit in some way from posting RSD vids. That’s what the “you or Tyler can contact me for a promo deal” shit is about.

    “Anyway, maybe if Rollo was willing to say ‘Yeah, I have an issue with Owen’ and YaReally were willing to say ‘OK dude, I’ll post content from any other PUA outfit going forward then’ – things could get back on track. Just a suggestion.”

    If anyone can show me another PUA outfit that has infield of them in HD with perfect lighting/audio coaching a newbie into befriending a jacked dude with a table of girls into letting him use their table and mack their girls, I’ll be MORE THAN HAPPY to link that. Anyone got any links of that for me to link instead? Anyone? Rollo, you got video of this coming out? Or you got any videos from your “accepted PUA resources” that are okay to link from for me to link instead?

    There IS no other PUA outfit putting a video like that out for me to link. Which means now I have to try to textually describe and transcript the whole fucking thing for guys to try to guess in their mind what it looks like and still not believe it because they don’t actually see it.

    on November 26, 2016 at 10:56 am
    Original Link

    “Who benefits more if YaReally posts free RSD vids here? Readers? Rollo? RSD? YaReally?”

    Personally I assumed the benefits of the reader came before the rest of those. Same way I’ll link videos from guys I don’t even like like Roosh if he puts out a video that shows something solid. All that matters to me is helping the guys who are looking to avoid being the next Elliot Rogers or George Sodini or suicide victim or sad nerd who spends 30 years dreaming of being able to get girls without having to hire a hooker to pretend she’s attracted or divorce-rape victim after a guy stops triggering Hypergamy and she goes War Bride on him (#NOTALLMARRIAGES)…I don’t care where that content comes from.

    But Roosh isn’t putting out videos of him making out with 21yo girls for me to link Scribblerg to help him feel confident that his age/looks don’t matter.

    But I guess that’s why I’m not the author of a successful Brand(TM).

    on November 26, 2016 at 11:11 am
    Original Link

    “Who benefits more if YaReally posts free RSD vids here? Readers? Rollo? RSD? YaReally?”

    In fact the better question is: who LOSES OUT more with no free RSD vids allowed here? Readers? Rollo? RSD? Me?

    I can tell you which one loses out the most. By a fucking MILE. My mistake was thinking that mattered over ego wars and ad bucks.

    on November 26, 2016 at 11:14 am
    Original Link

    “@theasdgamer: I’d say readers benefit the most, because it saves us time. RSD posts a ton of videos and very long ones. I spent some minutes trying to find the situation YaReally is talking about on a recent video and didn’t find it yet.”

    Type “RSD tyler taxi” into YouTube, it’s the first interaction with the girl in the cab. Note Tyler’s messy hair, plain t-shirt, etc and the mindsets he’s describing (in terms of not being attached to the outcome, feeling entitled to get physical and escalate, etc).


    on November 26, 2016 at 11:22 am
    Original Link

    From that video even (part of why I have these all memorized is because when I link them I let them play in the background while I do other shit after I post lol):

    “Is there anything here that if I had more money, would help this girl (that he’s carrying off into an alleyway to makeout with) to be even MORE attracted? What if I was like yo girl wait hold up just so you knowwww I make moneyyyyy!! Would that help?

    Would it make a difference if I was better looking? Would this girl be even MORE receptive? Would she be like “you’re really good-looking! For the redhead 5’9″ guy I just let him drag me behind the building and get it on but for the REALLY good-looking guy I’d fuck him right on the street! Would that happen? No.”

    “What this shows you is that there’s an entire society of men running around, running a rat race thinking that they’re gonna do THIS (pulling young girls to fuck) when they get to a certain point. And it’s SO fucking EASY to get what they want, it’s ridiculous.”

    Ya, nothing in there that’s relevant to any topics TRM covers like looks/money being relevant or triggering Hypergamy or internal self confident and entitlement and outcome dependence. Nope, just SPAM, GO SIGN UP FOR BOOTCAMPS OR I CAN’T PAY MY BILLS EVERYONE!!!!1111 Much more productive to talk about Emily’s latest boyfriend drama.

    on November 26, 2016 at 11:47 am
    Original Link

    Googling for a way to link RSD videos without increasing their view count on them (if that’s the thing that has Rollo’s panties in a twist, like that they’re getting 10 extra views from the guys here who actually click and watch the videos lol), but I can’t find a way to do that.

    People use archive sites to link articles without giving the site clicks/views but it looks like there’s no way to do that on YouTube. I don’t even know if that would help chill Rollo out if I could do it, but if I could I would link every RSD video through that cause the free content helps guys and that’s all I care about. That video of the girl with the cab has a handful of free clips in it that show fucking GREAT stuff internal AND external with infield reactions from girls…anyone who thinks that isn’t relevant to the stuff talked about on TRM, like, I dunno what to tell ya.

    @Culum Struan
    “and both of you have this incredible passion and drive to spread that knowledge and empathy for other men, and drive to help other men for zero profit to yourselves”

    That’s how I viewed it too. Looks like things have changed.

    on November 26, 2016 at 12:05 pm
    Original Link

    “so having your own FREE BLOG THAT TAKES 5 MINUTES TO SET UP, will let you do that without having to worry about censorship or outing yourself”

    Easier to get doxxed once you spread out past comment sections and I don’t want to come up with topics to talk about or moderate a comment section for spam etc That’s why I’ve just hung out in comment sections from the start. I’m just a part of the discussion and keeping shit in check when people make claims that the field doesn’t back up (by linking video showing the opposite infield). I have zero desire to sit down and write articles for a handful of dudes who happen to hear about my blog in some corner of the internet. I wouldn’t even have an archive if it wasn’t for Lumpy volunteering his time/effort, you’d have to look through every comment section page and search for my name to find all my writing lol

    On top of that how long before Rollo says “no linking to YaReally’s responses to me, too many RSD videos on there”? No point writing in a place no one visits, that’s not going to help many guys. Half the people who benefit from my shit are the lurkers here who don’t speak up ’cause they don’t want to get involved but are learning from what they read.

    Just not worth the effort to me to blog. I do this stuff because I like to help and it’s fun (PLUS THE PHAT T-DAWG CASH I MAKE OF COURSE), but realistically I’m still building my career/wealth (in an industry completely unrelated to pickup lol) and I’d rather focus my time on that than start a blog. Commenting is nice and low-effort.

    “Rollo just doesn’t want to be associated with them at this stage for whatever reasons.”

    His implication was that I’m benefitting from promoting their shit and my posting is some kind of free advertising for them.

    “It doesn’t make sense to me that you are a shill, but it also doesn’t make sense to me that Rollo actually doesn’t like your content (FR breakdowns and so on).”

    Who fucking knows? Maybe the FRs should all go too. What say you, Rollo? Damn PUAs just fuckin everything up going out and testing Red Pill theory infield and showing that even your regular readers can improve their lives with direct application of this stuff and sharing that with everyone to keep eachother inspired and motivated to understand the Red Pill and women and Hypergamy etc better.

    “Just as one relevant example, Rollo uses some of your comments to write new entries (there was even a fairly recent one which I’m sure you remember).”

    That’s why you’d think he would understand that sometimes it’s worth linking the useful content of someone you don’t particularly like when there’s a good point to be made from that content.

    “This shows clearly he does value your input, despite disagreeing with some bits (like the looks matters stuff).”

    No worries about the looks matter thing. He can put out “TRM Book 4: Get Rich & Jacked” next now that no one can post nice clear HD perfect undeniable evidence of a scrawny (or fat depending on the year lol) short balding old bearded weirdo getting 3-way makeouts with 21yo’s since NO ONE (especially guys coming from the blue pill) is going to believe me when I textually describe “trust me guise, Tyler pulled this girl out of a taxi and he had messy hair and she totally made out with him!!!” Gotta tighten up that hugbox of theory before guys start questioning the FI!

    on November 26, 2016 at 12:27 pm
    Original Link

    “Alright, seeing as there’s no practical way to just ban videos I’ve reinstated the old posts. And I’ll lift the ban, but I will be adding a disclaimer to TRM’s footer that state this site is not an endorsement of RSD in particular.”

    I can literally post at the top of any post I link RSD vids in or under each vid “TRM DOES NOT ENDORSE RSD” whenever I post if you want. Seriously, I don’t care, as long as guys see/hear what the video is teaching.

    “If I ban other people for spamming here with their penis enlargement products and yet turn a blind eye to the direct association RSD has with TRM (via YaReally’s endless advertising for them) what does that say about that integrity?”

    If you think the **FREE** RSD content that guys who’ve spoke up about have talked about how useful has been to them, is the equivalent of penis pill spam, then I dunno what to say.

    “I understand that’s all about educational purposes, but there is literally no other association.”

    IAS just said I linked him Paul Janka’s stuff. I link tons of other content.

    “I make a post referencing NIck Krauser and the entire discussion is rerouted to being about how his term for an RSD term is incorrect and RSD ought to be the benchmark for semantics”

    That’s because it IS incorrect. If it wasn’t incorrect I wouldn’t have said anything. AND I referenced Mystery Method as much as RSD in that. I said Mystery Method a thousand fucking times in that comment section and that what Krauser was doing was just properly executing Mystery Method.

    “not the idea itself, but how it ought to correctly align with RSD.”

    Surely you understand how calling “push/pull” by that term across the entire PUA sphere, and then Krauser calling it “increase/decrease” and you call it “advance/retreat” and Roosh calls it “vehicle/applesauce”, is confusing for newbies to the Red Pill who ALREADY have a ton of new ideas and content to take in and keep straight.

    I’d LOVE if I could go “actually Krauser is just executing Mystery Method properly” and “looks don’t matter” and people went “that’s a great point YaReally, I agree!” but instead I get a shitload of pushback (including from you) and I have to post a bunch of shit to show what I’m talking about. But you ignore all my references to MM and focus on the RSD because Tyler’s good at marketing and puts out content that you and the rest of the Manosphere and 99% of the PUA-sphere don’t put out.

    Without properly understanding these things your books will be inaccurate content. That inaccurate content will live on for generations and continue to feed the FI-conditioned system that has guys needing your content in the first place, until we can get guys to break out of their conditioning and go “ohhh, this IS just Mystery Method, I GET it now” and “ohhh, looks DON’T matter, I GET it now”, and unfortunately no one will listen to my textual description of that and Mystery doesn’t put out many infield videos for me to link while the RSD guys put out daily videos.

    on November 26, 2016 at 1:22 pm
    Original Link

    One last thing and then I have to go get ready for tonight:

    The reason I take the shilling accusations personally is because every accusation ruins the credibility of my archive. Every accusation, especially coming from *THE* ROLLO TOMASSI HIMSELF, not some random hater that just pops out to accuse me or some regular commenter who disagrees with me, but from Rollo the guy who’s name carries all sorts of Manosphere weight…every accusation lets guys who ALREADY DON’T WANT TO BELIEVE WHAT I’M SAYING or what RSD is demonstrating in their infields, go “I KNEW it!! Just a paid shill for RSD!! I knew those RSD guys were scam-artists!!” and that guy, who could have turned his fucking life around by reading parts of my archive or watching some of RSDs videos, has Rollo-endorsed incentive to double-down on his limiting beliefs and social conditioning and never get past the Purple Pill keyboard jockey theory stage, or just dismiss all this shit entirely.

