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via Rational Male

    on July 2nd, 2016 at 12:22 pm
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    Strongest frame always wins. Russell Brand sucks everyone into his frame wherever he goes because he has an insanely strong frame. Everyone reacts to Russell Brand. Girls have stronger frames than guys by FAR, but it’s because guys’ frames have been battered down by their FI conditioning. The chart from the weakest frame to the strongest frames would basically be 90% of men, then 90% of women, then another 5% of men, then a huge gap, then the other 10% of women, then a huuuuuuge gap, and then the other 5% of men. Going out and testing your frame regularly helps put you in that 10% of men.

    It’s not really related to your success with women. I’ve met players, Naturals, red pill guys, etc with crazy N-counts who still fall into full Blue Pill mindsets when they find their Madonna, or who simply have frames that are just stronger than most women/men, but are still easy to plow through when you’re in that top 5%.

    And you can have a strong frame in certain categories and a weak frame in others. You can be an army badass with massively strong frames around most of your life, but still have a weak fragile frame actually interacting with women or AMOGs when women are around, which is why we push guys into the field to forge their frames solid. You can’t think and pontificate your way into a strong frame sitting in your computer chair. You have to test it and have it shaken and learn to hold it, over and over, until you don’t flinch. Just like learning not to flinch and freeze up in boxing by getting in the ring and sparring…jumping rope and visualizing punches won’t make you not flinch.

    @Wild Man
    “But I think it could be much better said like this: “YaReally seems to believe change comes from some process of externalization, and while it might start there, real change comes through internalization. If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you.””

    Externalization CAUSES you to change your internals. That’s what you don’t get, because you don’t push guys through changing their externals and watch this happen. A man is challenging fuck all sitting in his armchair thinking up what he’d do in hypotheticals.

    Don’t worry so much about making more of a huge initial spike. You’re already making initial spikes as it is, but regardless of how big the spikes are, they don’t last. Think of them like throwing a log on the fire. Even if you throw a bigass log, it’s still going to burn down it’ll just take a bit longer. The key is to keep throwing spikes in there when the fire starts dying. When I’m walking with a girl from the bar to my apartment, I don’t let things just go to silence and chill and die down, I’ll keep spiking her Buying Temp with little teases and callbacks. They won’t be as frequent or huge as when I first approached, they just keep the fire going and keep her rational mind from letting the ASD in.

    What you’re doing is throwing a bunch of logs on the fire and then going to sleep and waking up to cold ashes. When you were in your prime, she might throw some logs on the fire FOR you, but being out of your prime and with the way culture has shifted etc, you want to babysit her state a bit more.

    If you watch some infield pull vids of Tyler/Julien you’ll see that even when they’re pulling the girl they’ll keep teasing her and spiking her temp along the way.

    From around 13:15 this vid is basically a long-ass pull example:

    Note how he’s always ordering, always leading, always coming up with solutions to handle whatever her objections are (if he can’t just plow through them with dominance), he has to deal with multiple state interrupts that could sabotage everything but he just keeps his cool and adapts to each situation until they’re back at the hotel.

    And throughout it he’s spiking her Buying Temp, using call-back humor, passing shit-tests, qualifying her, saying things to slightly piss her off then smoothing it over (giving her the full range of emotions), etc

    What you’re doing is the initial work and then waiting for her to take the reins and lead the horse to the destination, and she might’ve when you were in your prime with all your social proof and massively confident subcomms and the smell of poon hanging off you 24/7 etc

    Shorter faster example:

    When he steals the girl from his student near the start of the video (because his student isn’t listening to his instructions to lead her for the pull instead of going for the number, to protect his ego from potential rejection), note how he keeps spiking her Buying Temp as they walk up the street. The girl doesn’t even really think about where they’re going because she’s having fun.

    on July 2nd, 2016 at 12:49 pm
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    “What is this callback humor you speak of?”

    When you set up an in-joke with a girl and then call-back to it later to spike her Buying Temp.

    Meanwhile in Blue Pill world:

    “You’re Not “Awkward” With Women. You’re Just Creepy”, an article to remind shy introverted boys to never feel entitled enough to DARE talk to a woman:

    Written by a man who, well, you can read all about him for yourself lol

    And in other news, Mattress Girl has been given the Woman of Courage award by NOW for making up a false rape accusation and ruining a man’s life putting him through years of psychological hell because he didn’t handle Buyer’s Remorse well:

    The good news is people are making sure people know she’s full of shit. The bad news is this will, of course, be spun as her being harrassed by misogynistic MRA woman-haters as she sets up her Patreon fund for all the White Knights like the above article’s author to donate to.

    Gonna be an uphill battle to save men from the world that’s evolving out there.

    on July 2nd, 2016 at 3:25 pm
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    @hank holiday
    “You guys need to NOT comment on guys new to game. You two are a fucking train wreck.”


    “I have never had a gf. Never kissed a girl. Never touched a girl. Basically all this stuff it new to me. So i am doing these things for the first time, and its usually in an open venue, in front of lots people.”

    Both of those guys have more of a Natural mindset (regardless of how they got there) so it’s harder to relate to your situation because you’re just frustrating…like “just DO it man!!” But I remember that stage clearly and a lot of my game is still (purposely) conscious infield, that’s why I’m focusing more on getting you to sharpen the game aspect more than the actually-get-laid aspect right now. ’cause you’ll get to a real city at some point and then you’ll already have solid game structure to start from.

    Like, you could put me in a room full of nothing but 500lbs whales and I’m not gonna fuck them, but I can practice all SORTS of game on them. Jealousy plotlines, merging sets, qualifying them, instigating and passing shit-tests, laser eye-contact and cutting space to build sexual tension, dealing with bad state, purposely blowing the set to try to recover, seeing what I can get them to do for me, push/pull, leading, building deep rapport, etc etc And if there’s dudes there even better, tons of AMOG and rapport-building and networking and shit to practice.

    And all of those skills are the same skills I’m going to use when I’m put in a room with a bunch of hot girls…there’d be an adjustment as the shellshock of engaging actual hot girls instead of 500lbs whales hits me at first, but that won’t take long to push through when most of my game is already running on auto-pilot from gaming the whale pool.

    “Operative thing here was — tired, out of state, negative attitude. I was doing the best I could to just stick around and keep at it.”