    That’s a big deal. Do you guys have ANY FUCKING IDEA how hard it is to convince a Scribblerg that his age doesn’t matter to girls and that an older man with a bit of a belly can still attract young women and he should cold approach them??? Or to convince Hank that he has actual potential when the rest of his life is shittying on him, and that he can actually get girls attracted to him??? Or to convince Culum to get off those fucking sugardaddy sites because I KNOW can get attraction in real life?? Or to get Walawala to NOT take the bait his BPD ex throws at him and keep running back to her??

    It’s hard as FUCK, because they don’t WANT to believe that stuff.

    They (at first) WANT to believe I’m full of shit, they WANT me to be some RSD shill that they can discount and skip past all the “obviously fake” RSD infield. Because that stuff threatens their entire understanding of the world around them and it’s SO MUCH EASIER for Scribblerg to just not try and to just be some lame old man that dies feeling worthless, or for Hank to stay in and just be depressed and slit his wrists, or for Wala to keep going back to that BPD chick till Rollo is posting his divorce-rape story as an example for us to talk about 10 years from now.

    The guys typing in “why did my marriage break up?” “what is Hypergamy” “how do I get a girlfriend” “why did my girlfriend cheat on me with that better looking guy” “i’m suicidal and never going to get a girlfriend because I was born short/asian/etc” etc are the guys who NEED to see this stuff shoved in their face and HAVE their limiting beliefs ripped apart so they can get out of the dark spiral they’re usually headed down that leads to places NONE of us want to see men end up.

    So ya, sorry if anyone thinks I’m throwing a hissy-fit but I DO take it to heart when Rollo throws some credibillty assassination my way like it’s nothing.

    on November 26, 2016 at 1:33 pm
    Original Link

    @newlyaloof @Rollo
    No idea what a nofollow is exactly or how to do it but someone let me know exactly how to link a nofollow YouTube video and I’ll be happy to add ?=nofollow or whatever to every RSD vid I post from here on out lol EVEN THOUGH IT MEANS I’LL BE POOR BECAUSE I WON’T GET MY TYLER-DOUGH!!

    on November 27, 2016 at 5:33 pm
    Original Link

    “I’d actually be interested to know what YaReally’s response to this article would be:”

    “Sex with strangers is foreign to mankind.”

    Irrelevant article-filler.

    “Thus, that whole James Bond mysterious Alpha-Sigma fantasy, is just that, a fantasy. A girl is not gonna be aroused by the ‘mysterious’, enlightened loner ‘doing his own thing’””

    Agreed. This is passive game. If he just sits back and “does his own thing”, he’s not going to get much attention if there are other men in the room demonstrating higher value.

    “that hits on the ladies by himself.”

    Retarded. I’d post a million infields of PUAs (from ANY company) pulling girls “hitting on the ladies by themselves”. This is just fear-mongering bullshit that gives guys an excuse to avoid stepping up and Cold Approaching the girls they want.

    “It’s all about status because”

    PUA is about teaching guys how to DHV, aka demonstrate status. I literally posted a video of a skinny newbie nobody-chode getting access to the same girls the looks/money guys have at their table. The second that guy wins over the table host as his new buddy, he has status to the women observing them.

    The rich 6-pack CEO who tears up the boardroom has the same status as the skinny newbie nobody-chode if he’s taken out of where he has situational confidence and doesn’t know how to express himself and DHV. All girls care about is the DEMONSTRATION of value. PUA teaches guys how to efficiently demonstrate high-value.

    “Cold approach is an attempt to circumvent the need for group belonging.”

    This doesn’t even make sense. This author doesn’t even know what Cold Approach pickup looks like. What he’s talking about is just sniping solo girls off by yourself. Cold Approach often involves engaging more than just the girl herself one on one. And even THEN the girl doesn’t care if you don’t have “group belonging”, as long as you’re cool and flip the right switches. This person either doesn’t do Cold Approach or is fucking terrible at it. He has a fantasy vision of what it is in his head that he’s arguing about. It’s just strawman nonsense.

    “Cold-approach puts you in a position of compensation. You must make up for sexual attribute displays that occur in a tribal setting (i.e. a party) by substituting it with mere hints and exceptional qualities…”

    This is just dumb lol This is the exact same “any guy who approaches a girl is supplicating!!” argument MGTOWs, MRAs etc make. “ALL GAME IS SUPPLICATION ANYTHING YOU DO TO GET A GIRL MEANS YOU’RE CHASING HER”

    “Assumption: You’re seeking casual sex (no commitment of any sort).
    1) Exceptional Looks”

    Gosh, I wonder what the author’s viewpoint is. Again this sounds like someone who hasn’t had casual sex much.

    “This is because the benefits of facial aesthetics lie on an exponential curve (click image).”

    Mental masturbation and passive-game thinking.

    “Good looks simply get your foot in the door.”

    Like I say, good-looks will get you some free gimme iois. But it generally won’t be from the visibly large and muscular. You need a physique that shows through your clothes.”

    Irrelevant passive-game thinking.

    “3) Great game”


    “4) Play the numbers game”

    Sure, though it’s inconsistent and proper game will improve your conversion rate.

    “5) Fake pre-selection”

    Or try REAL pre-selection by opening girls and socializing. Again, this is a cartoon fantasy of what Cold Approach is.

    “6) Be a Bad boy”

    Sure, it’s a group of DHVs.

    “7) Power. Be an iconic barrier to entry to something she needs: school grades (teacher/TA/professor), auditioning (actress/dancer judge), paycheck (boss), club entrance (bouncer/doorman), something that makes you the official decision maker in her context.”

    Sure. But kind of pathetic and a situation-based crutch (which again comes back to selection…the guy who learns to Cold Approach can open that girl in the cereal aisle at the grocery store no problem, but the saddest guys you’ll ever meet are the bouncers who’ve been bouncing for years and don’t have any other real job skillset and WANT to settle down into an LTR with a girl who isn’t a bar-star, but their job forces them to only be able to select from those girls because as soon as they leave that bar they’re just a guy with a low-value job and feel that way when they’re in the grocery store seeing that girl they think would be quality LTR material)

    “8) Money. You can be just decent in the previous categories, but you have a Lambo or sporty Porsche and that does the trick.”

    100% accurate. This will absolutely generate intense sexual desire for you as a person and won’t just get you gold-diggers and girls looking to date you and put you in the Provider category. Just flash a bunch of cash and their pussies will get soaking wet for you. lol this author is probably just some TRP forum or Manosphere guy.

    “A good portion of the westernized female population have developed a high tolerance due to constant validation they receive everyday on their cellphones from chads and betas around the world for simply existing.”

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day and all that. I remember some PUA around here mentioning this trend but the OMGs have assured us that this isn’t the case…

    “You could be good looking, confident, dress decent, and make good money but still won’t be even be considered for insemination.”


    “Take the same you and place a fun social circle around it, then suddenly she’s sexually interested.”

    Agreed. But you don’t need to be good-looking, confident, dress decent, or make good money to build a fun social circle, or to create one on the fly off Cold Approach just like Julien demonstrates in that “Merging Sets” video I won’t link so I don’t ruin the Rollo Brand(TM) with my silly infield videos demonstrating that articles like this are lying to men and keeping them trapped in FI-based mindsets that will hinder their progress.

    “This is because women don’t see you for you, they see men as tools to extract things from.”

    Providers, sure. Unless you consider “sex and emotional rollercoasters” as things they want to extract (from Lovers), then sure I’ll agree.

    “When you have status in a social circle, she sees the social circle as power that you personally wield in the environment that she can potentially tap into.”

    This is just DHV’ing. Again you don’t have to be good-looking, have money, etc to demonstrate this and you can DHV a bunch of other ways and get sexual attraction too.

    “This is why women insist on you two being a public social setting instead of a one-on-one.”

    Today I learned I’ve been fucking women in public instead of in my apartment. Where do the people inside my apartment hide exactly when I have a girl from online just come over to my place as our first hangout and we fuck? Although I do leave the curtains open for the girls with an exhibitionism fetish, maybe that’s what he means?

    “Cold Approach Is Attempting to Defy Biology”

    lol irrelevant shit. Is this guy selling a Social Circle Game product? I’m sure RSD Luke says some of this to sell his Social Circle game product, but he also stresses that he’s running Social Circle game, that’s his thing, and that the rules aren’t always the same for Cold Approach VS Social Circle, and RSD students know that because they don’t just look at one instructor’s content.

    “Most of these successful ‘cold’-approaches weren’t cold at all, you piqued her interest the moment she saw you, then you escalated from there.”

    Again this guy doesn’t really know what Cold Approach is and probably hasn’t done it much or doesn’t know how to do it well. This can easily be debunked by the ton of infield I can post of guys approaching girls who have no idea they exist. Literally every YAD stop is basically shitting on this guy’s mental masturbation theory. Hell, you can sexually attract a woman through just txting her or over the phone etc with her having no idea what you look like.

    This is stupid, Rollo. Why did you even link this article? Do you think this article is a good representation of PUA or carries any kind of actual weight beyond “it sounds good in theory in my head”? This is why I link so much RSD stuff, because the stuff from other companies is based on mental masturbation theory that can be debunked so fucking easily. You want me to link someone other than RSD, then find me someone who’s putting out shit that legitimately holds up infield the way what they’re teaching does.

    If this article was “Social Circle is a good way to get laid”, then cool, that’s awesome. I’d be like “ya, he’s right” Even if he titled it “Social Circle is the easiest and fastest way to get laid”. But instead he has to go “COLD APPROACH IS WROOOOONG, IT DEFIES BIOLOGY, IT DOESN’T WORK, IT’S A MYTH AND A FANTASY”, which is just retarded. This is either marketing a Social Circle product or a guy who just mentally masturbates about pickup.

    It’s fucking dumb to me that you have such an issue with the stuff RSD teaches and then you link to guys like Krauser who don’t even understand when they’re running Mystery Method right, or guys like whoever wrote this article who have no idea wtf they’re talking about and can be debunked with a few infield videos and a weekend out infield instead of the computer chair.