    All good man. You’re doing what you can with your situation and you’re doing a helluva lot more than 99% of guys would do in your situation. 99% of guys would make victim excuses to just not go out at all and complain and wait until the day they’re in a big city to even START learning the skillset. And you’re taking way more action infield than I did even though I started out in a big city with access to girls…like I spent more time infield choding around scared to talk to anyone my first year as a newbie than you do in your shitty city/venues. I went OUT a lot but that doesn’t mean I was tearing up 50 sets a night every night lol I can’t even count the number of nights I went out and didn’t open a single set or maybe half-ass opened one set, and went home kicking myself feeling like a piece of shit loser lol

    This is a slow process. This shit can take years to get down solid. It’s worth it in the long-run and the effects spill over into the rest of your life, but depending on your situation the start can be rough and slow. That’s why I’m pushing you to focus on networking and dropping comments about having to drive up to guys in the big city etc, ’cause I’m looking for ways to get you out of that shitty city (or find you a ride to split or a place to crash etc) to where you’ll have more opportunity and enjoy the process more.

    Personally I would rather work as a janitor at a McDonald’s making just enough to afford rent/food in some tiny cheap apartment sleeping on a mattress on the ground, than live in a city with so few options. Like I don’t know if you’re holding out for a certain type of job/career (and don’t tell us details ’cause privacy and all that) or applying for just anything right now, but if you’re holding out definitely consider taking some bullshit job in the big city that can cover rent/food. You can keep applying for a better job from there, but at least day to day you’d be in a better situation than now.

    Otherwise buckle in for the long haul and focus on the stuff you CAN practice infield, like you’re doing. And don’t sweat not fucking gross 4s lol There’s no way you’re going to live where you live for the rest of your life, at SOME POINT you’re going to find a way to get the fuck out of there to a better city and THEN I’ll hassle you to bang a decent-enough 6. And when you DO run into the occasional 7 there, Field Report that shit up if it doesn’t lead to a lay and we’ll figure out where to tighten your game up.

    “But seeing things for the first times makes it very unlikely I will be able to come up with something fast.”

    Don’t sweat it, this is just the process of learning the game. I liken it to trying to chase after someone riding their bike. At first you’re only gonna keep pace with them for a few steps and then lose it, then the next time you’re gonna run with them a bit longer before they leave you in the dust, then you might keep pace with them for a block before you run out of steam and watch them zoom off, etc etc but over time you get further and further and sooner or later they’re gonna run out of steam before you do lol

    “But I was very much in state.”

    State, as you’re finding out, makes a HUGE difference. Things you can get away with in state fall flat out of state and things that seem like they’d never work out of state fly like mad in state. Hitting state is when you’re basically unstifled and radiating good subcomms, which is why I always stress the subcomms making the difference stuff.

    Tyler has a lot of stuff on getting into state (like his Six Steps vids) because he has to do it robotically/systematically just ’cause of how his brain works and the amount of mind-numbing business-end work he does outside of pickup (and then has to go perform insane feats for some guy who paid thousands for a bootcamp, no pressure lol, so he HAD to come up with ways to force himself into state).

    But it’s VERY hard to do when there are basically no girls around to build momentum off, or, even if you can build momentum, no girls you’re into to even DO anything with that momentum. Once you’re in a better location with more girls, you’ll be able to tear shit up left and right.

    “and I KNOW scray was fucking shit when he got started lol, since I read those FRs awhile back.”

    lolol Scray turned into way more of a Natural than I was expecting from his first posts. But ya, he needed to go through a lot of shit to get there. Everyone does. And most people have a much better setup than you (like scribbler with his coffee shop full of cuties, scray with his social circles that hit up big city venues etc) This is all just the process. Location is your biggest issue right now, but the fact that you’re not letting it hold you back from even going out to TRY is part of why I look forward to your FRs and watching your progress.

    ’cause you’re showing more dedication to the skillset (whether it’s out of boredom or enthusiasm, when you’re talking to actual HOT girls it’ll turn INTO enthusiasm) than most newbies who look for any excuse NOT to go out and try…”ohhh, my haircut isn’t nice, I don’t want to go out to that mall full of hot girls that hank holiday would KILL to have access to” “ohhh the weather is kind of cloudy, I don’t want to go to that nightclub 10 minutes away that has 300 hot girls in it that hank holiday would drag himself through waist-deep snow to get to” lol like I don’t care why you’re taking action, the action you’re taking is going to make you fucking GOOD at this shit when you’re finally let loose in a real city.

    “That’s TECHNICALLY true, and good overall advice, but especially for not saying much, it only works if you have great subcomms. Otherwise, you are going to have to demonstrate value another way to get her into you.”

    Right. Once you GET solid subcomms it becomes harder to relate to guys who don’t have good subcomms…because what they’re saying IS true, you DO “just go for it” and “just do it” and “don’t worry about what you say” etc. But the process to get from near-virgin newbie territory to being able to “just go for it” can be a long process and there are reference experiences you’ll need to gain that help your subcomms and mental states and make “just be yourself” suddenly become good advice instead of frustrating fluff.

    Like ultimately pickup DOES come down to “just be yourself” when you come full-circle. It’s just that when you’re starting out that shit doesn’t mean ANYTHING helpful because “yourself” is a fucked up socially conditioned version of yourself, not your ACTUAL self that shines through when you’re in state lol The REAL you is you when you’re in state. THAT’S hank holiday. The guy between moments of being in state is the social conditioned hank holiday. Right now Scray comes off like he pretty much lives and breathes being in state, which is awesome for him and I’m happy as fuck to see that, but it makes it harder to give relatable advice to guys still struggling.

    On top of that some guys relate more to the drill sergeant “c’mon you pussy DO IT” pushing than the logical “well, here’s the reasons it’s a good idea to do it, but you decide what you want to do with that” coaching. I hate the drill sergeant stuff personally, it just gets my back up and makes me want to do the opposite of whatever they’re telling me, out of rebellious instinct. But a LOT of guys relate to the drill sergeant style and it’s faster to teach that way VS explain everything step by step and slowly coach a guy through it.

    “Wouldn’t a woman usually defer to a man who verbally defeats her time and time again, rationalizing it as ‘I’m with him, so it’s natural he’s better than me’?”

    This is most of the girls that fall in love with me lol They spend enough time around me and I always one-up them and because of solipsism and social validation they’re fed, that THEY’RE the smartest person in the world, so when I out-wit them verbally or present something that mindfucks them or clarifies some shit that confused them, they assume that since they’re the smartest person in the world and run circles around every other dude who falls into their frame and lets them always be right, but they can’t seem to get one over on ME, then I must be the SUPER smartest person in the world lol

    I’m not even doing anything amazing. I just have solid improv skills and “always have a better answer” from going out a lot and being shit-tested a ton and developing a strong frame in conversations etc. Craig Ferguson is a good example of always having better verbals/social calibration than the girls. Pretty much every hot actress on his show falls for him during their interviews because he’s always just slightly more clever than them.

    It’s not NECESSARY at all though. Like, you don’t NEED to have high-level verbals to get Attraction. But it does cause a snowball hamster rationalization effect in girls’ minds that help trigger Hypergamy.

    “Okay. do it some more. Do it until you rewire your thoughts to not react the way you do to the chicks who are lower value and give you a hard time. ”

    lol he IS man. It’s just a slow process. Hank is literally the only one who’s been consistently doing up Field Reports here though, like every thread I see multiple FRs from him. Dude is hitting the pavement out there as much as he can.

    “Yes with chicks who speak-a-da english not so good you need to ROLL OFF the verbals and use the > 90% of communication that isn’t verbal to communicate the message. most of your communication is probably verbal and you probably are lacking in the other areas — -which is fine, that’s typical of guys who don’t have experience.”

    This. I LOVE verbals so I hate ESL gaming lol But when you run into ESL or complete other languages or nightclubs too loud to talk in etc, you gotta have them subcomms on lockdown.

    @Blaximus @hank holiday
    “I think it’s absolutely key that you stood up for yourself and reminded all of us that would attempt to offer any help, of just where you are and what the situation is when you go out.”

    This. Their advice could have been delivered in a less “tough love” way more calibrated to your situation/struggles, it’s fair to point that out and say lay off a bit. I’ve been following your posts for a while now and I’ve known guys in similar shitty location situations so I’m calibrating what I say to you to be more of a casual coaching thing.

    The reality is you’re making progress in pretty much every Field Report. Like every FR has some new epiphany or analysis or interaction surprise or sticking point you bump into etc. That’s all good shit, that’s the process right there.

    “Just remember, everyone here is on your side in this. Everyone has different personalities so appreciate this.”

    lol ya, they ARE trying to help. But it’s also fair to say like “look I don’t respond well to that kind of coaching, this shit is hard enough as it is without getting made fun of for not being a pro already, that kind of shit is just fucking me up more” and hoping they can calibrate a bit to that.

    I mean, this is all part of learning where your boundaries are and getting used to enforcing them etc Blaximus might not be able to consciously describe all the dynamics BEHIND that, but he can spot the overall jist of it and respects it because he “just gets” male interaction as a Natural alpha dude who’s probably seen a lot of guys learn to stand up for their boundaries as they grow.

    “Constructive criticism from people that give a shit about a ” name on a screen ” ( h/t YaReally ) is some golden shit man.”

    lol nothing against any of you when I call you that. It’s just better for me to stay as neutral as possible when I’m laying down brain-dumps on pickup topics. If I had a bunch of “but I LIKE this guy, I don’t want to call him out on this inaccurate shit” or “fuck this guy, no matter what he says I’m going to disagree with him because he’s an asshole” etc drama rattling around in my head it might eventually taint the advice I give and then it’s off into the hugbox and clique mentality we go.

    I’ll call out Rollo, Blaximus, Scray, etc if they say something that doesn’t align with the field and/or that I think will hold men back, but at the same time I’ll give props to Fleezer, gb_hill, hell even Roosh himself, if what they’re saying aligns with the field and/or I think it’ll help men. Zero fucks given, my focus is an accurate knowledge-base because that knowledge-base is going to live on longer than any of us or our squabbles/friendships. Some newbie AFC is going to be reading this in some obscure internet archive in 3016 and whether we’re BFFs or not isn’t going to matter to him, what’s going to matter is accurately understanding how to pass a shit-test lol

    “Fwiw, I admire that you are being active. I read everything you type.”

    Ditto. I don’t always have time to reply to each Field Report but I read them all and try to drop in notes when you bump into notable infield events.

    Also Scray’s breakdown he just posted of 90/10 giving value is solid. BUT if you’re a guy who likes a lot of verbal wordplay and subtle sarcasm/innuendo/frame-reversal (acting like old guys check you out stealing the frame of a hot girl etc) (like it sounds like hank is, I know I’m that way), them ESL chicks will fuck all that shit up…and then YOU feel dumb because what you said was hilarious/gold but you know THEY don’t get it and think you’re retarded and there goes the self-conscious spiral lol ESL convos are torture to me.

    “Julian vid showed the woman throwing shit tests frequently because Julian’s frame wasn’t boss level and the woman had doubts about his ability to control things and provide a good outcome.”

    Ya it’s funny because Julien’s game isn’t even that good in his Shift infields. A lot of it is uncalibrated and reactive. And yet he’s still pulling like crazy because he’s still following an overall strategy that says “lead her out of the club, now lead her up the street, now lead her into a cab, now squash her “I’m not going to your afterparty” shit-tests” etc etc. For all the fight that girl put up, after the lay her hamster rationalizes that she’s happy you plowed and starts to chase you because her hamster has to find ways to rationalize why she slept with you lol

    A girl like that has a strong frame too, which is why it’s a good example. Like, when she stops to call her frame and gets all serious tone about it, no one is plowing THAT frame over. But she’s a girl with a shitload of male attention and orbiters feeding into her frame since she was a kid, whereas Julien is a guy who’s just learned to even HAVE a solid frame in his 20s.

    Most girls won’t put up that kind of massive testing, but she’s doing it because she WANTS him to pass all the tests, ultimately. She’s just skeptical that he CAN because he slips up here and there. IN the club, in the initial interaction where he carried her from the dance floor to the back room and passed all her tests, he was slaying it and she thought he was amazing (“…… is that really your name?” after he just holds the silence leaning back is the point where she was fully won over). But once he went for the actual pull, he got more outcome dependent and reactive. I’m sure having a camera on you affects your outcome dependence and shit on top of it all, but like, the way she treated him inside the club VS outside has clear differences and it’s because INSIDE the club his frame was rock solid.

    “Julian did a masterful job of dealing with the cameraman.”

    That blew my mind lol And yet, from some of the stuff I’ve gotten away with infield I could see pulling that off. THAT’S a good example of frame control. Where he just dominates her frame about the guy and makes her disregard him and changes subjects and she follows his frame that the guy is just some random creeper instead of logically digging for more information on the weird situation.

    “What are C&F routines? I’m sure I’m the only dummy here who has that question, it being so obvious and all, lol.”

    Can’t tell if you’re trolling now lol You know how to Google😉

    on July 3rd, 2016 at 10:47 am
    Original Link

    @scray @hank holiday
    “Like, I just remember what helped me. It wasn’t until I started focusing on my mindset that I could even really fully appreciate all the tactics you were giving me. ”

    Ya but I could have told you on day one “just give value dude” and it wouldn’t have helped. You have to go through that awkward stage of trying routines and shit before advice like that even makes sense. When you’re a newbie you don’t even know what value IS or what value you HAVE or what value people can GET from interacting with you because you have no frame of reference. Dude is giving value in his openers, he’s getting good reactions from girls and guys and pretty much everyone he interacts with loves him giving him drinks and iois and shit. He’s not leading that anywhere, but like, he’s not leeching value off the people he’s engaging with.