    If this is the kind of shit you want men to study over RSD, you will set the progress of the next generation of men back significantly. That’s just a fact.

    “Most practicioners believe that you can simply approach any attractive woman with no initial interest (the ‘cold’ in cold-approach), then miraculously summon the tingles with their super-duper magic potion rituals + confidence.”

    Again, infield footage and fucking going out debunk this silly exaggeration shit. Any guy who’s passed a shit-test or DHV’ed in some other way to a girl who was indifferent to him and saw her attraction spark knows that this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    “Predictably, this sex-alchemy fails.”

    Again, shitload of infield I could post, from a dozen different companies.

    “That’s because approaching is a response to IOIs.”

    Fucking idiot. This guy has no idea what Cold Approach is. What he’s calling “Cold Approach” is “guys passively standing around “doing their own thing” being the mysterious James Bond, waiting for IOIs to safely approach”. THAT’S NOT COLD APPROACH. That’s passive Warm Approach game. It’s what Naturals do. Maybe this guy is a Natural who just uses social circles as his crutch, that could explain why his perspective is so completely off-base. Naturals tend to rely on IOIs and often consider that “Cold Approaching”, but it’s not. This is why we use consistent definitions even though you hate that, because it stops bullshit incorrect misleading stuff like this from happening that will fuck newbies up who read it.

    “She either likes you or she doesn’t.”

    Again any guy who’s turned a girl around or made a girl go from indifferent to attracted knows this is nonsense.

    “There’s very little you can do to change this unless you can increase the DHV.”

    Which PUA teaches you to efficiently do.

    “Sure a woman’s feelings for you can change over a longer period of time, but this isn’t worth the effort. Just ask any veteran PUAs such as Roosh”


    Ok Rollo. Seriously. Here’s what you do in the future when you want to post an article that you think has some kind of legitimacy: do a CTRL+F search for “Rollo”, “Krauser”, “GLL”, “Cernovich”, really most of the names in the Manosphere. If you see their name come up and it’s in a sentence that’s giving them any kind of authority on what PUA is or how it works, disregard that article completely or you’ll embarrass yourself. The Manosphere is REALLY FUCKING BAD at pickup in general and has a VERY limited understanding of how attraction actually works because they are generally anti-PUA and circle-jerk eachother off, blind leading the blind style. The fact that the RVF didn’t know G-Manifesto was full of shit (because he played right into their silly cartoon character fantasies of what game is and played them all like a fucking fiddle) shows that these guys just don’t really GET this stuff. Krauser is at least putting in the field time compared to most of the Manosphere so props to him for that, but he still has some off-base assumptions (that he’ll probably figure out in time but he could save himself a shitload of time by listening to my critiques/advice and watching the RSD resources I’d link him to help him connect dots that he won’t connect for a few years doing it on his own). No hate for them but these are guys who don’t really understand this stuff learning from guys who also don’t really understand this stuff to the in-depth level guys like Tyler and Julien are teaching.

    “You are much better off investing in yourself, being more social, and letting things happen organically than trying to force it.”

    You’re not “much better off” if you want selection, a diverse skillset, the ability to pick and choose the girls you want, the ability to handle different obstacles and situations, etc etc

    Again if this author wrote “Social Circle is great”, cool, but shitting on what he thinks Cold Approach is just reveals that he’s got no idea what he’s talking about.

    “Cold Approach is Inefficient”

    PUAs from day one, including myself, have said over and over that Cold Approach is the least efficient and hardest way to get laid, but it’s the fastest and most efficient way to learn game and understand female psychology and improve all your subcomms, internals, learning how to work different types of groups and calibrate etc, and gives you the most choice (ie – you can see a girl you want and have a solid skillset to increase your odds of being able to get her regardless of her circumstances because you’ve put yourself into a ton of different situations VS the guy that stays in his comfort zone or uses crutches…most guys don’t just get into the game to get laid, they get into the game to get laid by the girls they’re specifically attracted to and WANT, otherwise they could just get hookers).

    The most efficient way to get laid is Warm Approach social circle game. We’ve always said that. The problem is just that it doesn’t build your skills very fast, often comes with a lot of drama, newbies miscalibrating can earn themselves social ostracization (VS fucking up in a nightclub full of anonymous people they won’t see again), and you’re limited in selection to the girls in your social circle.

    “1-on-1 dates are NOT how most sex is had.”

    Irrelevant. Again we can post tons of infield of guys on Day2s who go get laid and any guy who goes on Day2s knows he can get laid from a solid Day2. This author is coming off as a guy who’s literally never successfully banged anything but girls in his social circle at social circle parties.

    “If she does not see how she can gain access to social capital via your introduction (without the compensation stated above), she more thank likely won’t be interested.”

    She doesn’t care if a Lover is a scumbag piece of shit, as long as he gives her the emotional impact she wants and flips the switches. Author doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    “Believe me, take this from a tall, good looking guy who spent years attempting to circumvent the need for a ‘tribe’ while pursuing casual sex with cold-approach. Little success came from it. Only solo interactions with women whose niche I so happen to fit were successful”


    Fuck. Come ON Rollo. You talk shit about RSD and then link this garbage. This is like rejecting papers from Einstein in favor of your 6 year old’s paper.

    This is just a generic good-looking dude who relied on passive-game where he waits for green light IOIs before he approaches. It’s nothing to do with actual Cold Approach. You should know this but you probably don’t watch any of the RSD videos I link either (since you keep harping on how they’re all advertisements when half the time they’re just Tyler talking to the camera not mentioning anything about products or bootcamps).

    This guy is EXACTLY what the Manosphere is full of and why the Manosphere will make no actual progress in pickup. The guy uses shitty Manosphere “experts” like Roosh as his authority on pickup, runs passive “if I just stand around looking good and wait for IOIs and then just wing the interaction and hope she picks me, that’s pickup!!” game, and then when it doesn’t work he cries and finds a crutch and becomes an “expert” writing an article on how Cold Apporach is a myth, while other guys are out successfully Cold Approaching all the fucking time and there’s tons of infield of guys from every company and amateurs etc Cold Approaching successfully.

    This is the reason I even came to the Manosphere. Because this type of guy is what the Manosphere is full of and I figured I could clear some shit up about how pickup ACTUALLY works.

    “You cannot possibly replicate the dynamic of a social scene and all the indirect indicators of value by yourself.”

    This is a guy with a 100% Social Circle crutch. Which makes sense given his view of what game is. For his shitty passive game, ya, social circle is GREAT for him. And he SHOULD get a 6-pack and match his $300 shoes to his belt, because his game is shitty/boring enough that girls will look for that stuff on him. He has no idea what Cold Approach is or what actually turns women on.

    “Social connections and events + social media creates a chain reaction of pre-selection and social proof across multiple contexts simultaneously without you having to be present. Your reputation precedes you, nullifying the need for reintroduction.”

    Agreed. Social Circle is a fast efficient way to get laid with girls in your social circle. If the article was about that, cool. But his attempt to “debunk Cold Approach” just shows that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    “Using the loner cold-approach technique, you have to start all over again with every girl you meet.”

    Yes, that’s why it builds your skillset better. Because you practice DHV’ing over and over and over and handling obstacles, targeting specific girls, learning to build social proof and pre-selection from scratch etc, over and over and over.

    “The idea behind cold-approaching was to get guys comfortable with talking to women and given a big enough sample size, a girl is bound to allow you to stick your penis inside her (read: number’s game).”

    This is not what Cold Approach PUA is. This is what a guy who runs passive game and learns pickup from the Manosphere thinks Cold Apporaching is.

    “For this reason, cold-approach is spam.”

    Mystery’s goal was “5 for 5” for a reason. These days PUA focuses a lot more on spamming approaches, which I don’t approve of, but all the original shit was about quality of interaction, not quantity, and learning to spark attraction where there is none and turn girls around etc

    “So go ahead, be the lone-wolf alpha-sigma all you want, just understand you will acquire inferior results compared to men with objectively lower SMV + social circles.”

    Take a guy who relies on his social circle to get laid and put us both in a bar where we don’t know anyone and I’ll mop the floor with him while he stands in a corner with a beer up at his chest because he doesn’t have his crutches…’cause one of us will have developed actual internal confidence and a solid skillset and be able to approach the girls we want, while the other took the easy comfort zone route and settles for the handful of girls in his social circle that choose him.

    “5) ‘Alpha-M’ mentioned in the ‘bad boy’ section is a good looking, ripped-as-fuck dude that has good advice on clothing styles, cologne choices/tips, and other man-shit. Worth checking out.”


    This is why I post a bunch of RSD shit. Because the RSD guys actually go out regularly. Your getting sad over their videos being linked will 1) hold future men back, and 2) make your writing inaccurate because you aren’t even getting proper information to base your writing on. You’ll continue to promote your “fireman calendar” theories that the Manosphere loves to circle-jerk to, that the field proves wrong every weekend and in every infield video I’m not allowed to link, and as a result your books will be setting up the future generations of men that read them to fail.

    This isn’t me hating on you, this is me giving you a dose of objective reality. The fact that you would even read past the first paragraph of this article is like, YOU should have been watching the RSD videos I’ve been linking all these years.

    I mean look at this shit Rollo:

    theasdgamer: “Field evidence doesn’t support the article’s assertions. The article is based on Purple Pill Theory, not field evidence. Keyboard jockeying.”

    FIWL: “I’m just a newbie still learning the ropes when it comes to gaming but I call out these assertion above totally false because of what i did. Totally Keyboard Jockey Theory.”

    hank holiday: “I have to chime in on the Cold Approach is a Lone-Wolf Fantasy article, because it is completely wrong on so many levels.”

    Anonymous Reader: “I’m not YaReally but that Cold Approach article has so many holes in it, and caveats that give the author wiggle room to weasel out, that I stopped reading after a while.”

    Culum Struan: “The thing is it’s quite painful to unpick because he’s got some stuff I agree with in there, mixed in with a lot of flawed analysis and thinking and misunderstandings – it’ll really need a YaReally style line by line breakdown to do it justice and I can’t be bothered today.”

    Even newbies and our resident self-admitted sperg can instantly tell that article is bullshit from the word go. Why can’t YOU, Rollo? YOU should be watching the RSD videos I link.

    It’s like you’re going to knowingly write articles about rocket science while not reading papers on rocket fuel chemistry from the leading group of scientists who are actively flying rockets into space every week. How is that an acceptable approach to teaching Red Pill stuff to you when you value the quality of your work? Everything in the Red Pill is built upon the core base of “how attraction and female psychology ACCURATELY work”. If you start with a bad base, there WILL be problems with your theories and conclusions down the road.