    You, as you are NOW, understand how much value you have to offer. *I* could see how much value you have to offer early on, but it doesn’t matter what I can see, what matters is what you can see. *I* could see how much value scribblerg had to offer early on, but he felt like he had none to offer a hot young girl. A newbie generally doesn’t KNOW he has value and has dealt with society telling him the exact opposite message most of his life…he has to go out and get those little feel-good “hey, she laughed when I said this! I have the ability to make a girl laugh and make people’s day better just by talking to them!!” moments first. That’s the stage hank is in right now. Dude doesn’t even have reference of having value to a girlfriend or anything yet and he doesn’t have a bunch of bro’s pumping him up, he’s just a dude out there in a shitty city trying to do what he can.

    It’s not that he can’t go faster, it’s just that “JUST BE IN A GOOD MOOD YOU FUCKIN MORON HOW COME YOU DON’T KNOW THIS SHIT I’VE BEEN DOING THIS FOR 5 YEARS AND I WOULD JUST GRAB HER ASS AND BE LIKE YO BITCH SUCK MY DICK” clearly isn’t helping lol He’ll get there and he’ll go “oh I get what those guys were saying” down the road, but like, have some fuckin patience for a newb who’s already putting in more effort than most newbies and is learning what state even IS and how to manage it and is stuck wandering around alone stone cold sober with 2 hour gaps between HB5s he can find to even open in his city…he’s not out tearing up a nightclub full of dozens of hotties with 10 of his buddies pumping his state. He doesn’t have 40 years of tearing shit up slaying pussy under his belt.

    “He was so in his head and afraid to pull the trigger and take back his manhood that all his interactions were just permeated by that bullshit mindset. and look at him now, totally let go of the baggage from his younger self.”

    Same situ there. Scribbler had to gather a bunch of “you’re NOT a creepy old man” reference experiences before he even began to understand that he still has value to offer girls. Dude was a fucking wreck at first who didn’t believe he had any value to them.

    I get it, it’s frustrating to watch a newbie go through the slow initial stages when you’ve finally got the secrets all figured out. It’s like “just catch up to me, wtf!!” But you guys gotta put yourself in the dude’s shoes in terms of relating to him as teachers.

    Dude doesn’t come off ego-invested to me and butthurt about getting advice/critiques at ALL…you guys come off uncalibrated as fuck lol It’s like watching a little league kid’s dad think the solution to his son not hitting homeruns when he shouts at him, is to shout LOUDER lol Calibrate dat shit if you want the guy to learn. Walk him through what giving value IS, give him some examples, give him some routines, give him some exercises, help him understand that shit, relate to the logistical nightmare situation he’s working with.

    I mean, you don’t HAVE to, but he’s just going to go “fuck it, this is too much to get a grasp on, I give up” and bail. And maybe scribblerg and Sentient in their “fuck all the weak men” rant modes would just go “good then give up who cares you pussy” but I’d rather not see a guy bail on something he’s already ahead of other newbies at that’ll help fix his life.

    on July 3rd, 2016 at 11:23 am
    Original Link

    Too cryptic, whatever relevance that quote has went over my head lol

    on July 4th, 2016 at 5:26 am
    Original Link

    @scray @hank
    “if i went through all these FRs I bet I’d find similar stuff wrt the DQ’ing and DLV’ing (but maybe not!) because the one example IRL i have from you is with the ESL chick”

    lol tbh I think that’s the problem and where the disconnect is. You really DO need to go through his FRs and read his history ’cause that ESL set was the anomaly not his average set. Like I’m trying to figure out what you have against his opener which has blown girl after girl wide open, but if you’re just looking at the ESL set then ya it seems like it’s not working. THAT set was the outlier lol Same with his situation etc, he’s not going out and not approaching, he literally lives in an area where there’s just fuck all around to approach, that’s why I keep stressing he’s not rolling into a nightclub full of 200 hotties with 5 of his buddies going “oh wahhh I’m out of state” and being a crybaby, he’s literally stuck wandering around bored as fuck for multiple hours in a shitty city trying to find anything to open. That’s a valid reason to not be prepared to whip out brilliant shit off the hello when he does finally stumble into a girl.

    It doesn’t mean he can’t work on it but I think you gotta read his previous FRs and see the situation he’s dealing with and the reaction he’s gotten from people besides this retarded ESL girl that didn’t understand what he’s saying. He’s already looking at ways to keep himself in a good state (music etc) and has talked about it in his previous FRs but like, I can’t be the only one that’s tried to sarge a dead city before where you have to walk around for hours to find a girl, that shit is a huge mood killer and frustrating.

    His opener is fine, no hate or anything but the only difference between his opener and your example is that yours is amusing to YOU lol His hair opener is amusing to him and that’s why it’s gotten good reactions from like 90% of girls. He just isn’t taking it anywhere, which is where what you’re saying IS totally relevant and valid. Like the roleplaying into future projection us VS the world etc stuff IS key shit he needs to add, but he doesn’t need to throw away openers that are self-amusing to him to do that, he can just add it TO his opener.

    Like here’s a few ways off the top of my head to transition from his hair opener to the same place your watch/camping example gets to:

    “You’re stealing my look”
    “You’re cute for a thief, what’s your name?”

    Push/pull and some future projection:
    “You’re stealing my look”
    “It’s never going to work out between us. Our babies would look like clowns (if the hair similarity is curly, sasquatches if it’s just that you have long hair, I don’t really know HOW your hair is similar to all these black chicks lol)”
    “You’re cute for a thief, what’s your name?”

    Push/pull and qualifying her:
    “You’re stealing my look”
    “We’re going to have to stay on opposite sides of the room or people will think we’re twins”
    “We’ll tell them you just have a really deep tan.”
    “And weird them out when we make out.”
    “You’re cute for a thief, what’s your name?”

    “You’re stealing my look”
    “You must be my stalker.”
    “I saw you outside my window this morning, watching me do my hair and taking notes.”
    “That’s why I left the curtains open after my shower last night. Hope you enjoyed the show.”
    “You’re cute for a stalker, what’s your name?”

    Gay shit:
    “You’re stealing my look”
    “I hope you haven’t been hit on by as many creepy old dudes as I have with this hair.”
    “It’s either my hair or my ass getting all the attention, what do you think?”
    “lol (whatever she says)”
    “Now you’re just objectifying me.”
    “lol what!! but you said–”
    “I feel like a piece of meat.”
    “lol omg”
    “You’re cute for a thief, what’s your name?”

    Assuming attraction:
    “You’re stealing my look”
    “lol (some kind of positive response)”
    “It’s too soon for you to be this in love with me.”
    “lol omg”
    “You’re cute for a thief, what’s your name?”

    Group theory:
    “You’re stealing my look”
    “Can you (to her friends) tell us apart when we stand next to eachother like this? We must look like twins.”
    “(ignore her and talk to her friend about her) Does she always look like this? Because if we’re going to be seen in public together one of us is going to have to shave their head and it’s not gonna be me.”
    “lol omg”
    “Calm down, you’re going to draw attention to us and we haven’t shaved your head yet.”
    “(to her friend) I’m suspicious of her now. Is she always like this?”
    “You’re cute for a thief, what’s your name?”

    etc etc etc and then transition from there with A1-A3 handled. Note that all of these DHV and then move the interaction forward when she’s giving A2…like they’re not just making small-talk, they’re pro-actively getting to the same “You’re cute for a thief, what’s your name?” A3 stage where, ideally, he would also have some routines for that stage about like, making fun of her name or accusing her of giving you a fake name, whatever, qualifying her and putting the interaction solidly into A3 where, ideally, he would also have some routines for going from A3 to the close. Like do some basic rapport/comfort so she feels special then push for the instadate, and if she can’t instadate the after-she-gets-off-shift date, and if she can’t do that, time bridge for a solid number close to hang out that night or the next day (or within a few days, soon as possible basically).

    These are all just off the top of my head. The opener itself is fine, the gay shit is fine, some random ESL girl didn’t get it who cares most of the time it hits solid in his FRs. It’s funny to HIM which is the important part. *I* would never use it, I would use something that’s self-amusing to ME, but that’s just calibrating to your own sense of humor.

    The key is taking it somewhere, which is what you’re describing with the camping stuff, leading it toward roleplaying etc

    I can’t see any reason for him to get rid of his stuff that makes him laugh when it’s been working on pretty much every set but the ESL girl who didn’t even understand what he was saying lol

    Not discounting your advice, just pointing out that your camping thing is self-amusing to YOU so it’s “the shit” in your mind, but his style of humor is fine, gay jokes and self-depreciation and all, he can tailor his routine stack to his sense of humor (which he’s trying to learn to do if you follow his FRs) he just needs to understand the underlying structure of WHY your camping example works and how it’s leading things forward/deeper. It’s the structure that’s important, not the words. Right now his structure is to pop off the first bit solid but then let it fizzle out taking his foot off the gas instead of driving that car through the wall.

    That’s why I’m stressing the structure. Like the “old guys hitting on me because of my ass” stuff is funny shit, I say stuff like that (reversing the frame as if I’m a hot girl and showing I understand their world while also differentiating myself FROM those guys, like, it’s a solid routine), but if you don’t have a way to transition it toward the goal, you’re just running a sideways interaction not taking it anywhere (foot off the gas). So you want to think like “okay, so how do I transition from this to qualifying her? And if she qualifies her how do I reward her in a way that leads into C1?”

    Like say you make her twerk for you (or whatever lol) and she does, you can either tell her it was terrible to disqualify her and give her another hoop to jump through to qualify herself again if you want to build more attraction, or if she’s having fun skip that and just let her pass with something like “lol alright I can’t deny that was decent. It’s funny ’cause when I saw you you looked so stuck up and boring, I almost didn’t say hi ’cause I was like this chick has resting bitch face…but now you’re twerking in the middle of the mall like a fucking weirdo lol (basically letting her know she overcame your qualifications, for something other than her looks) You’re fun, what are you up to right now? (or when are you done your shift if she’s working) Ya, we’re gonna grab a drink, there’s a place up the street. But no twerking on the bar. (some call-back humor to release the pressure of pitching the instadate)”

    The point is you’re taking it somewhere (watching for those windows like pumping a spike when you get a positive response, watching for her first voluntary ioi asking you something about yourself, qualifying her so that she feels she’s earned your interest, and leading to the actual hangout…VS just hanging out basking in the validation)

    @The Awakened One
    “Been reading up on sub comms and watching the Josh the matador video from Keys to the VIP from your comment about writing pages of text from a few seconds of video:”

    That’s my favorite one because the dude is such a traditionally good-looking Chad Thundercock to his core that you can tell who understands game and who doesn’t by how they respond to seeing the video. The guys who don’t really get it yet will focus on his looks and dude-bro jock-ness and learn nothing from the episode…I even know guys who will actively NOT watch the episode or hate watching it because it makes them feel insecure because he’s getting girls so easily “’cause of his looks”.

    But the guys who understand subcomms will see all the little subtle things he’s doing that are what actually cause the good reactions. My best wingman was a dude who was super good-looking and I was blind to subcomms too until I learned to see all the little things he was actually doing that are proper subcomms and competing with him and seeing that when I did those same subcomms but slightly better I was getting the attention over him regardless of him have a huge looks & height advantage. But every normal Blue Pill guy who rolled out with us would cry to me about how it’s so easy for him because of his looks, ’cause they couldn’t see all the other shit he was doing and what a learning opportunity was sitting right in front of them.

    Like the girl who checks him out. 1) she’s not some hottie (like I say, you’ll get aggressive 6s feeling your biceps, who cares lol) and 2) she turns away from him…According to TRP/Manosphere, that girl shouldn’t turn away she should just instantly go “OMG YOU’RE SO SEXY CAN I FEEL YOUR MUSCLES?!?!!” and spread her legs. But even looking like him, and even being that much better looking than her, and even getting that blatant free gimme ioi from her, he STILL has to open. And opening is where you demonstrate your value (or lack of value, like the gay singing buff guys or that Canadian guy in that movie clip someone linked last thread where the girls just laugh once he starts talking)…so in the end you STILL have to open and DHV if you want your choice of girls or the hotter girls. So why not focus on learning to do THAT well instead of worrying about your biceps.

    Also his open itself is full of DHVs: he’s walking into another dude’s set, he leaves a big pause between “your shoes………” like he just expects her to want to hear the rest. He doesn’t lean in in a supplicative way to hear what she says, he leans in like he’s comfortable invading her space to talk in her ears. Strong breaking rapport tonality “How ya doin.” instead of seeking rapport tonality “Hey? How’s it going??:) :)” Rock solid body language even as he approaches. Keeps leaning back whenever he’s not talking. Then all sorts of great calibration with insulting her but self-depreciating to take the sting off it. Going for that girl when the other one is the one that wanted him instead of taking the easy lay-up girl who’s shooting him iois (creating a jealousy plotline and making this girl feel like she’s won a prize since her friend wanted him). Just rock solid game from this dude, lots of it probably accidental/unconscious and going on instinct/experience.

    The problem with most guys is they think EVERY jacked dude is Josh and just let him have their girls. They don’t get how fucking rare this guy is lol Like look at the other big jacked dude in that set, he doesn’t even TRY to compete he just lets Josh come in and take his girls, he just accepts his role as the lower value guy.