    You said the looks/money stuff was relevant before, but you were just uninformed so that’s okay. Now we’ve taken that idea down over and over and over again and we can keep continuing to do so with infield after infield and sending guys FROM this comment section out to pressure-test ideas like that over and over and repeatedly debunk it and build up more and more evidence against it. So for you to keep promoting something like that and basing more theories on thinking those things are true, while refusing to look at anything contrary or allowing evidence to the contrary to be posted (because it happens to be in an RSD video since NO ONE ELSE is recording infield of it in the quality they are), that’s you choosing to actively push incorrect information on the men that will be reading your books for generations to come and I think you’re better than that but it seems like you don’t want to invest the time in learning or revisiting/revising your previous beliefs/writing.

    You have more learning to do about the core of how attraction works. That’s not an insult and ban me if you want for saying it flat out like this, but there WILL be repercussions for your close-mindedness in the form of men getting hurt by being misinformed because you haven’t done your homework and are now censoring the very resources that show that stuff like that shitty article you linked is bullshit mental masturbation.

    But I’m sure the debate with ollieoxenfree in the new article will be MUCH more valuable than seeing Tyler show a newbie how to befriend high-value guys and get access to their girls without using their looks/money.

    @Culum Struan @Sentient
    “Like I don’t usually watch those RSD videos, but they seem to have a guy who is some kind of fitness trainer? Is it Elliot Hulse or am I thinking of something else? What’s the deal with him for example? And several other such guys. ”

    Just to nip this in the bud, if you guys watch the zillion hours of content Tyler puts out you’ll see him talking ABOUT all of this stuff and his plans to expand into different channels etc and why they hang out with the fitness guys and the marajuana guy and Tai Lopez and shit.

    He’s also talked a bunch about how the marketing gets guys in the door because (to paraphrase, since I can’t just link the video where he says this): No one wants to buy the book titled “How to spend a year exercising consistently slowly losing a pound or two a week while restricting your sugar and cutting out bad foods that taste good, to get a decent looking body”, they want to buy the book that says “GET JACKED IN A WEEK WITHOUT LIFTING A SINGLE WEIGHT WHILE EATING NOTHING BUT CAKE” because everyone wants quick-fix solutions and he HAS to promote it that way to get guys in the door where instructors can tell them “look, this is a long-term solution, we’re not going to fix you in a weekend but we can help you improve and give you the tools to improve if you keep going out after this bootcamp and work on this for a few years”

    Again I can link videos where they talk about exactly what they teach guys on bootcamp and how they make sure guys know that they’ll need to work on this stuff long-term even if they have a great experience on bootcamp.

    Nothing wrong with handing a newbie an easy lay reward for doing a good job. That newbie who approached the VIP table and was approaching girls all night pushed his comfort zones and learned a shitload, handing him an easy lay at 2am as a reward for the effort he put in isn’t a big deal.

    Now if INSTEAD of hitting the field they just throw easy pussy at them, like it’s 10pm and they spike a girl and pass her on and the student goes home with her at 10:30pm, then I have a problem with that because that’s not teaching him anything.

    But otherwise it’s not much different from you going out and pushing yourself hard infield, learning a bunch of shit that you didn’t know before (like learning how to merge sets or deal with AMOGs etc) and if it’s 2am and while you learned a ton, nothing has panned out in terms of an actual lay, but you’ve put in your field time till 2am, you calling up a fuckbuddy isn’t a big deal…the important part is that you’re in the field pushing yourself from 10-2 or whatever. If you skipped the night out calling that fuckbuddy up at 10pm, then I’d give you shit for it.

    But it’s SUPER easy to spin it in the worst way possible to demonize them, just like the Roosh “Is RSD hurting young men?” bullshit article.

    Either way, none of that is relevant to what they’re actually teaching and how it holds up infield. Tyler could stab a bunch of puppy dogs but passing a shit-test would still spark attraction.

    The bigger RSD gets and the more they expand and the more haters they rack up, the easier it will be for guys like Sentient to find pics of Luke in a blazer (ignoring all the pics of Luke in t-shirts) or a soundbite snippet of Julien saying something that sounds contradictory to something Tyler said 5 years ago etc etc and guys will use that to try to discredit everything they teach because they don’t REALLY care about guys learning anything (or are promoting their own products/system, DPA-style). They just care about stroking their ego and building their e-props on an internet forum.

    Like debunking the shitty article Rollo linked was a complete waste of my time in that I gained absolutely nothing from it, and knew I wouldn’t and it would be a waste of my time because I knew from the first few sentences (the title alone, really lol) that it was going to be an entire article of mental masturbation bullshit (and thank-you to theasdgamer FIWL hank Anonymous Reader etc for calling it out as bullshit, if I get banned or can’t post RSD vids guys like you guys with your infield experience speaking out will be the only thing keeping this kind of bullshit from being given validity creating a hugbox of misinformation).

    The reason I wasted my time debunking that entire article line by line, was to show Rollo how SHIT the other content out there is compared to what RSD is teaching, to show WHY I link so many RSD videos. I pay attention to a BUNCH of other companies (I can tell you off the top of my head what the latest Krauser article is about, or what James Marshall’s latest video is about etc), but RSD’s quality and depth of nuance and infield is just BETTER.

    And just like I pulled apart Krauser’s “holy shit I accidentally ran Mystery Method properly so I’m going to give it a new name that implies something that will mislead newbies” article that Rollo found fascinating enough to give front-page coverage to (for the love of god please don’t post this shitty Cold Approach Is A Myth article on your front-page Rollo, if you actually care about your Brand quality lol), I’ll be happy to debunk any other article you want me to Rollo, from pretty much any other company that you think is putting out high-quality content (and simultaneously I’ll be more than happy to give credit and props to anything you find that DOES hold up infield, I’d LOVE more resources to link guys, that would be AWESOME). Eventually when I fuck enough of these in the face, you’ll understand why I post lots of RSD videos (along with LOTS of content from other companies, except that they don’t put out as much on as wide a variety of subjects or don’t cover them as in-depth or accurately).

    But enjoy the Sentient dick-waving and character assassination of RSD, ’cause that’s all this thread will be from here on lol I’m not going to debunk it all, I’ll just trust everyone to use their critical thinking skills and to go watch some content and decide for yourself what, say, Madison is teaching (he has huge hour-long infield up recently) instead of letting someone posting a pic of Madison advertising his product convince you that his free videos will have nothing in it for you to learn from. The same way I’d encourage you not to listen to the mainstream media, put in the time and do your own research and test things out infield and decide for yourself what’s valuable content to you.

    And remember Rollo: you ASKED for my opinion on that article, no complaining that I’m spamming PUA shit with this post.


    on November 27, 2016 at 5:39 pm
    Original Link

    Fucked up the cut & paste, that should read:

    “Like I say, good-looks will get you some free gimme iois. But it generally won’t be from the 25 & under 8+/10 who’s surrounded by guys who look just as good as you in her social circles. It’ll usually be from the aggressive 5-7s.”

    on November 27, 2016 at 5:55 pm
    Original Link

    “Or TL:DR version: A bootcamp will not teach you to do what RSD Papa did in networking your way up. But it will teach you some foundational skills and mindset that you will need to get up to that level (and fill in some basic skill gaps that quite a few guys who got to that level have), although getting there requires a lot more than the bootcamp will teach.”
    ❀ Well said. They also make that clear on bootcamp and in their free videos that I can't link.

    They're putting out a high-quality product because that BRINGS guys back voluntarily. They don't have to brainwash or trick them. In the latest video Tyler is taking questions from the audience and Tyler coaches the student through answering his OWN question because (WISH I COULD JUST LINK AND TIMESTAMP THIS INSTEAD OF TRANSCRIBING IT (it's at 39:02 in the latest freetour video "unleash your elite genius now")):

    "I'm doing this to you because I want to train you in that thought process of just "look at it yourself and figure it out"." (aka NOT have to rely on RSD and their products, he's trying to TEACH guys to be SELF-SUFFICIENT at this because WE ALL HAD TO BE in the early days)

    Then at 42:00 they have a tall super good-looking guy they nickname Thor ask how to stop ending up in the friend zone aka his looks aren't doing anything for him and Tyler gets him to figure out the answer for himself again, and explains:

    (at 42:55): "What 5 things could you try to change that situation? How can you break that recurring pattern? How could you break it? Because this is how *I* think. I'm like "okay, I'm getting THIS response…what are a couple things I could tweak and try? And then I go test them and then that's where my next video comes from. So what could you test and try off the top of your head?"

    And then he coaches the guy through figuring out the solution. He also busts another student for asking a question that he KNOWS the student knows the answer to and is just looking for permission from him instead of trusting his instincts.

    If this all sounds like a guy who's trying to manipulate these guys into depending on RSD for all their answers and forcing them to only listen to Tyler and never think for themselves and just drink the RSD koolaid and sign up for more bootcamps, then I dunno what to tell ya.

    But personally I'd expect that teaching these guys to think for themselves and to not just run to Tyler for the answers and to go out and field test things is not just the OPPOSITE of making them depend on RSD, but is something guys around here who go on and on about how "men should teach other men to be men" (they also harass the audience members asking questions to speak up and teach them about why they're stifled and scared to speak loud and authoritatively, you know, the lessons Blaximus' male influences probably taught him that these guys didn't get taught), would be APPLAUDED.

    But hey, Papa talked about how beneficial networking has been for him, so fuck RSD and any of this content, it's all a marketing scaaaaaam lol Quick, Sentient, post another pic or duck meme!!

    on November 27, 2016 at 6:21 pm
    Original Link

    @hank @Rollo
    “That said, I don’t think you quite get how superior that RSDs vids are compared to most other places.”

    This. Even LINKING that shitty article shows that Rollo doesn’t get this (probably because he doesn’t watch RSD videos and watch all the other companies and go out and field test stuff to compare the quality of what they’re teaching/demonstrating).

    “James Marshall has some great day game shit, Gambler on lasers, and Liam Mcrae has an awesome vid on getting physical on girls, but ESPECIALLY when it comes to night club game you can’t really top RSD. ”

    Ever notice how EVERY SINGLE TIME I talk about laser eye-contact I mention and/or link the Gambler video (specifically that one little section even though the whole thing is technically “an advertisement” by Rollo’s standards) and Liam McRae’s video INSTEAD of an RSD video on the subject?

    Why do you think that is Rollo?

    Because those are OBJECTIVELY *THE* best and most efficient explanations and demonstrations OF the concept of “laser eye-contact” and building sexual tension through subcomms instead of with verbals or other shit.

    So EVERY SINGLE TIME I link them.