    And even THEN, if we watched footage of Josh for a few months we would see blind spots in his game because Naturals always have blind spots since they learned by trial and error and pick up good and bad habits etc.

    “Josh senses the situation but never acknowledges him though and moves back toward his target. AMOG is now in reaction mood watching him. Green dress chick continues to watch Josh and gives off another IOI as she brushes her hair. This approach is a major warm approach as BT spikes are occurring even before he approaches her (DHV). Which is why she qualifies after he devalidates her.”

    Yup. But 99% of guys watching that will just see “He just went up to a random girl and GOT her, I knew looks mattered” and miss all the little dynamics that made that a warm approach and all the little ways his value was being demonstrated in those first split seconds even right before he approached. And a lot of times guys like that are just REALLY tuned to those free gimme iois and pounce on them when they see them…they don’t even realize it’s a warm approach at that point. That’s why you’ll often find Naturals can’t open a girl unless they get some ioi from her first (like receptive eye-contact). VS a legit cold approach where the girl doesn’t know you even really exist.

    Thing is either way of doing it is fine, like it’s no big deal…a lot of Mystery Method is based around DHV’ing to the entire room (befriending staff and making yourself seen and playing girls off eachother and peacocking etc) and making the entire room into one big huge room full of warm approaches.

    And with regards to the looks stuff, that’s why I say the free gimme iois don’t matter. Tyler, scray, myself, etc can all GET the same free gimme ioi from girls that Josh got from that chick, through dozens of different ways of DHVing that can be learned and applied in a weekend instead of needing a year hitting the gym trying not to accidentally attach your self-worth to your looks when you’re in the gym trying to get jacked to get iois from girls lol I can take a random guy out and just tell him “talk to this girl, now talk to this girl beside her and face your back to this other girl” and get him the same meaningless warm approach gimme ioi Josh got that everyone shits themselves over lol

    Like Max just put up a solid hour long vid with tons of bootcamp footage and focusing on the basics (“Natural Game” just = good internals and good subcomms, he’s still executing game just not thinking about it as consciously):

    At 25:25 this girl completely snubs him (oh no, a “NO” girl!!! Run away!!!!!!) but he just plows her frame and she ends up staying with them most of the night and I think going home with a student. But, but, he didn’t have free gimme IOIs!!!!

    But the best example is this sequence of events:

    When when he’s talking to that girl, at 27:50, he leads her off into isolation (watch the blonde behind them at 28:03, grinding with a big jacked dude…but then watch at 28:08…no more jacked guy and she’s got her eyes locked on Max watching him walk off with a girl wondering who he is).

    He leaves her to get a lighter for her, but does he just ask some random dude for it? No, he asks a dude with a cute girl (aka mixed set). Look at his body language and how loud and unstifled his voice is etc etc center of attention, plus he’s just walked this other girl past them into that corner so he has preselection.

    Look at the blonde light up as he asks for a lighter, he doesn’t even look at her, he KNOWS she’s giving him free gimme ioi’s (BUT WUT?? He doesn’t look like Josh!!! HOW CAN SHE FREE GIMME IOI??) but knows to ignore her and stick to his current “purpose”. Again back to the girl, then back to return the lighter without engaging her.

    And what happens? She comes over to open him. And kisses his hand because she’s so attracted. Max looks like a homeless man off the street and doesn’t have any kind of James Bond Clint Eastwood manliness to him.

    Then he knows to lean back and lock-in (classic MM) so it looks like she’s hitting on him, and he picks a spot where the first girl will see it. He qualifies her hard and she wants his validation so bad that she’s even writing down “Eckhart Tolle” to read.

    Meanwhile he’s like half a foot shorter than her. The top of his head is in line with her nose lol

    At 30:10 a fatty gives him a free gimme ioi, OBOY! lol But he uses it to pull in a different girl to save him because he’s playing chess strategies. Look at how relaxed his body language is when he puts his hand out for the girl to take, like he just expects her to take it.

    At 33:00 he just keeps fucking with this girl and doing push/pull and backturns and shit on her, taking away his validation, and she reacts like clockwork each time.

    At 42:40 he completely mindfucks an old married chick who clearly wants his dick. She’s trying to fuck him because her husband is at a bachelor party (HIM being around strippers is cheating and disrespectful, but her talking about Max’s dick and wanting to fuck him ISN’T…girl logic lol) and he calls her out on it to the point where she HATES him, but then he just smooths it over again at the very end and she loves him again.

    Anyway, it’s a good clip and a good example of what pickup being FUN looks like. Look how much fun Max and his students have over this hour of infield footage (it’s spliced in all throughout and what he’s talking about between infield footage is solid stuff, so I recommend watching it in its entirety).

    You’re just fucking around and having fun interactions and when you find the girl you want you escalate things properly to sex (most of those girls wouldn’t be hard to turn into lays, but he has to focus on the guys that paid for his bootcamp), but like, a lot of the night out is just having a good time and spreading value. A lot of guys would look at this and be like “wtf this is such a waste of time” because they view pickup as work or a grind and they hate nighttime environments with all these “distractions” and “chaos” and “AMOGs” wah wah wahhhhh and basically hate interacting with people beyond what they’re forced to do to get laid because they don’t learn the skills to make all of this fun and handle all of this shit lol It’s just such a shitty headspace to come from. People wonder how I can still be having fun at nightclubs when I’m mid-30s and it’s because it looks like this.

    Max isn’t walking around stewing and angry and bitter and frustrated with the whole thing, everything the nightlife throws at him he turns into a positive thing, even guys coming up to fuck with his video, nothing really shakes his frame whereas I could see other guys who are used to gaming with no real obstacles or taking themselves too seriously, getting all butthurt at these guys RUINING MY VIDEO WAHHHHH THOSE AMOG JERKS WAHHHH lol

    To really understand the looks thing, you have to be able to watch a clip of a dude that looks like Josh and be able to look at his subcomms instead of letting your “looks matter” social conditioning keep you blind to all the shit that guy is doing that another guy who looks just like him but is getting blown out ISN’T doing. And then watch a clip like Max or Julien or Tyler and be able to spot all the little things like preselection and leading and ignoring his target and qualifying and unreactiveness etc that he’s doing. Is their game the best in the world? No, lots of what Max does in that video doesn’t even hit. But their frame is pretty much unshakable and they have WAY more opportunity to get laid than they should have based on their looks.

    I could watch Keys to the VIP and infield in general over and over for weeks learning shit from it. Guys these days don’t even appreciate how valuable this shit is…we would have KILLED for this kind of infield to study back in the day and now guys will watch an infield clip once and gleam the most basic surface-level shit from it and then toss it aside. Meanwhile I’ll watch it a dozen times and pay attention to a different person in the set or around the set each time, watch it with the sound off, watch it while focusing on each person’s eyes, etc etc

    Ya, like the other guys said you just need structure basically. To guide the interaction through hitting the important key points (Mystery Method) and leading it somewhere, on purpose. What you’re doing right now is just spray ‘n pray, going up and having good conversations and then hoping that’s enough to get them to accept your offer to hang out on a high note in the interaction. There’s no real chess strategy going on. No teasing, no push/pull, no qualifying them, no handling the boyfriend stuff, etc etc There MIGHT be that stuff in your interactions, but it’s not in your Field Reports so we can’t tell.

    on July 4th, 2016 at 8:03 am
    Original Link

    “What did you think of Max dissing Red Pill?”

    They are too busy hitting the field to pay attention to anything outside of PUA so they don’t really know what Red Pill is. Like all of the stuff here and in the Manosphere and MGTOW and MRA etc is just fluff to them. Like Tyler isn’t reading TRM (no offense Rollo, personally I think they SHOULD), Max isn’t skimming the RVF forum, I doubt Jeffy would really even be able to define MGTOW, etc

    So in their view the “Red Pill” is basically what most of the Manosphere is to me: bitter angry guys and a bunch of negativity and stuff, often coming from the wrong place internally. There are parts of the Manosphere that are solid, like TRM, but the vast majority of it is just full of negativity and shitty mindsets. That’s all basically the same thing to Max and “Red Pill” is probably the only label he’s heard for it.

    Unfortunately that’s also why someone like Tyler who’s game is solid, doesn’t understand stuff like Hypergamy (in depth) or solipsism or AWALT etc very well and got burned by a girl last year (she was approaching 30 and he didn’t do enough Provider stuff for her to stay with him and he was shocked she bailed because he thought just having high-value would be enough, but she needed some commitment balance and he was off working and sarging etc all the time not really giving her the Primary certainty she needed…also she fucked him after the breakup because AWALT lol).

    Anyway, so don’t read into it. Gotta understand that PUAs like him are hitting the field too hard to give a shit about any of this internet politics sphere drama stuff. They’re out approaching and teaching lol

    “Maybe he misunderstands what Red Pill is (intentionally or not)”

    Ya, it’s unintentional. But to be fair, skim the Red Pill forum on reddit or RVF or Krauser etc and you’ll see a shitload of Madonna/whore judgemental complex shit everywhere. So many guys doing pickup but still coming from that Blue Pill “this girl is a slut but THIS one is special” frame where they think they’re going to go find their low N-Count unicorn at the end of it except they’ll end up like Roosh depressed and miserable when they finally realize AWALT.

    And to be fair to the TRP forum, that’s a pretty visibile forum where a lot of guys still in the anger stage end up so like, some guy who’s been there for 10 years is probably pretty chill about it, but there’s a lot of “these fucking sluts are so fucking shallow fuck these bitches just use them and toss them aside like holes” stuff there from guys in the anger stage.

    “That vid makes me crazy with all the chaos shit, lol. I have to stop it frequently. Good stuff, but my input processor gets overloaded quickly.”

    lol it’s funny because I love it. I see that and I’m like “oh man that looks like fun!” But I’ve trained in nightclubs etc, all *I* see when I see that is opportunities all over to pump my state and open girls and joke around with dudes and test my frame and have fun. This is why I prefer guys learn night game over day game…’cause a guy who only does daygame and gets thrown into THAT chaos will usually shit bricks. But a guy like Max or Julien or Tyler who can walk through that chaos unaffected, can handle daygame where 90% of that chaos is gone, no problem.

    “I should have directed the C&F question at scray because he said it, not you. I didn’t think that I’d get hits googling C&F, but I did when I tried…surprise!”

    lol it’s an oldschool term coined by David Deangelo so there should be plenty on it.

    “I agree! so i said: “but fine, I’ll take it all back. keep posting those FRs and we’ll see if it’s a sticking point or not.” so yup, on the same page.”

    lol sorry, I read that as sarcasm like “okay fine you big pussy if you’re gonna cry about it I’ll take it ALL BACK YOU’RE PERFECT you happy now?” lol My bad.

    “The camping stuff was just illustrating how powerful roleplaying is, generally…so, lol….”

    Right I’m talking more about the “don’t say gay shit” and “that opener doesn’t give value” stuff lol From his previous FRs his opener has been giving lots of value, the girls love it and blow open. So I don’t want to see him start second-guessing that and trying to run openers that he’s not really into…the fact that it’s amusing to him is part of what makes it give value.

    “the problem is that Hank said he wasn’t in state and was having a hard time pushing forward.”

    Agreed. I think his situation is tough with regards to his state (VS our ability to go hit up a busy nightclub), but ya, what hits in state won’t necessarily hit out of it and vice versa.

    “here’s what i said: ” unless she’s a lock for you giving her passive value through either your looks or rock solid subcomms.””

    Agree with this and I probably should have focused on the good stuff in your post more than just the stuff I disagreed with ’cause when I read this I was like “ya that’s a good point” lol

    “was that when he’s out of state and is going to have bad subcomms, he needs to focus on an opener that adds value through content alone or mostly.”

    Ok I get what you’re saying and I can agree with that. I think the disconnect on my end is that self-amusing is supposed to be something you do regardless of whether you’re in state or not because the self-amusement aspect of it is what PUTS you in state. Julien has a great video on this:

    But the jist is basically: when you’re out of state, if you say stuff that’s funny to YOU, for the sake of amusing yourself, even if the girl blows you out, it doesn’t affect you because the very act of saying the thing you said, boosted your state slightly.

    But you have to know what makes you always laugh, even in a shitty state. Like at 1:10 in that video, when they’re making the students explain what Julien finds funny, watch Julien’s face. It’s pretty much unreactive until the student FINALLY says flat out “ummm…like incest stuff”, watch Julien’s face he busts out laughing because he can’t help it. Now that won’t make EVERYONE laugh but for JULIEN it cracks him up even if he’s in a shitty mood. You’ll see this in his videos a lot when he tells stories or things he says in the field, he’ll crack himself up as he’s just quoting himself. Because he’s saying stuff that’s very specifically tuned to his sense of humor…so regardless of whether the girl reacts well or is getting value or what, he’s boosting his state. Like again at 3:00 in that video the student starts to believe him and he keeps it going until he finally cracks up and is legitimately laughing and in a better state just because he’s saying stuff that self-amuses.