    If RSD, Krauser, Roosh, YOU, that brown indian guy that Krauser hates, literally *ANYONE* puts out a better video for teaching guys what laser eye-contact is and how to do it and how to build sexual tension/chemistry with girls this way, I would be linking THAT video instead (more likely “as well as” lol)

    But they HAVEN’T. So I just keep linking those two videos. Every fucking time. Because all I do is link the BEST examples and the BEST most effective/efficient explanations of concepts.

    Just like I ALWAYS link Juggler method when people ask about building rapport etc

    It just happens that 1) the RSD guys all go out a SHITLOAD so they get into nuances of what’s happening way better than your shitty article writer, 2) they put out DAILY content (when’s the last time Juggler put something out?), and 3) they purposely cover a HUGE variety of topics so whatever subject comes up, they probably have a video about that subject, whereas other companies either just keep rehashing the same few topics, or have just one or two instructors instead of a big variety of them, or rarely put out new/useful content, or cover subjects in bare minimum depth (or have misunderstandings), or have shitty infield or NO infield when the same subject covered by RSD comes with infield examples.

    “So for most of the PUA principles the best video illustrations you are gonna find are from RSD…and they put out a SHITTON of videos on every conceivable nuance.”


    “Disclaimer is a good idea, and like yareally, I don’t mind posting one on top of each RSD vid.”

    I’m happy to as well, or anything else Rollo sees fit.

    “Actually there are few pics of Luke in blazers because he deleted his old instagram account… Funny he chose that one for his old twitter avatar though?”

    I know right, he’s probably gettin mad Twitter puss! Did you know Tyler used to wear PVC leather pants and mesh vests and New Rock boots?? Funny he chose to wear those in his old promo material…gotta be something suspicious there!

    “He is now “rebranded”… for what purpose one wonders? [not you… your empty Kool-Aid cartons attest to that]”

    Maybe, like most guys who go out infield, he started out thinking looks matter and then eventually learned “oh, you know what, I guess I don’t really need the blazer to get attraction”. You know, because he was a newbie at some point like the rest of us. Just like Tyler doesn’t still wear mesh PVC shirts…TYLER REBRANDED!! HE SHOULD KEEP WEARING THOSE THINGS!!!

    “I guess maybe he broke up with his GF by now? Nice sentiment all the same…”

    ? What even IS this attack dude? Is Luke not allowed to have a girlfriend? Is he not allowed to be romantic with his girlfriend 3 years ago?

    You talk so much about the omega gamma stuff but like, what do you think this looks like when you do this lol

    @Culum @Sentient
    “Not ALL the RSD videos have that issue (eg Max running after random chick doing daygame in some European city or whatever) but a lot of them do, especially a lot of RSD Luke’s stuff.”

    Tyler’s infield is from all over. RSD does bootcamps ALL AROUND THE WORLD, these guys live out of hotels when they’re on tour. Does Sentient think they transport the mansion around the world to use? wtf?

    The mansion is just for the Vegas Immersion program where students can spend a few months there sarging daily with constant coaching and the mansion looks pimp in advertising (and Tyler has a bunch of videos about how to be successful in business and work hard and network your way up and put in hours dedicated to your business, check out the “Truth About Success” series which I think ANY guy here would approve of whole-heartedly). And the instructors occasionally pass through Vegas and stay there for a bit to hang out but are otherwise travelling the world or living in their own places (Jeffy lives in San Francisco in a little apartment he does most of his videos in etc)

    This is such a petty silly attack on them. Do you (Sentient) think that Tyler has his students in New York flying girls back to the mansion to get them? lol

    Luke is focused 100% on Vegas Social Circle game, so lots of his personal infield isn’t very useful for a guy like hank or Culum to me, but as long as he teaches the students HOW to do it for themselves when they get back to their own city then cool (like that infield video I linked where Tyler is showing how to get access to the VIP guy’s table, which is the same thing Luke did except Luke did it a LOT and collected that guy’s number and used his pickup skills to introduce girls around and build up a huge social circle over a long period of time, like anyone here could do).

    Fuck this is such like, negative low-value mindset shit. Have you (Sentient) never just gone out and MADE friends? And befriended higher value people and then socialized and introduced girls to them and vice-versa and collected numbers and set up parties/hangouts and befriended people and gotten to know them to the point where you can attend parties or events or get free drinks, VIP, etc just from being a fun social guy??

    Is this such a foreign concept to everyone that it has to be some nefarious sneaky trick/scam???

    Luke explains in one of his latest videos (WISH I COULD LINK IT) all about his free bottle service and who the girls he brings out with him are and how he meets them and how he networks and uses the social proof and connects other high-value guys etc

    God it’s tempting to just give up on this place. I’m so tired of having to defend shit that anyone could just go look at for themselves or go try infield and see for themselves, and now I can’t even link a shitload of videos explaining and demonstrating this stuff, I have to type it all out while Sentient posts pictures of a cult suicide like that’s a valid argument.

    on November 27, 2016 at 6:30 pm
    Original Link

    “Sentient is basically saying that having RSD Luke’s game alone will not get you Luke’s results with chicks, not unless you ALSO have Luke’s social circles and access he’s cultivated over years of networking the Vegas scene.”

    LUKE LITERALLY TALKS ABOUT THIS AND WARNS GUYS ABOUT IT IN HIS VIDEOS. Watch his videos, one of his recent ones he talks all about how he build his social connections up and that Tyler video I linked that started this whole fucking censorship debacle was showing a newbie being taught exactly how to DO the thing that Luke DID to cultivate and network his way into building social circles in that scene, so that ANYONE CAN DO IT.

    LUKE’S ENTIRE SOCIAL CIRCLE GAME PRODUCT IS A STEP BY STEP OF HOW TO BUILD THE SAME TYPE OF SOCIAL CIRCLES HE HAS. What do you guys think the product is about??? That’s LITERALLY the purpose of it: teaching guys how to build the same type of social circles he’s built the same way he built them using stuff like the shit in that Tyler infield that Rollo censored.

    Holy shit this is insane.

    “And he’s saying that RSD don’t acknowledge this “boost” they get in a lot of their infield results (not all).”

    That’s because Sentient is FULL OF SHIT. And you’re just believing him instead of looking into Luke’s videos for yourself (because to be fair, they’re long and most people have limited time to look into it lol) and seeing him acknowledge the boosts and TEACH guys how to BUILD those boosts for themselves.

    “a newbie could ALSO spend years building his network and access to social circles and then he will of course do as well as Luke. ”


    “And Sentient is also saying that RSD is disingenuous for not acknowledging this boost”

    THAT’S BECAUSE SENTIENT IS DISINGENOUS AND IS LYING TO YOU. Do you REALLY think Sentient has watched all of RSD’s content?? Do you REALLY think Sentient has ANY idea what they actually talk about in their FREE content let alone their actual products or bootcamps???

    Do you REALLY think Luke doesn’t at some point mention “Just so you know, at YOUR shitty little city you won’t have the same type of girls, but you can still build a big social circle in your scene just like this” or that the students are SO RETARDED that they can’t figure out “hmm, Vegas has tons of hot playboy models, and my shitty little podunk hometown doesn’t have those, but if I say Routine XYZ then PLAYBOY MODELS WILL FALL FROM THE SKY IN MY SHITTY LITTLE LOCAL PUB”???

    C’mon man…critical thinking skills and look at the content for yourself. Don’t even listen to ME about what they say, go see it for yourself!

    on November 27, 2016 at 6:35 pm
    Original Link

    @Sentient @Rollo
    “I would welcome Rollo’s input on the clout that party promoters have in Vegas… or guys hooked into media like Playboy have in Hollywood…”

    I’d welcome both your input on how that has relevance when Max runs a bootcamp in EE or Tyler runs a bootcamp in Dallas.

    Luke stays in Vegas but the RSD infield I post is from all over the fucking world. And Tyler even TALKS about getting recognized and the pros/cons and where/how it affects things etc but you guys wouldn’t know that ’cause you don’t watch their videos like the guys who sign up for bootcamps etc do.

    Such an embarrassing lack of research. One big game of “telephone” (“well *I* heard they do this and this”). This is just absurd. Especially from Red Pill guys who of ALL people I would expect to do proper homework given how much the MSM etc misrepresent the entire Manosphere/Red Pill sphere.

    on November 27, 2016 at 6:40 pm
    Original Link

    Any comment on our group opinion of that article you linked? Are all the guys who’ve said that article is bullshit wrong? Do you understand why we say it’s wrong? Do you get my point about the lack of quality of other content when EVERYONE here can tell you that article is garbage but they don’t say that about RSD content I post? Are they just all brainwashed and going to kool-aid suicide themselves? They all posted before I even posted my rebuttal to the article so it wasn’t MY reply influencing them all calling that article out as shit.

    So: any thoughts on the feedback we gave you on that article? Like what does your brain think when you see our responses to it?

    on November 27, 2016 at 7:12 pm
    Original Link

    “Lets just say that it would take a lot more than a casual “he’s not from this country” for a guy like the one in the RSD video posted not to get run off a bottle service table.”

    Have you TRIED it? Have you NEVER met an alpha dude infield who WANTS to teach you the ropes of “how to be a man”? That guy is literally BLAXIMUS. He realizes the kid is socially retarded and he gives him a pep talk about learning how to be a man and the man code and shit. SO MANY GUYS infield are like this.

    Do you guys just not socialize with anyone in these venues except people you know??

    “but they do this to impress the girls they invite to their table or they brought in with them”

    A lot of guys just get bottle service for the fuck of it, or because they have connections, and because the girls enjoy it, without caring about the girls themselves. Do you guys not hang out with guys who get bottle service etc?? I was hanging with an old social circle of guys who are all making bank now (doctors, lawyers, etc finally working professionally lol) and they’d literally just buy a dozen beers and pass them around to anyone in our group, anyone around us, whatever, no one cares because they have money or connections (like knowing the bartender, managers, etc and get stuff comped).

    You yourself, Rollo, if you had bottle service at your event, would probably act EXACTLY like this guy. Would you run some socially awkward guy off from talking to your bottle girls when you’re running some event and have a bunch of free shit? Especially if the kid apologized? You’d be like “GET OUT OF HERE PUNK I’M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS!!!!”?

    How is this stuff so suspicious to you guys??

    “How hard do you think it would be for a guy with Owen’s means to purchase that table or several more just like it in advance to shoot a video about how a guy with average Game can swoop into a paid for bottle service table and be the cool guy?”

    sigh…this is why it’s so hard to discuss this shit with guys who don’t go out and regularly TRY this stuff.

    Do you think they don’t have guys do this in ANY OTHER CITY except Vegas/LA? You think they aren’t doing this in EE etc too?

    “especially if he’s got some imaginable social proof”

    You mean like Tyler TEACHES the kid how to do?

    “Again, I don’t know for sure, but I would love to see something like this go down at a Nikki Beach club with Owen and students shirtless and in shorts trying to work this angle.”

    I’d love to see it too. If I see infield of it I’ll be sure to post it (ALTHOUGH THAT COULD BE CONSIDERED AN ADVERTISEMENT).

    “but I was wondering how many RSD examples it would generate from you rather than your own interpretation of it.”

    Do you understand that what RSD is teaching is not a theory, but what happens infield? My “own interpretation” is the same “interpretation” that anyone who goes out infield and tests this stuff finds, which is what RSD is teaching.

    Holy shit.

    Do you think that “passing a shit-test spikes attraction” is “RSD’s interpretation” or “my interpretation”? When Hank or Culum go out and spike attraction by passing a shit-test, are they just “using RSD examples instead of their own interpretation”??

    This is unreal.

    “@Rollo – I didn’t see the original vid with Tyler’s student (only the description), but is it fair to say that your position is essentially that it is *possible* to do what he did, but it is likely to be a lot more difficult than the video made it look (with the student’s level of social skills/game), and therefore you are a bit suspicious that it was rigged?”

    Type “rsd tyler table game” into YouTube. You SHOULD watch it because you can actually apply it. I literally posted it Friday early evening originally FOR you, hank, etc everyone going out (I tagged you guys) because I wanted you to see it and try it out this weekend, till Rollo nuked it and now here we are.

    It’s something you can EASILY try, and it’s not even JUST for tables/bottle service, it’s for ANY mixed set where you want access to the guy’s girls. The concepts Tyler is teaching about giving value and calibrating to the reactions etc (Rollo: Tyler ADDRESSES negative/bad/aggressive reactions in that video and talks about how to recover or avoid them, but you watched the whole video so you knew that right?)

    on November 27, 2016 at 7:26 pm
    Original Link

    @Culum @Rollo
    “One question Rollo – why would the club run guys off from bottle service tables? I see why (from the clubs perspective) it is good to have girls who will make the rich guy spend more to impress them. But if the rich guy is cool with having Tyler & Co at his table, why would the club run them off? Like what do they lose?”

    When you’re ONE DUDE with 5-10 girls at your table, you WANT guys to entertain the girls for you. You can’t fuck ALL of them and you WANT the girls to have fun and meet guys. Those girls aren’t there JUST for the free drinks, they’re there to meet guys too.

    The kid was clearly a newbie and Tyler has good subcomms and helped smooth things over (the same way I would have, pace the guy’s reality (“sorry this guy is being weird”), seek a commonality (“you from LA? oh right on man me too I love it too”), pump the guy’s ego (getting him to teach the kid the “man code” and giving him huge props for it so he can feel like a boss expert), and then join him in teaching the newbie (“OR he could even BRING YOU girls, to give you VALUE back”) which the other alpha social guy agrees with.

    Have you guys never had alpha dudes infield be NICE to you??

    In fact that guy would be more likely to tell TYLER or some AVERAGE PUA to fuck off, VS a guy who’s obviously a little awkward with interacting in that situation. Cool people LOVE to bring other people up to their level. I can’t even count how many random dudes I’ve given pep talks to at the bar just ’cause they’ve looked uncomfortable/nervous and then just randomly introduced girls passing by to.

    What you guys are talking about is such a shallow cartoon character version of the types of guys out there.

    If Blaximus had bottle service with 10 girls and a couple of his buddies and like, Hank started talking to one of his girls and then realized he was being rude and went over to shake Blax’s hand and introduce himself and apologize and SJF was beside Hank and said to Blaximus “sorry man, he’s new to this I’m showing him the ropes”, you think Blaximus would be like “GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE YOU FUCKING SCRUBS, WHERE’S MY SECURITY, I’M RICH AS FUCK AND HAVE MORE GIRLS THAN I KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH TONIGHT BUT GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!! MY IMAGE!!!”

    No way, Blaximus would do EXACTLY what this guy did, he’d teach him some man-code shit about how to interact with other men and he’d be PROUD to be able to be a bit of a masculine influence for an awkward kid and he’d be happy for the kid if he learned to be a little more alpha and better at interacting with men because of him.

    By your guys’ logic Blaximus would just be a petty aggressive scarcity-mindset asshole.

    Hell, Blax would STOP security from throwing the kid out, just SO he could teach him how to interact with other men in a more positive value-giving way.

    Ya there ARE bottle/VIP guys who are assholes, and Tyler talks about that in the video when he talks about the 4 types of guys/reactions you’ll run into when you do this, but a LOT of guys especially in high-end venues are just COOL GUYS that want OTHER PEOPLE TO BE COOL.

    Your guys’ view is such a negative mindeset.

    This is like when people say “rich people want to keep everyone else poor!!!” No, a LOT of them want to help other people build themselves up to their level, that’s why there’s charity and angel investors and shit. When you have value you WANT to help other people have value like you because you feel good and want THEM to feel good.

    But in your guys’ view of the world ALL of these guys are just negative possessive assholes and Blax, Rollo, etc will call over security to kick the guy out the second he dares to talk to one of their girls.

    YOU guys aren’t even like that, but you just label every other guy that way so Tyler MUST be paying guys off etc What a fucked up view of the world.

    There are tons of cool guys, that’s part of why I originally called it a miracle to capture that shit on film because the guy starts out pissed and then turns into a coach for the kid. That’s such a fucking AMAZING little snippet of what can happen when you sarge and how a lot of the myths about how these guys will all get in your face and punch your lights out and get you thrown out etc are just fear-mongering from guys who don’t try this stuff regularly.

    on November 27, 2016 at 7:37 pm
    Original Link

    “@YaReally, do you only ctrl+f for your own name when you check back for comments here?”

    Yes lol

    “I reposted your original comments 2 days ago.”

    Didn’t see it ’cause we were already on the next page after the deletion. Thanks, I guess? Hopefully the guys I tagged in it decide to read this thread despite the new article up and jump to the end to see that it’s back and then go back to it to watch it and read what I wrote.

    “surveillance staff that watch for guys doing exactly what happens in this video.”

    They watch for guys who help girls have a fun night and bring girls to the table guys?

    Did you even watch the video? Did you see what happened when they befriended the guy after talking to the girls at his couch for 30 seconds (I’m sure security was on the way “HOLY SHIT THAT GUY SAID HELLO TO THOSE GIRLS RUSH HIM NOW!!!”) before he went over to the guy, shook his hand and engaged him, to where the guy approved of him.

    Then did you see what happened or did you stop watching?

    Did Tyler and the newbie start chugging the guy’s booze? No.

    What they did was go to some RANDOM GIRLS standing around and BRING THEM OVER to the table guy, and then told the GIRLS “go ahead” as in “go ahead and have a drink” WITH that guy’s approval because the booze is FOR GIRLS.

    Did you just turn the video off after the first infield snippet and decide “they probably sat down on the guy’s couch and took a swig from his bottle and then tried to grope all the girls”?

    They didn’t even USE the table, as soon as the guy approved of him they went to go collect some girls to BRING HIM. The random girls on the floor get to go to VIP and meet high-value guys, the VIP guy gets girls brought to him (which are who the booze and table is FOR), and Tyler and the newbie build more rapport with the guy because they gave him value.

    So which part of that is surveillance watching for? The part where he shakes the guy’s hand and the guy pats him on the back teaching him man stuff and says “you can use my table and talk to my girls, you have my permission kid”? Is THAT where security swoops in and drags him off?

    Or is it when they approach the random girls on the non-VIP floor area? THAT’S what they’re watching for? They’re gonna throw him out for talking to some random girls? Wow they must throw out half the guys in the club every night.

    Oh wait, they’d probably throw him out for BRINGING GIRLS OVER TO THEIR VIP GUEST. Ya, what ASSHOLES, bringing girls to their guest so their guest has more fun and the girls have more fun. That’s definitely gonna get security throwing them out.

    I have a feeling you didn’t even watch the full video at all.

    on November 27, 2016 at 7:46 pm
    Original Link

    “Yes, there are cool guys who want to be everyone’s friend and honestly they are very easy to spot in a club/event. They buy rounds, they don’t want to be an asshole, they’re outgoing, boisterous and as I said generous because that generosity they believe is DHV and social proof. They don’t get hostile because they think the girls in their circle will see it as negative aggression.”

    So this guy in the video that was friendly to the newbie could have been exactly this guy you’re describing. HUH. Thanks for proving my point. They picked a dude who looked like he’s not going to get aggressive, and he DID get mad at first but then they smoothed it over using classic Juggler style “pace their reality, find a commonality, pump their state” shit.

    “I don’t need to TRY to do this because it’s my job to do exactly this cold approach social circle game.”

    That wasn’t social circle game. That was a random newbie in a club approaching a table. Have you been a guy with zero status not knowing anyone in the club and approached VIP tables?

    “I also know there is a point where that guy does one of two things; he either closes himself down, says fuck this shit and moves off to another club when there are no viable or interested women in him”

    Did it look to you, because I’m sure you watched the video, like that guy would have problems finding a girl to fuck that night? Did that table service guy look like some sad dude? He wasn’t even TALKING to the girls at his table, that’s how little fucks he gave. Just like my buddies passing out beers and letting girls drink their bottles etc, as long as everyone is having fun it’s cool and the guy who set the table up doesn’t give a shit, he’s GOT girls he can call up.

    “or he gets hostile when the guy he invited into his circle swoops the woman he was sarging.”

    And how does he react when the guy he invited BRINGS MULTIPLE GIRLS TO HIM and then hits on one of the girls he ISN’T sarging AND helps wingman him WITH the girl he IS sarging? Please inform us how that goes down and what part of that would have the guy start throwing fists around.

    Is it the “having more girls at my table now” part? Is it the “having someone give me props and DHV me to this girl I’m trying to get that’s at my table” part? Is it the “guy making the rest of the girls laugh and have fun and staying away from the girl that I’m working on” part? Which of those parts is the part where the guy will punch him in the face. Serious question.

    “He is now full of liquor and reverts to “likes to fight” guy. Kind of like what you see in that one Tyler vid where he almost gets his ass kicked in the bathroom.”

    You mean the guy who caught Tyler showing his DICK to his little sister? Ya, let’s equate those two situations for sure.

    on November 27, 2016 at 7:53 pm
    Original Link

    “You know, I’ve got a gig coming up next Thursday I may just take some infield shots to show you what goes on.”

    You know what would be better? Disguise yourself and try getting into the VIP area.