    But what a lot of guys do is focus on what they think the girl will laugh at or they try to say stuff that works when they’re in state but isn’t really amusing to them so out of state it flops. VS figuring out what you legitimately can’t help but smile and chuckle to yourself about when you think about it, and in Hank’s case that’s this hair and frame-reversal butt shaking stuff lol

    That all said I get what you’re saying: an opinion opener offers a lot of value that you can be completely tanked in state and it’s just the words you’ve said themselves or the topic you’ve thrown onto the table can do the work for you until you can catch up in state to the opener. That’s why Mystery and Tyler were all about the Routine Stacks, the point was to have that first few min on autopilot so you could do it regardless of your state.

    So I don’t think anything we’re saying is really contradicting then, it’s just more nuances of a nuanced section of game lol It’s good to understand all of this stuff and calibrate to your personality and situation.

    “I’m saying that right now, it SEEMS like he’s not making it work for him — i.e. move the interaction forward. instead, it SEEMS like he’s dropping game bombs that just sort of leave him in one place.”

    Ya I agree on this too. Gotta lead it forward from those BT spikes.

    on July 4th, 2016 at 9:54 am
    Original Link

    “but ya, Hank i mean I have a billion little mental techniques that will kickstart your state if you want to hear them (some of them I haven’t seen on the RSD videos — but they could all be on there, lol i haven’t watched ALL the RSD videos).”

    I think a lot of guys could benefit from that. There’s no real one-size-fits-all solution but it helps to hear what other guys do. Like when I get ready to sarge, as I’m showering up and everything I’ll have music videos and porn running lol Just to get myself in the mindset of “girls are all looking to get fucked tonight” and get myself used to the massive stimulus of music etc (after doing a mind-numbing anti-social job all week). I do positive affirmations but not real cheesy ones anymore just basic complimenting myself as I get ready (“goddamn my hair looks perfect tonight” and if it doesn’t “good thing my hair is shitty, other guys might actually have a chance tonight”), my buddy and I keep our tone positive and upbeat and focus on the good things about the night and when we meet up our pregame involves watching some Keys to the VIP or good fun infield vids just to normalize the idea of approaching strangers and having fun out there, etc I’ll drop random delusional confidence things even if I don’t know everyone in the group, if anyone looks nervous about going out or we have some shy guys in the group or whoever really, I’ll do stupid shit like “Guys, guys, wait hold up…seriously, I don’t think we should go out tonight…I mean, LOOK at us. …we’re going to be the best looking guys in the club, no one else is going to get laid once we walk in! We should wear paper bags over our faces or something.” It’s retarded but it gets everyone laughing and I’m saying the stuff they wish they could say to themselves and we roll out in a better mood.

    And infield I focus on positive thoughts and always try to find the good/funny side of whatever’s happening or just appreciate the opportunities around me (“tonight’s going to be amazing, there are going to be SO many girls out and they all wanna meet us, life is good!”). I won’t let myself dwell on negative thoughts no matter what happens. Like if we get to a club too late and there’s a big lineup it’s not “aw man this sucks, now what, sigh, that club would’ve been awesome :(” and slide into negative spirals. Instead I’ll just reframe it all positively like “perfect, now we have an excuse to open the girls in front of us in this line and they HAVE to be nice to us to not make the lineup awkward!” or “whatever, who cares about this club now we can hit this other one that’s not going to be elbow to elbow crazy packed with drunk people like that one…we only need a couple of girls each (since we’ll both pull 3somes obviously) and the girls at other venues must be SO BORED since this is where the action is, so they’re gonna be so happy when we save them from boredom”.

    That stuff is part of why guys like sarging with me and why dudes I meet infield all want to #-close and hang out with me again. Whether we pull or not, we’re going to be in a good mood and have fun and I’m going to try to make sure we all stay in a good headspace. And I don’t have to really think about it and force myself to do it, it’s just a part of who I am now. Like I naturally think to compliment myself in my head or out loud when I see myself in a mirror, it’s not even a state boosting trick at this point it’s just that’s how my internals view myself.

    But all of that is personalized to me and stuff that I enjoy. I’ve met guys who like to hit the gym before they go out, or guys who like dead silent meditation before they go out, guys who like to write down routines they want to try that night, guys who like to pregame with a bunch of buddies, etc etc

    And to counter the “isn’t that just like relying on looks/money” stuff, if I don’t have access to any of that, like I wake up and have to immediately hop in the shower and my speakers are broken etc, I’ll just tough it out and go out anyway and reframe it as “now I get a chance to practice gaming when I’m out of state” lol ’cause you shouldn’t have to rely on all that stuff, when you get further along you SHOULD try gaming completely out of state and in bad states just to push yourself out of your comfort zone and learn not to rely on state. Which is what Julien talks about in his “fuck your comfort zone” vid where he talks about going out with messy hair and wrinkled shirts and shit.

    But you can’t ever have “thinking positive thoughts about yourself” or “believing you have value by default” taken away from you or devalued, whereas externals like looks/money can be taken away or devalued. So basing your self-worth on externals, while it can work at first, no one is saying it won’t, is setting yourself up for failure longterm when you start going for the hotter girls who don’t value your looks/money because their social circles are already full of guys with looks/money and they’re looking at you like “are you still confident when I don’t give you free iois over your looks/money?” and you realize you’re not lol Like I have buddies who drop that they’re doctors/lawyers/etc as soon as possible into conversations with girls…and they get laid. But the first thing I would do with them, to make sure they have a solid internal base, is make them tell girls they work as garbage collectors or manage a McDonald’s, to see if they still feel entitled to get that hottie…if they don’t, they need internal work.

    on July 4th, 2016 at 11:46 am
    Original Link

    The trick to keeping guys in the FI is to show em the ropes young. Prepare for full cringe mode at 1:17 in this video I just ran across:

    This kid saved up all his money to just hand it to this completely average WNB chick, and recorded and edited a video of himself doing it, zooming in on the excitement on his face when she acknowledged his White Knightery existence.

    YouTube comment says she makes $200,000/yr but no idea how to verify that. She has a shitload of YouTube followers though and a Twitch gaming stream you pay $4.99 to subscribe to with 100,000+ followers, so it’s entirely possible.

    Before social media, YouTube, the internet, Twitch, etc, that kid would have had to go actually approach that girl to have her communicate with him in any way. Now? He can just do it from the safety and comfort of his bedroom. And the joy on his face, to be handing his money away to some girl who gives zero fucks about him. The SHEER JOY.

    That’s what we’re up against in 2016. What is this kid gonna grow up into at this rate? The FI is drilling this shit into them DEEP from day one…by the time this kid gets to college he’s going to know all about the big bad Red Pill and how he should stay away from it and just keep giving free provision to women. If he can get enough female validation from that and VR porn tech satisfies him enough? Kid is going to literally just be like a workhorse battery for provision like in the Matrix…born and raised to supplicate and provide and expect nothing in return.