    Also note that in the video the VIP area isn’t roped off in some far away impossible to get to spot, it’s just a VIP area in the middle of the club that people can easily access. Not one of the cabanas behind a rope or some shit, where OBVIOUSLY you would have to be more creative to get anywhere near.

    “That guy might drop $1K on that table, but that GM wants him to stay at that club, with his friends and keep spending so they are going to ensure he does.”

    You know what’s a good way to do that? When random guys shake his hand and then go COLLECT GIRLS FROM THE FLOOR AND BRING THEM TO HIM AND HIS FRIENDS AT THE TABLE AND INTRODUCE THEM ALL.

    Like I say, I don’t think you watched more than the first couple minutes of that video. Or watched it at all, tbh.

    on November 27, 2016 at 9:30 pm
    Original Link

    @Rollo @Culum Straun @Sentient
    Hope you don’t mind this video Rollo since it’s directly relevant to making my point since you guys won’t go look this shit up yourselves:

    OH LOOK, it’s Luke explaining exactly how he built his social circle (TO GUYS IN NYC, NOT VEGAS), and how the type of neighborhood you live in will affect the type of girls and guys you can meet and build into a social circle, and how to give and spread value to befriend these people in these scenes and how Vegas is different from normal cities, and how Social Circle differs from Cold Approach and the pros/cons (Social Circle being much easier).

    Since no one will actually watch it before they talk shit and spread more misinformation lol he talks about:

    – “I go to cool parties, where the lowest quality person there is like the top tier of people you’ll talk to in weeks…where your worst game THERE will get you better results than your best game in shittier areas”

    – identify what areas have the best nightlife to try to live near and build your circles in…”there’s tons of ways to do that, through other guys doing pickup, guys on the forum, promoters and hosts, befriend bartenders and bar owners. It’s amazing how many guys I see that don’t take advantage of that, it’s SUPER simple.

    – “some of the areas I go in, they play a type of music I don’t even like. The places with really shitty house music is where all the attractive girls go to. But I’m not there for the music, I don’t even think about it. The places I go to have super pretty girls and there’s like a 100 ft chandelier coming down from the ceiling and shit. That club plays the most horrendous music ever, but I’m not there for the music I’m there because it’s the hardest club to get into in Vegas.

    So I go there 2 or 3 nights a week, it’s absolutely impossible, even for me with a lot of connections it’s STILL a pain in the ass. It’s almost like a track meet where you have a herd of cattle…there’s like 10 different stages of line before you actually get into the venue. But once you’re THERE, EVERY girl is super receptive, they’re very NICE to you, the GUYS are all super cool, you just walk up to the table and stand at the table and they’re like “you want a free drink?” They’re extremely nice because they know the shit that you went through to just get through that door, so you’re just a part of the club. (he means you have status just by BEING there, which is what happens at high-end scene parties, you wouldn’t BE there if you were low status)

    Whereas if you go to a local college bar, where it’s SUPER easy to get into, THAT’S where the girls are the BITCHIEST, that’s where the guys are in their own cliques. (because ANYONE can get in, so you could be low-value)”


    – “you wanna find out where the one main spot is for each night and you want make sure that’s your spot. Whatever city I’m in, I’m in the exact same nightclubs.”

    – “you have to know where the good places to go are. Most of the girls who are my friends or girlfriends, if I didn’t know that (ie – be able to show them a fun time), it wouldn’t last. The very basic fact of knowing where’s cool to go and when and being in the know, like every other guy they’re dating already KNOWS the manager and already KNOWS the owner of these places, for the GIRLS, they’re just sort of plugging themselves into it.”

    – “the best time to approach these girls are on industry nights, Sun Mon Tues Wed, sometimes Thurs depending on the city. If you just do THAT MUCH by ITSELF, you’re going to instantly attract girls that are like 2 points hotter than what you’d normally attract. You’d instantly be networking with better business connections. You’re always going to have better social circle building success on those nights.”

    So he’s TEACHING guys how to FIND the hot girls and getting them to focus on socializing on industry nights to BUILD the same kind of connections he has in Vegas.

    Do you guys GET why I say none of you watch this shit and Sentient is full of shit about what he says Luke teaches??

    All you have to do is watch these videos. And this is FREE.

    – “my favorite trick for getting into those venues, is asking promoters from a different city if they know anybody in the venue I’m trying to go to in my current city (aka networking via promoters, which you can meet all over the place depending on the city you’re in and the type of venues you go to…there’s a city I used to sarge in where my buddies and I walk in for free everywhere (cutting in front of groups of girls lol funniest shit ever watching their faces) and get free drinks etc because we just know most of the staff of the nightlife (and it’s incestuous so a bartender from one place will end up bartending at another place a year later etc), and we did it without blowing money or buying VIP service or anything, we were just social and fun and spread value to lots of people in the venues…because SMART club owners know that while we aren’t directly spending money, when we make the girls and guys around us all have more fun, THEY spend more money and THEY talk the club up to their friends and THEY all come back again to spend MORE money)

    – “I’ll message random promoters off Instagram in LA, Dallas, Miami, whatever, that I don’t even KNOW “hey, I’m in NYC, do you happen to know anybody you can hook me up with or intro me to?” I’m gonna get like a 10% maybe 20% success rate on that and one of those is going to go “oh ya, my boy works here, he gets lit, message him” and I go “oh sweet, would you mind shooting a double-text for me” (meaning a group text) and I send him “sweet thanks I’m walking up to the door now, I appreciate it”. It happens THAT simply. You can mix this up it doesn’t have to be these words exactly just this general strategy. You should be sending a ton of these, it takes like 10 minutes to send 20 of these. Super simple. You can just go on social media and find all the info you ever need to do this. Everything is on instagram, they make it so simple for you.”

    – “I use the best promoter in LA, been using him for 4 years and I’ve never even met him before, I have no idea who he is. I walk up to the rope and I just say “I’m with (name)” and I’ll just walk until my stomach hits the rope, and the guy will go “woah woah woah, WHO?” and I say “(NAME), what the fuck dude?? What’s wrong?” (frame control) and then the guy goes “oh my bad, okay” and I’m like “JESUS CHRIST” and he opens the rope and walk in. I don’t have a lot of other strategies in LA because that just worked from day one so I just keep doing it. I’ve done it dressed up, dressed bad, doesn’t matter.”

    – “When I get IN the club I’m going to go to the table NEXT to (promoter name)’s table and I’m going to make friends with them and do “table game” and I’m just going to introduce people to eachother. At that point you’re already in the highest value area so girls will come up to you.”

    – “The girls are friendly because all the guys there are high-value guys, and me. And I just tell girls that I’m poor and shy and have no job and live at home with my mom and don’t have a car…the more poor that I SAY I am, the richer she THINKS I am. I’m being somewhat playful but I’m also just amazed at the situation I’m in.”

    – “Literally you want to know how to get into half these places? Just (dress like a douchebag), walk up like you expect to get in, pretend you have no idea what’s happening and you’re aloof, and they’ll just let you in. You guys are too SMART to get in, it doesn’t make sense to you to try that.”

    – “While everyone else is DHVing I’m DLVing and the more I DLV the higher value the girls think I must be because I must be being coy.”

    – “So once I get in there I don’t even really have to DO anything, because I already have value to the girls just being IN there. And I don’t have to do Comfort because Comfort’s already done.”

    – “So Step 1: contact other cities’ promoters, ask them if they know someone, they ALWAYS know somebody. You’re gonna have a low percentage rate on that, 10% might get back to you and the rest will be like “Who are you?” “Do I know you?” and then you just go “lol we raged at (and then say whatever club it says on their Instagram that they work at) a few months ago, I barely remember ANYTHING but you’re epic bro keep it up”

    fucking lol That’s some smart shit.

    – “THEN you’re gonna get like a 50% conversion. The reason this works well is you’re playing to the risk aversion. It’s much riskier for them to FORGET about someboy that they ACTUALLY partied with and somebody that could help them with some sort of business purpose, than for them to accidentally make an introduction to somebody that has no connection to them. It doesn’t HURT them if that happens so it’s a zero sum situation, it doesn’t hurt them to pass you along an introduction to another promoter they know in your city, but it COULD be advantageous to them. And it WOULD hurt them to forget somebody they partied with which happens to them all the time. So you’re gonna find that these guys message you like you’re bros (this has been my experience when I HAVE dealt with promoters in the past lol)”

    – then he teaches everyone how promoters talk to eachother lol funny fucking impression…”so then I just started doing the SAME THING. I just walk up to them and I’m like BRO!! WHAT’S UP!! MY MAN!! and he’s like O SHIT THIS FUCKIN GUY!!” (when he has no idea who Luke is)

    – “you just have to know some of the vernacular. So in a high-end city you go “Bro can you write me a slip?” That’ll work 25-30% of the time. Because that’s the right verbiage. If you go up to them and say “could you happen to let me in? because I know this person and this person…” they’re literally going to think that you just read a PR piece. The right verbiage is “writing a slip”, there’s no limit to how many slips they can write. Now NYC doesn’t really have slips as much, but you also don’t really have cover here.”

    – “Sometimes I’ll change the name on my phone to the name of a promoter working that night (find out via social media) and I’ll just text myself “hey fam how u been” and then I delete the duplicate to myself and respond to myself “it’s been good bro! i’m in town u mind if I swing by?” “omg i’d love for you to swing by, come to the owners table at (club name)” “u sure its not too much trouble?” and I have to keep deleting the extra txts because I’m just txting myself, and then I just save it with the promoter’s name and then half the time you go to a club and try to just walk in saying “I know (name)” they’ll say “show me a text” That’s their robotic line they have to say. Then I say “oh shit I don’t know if–actually you know what lemme check…(pull out my phone) okay sec lemme just find it” and they’ll be like “ya whatever” thinking I’m not going to be able to find it and then I hold it up “here it is!” and we just have this long thread of texts between me and his boss and it’s just me texting myself”

    So there you go.

    Luke giving the entire internet (FOR FREE), a bunch of strategies to get into these venues and get around these girls and bluff their way into the scenes and how the psychology works and how social circle affects his results and his access LAYING IT ALL BARE ON THE TABLE.

    Like wtf do guys think he’s teaching lol He has a whole product dedicated to this stuff, this is just a little 25 min free clip. And Sentient’s gonna come along saying “HE TRICKS THEM ALL INTO THINKING THEY’LL GET PLAYBOY MODELS AND WALK INTO CLUBS LIKE HE DOES AND DOESN’T TELL THEM IT’S BECAUSE HE HAS A SOCIAL NETWORK THERE AND THEY’RE ALL TOO RETARDED TO FIGURE THAT OUT EVEN IF HE DIDN’T TELL THEM!!!!!!!”

    Holy shit he even tells them to expect low success rates from the Instagram promoter path and the differences between a college bar and a high-end Vegas venue, and the difference in the crowds there and how that will affect guys’ results, and how to work their way into the industry scene via industry nights, etc etc

    waitaminute…that’s the EXACT SHIT HE AND THE REST OF THE GUYS DID TO GET WHERE THEY ARE. WOAHHHH MIND BLOWN. It’s almost like anyone can do this AND they just TELL you how instead of whatever Sentient and Rollo think a bootcamp is…I guess you guys think they just walk students around the bar showing off how many people they know (or pay to pretend to know MORE LIKELY) them and then hire a hooker to fuck the student so he writes a good review.

    Gotta be THAT, it HAS to be shady and sneaky and some kind of trick, because GOD FORBID you can just socialize and give value and good emotions to people and they’ll reciprocate. That’s apparently a foreign concept to you guys lol This whole thread has made me realize that very few of you would ACTUALLY be fun to party with, because for you to have the negative “everyone is taking value everyone is selfish and out for themselves” etc mindsets you guys have about this stuff, like, that tells me what you’re like when you go out. That’s a huge surprise to me, tbh.

    Like these things SHOULDN’T seem like tricks or magic to social outgoing cool guys who regularly socialize and meet new people and give them value and network and connect people and spread value to everyone and give girls to guys and wing guys they’ve just met and help everyone have a fun night before focusing on the girl they want to take home.

    I would expect newbies not to get some of this but not some of the names I’ve seen shitting on this stuff. Very surprised and a little disappointed.

    All this shit is there for anyone to watch, for free…but it takes a lot longer to form an opinion when you actually do your research instead of just posting shitty meme pics and talking about what you THINK they teach and jacking eachother’s hater-boners off as you discourage guys from checking out stuff that would help them like this Luke video I just quoted the fuck out of that anyone can go apply this weekend if they want. Anyone can go hit up an industry night this week and start networking and building a social circle like Luke’s…it won’t have playboy models in it but it’ll have some fucking hot girls and some fucking cool guys who are happy that you aren’t some negative value-taking anti-social guy who assumes they’re going to be assholes and bitches to you lol

    Also very disappointed with the lack of research by people I’d expect to do research considering how much of the rest of society slanders the Red Pill Manosphere etc communities with false assumptions and not doing their research on what we ACTUALLY talk about instead of the boogyman myths they build up about it.

    Any of the haters accusing them of lying and paying everyone off etc going to go try any of these strategies out for a few months? Of course no one will, it’s a lot easier to just circle-jerk about how this couldn’t possibly work because you did some stellar OBSERVING in a venue and then filled the rest in with cartoon character versions of what you theorize would happen. lol

    on November 27, 2016 at 10:29 pm
    Original Link

    @Sentient @Rollo @Culum
    Again hope you don’t mind but you guys not watching these before you make up shit about what they actually teach forces me to link this stuff:

    O SHIT, A DOUBLE-COMBO, LUKE *AND* PAPA, doing exactly what Sentient says they DON’T do: describing EXACTLY how to build a social circle like they have, from scratch, in whatever city you’re in (NO YOU WONT GET PLAYBOY MODELS IN SOME PODUNK TOWN IN WISCONSIN).

    Papa talks about how he build his way up, collecting numbers, rolodex, tapping into local groups (event groups, business groups, nightlife staff, influencers, etc), how to approach them, how to build rapport with them, how to use their connections to build your way up to a huge epic social circle.

    They lay it all out step by step explaining how to leverage all this shit. It’s almost like Sentient hasn’t actually watched anything, shocker.

    He talks about networking his way up to meeting minor celebs and befriending them and doing business with them to get access to bigger celebs etc He doesn’t pretend that you can just message Dan Bilzerian and be like “hey bro wanna hang out?” like Luke can at this point. He makes it clear that he used business promotions to do it (because Papa IS the business end of RSD) while Luke fills in the gaps of how YOU can do it without the business stuff (just like that last video and a bunch of his other videos).

    He talks about throwing dinner parties and using business connections to build RSD and build his social circles and networks. Stuff that he knows isn’t directly applicable to a lot of guys but he’s not PRETENDING to the students that he didn’t leverage a bunch of shit to get the connections he has.

    He talks about building a brand and social media presence and leveraging that. And Luke brings it down into something more relatable for the average guy to apply to his life because he’s probably not going to start up a big youtube channel and shit, and he talks about collecting numbers and networking and setting up dinners and get togethers and club events to give value etc

    Papa talks about giving value by just being yourself and giving people good emotions without wanting anything in return and the reciprocation that happens from that. And when you attend an event figure out who the most connected people are and use your pickup skills to make your way to them (that local celeb might not care who you are if you walk up solo but if you open some girls in front of them, get them laughing, then introduce them to him, suddenly they’re more happy to meet you)

    He talks all about his connections, how he met Tony Robbins through Christina Aguelera bla bla No hiding anything like Sentient is implying. Luke talks about taking notes on people to try to remember them easier and build rapport easier using his notes, all stuff normal guys can do (and I’ve done, and you should have done at some point just to experiment with it).

    So much just negative tearing down around here by guys who don’t even look at the content or teaching quality of what they’re slandering, it’s fucking crazy. This is why PUAs don’t come to the Manosphere, it’s just this shitty negative bubble of value-taking scarcity mindsets and projection.

    This one is Luke describing exactly how he builds new social circles in new cities. Where to meet girls/guys during the day to find out where the hot spots are and network with them (“oh hey maybe I’ll see you there later” to some girls/guys he opens on a Friday afternoon), how to give value to guys who already have money/girls/etc (spoiler alert: by bonding with them over rapport/experiences aka Juggler method shit), then go to the clubs people recommended and you’ll probably run into them and have social proof, use that to leverage into merging sets and introducing people and collecting numbers.

    He talks about how he uses his Vegas connections to get him into clubs all around the world and how Vegas gives him a huge advantage that way, not hiding or lying or tricking guys about it.

    One more, skip to 20:10:

    At 20:10 holy shit he talks about using social circle game to gain confidence when he started out…but Sentient said RSD manipulates guys and tricks them into not realizing that they won’t get the same internals Luke has from a weekend long bootcamp, what’s going on? It’s almost like Sentient just lies about shit.

    Then he talks about how he started out just going out alone, then going out with one girl, then getting two girls to come out with him, then five girls etc to the point where every Day2 he had he would have a group Day2 every Thursday where the point was just to have these big group dates with his wing seeing how many girls they could get to show up at the same time and they realized the girls don’t even get mad, the preselection etc boosts their value and fight for your attention etc etc

    He talks about building everything up from scratch. There’s no lying or hiding or anything here…they are teaching (even in just these FREE videos) how to network your way into Rollo’s scene or some other high-end scene if you WANT.

    At 28:55 – “I haven’t been here in Seattle in maybe 5 years…but just in the short time that I’ve been here already, in a couple of hours, I’m already starting to build a social circle that I can use for the weekend. In Hawaii the social circle I used for that entire week, I built it in about 3-4 hours that first night I was there. And then I just hung out with those people on the off-nights from teaching program because of that. So it doesn’t have to be this long-term approach, you can get it started in several hours.”

    And the big reveal holy shit the top secret stuff where he admits he just blows all his RSD money to pay for this huge illusion to trick guys into being sucked into bootcamps for life:

    38:50 – “I have these Wednesday parties for the past maybe 9 months. We have 15-20 girls that come with us, we try to create as much of a shitshow as possible, the girl comes out with our free bottles on a boat and the girl sits in the boat and one of the girls pours champagne all over herself and they give us these bottles which…we’re a PUA group so 90% of us don’t even drink so they just keep bringing bottles on the hour and they just fill up the boat with bottles we don’t care about which is kind of funny, sparklers and all this crazy shit and we create a high barrier for entry at our table so that anyone we introduce the girls to, all they have to do just be normal because doing too much will come off try-hard because we’re already a shitshow of value.”

    “We have private security guards around the table doing this for free because they just want to be around the shitshow and the girls, it doesn’t cost us anything. And what ends up happening is if you’re just AT that table, you get attraction. The table is a euphamism for any high-value area, it doesn’t have to be a bottle service area.”

    He talks about how he networked his way into using the back of a stripclub for RSD stuff and now he knows all the strippers and has banged some of them and they have to come out with them to party a couple times a week.

    Tyler lays it flat out at 42:00 – “Have you guys seen it when he’s at the club and all the girls have RSD LUKE on their shirts? Isn’t it a little funny, like do you guys see Luke teaching and there’s like a harem of women wearing RSD Luke shirts and then they’re watching his Snapchat and he’s kicking it with people like Dan Bilzerian like waterskiing with him and stuff like that…like do you guys just think that RSD is SO AWESOME that Luke is like Tom Cruise or Leo Dicaprio level just by his association to RSD and THAT’S how this is happening? Because we’re like a fucking superhero or something? Because it’s really cool if you think that lol that’s a big compliment.

    But it’s happening because we’re just some dudes on YouTube that a lot of people couldn’t give a fuck about. He’s doing this in a way that’s relatable to people, there’s no reason you couldn’t be doing this if you wanted to and teaches you how to do it.”

    Luke: “Most of that stuff, it costs almost ZERO DOLLARS. The people I’m doing this with, well, 100% of them make more money than I do, have access to hotter girls than I do, it’s funny, IN these circles there’s no value I can add to these people that way”

    Then he talks about how he met Dan Bilzerian and how it took a few times to build a connection with him to where he hangs out with him.

    At 1:03:00 there’s some infield footage of him with Dan and a bunch of girls and they all hit a taco place together and he talks about how to talk to hot girls (be sexual and raunchy they love it because they’re confident/sexual/comfortable with that shit because so much of their life involves their looks and sexual value).


    The only reason I’m linking this is because I can’t find footage of Krauser hanging with Dan Bilzerian and a bunch of bikini girls while he breaks down exactly how to build social circles and network your way into situations like that. Rollo could you please record yourself picking up one of your bottle models and explaining for us how Vegas clubs work so I can link your infield footage and in-depth explanations on it instead of this crappy Luke promotional scam video that’s trying to manipulate men with this free content that has no value?

    And THIS is why I said “don’t listen to Sentient, do your own research into what they ACTUALLY teach”. Get it? Sentient LIES because he doesn’t give a shit if guys learn how to build better social circles and get access to hotter girls, he’s just here to wave his e-dick around and put up obstacles to actual discussion and education. You could apply any of this stuff this weekend if you wanted to, but listening to Sentient and Rollo you would never even look at this.

    SOMEONE who’s actually going out please make this worth my typing it up lol